Diary of a Hitman (1991) Movie Script

Hi, this is koenig.
Leave a message.
It better be good news.
Hey, koenig ...!
Koenig, pick up the phone.
Okay, my turn to leave
a message here.
You're gonna get into a lot of
trouble for all this shit.
See? I care.
Hey, but you're $20,000 richer,
right? You're okay.
Crazy-ass days, huh?
I thought of myself
as an average working slob.
I mean, maybe my job
was a little different...
Hired killer, hitman,
whatever you wanna call it,
but the way I looked at it,
I was a pro.
A pro is a pro, right?
Ha! Bullshit!
Was full of myself, my life
was driving me nuts,
I started to fall apart in every way.
I wanted something better!
Why not? I mean other people
seem to manage to be able...
I mean, guys are a lot dumber than me
seem to be able to get together...
Purely business.
Nothing personal.
Our motto, huh, koenig?
Was losing it.
I thought I could just patch
things up, get a quick fix.
I mean, who do you go to?
Certainly not you!
Who can you talk to, make you
feel better about yourself
without ending up
in the state pen?
So I went to this psychiatrist.
I pretended the hit I just did
was part of a dream I had.
What's your bet I'm not the first
guy who ever lied to a shrink.
I... I don't get to use
the couch here?
No, no. That comes later.
Please, sit.
You comfortable? Yeah, I'm fine.
Good. So, you were
referred to me by ...?
Guy at the bar
I was drinking with.
I got his number written down
here somewhere.
No, no, no, it's okay!
It's just a formality.
Skinny white guy with, like,
a mole right here...
Said that you turned
his life around.
Sometimes I have
these had dreams.
Tell me about your dreams.
Oh yeah, I could tell you
any dream I want to?
Like last night, for instance.
This one's weird.
This dream is...
I'm in this underground car park.
And there's this guy...
Why? Why? Tell me why?
Somebody told you I was
scamming? No way! No way!
I can describe his face to you.
He was scared shit.
Were you the guy?
= no, no, this is
a whole different guy.
This guy...
We're wrestling in this...
= opn grave.
= this is ridiculous! I...
Not the underground car park?
No, will you listen to me
for a second?
I'm trying to tell you!
This guy, he goes:
1 got a brilliant idea!
I've got a brilliant idea!
Nothing personal.
Purely business.
And this one needs girls,
there, see?
These topless titty girls?
Uh, they came out of the grave?
No, no. Out of the, uh...
Radio city music hall, you know?
The rockettes! With the...
With the legs and the... boobs!
And money! Money's falling out
of the sky into my...
I thought you said
this was a bad dream.
Hm, yeah...
Out of curiosity,
do you rent or do you own?
Do you have a fantasy
about where I live?
= no.
I have a fantasy
about the juiciest rockette
doing the splits on my face.
Well, uh...
Sometimes a rockette
is just a rockette.
I checked where you live.
Duquesne heights. Classy.
I see.
Uh, mister ...?
= Smith.
John Smith.
Hm. I think that I should
point, uh, out that, uh...
is not for everyone.
Are you saying
I don't belong here?
I can't afford it, maybe?
No, I'm not suggesting that.
But... butitis
a rigorous discipline.
Th... this is not a judgment
on you. I just think you...
Please, sir, use the door
on your left.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Pittsburgh's
fabulous winterfest.
A warm celebration
of the first season of the year.
A snowmobile competition
is about to begin.
What a mistake!
a shrink is just a shrink.
Man, he couldn't
help me feel better.
Only I could.
And now, I knew I wanted out.
I mean, I'd just do one more
gig. It couldn't hurt.
Get the down payment for my co-op
then I'd kick it, pure and simple.
Get out, retire. You know,
retire? Exit. Fade away. Over.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Pittsburgh's
fabulous winterfest,
a warm celebration
of the first season of the year.
Hey, boss, how're you doing?
=you're late.
I've been thinking.
I need a vacation.
But I need the cash
to buy my apartment.
I'm not happy about your work
last night.
You got your ways, but
you're getting a little wild.
You know what's funny?
I've been doing this
for a long time
and I never met a guy that
didn't ask me "why?" First.
I never met a guy
that didn't deep down inside
know the answer
to the question himself.
Lemon drop? = no thanks.
Look, it's over now.
Christ! A parking garage,
of all places?
It must've sounded like bowling
Saturday night, huh?
I mean, couldn't you
have taken him outside
to some nice quiet potato field?
What do you got against spuds?
What do you care,
as long as you get your cut?
I worry about the noise factor.
I worry about you.
All the time rubbing your arm.
And I worry
about shandy downtown.
Shandy? Ha! Get outta here!
Come on!
Assault with intent's
the worst thing on my rap sheet.
Ain't nothing to connect me
with no murder.
Well the buzz is: Shandy's got a
hard-on to put you back inside.
One way or the other.
Dekker, I just want you
to shape up.
I care about you.
And you're falling apart on me,
for Christ's sake.
you just line up the work.
The day after tomorrow,
I close on my place.
I need the bucks, man.
And you'll get elephant bucks
for this job!
- Gimme a pass.
- All right, go deep!
Hut, hut, hut!
Hey, girl, how're you doing?
Hey, want a biscuit?
Damn you, getting me all upset
over shandy.
I'm thinking: I'm a pro,
they don't forget that.
The photo was there, the letter
with the instructions...
But there was double
my usual money down payment.
What was I getting? Pension
and welfare contributions?
Hey, how you doing?
Such a good girl,
such a good girl...
Don't you hate running into a
guy who's wife you're nailing?
I mean, what do you say
to the guy?
"Is it cold enough for you?"
"How is our little woman?
S50, you attending
the tenants' meeting tonight?
= I'm hooked.
Hot date.
Well, you know, if uh...
If one tenant breaks
the no-buy pledge,
we're all penalized.
Hey, you do understand that.
Don't you?
What's important is that we all
gotta stick together, okay?
It is us against the sponsor,
do you understand that?
- Gotcha.
- So tonight, 8 o'clock,
if you think you can break
that engagement. Okay?
We all got to stick together.
Poor little pissant.
I was thinking...
Maybe I should break that
engagement, stand up his wife.
Nah. Sheila
would punish us both.
So I'm really
doing him a favour.
God! Ain't life a trip?
It's message time.
Always some last words of
wisdom from old king koenig,
my rabbi.
Hey, I bought you
some technology. A silencer.
I'm having it delivered.
Now, the hit expects a TV
repairman, so look the part.
She's the only tenant.
The building's a tomb!
What do you think?
Is shandy on to you?
I can't make up my mind.
Anyway, just be cool.
It's Sheila. We're on
for tonight, 8 o'clock.
Monday, 2:15, Marvin sadler,
your trusty broker,
well, you've bought yourself
your apartment!
Yup. Congratulations!
All that's left to do is to
rock'n'roll with the down payment!
The day after tomorrow,
no later! Bye-bye!
Marvin again. Remember,
we'll need your w2s. Thanks.
I'll get conan
to send in the forms.
Hey, dekker! Guess who?
Special request, buddy!
The clown wants to meet you
in person.
Now, now,
I know this is unusual...
But Mr. al zidzyck, our paymaster,
will not take no for an answer,
and we aim to please, right?
St. Joseph church, on berford.
Four o'clock sharp.
Don't be late.
Are you hiding your money again?
In the radiator, I bet!
You shithead...
I hadn't been in a church
since my grandma died.
She was in an open casket.
Gave me the shit fits.
Me! Imagine...
Maybe it was the makeup
that did it, I dunno.
I swore that was gonna be
my one last time.
Now, in a way,
it was another funeral
that was bringing me back.
Thanks for coming.
You believe in god?
This ain't smart. I don't understand
why we're having this meeting.
I already got the information
in the letter.
I didn't for a long time.
I've been in hell.
Jain dragged me down.
=- names. Never tell me names.
I function better when the pop
isn't personal.
One thing: Why am I getting
my whole fee up front?
I'm not proud of my past.
Snorted a number of prime years
of my life away.
Her doing. She made me crazy.
Maybe I'm talking myself
out of a job, here...
Why don't you just
get a divorce.
Whoa! What are you ...?
Sit down!
She has stuff on me!
Another mistake I made.
My trusting nature.
She's... hurt me
in a lot of ways.
Can I share something with you?
Not necessary.
Six months ago,
I took Jesus as my saviour,
and in return,
this is what he did for me.
I'm truly blessed.
Commodities ..
What's your problem?
I mean, you have something wrong
with your eyes?
This light...
You gotta be a bat.
I would say...
The name koenig gave me
was zidzyck.
I changed it.
Professional reasons.
- Commodities.
- The lord provides.
Unimaginable high.
Drug pales in comparison.
Sad to say, jain... = names!
Helplessly addicted.
You know, you really don't
have to tell me
all these things, I don't...
Ask my codependency group.
They'll tell you.
It's her life or mine.
I see
they tell you to contact me,
these guys?
That's funny ...!
Fucking bitch is killing me.
Not like her sister.
I ot easier on the nerves.
Couple of fur coats,
a trip to St. Thomas...
Not my life's blood!
if you just tell me
why I'm here...
I'll do this job for you.
- There's a baby.
- What baby?
Jain's an infant.
You expect me to do it
in front of a kid?
You better talk to koenig
about that.
Go ahead and call
your Mr. koenig.
I'm sure you have a quarter
on you.
There's $20,000
in that envelope.
This is not the full amount!
This is twice the down payment.
You wanted this no squeeze of
the trigger, you head out the door.
= I'll be damned.
Hard to bring up casually...
How old is the kid?
Personal, remember?
How old?
He's a few months.
Doesn't walk or talk.
I'm letting you charge me
full rate
for what's technically
a half-fare.
Wait a minute, you... you're
not under the impression...
This is my kid?
This is one of jain's drug-pusher
boyfriend's or I don't know.
She won't say whose it is.
I gotta think it.
[T's a crack baby.
It's pathetic to look at.
You'd be doing it a favour.
Tomorrow night! Then or never!
Fucking koenig!
Babies now...
What a lousy goddamn night!
Man, I was at the limit,
I kept thinking to myself:
What was my life coming to?
I mean,
I couldn't sleep. No way.
So I had to get out
of the house.
If I see the whole gang, yeah,
see Clyde... that'll help.
Clyde. Oh, man...
Oh, man...
Oh, man! It's good to see you!
- How you doing, young fella?
- Good
you want some beer?
Yeah, yeah. Um... draft. Draft.
Where's Avery at? I don't see
his silly ass nowhere.
Lung cancer. You outta touch.
= Charlie d.?
I don't see none of the guys!
Hm. You're a stranger yourself!
What's the matter? No time
for the old neighbourhood?
- You know, one thing and another...
- Stoli, double it!
We don't serve mixed drinks.
Mixed drinks!
Never heard of stoli! Jesus!
We got glasnost going on!
Ah! Get educated!
Get outta here!
"No mixed drinks means
he don't serve
no obnoxious white boys
like yourself - son!
Who you shovin'?
I'm dangerous, man!
Show you my piece.
I don't pack it in public.
Out in the car. You'll see!
You're gonna hear about me!
You're attracting
a bad element here, Clyde.
He likes his ass
on the jukebox, that's all.
Where Lester at, in the back?
He duckin' the man.
Your guess as good as mine.
Hey! Your machine
ate my quarter!
All right.
All right.
I'll give you your money back.
Hey Sheila, it's dekker.
- Hold on...
- Ah, sh...
Just a second!
Sheila, why don't you open
the door...
Come on, open the door.
Damn it...
I'm tired of this shit!
Come in...
Look, I don't wanna go through
this chain thing again here.
Sheila, I don't wanna play
this game, all right? Open the door.
Not a word about my outfit?
You know, the tenants' meeting
is not gonna last all night.
We gotta get with it. Let's go.
Close the door. Not everyone's
at the tenants'... oh ...!
Watch out!
Oh, no, no, no... not yet!
You're tearing my bustier!
I don't think
you appreciate me fully...
Shut up.
= damned boots!
They only had an 8 and a half.
We oughta have our heads
Wide open here.
Sheila and [weren't exactly
what you would call lovebirds.
You know what I'm saying?
Fuck you, dekker.
Bless you!
[T's a great night, huh?
Hello, if you leave
your name and phone number,
your call will be returned
as soon as possible.
Hiya, buddy! It's me!
I guess you're asleep...
Resting up for tomorrow,
huh? To be-
- Oh, yeah...
What the ...?
Hey, monster!
What're you doing in there?
Gimme a heart attack!
Hey! Ow! My arm!
Leave me alone!
I was having a good time!
Ow! My arm! Just leave me alone.
What's wrong with your arm?
I ain't bothering no one.
I'm just playing.
Ball is playing.
Shooting hoops with the other
kids, that's playing.
Hey, jetman, ciggy-butt on ya?
I gave 'em up.
How are you gonna grow up
Oh, save it. That line
is printed on every pack.
Read this on the bottle
for me, will ya?
What, your eyes quit on you
or somethin'?
It says: "Fill cap to line
for normal loads.
Gotta be a hat to read
in this light.
Batman, what did you do?
You crawled in there
to pull on your pud?
Oh, shut up!
Show me.
[T ain't nothing!
If it's nothing, you can
show me. Show me. Come here.
Hey, hey. Easy.
Oh, man...
Who did this to you?
I fell...
It wasn't the old man this time.
I'm gonna take him out.
Don't go! He didn't mean to!
You don't want to get
mixed up in this!
Social workers...
We'll call the cops.
=- you don't understand...
He's all I've got.
That's how it is.
Hey! Hey... hey... uh...
Hey, suck on one of these...
Gimme a ciggy-butt any day.
You owe me both.
Hey, I show you this scar?
Thank you.
Very good... Mr., uh ...?
The name was?
Oh, wow...
Uh, zidzyck.
Could you please
not play with that?
Thank you.
Okay. Very good!
No indication of cataracts,
Very good!
Doc ...?
I'm seeing double, here.
The mydriacyl the nurse put
in to dilate your pupils...
Your vision will be affected
Did you drive to the office?
I could arrange for someone to...
I got important things
to take care of.
How temporarily
are talking about, doc?
Could you put something in them,
give me my eyes back?
No, I'm sorry,
there's nothing I can put in them.
I get my eyes back tonight?
Of course, Mr., uh... zidzyck?
Zidzak? The nurse should've
explained it to you...
Doctor wyle? = nurse!
Oh, it was killing me.
My eyes are going...
And the fucking doctor
made it worse - as usual.
Maybe it was fate telling me
to take the night off.
Let this Mrs. zidzyck
wake up tomorrow. Yeah.
- Hello?
- Koenig.
Tonight... I dunno, man!
Hal ha! You...
You're kidding me, right?
= uh. No.
Goddamn eyes!
Goddamn optometrist.
I can't see shit.
You can't see shit
is why you went.
I'm gonna sue his ass.
Puttin' these drops
in my eyes...
And this guy, zidzyck, Zane,
whatever ..
You gotta tell him.
Who is this prick who wants
to see a baby get blasted?
Since when have you had
personal opinions?
Even if I get my eyes back,
I need a break!
A day or two,
what's the difference?
Look, all the times
I fronted you, I staked you,
and now you're gonna play
prima Donna on me?
I don't understand! What do you
want, to get my ass burned?
Okay, fine, fine.
Don't get yourself out of whack.
Hey, I sent you
a little present.
You know, plain brown wrapper.
I hope I got the size right.
Just keep your appointment
and use your new toy.
Whatever. Yeah, yeah.
See, no problem.
I'm counting on youl.
Yeah. But I'm tolling you, nun!
I wanna sue this optometrist!
This is a crazy day.
There I was
you know, I thought to myself...
If the world
would just stay like this,
(wouldn't have to do nothing.
Now that would be
a real vacation.
Hey, whoa! Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey! Freeze, punk!
This was the last person
I wanted to see.
Jake cooley. Fucking optimist!
I ask you, back in lunenburg,
who'd've thunk
we'd be on the outside this soon
enjoying the fruits of free enterprise.
Why not? We spent the dime,
we did the time.
Hey! Watch it! Be careful.
Things are going great for me!
Hey, look at these photos.
My little boy.
Has he grown, huh?
This here's the new place.
Cooley's pizza paradise.
Cooley's got a wife and a kid.
That's nice.
Guess he really
pulls it together okay.
Okay, so, fine, he's got
a crumby pizzeria franchise,
but he's got his act together.
I gotta get home,
I got business.
So you movin'
lots some oldsmobiles?
Porsches! How many times
do I gotta tell you?
I'm a Porsche dealer!
It confuses me!
'Cause you drive a olds!
This guy wants to be my buddy.
But you know, I mean,
I don't have buddies.
Anyway, what was I gonna do?
Discuss the old days
over a pie with anchovies?
I gotta get a hold of my life,
get my package,
do the job, close on my co-op,
and get out of the business.
Just the man I'm looking for.
Package from Mr. koenig.
= I'll be over at the paradise.
Koenig's gift of technology.
Your up-to-the-moment
hitman device,
shooter, bumper-offer
keep-it-quiet toy.
Now, goddamn sleep, jockey.
Hey, dekker!
Hey, it's your old pal shandy!
You know,
like "the shandyman can"?
Hey come on, get in the car!
Dekker, I need new brakes.
Oh, man, this car
just has a mind of its own.
It's a monster!
I can't control it!
Oh! Ah, there, I got it.
Parallel park!
Hey, can't do it!
Here, grab the door.
No! Wait! There.
- Hey, shandy, what's going on?
- Put that up here. Put it up here.
Hey, you meet piccolo?
Hey, you know who I miss?
I sincerely mean this.
Singer, dancer.
Bojangles, bojangles...
What a talent.
Now that's an all-around
entertainer, Sammy was.
He left a real void.
Um, I'm gonna get on
outta here, I got some business.
=- hold it.
What's your vote, pic?
Pat him down? Cuff him?
Take him down to headquarters?
Confiscate his tool box? Huh?
Piccolo is in his best.
And now, for kdka sports,
good news for steelers fans.
= oh shit! Pittsburg 13, Miami 7
ball scores! Huh?
How about that?
How about that, pic?
Steelers by 6!
I had 'em.
Point spread and everything!
Spread my cherry hole you did!
Spread your cherry hole
I didn't!
You work security
at the an museum lately?
I was working there
last spring, in April.
April, hey? Let's see...
There seems to be missing a...
Bronze vessel,
late zhou dynasty.
I think they said
it's pronounced "Joe".
Joe, zhou...
What's the difference, huh?
Fourth century b.C.
That's third century...
Ah, give or take...
You know these cases?
Nine out of ten times, it was
a security guard who did it.
Why is that, pic?
Because nine times out of ten,
security learn skills
in the joint.
Got that right.
Yeah. Security, they're either
Or ex-copss.
You packin' up bronze dust?
That ain't no little bronze
vessel in my pocket, shandy.
I'm just happy to see you.
Get your face out of here.
Will ya?
Get outta here!
I don't wanna see your face!
I'll explain it to pic!
You see, he's not packing
a bronze vessel
he's just happy to see me!
You dickhead! Ba-boom!
A bronze vessel? I just took it
because I wanted it!
I don't have any good reason!
And he knows...
He knows everything about me.
Who I really am.
I'm dying.
A professional without coffin.
That's death!
I'm telling you he had me!
I was a dead man!
Dekker, don't fall apart on me!
You got a pop to do!
= shit! That asshole!
Dekker, there's something
else zidzyck wants!
A birthday present.
Proof you did the work.
Who's this guy think
he's dealing with!?
He's insisting you bring back
a piece of her.
A piece of her?
He's a sick son of a bitch!
You fucking better do this!
= I'll do it!
I'l do it...
It was just like
he described it: A tomb.
You know what's funny?
I was all better.
My eyes would cooperate.
I'd almost cooperate.
It was just me and me.
Nothing personal.
Purely business.
She's ask me why,
they always did,
she'd know why...
They always do.
Come on up and join the party!
Oh, shit...
Happy birthday, al! = oh, shit!
What? Did you put your eye out?
I thought you were my husband.
It's his birthday.
That's why I didn't.
I didn't ask who it was.
Do I look like your husband?!
Do I look like your husband?!
TV guy?
Where is the goddamned TV here?!
Um... look, I feel so terrible
for shooting you like that.
I won't mind if you just want
to walk out the door and leave.
I got an appointment.
I'll keep my appointment.
Gee, you guys keep late hours,
Well, there's the patient.
Ta-dah! It keeps me company.
What a mess. I can't even watch
any my favorites.
It was working fine
until al took it apart.
That's when it went ka-blooie!
All right, all right, baby!
I'm having one of those days...
Here I come, baby!
Hold on, sweetie!
You are so big and strong.
I can take care of you.
I love you.
What a mess...
Excuse me.
= that little hum, does that
mean there' hope or no hope?
Gasp! My roast!
Oh god! Can you hold him
for one second? Please?
No, no!
Oh, it's totally smoking!
I can't believe I did this!
I should've known that I'd...
Burn it and mess it up!
I turned this stove off
no, it's gonna be okay...
A little done on the outside
but the inside is nice and pink...
Oh, it's okay.
Oh yes, there we go.
That small and poor baby.
It's okay, Billy.
I'm going to let you stay here.
Look at the bears, baby,
I'll be right back.
He's fine. He's okay now.
How're you doing?
Oh god! No! No!
Al? Al...
Open your mouth...
I got my key stuck! Jainy!
I'm gonna kill you all.
Jainy! Jainy, honey,
it's your sister!
It's kiki, open the door!
I'm coming.
Jainy, it's kiki!
What are you gonna do?
Make me stand out there all night?
Like this wasn't enough!
= kiki...
I can't believe this!
I was at the grand union
over at belmont and I walked out
and there was
these three guys...
I need some water, I just...
= I'll get it for you!
No, it's not for me,
it's for the coat.
They spraypainted
all over my coat!
The baby...
A bullit's so quick, jain.
Get rid of her.
Look at this place...
Jain, this is a mess.
Jain, what ...? Hey, leave those
on, they look great!
What's with the cooking, anyway?
It's al's birthday.
Well honey, in the future,
Look, I'm sorry I didn't bring
your last minute shopping.
It's just that when those goons
attacked me,
I dropped everything and ran.
I don't know why the store won't
deliver your groceries anyway.
Yeah, they cut off the credit,
there's some mixup.
I'll speak to al.
- Mrs. zidzyck.
- Ah!
That screwdriver
I asked you for...
Yeah, I'll be right with you,
It's the TV repairman!
I really need to help him, kiki!
= that's the blind
leading the blind...
Tacky! And on al's birthday.
Although I personally
cast no stones.
I found it.
You look terrible.
You should get out more.
Truth is,
you don't get out at all.
Honey, how am I supposed
to go to Vegas
and leave you like this?
It's just that... well, the pay
in Vegas is so tempting.
Wait 'til they see the only
unsiliconed set on the strip.
Kiki, I think he needs
to work on the TV!
Mighty big toolbox
not to hold a screwdriver.
I'm pretty well equipped.
= I'll bet.
Kiki, if I'm gonna surprise al,
you gotta go, now. Okay?
You gotta go. =jaine...
Jaine, people don't live
like this. Ask the man.
What do you think,
Mr. repairman?
I mean...
He's obviously too
flabbergasted for words.
Just take a look at this place.
Where she comes up
with these harebrained schemes...
On TV, you know that.
Like she could tackle
a major construction job
like this on her own.
The idea is that we do it
together, me and al.
Like al would really
dirty his hands.
- Mrs. zidzyck...
- That darned al...
I think I left something
in the back room.
I'll go get... I'll get it in one
second, the baby's sleeping.
Look over here, look.
We turned over to one home
improvement tape.
I swear she keeps the home
shopping club in business.
That's not fair, kiki.
Get her outta here.
Jain, honey.
How long do you intend to stare
at these paint samples?
Since they were suggested,
I decided to live with them.
He didn't mean for ever.
All hideous, I might add.
I prefer the color they sprayed
my coat with. Ah...
I just love this coat.
It was my favorite leopard.
Should I call the cops?
I wonder.
If 1 call right now, they're probably
still in the neighborhood.
= don't bother...
Yeah. And then they make me
wait and hang around
for weeks of line-up and shit
and there goes Vegas!
You're right.
Thank you. I've got something...
For Billy.
Billy, sweetie! I...
We had a really hard time
putting the little kid to sleep.
Yeah, he's real cranky.
Thank you.
I don't need a ton of bricks
to fall on my head.
I'm grabbing your style.
Can I have a hug? =yeah.
I'll call you
when I get to Vegas, okay? Okay.
Tonight. - Yeah.
Who are these killjoy creeps
to tell me fur is no fun? Hmm?
- You expecting any more company?
- Al, any minute.
Yeah, well, we'll leave al
aside for the time being.
Who else has the key
to your place?
Well, she won't be back.
But she acts suspicious.
But you frosted her.
= no! She's a dancer!
Look, why don't you take
whatever's valuable and go!
Why do you attack me and my baby?
Do you know my husband?
Do you know my husband?
Who are you?
Look, you don't need a gun.
You don't need a gun,
there's no other tenants, here!
Al got this really good deal.
The construction company went bust.
It's a ghost town.
You know I won't risk the baby!
If you touch my baby,
I'll kill you!
I just wish al was here,
that's all!
One thing to bully a woman
alone in a house with a child,
but he cut you down to size!
I told you, I'm expecting
him any time now!
= don't count on it.
A man does not miss
his own birthday.
Ah, man...
How many times he been here,
this month?
Once. To mess with the TV,
so the repairman could get in!
What do you know about it?
I'm married to him!
Don't you get it?
I'm your divorce!
Your husband hired me
to kill you.
= no.
Not all
that's crazy, that's crazy!
We'll be celebrating our fourth
anniversary this summer.
= that's all she wrote.
I was 16 years,
this big time cruising
in the school yard
in a silver BMW.
All the school girls were just
gaga over him.
But it was me.
I was the one he was after.
Let me call him!
It's a misunderstanding.
On your part, it looks like.
No! No! He has a bad temper
but he cools up! He loves me!
He loves you not.
This isn't happening.
It's about the baby, is that it?
God, in his head it's not
his baby... you go in there,
look in that baby's face,
you'll see it's al's baby!
No, don't!
He usually wakes up al and then...
I have to watch my step
around you.
Nothing is gonna affect
the outcome, Mrs. zidzyck.
= it's jain.
I don't care what
your goddamned name is!
It's just Mrs. zidzyck sounds...
It's jain!
Like rain, j-a-i-n.
When al gets pissed off,
he sings in my ear:
"Jain, jain, go away
come again some other day."
What's yours?
This gun...
Has a name.
Smith &wesson.
Stainless steel, satin finish.
- No, please.
- It's not my idea.
= no.
Nothing can beat
a .38 special at close range.
No, please...
That's big al! = kiki!
No, it's big al!
He's checking up on me!
No, kiki she got downstairs,
went to the first phone.
She knew you weren't
my boyfriend, ha!
You stepped out for a second.
Can I answer before
it wakes the baby?
You got a phone in the can? =no.
That's where you are.
You're in the shower.
You got shampoo in your ears.
= she'll call back.
You went to a movie.
Big al was a no-show,
so you took the baby.
- I don't go out.
- Kikl'll figure you did.
- She knows I don't.
- So what?
Do I have to repeat it?
I don't go out. I don't go out!
Big al...
Big al...
I bet your money that's big al!
Answer this bastard!
He couldn't wait half an hour!
The son of a bitch is always
breathing down my neck!
Between you and me,
your husband...
Is a pain in the ass.
Yeah. Yeah, he is.
Fucking control freak.
Yeah. Yeah, he is.
Well I got a message
for your Mr. born again!
I don't give a shit if Jesus
wants you for a sun beam!
I do business on my timetable!
You do.
How about maybe we eat his cake?
Angel food for al...
It's the wrong flavor, babe.
You didn't whip this up?
Bakery delivered it.
= that's right,
you don't go out.
No sharp objects for you,
little girl.
= let's have some cake!
Hey, al keeps some fancy
champagne in the fridge.
That'll really burn his tail.
Just sit tight!
Forget the champagne.
Come on! Let's not overdo
this thing here, all right?
Well, I lit the candles,
and made a wish for al!
'Cause we know what big al's
wishing for on his birthday.
Yeah, we do.
Me dead. - You dead.
I saw his business card.
No, al's a furrier.
He took over for his dad.
Not that I have anything
to show for it in my closet.
Fur's a business to al,
though, you know.
Shady business, mostly.
Hijacked off trucks
and shit like that.
But Mr. al zidzyck wouldn't last
long in the stock exchange
with the tales I could tell,
you know?
On his business card,
it says Albert Zain.
Albert Zain? He's so screwed up!
Well, I guess
that makes you jain Zain!
= jain Zain!
That's worse than zidzyck!
Poor al's cake...
Poor al's cake!
Screw al
wanna really burn al's tall?
Yeah? Want to?
Wha-what are you doing?
You said so yourself.
You're the one that's
in control, here, not al.
Get off of me!
Get you hands off of me!
Jain, come on out of there!
You making me mad, jain!
Open the door, jain!
Open the door!
Give me a chance to please you.
I know what men like.
Blowjobs. That's what they like.
Bet you do too.
I'll do that for you.
Take you in my mouth.
Mouth all over you.
Around the world.
Drive you wild.
You rather I showed you?
Watch my body dance around?
Watch me move?
I et's see
Wait, this is better.
Go back go back
go back into the woods
'cause you haven't you haven't
you haven't got the goods
and you haven't got the rhythm
and you haven't got the jazz
and you haven't got the stuff
that our team has
You were.
You were a cheerleader?
Yeah. Co-captain
with my friend Mary-Helen.
Show you our pom-pom routine.
Show you everything.
Get dressed.
Party dress?
Any dress.
Just... just get dressed.
Dusty Rose. You like dusty Rose?
All day,
I couldn't make up my mind.
Turns out al didn't care.
He's always screwed around.
Girls galore.
Maybe somebody else
would be more appreciative.
You have to do me up.
Hands are warm.
Al's are clammy.
I never noticed that before.
He wears clear nail Polish.
Did you see that?
I'm gonna go with you
when you tell him to his face,
right to his face what
he can do with his contract.
= jain...
I mean, can you believe a man
would do that to his wife?
See him for the bastard
he really is, huh?
Serves him right,
what's going on here.
Serves him...
What's wrong with you?
It runs in the family,
you and that sister of yours?
You want me to, you know you do!
You're a whore.
You do it with anybody!
No, I am not.
You wouldn't put me
through all this
if there was no hope, would you?
=- damn...
There ..
Ho... hope.
You got a house falling down
around you,
and a husband
that wants you dead.
You got a sister...
That is fucking...
Your husband
that wants you dead.
There is no hope, jain.
I promise youl.
Kiki, oh god...
How many did you swallow?
None, kiki gave them to me.
You're all alone poppin' pills,
watching a scrambled TV screen
and pretty paint streaks
on the wall, pink and purple...
Look at you, dressing up
like a baby doll, a wind-up toy!
= kiki wouldn't do that to me.
She can have anybody.
A fistful of "trangs ain't
gonna put it out your mind.
Guess zidzyck was right
about you.
Who are you to judge me?
I'm fighting for my life!!!
I'll kill you bastard!
I'll kill you!
Kill you! I'll kill you!
Hey... let me show you.
Let me show you
what this is all about.
This is your picture...
That's the instructions.
That's $20,000.
Twenty thousand... for me...
It's only half.
I got another 20 calling to me.
I don't deserve this.
I'm not a whore.
You coming onto me
with the kid in the next room?
You're your own worst withess!
To save my baby!
You think that's a lot?
You think that's a little bit?
For al, it's high.
Pays for you.
And it pays for your baby.
No, not my baby.
You kill me. Kill me! Me!
You hear me?! He's a crack baby!
I'm doing him and you a favor!
He is a healthy baby,
I kicked cold Turkey, everything.
I made him healthy!
You keep lying to me!
How am I supposed
to believe you?
It's the truth!
No, I made up one lie:
Me and Mary-Helen,
we didn't make cheerleader.
Mary-Helen was so great,
her dream was to be a nurse.
Mine was... god...
To be married.
= jain...
This is rough.
When you and kiki
were in the kitchen...
I gotta... I gotta remember:
Three-hundred degrees,
twenty-two to twenty-five minutes
per pound, gotta remember.
Gotta remember, gotta remember.
The baby's gone...
I got... l got...
Jain, don't go in there!
It's gonna hurt you!
Tell al this time I had
the final say so!
= don't!
- That's a...
- My baby...
A pretty dirty trick I played.
I just... you know,
I needed to know if...
You really wanted to save your baby.
=you couldn't do it?
I saved him,
you have to let him live!
=- you're controllin' this!
The fuck
you're controllin' this!
I can do this!
This is who I am!
We are the wild cats
and we couldn't be prouder
and if you don't believe it
we'll shout a little louder
shut up!
We are the wild cats
and we couldn't be prouder
and if you don't believe it
we'll shout a little louder!
We are the wild cats
and we couldn't be prouder
and if you don't believe it
we'll shout a little louder
we are the wild cats
we couldn't be prouder
and if you don't believe it
we'll shout a little louder
we are the wild cats
"Nothing personal.
Purely business.
Who am I kidding?
Of course it's personal!
It's goddamned personal to them!
It's all personal!
The way I was shaken up,
the way she had my number,
the way she and I saw
through each other...
I'm a pro, this is who I am!
No, it isn't. No!
But then who am I?
I gotta know.
Good night.
I gotta talk to you, doc.
Uh... I gotta have a session,
I gotta talk to you now.
Uh... mister ...? = dekker.
Mr. dekker, this is my home,
I'm entertaining guests.
Who is it?
I dunno where else to go.
there's all these people...
I blew away.
I can't even remember
their names.
I have done...
So many horrible things.
How are you doin"?
Raymond, should we ...?
No, it's all right.
Mr. dekker...
You have violated my home.
We do not have
a professional relationship.
And if what you have told me
tonight is in fact the truth...
I may very well have
to call the authorities.
I just came here to ask you...
How am I supposed to live?
=I don't know.
I don't know who you are.
I gotta go.
Hello. If you leave your name
and phone number,
your call will be returned
as soon as possible.
Hello, are you there, dekker?
It's your friend Jesus.
You know, your current employer.
Koenig told you
we're at 210 east Liberty.
Ask for me, I'll be in the back.
I'll show you my real church.
Don't you want
your co-op down payment?
Come and get it!
You're an owner!
I'm not a happy individual,
you know I feel
I'm gonna be very upset!
Tick-took, tick-took...
It's coming up on 9:53,
two hours overdue.
You owe me an explanation.
Get here, I'm waiting.
Plus, you don't care about
the 20 I got in a case, here.
You know, I got a good mind
to burn a bill
for every minute you keep
me waiting, how's that?
What are you doing?
Sitting and screening your calls
enjoying yourself,
while I got this hook
in my goddamned guts?
You know, I feel I'm gonna be
very upset!
Well, nobody diddles me.
I expect closure on this
to the letter of our agreement.
We're not finished.
Come on! Come on, it's Eddie
from the seventh floor!
Bob, you know what's going on?
Did you get my message?
I had the worst scene with
my husband. Dekker, he knows!
= shush!
Is eddy hurt?
The boy stabbed his father.
A butcher's knife straight
through the heart.
Carried him out in a body bag.
Uh-huh! You're coming with me!
This way.
And there you were,
your gun in my ribs.
I couldn't help the kid again.
Ah, here we are!
We'll take your car.
And you'll drive.
Time weighing heavy, dekker.
You and me,
we've entitled a lot of years.
I played the gig.
I got his proof right here.
=I don't need to see it.
That's good, though.
It's worth $20,000 to you.
That's my commission.
He's poison.
He's the client, dekker.
I knew you'd come around.
It's gonna be
just like old times.
Thanks. - Sure, boss.
He's risen!
No chair to offer you,
but it's a room with a view.
It's a one-way glass.
She's performing
in front of a mirror.
Guys are watching her
on five sides.
Here's your twenty.
All yours, once you reassure me.
Got my work?
You know, I'm convinced
that jain was destined
to suicide in time.
You promised me proof.
That's funny.
You know, I had a whole
different take on jain.
You're... you're calling her
"jain" all of a sudden.
Rhymes with rain.
Jain, jain, go away ..."
You spoke?
She cursed you up and down.
You told her it was me?
She put 2 and 2 together.
She's smart, jain.
I never dreamed my name
would come into this,
I wonder how comfortable
I am with that.
Intimate contact
wasn't the deal with jain.
This is intimate
here in my hand.
You're so anxious to get this.
I'm satisfied, I can see it.
I worked so hard to get it,
I mean, don't you want to
take a little peek at that?
I don't want it!
I don't want it!
Did you wanna know the details?
I mean, after your long wait...
How it felt to pump one
into her brain?
Jain's brain ...?
Go away, come again...
I'm tired of this.
Just take your money.
Look here, this is
a new experience for me.
I mean,
try to imagine how it felt
to pump one into this...
The destruction, the damage...
In this soft skull.
I don't wanna hear this, okay?
How did you know I was the guy
for this job?
I mean, when you first saw me,
under the painting
of the holy virgin,
you said to yourself then:
"That's my baby killer"?
Now, maybe I was right
about you.
When you were so late,
I used another contact.
Fellas, how long is this
gonna take, for Christ's sake?
=I don't stand still!
I hired a third party
to check out the situation!
Fuck you, you did!
Look, the boy's obviously unstable.
Ought to be there any moment!
= you motherfucker!
No, don't shoot!
I quit!
Why don't you take your money,
your down payment, and go home.
Zidzyck's dead.
= Zain. Albert Zain.
Zain, huh?
Kind of a tall guy,
little heady brown eyes,
big deal on the stock exchange?
I killed him.
Oh, shit!
Yeah. Clyde...
Why don't you be
nice to the guy?
The next time you order stoli,
say "please."
You see? I told you
you'd hear about me.
Is he really dead?
I'm getting our stuff together,
we're getting out of here.
= I'm scared.
=I know.
You gotta help us
get out of here. We need you.
Took 'em to see that guy
I told you about with the pizzeria.
His family loved her.
Changed like a kid, koenig.
You know what I mean?
A woman and a kid,
all at the same time!
I had to get her out of town.
But I had one piece
of unfinished business first.
You asshole! Shandy never knew
about the garage!
That was you keeping me in line,
wasn't it?
He just wanted
his bronze vessel -
Joe, zhou, second, third,
give or take...
You know what it was?
He wanted me to blast the baby.
Not that I like babies...
I like this baby. And jain.
We changed each other.
Stranger things have happened.
Not that there could be
anything with me and jain.
I mean, never! Hell,
I'm not stupid! Anyway...
I'm leaving town. So I won't
see you for a while, maybe never.
But, uh...
Someone, sometime.
Someone like jain
you know?
Like rain, jain...
Between my eyes, my arm,
my goddamn troubles,
the woman and baby lived.
Maybe me too.
Maybe not.
The girl has a chance.
So we'll both be sure
that nothing happens to her.
Otherwise, watch out.
I'd like to say it was
a pleasure talking to you, but...
Since I'm really talking
to your machine,
then I guess I'm really talking
to myself.
All right, bye.
=I can't believe it!
She said she'd even pick me
and the baby up at the station!
Yeah, I thought Mary-Helen
was the one we should call.
It's really all gonna be okay,
I know it.
she's my best friend -
She's a nurse, remember,
I told you?
Hi. One-way ticket to Denver,
For me and the baby.
First class,
sleeper compartment.
Compartment is $620.
- I can't...
- 1 got it.
Hey... this is for you.
Uh, no, I can't.
This is yours!
= oh.
it is, isn'tit?
Where are you going?
= uh, it's better
I don't tell you that.
= I'd like to know.
Excuse me?
Excuse me. Gate e, compartment 7
train's already boarding.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Listen, you stay
inside the compartment here.
We can go to the dining room.
Uh... no, you just tip the guy
and the guy'll bring
all the stuff to your room,
you'll be out of sight.
But we've never been
on a train before.
We really wanted to.
You know, the police, they...
They're not looking so hard
for you,
but they do want to ask you
some questions.
You're right,
you should be able to...
Go to the dining car.
The dining car's nice.
They got table linens
and they got nice silverware.
You just got to be careful.
You don't talk to no strangers.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry.
Will we ...?
I mean, will we see each other
I know it's crazy,
but you saved us.
Guess you can't come with us.
Guess it'd be kind of obvious.
Anyone walked in the room,
they wouldn't have to ask
which one is dekker.
All aboard, please,
for amtrak train...
I gotta go.
This is the final call.
Thank you for travelling amtrak.
Yeah, yeah we do.
Here you go. - Oh, thanks.
I hope I see you again sometime.
Me too.
All aboard, please,
for amtrak train departing
Pittsburgh at gate e.
This is the final call.
Thank you for travelling amtrak.