Diary of a Spy (2022) Movie Script

- We're
honored to have
the Crown Prince with us.
Saudi Arabia's been a great,
great friend
and a big purchaser of equipment
and lots of other things,
and one of the biggest
investments of
the United States.
- I'm a US intelligence
Well, actually I'm not,
but I spent just over two
decades thinking I was.
What I was and still
am is a spy.
I'm not rich.
I don't fly on private jets.
I don't even fly business class.
I look and act entirely
This is the story of how I
found out who I really was,
how I became what I am now.
Why are you here?
- He isn't coming.
- I've got a car.
Is that backpack all the luggage
you have?
- Yes.
- Are
motivated purely by the attack
on the United Kingdom,
the attack on a British
citizen, and his job.
This is the first time...
- They came and took him
in the middle of the night.
I was in the bathroom.
I don't think anybody
knew that I was in there.
- How long have you known,
about Daniels?
- We were going to get married.
- Do you have any money?
- Yes, some.
- I'm gonna need you to
leave that, okay?
- We have
provided medical services.
Some of these from the United
States and the mainland.
We're meeting with doctors,
ongoing various levels
of testing
and at any point if someone
feels like
they are experiencing
some symptoms
that are similar to the
symptoms that others affected
have experienced, they can
then go in for testing.
But beyond that, I'm not
gonna discuss the specifics.
- I just spent four
years in Saudi Arabia.
Two days prior to my
arrival in Los Angeles,
nearly all the members
of my crew were killed.
By whom I did not yet know.
I was lucky to make it out.
I was saved by a discovery
made by my commanding officer,
Roger Daniels.
He was who I was supposed
to pick up
from the Los Angeles airport.
Instead, I was met by a
woman who, however caring,
should not have known of
Daniels' intention to flee.
He's gone.
His fucking girlfriend came.
- I know.
You did the right thing.
She'll be safe.
We'll make sure of it.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna take care
of everything for you.
We'll send somebody.
Tomorrow we'll have lunch
and then we can talk.
- Yeah.
- As long as you need.
- Sure, James.
- I promise.
Of course.
- It's not your fault.
One, two, three, four.
You know what, Daniels?
- I haven't told you my name.
- Daniels, Daniels,
do you wanna dance?
- Thought you said you
ain't married.
- Do you wanna dance?
- Take your
hand off her.
Thought you said you
ain't married.
- I ain't married.
- Whoa, all right.
I ain't playing games with you.
This some kind of swinger's
thing, huh?
Bartender. Keep it.
Fuck this shit.
- How are you?
- You were hard to find.
- Oh.
Does that ruin your night?
- Here.
- You know what?
Let's get the fuck out of
this shit hole.
The drinks are shit.
- Goodnight.
- You know what, buddy?
This is for you.
- All right, come on.
- Here.
- Just put it over there.
- Please.
Will you just open this in
front of me?
You got it?
- Got it.
6:00 am.
Yes, sir.
We should probably go to bed.
- Yeah. Good luck.
- What? You're not staying
the night?
- Goodbye.
- Oh.
Because you're married.
Never stopped you before.
You're a coward.
Never seen you before.
Oh, you're not gonna talk?
- I've only been
told to drive you to S.
- You know who I am then?
- I do.
- There must be
some rumors about me.
- Some.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Is 34 not joining us?
- 34 is no longer assigned
to you.
We worked together before.
Do you remember? Iraq?
- Yes.
So you're S now?
- Yes, 35.
- Has Daniels been found?
- He's dead.
You arranged for him to
board the 4:15 flight?
- Yeah.
- The woman, did you know her?
- Yes, uh, socially.
I thought they might have
slept together,
but I, um, I didn't understand
the extent of it, no.
- Well, it is unfortunate
that your crew
was not more discreet.
You lost seven.
Yes, the whole cell?
And then you fled.
So, no one left in Jeddah.
I think that the best option
for everyone concerned
at this point would be
for you to simply retire.
- 34 promised to convert
the mission
from NOC to Official Cover
to provide for a pension
for when the mission was over.
- The mission is not over.
You have failed, again.
And I'm sure whatever was
promised to you
was based on some form
of success.
The agency has no record
of you, Miss Broad.
You are not an agent.
You are a petroleum engineer.
- In light of recent events,
I'm sure you can agree that
due to the size,
the intimacy
of the industry,
I am not, um,
hireable right now as
an engineer.
You're the only other
employer I've ever had.
I have less than $2000 left.
- You, you have consistently
earned a very generous
combined income.
- What's not in those pages
that you need me to say?
Is there not one that says
I'm a fuck up?
I'm asking for some
compassion from someone
who's been in the field,
who understands that
sometimes you,
you can't come back once
you've gone out.
- The King's children are
mostly fuck ups.
So he keeps them in the palaces.
Or they can go to school
in America.
The Saudis,
for a number of years,
have employed the same
tutor in Los Angeles.
His current pupil is one
of MBS's half-sisters,
and evidently they are
very close.
- Okay.
- This tutor has been
identified as being
susceptible to women, although
rather inept with them.
If you were to, say, become
his girlfriend, for instance,
that might provide an advantage
to the stability of
our alliance.
- Isn't there something
that's more aligned
with my background?
- You said yourself you're
unhireable as an engineer.
- Well, I just expected
different from-
- Oh, you think we have
something in common.
Well, Miss Broad,
take my advice.
This is a very generous offer.
No need to decide on this call.
And you want to keep James
as your point person,
we can arrange that or a
fresh start all around.
Sometimes that's best in
a situation like your own.
- I trust,
I like James.
- Good. We're done here.
- I could've retired
10, maybe 12 years ago
if it weren't for the
thousands of hotel old-fashions
and a Middle Eastern coke habit.
All these old men knew
I was high.
- Hey.
- But James was the only
one who'd stay out with me,
walk me home,
not want anything out of it.
- I tried recruiting him
myself couple of years ago.
Just offered him a job.
He didn't really know from whom.
But, uh, cover story was
great, fantastic salary.
Just a little feeler for him,
but he totally shot me down.
Met this woman in law school
and, uh, fell in love with her.
He was supposed to follow her
to New York.
For some reason she
decided to go without him
and left him with
a broken heart.
Something like that.
- He's a lawyer and a tutor?
- Well, no,
he's essentially just a tutor.
I mean, if the kids go to
USC or UCLA, he tutors them.
If they go to Pepperdine or LMU,
he winds up taking their
classes for them.
The families give these
enormous donations.
The schools are not too
Was first in his class at
Senior Wrangler.
Smart kid.
But I can't get over this
idea that he's kind of dopey.
Sort of like a hopeless
- I didn't do this to
become a whore.
- Sweetie, you did this
for the same reason
that everybody does.
You were too arrogant to
take on a regular job,
and the agency gave you
the opportunity to live
the life of an unfettered
I mean, really.
You get to live this
whole make believe life.
It's wonderful. It's fun.
There's no reason pretending
it's anything else.
- Yeah, it hasn't felt that way.
It hasn't in a really long time.
- Well, then fuck it.
You know,
the problem with most people is
it takes them entirely too
long to realize
that their future is a
great, big bag of nothing.
- I was promised a pension.
- Then you leverage it.
This whole business is about
finding an opportunity,
just one opportunity,
and then you pounce.
Life is full of unintended
both good and bad for everybody.
His name is Camden.
It's up to you.
- How soon can you get
me a wire?
- Monday.
If you need some cash today,
just ask.
- I'm asking.
- The red,
white and blue.
It's a beautiful sight tonight,
isn't it?
It spells freedom, tonight.
- When I first saw him,
I resented the fact that no
one mentioned
that we looked alike,
as if it weren't
the key motivator
in their thinking of me.
I hated him for this,
and I hated how he echoed
the worst parts of myself.
A loner.
Drawn to the places he
least fit in.
He was shy like me, too.
He followed a group of
girls for over an hour
trying to muster the courage
to flirt.
There was something
romantic about how he played
his piano for himself.
Turned out the lights
for no one.
Read for no one.
I followed him like this
for weeks.
Seeing what he did,
where he went,
what I could use against him.
The more I plotted, the
more nervous I became,
as if attraction can only
be seeded with strangers.
Uh, I'll have a large
dark roast.
- Large dark roast, please.
- Good, good choice.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Hey!
- Camden, my god.
How long have you been out here?
- Not long.
Good afternoon.
- No one offered him a drink?
- No, they did. I'm good,
I was thinking it's probably
good timing
for you to go and take the
test for yourself tomorrow.
I've devised a plan for today.
- Is there a problem for our
arrangements for tomorrow?
- No, no, it's just-
- What?
- Some of the others in your
cohort are ruffled at times.
I think it's good if you
give the next one a go.
- Yes.
We will talk about this
very soon.
I have a gift for you right now.
You will be very happy.
For your hard work.
- Thanks,
that's really not necessary.
- No, no.
You are lonely.
Makes me sad.
Mo is sad, too.
So, we go out tonight.
We rent you a club.
Club corner.
Wahid looked into a club,
then realized,
where are all the people
coming from?
So, we'll do a club corner.
- I don't think that's wise.
Such a public place.
- I'm trying to help you.
- Thank you.
What is it that you do?
- Huh?
- What do you do?
- He's a writer.
- I'm a writer.
- We're influencers.
- Will you excuse me, please?
- I've never seen you
here before.
- I've never been
here before.
Do you come here a lot?
- Yeah.
I'm out here like almost
every night.
You wanna go for a smoke?
- Okay.
Thank you.
Why did we come out here
and not the smoking area?
- It's super crowded in there.
And everyone wants to bum
a cigarette.
- Good thinking.
- So did you come here with
anyone else?
- Yeah.
- Should we join them
after we finish?
- Okay.
- Oh, go ahead.
You guys going in?
- Uh, yeah.
- Okay, go ahead.
- No strangers.
- I know her.
- From where?
- She lives in my neighborhood.
- It's okay.
- No.
I never ask for anything.
I can vouch for her.
These aren't my friends.
- They're okay.
- I mostly prefer to be alone.
- Do you want me to leave?
- No.
I do have to go to bed
soon, though.
- Do you want my number?
- You want,
you want to see me again?
- Give me your phone.
- I'm Camden.
- I'm Anna.
- Hello?
Are you comin'?
Oh, wait.
- ID?
- Really?
- ID.
- No, don't close that.
- Welcome back, Ms.
bin Salman Al Saud.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Hello?
All right.
All right, I'll be there.
- Those that wish to harm
her majesty
have produced compromising
oral sex with a business
- They were taken at the club?
- I don't remember.
Please, talk to them.
This is something I know
you can fix.
Will you talk to them?
- Yes, of course.
What if I can convince
them to hand them over
without payment.
- I don't think, but yes,
whatever's good for the family.
- Anna.
I was just calling to see if
you wanted to do something.
Yeah, I have to work tonight.
Yeah, yeah, I guess.
I have to meet a guy
later at a coffee shop,
but then we could meet
there afterwards.
Say, 8:30?
- Hey.
Do you wanna go someplace else?
- Yeah.
- Cool.
I know this, this bowling
alley that's only open
for special events, and it
doesn't have a security camera.
You wanna break in?
- I'm kind of in this
risk aversion period right now.
- Oh, okay.
Um, well, it's safe,
that's what I'm saying,
but I, you don't have
to trust me.
I, um, I'll go wherever
you want.
- Nice Vorax.
- Thank you.
How did you know that?
- I don't know.
- Yeah, you do.
- My dad was a locksmith.
- You wanna ask me something?
- I don't know.
- Come on.
You can ask me anything.
- What's your favorite smell?
- I say anything
and that's all you got?
- What are your views on
- Roses are my favorite smell.
It's a cliche,
but cliches are good.
That's why they're cliches.
And, uh,
I think blackmail should
be legal.
- No one thinks that.
- Why not, though?
It's a free market exchange.
- Well, blackmail typically
involves an exchange setting
with a bilateral monopoly
over normally highly
emotional stakes.
And there's the advertising
- Well then don't advertise.
- No, I mean the law.
Its main purpose is publicity.
- What should I put?
- What do you mean?
- For the scoreboard.
- Oh, um.
I'll just take the yellow ball.
- No, I meant initials.
Wait, have you never
bowled before?
- Uh, no.
- Holy shit. Really?
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no. No, it's good.
I'm just,
I'm honored to introduce you
to such an apple pie pastime.
Do you want me to teach you?
- Okay.
- See these two
arrows right in the center?
- Yeah.
- Aim right between those two,
but to the right a little
bit, okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay, um, watch this.
One step, two step, forward,
release on the third step.
Got it?
- Yeah, should I go?
- Sure!
Holy shit!
I'm an amazing teacher!
- You are?
- No shit!
Did, seriously, did you?
You were part of some, like,
high school league or something?
- No, no, I wouldn't joke
about something like that.
- Well, then you're
just a fuckin' prodigy.
Here I go.
Okay, that was just a warm up.
I mean, I would get to go
twice either way, technically.
The only reason you
went once is 'cause you
couldn't go again, so.
- I don't mind.
You can go as many times
as you like.
- Well, that's not really
how it works.
- Okay, but we're just
doing this for fun, right?
Doesn't matter.
- Well, what's the,
what's the point of that?
- I just want you to have
a good time, that's all,
and just not worry about me.
- Okay.
Okay, that was just a warm up.
- You're doing great.
I probably just have
beginner's luck.
- Uh.
Okay, are you fucking
with me still?
- No.
That's just how I feel.
I like to tell the truth.
I know that's not always the
best way sometimes, though.
- What?
- Nothing.
- No.
Seems like you want to
say something, so say it.
Do you wanna leave or whatever?
Just, if you want to,
just say it, okay?
Get it over with so we don't
have to waste time here.
- It's just,
I don't feel comfortable
with people very often,
but it's not as bad with you.
- It's not as bad with me.
- No.
- We talked late
into the night,
sharing the sort of
details that seem untrue
when you first meet someone.
To my own weakness, I found
myself telling the truth.
How I'd left home early,
how my mom died young,
how I never knew my father.
Where'd you grow up?
His Italian father was
72 when he first had him,
which made me assume he
must've been kind
or at least romantic.
- Which is where my mother's
still lives.
- His mother's American,
but chose to raise him
in Europe.
I ran to LA.
He came as a writer
seeking roots he never had.
- I want to write a
novel about it one day.
At least I want to.
Do you have something
like that that you want?
- Yeah.
- Where did you grow up?
- The Badlands.
You know where that is?
- Of course.
I always wanted to go.
- And then I moved to China.
Then a whole lot of
other places.
And I haven't been here
really long.
- China.
- Yeah.
- Why China?
- Well, um.
Where I'm f r om, if you
wanted to see the world
or do something really exotic,
you became a petroleum
So they had a, they had
a pretty good school
for that there and it was free.
- So, you've seen a lot
of the world?
- Mmm.
Do you wanna have a family?
- I don't think I do.
Do you?
- I don't even know if I
still can.
Never really tried, so.
I guess...
I don't know.
- I don't think I ever did.
- Really?
- I do want to get
married, though.
Never gotten close.
Have you?
- Nah.
Maybe I got close once,
but it's hard with my job,
- Where do you live in LA?
- Well, I am currently
staying in a shitty motel
until I figure that out.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, kinda sucks.
What if I stay with you tonight?
- Oh, I, I don't think so.
That was stupid.
Forget that I said that.
- I'm just thinking, I
don't think I've ever had
someone sleep before.
I only have one pillow.
- It's no big deal.
I don't even need a pillow.
- Would you like to sleep
the night?
- Yeah.
What are you reading?
- I'm not reading it.
- "Jane Eyre".
So it's just academic
- No.
- Then you're reading it.
- I'm not reading it.
I read it when I don't
feel well.
But I feel good now,
so I'm not reading it.
- You can just tell
people you're reading it.
They won't know why.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
- Don't touch me!
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
- I'm sorry.
- Fuck, I'm sorry.
I should go.
- It's okay.
- No, it's fine.
I should go.
- Are you going
to Uber to our cars?
- Yeah.
- Can I come with you?
- Yeah, of course.
You're sweet.
- What?
- You're sweet.
You're a sweet person.
- You are, too.
- Bye.
I just wanted to,
I just wanted to say
you didn't do anything wrong.
I just, I, I have problems
that make it difficult for me
to sleep in places I don't know.
- That's okay.
- You sure?
- I understand.
I've got some things that I
struggle with,
but I'm working on them.
Last night made that
easier for me.
- Can I buy you dinner tomorrow?
- I don't think that's
a good idea.
- Okay, um.
- I don't have
any plans,
I just, I'm on call, that's all.
- Well, you're on call.
You get a call, you get up.
Will you come with me?
- I'd like that.
- Okay.
Okay, uh, well, I'll, uh,
find us a place.
Bye, Camden.
- Goodbye, Anna.
- I wasn't thinking
I wanted an out and found
escape within his book,
lying to myself that
somehow hours lost within it
sufficed to some deep form
of research.
This reminded me of Jeddah.
How I'd get lost for days
just walking,
being someone I'll never be.
- This movement
on blackmail.
Why wasn't it properly logged?
- Because
it's not real.
- It's not your call.
If it happened, it's real.
- Has to be an inside job.
Fahda knows it.
Wahid, the bodyguard,
is a crook.
They'd kill him if he wasn't
supplying their drugs.
The only blackmail that's
going on is between
Fahda and her bodyguard.
They're both just jerking
each other's egos.
I have a personal favor to ask.
- What?
- It has to be off the record.
I need to check someone out.
A girl I met.
not just through the VPN.
- It's personal?
- Is that okay?
How's Julie?
- I don't like you, Camden.
I never have.
You're odd.
But you got my daughter
into Stanford,
so you just tell me
what you want
and I'll let you know when
we're even.
- Okay.
I'm exploring getting out.
- For how long?
- For good.
I'm tired, and because I can.
You think I'll have a problem?
- Probably not.
You're a contractor.
- It's been a long time, though.
- Yeah.
- Float it for me, will ya?
- Okay.
- Log it or don't.
I need to know that
it's honorable
that it's from the top,
from Tom.
- I understand.
- Thanks.
It's the rundown on
everything that I know.
There's something I want to say.
Is that okay?
- Yeah, what?
- I lied to ya, and it's stupid,
so I just wanna get it
out there and say it.
I'm sorry.
- Okay.
- My father was not a locksmith.
- Oh, wow.
I'm sorry.
- That's it. That's...
- Oh.
- Maybe it's stupid.
It's stupid.
I'm just trying to do
this right.
- Thank you.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Camden
Happy birthday to you
- Please.
- Oh no, you first.
It's for you.
- How did you know it was
my birthday?
- When we first met, you
remember that they carded us
on the way back in?
Well, I saw it then.
So, um, how do you know
about lock picks?
- It's just a hobby.
- Mmm.
- I'm so sorry.
I just,
I had a feeling I
remembered that
I didn't want to forget.
- It's okay.
So, what did you do today?
Did you talk to your mom?
- That's okay.
- This is work.
- It's okay.
- Fahda?
A party?
Thank you.
Yeah, I'm with somebody.
A woman.
Would you like to go to a party?
- Camden and his guest.
Please, have a drink.
- Two whiskeys, please.
- Please.
- I'm all right.
- Not the crystal.
Half line of K,
half line of coke.
Very mild.
Please, you are my guest.
Why do you hang out with him?
- Fahda.
- What happened?
We're on spring break, no?
Why do you hang out with him?
- What do you mean?
- I mean what I say.
This man, he's a loser.
You're pretty, normal.
Women don't want to touch him.
I've even bought him girls,
and he still makes them go.
He's never have
a girlfriend, ever.
- I'm sure that's not true.
- Except Adrian.
- Allison, Allie.
- Yeah, she was crazy,
no offense.
My cousin was going to
law school.
Camden met Allie in class.
You were going to go run
off to New York with her.
What happened?
- You know.
Just, just life.
- Just life.
- I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
The feeling wasn't there.
- Fuck you. You don't get that.
Look at you.
- I think that's noble.
I think he's amazing,
so fuck you.
- Fuck me?
- Yeah.
- This is a good one.
This is a good one, Camden.
You hold on.
You remind me of my mother.
This is a very good thing.
Now we go on a mission.
For revenge!
- Fahda, no.
- Oh, no, Camden must go.
It's his job.
He's my guardian.
That was bad.
I'm not supposed to say that.
I'm sorry.
But now we go.
- Do you, do you want to go or?
- It's spring break.
This is a good one.
You, take a picture of us. Come.
- One, two, three.
- Camden, do you feel
like this is your home?
- For a time.
- Not permanent?
Where do you want to go?
- I have an idea.
- Oh. This is your home,
I tell you.
- Well, no one knows what
tomorrow brings.
- What?
- Just, anything can
happen tomorrow.
Anything can be true tomorrow.
- Right.
When I was a child,
we would learn English
on Friday mornings.
This is our weekend,
so it sucked.
Every year we would get a new
teacher, but the same books.
And in the beginning of
every book,
no matter the level,
there would always be this
chart on the inside cover.
10 words that only exist
in English.
Cheesy, trade-off, hillbilly.
A few others.
But the second from the bottom
was always,
I never forget, serendipity.
This is wrong.
It's not even an English word.
The word is an Arabic word,.
It's even more an Arabic
concept, as well.
The development of good
events by chance
for chosen ones, kings.
Every year I would tell my
teacher this,
to change this.
Every year it stayed there
in the book.
So, what did this teach me?
- You must always question.
- Nah, whatever.
- That the truth is irrelevant.
- Yes, exactly.
It is who is in power
that matters.
That is tonight's theme.
- What are we doing? Mousa?
- Your employer has her
heart hurt,
so we're going to kill
the woman's dog.
- What?
- Miniature Siberian Husky.
Bitch loves this dog,
so we'll kill it.
- No, let's sleep on this and
talk about it in the morning.
We can go to the all night spot
in Koreatown that you like.
- But we're here.
Bring me her head.
- I'll be back.
Hey man, what the fuck?
There are certain things
I can't do.
This isn't Egypt.
There are cameras everywhere.
- Relax, relax, it's just a dog.
- Mousa, I'm tellin' ya,
this is too much for me.
- You're a little older
than he is, no?
I mean, this is a good
thing for you.
He likes you.
- Will you excuse me?
- Enjoy yourself.
He's my bitch.
I'm kind to him. Don't worry.
- You parked on
a residential street
with your diplomatic plates.
- No problems then.
Sorry, no women here.
- She's fine.
- Okay, you're in charge then.
Up there, second floor.
Dog sleeps on the balcony.
I'll be right there. Go.
- You can wait here.
- Hey, what is your job?
- I'm a tutor.
- No, really, what is your job?
- I keep them out of trouble.
- And you're killing dogs?
- I'll do a better job.
It's less work for everyone
else, for me tomorrow.
- Do you wanna do this?
- It's not my call.
- No.
Listen, motherfucker.
This is West Hollywood,
This guy's not decapitating
a fuckin' husky
for you or for your
fuckin' boss.
- Cannot leave without
the dog head.
- Hey, you are a fuckin' idiot.
Just tell her the dog
wasn't outside
and you'll come back tomorrow,
and then go by yourself
a dog corpse or whatever
from a fuckin' vet.
- I don't want to hurt anyone.
- Tell Fahda thank you
for a wonderful party.
Thank you for the invitation.
Where do you consider home?
- Nowhere yet.
- My grandfather, he
lived on a remote farm
in southern Italy.
There's no one left there now.
Can't sell it because
all the properties in the area
are vacant.
There was a diaspora
there after World War II.
I went there once when I was 14.
Figured I'd always end
up there in the end.
- When I imagine it in my mind,
I see a,
a river
and a lake
and a trail.
I don't know why I said that.
I know you didn't say there was.
- Have you ever hiked
on the Potomac River?
- No.
- Are you sure?
It's, it's a very long river,
all the way to the Chesapeake.
- Why do you ask?
- Where I went it was
a border river.
Virginia on one side,
Maryland on the other.
Lots of small islands right
next to it.
- No, I don't know.
How many islands are there?
- Minnie Island,
Wades Island, Chautauqua Island.
I don't know, maybe a dozen.
I went to school there
once for a few months.
- I went to school for a few
months once.
- But not there?
- There are other campuses.
- Maybe there aren't.
It doesn't matter.
- If something starts off as
one thing and becomes another?
- I'm going to retire.
- Why?
- I can.
I want to.
If I left tomorrow,
would you come with me?
- Shift's up.
- Still here?
- Still here.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- This is good.
This is very good.
We've been monitoring
your field time, as well.
They've welcomed you in, yes?
- A bit.
- Well, this is, this is
very good news for you, Anna,
and I think now we are
prepared to offer you
some real security, and I
know that's what you want,
and that's what I want for you.
- If you don't mind, I'd
prefer from this point on
being more specific on that.
- Yes, of course.
I couldn't agree more.
These things should never
be left to assumptions.
Well, we see a real
opportunity for you here,
and we are prepared to
offer you in exchange
$250,000 in cash,
sole ownership of an apartment
in Moscow.
I don't know the exact value
of that, but it's considerable.
And an officer's pension,
retroactive from your
years as an NOC.
- Thank you.
That, uh,
it's more generous than I, uh.
How long's the job?
- Well, could be as short
as a day or a few weeks.
James is drafting the logistics.
- And what are the risks?
- Well, there are risks
to anything, as you know.
There may be very little,
but there is concern
that you might have to
stay out of the country
- For how long?
- Eh, could be forever.
I mean, we don't know at
this point.
It's simple. It's just a risk.
Similar to Daniels.
So, James will fill you
in on all the specifics.
This was a good day for
you, Anna.
Don't you forget that.
You should feel good.
Feel good, all right?
Past is the past.
- Come on, eat something.
It's supposed to be
a celebration.
Jesus, all right.
Well, I'm glad I ate.
You order food and then you
start talking
and there's questions and
The food gets all cold.
I hate that.
Don't open it here.
Inside there are three vials
and a polyurethane brush.
The liquid is latex-based.
Use the brush to coat
your hands thoroughly
before handling the vials.
I would do it maybe three,
four times.
It dries clear, it's matte,
very, very hard to see.
The others are VX.
Do you know what that is?
- Yeah.
- All right,
you take one of the VX vials.
You put one of Camden's
hairs inside
and then you hide it in
his apartment.
You hang on to the other vial.
Then later on when
you're with the princess,
preferably when she's
partying or something,
you coat your hands and then
you rub them
here underneath the soft,
fleshy part of her underarms.
You don't just shake hands,
because the skin here is
too thick, won't work.
- And the objective is?
- It's to kill her, yeah.
- How is this similar
to Daniels?
- Anna, you should know by
this point.
In the army, an enlisted
soldier can never become
a commanding officer, and it's
not to do with intelligence.
It has to do with empathy.
An officer can never fully
understand the trials
that his orders place
upon his subordinates,
or he wouldn't be able to
give them.
- So we killed Daniels?
- You know, I think you're
feeling very guilty,
and I really don't think
you have reason to.
- Right.
What if I don't?
If I retire now?
- Don't underestimate the power
of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
- Remember when you first
recruited me?
- Yeah.
I miss Beijing.
The way it used to be.
- Pirates.
- Pirates and thieves.
- When you get recruited,
there's a,
there's a brief moment
when you ask yourself
is this real?
Are you the CIA?
I mean, you're just saying it.
- Would it have mattered?
- I think what matters is
that you're,
you're in a place like that
and you haven't spoken fast,
you haven't spoken English
really fast to anyone
in 10 months and you just feel
it in your stomach, you know?
And then you meet another
American and you're like, wow.
You know what eggnog is.
And it's stupid, I know,
but guaranteed bond.
- You were
a good friend.
- Who benefits if a Saudi
royal dies on our soil?
- Don't, don't do that, okay?
You won't last. Nobody can.
- And if I refuse, with Camden,
the hair?
- Look, this is your best
shot not to live
the rest of your life
in hiding, all right?
You could sell that apartment
for $2, maybe $2.5 million.
This is your golden parachute,
Don't you see?
- And you don't want
to fall out of a plane
without a parachute.
- Love is not a real thing.
There's survival,
and the opposite.
Don't be a fool, Anna.
- You're right.
- I have a report.
It's private for now, but
it can't stay that way.
It's likely she's on you.
- Counter or domestic?
- I'm not certain.
Has she ever lived in
Saudi Arabia?
I'm just guessing.
- Don't know.
Could she be Chinese?
- Perhaps.
Or Russian, or corporate.
Last month an American
engineer named Roger Daniels
came into our consulate
in Jeddah.
He said he'd been part of
a CIA cell there
for the last 13 years,
and that six of the cell
members there
were put out by Russian
There's no possibility
that he ever worked for us,
or even for a contractor.
- There's a lot of people.
- No.
His org understanding was
too off, the way he was paid,
sanctioned bank.
The first one in their
cell to go out.
Actually, we did it.
She was a Moscow HP we
were working to flip.
Our guy got careless and she
flagged him.
We fucked up.
We believe the other five
cell members
were killed by their own
to prevent defections.
We didn't know this when he
came in, so we cut him loose.
They killed him, too.
He was headed here, still
believing he was one of us.
- So he didn't even know
who he was working for?
- No.
It's been a long time since
we've seen something like this.
There was a second woman
in the group.
We think she still
might be alive.
- And that's Anna?
- Have to see the
reports to know for sure,
but he and Anna studied
in Beijing
at the same university at
the same time.
They were the only two
native English speakers
in the program, so
there was likely a bond.
I'll have to log it either way.
- I know.
- Anyway, the Crown Prince
has asked for your help.
- You mean Tom has?
- No, MBS did.
He's having trouble with
a journalist.
It's personal. There's
a family connection.
And he thinks you're good
with family.
Also, the guy has American
He wants you to broker
a negotiation.
It's a compliment.
If you do this, the agency has
no problem with you leaving.
That is from Tom.
- How can I be sure?
- I just told you it's from Tom.
- No, I mean the girl.
I might love her.
- For fuck's sake.
I don't know.
Get caught doing something
She sticks around, then
you'll know it's not mutual.
You'll know you're just a job.
- Hey! What if I don't do it?
- You're just a contractor.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Is this real?
- Yeah.
- I'd like you to
come with me.
- When?
- A week or two.
There's a lake.
It's more of a pond, but.
- I'm sure it's great.
- Will you come with me?
You all right?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
- We can't see each
other anymore.
It's just, it's not possible.
- Because this isn't real?
- No, I'm not attracted to you.
- Are we the same?
- It's just not mutual.
That's all!
I'm sorry, I really am.
- Hello?
Hour and a half.
I'll be there.
- It takes two people
to make you.
And then it's just you.
My life had been mostly
a fantasy.
I guess some people are just
destined to do it alone.
- Oil prices
have plunged more than 10%,
even after OPEC decided to-
- Thank
you for coming so late.
- Whatever we can do.
- There is a cousin in
my family.
His children live in San Diego.
He has done very well
in business,
which has made him very
And now he considers himself
a journalist.
Unintentionally, he continues
to do my brother great harm.
I'd like him to work with us.
- I do.
- Yes, I believe you do.
Have you been to
the kingdom, Camden?
- No. Some day.
- This isn't you?
- That's me.
- This woman, I know her.
She's friends with this cousin.
She lives in Jeddah.
- She just looks like
somebody else.
That was just some girl
from the club.
I'll look into it, but it's
nothing to worry about.
It's just a common face,
I'm sure.
- It's late. Come here.
- At the tone,
please record your
voice message.
When you are finished recording,
you may hang up or press
pound for more options.
- Anna?
- It was a job.
- I know.
- I never had anything to, um,
to look forward to aside
from my job.
But I quit my job.
That's what I quit.
And I don't want you
to remember otherwise.
- You can still come with me.
- I can't, though.
I wish I could.
I need to be here.
- What are you doing here?
- Waiting to die.
- Is that a choice?
- Yes.
A choice that's already
been made.
I wish we'd met like this.
In a bar.
And then I would've...
I would've known that
there's something more.
You should leave.
- If I could go today, now,
to the farm,
should I?
- Yes. Go right now.
- No one knows about it,
where it is.
I've kept it off the
books from the beginning.
It's from a different
time there.
It's outside all of this.
We could go together.
- I can't travel.
My IDs, they've shut
them all off, I'm sure.
- I know a guy who does that.
He owes me a favor.
- Don't. Don't.
Don't do this.
I made this choice.
- I'm asking because it's
what I want.
It doesn't matter what you
know or what you didn't know.
- I didn't.
I didn't.
- It doesn't matter
what you knew.
It's about what you do, now.
- A man is going to come
over here,
and he's gonna ask me to
leave with him
and I am gonna leave with him.
Stand and go now
or he'll take you, too.
- Come with me.
I want you to be with me.
I can't force you to, but
if it's mutual, you can.
- Anna! Stop!
- The red line
train for North Hollywood.
The Red line train for
North Hollywood.
- Now arriving Civic
Center, Grand Park Station.
Exit here for LA City Hall,
LA County Superior Courts
and Hall of Administration,
the Music Center,
Disney Hall,
and the LA Cathedral.
- You'll be all right.
He'll take off without you,
either way.
- You sure?
- I'll make sure.
- It'll be wired
to you by next week.
- It's okay.
It's better to play this
like I don't know anything.
- Thanks, George.
Look through it.
A car will pick us up at 4:00am,
drive us to Van Nuys airport.
A hired flight will take
us to San Francisco.
I've used him before.
We have to take a commercial
flight from SFO to Rome.
Do you think we'll be
safe in San Francisco?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- No, but we should be.
This woman, Allie.
You were gonna move to
New York with her.
- I was.
- But you didn't when you
found out she was like me?
That they sent her?
- No.
She was a civilian.
- How do you know?
- She didn't have that look
in her eyes.
- She'd never been alone.
- No.
- Buon pomeriggio.
- Buon pomeriggio.
Um, uova, due dozzine.
Torta di marzapane.
Ha del burro non salato?
- Si.
- Grazie.
- Prego.