Dick Tracy (1990) Movie Script

Gangland enforcers broke the arms of|an elderly news dealer this afternoon...
when he refused to share|his week's receipts with them.
Stacks of newspapers|were tossed in the gutter...
as the thugs wrecked the business|and made their getaway.
Lunchtime crowds were paralysed|by the suddenness of the crime.
Not a hand was raised in protest!
Organized crime is their name.
What appeared to be organized hoods|shattered the kneecaps...
of the beloved operator|of a shoeshine parlour today...
as horrified customers looked on.
The bootblack would not|give up his receipts...
and paid dearly for his failure|to surrender to gang demands.
A mother of four, unable to pay|a gambling debt, lies dead tonight.
Gangland thugs left her|to expire in a pool of blood...
as they helped themselves|to the contents of a cash register...
inside the luncheonette.
I was talkin' to them,|at the station house, you know, and|it was the darnedest thing I ever saw.
Oh, yeah? Wow.
Five, no help.|King, no help.
- Aces and eights.|- Twenty.
- Ohh.|- Okay, I'm callin'.
Deuce, still possible.|Six, no help.
Got a pair of aces,|a pair of eights.
Okay, the ace bets.
- Hey, Little Face.|- What's the trouble?
Come on, let's go.|Ace bets five.
- I call.|- Six.|- See ya.
What's that?
Ohh. A little kitty.
Hi, little fella.
Let's go.|Ace bets five.
- I'm callin'.|- I'm in.
Six, and a possible straight.
Queen, eight,|pair of eights.
Uh, nine, no help.
- Jack, no help.|- King, no help.
Well, Little Face?
See what you can find.|I wanna leave a little message here.
Calling Dick Tracy!|Calling Dick Tracy!
- Come in, Pat. This is Tracy.|- What is that?
We got five dead men at the 7th Street|Garage, and nobody knows who they are.
You'd better get over here|right away.
I'm on my way.
I'll be back.|I wanna know how it comes out.
- Excu-- Oh, excuse me.|- Ow!|- Sorry.
- Hello, boys.|- Tracy!|- Here, Chief.
- Tracy, are we glad to see you.|- Tracy, whoever they are,|they're all dead.
Five dead men, Tracy,|and we don't even know who they are.
Whoever did it|took their identification,|but they didn't take a dime.
Big Boy Caprice.
- Everything all right, Tracy?|- Fine, fine.
Just a little trouble downtown.
Tracy, they're sayin' that|Big Boy's got the city out of control.
- Is that right?|- And what about this rumour they're|movin' you up to chief of police?
We've already got an excellent|chief of police, Bert. Why don't you|shave off that silly mustache?
- How about runnin' for mayor, Tracy?|- I'm a cop, Charlie.|I don't wanna take a demotion.
- Hey, Tracy--|- Hey, McNally,|I want a copy of that shot.
- They're sayin' Big Boy's|got the city out of control.|- Still can't get anything on him, huh?
Don't let 'em get to you, Tracy.|You'll get Big Boy.
Big Boy's on the street,|and they wanna stick me behind a desk?
They believe in you, Tracy.|They think if you're Chief of Police,|this city'll be safe.
Tess, there's about as much chance of me|gettin' behind a desk as there is of me|gettin' a new girlfriend.
Sooner or later|you're gonna decide
Sooner or later|there's nowhere to hide
Baby, it's time|So why waste it in chatter
Let's settle
The matter
Baby, you're mine on a platter
I always get my man
I'm gonna love you|like nothin' you've known
I'm gonna love you|and you all alone
Sooner is better than later
But, lover
I'll hover
I'll plan
This time|I'm not only getting
I'm holding my
Bad news on the garage, Lips.
They bumped 'em all off.|Our men are getting very nervous.
- Champagne, Miss Mahoney?|- Breathless...
that was beautiful, as always.
I'm so happy you liked it.
- You mind if I leave?|- Why?
- I get sick when you eat.|- You didn't used to.
- You didn't used to be a zeppelin.|- Your devotion is touching.|- Lips!
Lips, it's a raid! It's the cops!
Lips Manlis, you're under arrest|for owning and operating|a gambling establishment.
- Yeah? Where's your warrant?|- Right here. Let's go.
- You too, Breathless.|- I wasn't gamblin', I was singin'.
- Get in the car.|- Flattop.
- These ain't cops!|- Who are they?
Hiya, Lips.|Hiya, Breathless. Let's go.
Even Chief Brandon says you'd make|a wonderful chief of police.
- It's a desk job.|- What's so bad about a desk job anyway?
You think if you sit at a desk|you're playing it safe...
but, Tracy, if you weren't out in the|street every night riskin' your neck,|you could have a wife-- I mean, a life.
Nobody's gonna put Big Boy Caprice|behind bars sittin' behind a desk.
Tracy, you said you were gonna|take a day off tomorrow.
- Huh?|- Hmm?
Come on.
- Tracy, did you say you're gonna--|- Sure, but--
- Hey, kid!|- Hey!|- Hey-- Hey!
- Where you goin'?|- Stop him!|- Take it easy.
- Hey, stop!|- Huh?|- He stole my watch!
- Hey, kid. Hey! Hey, kid!|- Stop that boy! Stop that boy!
C-- Come here.|Did you steal this man's watch?
- Hi, Tess.|- The rest of my party should be|arriving any minute.
Come on, kid.|You're makin' a mistake!
It's only a watch! You don't wanna|get yourself in this kind of trouble!
Hey! What are you tryin' to do?|You're gonna get hurt, kid!
Be careful!|You're gonna get hurt!
- What'd you get?|- Didn't save me no chicken.
Let's see the stuff.
- That's all?|- Yeah.
Hey, tough guy, you wanna try that|on somebody your own size?
Maybe we should step outside.
Okay, tough guy. Now do you want to|give the kid a piece of chicken?
We got a place for people|who beat up kids.
- This cockroach your old man?|- Go suck an egg!
Oh. Look what you did|to your pretty tuxedo.
Big Boy, ain't we pals?
No pals in this business, Lips.|You taught me that.
- Sign it.|- The deed to the Club Ritz?
That's right.|I'm goin' into show business now.
You're dirty, Lips.|You need a bath.
Not the bath. Not the bath.|Big Boy, not the bath!
- Hey. You got a name?|- Kid.
- "Kid"?|- Kid.
What's the name|your mother and father gave you?
- What mother and father?|- Who takes care of you?
Who takes care of you?
This is Moriarty. I'm at|the Southside Warehouse. Do you read me?
Repeat, Moriarty.|You're at the Southside Warehouse?
Right. I don't know who they are,|and I can't see what's goin' on inside.
The car was unmarked--
Big Boy, we're friends! Big Boy, not|the bath! Not the bath! We're friends!
- No!|- I know, and I'm gonna miss ya.
But, "all's fair in love and business."|Benjamin Franklin.
Big Boy. Big Boy, Big Boy. Think about|it, Big Boy. How could you do this?
- You.|- Me?
- How do you want it?|- Want it?
Around me, if a woman don't wear mink,|she don't wear nothin'.
Well, I look good both ways.
Mumbles! Wipe it off.
All right!|Put the word out!
Lips' territory is my territory now!
Everyone who worked for him|is workin' for me.
Everything he owned, I own!
Let's get outta here!|Cover that trapdoor!
I heard you say you love me
You are my lucky charm
With you here on my arm
Well, I gotta call the welfare society.|Hey, Mike, could I use--
- Wait. The what?|- The boys' home.
Mike, you got any ice cream--|Hey, hey, hey!
- Let go!|- Hey, where you goin'?
- What are you doin'?|- You ain't stickin' me in no orphanage.|I been there.
Hey, hey, come on.|Sit down, sit down.
I'm very sorry, pal.|It's the law. Sit down.
Look, kid, if you don't have|a home with a mother and a father,|you go to the orphanage. It's the law.
-Hey, Mike, you got any ice cream?|-Calling Dick Tracy. Calling Dick Tracy.
Bring the kid some ice cream.|Come in, Sam.
Southside Warehouse on the river, Tracy.|Somethin's goin' on.
- You'd better get down there.|- I'm on my way.
Hey, Tracy,|what about the eating machine?
Huh? Oh.|Can you watch him or somethin'?
Watch him do what?
Uh, well, uh--
Uh, just take him to my place.|I'll tell Pat to call the orphanage.
- You two married?|- No. Would you like a broken arm?
- I don't like dames.|- Good. Me neither.
- Walnuts.|- Walnuts?
Tracy, there is a widow to whom a few|words need to be said in bereavement.
Pat, bring in Flattop and ltchy.|Sam, get these fingerprinted.
- Flattop and ltchy? For what?|- I wanna find Lips Manlis fast.
- With a handful of walnuts?|- Yeah, with a handful of walnuts?
- All right, all right, all right.|- Hello, gentlemen.
- Where's Lips Manlis?|- Who's Lips Manlis?
Yeah, who's Lips Manlis? We get to make|one phone call. That's the law.
- Yeah?|- Yeah. Gimme the phone.
There's the phone.|Be my guest.
Make a note, Pat.|They waived their right to a phone call.
- Right, Tracy.|- Hey, copper.
Maybe you oughta look|before you leap, huh? We got rights.
Take the bad men away.|They scare me.
- Up, up. Outta here.|- Yeah? Well, we got rights too,|you know.
- Take your story walkin' with ya.|- See ya around, Tracy, huh?
- Come on.|- All right, all right.
- Eh, get your mitts off me.|- You can't do this, Tracy.
- The D.A.'ll say|you're badgering witnesses.|- Get me Mumbles.
- Tracy'll get you a drink.|- I tell you, I don't know.
I don't know.|You have no right to do that.
- Hello, Mumbles.|- What right have they|to talk to me that way?
- What's the matter with you?|- Where's Lips Manlis?
- I don't have to tell you anything!|- Where's Lips Manlis?
Got my diamonds
- Got my yacht|- Yacht!
Got a guy I adore
A guy I adore!|Let's hear it! Let's hear it!
- I'm so happy with what I got|- You're on. Life, life, life. Let's go.
- Stretch it! Stretch it!|- I want more
More! I want more!
- Count your blessings|- Count your blessings.
One, two, three
- I just hate keeping score|- I hate it!
I hate keepin' score.|Let's show it! Move it!
- Any number is fine with me|- Touch it! Touch it!|I want it! Touch it!
- Grab it! More!|- As long as it's mine
More! Let's go!
- Come on! More!|- More, more
More! Good!
If you got a little|why not a lot
Add a bit and it'll|get to be an oodle
- Every jot and tittle adds to the pot|- Gotta pick it up. Gotta pick it up.
Soon, you got the kit|as well as the caboodle
- More|- Up, up! Up, up! Come on!
- More|- Up! Up! Higher, higher! Let's go!
Never say when|Never stop at plenty
- If it's gonna rain, let it pour|- That's good, that's good.
Happy with ten|Happier with twenty
- If you like a penny|wouldn't you like many, many more|- Penny-- Wouldn't you like many--
- Or does that sound too greedy|- Pick it up, right here.
- That's not greed, no, indeedy|- That's not-- No, indeedy!
- That's just stocking the store|- Give it to me!
I don't know. You wanna do this?|You wanna talk? Turn on the light,|I'm gonna talk to you, you know.
I-- I didn't do it. I didn't do it.|I didn't do it. I didn't do it.
I didn't do it. I didn't do it.|I didn't do it. I didn't do it. There.
I don't know what you want.|I didn't do it.
Mumbles, where's Lips Manlis?
- Okay. Kick it up. Kick it up!|- That's what soothing about success
- Come on, down further.|- Never settle
- For something less|- Oh! Push it higher and higher.
- Something's better than nothing, yes|- Run around, run around!
And nothing's better than
- More, more|- Push it up!
More, more, more, more|More, more, more
No! No! It's wrong! It's off! It's|wrong! It doesn't work! It's not good!
- Boss. Boss!|- What?
I'm sorry.|These girls are tired.
Yeah. We been doin' it all night.|It's 2:00 a.m.
"It's 2:00 a.m."?
I'm about to turn this dump|into the birthplace|of a new era of entertainment...
you're telling me it's 2:00 a.m.?
- Play the piano!|- Hey! That was a silly thing to do.
- He's the best piano player in town.|- Shut up!
Come here.
Next time I take his fingers|and I turn 'em into pretzels.
I just might do the same thing|to your face.
See?|He's playin' better already.
Let's go.|From the toppy-top.
From the top.
Care for some water?|I'm thirsty.
- Where's Lips Manlis?|- Gimme that.
Where's Lips Manlis?
Okay, you heard him, Mrs Green.|That's his testimony.
- Okay, boys, get him outta here.|- His wh-- His what?
- Get him.|- Hey, hey. Come on with me, Mumbles.|- Impossible. Just impossible.
That's coercion, Tracy.|Even if you get anything, it's illegal.
Just tell the boys in the lab,|fingerprint those walnuts|by 8:00 in the morning 'cause
- You're what?|- It's the fifth time!|- Yep. Fifth time. That's right.
- It's a gamble|if you can't make it stick.|- Big gamble, Tracy.
Leavin' Big Boy on the street.|Now let's go get him.
No, indeedy
-That's just stocking--|-Hello, Big Boy. I brought your garbage.
- Tracy.|- We meet again, huh? Where's Lips?
This is a private club, copper.|You got a membership card?
- Do you?|- I own it.
- Since when?|- Today.
- I made a deal with Lips.|- Lips.
- Where is he?|- I don't know.
- Must've left town or somethin'.|- Well, that's a coincidence.
My new girl, Breathless Mahoney,|meet Dick Tracy...
servant of the people, like me.
- You like walnuts, don't you, Big Boy?|- I love 'em.
A lot of people like walnuts.|They're good for the liver.
Yeah, but they're bad for the brain.|You're sloppy, Big Boy.
You're under arrest.|Get him outta here, boys.
- We got a nice place for him to sleep|where they don't serve walnuts.|- We'll get ya in a half hour, Boss.
- I'm performing|the opening number, Boss.|- This ain't a break!
- Keep rehearsin'! Get my lawyer.|- See ya in a half hour, Boss.
Tell 'em it's Flatfoot.|He's at it again, and he's got no case.
-Hello?|-You're breaking and entering, you know.
- Sorry.|- Sit down.
Aren't you gonna arrest me?
If I were gonna arrest you,|I'd have done it by now.
Then what are you up to, honey?
I think Lips Manlis is dead, and|I want you to tell me who killed him.
Or maybe you weren't on his side.|Whose side are you on?
The side I'm always on.|Mine.
- No grief for Lips?|- I'm wearing black underwear.
You know, it's legal for me|to take you down to the station and|sweat it out of you under the lights.
I sweat a lot better in the dark.
I know how you feel. You don't know|if you wanna hit me or kiss me.
- I get a lot of that.|- Look, you're safe.
Big Boy's in jail. You're the one|that can keep him there. Give me a call.
You can do a little two-step
I'll go anywhere that you step to
'Cause now I'm followin' you
My feet
Might be fallin' out of rhythm
- Don't know what I'm doin' with 'em--|- My gosh. What time is it?
- It's 6:30.|- I have to get to the greenhouse.
- I've got those new delphiniums|coming in.|- Oh.
Pat says he's gonna|call the orphanage today.
- Tracy, you might try watering those.|- Tess.
- Mm-hmm?|- Thanks for watchin' the kid.
- Night, Tracy.|- Uh, Tess.
You know, you're one in a million.
Romance him if he begs you to
Now I'm followin' you
Oh, Tracy, good night.
Oh, by the way, Tracy,|have a good sleep.
Rompin'|Rompin' stompin'
I'm rompin'|Rompin' stompin'
I'm rompin'|Rompin' stompin' all day
- You tried the iodine transfer?|- Yes, Tracy.
- And the silver nitrate?|- Twice.
Big Boy Caprice's fingerprints|are not on those walnuts, Tracy.
Well, I had to take the gamble.|What is it, Sam?
Tess is waiting, boy's department,|Marshall and Bradbury.
She says she's not gonna|go for a drive in the country|with that kid if he's wearing
Police brutality, boys.|And this is the fifth time.
Lucky for me I don't bruise easily.
Mr Caprice, do you intend|to take legal action against the city|for false arrest?
Why should I blame the city|for something one man is doing?
This Tracy character's unstable.|The city should get rid of him.
- You mean,|if you don't get rid of him first.|- Who said that?
Hey, there's Fletcher!
"Law without order is as great a danger|to the people as order without law."
How can I support|a maverick police detective...
who keeps making false arrests|of private citizens|and throwing them in jail?
- Tracy, I am district attorney--|- Tracy!
Tess can't get the kid to take off|these smelly clothes.
Chief, I am a candidate for mayor.
If you can't control Detective Tracy,|you'll just have to take him off duty.
Or I'll have to prosecute him|and take you off duty.
Tracy, Tess is havin' a terrible time|with this kid. What should I do?
Hey, hey, hey! Come here!|Come here! Hey, come on!
- You don't have to wear|what Tess tells you to wear.|- No!
Come here! Where you goin'?|What are you runnin' away from?
- I don't need no suit.|A suit's for school.|- School?
You can't fool me. That means|the orphanage. I ain't wearin' no suit.
Kid, your clothes|don't smell very good. Okay?
Now, if you don't wanna wear a suit,|just go back in there and say|you don't wanna wear a suit.
Otherwise, pick the suit you like.
- Yeah?|- Yeah.
Just we two, flyin' high|and hiding up in a tree
Live alone and like it|That's the answer for me
Don't come out of that tree|That's the answer--
Get your mitts off of me!|I can do it myself!
- Oww!|- Get outta here!
- The young man will be out|in a moment, I presume.|- All right, when do we eat?
Live alone and like it
- Free as the birds in the trees|- When do we eat?
High above the briers|Live alone and like it
I do whatever I please
- When do we eat?|- What my heart desires
Free to hang around|or fly at any old time
- When do we eat?|- No equivocation
Most of all, no guarantees
That's my only motto|Free of obligations
- Only the murmurin' breeze|- When do we eat?
As an obbligato|Live alone and like it
Why is that such a crime
Free to call the tune
Free to say|if I'm gonna work or play
I can have the moon
But I don't have to have it|night and day
Anyway, what I like is gliding|where the wind takes me to
Flyin' high|and hiding up in a tree
Live alone and like it|That's the answer for me
Don't come out of that tree
That's the answer for me
- Nice day.|- Yeah.
- I been thinkin', Tess.|- What about?
- Well, you living alone.|- Oh, I like living alone.
-Huh?|-You know that. I'm not the lonely type.
that's somethin' we got in common.
Yep. We have that in common.
Well, don't you think that,|since we have so much in common...
it might be a good idea|if we just went ahead and--
Uh, well...
Look, l-l-l-l wasn't thinkin'|about you livin' alone...
as much as l-- I was--|I was thinkin' about me livin' alone.
- I mean--|- What?|- Hey, Tracy, watch out!
- Tracy, wait!|- Hey, are you all right, kid?
- Yeah, I'm okay.|- Thanks for the tip.
- Who was it, Tracy?|- I don't know, kid.
- I thought we was goners.|- They're just tryin' to scare us.|They're just tryin' to scare us.
Geez, this is incredible!|What are we waitin' for? Let's get 'em!
Let's get 'em! Come on, let's go!|We can still get 'em!
- They took a right! I saw!|- I'm sorry.
- This is amazing, Tracy!|Come on! Let's go!|- Tracy.
When you play in the street,|it's part of the game-- I know that.
- Just don't ask me to like it.|- Come on, let's go!
Where'd they go? Where'd they go?
They headed up towards Main Street.
W-Who was it, Tracy?
I don't know, boys. Do me a favour.|Stick around here, will ya?
Sure, Tracy.
Police have hit a stone wall|in their search for the perpetrators...
and the citizens of the peace-abiding|neighborhoods are up in arms|over the relentless gunfire
Crime is rampant in the streets. The|only general who can take them back--
Thanks for calling.|I was beginning to wonder|what a girl had to do to get arrested.
Well, wearing that dress|is a step in the right direction.
Are you gonna make a move,|or do I have to do everything?
I'm on duty.
- What's your day off?|- Sunday.
It's a big world.|Must be Sunday somewhere.
Seem hot to you?
Why'd you call me here?
You know that car?
What I'm looking for is a driver.|Preferably one with some mileage.
I called you here 'cause I wanted|to know if you're ready to testify.
You're right, Tracy.|Why would you get mixed up with me?
I'm a cheap floozie to you.
I'll be lucky if I get through the week|alive. They probably followed me here.
It isn't easy, Tracy.
You wanna throw me in jail?|Go ahead.
- Let's dance|- Watch the kid.
You can do a little two-step
I'll go anywhere that you step to
'Cause now I'm following you
My feet
Might be fallin' out of rhythm
Don't know|what I'm doin' with 'em
But I know I'm following you
I remember all of you|from when I was nothin'.
Pruneface, you tossed a fire bomb in my|car one night. Give me a lot of trouble,|but I forgive you.
Mocca, you put three slugs into me,|but I lived. I forgive you too.
I owe everybody at this table a little|somethin', but I forgive all of you.
Why? Because I put the past|in the past.
However, a boss who cannot|see the future...
becomes a liability|to everyone concerned.
What are you, a fortune-teller?|What do you mean, the future?
Pruneface, what I mean...
is the future is me.
Pat, Sam, come in. This is Tracy.|I followed her to the Club Ritz.
It looks like we got|every hood in town in one room--|Pruneface, Flattop, Johnny Ramm.
- Those guys hate each other.|- Better get over here fast.
- I gotta find out why they're together.|- All right, let's go.
Baby, you're mine on a platter
I always
Get my
We got a problem with organization.|We're all split up. That's bad business.
While we're divided,|the cops can keep us under control.
But use your imaginations.|We form this big company, see.
Each of us here at the table|are on the board of directors.
- I'm chairman of the board.|- Why you?
Because I have a vision.
A big boss must have a vision.
We got a town with thousands|of small stores and businesses,|people who are workin' real hard.
I think they should be|workin' real hard for us...
because we are for the people.
And "if you ain't for the people,|you can't buy the people." Lincoln.
We will become|the people's silent partner.
Every time some citizen buys|a pound of hamburger, we get a nickel.
Every time some guy gets a haircut,|we get a dime.
We'll dress like bankers,|join the Rotary Club.
Together we will own this town.
Why you?
- Excuse me.|- Hey.
When do we kill Dick Tracy?
As you know, if anything happens|to Tracy, I'm the prime suspect.
- Leave Dick Tracy to me.|- I say we kill Tracy now.
- You say?|- I say.
I say you say nothing.|I say you get behind me, we all profit.
You challenge me,|we all go down.
There was one Napoleon,|one Washington, one me.
I'm out.
It only works if we're all in.
Then it don't work.
I got a good business.|I'll take my chances alone.
Let him go, let him go.|It's still a free country.
Maybe he'll have a change of heart.
Sam, I'm worried about Tracy. What would|it take to make you go off your trolley?
Not me. I'm not the type.
Tracy, are you crazy?|You don't have a search warrant.
If you don't get off that ledge,|do you have any idea|what the D.A. will do to you?
-Yeah, Tracy, this is Pat. Come on down.|-Just be ready to get me outta here.
Who's that? Spaldoni?
I think that's Spaldoni leaving.
If any of those bums find you up there,|Tracy, the chief'll never forgive you.
Come on, Tracy, get off that building.|If they catch you, they got a perfect|right to do whatever they want.
- Great Scott!|- Great Scott!
Very upsetting.
Go, Sam! Get him!
Peppermint. Try some.
You know, Tracy, for a tough guy|you do a lot of pansy things.
Is that right?
- Who is it?|- Mr Tracy?
- Who is it?|- I'm Mrs Skaff.
- I'm from the welfare department.|- The welfare department?
I'm afraid we're going to have to|take the little boy to the orphanage.
Well, just give me one minute,|Mrs Skaff.
I hope you understand, Mr Tracy.
As a single man, you can't just|pick up a child from the streets|and take him home.
- Mrs Skaff, let's discuss this.|- He belongs in the orphanage.|It's the law.
Then he has to be processed|through the proper channels. And then--
Uh, Mrs Skaff, if you'll just leave|this situation to me, I think you'll--
- We don't want no kid, copper.|- Yeah, we don't want no kid, copper.|Get dressed.
Go on, get in there,|or I'll plug ya. Go on.
Glad you could join us, Tracy.
We thought you'd be|much more comfortable meeting us here|in the basement of your girlfriend's
while she's away at work.
You know, Dick--|You mind if I call you Dick?
My associates here would very much|like to see you have a little accident.
But I tell 'em no.
I'll take care of Tracy myself,|I tell 'em. You know why?
I want you on my side!|And let me tell you what my side is.
My side is a lifetime of action|and adventure with no clock to punch.
It's treatin' that gal of yours|one hundred percent.
She should be treated like a princess,|protected like a baby.
- You gonna put|all that money down there?|- Fifteen thousand clams.
- It's a deal.|- Fifteen thousand clams!
Welcome to new waters, Dick! We're gonna|run one hell of a ship with you aboard.
There's a big world out there,|and it's up for sale, all of it.
All we gotta do is make sure|that the people know...
I'm the one|big enough to run it.
And that you are guilty of attempting|to bribe an officer of the law.
- Hey, hey!|- Not so fast, copper.
- You dumb dick.|- Let's give it to 'im!
- Okay, boys!|- Do it!
You have just said goodbye to oxygen.
You silly, stupid cop.|You refuse me?
I offer you the keys to a kingdom...
and you tell me|you're an officer of the law.
I am the law! Me!
Boys, you guaranteed me that|this is gonna look like an accident.
Don't disappoint me.|So long, sucker.
- You should've made the deal.|- Yeah!
You're gonna have|one terrible accident, Tracy.|You think they're gonna find your body?
- Dumb dick.|- I didn't think Tracy'd take a bribe.
Ouch! This accident's been waitin'|to happen all day, Tracy.
You sure you don't wanna|change your mind? Huh?
- I guess that's the end of Dick.|- Yeah. Thirty seconds, no more Dick.
Thirty seconds, no more Dick.|Thirty seconds, no more Dick.
Hey, Tracy!
Kid! Get outta here!|Get away from there!
Hurry! It's gonna explode!|Get outta here, kid! Get outta here!
Don't worry, Tracy!|I'll get you outta here!
Hit the dirt!
- Geez, Tracy, that was a lot of dough.|- You're all right, kid.
For action in the face of grave danger,|the Kid...
whose name will be filled in|when he thinks of one...
is awarded this honorary|detective certificate with badge.
- Congratulations, pal.|- The best-lookin' officer on the force,|with or without a name.
Well, this is just|a temporary certificate|till you pick a name for yourself.
- What's the matter with Kid?|- Nothin'.
This means no more jumpin'|on the back of cars. Got it?
- Tracy.|- When does his certificate|become permanent?
- I got a badge for you.|- When he picks a name.|- What do you mean?
- Look in your top drawer.|- He's already got the makin's|of a detective.
- Chief, it's temporary|till he picks a name, huh?|- Sure. He'll pick a name.
Couple of years, this kid'll be drivin'.|Maybe I'll make him my partner.
Sam, that's somethin', isn't it?|How'd you like to pick your own name?
- Put 'er there, Detective.|- You know what I'd pick? I'd pick Sam.
What's the matter?|We're not payin' you enough money?
Don't tell me about my boys|messin' up the Tracy rub-out.
They were being tested.|They flunked.
Now they're just flunkies, like you.
I don't care if Tracy|puts one and one together.
Don't matter to me.|You're still workin' for me.
You're on my side.|You're not out. You're not out!
When you are dead, then you are out.|You are mine. I own you.
Tracy, we've got 14 witnesses.
They all insist Big Boy spent|the entire morning at a dance lesson.
- Uh-huh.|- I am sorry.
I'll be just a second, Tess.
- What kind of ice cream did you get?|- Fresh peach.
Better eat it right away.|It's starting to run a little.
What are you doing here?
- What are you doin' here?|- Aren't you gonna frisk me?
You're so good with names,|what's a name that you like?
Well, I don't know.|Herbert, Horace, Thomas, Edgar.|Anything's better than Kid.
- Hold this.|- Well, I like Kid.
Well, if you want that detective|certificate to be permanent,|you gotta pick a name.
- She's pretty.|- She's a lot more than that.
Look, if I testify against Big Boy,|he'll have me bumped off.
- He'd have to bump me off first.|- Why?
Because I'd be protecting you|24 hours a day.
- You would?|- Yeah. That's my job.
Do you always put so much of yourself|into your job?
You're not gonna know that|till you testify.
You're a good man, Tracy.
And I wanna do the right thing.
Come here.
Hey, what's the hurry?|Where's the fire?
Throwin' a ball in a trash can.|Is that supposed to be some big deal?
- Tess, uh, this is--|- I know who she is.
- Hello, Miss Mahoney.|- You must be Miss Trueheart.
- Tracy's told me so much about you.|- Oh?
He doesn't know|so awfully much about me.
Yeah, uh--|uh, thanks for comin' by.
- We'll be in touch, Tracy.|- Right. Uh--
Miss Trueheart.
What a cute little boy.
I'll bet she does|some nifty undercover work.
Well, we're makin' our move|on the Club Ritz tonight, uh--
Oh, is this-- is this pistachio?
Now, that's what I call a dame.|What was she doin' here?
She knows somethin'.|I'm tryin' to get her to testify.
You know what, Tracy?|You oughta let me talk to her.
Is this 88 Keys?|I got a deal for ya.
Meet me at the city car barn|in one hour.
That's right. One hour.
Up here, 88.
Open the suitcase.
Do you want to know why I called you?
Five thousand.|Your first payment.
For what?
You work for Big Boy now. You wanna|make a lot of money helping him?
- Yes or no?|- Yeah.
Give that letter to Big Boy.
Tell him you found it|under your door.
Who do I tell him you are?
You don't,|because you never saw me.
And don't try to find me.|I'll call you.
Make the deal.
"If you kill Dick Tracy,|you will be the prime suspect|and the city will mobilize against you.
"But for ten percent of your business|we guarantee Dick Tracy will not be|a problem for you any more...
and you will not be suspected|of anything."
What can you lose?|They don't deliver, you don't pay.
You're a piano player.|What do you want to be, a radish?
Don't bring me a deal from someone you|never saw, you don't know how to get to.
Get him outta here. Go ahead.|Play the piano. Okay, what's this?
I think I got this figured out.|I'm gonna--
- Hey. Got a match?|- I think we can work it out|this way, Big Boy.
- What was that all about?|- My income tax.
Come here.
- You want me to follow him?|- Where, to the piano?
That was none of your business.|Come here.
I'm your business.|Okay, Numbers, let's see your numbers.
So then we get the same percentage|from the laundries--
- Where do you think you're goin'?|- Come on, Tracy, take me with you.
Get back in there and brush your teeth.|Go on. And wish me luck tonight.
I'll see you later.
Move in and take your positions.
Sooner or later|you're gonna be mine
- Two.|- Sooner or later
You're gonna be mine
Baby, it's time that you faced it
I always get my man
Got to hand it to you, Big Boy. You got|the best broads in town. Top drawer.
You're gonna decide
Come in, Tracy. Come in, Tracy.
- This is Tracy, Sam.|- We made it.
Why waste it in chatter
-Careful, Tracy. The waiters carry guns.|-We'll settle
The matter
Baby, you're mine on a platter
- I always get my man|- Come in, Tracy. All set.
- Okay, boys, let's go.|- This is it. Keep it quiet.|Keep it quiet.
How could you-- All right.
All right, all right. I got it|under control. I got it. Please.
Everybody, it's okay!|Please! Please!
Okay-- No, no!|I got it under control! Everybody!
No! No, look, folks.|It's okay. Everything's under con--
Just sit down. Everything.|Relax. It's easy.
Get this thing taken care of.|It's okay. No, everything's all right.
Okay, Bill, that side of the room.|Frank, cover the bar.
Hello, Big Boy. The gang's all here.|What is it, a class reunion?
This is a private party, mister.|Invitation only.
- The more you resist, babe|- Here's my invitation.
- A search warrant.|- The more it excites me
And no one I've kissed, babe
Ever fights me again
You're on my list
- Because it's just a question of when|- No gamblin', no nothin', Tracy.
What, you mean|you thought we had gambling here?
I wouldn't be caught dead|in a place that permitted gambling.
- I'll be back, Big Boy.|- Listen, tell me when you're comin'.
- I'll have a big party waitin' for ya.|- Let's go, boys.
- Right, Tracy.|- Then, baby, amen
- Hey, hey.|- I thought you was gonna|take care of Tracy.
He didn't look around.|Did you notice?
- Yeah.|- I don't get it.|- He was just tryin'
- How'd it go?|- Clockwork.
Well, let's just hope|Big Boy thinks I'm too stupid|to look under the top of a table.
Pat, I am gonna get him.|It's just a question of when.
Sooner or later|you're gonna be fine
Baby, it's time that you faced it
I always get my man
All right, listen to me.|Get over to 132 Broad Street.
- 132 Broad Street.|- But if you resist, babe|- Okay, 132 Broad Street.
- Right, Bug.|- The challenge delights me
The more you resist, babe|the more it excites me
Dick Tracy has struck tonight|and he has struck hard...
- And no one I've kissed, babe|- right at the heart|of the gang lord empire.
Ever fights me again
If you're on my list
It's just a question
Of when
When I get a yen
Then, baby, amen
I'm counting to ten
I'm gonna love you|like nothin' you've known
I'm gonna love you|and you all alone
Sooner is better than later
But, lover
I'll hover
I'll plan
This time I'm not only getting
I'm holding
Tracy! Tracy! Tracy! Tracy!
Everywhere I turn...
it's Tracy, Tracy, Tracy!
It's like he's readin' my mind.
Texie Garcia, Ribs Mocca, Johnny Ramm|and now de Santo-- I don't get it.
How could he catch 'em so fast?|I don't understand. He knows|what we're doin' before we do it!
You said you had a way of taking care|of Tracy. "Leave it to me," you said.|Well, let me tell you somethin'.
I'm takin' this bum out of|the headlines. I'm rubbin' him out.
You kill Tracy,|they point the finger at me. This bum--
Hold it, hold it.
We're bein' bugged.|We're bein' bugged.
We're bein' bugged. We're be--|Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Hey, Mike, what'd you put in this chili,|melted rubber?
Sometimes I wonder why I slave|over a hot stove for you, Tracy.
Okay, Freddy.
Get down to the Southside Warehouse.|Big pay-off.
Tracy, I'm-- I'm leavin'.
I used to be afraid that maybe you'd|never take some time and settle down...
and now I know it.
- I knew you'd never|want a desk job, Tracy.|- Calling Dick Tracy.
Calling Dick Tracy.|Do you read me, Tracy?
You got Big Boy on the run now,|and that's good.
Calling Dick Tracy.|Calling Dick Tracy.
Tracy, good luck.
Come in, Tracy.|This is Bug Bailey. Do you read me?
- What is it, Bug?|- There's somethin' goin' on|at the Southside Warehouse.
It sounds big. Really big.
Go on.
Tracy, come in.
- Go on.|- Tracy, are you there?
- You better get over there, Tracy.|- I'm on my way.
I'll be back, Tess.
All right! All right, that's enough!|I want 'em dead, both of them.
I want this No-Face dead,|and I want Tracy dead.
What's the matter? You bums|forgot how to kill people?
Doesn't your work|mean anything to you any more?
Have you no sense of pride|in what you do?
No sense of duty?|No sense of destiny?
I'm lookin' for generals!|What do I got? Foot soldiers.
I want Dick Tracy dead!
Don't get me wrong, Tracy.|If you say there was a man with no face,|I'll bet the mortgage there was.
- But who is he workin' for?|- Yeah, who's he workin' for?
I don't know, boys, but I didn't dream|him up. Would you get my suit cleaned?|We need a witness who will testify.
- A man with no face?|- A man with no face.
What can you lose, Big Boy?|What can you lose?
I don't know, Big Boy.|It seems they want to get rid|of the Tracy problem as much as you.
And it'll only cost you ten percent.|What can you lose?
Okay, piano player.|You got a deal.
Mike, give the Kid a doughnut.
- Hi, Tracy.|- Hi, Tracy.|- Hi, Tracy.
- Which one?|- Where's Tess?|- She's out of town.
- She asked me if the boys|could take care of the Kid till...|- Jelly.
- they take him to the orphanage.|- There's no jelly in that doughnut.
- Okay.|- Tess went out of town, huh?|- Sorry, Tracy. I thought you knew.
Want me to take the Kid|back to the precinct?
-No, Chief. Thanks a lot for fillin' in.|-Okay. Good night.
- What can you lose|- Good night.
- Caught with the blues|- Tracy. Want a doughnut?
- Uh, yeah. Thanks.|Mike, let me have a coffee, will ya?|- Now keep concealing
- Everything you're feeling|- Coffee?
- Sayin' to ya|- And one for me too.
What can you lose
Maybe it shows
She's had clues
Which she chose to ignore
Maybe, though, she knows
And just wants to go on|as before
As a friend, nothin' more
So she closes the door
Well, if she does
Those are the dues
Once the words are spoken|something may be broken
Still you love her
What can you lose
But what if she goes
At least now|you have part of her
What if she had to choose
Leave it alone
Hold it all in
Let her alone
Don't even begin
With so much to win
There's too much
To lose
Cheer up, Tracy.|I'm the one in danger.
I shouldn't be talking to a cop.
- You know what I want.|- I want to hear you say it.
- Well, I don't want you to be hurt.|- Don't tell me what you don't want.
Tell me what you do want.
You want me.
Don't you?
You're right. I do want you,|in court where you can tell the truth--
You're lying. You want me|the same way that I want you.
You want me to take a risk?|I want you to take a risk.
I told you I'd protect you|if you testified.
- Protect me? You ca--|- It's my job.|- I don't know about your job.
I only know what I feel.
If you can't tell me how you feel,|Tracy, then I can't trust you.
Wait a minute.|What do you want me to admit?
That I think about you?
Okay, I admit it. Testify.
You want my testimony?|Tell me you want me.
If you do that, I'll do anything|you say. How bad do you want Big Boy?
It's up to you.|Tell me you want me.
Tell me you want it all,|but tell me now.
If I say that, I'm gonna hurt|somebody I don't want to hurt.
You trust her.
I love her.
He could be president|of the United States...
and he'd call it a desk job.
Dick Tracy's awfully tough on himself.
He's torn, Tess.|He's torn between love and duty.
If you get too close to a man like that,|you probably won't be treated...
much better than he treats himself.
It takes a lot of understanding|to love a man like that.
What did you say, Mother?
I said, "It takes a lot of|understanding to love a man like that."
He'll never take a desk job.
Sit down, will you.
Sam, Mrs Trueheart said|Tess left there a long time ago.
Has somebody checked|Route Three for accidents?
Right, Tracy.
We gotta talk about|this orphanage business.
- Who wants--|- Tracy, did you get the sketch?
Yes, I got the sketch. I got both|sketches. They're both the same sketch.
Forget the sketch!|Check Route Three for accidents!
- We're working on it, Tracy.|- Don't work on it, do it!
- Right.|- Right.
I sure hope she comes back to him.|I've never seen him like this.
The welfare office called again.
I'm not supposed to keep you|out of the orphanage.
Yes, and then send the letter|to District Attorney Fletcher.
- Can you do it?|- Oh!
- I can do anyone's handwriting.|- All right. Tracy's handwriting.
Write this: "District Attorney Fletcher,|I have evidence that will destroy you.
Bring $10,000|to room 429, Midway Hotel."
Bring $10,000...
to room 429, Midway Hotel.
If you want to stay alive,|you'll do what Big Boy says.
That's not it! That's not it!|Does Paddy O'Brien know she's missing?
- Yeah.|- Was he the one?|- That's not him.
- That's not it! That's not it!|That's n-- What's that?|- It's for you.
-Open it.|-Pat, what about that guy from up north?
You hear anything about him?|What's his name? Louie.
- Oh, yeah, Louie-- Louie the Louse.|- Yeah. Where is he?
- Nah, he's in the pen, I think.|- How long?|- I can't do it, Kid. It's the law.
- Six months.|- Flowers.
This is cold! Hey, who's on the coffee|out there? Rip van Winkle?
-You can't even get a decent cup o--|-I don't know why it'd be cold. I mean--
- Tess wants to talk.|Watch the Kid, boys.|- Sure thing, Tracy.
Tracy, you got lilies. You want me|to put 'em in some water? Tracy!
I'm here to pick up a child,|case 38196.
I don't want to wait.|I want the child now.
You're from the orphanage, ma'am?
Last night we had a date|We stayed out late
I bought round after round
And just for you I played the fool
Yes, I was quite the clown
- Tess, where are you?|- Words were spoken, hearts were broken
But now I hope you'll see
It was the whisky talkin', not me
I had myself a little flask
Tess! Tess?
Relax, Tracy.
Just smell the flowers,|and go to sleep.
It won't kill you.|It won't even hurt you.
But your big career is over.
Hey! Close the darn door.
- One figure so d--|- Tracy, you're late.
Wait a minute. Who are you?
Mayor Tracy, Senator Tracy,|Governor Tracy.
High political offices|are being coupled with Tracy's name.
Surely, of all--
- Now?|- Now.
You can't blackmail me, Dick Tracy!
Nobody does that to me!|Nobody blackmails me!
You put that gun away! Who do you|think you're dealing with, huh?
If I go to jail, you go to jail!|I don't have to pay you!
I don't have to give you a dime!|I don't have to give you a nickel,|Dick Tracy!
You're nothin' but a punk!|Tracy, that's all you are!
- You're a punk!|Ain't nothin' but a street punk!|- Police? Better send someone
- The Midway Hotel.|- Put it away! Put it away!|Put the gun away, Tracy!
...news as hot air and speculation.
Go around back!
Ah, yes, there's bad news tonight.|It's worse than bad. It's heartbreaking.
Dick Tracy is in disgrace tonight.
Charges of blackmail and murder|fill the hushed air.
And in the void, once more, is heard|the rattle of chips as the wheel spins--
This is beautiful.|I want to hang this on my wall.
I've gotta hand it to ya, 88!|Your people did it.
They got Tracy out of the way.|Keep him out of the way.
Boys, we're back in business!
Maybe I'll run for mayor myself.
Yesterday it seemed the world|was about to end, didn't it
Looked as though we|wouldn't last out the year
Yesterday, disaster|waited around the bend
Well, my friend, spring is here
Back in business|and ain't it grand
Let the good times roll
Yesterday things were out of hand
Now they're under control
Bye-bye, blues|So long, adversity
Happiness, hello, hello, hello
Keep the status quo
Permanently so
Back again like a boomerang
Same old stand, same old gang
Back in business with a bang
Let the good times roll
Back in business, and ain't it grand
Let the good times roll
Back to normal, back to usual
Let the fun resume
No more doom and gloom
No more bust, just boom
Back in business, and overnight
In demand|Well, all right
Business is just dynamite
Let the good times roll
Tracy didn't do it, Chief.|I know he didn't do it.
Well, you did the right thing|to call me, Kid.
Tracy's in real bad shape about Tess.
She's still missing,|and we haven't a clue.
It looks like a kidnapping,|but nobody's asked for a ransom.
- Tracy's the only one who can find her.|- Judge said, "No bail."
He didn't do it, Chief.|He didn't do it.
Why would somebody kidnap Tess|and not even ask for a ransom?
If I can just get back|on that street--
I'll leave you two alone for a minute.|It'll be anytime now.
The state police will be comin'|to transfer you from the city jail|to the county jail in a little while.
How's the food?
- How's the food at the orphanage?|- It's good.
- It'll be anytime now.|- All right, Chief.
What a New Year's Eve, huh?
I got my permanent certificate.
But I thought you-- I thought|you had to pick a name, didn't--
- I did.|- But--
If it's all right with you.
It's all right with me.
It is.
Tess, I hope you like...
being alone with me.
Happy New Year.
- Here. Let me get that.|- Okay. It's okay.
- Sorry, Tracy.|- Happy New Year, Tracy.|- Happy New Year, Tracy.
- What are you two doing here?|- It's a long trip to county jail.
I'd say it would take|at least eight hours to get there.
All right, boys. Call headquarters. Get|'em to send a car to 38th and Central.
And tell 'em there's something|I want 'em to bring.
Hello, Mumbles! Who set me up, huh?
- I don't know, I don't know.|- Look!|- I'm looking at you.
Talk, you cockroach! Talk! Huh? Huh?
Okay, Pat.
Care for some water, Mumbles, huh?
This is Brandon speaking.|Who's calling?
Do you want to put Big Boy in jail?
- Yes?|- He's kidnapped Tess Trueheart.
- Go to 38th and Grand.|- Now, wait a minute.
- Who is this?|- Wait for a call.|- Hello? Hello--
- Joe!|- Yes, sir?|- Get my car.
-Keep an eye on the kid till I get back.|-Right, Chief.
You don't want to tell me|who set me up, huh?
You want Big Boy to hear that?
What do you think, Mumbles?
Big Boy did it.|Big Boy did it.
Big Boy did it.|Big Boy did it.
I'm innocent. I'm innocent.
Okay, Sam, let's take this|and play it for Big Boy.
Uh, wait. Wait a minute.|Uh, uh, uh, wait.
Big Boy paid him|to get you out of the way.
Why would somebody kidnap Tess|and not even ask for a ransom?
So what do we do? Grab 88 Keys|or go straight for Big Boy?
Yeah, Tracy, what do we do?|Grab 88 Keys or go straight for Big Boy?
Is the enemy of my enemy my friend,|or the enemy of my friend my enemy?
- What?|- Or the enemy of my enemy my enemy?
- What did he say?|- The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.
He said the enemy|of his enemy is his enemy.
Caprice speaking. Who is this?
How long since you took a look|in your attic, Big Boy?
Who is this?
Better take a look around upstairs.|Something's fishy.
Okay, Sam, you take the front.
- We're going to the roof.|- Tracy, why are we going to the roof?
I don't know.|It seems like a good place to hide.
Can you get through|to Chief Brandon?
Big Boy, I think you ought|with come with me, quick.
Tracy, why are we going to the roof?
This is Chief Brandon.
Jumpin' Jiminy, Tracy.|That's Tess!
- Break that lock.|- Okay, Tracy. Okay. Lemme just--
- What's she doing here?|- It won't budge, Tracy.
- What is this?|- It's Tracy's dame!
- What's she doin' here?|How'd she-- How'd she get in here?|- Tracy!
Untie her! Come on! We gotta|get outta here! Untie her. Let's go!
- Get her outta here!|- Don't shoot.
It's a frame--|It's a frame-up!
Somebody tried to make it look|like we kidnapped her!
It's a federal offence!|Come on! Come on!
- I'm okay, Tracy!|- That's kidnapping, Big Boy!
It's a federal offence!
Things are not always what they seem.|You're gonna pay for this.
- Easy!|- Hey, anybody shoots,|I shoot you, Sweet Pea! Come on!
Tracy, what's going on?|Did you hurt yourself?
I gotta figure|a way out of here, Pat.
Tracy, are you okay?
Got my diamonds
Got my yacht
Got a guy I adore
I'm so happy with what I got
I want more
No way out of this place.
You can't find a trapdoor|or a panel that moves or something?
I'm looking, Pat.|The ceiling must be 20 feet high.
All I know is addition
What are you doing down there?
Tracy, what are you doing down there?
Hey, boss,|why are we surrounded by cops?
- Cops?|- A billion of 'em!|- This is it! Burn the records!
Lock all the doors!|This is your fault.
They're forcing me to use you|as a hostage. Break out the guns!
Geez, boss. Tracy-- Tracy's girl?
Someone set us up. They're gonna|get us on a kidnapping rap.
- Gimme a tommy.|- All of us! We gotta get outta here.|- Get outta my way.
- Get outta my way!|- I like Tracy.
- I had a meeting with him once.|Did he tell you?|- Come on, you.
- Let me tell you. I may just|put a bullet through your head.|- Let's go!
- What do you weigh, Pat?|- I don't know. About 195, 196,|something like that.
- How much?|- Two-ten.
I find counting a bore
Keep the number mounting|Your accountant does the counting
More, more
The only way to get into this joint,|Chief, is to bust our way in.
- Jump.|- What?
- Jump.|- Jump?
- Music too|- Keep your mouth shut, woman!
- You don't say nothing to nobody.|- Just as much
- You may think they got us surrounded,|- As before|- but I'm gettin' out of this.
- I've got my guy and my sky of blue|- Watch it. Move it, woman!
Now, however, I own the view
Come on. Just jump.
All right. This is it.
Come out with your hands|over your head.
Them coppers are never gonna take me|alive. We're making a break for it.
Come out with your hands|over your heads.
This is it. The jig is up!
One is fun, why not two
And if you like two|you might as well have four
And if you like four|why not a few
Why not a slew more
Come on, let's go!|ln the car! ln the car! Now!
Listen, you guys. When I hit|my horn, that's the signal to go.
Okay, Big Boy.|Let's give it to 'em, boys!
You gotta tell 'em everything.|They crave leadership.
- You're under arrest.|- Chief.|- If you--
- Look at him. What's he doing up there?|- Tracy!
If you've got a little|why not a lot
Add a bit and it'll|get to be an oodle
Every jot and tittle|adds to the pot
Soon you got the kit|as well as the caboodle, more
He does have Tess, but he won't|bring her outta there. We gotta go in.
- Go in?|- Give me that tommy gun, Sam.
Okay, hit your horn.
You bring your men--
Never settle for something less
Something's better than nothing, yes
This may get messy. You make a wrong|move inside here, I blow your head off.
Big Boy!
Come on! Get outta there!
You know, sometimes I wonder|why I try to improve things.
Nobody seems to care.
Pain can be valuable, Miss Trueheart.|We learn from pain.
We learn from--|Don't make me push you!
This is awkward.|This is so awkward. Here.
Let's go, men. Big Boy's inside.|He's got Tess with him.
- I knew he wouldn't have|the guts to come out.|- Right, Tracy.
They say I kidnapped you.|I didn't kidnap you.
But I'm kidnapping you now.
- Ah, does life imitate art?|- Hey, Mr Caprice.
- So many questions, so few answers.|- Mr Caprice.
What a way to usher in the new year.
He took her through there.|The wine room.
Tracy, you don't trust me.
Good luck.
It was very stupid of you|to have been lured into this scheme.
A big mistake.
Get 'em up, please.
It's not so much that I have to hurt|someone. It's just don't make me do it!
- Ah, ya louse!|- Come over here.
Believe me, this is not|the way I wanted it to be.
There it is! The city!|They'll never find me!
Can you hear its beat?|Oh, the rhythm! Happy New Year, city!
Jump! We can make it!|No! No, don't jump! We can't make it.
You'll pay for this.|You're gonna pay for this.
Don't move!|Not if you want to stay alive.
A woman, a woman, a woman!
I've been humiliated by a woman.
The way I see it--|and Plato agrees with me--
is that there is what is, and then|there is what we would like it to be.
But that's not important.|What's important is the future;|it's planning ahead.
"A man without a plan|is not a man."
Nietzsche. Wait a minute.
Wait. I'm having a thought.
Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
I'm gonna have a thought.|It's coming.
It's gone.
We must rise above the tide...
take that journey, that journey|into that faraway land...
a land that just waits.
It waits by the track|where the train of destiny must run...
run into the future,|breaking the shackles of the past.
Forget the past. Forget the past.|Our limitations are our shackles.
Put them behind you forever.|Put them behind you forever, Tess.
Can't you see I love you?
Wait! What's that?
Hands up, copper! We gotta talk.
I did not kidnap this woman.
Drop that gun, or my next bullet's|got her name on it!
- Don't do it, Dick!|- Good. Good, Tracy.
What's that? Tracy!
Tracy. Tracy? Where are ya?
Where'd ya go?
What, are you playin' hide-and-seek?|You're hidin' from me?
That's not fair.|No way to be, Dick.
Come out, Tracy.|These gears are turnin'.
You want this dumb dame's head|to be smashed like a walnut?
Tracy, I did not kidnap this girl.|Somebody's trying to frame me.
Where are you? Come on! Just let me|see ya. I just wanna see your face.
I just wanna-- I just wanna|talk some sense here. I wanna--
I just wanna take your head,|and I wanna crack it like an egg!
No! No! I didn't mean that.|No, Tracy. Listen to me.
Tracy, you hear that?|What's happening to that can...
is going to be happening|to her head in a few seconds!
There's not going to be|any more beautiful hair to fondle, huh?
No, no ears to nuzzle.
You're gonna have|chopped sweetheart, Tracy.
There. See those gears?|Those gears are like a clock.
Every notch, ticktock--
Drop it, Big Boy!
Get your hands up, Tracy.|Don't move, either one of ya.
I outsmarted ya, Big Boy.|I knew you'd panic.
I brought you down with kidnapping,|the only crime you didn't commit.
Whoever you are,|I know we can make a deal.
A deal?|I'm making my deal with Tracy.
Tracy, with Big Boy out of the way,|we can own this town.
Pick up that pipe and kill him.
Pick it up!
Pick up that pipe.
Tracy, no!
Drop the gun!
I'll do it, Kid!
Don't move your head, Tess. I got it.|It's okay. Don't turn your head.
Hey, Tracy, look.
Is he still alive?
Will you look at that.
Tess? Call an ambulance.
I'll call, Tess. I'll go get it.
You were right, Tracy.|I couldn't pull the trigger.
It was a good plan, Breathless.|You almost pulled it off.
- The city would've been yours.|- Yeah. You were my only mistake.
Tell me the truth. Could it ever|have happened between us?
But that's how we got him to confess|that Breathless killed Fletcher.
- He was her piano player.|- Not bad.
Thanks. Mm-hmm. You know, you're|probably much too smart to need this...
but I think I'm gonna|give it to you, anyway.
Tracy! This-- Hey, it can-- W--
- Wow!|- It tastes different, Mike.|What'd you do, wash the bowl?
Ah, don't listen to him, Mike.|It's just grand.
Except for the guy she goes out with,|this lady's got real taste.
- Tess?|- What?
I've been thinking.
- What about?|- Well, you livin' alone and--
Well, I like living alone.
- Uh-huh.|- We have that in common, I guess.
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.|- Well, don't we?
Well, I just think when two people|have so much in common...
they oughta do somethin' about it.
- Would--|- Uh-oh.
Shut up, kid. And--
Don't you think we'd be happier|if we just--
- What do you think?|- Dick Tracy, are you asking me to--
Calling Dick Tracy.|Pat Patton to Dick Tracy.
Robbery in progress, Tracy,|Metropolitan Bank.
Hot diggity dog!|Come on! Let's go!
Come on, Tracy! Let's go! Come on!
- Come on, Tracy!|- Well, what are you waiting for?
A nice safe desk?
You're one in a million.
This is amazing, Tracy!|What are you waitin' for?
Come on. Let's go!
Come on. Metropolitan Bank.|Come on. Step on it!
You know something, Tracy?|I kinda like that dame.
Once upon a time|I had plenty of nothin'
Which was fine with me|because I had rhythm, music, love
The sun, the stars|and the moon above
Had the clear blue sky|and the deep blue sea
That was when the best things|in life were free
Then time went by and now|I get plenty of plenty
Which is fine with me|'cause I still got love
I still got rhythm, but look|at what I got to go with 'em
Who could ask for anything more|I hear you query
Who could ask for anything more|Well, let me tell you
Got my diamonds
Got my yacht
Got a guy I adore
I'm so happy with what I got
I want more
Count your blessings
One, two, three
I just hate keeping score
Any number is fine with me
As long as it's more
As long as it's more
I'm no mathematician
All I know is addition
I find counting a bore
Keep the number mounting|Your accountant does the counting
I got rhythm
Music too
Just as much as before
Got my guy and my sky of blue
Now, however, I own the view
More is better than nothing, true
But nothing's better than|more, more, more
- Nothing's better than more|- More
One is fun|Why not two
And if you like two|you might as well have four
And if you like four|why not a few
Why not a slew more
If you got a little|why not a lot
Add a bit and it'll|get to be an oodle
Every jot and tittle|adds to the pot
Soon you've got the kit|as well as the caboodle
Never say when|Never stop at plenty
If it's gonna rain, let it pour
Happy with ten|Happier with twenty
If you like a penny|wouldn't you like many much more
Or does that sound too greedy
That's not greed, no, indeedy
That's just stocking the store
Gotta fill your cupboard|Remember Mother Hubbard
Each possession you possess
Helps your spirits to soar
That's what's soothing about excess
Something's better than nothing, yes
But nothing's better than|more, more, more
Except all, all, all
Except once
You have it all
Have it all
You may find all else above
Else above
That though things
Are bliss
There's one thing you miss
More, more, more, more, more