DiDi's Dreams (2017) Movie Script

Mr George from Sector 36 has lost.
A round of drinks on him!
Someone will know they're alive
when they eat delicious food.
Whereas others will only feel alive
when they are loved.
Boss, the game is over.
- You can move now.
- Move your face.
There's not a single person here I fancy.
This taste...
It's strange.
It's the Boss Lady's tears.
You boss still hasn't recovered?
Probably won't until her next romance.
The soup's flavor has changed again.
Again? Impossible.
It hasn't. Try it yourself.
It has changed...
Have you started smoking again?
That could affect your taste buds.
Does this look like a cigarette?
Leave me alone.
Go away!
Some dreams are very realistic.
as though it's our other life.
Are you up?
I'm up...
Then I'm heading over.
Ok, bye.
Another new blockbuster
is about to begin filming.
Master filmmaker Xia Wuji
officially announced today
the addition of Shangguan
LingLing to his new film.
Here they are at the live announcement.
Greetings to all our friends in the media.
My name is Shangguan LingLing.
I am honored by this chance
to work with Master Xia
and such a wonderful crew.
Under the direction of
this master filmmaker,
I trust we will deliver
an amazing new film...
20 minutes late every time.
10 days means 200 minutes late.
I'm really curious.
How much of your life
do you intend to waste?
If I'm not late, someone else will be.
- Don't you dare even think about it!
- Ouch! OK.OK.
Is your health check report out yet?
I'm picking up the report
from the hospital tomorrow.
What are you doing today?
I got an audition then a
stomach medicine commercial.
Stomach medicine commercial is good.
At least you can take
some free medicine home.
So little money...but I
have to pay rent soon.
If you need rent money
then take on more jobs!
Please. Who wants those crappy jobs?
A crappy job is still a job.
At least you'll get some exposure.
I'm an actor.
Sure sure sure, an actor.
- Then who are you playing today? The medicine?
- The medicine's mother!
Do you know what you're auditioning for?
Shopping channel assistant.
What makes a good shopping
channel assistant?
- Wilingness to show some skin.
- Show some skin my ass!
It's a clear voice!
OK, read it out loud please.
Who would sell this?
Why do you care what we sell?
You reading or not?
Reading at that speed
would take forever to finish.
Read it all out in one breath. Understand?
- Yes.
- Go.
Hong Li Yu Yu Li Li Yu Yu Lu.
Listen to our producer and learn.
Hong Li Yi Yi Lu Yi Yi Li.
- Hi.
- What?
Excuse me. I'm playing the...
I'm today's actor.
Who should I report to?
The producer's over there.
Then just go take care of it, ok?
What a buch of idiots.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Come with me.
It's been more than 2 months.
Your funding still hasn't come down.
In this game you have to keep your word.
Don't I have to pay for all
this catering every day?
Hung up on me.
Sort all this for me. Ok?
Producer, I'm the actor for today.
- You're an actor?
- Yes.
I'd like to know who I'm playing.
Why didn't you say something earlier?
What's your name?
Shangguan DiDi?
You're playing a germ.
A germ?
Stress from work can
cause stomach discomfort.
This is when you need "Gut King"
and kill bad bacterial!
What's the hell are you doing?
Are you trying to win an Oscar?
Look at what the others did before you.
Learn from them. OK?
Sorry, Director.
Come on, let's do another take.
Shangguan DiDi.
Got enough air in your disphragm?
Can't hear you. Are you dying?
We're going to test your diaphragm.
Use your breath to keep
a tissue off the ground
as long as you can!
Are you dead? Again! Go!
Why don't you kill yourself?
Later, no matter what happens,
you have to remember to say "I hate you".
I hate you.
Show some emotion.
Say it like you're feeling weak, OK?
I hate you.
You clearly don't have
muc emotion in your life.
I hate you.
I hate you.
These damn auditions are all perverse!
I hate you!
I hate whoever you hate, I hate you!
Next up, Lin Xiaotong.
Hi, I'm Shangguan DiDi.
Hi, I'm Skinny.
Trying to be ironic?
Of course not.
I used to be skinner than you.
What have you been in before?
My last project was "Summer Love".
I really regret.
Loving him with all my heart.
How can it be love.
If you don't love with all your heart?
Do you have any idea
how hard it was for us to meet?
How easy do you think it is.
for one rain drop to meet another?
Even if two rain drops embrace.
they will simply vanish.
when they hit the ground.
I played dual roles.
What about you? What was your last project?
I was in "My Love from Space".
For real?
If a meteor is about to collide with Earth,
would you want me to be.
the one by your side at the very end?
I would.
I'm so happy.
I heard the producer at
today's audition is very mean.
A lot of people came out crying.
No way.
Next, Shangduan DiDi.
Good luck. Stay strong.
- You can see the script, right?
- Yes.
Read along. Show some emotion.
You think you can look
at me with those eyes
and my heart will melt?
No, it won't.
My heart is already frozen.
Unless you can take your heart
and light it up.
Light it up into a raging fire
A flame that can turn our youth into ashes!
What the hell are you doing?
Didn't I tell you to show some emotion?
One more time.
You think... you can look
at me with ...those eyes...
and my heart will...melt?
Put more heart into it.
Unless...you can take your heart...
and light it up...
Light it up into a raging...fire...
A flame that...can turn our youth...
into ashes!
- Shangguan DiDi is it?
- Yes.
Would you happen to be
Shangguan LingLing's sister?
Impossible. Just look at her.
Yeah, impossible.
She's 178cm. I'm only 158cm.
That's all for today.
We'll keep you informed.
Thank you, Director. Thank you, Producer.
Thank you.
She didn't cry.
She's got some fight in her.
Stud, have a drink with me after work.
Who are you playing now?
Unfulfilled housewife.
Give me 10 minutes.
I'll wait for you.
Look, she's so annoying.
She's so stuck up.
Bet she's had plastic surgery.
Yeah, she must have.
(Box Office Star - Shangguan LingLing)
Look, a celebrity car. Even has bodyguards.
When I'm famous I must hire 8 bodyguards.
You already have me as your bodyguard.
Celebrities filming outdoors
always attract bystanders.
Fainting on the street
attracts bystanders too.
Let's go.
I always get free dishes.
You think I won't be full?
Seeing you enjoying it makes me happy too.
I do enjoy it.
I came all the way from Sector 49.
That's really far.
Don't they have noodle bars there?
They do, but there's
no restaurant in space.
with noodles as tasty as yours.
or has such as beautiful...
Thank you. What do you do on Sector 49?
I mainly collect interstellar trash.
Sometimes I also help clean spacecraft.
In short, I'm a janitor.
What's wrong with being a janitor?
It's just that I'm still young.
I need to find a job where I can learn.
so I can have a future.
I'm recruiting new staff.
If you're interested,
I can hire you immediately.
I'm just a stranger yet
you're so good to me.
Sometimes, the words or actions
of a stranger
could change a person's life.
Shangguan DiDi is also
currently facing a stranger.
But this is no ordinary stranger.
He is about to say something.
that will change Shangguan DiDi's life.
I'm about to die?
Your tumor is already terminal
Average life expectancy
is less than a year.
Get up!
What did you eat so much?
Get up.
I don't want to get up.
I'm dying.
Brain glioma...
The doctor says I'm dying.
Don't scare me.
The doctor says I've only got a year left.
I'm about to die.
I'm about to die.
Cut it out.
I won't let you die.
What do we do?
DiDi, don't let go.
I'll never let go. Don't you worry.
Forgot again!
For years, I ws just my
sister's little sidekick.
I watched as she shone
brighter and brighter
And so I wanted to be just like her.
- She's so annoying.
- Bet she's had plasitc surgery.
Yeah, she must have.
She must have had plastic surgery?
No amount of surgery can
save your ugly faces.
- Lunatic.
- Wait.
Give it to me.
Why not? I just need a few of introductions
and a couple of small roles.
Why can't you do it?
The industry has its own rules.
I can't break my rules just because of you.
Your rules.
You're the one who gets
paid to dine with people.
What are you talking about?
Aren't company bigwigs
lining up to dine with you?
What did you say?
Is it not true?
I dare you to say it again.
I can say it 3 more times if you want.
You dine with people for money.
The whole world can try to smear me
You're my sister...
If Mom hadn't told me to look after you
I wouldn't have to put
up with such a loser.
I've put up with you for 12 years.
I'm a loser? OK.
I'll move out right now.
I want nothing to do with you!
Go ahead.
If you leave now then don't ever come back.
Even if I starve to death or get sick,
I'll never ask anything of you ever again.
Hi Mr. Mei.
DiDi, you got a response
from your audition.
It's not real acting, but will you take it?
Yeah, I'll take anything.
I need to at least know I'm still alive.
Thanks to the passionate
audience in the back!
Let's welcome our
defending champ Xiao-Hold!
Xiao-Hold, are you confident
in defending your title?
Xiao-Hold is wild, she's crazy.
No one can ever hold her back!
Next, let's welcome tonight's
challenger, Suma DiDi.
Yeah, come on!
Suma DiDi
Suma DiDi, are you confident you'll win?
Sorry, my name is Shangguan.
Suma Shangguan,
are you confident you'll win?
Sorry, It's Shangguan DiDi.
OK, whatever. Let the games begin!
Now, I need a zombie that's the
most durable, most unkillable.
Fine. You're it.
Go! Go! Go!
Almost there.
A little more.
Sweetie's nearly finished.
Shangguan DiDi stuffs her face
So our winner is...Sweetie!
Shangguan DiDi must accept her punishment.
Applause rang out amid the cheers
The tears have gushed into my smile.
The show is entertainment in your eyes
When the curtain drops
loneliness is all mine
How many hardships and tears
Before I can stand here?
The pain of failure
The encouragement of success
Who knows how many years I have toiled?
Her misery is turned into joy
For you
Is she nuts? She's really going all out.
Shangguan DiDi, good work.
I have a friend who's filming
something interesting.
I'll recommend you.
Thank you, Director.
Keep at it.
I hear you're interesting and hardworking.
Thank you.
It's like this.
I'm making a short video about animals.
DiDi is an expert at imitating animals.
Check this out.
We saw an alligator just
like that last time.
Ok, I get it. You're pretty good.
But this time we're not making you ugly.
Not ugly?
Foie gras for the appetizer.
Foie gras?
And then the beer cold soup.
Cold...cold soup?
For the main I'll have the beef shank.
The cow's shank?
Thank you.
Your meal will be with you soon.
Do you know how expensive this place is?
My darling, Can we not eat the foie gras?
Why don't you eat my liver?
My shank will do too.
I've made some money lately.
You haven't made that much.
Let's just enjoy life, OK?
Have you had that space
noodle dream I told you about?
How could 2 people possibly
have the same dream?
Of course it's possible.
When I was little,
my mom said dreams are like wings.
They always come in pairs.
If you have a dream,
there will be someone else on the world
who has the exact same dream as you.
What your mom said isn't necessarily true.
She also said if someone
else really has your dream
then he is the one you've
always been waiting for.
I'm the one you've always been waiting for.
The moon has melted, dropping onto my face
Drowning my sorrows, somewhat
The ones who dream
The ones who hurt
The cat of life enters the
dreamland smiling foolishly
You've arrived, wet with starlight
Toward the eternal water, you gaze
Telling me a lie
Ma'am, more soup please.
Are you the only one who
can touch this pot of soup?
During my great great
great grandpa's generation.
someone stole half a pot of this soup
and made a fortune from
their own noodle shop.
That amazing, huh?
What happened to you?
Here is your appetizer.
Foie gras. I finally get to eat foie gras.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
Foie gras.
(I will always be by your side.)
- What's so funny?
- This is so hilarious.
What are you laughing at?
1 2 3 4
Hong Li Yu Yu Lu Li Yu Yu Lu
Hong Li Yu Yu Lu Li Yu Yu Lu
Ten, hundres, thousand...
hundred thousand...
ten thousand...
hundred thousand...
1.5 million
And it's only been online for 5 hours.
- I'm famous!
- All right! Be carefull.
I'm an overnight sensation!
Spin around!
I'm an overnight sensation!
I'm going get a big head!
I'm gonna be a diva!
Phone call.
Wait, ouch.
Is this Ms Shangguan DiDi?
I am.
I'm from the program "Atypical Interview".
We'd like to invite you on
our show for a live chat.
Can I pass you on to my agent?
"Atypical Interview" wants to interview me.
"Atypical Interview"!
Talk to him.
I can't take this.
I am not an agent.
I've never been an agent. What do I say?
Hi, I'm Shangguan DiDi's agent.
Any special requests for
today's hair and makeup?
No. Anything is fine. Thank you.
Miss Shangguan.
I'm the host, Wang Tientien.
Nice to meet you.
The producer said it's your
first interview program
It's actually my first interview ever.
Don't be nervous.
Think of it as having a chat.
You're a new talent.
I won't be hard on you.
There's a question I will ask later.
What's the situation between
you and Shangguan LingLing?
Think about how you want to answer that.
Welcome to "Atypical Interview".
Sitting beside me now is
the woman who recently
shot to fame due to a 1-minute
video, Shangguan DiDi.
Hi everyone, my name is Shangguan DiDi.
Let me ask you a question.
Is Shangguan DiDi your real name?
So Shangguan LingLing is your...?
My big sister
Both sisters are in the
entertainment industry.
but your path to fame
have been quite different.
You can be frank about it.
Shangguan LingLing is a superstar.
I won't even have the
chance to play her servant.
But I remember my sister once said,
Every line of work has its own rules.
You must rely on your own efforts
to be worthy of the
opportunities you receive.
Shangguan LingLing sounds very strict.
But you did it.
You got here on your own merits.
My sister also said,
Work hard, or you're just
wasting everybody's time.
Is there anything you
want to tell your sister?
I used to love peanut
butter when I was little.
so my mom invented" peanut butter noodles"
for me and my sister.
The flavor was really
special, salty and sweet.
It felt like we could taste
both Mom's smile and tears.
After Mom passed,
I tried making it a few times.
but it tasted really bad.
It was the same when my boyfriend made it.
Sis, do you remember how to make it?
Is what I said OK?
It was great.
Your response was very unique.
Is this Ms Shangguan LingLing?
Who's calling?
I'm a reporter from Swirl Weekly.
I have a few questions for Ms Shangguan.
What questions?
What's your relationship
with the laywer Mr Fang?
We're just friends.
The photos suggest you're
more than just friends.
Ms Shangguan,
do you know Mr Fang is married?
I'm busy now. Sorry.
All the A-list actresses right now.
are fighting to be in your film.
but the role they all want
is Shangguan LingLing's.
So I don't think we have to match
Shangguan LingLing with
another A-list actress.
What do you think?
Madam, you may like to stir up trouble.
but if you can toss it in the
pot, I can make the dish.
Look further out. Look out the window.
Did they do a good job?
Did I look like a superstar?
What's wrong?
Have you heard of Andell Film Company?
Yeah, they're erally famous.
They want you to be in their movie.
Look. So so so many people
wanted to be in our movie.
but in the end we chose...you.
Thanks, but I've really
never been in a movie before.
It's just a movie.
Just dreams on a screen.
Don't worry, just pretend it's a dream.
Could you be you that...Xia...
I am Xia Wuji.
Yes! Director Xia Wuji.
You're a super famous big shot!
Director, I saw in the news that
you want Shangguan LingLing
to be in your film.
It's like this.
We're planning an imperial
palace movie in which
both you and Shangguan
LingLing play princesses.
Does Shangguan LingLing know
you want me for the film?
To cast you we only need the
Master's and your consent.
What, do you need Shangguan
LingLing's permission?
OK, I'll do it.
Now you're suddenly become a mistress.
Don't call me that.
How could I know he has a wife in America?
I've had enough.
Maybe if we come forward and explain.
At this point who will believe you?
Might as well hire a monk to pray for you.
Listen. You're got a scandal now.
Take a look outside.
There are plenty of vultures
awaiting your fresh.
The idea I have right now is to
throw a new piece of meat out there
to divert their attention.
What new meat do I have?
Shangguan DiDi.
What do you mean?
I finally convinced Shangguan DiDi
to star with you in the movie.
This way,
we'll have a new topic to hype up.
I'm not using my sister for publicity.
I'm trying to think of
an idea for your sake.
Thanks for your idea.
but I hate nothing more than
these underhand tactics.
LingLing, don't be so negative.
Negative? If you all think
I'm hurting the movie.
then I might as well just drop out.
What, you're not going to honor it?
Besides, you really want to
snub Master Xia like that?
You're a celebrity now.
Why are you still coming here for facials?
Don't celebrities go to
those high-class places?
It's not like this place is low class.
OK, leave the mask on for 15 minutes.
I watched your interview.
You looked great, very pretty.
I know you've agreed to star in our film,
So you're calling to congratulate me?
I'm calling
to ask you to drop out.
Drop out? Why?
You haven't called me for 3 years.
I finally get a call from
you and it's like this.
If you join, they'll say I'm
trying to stir up publicity again.
I know it's not fair to ask this of you.
I'm in a really bad situation right now.
But if you agree to back out of this movie.
I will use all my available resources
- to get you a lead role in another film.
- I don't want your help.
What do you take me for?
I'm not your pet Pug.
You keep saying I need to rely on meself.
Now I have,
and you say you're compromising.
Damn it, what planet are you from?
Please, I've already conceded so much.
Can't you just cooperate?
I don't need you to concede.
I don't want to cooperate either.
I'm not backing down.
Nothing's going to stop me.
I'm currently reporting
from Andeli Film Company.
Shangguan LingLing and
Shangguan DiDi's new film
officially commences pre-production today.
The company announce that
in the coming 2 months.
all the new s concerning these 2 actresses.
will be shared with their adoring fans.
(Shangguan DiDi)
Have you met with Shangguan LingLing yet?
Not yet.
No, we're just going along
with the studio's plans.
If you see her,
what's the first thing you want to say?
Have you been in contact
with your sister recently?
Let's go.
At the end of the day, I just want
to put in a powerful performance
Plus I believe the film is
going to be a masterpiece.
Any other questions?
According to an online poll, Shangguan DiDi
Do you think your popularity
has fallen because you
accidentally got involved in
someone else's marriage recently?
Are you worried your
sister will outshine you?
She's just a comedian. What do you think?
seems Shangguan Ling-ling
looks down on her sister
I'm guessing that maybe she's purposely
fueling the fires of a sister rivalry.
to take the focus away
from her affair scandal.
But would her little sister
be willing to be used by her like that?
Keep low. OK.
- Keep going straight.
- Don't scare me.
Take off the mask.
What's going on?
This is my favorite scooter!
Whose is it?
- Yours.
- Mine?
Thank you.
Take me away.
I'm going to Hollywood!
Move oveR, Mery Streep.
I better start preparing my
award acceptance speeches.
Audiences, can you believe it?
The film has been under
preparartion for nearly 2 months
but these 2 sisters have
not yet come face to face.
this film will officially
begin shooting tomorrow.
When they finally meet will
the sisters create sparks.
or cause an explosion?
We shall wait and see.
The movie is really about to start.
I just hope I can successfully
finish the whole film.
No matter what you do,
I'll always be right beside you.
I have to persist to the very end.
I really didn't get it before.
I used to take everything for granted
Only now do I realize
that being able to wake up and breathe.
and even taking a shit is so precious.
Being in your arms every
day is so precious.
Just make sure you look after yourself.
Don't push yourself too much.
You're already the greatest
girl in the universe to me.
I'm not the greatest. Not even close.
Please. You gave me a new scooter!
So giving you a scooter
makes me the greatest.
You have to promise me.
After I die,
you won't let another girl ride on it.
What about...
my mother?
Stop yapping and just promise me.
Pinky swear.
Take it seriously!
Pinky. Thumb.
Open up your hand, twist around, OK.
Promise me you won't cry at my funeral.
Xiao-gua, pay attention later.
Shangguan DiDi must be
standing outside already
before we leave the room
You want LingLing to
wait for Shangguan DiDi?
This isn't your first day on the job!
I don't even want to go out.
There are so many reporters outside.
You're going to see your sister soon.
You? You nervous?
Of course.
It's the first time I'm meeting her.
Why are you nervous for?
She's not your sister.
She's your sister.
She's not my sister.
She's just a stupic actress
called Shangguan LingLing.
Shangguan LingLing is your sister.
So what if she's my sister?
She's the one who looked down on me.
She's the one who kicked me out.
She's the one who should be nervous.
I'm not afraid of her.
As soon as I see her, I'm gonna...
It's time.
Thank you to all our friends in the media.
Thanks fo rall the support
you've shown for our film.
First, allow me to introduce beside me,
the director of this film, Master Xia.
Next, our two leading ladies of the film,
sharing the stage for the
very first time today.
Please welcome Shangguan DiDi!
Please say a few words.
Hi everyone, my name is Shangguan DiDi.
From today, I will prove to everyone
that even comedians know how to act.
Thank you.
Next, please allow me to introduce
our other lead actress, Shangguan LingLing.
Greetings, everybody.
I'm Shangguan LingLing.
I'm very honored today
to be able to work with
my sister Shangguan DiDi.
Thanks to all the love and
support for us sisters.
I'm sure in the coming days
we will be able to make sparks fly.
OK, now it's photo op time.
Please leave some space for our two leads.
A bit closer.
Make sparks fly? More like make farts fly.
If you want to be a star.
I'd advise you to be more mature.
As long as you don't create
more stupid scandals.
I really don't want to argue with you.
Don't you worry about me.
Scene 43. Shot 1. Take 1.
No one can stop me if I want to come here.
I cannot grant your request...
Just plead with Father
to allow me to return.
Why won't you do it?
You chose the outside world back then.
as you didn't want to
be bound by palace life.
It's your own fault you
can't come back now.
We've been sisters for 20 years.
and yet you won't even help me.
No relationship can
override Father's decrees.
If you have what it takes,
you should rely on yourself
to win Father's trust.
The palace still has to
abide by palace rules.
The industry has its own rules.
I can't break my rules just because of you.
You're the one who gets
paid to dine with people.
Again with the rules?
You just won't shup up about your rules!
In short, I can't help you.
Please go.
You can't help or won't help?
You've always looked down on
me, mistrusted me.
You say I'm just a comedian.
What's wrong with being a comedian?
Is it shameful?
Cut! Let's change up the lighting.
What the hell are you doing?
Don't you know we're filming right now?
So what if we're filming?
You're the only one who
can be in movies, right?
You're the greatest, OK?
Are you trying to mess everything up again?
Trying to blame me again.
I never relied on you.
You have no right to lecture me!
No right?
I practically raised you!
Please. We haven't seen
each other in centuries.
Who did you raise?
Did you purposely come
to ruin things for me?
I told you not to do this
film but you just had to
Now the whole world's lauging at us. Happy?
I'm glad
that I'm a comedian.
Isn't my specialty to make people laugh?
Reporters, make sure you get all this down!
Headline: ShangguanLingLing
bullies comedian sister.
DiDi, that's enough.
Shangguan DiDi, are you ill?
Who did you say is ill?
She really is ill.
Both of you are ill.
You have a troublesome brain tumor.
You'll have memory loss from time to time.
Don't you ever come back.
Why do I have to put up with such a loser?
Move aside, please let us through.
Shangguan DiDi.
Doctor, please tell me
what's happened to my sister.
About 6 months ago,
Shangguan DiDi underwent a health check.
We found a tumor in her brain.
There is currently no cure.
Plus Miss Shangguan's cancer is terminal.
a terminal patient's
lifespan won't exceed 1 year.
Half a year if she's lucky.
Aren't you her older sister?
How come yo didn't know
about her condition?
I'll help DiDi find a caretaker.
someone who can look after her 24/7.
DiDi's still has a film to make.
Forget about the film,
she's in no condition to work.
It's precisely because
she knows she's dying.
That's why she's working so hard,
trying to prove herself.
Prove herself for whom?
She never said it herself,
but I could sense it.
Everything she did,
she did to prove to you.
that she could make it on her own.
Throughout this period,
I've staved by her side,
letting her do what she wants to do.
I suddenly realized,
that the only thing she wants to do
is to prove that she's not a loser.
(I had no choice. Forgive me.)
My treat.
Let's drink to death.
Will there be a tomorrow?
Will there be a tomorrow?
You're awake.
How are you feeling?
What happened?
You fainted.
Fainted? Weren't we filming?
You were probably too tired.
But I don't want to stay in hospital.
Can you take me home?
The doctor will check up
on you tomorrow morning.
If there are no issues we can go home then.
I can't remember anything.
And I still feel really dizzy.
I'm really hungry.
I prepared food. Hang on.
Here, peanut butter noodles.
You don't know how to make
peanut butter noodles.
I don't want this. Go buy some bread.
I tested a new recipe this time. Try it.
How is it?
It tastes just like how
my mom sued to make it.
We're here. Take it easy.
Why aren't you getting off?
I'll go buy something.
How's that possible? How did you...?
Actually, I didn't make these noodles.
It was your sister, Shangguan LingLing.
DiDi, your sister will still make
those noodles you really like.
Ling-Ling, DiDi can indeed
by naughtly sometimes.
but don't always get angry at her.
Mom is tried.
I need a good sleep.
You came all the way
here to help me clean up?
How did we get like this?
Why didn't you tell me you're sick?
Didn't we agree to always make up
no matter what?
We're sisters.
Do you know how angry at you I am?
I also...really miss you.
I'm sorry.
After Mom died, I don't know why
I thought of myself as her.
I became so unhappy.
Can you please forgive me?
I haven't call you "Sis" for so long.
If there is something you want to do
we'll go accomplish it together.
I want...
I want to finish the movie.
Can your body handle it?
I can do it.
why you have to finish the movie?
I don't have much time left.
I want to finish this one thing properly.
Whatever you want to do.
I'll be here by your side.
Thank you.
Why did you show up so late?
You show up so late.
You show up so late.
If someone asks you later,
just give me a call.
OK, Miss.
Exquisite... I never got a
good look at this set before.
That's because we were too busy fighting.
I'll wait for you outside.
You have to pretend to be the director!
Scene 43. Shot 1. Take 2.
This is the inner court of the palace.
It is no longer your home.
No one can stop me if I want to come here.
Unfortunately, I cannot grant your request.
Why not?
You chose the outside world back then.
as you didn't want to
be bound by palace life.
It's your own fault you
can't come back now.
We've been sisters for 20 years.
and yet you won't even help me.
No relationship can
override Father's decrees.
If you have what it takes,
you should rely on yourself
to win Father's trust.
The palace still has to
abide by palace rules.
Fine, I understand.
All this time I've been
wandering alone outside.
when I'm alone at night,
I'd always think about
what you once told me.
After all these years,
I finally understand the meaning
This is the jade hairpin
you gave me as a child.
It's always been the most
important thing to me.
After I leave this time
if I never come back
I hope...
you will remember...
that I was once your sister
I did it.
Miss. studio security is here.
I have to take care of this.
Are you OK?
You should go too.
What for?
Help my sister out.
OK, wait here. I'll be right back.
There's something I've never told you.
And that is...
I actually really hate riding on scooters.
What I like is that felling of
knowing that no matter where I want to go.
as long as I hold on to you.
you will go there with me.
I know I will always be in your heart.
And then.
you will always be with me, protecting me.
That way you'll never be
able to get rid of me.
After Mom passed,
I should have been by your side.
In the end, I'm leaving you too.
Sis, I really wanted to
be as awesome as you.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get there.
Have I finally improved, Sis?
Shop owner Xu Chunmei.
I can't keep supplying you with my dream
for you to fall in love.
I hope you can find true
love in someone else's dream.
Enjoy my share of
happiness along with yours.
Thank you all for coming to farewell DiDi.
Family is gift from God.
We laughed and cried
together when we were little
but I don't know why.
After we grew up,
we had to torment each other.
I so wish
DiDi was just playing a joke on me.
I so wish
she could come back to me.
be affectionate with me, be cheeky with me.
I so wish
this time I could
stubbornly not let her go.
I love you so much.
You are the most precious gift of my life.
Promise me.
You won't cry at my funeral.
I'm not your sister.
I'm Shangguan DiDi's sister.
Am I dead?
You just haven't woken up.
I'm still dreaming right now?
Yeah, but it's about time you woke up.
DiDi kept thinking she was dreaming of me.
but it was actually me
who was dreaming of her.
You dreamed of her.
She was dreaming in your dream.
So you're here to wake me up.
I'm here to tell you to live a good life.
DiDi's life and mine are both just dreams.
but your life is real.
You have to keep living.
I drank way too much last night.
My head is killing me.
Me too.
What's that?
They're here to maintain our facilities.
Our park facilities are getting really old.
No. 49.
No. 49.
No. 49.
What No. 49?
You thief! Scumbag!
Give it back to me!
Where did you hide it?
It must be here.
I drank too much last night. Sorry.
Sorry, I got the wrong person.
Why didn't yo say something earlier?
Here, I'll give you a hand.
Say something.
Say, " How come you're
20 minutes late again?"
How...come you
How come you're 20 minutes late again?
20 minutes late every time.
10 days means 200 minutes late.
Let me see your face.
Show me.
How's that possible?
How's that possible?
I drank too much last night. Sorry.
How's that possible?
Button doesn't exist in the real world.
I know who Button is.
I've been having a dream.
In that dream,
my name is Button.
You're in my dream too.
In my dream,
your name is...Shang...
Your name is ...
Suma Shangguan!
Some dreams make us sad.
Some dreams make us heal.
Some galaxies are very far away.
Some galaxies are in our hearts.