Die Hard 2 (1990) Movie Script

Hey! Whoa! Yo!
False alarm! Hold it!
It's OK! I'm here.
Here we are! It's all right.
- Set it down nice and easy, huh?
- Sure, at the impound.
- Next time, read the sign.
- You don't understand.
I'm here to meet my wife's plane.
Let me have this car.
Sure. Tomorrow, 8.00 to 4.00.
Pay $40, we give it back.
Don't write it up!
Come on, this is my mother-in-law's car.
She's already mad at me
cos I'm not a dentist.
Look, I'm a cop. LAPD.
Oh, I was in LA once. Hated it.
I can understand.
I don't like it much... Hey!
That's a plastic fender up there!
Take it easy!
Cut me some slack, will you?
I was a cop in New York City.
I only moved to LA
because my wife took a job there.
What do you say?
Here we are, Washington, DC,
the heart of democracy.
One hand washes the other.
Come on, man. It's Christmas.
So ask Santa Claus
to give you another car.
Merry Christmas, pal.
It's all yours, Murray.
Son of a bitch.
(children singing) "Carol Of The Bells"
Yeah, I know that, Larry.
(TV) Snowflurries
along the northeastern seaboard...
Hi. Where are the telephones?
- Over there.
- Thank you very much.
(TV) Leonard Adkins is in a warmer clime...
..with a story that grows
hotter by the minute.
Security was tight today
at Escalan airport in Valverde,...
..where government authorities report...
..that deposed general Ramon Esperanza...
..will be delivered
for extradition to the United States.
Only two years ago,
General Esperanza...
..led his country's army in a campaign
against communist insurgents,...
..a campaign fought with
American money and advisers.
Esperanza's fall from power
caused ripples...
..in his country's recent election,
and closer to home as well,...
..when high-ranking
Pentagon officials were charged...
..with supplying him with weapons
despite the Congressional ban.
Evidence that Esperanza's forces...
..violated the neutrality
of neighbouring countries...
..made Congress withhold funds.
Esperanza is accused
of replacing the funds...
..by cocaine smuggling.
Although Esperanza was removed
as commander in chief this year,...
..the agreement to extradite him
was only reached yesterday.
Washington insiders say
a phone call made it happen,...
..a phone call from a...
All right, all right.
If I could find a phone,
I'd call you, whoever you are.
Excuse me. Thank you.
This is Lieutenant McClane.
Somebody there beep me?
- I'd like to think I'm somebody.
- Honey!
Where are you? Did you land yet?
It's the nineties, remember?
Microchips, microwaves, faxes, air phones.
As far as I'm concerned,
progress peaked with frozen pizza.
Listen, um, we're going to be
about half an hour late landing, OK?
I just wanted to let you know.
The kids OK?
They'll lose their minds
from all the sugar your parents give them.
Did Mom give you a hard time
about borrowing her new car?
No. Not yet.
Listen, honey, when you land,
can we just, like, you know,...
..rent a car, check into a hotel,
leave the kids with your parents?
Order some room service?
A bottle of champagne,
what do you say?
You're on, Lieutenant.
I'll see you in about
half an hour, honey.
I love you. Bye.
Isn't technology wonderful?
My husband doesn't think so.
Well, I do.
I used to carry around
those awful Mace things.
I zap any bastard that screws with me.
I tried it on my little dog.
Poor thing limped for a week.
Excuse me.
Well, you look really familiar to me.
I get that a lot. I've been on TV.
Yeah. Me, too.
- Grab the tools, will you?
- You got it.
(TV) This is Amy Nichole,
live from Escalan airport,...
..where deposed general Ramon Esperanza...
..has just arrived under heavy guard.
The deposed dictator's mood
seems jubilant.
- He is waving to the crowd,...
..as if running for political office.
..thousands of political prisoners,
including the new president.
There's no doubt he still has...
..some ardent supporters
both here and abroad.
Rumours abound on Capitol Hill
that there were...
- Yeah?
- Sir, we're checking our equipment.
Any problems with the conduit line?
I don't know anything about that.
- Would you mind if we take a look?
- Help yourself.
It don't seem right somehow,
closing down this church.
The parish is going to keep on using it,
but it won't be the same.
Been here a lot of years,
and I've been right here with it.
Yeah, I kind of feel like...
..a piece of me is dying
with this church.
Well, you're right about that.
(TV) ..cocaine smuggling
and bribing government officials.
He certainly doesn't show it,...
..but no matter how high his spirits,...
..they can't hide the fact that the US war
on drugs has taken its first prisoner.
This is Buckwheat.
The clubhouse is open.
(TV) Here at Dulles, the quiet men
from the Justice Department...
..will handcuff the man
who symbolises the enemy...
..in America's fight against cocaine.
That battle maybe almost won,
but the war is still in doubt.
Samantha Coleman, WNTW,
for Night-Time News.
- Roger that, Colonel. Out.
That was the Colonel.
Everyone's in position.
How's the weather?
We got flurries all along
the Virginia coast.
New storm front coming in
from the northeast.
- God loves the infantry.
- Amen.
Carry out your assignments.
- 15.51. Mark.
- Check.
Hey, it's cold out there, man!
I stomped my feet for five minutes.
Two cappuccinos. Make it fast.
- Scotch straight up, please.
- Excuse me, officers.
This may sound like a wild-goose chase,
but I think I saw...
Saw what?
Elvis. Elvis Presley.
Fucking tourists. Ought to be a law.
There's a lot from
the Justice Department here.
- Is there a reason for that?
- Just routine.
- Just routine?
- Yes.
- Any comment, sir?
- Not now.
Thank you, sir. Thanks.
Hey, that's Colonel Stuart over there.
Got a little problem with personnel.
Last-minute replacement.
How's the security here?
Like we figured... a joke.
Colonel Stuart,
could we have a few words?
You can have two: fuck and you.
No pictures, you pinko bitch.
Old news.
Oh! Damn it!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Hey, man.
- What is it?
- You got a key for this door?
Yeah. Why?
Because I want you
to open it up, that's why.
- Is there a cop on duty around here?
- The airport police.
Go get them.
(man) Hand me the wrench.
- Going to work overtime.
- (man #2) Good idea.
OK, hold that end.
Watch it, man.
All right. Perfect.
Perfect. Good to go.
It's a restricted area.
What's the matter?
- Couldn't wait for the skycap?
- We work here.
Let's see some ID.
- Sure. No problem.
Oh, jeez. Fuck!
What is this, a tag team?
You say he came in here
and flashed a badge?
Yeah. He said to bring you guys back here.
Ugh! Agh!
Aagh! Aagh! Aagh!
(glass breaks)
(bicycle bell rings)
Nice guess, asshole.
I'm a cop. That was the bad guy.
Where's your ID?
On its way to Cleveland?
No, you did not explain anything.
You just shoved me back here
into this cattle car.
Sir, you were told we were overbooked.
Fine. Done. I accept that.
But why can't I get the first-class
meal my network paid for?
- Do you know who I am?
- Yes. We've seen your programme.
Your episode, "Flying Junkyards", was
an objective look at air traffic safety.
It wasn't nearly as edifying as
"Bimbos Of The Sky", was it Connie?
You think you're funny.
You think you're funny.
I've got your number.
And I've got yours.
So park it, sir.
Mr Thornberg,...
..you cannot monopolise my time.
You cannot put me near that woman.
Excuse me?
He means he's filed
a restraining order against me.
I'm not allowed within 50 feet of him.
So by keeping me in this section,
you are violating a court order.
I can sue you and this airline.
That woman assaulted me,
and she humiliated me in public.
What did you do?
Knocked out two of his teeth.
Would you like some champagne?
Sorry, Officer McClane.
I had to check.
Here's your piece and shield back.
(reporter) Over here, officer!
We understand that there was shooting.
..the presence
of Justice Department officials?
What the fuck are you people...
What are you doing?
This is a crime scene.
You got to seal this area off.
That's up to the captain.
Maybe you better take me
up to the captain, then, huh?
- Where's Cochrane?
- He didn't make it.
You're late.
We ran into trouble, Colonel.
Some cop... killed Cochrane.
I barely got away, sir.
Did you accomplish your mission?
Yes, sir, but... Cochrane, sir.
Well, then the damage is minimal.
The penalty could be severe.
You fail me again,
and the chamber won't be empty.
Miss. Miss. I can't find my dog.
- Miss. My dog.
- One minute, ma'am.
I want you to fill out this form.
(knock on door)
Who is it? Come in.
- Captain Lorenzo?
- Yeah.
- I'm John McClane...
- Yeah, I know who you are.
You're the asshole that just broke
seven FAA and five district regulations...
..running around my airport
with a gun, shooting at people.
What do you call that shit?
What, you think that LA badge...
..is going to get you a free lunch
or something around here?
Maybe a little professional courtesy.
Huh! In an airport on Christmas week?
You've got to be kidding.
OK, fuck courtesy.
How about being professional?
Your boys just walked away
from a crime scene.
You can't wrap this up in ten minutes.
You got to seal the area off,
dust for prints...
Hey, don't lecture me, hotshot.
I know what I'm doing.
We're going to dust it down.
We'll take all the pictures.
We'll sweep for fibres.
When will you do this?
After 400 people go through?
You'd be lucky to get a print
from one of your people.
- Shut down that area...
- Oh, shut the area down.
It's that simple, huh?
Just shut the area down?
Yeah, and I got everybody
from the Shriners' convention...
..to the goddamn Boy Scouts in here!
I got lost kids, lost dogs...
Not now! Later!
I got international diplomats.
I got a fucking reindeer flying in here
from the fucking petting zoo!
But John McClane,
he's got a little problem.
Let's shut down
the whole fucking airport!
What do you think they'll say
upstairs when I tell them that?
Phone and find out.
I don't need fucking forensics to tell me
this was some punk stealing luggage!
That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me.
That's a porcelain gun made in Germany.
It doesn't show up
on airport x-ray machines...
..and costs more
than you make in a month.
You'd be surprised what I make in a month.
If it's more than $1.98...
Hey, McClane, don't start
believing your own press, huh?
Yeah, I know all about you
and that Nakatomi thing in LA.
But just cos the TV thinks
you're hot shit, that don't make it so.
Look, you are in my little pond now,...
..and I am the big fish that runs it.
So you capped some lowlife.
I'll send your fucking captain in LA
a fucking commendation!
Now, get the hell out of my office...
..before I have you thrown out
of my goddamn airport!
Hey, Carmine, let me ask you something.
What sets off the metal detectors first:
the lead in your ass
or the shit in your brains?
Fat fuck.
(man) Any ID on this guy?
(man #2) That's somebody else's problem.
Your car's ready. Sign right here.
I need to borrow this and this.
I'll bring it right back.
Hey! Yo! Hold up!
Hold up, boys.
Hold up. We got to check something.
- What are you doing?
- Pretty gruesome fucking job.
All the confusion in there,
forgot to get this clown's prints.
Ew! Christ.
You're supposed to do that at the morgue.
Not anymore. Got a new SOP
for DOAs from the FAA.
(laughs) I don't think
this one's going to make it.
Thanks a lot.
(speaks Spanish)
Powell here.
Take that Twinkie
out of your mouth and grab a pencil.
(laughs) Hey, John, how are you doing?
Holly stood me up a day
and I'm here alone in DC...
..with my in-laws.
Eh, the old in-laws, huh?
They do love
their policemen son-in-laws.
Listen, Al, what is the fax machine
number there at the station?
I want to send you something.
Excuse me.
You and faxes? This is a first.
Holly told me I should wake up
and smell the nineties.
- This way?
- No. That way.
- Wait. It's upside-down.
- It doesn't matter.
OK, here it comes.
I'm sending you something now.
Hold on a second, cowboy.
We've got an unidentified stiff here.
I've circled the whorls in pen
in case the transmission's fuzzy.
Run it through State and Federal,
and if you can, Interpol.
Will do. Well, what's this about?
Oh, just a feeling I have.
Ouch. When you get those feelings,
insurance companies start to go bankrupt.
Listen, the, uh, fax number is...
On the top of the transmission...
On the top of the transmission you just got.
Oh, an airport, huh?
You're not pissing
in somebody's pool, are you?
Yeah, and I'm fresh out of chlorine.
Just as this storm starts breaking,...
..the satellite will feed up
and drop the other shoe.
Look at this new front moving in.
Makes its baby brother
look like chicken shit.
I can sand down the runway
and run the ploughs between landings...
..if you downshift them,
give me time to work.
You got it.
All right, everyone.
Let's slow down our birds before
we get a parking lot over our heads.
The line starts at the Mississippi,...
..and they better start taking numbers.
Can I get you another?
No, thank you.
I only have to look at his face
for another 20 minutes.
(PA) Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the captain speaking.
I've just been informed
by Dulles traffic control...
..that there's a weather front ahead of us.
We maybe up here
a little while longer.
Thank you.
On second thoughts...
- Al?
Hey, I'm right here, partner.
Your stiff's dossier is
coming through now.
- What can you tell me about him?
- He's dead.
You needed a computer
to figure that out?
No, no. You don't follow me.
According to the Department Of Defence,
he's been dead for two years.
That's right.
Sergeant Oswald Cochrane.
American adviser in Honduras.
Killed in a helicopter accident 5-11-88.
Read between the lines, and I'd say
it looks like a lot of black-bag stuff.
Yeah, I see it.
- All right, Al. Thanks a lot.
- Hey, any time.
Say, I close in about an hour.
Maybe we can go get a drink?
Just the fax, ma'am. Just the fax.
Hey, wait a second. I see somebody.
I'll call you back.
The ghost of Christmas past.
Nakatomi? LA?
You're John McClane, right?
- Who are you?
- Sam Coleman.
WNTW News.
Excuse me.
Give me a break. I saw the stiff.
Word is that was your handiwork.
No. I only do needlepoint.
Great. National just shut down.
Totally iced.
They'll send us their planes.
Happy, happy holiday.
The worst part, Mr Trudeau,
was the press.
They were here for the Esperanza story,...
..so they got it right on the fucking news,
bloodstains and all.
I'd like to lock every damn reporter
out of the airport,...
..but they'd pull
that freedom-of-speech crap on us.
Then the ACLU would be all over us.
Murder on television.
Hell of a start for Christmas week.
What is it?
A gang thing like last time?
Only if your gangs get
their training at Fort Bragg.
- Who the hell is this?
- Uh-uh, McClane.
- I'm a police officer...
- In an unauthorised area.
LA, Mr Trudeau, don't mean shit.
That's what I said about
my last cholesterol test.
So what's your problem,
Lieutenant McClane?
I'm sure Captain Lorenzo explained...
..the minor fracas with the minor thieves.
Maybe he can explain this.
All systems tapped, Colonel.
Fire it up.
H minus five minutes. Stand by.
OK, we've got a body in the morgue
that seems to have died twice.
Assuming it's not a computer error,
what do we assume?
That somebody's about
to fuck with this airport.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
I know we're dummies up here,
so give us a taste of your genius.
This is a hijacking, a robbery or what?
- Look, I'm not sure...
- Oh, he's not sure. I'm stunned(!)
I got to lie down.
Only professionals go to this much trouble.
Not luggage thieves and not punks.
- Professional at what?
- What the fuck do you think this is?
The safety patrol?
This is the rsum
of a professional mercenary.
The world's biggest drug dealer
is due here.
You need a slide rule to solve this,...
..or another body in a bag
before you ask questions?
You're the one that gave us
that fucking body. Remember that.
Yeah, I remember that.
Lorenzo, have all your shift
commanders report in. Now.
You're not buying into this?!
They're to report anything unusual,
however trivial. Got that?
Yeah, I got it.
- Oh, my God!
- What?
- The runways.
- What the hell?
- They're shutting down.
- Jesus Christ.
Go to emergency lighting now.
Emergency. We are in a code yellow.
Backup systems won't come up.
- Shunt to another terminal.
- Bobby, what have you got?
- Nothing. The network is down.
- Should we call the power company?
We're on the same goddamn grid.
We're hot.
Dulles, what's going on? I'm on approach.
- Maintain position. Repeat.
- What's going on down there?
Roger. We're on it.
- We're unable right now. Delay.
- Fuji 604.
Execute published missed-approach
procedure and hold.
TWA 23, unable to clear you
for approach at this time.
Climb to and maintain one zero thousand.
I've checked all systems.
It ain't happening.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
- What's it look like?
- Approach control, it's gone.
Instrument landing system is down.
Confirmed. ILS is dead.
Every goddamn system's dead.
And INMAC monitors are down.
Attention all controllers.
Attention. We have a code-red alert.
(PA) Every aircraft approaching our sector...
..and not already in our landing pattern...
..gets diverted to their alternate airport.
Everyone already on approach
or inside our pattern...
..holds at the outer markers.
Stack 'em, pack 'em, and rack 'em.
Get someone on it!
All right.
Not a word of this leaves this room.
There must be 15,000 people
in this airport,...
..and we don't need panic.
We just bought ourselves
maybe two hours.
After that,
planes low on fuel won't be circling.
They'll be dropping
on the White House lawn.
McClane, is this what you expected?
This is just the beginning.
FAA hot line.
How could they know already?
They can't.
Maybe it's the boys
who pulled your plugs.
Put it on speaker.
Attention, Dulles tower. Attention.
They say blind men become very
attentive by way of compensation.
Now that you're blind and deaf,
I think I've got your attention.
I'm aware your recorders are active,
so I'll be quick.
You can play me back later
to your heart's content.
How did you get on this line?
Who is this?
Who I am is unimportant.
What I want...
Well, if you don't want those planes
to start splashing into the Potomac...
..as they run out of fuel,
what I want is very important.
A plane will be landing
at this airport in 58 minutes.
It is FM-1: Foreign Military One.
- I'm sure you are aware of the nature...
- Esperanza?
..of this flight, the importance of its cargo.
This plane will not be met by anyone.
It will land on a runway
of my designation,...
..where it will remain
isolated and unapproached.
That will conclude
my interest in this aircraft...
..and your responsibility for it.
At the same time,
I want a 747 cargo conversion,...
..fully fuelled...
..and placed at my disposal.
You have two more minutes
to advise inbound aircraft...
..to hold at their outer radio marker.
After that,
you will be able to receive only.
Any attempt to restore your systems,
will be met...
..by severe penalties.
He's bluffing.
Damn it, you can't do this.
I am doing this.
OK, listen up.
I need you to punch up a code 15.
I got an idea, and I need your help.
If Esperanza gets to a country...
..with no extradition treaties,
we're fucked.
They're talking to us on our own system.
They got to be close.
My men will tear this airport apart.
Just in the nick of time, huh?
I got a first-class unit here,
SWAT team and all.
We don't need
any Monday-morning quarterbacks.
My wife's on one of the planes
they're fucking with!
So I'm on the playing field.
If you'd have moved your fat ass before,
we wouldn't be deep in shit now.
That's it. Security. You're out of here.
Mr Trudeau, there are FAA regulations...
..regarding unauthorised personnel
in the control tower!
We just have to find a way to transmit.
Somebody want to run
to Radio Shack for a transmitter?
We have one -
the terminal wing they're building.
..all with reservation computers
in a nice antenna arrangement.
- See Mr McClane out.
- You got no business being up here.
Everything we need
is by the annexe skywalk...
..just sitting there, waiting to go on line.
Goddammit, Trudeau,
you're dealing with pros.
You can't fuck with these people!
Sam Coleman. WNTW News.
There are a lot of rumours flying around.
No way. No way, lady.
Hell, no. No.
This is off limits, Coleman.
(Captain) Get them out of here!
Anything you can think of,
they'll think of, too!
Get your fucking hands off me.
(Captain) Just get them out of here.
Lobby security,...
- ..come in.
- Tomalson here.
This is Captain Lorenzo.
We've two unauthorised personnel
in the tower.
Would you get your thumb
out of your ass?
Get them out of the elevator,
or you'll get a pink slip for Christmas.
Anything who can think of?
Can't fuck with who?
Shit. Hang on over there.
- What for?
- Just hang on!
Big drug dealer on his way to prison.
Gunfight at airport.
Every controller in the coffee shop
getting beeped,...
..and you rocking the boat.
Connection? Come on, McClane.
Just a few words.
OK, just a few words. Fuck off.
Thanks, but I already got
that from Colonel Stuart.
Stuart. The guy that got canned
by Congress. That's who he was.
Who he who? What? Hey...
Shh! It's OK, I've done this before.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Where's the other one?
- Claustrophobic, I guess.
It's a VHF system,
but the planes are so close, it's OK.
I can rig our frequency in 30 minutes,
and wire in a crossover.
Even the planes wouldn't
know the difference.
Get what you need.
Borrow. Steal. Kill.
I want my SWAT team
to go with him as cover.
Whatever we can think of,
they can think of, too.
Oh, man. I can't fucking believe this.
Another basement. Another elevator.
How can the same shit happen
to the same guy twice?
(distant music)
(What the fuck?)
# Old Cape Cod #
# If you like the taste of a lobster stew #
# Served by a window with an ocean view #
# You're sure to fall in love
with Old Cape Cod #
Who are you?
I'm Marvin. Marvin. I'm Marvin.
I thought you was trying
to steal my records.
I'm just the janitor.
This is Dulles approach to all aircraft...
..holding at "Potomac" vortex.
We are experiencing
some technical problems.
Weather conditions,
which have deteriorated...
..have now been complicated
by an unforeseen human factor.
This has affected all
of our electronic equipment...
..and their redundant backups.
As a result, our nav
and approach systems are down.
We expect to lose
voice in another minute.
We want you to continue...
..holding at the outer marker
as directed...
..and wait for further instructions.
As soon as we're back on line,...
..we'll expedite your landings
on a fuel-emergency basis.
Good luck.
God bless.
OK, change the boards.
(phone rings)
Hey, stand back.
- The skywalk annexe.
- No! The annexe skywalk.
It's the last thing I heard
before they kicked me out.
Well, let me see here, now.
Well, this must be it right there.
See? That's the raised platform
and there's the new terminal.
There's your skywalk.
Goddamn bottleneck.
Nice place for an ambush.
What's the fastest way
you can get me out to that spot?
This kind of thing wasn't
in my job description.
- Mr Barnes, we'll watch your back.
- Yeah? Who watches yours?
Main ventilation duct.
Ventilation duct...
..and bingo.
Just once,...
..I'd like a regular, normal Christmas.
Eggnog, a fucking Christmas tree,...
..a little turkey.
But, no!
I got to crawl around
in this mother fucking tin can!
We're in the annexe skywalk.
I can see the array.
I'll give you a call
for a protocol test when it's hot.
That's all for now.
Sergeant, we need more equipment.
I'd like to send one
of your guys for it.
Right, sir. You got it.
What the hell?
What the hell's going on?
Hey! Put that back on!
Hey, asshole,
what do I look like to you?
A sitting duck.
Take him!
Damn it. I hate it when I'm right.
Look out! Get down!
(gunfire stops)
Stay down!
Come on.
Fucking son of a bitch.
Agh! Ugh!
I'm going to kick your fucking ass.
- Jeez.
- You all right?
Yeah. But the antenna array,...
I got to get to it and set it up.
Get down!
Jerk us off.
Make Lorenzo sacrifice his best men.
Make you waste your time,...
..time we don't have.
I think you're closer than 50 yards.
So's that airplane. Practically.
Yeah. There's quite a few of them.
It looks like a regular traffic jam.
There's nothing regular about it.
See? You're intrigued.
That's my gift, Mrs McClane.
I notice things.
Things other people wouldn't see.
That's how I make people curious.
Don't you mean nauseous?
Look. The people have a right
to know everything about everybody.
You got in the way of that.
Listen, buster.
You endangered my children.
You didn't do it
for anything as noble as the people.
The only time you see the people,...
..is when you look down to see
what you're stepping on.
Me? Yeah, I'll live.
But Lorenzo's SWAT team is dead,...
..and the antenna array is gone.
- Didn't you see it?!
It's hard looking for a new miracle.
(Barnes) Hold for a minute.
I'll be right back.
Hold for a second.
Something's going on.
Yeah. Just hold on for a minute.
I say again, annexe team,
give us a sitrep.
Annexe team, come in. Do you copy?
It's got a scrambler on it.
Can you do anything with it?
No. This scramble mode
must activate on this code panel.
Even if we scan their frequency,
we can't listen in.
- These guys are pros.
- So are you. Break the code.
I want to hear
what these bastards are saying.
This is a ten-digit control panel.
Six-digit read-out.
Hell, there could be
a million combinations.
Next time you kill one of these guys,
get him to enter the code first.
Sir, we just monitored a call
from their Chief Engineer.
We took out their SWAT team,
You were right.
They went for the antenna array.
- We're on schedule.
- Losing our team wasn't part of the plan.
Attention, Dulles tower.
Attention, Dulles control tower.
Mr Trudeau, I know you're listening.
- Unfortunately, you're not obeying.
- Try me face to face.
You were warned
not to restore your systems.
You've wasted lives and precious time
on a futile and obvious target.
Now you're going to pay the penalty.
I've got five dead officers, Colonel Stuart.
Isn't that penalty enough?
McClane, keep out of this.
You've been a pain...
(Stuart) Oh, McClane.
John McClane.
The policeman hero who saved
the Nakatomi hostages.
I read about you in People magazine.
You seemed out of your league on Nightline.
Hey, Colonel, blow me.
How much drug money is Esperanza
paying you to turn traitor?
Cardinal Richelieu said it best:
"Treason is merely a matter of dates".
This country's got to learn
it can't keep cutting the legs off...
..of men like General Esperanza.
Men who have the guts to stand up
against communist aggression.
And lesson one starts
with killing policemen?
What's lesson two, the neutron bomb?
No. I think we can find
something in between.
Watch this.
Give me a flight number.
One that's low on fuel.
Windsor 114.
Transatlantic from London.
Fuel tank's dry as a martini.
Activate the ILS landing system,
but recalibrate sea level...
..minus 200 feet.
Oh, Jesus! They've reset
ground level, minus 200 feet.
(Stuart) Windsor flight 114.
This is Dulles approach.
Do you copy?
Dulles approach, this is Windsor 114.
- Where the devil have you been?
- Windsor 114.
We've been right here all along, old buddy.
Our systems have only just
came back on line.
Windsor 114,
you are cleared for ILS approach,...
..runway two-niner.
Contact Dulles tower frequency
at the outer marker.
Jesus Christ,
he's gonna crash the plane!
Roger, approach, and about time.
I've got 230 people up here
flying on petrol fumes.
Roger, 114. Understand.
- Calibrate Dulles altimeter...
- Oh, Jesus.
They'll fly right into the concrete.
Son of a bitch!
Why are they listening to him?
- It's our frequency!
- Dulles, this is Windsor 114.
This is Dulles tower.
We have radar contact...
- Give me your coat!
- Windsor 114, standby...
What are you going to do?
Whatever I can.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we've started our descent.
We're sorry for the inconvenience,...
..but we'll all be on the ground shortly.
Thank you.
Please keep your seat belts on.
We've made arrangements
for your next flight,...
..so you won't miss it, OK?
In your seat, please.
Come on, in your seat.
Oh, hey.
We're just like British Rail, love.
We may be late, but we get you there.
Don't worry.
Good luck, McClane!
Dulles, this is Windsor 114
inside the outer marker.
Roger, 114. This is Dulles tower.
We have radar contact
and show you on ILS.
You're in the glide path
and looking good.
There's somebody out there!
It's McClane.
Approach flaps.
Approach flaps.
- Approach speed 140.
- Approach speed 140.
- 130.
- 130.
Altitude 1,000 feet.
(radio) Fire and rescue.
Roll everything onto runway two-niner!
(aircraft captain) Ref speed plus 20.
Looking good, Windsor.
Now, watch it.
and the runway is icy.
Attaboy. We've got you.
We've got you.
Pull it up!
- Aagh! We're going to die!
- We've got you.
(man) Oh, Jesus.
That concludes our object lesson
for this evening.
If the 747 we requested
is ready on time...
..and General Esperanza's plane
arrives unmolested,...
..further lessons can be avoided.
(woman crying)
We got no sign of survivors down here.
It's a goddamn nightmare.
Hey, Nelson! Come here.
We've got to warn those planes
there's a lunatic pretending he's the tower.
- Get me on the air.
- How?
You figure it out!
Here's the manifest.
McClane, I know how you must feel.
I wanted to help those people.
I was pretty goddamn useless.
We called the government for help.
They're going to send in
a Special army unit.
A counterterrorist team.
Your wife's plane...
They're still broadcasting,
even though we can't answer.
They're going to run
out of fuel in 90 minutes.
Listen, Dick. That is your name(?)
If you're going
to continue to get this close,...
..could you switch aftershaves?
Anything else?
Stronger mouthwash might be nice.
(TV) And here's Sam Coleman
reporting live from the accident.
Colonel, they've done
everything we've anticipated...
..so far.
But still there has been no official word.
Despite the fact that only one runway
has been closed due to the tragedy,...
..several dozen airliners are visible,
endlessly circling the field.
Other reports say there was trouble
in the tower before the crash...
..and that that may have contributed to it.
With weather conditions worsening,...
..the problem here
and in the sky will grow.
I'm Samantha Coleman
at Dulles International Airport.
Victor. Victor.
- Victor.
- Yeah, what's up?
Did you pack the radio mikes
from the shoot or are they here?
I wouldn't let those assholes
check them in!
I love you.
Give me one of the receivers.
Can you tune into
the cockpit frequency?
- Yeah. Why?
- I want to hear what's going on.
Should be right here on our band.
You said it would work.
Is it working or not?
It is working, but all I'm getting
is some kind of airport beacon.
It's weird. It's like the tower isn't there.
Stay on it.
Let me know when
there is something there.
Major Grant. We're Blue Light.
Rollins, Department Of Justice.
Trudeau, Chief Of Air Operations.
Lorenzo, Terminal Police.
You want something, you got it.
This is it? One fucking platoon?
One crisis, one platoon. Who are you?
John McClane.
McClane, you showed
some balls out there, man.
Now show some good sense.
Let the pros handle this.
I think the pros
are on the wrong team tonight.
Isn't Colonel Stuart one of your men?
No, not anymore, he's not.
We're here to take Colonel Stuart down.
And we will take him down.
I served with him.
I taught him everything he knows.
Well, maybe he's learned
a few more things since then.
Let's hustle!
The command post will be set up
in the airport police station.
I want to be tied into the tower
in 15 minutes.
All right, let's do it!
Hey, Trudeau.
Did things just get better or worse?
Lights. Big, portable lights.
We set up the field, and then we...
Wait for those lunatics
to shoot them out?
Where do we get those lights?
What about the air phone idea?
There's 18 planes up there.
Only five of them have those phones.
We got through to three.
We're trying the others.
That's 13 potential accidents.
Are they still bucking headwinds?
Headwinds are slamming
everybody over the outer marker.
The planes with enough fuel...
..have been shunted
to Atlanta, Memphis and Nashville.
Outer marker.
The outer marker!
It's a beacon, right?
It sends out this beep beep beep...
..so they know they're over it.
- So?
- Who says that signal has to beep?
We switch the frequency from
the tower to the one in the beacon.
We pump up the wattage.
We can talk to our planes, and
those bastards who did this won't know!
Traced the signal.
Found it in the luggage area.
They've been tapped into
your tower chatter all night.
Punks stealing luggage, huh, Carmine?
- How you doing, Telford?
- No good. I called Lang.
They'll have a portable decoder
here in two hours.
My wife doesn't have two hours.
I was put on Grant's team yesterday.
The regular guy got appendicitis.
Word is, nobody's better
at this than Major Grant.
Except maybe Colonel Stuart.
I want to hear about
the plane those bastards asked for.
Then I'll fill you in on my orders.
Pilots' Briefing Room. Now!
Keep working.
Albertson. With me.
No civilians.
- What the fuck... ?
- What is it?
The outer marker beeper.
It isn't beeping. It's talking.
(radio) Attention,
all air craft in Dulles landing pattern.
This is Chief Engineer, Leslie Barnes.
I have been authorised
to brief you in full.
At this time, this is the only
channel available to us.
Here is the situation.
Approximately two hours ago...
Get a load of this.
Do not accept instructions
claiming to be from our tower...
..unless you hear
your flight recorder access code.
- The terrorists have got all...
- Holy shit!
- ..our systems and...
- Get this on tape!
..have control of everything
except this channel.
Give us a second here, please.
This channel is secure.
Your own transmissions are not.
Do not attempt to reply on your
own frequencies to this broadcast.
These people have already
caused one crash...
- ..by impersonating our tower.
- Jesus.
Repeat. The terrorists have cut off...
..the two systems that allow you to land:
field lights for a visual landing
and the ILS for an instrument.
A Special US Army unit is here,
preparing to take out the terrorists.
- My God.
- Don't accept any instructions...
- Yo, Marvin.
- Hey, you interested in a nice coat?
No. It never looked good on me anyway.
You've got to get me
to the Pilots' Briefing Room.
I've got to hear what they're saying.
- Which map gets me in there?
- Don't touch it! Don't touch it!
- Find the map, Marvin.
- I'll find it.
You'll mess up my whole
damn filing system.
Pilots' Briefing Room,
I think that's in the main terminal.
So would that be under "P"
for Pilots' Briefing Room?
- Now, Marvin!
- Or maybe under "M" for Miscellaneous.
- Oh, shit!
(radio) Request permission
to reduce sentry duty to 30-minute rotation.
My men are getting cold and antsy.
This is Colonel Stuart. Assemble
the men not on watch for a briefing.
- Roger.
- What's the matter?
..tonight the pattern ends.
The dominoes will fall no more,...
..and the ramparts will remain upright.
Sir, General Esperanza's plane
is on the scope.
Attention, Dulles tower.
We will be lighting up a runway.
Do not, repeat,
do not attempt to land any planes.
Remember, we're monitoring you.
What do we do?
Dulles tower to Foxtrot Michael One.
Dulles tower...
..to Foxtrot Michael One.
This is Foxtrot Michael One, Dulles.
We read you. Over.
Foxtrot Michael One,
you are to come in on runway...
..1-5, repeat, 1-5.
I found it on the floor,
by the coat, next to the luggage belt.
What the hell you so excited for?
The code's still punched into this one.
You like it, huh?
How about giving me 20 bucks for it?
How about I let you live?
The man knows how to bargain.
This is contrary to our instructions.
We are to land at runway 1-0,...
..where we are to be met
by representatives of your Justice...
Captain, please tell the tower
you will proceed as ordered.
Roger, Dulles.
Proceeding to runway 1-5.
Foxtrot Michael One. Come in, please.
What are you going to do now?
Are you going to shoot me?
So who will fly the plane?
Don't worry about it.
It's not your problem.
(plane descending)
Michael One. Do you copy?
Foxtrot Michael One. Come in, please.
Eagle Nest.
This is Falcon. Mayday.
Eagle Nest. This is Falcon. Mayday!
Go ahead, Falcon.
I've lost cabin pressure.
Near-zero visibility.
I must drop out
of this weather and land now,...
..on the first accessible runway.
I've lost cabin pressure.
Near-zero visibility.
I must drop out of the storm.
I can land, but I must land now,
on the first outgoing runway.
I cannot circle around to runway 1-5.
I'll make you a deal, Marvin.
Show me a shortcut to those runways,...
..and I'll get you a liner for that coat.
Repeat. I cannot circle
around to runway 1-5.
(Shit) Stand by, Falcon.
Here, sir.
He's coming in from the ocean.
A bullet has damaged my instruments.
I'm not sure of my bearings,...
..and I must make
a visual landing immediately.
- Do you copy, Eagle Nest?
- Roger, Falcon.
(radio) That would be 2-5 right.
Repeat. 2-5 right.
Make up your fucking mind!
We are just up to our ass
in terrorists again, John.
Affirmative. 2-5 right. Over.
I've got to quit smoking cigarettes.
Thank you for telling me, Eagle Nest.
But if you could show it to me as well,...
..I would be grateful.
I see the lights.
They are directly in front of me.
Gracias, compadre.
Reducing airspeed.
Approaching runway.
- Wish me luck.
- Roger, Falcon.
We copy.
We'll have you in five minutes.
That's right, asshole.
We'll have you in five minutes.
(Stuart) I see your lights.
ETA 90 seconds.
Come to papa, scumbag.
Oh, shit!
Not yet.
(cocks gun)
You should stay in your seat
until the plane reaches the terminal.
No frequent-flier mileage for you.
- Who are you?
- A cop.
- A cop?
- Yeah, one of the good guys.
You're one of the bad guys.
Now I've got your sorry ass,
I'm going to trade it for my wife.
Sit down!
Go in!
- Where did he go?
- In there.
(Esperanza) I don't believe this.
Two months of planning,...
..and you can't anticipate
one pendejo of a cop.
- Come on, General.
- Where is Colonel Stuart?
- General!
- I'm all right.
He said he was a policeman.
I thought you had this place secured.
- He went in the cockpit.
- He's going to hell!
I assume it's you, McClane.
You're quite a little soldier.
You can consider this a military funeral!
- How many grenades we got?
- Three each!
Use them!
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit!
You lucky fuck.
Fire trucks, sir.
Fall back to the church. Now!
Where's the fucking door?
They're getting a little
nervous back there.
In fact, so am I.
We're over Washington.
See if you can get any TV
to settle them down.
Works for me. I'll...
Writing your acceptance speech
for the video sleaze awards?
- Try Pulitzer.
- (PA) Ladies and gentlemen,...
..while waiting to land, we are
turning on local Washington TV.
The sound is on channel three.
Please, sir, we may land at any moment.
- If you'll take your seat...
- I'm going to be sick.
- I'm going to be sick.
- Sir, the seat belt light is on.
- This is Richard Thornberg.
Put me through to Ruben
in the newsroom.
- He's about to go live.
- I know he is. That's why I need him.
You'll have to hold on...
Put me through, Celia,
or start typing your resume.
Esperanza's down,...
..but he's hurt.
He took a round in his shoulder.
I got one more of their guys.
That's six they lost altogether.
If we knew how many they had
to start with, we could get excited,...
..but if they got 50 guys,
it's a little early to open the champagne!
We appreciate your effort, but we
don't need a loose cannon here!
What if they crash another plane
in retaliation for your stunt?
They can't do that now, right, Barnes?
Besides, if I grabbed Esperanza,
this would be over now.
Maybe they're more creative
than you think!
Well, at least I'm thinking, goddammit!
We're here to jerk off that cocksucker
until he tries to take off.
You're the wrong guy
in the wrong place at the wrong time!
The story of my life.
Major! Pentagon Situation Room, sir!
Pentagon. I'll take it in here.
Thank you, Telford.
You men come with me.
- McClane.
- Yeah, Barnes.
You said those guys
showed up right away?
- Yeah.
- That means they're on the field or close.
And I think I know where.
Let me show you something.
These are the old plans
with the longer runways.
That's 12 years ago.
Looks like they've modified the site,...
..moved Tra-Con phones, ILS,
all the underground stuff...
..so they could handle drainage.
If I'm right,...
..it would run along the airport property...
..and go right past this neighbourhood.
We should have landed two hours ago!
I understand, but if you just relax...
It's hopeless.
Somebody ought to get their ass
kicked for this mess.
Unfortunately, there isn't anyone
we can blame for the weather.
Oh, yeah?
What about that porker, Willard Scott?
I should have taken the bus.
At least they can pull over
for food and gas.
Excuse me.
I was just wondering.
This flight originally was
supposed to be 51/2 hours, right?
Do we have enough fuel
to keep circling like this?
Oh, of course.
They anticipate little problems like this.
We looked at 12 fucking houses,
and we're nowhere.
This is our last possibility.
Over here there's an old church.
Let's go.
There's the church over there.
Could be a sentry.
He could just be out for a walk.
Then why is he
going over his own footsteps?
Come on.
All right.
Stay here
and get ready to call the marines.
I thought they were the army.
Who gives a fuck? Just be ready.
- Oh, shit.
(Not now)
Lorenzo, it's Barnes.
Where the hell did you go?
Where's McClane?
With me, at the Hidey Lake Church,
to the west of the airport.
Where? Goddammit!
You crazy idiot, why didn't...
This must be their operations base.
Shut up and get your ass here!
Code red! Sitrep.
We got positive ID on Stuart's location.
- Let's move.
- Yo!
Our escape plane will be ready
within 30 minutes, General.
If there are no more surprises.
Gentlemen, we have a situation here.
Over here.
Jeez, McClane, you all right?
You want a medic?
What the hell you think you're doing,
playing John Wayne?
How would you like to spend
the night in a cell?
Lorenzo, shut the fuck up
and do something useful.
Go seal off the street.
Hey, you can't talk to me like that.
Oh, no, Carmine?
Sergeant, get this bureaucrat
out of Mr McClane's face now.
With pleasure, sir.
Major, the men are in position, sir.
Close up the back. Then we go in.
- Fire only on my order.
- Roger that, sir.
Guess I was wrong about you.
You're not such an asshole after all.
No, you were right.
I'm just your kind of asshole.
Garber, sitrep!
Army Special Forces on three sides,
closing in fast around the back!
- Another problem, Colonel?
- No problem, General.
Gentlemen, you know what to do.
- Down!
- Get down! Get down!
..it's time.
(power cuts off)
Come on, let's move it!
- They're pulling out... at the back!
- What?
Move it!
Albertson, take your men around the back.
This equipment could land our planes.
There are trip wires.
They could have booby-trapped...
- They did.
- Got one here, too.
Looks like C-4.
The motherfucker is armed.
Clear the area! Everybody, now!
They booby-trapped all the equipment.
Seal off the building!
Post sentries. No civilians allowed.
Hey, where the fuck is McClane?
Miller, take him!
I'll cover you!
So much for the element of chance.
Let's move out.
I had the bastard in my sights.
I know I did.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Attention. Attention, Dulles tower.
This is Colonel Stuart.
Is our plane prepared?
It is. It's in hangar 11.
It's the most remote building we've got.
We're on our way.
Have a ground crew there
to confirm the condition of the plane.
Do you believe the balls
on this son of a bitch?
Colonel, you're quite capable
of confirming it yourself.
Don't ask us to gift-wrap
potential hostages for you.
Major Grant, isn't it?
If you remember me, Colonel,...
..then you remember
I know the drill as well as you do.
Check out your own fucking plane.
We move out in five minutes.
Flak jackets for everybody.
Body armour for the assault team.
Night scopes for the snipers.
We will take them in the hangar,
and I will pull that detonator...
..out of Stuart's dead fucking hand myself.
Lorenzo, take all your men
back to the airport.
Seal off every exit,...
..in case they try to slip past us
to break out onto the ground.
You got it.
All right, here we go.
This is nuts!
Every station has people at the airport,...
..and no-one has heard
a whisper of this shit!
None of them is me.
You want proof, try this.
(Barnes) Repeat.
Terrorists have murdered civilians...
..and cut off the two systems
that can allow you to land.
A Special US Army unit is here,
preparing to take out the terrorists.
- Jesus Christ.
- I want you to go live now.
Get me in from the files.
A publicityshot.
The maps, steal one from weather.
We're on it.
We're cutting in five minutes!
Tell the affiliates if they want in,
they got three minutes to shout.
Let's do this.
Network, here I come.
what was your chicken-shit outfit doing...
..while we were taking Grenada?
Five minutes of fire fight,
five weeks of surfing.
I wish I was with you guys for that.
Yeah. Me, too, kid.
- Really, sir?
- Sure.
Then we wouldn't have to do this.
Eagle Nest, this is Hatchling.
On schedule... and in position.
Roger, Hatchling. We are secure here.
You have a green light.
I repeat, a green light.
Jesus, officer,
where did you come from,...
..Pearl Harbour?
All right, let's clear it out, please.
Stand by.
Five, four, three...
(TV) This is a special bulletin
from WZDC News.
There has been a plane crash at Dulles,
where other aircraft still circle,...
..with no explanation
from airport or FAA officials.
And now,
with an exclusive WZDC report,...
..here's Dick Thornberg reporting
from the skies over Washington.
(Thornberg) I'm one of the thousand people
who has been circling our capital...
..under the assumption that whatever
problem there was below was a normal one.
But the truth is far from normal.
The truth is terrifying.
Look out! Lady, look out!
Look out! Look out!
Look out! Look out!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way, lady!
Go, go! Hey, hey, look out!
This is a recording of a conversation...
..between Dulles tower
and a captive aircraft overhead.
Get out of the way!
- Are you out of your fucking mind?
- Where's the Blue Light team?
- Stuart's rigged explosives to a remote.
- Where's Grant?
They're going to kill that son of a bitch
and get it from them!
No, they're going to take off
on that plane with him!
Get the fuck out of here!
When the army canned Stuart,
he loaded that unit with his men!
- Are you nuts? That fire fight...
- Sideshow to buy him some time.
McClane, you are completely
around the fucking bend.
You're under arrest, motherfucker.
These are the bullets
they used out there tonight!
Jesus Christ.
This is Chief Lorenzo.
I want every officer recalled
and in body armour and full weaponry...
..in the motor pool in five minutes.
It's time to kick ass.
Just like Iwo Jima!
(Thornberg) We have learned that
the terrorists have control of the airport,...
..a fact that the authorities have repressed.
The terrorists promise more bloodshed
unless their demands are met.
Now that the Special army commandos
have arrived at the airport,...
..the likelihood of a full-scale battle
is dangerously close.
That stupid, arrogant son of a bitch.
It's all over the airport.
(TV) 300 people have died...
When are we going to land?
..and unfortunately,
they may not be the last.
The horrifying fact is that no-one is safe,...
..either in the planes above Dulles
or in the terminal below.
The threat of a new and higher
body count at the airport...
..hangs over the heads of everyone,...
..and the holiday season
of peace and love has become a nightmare.
All right, listen up!
All units,
I want you to converge on hangar 11,...
..all sides!
This car, McClane! Get in!
When the city blue show up
with their backup,...
..they'll pick up the pieces!
Now, move out!
McClane, say hi to my brother Vito.
Merry Christmas.
Goddammit to hell!
Move that piece of shit!
Will you move
that goddamn piece of shit...
..out of here?
Vito, get the fuck out of the car!
Get your ass in gear and help me!
Will you get...?
Move that car right now!
Right there. Get that.
Hey, Coleman!
Sam! Sam Coleman!
Hey, Coleman!
..but at least the truth
is not among the hostages...
..because I, Richard Thornberg,
just happened to be here...
..to put his life and talent
on the line for humanity and country.
If this should be my final broadcast...
Amen to that,... Dick.
(reporter) Dick? We're live, Dick.
Where are you now?
Truck lights approaching, sir.
They're here, right on schedule.
The hangar door, open it.
Jeez, you give me this story,
and I'll have your baby.
Not the kind of ride I'm looking for.
Colonel, if I may say so,
you are some piece of work.
Thank you, Major.
You're not so bad yourself.
Congratulations on your escape, sir.
Thank you, Major.
Save them until we are all safe, hmm?
My congratulations, gentlemen.
You've won a victory for our way of life,...
..my pride, my admiration,
and a kick-ass vacation.
Now, get on board.
What's the matter, cowboy?
Ride too rough?
- I don't like to fly.
- Then why are you here?
I don't like to lose, either.
OK, whoa! Here we go!
I don't know about you guys,...
..but I've seen enough
fucking snow to last me a lifetime.
You don't get much of that in the tropics.
For you gentlemen, we'll import it.
Shit! They left the hangar!
Right there. Right there. Get that.
- Now what?
- Get in front! Take it down!
Block their path so they can't get out!
I'm not playing chicken
with a 200-ton plane!
I'm crazy, but I ain't that crazy.
Forget it.
(radio) Dulles, this is Northeast 140.
- Request clearance to land.
- That's Holly's plane.
Repeat. Request emergency clearance.
I know you won't answer,
but you better listen!
We're down to fumes,
and we have to land.
In five minutes, we're coming in.
That's my wife's plane!
Take it fucking down!
I'm not getting in front of that plane!
All right, how about getting over top of it?
(PA) This is the captain.
Your attention.
We have no choice
but to attempt an emergency landing.
Fasten your seatbelts
and assume crash positions...
..as instructed by your cabin attendants.
Let's have the emergency check list.
Attention, all air traffic in Dulles area.
This is Northeast 140.
We are attempting an emergency landing.
Be advised.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.
Just buckle your seat belt.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Lean forward.
(Thornberg) God!
Oh, God.
Oh, God,...
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Just hang on!
What are you doing?
You wanted a story.
Nice and easy, boys.
Get me in low!
You got it!
Bring me down!
(Coleman) You'll get yourself killed!
Come back inside!
Bring it in low! Keep over the wing!
John, what the fuck are you doing
out on the wing of this plane?
There's something wrong.
The ailerons.
We can't take off.
Hijo de puta. It's McClane again.
Son of a bitch!
- I'll do him.
- This time do it right.
You just get us in the air, General.
Only you can do it.
Don't shoot.
That wing is fully fuelled.
Too bad, McClane.
I kind of liked you!
I got enough friends!
OK, McClane!
Time for the main event!
How's it going?
Bon voyage!
Happy landings, asshole!
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.
Yeah. All right.
Here's your fucking landing light!
Oh, God.
Look! OK, I see it! I see it!
They used the fucking fire to see!
They can all do that. Let's tell them.
They already know.
(radio) We had a visual on the landing.
- Listen.
- We're following the fire trail in...
If they can do it, so can we!
Any landing you can walk away from
is a good one.
- Jump!
- I got you!
There you go. That's it.
There he is!
That's it!
Come on! We got you!
Oh, God. Oh, baby.
I thought I was never
going to see you again.
That's what I thought about you.
I love you so much.
They told me
there were terrorists at the airport.
Yeah. I heard that, too.
God, that's beautiful.
Yup, it sure is.
Oh, I love you so much.
Oh, John.
Why does this keep happening to us?
Let's go home.
Get in the truck!
Let's get her out of here!
Somebody help me, please!
Oh, honey, help me up here, please.
Hey, officer! Hey, come on!
Hey, hey!
Hop on in here! Get your missus in!
What do you say, Marv?
I'll be damned if I'm going
to clean up this mess!
Hey, McClane!
You get this parking ticket
in front of my airport?
Ah, what the hell. It's Christmas!
# Oh, the weather outside is frightful #
Take off, Marv!
# But the fire is so delightful #
# And since we've no place to go #
# Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow #
# It doesn't show signs of stopping #
# And I brought some corn for popping #
# The lights are turned way down low #
# Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow #
# When we finally kiss goodnight #
# How I hate going out in the storm #
# But if you'll really hold me tight #
# All the way home I'll be warm #
# The fire is slowly dying #
# And, my dear, we're still goodbyeing #
# But as long as you love me so #
# Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow #
# When we finally kiss goodnight #
# How I hate going out in the storm #
# But if you'll really hold me tight #
# All the way home I'll be warm #
# The fire is slowly dying #
# And, my dear, we're still goodbyeing #
# But as long as you love me so #
# Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow #
# It doesn't show signs of stopping #
# And I brought some corn for popping #
# The lights are turned way down low #
# Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow #
# When we finally kiss goodnight #
# How I hate going out in the storm #
# But if you'll really hold me tight #
# All the way home I'll be warm #
# The fire is slowly dying #
# And, my dear, we're still goodbyeing #
# But as long as you love me so #
# Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow #
# When we finally kiss goodnight #
# How I hate going out in the storm #
# But if you'll really hold me tight #
# All the way home I'll be warm #
# The fire is slowly dying #
# And, my dear, we're still goodbyeing #
# But as long as you love me so #
# Let it snow #
# Let it snow #
# Let it snow #