Die wilden Kerle 3 (2006) Movie Script

Hey, Nerv! Wake up!
It's me, your mirror image.
It's the wildest day of your life.
You sure?
Yes! I swear my legs on it!
That is... - If I finally manage...
the flying sideways volley!
...Right in the corner!
Which corner?
This corner!
Darn it!
If you hit it... - I'll be
the wildest guy in the whole world.
Moth-filled old nightmare closet!
Ten more days.
10 plus 10, that makes...
Makes... Makes... 20.
Grounded for 20 days!
And the Wild Bunch, Nerv...
you can forget about them!
No, Mom, you're mistaken.
It was a perfect shot into the corner!
And the summer belongs
to the wildest of them all.
Holy pigs and cows!
Darn it!
What happened here?
"Little boys go down
at the Devil's Gulch!"
"Bed wetters!"
"Rustic Monsters
challenge the Wild Bunch?"
"The big boys want an answer."
"Are you chicken? ...Thunder Demon."
Is this what's left of the Wild Bunch?
You lost to the national team,
25 to 1.
I'm so sorry, Leon.
Come on, Leon!
I know you're here.
I smell you and your fear.
Hey! Is it really you?
What do you want from me?
- Us? Oh... we want this!
Take a look.
Recognize them?
We beat everyone.
We sent 'em to the moon.
- You're the only ones left.
Only you, Leon.
But you can sign this instead.
"I declare the Beastly Beasts
the wildest team in the world."
Get on with it.
It's easy. Then it'll be over.
You won't have to hide anymore.
Don't touch it! We're not hiding!
Not as long as I,
son of the witch of Bogenhausen,
command the flying
sideways volley into the corner!
Tell your beasts that.
And tell them
we won't send them to the moon.
We'll send them straight to hell!
I swear it...
...by your legs, right?
You got it.
- And we'll grill them for dinner.
In four days, our place,
the adder's cave.
Looking forward to it.
Me, too! You hear me?
I'm thrilled, too!
By star-sparkling dragon slime!
What are you doing? We've got a game!
We? I don't even know you.
But I know you. You're
the slalom-dribbler. The wildest
guy I know!
- Look how wild I am.
Exactly. We'll get the others
and the game is on. It's that simple.
They're your friends. - Oh, yeah?
Fabi used to be my best friend, too.
Ha! He's a traitor. He quit.
- Just like me.
I ran away.
The national team was up 7 to 1.
I never came back again.
I've never been so ashamed.
And y'know? I'd do anything
to keep it from happening again.
So why were you here?
Leon! Hey! Are you such a coward?
If you chicken out now,
the Wild Bunch is gone for good!
Right. Like we never even existed.
It was kids' stuff, Nerv!
We were a joke!
"Open your ears,
I'm telling you one last time!
Forget the Wild Bunch,
that was kids' stuff!
Wake up from your dream,
take your diapers off!
Grow up,
or you're out for good! Over."
Okay, whatever, Leon.
I'll do it without you.
Now it's just the two of us.
Me, the hard-nosed banker,
and you,
the even harder-nosed junior boss.
It feels like... like...
Yes, like a kiddy club Christmas.
Something important is missing,
the most important thing of all.
Now it's time! Now it's time!
Now it's time!
Your dad's right!
Now it's time! Maxi, Fabi wants
to beat us with a girls team!
If you stay here,
he will have won forever!
Maxi, it's like Billy the Kid.
Everyone hunts the best gunslinger.
But if he runs away,
he's no gunslinger anymore.
And what's even worse...
...It's like he never was one.
Bingo! Let's get outta here!
- All is well and good...
Yes, as long as...
...you're rich.
Sorry. Do I know that midget?
No. But I'll introduce myself.
I'm called Nerv. And this is a
flying sideways volley in the corner.
With this shot
I'll save the Wild Bunch.
Watch this!
Damp old smelly oatmeal socks!
- Run!
Run for your life!
I'll hunt you to the moon
and back and straight to hell!
And you'll never get out! Never!
Triple-oiled toenail fungus!
he's being serious.
- You can bet your life he is.
Let's free Juli und Joschka now!
Forget it.
Three weeks of weeding is enough.
I only baked Joschka's teacher
some cookies! - But with castor oil!
He was on the john for two days!
And we were sent to the greenhouse.
So I don't want to hear
anything about beasts or gunslingers.
Okay, there's no other way.
You have to show them...
The flying sideways turbo volley?
In the corner.
Darn it!
But in which corner, Maxi?
Doesn't matter. It's a greenhouse.
- Hey, wait a second!
All is well and good...
...as long as you're wild.
Maxi, I'm gonna kill you!
Whatever. But let's run
or she'll kill you first.
I hate flowers.
- Terror-touristic hyper-disaster!
Holy Brussels sprouts!
Another one!
Does this remind you of the old days?
- Shut up.
Hey, you shut up.
You're getting on my nerves. - I know.
That's my fate.
- Darn.
Did he convince you...
- Like you?
I must be crazy.
- I'd say you are.
So we're good to go.
Who's going to go to whom?
If we're going to
beat the Beastly Beasts in 4 days,
we have to hurry. Here.
We'll really have to hurry.
Fabi lives over 150 km away.
183, if you really want to know.
I must be crazy.
Let's go! Rubber in the air...
Step on it! I love that smell...
Gasoline is all I love, the engine
red hot and smoke is in the air...
Drive a lap in under a minute
and you can keep your cart.
Are you totally crazy?
- No, not yet.
Look who's standing there!
I don't believe it. - Rub your eyes!
Did you see me leading him
the whole way?
- I had to push him across the line.
Dream on, slowpoke.
Let's get a drink.
Tell us why you're here.
I'd like to know, too.
Come on!
I'm waiting.
- The boys are getting back together.
Boys? What do you want with me?
We, um... think Leon's coming, too,
you know? I mean...
...if you are.
No way!
Forget it!
- Never mind. Keep hiding then.
I'm not hiding!
- Yes, you are. Just like Leon.
Don't compare me to that traitor!
Damn it! I waited
a whole year for that jerk!
Now we're all waiting for you.
AII? Or just 3 or 4?
There's a meeting tonight
at the Devil's Gulch.
For those who are still wild enough.
Is that your last word?
Jeez, Maxi. We're growing up.
Who cares about kids' stuff?
We only need another half second
and then we own our carts!
Okay, I get it.
That was that.
No, you don't get it.
Even if it's not kids' stuff...
...you're still going to
make incredible fools of yourselves.
Don't be afraid, alright?
She just looks mean.
- I'm not running away. I'm coming!
Come on! I'm not hiding!
I'm not hiding!
And I'm still wild!
Really wild!
Do you understand now?
"Come on, baby, hold me,
Hold me once more,
Who knows
when we'll see each other again.
Never before
I needed you more...
Come on, hold me...
Is that so hard?..
I always felt that way,
my heart is doing overtime.
It's beating every minute
of my life for you.
It wasn't always easy
And sometimes we did fight..."
Hey, what are you doing?
- The guy is right.
You let a girls team
beat you for this?
Game over.
Come on.
Let's go. - No! My mother
will put me in my sailor suit!
She will anyway.
- Darn it, Nerv!
No one else is coming.
I wouldn't be so sure!
- Lookey here, I was right!
I'd swear it by my legs!
By my legs...
My soul...
...And all of my heart.
Hey, would you look at him!
Let's go see Hadji bin Hadji.
In his secret inventor's workshop.
- Come on! Joschka, Vanessa...
I must be dreaming!
Were you always around,
or are you back?
We're back,
...bin Hadji, bin Hadji,
Bless you!
By Sir Ali Baba's earring!
How are you?
Hey! And who are you,
Oh, a really wild guy, I see.
- Don't get sentimental.
Hadji, we need the bikes.
I see.
Come here. I'll show you something.
This is sentimental.
They were all over the city.
You threw them away!
- I know.
How long do you need to fix them?
Me? Oh, oh...
You'll do it yourself,
Mr. Leader.
With luck, you'll need four days.
That's too late!
Then ask the others.
Maybe they'll help you.
Forget it! - I rather play in
my underpants! - Or my sailor's suit.
We need new uniforms.
I won't do it! No!
It is all...
...our own fault, I know.
- We have to go 180 km in three days.
Fabi challenged us.
- And if you won't help us...
...then he's already beaten us...
with a girls team, Hadji.
You don't want that, do you?
Oh, oh... By Sir Ali Baba's
snaky moustache! We can't have that.
We'd never survive that!
First problem: You'll starve.
Hypersoluble drink powder!
Instant sausages!
And my newest invention:
Fish stick sandwiches with ketchup,
straight out of the tube! Here.
That's crazy.
- Totally crazy.
Darn it, Juli! That's
a chewing-gum net cannon!
And this?
What is it?
- A leech catapult.
This is for you. Look!
It shows every single secret path
and hideout that there is!
That's the thing that finds them.
The world's first automatic secret
hiding-place finder and navigator!
Here, have a look! You can find Yeti
or anything you want.
Where is...
Hey, wait a second!
- What did I tell you?
No one will find you,
not even your father, Maxi!
Or your mother, the witch!
The Witch of Bogenhausen!
Hey, Nerv, like those pants?
Isn't it Aladdin-tastic
- Maybe I will wear my sailor's suit.
Are you insulting me?
You're with Hadji bin Hadji!
It'll be the wildest uniform ever.
You look just as bad.
Vanessa! - Crap!
Why do we need him? Let's make Hadji
our new leader, or Nerv.
Could you at least
turn off your lights?
It's time for you
to be who you once were.
Wherever you are,
Whatever you do...
By the flying carpet!
... I know you can hear me.
Wherever you are...
What are you waiting for?
Wherever you are,
I know you can hear me...
All is well and good!
- As long as you're wild!
Send the Beastly Beasts
straight to the moon!
And then to hell!
- They'll never come out again!
I swear my legs on it!
... forever wild, forever cool,
Forever full of that anger.
Always be wild, always be good,
Whatever you do!
Forever wild, forever cool,
Forever far from your anger.
Always be wild, always be good...
Hey, Nerv...
What's a gunslinger do when he loses?
What? He's dead.
Terror-touristic coffin-lid nail!
What are we waiting for?
Did you read this?
"Dear parents, how do you think
we'll grow up the quickest?
By obeying and staying at home
or by racing our bikes around
and beating the Beastly Beasts?
All is well and good, as long
as you're wild."
'Rich.' Everything is fine
as long as you're rich.
Wild! - Rich!
- Wild! - Rich! - Wild! - Rich!
Here it says, "Wild, wild, wild,"
and wild again!
Shut up!
- I will not.
My son is so sensitive and delicate.
Just like me.
And I know what I'm doing.
We can count on these gentlemen.
Evil, evil, evil, evil...
Evil, evil...
They're only four...
I'm coming too!
Go, go! Hurry!
It's about to rain
and the first hideout
is still 20 km away!
Come on! Hurry!
Vanessa, are you alright?
I don't need your help!
No kidding.
What's up?
- You have to ask?
You left us, Leon. You're a traitor.
You'll run off again.
Juli, Maxi! Pull out the tarp!
We'll sleep on those rocks.
And now?
If the rain doesn't stop,
we'll never get over the hills.
- We have to stop it.
We've done it before, remember?
You were playing soccer and Maxi
shot the globe on his father's head.
The rain stopped.
Where are we supposed to get a globe?
We don't need one. We'll swear.
We'll swear until it stops.
That's crazy.
- Just try it!
Come on, Vanessa!
Triple-oiled pus-plague!
And apollo-calyptic monster flood!
I think I'll kiss
my three pink cousins!
By the last finger on my...
And his aunt, the...
...farting flounder!
By star-sparkling dragon slime!
Look! It's getting lighter!
Oh yeah?
Kids' stuff. - Then we stay
here and Raban kisses his cousins.
Slimy, jiggly toilet brush salad!
Okay, but don't you dare laugh.
It's the worst word I know.
pom-pom tail butt!
Let's get some sleep.
We have a long way to drive tomorrow.
Hadji, nice to see you.
I'd really like to know
where my son Maxi is right now.
Boys! - Oh, oh... by the
saber-tooth tiger's holy beard!
My dead body knows... I mean...
I'll carry it to my grave.
That's what I thought.
But I know what I'm doing.
I know how to torture a man.
Oh, no! Please!
- By the way...
My son calls me
the Witch of Bogenhausen
and I think we're a team now.
- Go, girls! Make him pink.
If this works, Markus,
then he can change
his sign however he wants...
We'll do it in under 50 seconds.
I can't believe it!
Hadji, is that you?
- Oh, oh... yes!
But I have failed.
We can see that, Hadji.
- Yes.
I need your help. Maxi's father
and Nerv's mother...
They're following the Wild Bunch...
- We can't help you.
By Sir Ali Baba's heart and beard!
Why can't you go, Hadji?
- Dressed like that,
you'd fit in perfectly.
- Oh yeah?
The way you've installed that nitro,
your cart's about to explode!
Told you so! Now what'll you do?
Get 'em!
Green grass grubs!
- Get them! Bite them!
I suggest we run away. Come on!
I need two guys
who can drive a cart! Come on!
Let's go!
We go on the Wild Bunch hunt.
We're hunting...
We go on the Wild Bunch hunt.
We go on the Wild Bunch hunt.
We're hunting...
We go on the Wild Bunch hunt...
Three hour witch's fart!
- Juli,
where is the secret hideout?
- I don't know.
this must be it.
Double-terror bear bacon!
- Joschka, let's cook!
This will be my day.
And my Nerv will be like he was.
Fish stick sandwich with ketchup!
And instant sausages!
Guys, can you smell it?
This will be a feast!
You bet it will! Here.
Summer belongs
to the wildest one. Catch!
Or don't you think so?
You know what I think.
Food's ready.
- You're not doing it justice.
This is Hadji bin Hadji's...
...Astronaut feast!
Fresh from the tube to you!
Hey, what's up? Aren't you hungry?
Want to try?
Joschka, the drinks?
Just a moment. I'll get the
Hadji bin Hadji drink powder.
Yes! Dig in!
Eat until you burst.
Then you'll sleep.
And then...
come the dreams.
Bad dreams.
Very bad dreams...
That will come true when you wake.
Man, am I full!
totally full, I'd say.
Hyper-touristically explodingly full.
That's repulsive!
No, it's...
- Raban, yuck! You stink!
- Yes,
but Vanessa's word was even better.
- Yes!
What was it again?
- Rabbit-butt...
Pom-pom wad...
Vanessa, where'd you get that?
- None of your beeswax.
Come on!
- Vanessa!
Tell us!
- Tell us!
Tell us. Tell us. Tell us.
No, Nerv. You're getting on my nerves.
- That's my fate.
And if you don't spit it out,
it means you're chicken!
But don't you dare laugh.
- Are they farting again? - Shh!
It was a long time ago.
Crap, I think must have
been about four.
My favorite cousin
invited me to his party.
Hey, hey!
- And ho, ho!
Leon, listen to this!
A Carnival party, darn it!
Since my grandma thinks
rabbits are sweet,
she dressed me up as one.
I looked cute.
Darn cute, actually.
But everyone else went as pirates.
Really cool pirates everywhere
and me with a...
- Rabbit's tail on my butt.
Oh yes, you know what that's like!
Don't you?
Remember your own Carnival parties?
You had to dress up
as Maya the Bee.
No! I was always Willy,
with the big glasses!
You mean these?
Why don't you leave them be?
You're just jealous.
You wish you were like them.
I hate boys
who talk with their reflection...
and only want to be
wild, wild and wilder!
All units!
The nightmare begins!
Tie and gag them!
Mealy-moth nightmare closet!
Leon! Vanessa!
Are you awake?
I'll count to three... One...
...Three! Get 'em, boys!
- No, you don't!
One step closer and I'll shoot this
where it hurts the most!
Oh yeah?
How are you gonna do that?
- You only have one ball.
And we are horribly evil.
Get that midget!
Darn it! Leon!
Where are you guys?
- We're all here. - Hold on!
I thought they were sleeping.
Mr. Maximilian, what do we do?
- How about counting?
Can you count?
Mr. Maximilian?
- Mr. Maximilian!
Let's go!
Yes, run away! Run away,
you wimps!
Now you know, Mom,
how delicate and sensitive I am!
Mr. Maximilian!
We're leaving.
Let's get outta here!
Maxi, we beat your father!
And the Witch of Bogenhausen!
The summer belongs to the wildest.
If you disagree, you're plain wrong.
It's proven, it's always been true.
Always be dangerous and wild...
We showed them!
Now you know, Mom...
...how delicate and sensitive I am!
- Delicate and sensitive!
Like a shark in a kiddy pool!
...like communion lessons
with my three pink cousins!
Nerv, you really are...
...The wildest guy I know.
Are you serious?
- Yes, we are!
Come on! Everything's good...
- As long as you're wild!
I swear it on my legs!
- My legs,
my soul and all of my heart.
I have to thank you.
For what?
Everything. The pink pumps.
The game against Fat Mikey.
For your letter.
And for this trip.
And for this...
What do you think?
Tomorrow we send them to the moon!
- And then to hell!
Boom! Bang!
They're not fighting now.
And they're not afraid
of girls anymore either, Fabi.
They're not afraid of anything.
- We'll change that.
We'll take the weakest one.
Leon, we must be there.
- Now we'll show Fabi,
who is the wildest!
- And it's not his Beasts!
But we are truly beastly!
Hottentot nightmare night!
They don't look very friendly.
I bet Fabi's looks like this, too.
He wants to beat us.
But he won't manage it.
Are you sure?
- You trust me, right, Vanessa?
Only if you beat me in a race. Now!
- Stop!
That wasn't fair!
- Who is fair,
- Forget the rest, we'll take them!
Come on! Hurry up!
Don't get your hopes up!
- Look who's talking!
Speak for yourself!
- Yeah? The dogs'll bite the loser!
Who're they biting now?
- You!
Now it's getting serious!
Just wait! I'll get you yet!
First one across wins!
You're on!
- Depends on what you call across!
Leon, I can't see you!
Given up?
- No, Nessi, I'm already there!
You're bluffing!
I don't believe a word!
Actually, the dogs
are already nipping at your heels!
Vanessa's right,
and we are the dogs.
Get him!
What did I say?
You're a snail, you hear me?
Hey, this isn't funny!
Say something, Leon!
Vanessa, what's going on?
- Leon is gone.
We have to find him.
Untie him.
Don't think you can get away.
You'd get lost.
- We're deep
in the dark forest.
Well? How do you like it here?
Compared to this,
your tree house is a shack.
I thought you wanted to play soccer.
- Holy cow, you are naive.
He wants to beat you.
He always did. - It'll be
a grand victory. - We promise.
A crushing victory. Get your rest
so we'll be sure to enjoy it.
You are our guest.
Can we get you something?
Are you hungry?
Hey, Leon?
Darn it, where is he?
Vanessa, Juli, everybody come here!
- No, please no!
Say it isn't true!
It is.
Leon is gone. He went home.
I don't believe you.
- Read it yourself.
"Sorry, I can't deal with it.
I'm too scared."
Don't like it?
Look, he's taking a walk.
He's pretty cute, actually.
Don't you think?
Really cute!
Hey, Leon! How do you like it here?
...All alone with us?
Want to stay forever?
I see you're ready.
For what?
To play soccer, of course.
Dream on, Fabi.
Come back inside.
Hey, Leon, what's eating you?
We all used to admire you.
- You were the best, Leon.
We abso-total-lutely wanted...
...to be just like you.
So how 'bout it?
- Are you gonna let us...
...beat you?
- Or will you chicken out again?
He's ready!
- He's ready!
You see?
- The slalom-dribbler! - A real hero!
He's my hero!
- No, mine!
No, mine!
- Hear that? You just have to decide.
Take me! - No, me!
- No, I want to beat you!
Pick me! I'm better than them.
Who are you going to play?
- The best.
Are you sure?
When I beat the best,
the rest have to shut up.
- Leon, we'll get you!
You'll regret that!
- So what's up?
Oh, Lissi is the best.
Lissi, who shoots from the hip.
She'll waste you!
She'll shoot you to the moon!
- And then to hell. - And you'll
never come back!
And I get to grill your legs.
We're playing soccer-squash.
- Know it, Leon?
When the ball comes off the wall,
it can only touch the ground once.
- Or the other player gets a point.
Get it?
Let's get started.
Loser goes first.
Sorry, that was a bit weak, Leon.
- You don't say.
Lissi, you can do it!
That was one.
- I saw.
- I'm giving him two points.
Very good! - Here.
- Keep it up, Leon.
That makes two.
- I know.
I can count.
- I can, too.
Keep going. We play to ten.
Good one, Lissi!
Now it's Lissi's serve.
- Leon, hold on tight!
She's gonna get you now.
- You've got no chance.
Kick it from the hip!
- Great, Lissi!
Use your right, Lissi!
That fast. - And it's gonna
get faster. - Too fast for you, Leon.
What's up? Still wanna play?
- Yes. - Okay.
But Sara will play for me.
Show him, Sara. Give it to him!
What are you looking at?
It's 3 to 2,
in case you'd forgotten.
Hope this isn't too hard for you.
No, but for you!
You don't know Sara!
Darn it, this is too simple.
It's no fun.
Fli-Fla, d'you want to play?
- Oh yes,
I'd love to!
- Hear that, Leon?
Our smallest player
is thrilled to smash you flat!
The loser starts.
Hey, Leon! Get on with it,
or are you going to play me?
Yeah! Yippee!
Super, Fli-Fla!
The wild guy's a chicken!
Why are you doing this?
Fabi, we were friends.
Are you being serious?
You were all that mattered.
Leon, the goal-scorer.
Leon, the leader.
Leon who wanted to be the best.
And I was there
to make your wish come true.
Who brought in Vanessa
even when you beat him up for it?
You're in love! You're in love!
Look! It's disgusting!
Who was there for you when
she beat you in the tournament?
And who made sure
that we passed the test of courage?
She's gonna jump! - Is she crazy?
- No. And I'm not jumping alone.
Yes, you will!
- No, I won't!
I'm jumping with her.
You were always afraid,
just like you are now.
You can't imagine
how much I'm enjoying this.
Sign this and I'll let you go home.
That's where you like it best, right?
And you? I thought
you wanted to beat the Wild Bunch.
Leon, the Wild Bunch
doesn't exist. That was kids' stuff.
A joke.
I don't believe it!
I don't want to believe it!
Darn it! Leon wouldn't just run off.
Like the game with the national team?
When he gets scared,
he's capable of anything.
Picture it the other way around.
Vanessa here
and you out there.
And you found a letter saying,
"Sorry, I can't deal with it.
I'm too scared."
I'm outta here.
- Okay!
Then we're all going.
On one condition.
We're going where it tells us to:
The secret hide-out finder
and navigator.
So now you tell us, please,
where Leon is.
I said Leon is gone.
Yes, too far away...
When I ask it.
But maybe not for Vanessa.
Think of the lake.
Think of the kiss.
- That's crazy.
It's our last chance.
Please, Vanessa!
- We won't look. - It's crazy.
Just try!
Leon would do it.
- I swear by my legs!
Okay, whatever.
I'm looking for...
Come on!
Looking for the one I really...
Ha! What did I say?
- Come on! What are you waiting for?
Come on!
Fabi is right.
They won't come.
And if they do,
we have our welcome...
"I hereby declare the Beastly Beasts
the wildest team in the world."
I knew it! Fabi is behind this.
That jerk!
Come on.
You know it doesn't hurt, Leon.
I'll kill you if you do it!
- And I'll kill you after that!
Vanessa, watch out! It's a trap!
Sulfur-plague hippopotamus
propeller-tail manure!
Raban is right.
- Looks bad for you guys.
If you even move a nanometer...
...you'll get what Fat Mikey got.
- You heard.
Let's get this over with.
Don't let it happen.
Please, dear God.
Save yourselves!
- Anna!
- Run!
Hey, girls!
- We thought we were too late!
Hadji bin Hadji says hi.
And I'm supposed to tell you
you're nasty and stinky!
Lara-Moon, Anna! Come here!
Everyone else, shoot!
Gladly, Fabi!
- What do you want? - Pepper pistols?
Leech catapults?
- Or chewing-gum net cannons?
How about honey? - And some feathers?
- Or a pepper-chili mix?
Open fire, Kissi!
- Good idea. That really hurts.
It burns in your eyes.
- And in your nose.
It burns everywhere.
But you missed us. - These are
gum nets. - Clean and pre-chewed!
And totally mega-tastically sticky!
- Open the nets! Then we have them!
I've got the right!
Markus, Marlon, get those girls!
- Leon, stay cool. - We're on it.
Too late!
- You're in a trap!
Darn it!
- Leon, where are you?
The trap shuts...
Oh yeah? Do you really think so?
This is a leech catapult.
And we've got a lot of them.
What happens now?
- We'll do
what we came here to do.
We'll meet you in the adder's cave!
Triple-oiled owl poo!
Hadji's the best!
You see the pepper pistols?
- And the gum guns?
Nerv and his leeches were the best.
- Vanessa's right.
Nerv, why didn't you shoot?
- Fabi was peeing his pants.
Now we'll finish him off.
Leon, get our uniforms.
- The ones Hadji made.
Leon, what is it?
What's wrong?
Stop, wait. Give me that.
What's wrong?
They all beat me.
Even the smallest one.
now you're scared.
I ran out on you before.
You're right. And we
have to risk it happening again.
Because we need you.
Who'll shoot the deciding goal?
You see? After that,
you can fail all you want.
What now?
Moth-filled old nightmare closet!
Come on!
I can smell them.
After our stink bomb treatment!
What do you know?
Be wild!
- No!
Wilder than wild!
Be poisonous and beastly!
- As beastly as beasts!
And shoot your opponents...
...to the end of the world.
By all the otters, adders
and vipers!
Apollo-calyptic sweat-hoof troll!
- Hey! Too scary for you?
So what?
Okay, whatever.
We'll play 2 twenty minute halves,
then you'll be done for!
Anna, Yvette, Kissi, Sara!
- We play 5 against 5!
The others onto the stands!
What did you do to the goals?
- They're behind bars!
Figure out how to open them!
- Markus, get ready! Maxi, Vanessa
and Joschka!
- Let's get started!
- Maxi, get that ball!
Crap! Darn it!
Markus, it's yours!
The ball is Kissi's!
- Joschka, Vanessa!
Maxi, Lissi is free!
- You have to hit the signs!
Ivette, this is for you.
Vanessa! - Maxi, take Lissi!
- Kissi is open!
Don't let them hit the third sign!
- It's going into the goal!
Markus, hurry!
- No!
This will be
the last game of your life, Leon.
We'll see. Markus, we attack!
- Joschka is open! - Kill them!
- Over the ramp!
What was that?
- A foul!
Crybaby! - Did you think
we play girly soccer? - Go, Maxi!
Show us your big shot!
- The triple wild MS GTI!
- Yes!
We made it!
- The best shot of all time!
- Now we'll show them.
Now I'll show you.
Holy Thunderbird!
- Kissi!
Leon, watch out! - Get back!
- Vanessa, hurry! - Kissi, run!
- Hold on to it!
Why isn't anyone covering Lissi?
Leon, what are you doing?
Yes! - An own-goal, girls!
- Yes! - Yes!
Did you see that?
They did it themselves!
Welcome to the adder's cave.
Have fun in the 2nd half.
Damn it! I told you!
We don't stand a chance!
It was an own-goal.
- It can happen to anyone.
I'm not just anyone. Go ahead,
ask Vanessa what the navigator said.
"Who shoots the deciding goal?"
You, of course, Leon.
Who else?
I'm really sorry, an own-goal
is the beginning of the end.
It's like a big heavy ax.
Here. In case you need one to throw.
Go away! Get outta here!
- Just a second.
Think about this.
I'd be happy
to spare you the second half.
We'll do what you say.
You're our leader, Leon.
Do you all agree?
Of course we do!
- You're the best, Leon.
You're our hero.
- Remember?
Leon, Vanessa's right.
You're our leader.
I promise you won't regret this.
Okay, now listen up.
Nerv plays for me.
- What?
You said it.
If your sideways flying volley scores,
we're all saved.
Put it in.
You all help him.
Show these beasts
that we are the wildest.
What are you waiting for?
All is well and good...
...as long as you're wild!
One, two, three... Raaah!
Raban, take it!
- Anna, watch out!
What was that about 'girly soccer? '
Okay! Now we get beastly!
Hey, what are you up to?
What are you doing?
Leon, this make it two!
Fli-Fla, what's up?
- This'll make two!
You don't say!
Who cares? Time's on our side.
We're going to crush you.
Guys, where's the defense?
Open! Markus,
you've got it!
- Super, Markus!
- This one, too!
Get up!
Crap! Marlon, block Lissi!
- Too late!
Markus, out of the goal!
- Yes!
- I love you, Juli! - Yes.
Now we attack.
Markus, what are you doing?
We only have seven seconds!
Markus, pass!
Darn! Nerv is open! Yes!
I can see!
I can't believe it!
- Yes! - I can't believe it!
The sideways flying turbo booster!
- We did it!
No, Nerv did it!
- Why so beastly, girls?
It's a tie. - Exactly.
So the gunslinger duel decides.
Push the goals together.
The rules:
The shooters
stand here, back to back.
They wait for Lissi's signal.
- They walk to their goals...
Shoot out of the spin...
...and try simultaneously...
...to catch the other player's ball.
- Got it?
Okay. Who's my opponent?
Leon, what about you?
You wanted to play me before.
But I have one condition.
- Yes?
If I win, then we're friends again.
Okay. Then I have nothing to lose.
But I do.
It's life or death for me!
- Let's get started.
I wish you luck.
- I'm going to waste you.
I've been waiting for this
for two years!
- Yes!
Yes, super!
- Yes!
We'll never be friends again!
It's over for good!
I hate you more than ever!
Red is all I see!
I'll show you!
Listen to me,
it's over between us!
What now? - They were better.
- They are the wildest.
It's true...
...and we should celebrate.
Without you...
I'd have kept on hiding.
Stayed a loser.
Stayed in my cowboy suit.
I'd never have understood...
how strong a friend can make me.
Or lots of friends, Fabi!
All is well and good...
...as long as you're wild!
Now we party!
Oh man, I am so hungry!
Oh, sorry, pardon me.
You should be sorry.
- That was pathetic.
Real burps and farts
sound like this...
Show them, Fli-Fla!
To Fli-Fla and Sara!
Dig in, boys!
- And girls!
If you think that this was all?
Wait till you see
what happens next year!
The summer belongs to the wildest!
If you disagree, you're plain wrong!
It's proven. It's always been true.
Whatever you do,
be dangerous and wild!
No one...
is wilder than we!
No one...
is wilder than we!
Fat Mikey and the Unbeatables?
Gonzo Gonzales?
The Beastly Beasts?
The summer belongs to the wildest!
If you disagree, you're plain wrong!
It's proven. It's always been true.
Always be dangerous and wild!
The summer belongs to the wildest!
No one...
is wilder than we!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot...
Maxi's dad got his comeuppance:
He married the Witch of Bogenhausen.
Now they really are a team.
It's cool to be a wild guy!
It's great to be wild!
It's great to be wild!
It's great to be wild!
Wherever you are
Whatever you do
Wherever you are
I know you can hear me.
Wherever you are
Whatever you do
Wherever you are
I know you can hear me.
It's time... A new start.
Drop everything, today's the day.
Let's go, the world's our oyster...
Jeffrey A. McGuire
Film und Video Untertitelung
Gerhard Lehmann AG