Different Flowers (2017) Movie Script

(elegant orchestral music)
(loosening tongue)
Ann and Steven!
Okay over, down and then left.
I do.
I do.
You're gonna crush it.
What could go wrong?
(camera clicking)
Caroline and Tiffany.
The seating cards should have
been placed 20 minutes ago.
Come on, ba ba ba ba ba!
Oh, have you gotten
one of us together yet?
(camera clicks)
Ah, perfect.
Emma, you done?
It's too hot to function.
I'm not the one
who wanted to get
hitched in August, honey.
Oh Mom, can you zip up Lucy?
Oh my god is the air even on?
They promised me a
crisp 68 degrees!
Is this the kitchen?
- Do I look like a
refrigerator to you?
Go on, ba ba ba ba ba.
It's down the hall to the left.
Ask for Chef Souza.
Where'd the twins go?
We can't start
without flower girls.
- Mom.
- What?
Have you practiced
your vows yet?
You know what?
Say 'em to Grandma.
'Cause I have to make a call.
Is this the kitchen?
- You better get lost
before it's too late.
Something new.
And it helps with
the nerves too.
- The flutist isn't
texting me back.
Can you help me, please?
(soft crying)
You sure you're okay?
'Cause you kinda, look
look like you got stung
by an emotional bee.
But you look fabulous.
That dress?
- Mom's dress.
- I know.
And it really stands
the test of time.
- You're channeling like
1988 in a very strong way.
That's a very underrated
year for fashion.
You don't have to do this.
- Look, I know it's a lot,
but you don't have to do this.
And if you do want
to marry Charlie,
then we'll just take a deep
breath and then we'll get
right back out there.
- You and I, we don't do
this, you don't have...
I'm gonna be fine.
You don't have to do this,
you have no obligation here.
Oh I don't?
Cool, see ya.
(door shuts)
(pensive music)
This isn't the kitchen!
It's me, dumb head.
Come on.
Albert to the rescue.
Let's get outta here.
(light music)
Oh, this is the kitchen.
Excuse us, sorry.
Oh, that's actually,
hey thank you so much.
- Emma, come on,
let's go, let's go!
Okay, alright.
He's all yours m'lady.
You want me to drive?
You want me to come with you?
Yeah, I can't go by myself.
Why can't it open?
- You have to reach in.
- What?
Oh my god.
- Just reach in and pull the...
- Why can't you just
have a normal car?
Just pull it.
He's not a normal
car, he's Albert.
Why does it smell weird?
What's happening?
- It's just...
- Emma.
- Don't.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Shh, Albert, come on!
Ready, come on sweet Albie.
It's okay, it's okay.
Let's just, maybe
we should just...
- Nope, no,
that's not happening.
- Nevermind.
Okay hold on.
(radio turns on)
Wait wait wait,
hold on, hold on.
(engine starts)
Yes, Albert!
Never let's me down.
- Wow.
Alright, you ready?
- Shh, just like be
really, really slow.
Why are you shushing me?
Be really quiet.
- There's literally
no one can hear us.
There are people.
Emma, just, I can't be seen.
Be cool, be cool, be cool.
Be cool, be cool.
- What if Mom finds out...
- Act cool dude.
I am acting cool.
You are not acting cool.
Oh my gosh.
Okay we do have to go
directly by the church so...
Why are there people there?
- There's people there,
you think they saw me?
Oh my god they all saw you.
Oh my god!
- I'm just kidding,
nobody saw you.
- Emma...
- No stay down.
Oh god.
Okay I'm down, I'm
down, I'm just...
Oh my god, oh my god.
- Why did you have
to make your wedding
at like the busiest
time in the morning?
I don't know why is...
- There are so many
people, hold on.
- Oh my god there
are so many people.
Oh my god.
Shh, shh, shh, be cool, be cool.
It's okay, we're just driving.
I know, I know.
Oh my god.
Okay we're past.
We're past!
- Oh my god.
(excited screaming)
("Go Back" by Darlingside)
Go back
To a world full of
strange and towering skies
And a chance to choose in time
To set out on our own way
I know I'm no
doctor but I know
No, I'm no doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way
to go is to go back
You can't live in the past
But the only way
to go is to go back
(cows mooing)
- I think those have been in
my car since like eighth grade.
I can't even cry right.
What's happening to me?
Okay, okay.
It's like a weird cry laugh.
That happens sometimes.
- I don't know, I think that
we should pull over though.
- Okay.
- Yeah, you think so?
I think that that would be good.
We'll fix it.
Gonna fix it.
Okay, it's time
for the backpack.
Do you remember
the breakup rules?
- I created the
breakup rules for you,
do you remember that?
- Mm hmm.
- What's this?
Rule number one.
This is not part of the rules.
- Mm hmm.
- Wait you just like
have that handy?
Hey hey hey you're driving!
Ooh, okay, good.
(breathing deeply)
How long do you think we have?
For what?
- Until every friend and
family member hates me.
Don't worry about it, okay?
I handled it.
I think I should call Charlie.
Um, yes, you should.
But first you need
your strength.
Rule number two.
- Chocolate.
- Mm hmm.
Oh god.
Oh god.
My god.
This is the best
chocolate I've had
in a really long time.
- I know.
You get one, very
short phone call.
Mm hmm.
I don't want us getting
deterred from rule number three.
Mm hmm.
Just give it to me.
- Okay.
- You know, I can't do this
when you're looking at me.
Right, no, good one.
(phone ringing)
(phone vibrating)
It's her.
I'm so glad you called.
I'm so nervous, you know?
And how are you, are you okay?
How are you feeling?
It's a good thing you
didn't video chat me.
Right, it's bad luck
to see the bride
before the wedding
and all that, so
I don't think hearing
your voice counts though...
Sorry, rambling.
Yes, my darling bride.
God you know soon
I can say wife.
Okay hold on one second.
He put me on hold.
[Flower Girls] Thanks Charlie.
Hey, sorry about that.
Found some stray flower girls.
So how are you?
I... wanted to tell you...
That I can't marry you.
Millie where are you?
I can't... I can't see you.
I just wanted you
to hear it from me.
- Millie what are
you talking about?
Can you just tell
me where you are?
I'll come to wherever you are.
You know and you should
really see the sanctuary,
it's so perfect.
I feel like I can just see
us up there and the pews
are wrapped in lavender,
it's your favorite.
No I can't, I can't.
I can't go, I can't
come back, I can't.
- Of course you
can, you can do it.
Remember junior prom?
We were all dressed up
and they had it outside
but it's May and May
means rain in Kansas.
Yeah it poured so hard.
- [Charlie] And we
just stayed in my car.
- I thought we were gonna
get hit by lightning.
- [Charlie] Just we
talked, you know?
We talked for hours.
It was perfect.
- [Charlie] Millie you
and I, we're perfect.
Oh god Charlie.
It just doesn't feel like
it's perfect anymore.
- Millie all of these
people are waiting
for us to get married.
- Well this is about us,
this isn't about them.
- [Charlie] If it's about
us then what's the problem?
We're meant to be together.
(pensive music)
I don't know.
I don't know about that.
- [Charlie] I can't
believe this is happening.
I can't either.
- [Charlie] Can you just
tell me where you are?
We need to talk about this.
I'm sorry.
Charlie I...
(phone goes dead)
I'm even more confused now.
Okay well...
There's no turning back now.
The damage is done.
I apologized to him.
- What?
No he's hurting, just like me.
I feel terrible.
It's gonna be okay.
Trust the system.
Ooh, there she is.
Alright, rule number
three, new look.
So let's get you out
of this situation.
Millie, how are you breathing?
I'm not.
Oh god Jesus Christ!
Out, out!
Ta da
You couldn't have worn
these in the wedding?
- Oh you couldn't have
worn these to the wedding?
Hold that.
- Why do you have
a ukulele in there?
- You never know when the
mood's gonna strike, you know?
What are these from your failed
t- shirt for millennial business?
I wouldn't say failed.
You know what?
You know what?
I'm good.
- Dude it's clean.
- It's been in the
back of Albert.
These look like you.
- Look, let's put
your ukulele back.
This thing.
- It's just a
beautiful brassiere,
I don't know what your issue is.
What are you...
Serio... oh my god, you are
the prudest person ever,
you know that?
You're super covered now,
I can't see anything.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
What about Mom?
Oh, don't worry.
It's all handled.
(light music)
Come on, you know
what step four is.
- What if I want to
look at them again?
- No, no, you have
to delete it all.
Out with the old,
in with the new.
- Did these rules
even work for you?
Because trying them
on for the first time,
I gotta be honest.
I think I may not have
known what I was doing.
Just trust the system.
Alright well...
I'm sure you have a plan.
- We are going to, wait
for it, Grandma's house.
Well come on.
You've always loved
it at the farm.
- No I really haven't,
I'm not a farm girl.
- Well once a farm girl,
always a farm girl.
- Except for I was
never a farm girl.
That was always you out
with Grandma, you know?
Playing with the chickens
and goats and fish, ugh.
I mean is Grandma okay with it?
Of course.
Why, do you have a better idea?
(phone vibrating)
Oh god, it's Mom.
Emma please, I don't want to.
- I can't take it.
- I don't wanna take it.
No, I'm driving a car.
(clears throat)
Hi Mom.
- [Mom] Where in the
absolute heck are you?
I'm with Emma.
- Okay well that's great
but you gotta get your butt
back upstairs, you've
got a wedding to perform.
- You said that
you handled this.
I did.
I did.
I did, I texted her.
- You texted her?
- Yeah.
You texted her?
- Oh Jesus.
- What?
Oh Jesus.
- Um it didn't go
all the way through.
Emma, are you kidding me?
You are a nincompoop!
Millie, Millie, Millie.
What's going on?
We're all waiting!
I'm so sorry Mom.
Emma and I, we can't... we
can't come back.
I can't marry Charlie.
Calm down, everyone calm down!
Are you alright?
Are you physically alright?
- Then what the heck
is wrong with you?
Is this Emma's idea?
No, no.
Look I'm so sorry Mom, I...
- You can save your
apologies for your prayers,
Mildren Haven.
Have you thought
about this at all?
[Millie] Yes!
Of course I have.
(string quartet music)
'Cause it doesn't seem that way.
Can you please keep it down?
Honey, I know that this is
a very stressful day for you
and it's also gonna be
the best day of your life
and you've put me in a
little bit of a pickle.
I'm sorry Mom.
Have you talked to Charlie?
How does he feel about all this?
How does Charlie feel?
Mom have you even asked me
how I feel, do you care?
- Of course I do
sweetheart, it's just...
You couldn't come up
with this revelation
just a couple of months ago
before I paid all the deposits?
I gotta go sweetheart I
got a lot to do, okay?
I'll talk to you later.
- Okay look, I am really...
(phone goes dead)
What the hell Emma?
I said I'm sorry!
No you haven't!
Okay well I am.
How's Mom, is she okay?
Oh my god how is Mom?
How about me?
How about how is Millie?
I just left my wedding.
Hey Millie, how are you?
- No, don't ask me now, I
don't want you to ask me now!
- Shh, take some deep breaths,
just nice deep breaths.
I know exactly what you need.
(upbeat pop rock music)
This song?
- This is what you
thought I needed?
(feedback squealing)
There's been a change of plans.
("Face in the Moon" by
Springtime Carnivore)
Come on, quick pit stop.
- Emma, no I'm really
not in the mood.
Come on, it'll be fun.
You're standing there
Brushing the comets
out of your hair
Are you coming back to her
Yeah okay.
- Okay.
For a little while
You think that love
Always rises out of your reach
It's a cold and distant thing
You can barely see
Calling to the dark
Is anybody out there
Is anybody out there
Come on Millie!
That's when I fall apart
You gotta try this!
I'm the one right here
I'm the one right here
Oh I hope you see it soon
(phone vibrating)
Are you gonna find that
Face in the moon
- Look Millie, I'm
giving you some time.
Just say the word and I'm there.
I love you.
I hope to talk to you soon.
You don't like it easy
No no
You don't like sure
I press my hands to the glass
Of the revolving door
All your pain
You're spinning
like a weathervane
And you know I would be
The end of your storm
Calling to the dark
Is anybody out there
Is anybody out there
That's when I fall apart
I'm the one right here
I'm the one right here
Oh I hope you see it soon
I applied to law school.
In DC.
Are you gonna find
that face in the moon
No way!
Do Mom and Dad know?
I haven't told them,
I haven't told anyone.
Oh Charlie would
kill me if he knew.
He wants to put a down
payment on a house.
Well he wanted to.
But if I get in, I
would move in the fall.
- Millie that is
such a big deal.
I know.
There is this historic
prosecutor who lectures there.
I'd really like to
be the tough guy.
You are a tough guy.
Yeah, we'll see.
- You're gonna be
a real grown up.
I don't know about that.
Charlie and I spent so much
time talking about Tupperware
and sofas and cable providers.
Mmm, cable providers.
Sounds like such a sexy time,
I hope you used protection.
[Millie] Ha ha.
- No really, I had this
one friend who dabbled
in cable providers
and got a nasty...
[Millie] Okay, got it.
It sounds nice.
Yeah it was nice.
Just wasn't what
I thought it'd be.
Everything's different now.
Hey remember our girl gang?
- Yeah I still have
the lyric book.
- Only the greatest punk
rock band there ever was.
- Mom must have thought
we were actually insane.
- Oh I will never forget you
in those platform sneakers
telling her off.
I object!
Emma has as much right
to a crop top as anyone!
You were a lawyer even then.
Really proud of you.
I haven't gotten in yet.
You will.
This is so weird.
Emma, you and me.
We don't talk anymore.
(soft country music)
- Steven used to be
obsessed with this song.
Used to say that it
reminded him of me.
- Yeah whatever
happened to Steven?
We grew apart.
I'm sorry babe.
Dad made me a mix tape.
- No way.
- Yeah.
That is too good.
- I don't think he
knew what to say.
Dad's cheer up mix.
Is it weird that I want one?
It's mostly Patsy Cline.
- Huh, Patsy Cline,
classy broad.
- She's the patron saint
of country heartbreak.
I go out walkin'
After midnight
Searchin' for you
- Searchin' for
you, that's right.
(light music)
Girl gang!
(ice rumbling)
So what are you thinking?
- I was thinking a little
grape, maybe a little Pepper.
- Maybe finish off
with a little Sprite.
See I'm a Sprite base.
Orange, and hint of
lemonade guy myself.
Wow, sounds very pink.
- I'm comfortable
with my sexuality.
I bet you are.
Where you from?
Kansas City.
This is kinda gross?
- You don't like
being kissed there?
- No no I love that, this
place that we're in is
a little bit gross.
- Oh believe me, this place
is as clean as it gets.
I'm only working
here for the summer.
Uh huh.
I'm saving up for med school.
Stay with my uncle
over in Marcy.
That's great.
Do you know it?
- Yep actually my grandma
lives there, oh my god.
Oh no way!
You guys close?
Yes, we're close.
So do you wanna go see
a play this weekend?
The community theater's putting
up A Midsummer Night's Dream
in the park.
Maybe we could take a picnic.
Um actually my sister's...
You know what, I kinda thought
that this was gonna be like
a quick fun thing so I should...
- What?
- Yeah, I should...
I should go.
Oh wait, wait.
Just let it be whatever
it wants to be.
I was about to make
some very bad decisions.
- Um yeah I was
just I had to pee.
Oh that is a great idea.
Here would you?
I'm gonna go do that.
Oh no no no no no no.
I have no cash.
Yeah so.
- You brought vodka
and a voodoo doll.
I know.
- But you didn't
think to bring money.
- Ah, stupid, so dumb but
you know could you just,
do you mind just
getting this round?
My purse is in the car.
You know what?
Oh my gosh!
I just remembered.
I have cash.
I just spaced I guess.
Thank you.
Do you mind getting the gas?
It's on number two.
Oh sure yeah.
You know what?
Get something for yourself
because it's your money.
Ready to go?
Yeah yeah all set.
- What's up with you?
- Hmm?
It's so hot huh?
Mm hmm.
- He just needs
a little coaxing.
- Oh no, he just
needed a new condenser.
- Oh please, condenser
That's what he needs.
(light music)
Oh my god!
You are gonna get us killed.
- Oh man.
What is so funny?
- Nothing, you're just
like a testosterone magnet.
- No really, you
should teach a class.
It's a skill.
Oh please, shove it.
- I might actually just need
your help with number five.
Do something hot and wrong?
Oh I got you.
(light music)
(chickens clucking)
- [Millie] I really
remember it being bigger.
You are so weird.
- Oh I don't want the
neighbors to hear us.
That is ridiculous.
Any neighbor is
like a mile away.
You're being really rude.
- I'm not the one
whisper yelling.
Whatever, just be quiet.
(chicken squawks)
Ah, oh god!
Who's loud now?
Hi Macaroni.
Do you remember me?
- It's a chicken, it's
not gonna remember you.
You don't know that.
We were very close,
Macaroni and I.
There are wolves here.
Or coyotes or something.
When does Grandma
get back anyway?
- Oh she won't be here
for like three days.
- Grandma's really gotten
into ceramics, huh?
Yeah and cats.
- I am really tired, you
wanna just go to bed?
That is a great idea.
What seriously?
Finders keepers.
What are we, six?
I was just jilted at my wedding.
- Ooh, I think that
you were the one
who did the jilting.
Oh I swear to god.
- If you're so picky just
go sleep in Grandma's room.
No, I won't.
Why not?
- Because I don't
wanna be alone.
Oh my god.
It is so hot!
- I think the air
conditioning broke.
Sweat out those toxins!
- [Charlie] Hey baby, I'd
really love to talk to you.
You know I never got to
see you in your dress?
I tried to cancel our trip
with the airlines, I just...
Anyways, Millie I'm
gonna give you time.
But just say the
word and I'm there.
I love you, hope to
talk to you soon.
(gentle music)
Oh my god are you okay?
What's wrong?
Emma are you serious?
I thought something terrible
had happened in here!
It did!
- Oh my god, sometimes I forget
that you're still a child.
- Oh my god, that's
a big spider.
Grow up.
Come here little spider.
Come on.
There we go.
Speak for yourself.
Okay I'm hungry,
let's go to Dolly's.
No, no can we just stay here
for a little bit longer?
No, I'm starving.
Let's go.
- I'm so tired.
- Oh my god.
- I can't move.
- Thank you.
(cows mooing)
(gentle music)
Hey Mom.
- Hi honey.
Did you get my texts?
You holding up okay?
Yeah yeah yeah,
thanks for asking.
Thanks for everything
by the way.
[Mom] Of course.
I wanted to say I'm
so sorry I yelled.
I was so stressed,
but you know what?
We worked it all out
and everyone took home
a mini cupcake so all
was not lost, right?
Oh well that's nice.
[Mom] Yeah.
Where are you?
Do you want me to
come be with you?
No no no no.
I just... I need some
space, you know?
We're at Grandma's.
- [Mom] I remember when
your dad and I split.
I went to Orlando for a week.
Have you seen Charlie?
- [Mom] Yeah, I saw him
right as he was leaving.
And, how is he, is he okay?
[Mom] Uh... yeah?
I guess.
How okay could he be?
I don't understand what
happened between you two.
- We just weren't
meant to be, Mom.
- [Mom] Okay, you
just seemed so happy.
And honey you know all
I want in the world
is your happiness, right?
Uh yeah, I know.
- [Mom] Good, good
sweetheart, I'm glad.
Hey how's Emma, are
you guys getting along?
- She's good.
- Good.
- No she's great, she's
taking good care of me.
- Really?
I didn't get a
chance to tell you.
Do not let her drive, okay?
- [Mom] Yeah she
can't drive right now.
You gotta be kidding me, why?
- [Mom] She got a DUI and
her license was suspended.
[Mom] She can't know you know.
She's so embarrassed by it.
Just insist on
driving, okay lovey?
- Mom, she drove me
the whole way here.
[Mom] What?
Millie how could
you let that happen?
- Well you could have
told me something earlier!
- [Mom] I've had quite a
bit on my plate, missy.
Someone walked out on her
wedding and created a madhouse
of 200 heartbroken people
and I can't get my refund
from Chef Souza.
- Okay okay okay.
I'm sorry, okay.
- Okay, alright, thank you.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
(pensive music)
I'm on the phone!
I'm not really hungry,
you'll know when I am.
Chicken breast and a salad,
dressing on the side.
Oh wait no you know
what I want some...
- Hey Mom?
- Yeah?
Yeah, I'm here.
- How did you know
that you and Dad
couldn't be together anymore?
- [Mom] Well I guess we just
weren't meant to be, honey.
Thank you.
[Mom] You're welcome baby.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Oh Mom.
- Yeah?
- Um... do you think you might
be able to go to our apartment
and get my mail?
Maybe send anything
that looks important?
Or just call, you
know, whatever.
Whatever's easiest, I just...
I don't really
wanna ask Charlie.
- [Mom] Sure, of
course I can sweetie.
[Mom] I love you.
I love you.
- Bye.
[Emma] Okay, I'm ready.
You can't wear that.
This is like my
most popular shirt.
- Yeah you're gonna
have to change.
(light music)
Is it better?
Oh bye Macaroni.
That's a different chicken.
They're all Macaroni to me.
- That's okay I
got it, I'll drive.
- Oh please, you're
in a weakened state.
You've driven plenty.
No really, I don't mind.
Don't be a child, Emma.
Look I didn't want to say this.
But Mom told me.
That's none of your business.
What happened?
You're not an idiot, why
would you drive drunk?
It's not what you think.
You lied.
And we had a bottle
of vodka in the car,
that's really messed up Emma.
I'm a good driver.
- That's not the point.
- I know.
You put yourself at risk.
You really need to think
about what you're doing.
- I was thinking that I
was taking care of you.
- I don't need you
to take care of me.
Yeah clearly not.
(light music)
- [Dolly] Carl, keep
that bacon coming.
(text notifications dinging)
Yes, three bars, finally.
What can I get you
ladies this morning?
- Hi Dolly!
Well I understand you're
a married lady now.
It didn't work out.
You know what they say.
They say breakfast
makes anything better.
- Amen.
- Amen.
And y'all looking so pretty.
Why wasn't that long ago
that you all were in here
bouncing up and
down on the tables.
I know.
Two Dolly specials
and hot apple pie.
- That sounds nice.
- Absolutely.
Coming right up ladies.
Thanks Dolly.
- Emma, if Dolly knows
that means the whole town
is gonna know.
You don't know that.
Marcy Swap and Shop.
Mildren Haven seeks new groom.
You've gotta be kidding me.
I am.
Emma could you...
Could you please put that away?
This is actually
really hard for me.
Everyone is staring at me.
- Nobody here gives
a hoot about you.
Wow thanks.
Tough love, baby dove.
- Should I call Charlie?
- What?
Just you know check in.
No, no!
You don't leave a man
at the alter and then
grovel at his feet.
Woman up, Millie.
I think you should
take that off.
(pensive music)
I think we should play a game.
- A game?
- Mm hmm.
It's called tiny thefts.
Here's how it goes.
We each do a lap
around the diner
on our way to the
restroom or whatever.
And we steal something small,
we bring it back to the table
and we compare and whoever
stole the best thing
gets a prize.
- Emma I'm not gonna
steal something.
- You don't know
what the prize is.
Okay, what's the prize?
One million dollars.
No it's not.
- Winner gets to drive.
- No.
Top bunk.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Tiny thefts.
You go first.
No no no no.
No nubes go first.
- You literally just made this
game up, how are there rules?
- Oh and it has to fit
in the palm of your hand.
What, are you kidding me?
These are the rules.
Excuse me.
Can you eat something else?
- Yeah, of course I
can eat something else,
I always can eat something else.
How about them Belgian waffles?
What are you thinking?
No man, I'm too full.
Some key lime pie?
You don't need any more.
- Oh my god, oh
my god, I did it!
- Real suave.
- I did it!
Is that a wallet?
- No no no no, you're supposed
to steal something small
like a salt shaker or something.
- Yeah no what happens
when these people
wanna pay for their check?
Oh yeah.
You have to go put that back.
- Well I haven't gone yet, and
I'm pretty sure I would win
because I wouldn't do
something that would get us...
Oh definitely not.
Oh you have no idea.
- You can't even
just let me win.
There's so many tiny things!
- It was your stupid
idea in the first place!
- My stupid idea wasn't
to steal somebody's money
it was just to
steal somebody's...
- Do you like me?
- I guess I like you.
- You're prettier
than me, take it.
That is insane, I am not...
- Take it.
- Why?
Excuse me ma'am.
Were you just over
there by my mama?
Seems like we're
missing something.
- Now I'm gonna ask you
nicely to give it back!
You know we're good people.
There wasn't much
money in there anyways.
Oh my god!
What's wrong with her?
I'm so sorry, here.
Thank you.
- She just left a
man at the alter
and they've been together
for almost a decade.
- Oh my god.
- I know.
Oh my god.
Honey I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, that's so sad.
So sad.
I mean.
I... you... this was... I... I feel
guilty like for everything.
And I don't know...
- No no no it's not
your fault sweetie.
He sounds like a real loser.
You really spooked us.
You can't go around
stealing people's wallets.
I know!
I don't do that.
We're not stealers.
- Not usually, no.
- No.
You look like you need a hug.
She does!
- I don't want a
hug, I don't think...
Stanley, what are you doing?
Can't believe you.
You take care, alright?
Okay, we'll do that sir.
Two Dolly specials.
Hot apple pie coming up next.
Thank you Dolly.
You girls take your time.
It's so good to see you.
- Don't steal my salt
shakers now hear?
Oh, one time.
You win.
Well, I'm about ready for a nap.
- A nap?
- Mm hmm.
- I'm still like shaking,
I'm like physically shaking.
- Please?
No way.
- Please.
I'm wrecked.
- Please?
I really hate the puppy face.
I've never like the puppy...
- Please please
please please please.
Go, please go.
- Really?
- Yes, go.
Today is the greatest day.
Don't fall.
Can I help you find something?
I'm just browsing.
Are you guys sisters?
She has great taste.
I think I can help
you find something.
Do you need a fitting room?
[Emma] Found it!
- I think these would
work perfectly for you.
Oh that is so your style.
Thank you.
Did you find some stuff?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Let me know if I can help you.
(pensive music)
[Emma] Hey Mills!
We doing okay in there?
- You know nothing puts
a smile on your face
like a nice new outfit.
That's so true.
He really knows his stuff.
Yeah let's go.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Don't I look fine?
- I actually have a few
more things to try on so...
I will meet you back at the car.
- Okay, one moment,
I'm so sorry.
Hey hey hey hey hey hey.
What's going on?
What's going on?
- This is great, I am just
having a fantastic time.
- I thought that you
would want a chance
to change out of my shorts
and that this would be fun.
That's, sure, right.
- You are acting
like a crazy person.
Well aren't you just perfect?
- Millie, I just
want to help you.
Okay, I really do, and
I'm kind of at a loss.
I don't know what
you want from me
so what do want from me, what?
I just, stop, stop!
I want you to leave me alone.
Okay, I can do that.
I'm gonna buy some clothes
so I can keep some semblance
of being a human being.
- Awesome, do you wanna
go get some groceries?
I can do that.
- Great, I know you can.
- Great, awesome.
- Are you going to buy
that dress as well?
You should.
Thank you, yes.
Hi, welcome.
(light music)
You find everything?
Uh, yeah.
I heard this is a good time.
Yeah, it's great.
Didn't know we sold these.
That's a weird word if
you say it enough times.
Boy I never seen them
all connected like that,
that's weird.
Hey Jeff, can we get a price
check on these tomatoes?
There's five of them.
- You know, I don't
want the tomatoes.
- You sure?
- Mm hmm.
- They're in season,
these are good too.
That's cool but I'm good.
Actually, could you
move a little faster?
I'm sorry, I'm just in a hurry.
And you're really
taking your time.
(clears throat)
My sister's just feeling a
little bit overheated, you know.
She doesn't understand the
stress that a cashier is under.
Why don't you go get
yourself a little gumball?
There's so many, they're so
pretty, so many varieties.
Come on.
Yes the amount of pressure
that cashiers face every day,
all day, unrecognized.
I'm a sales associate.
Sales, right, of course.
I'm so sorry, sales associate.
What was your name?
I'm Ford.
Like the car.
Oh that is a cool name.
Well I'm Emma and that's...
That's Mildred.
Having a bit of a day.
Oh there it is.
I watch a lot of
food TV you know,
like cooking challenge
shows, recipe shows,
chef personality shows.
My friend Remy once
told me about a show
where they made chefs
fight at the end.
I was like Remy
that can't be real,
he's like it is.
I'm like alright, 'cause
I'll believe anything,
but I wouldn't doubt it.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
That's really cool.
- Anyway I also got a
crazy memory for recipes.
I just retain 'em and
I can just spout off
like 100 recipes right off the
top of my head, it's weird.
- Well I would
love to hear that.
- Yeah there's this
one pasta pesto dish
I been dying to make.
I can give you the
recipe if you want it.
Would you?
Thank you so much.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You wanna pass me that bag
and I'll start bagging?
Oh thanks Mills.
- Yeah just you know do
something to get us outta here.
- I'll write this up
for you right now, miss.
- I don't even know
what is in pesto.
- So you just get it
premade, you just...
- Yeah they have
like jars of it.
So pesto, pasta.
Big water.
- Five salts.
- Yep.
So is that?
You know what, yeah,
that sounds good.
(text notifications dinging)
- What the hell?
- Oh my god!
Sue me for having like one
person to send a text to.
Albert is not turning on.
Well did you stall him?
Would you like to try?
I would love to actually.
(engine sputtering)
What can I say?
He has bad days.
He's been doing
really good so far.
We've gotten this
far, haven't we?
I cannot believe you.
- How can this
possibly be my fault?
I have a shitty car, sue me.
- You know you always manage
to make every day worse.
- Yeah well you've been
a real beam of sunshine.
I cannot believe you.
Aren't you supposed to
be the responsible one?
No I mean like isn't that
what you tell yourself?
You're the one driving
now, aren't you?
- I have always taken care
of you and you know that.
You've taken care of me.
- Yeah.
- No really, you think that
that's what's been happening?
- You know what I take it
back, I don't like you.
Good, I don't like you either.
So there is a reason that
this hasn't been happening.
- Absolutely.
- Awesome.
(train whistle blowing)
You like it, don't you?
The way men just fall
over themselves for you.
- Oh come on!
- No you need to understand
something Emma, the
way that you come off.
Yeah, how do I come off?
Really you're gonna
slut shame me now?
Well you know what Millie?
I think that you could use a
little slutty in your life.
Yeah no then maybe you
wouldn't be so afraid about
having sex you unlovable,
self-absorbed bitch!
(tense music)
(engine starting)
Come on, it's too hot.
Did any mail come for me?
Oh so are we talking now?
Is that what we're doing?
Come on.
- I'm waiting on
that letter from DC.
We just got here Millie.
That's not really
how mail works.
Why don't you just
wait til tomorrow
and check it when we get home?
What do you mean?
Aren't we leaving?
I can't.
No that's way too much for me.
Dad's face.
I don't want a sad mix tape.
I just need some privacy.
Okay well that I can do.
(pensive music)
Emma, let's go downstairs.
There's no TV downstairs.
You planned this, didn't you?
[Millie] Yep.
(thunder rumbling)
How does Grandma have
a Darlingside album?
I have no idea.
She's got style though,
gotta give her that.
("Blow the House
Down" by Darlingside)
People have places
And the places have
the people's dreams
Oh puff, puff and
blow the house down
Oh puff, puff and
blow the house down
Oh puff, puff and
blow the house down
And down and down and
down and blow the house down
Blow the house down and
down and blow the house down
Emma Haven.
You really are something.
There's a song for the robbers
On the other
side of windowpanes
A song for the cowboys
Held up in
hundred-mile-an-hour trains
And there's one for the
lovers, and one for the sinners
That they sing in the pews
Short of distinctions
I'd say we've all grown
tired of singing blues
Get up, get up.
- No, we gotta go upstairs
before we fall asleep down here.
No this is good.
I'm cozy.
- My head hurts.
- Such a wuss.
Why would you do that to me?
(car pulling up)
I'll show you who a wuss is.
That really wasn't that tough.
(thunder rumbling)
(cries out)
- Oh whoa whoa whoa...
- Oh god!
Whoa, are you okay?
Yeah, I...
Just stay back,
don't come close.
Okay yeah no I surrender.
Please, don't cook me.
You should probably stay inside.
Tornado watch is in order
for another hour or so.
- Oh watch, smatch, I only
go inside for warnings.
Oh I see.
A true midwesterner.
We would sit on our porch
and watch 'em go by.
Cool, yeah.
I'm Blake.
This is my grandma's house.
- Oh Mildred's your grandma.
- Mm hmm.
Cool, cool.
I'm staying with my uncle
for the summer, Rodney.
Yeah well, he pretty much
just keeps to himself.
Mildred asked me to keep
an eye on the animals
and then he asked me to
come over and make sure
they didn't get too spooked
here with the weather.
Of course.
- She was going down to her
granddaughter's wedding?
Were you there?
It was lovely.
Uh... so what's with the weapon?
I was making eggs.
Uh huh.
I'm sorry if I scared you.
No, you didn't scare me.
I was just weird.
Stay still.
- Ow!
Ah, just saved your life.
Thanks for that.
I like it out here.
It's good when you need a place
to be alone and just think.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
- I'm gonna go check on the
chickens if you wanna come.
- Oh that's exactly
where I was headed.
Sure, just you know,
don't get too close.
(chickens clucking)
Looks like the chickens
are still here.
Yeah, looks like it.
You wanna do a lap
around the silo?
That's a great idea.
Love that idea.
- [Blake] So you're
just visiting?
[Millie] Yeah.
[Blake] Bummer.
I just mean there aren't
a whole lot of people
to hang out with here in Marcy.
Can I ask you something?
Do you wanna get married?
- Wow Millie I'm
flattered but we just met.
No, no not with me.
God I just meant like in life.
I dunno, maybe someday.
- Yeah I really thought
I was gonna get married
but now I'm not so sure.
I just keep thinking about
all the things I wanna do,
you know?
I think whoever you marry
should help you do those things,
not keep you from doing them.
Yeah, I totally agree.
- Got him.
Two in a night.
Look at that, that is fantastic.
So maybe I'll see you around.
- Yeah I mean... I
would... maybe tomorrow.
- I just meant maybe
I'll see you around.
Kinda have a girlfriend.
I mean we haven't really talked
about it so I don't really
know for sure but
she's just so great.
Of course.
You'd really like her.
You actually kinda
remind me of her.
- Alright.
- Okay.
Yep, both going this way.
(rooster crowing)
(light music)
Good news, the power's back
on so that means coffee, woo.
Do you want any
breakfast, eggs, bread?
How do you want me
to cook your eggs?
- You want me to
poach your eggs?
- There we go,
that's more like it.
Oh my god, eggs.
That's a far cry from how
we used to eat here as kids.
What's the name of that
cereal we used to eat.
Ooh, chocolate puffs.
- I thought I was
chocolate crisps.
Nuh uh.
Coco Nuggets, you ingrates.
- Grandma!
- Hi Grandma!
- What in tarnation are
you doing at my house?
You didn't tell her?
- I...
- No.
No she did not, nobody
tells me anything.
Oh Grandma I'm so so sorry.
Mm hmm.
You know Millie, you've
caused a lot of trouble.
But this is some next level BS.
I thought you knew.
- Would I let you wallow
in self-pity alone?
Absolutely not.
I was cleaning up
the mess you made.
Little did I think I'd
return to more mess.
- I'm sorry, let me
help you with that.
Waffle iron.
Ba ba ba ba ba!
We're going to
write apology notes
and return every
single one of those
so don't get any big ideas.
Wait are all of these for me?
- Yes, they're all
for you goofleberry
and the cake is in the car.
You mean the groom's cake.
It's the least you can do.
- Well Grandma please
just throw it out,
it's gotta be stale.
I'm not above it.
Never waste a good cake.
She gets it.
Grandma, why didn't you just
mail these from Kansas City?
It's gonna cost a
fortune from here.
Don't you worry.
Go on, get.
- Ow!
- Ow!
God look where you're going.
Get in the car.
- God I cannot believe that
you didn't tell Grandma.
- This is exactly my
problem with you Emma.
You're a pathological liar.
Oh my god, no I'm not!
Please don't yell at me.
- You're the one
whisper yelling!
(gentle music)
[Emma] What have I done now?
[Millie] You upset Grandma!
[Emma] She seems fine.
It's kinda fun having her here.
[Millie] Fun?
Oh yeah great, splendiferous.
- Splendiferous, really.
Yeah, look it up.
- [Emma] You're just
gonna walk away?
I have a date with
the hand number guy.
[Millie] A date, seriously?
You're leaving?
- Who is it?
[Emma] I'll be back.
- Whatever you're selling
we've already got it.
It's for me.
- Well you can't be
too careful these days.
I've got a walk in closet full
of Wilderness Girl cookies.
(clears throat)
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thank you.
[Blake] Wow I was just here.
[Emma] Grandma, this is Blake.
- [Blake] Mildred,
yeah we go way back.
- Well hi, nice
to see you again.
Thanks for watching my place.
Oh my pleasure.
- Can I offer you a
glass of iced tea?
- Oh no no no, we
have tickets, right?
So we should probably go?
- Yeah we probably
should get going.
- Yeah.
- [Emma] Blake this
is my sister Millie.
Hey Blake.
It is so nice to meet you, wow.
You take good care of this one
'cause she's my little sister
and you know what
don't stay out too late
'cause we have dinner plans.
No worries.
It was a pleasure to
meet you as well, Millie.
Now that we've all met and,
you know, shaken hands,
been sufficiently awkward,
I think that we can go.
- Yeah.
Nice seeing you.
You have fun!
So much fun, all the fun.
Everything's cool.
- Isn't he a cool
drink of water?
- Yep, Emma always
catches that worm.
Oh the hot ones go to Emma.
- I want some tea,
do you want some tea?
Oh yeah I'd love some tea.
And cake.
Ooh, you got it.
Don't get up, I
got it, I got it.
What'd you guys leave something?
What do I do?
Open the door.
What are you doing here?
- I just really
wanted to talk to you.
Brought your mail.
- You know I have to
do my childs poses.
If you don't mind, could
you move this to the porch?
(pensive music)
[Charlie] You okay?
I've been better.
Yeah me too.
Mills, hey.
You know I've had a lot of
time to think about this
and I got a lot to say.
Is that alright?
I love you.
I love you so much and
I've loved you for so long
and so deeply, so purely
and I've spent eight
incredible years with you.
I know.
- So can we just get out
of here please, together?
I'm here to win you
back, Mildred Haven.
Oh Charlie.
- I love you and I
accept you, all of you.
If you apologize I'll take
you back in an instant.
An apology?
- I've just been feeling
terrible, I'm sure you have too.
We just gotta come
back together.
- I don't wanna be
with you, Charlie.
You don't mean that.
You don't mean
that baby, come on.
What about our plan?
The plan?
The yellow house.
- That's not me anymore,
I don't want that.
- Babe, come on,
of course you do.
It's what we've talked
about, babe that's the dream.
I don't want the yellow house.
I want arguments, I want
big cities and trouble.
Okay you can have both.
I can give you both.
- Oh god I knew you were
gonna say that, Charlie.
Charlie you are the
kindest man that I know,
and it makes me feel guilty
that I'm not more kind
or sweet or perfect.
- But you are perfect,
you're perfect for me.
- No, no I'm not, I'm
not, and I know that
and I'm okay with that,
I'm... I'm figuring that out.
- Can you just come
home with me please?
Can we just go home and we
can figure this out together?
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry that I hurt you.
I just can't.
Is this because of Emma?
'Cause this doesn't sound like
you, this sounds like her.
I knew it.
I knew it as soon
as you two took off.
Can we just talk about this?
- Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Oh my god it doesn't matter.
You know what it
doesn't matter because
the last few days without
you have been happier
than I can ever
remember feeling.
And do you know what
that freedom feels like?
It feels like summer.
It feels like all the
things that I didn't think
I was allowed to feel.
I was just doing what I
thought I was supposed to do
but that is not the
same as loving someone.
("Moon River" by Sara Morgan)
Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossin' you
in style some day
Old dream maker,
you heartbreaker
Wherever you're goin',
I'm goin' your way
Two drifters, off
to see the world
There's such a
lot of world to see
We're after the
same rainbow's end
Waitin' 'round the bend
(kissing and laughing)
My huckleberry friend,
Moon River, and me
Dropped your weapon.
Thank you Blake.
Nice to see you Millie.
I'm gonna talk to
you soon, okay?
- Great yeah.
- Okay yeah.
(light music)
You're looking real good.
You met Blake.
Sure did, yep.
- Probably a little
too muscular for me.
But you know, to each his own.
- I dunno, just you know the
next time that you ask out
my man friend could you
please just tell me about it?
If you could communicate
that to me with words
that would just be helpful.
- I talked to Charlie.
- No!
Don't change the subject.
He's actually really
important to me.
Oh, sorry.
- But I mean, how many
hot guys did you think
there were in Marcy?
Everyone's so geriatric.
- You know when you
put it like that.
- Right?
- Mm hmm.
You called Charlie.
Mm, nn nn, he came here.
Way to bury the lede!
He was here.
- Yeah.
Where is he now?
He's gone.
He's gone?
He's gone.
Gone gone.
Well good for you.
Girl gang.
- Girl gang.
- Boop.
(gentle music)
- Emma?
- Hmm?
- Hey chickadees, what's
all that squawking about?
[Both] Nothing.
- You know you girls are so
lucky to have each other.
Growing up with four
brothers is hard.
I do love 'em, but oh my
sweet lord, they were a pain.
All I ever wanted was
a good girl friend.
And I tried, but... I was
sharp around the edges.
I look at you two and I
think how great it must be
to have someone
that just gets you.
Sisters are special.
You have someone to
be different with.
Now, whatever is going
on between you two,
you need to let it
out, let it all out.
Howl at the moon,
and then let it go.
Because there will never
be someone as important
as the one standing
right next to you.
So get off your
darn high horses.
You know what to do.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
- That was good.
You know Emma, ever
since you were a baby
you knew exactly
what you wanted.
Now one day you decided
that I was your favorite.
Well I felt so special.
I was the only one that
could make you stop crying.
And then the next day
it'd be someone else.
- But the only one that
could always make you laugh
whether they cared
about it or not...
Wait, really?
- You two are very
important to each other.
I think it's time you stopped
being such boneheads about it.
- Grandma what was
I like as a baby?
You sure were darn cute though.
You were cute.
Mm hmm, I heard that.
- Yeah, not present
tense, past tense.
Hey Mills?
Think I need to talk to you.
I don't wanna go.
- What?
No no, I was gonna say I
kind of want to go alone.
- Oh I wanna stay
here for the summer.
I wanna stay and see
what happens with Blake.
It needs to be whatever
it wants to be.
- Emma Haven look at you,
jumping off the deep end!
- Is that okay?
- Yes!
You finally found a good
one, I am so proud of you.
- No this'll be good,
this will be good.
I'll swing by home
for damage control,
and then I'll do
the drive to DC.
What if you don't get in?
I'll just figure it out.
- Millie Haven and
not having a plan!
Well I learned from the best.
- Oh that's true!
- That's you.
- Guess I can't use
these, but, you know what?
I think he likes you.
- Me?
- Mm hmm.
(gentle music)
Albert you're my number five.
You forgot these.
(uplifting music)
Hit the dashboard,
just whack it!
Turn on the wipers,
hit the dashboard.
[Millie] Got it!
("Go Back" by Darlingside)
We were always on our way
Rolling up our sleeves
Ever moving forward
In the tracks where we
lived our simple lives
Kept our blinders on
Eyes to the horizon
I know I'm no
doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way
to go is to go back
And return to who we were
Before we disappeared
Into the thick of big ideas
Now we can see
the sweeping view
But we're waiting
out the storm
Stuck under the awning
I know I'm no
doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way
to go is to go back
Into everglades, greener
yesterdays, skip the stones away
Go back to the start
Photos in the darkroom
before they fade
So we hold to who we are
Even into the arc
Beyond our furthest edges
To a world full of
strange and towering skies
And a chance to choose in time
To set out on our own way
I know I'm no
doctor but I know
No doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way
to go is to go back
(gentle music)
(light music)