Diggerz: Black Lung Rises (2017) Movie Script

Each dawn as we rise,
Lord, we know all too well.
We face only one thing,
a pit filled with hell.
To scratch out a living
best that we can,
but deep in the heart
lies the soul of a man.
With black covered faces
and hard calloused hands,
we work the dark
tunnels unable to stand.
To labor and toil as
we harvest the coals,
we silently pray, Lord,
harvest our souls.
It was just a dream.
Only a dream.
Am I still dreaming?
What done this to my Betsy.
I'm not sure.
Might have been some
college kids playing a prank
or a mountain
lion, maybe a bear.
No college kids did that.
No bear either.
Then who or what would
have done this, Mr. Hagerdy?
Not sure, but it's
not from this Earth.
What is that supposed to mean?
You mean it could be
aliens from outer space?
Listen if you don't have
something of substance to offer
I suggest you get
the hell out of here.
Look at the groove
markings on the bones.
Looks like a saw
or a small pickax
was cutting in on them or some...
Or what?
Something with razor sharp
teeth was gnawing at them.
Now I've seen what a bear
and a mountain lion can do,
and I'm here to
tell the both of you
this was not done by a
bear or a mountain lion.
So we've ruled out bears,
and we've ruled
out mountain lions.
Now we're back to aliens?
No, this is different.
I don't know what
but I have a feeling
that something bad
has fallen upon us.
Sheriff, you better get ready.
What do you think, sheriff?
I think Mr. Hagerdy's
been hittin' the bottle
a little too much lately.
I heard that.
Yeah, I meant for you to.
Maybe it wasn't just a dream.
Hold on there, little lady.
I could have killed you.
What are you doing sneaking
up on me like that?
I wasn't sneaking.
You'd have to be damn near
deaf not to hear me coming up.
Though I did see you're
a little preoccupied.
I was deep in thought.
About what?
Why would you ask that?
Just curious what
would bring a young lady
up to this spot in the
middle of the woods.
Do you know what
happened here?
100 years ago 12
people were forced
into this mine by a
wealthy coal mining baron,
and the entrance was
sealed off with dynamite.
12, I thought it was 13.
Well, yes and no.
You see, one of the women
was eight months pregnant,
so really 13 souls were lost.
Back in the '70s
state authorities
decided to open the mine
in order to remove the remains
of the people that
were left there to die
and give them a proper
final resting place.
The only problem was when
they went in they didn't...
They never found the bodies.
Not one single shred of
human remains was ever found.
They searched the mine
for weeks but nothing.
So you're familiar
with the story?
Yeah, I know the legend.
It's documented historical fact.
History is open
to interpretation.
Maybe so.
It can be unkind to those
that have lived through it.
Those poor people.
They all perished here in a
cold dark hole in the ground.
No one deserves to die that way.
I've seen you in the
bar where I work.
Your name's Hagerdy, right?
That's right.
I'm Raven.
Nice to meet you Mr. Hagerdy.
Call my Hagerdy, just Hagerdy.
Well, then, Hagerdy
would you mind giving me
a lift back into town?
My pleasure.
So how do you know so
much about the mine?
I'm a PhD candidate.
I'm writing my dissertation on
20th Century workplace tragedies
that ultimately led to reforms
and safety guidelines
to protect innocent
hard-working Americans from
being taken advantage of
or even killed by greedy
entrepreneurs and
corporate machines.
My major focus is on the
coal mining industry.
Sounds like important work.
It is.
I'm hoping to give voice
to the forgotten people
that gave their
lives to help shape
important changes
in this country.
They deserve to be heard and
given their place in history.
So you wanna know the title?
Money, Madmen, and Massacres:
The Tragic Events
That Inspired Change
In The 20th Century
American Workplace.
Catchy title.
Maybe it's a bit over the top.
It's a working title.
Anyway, I do a lot of research
trying to dig up the truth.
I tend to get caught
up in all of it,
but that's how I know
so much about the mine.
Well, this is me.
Thanks for the ride.
Don't mention it.
If you get a chance
stop by the bar tonight.
Your first beer is on me.
I just may do that.
Hey, one last thing.
Have you ever seen an old midget
with a long gray
beard around here?
Can't say that I have.
Anything's possible
in this town.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I'll catch you later.
What are we gonna
do to make sure
another one of my cows
is not slaughtered?
Are our children safe?
Is there a killer on
the lose, Mr. Mayor?
Now hold on everyone.
Let's get an update
from Sheriff Starling
before the rumor mill
runs out of control
and we throw a
panic over our town.
Sheriff, what can you tell us?
Thank you, mayor.
The bottom line is we need
to just not overreact.
Okay, everybody, we just
have a simple case of a bear
or a wild animal
that has attacked one
of Farmer Smith's
livestock, that's it.
Farmer Smith indicated
that there is in fact some
speculation that this is more
than a mere wildlife attack.
That's right.
Hagerdy said it can
be space aliens.
That's not what I said.
I did say that whatever this is
it's not from this Earth.
Meaning what then?
That this
is something dark,
something evil.
Evil, Mr. Hagerdy, how so?
One should be very careful
throwing about such words.
Mr. Hagerdy, let's
not get carried away
with your extreme notions.
We don't wanna
needlessly frighten
the good people
of this community.
You should be afraid.
You should all be afraid.
There's been a
slow burning curse
on this town for a 100 years.
You know it.
You can feel it.
And now, there's a storm
of evil that's come for us.
How do you know this, Hagerdy?
Have you seen this evil before?
You all know my story.
You know what I've been through.
No, father, I have
never seen this evil
at least not face to face.
But I know it exists.
I have felt it.
Let me ask you something, father
have you ever seen God before
and I don't mean in the
laughter of children?
I mean have you
ever seen God before
and looked him in the eyes?
Yet, you still believe
in his existence.
Yes, of course.
Mr. Hagerdy, your
concern over this situation
and your theatrics are well
noted as is your drinking.
I may be a drinker
but no drunk.
I have said my peace here
today and now I'm done.
This is all on you.
Well, let's say for the moment
that we're going to entertain
your outlandish notion.
What would you have us do?
I don't know exactly.
But I would try to figure
out a way to stop this,
to put an end to the evil
chain that surrounds us.
I wouldn't even
listen to this guy, dad.
This guy's just an old drunk.
This is what these
kind of forums are for
to hear ideas and
gather information.
As you will all agree some
ideas are not very good ones.
Mr. Hagerdy for instance
seems to be reading too
much fiction lately.
But there is nothing
to be concerned about.
Our community, our
families are safe.
Thought I'd take
you up on that beer.
Glad you came by.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
Not right now after
my shift ends, okay?
Oh, excuse me.
Mr. Hagerdy, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to bump into you.
Glad to see you're out
having a few drinks
getting those creative
juices flowing, are ya?
Are you gonna tell us some more
of those camp fire
Brad, I think it's
time you get home now.
Or what?
What are you gonna do?
Scare me to death.
Do you wanna take this outside
Mr. Coal Mining tough guy?
Coal mining is dangerous
and difficult work.
Compared to what I face, you
and this situation are nothing,
So, I would strongly
advice that you get
the hell out of here right now.
That's not very scary at all.
What are you a lawyer?
"I would strongly advise
"you get the hell out
of here right now."
I'm gonna kick
your ass, Hagerdy.
The only person that's
gonna be doing any
ass kicking around here is me.
You got three choices.
Number one, I kick your ass.
Number two, I call the sheriff,
and you spend a
night behind bars.
Or number three, you get the
hell out of here right now.
Go home and sleep it off.
What's it gonna be?
- Huh?
- Alright.
Okay, cyclops.
I'll leave.
Yeah, well I was just blowing
off some steam in there.
I really wasn't gonna
hurt old Hagerdy.
Well, I had a
good time tonight,
except for that last little bit.
Thanks for dinner and drinks,
maybe too many drinks.
You know, the night
doesn't have to be over yet.
Did you just see that?
I didn't see anything.
The only thing I see is you.
I can think of a few other ways
that you can say thank you.
That sounds nice.
But not tonight.
I have to get up
early in the morning.
What if I don't wanna wait?
Well, waiting will
make it that much sweeter
when it actually does happen.
I'm done waiting.
Come on baby.
This is gonna be so good.
- No.
- Just relax.
Come on, baby, just relax.
It's gonna be so good.
What the hell are
you supposed to be?
Halloween's over, man.
You're ruining my date.
Do you know who I am?
13 souls to pay the debt.
13 souls I will get.
what's your emergency?
That shit supposed
to be so good.
I can't wait to try it.
Well, let's get
some pizza and beer
and go back to the
garage and spark one up.
Totally, good plan.
Wait let's just
smoke one right now?
Even better plan.
What the hell, dude?
Douche bag, where you going?
Awesome costume, bro.
Yeah, where's the party?
Hey, man, you want a hit?
Do you ever wonder why
Raven wears that eye patch?
Wait Raven
wears an eye patch?
You ready for another beer?
Well, after all the
excitement, why not.
So, Raven, is
there anything else
that needs to be done back here?
Hey, Alex, this is
my friend Hagerdy.
Hagerdy, this is Alex.
Hello there, I'm Alex Niva.
It's a pleasure to make your
acquaintance, Mr. Hagerdy, sir.
Nice to meet you kid,
but call me just Hagerdy.
Yes, sir.
Hey, when you get a chance
please retook the first bar tab
and ice down everything.
I serve at your pleasure
my royal princess.
Get out of here.
What's with the kid's accent?
He's a foreign exchange
student from Finland.
He's a good kid, hard worker,
and smart as a whip.
He's a little sweet on ya?
Yeah, maybe just a little bit.
Well, who wouldn't be.
Hagerdy, are you
flirting with me?
Hell no, I'm just
making an observation.
Besides I'm old enough to be
your father for Christ sakes.
Grandfather maybe.
Hey, I'm not that old.
Or am I?
That was really close by.
I think we ought
to check it out.
Sheriff, I know
it sounds crazy,
but that's what happened.
Alright thank you
for your statement.
Would you be willing to
come to the station tomorrow
sit with our sketch artist?
You can make a composite
drawing of this male suspect.
Yeah, of course but I'm
telling you this wasn't a man.
It was a monster.
Sheriff, do you have enough?
I'd like to get her
to the hospital now
so the doctors can
get her checked out.
Yeah, go head, bye.
Wait, sheriff, one more thing.
It's probably it nothing.
There was a little
man in the alley
just before we walked in.
A little man.
Yeah, like a dwarf.
He had a hat and a
beard sort of like
those statues people
put in their front yard.
You mean a gnome.
Right like that
except without the
pointy red hat.
He sort of looked
old and out of place.
It was probably nothing.
No, no, no, I got it.
No detail's unimportant, okay.
Let's get her to a hospital.
Thank you.
Monsters, dwarfs this is just
gettin' better and better.
They legalize marijuana
in this state?
Sheriff, can you tell
me what happened here?
Yes a very unfortunate
incident occurred
here this evening.
There was one fatality.
It's an ongoing investigation...
Was this a accident
or was it deliberate?
It's being ruled
as a homicide.
Who was the victim?
That information's
not being released
until the next of
kin is notified.
Do you
have any suspects?
No, like I said it's
an ongoing investigation.
We're just gettin' started.
We'll learn more
as the days come.
Okay, let's go home.
So there may well be a
serial killer on the lose then?
No, one murder doesn't
justify a serial killer.
The people have
a right to know.
Hey, listen the body's
not even cold yet.
Will you give us a
chance to do our job?
So you'd rather people
be left in the dark.
I want people to be
informed by the facts.
Alright, we don't even know
what the hell is going on here.
Masters, do me a
favor don't make this
into something that it's not.
Okay, now that's
enough questions.
You'll give me an exclusive
when you know something.
Ah, Jesus.
Poor kid.
Hey, what are
you two doing here.
This is a crime scene you
know you can't be here,
and you this is the
second time today
you've butted into
police business.
At least I'm consistent.
If I need your help
I'll ask for it, okay.
You two get the
hell out of here.
One question.
Any idea what the
miner's tag is about?
The what?
The brass plate on
his forehead there.
I don't know what that is.
In the old days it
was used to identity
anybody that was in the
mine at any given time.
It acted like an
accounting system
to keep track of the bodies.
Maybe whoever is doing this is
trying to tell us something.
I've yet to assess
the crime scene.
Okay, there's still
a lot of evidence
that needs to accounted for,
cataloged, and reviewed.
Like the bloody boot prints
leading away from the body?
Yes, exactly.
Hey, Pam, come over here.
Let's get a shot of these.
Alright come on, guys, let's go.
Hey, listen we've never
handled a murder before.
I don't know the
last time something
like this has ever
happened here.
I don't know that it ever has.
Hey, I understand that you and
Brad exchanged words tonight?
Yeah, that's right.
Did you have something
to do with this?
But if I would have done it,
I would have taken
his head clean off.
He didn't do it.
He was in the bar the
whole night with me
and 50 other witnesses.
He never left.
Alright, I'm just
doing my job, okay guys.
Do me a favor get home.
Please stay out of
my way, all right.
What do you think?
I think I need a drink.
So whatever happened to you?
Why are you so bitter, so angry?
I pretty much hate
the whole world.
What do you mean?
I was working the coal
mines in Pennsylvania.
I was there for five years.
I had a great crew.
We were like family.
The company wanted us to work
farther and deeper than
we've ever gone before
working faster
than we should've.
The suits in the front
office were trying
to make this big year end bonus.
I said, "No."
They insisted.
They even offered us additional
financial incentives
to keep going.
My crew needed the
money for their families
around the holidays,
so we kept going.
The structural engineers
said it was safe.
We hit such a sweet streak.
We pulled out more
coal in three days
than most crews did in a month.
We were heroes.
Then the world fell
in on top of us.
We all survived the cave in.
But it took them three
weeks to finally reach us.
I was the only one that made it.
I told my men that we'd be okay.
That I would get
them all out safely
and back to their families.
I failed them.
It wasn't your fault.
No, it wasn't.
It's the damn structural
engineer's fault.
It only felt like my fault.
I should've died down there
in that mine with my friends.
Part of me did die down there.
Empty on the inside,
like a cold dark mine.
That is why I'm so
bitter and so angry.
Does that help
answer your question?
I know how you feel.
I've lost men too.
You can't just give up.
You have to keep
living your life.
What honor the memory
of my fallen friends?
That's bullshit.
It doesn't work that way.
It's like blowing
rainbow smoke up my ass.
No, it's not.
Do you think your
friends would have
wanted it any different for you?
Don't you think they'd
be happy you survived.
You have to honor their
memory with your life.
Here's to.
To those that
have gone before us.
To those who have
gone before us.
So is this what you
wanted to talk to me about?
The things you said
at the town hall meeting
I believe you ever word of it.
You may be the only one.
Something bad has
a hold on this place.
I think it has to
do with the mine,
the tragedy that happened there.
I'm not sure why or how,
but it's linked together.
Why would you say that?
It's like this
feeling that I have.
I had a dream about
the mine last night.
That's why I went there today.
I wanted to see it.
I felt connected somehow.
That's very interesting.
When I was standing there,
it was like
I could feel the pain
and torture that those
people experienced.
I could feel it coursing
through my veins.
I could hear them suffering.
It was awful.
Certainly sounds that way.
So why were you there today?
Same as you I
wanted to see it.
The mine is the key
to the whole thing.
It has to be.
I just wanted to see
it with my own eyes.
See if I could get a
sense of something.
Did you?
I didn't have the
same experience you did.
But I did feel something.
Jane said she
saw a little man.
That sounds like the same
man that I saw last night.
He must be a part of this too.
I wonder who he is?
Actually it's not who he is
it's more like what he is.
How long have you been there?
Well, long enough.
Okay, kid, what is he?
They're called diggers.
They're kind of like leprechauns
or gnomes to the
underground world.
Some miners believe they act
like an early warning system.
They would, you know,
make knocking sounds
for an explosion or a cave in.
Some miners believe
they act as culprits
of incidents that have
happened in the mines.
How do you know all this?
Well, my grandfather
before he moved to Finland
to marry my grandmother
and become a fisherman,
he used to be a
coal miner in Wales.
He'd tell me all these stories
about his days
working the mines.
So what about you, Mr. Hagerdy,
have you ever seen the diggers?
That's the stuff of
coal miners folklore
like Santa Claus, the Easter
bunny bullshit like that.
I never believed any of it.
Till I saw one.
That digger saved my life.
Holy cow.
I keep it for luck.
Only these days I
fill it with Bourbon.
Then that little
man that I saw
he must be one of the diggers.
He's here to warn us.
But about what?
Something bad
that's gonna happen.
What do you
think we should do?
Sometimes you have to look
back in order to move forward.
Jake, what's that
son of mine done now?
Mayor Dickerson, I'm
afraid I have some bad news.
What is it?
Brad is dead.
Just leave.
Come on in.
Sit down.
Tell me what happened to my son.
Based upon the
information provided
by the young lady that
was with Brad tonight,
he was murdered.
All the details are a
little vague at this time.
Did she say who did it?
There's not much to go on.
She was injured at the
incident, a concussion
so her vision was impaired.
Well, what did she say?
Well, sir, she said
a monster did it.
A monster.
What the hell does that mean?
Listen, sir, please,
understand there was some
drinking involved too.
So between the
alcohol and the injury
the details are
a little sketchy.
No, I don't understand at all.
My son is...
My son is dead.
I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor.
Please go.
Yes, sir.
How was he killed?
His throat was cut.
Massive bleeding.
Do you think he suffered?
If he did it wasn't for long.
You find who did this?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Mayor, listen there's
something else that I want you to
hear from me so you don't get
blind sided by somebody else.
She's also claiming that
Brad sexually assaulted her.
He tried to rape her.
Do you think she's
telling the truth?
There's no reason
to think otherwise.
Hey, babe.
Hey, baby.
Rough day at the office.
Mayor Dickerson's
son Brad was killed.
Oh, my god what happened?
I don't know.
We haven't put the pieces
together yet but he was murdered.
Murdered, really?
Let's talk about
something else, huh.
How was your day?
Oh, you know the usual,
ABCs, crayons,
construction paper.
The kids are great.
They're excited about
the school year ending
and going on summer vacation.
Yeah, when I was a kid this
was my favorite time of year.
Finish your beer
and come to bed.
You know I thought I wanted
something more from this job,
more adventure, more
excitement, something.
But after today I realize
I had it all wrong.
The grocery store,
parking tickets,
the football games,
the normal boring stuff
that's what it's all about.
The every day is perfect.
I love you.
I love you too.
Will you marry me?
I've been putting
it off far too long.
I love you that's
all that matters.
I don't have a ring for you
yet, but I'll get you one.
I don't need a ring.
Yes, yes of course
I'll marry you.
Got a man open.
He launches the
ball and touch down
in 38-yard rocket speed.
The extra point
to be down just by one.
Be a good time to
get the ball back.
I don't know why we
always have to watch sports.
Because it's
history in the making.
We are watching history
unfolding before our eyes.
History in the
making so is the news.
Why don't we watch the news
and find out what's
going on with the world.
The new is not
history in the making.
It's sensationalistic reporting
real events that have
already happened.
Plus, it's depressing.
With sports there's always hope.
Not with the
teams you root for.
One of these days I'm
either gonna kill you
or you're gonna kill me.
One of us has to go.
Then there'll be one
remote to rule the world.
How about some house wives?
Well, it's almost halftime.
We can watch a few
minutes of your program.
What was that?
Don't know.
Woodpecker maybe?
Be an awfully big woodpecker.
Problem the Miller
kids messing around.
I'll go take a look.
Sit down.
Eat your dinner
before it gets cold.
It's your favorite
Salisbury steak.
I do love Salisbury steak.
Now what was that?
It's probably your fat
cat jumping off the bed.
You should probably put
that thing on a diet.
Whoever heard of
putting a cat on a diet.
I'm gonna get some hot sauce.
Want me to grab you anything?
No, thank you.
Did you put the game back on?
What is it?
Eight seconds left.
Norward lines up a 47
yarder for the win.
Here's the snap.
The kick is up, and it's good.
Hey, sheriff, what
can I do you for?
Listen I got a
witness coming in.
I need a sketch.
See, I've got a client.
I got rent and bills to pay.
Since what I do for you
guys is free of charge,
I gotta put my clients first.
Yeah, but sweetheart I
brought you coffee and donuts.
Aren't donuts really
more your thing, sheriff?
Oh, an attempt at a cop
and a donut joke, huh?
How original, Bill.
Don't worry, sheriff.
Bill's just getting warmed up.
I'm a muffin guy,
blueberry actually.
I'd have pegged you more
as a bran muffin kind of guy.
Fiber joke he is
just getting started.
Listen this is a
murder case, okay.
I need that sketch now.
There better be a
bear claw in there.
Of course, who you talkin' to?
You mind coming
back for yours tomorrow?
No, Jes, it's all good.
Do you what you gotta do.
Alright, let me finish this.
I'll get cleaned up
and I'll be right over.
Alright, I'll see you
at the station, thanks.
Morning, Raven.
Morning, Marybelle.
What brings you in
today, sweetheart?
I need to do more research
on the mining massacre.
More than you've already done.
You've already read every
book we have on that subject.
You know all of
those inside and out.
I'm taking my research in a
slightly different direction.
Really, how so?
Not exactly sure.
There's some details
that I've missed,
something that
will open the doors
to the answers that
I'm trying to find.
I understand.
Well, you already know
where all the books are,
so you'll let me know
if I can help you?
Alright, Jane,
this is Jessica.
She's our sketch artist.
She's one of the best.
All you gotta do is just
tell her what you saw, okay.
All right.
Are you ready?
Sheriff, you got a minute?
Excuse me ladies
I'll be right back.
What is it, Mills?
Got a report of
some more bodies.
It's Ron and Tammi Wilson.
They live in the RV up
on top of the mountain.
Yeah, yeah, yeah I know them.
What in the hell is happening
to our sleepy little town?
You should come see this.
Two more tags.
Two more bodies.
So, hey, what you got?
Seriously, is this
some kind of joke.
Here's your suspect.
It's the boogie man.
Thanks for the bear claw.
I told you he's not a man.
He's a monster.
Who's there?
What you doing in
my barn, little man?
Where'd you go?
You can't be in here.
This is my barn.
If you had anything to
do with killing my Betsy,
I will string you
up by your thumbs.
Jeez, you are a slippery
little sucker, aren't you?
I'm gonna get you
now you little shit.
There's no place left to hide.
Three strikes and you're out.
I'll be damned you went
upstairs, didn't you?
You just disappeared
into thin air.
How is that even possible?
What in god's name are you?
You the one that
killed my Betsy?
No, no.
You demon from hell.
Not from hell from
the evil that men do.
Please stop.
Okay, kids, please
put your drawings
in my basket before you leave
and don't forget to study
for your spelling test.
Hi, sheriff.
sweetie, how are you?
You have a good day today.
Thanks, you do too.
Hey, you.
How are you?
Good, what are you doing here?
I was in the neighborhood
I just wanted to stop by.
That's so sweet.
What is it?
No, nothing I just
wanted to see you.
Is there something wrong?
I just wanted to
make sure you're safe.
I'm fine, sweetheart.
What are these?
What is this?
My kids drew them.
We're reading a storybook
in class about dreams.
I just told them to draw what
they saw in their dreams.
What is it what's wrong?
Look at this.
You don't believe
in monsters, do you?
Oh, my god.
Jesus Christ.
Sheriff, you ever seen
anything like this before?
Not even close.
And there's another
one of them tag things
stuck in the wood over there.
It looks like he
got one shot off.
Hit something over there.
I don't know.
Looks like blood.
It has like coal or oil in it.
I don't know, sheriff.
I'll have the boys bag, tag,
and photograph everything
soon as they get here.
All right.
With a heart as dark.
And black as coal.
The monster
from the mine.
Is gonna
steal your soul.
That looks so bad ass.
Thanks, man.
Alright, you're all done.
Oh, thanks, Jess,
that's awesome.
Check it out.
Check it out.
Dude, pay the lady, pay her.
Thanks, boys.
Thank you.
So, Jess, you wanna
join us and smoke one up.
Tempting, but
I've gotta stay here
and clean up my
machines so sorry.
All right.
- Next time.
- Next time.
- There you go.
- Alright.
Alright, Jes, take it easy.
See you around guys.
Sorry, I'm closed for the night.
I never should've shown
you guys that sketch.
I'm impressed though.
What is that latex?
Which one of you knuckle
heads is that anyway?
You are real.
Pulled an all nighter, huh?
Did you find what
you were looking for?
No, not really.
What's all this stuff?
Here take it maybe it'll
help you find some answers.
Hey, get away from my car.
What are you doing?
Don't go home.
What am I supposed to do
go play miniature golf?
Where'd he go?
Here's another
'80s classic from T Rock FM
Trinidad's classic rock station.
Our advice don't drink
headlock and honey.
I love that song.
So this has happened before?
Oh, yes, it has.
Now it's happening again.
Why didn't you tell
anybody about this?
I did, well, at least I tried.
50 years ago nobody believed me.
I tried telling everybody.
Nobody would listen to me.
Jasper Salt he took
the fall for 12 murders.
They pinned the
whole thing on him.
A swift trial,
virtually no press
they swept the whole story
under the rug and forgot it.
They threw Jasper away
like an old newspaper
and left him to rot down
in the state prison.
Who was he to you?
He worked in the
mines back then.
He was the sweetest
man that I ever met.
We were gonna be
married, you know.
I'd visit him as often as I
could in those first few years.
But then he made me quit coming.
He didn't want me to wait.
But, you know, Raven,
I've always held out hope.
When this started
happening again,
why didn't you come forward?
Well, at first I didn't
even think it was related,
and no one believed
me 50 years ago.
Why would they believe me now?
The whole story
sounds preposterous.
A monster from a
coal mine, really?
I believe you.
Well, honey, I knew you would.
That's why I gave
you my information.
If anybody can make sense out
of this nightmare,
Raven, it's you.
So whatever happened
to Jasper Salt?
He's still serving his life
sentence down in the prison.
He's still alive?
Oh, yes, honey.
Yes, he is.
Today for your art
assignment I want you to
draw something that makes
you feel happy or safe
like balloons or puppy dogs or
your mom and dad, all right.
Okay, get to work.
With a heart as dark.
And black as coal.
The monster from the mine.
Is gonna steal your soul.
With a heart as dark.
And black as coal.
The monster from the mine.
Is gonna steal your soul.
With a heart as dark.
And black as coal.
The monster
from the mine.
Is gonna
steal your soul.
Okay, please put your
work in the basket.
Thank you.
Bye, have a good day.
Bye, bye.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, at least this time
it's a cute little elf.
Hey, sweetie.
What is it, what's wrong?
I saw the.
what did you see.
Hey, no, Nicole, no.
Code two, 217.
Elementary school stat.
Nicole's in trouble.
I'm sorry, Jake.
But there's nothing
you can do here.
Please go home get some rest.
We'll take good care of her.
Why did he leave the tags?
I don't know.
Maybe he heard us
coming and got careless.
What is it?
Another tag and
another body on.
Susan Hartman.
Soccer mom?
I want everything, okay.
Forensics, photographs, prints
everything on my desk
tomorrow morning, all right.
You got it.
We gotta stop this.
Look, say five our fathers.
Do some stuff with
the rosary beads
and be nicer to your mother.
Thanks, father.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
bless you my son.
Go with God.
Almost quitting time.
Damn kids.
Come on, baby, you
got work to do.
We're gonna do the lord's work.
Bless me, father,
for I'm about to sin.
About to sin.
My will be done.
Sheriff, are you
sure you wanna do this?
Somebody has to officially
identify her body.
Nobody's more qualified than me.
Did you know that
she was pregnant?
She was about six weeks along.
That's why he left two tags.
What's that?
Would you mind just giving
us a moment alone please?
Yes, of course.
You were gonna have a baby.
It would've been perfect.
You would be a good mom.
I got you something.
I'm gonna miss you.
Yeah, hey, Mills.
Fitzpatrick's been killed.
Is there a tag?
Alright, I'll be
there in a minute.
The similarities are haunting.
Back then things started off
with a cow being killed too.
Some eye witnesses told the
police about a creature.
Hello, sheriff.
We're all real sorry
to hear about Nicole.
If there's anything we can do.
Thank you.
Listen we're dealing with some
screwed up
supernatural shit here.
I'm just not equipped to
deal with it by myself.
I need your help, so
I'm asking for it.
Pull up a chair.
I was just starting
to tell the guys
that this has all
happened before.
The last time
someone was murdered
in this town was 50 years ago,
and this creature did it.
He went on a killing spree
and 12 people were
brutally murdered.
Miner tags were
left with each body.
This man Jasper Salt was
unjustly convicted of the crimes.
For some reason the town
kept it all very hush, hush.
This dirty little secret
seemed to have been
forgotten by time.
Until now.
How did you find that drawing?
This is Jasper Salt's journal.
He drew this 50 years ago.
Jessica drew
this the other day.
That's the same creature.
That's what Jane
said killed Brad.
That's what killed
those other people,
and that's what
killed my Nicole.
I just don't get it.
Why is it doing this?
I think this monster was
created out of hatred or evil
when the original 13 were
killed in the mining massacre.
It wants its pound of flesh.
It's just a theory.
A damn good one.
You know what that
actually might work.
Jane said this thing
said something to her.
13 souls to pay the debt.
13 souls I will get.
It's targeting people
based on their date of birth.
I cross referenced
the original 13
with the 12 people
that died in 1965
and they matched up.
I then compared that
against the eight people
that were killed over
the last few days.
Nicole was pregnant.
Nine people.
Those birth dates
matched up too.
That means that it has four
people left on its kill list.
We cross reference the
remaining dates on the list
with the town's birth records
and protect those people.
Only there's one small problem.
There's no birth date on file
for one of the original 13.
Yeah, but we can at
least save three lives,
and in the meantime
maybe try to figure out
how to stop this thing.
Jasper Salt's
in the state pen.
Can you get us in?
Yeah, just let me make a call.
You know those guys don't
listen to girls, but I do, I do.
Because if you listen,
you can learn something.
Do you remember
when we saw this
at the film festival, Phoebe?
You were so scared.
We had to leave the night
light on for a week.
You want some popcorn?
So, they
put her in a dumpster.
I don't remember this part.
This must be the director's cut.
I put her in a suitcase,
and I sent her on her way.
And so I...
I silenced you.
Oh, man, this is one
of my favorite parts.
He's gonna get it.
I took that shit,
and I put it where it belonged.
Hey, what's this?
That's not your tag.
I see your sister
I'm gonna make sure that
you guys are reunited.
What's going on?
Oh god.
He's coming for me, isn't he?
Stop or I'll shoot.
Mr. Salt, I'm Raven Kelly.
This is my friend Mr. Hagerdy.
I won't bite, Ms. Kelly.
Please have a seat.
Thank you for agreeing
to meet with us.
I'm doing research
on the massacre
that happened at the
mine in Trinidad.
Are you familiar
with that incident?
Yes, I know about the
tragedy that took place there?
Would you find if we asked
you a few questions about it?
Ms. Kelly, I appreciate
your politeness
and your veiled attempt to
make this about something
other than what it really is.
Sorry, but.
Why would you
come talk to a man
who's been locked
away for 50 years
for crimes he didn't commit
and ask him questions
about an event
that took place a century ago?
I thought perhaps you
could shed some light
on a specific topic that
might have something to do
with what happened at the
mine and also with you.
You're not here to
talk about the massacre.
You're here to talk with me
about the monster, aren't you?
You're here to talk with
me about Black Lung.
Black Lung.
That's the name I gave
him, to the monster.
I've had a lot of time over
the years to think about him.
He's the reason I'll
die inside this hole.
I had to call him something.
Black Lung it
seemed appropriate.
Mr. Salt, we don't think
you're guilty of
these crimes either.
We think this
Black Lung creature
was responsible for all
those murders 50 years ago.
You're right he was.
Only there was no
way I could prove it.
They called me a liar.
They called me crazy.
People would rather
condemn an innocent man
than believe what they perceive
to be an unbelievable truth.
I can't says I blame.
It still hurts though.
The real truth is
evil exists I know it.
I've seen it.
We believe you.
That's why we're here.
Why now after all these years?
He's back, isn't he?
Sometimes I think I see him
in the shadows waiting for me
maybe coming back for me.
Coming back for you.
13 souls to pay the debt.
He only got 12.
I'm the one that got away.
Do you know how to kill it?
You can't kill something
that's already dead.
But I suspect it
can be destroyed.
Go on.
I don't think it's possible
to confirm any of this,
but I have some ideas.
We're willing to take
a leap of faith with you.
This is what I believe.
What is it?
Why do things
like this happen?
I just don't understand.
There is no why.
Things just happen.
It'll be like counting the
rain drops in a thunderstorm.
It's not just possible.
You just accept the
fact that it's raining.
You either get out of the rain
or you put your rain coats on
and you take care of business.
Times up.
Visiting hours are over.
Mr. Salt, it was a pleasure.
it for good luck.
Thank you,
and thank you for all your help.
I certainly hope it is,
and that our paths may
cross again one day.
Good no meet you, sir.
We actually met once before.
You were just a baby then.
I knew your father.
I liked him.
He was a good man.
Thank you.
I read about
your scrape back in
Pennsylvania in a newspaper.
That was a tough one.
Yes, it was.
Let it go.
One last thing
what do you think the
deal is with the cows?
My best guess is
after you've done a
50-year stretch in a mine,
first thing you'd wanna
do is get a good steak.
That's what I would do.
Here's to you, son.
May you rest in peace.
Suffer not the same
fate as your son.
Who's there?
I'm not gonna suffer
the same fate of my son.
That's all bullshit.
I don't buy into any of this.
What the hell is that?
We either take
the fight to him
or we figure out a
way to draw him out.
We don't need to attack
him from inside the mine.
That's his territory.
We'd be at a disadvantage
without any recon.
Okay, so we draw him out.
But how?
With me.
I'm the last target on the list.
What makes you say that?
The birth dates.
I was adopted.
I don't know when
my real birthday is.
I was left on the
steps at the church,
so that's the day that
we celebrate my birthday.
So, it's me.
I'm the bait.
We bring the monster to
us and we end this tonight.
Look, Alex, I know
you're gonna wanna help.
No, I do not.
I'm going to wish
you all good luck.
Go home, lock myself
in the basement
and I'm going to
see you all tomorrow
when this is all over.
You did say he was smart.
Go home.
I'll see you in the morning.
Black Lung.
Come out and play.
Come on you close now.
Huh, I know you can
taste the blood.
Just one more kill
to go, let's go.
I ain't going out
without a fight.
You gone have to
come and get me.
You gone have to
come and get me.
I'll take those odds.
I know this isn't
gonna kill you.
But I hope it hurts like hell.
Hey, asshole.
How do you destroy coal?
How do you destroy coal?
You burn it.
You burn it.
Come on.
Come on, baby,
don't fail me now.
What the hell, Hagerdy.
I thought you put lighter
fluid in that thing.
I did it's probably the flint.
You didn't think to
put any flint in there.
I was never a good boy scout.
Hey, Raven, do
you need a light?
Throw me a lighter.
Dude, you throw
like a girl, man.
Thanks, kid.
Whatever let's go
get a pizza at Bella.
You're right Raven does
wear an eye patch, huh.
Come on.
- Hagerdy.
- No.
Kid, take this go help Raven.
Go, go.
I thought you
were gonna go home.
I changed my mind.
Let's do this.
Time to burn.
Let's light up another one.
Let's hit him again.
Time to send you back to
the hole you crawled out of.
- Raven.
- Hagerdy.
We kicked his ass.
We sure did.
Sheriff Starling here.
I need an ambulance at Maine
and Elm Street immediately.
An ambulance is on
the way don't move.
I don't need an
ambulance give me a minute.
Don't do that.
Give me a minute.
Oh, god.
It's empty.
Now I'm really pissed.
It's your lucky flask.
Hey, guys, look.
We sure make one
hell of a team boys.
Yes, we do.
Now let's go get a
drink and celebrate.
Now you're talking.
Jasper Salt, you
are cleared of all changes
previously held against you.
This court orders that
you are to be processed
and released from
prison immediately.
Never thought I'd
see this place again.
It's been a source of so
much pain for so many people.
It's finally over.
13 souls were lost
in a massacre.
This could be just
the beginning.
But now we know
how to beat them.
I'm glad I'm going
back to Finland.
Each dawn as we rise,
Lord, we know all too well.
We face only one thing,
a pit filled with hell.
To scratch out a living
the best that we can,
but deep in the heart
lies the soul of a man.
With black covered faces
and hard calloused hands,
we work the dark
tunnels unable to stand.
To labor and toil as
we harvest the coals,
we silently pray, Lord,
harvest our souls.
With a heart as dark.
And black as coal.
The monster
from the mine.
Is gonna
steal your soul.
With a heart as dark.
And black as coal.
The monster
from the mine.
Is gonna
steal your soul.
This movie
is dedicated to those
who lost their lives
in the Ludlow massacre
and coal miners everywhere
who continue to
harvest the coals.