Digging To China (1997) Movie Script

Did you ever, ever,
ever in your long-legged life
seen a long-legged sailor
with his long-legged wife?
No, I've never ever,
ever in my long-legged
seen a long-legged sailor
with this long-legged wife.
Did you ever, ever, ever--
My the mother
lived in one world.
I was always
looking for another.
Once I tried to squeeze
down a rabbit hole.
Then I tried digging
all the way to China.
That's where I learned a
mysterious electric force
protected the
center of the Earth.
Later I tried to make the
carpet from the front hall
fly me to Persia.
I always wished for the
same two things, which
were really only one thing.
I wanted something
magical to happen to me.
And I wanted my
mother to get well.
The weatherman said it was
a good day for traveling.
Hello, Harriet.
Hi, Harriet.
Hey, you can't sit here.
Going some place?
A sleepover.
You weren't invited.
And you were?
You believed that stupid rumor.
It's not a rumor.
You're really weird.
Thank you.
According to the
National Enquirer,
the UFO would land at 9:00 AM.
It was supposed
to be a surveying
craft from another planet
and abduct one or two
humans for medical experiments.
I was volunteering.
Class, Minnesota.
Now, st. Paul is the
capital of Minnesota.
And I hope we remember
that because that's
going to be important.
I'm down here!
In Massachusetts.
Down here.
Eric, yes.
Ms. Mosher, the UFO
is going to land.
People, there is no UFO landing.
Harriet Frankovitz
thinks there is.
Down here!
I'm down here!
We need to concentrate here.
I'll be back.
My mother says I was born
with an angel on my shoulder.
This is supposed to bring
me luck and happiest.
I think she lied.
Mom, do you think I was
switched to another baby
at the hospital?
No way, sweet pea.
Maybe I was--
I was left in a basket
with a note to my blanket.
No basket.
No, no Harriet.
Just hoping.
You're driving on the wrong
side of the road again.
Buckle up.
I already did.
Oh boy.
It'll be OK.
Oh, for goodness sake.
Hold on, sweetie.
These people.
Oh. that's better.
Sorry I scared you, sweetheart.
Harriet, where were
you going today?
On a vacation.
I thought we agreed that you
wouldn't run away anymore.
I wasn't running away.
I was just taking a vacation.
Honey, children
don't go on vacations
without their mothers.
I'm not a child.
Harriet, how old are you?
I'm glad we agree on something.
Sometimes I felt my mother was
smart and really beautiful.
Other times I worried a nest of
spiders was living in her hair
and they were eating through her
skull and chewing on her brain.
Come on.
Mom has to take a rest.
Come on!
Anybody out there?
Do they ever answer?
Mhm, once.
What did they say?
Let's go on vacation?
Hey, Harriet, if
you're done with that,
go get Gwen from the office.
Once Gwen caught me and got mad.
She said to me mom drank twice
as much to get the same drunk.
I think it's better for her
to take her twice as long.
Thanks, Jane
You're welcome.
Gwen, are you in there?
Come on, Gwen.
Please open up.
Mom said to find you.
Well, you didn't.
But she's sick.
So is Geoffrey, and I'm
taking care of him already.
So just go find
someone else to bother.
My sister Gwen should
have been a nurse.
She was always making
some guy feel better.
The alpha man, human
salamanders, the snake people.
You want to buy a rock?
My son needs a bathroom,
and I need to tow.
He can use a bush.
He's very particular.
He needs a toilet.
There's a phone at
the motel over there
and lots of bathrooms.
What's wrong with him?
That's Ricky.
He was born blue.
Hi, Ricky.
Honey, could you
show us the motel?
You have California plates.
Are you from Disneyland?
The water pump's broken.
Do you know about cars?
Got one that needs work?
No, but I'm thinking
about getting a new one.
I got a spy ring in the mail--
It It's
also a dog whistle.
You can have it.
Dogs don't come.
Here's your money.
Where's the key?
It's cabin 14.
It's to the right.
I'll take you around.
At the end.
Who's going to fix your car?
Not you.
Ricky, come along.
Follow me.
See you later, alligator.
You're supposed to say,
in a while, crocodile.
Don't bother the guests.
I wasn't.
He was bothering me.
In the future, just
don't talk to them
But I like talking to them.
You like talking to
anyone who'll listen.
Hey, mom.
There's a booger on my fork.
It's probably just some cheese.
Don't worry about it.
Just eat it.
Hey, mom.
You know what?
I saw a unicorn at
Sanderson last week.
I already heard about it.
It was just a horse with a
plastic cone glued to his head.
No, it was a real unicorn.
They found it in some
rich guy's private zoo.
It had been mistreated for years
and finally they let it out.
Good for it.
Harriet, don't bother mom now.
Hey mom, you know what?
Raindrops are perfectly round.
Not shaped like tears.
You have to look really
fast to see a raindrop.
And there's this ocean of
water under a desert in Africa.
In some places, there are
mountains under the sea.
But the water is so
deep, the mountains
are completely covered.
Hey, shut up!
Make me.
All right.
That's it, OK?
Enough, both of you.
I didn't get a
chance to tell mom
about the sixth grader in my
school who has three nipples.
The third one is right
between the other two.
What color was I
when I was born?
You were kind of red.
You were throwing a tantrum.
Well, maybe I didn't want
to come out because I
knew you were already here.
Do you think you could
wash the dishes any slower?
Come on, Chicklet, time for bed.
Could I get what's
wrong with Ricky?
Who's Ricky?
Cabin 14.
He's with his mom.
Why is he sick?
Nobody-- but he
didn't say anything.
That might be a good
thing for you to catch.
Gwen said he's retarded.
Sweetheart, that's not catchy.
That's just an unfortunate
accident of fate.
Trade you ring.
I'll trade you for the ring.
Where did you get it?
I'd like to live there.
No, people can't--
people can't live there.
It's not real-- it's
not a real house.
No, it's a castle.
It's not a real castle.
I'd still like to live there.
Hey, come on.
Come on, Ricky.
Come on.
I'm not supposed to go any
place if my mom can't see me.
Oh, come on.
Come on.
Cabin 7.
That's easy.
Vertical crawl.
The shower in cabin
8 has got weak water.
Come on, Ricky.
I love this.
We-- we could get in trouble.
Not-ah, you'd hear a car
Car's coming
Is not.
House keeping.
Get off.
I'm going to tell mom!
I have to go to school.
You live here at a hotel.
My mom got it as
a divorce present.
Ha ha.
Don't come in.
I've got the flu.
You were supposed to
bring an extra blanket.
Nobody told me.
Hi, Ricky.
Come on.
Where are you two going?
Well, keep within earshot.
Stay away from the highway.
We will.
We will.
Come on.
Joey Turner was born covered
with hair and had a tail too.
They amputated it.
And this kid in my last
year's class had webbed toes.
He's double jointed, so
he could walk on his hands
with his head between his legs.
And Ms Nicoles at the
market, when they opened her
up to take out a tumor, they
found the skeleton of a twin
that was never born.
Oh, Ricky, there's a
sixth grader in my school
who has three nipples.
The third one is right
between the other two.
What do you think of that?
You talk a lot.
Makes up for how you
never say anything.
Somebody doesn't always
have to be saying something.
What song were you humming?
I made it up.
Sounds like jingle bells.
It's not.
Do you know where Santa lives?
North pole.
Do you want to meet Santa?
I don't know where Santa
keeps his big sled.
He keeps it in a
hangar at the airport.
What's a hangar?
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's a garage for
things that fly.
Garage for things that fly.
Garage for things that fly.
Where do they make the toys?
In a workshop.
But where do they make them?
Here, at night.
When everybody
like us goes home,
the people that work
here never sleep.
They just take cat naps.
This is not the real North Pole.
It's a retirement
village full of Santas
and elves and reindeers.
Are you concentrating, Ricky?
Yeah, yes, yes.
OK, keep on concentrating.
Our brains are moving
through the string.
They are stopping now.
What's my middle name?
I don't know.
The brain transfer
was a failure.
No, I don't want to know her.
But I think I could love her.
Crimson and clover.
And when she comes walking over.
Now I've been
waiting to show her.
Crimson and clover.
Over and over.
Harriet, this is Gary.
How are you doing?
Gwen has a trumpet up her butt.
You should hear her blow.
What are you eating?
I'm on a hunger strike.
By tomorrow, I'll be
nothing but skin and bones,
and you'll have to stick
a tube down my throat
so I won't starve to death.
When your car's fixed, where
are you and your mom going?
To a home.
To your house?
To a home.
A place where other
people like me live.
With their mothers?
No mothers allowed.
Can I come?
I have to go there because my
mom is afraid of me being alone
when she dies.
People don't die of the flu.
People die of cancer.
I want to go.
Nobody buys anything.
No, we have to wait
a little longer.
Why, what-- what
are we waiting for?
For someone to rescue me.
Is he-- is he driving a car?
I want him to rescue me too.
Maybe, but you're
sort of different.
My mom said before I was born, I
was the same as everybody else,
better even.
My mom said I'm from
I'm from a place where
I'm the smartest person there.
Everybody sings.
Well, maybe the home
will be like that,
and it will look like a castle
and have a moat around it
and have gardens.
Bushes shaped like animals.
I don't want to go to a home.
Sometimes great ideas
came to me all at once.
I knew something
nobody else did.
I knew when you let
go of a balloon,
it kept on going up and up
until somebody caught it again.
Because last year, some guy
escaped from San Quentin
in a beach chair.
But Ricky was depending on me.
It looked like it could break.
Want to go or not?
OK, break this over
it and give it a name.
Name it.
Name it.
Your name is Harriet.
And with no further
burdens, return to Earth.
With engine--
Mom, how do they
go to the bathroom?
How do the astronauts
go to the bathroom?
Honey, you don't want to know.
They can go to the moon.
Can they go to Mars?
The moon is much
closer than Mars.
The next burn would
place Apollo 12 on a new path
to the moon.
Is there a planet where
everybody's dumber than us?
Sure, it's the one we're all
Gwen's boyfriends are from.
Apollo 12, in order
to land at the proper site with
the proper lighting
break out of the
That was a good one, mom.
You're not going to eat?
Come on, Ricky.
Come on, you saw me do it.
I didn't fall.
Yeah, I know you did it.
I can do it.
OK, come on.
I can do it.
Just pretend like the
water's not even there.
Now, hold on really tight.
Both feet.
OK, now, walk across
and don't look down.
Don't look down.
No, no, keep your
head up and pretend
the water's not even there.
And it's like you're
walking on a sidewalk.
OK, all right, come on.
Come on, Ricky.
Ricky, are you OK?
I'm OK.
Are you stuck?
I'm stuck.
OK, OK, stay there,
and I'm going
to come over and get you, OK?
Turn out the light.
Turn out the light.
You're ready?
Close your eyes.
We'll think of really
good things, OK?
Hey, Harriet.
That retard your boyfriend?
Bye, Ricky.
Keep up conversation.
Pick up catch phrase.
Lay it down on the
freaky side of town.
Don't let me seem so--
Don't let me wander too far.
Could you come forward please?
Your sister's in
the hallway, OK?
- Mo-- Harriet.
Harriet, please come out.
I have something
important to tell you.
Tell me.
Come out first.
Mom, mom.
Mom died.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
I always figured I'd leave my
mother, but she left me first.
Ever seen snow?
Yeah, have you?
Where did you get it?
Ice machine.
We're-- we're-- we're
one big, sad monster.
Four legs, four arms,
two heads, two noses.
Thank God.
Is she OK?
She's asleep.
It's OK.
You can go now.
Good night, Ricky.
Good night.
Ricky, good night.
Here let me help you.
I can do it myself.
Stop it.
Do you want to sleep in
my room with me tonight?
Don't be mad at me about mom.
It's not my fault. I don't
think it's your fault either.
I'm glad she's dead.
You don't mean that.
I won't miss her at all.
Harriet, you loved her.
She loved you too very much.
Sometimes just-- things
just happen sometimes.
Look, you don't have to
worry about being an orphan
or anything.
You got me.
The booby prize.
I'm trying to tell you
something here, Harriet.
So I'm going to be
your mother now.
What do you think about that?
I don't need a mother.
Sure you do.
My mother is in a box
covered with dirt.
No, I'm your mother.
I had you when I was 15.
I was letting mom
be your mother.
You're lying.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
Go away, Gwen.
I wish you died.
Hey, Harriet.
Was your mother DOA?
When they pulled her out, she
was stiff as an ironing board
and flat as a pancake, but they
couldn't find her eyeballs.
The impact must have popped
them right out of her head.
Good morning, class.
Let's open our
books to page Z 10.
It's in the very back, OK?
Z 10, all right.
Now, I'm going to start
reading, and then if one of you
would like to read as well,
just raise your hand, OK?
Put your hands on mine.
Now, put it on mine very gently.
Now, I ask a question.
Who is my real mother?
Would you excuse us?
I need your help today.
Doing what?
Go get the sheets.
Close together.
Great big smile, now.
Big smile.
Harriet, come on.
I'm waiting.
I'm not mad at you, OK?
But I want you to
promise me something.
Promise me you won't hang
around Ricky anymore.
Ricky is my best friend.
He can't be, Harriet.
He's a man.
He's a grown up.
He's retarded.
Hang around him long enough,
you'll start talking like him
or walking like him maybe
even acting like him.
Well, at least it
would be better
than walking and talking
and acting like you.
Promise me.
I promise.
But you said it was mine.
Well, I know I made it
for you and everything,
but I need to use it.
You're an Indian giver.
We could both go.
Well, there's only room for one.
OK, you can have it.
I said goodbye to all
my favorite places,
and to some that weren't.
Come here.
Have a nice day.
We will.
We're having a field trip.
We should put it down here.
Don't forget to miss me.
I won't.
Get off the ropes.
Let him go.
OK, OK, I'm leaving now.
OK, bye.
You're not going anywhere.
Yes, I am.
Ricky, I'm flying.
You're still on the rock.
OK, OK, three, two, one.
Lift off.
Ricky, we did it.
I knew we could do it.
I'm really flying.
Bye bye.
Bye, Harriet.
Ricky, this is really neat.
I'll come back for you.
Bye, Harriet.
You're stuck in a tree.
Ricky, go get your
mom and tell her
to call the fire department,
but tell her not to tell Gwen.
Don't tell Gwen.
Thank you.
You got it.
You can't keep
running away, Harriet.
This is your life, and
you better get used to it
and get used to me because
this is all there is.
OK, you want to go to
Hargrove where there
are bars on the windows, and
they strap you down in a bed
and feed you baby food
all day, because that's
where they're sending
Ricky, and that's
where they send little
girls who run away.
I was just saying that.
I would never send you there.
Is it true about
Ricky and Hargrove?
That's where he's
going, but I don't--
I don't know what it's like.
She can't come out.
They-- they fixed the car.
They fixed the car.
Let me go.
Ricky, stop it.
I don't want to go home.
Ricky, Ricky,.
Leah will find him, and you're
going to go back to school.
I don't want to go to a home.
This is American slavery.
Thought he might try to take
the bus back to San Diego,
but no one's seen
him at the station.
No one's seen him anywhere.
He gets lost so easily.
He might change his mind.
He might try to come back.
Where would Ricky go?
How should I know?
Ricky's mom is really worried.
He's been gone all day.
Think hard.
I am.
It will be dark in
a couple of hours.
Ricky will be frightened.
If you have any idea
where Ricky is--
I don't.
Leave me alone.
I'm sick and tired
of your bad attitude.
I'm sick of you.
Come here.
Get out of my sight.
I don't want to see you.
Ricky, it's me.
I'm hiding.
Your mother's looking for you.
I don't want her to find me.
She called the police.
Am I going to jail?
Well, both of us.
That's what they do to
kids who make trouble.
I think jail is about
the same as Hargrove.
I don't know what that is.
It's the home you're going to.
No, you said it was
a castle with bushes
shaped like animals.
It's not.
I don't want to go.
I don't want to go to a home.
I don't want to go to a home.
I can take care of
myself by myself.
I could take care
of myself by myself.
Let's get out of here Ricky.
Where are we going to?
To Canada.
We're going to take the
Underground Railroad.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Wow, Ricky, look.
Come on, Ricky.
Ricky concentrated
on food and shelter.
My job was to make
big pronouncements
and worry about the future.
Why are you doing that?
So UFOs can land.
I want my golden arm.
Stop, I don't want--
I don't like stories like that.
I'm telling the kind
of story I want.
I'm a leader, and
you're the follower.
I don't want to be the follower.
We could both be leaders.
That's not how it works.
Says who?
Says me.
I crown you, Prince Ricky.
Ricky got promoted.
It made a big difference
in his outlook.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Hey, what-- what is that?
Indian sunburn.
Have you ever been
this happy before?
Oh, yeah, that was fun.
On my birthday, my mom
told me to Baskin Robbins.
Let me try all 31 flavors.
That's how many
flavors they have, 31.
What's your favorite flavor?
Oh, ice cream is
for little kids.
You're a little kid.
Am not.
Yes, you are.
Am not.
Yes, you are.
You-- you don't want
to be a little girl
because little girls get sad.
Who asked you?
You have to be nice to me.
I'm your only friend.
Rickey, Rickey, you awake?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You want to go exploring?
Throat hurts.
Did you ever, ever, ever
in you long-legged life
seen a long-legged sailor
with his long-legged wife.
No, I've never, ever, ever
in the long-legged life
seen a long-legged sailor
with his long-legged wife.
If you're the princess,
and I'm the prince,
we're supposed to be married.
Somebody has to marry us.
I'll marry you, and
you can marry me.
Your turn.
OK, now, I, Harriet Frankovitz,
take Ricky Richard Schroth
as my lawfully wedded husband.
Now you say, I, Richard Schroth.
I, Richard Shr--
Of the Magic Kingdom.
Of the Magic Kingdom.
Take Harriet
Frankovitz as my wife.
Take Harriet as my wife.
OK, now put the
ring on my finger.
I want a ring.
OK, now, you're
supposed to kiss me.
I-- I don't want to.
I'm not supposed to kiss
girls or touch myself.
Here, now everything
of mine is yours,
and everything is yours is mine.
Could I have one of your books?
If I can have your
rabbit's foot.
Let's practice being mermaids.
Let's be mermaids.
No, I don't want to.
I'm cold.
Hey, Ricky.
Come sit by the fire.
I don't want to.
We're one big monster.
Four arms, four
legs, and two noses.
I want to go home.
But we can't go back.
I want my mom.
I need my mom.
I'll go.
Where have you been?
I've been so worried.
Are you OK?
Harriet, where have you been?
Did you even look for me?
Ricky, Ricky.
Can you hear me, darling?
I'm right here.
Harriet, whose idea was this?
Both of ours.
Where did you sleep?
In here.
Where did Ricky sleep?
In here.
I'll meet you there.
I'll be right there.
I'll be right there.
I sure hope you got
this out of your system,
because you're never going
to see this place again.
That's what you think.
Yes, Doctor.
No one will see a thing.
Stay put.
Leah, Leah, I need to
talk to you about Ricky.
I'm not saying it's his fault,
but Harriet's only 10 years
old, and I don't want him here.
Ricky knows the difference
between right and wrong.
He doesn't know anything about
what you're worried about.
These are our last
few days together.
I'm not made of money.
We're paid up for the week.
We're staying the week.
Harriet, go with Gwen.
I have to know about Ricky.
He's getting stronger.
You were right to get help.
I want to see him.
No, you can't, please.
Go home now.
Are you going to die soon?
Not too soon.
You can adopt me.
No, sweetheart, you belong here.
Gwen missed you very much.
But she doesn't like Ricky.
She doesn't understand.
That's all.
Run along.
That's fine.
That's good.
Yeah, you too.
That was Leah.
Ricky's just got the flu.
The hospital's going to
keep him another day.
He's afraid to be
alone in the dark.
Leah's staying with him.
Can I go there?
No kids just immediate family.
Somebody coming over tonight?
Not for a few minutes.
You want to sit up here
with me for a while?
No, you know, if you sit that
close, you'll get cross-eyed.
I don't care.
but when
they looked the other day,
they noticed that all
that's left is one fat fish.
Gwen, are wife's
immediate family?
Harriet, Harriet,
is my hair too high?
I don't know.
Hi, I'm here to
see Ricky Schroth.
And you are?
His wife.
Just go sit down
over there please.
But we're married.
Just go sit down, ma'am.
I'm here to see my husband.
You are not married to Ricky.
He says I am.
We had a ceremony
and everything.
We are talking about this later.
I think Gwen was
mostly upset that I
got married before her seeing
how I was so much younger.
Last night
I held Aladdin's lamp
and so I wished
that I could stay.
Before the thing
could answer me,
well, someone came and
took the lamp away.
I looked around, a lousy
candles all I found.
Well, you don't know
what we can find.
Why don't you come with me
little girl on a magic carpet
Well, you don't know
what we can see--
Leave them alone, Harriet.
How are you?
Harriet, get over here.
My mom says I'm not
supposed to talk to you.
What's wrong?
I mean it.
This is a goodbye
card from Harriet.
What is it?
From Harriet for
you to say goodbye.
Was it a nice card?
Nice card.
She made it.
Say goodbye.
To Ricky, goodbye from Harriet.
That's lovely.
I'm going to turn
the light off now.
Are you ready?
Good night, Ricky.
I love you.
I love you.
Good night.
Are you mad at me?
Are we are we still friends?
Secret friends.
Otherwise, we can't
be friends at all.
It doesn't matter anyway.
Prince Ricky, I grant
you three wishes.
I-- I-- I don't want
to do that..
Come on.
I want to stay here.
That's fine.
You get two more.
I want my mom to live forever.
That's two.
You have one.
I want a 100 more wishes.
You can't do that.
You only have three.
I want to be as
smart as everybody else.
Just for a day.
That last wish of
Ricky's I could grant.
It didn't take any magic powers.
What did you tell your mom?
I said I was watching TV.
She's in the city.
The doctor is there.
Good morning, class.
Good morning, Ms. Mosher.
Does anybody have anything
for show and tell today?
I think that everyone
should collecting something,
so I found a bunch
of bottle caps.
And I glued them on this.
Very nice.
Is there something you can
tell us about these today?
Is there a reason
you've collected that?
To bring them here.
What else?
Well, that's so
resourceful, Sonia.
Thank you.
Another thing we can do
with bottle caps if we like,
is you take one bottle cap, and
then you collect some pebbles.
And you put them
inside the bottle cap,
and then you get
another bottle cap.
And you put it on top, and
then you tape it all together.
And it makes a
little tambourine.
Oh, really?
Well, then you can have them.
Well, thank you very much.
Did anyone else
bring anything today
that maybe we could learn
from for show and tell?
Melissa, do you
have anything today?
I want to.
All right.
We have a guest today, and
he's a friend of Harriet.
And his name is Richard.
Come on up, Richard.
Come on.
I postcards of every
place that I've ever been.
This is the Pacific Ocean,
and these are surfers.
Richard, we can show
them to everybody.
We can't see.
Well, come on now.
And you can show them, Richard.
This is the world's
biggest roller coaster.
I went on the front
three times, three times.
Went on-- I-- I rode it,
rode it three times up front.
This is the biggest
piece of art.
It's not, really.
Oh, these people have guns.
dressed as lobsters.
You can't eat them.
Girl riding a--
Even Ms. Mosher said
Ricky's best postcard
was of the desert jackalope.
It's a cross between a
jackrabbit and an envelope.
I heard of them before
but never seen one.
They are leaving.
Your mom's packing your car.
I know.
You're going to go with her?
I have to.
But you don't belong there.
Yes, I do.
I belong there.
I'm going to stay the same.
You like me now, but
you won't like me later.
You're going to grow up.
I'm not.
Stop it!
Get off!
Get off!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Get away!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Go away!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Did he hurt--
Tell me what he did!
Did he hurt you?
Drop down!
Let him go!
Go away!
Run away, Harriet!
Run away and call the police!
Someone help!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Watch your head.
I know.
You're worried about Ricky.
Leo went and got
them right away.
Nothing happened to him.
Can I go see him?
Listen to me.
It's not your fault. You
didn't do anything wrong,
but Ricky could have hurt you.
He wasn't hurting me.
I was trying to keep
him from hurting.
Keep him from hurting?
You don't know anything.
I can't know unless you tell me.
I was taking care of him,
making him feel better.
He was crying, and he was hurt.
He was upset.
He didn't want to leave.
Why don't you go say goodbye?
Stay away.
You're a bad person.
Ricky, what's wrong?
Come on.
Get in the car.
I'm so sorry about--
I know.
I'm sorry too.
See you later, alligator!
In a while, crocodile.
Down here.
You're supposed to wait with
me till the sandman come.
Am I supposed to
tell you a story?
But mostly, we just
talk about stuff.
Do I pick the
subject, or do you?
Turn up a light.
Let's take
a ride to the seaside.
We can go out swimming
in the high tide.
Just wear your shorts
and your long hair.
Don't forget the lawn chair.
Everybody's is
gone to the movies.
Everybody's gone,
and it's groovy.
They went to the one
about the big war.
I know you seen it before.
I guess I'm taking
my chances, giving up
the ring throwing in my gloves.
Well, I guess I'm
taking my chances,
trading in my
things for a couple
wings on a little white dove.
And one big love, one big love.
Everybody do like a monkey if
you want to go on and be funky.
No need to talk like a hero.
Talk a walk count down to zero,
no sense defending your honor.
Just go on kiss
him if you want to.
Never seen before is gone.
I'm going somewhere.
I guess I'm taking my
chances, giving up the ring,
throwing in my gloves.
Yeah, yeah, ooh, yeah.
I guess I'm taking
my chances, trading
in my things for a couple
wings on a little white dove,
and one big love.
One big love.
I don't know where you
are, and I don't care.
And now we're out
of gas and running
on air, and one big love.
swinging from a big star.
Everybody's riding
in the cool car.
Let's take a ride
to the seaside.
One big love.
We can go out swimming
in the high tide.
One big love.
Everybody do like a monkey.
One big love.
If you want to go
on and be funky.
If you want to go
on and be funky.
One big love.
Let's take a ride
to the seaside.
One big love.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, wohoh,
owaw wauwauw, uwawauwaw.
One big love.
Let's take a ride
to the seaside.
Let's take a ride
to the sea slide.
Let's take a ride
to the seaside.
One big love.
Everybody's gone,
and it's groovy.
Everybody's gone,
and it's groovy.
Yeah, yeah.
One big love.