Digging Up the Marrow (2014) Movie Script

I've been interested
in monsters my entire life,
since I was, er,
old enough to watch TV.
I was never really
scared by them.
I just liked them as characters.
Like they were
my Mickey and Goofy.
I'm really into monsters,
just as an escape, you know?
It gives you something
to put your fears on.
I was in a mental hospital
for a few weeks
when I was about 14 or 15.
I was diagnosed
with depression and anxiety
and I didn't know why
I was sick.
What really helped me escape
my reality was these things
that I was influenced by
as a kid which is watching
horror movies
and drawing these monsters.
I have been a monster,
I always will be a monster
and after I'm dead
I will be a dead monster.
Somehow I got to see
which I looked at many,
many, many, many times,
and there was a certain humor
to Frankenstein and a certain,
er, niceness, er...
I always wanted
the monster to live.
I grew up an only child,
so they were my friends.
I lived
with my imaginary friends.
It's what, I think,
provided the background
for what I do in my acting now.
I think a lot of it was just
as visceral as
really ugly things,
really frightening things,
holding my attention more than
beautiful, pretty things.
We like the costumes,
we like the character designs,
we like the underdogs,
the misunderstood, antiheroes,
because they explore
different parts of humanity
that aren't often explored.
There're all kind of things
that, if we hadn't been
introduced to them,
we'd call them monsters.
There are monsters everywhere.
You know what the real monsters
are? It's frigging insects.
They got claws.
They got antennas.
They got multiple eyes.
They got pincers.
And they walk sideways at times.
That's a creature. People don't
walk sideways. That's stupid.
I feel kind of strange,
but I think that some monsters
could be real.
I think monsters exist
everywhere where we can't see.
I think, behind that chair,
just because I can't see it,
there is something there.
If they did exist,
they'd exist somewhere
where man doesn't live.
They couldn't be
out in the open,
people would shoot them.
You would find them
buried deep in the world.
Tromaville, which is
a very small town in New Jersey.
It doesn't matter because
if you're terrified of them,
they exist.
When we do find monsters,
if these things do come up
from the ground
or ascend upon us, like,
I just wanna be there to be,
"I told you so."
My name is Adam Green.
As a filmmaker
who has had some success
in the horror genre,
I... Can we just do this
with graphics?
No, just keep going.
I've made movies like Frozen,
the Hatchet franchise,
er, Spiral.
I have a TV series
called Holliston.
With that comes a very loyal
and cult fan base.
Stop! I feel like
a big enough douche
and you keep laughing at me.
You get to meet some
very unique people...
Like, er,
people will mail stuff.
This Victor Crowley maquette
that somebody made.
This fan's underwear.
This bottle of pills
that somebody sent.
Really cool stuff like artwork
that people will make for us.
Um, which is awesome.
There was this one guy,
er, William Dekker.
I wish I had thought to be
shooting this the moment
this stuff first arrived,
er, but...
Say it!
OK, all right. William Dekker
claims, in all seriousness,
that he's found monsters.
And he wants me
to tell his story to the world.
Is that good enough?
I think we should
hire an actor to play you.
I'm so excited,
she could explode.
I could explode. And I have!
I love Holliston.
I have a tattoo of Holliston.
Tell me what's on your arm.
I like Frankenstein.
Spiral, Frozen.
Yeah, I consider myself
to be an Adam Green fan.
I have a really cool
relationship with my fans,
and I think that that's because
like, when I was first
starting out,
y'know, when you're making
an independent movie,
you don't have marketing
or advertisements,
so you really gotta do it
and put yourself out there,
so people know about you
and know about your movie
and after a while though, like,
the more movies you make
and the more people
there are that want a piece
of you, it just kinda starts to,
I don't know,
I guess, takes its toll.
Now, the ones who do get through
are the ones who actually
take the time to write,
like, a physical letter
to my fan mail address.
And that's huge, you know,
when someone's gonna
take the time
and write you
a long letter or send you,
I don't know, like drawings,
art, fan-fiction,
sometimes really personal stuff,
I mean, it's awesome. So I...
Oh, sorry. Hold on.
It's the wife.
Hey, how are you?
Oh, good! Where you at?
Er, I'm with Will.
- Hi, Will.
- Hi, Rileah.
Do you know when
you're gonna be home?
Er, ah, I dunno, five or six.
I think, um, we're gonna go
sit down with the guy now.
Oh, you guys are idiots.
You guys are idiots!
Here we are at the
residence of Mr. William Dekker.
I'm sorry,
Detective William Dekker,
the monster hunter guy.
I've already come here twice
before to sit down with him,
and the last time I asked him
if he would be cool
with us putting him on camera.
He didn't say no...
Now you people know they're not
to talk about this to anybody?
Oh, no. That's, like, standard
on everything we do. Everybody...
I didn't realize there were
going to be so many here.
Well, you want it
to look good, right?
I mean,
it's gotta be professional.
Which, actually, guys,
can you just... Here, my...
Here, my...
And is this eye good, or is...
No, you're fine.
I... you're sure? 'Cause I...
Yeah. Fine. You have enough.
About to roll!
- All right, we're ready.
- Take one.
My name is William Dekker.
I am a retired police detective.
I'm 61 years old and
I live in Southern California,
er, Chatsworth.
I have lived here
for the last four years.
Erm, now, I know
you've already told me this
but just for the sake
of the cameras,
what you're saying is that
you've discovered a world
our own world
where monsters live.
Every generation,
there are born children
who are different,
And these 'different children'
are given cruel labels like
'monsters', 'freaks', 'rejects'.
And these children reach
a certain age and they disappear
and nobody knows where they go.
And what's worse, they don't
even care that they vanish.
But I do.
I do.
See, these children,
they don't die.
They're not even
far away from us.
They're right next to us.
But they exist
in their own world.
I call it
"The Marrow".
Some 100 yards beneath
the surface of the Earth,
exists a metropolis
that mirrors ours
in very many respects.
Life goes on down there,
there are marriages,
and births,
and divorces, and deaths,
and friendships,
and er... creativity.
They can be free.
OK, so why don't we,
kinda start at the beginning?
Let's talk about your childhood.
Tell me a little bit
about growing up.
Well, I was born, um,
into, I guess you could say,
a lower middle-class family
in Nashua, New Hampshire.
I was a latchkey kid,
I didn't have any brothers
and sisters and I, uh,
I didn't have any real friends
to speak of.
So I, er, had to occupy myself.
There was a special spot
that I always went to.
And there was an old lumber
company, er, you know,
that sold board feet,
you know, lumber.
And it was all closed down
and locked up
and the buildings there would
by my fortress,
be my castle, you know?
And I used to, er,
I used to defend my fortress
against the invading
barbarian hoards.
I had a hell of an imagination.
I bet!
You bet.
Yeah. Um...
It was rather late
in the evening, as I remember,
and I was late for supper,
I knew my mom was...
she was going to kill me,
so I came running out of
the main building
where I played primarily, and...
And as I came out
into the yard I...
I saw a man standing
by an old wood-pile.
As I drew closer to him...
Where am I?
I'm looking at his face,
and it doesn't look human.
No, he had a, he had a mouth
like a serpent's mouth.
It was sort of pointed
and it had real
thin lips and, er,
splayed over
the bottom lip was, uh,
I swear to God, a forked tongue.
And then when he blinked,
his eyelids
closed from the sides,
not horizontally up and down,
it was like...
I'd never seen anything
like that before in my life.
It terrified me.
Did he say anything to you?
No, he didn't say a word.
He just looked at me,
hard, and then he jumped
behind a wood-pile,
and I, and I ran around
the corner of the wood-pile.
He was gone.
Just, gone? He just vanished?
- He's disappeared.
- Here one second, gone the next.
Gone, vanished..
So, did you ever
tell anybody about it?
- Like your mom or your dad...
- No...
And they wouldn't
have believed me anyway,
they would've thought I was
some kind of a nut, you know?
The overactive imagination
on wha... on their boy,
You know?
Probably would've thought I was
schizophrenic or something.
You know?
Yeah. Er...
And I felt that way
sometimes too.
Talking to my imaginary,
er, friends in the woods.
And I, er, never saw him again,
I did see others, though.
Oh, yeah...
Other, serpent, monster men?
Not serpent men,
I just saw other,
different ones, OK?
So, like a variety?
I-I never got
as close to any of them
as I did that first one, but,
if I hid in one of the buildings
'till it got dark,
and I looked into the woods,
I'd see their shapes,
moving through the woods.
And there were big ones,
And there were little ones
that were darting in and out.
I saw their shapes. I saw them.
Well, anyway,
after about three months,
er, I shot some footage there.
Oh, you got footage of,
of the monsters?
No, it was daytime.
I couldn't get
any footage of them.
So what did you get?
Well, I found
what I believe to be
the entrance
to their hiding place.
The Marrow?
The Marrow.
So, what do you think?
It's not a bad first day, right?
No, it was good.
It gets more comfortable...
Hey! Tell him not to touch that.
He's not... those aren't...
Those are our cords, it's fine.
What do you guys think?
Ten minutes to get outta here?
It took me 30 years
to get all this stuff together.
I don't want them
messing with it.
You do it in ten?
Ah, yeah, it's a lot of stuff...
A lot of stuff. What I really
wanted to ask though is, um..
Wait, wait, wait,
what's that behind you?
Oh, yeah, what you got in there?
Er, it's a storage room.
Storage room?
Can we see what's inside?
- I rather you didn't...
- Oh, but...
- Dude!
- It's a mess!
OK, all right!
What the fuck?
- Adam?
- Yes?
- Come here...
- Coming.
All right, looking good!
Thank you.
Er, that corn's
a little burnt though...
No, the corn's fine.
- Hey, Will.
- Hey, Rileah.
Why are you filming?
It's a documentary. Adam
told me I had to film dinner.
So, out of everybody
in the world, he picked me.
And you're not afraid that
this guy's some kind of psycho?
No! I mean, not...
Not really...
I wanna go on record
as saying that this might be
the worst idea that
you guys have ever come up with.
Er, I think both of us
would agree with that.
What if it was real?
I mean, haven't you
always wished
that something like this
was real?
No! No! Er, unicorns, angels,
I don't know,
hipster ghosts
like Beetlejuice...
- Beetlejuice!
- Yes...
- Really?
- Yeah...
You want Beetlejuice to be real!
Why would I want
scary monsters to be real?
'Cause, this guy doesn't
think monsters are scary.
He thinks monsters
are misunderstood.
- Yes! Yes, and...
- Uh-huh?
- And...
- Yeah...
that's what this guy,
Dekker, is all about.
- Right.
- Seriously,
this guy is such a character.
When you see the stuff
we've already shot with him,
you're, you're gonna love him.
He's gonna be your new
best friend in the world.
Like you're gonna be friends
with him on Facebook. And...
No! No!
And, you're gonna
follow him on Twitter!
- No!
- He's gonna be
in your favorites!
No, definitely not.
You're gonna play Xbox with him.
- I mean, basically...
- Ah...
This corn is awful.
You've burnt it, like...
It's fine...
How do you even...
It's fine, just eat it!
The whole thing
could be awesome,
or it could all be bullshit.
- But either way...
- I would say it's not.
We're not gonna know
unless we do it.
You know, even if
the whole story is bullshit,
it's gonna be really funny.
How are you even... OK,
how are you even gonna finish
the next season of your TV show?
I'll figure it out.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm...
This is just a side project.
And how does Krishna
feel about this?
Erm, ah, er...
She's OK with it.
She's better than OK with it
because she's a supportive wife!
Please don't get hurt.
I don't wanna have to call your
mom and have to tell her that,
"Adam got, er,
stabbed by some crazy fan
because he decided that he
was gonna go off into the woods
and hang out with him
all night long."
My mom would understand.
- OK. You rolling?
- Yep!
- OK, so...
- I'm rolling.
You know... You know what
I'd really like to do though?
Erm. I mean,
I'm ready to go so
I think it'd be nice
if I got a shot of the car
pulling up and
you guys getting out
and making it look like a movie.
The car pu...
Why, why do we need the car...
'Cause it's cinematic, it's
gonna look nice, you know...
It's gonna look cinematic!
Come on! Come on!
Please, just get in the car
and go one more time...
Just one more time, please?
All right, so, how far in
are we actually going here?
There's a cemetery
right up ahead.
We go about 100 yards
past that...
That's the entrance
to The Marrow.
So nobody minds
that you come out here?
It's a public place!
Right, but the sign
at the entrance
says that the park
closes at dusk.
- So?
- It's a public place!
Cause anything off that main
road is closed after sundown.
No I, I understand that,
but we're literally gonna take
some pictures at 'Magic Hour',
you know, like dusk,
and then we're gonna leave
right away, so...
OK, as long as you're
out of here before it gets dark.
Can I ask
why it's such a problem
if we're here once it's dark?
'Cause the park closes at dusk.
OK, but like, specifically,
is anything like...
Have you, like, personally,
ever seen anything...
The park closes at dusk!
Argh! OK, I get it now.
Thank you very much.
Has that guy given you
trouble before?
Several occasions
he's given me trouble.
Oh, watch out.
Watch your step.
It's right up there.
What is the...
The entrance to The Marrow.
While we're here, you
have to do as I say. All right?
You listen to me
and you do as I say.
I've never brought anyone else
up here before.
And it's crucial
that we just observe
and not try to interact.
Come on!
I just, er... I can't...
Do you understand
what I'm trying to say to you?
- I do understand, but I can't...
- You understand, Will?
- Understood.
- All right, Come on...
You know...
The times
that I've been this close,
they've discovered
that I've found out about them
and they've moved on. I don't
want that to happen here.
So just stay with me
and you stay quiet.
What did I tell you to be?
Quiet! You got it, Will?
Got it. Yes, sir.
All right. Come on...
So now what?
We wait.
So how many nights are we...
Do you come out here and like,
hang out in creepy cemeteries
by yourself?
I try to come out every night.
Every night, that's a...
That's a lot of nights.
Yeah. Well I don't sleep
all that much so...
Why not?
I hear ya. I'm actually, I'm not
much of a sleeper myself.
When we're in production
on the TV show,
I'll go, I'll do 20 hour days,
22 hour days...
- Yeah...
- My wife can't stand it.
It's just...
I'm like a zombie.
Hmm. Well, wives are like that.
What's your love life like?
You've never mentioned, er, is
there a Mrs. Dekker out there?
Was there?
Er, nope. No Mrs. Dekker.
But there used to be.
A long time ago, but...
So what happened?
Just not work out?
Irreconcilable differences or...
So what about you, Will?
What's your story, huh? Huh?
I'm married. I've been
married sixteen years.
And I have two kids. You know?
- You had kids?
- I have two boys. Yeah.
They're a lot of fun.
How old is Cole now?
- Cole's 12.
- Twelve?
Sammy's going to be ten.
- Wow.
- Twelve and ten.
Yeah, they tear my house up.
I envy you.
They're a lot of fun.
I love them
Some nights,
I'll see several
of them coming to and
from that area right there.
Going back and forth
in the woods.
Other nights I'd see
just maybe one.
And a whole bunch of nights
where there's
no activity at all.
You just never know, never know
what you're going to get.
Listen, I mean,
if I don't get
any lights out here,
I'm not going to be able
to see anything.
You can't see anything?
Not really. I mean
I can see like three feet
in front of me but that's it.
What about using night vision?
We could use night vision,
But I think... I hate it.
I think it makes everything
just kinda look like green crap.
OK, I'd rather it look like...
- What?
- Quiet! Turn off that light.
- Silence!
- What?
All right.
Right straight ahead. Look.
You see, Will?
No, I can't see shit.
Let your eyes
adjust for a second
then you'll see it.
It's right there.
Right in front of us.
What? There's nothing.
Look, look. Look, look.
One of them just moving very
slowly over to the right. See?
Will, turn on the camera light.
No, don't!
Don't you turn on that light!
Listen, if I don't turn
the light, I don't have a shot.
OK, he's gone.
Went back down.
He went back down, Will.
Look, look!
One of them
just moving very slowly.
Over the to right, see?
Will, turn on the camera light.
No, don't!
Don't you turn on that light!
Listen, if I don't turn
the light, I don't have a shot.
OK, he's gone.
Make a great radio show.
Did you raise the brightness?
- Oh, yeah, I raised it.
- All the way?
- All the way.
- This is as bright as it goes?
It's as bright as it goes.
There is nothing...
- Do it again.
- All right.
One of them
just moving very slowly.
Over the right. See?
Will, turn on the camera light.
No, don't!
Don't you turn on that light.
Good work!
I know, tell me about it.
Now this one here I call Vance.
- Vance.
- Vance, yes.
You see with the sack
over his head,
his face painted on it.
Why Vance?
Because that's
what I want to call him.
Now Vance here, he never
ventured more than a few feet
outside the cemetery.
But the several occasions
that I observed him,
I saw him lead some
other rejects
down into The Marrow.
So my guess is old Vance is a...
Well, he is a kind of
a gatekeeper
or guardian, you know,
and he guides the new citizens
down into their new world,
and then he guards against any
interlopers, you know.
Did you...
Did you paint that?
- No.
- Because that's really good.
I had another artist
do it for me.
I commissioned it.
How close is that then
to what you saw, would you say?
It's pretty close, you know.
It's a pretty
good representation.
Umm... I would say probably
on a scale from one to ten,
about eight and a half, nine.
Yeah. So that's, this is Vance.
And why the bag?
Over the head,
do they all do that?
- Do they wear costumes?
- No, no...
Well some of them wear masks,
others, like Vance, wear a bag.
- Why is that?
- I suppose
Vance wears it because
what's underneath
that bag would be a little
too much to take, probably.
You know.
I... I've never seen
it under the bag but... er...
I'm sure it's a trip, you know.
And then others wear masks
to disguise,
perhaps, certain deformities.
So they could just be
all around us at any time then,
- is what you're saying.
- Well, not any time... No.
Er, there are certain times
of the year
that it's more conducive
for them to be around.
For instance, Halloween.
One of the few times
they do fit in.
Well, I'm hugely
into Halloween myself.
that's the time of year when
the spiritual world is closest
to our world
and they're around us and...
I don't know...
I don't know anything
about the spiritual world.
But it's...
it's kind of like it.
No, it's not at all like it.
This is not a spiritual world.
These people are real.
They just happen
to be different.
- OK?
- Yup.
- Sorry.
- Now, this one...
This creature here
is a conjoined creature.
They're like Siamese twins.
They're joined.
Right up in here,
the upper spine and the torso.
And does this one have a name?
This one is called,
I call it, the Frog and Huck.
Frog and Huck?
Frog and Huck, yeah.
And you painted...
The same guy painted this one?
No, no, my son...
I'm sorry?
Wait, wait... you never
mentioned a family before...
Err.. you notice a longer body...
No, no. This is really
important, though. I'm curious.
You can't see any eyes
anywhere on their body...
You've never mentioned a family.
You see it?
I totally see it but I would
love to know... about your son.
My guess is that they see
by a kind of audio sensory sight
rather like bats,
you know like bat sonar.
That kind of thing.
Wait! Wait, wait...
I'm sorry.
What is... You hear that?
Are you picking it up?
Stay concentrated and focused.
Will you, please?
I'm totally focused.
In fact, I really would love
to talk to you
a little bit more about
the whole use of lights,
non-use of lights...
That's not up for discussion,
all right?
No lights ever.
Lights scare them away.
Do you understand?
I explained that to you before.
Lights scare them away.
No lights!
I totally get it.
However, though,
I mean, all of these,
these theories, your stories,
photographs, pictures, drawings,
it doesn't...
It's not going to hold up.
Do you not,
do you not believe me?
That's not what I'm asking.
Do you believe?
Yes. How about this?
I really, really want
to believe. How about that?
Um, I mean... I want to
believe so wicked bad in this...
That's why I'm here
following you and doing...
I can tell you my wife thinks
I'm crazy for doing this.
Do you have any children?
No, not yet. That's not...
It's... it's not really
the priority right now.
We've only been married
like three years or so.
That explains a lot.
OK. Um, how about this?
we're going to need to have some
monsters in our
monster documentary.
How's the night vision
working for you?
It's, er...
It's pretty good.
I mean I can...
I can see a lot further.
But, I mean it still
looks like an old green.
It's like a sex tape.
Kill it.
You see those two trees?
What... What trees...
Those two trees
straight ahead from us.
We're in a forest.
There's nothing but...
The big tree on the right?
There's one right behind it.
He's not moving.
But it's there.
- What, uh...
- Don't. Stay still.
He might be watching us.
He may have seen us already.
Look, look, you see him moving?
- Huh?
- You see him?
- No.
- Yeah.
- Wait, I see something.
- Yeah.
It kind of looks
like a tree branch.
OK, dude, do you see anything?
Oh, God!
He's right here
in front of us now!
I... I don't see anything.
Turn, turn it on. The light.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Will, turn it on!
If it's here, I wanna see it.
- Turn off that light!
- Turn on the light!
Shut it off! Shut it off!
What the hell was that?
We're done.
What do you mean done?
We just saw something.
We're done!
We're done!
All right. So, er,
camera's rolling,
tell me about what we saw today.
Well, basically, my boy,
Dekker, finally delivered
and we got a...
what I can only think
is a monster on camera.
And it's undeniable.
It was there.
We have the footage, and
I am... psyched,
because this is...
All right,
I will be totally honest,
for a brief moment
I was starting to think
the guy is completely crazy
and we've wasted our time,
which still could have been
funny for something,
but, but we saw it, and
it was real and it was awesome.
Don't you, er...
Don't you think
it's a little scary, though?
Why scary?
Why are you going
to be such a pussy?
It's not scary. Just because
something doesn't look like us,
or look like everybody else,
doesn't mean it's scary.
In my whole life, I've only
wanted to see a real monster.
You know, when I was little,
I'd look under my bed,
I'd look in the closet,
not 'cause I was afraid
because I wanted it to be real,
you know.
I mean, it's just, you know,
think about Victor Crowley.
You know what?
Victor Crowley
actually kills people.
Victor Crowley is not real.
Turn, turn, turn it on.
Turn the light.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Will, turn it on!
If it's here, I wanna see it.
- Turn off that light!
- Turn on the light!
Stop it, stop it.
If that's a make-up job,
it's a damn good make-up job.
That's all I'm saying, right?
- Right?
- I'm just going off the footage.
Because I wasn't there.
But my gut is telling me that
you guys are messing with me.
We're not messing with you.
I tell your gut to shut up.
How about that?
You believe this.
You're a believer.
You believe in William Dekker.
Yes, well, OK...
how about this.
I don't necessarily believe him
but I believe this, yes.
I've always wanted
to believe this.
Haven't you always wanted...
Look at you... you have
a whole sleeve of horror stuff
and you're not more excited
by this?
Haven't you always
wanted this to be real?
I mean, I don't know about this,
like aliens maybe.
Aliens, aliens,
who cares about aliens?
This is monsters...
this is monsters. What if...
What if this guy's conspiracy
theories are all true,
right, and he came to us
with this
and we're the ones
who are getting it.
Right, then maybe
we'll make some
of our money back
for filming this.
It's always money with you.
Why is it always about money?
I was just saying...
Oh, that's Kane.
- Hey!
- Hey, boys.
- How are you?
- Hi, Kane.
- Good.
- Thank you for coming over.
What's with the camera?
- Err... we're just...
- It's part of a thing.
Yeah, we're just doing
a thing...
Thank you for coming so late.
- Sure.
- First, first you have
- to see this, OK?
- All right.
What are you showing me?
Wait, wait. We've been shooting
this documentary, OK?
- This guy contacted me.
- Documentary?
Yes, it's a documentary and...
Very fancy.
If you think that's fancy,
you should see all the make-up
he had on in the interviews.
I did... It's a formal
sit-down interview.
You have some make-up on.
OK, will you just
play this for us?
Just watch this, watch this,
watch this.
Play the tape.
I... I don't see anything.
Turn, turn, turn it on.
Turn the light.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Will, turn it on!
If it's here, I wanna see it.
- Turn off that light!
- Turn on the light!
Shut it off...
So what am I looking at?
What are you look at?
The monster,
did you not just see that?
No, I mean what's it for?
It's not for anything, it's...
Play it again, play it again.
Watch closely.
Look at this. Really look at it.
Go, go, go.
- Turn off that light!
- Turn on the light!
Shut it off...
It does look pretty cool,
but you can't really
see it that well.
- Well, it's the...
- Who made it?
Nobody made it.
That's the whole point.
- It's real.
- We actually shot this
in a cemetery up in Chatsworth.
- Yes.
- And it wasn't porn?
Chatsworth is the mecca of porn.
I know that, yes...
I'd like to see that part again.
There's no more than this.
I give... if anybody should
be excited by this, it's you.
If anyone knows monsters,
it's you.
Look at that, look at the neck.
The thin neck, the huge head,
how could you even do that
as an appliance on somebody?
- Want my real opinion?
- Yes.
- It looks really good.
- Thank you.
I mean, no, not thank you
because it's not...
We didn't do it.
It looks really good but it's...
you need to light it better,
- it's terrible, Will.
- Oh, come on!
It wasn't lit.
That's the whole point.
- Yes, it's exactly right.
- No, it's actual footage.
Actual footage. Found footage.
Boy, that hasn't been done
- No, no, no, no.
- That's what I was trying...
Will you shut up?
No, it's not found footage.
It's footage footage.
- Damn!
- No, it's...
I'm so let down right now.
Well, what else you got
to look at, then?
We have tons, we have so much.
We've actually got nothing else.
What you did...
could have destroyed
decades of work.
Have you been back
to our spot since? OK, and...
Yes, I have and thank God
they haven't gone yet.
But they're moving around
with a lot more caution.
They probably chalked up
our little incident
to a random sighting and they
don't fear for their discovery
or that their entrance is
in jeopardy in any way.
OK, all right, but... Um,
I totally hear.
I want this to work so badly.
I really do.
But, by the same token,
you brought us into this
to shoot stuff.
OK? And if we can't shoot stuff,
then there's no story, right?
There's nothing.
So, help me here.
Yeah, yeah..
Well, that's why I've brought
you over here today.
Is there any way
that we can shoot
and not be
so completely intrusive?
Yes, er...
Will and I have been talking
about that a lot.
Err... Will, why don't you tell
Mr. Dekker our plan?
- Good.
- Me?
- Yeah.
- Do it.
Um, OK. Well, er...
Here's what we talked about.
Um, so we set up
a fake street light,
if you will, out there.
A light that's just, maybe
could play for a street light.
We turn it on during the day.
We do all this during the day,
so no one is disturbed.
We set up
a street light out there,
turn it on and leave it on.
- This is on.
- On all the time.
Then we take some small cameras
and we rig them to the trees.
We have a few cameras
in the office...
They're so small like
you wouldn't even...
- They're real tiny cameras.
- So small.
And we rig them to the trees
and just let them roll.
Let them roll.
Nobody goes out there,
starts and stops them. Nothing.
No lights on the cameras?
Nope, there's no lights
on the cameras.
How bright is that light
that you already have on?
- It's not...
- It's not...
It's not bright. It's soft.
Yeah, on a scale
of one to ten, it's really soft.
And nobody turns it on.
It's already on.
Nobody is going
to disturb anybody
With this,
with what we want to do.
- No.
- No.
- OK. So... We got...
- Shh!
- We got five cameras now.
- Yeah.
Pointing here for now,
they're pointed there,
at the cemetery,
and, if you look up there,
we'll hang that street light
looking thing.
It looks almost identical
to the ones
they have hanging
in the front of this place,
so completely unobtrusive,
but now we have light.
Now we can see things.
If that cemetery light
makes them suspicious?
It won't. Honestly,
I'd be more worried
making that Park Ranger
dude suspicious,
but hopefully,
he thinks that, you know,
like maintenance came out
and replaced it or something.
I don't know.
But I'm... honestly,
I am kind of surprised
that you haven't thought
of this before.
I have.
It didn't work.
Actually, I think
it would be better
if we didn't have the music
while we're actually
recording the interview
because the music
makes it hard to edit with.
It's my favorite tune.
Who, who is this?
I don't know.
During my decades of research,
I have discovered
over 40 different species
going to and from The Marrow,
and that's just
from the half dozen or so
entrances that I have found.
Half dozen or so...
Now are they always out
in the woods or
near a creepy cemetery?
Sometimes in the woods,
sometimes in the cemetery
and sometimes in other places.
The eye hop.
Eye hop?
Um, why would they have
a Marrow entrance
where there's an eye hop?
They like pancakes.
Everybody loves pancakes.
Of course.
Anyway, that one er,
entrance in Arizona
I couldn't really identify.
I mean I monitored the situation
for several months
but I couldn't pinpoint
where the entrance was.
However, the entrance here,
in Southern California,
is the most defined entrance
I've ever seen.
I don't want to lose it.
Because if you give them
enough reason down there
to suspect
that they've been discovered,
then they'll just move on.
I don't know
if they move underground
from one metropolis
to another but
you'll find the entrance sealed
like there was
nothing ever there.
And I would like to think that
the metropolises underneath
are connected in some way,
you know.
Like all the different areas
'Cause I mean I'm looking
at that map and this...
It's all over the country.
And so you feel that they're
all connected underground?
I think that's quite possible.
Yes, but I don't have
any hard evidence,
of course,
to substantiate that, so...
Most of the subjects
are painfully shy.
Painfully shy.
In fact, one that I had observed
in Salem, Massachusetts,
that I called Brella...
Brella, short for umbrella.
There she is, right there.
You notice here the umbrella
covers up her head entirely,
- as you can't see her face.
- Yup.
But she does have the body
of a normal human female,
and a very attractive one
I might say, you know.
In fact, I saw her
interacting with a human.
Interacting, how?
Like a human saw... saw that?
I saw Brella
in Salem, Massachusetts,
pick up a drunk college boy
outside of a bar.
- Wait... Do you mean?
- In an alley...
Pick up like 'flirted with',
like 'took him home', like...
What do you mean by picked up?
What does 'pick up' mean to you?
Well, that's... That's what
it means but I have...
Well, then, that's what I mean.
OK, but I would imagine...
She picked him up for some
sort of sexual escapade, OK?
OK, now if I got picked up...
They walked away,
they disappeared,
I tried to follow them...
Why wouldn't he say something
to somebody though if he...
Why... Why...
What is wrong with you?
Why can't I ever just tell you
something and you listen?
'Cause I wanna cut through it.
I mean, again,
it's another painting.
You don't have a picture,
you don't photograph.
Now you're telling me
I'm telling you what she did.
She picked up this drunk college
boy. She went off with him.
I don't know what happened.
I tried to follow them,
I lost them.
That's it.
So then, then what?
What happened?
Then... after about three weeks,
a body washed up by a river
in Danvers...
Oh. The body of the boy?
Nobody really knew...
I mean, there wasn't much there
to be able to identify.
All his entire jaw was gone
And no dentition...
The hands were gone,
the feet were gone.
Just a lump of flesh...
Not very identifiable.
Now the case is still open,
you know,
it's unsolved but,
I bet my pants it was that boy.
In every society,
there are other deviants.
The bad seeds, you know.
The ones who are pure evil.
You're saying
something from The Marrow
killed somebody
and these things are dangerous.
Not all of them.
But some of them.
Er... I think we're good.
For today. Can we stop?
- Yes.
- Yeah, it's a cut.
Forget the fact this guy
is just a complete psycho
which is a given.
But now he's showing us these
like images of these things
that may or may not exist,
And now he's says
they're killing people.
I don't understand
what we're doing.
Yeah, I mean you...
you were there. You saw it.
You can't deny what we saw.
Well, I mean I can't say
that I saw a real monster.
Look at the movies we've done,
Like think about that.
All the make-up effects
that we put on the screen,
the visual effects...
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
After all the movies we've done,
you mean to tell me that
you can't tell the difference
between full latex or silicon
and what we actually saw
right in front of us.
I'm just saying it's possible,
you know. That's all.
It's possible what?
That there's monsters?
No! That this guy's
a total freakazoid!
Listen... I mean...
I'm not actually working
on this whole monster project,
but what I am working on is
a little show called Holliston.
Um, I am a little concerned,
Adam, do you have any scripts?
They're almost ready... I uh...
they're gonna be done...
But we start production
in like two months.
And I will get it done.
I don't want to just, you know,
I don't want to say
"'Stop what you're doing
and write Holliston"
but I really need you to stop
what you're doing
and write Holliston.
OK. If...
I swear to God,
if you had been there
and you saw this,
you'd be just as fire up
as we are
and you would be like, "OK,
the other stuff can wait."
And you don't think
it's dangerous.
You don't think
you could get hurt.
Listen, it was fun
when it started.
You know running
around the woods
chasing the psycho guy around.
It was fun. But now,
Sarah's telling us
we're putting the show on hold,
which means we're putting
our careers on hold,
and, I mean,
I talked to Krishna about it.
She's not really happy
about this whole thing.
Oh, no.
You know, not to be a dick
but I don't care
what your wife thinks.
Why doesn't she write
the next season of the show?
- It'll probably be better.
- Adam, stop. Stop it.
All I am saying is that
an amazing opportunity
just dropped right into our laps
and now you're saying
you want to quit.
No, no, no no. I'm not saying
that I want to quit.
I'm just saying that we need
to control it better.
We need to get done
what we need to get done.
Not quit.
Adam, like honestly,
do you 100 percent
believe this guy
and his whole monster thing?
Ninety percent.
I 90 percent believe.
Well, 90 percent.
That's a lot of percent.
All right, that's number five...
Uh, wait... I'm sorry.
Could you please wait?
Because we need to shoot you
when you analyze the footage.
So just wait till we get back,
So, you're sure that camera two
is in this tree?
Yeah, I'm sure.
And we have one, three,
four and five.
Definitely, two.
Uh, maybe it fell out?
Uh, what about you, Mr. Dekker?
See anything over there?
No, I don't see a thing.
looks like we lost camera two.
Come on.
We got to get out of here.
I will pay you back.
I got something.
- Huh?
- Adam, come here.
Now look, look!
Will... Come here, come here,
come here!
- Oh, look.
- Dude, dude!
Come here, come here, come here!
See... didn't I tell you?
That is awesome.
I've never seen one
like that before.
- Really?
- No...
New species.
You want to name it?
Me? No!
You do it.
It's... That's your thing.
All right, all right.
I'm gonna call them
Little Big Foot.
Little, Little Big Foot, really?
He looks like a Big Foot,
doesn't he?
Yeah, I mean if Big Foot
was a real thing
and if anyone had seen it.
What about, what about
something more original?
You know what about, um,
So you wanna name it?
You... You...
All right, then.
Little Big Foot.
New species.
You don't like Deringer?
OK, stop it, stop it.
OK, so that was,
what, four hours.
- Four hours
- Four hours, and then,
whatever that thing is,
crawls out of the hole
and walks away.
So you honestly want
to try tell me that Dekker
had some dude just wait
underground for four hours
only to get up and walk away
for our cameras.
You got me. You got me.
Three, two, one.
We've now cut our second monster
on camera, and
Mr. Dekker seems
to think that it's a
new kind of species
which is all kind of...
- Stay.
- What?
Come to bed.
I'm going to in a second.
I just...
I have to do my recording
about the second monster
or else it's going
to drive me nuts.
Then I'll be talking about
monsters all night.
You're cute.
Seriously, though,
you need to sleep.
I'm going to.
In three, two, one...
So look at that...
I mean the teeth, the eye...
it's amazing, right?
Yeah, very nice.
Who does your creature work?
OK, that's the best part.
Nobody. It's real. This
is real footage that we got.
There was this guy who...
he wrote me a letter
through my fan mail
and he had this whole theory
that, like,
you know when people
were born deformed or whatever,
like where do they go?
You know,
you don't just see
them walking around, I mean,
unless you had a horror
convention like this.
But, it's, you know...
he says that they've all
retreated underground
and that's where they live.
So, we've been making this
documentary following him...
Whoa... Hold it.
You're reminding me
of the psycho of a guy,
he has a name like Davis Darren?
- Dekker?
- That's it.
Er, Mick, Mick, would you come
over here for a second?
Hey, Mick, how are you?
Good to see you.
Adam is working with Dekker,
the monster hunter.
Oh, no.
No, I'm not. I wouldn't say
I'm working with him.
You? He's harassing you, now?
Well, no. We... I talked
to him once about something.
"I found The Marrow."
That guy? Please.
He's been after me,
and Tom, and Carpenter
and Guillermo, Landis...
Every horror director in the
business he's been bothering.
He's antagonized everybody
for years.
Trying to get us
to buy the movie rights
to his stupid story.
He's a real basket case.
Err... Yeah. No.
Totally, I just...
Grasshopper here
has been working with him,
I can tell...
No, no, I wouldn't say
"working with him".
- What are you, stupid?
- No!
I'm sorry, that was rude.
- But are you?
- Uh, I guess sort of, I guess...
Anyway, your creature work
is great
regardless of who's doing it.
- How's your next movie coming?
- Uh, which one?
I don't know. It's what you say.
I'm trying to be nice.
Good luck, guy. Good luck.
Have a good signing.
And whatever you're shooting,
I'm not signing the release.
Thank you.
All right, so, er...
Are we going to talk about it?
He said, right up front,
that he's tried
numerous ways to get
this story out there.
OK? So...
Yeah, it was embarrassing
that I didn't know
that he had already been
to everybody else.
OK, like what am I...
Is that what you want?
Is that what you want me to say,
"I am embarrassed"?
- that I feel stupid?
- No.
But, look, when we get back,
the next time we talk to him,
I'll ask him, point blank,
who else have you
brought this story to?
And, you know,
let's see what he says.
Yeah, we'll see.
You think he's going to be
truthful about that?
So, one thing that
I've been meaning to ask you
is why reach out to
a genre filmmaker with this?
Why go to somebody like me
who does what I do?
Well, heck, I tried the
authorities, I tried the press,
I was even
on a couple of talk shows.
Nobody wanted to hear it.
They all treat me like
I was a nut, you know?
So, I thought, you know,
a filmmaker who had
a built-in audience...
and who can capture
and tell the story...
convincingly and properly...
Properly. That would be
the way to go, you know?
OK, then why not got
to somebody bigger,
like an even more established,
you know, why... Why me?
You work outside the machine.
I like that.
So, you never reached out
to somebody else before me?
Never went to anybody,
that is was straight to me?
Nope. Just you.
Just me.
So, there were a couple of
interesting things that happened
when you guys were gone.
I think
you're going to like this.
So, it'll start on
camera four here.
We're looking right at The
Marrow and here comes Dekker,
1:30 in the morning
with a bag and flashlight.
All right.
This is where it
gets really weird.
He walks over to camera three...
looks right at it...
and turns it off.
Why would he shut...?
I don't know.
Goes over to camera one.
Again, right at it...
- And he shut...
- Turns it off.
All right, what I
want to know though is
if he shuts off all the cameras,
like what is he not...
Does he think we're not
gonna see that in the footage?
He doesn't turn off camera four.
So he either doesn't know
how to work the cameras,
he doesn't know how many
are up there...
He's back at the hole
signaling something,
it looks like...
and if we get in close,
he starts pulling something
out of the bag, and I
don't know what's in the bag.
Maybe you guys can help me out.
What is that?
Just an old man talking
to a hole in the ground.
No, well, what's in his hand?
- I know what that is...
- What?
It's a... it's a spoon.
So, what is he doing?
He's taking dirt?
Was he taking samples
out of the...?
I mean, he's like...
he's digging down there.
And then he puts it in his bag?
No, no, no, he's taking
something out of...
What's he feeding,
feeding one of them?
I can't see... I can't see in.
There's no definition.
Such low light sensors that...
He's feeding something...
or he thinks
he's feeding something.
OK, then, what else?
What else?
I mean, after that,
fast forward a little bit,
he packs up his stuff,
stands up...
Uh huh.
Walks back over...
Turns the cameras on again.
Yup, camera one comes on.
Sets it up, clear as day...
He has to know
we're going to see that.
So, is this...
Here's a question,
Is this on purpose?
Did he want us to see that?
'Cause I'm...
I'm kind of... and then
he's waving and signaling again.
OK, awesome.
What else? Anything else?
This one is a little weird.
Um, the very next night,
- Mm-hm.
- Four o'clock in the morning,
- camera one...
- Yeah?
I'll zoom in so you can see.
Here he is sitting
on the edge of The Marrow.
He's like...
And I have no idea
what he's doing
but he's sitting here for about
a minute and a half, 2 minutes.
He's touching something
in there.
What, is he petting one of them?
I don't think is petting them.
What is it?
Oh my God, wait...
He's crying.
He's crying.
I didn't know
what to make of it.
He's like sobbing.
I mean, the only other
thing I'm doing is catching up
on cemetery footage,
just hours of cemetery footage.
This guy, it's like he's sick.
You know, like, he chooses the
weirdest things to lie about.
Isn't the lying just enough
to stop this whole thing?
No, it's not.
Why do you have to keep saying
that we need to stop it?
It's not enough. I don't care
about him lying to me.
That's irrelevant.
Did you tell Josh about
the other night?
- What happened the other night?
- Nothing happened the other...
It turns out that
this Dekker guy
has gone to every single
Hollywood director
with the story.
Who else did he go to?
It doesn't matter.
It... That's semantics.
What matters isn't him,
OK, it's 'it'.
It's where he can
take us because...
And I know I sound crazy
to everybody
but my whole life
since I was a little kid
I had prayed for this
to happen to me.
I have prayed for this
to be real,
and now I have seen it...
and for better or for worse,
this lunatic is the guy
who can bring me to it.
And, OK,
I know you guys
are going to say I'm trying
I swear to God I'm not but this
is just the theory I have.
I think that this is
some sort of psychosis,
like this whole thing.
I think that, like,
his kid died or something.
And this is why...
When we were in the cemetery
and you mentioned your kids,
he was all over you
about your kids, right?
That's right.
And then when we were doing one
of our interviews with him
he was showing me paintings
of the monsters.
And I asked him about them,
"Oh, who painted that?"
- And he said, uh...
- He said my son.
Thank you. Yes.
- And then, when I try...
- "Oh wait, son?"
"Oh no", he
didn't want to go there anymore.
Now he's feeding something
in a hole,
something that's probably
not there.
Maybe he's imagining it, or...
This is where it gets
a little weird.
Maybe he thinks
his kid is down there.
His kid is one of them.
Oh, boy.
OK, I know... it's crazy. But if
we could just find one person,
one person to vouch for him,
a family member, a neighbor,
just somebody who actually
knows this guy in real life,
not the life
that he's presenting to us,
I'd feel so much better
because then I would know
is he crazy? Is he mentally ill?
Is it all a hoax?
And I'm just a sucker.
You know,
but you like you Google him
and he has no digital imprint
on the internet whatsoever.
There's literally
nothing about... What?
He was a police...
He was a police detective.
So, what?
No, the original package
that he sent me,
the original letter,
it says he was a former
Boston police detective.
We can go talk to them.
We're not going to Boston.
We're going to Boston.
No, we're going to Boston.
Right now we're going to Boston
because I spoke to a guy
at the Boston police department
but they wouldn't answer any
of my questions over the phone
but the guy did say he would
give us, like, 15 minutes.
So, what I want to do is,
I want to sit down,
I want to find out more about
when Dekker worked there,
like, maybe there's people there
who still know him,
and like especially
if he's talked about The Marrow
and all this stuff before.
I think we're to get some
really... some cool stuff.
- I don't know.
- It seems like a
waste of time to me.
OK, well, you know what?
If nothing else,
we get to go home to Boston.
When was the last time you
got to go to Boston?
What, like three years ago,
four years ago?
No, I was in Boston two
weeks ago shooting a cable ad.
Well, you don't have to shoot
a cable ad while you're there
so, um... it'll be fun.
I've been with the
Boston Police Department
now for 24 years
and I don't ever recall
with this gentleman. No.
What department
did he say he worked with?
Uh... he didn't specify that.
Well, I suggest
you have him contact us
and as you can understand,
I can't get
into the service records
of a former police officer
with a third party.
No, I,
I understand that totally.
I just... I guess,
to clarify that,
now, what you're saying is that,
to the best of your knowledge,
a William Dekker
has never worked here
at the Boston Police Department?
That I know of? No.
Just because the one guy
we talked to didn't know him
doesn't mean that it's a lie.
I mean you heard
what the officer said.
Even if he did know something,
he's not allowed
to tell us anyway... so...
worked there. I mean... clearly
the guy never worked there.
You don't know that.
That's according to one officer.
When we get home,
let's go back out there
to the spot
but just me and you.
No Dekker, so that way
if this is like a hoax,
he's putting stuff on for us.
He wouldn't even know
that we're there. Just us.
Right. Just so we can freak out
again and tell us how much
we are compromising his work
and then quit.
Not if he doesn't know.
Is this it?
I know where we are.
Just park here.
OK, cool.
All right, let's do a quick
in and out, OK?
I don't want to be
here all night.
No, I just want to see
the spot without him here.
That's all.
Wait, wait.
How do you...
Just twist the dial on the side
- Like that?
- Yup, that's it.
OK, all right. Got it.
All right.
Let's wait, wait. Shh.
What, what?
Do you hear that?
Was that your footsteps?
No, I stopped.
- Right, let's do it...
- Great.
It's frigging hot tonight.
It's wicked, flack and...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa...
- You good, you good?
Yeah, yeah, yeah trees.
Well, I told you no more uh...
no more ski-lifts at night,
So, this isn't that bad.
This is like home.
It's the woods.
You know what's funny though?
- What?
- Is that during the day
it's like,
'Oh, I am in the forest.'
But then at night, it's like
"I am in the forest"
it's really scary.
All right.
And there it is...
OK, so... all right.
Let me do my intro.
All right, am I all sweaty?
Um, a little shiny, not too bad
- All right. OK.
- Hold on. OK?
- Into camera, right?
- Yup.
Here we are at the entrance
to The Marrow, or at least
what Dekker claims to
be the entrance to The Marrow.
No. OK, hold on...
Oh, my God...
I thought that was you.
Do you smell that?
You realize
we're in a cemetery, right?
And uh... there's
dead bodies all around us.
Um... I've stuck...
I've stuck my head in worse
I actually went to Hopster
for four years so...
All right, hold on.
- OK.
- Wait a minute.
You realize we're in a cemetery
and you're sticking
your head in a hole?
I know that, I know that...
but I got to see.
Yeah. Dude.
OK, here's one thing
I will say, though, is...
I don't know if you can see it
but when you go down it
curves around
Oh my God. Dude.
It's got me! It's got me!
Nothing? Really?
No, Jackass.
Come on.
Can we get out of here?
You're no fun.
All right, well, good.
I'm glad we did that.
Now we know
we have lots of footage
of a crazy guy who should
probably be committed,
rambling around about nothing.
We have a hole
in the ground over here.
We have lots of old gravestones,
and we have a dude,
who was probably
one of Dekker's friends
who jumped out at us wearing
nothing but a Halloween mask
which is... whoa...
Seriously, seriously help me
out please, please, please!
I'm not joking, I'm not joking!
Someone took my boot.
He grabbed me.
Well, at least
you still have your foot.
No, I'm serious, something,
something... It took my boot.
You mean like a root
or something?
No, something like
it didn't hurt...
but it took my boot off
of my foot.
Fine. You know what? Here.
Hey, uh dude, can you do me
a favor really quick
and just reach in that hole
and um...
- Aha, yeah.
- And grab my boot for me,
You want me to get your boot?
Yeah, yeah... come on... do it.
There's nothing in there.
- All right, all right...
- Do it.
It's pretty deep.
It's a...
You know what?
No, it's your boot. You get it.
Oh, oh, OK, yeah.
Here you go.
You know what? Um...
I was going to throw
these boots out
when I got home tonight anyway
because they're old
and they smell.
So I don't even need it.
And you're going to
walk home in your sock?
I'm going to walk home
in my sock.
But what about the snakes?
There's no snakes.
What about the spiders?
Oh! Spider!
What, dude?
Oh, you're such a dick.
- Fine.
- Go get your boot.
I'll get my boot.
If something happens
to me, seriously...
Damn it!
And don't do that thing where
something grabs you again.
I would never do
the same gag twice.
Have you seen Hatchet 2?
Go on.
Just give me a second.
Holy shit!
- Go on...
- I'm going, I'm going.
I can't reach it.
I can't reach it.
Wait, wait, wait.
OK, hold on.
Oh, shit!
Whoa... Hah!... Got it!
What the hell are you two doing?
Oh, shit.
What have you done?
What have you done?
Nothing, we were just getting
some shots
without you out here...
potentially orchestrating
this shit.
What do you mean
by orchestrating?
I can hear you half
a mile down the goddamn road.
You have no right
to come up here.
No... but there, there,
honestly something down there
just totally took my boot.
I told you we needed
to be discrete.
I warned you.
We could scare them away.
I warned you some of them
are danger...
Public place.
We have every right to be here
if we want to.
- Both of you, that was stupid.
- It's not stupid.
Don't film this now.
No, I'm not recording.
- You know what was stupid?
- You're not?
No. Listen to me. What was
stupid? Was the other day
when we took you out to coffee
and I asked you point blank
have you said this shtick
to anybody else.
And what did you say?
I said that I took it to
a multitude of places
before I brought it to you.
No. No, no, no, no, no... I
asked you point blank. Didn't I?
I asked him point blank,
I said "Have you said this to
other directors in Hollywood?"
And you said, "No, just you".
"Just you". Just me,
that's what you said.
And it's not adding up
at this point.
It's never going to add up.
If they move away
because of your meddling
- Our meddling?
- Yes, your meddling.
No, we're trying to tell
a story here because,
you know what, like what if,
what if it was real?
I want to believe in it.
He wants to believe in it.
And I've sunk a lot of my time,
and a lot of his money
into this so far, and honestly,
it feels like Linus
waiting for the great pumpkin
to arrive or something.
- No...
- For all we know,
this is just
a bunch of your buddies
running around in Halloween
costumes for our cameras.
Well, maybe I don't need
the two of you
involved in this anymore,
all right?
But let's take this conversation
over to the road
so we don't make the situation
any worse than it is.
No. We're not taking
one more step until you admit
that you've been lying.
About... what haven't you lied
about? About everything.
Monsters, The Marrow, your name.
I don't even know
who you really are.
My personal life is my business.
Do you understand?
It's my business.
We have been upfront with you
since day one.
You know exactly who we are...
- Get down...
- What the hell was that?
I don't know what it was
but it brushed against my feet.
It went over there.
They're watching us.
What was that?
Come back... come back...
Did you get it?
Yeah, I got it. I got it.
It came right at me.
Will, Will... come on...
- I'm coming, I'm coming
- Let's go.
Give me one second.
I want to see it,
I want to see it.
Come on man,
let's go, we gotta go now.
They're coming, they're coming.
I'm coming...
- Come on, Adam.
- Shut off those lights.
Shut it off.
Come on, go...
What is that? What?
Drive around it,
drive around it.
What the hell?
It's got him! It's got him!
Let go! Let go!
Drive, drive,
drive, drive drive!
Has that ever happened before?
No, never to that extent.
I mean, I've been followed once.
I been chased a couple of times
but an outright attack
like that...
You see what you've done!
What I've done? OK, hold
the phone here.
First of all, you have not been
straight with us
since day one.
OK, starting with the fact
that you never worked for
the Boston Police Department.
- You never...
- Yes, I did!
We went and met with them
and they never even
heard of you.
I was a private detective.
Private, you, imbecile.
Don't' you understand English,
Do you speak English?
I understand it enough
to know that you would at least
have been affiliated
with their division
in one way or another. But no,
they've never even heard of you.
You know, I trusted you Adam.
I brought you into one of the
greatest discoveries of all ti...
- Don't point your finger at me.
- ...you go and screw me!
- I'm not...
- Why are you screwing me?
Because I don't know
if it's bullshit or not!
Why couldn't you listen to me?
Because I didn't want to spend
five more months
running around,
looking at sketches,
and looking at drawings,
and listening
to your psycho babble.
Well, listen to you, man.
You sound like all those
other assholes.
You're too blind to see
what's going on around you.
Oh, I saw, I saw
something today.
I don't know what it was.
Do you know what it was, Will?
- No.
- So, what was it?
Back me up here.
For once, back me up!
I'm going to go,
I'm going to go inside.
Yeah, OK, you...
No, no, no, no...
They know we found out
about them, Adam.
They know we found them.
They're going to move.
They're going to close up
that entrance.
And I'm going to lose him,
and I'm not going to lose him.
Who? Who's "him"?
This is my last chance
and I'm not going to blow it.
Who is "him"? Just tell me the
truth about one single thing.
OK, how about this, Mr. Dekker?
If that's even your name.
What about the fact
that you went
to every director in Hollywood
before you came
to us with this project, right?
What... well... I was like
the absolute last choice,
and I asked you
point blank, when we had coffee,
and you lied to me
- about that too!
- Bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit, bullshit.
OK, it's 1:30 in the morning.
I think the best thing
to do right now,
we were just attacked,
let's call the police.
How about that?
- No!
- Call...
No police, no police.
No police, if they've moved,
then I'll dig.
I'll dig down. That tunnel's
still there, I'll dig.
Then you can call
anybody you want.
You call the whole goddamn
world, I don't care.
Just get out of here.
Now go on.
Do we even have lights
in the car if we go down there?
I got to plan this.
I got to plan it.
Well... I...
Get out! Go on, get out!
If you're going down there
I'm going with you and
I'm seeing this through.
We need lights
from the office...
- Adam!
- We need two more cameras.
Listen, listen to me
for a second.
I'll meet with you here at
sunrise, you and Will.
All right?
Sunrise. Then you can shoot
any goddamn thing you want.
You can shoot
as much as you want,
all right, I don't care.
Shoot whatever you want.
OK. Sunrise here.
We've two cameras
at the office...
Now go, please.
You're coming with me.
I got to work.
I got to plan this.
Don't puss out on me on this.
Get out... Get out!
- I'm going to get out...
- Get out, Will!
Where do we meet you exactly?
Here, here! At sunrise.
Right here at sunrise.
- Right here at sunrise.
- We will be back...
Get out of here, goddamn it!
I can't think!
Maybe we should just go.
I find it hard
to believe he overslept.
Mr. Dekker.
Oh, wait a minute...
Hold on.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse
me. Hello. Hello. Sorry.
I'm trying to reach the guy that
lives there, your neighbor.
No one lives there.
No, no the guy, uh...
the old guy, William Dekker.
The guy lives there.
No one lives there.
That place has been
empty for a year.
OK, I am sorry, I'm sorry...
- So...
- What?
According to Dekker's neighbor,
this place has been empty
for a year.
Wait, so nobody lives here?
No-one is supposed to live here.
- No, no, no...
- Oh, what do you know.
- No, no...
- Come on, come one.
Mr. Dekker?
Are you kidding me?
What, he just skipped town?
- What?
- Look, look, look.
Oh, man...
You know what?
No, we should...
We should just go.
We shouldn't do this.
No, no, come here, come here.
Man... Urgh.
Is that shit?
- Urgh.
- What he...
It smells so bad.
What the...
What did he have?
Urgh... can we go?
Yeah, did you get all this?
- Did you see all this?
- Oh man, let's go.
- Please, can we just go?
- OK, OK, OK.
Dude, where we going?
Where do you think?
We're going after him.
Oh, hell, no.
I'm not going down that hole.
We're not going in the hole.
- Will you just come with me?
- No,
We're not going back there!
Just get into the car. Trust me.
Come on...
Seriously, can we
please just call the police?
Mr. Dekker?
Oh... No, no, no, no, no...
OK. Our final recording...
in three, two...
So, it's been
a little over a month
since we last heard from...
and I've tried calling,
but like his number just rings
and about two weeks ago,
it switched over to one of those
"This number has been
disconnected" messages.
But, last week...
our missing camera,
camera two...
was delivered to me...
and, er...
My name is...
My name is William Dekker.
If you're seeing this,
I need you to understand
that I was wrong.
There's no such thing
as "severo".
There are no monsters.
Don't follow me.
Don't believe my work.
Stay away!
There's no such thing
as monsters.
Monsters are not real.
Monsters are not real.
Monsters are not real!