Diggstown (1992) Movie Script

Alex, is that ten grand
or are you just happy to see me?
It's there.
Let's go.
How did a bonehead like Wolf
wind up in the fight ring...
with Minoso Torres?
Word is Wolf stepped in on a beef
Torres had with Gabriel Caine.
Caine's too smart
to get on Torres' bad side...
unless he had a reason
for getting there.
Find him.
Wait here.
It's there. Let's go.
- Put this on.
- Fuck you.
Put this on or I'll break your glasses
and feed you to Lester in D block...
you little gerbil.
- Right over the grate.
- What grate?
- Just keep crawling.
- Hot! Jesus!
- Good.
- Damn!
- Stop.
- Can I take it off now?
You could, but if you do the man
on the other side will kill you.
If you show
a certain degree of wisdom...
he'll put you on a boat,
take you across the lake...
pick you up in a car and then drive you
across the state line.
Whatever you decide to do,
please do so with haste.
- What is it?
- Yeah.
You're going outside.
The showers won't be the same
without you.
Get up!
Get your fat ass up!
Don't you know you're not
supposed to smoke in bed?
You want to say good night
to your little sister...
and your ugly dogs in Diggstown?
You're a good friend.
I don't know, Wolf.
I never should have
let you fight Torres.
Arert you gonna
sing and dance with him?
It did do the trick, though.
- So you're here to cheer me up.
- Yeah.
You're gonna make me
a rich man, right?
That I am.
So you're a good friend.
Maybe the best I ever had.
Nobody ever took the time
to teach somebody like me.
And nobody
ever gave me a chance...
to make the kind of money
we made today.
So you're a good friend, okay?
Get some rest, partner.
In the 18 years
I've been running Winfield...
there have only been
six escapes.
Five of them
since you arrived here.
Like little old Alex Dupree
who disappeared last night.
What do you think about that,
Mr. Caine?
I think the important thing is not
to take it as a personal rejection.
Warden, I owe you an apology.
Guys said your clip was full of blanks,
but I didn't know they meant your gun.
I don't carry blanks.
God, that was clumsy of me.
Scared me.
Did it scare you?
You're smart, Caine.
How did they catch
a boy as smart as you?
Let's just say you might want
to change careers...
and sell phony art
to rich people.
Make sure your painter doesn't use
acrylics on 18th-century landscapes.
I'll remember that.
I will.
And you remember this:
I'll find out
how you've been doing it...
before you're released
next week.
- Keith.
- So this means Club Med is out?
- Jesus. What if they find the tunnel?
- So what?
- You think I left my name on it?
- I don't know.
What are the chances
of another queen?
Two showing, ten cards down?
Looks like two out of forty to me.
Unless, of course...
Son of a bitch!
Unless there's one queen left 'cause
the other one isn't where you put it.
Ten thousand come out okay
with Alex?
Leave it to you
to make 50 grand in jail.
A mere bag of shells,
but it should get us started.
How are those farm boys
looking in Diggstown?
Nothing Roy can't handle.
I've seen them all.
- How's he doing?
- Roy's doing good.
I talked to him.
He's really excited.
- Yeah? Good.
- Yeah.
It's time to set the hook
in Diggstown.
- Do it just like I told you.
- Yeah.
Exactly like I told you.
Then the party's on me
when it's over.
Gabe, when it's over...
we'll all be lucky to get away
before they kill us.
What's the difference between
a hustler and a good con man?
- What?
- A hustler has to leave town quickly...
but a good con man doesn't have
to leave until he wants to.
We're in business.
- Fitz, man.
- Corny.
- Right.
- How are you?
Remember I promised to introduce you
to some of the guys?
You certainly did.
- This is Frank and Sam.
- Hello.
That's Tank there. Over there
playing pool is Robby and Billy.
- This is the big fertilizer man.
- Randall Patrick O'Shannon Fitzpatrick.
- Call me "Fitz. "
- I hear you're good with card tricks.
- You did?
- How are you at the real thing?
You don't want me
sitting in here.
Cards just turn to money
in these hands.
Back home they call me
"The Cleveland Collector. "
He told me that.
They'll call you the "Cleveland Clown"
after we're through with you.
They will?
Sit your ass down.
I don't want any hard feelings here.
I'll take all your money.
I hope I got enough money
to get in this game.
Cut 'em.
Luck be a lady tonight.
Thank you.
I'm sorry. Really.
Must be my lucky day.
Sam, thank you.
Thank you kindly.
This is fun.
Isn't this fun?
- Shit.
- Damn.
- Is this his?
- It must be.
This is a nice truck.
I'd give my dick
for a truck like this.
What would be the use
of having it?
Yeah, right.
I better be going.
I'll see you around.
All right, Robby.
Talk to you later.
God, I love this building.
Yeah, you were a genius
to buy this place.
No, I was a genius
to have the town buy this place...
and then hire me to manage it.
That's genius.
You know, Daddy,
you are this town.
Yes, I am.
You left yourself wide-open.
I'll tell you something, there are
several ways of getting things done.
It's time you start learning
what they are.
Someday Diggstown will be yours.
I'm ready whenever you say, sir.
I'm sure you are, Robby Gillon.
Every day it becomes more and more
important to how people see you.
You want to make goddamn sure...
they don't ever see anything
you don't want them to see.
You got that?
Yeah, I guess so.
Good boy.
There's my boy.
Then I think maybe they should get used
to seeing how good you look.
In a 1958 red and white Corvette.
Oh, my God, Daddy.
- You're next, Robby.
- I can't believe this.
- That's what that car says.
- She's beautiful, Daddy.
I know you're in a hurry,
but it would mean a lot to me...
if you could stop
and say hi to my dogs.
"Say hi to your dogs"?
Are you joking?
- What is that?
- They'd smell me on this.
Wolf, you'll be out of here
in two weeks. Please.
But I've been gone a long time.
I know they miss me.
It won't be no trouble.
They're at the boardinghouse
with my sister.
That's right. I don't want anyone
to know that you and I know each other.
Come on, think about this.
How will talking to my dogs
tell her that?
We'll need Emily's help
on this thing we're setting up.
I can't ask her to do that.
I don't know her. She's your sister.
You have to ask her when you get out.
Use your head.
She hates me! I wouldn't see her
when she come up here.
She won't return my letters.
I'll say hi to your fucking dogs
for you, okay?
Oh, thanks.
State of Georgia might be through
with you, Caine, but I'm not.
You know what you need?
You need to get out more often.
You're spending way too much time
in the company of men.
Be seeing you, Caine.
In your fucking dreams.
Come on, open up.
I got a whole world waiting.
Hey, baby.
Shit, not even a damn kiss
on the cheek.
What a stud.
Gabriel, has it been
two years already?
The action hasn't been
the same without you.
They credit you two-for-one these days,
if you don't use a gun.
God bless the liberals.
I'm setting something up, Victor.
The money will run half a million...
and I'll need an establishment type,
like the esteemed Victor Corsini...
to hold the money.
- You interested?
- How about this guy?
You know I can't resist
watching you work...
but where did you
ever get $500,000?
From you.
Don't make me
have to kill you.
You know how I hate it
when I have to kill my friends.
Far be it for me to ruin your day.
Do I have it or not?
Come on, boy!
Give him a left hook!
For crying out loud!
What kind of a fight do you call that?
You in the wrong seat, boy.
Nobody gave seating assignments.
I'm about ready
to give you one.
This is Mr. Gillors chair.
You must be our Floridian tourist.
You certainly have wonderful taste
in automobiles.
Yeah, though it's
kind of a limp color.
Snowflake white.
But I figured
better a limp color...
than a limp model
like the 300.
At least
I had enough change left over...
to buy myself a proper
pair of socks.
I'm just fucking with you.
You want your seat back?
Please, feel free.
I was bored shitless anyway.
Our boxing here in Diggstown...
is not to your satisfaction, Mr...
- John Gillon.
- Nice to meet you.
- Can I be frank with you?
- Please.
It's never too satisfying knowing who
will win. You know what I mean?
Take this mamaluke
in the white trunks.
Halfway through the first round,
I know he'll be kissing canvas.
He's already done it twice.
So what do you think? Will he
kiss canvas the third time? Yes.
All right!
Guys, I'm as surprised as you are.
Believe me, that was a lucky shot.
Should we up the bet again?
We better take him
while he's still able to stand.
Always go with what you know, Frank.
My cardinal rule of gambling.
You ready for 300 a game?
Three thousand. I'll play the kid
for pink slips if he wants.
You really serious?
That truck?
Hell, yeah.
I always wanted a Corvette.
Besides, a man never bets
what he can't back up.
- Right?
- That's right.
Let's do it.
So you're saying
you think this man...
over here in the red trunks
will win this fight?
Is there an acoustical problem
in here?
I don't think
he'll win this fight.
I know he'll win this fight.
I have to split.
By the way,
I'd bet a thousand on it.
But would you bet 2,000 bucks on it?
Are you joking?
There's two things we never joke about
in Diggstown, Mr. Caine:
Our boxing and our betting.
It's one minute.
Go get 'em!
A minute ten.
17, 18, 19!
One minute, 19 seconds.
That's very good.
He's good. You're good.
Why don't you save the effort
and concede?
No, I've done that good before.
Question is: Can I do it now?
Nobody sits in my seat.
A minute, ten.
15, 16, 17.
Yes! I can't believe it!
Come on.
Thank you.
Drinks on me!
Now ain't that a bitch?
Did I ask you to shoot pool?
Or beg to play poker
with you guys? Hell, no!
I told you I was gonna win!
Now you're upset
because you didn't listen?
I'm sorry. You're just a little bit
full of shit on this one.
Like this sorry nonsense right here.
You saying something
about Charles Macum Diggs, hotshot?
Come on, Frank.
Charles Macum Diggs
is one of the most overrated...
heavyweights of modern times.
It's a wonder he didn't get killed
in that last fight...
Charles Macum Diggs was one
of the greatest boxers of all time.
I've seen him put away
as many as five men in one day...
when he was training.
You name anybody
you've ever seen do that, loudmouth.
"Honey" Roy Palmer.
The most underrated...
heavyweight of modern time.
I never heard of him.
You never heard of him
because he never got a shot.
He could take on
any ten of you in a day.
- Any ten, any day!
- Nobody can take ten men.
I got $10,000
against your thousand...
says he can take on
any ten Diggstown men...
and walk away from every one.
- Let's take him, Frank.
- Don't tell me what I know.
I'm in fierce need of libation.
How's about your $100,000...
against my 10,000?
Hell, yeah. Why not?
You got yourself a bet, sonny.
- Who are you?
- John Clayton Gillon is who I am.
Former manager
and forever champion...
of Charles Macum Diggs.
When were you thinking of putting on
this little event, Mr...
You? You're not serious.
Yeah, I am serious.
I brought my $10,000 cash
just to show you how serious.
Surely, you have your 100,000?
You own my sors car, I understand.
That's got to be won'th 25.
I've seen that fancy rig
of yours outside.
At least they said it was yours.
That's another 25.
That's 50.
That leaves 50 cash.
A high roller like yourself...
I'm sure you have $50,000 cash
on you at all times.
Because if you don't...
You know what we call that
around here?
A forfeit.
And right now.
- I didn't necessarily mean $10,000.
- I'll back him.
Are you a fan
of "Honey" Roy Palmer's too?
I don't even know who he is.
I just want to see you eat ten grand.
Your man as good as you say, stud?
Fucking well better be.
I don't want any more money
kept with this sheriff either.
You know Dubber Wiseman in Vegas,
Victor Corsini in Miami?
I know Mr. Corsini.
Has an excellent reputation.
Have no problem
with him escrowing our wager.
Monday morning you make sure the funds
are wired to Mr. Corsini in Miami.
How's two weeks from tonight
for the event?
I'll be back Wednesday
to work out the fight rules.
Fair enough.
Chubby, the vehicles
will remain here in town.
Somebody remind me
in church Sunday morning...
to thank God for making fools.
Morning, Fitz!
Come on.
Yes. Nice look.
Seven pitchers of beer.
I told you the pills would keep you
from getting drunk.
The hangover, on the other hand,
is pretty much nonnegotiable.
Nice face.
Can I get you something?
Anchovies and milk?
Some deviled eggs?
You've got to take me to the airport.
I gotta go to Texas and get Roy now.
Why do you have to get Roy? There's
no problem with him coming on his own.
There is if he doesn't know
he's supposed to. Sugar?
- Yes?
- Roy's in, right?
Did Roy say he isn't in?
No, he's in.
I mean, pretty much.
He hasn't said that he's out.
What did he say
when you asked him if he's in?
I haven't asked him yet.
No good?
How about some pork tartar?
Some goulash maybe?
How about a little Spam and yogurt?
How about some moo goo gai pan?
Keep your eyes on the man.
Keep that right hand where you can
feel it 'cause you can't see it.
Let's try the double jab.
One, two! All right.
Remember: Keep your elbows in
and turn that punch over.
I got a trick here for you.
This one's a double jab and...
- You got my money?
- Not exactly, but...
Then get out of here.
- Stop trying to be mad at me.
- I'm not trying. I am mad at you.
You're sulking because
of that last night in Moline.
Hold it.
Jose, you take over.
You looked hurt, Roy,
so I stopped the fight.
You lost faith in me.
It was a cash fight.
You kept drilling me that half
of the money is in the acting.
$92,000, man.
I know you're here to piss me
on something, but I'm off the con.
I'm out, completely, forever.
All right.
What do you mean?
If you're not interested,
you're not interested.
- Take care of yourself.
- Yeah.
- How's Mary?
- What?
- She's fine.
- Good.
Why don't you come
to the house for dinner tonight.
Dinner. Good. Great.
- 7:00?
- Yeah.
- I'll bring the wine.
- You got it.
- One condition.
- What?
No business.
He's great with the kids
at the YMCA.
- You're really good with them.
- I like it.
Keeps them off the street
and out of those gangs.
Plus, I get to work out
for nothing.
It's important to stay in shape.
There could be a seniors bout
sometime in your future.
Mary Ellen, is it possible you've become
a more fantastic cook since Moline?
You want some more wine?
Let me just fill that up.
Good night.
You two look really happy together.
You've got a wonderful home,
terrific job. You done good, partner.
Yeah, it's a start.
I gotta go.
We were the best.
You get your sorry butt
back in this bed.
He's playing you
like a cat on a string.
- I just have to make a phone call.
- Who you calling at this hour?
People who are up at this hour.
You son of a bitch.
Not only do you put this into play
without talking to me...
but you get yourself in a money deal
with Corsini that will get you killed!
I don't believe you.
And don't think
I don't know why you did it.
I know.
You think Roy will jump on his horse
and save your scheming ass.
You think I won't tell you
to go to hell.
You've got a big surprise
coming your way.
Pick me up at 8:00.
I found "Honey" Roy Palmer
in some old books.
His last recorded fight was in '72.
How old is this boy?
With ten men,
he won't last ten seconds.
His knockout record
was uneard of.
Out of 36 fights,
31 by knockouts...
three by technical knockouts
and only one by decision.
At least he lost two.
Both to the same fighter:
A guy named Hammerhead Hagan.
One by decision,
the other by technical knockout.
Then he just faded away.
on your new truck, John.
You know what
that book doesn't show?
- What's that?
- All his cash fighting since then.
Those records don't lie.
You fellows better remember,
this is a man...
who knocks people unconscious...
with a single blow.
I consider any such man
extremely dangerous...
even at 48 years old.
- How you doing?
- Great.
Ben is not what you would call
one of Gillors most ardent fans.
He is the only one in town,
besides Gillon, who owns his own land.
How'd you manage that?
While everybody else was trying
to get rich off Diggs' last fight...
I went fishing.
It was a real bad time here.
People lost farms
been in the family for years.
Folks really got hurt.
Here it is.
The very ring that Charlie Diggs
himself trained in.
I fixed it up
just the way you wanted.
- What's it doing here?
- Diggs used to work for me.
Asked to put it up so him and his
friends would have a place to practice.
Bought a place over on the river
once he was doing good.
He's still there.
I hear he's kind of a vegetable now.
Oh, he's got his moments.
Mostly sits in his chair
staring out at nothing.
Who's Willie?
Who's Waylon?
I bet you're little Dolly
because you're so pretty.
Yes. Look. See?
Who's Dolly? Who's the pretty one?
You're pretty.
Are you Elvis?
Are you...
You're a friend of my brother's,
aren't you? I'm Emily.
You're... No, actually,
I was just looking at the dogs.
You're a friend of Wolf's
or they'd have torn your arm off by now.
It's his shirt, isn't it?
How is he?
He's good.
He's looking forward to coming home.
Yeah, me too.
I miss him.
Excuse me.
I take it you're Mr. Caine.
Whole towrs talking about you
and your partner after the other night.
I just met that Mr. Fitz.
I see.
A coincidence?
- Yeah, that's it.
- Imagine that.
You know my brother from prison.
You and this other fellow
show up days apart...
and just before
Wolf's coming home...
and suddenly there's this huge bet
on a fight that sounds impossible.
Coincidence just seems
to follow you around, doesn't it?
You sure
you're Wolf Forrester's sister?
People say I take after my mother.
She was smart enough to get out of
this town while I was still in diapers.
Wolf begged me to visit his dogs
when I got out, so I did. That's that.
But let's not let anybody else
get the wrong idea...
about me knowing Wolf
and being in prison.
It's like our little secret.
What do you say?
I have to go back to work.
I have to ready Miss Parkins' basement
for a new tenant.
I thought you worked
at the bank.
Extra money.
I'm leaving soon.
- Do we have a deal?
- I don't make deals with strangers...
and little secrets
are for little children.
Do I look like a child to you?
No, ma'am,
you most assuredly do not.
Good day, Mr. Caine.
Son of a bitch. Ten ounces
and ten rounds? Forget about it!
Nobody lives in town.
Twenty-four hours, and forget your
fight. They've always been five rounds.
Bullshit to your eight-ounce gloves
and five-round fights!
- Ten ounces and ten rounds or forget it!
- Do I look that stupid...
or have y'all been breeding too close
to the gene pool?
I think you have.
Diggstown is Olivair County.
A day is 24 hours.
Tell you what.
Mr. Caine...
my son and his friend...
are trying desperately
to regain their honor...
and his car.
While I admire
their courage as men...
I worry a great deal
about their safety.
They're boys.
Let them wear the headgear,
just those two...
and you can have your 24-hour day.
But Diggstown is
in Olivair County.
Any man residing
in the county...
is a Diggstown man.
I'll tell you what.
Any man residing inside
the county line today...
and can prove it...
is a Diggstown man.
Why, Mr. Caine...
you certainly don't think I'd stoop
to bringing in a ringer, do you?
Not now I don't.
- Yeah!
- Jesus!
So what's his time like
for the mile, Buster?
Seven minutes, three seconds.
That's good.
Why don't you put down 8:40.
- Come on!
- What was that all about?
Sorry. They just like you
'cause they think you're Wolf's friend.
- It's hot.
- You get used to it.
So, what does our new tenant think
about what you did with the basement?
I wouldn't know.
I never met him.
Me neither.
Damn it.
Look at him go.
There's only five days left, John.
Shouldrt you be deciding on those
last three fighters pretty quick?
I already decided on two:
Buck Holland
and Sonny Hawkins.
What about the last one?
What last one?
We may not need a last one.
The way Coach has been
working our boys, he may not...
- Morning.
- Good morning.
Look how he just suddenly appears
out of nowhere.
What's going on over at Culver's?
Here's his running times,
Mr. Gillon.
I shot a whole roll of film too.
Get it over to Verrs
and tell him to put a rush on it.
I'm getting anxious
to take a look at this old boy.
- This is it?
- Uh-huh.
That's as fast as he can go?
Looks like age has finally caught up
with our poor, old "Honey" Roy Palmer.
Take this, Corny, and run on back.
We're gonna kill something now.
Thank you.
See you later.
Just dip your shoulder.
Buster says he dips his shoulder
before he throws it.
Now dip your shoulder.
- Good. One more time. Let me see it.
- That's good, Roy.
Come on, dip.
Yeah, good.
By the way...
I saw Mr. Charles Macum Diggs
the other day.
- Is that so? Good.
- Yeah.
He didn't get that way
from a whole lot of hits in the head.
Tell me what happened.
You know what happened.
- It was in all the papers.
- Yeah?
- What wasrt in the papers?
- What do you mean?
The guy got hurt.
It happens.
It happens to fighters.
I thought you knew that.
- I know when you're conning me.
- Stop it.
- Tell me.
- Stop fucking around and get to work.
What happened?
Come on. Speak up.
Gillon doped him
in the last fight.
He doped him.
The money was long.
I guess he figured
he could make a killing.
Forget about the title shot.
What can I tell you?
He drugged the guy.
End of story. Let's go to work.
- How'd he do it?
- Not important.
Goddamn it!
Keep your mind on business, instead of
ancient history that you can't change.
- You hear me?
- My mind is on business.
Now tell me
how did he do it?
He shot him up with amyl nitrite
between rounds.
Gillon knew that Charles Macum Diggs
would never take a fall...
so he put the dope
in his nasal spray.
How that man went the distance
is anybody's guess.
But there is one thing for sure:
His brain didn't.
- You happy now?
- What's wrong?
Nothing. Just taking a break.
- Did you see Buster?
- Going great. Right on schedule.
Gave me a list of Gillors fighters.
Buster says he can lay a whammy
on four guys...
suggests we approach
the Busby brothers direct.
- Buy them? Thanks.
- Yeah.
Good. That leaves four fights
that aren't fixed...
including two high school kids
with headgear.
Any word on the tenth fight?
- Nothing yet.
- Gillors playing with us.
We probably won't know his ace
in the hole until the night of...
You say you're my brother's friend?
You could be his worst enemy.
You're using things he told you to cheat
people around here for some money.
You think I'm here to steal dimes
and quarters out of cookie jars?
I wish I knew why you were here.
Just promise me
you'll wait till Wolf gets home...
before you pass judgment
or say anything to anybody.
You can, but I wouldn't
suggest you go over there.
- I want to go see.
- Come on, honey.
Move away from there!
I think it's Wolf.
- Is it Wolf?
- Oh, my God!
- It is!
- Get back here.
I saw it.
- Stay back.
- It's Wolf.
- I'm sorry.
- Why is my brother dead?
- I don't know.
- You know something!
- I wish I knew.
- Tell me now!
- I'll tell them you fixed that fight!
- I don't know why Wolf is dead!
It's not because he was escaping.
Nobody runs with a week to go.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm saying that Wolf...
Maybe Wolf was never
supposed to come home.
Your brother accidentally found out
something he wasrt supposed to know:
That Gillon fixed Diggs' last fight.
Before he even realized
what he knew...
he was the county drug lord
being can'ted off to prison.
He never had a chance
to tell you this.
I need your help.
I need you to find out
how much money Gillors really got.
Wolf was going to ask you.
He was a part of this.
They won't even bury him right.
I promise you...
your brother will have the best funeral
this town has ever seen.
My Jesus
Your love
Means so much
To me
Your love
Is all that I need
Hey, guys.
Five thousand dollars.
Mr. Gillon says
he'll pay $10,000...
to the man who knocks
"Honey" Roy Palmer out.
But, Ham, how do we know
we'll get to fight him...
before somebody else
knocks him out?
Besides, look,
Gillon ain't going to let us go first.
Ham, that's money in the hand.
That's absolutely right, Slim.
What do you say, Ham?
Come on.
- All right.
- Yes!
- Wait a minute.
- What?
Make it look real.
Listen to Roy in the ring.
Don't wave that around.
You hear the man?
Now you hide this good
where nobody can find it.
Don't worry about me.
I hide this plenty good.
Good evening.
I'm Roy Palmer.
I'm the one fighting tonight.
Maybe you didn't hear.
In a way,
it's like you I'm fighting.
But I know it ain't.
I heard what happened,
what they did to you.
things were rough back then.
Sometimes I wonder what would have
happened if I had done things their way.
But you can't fight the money.
That's what I learned.
Hope you never have
to wonder about that, man.
What you doing?
Just trying to get everything ready
for those bank examiners.
What would I do without you?
Don't work too late.
Wouldrt want to miss the fight.
- What?
- You were right.
These are the bank records.
Gillon owns the whole town.
- What is all this?
- He's won'th almost $2 million.
- What is this?
- That last Diggs fight...
He put everyone's money
on the other fighter.
- He sold farms? He foreclosed?
- Land, stores, farms.
- Everything around here.
- How much cash has he got?
He's got $720,000.
So he used their money
and then foreclosed on them?
- Exactly.
- And stole the town.
This Gillon is some piece of work.
You gotta love the guy.
This information can get you killed.
You know that, right?
You're incredible.
This is...
Thank you.
I gotta get cookir.
I'll see you at the fight.
Ladies and gentlemen,
only 22 minutes until midnight.
Quite an exciting way
to lose $50,000.
I'm willing to side another 50,000
that I don't.
Just you and me.
Luckily, I brought my banker...
who just happens to have
two drafts here that I can sign.
How fortunate. I'm sure Mr. Corsini's
people have done the same for me.
Thank you. Do you have a pen, Paulo?
No, thanks. Just put one out.
I congratulate you on your choice
of starting times:
Making our farm men fight
when they're used to being fast asleep.
Very clever.
I like that.
12:01 a. m. Is when Saturday starts.
Why waste the day?
Hey, Fish.
How's the Big Apple?
A snore compared to what you got
going down here tonight.
You boys have outdone yourself.
Just keep his eyes open and his cuts
closed, and we'll all go home rich.
- Count on it.
- I am.
Buster got us
the top half of the lineup.
I figure Gillon will see how it goes
before he picks the rest.
This looks great for us.
Buck's the only real fight.
Buster had a bimbo come in last night
and wear out Billy all night long.
So he's out of there. Sam Lester
gets the brown bottle treatment.
He'll leave skid marks
from here to Savannah.
The only thing you've got to do, Roy,
is help make these bums look good.
Otherwise, the side action will stink.
I'll make it look like
the "Thrilla in Manila. "
Be sure to keep your mind
on your business.
- Will you stop?
- I'll never stop.
Slim and Ham are covered.
This cost us five grand.
You want the world to know?
You fighters,
the first two rounds...
you do exactly what I say,
you make $1,000, guaranteed.
After that, I don't care.
Knock the man out. That's up to you.
Buck, we're starting with you
because of this right hand.
I want you to work on his left eye.
I want you to cut it,
knock it out. I don't care how.
Just tear it out of his head.
You got that?
- I'll knock it out for sure.
- That a boy.
You're next.
You're our lefty.
You work on the right eye.
Do you understand that?
This man reads nothing but Braille
from now on because of you.
Fair enough?
Which brings us to you, Billy.
You get inside.
Start working on his solar plexus.
He can't hurt you.
You'll have headgear on.
Yes, sir.
Now it's you.
You get the honors! How about that?
All those years I was on you
about too many roundhouses.
Now they're gonna pay off.
The mars midsection
will be broken.
He'll be as blind
as Tidwell's goat.
Now you use the roundhouses
and you knock him down and out, right?
You can bet on that.
I already have.
Who's next?
See this? This man stood up!
That's because he knows he wants it.
In the pressure cooker,
this man wants it.
If "Honey" Roy Palmer
is still standing...
by some freakish reason...
then you put
these big anvils to work...
and put him down
once and for all.
- You got that, Hambone?
- Yes, sir.
- I whoop him good, sir.
- No, you whoop him bad, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Excuse me, Daddy.
I'd like to switch places with Billy
and fight in the first half.
- It's all right with me.
- Switching places is out!
I need you in the second lineup.
Don't you understand?
All of you guys better understand
if "Honey" Roy Palmer...
is still standing
after 25 rounds of boxing...
don't you know what that means?
That doesn't mean he has boxing skill.
That means he's got a heart!
The man can fight!
But this is what keeps him going...
and this is where you come in.
You take this right hand
and you break the bones in his face.
Then you go in with that Gillon hand
and crush his brain!
You got that, Robby?
You crush his brain.
Everybody grab hands. Come on.
Let's go. Make a circle.
Dear Lord...
please give us
the strength and courage...
to tear this man
from limb to limb.
Let's go, Buck!
Good luck!
Get your hot popcorn!
You got your instructions downstairs.
Watch your low blows.
In case of a knockdown,
go to the neutral corner. Understand?
- Hit gloves, come out fighting.
- Get him, Buck!
The eye!
Keep moving!
That a boy.
Don't go toe-to-toe!
Just box him! Get off the ropes!
That's it.
Don't get clever, Roy!
Six, seven, eight...
- All right!
- Come on!
- Fuck, let's go.
- Not now.
- Get him!
- I got him.
All right.
Thanks. Beautiful.
Looking good, Buck.
Look at me.
- How does it feel?
- He's doable.
That's all I want to hear.
Unless, of course,
he gets lucky.
You can always get lucky, you know.
- That's not what I want to hear.
- I know.
But since I was taking
all the punches...
only fair you share
in some of the anxiety.
Come on! Step back!
Get off the ropes!
Get your guard up!
Why are you... Yeah!
Get moving!
- Welcome to Diggstown!
- Yeah!
You're killing him!
20 to 180.
Thank you very much!
- You're hell on wheels!
- I'm taking his ass down myself!
Keep moving, Roy.
Get off the ropes.
Come on! Combinations!
Yes! Hard! Take him down!
Put him away!
- Yes!
- Get up, you fat fuck!
Five, six, seven...
eight, nine!
My compliments, Fitz.
He was everything you said he was.
- He's a real slugger.
- He certainly is.
I'm so impressed...
I'm actually willing
to double our side bet.
- Just you and me.
- Done. That makes it 100,000.
The man can add.
Hit him!
Mix it up, kid.
I ain't made of glass.
Break it up. Let's go.
Get at him now!
Let's do it! Come on!
- He's giving a lousy performance.
- He's embarrassing. Business stinks.
- Put him away and go for Billy.
- All right.
To your corner.
- One, two, three, four...
- Yes!
- Get up!
- Five, six...
seven, eight, nine!
He's out!
The body, Roy!
40 to win 80!
With all that headgear,
it's like trying to fight Darth Vadar.
You gotta stay with his head.
You got that? Yeah?
Only an 18-year-old could drink and fuck
all night and still look that good.
You'd like to put a grand
on the kid going three?
Cheap Ray Bans, a grand.
One, two, three...
four, five, six, seven...
- You sure you want this?
- He's right, son.
- You can walk out of here proud.
- Fuck you, nigger.
Eight, nine!
He's out!
Nice work, kid.
Gut shots are the worst.
- The worst.
- The worst is yet to come.
Sam's up next.
You can send your next man up,
if you've got any more willing.
I think I'll be able to still find me
a couple hands not shaking so bad...
that we couldn't get gloves on them.
How about your own there?
You ready to sign
another bank draft?
- Absolutely.
- Good.
Your man here, "Honey" Roy...
I'm so inspired that...
I'm thinking of upping our side bet
to an even quarter million dollars.
How about you?
A quarter mil.
You must have
some pretty big guns coming up...
but consider me inspired.
Damn, Sam, you're killing me.
- Just give me some water.
- What's wrong with you?
Yeah, drink it up.
We're very bad.
At least we're safe.
I am. Good luck.
Get a muffler for that thing!
- Oh, my God.
- That was something.
$5,000 under the seat
of the cab of your truck.
Don't lie to me, boy.
I'm a generous man.
As I see it,
you've got two choices.
You can whoops him good
and win your fight tonight...
or you can lose it
and bury your brother here...
at first light tomorrow.
I will get a "yes, sir" on that.
- Fight!
- Come on, Ham, jab him!
Son of a...
Roy, get out of the corner!
Keep dancing!
Push him back, Roy!
That's it!
Goddamn it, get off the ropes!
Pick it up.
Let's go.
Stop him, ref, right now!
Son of a bitch!
What's going on?
What's up with these Busbys?
One won't start, the other won't stop.
Don't take any chances. Either Ham's
decided to fuck us or Gillon outbid us.
- Tell him to go down right now.
- What if he won't?
Hey, man, it's time.
Let me have your chin.
Give me your chin, man.
Yeah! Go get him!
Stick and move!
All right, keep floating!
Back it up! Put him away!
That's it!
- Ref, break it up!
- Let's go! Break!
You, 20 to win 80!
I'll be by the hot dog stand!
Getting old on me?
You go 15 rounds, you're wheezing.
I don't know what's worse:
Fighting him or listening to your mouth.
- That's motivation.
- You call that motivation?
It gets the anger up.
It's good for you.
When I want anger,
all I gotta do is remember Moline.
- Don't start with Moline again.
- Motivation, my ass.
Just get in the ring
and fight this guy.
Back off!
Make him do the work!
- Let's go! Pick it up!
- Go get him, boy!
Come on.
He's killing you. He's busting you up.
You gotta finish him off now.
Show this double-crossing son of a bitch
why they call you "Honey" Roy Palmer.
Do your sweet thing.
And you do it now!
You hear me?
One, two, three...
- four, five...
- He's out!
Six, seven, eight, nine!
- Neutral corner.
- Get up!
Three, four, five...
six, seven, eight, nine!
God, no!
- Come on, son. Let's move back.
- Get him out of the way.
- Goddamn you!
- Watch out, boy! Get on back!
- Get back right now!
- Get off of me!
- Move back, boy!
- It's all right. It's okay.
Let me have him.
Come on, man.
- You gotta be cool.
- They just killed him, Roy!
I don't believe that.
Looks like poor Slim had all his hopes
on winning that money.
- Come on, Ham.
- Be strong.
Settle down now.
We gotta get you to the station.
- You'll have to answer some questions.
- Sorry, Ham.
That was one courageous fight
you just fought out there, sir.
You know what I mean.
Ham, did your brother try
to commit suicide before?
- Suppose you'll want to take a break.
- You think I need a break from you...
- Keep them coming, you son of a bitch!
- Goddamn it, that's what he wants!
- Take a nap.
- I want your ass in the ring!
We'll take your break!
The names mean
absolutely nothing to me.
I gotta have faces
to go with the names.
Then fax me pictures of anybody
ever connected with Gabriel Caine.
Buster, just get me Gillors
second-half lineup right now!
How's it hanging?
Kind of all at once, Paulo.
How's things with you?
- Better and better since you got out.
- Good.
Looks like
I'll finally get to kill you.
There's that
distinct possibility...
although I'd bet four dollars
against an hour with your mother...
that it doesn't happen that way.
I'm really sorry.
That was insulting.
Five bucks.
Mr. Corsini felt a reminder
of your obligations...
would be
in your own best interest...
seeing what just happened
in town.
It's kind of working.
Not that you could have any doubt
who would kill you the worst.
No, sir.
Come midnight,
you better win.
Don't ask.
Just Victor doing me a favor.
Would you untie me so I can
get this off my neck, please?
I hate being hung.
I just hate it!
The plars changed.
Gillors got over 700 grand in cash,
and I say we gut the prick.
If you guys want out,
I'll understand.
This ain't about money anymore.
All right.
Buster get the lineup
for the second half?
Sonny's up first,
but he's all show.
Robby Gillors next.
You know what he's about.
- Grab me some towels.
- Where are they?
- Back there.
- And then there's Frank and Tank.
- They covered?
- Yep.
So we'll wing it with the last man.
Gillon will save him to the end.
Ray will be fine. I've seen every
cracker on every farm in the county.
That's five fights to finish up
by midnight, in five hours.
Can you do that?
Shit! Is he breathing?
Get him.
Watch his neck.
- Somebody get his legs.
- I got them.
Get him back.
Watch his head.
He's alive.
This jaw looks terrible, Fish.
How's that eye?
Is it hemorrhaging?
His nose is busted.
The right eye is hemorrhaging.
- Got a pulse.
- Who am I? Do you know who I am?
My hat.
- I lost my hat. Find my hat.
- Easy, buddy.
I told you about that. I don't want
to see that thing in here again.
Okay, let's go.
You want to bet?
Let's bet!
I need one-five, Victor.
A million and a half dollars.
Or I forfeit
and you can kill me now.
There it is.
All of mine against all of yours.
Now there's only one question:
You got any balls
or just that two-inch dick?
I wish I had a bar of soap
to wash your mouth out with.
We here to talk
about what's in your bathroom...
or what's in your fucking vault?
Are you going or not?
That's quite a sum of money.
It's just a tad more
than what I really have.
I tell you what...
why don't you throw in
that property you own around town?
Then we'll just call it even.
You seem to know quite a bit
about my finances.
What I know about you...
would make Charles Macum Diggs
himself get up and walk.
A million five.
Take a man with a big set of balls
to want to make a bet like that.
Go over to my bank, Chet.
Bring my safe deposit box here now.
I'll accept your wager.
Of Mr. Corsini's money, of course.
Somebody has to take him
to the hospital.
- Will you do it?
- Sure.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here comes Sonny Hawkins!
Sonny Hawkins
is now entering the ring!
The fight is about to begin at last!
We would like to thank you
for your continued patience...
during all the delays.
We have merely three hours left
until midnight.
With five fights still to go...
I don't think we will see
any more delays.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
to the center of the ring.
You had your instructions.
No low blows.
Hit gloves, come out fighting.
- Sonny, we love you, honey!
- Come on, Sonny! Do it!
What the hell was that?
Get the next one up here.
One, two...
Come on! Get up!
Robby, I need you
to do something for me.
You can't go up there
and fight right now.
Daddy, I'm not afraid of him at all.
Listen to me.
It has nothing to do with that.
Remember what I told you downstairs
about his mind?
About capturing his mind?
Right now his mind
is in a whole different place.
I need you to walk out there,
step up onto the apron...
look him right in the eye
and then walk out.
Then we got him.
Daddy, I'm gonna look like a fool.
Daddy, I can't do that.
Do it.
Don't fuck with me on this!
Get Robby out here!
Hit him, Rob! Let's go!
Cut him down!
- What was that all about?
- Survival, I guess.
- One less fight.
- Who's next?
The guy who kicked your ass
at Nel's Bar.
Rip his tits off.
Hit that son of a bitch!
Get up, you bum!
Neutral corner.
- Who's next?
- Tank.
283 pounds of Tank.
Holy shit.
Those big arms can't hurt you
if you stay inside.
- Work him close. Just stay close.
- Right. Close.
Close! Come on! Get close!
Too close!
Break it up.
Let's go.
Thank you.
It's 80.
- God.
- Close ain't gonna make it.
Look, he's bigger than you are.
He's tougher, he's faster.
He's younger than you are.
He hasn't fought 22 rounds today.
But remember this:
You are black.
- What's that mean?
- I don't know.
I'm trying to inspire you.
It's a Roots kind of thing.
- It's like a motivation thing.
- You are shit at motivation.
Now you got him!
That's it, Tank!
Cut loose!
Yes! Put him away!
He's out.
All right,
throw out your secret weapon.
And you better have papers
if we've never seen him before.
That's hardly the case.
Actually, I believe that this man
is an old acquaintance of Mr. Palmer's.
- Who is that?
- That's Hammerhead Hagan.
Your Hammerhead Hagan?
This guy is a ringer.
There's no way he was living around here
when we made the bet. Forget about it.
I think you'll remember
that our agreement was signed...
four days after the wager.
It clearly stated,
any man residing...
within Olivair County on that day
was eligible.
This rent receipt verifies
that Mr. Hagan moved to Diggstown...
two days before.
Wait a minute.
This is where I live.
This is my boardinghouse.
You snuck this guy
into the basement under my nose?
Time's wasting.
Mr. Palmer, he's all yours.
Thought you'd be dead by now.
You will be before the night's over.
Man, you look bad.
How does this feel?
- Get out of there!
- Yeah! Kill him!
Get off the ropes!
One, two, three...
- four, five, six...
- Get up, boy!
Keep moving, Roy!
Don't get near him!
Be alive!
Just move, side by side. Stay away.
Get out of the corner!
Come on!
Stick and jab!
- Get off the ropes!
- Baby, this ain't no dance.
Come on, boy, get up.
It ain't over yet.
Two, three, four, five, six...
Come on. Uppercut.
- That's the way!
- Yes!
Break it up.
Let's go.
Can you hear me?
I'm stopping it right now!
I'm stopping it here!
Don't lose faith in me twice.
Don't make me watch you die.
I'm stopping the fight.
You really have to work
on that motivation thing.
Keep dancing, Roy.
Keep moving.
One, two, three...
four, five, six, seven...
You're through!
Two times! Right now!
Go for the belly, Roy!
Bring it to him!
Put him away!
- That's it!
- Go! Kill him!
Two, three...
Fuck, man.
You did it!
Excuse me!
What time did you want
to start the last fight?
There is no last fight!
There were ten! You lost! Give it up!
The bet was ten,
but your man only fought nine.
What are you talking about?
Your kid punked out. He forfeited.
A forfeit counts,
didn't you know that?
Of course it counts,
when there's a forfeit.
But, in this case, there's no forfeit
because Robby never entered the ring.
What kind
of kindergarten bullshit is this?
Is that right?
I'm afraid he's right.
Our tenth fighter is ready
whenever you are.
- Minoso Torres?
- Right.
There's no way.
The prison is in Winfield.
That's right,
which happens to be in Olivair County.
I believe you know
my old friend Warden Bates.
I said I'd be seeing you again.
Never try and hustle a hustler.
I'm sorry, Roy.
So what's the front page
on the Mexican?
Dirty as they come.
Tough as nails. Pain is some kind
of voodoo thing with him.
He cut Wolf Forrester to pieces
in a ring fight in prison.
Come on, Torres!
Flatten that boy!
That's it!
Get up!
He's out!
I can't believe it!
- Yes!
- I did it!
- We did it!
- I told you!
- Did I tell you?
- How did you pull that off?
- How did you get Torres in?
- I always take care of my friends!
You're something else!
Actually, I believe it goes:
"Never con a con man. "
Especially one
who's better than you are.
You beat me fair and square.
Do you mind? I just lost
this whole piece of shit town.
There's a picture
won'th about a word.
Come on!
Out of here!
Gym's closed.
Let's go. Everybody out.
Why are you guys so depressed?
You didn't just lose everything.
We'll get them next time.
You know what I need you to do?
- Take every armed patrolman...
- You don't need me to do nothing.
I'm not your fucking flunky no more.
I'm out of it! It's over!
- Just lose, will you?
- It's never over until it's over!
You should have done that
a long time ago like I told you.
- When have you ever told me anything?
- Calm down, John.
Sorry to interrupt your lovers' spat.
You got a week to get out of your house.
- Actually, it's my house.
- I can give you a ride to the motel.
- We can take my new Corvette.
- The law is the law.
Who are you? Wyatt Twerp?
- You want to see the law?
- John, what are you doing?
You deserve to lose!
Brother, my hands hurt.
You want to do this?
What you did tonight...
It couldn't be done.
Now you motivate me.