Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (2020) Movie Script

The more that people accept the future
chosen for them,
the less they will age.
We will do anything
to reach higher heights.
This is not a story about the past.
It's a new story about us and our Digimon.
It's our new adventure with them.
It's so beautiful.
In today's news...
The mysterious aurora phenomenon
that started on America's West Coast
has made its way to Japan.
This strange phenomenon
was first observed on America's West Coast,
but soon spread across the world.
The government believes the aurora
will have a minimal impact on our lives
and has confirmed it poses no danger.
I'll be a bit late.
Look what you did, you idiot!
What happened?
He's really mad.
Are you okay?
It's not safe here.
Sorry, T.K.! I just got here!
Kari, it's headed your way.
I'm on it!
Here it comes, Tai.
Let's do this, Agumon.
Dang it.
This thing's totally useless, Izzy!
I've already told you! It's a prototype!
Anyway, you've got an incoming attack!
I can see that! Agumon!
Agumon... digivolve to...
In 90 seconds, I'll open a digital gate
at the designated location.
Lead Parrotmon there,
and send it back to the Digital World.
Kari! T.K.!
We're on it!
Drive it towards the gate!
Parrotmon isn't usually so eager to fight.
Last night's aurora must've affected it.
- But why now? The aurora's gone!
- Let's go, Greymon!
The gate will open in 60 seconds!
We have to lead it there!
We just need a second!
Don't let it get away!
Dang it!
Are you okay?
Stop him!
- Oh, no, the building!
- Do something!
- We're too late!
- Oh, no!
You've gotten sloppy, Tai!
What took you so long?
- I'm extremely busy unlike you.
- Izzy, target in place.
Target verified. Gate opening in twenty seconds.
Keep it there.
We can talk later.
Okay, let's finish this.
Greymon... digivolve to
The digital gate closed.
Parrotmon's transport is complete!
Nice work, Tai!
- Matt!
- T.K.!
- Kari!
- Only four of us showed up?
Where's everyone else?
I'm sure they have their reasons.
We're in no position to judge them.
Did everyone eat breakfast?
- If not, let's grab a bite.
- Let's go!
- I wanna go too!
- Me too!
How about you, Kari?
Of course, I'll go. How about you, Tai?
Sorry, I've got classes today. See ya!
Tai, Mom said she'd like to
see you once in a while!
Sorry, I'm also busy.
- T.K., look after Gabumon.
- Got it.
They're gone.
I turn into a happy butterfly
Riding the wind into the sky
I'll be there soon Right there by your side
Don't ever sweat the small stuff
It'll only drag you down
There's no more time For us to be playing around
I wonder Wo wo wo wo wo wo
How could we ever touch the sky?
But then Wo wo wo wo wo wo
Who knows what tomorrow might bring?
After an endless dream
In this world so empty
That hope we dearly clung to
Looks like it might die
But even on these fragile wings
Full of memories that never fade
We are sure to soar
On my love!
What's with you? You haven't touched your food.
Still haven't started your thesis?
I'm working on some ideas.
So you haven't started.
Do you even want to graduate?
Of course! That I know for sure!
And a job?
- I'll get one.
- Don't point with chopsticks.
I have three job offers. And you?
I bet you haven't started looking.
Do you even know what you're doing?
I've totally got this.
It's just not the right time now.
Who's saying that?
Word is you're joining
the Self Defense Forces as an officer.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Those kinds of rumors spread
when you're the center of attention.
It's like you're the chosen one or something.
This morning,
you and your friends saved the day again.
But I'm just a regular dude
who'll get a regular job after graduation.
Got an offer?
My first choice.
Really? That's great news.
I see.
In other words,
you're upset after someone dissed you
at your seminar.
It's not like I'm upset.
It's just, it made me realize
what I really want to do.
So then why'd you call me
if you've got it all figured out?
Matt, you're going to grad school, right?
Why not look for a job?
Good question.
I don't know if grad school's the right choice.
But trying to find what I really want to do
seems like postponing the inevitable.
But with so many around us with solid goals,
it really makes you wonder.
I know what you mean.
Joe is on his way to being a doctor.
Mimi launched an e-commerce startup.
Izzy's a company president.
Even Kari and Davis seem to know exactly
what they're doing.
What about, T.K.?
He's writing a novel,
but he won't let me read it yet.
A novel, huh?
Sora's getting really serious about
flower arranging.
Things can't stay the same forever.
Friends sometimes grow apart
as their lives go in different directions.
Agumon and the other Digimon never change.
Gates can open at any time,
and we've had lots of adventures,
but they don't ever change.
- Why don't you take them to school?
- Yeah, right.
Why don't you take them?
Like that's even possible.
I've got a life to live.
If that's how it is,
I don't ever want to be an adult.
Matt, you think we'll...
Ayaka! What's wrong?
- Wake up!
- Is she all right?
I don't know!
- Matt, call an ambulance.
- Ayaka!
Was she drinking?
- No.
- Hello? Yes.
- Ayaka!
- Send an ambulance quick.
We're at the Asagaya Horumonya.
In these changing times,
we need public policy that responds
to people's needs...
One main point I'd like to make is...
Thanks for coming.
- I know how busy you are.
- Tentomon.
- It's an emergency. Let's get to it.
- How're you?
All right, check this out.
Hola! Long time, no see, everyone!
It's Yolei on my study abroad!
- The paella here is amazing!
- It can't focus if you move like that!
Hawkmon, your camerawork stinks.
Give me that!
As you know, I'm studying abroad.
In the course of interacting
and discussing important matters
with the Digimon community, I got this message!
Here's the message in question.
I don't know what to do,
so I'll pawn it off on all of...
What I mean is I think
it's best to discuss it with you,
so I forwarded the message to Izumi.
That's about it. Thanks for taking care of it!
- Adios!
- Adio...
She said, "Pawn it off."
What does the message say?
Rather than explain it myself,
let's hear it from the horse's mouth.
Someone's here?
You can come in now.
Good morning, everyone!
It's nice to meet you.
I'm Menoa Bellucci, associate professor
at New York's Belica University.
And I'm her assistant, Kyotaro Imura.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you!
It's nice to meet you.
Menoa, your Japanese is really good.
We specialize in a particular branch
of science... Digimon research.
We'd like your help in investigating
and solving a certain incident.
You're heroes after all,
and have saved the world countless times.
You've done your homework.
We're excellent researchers.
We need your help
with the mass coma phenomenon occurring worldwide.
An unknown number of people
around the globe have gone comatose.
So far, there have been over 300 confirmed cases!
We didn't see a pattern at first,
but then we noticed the victims
had something in common.
They're all DigiDestined?
That's right.
You're as sharp as they say, Izumi Izzy.
You wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
And lately,
I've lost touch with a number of DigiDestined
in my database.
None of them have regained consciousness, and
their Digimon partners are all gone.
They just vanished.
- That's...
- Even the Digimon?
At all four sites we investigated,
we detected traces of the missing Digimon
in the form of digital noise.
So, whoever's behind this is after the Digimon.
Yes, we're sure of it.
After analyzing the noise pattern
and performing a trace,
we found the Digimon behind this.
The data pattern of this Digimon differs
from those in the Digital World.
You mean it's...?
An unidentified...
That's right.
We're calling it Eosmon.
It's the first of its kind to be identified,
so I based its name on Eos, goddess of the dawn.
It goes without saying,
we can't stand by and let this happen.
A Digimon that robs DigiDestined
of their consciousness?
The good news is, we can save them.
Eosmon robs their consciousness
by somehow digitizing it.
It then saves the data in cyberspace
in a location only it knows.
- Does that mean...?
- So then...?
If we defeat Eosmon and
salvage their consciousness data from cyberspace...
We can save them.
We're here because we need your help.
Then we can't say no, right guys?
Right. But as I'm sure you're aware,
people's lives are on the line.
This calls for a carefully crafted plan.
But we don't have time for that.
Which is why we've already came up with one.
We're here to help.
Let us know if there's anything we can do.
Everyone know the plan?
Relax, we got this.
Hello! Can everybody hear me?
Menoa, are you ready to
salvage the consciousness data?
No problem!
It's theoretically possible
to restore their consciousness
if we get all their data from cyberspace.
Okay, you're almost there.
Is everyone ready?
Yeah, we'll get this done in no time!
Don't get cocky, Tai.
Good luck!
Transmission complete.
Execute mission phase two.
Commence backup of area data.
Location identified. Transferring enclosure.
Let's begin.
Wide-area enclosure expansion at 100%.
Enclosure complete.
Now you can salvage the data
if you do your job right.
Who does he think he's talking to?
All we gotta do is smack that thing down.
Let's go!
It's too fast!
We can still catch it!
We can do this!
- We got it!
- Right here!
Finish it!
- What the...?
- What's happening?
It's digivolving.
Eosmon has...
It digivolved.
Who cares?
Yeah, we'll still defeat it!
It had no effect!
Moth scales!
It excretes scales that deflect our attacks.
How 'bout this?
What the...?
It's so fast!
That panel it launched from...
It's for acceleration.
I'll stop it!
Is the area backup done?
It's at 62%. It'll take a bit more time.
Tai! It's time to go all out!
Okay, let's do it!
What's happening?
Do your thing!
- It's too fast!
- No, Omnimon's aiming for that panel!
Finish it!
What's happening?
What the heck?
- Why'd Omnimon break apart?
- Izzy, what happened?
- How should I know?
- They reverted to their In-Training level?
Could it be...?
- It's trying to escape!
- I'll stop it!
- Angemon!
- Izzy, I'm going to...
Oh, no, it's getting away!
I don't get it!
Why'd Omnimon's fusion suddenly break apart?
It doesn't make sense,
even if he sustained significant damage.
Even worse, our Digimon reverted
to their In-Training level.
We just have to get back on our feet.
I know, but...!
Just look at them. What're we supposed to do?
Let's focus on Eosmon
and locating the consciousness data.
And I'll look into why
Omnimon's fusion broke apart.
Something in cyberspace
may be inhibiting Digimon digivolution.
What do you mean, "No"?
All I can say is...
that's your problem.
Our problem?
Please explain.
Do you know why Digimon partners
pick the children they work with?
It's because they're full of potential.
Full of potential?
The possibilities are endless.
Their choice results in growth.
That growth and potential
produces an enormous amount of energy.
Surely you understand.
Your growth was the trigger
for your partner Digimon digivolving.
As we live our lives,
the choices we make help us grow.
But as you grow older,
the power of your Digimon steadily dwindles.
And once it's gone...
the bond between Digimon and partner is broken.
I don't get it.
You mean we go our separate ways?
No way!
I'm afraid I don't follow.
It's as I said.
This is news to me.
It's not like you guys know everything.
How do you know all this?
It's the subject of my research.
The first sign is an inability to digivolve
successfully to the next level.
Let's go find Eosmon and smack it down!
No, don't!
Forcing him to digivolve like
that only accelerates the separation process!
You're full of it!
Let's go, Agumon.
What in the world...?
That proves it.
That ring of light is the last link
to your Digimon partner.
Once it's gone, you'll go your separate ways.
This isn't fair.
I won't let this happen!
What's wrong?
This stinks.
Does this mean we all have to say goodbye
to our Digimon once we grow up?
I agree with Matt.
I won't give up even if what you say is true.
I'm going to find a way to fix this.
I know how you feel.
But this is just the way it is.
Okay, on my way.
Come on, Gabumon.
What do you think's gonna happen to
the 300 people who were taken?
We have to find and save them.
I'll do my best!
Tai, is it true we have to say goodbye
once you grow up?
Let's get something to eat.
Let's dig in!
That's so good!
Let's eat.
Why'd you want ramen so bad?
I want to open a ramen shop around here someday.
So this is like a recon op.
This is yummy. Thanks, Ken.
It's good,
but you can get this kind of ramen in Tokyo.
It's expensive too.
- Enough already, Cody!
- Davis, I want some too!
Here you go.
I like Matt's ramen better.
I told you to keep it down.
Who could that be?
Oh, it's you, Matt.
Yeah, it's been a while.
What, right now?
We're eating ramen in New York!
T.K. told me you were there.
Digital gates really come in handy.
They're like a free plane ticket!
Anything different about your D3s?
Not that I've noticed.
Okay, never mind then.
Is something up?
Actually, I've a favor to ask.
A background check?
He asked me to look into two people:
Menoa Bellucci and Kyotaro Imura.
How come?
No idea.
I smell a case brewing.
Davis, I know who she is.
She skipped grades to enter college
and already has a Ph.D. and a patent.
She's was known as a whiz kid from a young age.
All right!
Let's get this over with,
so we can go to a Major League game!
So this is your place?
- It's pretty small.
- Shut up.
Agumon, is this really your first time here?
Yep, it's my first time.
The walls are really thin, so keep it down.
- I think I'll get something to drink.
- Tai.
What are these?
A friend gave me... They're nothing! Never mind!
Come on, let me see.
Only grownups can...
What's wrong?
We'll never grow apart.
Hey, long time no see.
Master Gennai?
We know Menoa is kind of famous, but...
We didn't get the info Matt wanted.
Even with the internet available anytime,
anywhere, some things are still a mystery.
How've you guys been?
It's been ages.
Hey, Yolei. That was quick.
With a digital gate,
Spain's practically next door!
It's handy being only minutes away from New York.
Now that you're here,
you better make yourselves useful.
Of course. That's why we came.
So, what's the story?
We asked around, but...
We hit a dead end.
Maybe this calls for...
How about we try a different approach?
Oh, I get it.
We should investigate her lab.
How're we supposed to that? The door's locked.
It opened that easy?
There it is.
So many books.
Now's my time to shine.
What a pretty picture.
What are they doing?
Matt, isn't that a gun?
So then it's true?
I'm afraid partnerships do end.
Why am hearing this just now?
It's like how people don't talk about
how long they have to live.
And this ring...
That's right.
It shows how much time you have left together.
Once our partnership ends, we'll...
Agumon will...
What exactly happens?
Your Digimon will likely vanish.
But if you still have unlimited potential...
Palmon, let's finish doing inventory.
- The sooner, the better!
- Okay!
Five, six, seven, eight...
Mimi, phone call!
Yeah, I can hear it.
- Sounds yummy, Kari.
- Yeah, let's go next time.
You okay, Matt?
You're going on no sleep.
You really need some shut-eye.
It's nothing I can't handle.
Plus, we're in crisis mode.
Someone reported a loud noise,
and when the police got there,
they found Mimi collapsed
in the warehouse all alone.
What's wrong with her?
We don't know yet.
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong
besides being unconscious.
I bet Eosmon is behind this.
Tai, Izzy, I need to talk to you.
Why here?
There aren't any cameras.
So we're being watched?
Just in case...
Burner phones.
No more smartphones.
Burner phones? What is this, a spy movie?
How about we give our status reports?
Yeah, I want to know what you two have been up to.
I met with Master Gennai.
What did he say?
Anything about how to halt
or avoid the partnership breakups?
We can mope about it later.
What's this?
Check out the photo.
Is that a Digimon?
Yes, I'm sure of it.
So then Menoa is a DigiDestined?
The fact that her Digimon partner
hasn't revealed itself means...
I don't know, but there's something
even more suspicious.
Menoa's assistant.
Her assistant?
Check out page two.
He started working for her around
the time she announced her research findings.
You're right.
I don't know who he is or what he wants,
but I'll get to the bottom of it.
We'll leave that you.
I'm currently analyzing the Eosmon fragments
we recovered.
And I'm trying to locate it.
How's it going?
Nothing yet.
Just in case, I've already issued
a warning to all the DigiDestined
in the database.
Izzy, be careful out there.
Try limiting your contact with the outside.
Yeah, I know.
Izzy, Matt,
let's solve this case.
We have to.
Sora, you don't need to join the others?
I've already decided I wasn't going to fight.
I'm going to stay here with you, Piyomon.
So what brings you here?
Izzy said you're staying here.
I see.
We know you have a Digimon partner.
Yes, her name's Morphomon.
We met when I was nine and were inseparable.
I even took her with me to school and on trips.
No matter where I went or what I did,
she was always with me.
I've such fond memories.
And now?
Our partnership ended eight years ago.
I was 14 at the time.
Like you guys, I didn't know it would happen,
and when it did,
I was confused.
I see.
I don't want others to experience
that same sad farewell.
Don't you think it's unfair
that we can't be together once we grow up?
That's why I've continued my research on Digimon.
You don't know how to keep us
from losing our partners?
I would've already told you if I did.
Why'd you approach us in the first place?
You guys are the most formidable team.
you might be able to change our cruel fate.
I truly believe that.
Come on.
Matt, look!
What is...?
Matt, we gotta tell the others!
Hello? Is that you, Matt?
Davis, is this call secure?
Why wouldn't it be?
I'm calling from a public phone
just like you said.
Good. Any results on your end?
We hit the jackpot. Where should I start?
Her assistant.
That guy is as shady as they come.
Who even knows if he's really named Imura?
This is Yolei.
Menoa's PC was crammed with research files.
While her assistant's
was strangely empty.
But I found evidence of a ton of data on
Eosman being wiped from his drive.
I thought it was fishy, so I dug even deeper,
but there were no records on anyone
named Kyotaro Imura.
It must be an alias.
It's like he doesn't even exist.
I'm sure of it.
Maybe Menoa is being used.
I don't know.
But would someone as brilliant
as her allow herself to be used like that?
She's so popular and pretty too.
You know what was pretty?
That picture of Aurora in her room.
The Roman goddess of the dawn.
Armadillomon was obsessed with it.
- I taught him a lot!
- Dawn goddess...
- It's nothing. Just one picture.
- ...Aurora?
Okay, anything else I should hear?
Take us for okonomiyake
when we get back! Your treat!
I think I can arrange that. Thanks.
Let's go, Gabumon.
I never expected to find this
after analyzing Eosmon's data.
So this series of incidents...
Kotaro, any empty plastic bottles?
Wonder what it is?
Which one next?
What's the matter?
This is bad.
- Izzy, where should I go?
- Kari...
Hiroo! That's where Kari's being held!
And T.K.?
Matt is on his way to Nerima!
Tai, I can't get through to Joe.
Be careful out there.
Joe too?
- Matt!
- What?
We stick together no matter what happens!
I know!
Let's do this, Gabumon.
I hope they're not too late.
What in the world?
Did you locate Eosmon?
Yes, but this is...
But there's way too much data.
You found Eosmon?
What took so long, Matt Ishida?
- It's him.
- You...
Why are you here?
I'm on to your pathetic attempt to sniff me out.
Unfortunately, you're too late.
I'm impressed!
If we can locate Eosmon,
we'll find the consciousness data.
And if we defeat it, we can save
the 300, it stole the data from!
I'm too late?
That's right.
Eosman just robbed
your kid brother, T.K., Ishida,
of his consciousness.
Matt, this guy really is...
You're behind all this!
Why are you here?
Oh, right! I found a way to save everyone!
All I need now is your list of DigiDestined.
Please, I need your help, Izzy.
Let T.K. go, now!
Or else...!
Wait, Matt, you've got the wrong...
Don't play dumb!
You used Eosmon
to rob those DigiDestined of their consciousness!
I see.
I recovered a piece of Eosman
when we battled it in cyberspace.
Based on my analysis,
Eosman contains a number of formulae
written by humans.
And when I looked into them,
it led me to a certain someone's paper.
Menoa Bellucci.
Eosmon is an artificial Digimon created by
none other than you!
It would seem you really are a genius.
I'm Agent Kyotaro Yamada.
So then...
I'm on the side of the law.
So he's not a bad guy, Matt?
So it would seem.
The truth is, I'm kind of an introvert.
Then what are you doing here?
Because of...
So the person behind all this is...
She used Eosmon to steal their consciousness.
Menoa, why did you...
It was for all of you.
He was unconscious when I got here.
Menoa has been on the FBI's radar
for several years,
but we never had enough evidence.
I wanted to arrest her
with my own two hands, but...
She's made a fool of me again.
Her true objective is...
You did it...
for us?
That's why you robbed them of their consciousness?
Menoa, no one wanted you to do that.
Yes they did.
Every one of them.
We're too late.
- Dang it.
- Tentomon's gone!
No good. The list's been stolen.
What is Menoa up to?
I don't know.
But she often said she wanted
to save the DigiDestined.
Does she really think she's saving us?
Any idea where she might be?
After all this, there's nothing I can do.
It's not over yet!
What do you mean?
Look at this.
It's a message from Izzy.
What do those numbers mean?
Those are...
Coordinates in the Digital World.
There's nothing there.
Izzy left those coordinates for us.
Menoa must be there!
What's wrong?
Tai, you sure about this?
Once we find Menoa...
- we'll have to fight her.
- Matt.
And the Digimon will have to evolve
no matter what.
That will only hasten the farewell.
Even so, we can't abandon
all those who fell unconscious.
And you're...
okay with that?
No, I'm not.
But someone's gotta do it!
So... this is my fate.
Opening a digital gate.
Try to make it back in one piece.
What is this place?
Is this the Digital World?
What's that?
Let's check it out.
What is this?
Is it... crystal?
Matt, isn't this the train?
The one that goes to File Island?
I believe so.
But it's a totally different material.
What in the world's going on?
I'm impressed you found me.
Where's the data you stole?
Hand it over.
Maybe we should ask everyone else
What's happening?
What is this place?
Tai, look!
They've become kids again!
They're with their Digimon.
The DigiDestined...
Their memories...
They're trapped in them!
Welcome to Neverland!
This is our perfect world.
You call this place perfect?
You forced them to come here!
Yes, I was the one who brought them.
But... they wanted to come.
They don't want to grow up.
They want to stay children.
That wish of theirs drew Eosmon to them.
This is...
the only way.
The only way for us DigiDestined to be happy.
No one can stop a Digivice's countdown ring.
The fated parting with our partners is inevitable.
However, if we return to our childhood,
we'll never leave our partners.
We won't suffer that painful event.
Tai, Matt.
I can save you too.
Come to us.
Join us in Neverland!
- Tai!
- Matt!
We're ready.
We've got work to do.
Let's save them!
All of them!
Let's do this!
Oh, shoot.
Fighting will just reduce
the time left with your partner.
Someone has to stop you!
Even if it means losing precious time!
- It's two to one!
- And we're more experienced! Garurumon!
It's over, Menoa.
We want everyone back.
You may think you've won, but...
The water is...
What's with this light?
What's happening?
What have you done?
What on earth...?
There's so many of them.
What is this?
This is insane.
This is my Digimon.
I created her to save the DigiDestined.
She's a goddess.
That thing's not a Digimon!
You once had a real partner!
That's right, my very best friend.
I've been trying to get her back.
For years and years, patiently...
But no matter what I did,
I couldn't spark life in her digital data.
Then one day...
the day that aurora appeared...
life sparked in that lifeless digital data.
And the Eosmon that appeared
had a special ability.
It could digitize human consciousness.
When I realized that, I heard a voice in my head.
It was telling me to use this new power
to save the DigiDestined.
It was Morphomon speaking to me.
That's why I have to save her
and the DigiDestined throughout the world.
Throughout the world?
Don't tell me...
I have a list of every last DigiDestined
in the world.
Don't... Menoa!
I'm going to bring them all to Neverland.
What you're doing is wrong!
They'll be here forever...
with their best friend amid their fondest memory.
Don't do it!
What was that?
Tentomon? What are you doing?
Why're you...?
Gatomon? Gomamon, Palmon?
What's going on?
Is someone controlling them?
It's of their own free will.
This is their dream.
This is their desire.
This is where they belong.
And by trying to destroy it, you've become...
the enemy.
This proves I'm right.
Does this mean...?
And now I save myself.
Now I can save every last DigiDestined
in the world.
And there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Nice one, ExVeemon!
You all right?
Run before...
What the...?
I told you not to connect to the net!
What else was I gonna do?
They're after DigiDestined
around the world!
I have to gather intel!
So these are all Eosmon?
Davis, look out!
Spiking Strike!
Megaton Press!
You think something's happened to Matt and Tai?
Yolei! Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine!
We'll have to deal with this ourselves!
Okay, let's do this!
We should be safe here.
Dang it!
What'll we do now?
Maybe we were never up to the task.
Dang it!
You're not alone.
Let's fight!
Come on, Tai, let's go!
Let's save everyone!
But then... you'll...
Do you understand what that means?
Of course, I do.
But it's the only way to save everyone!
Besides, it makes us so happy
to see you guys grow up.
It's so exciting to see the changes
you're going through.
You guys...
Plus, I have a feeling we'll always be together.
So, come on, Tai.
Let's go, Matt!
Let's go save them, Gabumon!
Let's show them the bond we share.
Let's do this!
Okay, time to go back to where you belong.
More DigiDestined are on their way.
Lots of them from around the world!
This place will be more fun than ever.
The smiles will never end.
You can stay here
with your best friend.
Together forever.
Let's stay here together forever.
I'm surprised you came on your own.
Did you change your minds?
- No.
- We're here to save everyone.
This is...
our perfect world.
C'mon, Agumon!
Let's do this, Gabumon!
Why can't you leave us be?
Your ideal world is a big lie!
Why are you destroying it?
This place traps them in their childhood.
I just wanted to save them.
As long as they're here,
they won't suffer that sense of loss
like having a part of yourself torn away.
This is unbearable.
To lose...
something so important...
I can't...
bear it.
What's happening?
What's that?
Only I know how it feels
to suffer like this.
I'm going to save everyone.
I'll become their goddess!
No way.
She evolved
she was absorbed!
Tai, Matt!
I'm all right!
Where's Omnimon?
Now, ExVeemon!
Blast Rings!
Nice one, Aquilamon!
But we're way out numbered!
I smack 'em down, but they keep coming!
I know, but we can't give up!
Ken's right!
Thanks, Captain Obvious!
I mean, it's like we're not
the only one's fighting!
This isn't over yet.
Let go, T.K.!
Let me go, Kari!
You too, Izzy!
We gotta save Agumon and Gabumon!
T.K.! Let me go! I'm trying to save you!
I know you understand, Kari!
Escaping into an old memory
is no way to live!
We must keep moving forward!
Must move... forward.
We must...
move forward!
To the future!
Big brother.
You're all here!
- How'd I get here?
- This is who we are.
Tai, where's Eosmon?
Let's get 'em, Gomamon!
We must protect our friends!
Way ahead of you, Joe!
Palmon! Let's join them!
They're in for some prickly pain!
Let's do this, Patamon!
The big kids need help!
I'll do my best, T.K.!
Let's go help, Gatomon.
Look sharp, Kari.
So that's Eosmon's evolved form.
Izzy, this is no time
to get all analytical.
You're right. Let's go, Tentomon.
I believe...
in you all!
Harpoon Vulcan!
Needle Spray!
I want to save them.
I know you do, Tai.
I want to fight alongside you,
even if it's our last battle.
Let's get to it, Matt.
This is our...
final digivolution!
That light...
It's beautiful.
A new digivolution...
I don't believe it.
Come on, Matt!
I'm with you, Tai!
Morphomon, we'll be together forever!
- Morphomon, everyone's avoiding me.
- I can't wait to grow up.
Then, no one will treat me like a wierdo.
- What is this?
- Menoa's memories.
I'll make a life for myself.
I'll be fine on my own.
- Morphomon, why?
- I can hear her voice.
- Do you have to go away?
- It's a cry for help.
- You're my best friend.
- She's been crying on the inside.
I skipped enough grades to go to college!
It's time for me to live my own life!
I'm going to help the world
by conducting the research I love!
- Morphomon...
- What's wrong? What's happening?
made this choice.
I chose to grow up.
Did I...
make the wrong choice?
I just don't know.
Nothing makes sense.
We'll save you, Menoa!
You didn't make the wrong choice!
Even if you made a bad one along the way!
We all have to live with the choices we make!
We may not be able to change our fate.
Our lives aren't preordained!
That's why we'll never give up!
We'll always be together.
Forgive me.
Is it over?
I wonder.
Seems like it.
So it would seem.
- What a relief.
- Those guys are awesome!
They did it.
What were we just doing?
I had the strangest dream.
Another beautiful day!
It's so hot.
Well, it is summer.
Tai, do you remember the first time we met?
How could I forget?
What an amazing view!
It's nice to do sometimes.
A harmonica!
I got a new one.
Felt like playing again.
Let me hear you.
Hey, Tai.
I want some shaved ice.
You're a handful.
You like melon-flavored, right?
You've sure gotten big, Tai.
And you never change.
you're the best partner ever.
Hey, Tai.
Hey, Matt.
What about tomorrow?
What will you do?
Good question.
Who knows...
...what tomorrow may bring.
I know, tomorrow...
We can...
And that was how we finally grew up.
But our story hasn't ended.
It's evolving in a new direction.
Just you wait!
I promise I'll come see you again!
Subtitle translation by Jason Franzman