Digimon: The Movie (2000) Movie Script

This is it, Digipals.
In a few seconds, the doors will open
for the best movie of all time.
A Digimon movie.
Seven hours of waiting in line
and skipping breakfast...
...have finally paid off.
Nanette Manoir.
The end of the line starts at the end.
Au contraire, Angela Anaconda.
The end is for riffraff, which is French for:
Those who must wait
since they don't have...
...all-access, VIP passes.
But thanks ever so
for keeping our spot warm.
"Thanks for keeping our spot warm."
We are going to have to get digidrastic
if we want to get the best seats.
Get ready to rumble.
Hey, wait up! l was first in line!
Guys? Where are my best friends?
Refills are free, right?
Taken! Sorry! Saved! Back up, Grandma!
That's it!
If my friends do not get here soon--
Popcorn! Thanks, Johnny Abatti.
Digimon! Digimon!
We're about to have the best view
of the best movie, in the best seats ever!
Hats, view, blocking!
S'il vous plait, Angela Anaconda.
As if we would ever be so gauche
as to wear them in the actual theater.
Mrs. Brinks, we saved you a seat.
Enjoy the show, Angela Anaconda.
So Mrs. Brinks and Ninny-poo think
they can block the Digimon show...
...with their big, fat,
Digimon-blocking heads, do they?
Well, not forlong.
Angela Anaconda, digivolve to Angelamon!
Well, look who's here.
Ninnymon and her Brinksimonster robot...
...come to block our view
of the entire world.
Prepare for battle, you pathetic Pukimon.
But first, let's make some concessions.
After all, refills are free. Right, Ginamon?
"Help me, Angelamon, more powerful
Digimon than I," you will cry.
Don't worry, Ninny-whinnymon.
My pal Johnnymon is here
to give you a kick-start.
And now, get ready for my ultimate,
...super-secret powers.
Angelamon! Angelamon!
-Excusez-moi, but if you common...
...line waiters can't adhere
to theater etiquette...
...then I'll be forced to summon an usher.
Oh, Guinevere,
je t'aime depuis Ie premierjour.
I've loved you since the first day.
This isn't Digimon!
This is some boring, phony,
fake French film.
But that means....
We're in the wrong theater.
I called dibs on the best seats!
Good heavens!
Who says,
There's no such thing as monsters?
You're never quite the same
after you meet your first Digimon.
My name's Kari. I'm part of a team
called the DigiDestined.
There were a handful of us at first, but
we've added a few members since then.
That's me with T.K.,
another one of the DigiDestined.
And that's Willis, in America.
While the rest of us in Japan
only had one Digimon, he had twins.
And while we had our team to count on...
...Willis didn't have any human friends,
only his two Digimon.
His digital adventures, as well as ours,
began that night, eight years ago.
Did you know there are
actually two worlds?
Our world and the Digital World.
Now, don't plan a vacation there.
I'm not even sure where it is.
But when I first saw it, I was so scared,
lwas so nervous, lwas so cute.
That's my brother Tai,
when he was a little kid.
Even back then, he was a born leader.
Brave, strong and graceful.
That night started like every other one.
Tai was making his fourth trip
to the bathroom.
Kari, what are you doing in here?
You're not supposed to play
with the computer.
But it's doing something weird.
I was right. It was our first DigiEgg.
On the other side of the world...
...Willis was getting his DigiEgg
at the exact same time.
Tai, wake up!
Tai! I'm going to the health-food store.
What a weird dream. A computer egg?
I gotta stop watching scary movies
beforel go to bed.
Take care of your sister.
But, Mom,
l was gonna play soccer with my friends!
The egg's real!
I bet you this is gonna taste
a lot better than your egg.
I know what we can do.
Let's use it as a soccer ball.
You're right,
it probably wouldn't bounce that high.
If anyone asks
where that weird-looking egg came from...
...let's tell them our chicken coop
is on a nuclear-waste dump.
The rest of the kids
are gonna bejealous of us this Easter.
Kari, where'd you go?
Kari, | --
It's alive!
Oh, it's cute. Come here, little baby.
Kari, stay away! l'll protect you.
As usual, Tai came up with
a brave plan of action.
It worked about as well as his other plans.
lt's taking a bubble bath.
That was the first time any of us
really connected with a Digimon.
As time went on, we learned that
not all Digimon turn out to be so friendly.
Kari, stop feeding it so many candy bars.
You'll make it sick.
Hey, those are mine! Thanks a lot.
Well, now that it's here,
how do we get rid of it?
We can't keep it.
Where's it gonna sleep?
Oh, no, not in my bed!
Fine, then it sleeps on the couch.
I guess we'll just have to tell Mom
it's a throw pillow.
I'll get it.
Hello? Tai speaking.
This is Sora. Mimi told me
you were the one who threw up in my hat.
Something's wrong with her phone.
Perfect timing.
That's weird. All the electronic stuff
in the house is going nuts.
Kari, look out!
It changed. It got bigger.
What did you do? Oh, no.
Where are we gonna hide him?
What's Mom gonna say if she finds out?
It can't get any worse.
It just got worse.
4,008, 4,009, 4,010, 4,011, 4,012....
You'd better pin his ears back
so they don't get in the food.
Boy, he looks pretty hungry.
He had a strange way
of showing his appreciation.
Cut it out! Stop kissing my sister, you!
His breath stinks!
I've had enough. He's outta here.
We don't make much of a tag team, do we?
Kids, I made your favorite: liver sticks.
Great! In a minute.
-So, do you have a name?
We're in luck. She burned them.
-Tai, his name is Koromon.
-Whose name?
Koromon, what are you anyway?
I'm a Digimon, short for Digital Monster.
I'm from the Digital World.
How come you talk to him,
and only whistle at me?
My name is Kari. Kari.
And this is my brother.
His name is Tai. Tai.
-Hi, Kari-Kari, Tai-Tai.
-Never mind.
He can talk.
-You two are the best friends I ever had.
-We're the only friends you've had.
Thanks for saving me
from that scratching fur-ball.
Just warn me before you kiss me again.
Once a Digimon truly becomes your friend,
they'll do anything for you.
Let's have a warning for this, too.
Every time that thing changed shape,
or what we now call digivolved"...
...there was a weird electrical surge
throughout the city.
Of course, there was only one way
to get Tai's attention.
I'm up. What?
Koromon? What's the matter with him?
Is he sick?
You gave him your liver sticks, didn't you?
You should know that this Koromon
isn't the one we befriended later on.
Look! That's gotta hurt.
When this one digivolved, he expanded
more than my Uncle Fred at Thanksgiving.
Nice dinosaur. Friendly dinosaur.
Kari, get down from there!
What are you doing?
I'm gonna get grounded for this.
What's going on in there?
Did you kids break another lamp?
Kari, no!
Now let's play horsey.
lf Mom's worried about the lamp,
wait till she sees her car!
Look both ways
before you cross the street.
See any cars?
Do you even know what a car is?
Just be careful, then.
Soda. l'm thirsty. Are you?
Mom usuallyjust puts money in,
but! guess that works too.
Just one each.
Where are you going?
How hard could it be to find a dinosaur?
You know,
we really shouldn't be playing in the street.
-Did you see that?
-No, l was sleeping.
Butyou're driving!
-Can we do that ride again?
-Pepper Flame.
Tai wasn't far behind us. He was following
our footprints in the diet soda.
Why are you looking at that bus?
Please don't blow it up.
I know my mom says they're always late...
...but they can't help it.
Don't be a bad boy!
I wanna go home now, okay?
Oh, boy!
And that's when we saw
our second DigiEgg.
But this one was a lot bigger,
and the Digimon inside it, a lot meaner.
I'd hate to see the chicken
that egg came out of.
That's a big bird.
Pepper Flame!
Mimi, it's Joe.
Quick, look outside your window.
Polly want a cracker? A really big cracker?
Koromon? Kari!
-Koromon, please don't fight!
-Kari, come on, we gotta go!
-Kari, it's too dangerous!
Pepper Flame!
My turn.
Sonic Destroyer!
lzzy, did you see that?
What's wrong with the phone?
-You okay?
-Who's that?
l'm Greymon now.
You can be whoever you want, big guy.
Nova Flame!
Don't quit!
Sonic Destroyer!
Oh, no, Tai! He's hurt.
-There's nothing you can do.
-Greymon, get up!
Greymon, wake up. He's coming!
ltworked on me.
Come on, Tai.
-Go for it!
-Nova Flame!
That night changed our lives.
It was a while before we realized
that those of us...
...who saw what happened
became the DigiDestined.
...don't you wanna play horsey
with me anymore?
Where are you?
It was even longer
before we found out that Willis met...
...his Digimon that same night.
He learned alone
that being a DigiDestined means...
...sometimes you gotta save the world...
...even if you're the one
who caused the problem.
It was another DigiDestined, Izzy,
who first noticed there was trouble.
A computer virus on the Internet.
Wait a minute.
lt's attacking something.
Let me see if! can get an image
of its target.
Izzy wasn't the only one tracking the virus.
The whole world was watching.
But no one was prepared for
what was about to happen.
Looks like a DigiEgg.
Where'd that come from?
The virus is causing the egg
to develop abnormally fast.
I think it's gonna hatch.
Across town, Tai and another DigiDestined,
Sora, were facing their own problem.
"Dear Sora:
I'm sorry about what happened.
"I haven't felt so bad since! accidentally...
"...threw up in your hat
and didn't tell you before you wore it.
"I know our relationship
has been stormy lately.
"You love thundershowers,
what's a few raindrops between friends?
"Love, Tai."
"Love." I mean, "From." lmean....
Who are you writing to, Tai?
lt'sjust an e-mail joke.
What are you doing in here anyway, Kari?
I wanted to show you my new dress.
I'm going to a birthday party.
I got my friend a pink Power Ranger.
Tai and I had a give-and-take relationship.
[would give and he would take.
-Who cares?
-To send...
...you have to click this. Click!
I wasn't gonna send that letter.
-Then what did you write it for?
-Go to your party.
I can't believe Sora's gonna read my letter.
Wait a minute, "Unable to deliver"?
I can't believe
she's not gonna read my letter.
You try to tell a girl you're sorry
and your computer shuts you down.
Mom? Can I make a complaint?
Kari's eating birthday cake right now,
and all we have is leftover tofu.
I can make you a cake, Tai.
Hand me an egg, please.
I needed to use up the rest
of the wheat germ anyway.
You get the door and I'll start on that cake.
lzzy, you're all sweaty. What's wrong?
Well, it's about the egg.
The egg has already hatched.
Not that egg. A DigiEgg!
My Digimon analyzer
doesn't even recognize it.
Looks like a cross between a jellyfish
and a contact lens.
- | t's part Digimon, part virus.
-A Digimon with a virus? So?
You kidding? lfit stays on the Internet
it could destroy technology as we know it.
lf itjust hatched,
how do you know this stuff?
This kid I met on the Internet,
Willis, from Colorado, e-mailed me.
I don't know
where he gets his information.
He's smart though.
He's in elementary school...
...but he's already taking classes
at Colorado State.
So what? I'm in junior high school
and I take classes atjunior high school.
Look! Thejellyfish digivolved.
He's sending an e-mail.
ltsays: "I'm hungry!"
Am I supposed to call for pizza?
He's eating computer data.
When he's done in this buffet line...
...he's gonna look for a database
with more food.
More food? What does he expect to find?
A grocery store?
Okay, that's one box of chocolates.
Your total comes to 1,000,125--
Yeah, that's what it says.
That must be really good chocolate.
Paper or plastic?
In supermarkets all over,
computer systems are failing...
...causing congestion at the registers.
And now for the weather.
I made beef-jerky shakes.
-No, thanks, Mom.
-Where are you going?
We need to use Dad's computer.
Don't you want your shake?
- | 'm glad someone appreciates my recipes.
-Thanks, Mrs. Kamiya.
-We gotta be careful with my dad's stuff.
-Get out of my way.
A Digimon is eating the Internet
and you're worried about a few books!
But my dad likes his mess where it is.
We'll have more capabilities
by networking our computers together.
Why don't wejust call up the Digimon
on the screen and hit "Delete"?
Don't you think I've tried that?
If this is dangerous,
maybe we should call someone...
-... | ike the principal or Bill Gates.
-They won't listen.
Willis warned his Internet carrier
about the new Digimon.
They said, "Great! Let's sign him up
and give him 50 free hours."
-All right, we're online.
-He's digivolved again.
My name is Keramon.
-I think he's at the Rookie level.
-This soon? He's digivolving too quickly!
-He's probably at a fast food web site.
-Now what?
We have to sit here and watch it eat...
...the world out of house and homepage?
| wish Agumon was here to help us.
I can almost hear him now.
You can hear me now.
It's like he was here.
I am here.
Agumon, where are you?
I can barely hear you.
-Take me off speakerphone.
- | t's a transmission...
...from the Digital World.
-And he's with Gennai.
-It's been along time.
-Don 't forget me.
Who else is there?
We need to talk.
Something's threatening the Internet.
We know. The Digimon's already causing
major problems in our world.
-I'm not sure it is a Digimon.
-Butit is dangerous.
The evil Dark Masters were cupcakes
compared to this guy.
That's it, then. Let's do it!
We found a way to enter the Internet.
We'll help you guys because
you're the best friends we've ever had.
What better way to express friendship
than to save your world.
Don't get so emotional.
Thanks a lot, guys. You won't be alone.
We'll be right here on the computer.
- | zzy, Digivice?
- | 'm one step ahead of you, Tai.
Our Digivices will help you digivolve
and together we'll squash that bug.
It'll take a minute for Agumon
and Tentomon to get on the Net.
My modem's older than I am.
I'll call the other DigiDestineds
so their Digimon can help, too.
Hi, this is Tai Kamiya.
Can I speak to Joe, please? A test?
He's the only kid I know
who volunteers for summer school.
Hi, is Matt or T.K. there?
They're visiting their grandmother
in the country?
Hey, Tai. Any luck yet?
Would you like a glass
of potatojuice, lzzy?
Great! I'd love some.
Be there, be there.... Hello there!
This is Tai.
You're selling ties?
No, my name is Tai.
I'm looking for Matt or T.K.
That's a coincidence.
Those are my grandkids' names.
That's great. Are they there?
Right now? Can I talk to them?
I love to talk to them, too.
They're here visiting me.
Please, [need to speak to them right away.
Okay, I'll tell them. Kids!
I can't take this!
You know, lzzy, I can never get Tai
to try any of my recipes.
-I think they taste great.
-Want to try my spinach cookies?
I got Mimi's machine.
Hi, it's Mimi. I'm so glad you called.
Let's get together for lunch.
Leave a very short message after the beep.
Mimi, I--
That girl loves to talk.
You're a natural in the kitchen,
just like me.
Mom, I need to get a hold of Kari,
right away.
Did she take your cell phone with her?
Do l have enough of this stuff?
Beats me, it's the first time
I've used flour to bake a cake.
Of course she's got it,
in case of emergency.
Emergency. What does she think this is?
Happy birthday!
-Make awish.
-B | ow them out.
-Call them back.
-I can't come home.
A magician's coming over later
and I volunteered to be sawed in half.
Whatever. Just tell the half with feet
to run home soon.
I can't get anybody on the phone.
I want you to call Sora for me.
But you and she are good friends.
It makes more sense for you to call.
Just do it!
Are more friends coming?
I'll make three-bean salad.
Nobody's coming over, Mom.
That's all right.
I only have two beans, anyway.
Sorry, Sora's not home.
I'll tell her to call Tai's house
as soon as she gets back.
Hold on, shejust walked in.
I'll put her right on.
-Sora, lthink Tai wants to speak to you.
-I'm not home.
I already said you're here.
Make something up.
I don't care what you tell him.
But, Sora | --
I'm sorry, you have the wrong number.
Sora said she's not home.
-Did you two have an argument?
-None of your business!
You must've been ajerk
if she doesn't want to talk to you.
-I didn't do anything!
-I meant that in a good way.
I can't believe she's still mad.
It all started over a hair clip.
He'd better have written me.
Greetings. You have no new mail. Okay?
No, it's not okay. Stupid Tai!
Thank you for visiting meow.com.
Miko, get down from there.
Agumon and Tentomon
should be on the Internet by now.
Does this information superhighway
have a rest stop? I've got to go potty.
You should've gone before we left.
Just hold it!
You're gonna need a password.
You can use mine to get on the Internet:
-Prodigio us.
-They're in!
So this is what the Internet looks like.
They need new wallpaper.
I hope this doesn't take long,
it's my bath night.
There he is, go get him!
He doesn't know we're here.
Let's sneak up on him quietly.
Super Shocker!
That's quietly?
Pepper Breath!
That should have worked, butit didn't.
Keramon's sending us an e-mail. It says:
So, you like to play games?
I got a bad feeling about this, Agumon.
You better digivolve. Both of you. Now!
Agumon, digivolve to....
Tentomon, digivolve to....
Bug Buster!
Electro Shocker!
Nova Blast!
You guys make this stuff look easy.
Hold that thought!
Keramon, digivolve to....
-No way, he's digivolved again.
-We've never seen this before.
Now he's at the Champion level,
like Greymon and Kabuterimon.
-E | ectro Shocker!
-Nova Blast!
-All right!
He's stronger than a Champion.
Spider Shooter!
-Greymon, no!
-I think I've gotit figured out now.
He's bypassed the Champion level
and digivolved into the Ultimate level.
He's too strong for our Digimon now.
Then they're just gonna have
to digivolve again.
Not so fast.
Greymon, digivolve to....
He's gotta digivolve faster.
Agumon, say something!
Don't take me out, coach.
I'm fine. Justone question:
Who's Tentomon?
They'll be okay, Tai.
Theyjust need to rest for a while.
I can't believe that two Digimon
at the Champion level weren't enough.
We'll never be able to defeat this thing.
Check this out. We're getting e-mails
from around the world.
Here's one from Willis in America.
It says, "lzzy, I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
Find a way to slow him down."
-What's he mean, "his fault"?
-I don't know.
lnfermon is e-mailing us, too.
Why is he saying "hello"
over and over again?
Look at the address.
He's at the telephone company
taking over the phone lines.
If we lose our phone connection,
we're finished.
That's the only way
we have access to the Internet.
I've got to warn everyone.
All circuits are busy. Try again later.
Oh, great. It's busy. Mimi!
-AII circuits are busy. Try again later.
-Come on! How could that be busy too?
-AII circuits are still busy.
-Don't tell me!
-Didn't you hear me? It's busy!
- | 'm sorry, lady.
All the phones are dead.
-That Digimon did it.
-Not a single call can get through.
Hello, this is Tai.
Hello. Did you program me?
lt's lnfermon.
Talk about speed dialing!
lnfermon was looking for someone.
He was calling every number in the world.
His long-distance bill will be enormous.
"Connection terminated."
What next?
Kids, cake's almost ready.
Phones have gone dead worldwide.
If your telephone is dead,
call your phone company.
At least my sister can't call me
three times a day.
-See you!
-Are you leaving so soon?
Don't worry, I'll be back.
Save me a piece of cake.
What's the matter with you?
Have you heard? The phones are out.
The stock market is in chaos
and people are rioting.
That's nice.
Tai says call,
then he won't get off the phone.
We interrupt this programming
for a special bulletin.
Goody, I bet it's one
of those high-speed chases.
The phone company has set up
an emergency voice-mail system.
Simply dial 171 for easy instructions.
Believe me, it wasn't so easy.
First you had to leave a message,
then call back to hear one.
Basically, it was playing phone tag.
Perfect! Voice mail!
To leave a message, press 1.
To retrieve a message, press 2.
Please leave your message at the tone.
Matt, T.K., this is an emergency.
Call me right away! By the way, it's Tai.
Kari, if you want to see your toys again,
get home right away!
Sora, listen, I'm sorry about the hairpin.
But I need to talk to you right away.
Call me. Orjust come over.
Stupid Tai.
Mimi, it's Tai. Please come to my house
as soon as you get this message. 'Bye.
That reminds me.
You got this postcard
in the mail from Mimi.
She's on vacation? In Hawaii?
Hawaii is paradise.
I don't have a care in the world.
I'm wishing you were here.
-Hi, lzzy. Welcome back.
-Thank you.
So, when's everybody coming over?
Cheer up already.
What happened to the days
when we were a team?
We are a team, Tai,
but we'rejust kind of spread out right now.
By the way, where did you disappear to?
-Well, I went to pick this up.
-What is it?
A satellite uplink.
We can get onto the Internet by tapping
into the military's satellite system.
You're a genius. How does it work?
Do you know what a semiconductor is?
One who works part-time on a train?
Never mind!
-Is it hooked up yet?
-A | most.
In the meantime, check the messages
to see if anyone called back.
| forgot.
You have one new message.
Tai, it's Matt. What's the big emergency?
Call me back.
lgotta go.
Grandma fell asleep on T.K. again.
Good old Matt.
I knew that somebody on the team
would come through.
Matt, did you and T.K.
bring your Digivices with you?
Did you pack them?
This is T.K., of course we have them.
What's going on?
An evil Digimon
has taken over the Internet.
Agumon and Tentomon are fighting it,
but they need help.
Get your Digivices to a computer
as fast as you can.
What do we do now?
The closest thing our grandmother has
to a computer is an egg timer.
We're going into town to find one.
The uplink's working. We're back online.
Now let's exterminate that bug.
He left the phone company.
Now where is he?
He sent another e-mail.
"I'm close to him"? Close to who?
-He's in America.
-He doesn't even have a green card.
-I said slow down!
-I can't hear you!
The Digimon's in New York.
He's eaten all the data at Kennedy Airport
and is headed for the subway system.
Good, that'll slow him down for sure.
l'll e-mail Willis and let him know
that lnfermon is heading his way.
I do have one question though:
What do you think that Digimon would
be like if the virus never attacked him?
l have one too:
Why are you still drinking thatjunk?
Just 'cause you don't eat healthy,
doesn't mean that! don't.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
-We've got the Digivices.
-Now what?
Awesome! We'll tell Gennai to upload
Gabumon and Patamon onto the Net.
You can do that?
That sounds like fun.
-Usually I just play Solitaire on that thing.
-Careful, Floyd, you almost cut my ear off.
Kids today are so smart, aren't they?
I still can't set the time on my VCR.
Matt, who are all those weird people?
They're not weird. They're my best friends.
Considering this is
the only computer in town.
Gennai's transfer of the Digimon
is almost completed.
Can I have yours?
You're the bravest kid I have ever known.
We're going back in.
I assume lzzy and Tai were unsuccessful
in finding anyone else.
Then you and I'll have to try to beat
that thing by ourselves.
-Sorry we're late.
-I was surfing the Net and l wiped out.
Gabumon and Patamon!
- | s T.K. on this ride?
-He's not tall enough.
Say hello later. We've got work to do.
Keep your legs and wings
inside the ride at all times.
Justa little further, guys. Remember,
he's dangerous, so stay focused.
I'm looking for the programmer.
Don't interfere!
-He's teasing us.
-Then let's get him.
It's time to digivolve.
-Gabumon, warp digivolve to....
-Agumon, warp digivolve to....
-All right!
-Patamon, you better digivolve.
Patamon, digivolve to....
lnfermon, digivolve to....
-What's going on?
-He digivolved.
Cable Crusher!
Look out, Patamon!
I'll save him.
-Patamon, are you all right?
I'm fine. What about Patamon?
Patamon, speak to me!
Come on, get up! Say something!
- | 'm coming! I'll come get you!
-You can't.
But you can.
Wipe him out!
lce Wolf Spikes!
Web Wrecker!
Tentomon, circle around!
WarGreymon, attack!
- | t's no use.
-What are you saying? We're winning.
-This could be it.
Not that!
-What's going on?
-There's something wrong with me.
-What is it?
-I think it's your mother's recipes.
I hate to tell you I told you so,
but, I told you so!
Look, something's wrong.
Oh, no, they're slowing down.
Come on!
Tai, where'd you go?
WarGreymon has practically
stopped moving.
Oh, no!
- | feel a lot better.
-I didn't touch anything, I swear!
-Tai, what did you do?
-It wasn't my fault.
Who told you to go to the bathroom
at such an important time?
Likel had a choice!
Why did you crash the computer?
Now it has to reboot.
- | t's not like! did it on purpose.
-Just like it wasn't your fault with Sora.
That wasn't my fault.
Okay, maybe it was my fault.
What happened?
I gave her this great hairpin
for her birthday.
Then she got mad and said,
You don't like my hair style?
[said Who could tell?
You always wear a hat.
Then she said, Now you hate my hat?
It's very confusing.
That's what you fought about?
I tried to apologize,
but she won't return my phone calls.
We're back online.
Where were you?
You two picked a lousy time
to take a lunch break!
What happened to him? WarGreymon!
Tai, I can't move!
I let him down. I should have been there.
-"Your Digimon's a loser."
-What did you say?
"How could two Mega-level Digimon
get beat by one lousy bug?
"WarGreymon quit like a coward."
You take that back or I'll--
l was reading an e-mail from another kid.
You didn't have to read it so well.
You two, this isn't the time for fighting.
Stupid e-mails!
Go back to the beginning.
Diaboromon's back! Another e-mail?
"Who can count backwards from ten?"
Is he giving us a math test?
What's that?
What's with the timer?
He's making copies of himself.
He's multiplying.
It gets worse! The USA just launched
two nuclear missiles.
Willis says the government
can't explain it...
...but he knows Diaboromon's
in the Pentagon's computers.
lhopel didn't lead him there
with my satellite uplink.
One of the missiles is headed for Colorado.
-They'l | land in less than ten minutes.
-That explains the timer.
Butwhat's in Colorado?
l have no idea. In the meantime,
Diaboromon keeps multiplying.
The military has the power to stop it.
Every country is trying to intercept them,
including Japan.
But Diaboromon
has infiltrated all their computers...
...and is rerouting them
to fall in the ocean near Hawaii.
I've got the trajectory for the other missile.
Let me calculate it.
Four carry the two, times three....
lt's aimed right for this neighborhood.
Look, e-mails from around the world:
"Get that evil Digimon.
You're our only hope."
Here's another: "Be home by 6:00."
Wait. That's from my mom.
I'm trying to save the world
and you're reading fan mail.
-We just lost our connection.
I'll get it back. If we defeat the original
Diaboromon, the rest will disappear.
All we have to do is destroy each one,
until we find the original.
Sounds great. How many are there so far?
Spit it out, lzzy. How many are there?
There are over 75,000 and counting!
What's that?
It didn't sound like my stomach.
-Tai! Have faith! I'll find the original.
I'll help you.
They're so slow.
It's because of all the e-mails.
They're slowing down
our Digimon processing speed.
I'll write to everyone to stop them
e-mailing till the Digimon are strong again.
Are you crazy? Do you know
how long that'll take? There's no time.
Now we're...
...just about...
-It can't end like this.
Tell me, will they make it?
I'm not sure.
But they're gonna try.
Don't give up! No matter what happens,
don't give up!
Don't interfere!
How many copies of Diaboromon
are there now?
To be honest, ldon't know.
Istopped keeping track a while ago.
It's got to be well over a million.
WarGreymon has started
to slow down again.
It's the e-mails.
They're coming in faster than ever.
They're slowing down
the processing speed even more.
They're sitting ducks out there.
Please, guys, stop writing!
I know your intentions are good,
but you're hurting our cause.
Your e-mails are putting
our Digimon in danger.
I've got to help.
There must be a way....
Morejuice, lzzy?
ljust squeezed some onions.
No, thanks, I'm rerouting incoming data
from the remote server into local memory.
I'll just leave you two alone.
Wait a minute, where did Tai go?
None of us are sure how, but Tai's bond
with WarGreymon was so strong...
...Tai, himself, became digital.
WarGreymon, I'm here.
Wake up! Don't quit now!
-Why won't he answer me, Tai?
-Keep trying, Matt.
Listen, I don't have a whistle to wake you.
But I want you to know you're not alone.
The mail keeps coming. It won't stop.
Kids from all over the world are writing
to you.
They need your help.
You're the only one who can do it.
Feel their hope. Feel their strength.
| feel them.
Where'd your brother go?
They combined.
Part WarGreymon.
Part MetalGarurumon.
They digivolved together to become....
Transcendent Sword!
Supreme Cannon!
Tai, there's the original. Get him!
We're running out of time!
Omnimon! Quick, attack!
Where is he?
One minute to go.
One minute to go.
One minute to go.
Squad leader to Command,
we were unable to destroy the target.
The missile will impact.
Repeat: The missile will impact.
He keeps moving.
Every time he's in our sights,
hejumps somewhere else.
He's too fast for us.
We have the power to destroy him now,
but we don't have the time.
Willis was right, we have to find
some way to slow down Diaboromon.
Thirty seconds left.
The e-mails!
lfl forward him all the e-mails,
it'll slow him down, just like it did to us.
Keep sending them, kids.
You've got mail.
Ten seconds left.
Connection terminated.
Lousy microwave!
How come every electronic appliance
has to have a bug in it?
You have one new piece of mail.
It's about time.
"Dear Sora: I'm sorry.... Threw up hat....
"What's a few raindrops between friends?
Love, Tai."
Stupid Tai!
I'm about to barf.
Wait till you try the cake.
When Willis saw what happened
on the Internet...
...he was as happy as the rest of us.
So were the twins,
Terriermon and Kokomon.
They figured that would be the end ofit.
But they were wrong.
It was just the beginning.
Willis was about to face
the Digibattle of his life.
But he was all alone.
These days the team is older,
but some things never change.
Tai's still obsessed with soccer,
and Sora's still waiting for him to call.
Izzy's idea of a fun night
is upgrading his computer...
...and Matt's trying to make it
as a rock star.
His stage name is: The DigiDestined
formerly known as Matt.
Even though the older kids
don't have much time for the DigiWorld...
...there are new DigiDestined kids
to pick up the slack.
That's Cody, a real sensitive little kid,
and that's his Digimon: Upamon.
Yolei and Poromon can match wits
with the best of them...
...as well as tan lines.
And there's Davis and DemiVeemon.
I know, Davis looks like my brother Tai.
They even have the same personality:
While they were having
a good time at the beach...
...I was in New York with T.K...
...partly to visit Mimi
and partly to make Davis jealous.
Not again.
-It didn't go through?
What's wrong with it?
I don't know. It says all lines are busy.
There must be an electrical surge.
What do you think we should do now, T.K.?
How about lunch?
Did you guys hear that?
Did we hear what?
I'm getting afeeling
there's something strange out there...
...but I'm not sure what it is.
It needs our help though.
I hate itwhen I'm right.
It turned out that the person
who needed our help was Willis.
Kokomon, this has to stop!
Go back!
What do you mean "back"? Back to what?
Bunny Blast!
Koko Krusher!
Bunny Blast!
Hurry, T.K. It's over this way.
Kokomon, stop!
A Digimon!
I'm not sure it is a Digimon.
All right, tell me, what do you want?
Go back.
He vanished.
Hey, kid.
Come here.
Don't follow me! You're in danger!
Leave it to me.
I'll find out where he's going.
-What does he mean, "we're in danger"?
-All I know is he needs help.
Hi, Mom. Our summer camp
is going backpacking in Colorado.
-We're leaving--
-Please deposit 32 for....
I'll call you when | get there.
Come on, Terriermon.
We have to find transportation.
I can't keep running from him.
We're going back.
Colorado? Why there?
I'm sending an e-mail to Davis
and the others.
I told him to meet up with us.
We could really use their help,
and I'm sure he misses me.
The D-Terminal!
"Found new kid with Digimon"?
Yeah, a new friend.
She wants us to meet them in Colorado.
Well, how does she expect us
to get to America?
We don't have the money.
Willis, do we have to go to Colorado?
You heard what Kokomon said.
"Go back." That's where it all started.
But why do we have to walk?
My soles are worn out
and I don't even wear shoes.
Terriermon, listen. We--
Come on, Willis, can't wejust call
for someone to give us a ride?
I'm sorry. You know
Kokomon's getting more violent.
He makes anyone close to us disappear.
I'll find us a ride.
-Let's get out of this sun. It's too hot.
What exactly do you think you're doing?
This way I don't have to walk,
and you can stay in the shade.
That's better.
I don't suppose you could turn into
a glass of lemonade, could you?
Look, my Digivice.
What's happening to the train?
I don't think this is
the entertainment portion of the trip.
It's that Digimon we saw in New York.
Don't interfere!
There's definitely something different
about this Digimon.
We're not moving. Where are we?
Don 't interfere?
I don't think that Digimon
wants us in Colorado.
Explain one more time why we have
to stop in three different cities?
We're using my uncle's flyer miles
and restrictions apply.
Why did we have to take
this particular taxi company?
I've an uncle who lives in Houston.
He has an account with them.
- | t's not really that bad.
-At least it's free.
What do you say, guys,
wanna hear some music?
Sure, why not?
We prefer something
on the slow and easy side.
I'm pretty good.
'Bye, Uncle Fred.
Thanks for the lift. Goodbye.
Yolei, your uncle's a lousy pilot.
On the map, we're abut 60 miles
from where we're meeting Kari.
-How do we get there?
-I have an uncle who owns some horses.
No! No more uncles,
no more horses, no trains, no planes.
It's got to stop!
Did someone say stop?
Come on, guys, this is our chance.
Well, at least my way
we weren't stowaways.
-C | imb in. It's perfect.
-Let me handle this.
Yeah, ma'am, I said stop. I'm starting
my own truck stop and was testing it.
It seems to work fine.
You stopped. Thanks.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Hey, pal, you must've had
the same idea we did.
Hey, would you cut that out? That's rude.
Sorry about that. He's young.
Davis, guess what? He's a Digimon.
A what?
Hey, he's right.
Wow! In America,
they have Digimon by the truck load.
Our Digimon like each other.
And the guy says,
"I was talking to the duck."
This is kind of nice,
being around others for a change.
Yeah, for as long as I can remember,
it's just been me and Willis.
Having a Digimon
makes you a DigiDestined...
...and we're all part of a team.
Why are you alone?
Well, let's just say! have my reasons.
Anyway, it's nice meeting someone
as cute as you.
Back off there, blondie.
What's wrong, Davis?
Did I say something wrong?
We found this kid. Now what do we do?
He's angry because he wanted
to be with Kari by now.
My family's vacation home is just
a couple of towns away from here.
You guys can wait for them there
if you want to.
I'd better e-mail Kari and T.K.
to tell them where to meet us.
-Where are they coming from?
-From New York.
The kids behind the fence.
That girl was cute, too.
That's it, lover-boy. Leave Kari out of this.
I'm sorry.
Listen, Davis,
I wasn't trying to step on anybody's toes.
Maybe I should just make a phone call
and get us a lift to my house.
I'd like a pizza for delivery
with mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni...
...pineapple, Canadian bacon, anchovies,
and green peppers.
That sounds delicious,
but aren't you going to have anything?
lf Davis eats it all....
-There's no fat below my neck.
-Since you're delivering that pizza...
...to my house, would you mind
picking us up on the way?
-Tell him to forget it. lwant Chinese.
-Shut up!
I said, "Line up."
We'll line up on the side of the road
with a sign, so we're easy to spot.
-You've done this before.
-They'll be here in two minutes or it's free.
-Wi | | is, you're smart.
-Well, it was mostly my idea.
Great, then you're buying the pizza!
-Guys, come on, let's go!
-Why do l have to be the one paying for it?
- | t's your pie. You buy.
Don't open your big mouth
unless it's to eat pizza.
If I'm paying for it, | get the first half.
And | get the second half, too.
Now that that's settled,
I guess we're ready to go.
We'll tell you how the pizza tasted.
If that driver thinks he's getting a tip,
forget it!
What is it?
You know this Digimon?
DemiVeemon, quick, digivolve!
DemiVeemon, digivolve to....
Vee Head Butt!
How about a little teamwork?
Pick me up. We'll attack him from the air.
All right, we've got you!
Watch outfor that sign.
Time for plan B.
Veemon, armor digivolve to....
Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage!
Flamedramon, attack!
Fire Rocket!
One small detail.
Who is that? And why is he attacking us?
Cable Crusher!
Koko Krusher!
Kokomon, I'm doing what you want.
I'm going back.
Go back...
...to the beginning!
Willis, use your Digivice.
lfeel strange.
Terriermon, digivolve to....
He's got pants now.
Bunny Bubble!
Gargo Pellets!
Go back.
-What for?
-Go back.
He put up a good fight, but we won.
We didn't win anything.
He won't stop
until I give him what he wants.
What does he want? Maybel can help.
Don't ask questions.
It's for your own good.
-The less you know the better.
-Wi | | is, wait.
We're a team now.
It's okay to tell them the truth.
Well, the truth is,
we don't have a ride anymore.
No problem. I can handle that.
Veemon, armor digivolve to....
Raidramon! The Storm of Friendship!
-Did somebody call for a ride?
-That's cool.
Couldn't you have done that before?
Can we get a ride, too?
Sorry, we're on a mission.
- | t's a big gust of wind.
-No, it's Davis.
Same difference.
How do you stop this thing?
So, this Kokomon attacked you?
I knew we shouldn't have split up.
Where are your friends T.K. and Kari?
They're still not here yet.
What? What do you mean,
Kari's not here yet?
Good question.
They really should have been here by now.
lfl know Kokomon,
your friends aren't coming at all.
That's it, pal.
Enough secrets.
You seem to know a lot
about this monster.
Spill it. How do you two know each other?
And more importantly:
Why is he only attacking you?
Because I created him.
You must be kidding.
You just can't create a Digimon
out of thin air.
I've told you too much already.
Kokomon makes everyone
who tries to help me disappear...
...like I'll bet he did
to your friends T.K. and Kari.
l have to do this by myself.
I need to be alone.
Great, I'll go with you.
Willis, we've been walking for hours
and you haven't said a word.
Being a DigiDestined means
you don't have to face things alone.
What are you running away from?
Eightyears ago,
a DigiEgg came out of my computer...
...and it hatched into twin Digimon:
Terriermon and Kokomon.
I finally had someone to play with.
My very own pets, and they talked, too!
It was the best.
They depended on me.
You have to give it time to heal, okay?
Sometimes they would even do
my chores for me.
lwanted more of them...
...so lgot the stupid idea
of creating a DigiEgg on the computer.
That's when it all went bad.
Before my DigiEgg hatched,
it was attacked by a virus...
...and it mutated into Diaboromon.
When Tai and the others destroyed him,
I thought my bad dream was over.
But the real nightmare was just beginning.
The virus tracked us down
and dragged Kokomon away from me.
I watched helplessly for four years
as he slowly became this terrible monster.
And now he's obsessed with chasing me.
During the battle he said to you,
"Go back to the beginning."
What did he mean?
I think he wanted me to come here
where it all started.
Every time he tries to tell me why,
the virus stops him.
He can't fight it.
This won't end until he's destroyed.
Butl can't do it. It's all my fault, not his.
What's the matter with you?
That's the saddest story I ever heard.
I'm the one with the problem, not you.
-Get over it.
That was fast.
You know what? We're gonna help you.
You will? How are you gonna do that?
My friend, we're DigiDestined.
We'll find the answer together, as a team.
I've never been on a team.
Anything I should know?
Yeah, I'm the only one who can kiss Kari.
-Just a little one?
-Don't even joke around about this, got it?
-She and I really hit it off in New York.
- | 'm not kidding.
I don't mean to eavesdrop,
but I've got really big ears.
I know you're facing Kokomon tomorrow.
I want to be right there next to you.
I couldn't live with myself
if something were to happen to you.
This is my mistake and I won't risk
your safety to correct it.
-He's my brother.
-I don't care!
Willis, I'm not your pet. I'm your friend.
And friends are always there
for each other.
Now that's what I'm talking about:
Thanks, pal.
Okay, let's find Kokomon.
Don't worry. He'll find us.
Go back!
I did! I'm here! What else do you want?
He has a lot ofissues.
He's digivolving.
Terriermon, be careful. He's stronger now.
Terriermon, digivolve to....
Veemon, your turn.
Show him what you're made of!
Veemon, armor digivolve to....
Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage!
Armadillomon, you too!
Armadillomon, armor digivolve to....
Digmon, the Drill of Power!
Hawkmon, go for it!
Hawkmon, armor digivolve to....
Halsemon, the Wings of Love!
Fire Rocket!
That's the way!
l'll trip him up. Almost tripped myself.
Gargo Pellets!
Don't make me do this.
How do you like your Kokomon,
flame-broiled or grilled?
Can't we end this quickly?
After all, I'm on vacation.
Aren't our Digimon fantastic?
Digmon could be a little more animated.
I guess that's it.
I don't think he's gone.
Now what?
I'm not a duck.
I need a nap.
lthinkl strained something
trying to digivolve.
We're being sucked in.
This is my fault.
Why? Are you the one
who taught him tojuggle?
Put us down, you clown!
-Leave them alone! Take me instead.
Watch out!
What do we have to do
to end this fighting?
Bunny Blast!
A little help here.
Let me help you up.
Now let me help you up.
-Hawkmon, I'll help you.
-No need. I'm--
Oh, Hawkmon, I'm so glad you're not hurt.
Yes, I know,
but you don't have to choke me to prove it.
Cody, I've been digging all over for you.
Vee Head Butt!
Bunny Blast!
Bombs away!
-We got him!
-Think again.
He's gonna eat us.
Hand of Fate!
And Angewomon!
You saved us! Exquisite timing.
Sorry we're late.
-Hey, look, T.K.
We would've been here sooner,
but our plans got derailed.
Yeah! Kari, you made it!
Gatomon and Patamon were worried.
So they digivolved
into Angewomon and Angemon.
Celestial Arrow!
Angel Staff!
Either this is an eclipse,
or we're in trouble.
- | 'm not supposed to be out after dark.
- | t's cold.
Look, his wounds are healing.
It's got to be that virus inside of him.
Poromon, there's nothing you can do.
Stay here.
Let me go!
Davis, what's happening to you?
Why don't you pick on
somebody your own size, you big bully?
Kokomon is making time go backwards.
Everyone's getting younger.
Davis, you're a baby.
Who are you calling a baby, you baby?
I'm a baby, look!
"Back to the beginning"?
Willis, "Back to the beginning"
didn't mean go back to Colorado.
It means, go back in time to when
the virus first attacked Kokomon.
-That's it.
-We have to stop him.
Before you know it,
we'll be changing diapers.
Let me go!
I'm sorry but you're grounded.
We don't have the strength to defeat him.
The new Digimon will have to use
the power of the golden DigiEggs.
We must digivolve to our Mega
forms to release the golden DigiEggs.
Angemon, warp digivolve to....
Angewomon, digivolve to....
Aren't they beautiful?
Hurry, here he comes.
We released the golden DigiEggs.
Now the others can
golden armor digivolve.
This is our last shot.
-What do I do with this?
-Just do exactly what I do.
You ready?
Golden armor energize!
Golden armor energize!
Veemon, golden armor digivolve to....
Terriermon, golden armor digivolve to....
Is that the coolest thing
you've ever seen, or what?
Rapid Fire!
Magna Blast!
-It didn't work.
-He's too strong.
Every time we attack, he regenerates.
Let's blast him from the inside.
Good idea. Follow me!
He ate them. Terriermon!
Listen to me, Poromon.
You have to give it time to heal, okay?
Time to heal.
What's that up ahead?
I don't know. Look!
What's he doing?
He's trying to tell us something.
-What's he pointing to?
-There must be something inside of him.
The virus!
He's trying to show us how to help him.
What does he want us to do?
Destroy the virus!
Right. Time to heal.
Rapid Fire!
Magna Blast!
The virus, it's all gone.
Thank you.
Now I've lost both of them.
You'll never lose me, Willis.
I told you, I'm your friend.
Friends are always there for each other.
I guess without the virus,
Kokomon couldn't heal himself anymore.
The battle was too much for him.
Don't be sad, Willis.
One thing you have to learn
about Digimon, they never really die.
Thanks for coming back to New York
with me. I'm gonna miss you guys.
-I think we'll see each other again.
-I sure hope so.
We're getting used to being part of a team.
Right, Terriermon?
One last thing. 'Bye.
Hey, what did I tell you about kissing Kari?
She's my girl.
What do you mean "your" girl?
Nothing, just guy talk.
Hi, Mom, I'm on the island.
I'm waiting for the ferry and I'll be home.
Yeah, I had a lot of fun. ltwas a great trip.
I met a lot of new friends.
I had a couple of fights,
but I'll tell you later.
Yeah, I miss you, too.
Does anyone besides me smell a DigiEgg?
Like lsaid, Willis learned
about teamwork the hard way.
He also found out that Davis was right.
Digimon never really die.
Their information just gets reconfigured.
Only sometimes they come back
singing a different tune.
He's tone-deaf.