Dil Ka Kya Kasoor (1992) Movie Script

Every human being desires
to have a house of his own.
A place which is like heaven!
Even Rajesh Saxena
has a similar house.
And this house is called
Shanti Nivas. But...
- I will thrash you more!
- Please forgive me!
- Kaka? - Son, you
eat your breakfast.
- But Kaka that man... - I will
hit you more. - Please don't!
- I will not spare you! - Save me!
- Nobody will save you.
He is being paid for his deeds,
you eat your breakfast.
He will die, you go
and pacify Shalu.
- Please forgive me!
- Nobody will forgive you!
I cannot pacify her, you
go and do it yourself.
- Who me?
Never! - Help!
- What is the matter?
- I am dead!
You aren't dead yet! You have
burnt my blouse, I will kill you!
- Help me!
- Stop it, Shalu!
- What do you mean? Look, he burnt
my blouse. - We'll get a new one.
- Yes, get a new one. - Who will
get it? - Master will get it!
- But you ruined this one!
- I can use it for dusting.
Stop it! I told you
we will get a new one.
- Where will I get one better than
this'? - On footpath, for 'I O rupees!
You stupid fool! lnspite of being
beaten up, you talk so much?
- Come on, get lost!
- See his atrocity, brother.
- Now forget your anger! - I will
get more blouses for my dear sister!
- But brother... - Don't say
further, eat your breakfast now.
- I am not hungry. - How can you go
to college without eating anything?
- Atleast drink milk.
- For your brother's sake.
Okay, but only milk.
Now eat one toast, you listen
to him but not to me!
- Hurry up! - This is
emotional blackmail.
Hurry up, you are getting
late for college.
- What time is the show? - 12.30 p.m.
- It means we will have to bunk.
Its the last day of the film,
we can attend the college later.
- What is the time'? - 'I O o'clock.
- Oh God, we are dead now!
- Why, what happened? - Don't you
know what happens here at 'IO o'clock.
Oh yes, it is the time for
the witch's arrival!
Are you deaf?
- Can't you hear? - I can
hear as well as see, madam.
I think your eyesight is weak.
Now can you see properly?
If you wear such dark
glasses, how can you see?
- Peace! See the way
he is ordering me?
- He... - Yes. What will you do?
- Arun, please calm down.
- You can drive now.
- Only if he moves from front!
What if he gets hit and dies?
- I will set you right!
- Alright, do it!
- What she did was not right.
- She actually intended killing you.
- She cannot harm me. - If I was in
your place, I would have whacked her.
What nonsense! You have been
bashed up by Shalu many times.
- Have you ever whacked her back?
- I don't raise my hands on women!
- And he was giving me sermons
now! - I was just kidding!
The bell has rung, lets go!
- Are you very fond of drawing?
- No, drawing is not my subject.
I did not ask you whether
drawing was your subject or not.
All I want to know is what have
you tried to draw on the board?
Whoever has tried it out,
has made a good attempt.
You play such a dirty trick and
to top it you mock at me?
There is a limit to everything and
everyone should know to abide to it.
And it would be nice if you
also be within your limits.
- The same applies to you or else
I will... - Don't threaten me.
Because your empty threats
will not work on me.
I haven't made this picture nor do I
have the time for such useless things!
There is one problem but
I will solve it myself.
What is the matter?
- The principal has
called you. - Okay, sir.
Now the fun begins!
Can I come in, sir?
- There is a complaint against
you. - Against me?
- Shalini has complained. - Sir, she
has no other work besides that.
I wonder why she always
picks up a fight with me.
- But she says the same about you.
- She is lying! I stay away from her.
Arun, it would be better
if you avoid these fights.
- Okay, sir. - Anyway, I called
you because, like always...
...you will represent our college
in the inter college competition.
I hope that like always, this time
too, you will get the first prize.
And the first prize
goes to Miss Seema.
I request her to step on the
stage and receive her prize.
- Please come.
- This is your prize.
- Very good! - Brother! - Can I know
why is this prize been given?
- Hey, where are you going? - Son,
this was just the rehearsal.
- And very soon, she will even get a
real award. - That too a gold cup!
- And madam will have milk in it.
- You always speak rubbish!
Those cups are not meant for milk,
it is meant for decoration.
Don't keep it in the kitchen, if it
is lost you'll say I have stolen it.
Whatever I say, I only
get to hear this!
- Don't go and sleep again.
- Why is the function taking place?
Don't you know, Shalu has started
writing very good songs.
- Really? - And she has
another name also...
...what is it called? - Pen name.
- Yes, that is it!
That's nice! I am glad that
we have a poet in our family.
Someone thought of scent of the
flowers and the rippling of the streams.
Or else nobody in this family could
think beyond sand, cement and iron!
Now we will tell Uncle Verma
and publish your songs.
But only on the condition that
you will sing for me first.
- No. - Why are you ashamed of your
brother? Come on, sing for him.
- Come on, sing. - Okay, only
if you will shut your eyes.
- Do it! - Alright, I will
close my eyes. Now sing.
It is a mistake to confess
your love, not to fall in love.
Very good! But is this
the way to recite poetry?
- You make me nervous.
- I make you nervous?
And what if you have to
recite poetry in a gathering?
- I'll recite it very
nicely there. - How?
It is a mistake to confess
your love, not to fall in love.
You may be rich,
but at least tell me.
ls it my fault that I am poor?
- Excellent!
- Very good!
What is this, my friend?
I am tired of hearing this poetry
of yours since the past two hours.
And then this
applause! Good!
The poetry is excellent.
It deserves to be applauded.
My jaw is aching with
all this applauding!
Why don't you do one thing?
Go to meet Miss Seema.
Tell her that you are
her biggest fan on earth.
You keep reciting,
I'll keep applauding.
- Don't worry, I'll do
that someday too. - When?
When I die of listening to
her poetry and your applause?
I'll get to meet
her before you die.
Okay, now go to sleep.
Hey, mad woman!
Help! Someone
please help me!
My car has met with an accident.
Someone please help me!
- Help! - Nothing has happened
to you. Now come out.
What do you mean, nothing? This
happened because of your screams.
Now what are you'll waiting
for? Come and help me.
We help only those
who deserve it.
- And you keep fighting
with him. - So what?
- But how will I go to college now?
- By taxi, or go walking.
You mean fellow!
Can't you even help a girl?
- Hey, what happened?
- Accident. - But how?
- All this happened because
of that idiot. - Who?
That Mr. Great of yours.
- Who, Arun?
- Who else?
- But how was he responsible for
the accident? - He's jinxed.
As soon as I saw him
I met with an accident.
I'm standing right here.
Why are you honking?
- Give me my money
madam. - Money?
My purse is in the car.
How much?
- Twelve rupees. - You were blowing
the horn so loudly for only Rs. 12.
- Here. - I don't have change.
- So what do I do?
- I don't have change.
- Have I asked for change?
- I have to return your money.
- Did I ask him for it?
- Please brother...
- ls he your brother?
- No. But he does not have change.
- When did I ask for money?
- Sometimes you behave like you
are crazy. - He'll make me mad.
- Who?
- Mr. Great himself!
Hey, what are you doing
here in this heat?
- Searching for you.
- For me?
- ls everything okay?
- Have you forgotten?
- What? - What day is it today?
- Today is Wednesday.
- Date? - Twelfth.
- Time? - Around 1 a.m.
What is the problem?
lam very busy.
If you were busy, why did you
promise to take me to lunch?
Thank God you remember now. Since
when I'm phoning you in office.
They told me that the
boss is at the site.
I was so busy that I forgot.
Change your habits Rajesh.
Let's go, I'm hungry.
- We'll go for shopping later.
- Go with Shalu, Anu.
I'll join you'll
in some time.
Try to understand Anu.
The architect is going to come.
And what about me? I came
here looking for you.
I'm telling you
since so many days.
Today again you don't have
time for your fiancee.
Go with Shalu. I'll join
you'll in some time.
Shalu is not home.
She's gone to college.
- There's some function
today. - Function?
Greetings from Shashi Kumar
to every one present here.
Firstly, I would like to present
some artists in front of you.
With me, all the college
students have arrived here.
They'll present their
items before you.
So now, Vijay Kumar
from D.M. College.
The artist who is coming
before you now...
...is Lalita from
Pitambar college.
Yes, and now comes Kishor Anand
from our own college.
Yes friends. Now I'm
presenting the artist...
...who does require
need any introduction.
The young and handsome
Arun Kumar from our own college.
- Let's go.
- But why?
- Let's go.
- Please sit.
Friends, this award actually
belongs to the writer of this song.
I wouldn't have received this award
if this song wasn't so beautiful.
Hence, I want Miss Shalu
to get this award.
You don't know my real name. Say
that Miss Seema should get the award.
I mean Miss Seems should get it.
Because I've written the song
under the pen name of Seema.
The song sounds good only
when the lyrics are good.
Songs with bad lyrics can never
sound nice. Your intelligent.
Who are you talking to?
You're all alone.
Where were you
till now, brother?
I was so eager to give
you some good news.
- What good news? - There was a
competition in our college today.
All colleges participated. There
were excellent performances.
- And you know what? - What?
- Only my song received the prize.
- Where's the prize?
- Arun took it away.
- What? - Yes,
he sang my song.
And he sang it so well that
everybody was speechless.
- But who is Arun?
- Arun?
He studies in my college
and we're in the same class.
- Did you congratulate him?
- Congratulate?
you sang very well.
- Congrats! - You sang very
well. - Thank you.
- You made the college proud again.
- He's my follower, right boss?
You call him a follower and
boss in the same breath?
- Why are you so confused?
- Congratulations Arun.
- Hey Arun. - Yes?
- The troublemaker is arriving.
Congratulations! You have
proved that you are truly great.
Don't praise so much.
Won't I praise someone
who deserves it?
Hey Shalu. Will you just sit
there or congratulate him?
Stay away! You can
congratulate him from afar.
She'll ruin our happiness
if she comes too close.
It is not good to joke
all the time. Come.
- Why are you calling her?
- She wants to congratulate you.
Don't ridicule her.
Why are you quiet?
Say something.
You are an excellent singer.
Thank you. Since when have you
started appreciating talent?
I mean, since when do you
know anything about music?
Good taste is needed
to appreciate music.
And you don't have
such musical taste.
That was mean of you Arun. She
was so eager to congratulate you.
She got flowers for you,
and you broke her heart?
- What, she had got
flowers? - Move.
Good she didn't get a bouquet or she
would've placed a time bomb in it.
- I'm not that bad.
- Who says you're bad?
Then why does he always taunt me?
Did you see how he insulted me today?
- In front of everybody.
- He is not bad at heart
I'm only bad at heart
Everybody else is nice.
Everything is my fault.
I insulted him.
I picked a fight with him.
- Try to understand Shaka.
- Understand what Roma?
I took flowers for him
on your suggestion.
I congratulated him.
Did you see the result?
What does he think of himself?
He has become so vain since
he's received the award.
He wouldn't have won if he hadn't
sung the song written by me.
He sings my song and
then acts smart with me.
He got the award because
of my song, right?
If I had given my servant this
song to sing, even he would've won.
Mental cases are revived
with electric shocks.
Do you want me
to die, you fool?
I was singing about my
father-in-law, not you.
He's also a mean old man like
you. The postman has come.
- Letter for Murli.
- My Lajjds letter.
- Letter for you. - Give me
Rs. 'I to give to the policeman.
Lajjo sends unstamped letter to
you and I pay the fine. Fool.
- Cut it from my wages.
- From you're wages?
You take the wages in advance
and send them to your village...
...and then beg from me.
- Consider it as help.
If one country can take
help from another...
...a producer can take
help from a financier...
...then can't I take your help?
- But I don't have money. - Then
sit outside a temple. - Why?
- You fool! - One rupee.
- One rupee?
I'll do one thing. I'll write a
letter and leave it unstamped.
Then add them and take Rs.2 from
Lajvanti's father in our village.
Okay. What?!
Dear Lajjo.
May God bless you. Am I writing
a letter or giving her blessings?
I'm not enjoying here.
Yes, I'll go there and write.
My dear little... not little.
It's a childish word.
My Lajjo, here I am...
such a useless letter?
My darling
...no not this.
My darling, give me a kiss.
You'll ask what darling means.
In this city girls are called
darling by their lovers.
And they keep asking
them for kisses.
In our village this
can never happen.
My dream lover, I haven't heard
your sweet voice since many years.
Here I only get to hear
Miss Shaw's scoldings.
I didn't know that girls in the
city are so rude and snobbish.
Hey, shoes?! I had heard that
shoes are worn on the feet.
How did these feet come here?
Have I entered the shoe closet?
I was only writing a letter.
You fool, you spoiled my diary.
I was writing a letter to my wife.
My diary! Idiot, you spoiled
my diary. Oh God!
Did you see God, what Shalu
did to this devotee of yours?
If I go to my village like this,
the dogs will also chase me away.
What was my fault? Just that I
used some paper and ink of hers?
Such a big punishment for
replying to my Lajjds letter?
What did this girl gain by
keeping apart two lovers?
Now you have pity on me, God.
Please fulfill my wish.
May Shalu fall into unrequited
love. I'll watch and enjoy then.
- Are you staring at Arun?
- You've become crazy.
You keep thinking about him
and now you are accusing me.
It is not wrong to
think about a brother.
- Since when is he your brother?
- Since you fell in love with him.
- Stop it!
Let's go. - Okay.
Look, he's sitting alone. Today
tell him what you feel about him.
That you love him a lot.
You won't get a better chance.
Go Sham, be brave.
Hey Arun, here you are. I've
got five tickets for the cinema.
- But the exam is... - Forget that.
This movie has that famous song.
It's a love story, you'll
have to come. Shut this book.
- What were you thinking
about? - Nothing.
- Don't lie. You've changed a
lot Shalu. - Of course not.
- My eyes and nose are also in their
places. - Don't avoid the subject.
You are not the same Shalu that
the entire college was afraid of.
- Isn't anybody afraid now?
- No, now you've become so quiet.
You are always lost in your
thoughts and keep sighing aloud.
Have you really fallen
in love with Arun?
Look, don't talk nonsense.
I'm not in love.
- And you... forget it.
- Hey, listen!
Nothing can be done
about this girl now.
- You should get a position.
- I'll try my best, sir.
What do you mean, you'll try?
You should definitely get it.
- How are you're tuitions going?
- Fine, but only with your help.
What help? I admire you're
courage and devotion.
You are studying, and giving
tuitions too. Very good.
Someone else wants to
take tuitions from you.
A student from the second
year of Arts. Vikas.
I know his father very well.
I'll never forget the
favours you do for me.
- Don't call it a favour.
- Really sir...
When I meet you, lforget
that I'm an orphan.
It is okay to get emotional,
but getting carried away...
. . .weakens a person.
And I want you to be
very strong, not weak.
- You've started again? - I was
just saying good morning.
He's going on there,
and you here.
- When will you'll study? - Forget
about studies. - Professor's coming.
- He's still not stopped.
- Hey battery, come here and sit.
- I've warned you so many times.
- He will never mend his ways.
- Will you? - Hey, that
rich girl is looking at you.
- Shut up now! - Hey, look at her
at least once. - You look ahead.
Hey Shalu, what happened to you?
- Maybe love. - What?
- You always said...
...that I've changed, I'm
always silent and sad...
...and keep thinking about
something, right? You were right.
If my being restless, silent and
moody means that I'm in love...
...then I've really fallen
in love with Arun.
I had already guessed that. But
why did you let everybody know?
You made such a big deal out of it.
You got yourself insulted in college.
You've made a laughing
stock of yourself.
Now what if your brother
hears about this?
- How am I related to you?
- You're my brother.
- What do you refer to me as?
- As a father.
That's because I
raised like a father.
Like a mother I made sure that my
difficulties did not affect you.
I worked hard, went through
a lot of troubles...
...but fulfilled your every wish.
I made sure that you did not
feel deprived of anything.
- What did you lack Shalu?
- Nothing.
No! If that was the case then
people wouldn't taunt me.
They wouldn't laugh at
me behind my back.
They wouldn't say that,
"There goes Rajesh Saxena..."
"...who was always so proud
of himself. "He always said...
...he would wed his
sister to a prince.
And today his sister had him
degraded for an ordinary man.
He's not ordinary.
You don't know him.
I just know that this is
Rajesh Saxena's house...
...and is as holy as a temple.
lam not an ordinary man...
...who can be insulted by
every person who wants to.
You'll will surely pass
with good grades.
- I'm sure we will, sir.
- Sir again?
We'll surely pass with good
grades. We won't disappoint you.
Shall we leave?
- Are you Arun? - Yes, what is it?
- Are these your students?
- Looks like they trust you a
lot. - That's their priority.
I've heard a lot about you.
You're a good student too.
What do you plan to do
after getting educated?
- Get a job. - You're parents?
- I don't have anybody.
I'm an orphan.
- Where's your house?
- This hostel room is my house.
- And after college gets over?
- I'll think about that later.
First I want to know something.
You've asked me so many questions...
...but haven't
introduced yourself yet.
- I am Rajesh. - Rajesh? - Isn't
it enough for an introduction?
It is enough, but...
I'm a businessman and am always on
the look out for intelligent students.
Now you'll want to know my aim.
I want to help boys like you.
What help?
I have seen many educated boys
wander aimlessly for a job.
Nowadays recommendation works
and you don't have one.
But I'll never need
a recommendation.
Failure and disappointment
will cow you down.
You haven't ventured out
into the society yet.
So much kindness
in the first meeting?
You can test me.
I never lose.
I can face any difficulties.
You won't remain lucky forever.
lam giving you an offer. Work
with me, I have a huge business.
I'll give you partnership too.
Nobody does any thing for some
one without reason, Mr. Rajesh.
Tell me what your
ulterior motive is.
If you're really a big businessman
and are so sympathetic...
...then please help
those young men...
...who are cowed down by
failure and disappointment.
- I'll be very happy. - Either
you are over confident...
...or very foolish.
- Or very stubborn?
Now there's nothing to worry about.
Your brother knows everything now.
- Look Rama... - I'll do the
shopping, you don't worry.
- Make a list quickly. - You'll
do the shopping for me? - Yes.
- I know your choice very well.
- Now you don't even like my choice?
Okay Miss Shalini.
Since you've liked Arun...
...you have started
disliking everything else.
One day you'll say that
you don't like me too.
Look Rama, don't make me mad.
I'm not doing anything.
You've already become mad.
- I've become mad? - Yes,
that's what people say.
You've become mad since
you've seen Arun.
- I'm mad? - Yes. - I'll
teach you a lesson now.
Don't hit me Shalu, I'll get
hurt. You don't understand.
- Brother? - Okay, I'll
leave. Hello brother.
Hello Rama, how are you?
I'm fine.
Okay, I'll leave.
- I've come and you're leaving,
why? - No, actually, I...
Let her go. A boy's family is
coming to seek her alliance.
Really? Then what
are you doing here?
- She's hiding here.
- Hey, go home.
Tell the driver to drop you home.
- Yes? - I had gone
to meet Arun today.
He's a nice boy,
but is very stubborn.
Being stubborn either
makes or breaks a man.
Look, all my life I've taken
are of my status standard.
So, you'll have to wait till
Arun becomes successful.
Go, go and tell him
that you love him.
- Yes, but I'm scared.
- Don't irritate me, go.
- No, I'm feeling shy.
- You go, or I'll go.
No, wait. Look, both of us
need not go, let's go away.
Hey, go here, not there. Go.
Okay, let me feel
a little confident.
- Okay I'll go. - Look...
- I'll go slowly.
Look, all my life I've taken
care of my status and standard.
Hence, you'll wait till
Arun becomes successful.
- Here, have your milk. - Why
did you go to all that trouble?
What trouble? I knew my sister must
be studying early in the morning...
...so why not
have tea together?
- I passed...
- And Arun stood first, right?
- How did you know?
- Even I read the news paper.
I was more eager than you
to find out this result.
But the real exam begins now.
Even passing is of no use. I should
have worked somewhere instead.
At least I would've
earned something.
- You're right. - At least
throw some nice cards.
- This always happens.
- Hey Arun, what happened?
The usual thing.
No vacancy.
Do you have a recommendation?
The same old nonsense.
But how long will this go on Arun?
Since many days we're staying in
this hostel with the principaFs help.
Where will we go when
the college begins?
We'll go together, wherever we go.
Why are you getting tensed?
What do you mean, why
am I getting tensed?
Till the college canteen was
working, we got food to eat.
Since it has been closed,
there's hardly anything to eat.
We'll starve to death,
try to understand.
No one is going to starve.
I've got some good news.
- Did you get a job'? - No,
there's an offer for a program.
- Program? - Yes, a variety program
is being held the day after tomorrow.
They needed a singer,
so I agreed.
Hey, are you going to sing?
Let me hear how you sing.
- Not me, you fool.
- Can l? - Shut up!
- Arun will sing.
- What, me?
They'll pay you R3500.
- RS.500?
- But without asking me?
- I'll ask you now.
- Won't you sing,
my dear? - No!
- I have an interview on that day.
- But your item is after the interval.
The interview is in the morning
and the item is in the evening.
If you sing, we'll get
some money for food.
We'll starve if you don't sing!
- Say yes, please. - Please
say yes, you're very nice.
0K3! -
Very good, Arun.
And here is your...
...favourite magazine.
It contains the songs
by your Miss Seems too.
Prepare yourself now.
I really get bored. What
do these books contain?
It's all imaginary. Heavenly
surroundings, a beautiful girl...
...and then a tall, dark and
handsome man enters her life.
They both start meeting and
then comes an unknown obstacle.
The girl sheds tears,
turns against the man...
...and then suddenly some
one comes as an angel...
...clears the misunderstanding
and unites the hero and heroine.
Here you are, come!
Thank God you've come.
She was getting bored alone.
She was enjoying a story.
Anyway, you united the
hero and heroine.
Where have they united? The heroine
is still pining away for the hero.
What do you mean?
Haven't they met yet?
- Keep quiet!
- Why to keep quiet'?
- We'll arrange a meeting.
- But how?
There is a show in the evening
and Arun is going to sing there.
I've already got the
tickets too. Let's go.
- But I cannot go.
- Why?
- Brother has forbidden me.
- Don't worry about your brother.
- I'll talk to him.
- But... - No buts, now go
with Rama to the program. Go.
My darling sister-in-law.
- Rama. - Yes? - Did you
hear Arun singing today?
Not only did I hear,
I saw him singing.
- Did everybody like his song?
- What do you think?
I got an idea when I
saw him singing today.
- What? - What if Arun
makes a career of singing?
Wow! That's an
excellent idea.
But the problem is that where will
he get the money for the programs?
Who will arrange the program?
I mean who will get the sponsors?
- You'll find the sponsors.
- Me?! - Yes, you.
And I'll give the money.
But on one condition.
- What? - Both my brother and
Arun should not know about this.
- Shall we go?
- Let's go.
- Nowadays publicity has
become so easy. - Yes.
- Mr. Arun has come.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Am I late? - No, you're
exactly on time. - Please sit.
- Shall we start?
- Yes, sure.
- Yes, Mr. Tripathi.
- Big stars often reach late.
But how do you always
manage to be on time?
All I can say is that it is
clever to move with times.
Or else you will be left
behind in the race with time.
- Tell me something
Mr. Arun. - Yes?
You have become highly successful
in such a short span of time.
- What is the secret behind this?
- There is no big secret.
My sincere efforts and
well wishers like you...
...who appreciated my talent and
made me famous in such a short period.
- Mr. Arun. - Yes?
- There is a saying.
Behind every successful
man lies a woman.
ls there such a woman
in your life too?
Not yet. But when there is somebody,
you'll be the first one to know.
Tell me something. The songs you
sing are as beautiful as your voice.
Do you write these
songs yourself?
No, I only sing. My songs are
written by a poetess named Seema.
Oh! This means that some credit for
your success goes to Miss Seema.
- Sure. - But you
had just said that...
...no woman is responsible
for your success.
- Yes. - But this means that there
is a woman behind your success.
Seema's song is on the fourth
page, second column. Okay?
- How can I help you sir?
- It will be a favour, not help.
- Favour? - A poetess named Seema
writes poetry for your magazine.
- Yes.
- I want her address.
I'm sorry, but she has forbidden
us to give her address to anybody.
But if you have a letter or a
message, you can send to our office.
We'll send it to her.
Hello, Miss Seema.
I tried a lot to meet you.
But all my attempts failed,
and my eagerness increased.
I cannot repay you for
your favours all my life.
Still, I could have
thanked you for them.
I could have touched your
feet and taken your blessings.
No Arun, don't say that.
You are always in my heart
lam very eager to meet you and
have tried to imagine you very often.
Often I have drawn your pictures
and then have tore them myself.
Because my imagination is
not as beautiful as yours.
Just permit me to meet you once.
Promise to meet me at least once.
Rajesh dear, this is
Arun's photo, right?
- Yes. - Wow! He's
become very famous.
Look, his photos are getting
printed in magazines too.
What are you waiting for now?
Why don't you go and talk to him?
I'm not waiting for anything.
I had gone to meet him.
But he has gone out of
town to meet his principal.
I'll go to meet him
as soon as he returns.
But one thought terrifies me.
- What? - When Shalu
will go away...
...this house will become very lonely.
She's the life of this house.
- How will I live without her?
- You're right.
But every girl has to get
married and this your duty.
You have to send her
off like a father.
Why are you staring
at me, dear singer?
Are you angry with me? So why
did you write and ask to meet me?
Now you've become angry?
That's not the matter.
Even I am very
anxious to meet you.
But I'm helpless.
Anyway, don't worry.
We'll meet very
soon, I promise.
Along with the profit and loss, our
prestige is also at stake Mr. Mohan.
I cannot ruin the company
and it's goodwill.
The plan, area and material
of this building...
...will not be changed.
- Sir, phone for you.
- Give.
I'm Anu speaking.
Come home fast.
- Why, is everything okay?
- Everything3 fine. You come home.
- But what is the matter?
- Today is Arun's show.
- At what time? - At 6 o'clock.
I've sent Rama for the tickets.
- You come fast.
- Very good, I'm coming.
- I have to go Mr. Mohan.
- But sir, the engineer is coming.
- Call him later. - But all your
appointments? - Cancel them.
- What about the payments? - I've
signed the cheques, you fill them.
I'm taking my
sister's proposal today.
I have to go Mr. Mohan. You'll
manage everything, please.
- Okay sir, you go. I'll
manage everything. - Okay.
Hey Murali.
Where has he gone?
Lajjo will be waiting for me.
I'll surely come.
I'm living with your memories Lajjo.
I'll write you a letter.
I'll never forget you Lajjo.
I wish I was with you Lajjo.
But I'm helpless Lajjo.
There's only one room...
...and at nights that mean
old fellow sleeps with me.
The where can I
keep you Lajjo?
Sometimes I imagine him
as you in my sleep.
- Has your bull come Lajjo?
- You fool!
You keep sleeping
the entire day.
- Go wash the utensils.
- You are very hard hearted.
What difference did it make if
I spoke to Lajjo for two minutes?
- This is why you didn't get married.
- Go or else I'll slap you.
Oh no, sir has come.
I'll go now.
- You've come? - Yes, is Shalu ready?
- Yes, and she is very happy.
Even I am very happy today.
- I wanted to ask you
something. - What is it?
On meeting Arun... I mean...
What do the girl's family
say to the boy's family?
I'm going to talk to Arun
about Shaw's alliance...
...and am getting nervous. - What
is there to get nervous about?
When you meet the boy, you'll tell
him that you're Shaw's brother.
He'll understand himself.
...you'll have to make the first
move as you're from the girl's side.
- You've come?
- Yes, where's Shalu?
She's coming.
Will you'll just stare at each
other or go for the program too?
Yes Rajesh, hurry up
or the show will begin.
- Come Shaka.
- Come Sham.
Hello. Friends, all
entertainment shows...
...always have a
surprise in store.
And the show that is connected to
the producers of Tips Cassettes...
...will obviously have
a musical surprise.
Because the makers of Tips Company
have always made the attempt...
...to present the best
of the artists before you.
We want you'll to hear and see all
the stars from the world of music.
But the star that we are
going to meet tonight...
...does not need
any introduction.
He is a surprise inspite
of not being a surprise.
Because you'll know him very well
and always want to stay near him.
Because he is the very
famous and popular star...
...your very own Arun Kumar.
I know why Arun Kumar is
getting late in arriving here.
Arun Kumar has reached
those heights today...
...had attained
so much fame...
...that we listen to his songs
all the time and on all occasions.
The won't his happiness
make us happy?
Then listen carefully to what
I'm going to announce now.
Arun Kumar is no longer alone.
Arun Kumar has got married.
I want to hear an
even louder applause.
Which will force Arun Kumar to
come on stage with his wife.
There was no ground below my feet,
nor was there the sky above my head.
I was living in
a different world.
Why won't I sigh when in sorrow?
There will always be smoke
where there is a fire.
Shall I switch on the light, son?
No, I've begun
to fear light now.
Look, all this depends on destiny.
Destiny has really won today. I've
been fighting destiny all my life.
I never let it defeat me.
I made my own destiny.
But I am defeated today.
No don't say that.
These are God's doings.
Maybe it will prove
better for all of us.
I'm a dejected man.
I had gone very proudly with
my sister's proposal there.
Did you see how
circumstances defeated me?
All my life I was proud of
my standard and status...
...and thought that I could
attain anything I wanted.
And today fate has
dealt me a big blow.
I wish I had spoken to Arun
about it on that day itself.
I should have begged him
to accept the proposal.
I shouldn't have
been so conceited.
I had gone to ask for something
without even being humble.
And now I have been
humbled by my pride.
How can I face my
sister empty handed?
What will I say to Shalu?
No, I cannot face her.
I cannot console her.
You cried out your
sorrows before me.
You lightened your heart
But that poor girl hasn't said any
thing. She's become completely quiet.
Although her sorrow
is much more than ours.
I know her son.
I have taken care of her
since she was a child.
Her silence is the indication
of the arrival of a big storm.
Comfort your sister before this
storm threatens to over take her.
- Are you crying brother?
- Forgive me, my sister.
I couldn't unite you with Arun.
I couldn't get you married.
lam already married.
I've accepted him
since the day I saw him.
lam only fulfilling
my commitment.
Yes, it is true...
...none of the
wedding rituals...
...were performed for me.
This is the prayer
room in our house.
There are idols of many Gods
here, but only this one photo.
And the name written on this photo
is as great as any God for me.
This name is as divine
as any God for me.
This name has
brought hope in my life.
I have a request for you. When
you pray to the other Gods...
...pray to this photo too.
- Bow your head and take
it's blessings. - Yes.
We'll begin our new life
with her blessings, Meena.
It's impossible. There are shows
in Calcutta on the 12, 13 & 14.
From the 15 to 2O there
are shows in Delhi.
I'll try to adjust you but
I can't promise anything.
No. Okay, do one
thing, call later.
- Hello, sir. - Hello.
- Oh, hello.
- You've come so late. Hello
sister-in-law. - Hello.
- How was your trip?
- Very nice.
- Any letter from Miss Seema?
- Neither any letter, nor any song.
What is the matter?
What are you thinking?
I was writing a letter to Miss Seema.
I don't know what to write.
Give, today I'll write the letter.
- You'll write the letter?
- Yes, why?
- Nothing.
Here, write it.
Our dear Miss Seema.
Miss Seema is fine.
Don't worry about her.
How can I not worry? This
has never happened before.
She used to reply my letter,
and send a song too.
God forbid, is she ill?
Mr. Arun, how can I convince
you that Miss Seema is fine?
- Maybe there's a financial problem.
- No, she has no financial problem.
Don't worry. Give us your
letter, we'll send it to her.
- You'll surely send this
letter to her, right? - Yes.
Can't I come with you too?
You are embarrassing me Mr. Arun.
I've often told you that Miss Seems
has forbidden us to give her address.
And then, you should just be
concerned about your songs.
Right, Mr. Arun?
Come on Sham, hurry
up and get dressed.
- Why? - A few of my friends
have come from America.
We are all going for shopping, and
will be going for dinner after that.
- Come on. - No,
I'm not in the mood.
You are spoiling others'
moods along with your own.
Why are you bent on
ruining your life?
You are mistaken. Neither am
I spoiling anybody's mood...
...nor am I ruining my life.
- Look Shalu...
...be practical. You cannot
spend your life in your dreams.
Let go of the past.
Forget about Arun.
- Sister-in-law!
- I'm right, Shalu.
Arun is out of your reach.
He belongs to someone else.
You are not a part of his life.
But he is a part of my life.
Don't be foolish! There are many
eligible bachelors in this city.
Don't waste your time Shalu.
You are wasting your time. Go,
you'll get late for shopping.
- There's a letter for
you Miss Shalu. - Letter?
You'll never change.
Our dear Miss Seems,
you must be surprised...
...to see whose written this letter
and I am sorry about the fact...
...that I haven't
written to you earlier.
Why didn't I thank an
angel like you earlier?
lam Arun's wife, Meena.
My happiness keeps reminding
me of you and your blessings.
We have tried to meet
you many times...
...but we don't understand
why you don't want to meet us.
Please forgive us if
we've made any mistakes.
Don't be angry with us.
Please answer our letter.
Write songs for Arun to sing or
our dreams will be shattered.
We are committing a folly
by sending a cheque for you.
Don't think of it as a price
for your songs and your favours.
Accept it as a
loving gift from us.
Gratefully yours, Meena.
Today your debt's been repaid. You
have got the price for your songs.
His wife has insulted your
love by giving you this money.
- No. - The truth is
always harsh, Shalu.
Arun has never loved you.
No, that is not true.
Arun loves me.
He loves Seema, not you. He's
always hated Shalu, and always will.
- Enough!
- Don't be foolish.
There are many eligible
bachelors in this city.
Don't waste your time Shalu. You
cannot live your life in your dreams.
- Forget Arun!
- She is right!
He became well-known because of your
songs. Your songs brought him fame.
Take your revenge.
Take away his fame.
- Make him poor again!
- Quiet!
I love Arun.
He belongs to me.
See, this a blank cheque!
Arun has written my name on
it himself and has signed it.
Can anybody ever do that?
This is my most priced possession.
I'll treasure this cheque all my life.
I'll sacrifice my
life for his happiness.
Did you'll hear?
Go away!
I'll write songs for my Arun.
I'll pray that he always prospers.
That he always remains happy.
- You're very happy today?
- Why won't I be happy?
I'm going to become
a father. Papa!
- And you are going to
become a mother. - Oh no!
Okay, you'll become "Mummy".
And we are going to
get a baby daughter.
Why a daughter?
Why not a son?
Because I want a daughter.
- And I have already thought of a
name for my daughter. - What is it?
My daughter's name will be
Seema. Isn't it a nice name?
It's a very nice name.
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations to you too.
- How did you find out?
- But how did you find out?
- I have a letter.
- What letter?
Miss Seema's letter, what else?
She has written a letter after so
long that I came to congratulate you.
Oh? So this is the matter?
I thought it is something else.
See Meena?
Our child is so lucky.
- Where's the child? - We named our
child and... - Congratulations!
Yes. We named
our child Seema...
...and we received a
letter from Miss Seema.
Hey, what happened?
Now stop it.
You've had enough.
Will drinking this
reduce your tensions?
- Has Shalu gone to sleep?
- Yes, everything will be fine.
- You don't worry.
- Don't worry?
But how can I not worry? I get
terrified if something happens to her.
This over indulgence of
yours has spoilt her.
You are responsible for
her condition today.
Me?! I am responsible
for her condition?
Yes Rajesh. If you keep her
in this house always...
...what else can happen?
Let her go out.
Let her enjoy and
begin a new life.
- Even I want that.
- Only wanting it cannot help.
Take her out of
this house Rajesh.
But where?
- Ooty?
- Yes, Ooty.
No, I have gone to Ooty
many times. You'll go.
That's the limit. We made
the program for you...
...and you are
refusing to go. Get up.
- No, I don't want to go.
- This is great!
What is it? You'll
are still sitting here?
Get up, I'll have the
luggage put into the car.
- No, I don't want to go. - Hey,
the program was made for you.
Go for a few days, Ooty
is a nice place. Come.
Come on, hurry up. We're
really going to enjoy.
- Come. - Where? - Where
else, to roam around.
No, I don't feel like.
You'll go.
Don't get on my nerves.
We made this program for you.
- And she...
- Please come Shalu.
- Come, you'll like it.
- I don't feel like, you'll go.
Okay, nobody will go.
Come on.
Look Rama, don't be stubborn. Go
for my sake. I'll come in the evening.
Okay, let's go. Bye.
- You?
- You, here?
- Since when've you started liking
books? - It's just for a change.
- But what brought you here? - My
friend has organized a function here.
I've come to sing there. I've
made a career out of singing now.
- What do you want in these books?
- If there are any nice poems...
...I feel compelled
to sing them.
Now look, Miss Seema has
written an amazing poem.
Love makes one helpless.
My heart is not at fault.
Anyway, forget all this. What
are you doing in the evening?
- Nothing. - Would you like
coming to watch my program?
- Sure. - Then I'll come to take
you at 7 p.m. In the evening.
- Okay?
- I'll be waiting for you.
Mr. Arun has sent these
flowers and this letter.
Miss Shalini, I got a sudden call
from home that my wife has fallen ill.
Hence I couldn't come.
I'm sorry.
If possible we'll meet again.
I hope you will forgive me, Arun.
- What do you mean? - Yes Rajesh,
you've never cared about me.
We're engaged since two years and I
may have to wait for many more years.
I'd told you prior
to our engagement...
...that till Shalu does
not get married...
...I too cannot get married.
- Then when will Shalu get married?
Answer me. Do you have
any answer for me?
No. Shalu will not
get married now...
...because the boy that she
loved has married someone else.
But your sister still thinks
of him to be her husband.
- She is immature.
- But you are mature.
You tell me, how
long should I wait?
- But she is ill. - No, she
is in love, Rajesh.
And she will get over
it only after her death.
I have become bad luck
for this house after all.
Don't destroy your
happiness for my sake.
Get married. Get
sister-in-law home.
Call the doctor, she
has very high fever.
I've given her an injection now.
The fever will wear off by morning.
But doctor, why is
her fever recurring?
She has taken
some matter to heart
- We're trying our best but...
- Happiness is the best cure for her.
And it is your duty
to keep her happy.
- Me? - Yes, we
have given up now.
Now you'll have to
help us. Look Rama...
...I have never differentiated
between you and Shalu.
Today I beg of you...
...please save Shalu.
Get her out of this trauma,
I'll always be indebted to you.
Don't embarrass me. I am
as worried as you are.
Shalu will become alright.
lam fine. What has
happened to me?
Ask your self that question. Go
and see your face in the mirror.
I am perfectly fine.
What's happened?
- Come sit.
- Why should I sit here?
I don't even feel like
coming in this house now.
It's become as
depressing as a graveyard.
Earlier there was so much
gaiety and laughter in this house.
You kept this house
alive with your laughter.
You've changed so much.
What has happened to you?
Rama, haven't you
heard what elders say?
- What? - That girls should
sober down after marriage.
- What is going on?
- Nothing! I am only eating.
- Then eat. - It is bland.
Let me have some pickle.
- The doctor's forbidden you to
eat it. - I can't eat this food.
I too am eating it.
But I don't find it bland.
- Give me a little pickle.
- No!
- What is this?
- What?
How did this bottle of
pickle come on the table.
- This is only to see not to eat.
- What do you mean?
I mean the food doesn't taste
so bland when she sees the pickle!
It is a time tested remedy, sir.
- Since the past 5 years,
my wife... - Enough!
Use this remedy in your house.
And next time I don't want
to see this bottle here.
Forget the table it won't be
seen in the house itself.
I'll take it away. My
wife is again pregnant.
- Shall I take it, sir'?
- Okay.
Everyone except me
can eat pickles.
You are different from other,
come on, open your mouth.
- I am not hungry.
- How will you feel hungry?
You are all the time busy writing.
First eat and then write.
Only a little is left.
You leave it here, I'll eat it.
- Sure?
- Yes.
- Okay, but before
it get cold. - Okay.
lam keeping it here.
- You have still not started
eating? - I'll eat.
- Did you serve Shalu?
- Yes.
- She'll eat now you too eat.
- I am not hungry.
You are hungry but you
are mentally disturbed.
If you don't eat well, who
will take care of this house.
Son, take care of yourself
and eat you meals well.
What is the matter?
ls everything alright.
Shalu is running high fever and
her food is also lying untouched.
But she assured me she'd eat.
You should have seen
to it that she eats.
I'll call the doctor and as soon as
she wakes up feed her something.
- Doctor, I am Rajesh speaking?
- What is the matter, Mr. Saxena.
Shalu is running high fever.
Why isn't the fever subsiding?
I am trying my best.
Anyway, don't worry.
I will check her again.
Meet me on your
way to the office.
You tricked me by not
eating food last night.
It became late and the food
too had turned cold.
So, I didn't
feel like eating.
You shou | d've called me.
I would've re-warmed it for you.
How could I call you?
You were sleeping.
I was sleeping not dead.
Don't ever say that again!
Okay but now
eat your breakfast.
- Only milk.
- No.
- But you have to take your
medicine along too. - Later?
- No! Take it in my
presence. - Okay.
- Will you please fetch
my napkin? - Okay.
- Did you take your medicines?
- Yes. That's a nice child.
Finish the entire milk.
Don't leave anything behind.
There are patches on her lungs.
Please forgive me, Rajesh.
Have faith in God.
Everything will be fine.
Forgive me, God. One day in
a fit of anger I spoke ill...
...against Ms. Shalu and
now that has come true.
There couldn't be
anybody worse than me.
I cursed her. Please
forgive me, Lord.
Henceforth, I'll never
speak bad about anyone.
And I'll never ask
anything for myself.
But let Shalu recover, Oh God!
We don't have blood to match
her blood group, doctor.
- Take my blood, doctor but
save my sister. - Okay.
Sister, check his blood group.
You sit outside while we
check your blood group.
Suck every drop of blood from
my body but save my sister.
Everything will be fine. Let us
check the blood group at least.
Doctor, his blood is not
matching with her blood.
You might have made a
mistake check it again.
Mr. Saxena it is not necessary for
everyone to have the same blood group.
But she is my sister!
ls it possible that my blood
doesn't match with her blood?
You are lying!
Did you see, I can't even
give my blood to my sister?
I can't do anything
for my sister.
Anu, did you see
my helplessness?
You all be a witness to this.
Rajesh Saxena, proprietor
of Saxena industries...
...is so helpless. What is the use
of my hard work and my wealth?
lam so helpless!
Rajesh Saxena owner of
Saxena industries!
I couldn't do anything
for my sister.
It is not necessary for everyone
to have the same blood group.
Brother, I am here.
Please come!
lam here, come
and catch me.
- Come! - Father, I am
here. Please come.
Please come.
- What is the matter? - I want
to tell you many things...
...but time is short
I have a request.
- Order me. - You always
come to my office...
...with the same question and
my reply too was the same.
But at that time both
of us were helpless.
- But today... - What is the
matter, Mr. Verma?
Can you spare some time?
I will be obliged to you.
- I fail to comprehend.
- I want you to meet Ms. Seema.
You will do we a great
favour by coming with me.
In fact you will
do me a favour!
But since I'm going for the first
time. I won't go empty handed.
She is responsible
for my success.
My happiness and the peace of my
house is due to her blessings.
She had made me what I
am today, Mr. Verma.
But what shall
I take for her?
Her greatest gift will be
your presence, Mr. Arun.
- But Mr. Verma?
- Time is running short
- Here? - Yes, your
poet stays here.
- Are you deaf'? Can't you see'?
- I can see and hear too.
But I think you are short
sighted. Can you see now?
How can you see with
your glasses on?
Since when did you learn
to understand music?
One needs taste for music and
your taste is not so melodious.
If any song is left incomplete
then forgive my sister.
Either you are over confident
or downright stupid.
- You?
- Yes.
lam the brother of this
sick and helpless girl.
I think you failed to
recognize her. She is Shalu.
And Seema too!
She is the one...
...who took you to the
zenith of success!
She is the one who
bestowed fame on you.
She weaved her pain into words
to make your music come alive.
And in return, she never
asked for anything.
Or maybe we were incapable
of giving her anything.
You play strange games!
A player whose game
never ceases to exist!
Who plays his move
so heartlessly...
...that people sing your praises not
only when alive but after death too!
Whatever you gave me,
I bore it quietly.
You snatched my parents from me
but I bore that too silently!
I always prayed to you thinking, I
didn't know the right way to pray.
And I was elated when I achieved
all this name and fame.
I was unaware that it's foundation
was an a innocent girls corpse.
A girl with whom I had no
link, yet I was successful.
Every halting breath of hers
has a link with my success!
...and her death,
with my prestige...
...and her every pain has
a link with my happiness...
And her every tears
with my wealth!
What is my fault for
which she is paying...
...and I am bearing it?
Stop playing this game!
Because henceforth no one
will light a lamp here.
There will never be
brightness here.
Due to your obsessional love
you are like a caged bird...
...knowing that this
cage is not your home.
lnspite of being hers,
you never belonged to her!
She's done a lot for you
because she loved you!
She arranged for sponsors
and arranged shows.
She publicized about you in
news papers and magazine.
And on the basis of her
money she made you a star.
She created circumstances wherein
people started recognizing you.
Your success was her sole aim.
And one day, accompanied by
her brother she came to you.
Not to ask favours in
exchange of her sacrifices.
But to remain a slave to you.
But, ill luck followed her.
Her dreams were shattered
but not her courage.
She is doing all this
thinking of you as her husband.
She would never
come in front of you.
But today due to Mr. Verma,
you know her.
And that recognition
has devastated her, Arun.
Today Shalu has sent
me to tell you...
...not to misunderstand her.
And that she doesn't
intend to ruin your marriage.
Neither does she want anything
from you. She only knows to give.
During college too she loved you
and even now she loves you.
Because you are her God,
her life and her love!
Arun, she only knows to give,
she has never learnt to ask.
During college too Shalu loved
you and she loves you even now.
Because you are her life,
her love and her God!
- I can't do this. - Why
don't you understand, Arun?
You are not trying
to understand.
How can I sing under such
circumstances, Shashi?
It is better if you keep your personal
and professional lives apart.
How can I do something
which is not possible?
lam an artist and my voice
reflects my feelings.
And I can't lie
to my reflection!
When a heart breaks, the
pain in shattering, Shashi.
I can mask my face, but
how can I hide my tears?
An artist is capable of anything.
You are a public figure.
People want to see you in
the image they have of you.
People come to hear your
song, not your tale of woe.
This is selfishness and you
want me to become selfish?
- And forget her sacrifices.
- I never said that.
lam only trying to make
you understand...
...that first, as you have
a duty towards Shalu...
...you have a duty
towards your fans too!
Your popularity is
due to your fans.
They will be my fans till
Ms. Seema's songs are with me.
Don't put her on a pedestal.
What have you done for her?
Answer me! If you have an
ounce of respect for her...
...then don't shatter her
dreams. - What dream?
The dream of your success
which she had dreamt.
Prominent figures from here and
abroad will be present for this show.
And it was Seema's dream that you
be the most famous among them.
How can I do it, Shashi?
It is beyond my comprehension.
Don't spoil your chances by
canceling the show.
Don't ruin her dreams.
Look, I can understand
your problem.
But don't forget that
wherever you may be...
...Seema will always be close
to your voice and success.
Friends, I know your love
surpasses these words.
My voice is in debt of your
love. I'm grateful to you!
You have made me a star...
...but I have also considered
you as my friend.
Because I always thought
of myself as one of you all.
But last night,
I saw my true self.
And heard someone's sigh's
amidst the sound of the claps.
And for the first time,
I felt someone's tears.
I forget that at the
height of the fame...
...we may shine
like the stars...
...but we are not
responsible for its brightness.
The brightness is due to the
sun, whom we never remember.
My songs always wanted
to applaud its writer.
But I forget that in the
absence of those songs...
...I wouldn't be here and perhaps,
even you all wouldn't be here!
Friends, I have a
request to make...
That tonight we must thank
that great personality...
...whom we never remembered
and always neglected.
Friends, I have one
more request to make.
Tonight you will sing with me
and if my voice quivers...
...you will encourage me.
Do me one more favour.
- Switch off the lights, Meena.
- Why, are you afraid to face me?
I will make it dim.
So that at least your
shadow is visible.
I've seen you
after many days.
Besides, when a husband
tries to avoid his wife...
...the wife realizes that
her marriage is in jeopardy.
The husband may prefer
to be in the dark...
...yet the wife is able to
perceive his every move.
Whom are you running from, Arun?
From me or yourself?
...or from your past or from the
promise you gave my dying father...
...or from the fire, in front
of which you married me...
...in order to repay your
principaFs debt on you.
You repaid your debt
but now what about me?
Strengthen your weak hands
with the love of Shalu, Arun.
Snatch away these fake
symbols of marriage from me!
Enough, Meena!
Don't utter a word more.
Why, aren't you able
to bear the truth?
It's you who won't be able
to bear the truth, Meena.
The side you are viewing
is not the truth.
Shalu is just a
chapter from my past.
Don't lie. I have heard your
love story with my own ears.
- That is not my love story.
- Doesn't Shalu love you?
She does love me but
I don't love her.
- Liar! - I swear
on you that...
- Lies! - I swear on
my child that...
Don't lie to such
an extent, Arun.
Don't swear falsely on the
child who is yet unborn.
- How can I make you believe me?
- By swearing on your Ms. Seema.
I swear on her that I never
had a never loved Shalu.
But I worship her and my day
begins and ends with her name.
Because Shalu and Seema are
two face of the same person.
- What? - Yes. The one whom
we worshiped as God...
...is not God
but a weak girl.
We mistook the alms of a
helpless woman as gratitude!
The girl whose arrogance
I always hated...
...by mistake, I put the same girl
on a pedestal and worshiped her.
I made a mistake but how could
you doubt your husband, Meena?
How could you think
that I don't love you?
Then why did that girl come
here with Shaw's message?
Because Shalu won't
survive for very long.
- What? - Yes, Meena,
Shalu is on her death bed.
Will you do me
a favour, father?
I can even give my
life for you, sister.
But, I am helpless.
As though fate has
rendered me helpless.
Don't talk like that. You
have given me everything.
- Only, do me one favour.
- What is it?
Give my songs to Arun.
And decorate my corpse
like a married woman.
Don't talk in this
manner, Shalu.
Don't cry. Will you bid
me a tearful farewell?
I have only one sorrow.
Neither will my husband
light my funeral pyre...
...nor will he put
Vermilion on my forehead.
Meena, you? Come!
See, who's come with me?
- Don't misunderstand me, Ivleena.
- Don't say anything.
- I have come to take
you with me. - Where?
- Now, it's time for me to go.
- Shalu, you won't go anywhere.
What is this you did?
- Fill Shaw's parting
with my blood. - What?
Don't worry.
Fill her parting.
Meena, I am indebted to you.
No Shalu, I have
only done my duty.
- I came to take you
home, but... - Yes.
To the home where you
have more rights than me.
That house is awaiting
your arrival, Shalu.
We shall both worship the
sacred Tulsi together.
We will fast together
for our husband.
Come Shalu, let's go to
our husband's house.
Don't disappoint me and
break my heart, Shalu.
It is too late now. Time
is slipping by, Meena.
- You can't blame the
heart for it. - NO,S | 13 | U.
Don't cry. Don't bid me
a tearful farewell.
lam very happy now!
I have no more sorrows.
Now I am a married woman.
And my husband will
light my funeral pyre.
See, I have written
such a beautiful song.
Show it to me,
my dear Seema.
"If I live, it ought
to be with you"...
...and if I die, it
should be before you".
This is very beautiful.
Get it printed in
Mr. Verma's press.
I will surely get it printed!