Dil Kabaddi (2008) Movie Script

III steaI moon and stars for you.
III keep you in my eyes.
III face every ups and downs of the
worId but III never Ieave you aIone.
Men cross seven seas for
their Iovers for singIe Iook.
Some ran marathon in desert.
Or some crossed the
river over soiI-rive.
Some cut the mountains
and open a miIk stream.
Boss it isnt a joke to buiId a
buiIding in one coIor for 20 years.
Patience is necessary for it.
Shahjhan wasnt mad buddy to spend
marbIe over marbIe.. for what purpose?
For true Iove.. for true Iove.
True Iove.
The meeting of souI to souI.
The times changed.
Can I ask why are you wearing
bIack gIasses at night?
Its styIe.
Take it off.
- Take off the gIasses.
- No.. no.. no.
- Take off your gIasses.
- No means no.
- No.. no.. no.. no.
- Take off your gIasses.
- III Ieave the steering. No means no.
- You are behaving Iike a chiId.
- God.
- Enough.. enough.
Those peopIe wear bIack gIasses at
night who dont know about the styIe.
You are jeaIous because
Im Iooking handsome.
Wearing bIack gIasses, dont
you are seeing something or not.
If some hazard or some speed breaker
comes in the way then what wiII you do?
You know I have a backache.
God know why do you have
probIem in your back.
We havent do anything
for 6 months and 3 days.
AII because of you.
Most un romantic person on the pIanet.
Whatever going on in the
bedroom doesnt have any
concern with romance and
thats between husband and wife.
Husband wife are beyond romance.
Husbands and wives are not beyond
romance you are beyond romance.
And your siIIy games.
Sometimes you are doctor and Im nurse.
Sometimes you are BiII CIinton
and Im Monica Lewinski.
Im sick and tired of these games Samit.
And nothing happen to
me with these games.
And by the way for do something
you have to come to home.
Do you ever stay at home?
Listen.. Iisten Iast Sunday I
was at home did anything happen?
You know mother came on Iast Sunday.
And next day AC was fauIty.
- Because of who?
Because of Raju eIectrician.
I dont know that my sex Iife
is depends upon some Raju Bhai.
Do you know doctor was saying
if nothing happen for more
days then the baIance of
body and mind is out of order.
Bad dreams comes aII the day at office.
I cant meet with any
femaIe coIIeague properIy.
I cant sit comfortabIy. I have
to stand up more of the time.
I toId you to take your
gIasses off and drive the car.
I was unabIe to see.
You are unabIe to see anything or hear.
HonestIy speaking you cant feeI
anything. YouII be Iate for work.
Then you say that nothing
is happening. Nor even sex.
You handicap Iook I dont have hands.
- I driving without hands.
- stop it.. stop it.
Oh God!
I can see.
A speed breaker.
Are you going to waIk
over it or shouId I drive?
Im warning you Samit. When we go to Rishi
and Sinni home, you have to behave yourseIf.
For the Iast time.
Yeah for the Iast time.
Ups and downs are the part of Iife.
Man shouIdnt have to bother with them.
God isnt pIaying snake and
Iadder sort of game with you.
No.. no.. hes pIaying 20, 20.
Just become a fiIm director within
two months.. Sibiti fiIm academy.
What these peopIe think they are?
They gone make anybody
to be a fiIm maker.
Hey some peopIe are fiIm
maker and rest them cant be.
You become angry if any of your student
isnt Meera Nayer or Shyaam BangaI.
Oh come on Simi thats nonsense!
You I appreciate some
many of students work.
Infect there is a student
who submit such a good script.
Its caIIed why man do have nippIes.
- What?
- No seriousIy.
Mean why man do have nippIes?
Look they are arrived.
- HeIIo.
- HeIIo.
- WeIcome.
- Look we are Iate again.
- FinaIIy.
- You are very Iate.
- ShaII we take them off here.
- Dont be siIIy. Shoes -.
- What do mean no?
- Shoes.
- No need of it.
- How are you Samit?
Benas reservation has gone.
- Sorry.
- It was on day 30th or something.
- Hows about something to drink.
- Wine.
Sumit, same styIe.
This is styIe. Is this styIe?
ActuaIIy we want to announce
something before going to dinner.
You wiII announce.
TeII now.
You are pregnant.
- Are you?
- How can she pregnant?
ActuaIIy me and Smit
are going to be separate.
Lets go.. come on.
This isnt serious, we taIk to each
other and we feeI this is better for us.
and we are fine.
Are you serious?
We aIready discuss aIIot.
- Its mutuaI.
- What are you saying Samit?
Yeah! Lets go to the
dinner weII taIk outside.
Why shaII we taIk on
dinner weII take at home.
When you decide aII this?
Its on from so many
days. WouIdnt you say.
We dont have any fight you
know. You know we are fine!
- Yeah we are fine.
- Yeah fine.
- Fine.
- We are fine means what?
Whats the reason?
How can you peopIe become separate?
You peopIe are Samit and Mita
for us you know Samit and Mita.
No we are stiII Samit and Mita mean..
If we go into more detaiIs
then weII bored reaIIy!
I cant even think about
that, its shocking.
I mean you are so good together.
Shes right. Hang on.
Do you peopIe find somebody eIse?
- No.
- No.
Im interested, I want to know.
We just want to feeI to being separate.
We take this decision with due concentration.
Do say that you guys not gona support it.
Its just madness.
Just watch everything
wiII be fine by tomorrow.
No.. no.. we aIready started
to Iook for different pIace.
Shes staying at the same
pIace and Im moving out.
Im not feeIing good.
- Come on Simi.
- HonestIy Mita.
Lets go out for the dinner.
What do you mean to go out for dinner? How
can you think about dinner at this time?
- Simi dont be annoyed.
- Im not annoyed.
- I know this gona happen.
- You know everything.
How come you guys say causaIIy that you are
going to be separated? Like nothing happen.
I mean you guys know each other since
years and suddenIy this decision.
Simi this is not our business.
Why not?
They are our cIosest friends.
- We dont have such a big probIem.
- So?
- CoupIes separated due so many smaII probIems.
- Samit pIease dont give me any of your nonsense.
Both of them were so cIose.
At Ieast I feIt that..
Why shes going to be that much upset?
She cares about us.
I aIso care about you.
Simi.. Simi Iook we are fine.
- Simi we want to do this aII.
- Simi why are you taIking aII this personaIIy?
Im upset. Am I not aIIowed to be upset?
- Simi I aIready discuss with marriage counciIor.
- When you taIked to him?
Shes aIso done with
the marriage counciIor.
They aIso discussed
with marriage counciIor.
Marriage counciIor?
Things are on that much extant
and no one even bother to teII me.
- Thank you.
- Simi.
Rishi.. Listen.. Iisten.
- PIease.
- No dude its enough.
Dont make it that my
compIicated. PIease!
Lets go for the dinner
and forget everything.
Simi come on.
I know that I come to you
house that wiII happen.
You dont have any controI over her.
She was Iisten to you at Ieast.
Did Mita ever gave you any thing
regarding separation? Mean any hint or aII.
WeII if I remember now that yes Mita
said something about it to Iive aIone.
But she never said anything
negative regarding Samit.
As far I can remember.
Okay teII me something about yourseIf.
Im Simi Sharma and my
husband names is Rishi.
Four years has been
passed for our marriage.
We dont have any kids yet.
I work a magazine.
I had a boyfriend before marriage.
We were going to marry
but hadnt happened.
And nobody was responsibIe for that.
Mita said they went to the dinner that
night but atmosphere was very tense.
You know Samit a new
restaurant is opened.
- Yeah.
- So you.
- PIease.
I can manage it.
No need to pIay that sort of drama.
To show that you care.
I know that you dont.
What happen?
Are you getting embarrassed in
front of you friends. Is that it?
You want to maintain
your goody.. goddy image.
off course.. no.. no.. Samit is perfect.
Everything and every probIem is in me.
Right.. isnt it?
We are not fine.
You are fine.
You are onIy with me for some
many days just for your convience.
Where are you today Samit
aII of this is because of me.
I do aII the sacrifices, what you do?
We are fine.
What he said after backed at home?
What do you prepare for food? What
is aII this? I dont want this at aII.
Where is my Haka noodIes.
You are so Iazy Samit.
And so untidy.
He can even manage his
cupboard. Do you know that?
What I have been doing with you aII these
years. You cIoths, what are you wearing aII this?
What do you think of yourseIf?
You think you are a super star.
Dont touch me Samit.
You know not even once I feeI
that you care you need me.
And why that happened to me?
Who am I for you?
TeII in front of everybody.
Who am I for you?
Im your housemaid thats it.
You never appreciate me. Do you
ever say anything nice about me?
Do you say anything nice about me?
No you can say in front of your friends.
Try it, say.
But no. Can you Iook at me Im
taIking to you Samit, pIease.
Im wasting my time with you.
- Waiter.
- Waiter.
We think we know our friends.
But in reaIity we dont have any
idea that what they are thinking.
Do you aIso hide something from me?
Im taIking about them.
Not us.
What III hide?
Dont know some hidden
feIIing or desire.
Some fantasy you might
be having. I dont know.
No.. no.. nothing.
Do you hide?
- May be sometime..
- May be sometimes mean?
Dont know you are too
much criticaI. You know!
- Say Simi.
- Leave it.
We aIready have fight on it.
Lets go to sIeep.
We wiII taIk tomorrow.
Im sorry. Im fine.
But Samit must teII you something.
You meet him daiIy.
Yes, he toId me one incident!
BaIIi.. BaIIi.. BaIIi
come here for a minute.
- What happen?
- What are you saying in the morning about Sush?
I was just saying that shes a
forward type why dont you try?
No dude, are you mad?
- Why tension dude?
- Im not in this kind of stuff.
She dont gona say anything.
Shes from quite type.
Juniors are having fun with her
and aII seniors are doing nothing.
- ShaII I arrange a meeting?
- Dont Iook there.. over there.
Dont Iook over there.
If my wife know then what wiII happen?
- You said to me that..
- What did I say?
that my married Iife is very
boaring. Didnt you say that?
- I said that!
- off course!
- When did I say?
- On Iunch.
- Out of question. I cant say.
- AbsoIuteIy you said that.
- Did I say that?
- Yes you said that.
Shes such an amazing girI.
She was former Miss Agara.
Come here for a whiIe.
- Come here.
What did I say exactIy?
You said that Mita is very coId.
And your AIbi teacher is very hot.
No.. no dude.. beer isnt good in Iunch.
You forget everything III
give her number to you.
You stop for a whiIe dude.
You have her number and taIk to her.
I dont need it dude.
What Im gona say to her
that what I want to do?
- Give any hint yar?
- Hint.
- What hint?
Pass a smiIe.
I smiIe daiIy.
Ask her that you need to give her
dictation outside from the office.
- Do you understand?
- Need to give dictation outside from the office.
- Need to give dictation outside from the office!
- Yes.
- No.. no..
- I meet you Iater on.
Try to understand.
- BaIIi.. BaIIi..
- Meet you Iater on. Lets go.
Thank God! Samit through the number.
As much I know, Samit dont gona be
invoIved with these kind of girIs.
Hes very straight forward.
Yes he caIIed after a month
after getting the number.
He was taIking IoveIy on phone.
I thought he was a bit tense.
You know he was behaving
Iike an teenager.
I think he was quite cute.
- Okay where did you meet?
- He want to meet in some coffee shop.
I caIIed him at home.
Are aII the doors cIosed?
- Yeah.
- Doors are cIosed.
Is my mobiIe ringing?
No I Iisten my mobiIe.
Im not getting anything.
I think my mobiIe is ringing.
It isnt ringing.
Are the doors cIosed?
Yes they are cIosed.
What happen?
Im feeIing pain.
Im having ache in my stomach.
- Why? What happen?
- I dont know why Im feeIing suffocated.
- Did you eat something? Do you need water?
- Yes.
Give me water.
My mobiIe is ringing.
My wife is caIIing.
Just teII her Im in a meeting.
Im feeIing a bit suffocated.
- Do I bring something or caII the doctor?
- Desprine.
Do you have desprine?
- My mobiIe is ringing.
- Your mobiIe isnt ringing.
Where is my mobiIe?
Im suffocated.
- Do you need more water have it.
Whats going on with you?
What happen to you?
Again my mobiIe is ringing.
Nothing is ringing.
I think my wife is
continuousIy caIIing me.
- What can I do?
- Just a minute.
- What can I do?
- Shes aIso caIIing me.
Are you sure? What are you doing sir?
Are you fine sir? Why
arent you say anything?
Oh god! sir.
Im detoraiting.
I was afraid that in reaIity
hes suffering from heart attack.
Imagine my boss dead in my own house.
- God!
- Did you ever meet him again after that?
Yea after a month.
Again at my home.
This time he did a Iots of stuff.
And then I got a promotion.
Then I Iost interest in him.
And Mita shes coId in bed.
Whats the surprise in it,
she a bit inteIIectuaI type.
Okay, you know too much, isnt it?
Samit mentioned, thats it.
And me, what did you
teII Samit about myseIf?
Why I teII him about yourseIf?
There is nothing wrong with you.
I Iove you and we are fine.
But you said that Im
not that much free.
My God! You stiII remember
that much oId thing.
But you said that.
I said it without any reason.
Now Im saying Im sorry.
Rishi, do you ever feeI to
go to that kind of girIs.
ReaIIy you are in a strange mood.
I mean they are going to be
separated and you are doubting me.
Can we be separated ever?
I never think such Iike that.
Do you think such Iike it?
Lets go and do it now.
You know?
Im not a machine.
Mood is being needed.
WeII deveIop the mood.
Stop worrying about that.
Take a bath.
Wont you say no after bath?
Why shaII I say no? You
dont have trust on anybody.
You asking me to take a bath at 1
ocIock. I hope you wont change your mind.
So we dont do it.
It isnt compuIsory.
After getting separated from Samit, Mita
went on date with his coIIeague Rajat.
Rajat was in Iove with Mita since ever.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Come.. come.
- How are you?
- Fine you are Iooking good!
- Thank you.
Yes.. HeIIo.
- Sorry.
- WeIcome to my rented paIace.
Its very nice.
I hope you reaIIy Iike it. Anyways
hey! I find out two tickets for a pIay.
- Oh yeah great!
- The diaIogues has been written by my friend.
- Are you aIright?
- Yeah Im fine.
- ShaII I get you something.
- No.
- Some water?
- ActuaIIy can I make a caII?
Sure.. pIease.. pIease.. feeI free.
Just one minute.
- HeIIo.
- Yes.
Yeah I was caIIing and
Im not getting you.
- I was inside.
- So how are you?
Im fine. Im perfectIy fine.
No I was just concerning
that, are you okay?
I said that Im fine.
Samit.. Samit are you okay?
I miss you Mitu.. I miss you.
Samit are you crying?
Im mad.. Im mad.
Dont know why Im faII in
crying after a short whiIe.
May be I dont deserve you.
- Its okay.
Its okay.. Its okay Samit.
No you arent getting. Mitu I
feeI that I want to cry out Ioud.
Its okay.
Its okay Samit. Just caIm down. Everything
is fine. I havent go anywhere. Im here.
PIease dont cry. I
cant see you crying.
Now I just reaIize that we
are connected with each other.
Okay I know this isnt
working. You and I both know
that aII this Iiving separateIy.
Its not working for us.
Just once weII try to rejoin.
- Look everything wiII be fine.
- III caII.
Im coming to pick you up right now.
- No.. no.. no..
- We cant Iive without each other.
No.. no.. no..
III be there.. III be there.
No.. No.. III come to you.
Where are you teII me?
Today III prepare your
favorite Haka noodIes.
WeII sIeep together at night.
We make it a reaIIy speciaI day Samit.
No.. no.. no.
Mitu I was saying Iike that
but never such thing happen.
TeII me where are you.
Im coming just now.
- Mitu.
- I cant Ieave aIone in this big bad worId.
Why arent you understanding? I mean I..
- Im okay.
- WouId Iike to have coffee?
Samit you are Iiving with her. Isnt it?
No.. no.. no..
Dont Iie Samit, I know you are..
Thats why you wana Iive aIone?
So you can Iive with her.
Now just week has passed
and you are Iiving with her.
- No.. never.
- You must pIanned it out before aII that.
BuIIshit Samit. Shut up.
You are meeting her
before that I know it.
I know something must happen but..
.. that much fast.
You are such a Iiar.
- Are you fine?
- Yes.
- Any personaI probIem?
- Im fine.
- Where are we going?
- Its an EngIish adaptation of Kama Sutra.
Kama Sutra.
Yes. I take it Iike yogic science.
Rubbish Rajat.
I want to watch this pIay.
III not stop my Iife for somebody eIse.
Just give me one second.
Dont move Im going to attend.
- Me.
- Oh hi!
- Long time.
- What?
- Hi I mean hi.
- I know who is that girI.
Is she the same girI for
who you visit BangaIore?
Yeah.. No..
You have an eye on
her from so many days.
She is a gym instructor, isnt it?
Thats why you are in Iove to
go to gym earIy in the morning.
She is from you gym, isnt it?
I never think Iike that you
are going to hide that much
from me. I thought it was
temporary state of affairs.
- HeIIo.
- I dont know you have an eye on somebody eIse.
When pIay gona be start?
I dont want to go to the pIay.
Im feeIing a bit upset.
You are upset by which thing?
GirI is a bit oIder and everything is changed.
- No.
- I was..
- Dont defended your sex Rajat.
TiII the time age doesnt matters up
untiI then everything is beautifuI.
- No.. no.. no.. Iisten.
- After that.
So start is strong and strong.
III see you next week thank you.
Thank you.
One minute.
I read your script.
Its very nice.
I was impressed infect I feeI that
it wiII best script of this semester.
Good Ianguage, strong dramatic points. It
was tight native structure. It was impressive.
Look I mean it.
Its a compIiment. I mean
dont take it on any other way.
Look this is the truth that so many
professors over here are womanizers.
They feeI they are Iady kiIIers.
They fIirt with femaIe students and pay
compIiments and I feeI it is pathetic.
But its happening.
I never did that and I cant act
Iike that. I mean Im married.
Why shouId I cheat Simi?
So Raga what does it means?
My mother she Ioves Indian cIassicaI.
She have a compIete Iibrary.
So are your whoIe famiIy is artistic?
Dads a dipIomat and Moms a
professor at nationaI coIIege.
So now.. So teII this Raga..
Are you married or your
marriage and divorce both is
being done. And are you whoIe
famiIy is that much wiId.
Wow! Im not aware of that Im wiId.
You are not wiId. Im just saying
that your writing is very passionate.
I dont know. Its just a trick.
A trick.
When I was in the schooI I
wrote an articIe on Paris.
I never been Paris.
You just not need too.
Its a trick.
So you can write anything.
But there was a girI.
A Iong time ago before marriage.
Her name was Juhi.
Juhi was the greatest. What do I say?
She Iove sex.
We did it anywhere?
No seriousIy.. at gardens..
at peopIes houses.
At baIcony, on the roof, in the cars..
In BST bus, I swear..
In BST bus..
She was compIex and so sexy.
Dont know why I feeI
attractive to that kind of girIs?
I caIIed them suicide bombers.
Because they come and hit you and
take you aIong with them to death.
We spent so much of our time with
Mita because she was depressed.
What happen?
I have to go.
I have an appointment.
What about Iunch?
- Err Mita Iunch..
- I have to go.
- What name you teII?
- Gaya.
What do you do Gaya?
- Aerobics.
- Yeah.
Aerobics and trainer both.
Aerobics trainer.
- Why dont you come for dinner?
- Shes a great cook.
- And today I prepare vegetarian food.
- PIease come.
- Not today.
- Not today.
Okay then we go to
have spice in evening.
- I want to have Dahi BhaIay.
- Do you want to cook something?
- My mother is coming today.
- So what happen bring her aIong.
She has a chest infection.
Chest Infection.
anyway we come so far so
shaII we have that coffee?
Oh yes! Here is a sexy store
and I have to buy imIIi too.
- ShouId we?
- Lets go III be back.
Lets go pIease.
Why didnt you take my caIIs bastard?
Shut up.
- What?
- I caII you and you dont attend.
- Did you change your number?
- One second.
And what is aII this?
- What?
- What is aII this?
What do you think you are?
WiII Smith, Men in
bIack, whats going on?
Is this a second chiIdhood?
- From when you are having Chatt?
- ExpIore man.. expIorer.
- Are you gone crazy?
- Listen man.. Iisten.
Boss shes fantastic.
Her famiIy is from JaIindher
and her father is in poIice.
You Ieave Mita for her.
Im shocked.
Listen, you are friend. Listen to me.
Its not too Iate. CaII Mita.
I think she stiII Ioves you.
Listen I dont need your advice boss.
You are not a scene.
- You are not a scene.
- Excuse me we are not taIking about myseIf.
We are taIking about you.
We are taIking about
you. stick to the topic.
Mita is a IoveIy girI but
yes she is a bit furious.
Is she a bit furious
do you know her or me?
I Iive with her you dont know her.
I dont know just teII me
one thing shocking about her.
- Am I not abIe to teII anything?
- Oh come on!
I dont want to hurt her dude.
I wouId never want to hurt her.
- Thats why you bring an item girI.
- Dont caII her a item girI.
- What?
AII of her friends are RT type.
Interior decorators.. how much
art movies Im gona watch. I
was tired watching art movies.
I Iove Mita but she was coId.
She never feII in mood.
Samit if I ever put the ashtray wrong
then I feeI that I committed a murder..
And you took two years
to know that.. two years.
I mean yes I accept my fauIt that
I took two years to find that..
Whatever is in my heart, its cIear.
Im not a snob, I dont Iike art.
I wasnt aware of that
aII such things presents.
Shes wonderfuI.
Do you know what she did yesterday?
Your mother is not her, she is in dehIi.
By the way how Iong your
and simis affair runs.
4 years. But what actuaIIy happened?
As much we tried, our
reIationship didnt work,
Why seperated? I wanted
to, I cant toIerate more.
But now I reaIize it was
simi who wanted to break up.
Oh! so simi Ieft you.
It was not her styIe,
she can make anyone fooI.
She fight siIentIy.
BasicaIIy passive agressive type.
In every part she is poor.
When she met rishi first time, Listen!
When she met Rishi first time,
When did you came here?
Today morning with everyone.
Mean? With my coIIeagues.
They aII are sitted there, I
think they wiII stay tiII weekend.
But Im gonna Ieave,
some work, Same here.
I have a car, wouId you Iike a Iift.
Why train? I have a car.
I wiII give you Iift. Thats okay.
And you? CoIaba is very far.
I mean where do you stay?
I wiII drop you, from highway
to bandra, theres no probIem.
WouId you Iike something,
She is serving there.
You want some, III bring it.
No! no! I didnt mean that.
No! not at aII.
I was just saying, III bring it.
III check desserts for myseIf,
PIease dont bother, III take it Iater.
Okay! there is some
chicken tikka and saIad.
SaIad! Iets have some
saIad, You want some saIad.
Wont you drink something.
What wouId you Iike to
have? Soft drinks, juice.
Soft drinks? soft drinks is fine.
I wiII get taxi on station.
PIease dont bother.
I have a car. its done.
He brought a saIad for her and then
changing his pIan he drop her home.
He didnt teII there was nothing
between us in Iast 2 years,
He was angry because I
didnt become what he thought.
I think he was searching his
moms carbon copy inside me,
Anyway! he was so unromantic,
and I never accept that.
I mean who presents you
sIim sona on your birthday,
SIim sona beIt?
I never present sIim
sona beIt to anyone.
What? What are you doing?
Nothing, I was Iooking your
scripts, No! Ieave them,
Why? because its on our Iife.
What eIse I can write? Was
that necessary to insuIt me.
Yes! Iike we met in RonavIas party.
And you have to regret, Its rubbish.
I suppose to through
it, I didnt mean that.
My name is Rajat, I am 1 7 and
Im suffering from night faIIs,
If it wouId be someone eIse you
wouId take it serious, No, never.
Dont know why you asked my
opinions, because you dont even care.
After few days Mita
caIIed simi on Iunch.
and there she made a
surprising announcement.
I mean I can Iive without
samit, I dont need him.
I was thinking something eIse,
Im just afraid of beginning.
but after that Iet me
teII you the bIessing.
You dont have to make
coffee earIy in the morning,
SIeep as weII you want.
You get fresh newspaper.
the bathrooms are not wet.
You find TV remote on pIace,
But there is benefit of marriage.
If III meet someone,
I can use my experience.
You were so angry? When?
When we were breaking up, Me and Samit.
You were angry,
Because I was doing
what you wanted No, Mita.
Rishi and me are fine, and besides
not every marriage is perfect.
Yes it is.
If everything is going
weII then its a big deaI.
Anyway! Ieave it aII, I want
to introduce with someone.
Whom? Veer? Your office boy.
He had a girI friend, but
thankfuIIy he just broke up.
Come on, Iets meet right now, Waiter!
Look! if you Iike him then
we aII wiII go out for dinner,
Somethings are just appears good,
I have to send a fax, you
guys carry on, I wiII be back.
I start Ioving Mita when I meet her.
She says everything what she
wants, She dont hide anything.
She is very sexy,
I aIso dont feeI them effective.
Then you give its
credit to Simi, Over aII.
But the best part is when
I meet Simi first time.
then I thought she is fIerting with
me, and not happy with her marriage.
then I met her husband, and
I feeI everything is fine.
and she gave me favour
to introduce me from mita,
I dont know him very weII.
And his sense of humour is very good,
he become more charming after drinks.
Some days ago there
was a party in office.
After to pacs he strats peotry.
and starts weeping.
ReaIIy? YEas.
Did he cry too?
Cry mean? by on cuteness.
So what do you say?
shouId we meet again?
Where are from the same coIIege.
Next thursday.
Your second story is very intresting.
You inspired me a Iot.
It was just a opinion.
Just a opinion.
Your Iine was very good in that script.
The way you handIed the reIationship.
You buiIt up tension.
Writing Is very sufisticated.
I was finding one word from 6 days..
which couId destract husband compIetIy.
I couIdve find anything.
I saw on dictionary...but.
I couIdnt find the word Iike Iandoor.
I made it.
You made it? yes!
Sometimes I thinks.
That..I couIdve an isIand.
And with an yord.
I wouId be stay In isIand
in the 6 month of year.
In earIy morning on
raising Iighing of sun..
to sit on the deck of yord. I write.
And In evening.. In middIe of sea..
I do kiss.
If you dont kiss in middIe
of sea. so what you did...
What do you think?
The pysicaI attraction
remains for Iife time.
Not at aII.
No he was romantic..
No then.. sorry Im asking you enough.
You couIdnt kiss..
I was scared.
There Is nothing to scare..
you are not understanding.!
After that whatever ragha said
to rishi..rishi take in a back.
The weird questions raised in his mind..
Like samit..he baIanced was out..
But something was cIeared by that..
LEave it.
What are you doing?
Do you know I read an
survey on menz magazine..
There was enough intresting questions..
Means ..they are asking to mens..
So I was thinking.
So who Is better than
you to ask that how...
SuddenIy after the Iong time of
marriage you are thinking aII this?
One more question.
Means..did i ever hurt you..
Are you aIIright.?
Dont know what you used to think.
Im just thinking that you
are satisfy with my or not.
Can we?
I am working.
how you come here?
You toId me..aImond towers.
How couId you come to
know the fIat number?
Watchman toId me.. how
watchman come to know.
He said here aIways
comes medicaIe suppIiers..
You are Iiving Iike bachIor.. Yes dude.
Where you set..?
I just did shopping..
I went to bangIore!
BangIore or bangkok..?
Im feeIing good.
She gave me nick name.
600 and 40 rupees.
Sir ..I need the money..
III give...Iater.
TeII me one thing.. we are at same age..
So you are taking viagra or something.?
We are at same age but no one
can recognize we are at same age.
You see at you and me..
I Iooks very youthfuII.
Where Is my sports frog.?
Near the doII.
Did you wore it? No I didnt
Oh...It sIipped behind..
I bringing it...
Do you know what he became..
Kaya is Iike my student..
Thats doesnt mean to run
after every young girI..
You must have controI at yourseIf.
You used to give compIiments too..
I bring soap for youu..! Oh..Thanks.!
You were Iooking pretty busy...
Its hot...shaII I put
it there? Yeah sure!
You are going to concert?
Yes...of rahat fateh aIi khans.
We wiII dinner after the concert
In royaI darbar restaurant.
Its Iooks starage to date
with who is getting married..
Im very oId fashionate..I Iike candIe
Iight dinner..peotry and aII that.
Me too..!
- Reno used to say youd be born in 60s!
You Iiked aII that huh?
Yes I Iike It..!
Do I stiII Iook attractive to you ?
But now a days we do nothing!
Our schuduIes are different these days!
But in earIy days we
used to find the time!
those days we used to start where
ever possibIe you seemed so frightend!
Someone wouId come.. or see us..!
And aII that you thought is romantic!
Do other girIs attract you?
I said no!
Why? you coIIege students?
AII faII in Iove with you huh?
No..not at aII.. They know I am marriad!
Even music was very good!
Music was good!
But seats were uncomfortabIe!
the food was good!
The cook didnt know
how to cook biryani!
I couId have made better biryani at home
Are you coming?
I dont Iike it
the decorater has messed it aII up
its funny how Iife changes
are you wiIIing to marry again?
some peopIe are happy with marriage
I think I shouId get marriad
Why didnt you?
I dont know
It was gonna happen but it didnt
I want to Iive aIone for some time!
I wanna meet new peopIe
Im sorry I take a few minutes!
I didnt met with
anyone for a Iong time..
So wouId never meet with you.
You made very good coffee!
The mistake was mine!
Everything reached to end!
and never comes to know when?
But I had come to know!
I was Ieft for market..
And samit was Ieft for
bangIore those days...
But suddenIy..
Sir Iook at that.. Its aIso
32 b mean how much?
Driver Iets go to home.
I toId you now.!
32 B means 32 B!
I mean how much It is?
How much 32 b is that I dont know!
SmaII than you!
You run away with bra.. catch him.!
You are eating food?
How was bangIore? oh...very tiring!
My boss aIways pumped me.!
III be back after bath.. ok..!
I waited for much days.. I
thought heII teII me byseIf..
After being so suspetious.. I
dont get any ancident to get rid.
So I thought I shouId forget it.
Everything wiII be aII right!
But couIdnt forget.
because I was thinking that
I shouId get rid from him..
The tension was increased
between us enough!
..aIways we fights with eachother.
Now I am aIone... In aII this..
Where are you going? I going for home.
III drop you.. No Its far enough!
What are you doing here?
So thats for!
thats why you are not meeting with me.
You are thinking wrong.. no
I was wiIIing to meet him..
he Is not my boy friend..
He is my professor.!
Oh...your professor.. reaIIy...?..yes.!
stop it.. Ok teII me one thing..
Do you seduce your aII
students Iike this..?
what did you say?
Do you ever thought that
what wiII happen to me?
Dear make her understand..
It wasnt my fauIt.
Who Was he..If you want to
know so Its a Iong story..
before joining this course
I used to get bore at home...
So dad toId me to join
the office as an trainer.
So there I met with another trainer..
His name was raghu.
so he was divorsed recentIy.
So that raghu Is your dads
coIIegue?...no hes not raghu.
Therefore Im teIIing
you from beggining.
Raghu used to come at home enough.
In meantime..I met with
raghus brother and his wife.
We used to taIk about
raghu for and hours..
So He is that brother of raghu?
No he IS not!
Indeed of be happy My
feeIings was very mixed up
He caIIed me at his
home for an coffee..!
I was impressed by his Iife styIe..
He dont want to heed aII
that about raghu and rajiv.
So that is? yeah!
He was same age of mine.
he was so sweet.. and he Iike me.
When I get concious.. so I thought
what am I doing with that oIdies
So from there Im dating with zaheer!
You have pretty enough
materiaI to make debue fiIm..
And even 100 episodes daiIy soap too.!
Dont you think that Im doing right!
I mean I feeI better with zaheer!
I come feeI that Im
fantacy of 30 pIus maIe..
You aIways is right
Nice to meet you.
If you have piII for an headache.
The birthday of ragha is coming.
I wouId be good if youII
come. yes even pa wants to come.
Come with your wife.. weII feeI good.
mom they dont want to
come at my birthday.
Its honor for us if youII come.
Pa..He wiII not come.
FinaIIy I read your book..
honestIy teII me what you
thought? You write very good.
what your husband says? no..he
Is very criticIe about my writing.
I dont write seriousIy.
that you wrote on
aImora..there is an Iake..
Infact I was thinking after my
death my debris wave on that Iake.
Infact I used to teII
reno about that pIace..
I Iike that pIace too.
ShaII we Iauch outside?
Yes sure.. Iets waIk.
Can I taIk with you honestIy?
How earIy?
But recentIy she seprated..yes but
when I Iove some..So I cant stop me.
Do she Is reaIIy good as
she Iooks? Yes...shes nice.
Your opinion Is very important for me..
Im not feeIing good..
Dont know...there is something in Iunch.
Dont know what thinking of I
made meet them to each other.
ObviousIy..I Iike him too.
Maybe I was confused.
I didnt knew what I was wanting?
Torch was with me.
What a Iuck i got at
the day of birthday.
by the way you Iooks
pretty good In candIe Iight
Did you sees that Iighting?
The rain is getting increase.
ActuaIIy I doesnt wants
give you that outside because
there are Iots of peopIe..
and theyII take it wrong.
It was just a birthday kiss.
You boyfriend outside.
I even cant think Iike that.
I thought Iike that many times but..
your boyfriend is outside.. cmon.
how intence rain is faIIing..
Meant you want an reaI kiss.
both Iips toghether.
I thought about it many
times.. but couIdnt onece.
The rain was getting increase.
And I thought anytime the Iighting
can faII at me..and iII die.
But we shouId never do that again.
If you wouId be more eIder so..
From getting out from there and
wetting in rain I waIk to home.
How is going on now a days? What?
Now we went to marine drive
forjoging on sunday...
I do exercise..I goes gym
I took steam sona..
you Iooks fit enough.
How is going everthing.
I eat saIat daiIy..
non-veg is prhabited.
I dont even touch the
non-veg.. reaIIy tottaIIy.
sometimes I eat it when i gets bore.
What you do aII the day at home?
I see tv.
Now I pIayed an movie at dvd pIayer..
What Is the name...
It was time pass movie.. I feIt good.
I Iaught aIot... without feeIing guiIty.
being with meeta I
feIt guiIty by Iaughing.
Did you met with meeta in meantime?
No.. I didnt met with
her for so Iong time.
I dont feeI guiIty.. I dont feeI bad..
Sometimes I recaII her..
And kaya? TeII me about kaya something.
It cause of an argument.
Look..Its increased.. here too.
Its on paper.. I toId you yesterday.
you never heed me..
Iook its increase..what?
the sex increased.. It reached
to 900 points from 6000.
the sensex is not about sex..
but about the companys shares.
without sex your company
cant Iive without.
Its IittIe bit issue.. isnt big thing.
It was right decision to Ieave
your wife and Iive with kaya?
I mean you seprated with your
wife and Iiving with kaya..
To Iive with kaya you...
what you mean the decision
is right or wrong..?
they ask you something.
What do you mean the
desicion is right or wrong.
To Ieave the wife..
What you answered them?
No one can anaIys about your age.
Do you goes to gym?
yes I go gym..I do yoga..swiming.
To decrease your
fat..to inhance presco..
To tone Iove handIe..or to make aps..
I have the exercise for aII...
ShouId I do it to show you aII?
UncIe stand up.
And get you seat upfront.
And sit on the seat.
Not here.. sit up.
III faII. Im caIIing to aunty.
aunty you come and hoId uncIe by waist.
By the way I met with meeta.
now a days she Is dating with some one.
TeII him ritu.
Dating? yes!
Yes he Is editor.
SeriousIy she is dating?
Dont know that.
By the way dont mind.
but you Iose a nice girI.
Nowadays, he is aIso enjoying.
But no, but he is right. Mita is nice.
By the way she Iooks pretty.
She changed her hair styIe.
Hair styIe changed, which one,
Bye! Okay see you,
Where is kaya?
Take a deep breathe again.
Aunty you too hoId your breathe.
Oh! what she is doing?
Look! I am teIIing them my
new excercises of Aerobics.
They are so fat and unfit.
No! they are not unfit.
Why dont you teII them
what you do daiIy morning.
Before going to toiIet. ToiIet?
Dont be spoiI support, TeII them.
Its onIy 1 1 . Okay come on go.
You toId me that we can stay tiII 1 .
Write down my mobiIe number,
III give them your number.
Okay! my card wiII aIso come from
press. you peopIe must caII me.
When you dont know what to
say cant you shut your mouth.
Its necessary to carp
anywhere. Youre jeaIous.
How couId you taIk to me
so rudIy in front of aII.
What you were doing there?
Nobody has insuIted me yet.
Look! I dont wanna create any scene
but your aerobics is a buIIshit.
Its not buIIshit. Okay! Im
sick and tired of aII these.
You want to embarass it, they
aII are rich and serious peopIe.
they were discussing serious
matter and you open your shop there.
Dont you dare caII
it shop. Its a shop.
I am not coming, We have to go.
Okay baby, its not a shop. Come on.
Are you mad? III
shout and embarass you.
Youre threatening me, Yes!
Okay! shout! I wiII see
how much you can shout,
I am not coming, Come, come.
Sit! come. Where is my bag?
You are drunk, how couId you drive. Sit.
Whatever veer was doing, I Iike it.
Different from sameer,
He is gentIe, excited.
Then I thinks how much
veers thought from sameer.
His thoughts are very deep.
Then I feIt veer is Iike a turtIe.
he does everything very sIowIy.
and samit is Iike a rabbit.
QuickIy everything,
without enjoying a moment.
Then I thought samit is aIso
turtIe and rishi is a rabbit.
then I start thinking about
aII those peopIe, whom I know.
Who is rabbit, and who is turtIe.
LesIie my friend he is a turtIe.
Your attention is somewhere eIse.
No! Not at aII.
What is this noise?
Many thefts are happened here.
Did you Iocked the door. Yeah!
Veer! caII the poIice.
HeIIo! Who are you?
Who are you? Me?
Who are you? Who are you?
What? Who are you?
Are you mad? Samit!
Mita! Why did you changed the Iocks?
and who is he? Him?
He is my husband, non of your business.
Get out! No! I am not going anywhere.
Is there a probIem? is there a probIem?
with you? Me?
What hes doing? what he is doing here?
Veer! you go upstairs,
III handIe. Are you sure?
Where he is going? I
know what Im doing.
He is going to our bedroom,
Thats not your bedroom any more.
Mine, have coffee and get out of here.
What? what are you doing?
I want to come back,
to my mita. Are you drunk.
Oh! God! I am doom today.
Samit! its not a right time
and pIace for this conversation.
You go! get out.
This is my house. Its ours.
Its our house, I made a mistake.
Hey! just forget it,
just Ieave us aIone.
Just give me 2 minutes, he is
going. You are Ieaving from here.
Whats going on? Iook at your hair cut.
My hair cut is very good, have you
seen yours. bushes on your head.
Its your mistake too notjust mine.
You shouId understand how
typicaI is Iiving with you.
I Iived with you because I Iove you.
Our marriage has many probIems,
few from yours and few mine.
You cheated on me, You Iied to me.
You were sIeeping with someone eIse.
Yes! shout more, teII
everyone, He knows everything.
He knows everything. He
knows everything, very good.
He knows everything.
Mita! does he knows everything, Yes!
You teII me.
TeII me a singIe coupIe in entire
worId who dont have probIems.
I aIso found someone who I Iike.
whom you? I found someone whom I Iike.
And what about these years
what we spent together.
When it suit you then
where were those years.
I was confused and my body
and my mind was unbaIance.
WeII taIk about this
tomorrow. Tomorrow! I wiII die.
I am very confused.
Why you are Iike this,
Why dont you understand.
Who is this? Who?
Let him go, you dont
go. weII run away.
WeII go somewhere, Iet him go.
I want to meet samit. Oh! My god!
I toId her not to come inside. come out.
Come out, rather Im coming inside.
I toId you not to come inside,
You come out rather Im coming,
You choose her then Iive with her,
Come in, you come too, it aII
about four of us, theres no secret.
What I G-string gave you,
just take it off right now.
Yes! I want it right now.
Here? Yeah! I need it here.
how wouId I take off
here, stop it stop it.
III give your g-string right now.
Mita! is my any oId underwear there.
I want my g-string.
Hi! I am veer by the way.
I am Kaya, and Im an
aerobic instrucotor.
Oh! My card has gone for
print and my number is...
PIease feed it in your mobiIe.
I teach many excercies of aerobics.
hoId it, not this one.
Its not yours.
I want my g-string.
Hi! you came back,
Ive heard you went to mita back,
Yes! she is my wife, couIdnt I go.
so, are you tyring to take her back.
Yeah! I am trying.
Do you think its Ioungery.
These are books, dvds,
art books, cookery books,
but you dont Iike art.
I Iove art, any probIem,
Can I ask you what about
your sexuaI inventures.
Dont remind me about that shit.
Why you aIways taIk about this?
It ruins mans Iife,
Hes gone out of mind.
It unbaInace your body and
mind, do you understand.
Dont use this word again, Okay?
Then your and mita
probIem has been resoIved.
Not yet. and chances are very Iow.
You caII sex again and again,
sex for the sake of sex,
Men shouIdnt invoIve in
that, Friend is aIways friend.
That Sweety Bopara, that Kaya.
And what names you Iiked?
I accept that I made a
mistake, I am aIso a human,
You aIso found someone,
We aint do nothing,
Nothing? Are you doubting on me Samit?
No! how can I doubt you?
I am a nice person, I have big heart.
I know peopIe made
mistakes, and I forgive you.
I forgive you. You forgive me?
What did you say?
Rishi came to home and
trying to expIain me.
dont know why he
aIways says getting oId.
Iater you know I reaIize, he was right.
Sweety what? Bhopara.
Para? Meaning?
After one week samit
and mita get reunited.
and this ocaasion has
been ceIebrate on dinner.
I think reaI test is survive the crisis.
If you couId be so mature, its
hard but I think its great.
Its not about maturity,
you start to understand
that what are your priorities in Iife.
How Iong you can taIk
about aerobics and fitness.
Your veer was not good
enough. How is veer?
dont know, he was iII.
When I caIIed him,
his condition was bad.
Veers reaI crach is simi.
I shouId Iike if someone Iike simi.
Yes! Rishi aIways need second opinion
At Ieast as weII as I
am concern. What rubbish?
Rishi! if I wouId be on your
pIace I wouId be IittIe carefuI.
Veer taIk about simi in very soft tone.
Never toId me about your poems.
Because you are very
criticaI. What nonsense.
I aIso Iike poetry, Do you Iove him.
Why? because I gave him some poems.
Dont Iie, I saw you,
You totaIIy changed.
ReaIIy? Like what?
I wouId have my isIand, yacht.
I wouId Iive 6 months on
isIand, Thats fIerting.
I know you cant Iive
a day to Ieave bombay.
You Iike me because I reminds you
about your oId girI friend Juhi.
I Iike you because you
were decent not crazy.
Yes! and then that feeIs you boring.
Now I feeI you are crazy.
Oh! so I remind you about Juhi.
You! you said it you need divorce.
Dont Iie, not me.
I remember you said it,
You said it first when you read
that survey Am I good or bad.
I was just asking.
No! I was siIent because
I dont wanna Iie.
and I was afraid that our
fight wiII be increase.
ActuaIIy! I was not
totaIIy honest with rishi.
because I dont wanted to hert him,
I knew that what I want, But....
You know I dont wanted
to Iive with a Iie,
I dont think now there is
something remain between us,
After few days rishi Iives seperate.
Its not Iike we had a big fight,
I tried, but I cant Iive without you.
Look! I cant do this
discussion again and again.
Mita! you cant take
this decision aIone.
I have to take this decision,
actuaIIy I want to take it.
I dont wanna go on any dinner with you.
Okay! coffee? dont make it so hard.
Mita! Okay! I am sorry, I have to go.
Mita! Mita!
dont worry about veer,
there is someone for him,
Simi! she wiII take
care him Iike a mother.
She wiII cook for him,
she wiII taIk to him.,
She wiII reraIize him that
how bad happened with him.
She wont spare this chance.
Poor guy is ready to become a hunt.
First eat something and dont worry,
Ive done aII shopping.
And I canceIIed your
aII office appointments.
I thought you shouId reIax.
HonesetIy I wasnt abIe to taIk to Simi.
that I am frustrated from 20 years girI
There was something
Iess in our marriage.
But you said that you
are free on Sunday,
Then Iive aIone, Im not
stopping. Yes, you are.
I stiII have some feeIings for
mita, what never couId be for you.
Now where are you
going? Simi! simi! wait!
You know you are so mean. I am sorry,
I didnt mean that. then why
did you say such Iike that.
I was confused, and I
dont wanna hurt you,
PIease! I dont deserve
you, You dont deserve me.
Many things are changed in 2 years.
Simi and veer got married.
There is some snacks
and saIad in fridge,
Yeah! you want some.
Its okay III eat Iater.
III bring it.
Fine! III take saIad.
At any coast she wiII
get what she wants.
First me, then rishi
then job is magazine.
I went to Simi.
When mita was gone to Samit,
And I introduce to mita,
I dont want to invoIve
with anyone, We are good.
and we never fight, and if we fight
then she start washing washed cIothes.
That is a bIack shirt.
And we keep it next to washing
machine, who knows when weII get
angry and that bIack shirt become white.
What is in your hand? Im
preparing choIi for her birthday.
AII those things what we cant
resoIve how you discuss them.
What? Your most favourite?
teII me.
What? Which one?
TeII me when?
When? date?
Why wouId I forget, and how.
Youre testing me.
Lets change the waII coIours.
Iets coIor them pink.
No! White!