Dil Maange More!!! (2004) Movie Script

"My heart craves for more."
"My heart craves for more."
"My heart craves for more."
"My heart craves for more."
"My heart craves for more."
"My heart craves for more."
"My heart craves for more."
'Hi, I'm Nikhil Mathur.'
'And this is my story.'
'I'm returning home,
all alone to Samarpur.'
'End of story.'
You've come all alone?
I'm fine by myself, uncle.
- Hi mom.
Mom, come inside.
But you said,
she is coming with you.
Game over, mom. Forget her.
But you said...
- Mom please, no more questions.
- Okay.
I won't ask any question, okay?
Know what, Mom?
- What?
I wish every girl in the world
was as sensible as you.
It's good to be back home.
I'll keep my stuff inside.
'There couldn't be
a better friend than you.'
'After all, the first love
is always the special one.'
'You cheat, you two timing fraud.'
'That's all how you guys are!
All of you!'
'If you still don't understand,
you can consider this the final good-bye.'
'Noisy, isn't it?'
'But I've always had
a boisterous life.'
'Flash back to centre forward.'
Pass the ball! Here!
Go. Come on.
Nikhil! Hit it, don't miss it.
Here! To me!
- Nikhil, take the ball to the goal.
Let their score remain constant.
- Here.
Oh what a great volley.
Shamsher. I tell you.
This boy is amazing.
You're praising the opponent, sir?
- So what?
Unless you've a strong opponent,
the battle is not interesting.
In fact, I think we should rather spare
the small opponents and fight America!
What say?
- Wonderful, sir.
That's a bloody foul.
- That's a foul.
Give me.
Come on, Nikhil.
This is the last chance. Don't miss it.
Come on, Nikhil. Give us a goal.
Come on, Nikhil. Give us a goal.
Come on, Nikhil.
You can do it.
What are you staring at?
He is my future son-in-law, after all.
- Wonderful, sir.
Come on. Go for it.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on Nikhil.
Oh no!
'Though I didn't score a goal,
I learnt something new.'
'Mobile phones can disturb
you even in a noisy place!'
Hello. Hi Neha.
Yes. I'm coming!
Yes, no, I'm coming.
Don't go away! Neha.
Oh. Sorry.
Thank you uncle.
Neha, hi.
Here I am! Hey, come on.
Look at me pal.
Sorry, Neha.
The match ran into extra-time.
But I don't have extra time
for you. Bye. - Okay, hang on.
Listen to me. Have the strawberries,
they're very nice.
I don't want to eat.
Just get lost, okay?
I've already lost. The match.
Couldn't score a single goal.
- What?
For a while, can't you forget
about your stupid football?
Come on, Neha. That's not possible.
I mean, football isn't
just another game for me.
It's for the reputation of my college.
Ever since grandpa
got the college built..
..it's been our tradition. Football.
We'd have won the match today,
if it wasn't for your call... - Enough.
It's due to football
that you're like this!
Your brains are in your knees!
Now listen. You've to choose.
It's either me or football.
Of course, football.
Sorry c'mon, that's a foul!
How can I do that?
That's not possible.
Okay, let me go. In any case,
I don't want to waste my time!
Good bye.
- Neha.
It's a good idea! You take
hours to get dressed anyway.
The college Ball's at eight.
I'll pick you up at 7:30, alright? Bye.
I hate your College Ball
or Football. I hate..
"Look my life is going away,
annoyed with me"
"Look my life is going away,
annoyed with me"
Strange girl! Once she starts yelling,
she just doesn't stop.
Crazy, but cute.
Nikhil, no need to dress up.
Neha has called to say, she doesn't
want to go to the College Ball.
Talk to her.
- Is it?
So Ritu, Mitu and Nitu's day is made.
What do you think, mother?
Ritu, Mitu and Nitu?
What does he think of himself?
Lady killer? I tell you dad.
I'll kill him.
Don't go if you don't want to.
You go and change.
You and I'll sit at home
and watch "Guns of Navrone".
It's a classic! It's a real canon-ball!
Mom, she's a canon-ball that
ought to be sent to the border.
The enemy will flee at her sight!
Game over, total surrender.
Try surrendering, my child.
Sometimes a retreat is a step forward.
Please dad, the most stubborn guy
in the world calls me obstinate!
All girls are stubborn to begin with.
After marriage...
- They become even more stubborn! Right?
Marry Nikhil? Impossible!
Nothing is impossible.
She'll surely come around.
She loves you.
You know mom. I think
I can read your mind, mom. - What?
You'll say, "Bring a daughter-in-law
who is as beautiful as Neha. - Yes!
If I were on the moon and
Nikhil was the last boy around..
..I still wouldn't marry him.
So Nitu, Ritu and Mitu's day is made.
- You?
"It's my heart."
"It's my heart."
"It's my heart."
"It's my heart."
"This errant heart of mine
pines for you, my love."
"How shall it express
the pain it suffers?"
"It's my heart."
"This errant heart of mine
pines for you, my love."
"How shall it express
the pain it suffers?"
"It's my heart."
"I hope these jokes don't lead you
to the point of heartbreak, my love."
"It's my heart."
"You're the one who
has possessed my dreams."
"You're the one who
has possessed my dreams."
"Little do you know, my love,
it's sheer craziness."
"Your state of daze will
rid you of your passions."
"I hope these jokes don't lead you
to the point of heartbreak, my love."
"It's my heart."
"My romance with you
is being talked about."
"My romance with you
is being talked about."
"Your style is different from the rest."
"One look at you, my love,
and any girl would be bowled over."
"I hope these jokes don't lead you
to the point of heartbreak, my love."
"This errant heart of mine
pines for you, my love."
"How shall it express
the pain it suffers?"
"It's my heart."
"It's my heart."
"It's my heart."
"It's my heart."
Feels good, isn't it?
- Yes.
Neha, I love Samarpur.
Okay, I'll go inside then.
Why must I play spoilsport? - No.
Okay. Sorry.
Actually, I want to ask something.
- Make it quick.
Before I freeze.
Do you love me?
- When do you want the answer?
I won't lie to you.
I've eaten your strawberries after all.
What's wrong with you, Nikhil?
Even the strawberry seller
of Samarpur knows. Don't you know?
I do, but I want to confirm
for the last time.
Last time?
Are you going to hang tomorrow?
Not tomorrow.
Once I marry you, I'll surely hang.
Marriage? Get real, Niks.
Think about football,
your responsibilities at the college.
Will you've time for your wife?
I've everything sorted out.
College management, four hours.
Football, two hours.
The rest of the 18 hours are all yours!
Jokes apart, Neha. Will you marry me?
Okay. But on one condition.
- Anything.
Anything you say.
We will not stay in Samarpur
after marriage.
You are joking, right?
You want to leave Samarpur?
You know I can't leave this town?
I've to take care of this college
built by my grandpa.
Besides, the scenery!
Neha, this is Samarpur.
And the sunset point?
Where we see the rainbows together?
Want to leave all this?
Life isn't about
the colours of a rainbow, Nikhil.
It has many more shades.
It's a big world and
I want to explore it.
But mom lives here, so does your dad.
I mean, what better place than Samarpur?
- That's enough, Nikhil.
Frankly, I've had enough of Samarpur.
I can't stay here anymore.
Neha, listen to me.
Hello, bandit uncle.
Why do you call me bandit, son?
Simple. It's just the short form
of your name.
- Whose letter is it?
- I'll give it to her, she's family.
Bye, uncle.
Love can make you do anything.
Nikhil, will you ever read
anyone's letter without permission?
Will you?
How dare you read my letter!
How'd I know about
your plans if I hadn't?
What's wrong with an air hostess?
But it's wrong to hide it from me!
I wanted to surprise you.
- Surprise or shock?
Neha. We're thinking of a marriage.
- Try to understand, Nikhil?
I feel stifled in this tiny place.
I want to break free
and fly like a free bird!
And what about me?
- Obviously, you'll come with me.
As your excess-baggage?
Neha, you know I can't leave Samarpur.
It's just.. - Come on, Nikhil.
Look at that, Nikhil.
We are like ants for them.
That plane appears like
an ant with wings to me.
I'm leaving by the 4 'o clock train
the day after.
If you really love me,
you'll come with me.
And if you really love me,
you'll stay here.
Just you, me and our set of rainbows.
Well, so you're leaving, eh?
I'm going to miss you.
- Me too.
I'll be all right.
You think he'll come?
I think I know him better than you.
He will not leave Samarpur.
It means everything to him.
Take care, my child.
- I will, dad.
I am going to miss you.
- I'll miss you, too.
Neha! Wait.
Neha! Neha!
Neha! Wait.
"I hold a grudge against you."
"But the truth is that
you're the one I love."
"I hold a grudge against you."
"But the truth is that
you're the one I love."
"You're my moon,
you make the sights lovelier."
"You make my night,
I always think of you."
"I hold a grudge against you."
"But the truth is that
you're the one I love."
"Ever since I set my eyes on you,"
"I've been in a daze,
I've been restless."
"I dream of you."
"Every moment I sleep,
every moment I wake up."
"In my breath, in my restless heart."
"In my loneliness,
in the moments of madness."
"You are the only one."
"You're my moon,
you make the sights lovelier."
"You're my moon,
you make the sights lovelier."
"I hold a grudge against you."
"But the truth is that
you're the one I love."
No, son.
It's all my fault.
I've taken care of all her whims
and fancies.
Didn't know that
she'd leave us all and go away.
I was crazy too.
After spending four years with her,
I thought she couldn't stay without me.
I was so wrong!
She took such a big step..
..straight for the skies.
Though she left in a fit of rage,
probably she will come back soon.
No, mother. She's very stubborn.
She's will not come back.
- Are you any less?
You're my son, after all.
Go to Mumbai and try to win her back.
And if she really loves you,
she'll come back with you.
Come on.
Can you do it, son?
Come on, go to Mumbai and bring back
your bride and daughter-in-law.
All right, mom. I'll come back
with your daughter-in-law from Mumbai.
Since you're going to Mumbai, Nikhil,
get me the Superstar's autograph.
Why does Mumbai excite you so much?
I'm going to bring my girlfriend back.
Not to get autographs.
Here you are.
- What 's it?
The keys to the superstar's bungalow.
This is the key of
my uncle Jatin's apartment. - Ok.
For the last three months,
he's been busy painting women in London.
Lucky chap.
- Yes.
Till he returns, you can have fun.
Treat us with the money you save, okay?
- Here's the address.
Why are you guys doing all this?
I mean, I'm coming back in two days.
- Yes.
You're going to Mumbai.
As someone once said,
"No one returns from death and Mumbai."
Hurry up! The train's arrived?
- Come on.
Guys, my bag?
- It's all here.
Give it to me!
- What are you doing? Let go!
Where're you all going?
What's happening ?
Out of my way!
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm getting up.
Listen, I'm really sorry!
- One second.
Okay, Madam! What?
- What is this?
Get up!
- What's happening here?
Get off.
- What are you doing?
Don't touch.
- Sorry.
Tourist! You must be from
some small town or village!
On your first visit here!
- Sorry, not my mistake.
No. - Oh no, blame us
who live here in Mumbai!
We allow any Tom, Dick and Harry here.
You just board a train and come.
Is there any place left to live here?
Will you live on our heads?
Excuse me, I'm being polite..
..and you're being too uncouth.
The ones who beg their way into the train,
but don't let anyone else get in.
Look. Don't act smart. Okay?
This is Mumbai! One call and
nobody will know where you've vanished!
You idiot.
Yes? How can I help you?
I knew it for a fact that
you would certainly come here!
Thank you, Nikhil.
Come, let's have some tea. C'mon!
So how's life here treating you?
Superb. Wonderful. So exciting.
Don't you miss Samarpur?
- I miss you very much.
Thank god you've come.
Don't you feel scared to live
all alone in such a big city?
Alone? You must be joking!
There's no time to feel scared.
Oh yes, it's people
like us who feel lonely.
As you call us small-towners.
Neha, let's go back.
- What?
You've come to take me back?
- Yes, Neha.
Not just me but mom, your dad.
Everyone wants you to come back.
But, it's too late, Nikhil.
I can't go back even if I wish to.
I've signed a contract!
'Girls. Two minutes to regroup.'
I've to leave, Nikhil.
See you later. Bye!
Think again, Neha.
Everyone will be happy.
It's unthinkable, Nikhil.
I haven't come this far to return.
Okay I won't go back either.
I said, I'm not going back either.
I'll live here and
wait for you to return.
Maybe you'll stay back for good, too.
Okay! I really have to go now.
See you later. Bye!
Excuse me. Lift please...
Hey! Wait! Stop the lift!
What's this girl's problem?
C'mon, Niks. Let's go!
Hey! You!
Hang on!
Excuse me! Stop the lift!
Excuse me!
Who do you think you are?
Do you want me to call the cops?
Following me?
I'm not following you.
Following you?
I want to know why
didn't you stop the lift?
What's up, dear?
Who is this boy?
A thug, mama!
He followed me till here!
Me, a thug?
What are you talking about?
- He appears to be a decent boy.
Mom, please. I know better. Okay.
Will you leave or
should I call the police?
- Should I?
I'm going!
See, how he ran away?
He was tongue-tied! The idiot.
'Shall I call the police?
Shall I call mummy?'
If this is a good beginning,
what's a bad one? My god!
"Long live, Love."
Is someone staying at
uncle Jatin's house?
I think so. Feels good, right?
No! He's been playing old songs
since the last two hours.
I'll be back!
- You!
This thug's reached here?
What is it?
- What are you doing here?
Living here.
- But this is uncle Jatin's house!
Yes, now I'm living here.
You want some?
No, I hate noodles!
You mean you're really going
to live here so close to me?
I told you. But you didn't give me
a chance to explain. - Chance?
I hate all this
double-meaning jargon, okay?
What double-meaning?
And this noise is not allowed,
What? Noise!
He's a legend.
Not even his enemies insulted
his voice! Do you know that?
Ok. In the neighbourhood..
Music switched off. Continue.
There's a slum nearby
where they play loud music.
They'll like your music. Got it?
Thanks! Can I refer you?
- Shut up! Idiot!
Good night!
She's a loudspeaker herself!
What's gotten into uncle Jatin to
keep a beast like him in the house?
If he was a beast,
he wouldn't listen to you..
..and switch off the music.
- But, mama.
- "O god!"
"Wow! What magic this
crazy heart has cast"
"You've fallen in love with me."
- - She has come.
Sorry, aunt. I'll switch it off.
No, that's okay.
I came to ask where did you
get such old numbers from.
Actually, it's my dad's collection.
Sit down, aunt. - No , it's ok.
Where do we get to
hear such music nowadays?
They ruin the form, don't they?
- Absolutely.
It would be strange
if my grandma wore jeans today, right?
I don't want to offend you, aunt.
But there are people who
consider this as noise.
Shagun is very short tempered.
I apologise for her.
- No, it's all right.
May I see your collection?
- Yes, please.
"O my love,
look the distances have disappeared,
"I'm here..
What rubbish?
It takes 4 weeks to find a song?
I asked you for a song,
not an honest politician!
That song doesn't feature in any
of the K. L. Sehgal's albums, sir.
In fact..
- Impossible!
I've personally heard him
singing that song.
"Let the heart burn, if it must."
If you don't find that song
in 2 days, you'll be fired.
Sir, please..
- What do you think?
The owner of this music store
is my friend. You understand?
Whenever he arrives from London,
we've beer together.
I had to listen to every old
number because of you, sir.
But that song.. - I'll listen to
nothing except that song. That's it!
Find another job! She talks too much.
Actually, you ought to know better, sir.
This song was sung by
Mr. Mukesh, not Mr. Sehgal.
In the film 'Pehli Nazar',
music director Anil Biswas.
- Believe me, sir. Take a look.
But I've heard that singer singing it!
Anyway, you've done me a
huge favour and for you, too.
Or, you'd have lost your job.
So would the manager Rehman.
But where's the eternal playboy?
He, sir..
Tell him, Mr. Hangal was here.
Has the old man left?
The one who can die any moment?
Hey, I'm Sara.
- Hi.
Thanks. You saved me.
- No. It's alright.
Nice to meet you.
- Yes.
Thanks, buddy!
I'm Rehman. A.R. Rehman.
"The" A.R. Rehman?
- Why?
Can't there be another
Rehman in such a big country?
He makes music and sells it.
I sell music and make money!
Are you running away from the cops?
- Cops?
Do I look like a fugitive?
- You're looking out constantly.
Well, forget it.
I want to buy these CDs.
10,000 rupees.
- These CDs are worth 10,000?
I'll pay you!
Why will you pay me 10,000?
You're an encyclopaedia of music!
You ought to be behind
the counter, not here!
You want to take up a job?
- A job? No, thanks.
Why not? This is India's number
one music store! - Yes, that's great.
Step aside for a moment, please?
Look, we've a crowd of youngsters anyway.
With a handsome guy like you around..
..we'll have more beautiful girls
coming in! That's my take, get it!
Thanks, but I don't want a job.
- Why not?
You don't like the work,
the place or the salary?
No, it's a nice place.
- So you're on! It's a deal!
Done. - Welcome to planet M.
Your time starts now.
Lunch time starts now.
Ok. Listen to this one.
An aircraft has four emergency doors.
Two in the front, two at the back.
If all four don't work,
you seek divine intervention!
- Hi
So what have you decided?
- About what?
About Samarpur.
I've tickets for the 6 p.m. Train today.
Nikhil, only strawberries can survive
in a place like Samarpur. Not humans.
But Neha, I...
- Please, Nikhil.
We must look forward to
each other's love and company.
Whatever the place may be,
what difference does it make?
Look, Nikhil.
This is my final decision.
I know you'll change
your decision, Neha.
Because no decision is ever final.
Do we go to a court to sort things out?
That won't be necessary.
There's a music store out there.
That store. I've landed a job there..
..whenever you miss Samarpur,
I'm just across the road.
After you!
Can I give you a lift?
Must I call the secretary and tell
him that you've held up the lift?
I'll call him right away!
- 'Call the secretary, the police!
Make a call? Call mummy? My dad?'
Just stop it. Okay.
My dad..
Looks like I said something wrong.
Forgive me.
Lift! Shut the lift door!
Oh! Sorry.
'According to research, millions
of people in India remain hungry..'
'..which affects their
health and could be fatal.'
'Let's present something relevant to this.'
- I'll have to manage with biscuits.
I can't cook.
Oh, mom! I miss your goulash!
No problem in making goulash.
Come, I'll show you.
- Thanks, aunt.
Come into the kitchen, son.
- Go ahead, mom. Feed the serpent.
Hold this cooker.
Just mix the rice and lentils?
- Ok.
Just mix water now.
And what do I do now?
- Keep it on my head. Moron!
The cooker will explode, won't it?
- Naughty boy.
Bad joke.
Want me to come and cook?
- I'm eating it alone!
Shagun, Nikhil is such a fine boy.
He's having goulash, sitting at home.
He must be broke, mom.
- I wanted to invite him for dinner.
And you..
- Why don't you start a canteen, mom?
The poor watchmen in
the building can also eat.
Shagun, what's your problem?
You always flare up
when I talk about him.
I don't know, mom.
When I see his face, I simply lose it!
The cooker really burst!
I hope I'm not a prophet of doom!
Not bad, Niks.
Next time, ask her mother to
give you a helmet as well.
What's wrong with her?
- It's her birthday..
..and nobody has wished her yet.
So let me wish her.
- Not now. - In the evening. - Ok.
We've a surprise party for her.
She has a cousin.
Namrata. Unmarried!
- Setting.
- She's been asked to invite everyone.
It's up to you to rock the party!
Excuse me, sorry.
- Why did you bring me here?
Looks like it's someone's birthday.
- Yes.
Happy birthday, Sara!
You, remembered?
- We remembered.
My strong point, not my weakness!
I don't forget
the birthdays of lovely girls.
Happy birthday!
And cheers.
I don't drink, Rehman.
- Come on, it's champagne.
I didn't call it shampoo either.
- C'mon, Nikhil!
I'm not into liquor.
Don't insult champagne
by calling it liquor.
Don't break the birthday girl's heart.
- No.
And now, from the birthday girl.
C'mon, Nikhil!
Very good.
And now, from A. R. Rehman.
Ritu, Mitu and Nitu! I'll be back!
I'll get him.
- Hi.
C'mon, Rehman!
- Hello gorgeous!
Happy birthday, darling!
"My pretty butterball."
"I've got to know."
"My pretty butterball."
"I've got to know."
"The truth eventually."
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"My pretty butterball."
"I've got to know."
"The truth eventually."
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"When our gaze met."
"I was blown out of my senses."
"I was blown out of my senses."
"Now I realise, how wicked love is."
"Now I realise, how wicked love is."
"My pretty butterball."
"I've got to know."
"The truth eventually."
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"You're in every breath of mine."
"I see stars on earth on earth."
"I see stars on earth on earth."
"Love is sheer poison."
"It inflicts terror on your heart."
"Love is sheer poison."
"It inflicts terror on your heart."
"My pretty butterball.
"I've got to know."
"The truth eventually."
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"Why does it happen in love?"
Why do you've to get down here
so late at night?
Good night, Rehman.
- Good night.
Thanks for the shirt.
My butterball.
- Hi, Neha!
Neha, I'm missing you so much.
What should I do?
- Nikhil, please.
Its 2' clock in the morning.
I miss you too, but..
Nikhil please.
Try to control yourself.
- Exactly!
You know?
One needs to exercise control in life.
You must control yourself.
That's just what I lack, Neha.
On myself..
..on you..
..and my heart.
Neha. I'm really missing you.
Let's go back to Samarpur, okay?
To mom, to your dad, let's go back.
I'll come and pick you up right now.
I'll be right there.
- What's this, Nikhil? You're drunk?
I'm not drunk.
Don't insult champagne by
calling it plain liquor!
Nikhil, tomorrow's a very special day
for me.
I'll be leaving on my first flight.
I got to get up early and
I need to feel and look good!
Are you leaving tomorrow?
- Nikhil.
If you really love me..
..if you want me to fly
with your image in my eyes..
..don't call again.
'Nikhil. If you really love me..
'..if you want me to fly with
your image in my eyes..'
'..don't call again.'
This is a special dish
of Gujarat.
Ask for more,
if you like it. - Kavita.
So sweet of you aunt.
So what if my dear ones have changed.
I've made new friends.
Thank you, aunt.
Welcome aboard.
You will give a demonstration.
Our officials will be
around to guide you.
Best of luck.
I'll see you later at the emigration.
Thank you sir.
Excuse me!
Nikhil please.
Don't create a scene here.
Why are you repeatedly..
- Neha.
Sorry about last night.
I thought..
..I'd ask you one last time.
Will you go back with me?
I live in a big world, Nikhil.
And you?
You're restricted to Samarpur.
My way goes up there. In the skies.
To be so rigid and have these fights..
..it's better if we don't meet at all.
At least till you understand my dreams.
If you still don't understand,
you can consider this the final good-bye.
Neha, you..
- Good bye, Nikhil.
I don't know why they say 'Good' bye.
Trust me, it was bad. Real bad!
What's up, buddy?
Teary-eyed, questions haunting
you and a swagger in your gait.
Happens when your wife
catches you with a lover!
So what's up, Nikhil?
- Nothing, Rehman.
Look, buddy, run as much as you
can from memories, they always follow.
If it's a debt, take an advance.
If it's love, simply take my advice!
I told you, Rehman.
There is no problem.
Looks like he doesn't need any
unsolicited advice right now.
Sara, come here.
Something's wrong.
- What?
With Nikhil.
I think he needs support.
Sara, why don't you be his support?
And there goes my support!
Yes, madam. How can I help you?
I'm the manager.
I told you, there's no problem.
- All right, don't tell me.
What do I mean to you?
No, that's not it, Sara.
I'm missing my hometown actually.
- Samarpur?
- It does happen.
In the beginning, I used to miss
Delhi and my parents very much.
But gradually..
By the way, where's Samarpur located?
It's a small
hill-station in Uttaranchal.
Hill station?
You mean the mist, the hills and
the beautiful rainbows. Right?
Yes. Have you ever seen a rainbow?
- Only in pictures.
One does not get to see the
sky in Mumbai. Forget about rainbows.
If the skies are clear in Samarpur..
..one can see not just one
but seven of them together.
Seven rainbows together?!
You're kidding.
- No, I'm serious.
..4, 5, 6 and 7.
How romantic!
Some people don't think so.
- I pity such people. Coffee?
Hi, baby.
- Nikhil, let's go somewhere.
Why, what happened?
- They just serve tea.
So let's have tea.
- Let's go elsewhere. Come.
But Sara?
Guess what's special about Samarpur?
- Of course.
It's Nikhil Mathur's birthplace.
There's no police station there.
- What?
You mean, there's no law and
order machinery in Samarpur?
There's no need.
Give me the ball.
- Yes, give me the ball.
Give me the ball.
- Yes, give me the ball.
I'll just come.
Hey, give us the ball.
Hey, give us the ball.
You want the ball?
- Yes.
Come, get it.
Play with us, please
play for some more time.
No thanks. Football has caused
enough problems for me already.
How dare you follow me?
Listen, baby.
- Stay away!
Listen to me..
- Leave me alone, I say!
Get off.
- C'mon baby, listen to me.
Just get out,
just get out from here.
Please listen to me.
I said, leave me alone.
Get out, just get out.
I say stay away,
stay away from me.
You know him?
- I don't know who he is.
Did you think she was all alone?
- Listen to me.
What's wrong with you, man?
I'll show you what's wrong!
- Nikhil, let him go. No, Nikhil! Stop it!
Let's go. For god's sake.
Nikhil! Stop it! Let's go.
And you stop following me.
You follow her around, rascal?
Nikhil, stop it!
Let him go.
Nikhil, let him go.
Nikhil, let him go.
"I never imagined I'd see a day like this."
"Water would be on fire,
a stone would melt." - Not again.
"Who could be better than you?''
You, mama?
Why? What's wrong?
I thought the tormented
soul had returned early.
So what if he does?
Who cares?
You'll have to give that idiot
a cup of tea, besides tonight's dinner!
Tea, Sara.
Don't look so serious.
It's all your fault.
- Sorry.
He was misbehaving with you and I..
- God! Your fault means..
Ever since you told me about Samarpur,
I'm going mad imagining..
..how beautiful Samarpur
must be in this season.
Beautiful. Just like a painting.
Nikhil, when are you going to Samarpur?
- Tomorrow.
- Yes, I've nothing left here.
You mean, you're going to quit
such a cushy job and go back?
I came for a few days anyway.
It's time to go back.
Hey, you won't break
our friendship, will you?
What's the proof?
- Anything you say.
Can I go to Samarpur with you?
You, to Samarpur? Sara..
- Please say yes.
Say yes.. yes.
- Okay.
I love you, Nikhil.
- Nikhil..
..but I've a condition!
Conditions apply.
You've to come back to
Mumbai within 15 days.
I'm leaving Mumbai for good, Rehman.
I'm going back to Samarpur.
Why must I come back?
For the sake of our friendship.
3 weeks from now, this store
will have its 10th anniversary.
We've a party to celebrate.
There'll be fun and music!
It's up to you to make it fun.
Like you did on Sara's birthday.
- That wasn't me.
That was due to the champagne, Rehman.
Our friendship will give you a
greater high than the champagne.
But Rehman.. - I don't know.
You're coming back. That's it.
Who has ever won an
argument against you, Rehman bhai.
Bless you.
15 days.
That's it. You're coming back.
Fifteen days. I'm coming back.
Where's he?
Hi, mom.
Mom, this is Sara.
- Hello.
Hello. - I told you,
she works with me at the store.
Actually, I was dying to see
Samarpur and just came along.
I hope you don't mind.
No, not at all!
- No.
I've heard Samarpur
is a beautiful place.
So I'm dying to see it.
I'm sure you'll like it.
- Yes, thank you so much.
I'm sorry, uncle.
I did my best, but..
But Neha..
- Yes. I believe you, son.
And believe me, the loss is mine.
For the sake of my
obstinate daughter, you..
..you shouldn't stop living. Go on.
No, uncle, that's not how.. - C'mon!
I understand! Perfectly all right.
Come on.
Go ahead. Good luck.
- Yes, sir?
I've just lost a great son-in-law.
- Wonderful, sir.
I had turned into some
sort of a tourist guide.
And I liked it too.
Maybe because we had
similar tastes. Maybe.
You won't get to see the rainbow today.
It's cloudy.
When it's not cloudy,
you can see the sun behind that hill.
It's magical.
- How cute.
Sorry, what?
- Nothing.
Very sweet girl.
She started telling stories to
the kids at the school yesterday.
- You've similar tastes, don't you?
It's strange, mom.
Neha lived here all her life.
She never felt any attachment.
And look at Sara. Just a week
since she's arrived from Mumbai..
..and she has adapted so quickly,
it seems she is a resident.
Is she just a friend, or..
- Mom. You've started again.
Now don't get any ideas, okay,
let me have my breakfast. - Okay.
So ask her to take you for a brother.
At least I'll get a nice daughter.
One thing I know for sure.
Either this girl is very stupid..
..or she trusts you very much.
To come here with you all alone!
Actually, mom.
- Yes?
I don't know.
- Then try to know.
Don't turn around suddenly,
but right now..
..she's looking at us.
Old habits die hard.
I didn't listen to mom and
immediately turned back to see.
And what I saw was a
bit too much for me.
"Loneliness has turned into ecstasy."
"Since the day I met you,
I found my goal."
"I love you with all my heart."
"Loneliness has turned into ecstasy."
"Since the day I met you,
I found my goal."
"I love you with all my heart."
"I love you with all my heart."
"Love, only love."
"I see everywhere."
"You're the one I desire,
you're the one I behold."
"It sighs in restlessness."
"Seeks you from God."
"I love you with all my heart."
"I'm lost to the dawns, my love,
neither do I know when the sun sets."
"My thoughts are possessed by you."
"Madness surrounds me in a way..
..that I do not care
about myself anymore."
"I love you with all my heart."
"Loneliness has turned into ecstasy."
"Since the day I met you,
I found my goal."
"I love you with all my heart."
I decided to forget the past.
Mom approved and
she loved Samarpur.
I thought I'd go ahead
and discuss it.
How can you do this?
Please listen to me.
Please listen to me.
- Sara?
Okay, I'm coming.
Give me just a day! I told you,
I'll be there by tomorrow evening.
Please. Ok, I'll leave today.
I'm coming. I'm leaving right now.
- I'm coming.
Is everything okay? Any problem?
No, it's nothing.
It's okay, Sara. You can tell me.
It was my landlord.
He threatened to throw my stuff out.
I haven't paid rent for 6 months.
I'm sorry, Nikhil.
I'll have to leave right now.
Is there a train now?
What's there to get upset out?
I'll have a word with Rehman.
He'll send the money.
No, Nikhil. I don't want to take
any more favours from Rehman sir
I'll have to go personally.
What time is the train?
In another hour or two.
I'll go with you.
No, you've come home
after so many days, Nikhil..
..and you're coming back to
Mumbai after a few days, anyway.
For Rehman sir's show.
But Sara..
- Nikhil. Please.
If there's anything you need,
always remember I'm there for you.
And if I'm coming back
to Mumbai in a few days..
..it isn't for Rehman's sake.
It's for you.
I'm really sorry to leave like this.
- It's okay.
Give me a call as soon as you
get there, okay? Don't worry.
Why've you turned a
football into a basketball?
That's how he's been
for the last two days.
May god give him his love.
Then we can win a match at least.
'This number doesn't exist.'
'The number you have dialled
doesn't exist.'
Hello, Prince of Samarpur!
How're you doing? And how is Sara?
It's been two days
since Sara left, Rehman.
What? That's amazing!
- Yes. She's not taking calls either.
What did you do to make her return
so soon and even avoid you now?
What would I do, Rehman?
It was her insolent landlord who
threatened to throw her stuff out.
I wish I could give him a blow..
- Don't do that, please!
- Because I'm her landlord!
Would I do a thing like that?
- Sorry, Rehman.
But why did Sara lie to me like this?
And why belittle me?
- Is Sara there?
Of course. She's been out for a week!
Where is she?
- No idea, buddy.
She went with this joker.
Some funny place, Winterpur, Summerpur,
something of that sort.
Excuse me. Who should I
tell Sara came calling?
That joker.
Wasn't a beating enough for you?
- Nikhil.
Before you beat me again,
have a word with Sara.
So, who's telling me the story?
Or you, Sara?
Actually, Nikhil, I lied to you.
Nikhil. This is Bunty.
He and I..
- Nikhil, we were engaged.
Someone brainwashed her by saying
there was another woman in my life.
She was so miffed, she went
away to Samarpur with you.
To make me jealous.
- Not to make you jealous, Bunty.
I really wanted to see that place.
It was great, Nikhil.
I wouldn't have come back.
- If I hadn't threatened to kill myself.
What if I had not returned?
- I'd have killed myself.
Stop it, Bunty.
Don't ever talk to me about dying.
'Make your own combos in Mc Donald's.'
'Because variety is the spice of life.'
'Welcome to Mc Donald's.'
Nikhil, I'm really sorry.
I can imagine how
you're feeling right now.
I really do want to thank you, Nikhil.
I've Bunty back, because of you.
There can't be a better friend than you.
After all, the first love
is always the special one.
Love isn't a race to have grades.
Love is just love.
Nikhil, hey dude how do I look?
Sorry? - Actually, Nikhil,
Tara is very particular.
Tara, my new girlfriend.
Tara? The last time it was
some other girl, Rehman..
I can't see a girl in pain.
I hate a woman tolerating me
for more than a week.
So after each week, I tell the babes,
"Darling, please leave."
Excuse me. Hello.
- I wanted the new cd of Britney spears.
Sorry, the store is closed.
You're saying no to Britney Spears?
I 'm saying sorry to her.
Come tomorrow, I'll give you an
autographed poster with the CD for free.
- Oh! Man.
You think he'll return tomorrow?
- Of course, why not?
No. He'll find another
store to pick up the CD.
He's interested in the music,
not the store.
Follow this rule for a good love life.
Let Sara go.
Let love flow from other sources!
Don't say such things, Rehman.
- I've fallen in love 39 times.
This is the fortieth one.
- Remu darling, I'm here.
Tara, my baby.
Your place or mine?
Amazing! Guys like Rehman who
fake things, find true love!
And my true love?
Leave the ticket in the office.
I'll collect it on my way to the station.
Are you leaving, sir?
- Yes.
Shouldn't have come at all.
Hi aunt.
You didn't even tell me you're back?
Come on inside.
No, actually, I'm going back.
By the evening train.
- Again?
This time, for good, aunt.
What is this Nikhil?
After years, I met someone..
..who gave me the feeling
that I've found a son.
But why should you bother?
I can't ask you to stay, right?
Don't say that, aunt.
Here, keep these CDs.
To remind you of my presence.
How sweet of you.
- May I leave, aunt?
How can you leave just like that?
Have some coffee before you leave.
Shagun will be back by then.
Then I must leave.
So, you've not
understood Shagun at all.
Soft hearted people need
to have a strong exterior.
Otherwise, they get crushed.
What do you mean?
She was only 12..
..when her father remarried.
He walked out on us.
Just stop it, okay? My dad..
She doesn't trust anyone ever since.
She doesn't have any friends either.
I feel very scared at times,
how will she cope with her loneliness.
I'm so sorry. I just blabbered away.
Not at all.
- Go and sit down.
I'll make some coffee and
Mexican tacos for you. - Yes.
I got the recipe on TV yesterday.
Tell me how it tastes.
You can do that for me, can't you?
- Oh yes, I'm insured.
Get lost.
Aunt. May I check my mail till then?
- Sure.
The computer's in Shagun's room.
- Right. Thank you.
Not bad.
Nikhil, will you read someone's
diary without his permission?
Tell me. Will you?
'I saw him
for the first time today.'
'He looked lost in the crowd.'
'Like me, stranded on an island,
bereft of all happiness.'
'His unkempt hair, searching eyes
and his child-like innocence.'
'If only he had come to search for me.'
'He's really here! He is so close.'
'This means dreams do come true!'
'Shagun, what's wrong with you?'
'You never even looked at men before.'
'So what's wrong now?'
'Why do you keep waiting for him?'
'Why do you secretly carry food for him?'
'Nikhil, just come so close
that you can judge my feelings.'
'I'm so lonely.'
'Call out to me once.'
'Though I've a harsh exterior,
I'll do away with it for your sake.'
'Extend your hand just once, Nikhil.'
'I'll always stand by you.'
'Nikhil left! Where did he go?'
'Why didn't I stop him?
I'll go mad without him!'
'Will he ever come back?'
'Will I be able to rest my head
on his chest and confess.'
'Even if can't, I'll spend the rest
of my life with your memories.'
'Because I love you, Nikhil!'
'I love you, Nikhil!'
'I love you so much.'
'Nikhil, I love you.'
'I love you, Nikhil!
Nikhil, I love you.'
'I love you, Nikhil!'
What's it ,Nikhil?
Are you all right?
Taste this and tell me how is it?
Where's this boy?
I'm getting out of here.
V.T. Station. Make it quick.
- Sure, sir.
Not another one, no way!
I'd rather catch a cab!
Mom, I'm back.
Wow, mom.
Yummy. You're the best
in the whole world.
I actually made it for Nikhil.
So the broke's back?
- Yes, and went back.
Went away? Where?
He said he's leaving for good.
By the 6 'o clock train.
Strange boy.
6 'o clock?
Life played a strange game
with me.
My train didn't arrive at all.
But Shagun certainly did.
Well, Smartie? Didn't the 3rd class
passengers of 2nd class let you in?
I don't know why, Shagun.
But maybe destiny's
giving me another chance.
Chance again! What chance?
Never mind.
Tell me,
What brings you here?
..I came to see a friend off.
And well, he hasn't left.
What do you mean?
One second.
Here you are. Hit me.
What's this about?
I happened to use your computer.
Mom told me.
So I..
I read whatever you had to say about me.
You what?
You're a pig Nikhil!
You read my personal diary?
Yes! I..
- How could you do such a thing?
Listen to me, Shagun..
- I hate you Nikhil.
I hate you Nikhil,
you're disgusting.
How can you do this?
- Ouch.
Will I be jilted in love again?
Let's see next.
Maybe third time lucky.
Won't you ask me to get up?
I've stolen a lot of things.
But never got such a good result.
Think about it Shagun.
Had I not read everything..
..and would've gone away for good..
..I'd always believe
you hated me so much.
I had to use my anger as a shield
to hide my feelings, Nikhil.
Because if you would've spurned me
after learning the truth..
..I wouldn't have been able to take it.
What are you doing?
Etching my name on your palm forever.
Is that how you write
your name on a girl's palm?
How else?
- With bridal henna, you idiot!
I love you, Shagun.
Promise that all this is not a dream.
Promise that no one
shall ever take my place.
I promise.
"Even if you don't say it."
"Even if you don't say it."
"I've heard it all, my love."
"I chose you as my heart's companion."
"Even if you don't say it."
"Even if you don't say it."
"I've heard it all, my love."
"I chose you as my heart's companion."
"You'll always love me,
you'll honour your promise."
"You'll never leave me."
"Tell me, my love."
"I've your dreams in my eyes."
"How am I to reason with my heart?"
"Tell me, my love."
"Every moment, my love."
"I wait for you."
"My eyes just dream of you."
"I chose you as my heart's companion."
"This season seems to be
specially made for you."
"The realisation is making me
crazier than ever."
"There is a special melody in my heart.
Passions torment me."
"I can't take this distance anymore.
Every moment of my life is for you."
"Strange glow,
"this season of love brings."
"The melody of love I can hum now."
"I chose you as my heart's companion."
"Even if you don't say it."
"Even if you don't say it."
"I've heard it all, my love."
"I chose you as my heart's companion."
- Hi, mom.
Idiot! With this new girl in your life,
you've forgotten your mother?
Not you, Mama! How can
I ever forget you, mom?
You're priceless.
And you're such a worthless chap!
You get it?
Mom, if your son
would've been worthless..
..he wouldn't have found
the sweet girl he is with.
Really, did you meet
Sara and talk to her?
Did you find her?
- Hi.
No, actually Mom..
It isn't Sara.
Her name's Shagun.
Hello. mom?
Shagun? Now who's this?
She is the girl for whom
destiny brought me here.
I can't understand anything.
Are you alright, son? - Oh yes, mom,
even I can't get anything.
Mom this time
I'm coming to Samarpur for good.
And I'll get your future
daughter-in-law along. Shagun.
Bye mom.
God! I don't want a daughter-in-law!
Just let my son come back.
Nikhil, nice, isn't it?
Not blue. I think you must wear red.
Will the cops get me otherwise?
Blue's better.
Yes, but it's traditional.
But blue looks good on me, Nikhil.
Red, I say! Look, isn't it great?
Are you going to wear it or me?
- Sorry red.
I don't want it at all.
- Okay, hang on, listen Shagun.
Find someone who'll
wear red! I'm going home.
Listen to me, Shagun..
- I'm out of here.
So what if she's left?
I'm here for you.
Shagun? Open the door, my dear.
Nikhil's here to see you.
Tell him that I'm not coming out
even if a fire brigade arrives!
A fire-brigade is red, too!
Make her see reason, aunt.
Sure, I will, son. Go on upstairs.
I'll send her over.
I'm going.
I'm going.
She doesn't even care.
It's amazing.
Here you go!
How sweet of her.
She wore the red dress for me.
I think I must apologise.
What are you doing here?
Nik, I love you, Nik.
- What?
I was wrong, absolutely wrong.
You can't imagine what a
big mistake I made, Nikhil.
I've realised that there
is no point in dreaming big.
You were right.
I could not sustain the big life.
I got saved at the eleventh hour.
I even put my modesty at stake.
Perhaps it was your love that saved me.
You really do love me, Nikhil.
You really love me.
- Neha.
Tell me you love me, don't you?
- Neha.
Say you love me, say it
- No, Neha, actually..
Of course! That's the reason
you stayed back. - Just listen..
You kept waiting for me,
left Samarpur and football behind.
Listen to me..
- You're amazing, Nikhil!
No I am not.
- Nikhil, I love you.
I really love you.
- Listen to me.
I miss you so much.
When are we getting married,
Nikhil? Tell me?
I really love you.
I can't believe it.
We're finally getting married.
Nikhil, I love you so much.
I missed you, Nikhil.
- No. No.
Nikhil, I love you.
- Shagun..
Shagun, listen to me!
For a second, please!
You cheat, you two timing fraud.
Shagun, you.
- That's all how you guys are! All of you!
Hear me out, where are you going,
Shagun? Listen to me?
Just a second, Shagun!
What you saw wasn't the correct!
Why does it always happen to me?
Shagun, you've got it all wrong!
Pigs! All men are pigs.
One second, Shagun!? My luck is so bad.
Please listen to me! One second!
- I don't want to hear anything.
- Mom, open the door.
Listen, please..
- Don't touch me, Nikhil!
What happened, Shagun?
- Shagun, this is not fair.
Aunt, she's not listening to me.
What happened?
- Shagun. - Try to make her understand.
What happened?
Come on inside, Mama.
I don't want to see him.
What happened?
Tell me, my child.
I've nothing to say, Mama.
At least hear him out.
Neither do I want to see him
nor talk to him!
But you must let him explain,
I don't want to see
his face again, mom.
All right, but stop crying.
What's this?
Neha, what are you doing?
- Where's the bathroom?
Over there. Why?
- I've got to keep my stuff.
Where is it? Here?
- Neha, what's wrong with you?
Shagun and I are..
She seems pretty fast.
What I couldn't achieve in four years,
she has achieved in 4 days.
Neha, if you would've stuck to your roots,
no one would've taken your place.
No one can I step
into my shoes even now.
It's too late, Neha and..
Hearts are not leased
out houses, Nikhil Mathur..
..for someone to leave and for
someone else to occupy it? - Yes.
You can't live in a house
after you've broken it, right?
All right. I'll live in
this city and wait for you.
I'll return only when you come with me.
Because I love you, Nikhil.
Come on, pick up the phone.
I can hear the phone ringing,
Shagun! Why aren't you answering it?
Aunt, I..
I.. please..
I think it's better if you don't
meet her now. She's very angry.
Unless I clear the misunderstanding,
how will she.. -
Look, son. There's a Gujarati saying..
..you must never swim
when the river is flooded.
You must wait on the shores.
What are you doing?
Waiting on the banks.
Go home, Nikhil.
I'll have a word with her.
Promise, aunt?
Forget it if you want to advise me!
I don't want to listen to anything!
If I hear his name being
uttered in this house again..
..you're going to lose me, mom.
But what's wrong in
talking it over, my child?
I don't want to listen to anything!
- You have to.
For how long will you punish
others for what your father did?
I'm not a fool, mom!
Lightening does not
the same place twice, my child.
Before disowning him, you must
at least hear him out one last time.
Why, mom. Why did I write all this?
For my sake.
Listen to him for the last time.
I'll never ask you to do this again.
You wouldn't believe what
I went through last night?
I know everything.
Who's the expert in love?
You or me?
- Of course.
Your friend Rehman knows
everything about your life.
And I made her see sense, too.
Did she come here?
Go and talk to her.
I'll start a music contest here,
not a soul will get to hear anything.
You're a life-saver! Where is she?
In my cabin.
Go and bring glory for me.
Go there and take her in your arms!
Not me, her!
Anything for you, my friend.
I'm too good.
Please don't cry.
I'm really very sorry.
Why you're you saying sorry?
Nikhil, I'm really sorry.
I've made a big mistake!
That Bunty turned out to be a turncoat!
He promised to marry me,
but ran away with someone else!
The son of a..
It was because of him
that I hurt your feelings.
I insulted your love, Nikhil.
I'm sorry.
I am very sorry, Nikhil.
Please! Forgive me.
Nikhil, I'm really sorry.
Can you forgive me?
I'll act according to your wishes.
We'll leave for Samarpur
tomorrow morning!
Far away from this deceitful city.
Though I realised it quite late.
I know your love was true!
What on earth did I do?
- I really love you.
But listen to me.
- I love you. I can't live without you.
Nikhil, you are mine.
I love you.
Let's go to Samarpur
and get married.
Let's just get married Nikhil.
- Shagun..
Shagun, please listen to me.
I came to talk to you but you?
Stop it! Nikhil.
How many women have you been with?
She was kissing me, not me!
What could I do?
Go to hell, Nikhil.
Shagun, please.
Don't touch me.
And please don't follow me!
You're wrong, mom. Lightning
strikes for the third time at the same place!
Great! Fantastic. Mind blowing.
In 24 hours,
I've lost her for the second time!
I mean, I've done it again!
I'm too bloody good.
- Yeah, again.
I mean. What do you girls take me for?
What do you think I am?
You come and go as you please.
What do I look like?
A railway station?
I love you, Nikhil.
You really love me.
That's so great I had forgotten!
You love me!
If you really love me,
go and bring her back for me.
Because she's the one my
happiness lies with her.
I'm not strong enough
to bear this pain again.
I'm sorry. But I really love you.
And I really love her.
"I can see you everywhere."
"I can see you everywhere."
"I love you"
"From the depths of my soul."
"How I've been tormented."
"To catch a glimpse of you."
"So come to me,
don't tease me like this."
"So come to me,
don't tease me like this."
"I can see you everywhere."
"Your face, your love."
"Is all I desire."
"I can see you everywhere."
"Every moment,
my eyes seek you, my sweetheart."
"Every moment,
my eyes seek you, my sweetheart."
"What has love done to me,
O sweetheart, my love?"
"For me, you're my orbit."
"You are everywhere."
"For me, you're my orbit."
"You are everywhere."
"My paradise,
my world's here only with you."
"I can see you everywhere."
What can I say, my love?
You're in my dreams, my conversations,
my nights and my dreams.
Sweetheart, you mean the life to me.
I really miss you.
I need you.
You mean everything to me. Everything.
"Why did you give me a
fragile heart, O lord?"
"Why did you give me a
fragile heart, O lord?"
"This heart is such a problem, O lord."
"Whenever I see her,
I lose control."
"Whenever I see her,
I lose control."
"What should I tell you about my heart."
"I can see you everywhere."
You? I'm glad you've come.
Look, Shagun.
What you did was wrong.
Actually I've wanted to thank you,
for saving my life from getting ruined.
Shagun, do you think I'd..
- Please, don't waste your time on me.
At least not on me!
Actually you're a bit late.
Don't you know there's another girl too?
Deal with her.
Who knows? There could be others too.
You can never be sure with Nikhil.
So, good luck and good bye.
2nd and 3rd?
You raced ahead of me as well?
I got to train under you, teacher!
I only know how to get entangled.
What I don't know is
how to drive them away.
My heart is so greedy
it keeps on asking for more.
I mean, Rehman.
I can't believe all this
is happening to me, Rehman!
Why's everyone playing games with me?
I know just one game. Football.
That's it.
Life's just like a football game.
Tackle the problems,
block your fears and score the goals.
That's life.
All will be all fine.
Just concentrate on
the Cruise party tomorrow.
Rehmanbhai, I mean try
and manage without me.
What will I do there in my state?
My friend, there's no
competition for a voice..
..that comes out of a broken heart.
C'mon, cheer up.
You've to enliven the party.
Rehman, I can't be...
You never know,
you might meet someone new.
If you do, say..
"I'll pluck the moon."
"I'll bust the Sun,
if you say yes."
"I'll desert the earlier ones."
How's my idea?
Very bad.
Well, you've been using
the lift the whole day.
Have you taken up the liftman's job?
- No.
Actually, I've a meeting today.
- Really? Where is it?
In the lift, uncle.
- In the lift! A meeting! Good.
Thank you,
One moment.
If you've a successful meeting,
let me know.
I'll have my meetings
in the lift henceforth!
Don't say that, Uncle.
- I'm the only fool he found!
One moment. Listen to me,
for a moment Shagun.
At least hear me out!
One moment, Shagun.
Now you listen to me, Nikhil!
When my father betrayed my mother..
..I thought every man in
the world was a cheat.
But when I met you,
I thought I was wrong.
Not every man is a cheat.
Please.. - But thank you so much!
You proved once again..
..that every man
in the world is a cheat!
There's no need to say anything.
Nikhil, my friend! I've been
looking for you and here you are!
What are you doing here?
The party's happening in
the Ball Room down there!
Come on, let's go,
let's rock and roll.
What happened?
If you wear a long face, I'll hang!
The party will flop!
Where's the exuberant and
energetic Nikhil I saw at Sara's party?
He's dead.
- And what if I breathe life into him?
I was a professional, earlier.
But got scared of the
population explosion.
I'm in no mood for jokes.
Neither am I, and perhaps she too.
Not here. You'll have to go down.
Patience, my friend.
Have some patience.
There she is.
- The sea looks so beautiful, isn't it?
I didn't want to get out of the water.
I felt like remaining there all day.
You're lucky. I can't swim.
Can't swim?
- Shagun.
Looks like Shagun to me.
What do you think?
How did she land here?
- Buddy..
..you thought I was a selfish man who
brought you here for my own purpose?
- Had I not scored in the lucky draw..
..I wouldn't have been here?
- Oh!
Go and placate her.
So it was your plan!
I had no idea you were coming here.
Of course, Nikhil.
You don't know anything.
Neither about Neha nor
about the other girl.
But I'm not like you, Nikhil.
I know everything.
You're trying to
involve me with this playboy!
Me? Playboy?!
- And you..
..you lied to me that
I had won the lucky draw.
You brought me here by deceit!
- Not deceit? - Opportunity.
To clear misunderstandings.
- Did you bring me here to meet him?
Right! Would you like to talk right now
or after the celebrations?
I want to go home! Right now!
Can you swim? Or fly?
What rubbish are you talking?
- There is a problem.
We're midseas.
You can go home only
when the ship docks.
The ship is as whimsical.
- Kill me?
Have this.
It's not half as intoxicating
as this playboy's blood.
Shagun, please listen
Shagun, try and understand.
Listen to me.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Here is your host for
this evening, Nikhil Mathur.
Three cheers for Nikhil Mathur.
Let the celebrations for Planet M
begin with Nikhil Mathur.
What did you think, Shagun?
You could snatch Nikhil from me?
And I'd just watch quietly?
I'm not interested in Nikhil!
You can keep him for yourself
and stop bothering me!
No courtship or friendship?
So what are you doing on this ship?
Rehman has tricked me into coming here.
Poor girl! How innocent!
Any man could deceive her!
How convenient.
No one can deceive her.
She's deceiving the whole world.
She has a great planning sense.
Lure the man and then walk away.
Boys really dig girls,
who are difficult to score with.
Did I ask you?
I'm not talking to you!
I'm talking to her.
I'll deal with her and
then take care of you.
What is your game?
I want to end all your games right now.
Oh my god.
- You can't snatch Nikhil from me.
Someone save her!
She'll drown! Help her!
Help? You've actually helped me.
But who's going to help you?
You can't even swim!
You want to snatch Nikhil from me?
You think that you're very smart.
Oh my god!
Hang on!
Hang on!
I'm coming. Don't worry.
I'm coming.
Help me.
- Sara!
Help me.
- Shagun!
I've gone nuts!?
- Help!
Okay, take it easy, I'm coming.
Hang on!
Help me.
'Paging for Dr. V S Rao.'
'You're requested to report to
ward number four on the fourth floor.'
'Paging for Dr. V S Rao.'
'You're requested to report to
ward number four on the fourth floor.'
Welcome back.
Who saved me?
The one you do not care about.
When you can't swim, why did you decide
on taking a bath in the sea?
No, I was actually pushed.
Neha and Sara..
Where are they?
Where would you find people
who do such noble deeds?
God keeps a watch on everything.
You mean
They drowned?
They ought to have drowned earlier.
What I can't understand is,
why did Nikhil save you only?
What are you getting at?
- Sara and Neha were crazy about him.
And that moron saved you!
The girl who hates him!
I just don't get this!
'What I can't understand is..
..why did Nikhil save you only?'
And here I am,
back with her memories.
- Nikhil.
- Nikhil. - Hi.
Hi, Nikhil.
- Hi, guys.
When did you return?
- Just now.
Anyway, good timing.
Guess what?
There's a match this evening
and we must win it - Yes.
Pass the ball.
Nikhil. You can do it.
Come on Nik!
- It's a foul!
Sorry! Once again.
How did you get here?
I came to learn swimming? Idiot.
Mother phoned and explained everything.
My Mother?
- No. Ours.
I'm told one can see
seven rainbows here?
One is right here.
The rest of them..
..will be shown to you
when we're out of this net.
I love you, Nikhil.
- I love you.
Mr. Lovalova.
Nikhil! Nikhil!
I can't believe it, Rehman.
Your plan has really worked!
When the two of you tried to reason
with Shagun to accept Nikhil..
..and she refused to talk to you..
..this lover-boy had to
think of a hit idea!
Compared your sacrifice,
my idea's nothing.
What sacrifice? I really love Nikhil.
If I couldn't do this much for him,
I'd have cursed myself all my life.
God bless you.
And I think he is worth it.
I only tried to repay his favour.
When I asked him to get out of my life..
..he quietly did so. It's my turn now.
Yes, he's a great guy.
He's a great guy!
And the two of you're great yourselves.
It's beautiful.
This is the place..
..where on the perfect day,
you can see seven rainbows.
Today is the perfect day, Nikhil.
That's how Shagun,
with her unconditional love..
..became part of my life forever.
That was my story.
"My heart explained to me."
"Got something and lost something."
"There are no complaints."
"I got what I wanted.''
"In the journey of my heart, my age..
..my entire being, in dreams."
"You are my moon."
"You make the sights lovelier."
"You make my nights and memories."
"Hold no grudges against you..
..but it's true that I love you."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."
"This heart asks for more."