Dil Vil Pyar Vyar (2002) Movie Script

Sweating? Inside a Mercedes?
Son, if the company gets the
wind they'll sue us for defamation.
Not this, I need courage
Relax. Calm down. Courage
isn't a shot that I can administer
Just give it your best shot.
Move on.
What's on your mind, brother?
I'm apprehensive of losing
Yet I have a desire to achieve.
For the first time
I'm feeling so awkward
Hello Subhash. Aren't the lights
turned on yet? Who's on the light?
C'mon, hurry up. This is not a rehearsal.
This is it. C'mon, hurry up.
Yes. This is it.
What the...!
Sorry buddy, I need it more than you
What are you doing here? I told Dad
I don't want any kind of cheating...
no bribes. I want to win
this competition on my own talent
Apart from working for your dad,
I can also sing a bit
Well, you sing too well...
- What?
You can sing, too?
You mean... you're participating too?
- Oh no man! Give me light...
Smoking is injurious to health.
Especially, before singing
Uhmm. Krish, my friend,
tell me that you're here
to buck me up and not to contest
Competitions don't interest me.
But tonight I'm taking on myself,
my circumstances
You guys are fully prepared
to kill me a bachelor
I'm gone!
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm
Mini Mathur, your host for the evening.
And welcome to the Pass-Pass
Voice of the Year Contest.
It is said Tansen's music could light up
lamps and force the clouds to shower
Tonight we expect such a miracle.
Where there is dearth of talents...
and opportunities,
such competitions are a necessity
I wish all the best
to all our contestants
And like they say,
may the best man win.
All the best boys.
Good luck.
Where the last one ended,
this story began...
and will continue.
Everything seems like a dream...
as if it happened only yesterday
Oh come on, uncle Dharam.
Morning is gone, dear
It's 12 now.
Morning for me. I slept at 3
I used to wake your daddy
up just the way I wake you up
Only after he married was
I relieved of this responsibility
But... after your mother passed away
your daddy never slept peacefully
Okay! Why does Dad want to see me?
How come you figured he sent me?
Everytime Dad wants to argue with me
you make me emotional. Now what is it?
Your happy birthday
You forgot today? It's your birthday
and your mother's death anniversary
My birthday begins on a sad note.
Sometimes I regret being born
Shut up
Relax. Take a chill, man! Moron
But I'm excited about your birthday.
Where is Dad?
Good morning dad.
Hey good morning birthday boy.
Happy birthday my son.
Thank you dad.
God bless you.
- Thanks.
Uncle Dharam said...
Son, I give you special gifts...
on your birthdays.
What do you want this year?
As a baby when I could not even walk,
you gave me everything
I fall short of nothing today.
The end of desires before youth...
is a sign of reckless upbringing.
Now I know what I must present you
- Yes.
Africa. You know,
we have goldmines in Transvaal
My dear... It's a beautiful place.
Far and wide stretches only nature
No TV, no discotheque, no girls
Only wild animals and
the fragrance of the goldmines
Only you and solitude. One moment...
I'm sending you to the
goldmines as a supervisor
Many happy returns of the day.
Why are you punishing me, Dad?
What do you mean? I tried my best
As it is, you don't do any work here.
- Yes.
You must be joking.
Even if we were to sit doing nothing,
we'll earn 20 million as interest...
everyday, from your 6 billion
Who told you to earn so much
that I don't need to work at all?
Just shut up okay?
Along with brains, you need
guts to shoulder responsibilities
Every other call you
receive is from a girl
And six out of your ten
girlfriends try to hook me
For your drop-dead looks
and Michael Douglas' style...
Enough of Michael Douglas.
Son, here's your ticket
Either you'll join office
tomorrow or you'll be seen in Africa
The choice is entirely yours.
"I never thought twice before.."
"..I staked my life
for the sake of my goal"
So son, how does it feel going
to the office for the first time?
As if going to school
for the first time
Relax, and enjoy my song
"I never thought twice before.."
What the hell...?
Why is it stopping?
Oh. Oye!
By God! This car worth
5 million is driving us to shame
Those tractors back home were better.
It too doesn't want
to go to office. See?
Hey, hero.
Look, Shah Rukh Khan!
No, I'm Hritik
Get off! Don't touch!
Don't touch my car. Lay off!
Hey, the car's stalled right
in the middle of the road...
these naked urchins are having a ball,
and you too? You're no different then
Uncle. What sets people
apart is a barrier
Instead of laughing over them,
it'd be better if ask them to heave
No. No way! They won't touch my car!
Heave! Harder
C'mon... C'mon...
- Heave harder. C'mon...
Hey! C'mon... C'mon...
Listen to me, son
Easy with my car.
Battle your destiny, while...
I go and make a wish of mine done.
What are you up to now?
See the train? I've read, heard
and seen it, but never traveled in one
Relax. Don't be foolish.
You've never stepped
into a railway station
There's always a first time. I pay my
taxes, so doesn't trains belong to me?
Repair your car while
I make my life. Bye.
Listen to me... Hritik!
My car...
Heave harder.
Stop! My car! Heave harder.
Excuse me!
What...? What are you doing?
What...? What are you doing?
"O' beautiful one with
those long tresses..."
"who does your deadly eyes seek?"
"O' beautiful one with
those long tresses..."
"who does your deadly eyes seek?"
"What makes you wander everywhere?"
"What makes you wander everywhere?"
"I'm looking for someone..."
"someone crazy..."
"who has set me afire and vanished"
"He's the firefly I'm looking for"
"My eyes are hot"
"My cool breaths will help"
"Try me, later"
"I'm love, mine is a sojourn"
"I'm no less, I'm the flitting shadow"
"And at nights, I cast a magic spell"
"O' beautiful one with
those long tresses..."
"who does your deadly eyes seek?"
"What makes you wander everywhere?"
"What makes you wander everywhere?"
"I'm looking for someone..."
"someone crazy..."
"who has set me afire and vanished"
"He's the firefly I'm looking for"
"Hearts and romance,
the most maligned of all"
"What's love without a scandal?"
"Drop-dead looks... killing me"
"Such grace! By God, wonderful"
"I'm no less, I'm the flitting shadow"
"at nights, I cast a magic spell"
"O' beautiful one with
those long tresses..."
"who does your deadly eyes seek?"
"O' beautiful one with
those long tresses..."
"who does your deadly eyes seek?"
"What makes you flit about?"
"What makes you wander everywhere?"
"I'm looking for someone..."
"someone crazy..."
"who has set my heart
afire and vanished"
"He's a firefly"
She's gone
I had heard that people fall in love
but this is the first time I see it
What's her name?
I just saw her. Yes.
I'll try to catch up
with her at the next station
- Thanks.
Where is the exit? There?
- Bye
Thanks buddy. Nice meeting you.
Idiot! Are you blind?
- I am sorry.
Dropped my guitar!
I'm sorry. Here.
I'll buy you ten new ones.
Hey! It's okay.
Take it easy. Relax Raksha.
Relax? He almost broke the guitar.
Relax Raksha.
Forgive him. He's not in his senses.
He's in love, for the first time
What...? Love?
Yes. All the lazy chap has seen..
is her face. Doesn't know her name.
Why must you plead for him?
Raksha, remember? I got to know your
name so many days after our meeting
Don't be silly Krish.
This is a railway station,
not Lover's Point. Everyone's watching
Are you sure no one
saw us at Lover's Point?
Shut up Krish. Just look at the time.
If we're late to work on the first day,
we won't even have money to buy peanuts
I'm gone.
- Oh Shit!
So late? How come?
Why did you have to come?
- I got an ailment. Punctuality.
Punctuality. In my restaurant...
music starts before soup.
Sir, trust me. Once they hear us...
they're going to order
another round of soup
One more round of soup
- Really?
"Someone's love haunts
me all day all night"
"But I can't tell you who she is"
"Oh God"
"Oh God"
"All night all day..."
"Someone's love haunts
me all day all night"
"But I can't tell you who he is"
"Oh God"
"Oh God"
"I think I'll meet her someday..."
"and pour out my feelings to her..."
"and ask her to decide my fate"
"No matter if she spurns me"
"All I know is that
I'm crazy about her"
"I don't care for myself anymore"
"Someone's love haunts
me all day all night"
"But I can't tell you who she is"
"Oh God"
"Oh God"
"The crazy one you love..."
"she's in love with you too,
"Her stare is a sign of love"
"Her blush is a sign of willingness"
"She has kept away from everyone..."
"your name, sweetheart"
"Someone's love haunts
me all day all nigh"
"But I can't tell you who he is"
"Oh God"
"Oh God"
Who's she?
I'd like to meet her, my card.
Dev Darshan Suri Continental Music.
Call me Dev.
You sing very well
Thank you.
Can you see me tomorrow at my office?
Of course.
- Wonderful! That's great.
I must leave now.
I came to this city just yesterday.
So, lots to do
So tomorrow at my office at ten?
Great. Cool. Bye.
See you. Bye.
- Bye.
Dev Darshan Suri Continental Music.
Know what that means?
Doesn't mean the end of my contract
Sing here, and you'll find
many giving you cards like this
That's fine, but let's
see where this card takes us to
Excuse me!
Can you tell me where block E is?
Hi! I'm Rachna. I'm new here,
Can you tell me where block E is?
Where were you, brother?
Has our stuff reached?
Yes, but I can't find our flat,
I've been looking
Strange city. Buildings disappear.
Manners as well
Hey brother! Here's your car.
Ready to break the speed limit?
Sorry for using your
wheel-chair brother. Let's go
Easy. Oops.
Yes. Okay. And now... Are you okay?
It was your responsibility
to see that Hritik goes to office
But he never turned up even once.
Where is he?
Relax, Gattu.
The thing is that..
- For heaven sake uncle.
Not Gattu, please!
Can't you call me Gautam? Uncle, I...
Yes. I know,
you're grown up now. Moron!
Hot news. Hritik is in love.
The fool says he wants to romance.
As for work, you've got it all set
He's in love? With whom?
Relax. With a girl, of course
On his birthday,
he lost his heart in a local train
What does Gautam Mittal's
son got to do with local trains?
Hey.. Hello!
Listen to me, please!
- Sure
This is the first time it happened.
But it has happened, isn't it?
But I did not travel
without a ticket on purpose.
No. I don't know.
I forgot February has 28 days.
Date of birth: 28 February 1981
Traveling without a ticket...
Traveling without a ticket
means she's destined to travel by car
We've got such fine cars, Sandra.
Why did you have to travel by train?
Mustn't give opportunities to strange
people to put awkward questions
Tell me. But you never heed me,
Sandra darling.
Sandra...? Who?
Look Mr Sandra...
Yes Mr Singh?
What do you sell?
- Nothing.
Spare her.
What will it cost me, tell me?
A ticket? Season ticket? Train?
Platform? Station? Indian Railway?
500 bucks.
Penalty for traveling without ticket
500, penalty.
Another 500 for sparing her
Okay. Keep the change.
No. Give him the change.
Okay. I'm giving him the change.
You'll get your 500. I hate debts
Hey! Sandra listen...
If you care to give me your address
I'll reach home your money tomorrow
Who has seen tomorrow?
If you allow me to drop you home...
you can return my money today itself
Not that I need the money,
but I guess debts gives
you sleepless nights
Right, Sandra?
Wrong. I'm Jojo, not Sandra
Jojo? Found just what I prayed for
Jump in.
Your car, is it?
Yes. Don't like it?
I have ten more.
I'll get another tomorrow
Cars don't amuse me, anyway
I've forayed into the narrow lane,
but I don't think I can escape
Nor can you
Let me help you.
Thank you.
Who's Jojo's company?
A boy. For the first time
Thank God. She's normal.
She's normal..
like his car he must be a big fraud
I tell you, men only want one thing.
Look there.
Why are you walking with me?
Too bad to walk ahead or behind
Oh! Must be your family?
Nice. Looks nice.
No nice. Very nice.
Very nice indeed
Stay here, I'll get the money.
Excuse me
Are you really returning my money?
What do you mean?
I mean, when do we meet next?
The next time you travel
in ladies' compartment
The car. Nice.
And the boy too
Yeah. Very cute, no?
What is apparent isn't always true
I tell you, men only want one thing.
The car.
Good it's gone
Save your daughter.
- Why?
I tell you, men only want one thing.
Yes? What happened?
Haven't I told you not
to keep that picture out?
Sister-in-law's death doesn't
mean that we've forgotten her
We quit Pune. But how long can
our present run away from the past?
"This monsoon, I'm scared..."
"of the raindrops falling on my body"
"This monsoon, I'm scared..."
"of the raindrops falling on my body"
"It's setting my heart on fire"
"This monsoon, I'm scared..."
"of the raindrops falling on my body"
"It's setting my heart on fire"
That's it brother.
Give life another opportunity
No better opportunity than this.
I told you, I'm not going solo
Why not?
Krish, not just man and wife... we're
also a team. I'm not singing without you
Do you know much tomatoes cost?
Worried about tomatoes, really?
Raksha, I know we
love each other dearly.
But, after years we've got
a chance to record a song.
It'll be absolutely foolish to lose it
Where's the knife?
In hell! Raksha, listen to me
- It was right here.
Think about the song you've to sing
- You never keep things in place.
Come, let's rehearse the song.
Please come on. Let's rehearse.. Oh!
Want to kill me? Go on, kill me.
But please record your song
Believe me, nothing else matters more
Okay, one. Only one.
One is enough
"I wouldn't know nights of torment"
"For, when I take your name,
a thousand lamps are lit"
"How would I know what torment is?"
"For, when I take your name,
a thousand lamps are lit"
"How would I know?"
I too used to sing.
But now I only hear... intently though
And I can tell you,
not just your wife she's
going to become a big star
She is on.
"How would I know what torment is?"
"For, when I take your name,
a thousand lamps are lit"
"How would I know what torment is?"
Good.. very good.
Superb, Gaurav.
Enough for now Time to go to bed.
How come the door's open...?
I'm sorry... you?
Your new neighbors
Nowadays, Gaurav plays
the violin only when he's happy
Gaurav's really good
at playing the violin
If he wishes...
If he wishes...?
What Gaurav wants,
maybe even he doesn't know
Actually, he wants nothing.
He's alive only because...
only because I'm not letting him die.
What went wrong...?
You won't believe it.
Liveliness another name for Gaurav
His jokes, his mischief, his songs...
"In the window opposite mine,
lives a moonlike beauty"
"In the window opposite mine,
lives a moonlike beauty"
"But alas! She's often angry with me"
"In the window opposite mine,
lives a moonlike beauty"
"Ever since I have seen her,
I haven't lit a lamp"
"Ever since I have seen her,
I haven't lit a lamp"
"I sit, clutching my heart,
I go nowhere"
"Everywhere I see,
my eyes see only her"
"In the window opposite mine,
lives a moonlike beauty"
"It has stopped raining.
The clouds have moved away"
"It has stopped raining.
The clouds have moved away"
"But I still thirst
for a glimpse of her"
"When will the thirst
of my eyes be quenched...?"
"I keep lamenting all day and night"
"In the window opposite mine,
lives a moonlike beauty"
"But alas! She's often angry with me"
"In the window opposite mine,
lives a moonlike beauty"
In that accident, Gaurav
did not suffer any physical injury
But he was convinced...
I mean he started believing
that he couldn't walk anymore
He... he regrets he's alive
I'm sorry.
I said so much. We don't
even know each other so well...
Maybe you could talk because
we don't know each other
It's easier to take the burden
off your chest with strangers
I can understand Gaurav's feelings.
When love is no longer there...
in one's life, life does turn invalid
Hi, Late?
Had I not left without money yesterday,
I wouldn't have had to wait here
No problem. My pleasure... any time.
Here's your 450 rupees.
I had set out with 500...
but I had to renew my pass.
The fares have gone up
If fares keep on increasing like this,
how will people like me travel?
In a Mercedes or a BMW.
Oh yes, very funny!
You'll wait for me tomorrow,
won't you?
I'll pay you the 50 bucks. Auto!
Auto? Hey!
Let's go.
Jojo... listen to me...
St. Agnacious Road.
Jojo. Listen...
Jojo, will you leave a
BMW and travel in a rickshaw?
Haven't you heard?
St. Agnacious Road. Let's go.
She appears to have
got everything wrong
"How am I to know, my love...
what an evening of sorrow is"
"A hundred lamps were lit..."
"the moment I uttered your name"
"How am I to know, my love...
what an evening of sorrow is"
"A hundred lamps were lit..."
You're on TV!
Let me sleep
Are you mad? Get up and see...
your song's being played on TV!
"How am I to know, my love..."
"Ever since the dot on my forehead..."
"have worked like eyes for me..."
"my eyes are only for you, my love"
"Ever since you have
taken my hand with love..."
"your fingers have
been my bangles, my love"
This is Radio Mirchi and
you are listening to Raksha's
"How am I to know, my love..."
The new number one chart buster.
"How am I to know, my love...
what an evening of sorrow is"
"A hundred lamps were lit..."
"the moment I uttered your name"
"How am I to know, my love..."
Sorry! We were celebrating
I'm the only man in the world who's
here to celebrate his own losses.
All the best.
- Thank you.
We're the ones who will stand
to lose if we let our manager go away
Raksha, this is your new manager.
Mr Chandru Chelaramani
He waits for me everyday.
And I wonder where he went away today
Was he here...?
That chap in the Mercedes
Did you see him?
What's so funny?
Ticket please...
- What the bloody...
I'm not late, am I?
What're you doing in a rickshaw?
You have a problem with my cars.
So I bought an auto-rickshaw
Bought it...?
Yes. I'm not used to
renting things you see.
We also own an aircraft in the family
So I bought this. Tell you something?
To buy a car is very easy.
But an auto-rickshaw...? Damn tough
Which is why I'm late.
No need to take all the trouble
Anything for you Jojo.
Your favorite vehicle is here...
how about a cup of coffee then?
At the Taj, what say?
Rickshaws are not allowed in that area
I'll take you to a place where they
serve better coffee than the Taj...
and it's cheaper too
What happened?
Is it very hot?
Obviously. It's coffee
Thank you.
What is the matter?
How...? I mean,
where do we begin from?
You start there, I'll begin here.
We'll meet when
we get to the middle. Okay?
Let's go.
So why don't we begin at the middle?
It was a sight. There was coffee on
his shirt, and the dosa in his mouth
I tell you, it was a sight.
What have I said to
make you hang your face?
25 years ago, this is exactly how a
boy came to my house and spilt coffee
When I saw him behaving like a child,
my heart went out to him
If only he hadn't spilt the coffee,
I wouldn't have fallen in love...
and wouldn't suffer a heart-break.
Aunty... how does everything turn
out to being a bad part of your life?
I mean, I'm enjoying my life.
Why must you be upset?
Have all the fun in your life,
my child
But remember, men only want one thing
What is the matter?
Can we have some more coffee please?
What's up, Krish?
You look very happy today
Oh yes, for the first time
in our lives...
our bills are lesser than
the cheques we issue
You're a star and you're rich!
Not me. Say us
Sure, but the money's all yours.
I'll do my best to save it
I'm going to swallow it all
We're happy the way we are, aren't we?
In any case, success is like a dream.
A dream that will break anytime
Hey, baby.
With your eyes open, you don't dream.
You see what's for real
Forget all that and tell
me what you wish to buy first
A window from where
I can see the clear skies
No problem. That's chapter two.
It'll take me time to find that
Tell me something
I can present immediately
Yes, people have started
recognizing me nowadays, you see
And it's difficult to find an auto.
Don't blame autos now, okay?
How will a poor auto
keep pace with you?
Sign here
What is it?
A parcel
Why didn't you bring it upstairs?
I can't
Delivery terms ma'am. Thank you.
You placed an order yesterday.
So it's delivered today
Is this my car...?
The car belongs to you...
so does the driver
Krish! I love you Krish.
Krish... please drive slowly.
You're driving so fast!
When life's in the fast lane...
it's a sin to step on the brakes.
Thank you
Shut up!
Where are we headed...?
This looks like the locality
of the rich, doesn't it?
Oh yes, you've grown so big,
you can fit only in this place
We're going home, sweetheart.
Chapter two.
...but this is so big, Krish
What are we going to do with it?
Live in it
"O Swan..."
"my beautiful Swan..."
where dost thou fly away?
"With my desires as your wings.."
"..where do you fly away to?"
"O Swan..."
"my beautiful Swan..."
"where dost thou fly away?"
"With my desires as your wings.."
"..where do you fly away to?"
"Keeping its heart under
control amidst the lashing waves..."
"I am your companion in life"
"Keeping its heart under
control amidst the lashing waves..."
"I am your companion in life"
"O Swan..."
"my beautiful Swan..."
"where dost thou fly away?"
"With my desires as your wings.."
"..where do you fly away to?"
"O Swan..."
"my beautiful Swan..."
"where dost thou fly away?"
"With my desires as your wings.."
"..where do you fly away to?"
How much?
- Ten rupees
You know what...
I feel so upset when I see Gaurav.
Like I feel when I see you.
The two of you are clinging
to your past so badly...
that you can't see your
present slipping out of your hands
More than my past,
I'm upset about my kid sister
I wonder where my grandmother's
soul has come from to possess her
She keeps...
Brother, I'm serious
About me or Gaurav?
You're angry only
with people you care for
You love him?
I don't know
Whenever Gaurav plays
the violin like this...
it stirs my heart
Not in this city too!
Looks like there's a
power-failure in the whole area.
You have a candle?
Who is it...?
It's me... Dev
Coming, one minute.
Hi Gauri.
Hi Dev.
Come on in.
I just need a candle
It's okay.
The doorway's a bit curved.
I trip even when there's light
And now...
I need a candle
Wait here, I'll get it
Here you are.
Thank you.
What happened?
It brought back old memories.
The first time I met Payal...
My wife.
Your wife...?
She's no more.
She died last year, of cancer.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I don't know why bad
things happen to nice people
It's alright.
It's alright.
No problem
When Gaurav finds the burden too much
to bear... this is how I comfort him too
To share someone's pain,
you need to understand it
Like you, I'll try to make
friends with pain and darkness
I don't need this anymore.
No, keep it
The power won't tell
you when it's going to fail
Maybe I don't want to lose
the chance of coming over unannounced
Here... Thanks.
What is the matter...?
Is everything okay?
This is the first time you're
introducing me to your family
- That's why.
You're meeting my family. So?
I've never appeared for exams...
after I left school. I'm a bit nervous
C'mon, don't be nervous.
But there's a problem with my family.
They're much too friendly
Sunny boy!
Papa! You'll kill him.
That's my dad, Joe D'Souza.
- Hi.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Hi mom!
- Hi!
Mom! He is Hritik.
- Sunny boy.
So pleased to meet you. So pleased...
I can see that
Mom! My mother Sunshine D'souza.
Okay? Come, let's go.
Cute boy.
My cutie-pie!
Not done to go away from our doorstep!
I told you so. Didn't I Jojo?
Oh yes
My granny, Florence D'Souza.
- Hi.
One minute. Okay. Come.
Granny also...oops.
Oh! Aunty.
He is Hritik. She is Miss D'costa
- My neighbor.
Men only want one...
Hey, Sunny boy.
Time to open the bar. C'mon!
Come on.. Come on.
Okay... relax dad...
How can you digest so much of love?
This is nothing
You ought to worry
about your own digestion
Because tonight,
Mom's going to stuff you with food...
dad's going to serve liquor
and granny's going to tell you stories
He was going to be my husband, and
instead of proposing marriage to me...
he asked me,
will you have dinner with me?
Will you go to the beach with me?
And I was scared...
that if he didn't propose at all,
how would I say yes?
And I was just...
dying to say 'Yes'
And I shall drink to that. Amen.
And then?
- No, don't!
You were eventually married,
weren't you?
So grandpa must certainly
have proposed to you
Proposed, my foot!
I had to make him propose
That's enough, Mama.
Come my dear, let's have some more...
some more drinks. Come. Come. Come.
My son, when one is high on life,
you need to drink more to remain sober
Have you...?
- Enough.. Enough..
"I didn't give it a second thought"
Looks like the young man is
friendlier with your father than you
"...that's our only wish."
Just look at that
Mr Krish
Yes mister?
The keys.
To your flat. Madam has gone out.
She left the keys for you
Gone out...? At this hour?
'Sorry, darling.
Please don't be angry'
'There was something wrong
in the song we recorded today...
and since tomorrow's the final mixing,
I have to go
I'll return soon'
'Eat well, darling.
I've cooked everything you like'
'Missus, I like nothing
when you're not around'
'Because I'm not around to stop
you, don't be silly enough to drink'
Missus, you'r
remote-controlling me
'I won't stop following
you even in your dreams'
I'll dream only when
I go to sleep, won't I?
Krish! Krish! You are awake?
If you leave me ever again,
I'm going to blast your studio
I'll help you do that
Krish, I want to live
only as your wife. Only a wife
We'll have to do something that
makes you a wife and also a star
I love you so much.
Uncle Dharam.. Uncle Dharam...
Why are you yelling, Gattu?
Where is Hritik? Tell me.
He is where he ought to be...
he's in the office! Oh yes.
- Really?
So the young has gone to the office?
On his own?
I asked him to go.
I must see this miracle for myself.
If I don't find him in the office...
you can start packing his bags.
When I return this evening...
I'll bring his ticket to Africa
Hritik! My son!
Uncle Dharam! Have a heart!
Forget about my heart. If you don't
get ready and rush to the office...
your heart's going to take the shock of
meandering through the forests of Africa
Oh No!
So dad's again threatening me...?
Your dad's really livid
And I lied to him that
you're already at the office
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Good morning sir.
Good morning.
Has Hritik come to the office?
I don't know, sir
Sonny boy, watch your step!
Has Hritik come to the office?
Hritik, my son has
he come to the office?
No sir.
Ass! Don't wash your
eyes with soap-water
If I could open my eyes I'd
know what I'm washing my eyes with
Mr Vaswani, have you seen Hritik?
No, sir. Not Shah Rukh either
Uncle, hurry up
How can you go out like that?
Dad's in a terrible mood. Hurry up.
I just knew it.
I've looked everywhere in
office and there's no trace of Hritik
Where is he, if he indeed came here?
Can someone please tell
me where the hell is my son?
Hi dad!
Good morning.
What Good morning?
Where are you coming from?
You're the one who's just come
in And I've been here all morning.
Don't lie!
I looked everywhere,
you weren't around. So where were you?
Well, I...
Did you look in the stores?
In the stores.
The stores. You didn't look there?
What were you doing in the stores?
What was I doing there...?
He was checking the stocks
What else could he do there?
Not dance, certainly
Calm down, Gattu. Gattu, you...
Uncle! This is my office
I'm not Gattu over here.
All right. You aren't
Thank you.
- Welcome.
Where have you been all these days?
Neither did I get to see
you at home nor at the office
I was busy... I'm still busy
Do you know how much of work's
lying pending this office? Ask them
Uncle Dharam...
you come with me and tell me...
where's my cabin?
Yes sir?
I'm Juan, your secretary
That bell's meant for me.
Sorry, here you are
I mean, I come when you ring that bell
Oh Okay, I got it. You mean like this?
You mean these bells
are for different secretaries?
And each one knows which is which.
You're right, sir
Cool! I like that.
What are we doing in this
office to need so many secretaries?
Mr Devdarshan Suri can
explain that to you, sir
Mr Devdarshan Suri?
Yes. The head of your music division
Which of these bells
is meant for Mr Suri?
Since his cabin is a bit far,
Mr Mittal steps out shouts for him
Mr. Devdarshan Suri.
Yes sir. Right here sir.
Hi! I'm Hritik Mittal.
So you know my name, sir.
Sure. Stop calling me sir...
and give me some work to do
You can listen to this CD, sir.
What's this?
It has been produced by our company,
sir. It's a big hit.
I think we must get this singer
to sign an exclusive contract with us
Oh yes... Raksha. Everybody's
listening to her songs nowadays
And I didn't even know our
company had produced the album
When Jojo gets hear this...
she's a huge fan of hers
Friends. We are just friends.
I understand sir.
You do?
Could you arrange a meeting
between Jojo and her at the earliest?
She'd love to meet her.
Sure, sir. I'll organize
it right today. More than Jojo...
Raksha would be happy to meet
you After all, you are the boss.
I told you, no
I'm no boss. You can call me Hritik
Please, if you don't mind,
may I have your autograph. Please..
Oh my God!
What happened?
Did I say something funny?
No, I can't believe it
all started at this restaurant
Had Krish been here,
he'd have been happier than I am
Krish? Who's that?
My husband
Maybe you don't remember.
But we have already met
On the railway platform, you were...
Oh yeah...
What a small world!
Where is Krish?
Excuse me... excuse me
I told you, no
Excuse me...
Once I say no, you must go away.
Please let me go in
No, that's not allowed.
I'm her husband. Let me go in
Whoever you are, you're not allowed.
Let him through
And you folks take
his autograph first.
Lucky chap, to have a wife like that
In your shoes, I too would
have been comfortably in bed
There's no need to work
all your life, isn't it?
That's how a wife ought to be
Hey! You are finished.
- What?
You don't realize what you've done...
whom you've done it to.
I'm the son of IG Police.
You can't even imagine
what I can do to you
Excuse me, your husband's involved
in a fight with someone out there
Your bail has been arranged. Come on.
Why do you have to take
on the whole world, Krish?
Because I'm your husband.
Only a husband.
I'm glad the I.G.
Turned out to be my fan.
Or a case would've been
registered against you.
You know what it could've led to?
What could it have led to? What?
You needn't have used your
stardom to have me released.
I don't regret what I did.
If that I.G.'s son does
a thing like this again...
I'll break his nose all over again
He only called you my husband.
And that's the truth.
Isn't it?
Just that you're my husband.
Yes, I am.
But not the kind of husband
the world thinks I am.
What have we to do with
what the others think, Krish?
See these stars?
You're a star too, Raksha.
And the city seeks
your glitter from you.
All the time. All the bloody time.
Among them, I...
Rachna... Dev!
Rachna, where's Dev?
What happened?
Please help! Please hurry up.
- Dev!
- What happened, Gauri?
Come with me, Dev. Gaurav...
- Gaurav...?
My god!
Oh my god.
Nothing can be said as yet
We'll have to wait the night
for him to get over the danger
We'll have to have courage...
especially you.
Rachna, you can't... Rachna.
Rachna, don't go there.
They won't let you meet Gaurav.
Sometimes I think I've tied
him and life together in ropes...
and stopped him from dying.
Will I let him go
away just like that...?
For me, he's...
Don't even say something
you don't believe me.
What happened tonight
which led Gaurav to...?
It has nothing to
do with tonight, Dev.
It has to do with the date.
Exactly a year ago,
on this very day...
Gaurav met with that accident.
'Darling, I'm working late.
Mala's on leave...
and I didn't find the
time to prepare dinner'
'Please look in the fridge.
You'll surely find something'
'See you soon.'
"I've nothing to complain about.."
"..in life, except you"
"I've nothing to complain"
"But then life is no life.."
"..without you too"
"life, without you too"
"Except for you,
I've no complaint in life"
"How I wish I could
cuddle up to you.."
"..and cry my eyes out"
"How I wish I could
cuddle up to you.."
"..and cry my eyes out"
"But then your eyes.."
"..are not wet with tears either"
"I've no other complaint in life.."
"..except you..."
"I've no other complaint in life.."
"but life has no meaning.."
"..without you, either"
"life, without you too"
"If you say so,
the moon shall not set tonight..."
"..ask the night to go on"
"If you say so,
the moon shall not set tonight..."
"..ask the night to go on"
"Between you and me,
we have hardly any time left now"
"I've no other complaint
in life except you"
"Really, no complaint at all"
"For life,
without you has no meaning either"
"It really is meaningless...
Believe me"
"I've no complaint in life...
except for you"
I gave you the cassette
of my songs a month ago
You said you'd listen
to it immediately.
I'm sorry, I was busy.
Why don't you understand?
All right,
please return my cassette to me
Really? You do put on airs, I say.
Dozens of better singers are
struggling to make it in the city
Better singers? How do you know?
You didn't have the
time to listen to my songs
I don't need to either
I've been around for 20 years.
From the way they talk
I get to know their worth.
Here. Good bye.
Hey Krish!
What brings you here?
I'm trying to earn a living.
Stop kidding
You're Raksha's husband.
You shouldn't be saying such things
Mr Khanna, being Raksha's
husband isn't employment in itself
Mr. Khanna please go inside.
Excuse me
Excuse me Mr. Krish
I'd be very happy
to record a song with you
But your experience tells
you that I'm no singer at all
Why must you embarrass me?
Actually, I didn't know
you're Raksha's husband and I...
And I didn't know being
Raksha's husband was...
the qualification of a good singer.
No, Mr Krish...
What will you take to go to hell?
Relax Krish. Relax.
I'm no good... worthless!
I'm really a failure.
No, Krish. You're not a failure.
Not just the city,
this country, the whole world will...
acknowledge what
a great singer you are.
Look at me Krish.
Soon. Very soon
Good morning.
- Good morning
He's better. He's a bit weak,
but he's out of danger
Thank you doc.
You may meet him
Thanks for everything Dev.
I couldn't have spent
the night on my own
Except sitting down with you,
I've done nothing else
That was enough
"I must tell you..."
"for the first time today..."
"you are the one who
has brought love into my life"
"I must tell you..."
"for the first time today..."
"you are the one who
has brought love into my life"
"There's so much
more I have to tell you"
"There's so much
more I have to tell you"
"But how will I tell you everything.."
"..in people's presence?"
"But this much I
must tell you today..."
"you are the one who
has brought love into my life"
"My heart has already
taken you for my own"
"My heart has already
taken you for my own"
"I see a dream with my eyes open"
"You are putting.."
"..your arms around me"
"You are the one who
has brought love into my life"
"I must tell you..."
"for the first time today..."
"you are the one who
has brought love into my life
"Love, love, love"
What are you up to?
I'm running. Without getting anywhere
Yes, he's very much here
Call for you, Krish.
Impossible. Nobody calls me
Must be a wrong number.
No wrong number
It's for you.
Hello. Yes.
Yes. Yes of course.
It's fantastic to see you.
It gives me great pleasure
to welcome a great singer like you
No, sir. I'm the one who's happy
It's almost like a dream.
- Yes.
Krish, don't worry.
With a wife like Raksha, it doesn't
take long to realize your dreams
What do you mean?
That you're a great singer...
Raksha has told us. Raksha's
already recording a number for us
You're a good singer, no doubt
But it'll be amazing when
the two of you sing together
Our company...
Hey! What's wrong with you man?
May we change it a bit?
Why did you do it?
They wanted you to sing. Not me
I was a bribe they gave
you and you accepted it.
Krish please...
Every man has to make
a beginning somewhere
He takes help from
someone or the other.
I don't want your help!
Why not? Because I'm your wife?
Can't you consider
me to be your friend?
For God's sake Krish. Am I an enemy?
If has to do with your
name and not my talent alone...
you certainly are an enemy.
If it's your promise that's
valued and not my talent...
you certainly are an enemy
If my destiny is a slave to
your mercy, you certainly are an enemy
I do not wish to stand
on you to increase my stature
"Among thorns, I stand..."
"my eyes eagerly awaiting you..."
"dreaming of Spring"
"Like sands in a desert..."
"lights up my face"
"How am I to know, my love.."
"..what a dark night of sorrow is?"
"A hundred lamps were lit.."
"..whenever I uttered your name"
"How am I to know, my love.."
"..what a dark night of sorrow is?"
"A hundred lamps were lit.."
"..whenever I uttered your name"
"How am I to know, my love..."
"I will keep rhyming
the rhymes of my heart"
"I will keep rhyming.."
I'm convinced you're going senile,
Uncle Dharam
If being happy is senility,
I've been senile all my life, son
"I will keep rhyming.."
What is the matter Gattu?
Gattu again?
"I will keep rhyming.."
Let's decide this once and for all.
Sit in the car, come on
"I will keep rhyming"
My mind works better in a moving car
You're in the wrong seat
People will think you're
taking your chauffeur for a drive
To hell with... just sit in the car
With you, or in the backseat?
Cool it... just cool it, Gattu
Hritik is a fool
He doesn't understand
the world and women
Which is why I had
entrusted him in your care
To keep him away from women
who want to trap him for his wealth
And what did you do? You
let him fall in a trap like that...
and just watched the fun.
- No Gattu!
I keep tabs on everything.
Watch it, you ass!
We'll ram into something...
careful! Cool it!
I feel ashamed when I think
I'm the one who taught you to drive
Looks like they've
laid a very elaborate trap
But I will never be able to
see my son go to seed before my eyes
I will not tolerate that
You're testing my tolerance, dad
I'm in love with Jojo and you have
no right to say such things about her
Uncle Dharam, make him see reason.
Jojo? What kind of name is Jojo?
We'll call her Jaswinder after
the wedding. Just cool it till then
He hasn't even lost his milk-teeth...
and he's already
obsessed with marriage!
How do you know this
girl isn't after your wealth?
Can you prove me wrong?
If she gets to know that
you don't have a penny...
she'll disappear like...
Horns from a donkey's head
He's out to fall in love!
Where are you going?
To find out what is right.
My heart? Or is it your brains
See you dad.
Want me to fetch the car
or will you go in an auto-rickshaw?
So what do you want to ask?
Whenever I want to discuss
something with you...
you bring me to this restaurant
where this dosa stands between us!
So what's to blame?
The issue or the dosa?
Jojo, won't you marry me?
Say something
for God's sake, say something.
I'm thinking of something to say.
Why think?
Just say that you're marrying me.
I want to say yes...
There you are.
But will you be able
to afford marriage with me?
Afford? You must be kidding
I'm one of the richest
men in this country
No... your Papa is one
of the richest men in the country
One and the same thing.
No. It's not one and the same thing.
You haven't earned a penny on your own
I mean, will you be able to afford
a wife and kids on your own earnings?
I don't understand this.
My Papa's wealth belongs to me
No. It's very simple.
If you wish to marry me,
you'll have to forget
about your Papa's wealth
You mean you're not interested
in my Papa's wealth...?
You aren't?
She refused to marry you
because I have wealth? How dare she!
I'll show her what it means
to turn down Gautam Mittal's son
Oh! C'mon dad...
You were worried that
she was eyeing your money
And you're angry now that
she won't sell out to your money.
She's right too. Apart from
being Gautam Kumar Mittal's son...
what identity do I have of my own?
You don't need an identity, son
I can buy anything for you.
Make him see sense, Uncle Dharam
Dad, that which is not for sale,
you can only evaluate...
you can't pay a price for it.
Between evaluating and paying...
there's just a deal that takes place.
I know how to get around to that, son
It's to settle everything
that we're here, baby
Gattu and I...
you have no problems, I hope?
Dad has no problems with the wedding.
Or why'd he come here to talk it over?
Exactly, sonny boy.
You know how stubborn Jojo can be
Which is why I got your
dad to talk to her directly
Wow! You make nice coffee.
This cake's amazing too
Thank you uncle.
But I want you to make this
cake and coffee in my house henceforth
Hritik is my only son.
He has always got what he wanted
He's in love with you
I'm here to fix a date
for your wedding, my child
What do you say?
I'll give you the same answer...
I gave your son.
I do want to marry him...
but only when he makes an identity
for himself, apart from being your son
I can't deny I'm
my father's son, can I?
And who'd give Gautam
Mittal's son a job?
You know son, we've given Jojo a
lot of independence in her upbringing
If tomorrow she decides to marry
Albert the mechanic, I can't stop her
If she refuses to marry
you and you go away...
I'm going to say good bye
to this swanky 6.5 million car...
...with 2 billion rupees
Are you okay?
My daughter is a fool!
You know what I mean.
But, we must still be friends.
You know what I mean
I'm not a car you can let
go when you've had too much of it
I want to be a wife,
for whom her husband can make a home
On his own strength.
Am I asking for too much?
No, not at all
Your words remind me
of the woman I once knew.
Who's that?
- A woman...
...who was my wife for years.
Hritik's mother.
Oh! Okay.
I can now see why my
son is in love with you.
Shall we leave, uncle?
Before I leave,
I'd like to know something, my child
You do love my son, don't you?
That's enough for me
This is not a bad place either
The Sun is in a hurry to set,
and you're eager too
So pop the question
Didn't you want to ask me something?
Well, yes...
Gauri, I want to start life afresh.
I want to marry you
To be honest...
so do I.
Really? Is that true?
I can't marry you, Dev.
Why not...?
Why not, Gauri?
There's a time for everything, Dev.
An opportune time
And I think I have let it
slip out of my hands.
There's just Gaurav and me.
Apart from each other...
there's no one else in our lives.
And he's always going to need me
Can't he belong to all of us?
You are setting out in
the rains with a bundle of cotton
Your burden will only increase
It's very difficult to live
with Gaurav and understand him
Gauri, stop worrying about Gaurav.
He'll be cured
How will he be cured? How?
I saw the doctor only this afternoon
He says, with the help of psycho-therapy
and drugs in America...
Gaurav can be cured.
But it's very expensive
I can't see you being
ruined all over again, Dev
One large whisky
May I steal your cigarette, friend?
Sure, but why only half?
No! Thanks. I'm trying to give it up
One large whisky
Why are you staring like that?
You don't look the drinking types
Any problem?
Yes, there is.
There's a woman behind the problem?
Welcome to the club.
You, sir?
To hell with sir
I've told you so often
not to be formal with me
One large whisky
You too...?
Me too?
You've met Krish, haven't you?
You met him that night.
Hey Krish!
Hi Mr. Romantic!
We met again.
I've heard so much about you.
You're a great artist
The greatest of the artists is money.
Which makes you the best of them all.
Absolutely wrong.
My bloody problems
begin with my wealth
Love is sometimes based on
terribly unreasonable conditions
Where's my drink man?
Take my advise, my friend.
Never fall in love
You ought to have told me earlier.
I'm already in love now
"is meant for those..."
"who, with the beloved's
name on their lips..."
"will die, will be destroyed..."
"and get a bad name for themselves"
"Forget it, friends..."
"we won't ever fall in love"
"Forget it, friends..."
"we won't ever fall in love"
"A lost drink one
can always retrieve..."
"but may no one ever
play with someone's heart"
"A lost drink one
can always retrieve..."
"but may no one ever
play with someone's heart"
"Should one be heart-broken...
the things that can happen"
"is meant for those..."
"who, with the beloved's
name on their lips..."
"die, destroy themselves..."
"and get a bad name"
"Never mind, forget it...
we'll never fall in love"
"Never mind, forget it...
we'll never fall in love"
"I'm afraid I might be
hooked when I look into her eyes"
"The lanes of the beautiful girls,
I walk by..."
"I'm afraid I might be
hooked when I look into her eyes"
"The lanes of the beautiful girls,
I walk by..."
"with a distant salute"
"is meant for those..."
"who, with the beloved's
name on their lips..."
"will die, will be destroyed..."
"and earn ill-fame"
"Forget it, friends...
we'll never ever fall in love"
"Never mind...
we'll never fall in love"
"Never mind, forget it...
we'll never fall in love"
"Never mind, forget it...
we'll never fall in love"
Raksha, Raksha, Raksha!
What is the matter?
Happy birthday to you.
Sorry, dear.
I had money only for a single rose
It isn't just a rose, Krish
More than the fragrance,
it's full of your love
What can be a better gift for me?
Happy birthday Raksha
And I thought...
- Wrong
I'd love to die,
had I the courage to jump off
Besides, I couldn't give you
such a horrible gift on this day, no?
Why Krish?
Being your husband is a honor to me
And honor is priceless.
Stop it, Krish
What are you punishing me for?
How long will you
keep denying our success?
Hey Raksha, let's not fool ourselves.
It's your success. Only yours.
What did you say?
The truth! What else do I say?
And what do I do?
Should I dance in joy because
you are a successful star?
Or do I jump off, because
I'm worthless, a bloody failure?
Darn it!
Raksha, you used to be so loving
And now, you empathize me
Look at me,
and tell me where I have gone wrong
Is it my fault that
on your birthday...
my rose stands out like a bastard
before all the flowers in the world?
Your success, instead of a
stepping stone, is creating a rift.!
My fault?
I fell stifled
I'm feeling suffocated.
I'll take it as long as I can...
then I'll die
And you and I will be free
What's going on?
Madam wants them thrown out
Where is she?
She's gone out. Left a note for you.
'Krish, I'm quitting this house.
It could never become a home'
'I wish you understood that my success
lies in your love, not in my songs.'
'Perhaps you don't need me anymore'
'For all my efforts to hold us
together you thought I was helping.'
'I love you dearly, Krish,
and I want you to save yourself.'
'You could give me only
a rose on my birthday..'
..a priceless gift for me.'
'So I leave my priceless
gift for you. But I promise...
'I hear you calling me from the
bottom of your heart, I'll return.'
I love you Krish. I love you.
Anything can happen.
If Gaurav wills,
he can discard the wheel-chair, now.
You really think so doc?
Can he really...
If Gaurav wills, I said.
It's natural to trip and fall.
but if someone doesn't
want to stand up,
don't blame it on his legs.
Here we are. The Johns Hopkins
Way View Medical Center...
Director David Helmen,
Department of Medicine,
Dr. Jim Greenwood,
from American College of Surgeons.
I have discussed Gaurav's
case with many of my colleagues.
You see, money is not the issue.
Physically, he can be cured.
But the advantage
of spending so money...
can be had only when Gaurav
decides to rise, and live.
Believe me Mr. Suri
Nothing works more than the desire
to live. Neither medicine nor prayers
But the advantage
of spending so money...
can be had only when Gaurav
decides to rise, and live
Voice of the Year.
Fifty lakhs.
What...? Why do you
want to go to Africa now?
Because Africa is faraway from here,
faraway from Jojo
Running away, son?
How I wish I could run away...
I'm merely going away
Dad, please give me
the passport and the ticket.
No son, why must you...?
Dad please. Let's not argue on this.
Love blew his fuse.
But what's wrong with your brains,
Gattu? Paralyzed?
Uncle, don't call me Gattu!
I will! Gattu! Gattu! Gattu!
You don't use your brains at all!
He's leaving the country
And you take a dig at me?
What will he earn without
using my name? Tell me
I'll explain.
He might be good for nothing
but my lion does sing so well
Even his wails were rhythmic.
Don't laugh.
He has taken after his mother, not you
Singing? I never thought...
Rack your brains then.
Huge posters have been
pasted all over the city
There's going to be a singing contest.
A big competition for singers
The winner takes 5 million, and...
what you call that round thing?
CD, right. Use it to find your love
Son, you've always sung for medals
and cups.
This time, sing for your love
All right, I'll sponsor
the show and bribe the judges
No? Okay. Forget it.
Dad, this time I don't want
to use your support to stand up
As for using the passport and ticket,
I'll decide after the competition
Yes? What can I do for you?
Nothing... nothing for me
But for the sake of your happiness
someone stays away from you...
don't you care for her sacrifice?
Krish, go and bring her back.
Do something
Do what?
She won't ever return to me.
She might not even trust me anymore
I can do nothing.
You can sing
That's what you think, not others.
A jumbo singing contest is coming up
Millions in prize. The winner
also gets to record an album
You will sing. And everyone
will listen, perhaps Raksha too
That's fine,
but for that I'll have to win
Let alone winning,
I don't even think I can participate
Don't worry at all.
I'll get your entry registered
Why? Because I'm Raksha's husband?
Could Raksha have sent you here?
No you bloody idiot. No.
Before I heard Raksha,
I had offered you a job,
because I liked your voice
Raksha was merely your wife, then
When did pride sneak into you?
You relentlessly wanted her to succeed
but you couldn't take her success
You always drove her,
sometimes towards success,
and now, towards loneliness
If you wish to make your
dreams come true, learn to rise.
If you don't trust yourself,
at least don't make
a mockery of others' trust.
rise, fight, and win
For winning, you need no
permissions nor recommendation
"My voice is my only identity"
That was Mehzabeen.
And now we are down to
our final three contestants.
So ladies and gentlemen
Contestant 18 is Hritik Mittal
of the illustrious Mittal family
No better introduction for him, right?
So make way for Hritik Mittal.
Hritik, your name has been announced.
She's not here yet. She promised me
Patience, son. Put the gear,
and step up on the accelerator
You won't win if she comes.
But she will come to you if you win
Go! Make it!
"Last night I dreamt of a maiden..."
"embracing me"
"Last night I dreamt of a maiden..."
"embracing me"
"And in the morning when I woke up..."
"I saw her before me"
"Last night I dreamt of a maiden..."
"embracing me"
"You can say I'm in love..."
"you can even laugh it over"
"What's come over me, unknown to me?"
"Tell me, if you know"
"You can say I'm in love..."
"you can even laugh it over"
"What's come over me, unknown to me?"
"Tell me, if you know"
"As she steps in..."
"why do I hear my heartstrings strum?"
"Last night I dreamt of a maiden..."
"embracing me"
"And when I woke up in the morning..."
"I found her right before me"
"Last night I dreamt of a maiden..."
"embracing me"
After Hritik Mittal,
it's contestant 19, Krish Kumar's turn
He's from Mumbai,
and he wants to make a
mark only in the world of music
So here he comes... Krish Kumar.
I sing not just for
competition's sake.
This song is for
the one I dearly love.
I don't know why I
feel that you can hear me.
That you are listening to me.
I was in the wrong because...
I thought you were not a part of me.
I forgot that love unites two hearts,
it doesn't separate
Raksha, you're dearer to me than life
You promised to return
if I were to call you
from the bottom of my heart.
"What am I without you?"
"What am I without you?"
"From this world..."
"I never desired anyone but you"
"What am I without you?"
"From this world..."
"I never desired anyone but you"
"Only you"
"See through me, I'm love"
"Come, embrace me, I'm pining for you"
"You have no idea..."
"what I went through
looking for you..."
"in love for you"
attention please,
this is the last
and final call for passengers..
Raksha, it's the last and final call.
Yes, it's perhaps
the last and final call
"I never desired anyone but you"
"Only you"
It's wise to miss the flight than life
"How can you stay apart from me?"
"My prayers shall rend
asunder all the hurdles"
"You will have to come, for my sake"
"For, you are the only one
who can lead me out of the dark"
"What am I without you?"
"What am I without you?"
"From this world..."
"I never desired anything but you"
"Nothing but you"
"Only you"
As I said, music is magic
And we've seen
a glimpse of the magic
And last but not the least,
the last contestant of the evening
Make way for Mr. Devdarshan Suri
I don't want to sing
this song all alone tonight
Today, I seek melody from a voice...
and crutches from somebody
"It has stopped raining..."
"the clouds have cleared"
"It has stopped raining..."
"the clouds have cleared"
"For a glimpse of you,
O beautiful one, I still pine"
"When will the thirst
of my eyes be quenched...?"
"I lament all the while"
"In the window opposite mine"
"lives a moonlike beauty"
"In the window opposite mine"
"lives a moonlike beauty"
"She's always angry with me"
"In the window opposite mine"
"lives a moonlike beauty"
"Ever since I have seen her"
"I have stopped lighting lamps"
"Ever since I have seen her"
"I have stopped lighting lamps"
"I clutch my heart..."
"I go nowhere"
"Every moment.."
"..it's her beautiful
face that remains in my eyes"
"In the window opposite mine"
"lives a moonlike beauty"
"In the window opposite mine"
"lives a moonlike beauty"
"She's always angry with me"
"In the window opposite mine"
"lives a moonlike beauty"
C'mon Gaurav
Shall we?
Hi friends.
Today's evening...
it's time for the results.
Excuse me... Excuse me... See you.
Where to...?
All the contestants
have given their best.
You guys wait for the results.
I've already got my reward
It's result time.
All the best.
- Okay. Bye.
- Shall we?
The judges have chosen
the winner of this contest.
The Pass-Pass Voice of the year
Ladies and gentlemen
The winner is...
Krish Kumar
You did it.
- Thanks.
Excuse me
Dad... dad!
- Yes
Yes my dear...
Looks like Africa's my destiny.
No, it's okay.
Nothing doing dad,
just give me the passport.
No... you needn't go away
I'll see you at the airport dad.
Sorry. Excuse me
I'm sorry.
My first attempt has met with failure.
It isn't so easy to earn money.
That you have taken a first step...
is enough for me
You've won, Hritik. You've won
What is it?
Look... over there
Jaswinder and Hritik!
C'mon everybody,
let's give him a big hand.
Congratulations Krish.
And here's your cheque for 5 million!
Alright. Yeah!
Nowadays, without a word,
when there's a blast...
it makes your heart skip a beat
And there have been three
blasts in my life this evening
This one, this one...
and that one there
I have a weak heart.
That one blast is enough for me.
I love you.
Each one of us here sang
for ourselves... for the self.
But there is someone here
who sang not for himself...
he sang for someone else.
In a strange way, he's responsible
for this success of mine too.
And I think, more than me...
he really deserves this reward
So ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome with
a big round of applause
Mr. Devdarshan Suri.
Yes Gaurav... C'mon Gaurav...
C'mon Gaurav... you can do it.
"Fond memories are being
rekindled in the heart"
"The melody of our
dreams seeks the days past"
"So sing a song of love..."
"sing with me"
"Fond memories are being
rekindled in the heart"
"May this mood never change"
"We shall never part"
"May this mood never change"
"We shall never part"
"Where will you go away...?
You already belong to me"
"Fond memories are
rekindled in the heart"
"The melody of our
dreams seeks the days past"
"So sing a song of love...
"sing with me"
"Fond memories are
rekindled in the heart"
"Fond memories are
rekindled in the heart"
"Fond memories are
rekindled in the heart"