Dilan 1991 (2019) Movie Script

My name is Milea
You already know parts of my story.
Yes, the story of Dilan and me
from the first time we met...
... until we're officially dating.
The imperfect Dilan...
who doesn't monopolize truth,
whom I fell in love with.
The Dilan who has
redecorated my life...
and compelled me to check every morning
if he's still on Earth as soon as I wake up.
And now, I want to continue the story.
My writing skill is not exceptional.
But I made a point to be honest
in what write.
Of all the things I've gone
through back then.
Of him who'd turned me into a nest
of longings, to this day.
He is Dilan.
War Commander of one
of Bandung's motorbike gangs.
I decided to date Dilan because
he can always ensnare me...
... with situations where I feel
more than just happy.
Dilan can make me feel safe
living in this supposedly dangerous world.
Lia, do you know I can stop the rain?
- How?
- Rain, stop!
It's not stopping.
Right, it can't hear me
because it doesn't have ears.
I can also stop this bike, you know?
You just need to hit the brakes, right?
- How come you know?
- Even babies would know that, Dilan.
Babies know how to ride motorbikes?
I can also cast a spell
to make you hug me closer.
You won't need a spell for that.
22 December, 1990.
The day we're officially a couple.
The day where I felt happy.
So very happy. Too happy.
If my parents forbid me
from dating you, then what?
I don't mind not being able to date you.
As long as you exist on Earth,
that's enough to make me happy.
- What do you wish to be?
- A pilot. You?
Married to you.
Do you want to?
I do!
A Movie By
Fajar Bustomi, Pidi Baiq
- Shoud I kiss you?
- Huh?
What huh?
- Maybe later...
- What's later?
Or do this instead.
Alright then, I'll take my leave.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
- Yes?
- Have you understand those?
- I have. - If you haven't,
Brother Adi fails as your mentor.
I have understood, Brother.
Brother Adi almost forgets.
Brother Adi just bought a novel.
This is a romance novel,
titled Madame Bovary.
Written by Gustave Flaubert, Lia.
The setting is during the French war.
It ends tragically,
with the main character committing suicide.
Brother Adi wants to cry
when reading this, Lia.
- Cry?
- Yes.
Here Lia, Brother Adi will lend you
this to read.
No need, Brother, since I already know
how it's going to end.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too. Come in, Dilan.
Oh, hi! I'm Dilan.
- Melati.
- No!
- Who's Melati then? - This is Airin,
she plays the piano very well.
Cool. Let's sing later.
- Dilan can play the guitar.
- You have one?
- Yes.
- Lia must study first.
Oh, who is this?
- Mom, this is Dilan.
- I'm Milea's Mom.
- So I've finally found you, Dilan.
- But I was never lost, Ma'am.
- He's funny. Have a seat.
- Alright.
Dilan, there's a phone call for you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm sorry, which Lia is this?
- It's me, Milea.
Where? How come only the voice
is here but not the person?
- It's confusing.
- I'm serious!
Don't be too serious.
Leave that to Neil Armstrong.
I'm guessing you must be pretty,
with beautiful eyes.
- And? - Your hair must be long
and thick, right?
- And then?
- You're wearing a green shirt now.
- Wrong.
- How come...
According to schedule,
today should be green.
- Who made the schedule? - Not sure.
And not important too, since it's wrong.
Just like me, the wrong place.
Now I'm sure that you're
the real Milea.
- How?
- Your laugh is beautiful.
Thank you.
... I miss you.
Mom, someone is missing me.
- Dilan.
- Who?
- The Dolphin-eater.
- Dilan.
Hi, beautiful.
Hi, Mother.
So this is the person who misses Dilan?
I miss Mother too.
You know, I just scolded him
for having a fight.
Surely there are other ways
to settle problems
The two of you are officialy
a couple now, right?
- Yes, Mother.
- Then...
... would you rather call me "Mother",
or "Future in-law"?
Lia, now that the two of you
are a couple,...
... you have the right to warn Dilan.
Scold him if he does something bad
Yes Mother, Dilan can scold Lia too
if Lia does bad.
Alright then.
If I continue to chat with you,
your boyfriend might get jealous.
Bye then.
Make her happy.
Roger that.
You said you miss me,
but chat with Mother instead.
I miss Mother too.
Is it true that Mother
just scolded you?
Mother is very serious when scolding,
especially when we are in the wrong.
We have to be responsible, she said.
So, you can be serious too,
just like Neil Armstrong.
Being Neil Armstrong is useless.
After going so far to the moon,
he didn't even get to be your boyfriend.
- Lia.
- Yes?
- Let's sleep together tonight.
- Huh?
Yeah, you'll sleep in your room,
and I'll sleep in mine...
... but during the same time.
That's sleeping together.
- Now?
- At 21.00.
- Let's sleep. - Ok, now let's sync
our clock first.
It's 20.40 here.
It's 20.41 here.
So, at 21.00, okay?
So, at 21.00 in your house,
is at 1 past 9 in mine?
Right, before we sleep,
we'll say good night, okay?
- Okay.
- Then go prepare first.
- Wash your hands...
- Okay.
- Wash your feet...
- Yes.
- Wash the dishes.
- Hey, why the dishes?
Okay then,
bye Lia.
Bye Dilan.
Good night Dilan.
My lovely Dilan.
I miss you.
- Will father be back today, Mom?
- That's what he said.
So later this afternoon,
me and Airin will go to his office villa.
Yeay, so we'll be staying the night?
Yes, so take your bath first, dear.
Go on.
Dilan called earlier,
he said he'll pick you up
- Yes. - But he said
he's preparing sounds first.
What sounds?
For pregnant Moms aerobics,
or something.
There, your boyfriend.
Thank you Mom.
You're in uniform?
Aren't you still suspended?
- Where's Mom?
- She's inside. Mom?
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
- We'll be leaving Mom.
- Alright Dilan, be careful.
We're going Mom.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Want some chocolate sandwich?
Here, say "ah"...
- Gangster but spoon-fed.
- Right.
- Taking care of Moms aerobics too.
- Right.
What kind of gangster is this?
Sounds for pregnant Moms?
Why stop?
Ran out of sandwich.
- Here.
- What's this?
Your fee, Mr. Driver.
Not bad, for snacks at Aunty Eem's kiosk.
- Okay, I'll be going.
- Take care.
The teachers meeting must be talking
not only about the reports...
... but also about Dilan's case.
So, will Dilan be expelled or not?
Hush, don't say that,
that should never happen.
That's why Lia, pray.
Wish that the teachers will be tolerant.
I pray that the teachers
will get amnesia.
- Hush, Lia.
- I want to go to Aunty Eem's kiosk.
- Is Dilan there?
- He took me to school earlier.
Okay, happy dating.
Oh, it's official?
Let Wati update you.
I'm going to Aunty Eem's kiosk.
Go ahead.
- Ah, Lia.
- Hi.
I want to talk to you
about the Sports and Arts Meet.
Oy, don't bother her.
Lia wants to go dating.
What's with the Sports and Arts Meet?
- It's...
- Li...
- Dilan.
- Why?
A fight.
- Where?
- Who knows?
Be gentle, Kew.
- Painful?
- Nope.
Fight with who?
Who did you fight with, Dilan?
CIA agents.
I'm serious!
- Aunty?
- Yes?
- Who did he fight?
- Aunty Eem doesn't know either.
Dilan was alone,
then 4 guys came.
And they suddenly beat him
without warnings.
Kew, who were they?
I don't know, Lia.
I arrived only after the fight.
I told you already, CIA agents.
Do you know them?
I don't, they're not familiar.
- They just ganged upon you,
all of a sudden? - Yes.
punching people without warnings.
It's not weird at all, Lia.
You expect them to ask me
for permissi on first?
Peace be upon you Bro Dilan,
excuse me, I want to punch you.
I'm serious!
I'm worried, Dilan, of your safety.
Not to mention the risk
of you getting expelled.
I will be sad if you're not around.
- But I'll still be in this Earth.
- You just got ganged up.
How if something happened to you?
I want you to continue school.
I want you to go to college, Dilan.
Say hi to Mother and Disa for me.
Please repeat after me.
- Repeat what?
- Just repeat after me.
You, Dilan.
Why are you crying?
It's nothing.
Hey, don't cry, okay?
- Take care, Dilan.
- Okay, but don't cry.
I won't.
Alright then,
I'll be going, okay?
But don't cry, okay?
You're a big girl.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
- Miss?
- Come in,Aunty.
There's a letter from Jakarta.
From Beni.
- Thank you, Aunty.
- You're welcome.
My ex-boyfriend who's in Jakarta.
I don't have anymore feelings
for him...
while he still asks me
to get back together with him.
It's cold.
I don't want you to get sick.
Thank you, dear.
Beni is indeed romantic.
Back then, everything he did
seemed cool to me.
Up until that time he called me...
You whre!
- It's cold.
- Right.
But I won't lend you my jacket, Lia.
- Why not? - If I lend you this jacket,
then I'll get sick.
If I got sick,
who's going to take care of you?
What if I'm the one who got sick?
If you become sick,
I'll be suspicious.
You must be pretending,
so I would visit you.
- Right?
- Right.
Now I already have Dilan.
Dilan, who chose
not to lend me his jacket.
Dilan, who is modest.
Dilan, who is different.
Going back to that day...
... I was really worried that Dilan
would be expelled from the school.
But I was also angry that Dilan
didn't seem to care.
But my anger would simply vanish
quickly each time he talks to me.
Life becomes lighter.
Life would seem so simple.
- This is Saturday night.
- I know.
So, what time can I come to date you?
This will be my first official date night.
But you're still hurt.
You just got beaten up earlier.
All healed.
Still, you're not to go anywhere.
Until you're better.
Aunty, there's someone at the door.
Yes, Miss.
Who is it?
- Aunty.
- Mr. Adi, welcome.
It's Brother Adi.
I don't feel like seeing him.
Pretend you're scolding me
through the phone.
Yes, so that Brother Adi will hear and feel
uneasy knowing you're in a bad mood.
- Now?
- Yes, go on, quick.
Darn you.
What do you take me for?
An idol girl.
Shut up!
Have you no shame?
Right, I have no shame for going back home
with my neighbor's underwear.
- And it's too big.
- Shut up!
- Pancasila, first...
- Won't you shut up already?
Go ahead now,
slam the phone down quickly.
- Lia?
- Brother.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
A guy?
Guys nowadays are jerks, Lia.
Okay then,
tonight Lia doesn't have to study.
And since tonight is Saturday night,...
... why don't we go sightseeing, Lia?
Lia is tired.
Calm down, Lia.
Guys are like that, Lia. Lia has to be firm,
so they'll know their place.
Including Brother Adi?
Of course not.
But you're also a guy.
- Thank you, Aunty.
- You're welcome. Have a drink.
What's that?
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
how many are you with?
Why so many?
- Where's Mom and Arin?
- They're staying over at Dad's office villa.
What are you doing,
bringing so many?
- Celebrating our official date.
- What?
- But Brother Adi is here.
- Great, he'll be our witness.
In the name of God, The Most Gracious,
The Most Merciful. Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
All of you, my friends, my brothers
in the motorbike gang, good evening.
In this joyous night, in this occasion...
... would like to officialy announce,
starting December 22...
... I and Milea Adnan Hussain,
are officially a couple.
Let's congratulate them.
Thank you.
Lia, Brother Adi will be going now.
Okay, Brother.
Thank you.
Let's go out after this Okay?
You spend every night like this?
Do you like it?
I want to be with you always.
If God wills.
- Stil not sleeping, Aunty?
- Not yet. Want to have dinner, Miss?
No, I just want to get
some water for Dilan.
- Let me do it.
- No need, I'll do it.
- Still not asleep, Aunty?
- Not yet.
Watching TV?
- What show is this?
- Not sure. But it's exciting.
Here's your warm water.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Let's go back to the front.
- Aunty, let's go.
- Where to?
- The front.
- I don't want to.
- Come on.
- No, I'll just stay here.
- Come.
- I don't want to.
- Until tomorrow then?
- Okay.
It's raining. What will happen
to your friends?
It's a good thing.
Else they won't bathe.
Do you want to delegate it,
or do it yourself?
Don't laugh.
Dilan is waiting for your answer.
I'll do it myself.
I will never forget that night.
It will forever stay in my memory.
Thumping heart,
the never-ending happy feeling.
Oh, I have really let myself
fall in love with Dilan.
Where's Dad, Mom, and Airin?
They went to Aunt Anis
from Dad's office villa earlier.
Yesterday, Brother Adi visited my lodging.
Right, Brother Adi
is Uncle Faris' friend.
Yes, and then he told me
you're in a biker gang's meet.
And that last night
you threw a party.
What party was it, Lia?
A drinkng party.
They all got drunk.
And then they held Lia captive.
My heart is held captive,
and tortured with longings.
- Dilan?
- Yes. Lia is dating Dilan now.
Why is Lia with Dilan?
Dilan is...
Dilan is a bad boy?
A rotten apple?
Just because he's in a motorbike gang?
Uncle, how would you feel if I say
that your girlfriend is bad,...
... a rotten apple,
how would you feel then?
Tell Brother Adi, if he wants to get to Lia,
don't use Lia's uncle for support.
And tell him
to stop badmouthing Dilan.
Alright then.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
Good morning, Aunt Anis.
Oh my, Lia?
Yes, aunty.
So pretty.
- You're in senior high?
- Yes.
Oh my God,
so pretty.
- Your house is so beautiful.
- Thank you
Is this Faris?
Your brother?
Do you remember him?
- Yugo?
- Lia.
- How are you?
- Great.
Aunt Anis is a distant cousin of Dad.
Her house used to be next
to ours in Jakarta.
She married a Belgian,
whom I call Uncle Johan.
And Yugo is their only child.
Already starting to think
from early age.
What a lively chat.
Look here, there he is.
Yugo and Lia were in the same
elementary school, right?
Yes, but different by 3 years.
When Yugo was 14,
they all moved to Belgium.
Since then, I don't know
what happened to them.
- Have a drink, Lia.
- Yes, thank you.
So, Aunty, what made you decide
to move to Bandung?
It's because of Yugo's request.
Why is that?
Perhaps because the city is romantic.
I never expected to be able
to meet you again.
- How long were you in Begium?
- 6 years.
I thought you would've forgotten
to speak Indonesian.
No way.
Lia, do you know Bandung well?
Pretty much.
Want to go sightseeing with me?
Sure, but not today.
Lia, Yugo said he wants to visit
our house tomorrow.
Yes, he also told Lia as well.
What if Yugo likes you?
I have my own choice.
Dilan is the son of Mr. Faisal.
They call him Leutenant Ical.
Lieutenant Ical.
He's Kostrad.
From the 305 Skull Infantry Battalion.
He's stationed in Karawang,
but he's in East Timor now.
Right, most probably.
I haven't meet Dilan before, have I?
- Sure you have, Dad.
- Really? When?
That time he came to the house late...
... claiming he's from
the school cafeteria.
- That boy, who offered me
3-favors batagors? - Right.
That would be great.
- Don't you remember, Yugo?
- I forgot, it's been 6 years.
- Almost 7 years, more or less.
So fast. - Hi.
Hi also.
- Where's Dad, Mom?
- At Burangrang, his friend's place.
I've brought gifts for you and Lia,
from Begium.
Thank you,
you shouldn't have.
What's this?
- Nice, right Lia?
- Right.
And this one,
it's not from Belgium.
Authentic pancake from Bandung...
... martabak.
- This is my favorite.
- Right.
Yes, hello?
Lia. It's Saturday night,
you're not going out?
Can I take her out, Aunty?
Well, it's up to Lia.
Sorry, I can't.
- Sis, there's a call for you.
- From who?
Excuse me for a bit.
Isn't this nice?
Pick one.
- Yes, Pian.
- Lia, it's about Dilan.
What happened to Dilan?
He found out who attacked him
at Aunty Eem's kiosk.
Who's that?
Anhar's brother and his friends.
And now Dilan is rounding up the gang
to take his revenge.
At Supermarket Trina, near IDAA.
- Indonesian Dancing Art Academy, Lia.
- Where are you, Pian? - I'm not going
with them, I'm near my house.
Okay, I'm coming to them now.
But don't say that I told you, okay Lia?
Yugo, want to go out?
- Now?
- Yes.
- Where are you going, Lia?
- Just going out, coming Yugo?
- Why the rush?
- So we won't be back late, Mom.
- Let's go, Yugo!
- Okay.
Don't come back late.
Lia, do you remember
when we were small...
- Yugo, can you go faster?
- What's with the rush?
I have some urgent business.
Take the right, there.
Stop here.
Wait here.
I just want to teach him a lesson.
How then?
- Dilan.
- Yes?
- Can I talk to you for a bit?
- Okay.
- How do you get here?
- I'll explain later.
- Why?
- Why are you here at this time?
- Just hanging out with the gang.
- Don't lie.
If I lied,
my nose would be long.
Why are you here, late like this?
Just hanging, see,
there's lots of them.
- Are you going on an attack?
- Who said I'm going to, Lia?
- Don't lie. - It's already late,
why are you still up?
Don't change the subject.
You're going to Anhar's brother
to get your revenge, right?
- Says who, Lia? - Whatever,
if you go on this attack,...
... I don't want to see you ever again.
Where's all these coming from?
Who told you, Lia?
You don't need to know.
The point is,
I forbid you.
- Forbid me for what?
- For getting your revenge.
I'm confused, Lia.
Do as I say,
don't attack.
- Or, we're through.
- Lia?
I don't like you acting all tough.
That's all,
I'm going home.
- You jerk.
- Lia!
- What's wrong? Lia!
- What?
What's going on?
It's nothing.
What's going on, Bro?
- Ask Lia.
- Lia?
Just go on home ahead.
I can't possibly leave you in trouble.
I'm alright.
Just wait in the car.
Lia, I'm the one who took you here,
I have a responsibility to your Mother.
Isn't that all?
You said you're going home.
- Fine, I'm leaving.
- Take care, bye!
We're going direct to Sentrum, Lan?
Okay, Sentrum!
Honestly, I never wanted to break up
with Dilan back then...
... but it's just my way
of trying to stop his plan.
Every time I remember that night,...
... I feel like I'm the most pathetic
girl in the world.
- Dad.
- Hi, Lia.
I've managed to obtain
a 1976 Uber Cup stamp.
I'm so proud Indonesia
won the Uber Cup.
- Where's Mom, Dad?
- Mom went to the market with Airin.
This afternoon, I'm taking Mom
to Cicendo, then to BIP. Want to come?
- Okay, Lia is in.
- Okay.
When you were dating Mom,
ever had a fight?
With your Mom?
No. With other people,...
... I think I had.
And when she found out,
was she angry?
Did she ever threaten to break up?
No way, she wouldn't dare.
Lia, Yugo is here.
- Yugo?
- You'll see him, won't you?
Next time,
I'll show you my hobby.
- Hi.
- Lia.
Lia, since Yugo is here,
you'll go with Yugo, okay?
Take Yugo around Bandung,
show him what it's like.
The two of you can meet us at BIP.
- But Dad...
- No buts.
Yugo is here,
we can't leave him behind.
Anyway, you don't bite, right?
- Of course not, Uncle.
- Okay, I will be leaving first.
- Take care, Uncle.
- Right.
Where's Mom?
Let's go.
Lia will be going with Yugo.
- Oh, is it? Will it be okay?
Not a bother? - Let's go!
It's fine.
- Thank you. Airin?
- Come on.
- Yes Mom.
- That girl.
Let's go, Sis.
- Hello?
- Hello, Aunty. Is Dilan there?
No, Miss.
Dilan haven't come home.
- He didn't go home?
- Yes, Miss.
- Where did he go, Aunty?
- I don't know, Miss.
Alright then, Aunty.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Miss.
Approximately last year.
From here, Mom will be going
to Supratman.
To Mom's friend's house,
Brother Hary Roesly...
... we're having a gathering.
Lia wants to come also, Mom.
Wait, but Yugo wants to see Bandung.
Yugo isn't familiar with Bandung's street.
It will be a shame if he got lost.
You'll accompany him, okay?
Okay then.
Is there a cinema here?
I want to watch an Indonesian film.
Any good one playing?
There is.
A new movie, it's great. Romantic.
What is the title?
Airin, and we've all already waited.
What do you want to watch?
Hi. At Studio 2, okay?
Lia, I want to tell you something.
You're beautiful.
And smart.
Men can kill each others to win you.
Do you know, back in Belgium...
... I used to miss you.
Thank you.
I'm glad to be able to meet you again.
Are we going to watch, or to chat?
I'd rather chat.
- Lia, please!
- Stop! Don't follow me!
Lia, please. Forgive me,
I've lost control.
I hate you.
I don't want to see you again.
- Lia...
- Shut up! Or I'll scream.
- Hello? - Hello Aunty,
is Dilan back home yet?
Not yet, Miss. And just now,
there's even a call from the police station.
They said Dilan is arrested.
Aunty had told Mother
at the Karawang house.
Miss Lia? Miss?
Don't ever tell me
if someone has hurt you...
... because that person will be gone.
The fight broke out
at the city park last night.
Dilan, Akew,...
... all of them got arrested
when the police came.
I need Mother.
- Hello?
- Mother.
Is it Dilan?
Go on and cry,
don't hold it in.
Where are you coming back, Mother?
- Tomorrow, Lia.
- Why not now, Mother?
Lia, be patient, okay dear?
We'll see each other at school tomorrow.
I'm picking up Dilan's report card.
Okay dear?
What did the police said, Mother?
Dilan is arrested because he was involved
in a fight last night.
And he was caught carrying a gun.
- A gun?
- Yes, his Father's gun.
Lia. Just calm down,
no need to panic.
The police finally found out that Dilan
is Lieutenant Ical's son...
...and they were going to release him.
But his Father forbid it.
So he will learn his lesson.
So just think of Dilan as if he's in
a boarding school, Okay?
Okay, Mother.
I regret I can't see you now.
I really want to see you smile.
Mother, Lia misses you.
Missing Mother, or missing Dilan?
I miss Mother.
I miss Disa.
I miss Dilan.
Should I tell you?
Tell me what?
I miss you too.
- Evening.
- Good evening, Uncle.
- How are you both?
- Good.
Fine, Uncle.
Lia, are you alright, dear?
What's with the long face?
It's nothing.
Alright. You all continue.
I'm going to rest.
- I'm tired from all the hunting.
- Hunting?
For bargains.
Okay, you all go on.
We have guests.
- Aunty.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Where's Yugo?
In hell.
- Aunty?
- Yes, Ma'am?
- Take these to my room, thank you.
- Yes.
What's wrong, Lia?
- Yugo.
- What's with Yugo?
But don't tell Dad.
Alright, I won't tell Dad.
What is it?
He was impolite to Lia in the cinema.
He kissed Lia.
Lia doesn't want to see him ever, Mom.
Alright, dear.
I don't want to be friends
with him anymore.
Its fine, dear.
Yes dear?
What's with Dilan?
Lia was wrong.
I was wrong, Mom.
Wrong about what?
I regret going with Yugo that night.
Maybe Dilan got jealous, and angry...
... so he wouldn't listen to Lia.
And took it out by doing his revenge.
How do you know he's jealous?
Dilan never said it, Mom.
It's okay, you can meet Dilan
later and explain, alright?
But what?
Dilan is in police custody.
I know he was only defending Lia, Mom.
I know...
There, there...
Stop crying...
Dilan, please forgive Lia...
Dilan will surely forgive Lia.
Lia loves Dilan, Mom.
Dilan surely loves Lia too.
The Ministry of Education may have a plan,
but in the end, God will decide.
The Ministry of Education may have a plan,
but in the end, God will decide.
- Mother.
- Lia.
Morning, beautiful.
Morning, Mother
When did Mother arrived in Bandung?
Earlier at 06.00 AM.
Lia, this is my Mom.
- Hi, Aunty.
- This is Pian's Mom.
I'm Lia.
This is my Mom.
- Hello.
- I'm Lia's Mom.
Check out my future in-laws,
pretty, right?
Mother is also pretty.
This is just a mask.
The real thing is a goddess.
Mother, how's Dilan's report card?
It's still being kept by the school.
The homeroom teacher wishes
to have a word with me first.
Lia, how about going back with Mother?
Lia wants to come with Mother?
- I do.
- Alright, then I'll be going first.
I'll take my leave too.
- Let's go to the canteen.
- Okay.
Lia, someone is here to see you.
- I'm leavng now, okay.
- Thank you, Miss.
- Are you Milea?
- Yes.
I'm Anhar's Mom.
How can I help you, Ma'am?
Honestly, I'm disappointed
Anhar got expelled.
You're asking me?
Just take it all outside,
he's a troublemaker.
What happened actually?
What do you mean, Ma'am?
There's no way Anhar would slap you
all of a sudden without reason...
... right?
What is it?
Mother, this is Anhar's Mom.
Are you Milea's Mom?
Yes, I'm Lia's Mom.
How may I help you?
It's like this, Ma'am.
- Anhar got expelled.
- And?
It's because he slapped
your daughter.
- Slapped?
- Yes.
And that Dilan...
Why did he have to get involved?
My son was beaten up, Ma'am.
Perhaps he's just looking for attention,
that Dilan.
- Looking for attention, how?
- Dilan likes your daughter, right?
That's why he went out if his way to defend
your daughter, or something.
He didn't go out of his way.
Dilan is my daughter's boyfriend.
Did you get slapped by this Anhar?
Sorry Ma'am...
..I just found out that Dilan
is your daughter's boyfriend.
Yes, he is her boyfriend.
They're getting married tomorrow.
Then I understand, Ma'am...
- Understand what?
- I was young once too.
Why did you come to meet my daughter?
Then I don't really need to talk about
why Anhar slapped your daughter.
You were the one talkng about it.
Calm down, Ma'am.
No need to get emotional.
Let's settle this in a civil way.
All I ask is, please tell your daughter
to explain to the Principal...
... that Anhar is innocent, that's all.
It's so confusing talking to you.
Pardon me for saying this...
... but ther eare lots of policemen
in my family.
If they find out,
and I want to sue, I can.
- What's the police have to do with this?
- I only said if I wanted to.
Okay, let's just settle it this way...
... if you want to sue, go ahead.
You can even ask the United Nations
for help if need be.
Now excuse us, we want to eat.
Okay then Ma'am,
I'll take my leave.
She's must be crazy.
If only had known Anhar slapped you...
... I'll granade his house.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
How was it, Mother?
Dilan is expelled.
Don't be disappointed.
But where will Dilan go to, Mother?
You can go to school anywhere.
Even in Antarctica.
Now we'll pick up Sita first, okay?
- Sita?
- Banar's girlfriend.
Then you'll go to our house.
Dilan's Father is there.
Mother will introduce you two.
But I'm scared, Mother.
- You think he's a tiger?
- No, but...
Nevermind, let's go.
Hi, Sis Sita.
- Sis Lia.
- Disa.
Where's your Father?
In the room.
- Ical!
- Yes?
Look who's come to visit.
Dilan's girlfriend.
Thank you.
Do you know who I am?
Dilan's Father.
I am...
... your future in-law.
Thank you.
So, let your Dilan be jailed for awhile.
- So he'll learn his lesson.
- Yes.
You don't mind Dilan being jailed?
Actually, you should mind.
It prevents you from seeing him.
Why do you like Dilan?
I'm not sure...
Love is hard to explain, right?
Did you just get back
from East Timor, Father?
She called me "Father".
That's only fitting.
She's your future in-law.
My Dad is also in the army.
Then I'll have to meet your Dad.
I'll ask him to arm-wrestle,
and I'd have to win.
Why would you have to win?
So he'll let his daughter
be wedded by my son.
- Hi!
- Banar.
- Have you met Banar?
- Yes.
That was 4 days before the new year.
My school held a Sports and Arts Meet.
I was busy being in the committee.
The school was bustling.
But I was deserted.
If it's painting, Dilan is best.
Poetry is more his style.
Fighting is.
I missed him.
I missed Dilan.
My Dilan.
I imagined Dilan with me,
in every second of that day.
- Peace be upon you.
- Miss, peace be upon you too.
- How's the Sports and Arts Meet? Bustling?
- It's bustling, Aunty.
How's Dilan?
Good, praise be to God.
Pass my regards, okay?
I'll be praying first, alright.
Okay, Aunty.
The Earth seems silent.
And the silence is deafening to my ears.
I went home with silence in my head.
I gave up, Dilan.
To the longings who suddenly have voices.
Happy birthday, Milea.
This is a present for you.
It's only a crossword,
but I've filled them all.
I love you.
Dilan likes the chocolate.
This is chocolate, Mom will put a lot of it.
Later, after school,
who'll visit Dilan with you?
I'm going alone, Mom.
Pass Mom's regards to Dilan,okay?
Thank you, Mom,
for being kind to Dilan.
No tears, alright?
Okay, Mom.
- Go ahead.Yes.
- Thank you, officer.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you alright?
Why come at night?
I meant to come at noon, but turned out
there's some school activities.
Want to go outside?
- Can you?
- The door is just there.
- I mean, are you allowed to?
- Yes.
As long as I love you.
Let's go.
I've brought you some bread.
All I want is you.
Alright, Dilan can have it all.
I can have all of what?
- Me.
- With the clothes too?
Not them.
Mom made it.
- Did your Dad help?
- No, by herself.
Do you know your Mom made you?
But with the help of your Dad.
I'm a bad boyfriend.
I'm a bad boyfriend.
It's easy for you to find a good boyfriend.
I don't like it when you talk like that.
Why aren't you angry?
- What do you mean?
- I took revenge, Lia.
You said not to,
but I didn't listen.
Have we broken up?
Do you really want to?
- No.
- Then why ask about it?
- You didn't keep your words, you know?
- What words?
That if I took revenge,
we'll break up.
You want to break up?
Did you take revenge on purpose
so that we'll break up?
- No. - Then where are you going
with all this?
I came here just to see you.
Not to argue about that.
Dilan, I miss you.
I miss you too.
The guy who were with meat Trina...
... his name is Yugo, a distant cousin.
He happened to be visiting.
I thought he was a guardian genie.
I don't have any relationship with him.
Coming back from Trina, I worried
that you might become jealous.
- I'm lousy at being jealous, Lia.
- I was scared that you'll get angry.
Lame. You're a scaredy-cat now?
Were you really not jealous?
I'm not good at being jealous, Lia.
All I'm good at is loving you.
I'll feed you, okay?
I want you to promise...
... never to do things that will hurt you.
I will really leave if you repeat this.
Okay, Lia.
I, by Chairil Anwar
If my time has come
I want no one to beg
Not even you
There's no need for sobs
I am but a wild animal
Shun off by its own pack
Lia, the new teacher keeps
looking at you.
Even if bullets pierced my skin
I will still crash trough and rage
That is Mr. Dedi.
Wounds and poison I shall take running
Until the pains and pangs disappear
And I should care even less
I want to live for another thousand years
- What's your name?
- Milea, Sir.
I'm Mr Dedi,
who will be replacing Mr. Haris...
... in teaching Indonesian Language.
Right, Sir.
You're quite the body
committee member ofthis Meet?
- Let me.
- No need, Sir.
You're rejecting help?
I can do it myself.
It's fine.
Sir, I'll take my leave.
Alright then, see you later.
Yugo truly apologizes, Lia.
Perhaps, we've stayed too long in Belgium...
... where such expressions
are considered normal.
And maybe because Yugo thought
that Lia is already his girfriend...
... because declaring love doesn't always
need to be said, but through action.
Please forgive me, Lia.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
Aunty, this is Dilan.
This is Lia's boyfriend.
He is my protector.
Dilan, don't lower your chin.
That's not like you.
Dilan got injured.
Dilan got injured from defending Lia.
Dilan got expelled from school
from defending Lia.
Lia, enough.
Say it Dilan, say you're my boyfriend.
Say it to the whole world.
Yes, I'm Lia's boyfriend.
Mom, I'll be in front with Dilan.
Let them.
What is it?
I hate him.
How about this...
... I'm going to hypnotize you now.
May I?
Straighten up first.
Follow this.
When did they release you?
Earlier, after Maghrib prayer.
Then I went directly to your house.
- How did you get to Lia's house?
- By microbus.
Where's your motorbike?
On the first day of my arrest,
the Police took my bike home.
So kind of them.
Are you hungry?
Want to have some porridge?
I do.
Uncle, two porridge.
No peanuts for one.
Just now in front of them, I felt like
a hero when you said I defended you.
Because you are.
Do you know,
Hitler rose before I was born.
They said he killed Jews.
Hitler? Germany?
- The Nazi leader.
- And?
Then I was born,
and he's no more.
Rumors has it,
he's scared of me.
Scared to be attacked.
- The thing is, I was born.
- Then you were born.
Was the timing on purpose?
- To make me happy in this Earth?
- Yes,so what?
- Then thank you.
- You're welcome.
There's something I haven't told you.
Finally, I told Dilan of what Yugo did
in the movie theater.
Dilan was not angry at Yugo...
... because back in my living room,
I made it clear it's the end.
That night, my hand seemed to be
created simply to hold yours.
You had 10 and still ask more.
- It's almost time.
- Time for what?
It's 23.59!
- What is it?
- Come, come!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, Dilan.
My new year is tomorrow, Lia.
Teachers, may I have your attention.
Yesterday, I was warned
by the School Supervisor...
... our school is not clean enough.
- Peace be upon you, Sir, Ma'am.
- Peace be upon you too.
- Dilan would like to say goodbye.
- Peace be upon you.
- Sir.
- Are you well, Dilan?
Yes Sir, praise be to God.
Sir, Ma'am, pardon me.
Since I'm officially expelled...
... I would like to apologize
if I ever offended,or pleased,you.
Since I've enrolled in a new school,
I would like to say goodbye.
If you can go back in time,
what would you have done?
I will do the same things
in my new school, Sir.
Don't be like that, Dilan.
There are things you'll need to fix.
I'll go to a repair shop after this.
My advice is, repeat what's good,
and kick away what's bad.
Because life has to be a pilgrimage.
Remember, above the sky,
there's a higher sky. Don't be arrogant.
Come again, Sir?
The counseling room will miss you.
- I will miss it too.
- Right.
Protect the school's good name.
But, I'm no longer a student of this school.
I mean, you'll have to protect
the good name of your new school.
- If God wills. - Don't forget to pay
the school fee in your new school.
- Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
Sir, Ma'am.
- You're not transferring too, right?
- No, Sir.
Sir, Ma'am, I entrust Milea to you.
- Just give her lots of homeworks.
- Would you want that, Milea?
Please no, Ma'am.
Alright then, I'll take my leave.
- Take care, Dilan.
- Thank you, Sir.
- It's Dilan, Sir.
- Oh, right, I forgot.
Do you know what Dilan stands for?
No, Sir.
Stay safe.
Peace be upon you, Sir, Ma'am.
Cut down on the jokes.
Because we joke too much,
they've lost respect of us.
Not too much,okay?
Do you know, in the time of Adam,
Bandung is really desolate.
- Really?
- Yes.
- What about in the time of Salomon?
- Just a tiny bit more crowded.
- But Bandung is now fun.
- Yes.
Because you're here.
Because you're here too.
- I like you.
- You stole my words for you.
- I'm just borrowing them.
- It's fine then.
Can I borrow it again?
- Sure.
- I like you.
But thinking of it,
I'll have to thank Jakarta.
- Why?
- For sending you here.
- If Jakarta reclaims me back,
how will it be? - Don't.
Making a poem requires emotions.
So that it will hit.
Hit what, Sir?
Hit the core of your soul.
Penetrate into the heart.
If the poem is sad...
... it will cause tears to fall.
Like slicing onions, Sir?
It'll get you teary.
The core of a poem is in...
... the soul.
Write that down.
I'm sorry, I only want to speak to Lia.
Okay, we'll wait for you in front, Lia.
Rano Karno.
Bandung branch.
Why only me, Sir?
Its private, Lia.
- This is for you.
- What is this, Sir?
Inside the envelope...
... is a piece of paper.
With strings of beautiful chosen words...
... arranged into a poem.
Thank you, Sir.
I'll be going.
Take care.
Don't laugh.
- Come, show me the letter.
- No.
Bring it here.
So, Lia just received a letter
from Mr. Dedi, Kew.
- What letter?
- Exactly!
- Come on.
- Fine, here.
Look here, Lia.
There's a company letterhead?
- What company?
- Palace of Love Limited.
I keep silent in the quiet that
penetrates the mental hospital...
Wait, wait. Aunty Eem,
this must actually be for you.
- You think I am mental?
- Just a bit.
Only your image weighs heavily in my heart,
it weighs several tons
My hear longs in your absence,
bound by Strawberry flavor
Sweet, then
Your smile is like the moon
during its period
Dedi Tri Mulyana
- What's all this?
- Stop it.
Here, you have it Kew.
Aunty Em, for you.
Praise be to God.
You should never turn down gifts.
I can use it as fritters wraps.
Dilan makes much better poems
than Mr Dedi.
He often writes poems
in my homework books.
My homework is to miss you
More powerful than Math
More vast than Physics
More felt than Biology
Dilan, Bandung
If I become a President
that has to love all his people...
I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be able to
Because I only love Milea
Dilan, Bandung
Hi. Good morning.
- Akew passed away...
- What? Akew?
- Are you serious? - Yes, Lia.
He was ganged up by strangers last night.
- In GatSu area.
- Why?
We still don't know, Lia...
- Peace be upon you, students.
- Peace be upon you too
- Ma'am, I need to excuse myself for a bit.
- Alright.
- Akew passed away.
- I already knew.
- Were you involved?
- No. I didn't know, I wasn't involved.
I'm worried when you hear this,
you'll get anxious, that's why I rushed here.
- We'll pay condolence together.
- I'll go with my friends.
- But I'm going there too, Lia.
- Whatever. I'm going with them.
- Why? - Do you know now
what could happen?
- What? - Do you know now why I forbid you
from joining a motorbike gang?
- Lia...
- Do you understand now?
I didnt know,
I wasn't involved.
- But this must be gang-related.
- No.
It must have been!
I don't like you being in a biker gang.
- Aunty, our condolence...
- Thank you.
- Our deep condolence, aunty...
- Thank you.
Do you know now why I forbid you
from joning a motorbike gang?
- Lia...
- Do you understand now?
I'll take you home.
I'm going in Nandan's car with the rest.
- Yes?
- I apologize if I've been wrong.
I'll pick you up tomorrow.
- No need.
- But I want to.
I'm going to hang up, okay?
I'm sleepy.
I'm sorry, Dilan.
Lia, let's go.
Brother Faris is picking me up.
Alright then, I'll be going.
- Dilan...
- Why?
He got arrested again last night.
Attacking the biker gang suspected
to be behind Akew's death.
He's only arrested for a short time
before being released again, but...
But what?
He got kicked out
of his house by his Father.
- So now Dilan is staying at Burhan's.
- At Burhan's?
Yes. The gang's headquarter.
Where is it?
We're through.
- Why?
- Figure it out yourself.
- What?
- I'm taking you home.
- No need.
- I will be taking you home, Lia.
I'll take you home, alright?
Wait here for a bit.
I truly have never thought
of actually breaking up with Dilan.
But that day I did it to teach him
a lesson, that I wasn't kidding.
In my mind back then,
it's alright to break up.
I'm confident
that we'll get back together.
Because I love him.
Because Dilan loves me.
He takes you home, and then?
Lia got off and went inside directly,
So who is this Burhan?
Maybe the head or a branch leader,
- Where is his house?
- At Ciwastra.
When you first saw Dilan,
what did you say?
Just a normal chat.
We'll meet tomorrow, okay?
I'll pick you up at school.
Then we'll go meet Dilan.
There's Dilan.
Mother wants to talk to you.
- Let's leave this place.
- Where to?
Dago Tea House.
Alright then, you go first.
I'll catch up.
I will be waiting.
Mother doesn't like you
staying at Burhan's house.
Look at me when I'm talking.
What is it you're looking for?
She cares about you.
She loves you.
And you choose to stay busy
in your own world.
What kind a man are you?
Talk to him, dear.
Lia loves Dilan
You heard her?
- Did you hear?
- Yes.
I've broken up with Lia, Mother.
- Broke up?
- Yes.
I am forced to break up with you.
So that you'll know I'm serious
about not liking you being in a biker gang.
If it's not like that, he wouldn't understand
or listen to my warnings, Mother.
I don't like being held back.
Mother, Lia doesn't want to talk
to that person.
Lia doesn't want
to hold him back, Mother.
I just don't want him in a biker gang.
Tel him that, Mother. I don't want
to talk to that person.
When Akew died,
Lia is so anxious, Mother.
Lia is afraid if the same
is going to happen to Dilan.
Mother doesn't know
what to tell you anymore.
Alright then, I'll be going.
Where are you going?
There's nothing left to talk about, right?
Lia doesn't want to talk to me anymore also.
Enough Lia, that's too much.
You're too much.
Mother doesn't allow you
to stay at Burhan's place.
May I go now?
Why did you break up?
Ask Lia, Mother.
Don't cry, Lia.
Forgive me.
- Wati.
- Lia.
- Pian.
- Yes?
Is Dilan staying at your house?
Did he talk about Lia?
He said, he failed as Lia's boyfriend.
No, Pian.
Tell him, he didn't fail.
- Alright, Lia.
- He always makes Lia happy.
It's just, Lia doesn't like him
being in a biker gang.
Fearing the repeat of what happened
to Akew. Pian, Wati.
- Tell him that.
- Okay, Lia.
And what else did he say?
He... He said...
What did he say?
He said...
... he has a new girlfriend.
Afterwards, I found out he was lying
about having a new girlfriend.
When actually he didn't.
That's just Dilan's way to make me
stop chasing him.
What should Mother do, dear?
What if we go to meet Dilan?
Dilan doesn't want to see Lia again, Mother.
Proclamation Today, in Bandung.
22 December 1990...
... Dilan and Milea, wholeheartedly,
is officially a couple.
Matters concerning improvements
and affection...
... will be conducted forever and ever.
It's not easy, Dilan.
It's really hard.
But life must go on.
Even without you here with me.
Time passed by.
In a blink of an eye,
so many things had changed.
Thank you
Except for my heart that keeps loving you...
... searching for you, wishing to see you.
But the Earth that used to belong
only to me and Dilan...
... turns out to be very vast.
I met new people...
... and I think Dilan did too.
Although it will never be as special
as the two of us.
- Miss, please pass this to Mr. Opik.
- Alright.
- Hi.
- Hi, Miss Lia.
- Mr. Herdi isn't done yet?
- He's still upstairs.
It's just that I'm in a hurry.
Alright, I'll give him a call.
- Please wait a moment, Miss.
- Thank you.
Hello, Mr Herdi,
Miss Lia is here.
Miss, I need the report to be sent...
... the one from Mr. Mustache, to 521,
to Mr. Dono's room.
- Don't forget, else I'm afraid...
- Dilan?
God has willed.
What are you doing here?
- You work here?
- Internship.
How are you?
Praise be to God.
How come you're here?
Right, I'm here to...
Lia, let's go.
Were you the one at the canteen?
- Mr. Dono's division?
- Yes.
- Herdi.
- Dilan.
I'm in marketing.
Let's go, Lia.
- Later.
- Right.
I'll be going, Dilan.
Take care.
That guy from before, you know him?
A friend from high school.
What is he working on there?
If I'm not mistaken,
a project for the Artistic Division.
Is he invited to Mr. Syamsu's event?
Only employees are invited.
- Good one, Sir.
- Of course, Herdi.
Looking at this party takes me back
to when was young.
Me too, Sir.
But, I am stil young.
Good one, Herdi.
- Dear, excuse me. Excuse me,Sir.
- Excuse us, Sir.
- I want to slip out for a bit.
- Where are you going?
I want to call Mom.
Does it have to be now?
Yes, I just remembered.
Thank you.
Right, Sir.
- Are all the room cleared?
- Confirmed.
- Good evening, Sir.
- Good evening, Ma'am.
Do you know an intern called Dilan?
Oh, Dilan, from Bandung?
Right, yes, that's the one.
Dilan. My proclamation of love
for you is not only for that day...
... but also until today, and forever.
Thank you, Dilan.
I miss you.
And that will always be.
A year later, Dad's transferred to Jakarta.
We sold the house in Bandung.
A house so full of memories...
... each of its corners
filled with my stories and Dilan's.
- How do you know my house?
- I also know your birthday.
- I also know who your God is.
- Allah.
I'll take my leave.
Let's go.
Want some chocolate sandwich?
Say "ah"...
- Gangster but spoon-fed.
- Right.
- Taking care of Moms aerobics too.
- Right.
What kind of gangster is this?
You spend every night like this?
Do you like it?
I want to be with you always.
If God wills.
Goodbye, Bandung.
Goodbye Mother, Disa.
Pian, Wati.
Rani, Nandan, everyone.
Goodbye, Dilan.
- Hello?
- Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Hi, Dilan.