Dillinger (1945) Movie Script

Twice within one year,
the Dillinger mob struck at South Bend.
This time, the Fifth National Bank.
After brutally slugging the guards,
the armored truck was stolen.
Months later, it was dragged
from a nearby swamp...
... where the Dillinger mob
had dumped it.
Needless to add, it was empty.
Both bandits and money had vanished.
Then began the relentless chase
to apprehend these notorious criminals.
Dillinger's bloody trail
had led from Indiana...
... to the northwest woods
and back again to Indiana.
Ladies and gentlemen, you have
just seen some of the highlights...
...during the span
of John Dillinger's life of crime.
You will now hear from the man
you have been waiting to see.
I'm John Dillinger's father.
John was born in 1903 on a farm...
...about 20 miles south
of Indianapolis, Indiana.
He finished country school
and went to high school for a while.
He played and worked and went swimming
just like the other boys.
Looked like he'd marry one
of the local girls and settle down...
...like all the folks who live in our parts.
But John couldn't seem to get used
to doing the same thing...
...day in and day out.
One morning, he came down
to breakfast all packed.
John wasn't the sort
you could argue with...
...so I figured it'd be best
to give him his head.
He didn't tell me much.
All he said, he was going to Indianapolis
to become a big broker.
So I told him that little town
wasn't big enough to hold me.
And nothing's going
to stop me here either.
Look, the market is down.
Everybody's selling short.
But me, I'm buying.
- Honey, you're wonderful.
- You see, it's this way.
No matter how low public utilities go,
they'll still be solid...
...because people always need
electricity, gas and water.
- Honey, you're wonderful.
- Now you take the oil situation.
Do you know what it costs
to drill a new well?
First, let's have another drink.
Mac, two more.
That'll be 2 bucks in advance.
Well, you heard the lady. Two more.
That'll be 2 bucks in advance.
Oh, pay him, honey.
We don't take checks.
- Say, what kind of a dump is this?
- Why, you two-bit chiseler.
- Let's get out of here.
- I want another drink.
- I wouldn't buy another drink in this dump.
- Oh, don't be that way, honey.
I want another drink. Please.
Okay, okay.
I'll be waiting for you.
I'll be right back.
- Yeah?
- I'd like to buy a pack of cigarettes.
- What kind do you want?
- What kind do you got?
Every kind.
This is a stickup. Open the register.
Give it here.
Only 7 dollars?
And 20 cents.
If you know what's good for you,
you won't call the cops.
- Where's the fire?
- I didn't do nothing.
- What have you got there?
- Nothing.
Just a minute, let me see that.
- I didn't do nothing.
- Police, police, police!
He just robbed me.
Took my last 7 dollars and 20 cents.
You're cutting off the light.
- So what?
- So step aside.
Who's going to make me?
You, blinky?
Thank you.
I'll take that.
You heard me.
That wasn't very polite.
So what?
You crazy? You know
who you took that potato from?
The smartest bank man
in the country, Specs Green.
Have a smoke?
That's not my brand.
I'm sorry about the potato.
Forget it.
My name's John Dillinger.
- John who?
- Dillinger.
I'm in for a stickup.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I knocked off a joint.
Shot it out with the cops,
but, you know, they had me 20 to one.
Fancy that.
- What are you in for?
- A stickup.
- How much did you get?
- Seventy thousand dollars.
Seventy thousand dollars?
- How much did you get?
- Oh, I got...
Lights out.
Seventy thousand dollars.
First society gets careless
with the criminal...
...and then the criminal gets careless.
First guy to gum things up
is the trigger-happy punk.
Personally, I have no use for a punk.
Some fellas, if you pat them on the back,
they'll kill a man for you.
If you treat a punk right, you can get
the biggest man in the world killed.
However, it's my opinion if a man kills
a man, he should have a reason for it.
Hey, that's just what I think, Mr. Green.
Good boy, John.
Come here.
Gentlemen, I want you to meet
my cellmate, Mr. Dillinger.
John, this is Mr. Minelli,
Doc Madison, Mr. Kirk.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Hiya. I've been looking forward
to meeting you guys.
- What's on your mind?
- Well, this is the way I look at it, fellas.
If the five of us put our heads together,
we can go places. Big places.
Unfortunately, the four of us are
not going anyplace for a long time.
As soon as I get out, I'll spring you.
All of you.
Mr. Dillinger has
very enthusiastic ideas.
You can count on me, fellas.
Run along, John. I'll see you later.
You heard me.
- Fresh punk.
- He'll learn.
The hard way.
I think the kid has possibilities.
I tell you, my ideas will work.
Together we can make
the rest of the mobs look sick.
I'll be out in six months.
The first thing I'll do is spring you.
Just two more months, fellas,
and I'll show you the way.
Sleeping, John?
Just thinking.
This time next week
you'll be as free as a bird.
- How are you feeling?
- Swell.
You're not talkative anymore, are you?
You always said I talked too much.
Good boy.
Hey, what have you got there?
A present from Mom and Pop.
- Oh, I didn't know you had any folks.
- They aren't really my folks.
Whenever I got in a jam, I used to go up to
their mountain lodge till things cooled off.
- Can you trust them?
- Sure.
They know they'd better treat me
like their own son...
...or something awful might happen
to them.
Oh, grapes.
I love grapes.
You're wanted downstairs, Dillinger.
Well, John, I guess this is it. Good luck.
Thanks a lot for everything.
Have a good time at Amel's
golden wedding anniversary.
Come on.
All the best, kid.
- What time does the feature go on?
- In 10 minutes.
- Is it a good picture?
- We always show good pictures.
Can I get a seat right away?
It's not crowded till the next show.
- Enjoy the show?
- Fine.
Pretty crowded inside now.
I'll take that.
Give me the rest. I'm not fooling.
- Recognize him?
- Yes, that's him.
- You sure?
- Positive.
But yesterday you were positive.
Well, I made a mistake.
But you seemed so sure.
I was just excited.
Is that the only reason?
I'm positive that isn't the man.
- You haven't said a word all night.
- I know.
You haven't even told me your name.
- Helen Rogers.
- John Dillinger.
Well, that didn't hurt so much, did it?
I still don't know why I came with you.
Same reason why you didn't turn me in.
You're pretty sure of yourself,
aren't you?
In my business, you have to be.
Just what is your business?
"Associations made on this day
will be highly profitable and lasting."
"Dear Specs, just a line to let you know
I haven't forgotten.
I ran into an old friend tonight who owed
me some money, and he paid off pronto.
We're having a surprise party
on September the 26th...
...to celebrate Amel's
golden wedding anniversary.
Sure wish you and the gang were here.
Well, that's all for now.
As ever, John."
Just think,
Amel's golden wedding anniversary.
September 26th, huh?
- That's a good day.
- Yeah.
Maybe we'll make it.
- What can I do for you?
- Like to buy a barrel of cement.
I'm sorry, but we only sell wholesale.
I'm doing a little home gardening.
I'd like to buy one barrel for my lily pond.
I'm sorry, it's company policy.
I don't make the rules.
I'd like to help you, but...
Well, we occasionally
accommodate somebody...
...who might make a good customer.
Where do you want it sent?
- I'll take it with me. Give me a hand.
- Sure.
The white cross.
White cross.
The white cross.
- Where'd this truck come from?
- I never saw it before.
Hey, come here and get a load of this.
- Holy smoke.
- Looks we got here just in time.
- Yeah.
- Come on, let's take it back.
Oh, boy, what'll they
think of stealing next?
- Come on, give me a hand with this thing.
- Okay.
What a guy will go through
to steal a barrel of cement.
You two guys get
those tools over there.
Today's the 26th. Nothing's happened.
- I told you he was a phony. I told you.
- Shut up.
The white cross.
We gotta watch for a white cross.
There ain't no white cross.
All we got is a double-cross.
Your pal, huh?
- What are we going to do?
- Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
Hey, heads up down there!
Why don't you eat?
- Who can eat?
- It ain't bad.
Why you keep looking at the sun
all the time for?
- There isn't much more time.
- I told you, I told you.
- It's all yours, Max.
- Okay.
Unload it, boys.
Pick that shovel up
and put it down right.
Yes, sir.
Kirk, Doc, get up there.
This is it.
We'll take it up again.
What did you put that barrel back for?
All right, boys.
Calling all cars, calling all cars,
be on the lookout for a black sedan.
Bandits heavily armed.
They got us pegged. They got us.
- It was bound to happen.
- We're pulling too many jobs.
That's it, we're pulling too many jobs.
It was that assistant cashier.
He spotted us.
I could have taken care of him,
if you hadn't stopped me.
You're a little too free
with the gun, John.
That's a matter of opinion.
Around here my opinion
is the only one that counts.
Any objections?
Now, our next job
is the Farmers National.
Farmers National? You nuts?
- That's pretty tough.
- It's full of guards. You can't get near it.
It's around the corner from the joint
we cracked yesterday.
That's just why I picked it.
They'll never expect
lightning to strike twice.
That's great thinking, Specs.
Yeah. Yeah.
Now, one of us has got to case the bank,
you understand?
Since the four of us
have been identified...
...it's expedient for us to keep
out of sight as much as possible.
So that more or less
throws it in your lap, John.
Smile, John.
That's better.
Well, there's nothing further we can do
until John returns with his report.
So let's relax.
- How about a little game?
- Table stakes?
- Okay by me.
- Deal up.
- Deal you in, John?
- Not tonight.
- Where you going?
- Out.
Be careful.
Why? Nobody's looking for me.
I told you he was a fresh punk.
Well, he'll learn.
Where you going, honey?
If you'd have been another minute,
I'd have been gone.
Where are we going?
Oh, there's a little place on the other side
of town I'd like to visit again.
- Why did you pick this place?
- Oh, I was here once before.
- What happened?
- Oh, I left some unfinished business.
Yeah, what'll it be?
Remember me?
Three beers.
That'll be 6 bits.
I don't think I can change this, sir.
That's all right. Keep it.
Thank you, sir.
- Why three beers?
- We're gonna have company.
I don't see anyone.
You will.
- Who gets this one?
- You.
- Me?
- Sure, come on, sit down, join us.
Many happy returns.
Wait in the car.
I said, wait in the car.
Well, here's looking at you.
You don't remember me, do you?
- No, sir.
- I was in here a long time ago.
Couldn't pay for a couple of drinks.
You wouldn't cash my check.
You called me a two-bit chiseler.
Mr. Graham, a gentleman
wants to see you.
Have a chair.
Well, young man, what can I do for you?
- Well, I'd like to get a little information.
- Oh, I see.
This pamphlet will give you
a statement...
...of our financial condition
as of the last fiscal year.
Well, I was thinking
of opening an account.
Oh. Oh, I see.
Well, you can rest assured that
your money will be perfectly safe here.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
You see, I've got a big deposit to make...
...and with all these bank robberies...
- We've never been robbed.
- Now, believe me, Mr.?
- Peters. Walter Peters.
Oh, yes, Mr. Peters.
Believe me, your money will
be absolutely safe in this bank.
Come, let me show you around.
You see, Mr. Peters, these windows
are all constructed of bulletproof glass.
They extend to the bottom of the cage.
All monies must be slid in and out
through the groove.
This makes it impossible
for a thief on the outside...
...to point a gun at a teller
on the inside.
- That's a good idea.
- And as an added precaution...
...there's a button at the foot
of each teller.
These buttons close the front door...
...sealing off the only avenue of escape.
They're also connected
with the police department.
Within two minutes, the bank
will be entirely surrounded.
Hey, that's a good idea too.
Now I'd like to show you the vault.
No threat of any kind from the outside
could force that door open...
...because we installed
the latest tear-gas unit.
In addition to the automatic burglar alarm,
we have a large number of armed guards...
...all of whom, incidentally,
are pretty good marksmen.
So you see, Mr. Peters,
the bank is absolutely impregnable.
Yep, you got quite a little place here.
Now, do you want to open
a checking or a savings account?
I don't know yet. I'd like to bring
the missus around tomorrow.
Very well, then. Until tomorrow.
- Quit eating them grapes.
- There's no use arguing about it.
I've thought this over a long time.
That's the way I see it.
- It's suicide, that's what it is.
- Shut up!
A shipment of $80,000 in cash arriving
at the Farmers National Bank tomorrow.
- We can't afford to pass it up.
- You heard what John said.
Will you shut up?
- Was there a back door?
- No.
The alarm system operates on electricity,
doesn't it?
Of course.
I thought of cutting the main cable, but
it would operate on the battery system.
- Maybe we better pass it up.
- No, there must be some way.
I guess we'll have to get
some outside help.
See if anybody's using the telephone.
- It's okay.
- Fine, thanks.
Hello. Hello, Louie? This is Specs, Louie.
Now, listen, I'm doing
a big construction job tomorrow...
...and I can use three of your men.
Yeah, the usual rate.
No, no, no, I'll call you back.
- That's the way I see it.
- That's swell.
- It's a beauty.
- Gotta hand it to you, John.
What have you there?
Just my plan of how to crack
the Farmers National.
May I see it, John?
You talk too much.
You use a gun too much.
And now you're thinking too much.
You shouldn't be so hasty, Specs.
John's idea wasn't so bad.
You better take a look at it.
Stand back.
Hold it a second.
It's Marco.
We better get out of here.
- Where did you ditch the car?
- In the parking lot, like John told me.
All right, Marco.
All right, Kirk.
This is for you, John.
I'll take that.
But I always take a double cut.
Not anymore.
Well, we did use John's plan.
All right, John,
if that's the way you want it.
That's the way I want it.
Why are we waiting?
Let's get out of here.
Split up. We'll meet in 30 days
at Fox Creek.
- Otto's place.
- All right.
Marco, you go first.
Kirk, you take the back stairs.
You take the basement.
And you go out the fire escape.
- How are you leaving?
- I'm going out the front door.
Only 8000.
Does monsieur wish to charge?
No, I'll pay cash for it.
Thank you, thank you very much.
- Who lives here?
- What do you care?
- Well, I just like to know where I am.
- You're with me.
We are closed for the winter.
It's okay, Pop. How are you, John?
Glad to see you.
Come on in.
Oh, how do you do?
And the girl said to the sailor...
- This is Helen.
- Hello.
- Hiya.
- Hello there.
Well, stand up when you meet a lady.
This is Specs, that's Doc,
Marco, and that's Kirk.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Well, how about a couple of chairs?
- Won't you take your coat off?
- Thanks.
- She's nice, isn't she?
- Call her Mom.
I call that guy Pop.
Hey, Pop, fill them up, will you?
Just one big happy family.
I tell you, I'm going nuts around here,
I tell you.
Relax, will you? Relax.
Who can relax? How can a man
sleep nights? Them crickets.
Why don't you complain to John?
He'll knock them off for you.
How long are we gonna stay here?
It seems I'm not giving orders
around here anymore.
John's got something up his sleeve.
You can bet on that.
Whatever John says, it's okay with me.
But it's them crickets that got me down.
Them crickets. All night long, them crickets.
- Where's John?
- What's up?
Where's John?
Cops in the village. John.
Two cars full of them. They are
asking questions all over the village.
I told you guys never to come here.
Marco, get the cars.
Get packed. Watch the highway.
- Where are we going?
- West.
John, I don't think we ought to do this.
I don't care what you think.
Looks like the Dillinger mob
has come West.
Oh, this toothache's murder.
- Probably abscessed.
- You don't eat the right kind of food.
Here, take a swig of this.
You ought to see a dentist.
- That'll hurt more.
- Oh, it's killing me.
- It won't go away by itself.
- Specs is right.
- You should see a dentist.
- All right, all right.
Yeah, but you gotta find
one you can trust.
You can't trust any of them. Once you
open your mouth, you're through.
- How do you do?
- My name is Robbins...
...and I called for an appointment.
- Yes, Mr. Robbins.
Dr. Stanley will see you now.
Mr. Robbins, sit down.
Ready, doctor.
Now, what seems to be the trouble?
I got a bad tooth.
Open wide, please.
It certainly is a bad tooth.
It'll have to come out.
- Will it hurt much?
- I'm afraid so.
You have an impacted wisdom tooth.
- Maybe I better come back.
- I'll give you an anesthetic.
You won't feel a thing.
Okay, you're the doctor.
- Hey, wait a second, doc.
- Yes.
- Is that stuff dangerous?
- Oh, I give it to children.
All right, now. Now breathe deeply.
Extra! Paper! Dillinger captured.
Read all about it.
Extra! Dillinger captured.
Extra! Paper! Dillinger captured.
Read all about it here.
Dillinger captured. Extra! Paper!
Dillinger captured. Read all about it.
Extra! Paper! Dillinger captured.
Read about it.
Extra! Paper! Extra here!
Extra! Dillinger captured.
What do you got to say now, Dillinger?
No tag town jail can hold me.
I'll be out before a month.
How are you doing?
Good evening, Mr. Dillinger.
- Don't you ever get tired of whittling, Jack?
- You gotta do something.
Time sure passes slow in here.
- What are you making now?
- A boat.
One of the guards wanted one
for his little boy.
He promised me 50 cents.
Is it hard to learn?
Well, Mr. Dillinger,
you don't need no 50 cents.
- Hey, Jack.
- Yes, sir.
I'll give you a dollar for that knife
and piece of wood.
Thank you, sir.
Going someplace?
- Well, have a good time.
- Thanks.
Hey, guard, guard.
Oh, guard, guard.
- What are you hollering about?
- Stick them up.
Stick them up.
Open up.
Open up, or I'll blow your brains out.
Get in there.
Get in there.
Mr. Dillinger.
My boat done turned it into a gun.
So long, Jack.
This is Tony.
Glad to meet you, Mr. Dillinger.
Keep both hands on the wheel.
Who is he?
Well, when you were picked up,
Specs felt he needed an extra man.
So I felt we needed an extra man.
Tony's a good boy.
I've got nothing against Tony.
Well, I'm glad you feel that way,
John, old boy. I'm glad you feel that way.
We were just wondering, all of us here,
and talking about how you'd get out.
- Yeah, how'd you do it, John?
- Who sprung you?
What's the idea?
What's the matter with you, John?
Now, wait a minute, John.
Wait a minute.
You gotta listen to me
before you do anything.
I didn't turn you in.
I didn't send those cops to that dentist.
I never knew anything about it.
You gotta believe me, John.
You gotta believe me.
Sure, I believe you, Specs.
Why, it's wood.
It's wood.
Look, fellas.
It's wood.
John broke jail with a wooden gun.
John, you're always kidding.
We're pals again, John, huh?
Sure, Specs, just pals.
Say, what's the matter with your friend?
I don't see him anymore.
Who's that?
You know, the one with the glass. Specs.
He had an accident.
Oh, that's too bad.
He was hurt much?
Eddie, Vito, Dutch, Specs.
Pretty soon I have no more customers.
Did you see Helen?
Look, John, we gotta get some dough
but quick.
What happens to the money we get?
When you're hiding out,
everything costs triple.
You spent it pretty easy
while I was away.
- We had to do something to kill the time.
- What's the difference? We're broke.
- What's next, John?
- We're too hot. We gotta pull one big job.
- Where?
- The First National.
- First National, are you crazy?
- Count me out.
I wouldn't go within a mile of the place.
- We're not gonna.
- Oh, I see.
We'll get it outside the bank,
like we did before?
Oh, they'll never fall for that again.
I wouldn't go within 10 miles
of the place.
- We won't go within 100 miles of it.
- That sounds good.
A shipment of $300,000 is coming
to First National from the Treasury.
Treasury? Are we going
to rob the Treasury?
- Let John talk.
- We can't crack the bank.
We can't tackle the armored car again.
The Treasury's an arsenal.
But between the Treasury
and the armored car, where's the money?
- On the train.
- That's it.
The mail train? Look, John, that's...
That's fooling with the government.
- What are we gonna do? Rot here?
- Yeah, but the government.
I haven't led you wrong yet, have I?
It's not gonna be easy, but it's worth it.
Three hundred grand.
We split it even this time.
That's $60,000 apiece.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Hi.
Forget it for tonight. Let's eat.
Beat it.
- What took you so long?
- We took in a show.
- Why?
- I was just wondering.
What's the matter?
You're not jealous of Tony, are you?
No. Tony's a good boy.
Don't talk to anybody on the train.
What do you take me for, a dummy?
- That sure was a heavy suitcase.
- Yeah, books.
Thank you, sir.
- Drop me at the next station.
- Yeah.
- When the train pulls out, keep up with it.
- Yeah.
- What's the matter?
- I feel sick.
- Can I help you?
- Yes, I wish you would.
- There, feel better now?
- Yes, thanks very much.
Sit down, everybody.
Sit down.
Let's get going. Hurry up, jump for it.
Go on, go on.
- There were too many of them.
- Take it easy, John.
We gotta get him to a doctor.
I'm all right. Drive straight to Otto's.
We can't go there.
Kirk took his chances like the rest of us.
Drive straight to Otto's.
- Today onboard the crack express,
Silver Lark.
As a result, John Dillinger,
public enemy number one...
...or rather public disgrace number one...
... has become the center
of the biggest manhunt of the decade.
The FBI has ordered an all-out search
to track down the Dillinger mob...
... who are responsible
for this brutal crime.
Dillinger is believed
to have been wounded.
One of the bandits who was slain has
been identified by the police as Kirk Otto.
Two mail clerks, though caught in the blast
of machine guns, stood by their posts.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Otto.
Maybe it's better that way.
- What are you looking for, Papa?
- My pipe.
I'll get it for you.
Take it easy, John. Don't worry.
- Don't worry about it.
- You'll be all right.
Hide the car, Tony.
I'll boil some water.
I'll go see what Tony did with the car.
I better help Helen.
What are you looking at me for?
The police, they're all around.
They're searching everyplace.
Get your things. I'll get the car.
You meet me by the sign.
Where's Tony?
First Specs, then Kirk. We're next.
Dillinger and these big plans.
I know a lot of places in the city.
Now, we can't leave
until John gives the word.
- Who says we can't?
- There's only one car.
Well, two can travel safer than five.
John Dillinger and your men. We have
this house completely surrounded.
Come out with your hands up.
You've got one minute.
Just one minute.
John Dillinger, you've 30 seconds left.
Thirty seconds.
Five seconds.
Time's up.
- Who is it?
- Helen.
Did you get it?
- It's cold in here.
- Yeah.
There's something wrong
with the radiator.
Have you been out today?
- Why don't you take that down?
- I like it there.
Let's go out, John.
I can't.
It's Christmas Eve.
No one will be looking for you.
I can't.
Well, I'm not staying in.
I want to go out.
I want to have some fun.
Go on, go out.
Have yourself a good time.
Go ahead.
Merry Christmas, John.
What are you doing out?
- Where have you been all week?
- Looking for a job.
- You mean you're?
- Broke, flat, busted.
Of course, I can always sling hash.
You're not slinging hash for no one.
That's the way I like
to hear you talk, John.
As soon as the heat cools off,
I'll be back in the chips.
I'll get a new mob together,
bigger than before.
I'll get guys with nerve,
plenty of guts like myself.
Yeah, that's what.
Of course, I'll have to be careful.
I can't do nothing now.
Maybe next year.
Yeah, next year ought to be fine.
Well, what are we waiting for?
- Catch.
- There it is.
I was hoping we'd go someplace today.
- I've only got a few dollars left.
- Well, who cares?
Guess I had you figured wrong.
- What do you mean?
- Well...
- Where are we going?
- I don't care.
- Let's go somewhere. Anywhere.
- Let's go to a movie.
- Any particular one?
- I'd like to go to the Biograph.
Hey, you got a new dress, huh?
You look good in red.
- How many, please?
- Two, please.
Thank you.
You can reach me now at Fox Lake 287.
Put it through as soon as it comes.
- Is that your girl?
- Yeah.
I've got a sweetheart too.
He's 6 foot tall, dark wavy hair,
and very handsome.
Everybody says
he ought to be in the movies.
All the girls are crazy about him,
but he loves only me.
And I can twist him
around my little finger.
You're a liar, Julie.
If he heard you talk to me like that,
he'd give you a terrible beating.
You're an awful liar, Julie.
Watch for the woman in red.
My hero.
They've been in there two hours.
Show must be about over.
What's his name?
That's the funny part.
We don't even know what he looks like.
This is where we came in.
- I'll take another bourbon.
- Sure.
- You ever been in San Francisco?
- No.
Smart fella. Stick in your own hometown
and stay out of trouble.
You fellas sure you got the right place?
This is Route 21, isn't it?
Be on the alert, fellas.
I think I'll get some candy.
One nickel-plated watch...
...a wallet...
...7 dollars and 20 cents.