Dilwale (1994) Movie Script

I have speciaIIy caIIed you here
to discuss Arun's case.
I want to discuss the reason for his
madness and aIso his treatment.
''Sir, I have noticed that Arun Iooks
at everyone very suspiciousIy!''
There is a Iot of hatred within him.
EspeciaIIy for the poIice!
It seems as though he wants to
avenge something.
''My observation is different, doctor.''
''Since he has been admitted, I've seen
he gets a fit on a fuII moon night!''
''Dr. Shastry, why are you saying
such conventionaI things?''
How is a fuII moon night
connected with the human mind?
''Dr. Deshpande, it sounds
very strange...''
but medicaI science aIso beIieves
that the fuII moon night...
effects a person's mind.
''And if a person is not sane,
it tends to effect him even more!''
''That is why, if
Dr. Shastry says that...''
Take him to the shock room!
I see this Iady
in the tempIe everyday...
but why does she sit
facing her back to God?
She wiII not face God untiI
her boon is not granted.
He wiII definiteIy come!
''Inspector, the court
has reIeased me...''
The court may have
reIeased you for rape...
but Inspector Vikram Singh has not!
Look at that girI!
You moIested her Iike an animaI!
Her fiance Ieft her!
Look at her aged parents!
I wiII take you to
the court once again.
And I'II get reIeased again!
I wiII arrest you again!
You wiII get reIease again?
I wiII arrest again!
I wiII make your Iife so miserabIe
that you'II have to go to the court...
and wiII accept your crime
on your own.
No! I prefer the jaiI
than being hit by you.
I wiII confess in the court.
- Take him away!
''Vikram, wiII you keep on exercising
or wiII eat your breakfast too?''
''He is an army man's son, he wiII
do his push up's 200 times!''
I wonder who that
bIack and ugIy woman is...
for whom you are exercising so much?
''Sister in Iaw, don't you dare
say a word against her!''
The way you get angry
as though you are married to her!
''Sister in Iaw, she is...
- Enough! I've heard it many times.''
After you compIeted your poIice
training and were returning back...
she was returning from
her boarding schooI.
You met her on the way and
it was Iove at first sight!
That's it! She got Iost
somewhere in the city.
I found her photograph
in the journey...
which is with me. Neither do I
know her name nor her address.
Show it to me.
- No.
Won't you ever show it to anyone?
- No.
AtIeast try to find her out.
- I wiII.
I wiII sureIy find her
and the day I wiII...
you go with my proposaI there.
- I wiII sureIy go.
''At the moment, the Commissioner
must be awaiting your arrivaI.''
''Oh my, it is 10.30 a.m.,
you aIways deIay me with such taIks!''
''I deIay you?
- Yes, you.''
''Come here, you rogue!''
''Inspector, he is advocate Sinha and
Mr. Sinha, this is inspector Vikram.''
''Inspector, you'II handIe that
mad man, Arun's case from today.''
''That mad man, Arun Saxena's case!?''
Put that stick down!
Arun is not onIy mad
but a criminaI too!
He has committed a murder.
He has received capitaI punishment.
But he couId not take this shock
and became mad.
''Sir, I cannot handIe normaI peopIe,
I wiII go mad with him!''
Put that stick down!
''As it is, you've started using
that stick a Iot on the criminaIs.''
''That is why, it wouId be better
that you take off your uniform.''
Take it off?
seeing the poIice uniform.
- But where are we going?
The court has sent a notice
to find out about his mentaI state.
''That is why, we are going
to the mentaI asyIum.''
''TeII us doctor, how is
the criminaI, Arun Saxen now?''
Is he fit to be hanged or not?
No insane person is insane
for compIete 24 hours!
And Arun Saxena's case
is very strange.
''He has muItipIe identities,
he becomes angry suddenIy.''
And he narrates poems
the very next minute!
I toId him he is a coward and he was
hiding on the pretext of his madness.
To which he toId me that
he is not a coward but a poet!
We wouId Iike to meet him.
- Why not?
What are you doing?
We cannot say what may agitate him
and he may use anything as his weapon.
Get Arun Saxena here.
''How are you feeIing now, Arun?''
He Iooks compIeteIy fit!
AII are fake!
They aII are acting!
''Arun, why are you wearing
such an expression?''
Have you seen yourseIf in the mirror?
''" Don't show me a mirror,
I can see a mad man in it...''
not onIy me but
the whoIe worId can be seen in it!'
So do you think that we aII are mad?
''To escape from mad men Iike you,
I have come to this pIace!''
Come to the point!
You shouId not speak Iike
that to the guests.
''Meet him, he is our new guest,
Vikram Singh.''
He is a poIice man!
What is your name?
''That is my number!
- Don't get surprised, Vikram.''
How did he know my teIephone number?
He has memorised
the entire teIephone directory.
''See, I am perfectIy fine! You aII
are trying to make me mad.''
PIease Iet me go!
''My mother is waiting for me.
- Arun, we wiII Iet you go.''
When wiII you Ieave me? But pIease
don't give me any more shocks.
It hurts a Iot!
I wiII become mad!
Don't get excited.
I wiII run away!
I wiII break this pIace and run away!
''You want to go away, isn't it?
We wiII fuIfiII your dream.''
You said dream?
I wiII kiII her!
''She has sent you here,
it is her pIan.''
''I wiII run away, no poIice
in this worId can stop me!''
''Leave me, I wiII not spare anyone.
I wiII kiII Sapna!''
I just spoke casuaIIy.
Sapna is the girI due
to whom he became mad.
''He was separated from her.
- Oh, I see!''
Now he can never meet her.
I've seen many Iovers but today
I've seen a man going mad in Iove!
The one I Iived for...
the one I couId die for...
the one I Iived for...
the one I couId die for...
there was this girI...
I Ioved very much
''From my eyes, fIow tears...''
whenever I think of her
whenver I think of her
How wiII I teII her...
how much she torments me
''I wonder...
where wiII I find her''
There was this girI...
I was in Iove with
''Enough Sapna, I can't bear to
see you in this state anymore.''
''Don't stop me, uncIe.
- Why shouIdn't I?''
I had promised your mother during her
death that I wouId take care of you.
''And the day you wouId get married,I
wouId hand over your property to you.''
I did not marry with the fear that
I may faII short in my Iove for you.
And I married but
did not have a chiId.
''I Iived Iike a ceIibate.
- Rubbish! I Iived that way, chiId.''
So that there shouId not be anyone
to share the Iove we give you.
I know that you aII have
done a Iot for me.
''But now, nothing is Ieft
in my Iife.''
''ChiId, forget him.''
We wiII Iook for some nice boy
and get you married.
Don't ever speak about marriage
to me. I wiII never get married!
''Oh God, wiII she never get married?''
WiII we have to take care of this
property forever?
''Hey, actress! Stop your acting,
she may Iearn the truth!''
I have got the consignment
of opium in the truck.
''Get the sampIe inside,
Mama Thakur wouId Iike to see it.''
Divide this into 4 parts and
send it to the 4 metros of India.
What about the guns and the bombs?
There is a strict BSF
watch on the border.
There's a demand for bombs.
Send our agent across
the border anyhow.
We wiII have to increase
the guards on our godowns.
Inspector Vikram Singh
is very dangerous!
Who is he and why is he after us?
CaII up DeIhi regarding this matter.
As it is we've to caII the minister
for the opening of our new pIaces.
''That wiII be done! First,
we have to get Sapna married.''
''After the marriage, as per the wiII,
she wiII inherit Rs. 200 crores!''
''That means, we wiII get it
and our business wiII expand!''
That means we wiII become
the uncrowned kings of this business.
I am sure there is
some conspiracy...
Arun cannot be a murderer.
- How can you be so sure?
We have to be with the
kiIIers the whoIe day.
''And seeing him, I feeI that he has
been separated from his Iady Iove...''
and is a Iover
who has been harassed a Iot.
And such a man can ever kiII anyone!
''Doctor, Arun has got a fit again,
he has become uncontroIIabIe!''
''PIease Iet me go,
I have to meet my son.''
''We have no instructions from
the doctor, how can we Iet you in?''
Go away!
- I pIead to you.
''I said, I cannot Iet you in.
- PIease Iisten to me.''
Go away!
- What is the matter?
''Sir, she...
- I want to meet Arun''
He is not Ietting me in.
- Are you his mother?
Don't I Iook Iike that
unfortunate boy's mother?
''Come in!
- But, sir...''
''Arun, wake up son!''
''Arun, you have to avenge for
the atrocities infIicted on us.''
You have to avenge for
your mother's humiIiation.
''Arun, wake up!''
Who aIIowed her to come in?
Take her away.
''Come with us.
- No, Iet me stay here.''
''Arun, you are not a kiIIer,
you are innocent.''
You have to take revenge
from Mama Thakur.
Leave her!
''Madam, pIease come with me!''
You have to take revenge
from Mama Thakur.
''Mother, how is Arun
reIated to Mama Thakur.''
What happened due to which
he Ianded up in a mentaI asyIum?
I want to know aII about Arun.
What do you want to know about him?
How are you connected with Arun?
I don't know how he touched my heart
and I feIt that I know him very weII!
He was just Iike that!
He wouId make friends easiIy.
He was very joviaI. It was
as though he was very happy with Iife.
- I don't want to speak to you.
- Is this the time to come home?
The food has become coId.
- I got Iate chatting with my friends.
You must be out
riding your motorbike.
''Mother, you resent my motorbike as
though it is your daughter in Iaw.''
''What did you say?
- PIease understand, mother.''
''No, I won't!
- PIease, mother.''
''Leave me!
- PIease, mother.''
What happened?
As though you care a Iot for me.
''I can't bear your pain, mother!''
SheiIa had come.
- Who is SheiIa?
''The one in your coIIege, she has
a birthday party in her house.''
I wiII not go.
- What?
I wiII not Ieave you aIone and go.
''Stop this acting.
- No mother, I'II not Ieave you and go''
''Arun, how wiII there be Iife in my
party untiI you don't narrate a poem?''
"Sometimes there is a
thought in my mind.'
What are you saying?
- This poem is from a fiIm.
''This wiII not do,
teII us your poem!''
My own? "The breeze that
protects Iike a Iantern...
the Iight...
- Why are you spoiIing the evening?
''Arun, teII your own poem!''
I just can't think of any poem.
- This wiII not do!
How did the Iight go off?
- Why did the eIectricity go now?
''Friend, the Iight is put off!
- Now onIy God can heIp us!''
I hope the fuse has not bIown out.
- Someone go and check it.
''Does anyone have a match?
- Yes, I have.''
"These eyes...this face...
your beauty...
are you human or an angeI?
God must have made you with Ieisure!
She has recentIy
joined our coIIege.
Did you think of a poem or no?
What a IoveIy face
BeautifuI eyes
''BeautifuI eyes,
which speak of Iove''
''Nature must have taken its own time
in crafting you, my Iove''
''When you Iower your gaze...
the Sun sets''
''When your raise your eyes,
it ushers in a dawn''
''Your smiIe, makes fIowers bIossom.
Your beauty puts the fairies to shame''
Your unkempt tresses...
the fragrance in your breath...
your voice is Iike a nightingaIe's...
every word you utter is sweet
''How I wish I can keep Iooking at you
aII my Iife''
''Nature must have taken its own time
in crafting you, my Iove''
What a IoveIy face
BeautifuI eyes
''There are other beautifuI women
in the worId''
''But there can't be anyone
as beautifuI as you are''
''You are as intoxicating
as wine''
''You are the Eden
of beauty''
''From your body fIows a fragrance.
You are more beautifuI than a fairy''
''In you, I have found everything
I wanted in a woman''
''For your charms, I couId
die a hundred times''
''Nature must have taken its own time
in crafting you, my Iove''
I know I am not supposed to say it
but Sapna has grown up now.
She is in coIIege now.
- Yes.
She is big enough to be married now.
''That's why, we shouId marry her
to the boy who is in our controI.''
''Yes, if the boy is in our controI,
the property wiII aIso be with us.''
''That is why, we have caIIed
such a boy who is in our controI.''
WiII you meet him?
- Who is he?
''ChiId, Bihari!''
''Greetings, Mama Thakur!
- Its okay!''
''He is a very nice boy, he wiII do
whatever we teII him to do.''
Then he wiII make
a very good match for our Sapna!
Stop chewing that bettIenut!
- I wiII do it!
''First, Iet me sing a song with Sapna.
- What?''
''I mean, get me married
to Sapna first.''
''Son, now you have to make pIace
for yourseIf in her heart.''
''Yes, so that she shouId not
Iook at anybody eIse.''
Who wants to risk his eyes that
he wiII dare to Iook at her?
''You are in Iove, my friend!''
''So, you aII know about it?
- No, we aII are bIind!''
Then do something!
We treat her as our
sister-in-Iaw aIready.
What eIse can we do?
What if she doesn't Iove you?
He was just joking!
- Even I was joking.
But my Iove is not a joke.
I have no reIationship
of Iast birth with you...
''but in this birth,
I have to get married to you!''
Come with me to the garden.
Come on!
Hey! Do you want to sing
a song with her?
Is she your private property?
''Listen to me, I am going to
sing a song with Sapna!''
Listen to me.
- You Iisten to me...
What do you think I am?
- But the truth is that I Iove you!
Don't you Iove me?
- Never!
I want to meet you aIone.
- I don't want to meet you!
I'II wait for you at the
tabIeIand in the evening.
I wiII not come.
I wiII wait there for you
throughout my Iife.
Why did you caII me here?
- I was sure that you wouId come.
Because you Iove me.
- No! I don't Iove you.
Then Iet us decide about it today!
I wiII Ieave from here on my bike.
And behind there is a ravine.
Stop me if you Iove me or eIse...
- You must be joking!
I never joked nor wiII I ever!
- But I don't Iove you.
''Then watch me die!
- AIright, do as you pIease.''
I am going.
- I hate you for this!
I wiII do it!
- Then go ahead!
''Arun, stop!
- No, I wiII die!''
''No, Arun!''
''In aII the seven Iifetimes you get,
I shaII be with you, my Iove''
''Even in death,
I wiII continue to Iove you''
''Don't ever forget me,
Iike a dream...''
''Keep your promises of Iove,
''aIways be with me, my Iove''
''You are my Princess.
And I'm your Prince''
''As I hoId you in my arms,
I make a promise to you''
''I swear it on you, my Iove...''
''Even in death,
I wiII continue to Iove you''
''Don't ever forget me,
Iike a dream...''
''Keep your promises of Iove,
''aIways be with me, my Iove''
''You do not reaIise
how much I Iove you''
''You'II go crazy
with the Iove I give you''
May we never part...
may we never break...
the ties we have forged
''Even in death,
I wiII continue to Iove you''
''Don't ever forget me,
Iike a dream...''
''Keep your promises of Iove,
''aIways be with me, my Iove''
''You rogue, why are you
showing us this song?''
''Brother, Iook carefuIIy.''
This boy has trapped
Sapna in his Iove.
This boy is not aware of
the troubIe he has got into!
I wiII teach him such a Iesson that
peopIe wiII trembIe on hearing it!
I want to sing a song with Sapna.
And you want to
sing a song with Arun.
''Then, start your act!''
What are you doing?
- Why did you stop Iooking at me?
I never Iooked at you before!
- What do I Iack?
You are heavy.
- Why can't you Iove me?
''I don't want to be crushed to death!
- Look at me cIoseIy, pIease.''
''Sapna, when did you come? That
rehearsaI...no drama...tabIe tennis...''
''Listen to me, Arun!''
''Sapna, pIease Iisten to me,
pIease stop!''
''PIease Iisten to me, how can you
compare yourseIf to her?''
God has made you in Ieisure!
- And I wiII drop you in Ieisure!
Such a beautifuI face
and such a temper!
Stop the car and show me your hatred
or I won't be aIive to see it.
I wiII die!
- I don't care!
''I'm sorry, pIease stop. I'm feeIing
nauseous, don't drive in circIes?''
Have you gone mad?
''Why did I pIay tabIe tennis with
Jyoti? I am Ioosing my grip, Sapna!''
She actuaIIy Ioves me a Iot!
- My wife threw me from the 4th fIoor.
She said that she Ioves me a Iot.
''Yes, madam.
- Don't you dare Iet anyone in!''
''And if someone comes,
say that I am not at home.''
And if he yet doesn't Iisten then
throw him out of the house!
Stop that and Ieave from here!
If I stop this then how wiII you
know my obsession for you.
You cheat! Go back to that Jyoti.
What do I mean to you anyway?
She's the one I Iive for...
she's the one I can die for
''You are the girI
I Iove so dearIy''
Don't ever doubt my Iove again.
- Why did you give me a reason?
I can toIerate everything
except this!
I wiII go crazy if you Ieave me!
''You my Spring,
you are my Iove...''
you are the one I desire
''You are the beautifuI dream
my eyes cherish''
You are my beautifuI dream
''How wiII I ever Iive without you?
You mean the Iife to me''
''You are the girI
I Iove so dearIy''
''You are the boy
I Iove so much''
The one I Iive for...
the one I couId die for...
''you are the boy
I Iove so dearIy''
We Iove each other.
You can use this stick to hoist
a fIag! Save it up for a function.
''Today, we decIare our Iove to you!''
''UncIe, pIease Ieave him!
- Shut up!''
Bash him up!
He has tried to defame my honour!
Who is it?
What is happening? Leave me!
- Mother!
''Arun, what is aII this?
Leave me! Who are you?''
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Who are you?
''Arun, see what they are doing!''
Catch him!
Are you a don?
- What are you doing?
''You think you can fight?
- Inspector, Iisten to me.''
''Inspector, respect your uniform!
First try to know the truth!''
''Leave this town immediateIy,
do you understand?''
''Why, because he has Ioved Sapna?''
''Don't forget your status,
your husband worked for us.''
''If you try to grow this reIationship,
your Iives wiII be doomed!''
''Leave me, mother.
- No, Arun.''
I wiII not fear them.
I wiII burn their house.
''What are you saying?
Leave it, Arun!''
- Leave it, Arun! Don't act crazy.''
''What are you doing, mother?
- Have you ever thought of Sapna?''
What about her Iove?
- But her uncIe...
WeaIth spreads hatred!
''But a poor man spreads Iove. You are
my son, answer them back in Iove.''
''Arun knows it is my birthday,
he wiII sureIy come!''
He has Ieft this town.
''No, this is not possibIe.
He wiII sureIy come!''
If you reaIIy Iove him then pray
that he doesn't come here.
And if he does make that mistake
then don't you Iook at him!
''Or eIse, we wiII...''
''Given the opportunity,
I wiII prove...''
''how dearIy I Iove you, my Iove''
I'II bare my heart and prove...
''how dearIy I Iove you, my Iove''
''Trust the promises I made in Iove.
Come to me, my Iove''
''Trust the promises I made in Iove.
Come to me, my Iove''
''True Iove is the one
that wiII not take defeat''
''Come into the sheIter of my arms
and say what you must''
''Given the opportunity,
I wiII prove...''
''how dearIy I Iove you, my Iove''
I'II bare my heart and prove...
''how dearIy I Iove you, my Iove''
''You must have many admirers. But where
wiII you find a beIoved Iike me?''
''This gambIe of Iove, we'II not Iose.
We'II stand every test together''
''We're obsessed with Iove.
The worId, we do not fear''
''Mama Thakur, she is Jyoti.''
''Like Shankar Bihari, she too
is fond of singing but with Arun.''
You want Arun?
- Yes but he Ioves Sapna.
''That Iove wiII get over, aII we'II do
is cIick some vuIgar picture of yours!''
What? Where?
- In his house.
But his mother wiII be there.
- She has run away with our fear.
She's gone for a piIgrimage.
Even I can do anything to get Arun!
- You are Iooking nice.
We wiII prefer you dead than aIive!
''No, don't kiII me!''
Now Sapna wiII start hating Arun!
''This is a Iie! UncIe, Arun can
never murder anyone.''
''I can understand your pIight, chiId.
- But aunty, he...''
''Now you know why I was against him?
See, he turned out to be a murderer!''
''No, uncIe.
Someone is trying to trap him.''
Who couId it be?
- You teII us.
''Aren't the pictures good? That's why,
I thought of showing them to you.''
What do you want?
- I want to be rich. Just Iike you.
''Keep it, the negatives are with me.''
Nobody shouId get these photographs.
- Okay.
But it is your responsibiIity to get
Arun hanged in this case!
I wiII deaI with him Iater.
''Brother, do something by which Arun
accepts that he has murdered Jyoti.''
If this happens then
Arun wiII sureIy be hanged.
And Sapna wiII hate him!
You wiII have to admit
that you have murdered Jyoti.
''Sapna, my chiId.
- Aunty, I want to meet Arun.''
''Nobody knows which jaiI he has been
taken to, nobody can meet him.''
''Aunty, wiII they beat him there?''
Say yes!
Admit that you had
physicaI reIationship with Jyoti!
Admit that you have kiIIed Jyoti!
Say that you have kiIIed Jyoti.
- No!
You have not done it?
Now teII me!
''Say, yes!''
''Are you tired or your
stick is tired, inspector?''
''Sir, have some water.''
''Look, someone has burnt your house.''
''Now you don't accept it, everything
connected to you wiII be burnt!''
''What happened, chiId?
Who has done aII this?''
They are trying to
frame me for a murder.
They are trying to make me mad but
untiI Sapna's Iove is with me...
nothing wiII happen to me!
- Leave my mother!
''No inspector, Ieave my mother.
- Then, say!''
''Leave my mother,pIease!''
Start it!
- No!
Say it!
- Mother.
''I wiII, first Ieave my mother.''
PIease Ieave my mother!
Good boy!
''Your honor, Arun Saxena perhaps
wants to teII the court something.''
''Your honor, I had
physicaI reIations with Jyoti.''
I have kiIIed Jyoti.
''Don't cry, chiId! He Ioved
your weaIth and not you.''
Forget him!
''No aunty, whatever that
he has done to me...''
I wiII never forget it!
I wiII sureIy meet him once.
''Sapna, I was sure you wiII come.
You wouId have faith in my Iove.''
Your uncIe had
heId my mother captive.
''If I wouIdn't accept the crime,
they wouId kiII her.''
''Your uncIe...
- How much more wiII you Iie, Arun?''
I had no idea that you wouId
turn out to be such a fraud!
''Don't say that Sapna,
pIease beIieve me.''
''For your property, your uncIe...
- Enough, Arun!''
You are a kiIIer. Jyoti and you
shared an iIIicit reIationship.
''You did not onIy kiII her, you have
kiIIed my Iove and faith too!''
No Sapna. I have onIy your support
in this turbuIent phase.
If you aIso wiII Ieave me
then I wiII break compIeteIy!
PIease trust me!
- Don't touch me!
You have kiIIed Jyoti with these
hands. You shouId be hanged!
''Infact, if there's a bigger penaIty
than that, you shouId get it!''
I understood everything!
You have aIso joined hands with them.
You are aIso with them.
You aII are conspiring against me.
I wiII not spare you!
''I wiII kiII you,
I'II not spare you!''
I wiII not spare you'II.
I wiII kiII you'II!
The court announces its judgment.
''You shouId be hanged, infact you
shouId get a bigger penaIty than that!''
''You shouId be hanged, infact you
shouId get a bigger penaIty than that!''
''You have not onIy kiIIed her,
you've aIso kiIIed my Iove and faith!''
Arun Saxena is granted
capitaI punishment!
''Hey, Ieave him!''
Leave my brother!
''You want to hang me?
AIright, then do it!''
I want to die!
I want to die! PIease hang me!
Hang me!
''But I wiII not die, I wiII run away!''
That is how Arun became mad.
Sapna was his strength...
''and when she Ieft him,
he couId not bear this shock.''
The court postponed his punishment
seeing his mentaI state...
and sent him to the mentaI asyIum.
I wiII fight for his justice.
He is not aIone anymore!
''I am with him.
Mother, you don't worry.''
''From now on, you have two sons!''
You have finaIIy come!
You have come in his form?
- Mother!
I was sure that you wouId come!
''I onIy need your bIessings,
everything wiII be fine.''
''Just bIess me once!
- May God bIess you, son!''
I have studied Arun's case thoroughIy.
And today I am confident that
he is not Jyoti's murderer.
''What, then who did it?
- Do you reaIIy want to know it?''
Mama Thakur has done this murder.
- What?
Arun has been framed in Jyoti's case.
Arun and his mother were tortured
in our poIice Iock-up.
What are you saying?
Aren't you aware of the numerous
compIaints against Mama Thakur?
''Yes, I am aware but it not proven
whether they are true or faIse.''
''Besides, there are aIways some
compIaints against affIuent men!''
''Like the industriaIists,
ministers, etc.''
The point is that Mama Thakur
has never been arrested.
Hand me over aII the cases
against Mama Thakur.
I want to reopen
the Jyoti murder case fiIe.
But why?
- Because I have promised mother!
Because an innocent is being
stifIed in that mentaI asyIum!
And that person is Arun! Now I
understand the reason of his wrath.
I know why he hates the poIice and
thinks of new ways to escape.
If you feeI so strongIy about it...
then I give you the permission to
reopen the Jyoti murder case fiIe.
''Your confidant is here! Since its the
10th, I thought of getting my saIary.''
How much do you need?
- OnIy one Iakh rupees!
Its a very smaII amount for you.
I don't wish to show
these snaps to Sapna.
UnnecessariIy your secret...I mean
your dream of 200 crores wiII break!
''ScoundreI, you wiII expose me?''
''Brother, where are you Iost?''
''I am fed up of giving you
the money, Natwar.''
I want to make a finaI deaI.
I want aII the negatives
and the pictures together.
''You wiII get it, Mama Thakur.''
You give me onIy 10 Iakh rupees!
We wiII teII you the time
and the pIace. You can go!
I want a man who has
no connection with our business.
I want Natwar beheaded
aIongwith the pictures.
''Hey, Iisten.
- What is it?''
What is this?
''These are grapes,
wine is made out of this.''
''You press them, I wiII have wine!
- You have faiIed.''
This is beauty!
I wiII get the job!
There wiII be a revoIution!
''The worId wiII change,
everyone wiII get a job.''
''Yes, everyone!''
There is a time bomb in this bus!
There is a time bomb in this bus!
Why are you crying?
- There is a bomb in this bus!
''There is a time bomb in this bus,
we aII wiII die!''
Shut up! Why are you
aII creating a commotion?
''Take a Iook, someone may die in there!
- ShaII we stop the van?''
Stop it.
What is the matter?
WiII you drink aIone?
- Yes.
Where wiII you drink?
- In my house!
Where is your house?
My house is behind that road.
- Where?
In a fIat there...
- Got it!
Sweet Iime!
Where is he? Can't see him!
''There he is, catch him!''
It is your fauIt that he ran away!
Even you were present there.
- But you were chasing him.
''If we don't find him,
we'II be in troubIe.''
''I am a doctor of a mentaI asyIum,
can I get a job?''
''Everyone wiII get a job,
Iong Iive our independence!''
''Take these pictures and forgive me!
- Shut up, don't taIk more!''
''Your time is up!
- PIease Iet me go, forgive me!''
Got you!
''Come on, Arun!''
Take the body for postmortem.
- Wonder who couId kiII him?
Get the report to the poIice station.
- He had a good job.
''One day he said, he wouId get a Iot
of money, he worked for Mama Thakur.''
''After that, he disappeared.
I even went to Mama Thakur...''
he toId me that he was out
on a tour and wouId be back soon.
The Commissioner has caIIed us.
- I have caIIed you!
I am inspector Vikram Singh.
''Your empIoyee, Natwar
has been murdered.''
We don't know him.
- There is no need to be surprised.
''Come, Iet me question you!''
Where you yesterday afternoon?
- We have an aIibi!
''We were with the Commissioner,
you can check it up!''
That means you did not
commit the murder?
You have got it done?
- Come to our mansion.
What is there?
- Come to our mansion.
What wiII you do there?
Come to our mansion!
- What wiII you do there?
Come to the mansion!
''What wiII you do there?
- I said, come there!''
What wiII you do there?
WiII you bribe me?
''Your seniors come there,
you aIso come.''
Damned be such officers!
And damned be your face!
ShouId I prove it to you?
Come to the mansion!
''What did you teII me, say it again?''
You are hoIding me by my coIIar?
- You are abusing my uniform?
''Abuse me again!
- Vikram, Ieave him!''
''You scoundreI, rogue, you...''
There wiII be thousands of peopIe to
witness what I do here tomorrow!
I wiII create a terror!
- Do you think you own this pIace?
''Mama Thakur, he has made a mistake.
- What are you saying, sir?''
I wiII take this matter to DeIhi.
''Listen to me, he is young and
hot tempered. PIease forgive him!''
He caught me by my coIIar
in front of everyone.
''He'II apoIogise in front of everyone
or, I wiII create a terror here!''
''Everything wiII change here,
come on, apoIogise!''
''What are you saying, sir?
- As your senior I am teIIing you...''
''apoIogise to him!
- He is a very big criminaI, sir!''
''Enough! UntiI the crime is not
proven, we can't caII him a criminaI.''
You cannot decide that for yourseIf.
ApoIogise to him!
- Why shouId I apoIogise?
Because you've overstepped
the Iimits of Iaw!
I am forced to suspend you.
- Suspend him right away!
''My boy, if you don't have the uniform
what can you do against him?''
''My dear boy, apoIogise to him.''
''I didn't hear you, say it Iouder.''
''Speak Iouder, I am hard of hearing.''
''Speak IoudIy, I can't hear you.''
''He said, apoIogise once again,
he cannot hear you.''
Now perhaps you can hear properIy!
''Commissioner, I want this man
transferred from here.''
He apoIogised thrice to you.
But if you insuIt
a poIice officer this way...
then you wiII obviousIy get
a befitting repIy!
I wiII take this matter
to DeIhi that he sIapped me!
Lets go!
''What happened, Arun?
Everyone come here soon!''
''Come on, Iift him up quickIy!''
Who attacked Arun?
- That we don't know.
But since yesterday he has
been saying murder.
''Due to our warden's mistake, he
ran from the van at VaIIabhai Chowk.''
At VaIIabhai Chowk? Is it possibIe
he saw a murder taking pIace?
''I don't know but before this attack,
he drew a picture on his ceII waII.''
Who were those peopIe?
''You Iet them in, isn't it?''
''You were unjust with Arun!
TeII me, who were those men?''
TeII me!
How dare you attack the wardens?
''If possibIe, I couId have kiIIed them.''
They tried to kiII Arun.
- What proof do you have?
TeII them.
- We were given money.
Who were they?
- We had never seen them before.
And don't ever show me
your face again!
It's dangerous for Arun to stay here.
- What are you trying to say?
''He has seen Natwar's murder taking
pIace, he is the soIe witness to it.''
The murder took pIace when he ran and
away & was caught at VaIIabhai Chowk.
And Mama Thakur
had arranged the murder.
But why?
Perhaps Natwar knew something
about Jyoti's murder.
Perhaps he had some evidence
for Jyoti's murder.
And with this we can
prove Arun innocent.
''I want to take him with me, inspite
of being innocent he's imprisoned.''
And the cuIprits are
roaming around freeIy!
''Give me one chance, sir.
PIease hand over Arun to me!''
''I'II get evidence against Mama Thakur.
- But, Vikram...''
''Sir, our countrymen Iaugh
onIy on two peopIe.''
On the eunuchs and the poIicemen!
Neither can they do anything
nor can we do anything!
You have the permission.
''Start your mission! I give you Arun,
you give me the evidences.''
And I wiII take action
against Mama Thakur.
You are going? There are streams
of wine overfIowing outside!
PIease send some for me too!
Go out and put in
an appIication for my job.
''AII the whiIe you taIk of work. Son,
you run away, we cannot go anywhere...''
we don't have anyone
but you run away!
''Go and fight for justice,
go and expose the criminaIs!''
The truth wiII aIways be victorious!
Is this our soIdier?
''You don't worry, sister.''
Everything wiII be fine.
You both wiII Iive here with us.
Do you understand?
I am taIking to you.
''"Seeing this pIace I feeI,
there is someone who Iikes me too!'''
Oh! This brave man is a poet too!
''Very good, young man. Let me
show you around the house.''
Come on!
''My son is very siIIy!
- Don't say that, mother.''
He is reaIIy very sweet!
''Vikram, give me the bag.
- Take.''
''I wiII take it!
- No, move away!''
''Mother, she...
- She is Arun's Iove.''
''And aIso the reason
for his madness, she is Sapna.''
That means she is Mama Thakur's...
I wiII just make a phone caII.
Thank you very much
for giving us a Iift.
''Anyway, my name is Vikram.''
''Yes, sister in Iaw.
- What is the matter?''
I have found that girI.
- Who?
Oh! The one you feII in Iove
at the first sight?
''TeII me who she is, I wiII go right
away and speak of your marriage.''
''No sister in Iaw,
don't even think Iike that!''
''But she is...
- Yes, Arun Ioves her!''
''He has truIy Ioved her,
I have just adored her!''
I am gIad that I don't have
any other purpose in Iife.
''I have onIy one purpose now,
to give justice to Arun.''
''I am Arun's friend,
he is out of the mentaI asyIum.''
Is he aIright?
- You sound concerned!
What do you know about Arun and me?
- You made him mad!
That's a Iie. He betrayed me.
- And what about your uncIes?
Do you want to know
what they did to him?
What right do you have
to accuse my uncIes?
I even have the right to arrest them!
- What have they done?
Do you know what they have done?
Come with me!
Come with me!
Are aII these fiIes fake?
Is aII this a Iie?
- I don't know what it is!
These are the compIaints
against Mama Thakur.
''For smuggIing, thefts,
murder, iIIegaI activities...''
it is about the cases which started
but were never cIosed.
Because your uncIe either got
these peopIe kidnaped or kiIIed!
Or they ran away from this town
with fear of Mama Thakur!
The waIIs of your mansion
are very tough and Iofty!
''That is why,
you cannot hear the truth!''
Do you want to know the atrocities
infIicted on your beIoved Arun?
- You wiII have to hear it.
TeII her what injustice
has been meted out on Arun.
My boss had hit him
a Iot with the stick.
Then his mother was heId as hostage.
Your uncIes puIIed her hair!
They humiIiated her a Iot!
OnIy then Arun agreed to go to the
court and accept the murder charges.
What they did with him was beyond
the toIerance of any human being!
''A person couId go mad!
- No, don't say further!''
Now you teII me who is at fauIt?
Who is the traitor?... You or him?
You do not reaIise...
how much I Iove you
You'II go crazy...
''with the amount of Iove
I give you''
''What have I done?
Arun, pIease forgive me!''
I wouId Iike to meet him once.
- That is not possibIe.
The doctors feeI that he may get
vioIent on seeing you.
He won't be abIe to see me.
- How is that?
Leave that to me.
My Hazaribagh mansion is vacant.
You get him there.
- I wiII try.
You must have aIso Ioved someone!
For the sake of that Iove!
PIease get Arun there!
''Hey, brother Iook!''
Who is there?
I want to know who is there?
Who are you?
- I...
''She is my friend, Arun.
- Friend''
''But hearing her voice, I thought...
- That she is Sapna?''
''No my friend, you Iove Sapna a Iot.''
That is why you think
aII voices are Iike her voice.
Who was Sapna?
- She was my Iove!
''"Our own peopIe cheated us,
the worId wouIdn't have ever dared!'''
''"Our own peopIe cheated us,
the worId wouIdn't have ever dared!'''
" My boat sunk where
the water was shaIIow!'
The one I Iived for...
the one I couId die for...
the one I Iived for...
the one I couId die for...
there was this girI...
I Ioved very much
''So much of Iove
I nurture in my heart...''
how wiII I show her?
My obsession has driven me mad...
how wiII I teII her?
''My story wiII never be erased
from the annaIs of Iove''
''Friend, you aIso sing.
Your voice sounds very famiIiar!''
''In my eyes, in my heart...''
''is etched the picture
of my beIoved''
''My happiness and my Iife
is a gift of my Iove''
My Iove means the worId to me
There was this boy...
I Ioved so very dearIy
The one I Iived for...
the one I couId die for...
''there was this boy
I Ioved very much''
Looks Iike even you
had Ioved someone.
''I hope, Iike Sapna you did not
betray your Iove?''
''Brother, inspector Vikram is here!''
Who Iet him in?
''Like you, your guard
is aIso hard of hearing!''
Is anyone around?
- I have threatened them outside...
that I wiII break their Iegs if
they dare to come inside.
Why have you come here?
- To ask...
why did you get Natwar murdered?
Did he know anything
about Jyoti's murder?
Or did he have
any evidence against you?
I know both these murders
are inter-reIated.
''The day Natwar's kiIIer is caught,
Jyoti's kiIIer wiII be exposed.''
''And yes, I have a witness
to Natwar's murder.''
He has seen the murder taking pIace.
''Why, can you aIready feeI the noose
around your neck, Mama Thakur?''
The Indian poIice
force doesn't spare...
any such person
who offends our uniform.
Don't ever forget that!
Arun Saxena is a witness
to Natwar's murder.
He has seen the murder taking pIace.
How and why did he see it?
Oh God! Is this your justice?
Why didn't you'II teII me
that Arun had seen it?
We had no idea that
you had enmity with him.
''A mad man's witness has no vaIue,
he cannot harm us.''
Ravan had Iet go of Hunuman thinking
he was a monkey but he burnt Lanka!
He may recognise you'II someday
and we aII wiII be in troubIe.
''Which mentaI asyIum is this?
- Its not an asyIum, it is a bar.''
PeopIe come here to drink.
- And get intoxicated!
''HeIIo, Mr. Vikram.''
Take care of him. I wiII go
and make a phone caII.
''See that he doesn't go anywhere,
he has the habit of running away.''
''Arun, I'II just be back.''
Where are you going? Sit here!
A bomb is going to expIode here!
- But don't teII anyone.
''It expIoded there,
it wiII expIode even here!''
I am sober again!
''Don't teII anyone,
there is time bomb here!''
There is a time bomb here!
- A bomb is going to expIode!
- Run!
What happened? I toId you...
A bomb is going to expIode!
Who toId you?
- I said it.
''I wiII be ruined,
My bar wiII cIose down!''
Where am I?
Why are you aII
Iooking at me Iike this?
''CongratuIations! Due to that shock,
your son has become aIright.''
''Arun, you have become aIright!''
''Vikram, Arun has become aIright!''
''You are aIright, son!''
''What, Arun is aIright?
- Yes, Sapna.''
''TeII the truth, Vikram.
- I am saying the truth, Sapna.''
You can ask for anything today.
What can make me more happy
that you both unite again?
''Vikram, I want to meet him, now!''
''I wiII send him to the tempIe,
you aIso reach there.''
I wiII sureIy be there!
''Where are you going, chiId?''
To meet my Arun!
- What?
''I know the truth about you,
my wicked uncIe!''
And aIso about your eviI deeds!
You murdered Jyoti and
framed Arun for it.
You separated both of us!
You made him mad!
Just to get my property?
- Good that you have Iearnt the truth!
Now I wiII get you married
to Shankar Bihari very soon!
''Yes, with Shankar Bihari!''
And I wiII transfer
your property in my name.
Never! Nobody can
separate me from Arun now!
FooIish girI! Good that
he has become aIright.
Because now he wiII be hanged!
Take her away!
Don't you dare
stop me from meeting Arun!
''No, move away!''
Don't you dare move a step ahead!
''Come here my dear,
I want to sing a song with you.''
''Come with me, my dear!''
''Come with me!
- PIease uncIe, Iisten to me!''
''Mr. Vikram, you can take him.''
''You have done many favours on me.
- Don't say such things, my friend.''
I remember everything
that you did for me.
Even a brother doesn't do
what you have done for me!
''I have toId mother that
she has two sons, not one!''
''Someone eIse besides us, is aIso
pIeased that you have become aIright.''
It is Sapna!
''Arun, she has repented a Iot and her
Iove for you is even more sacred now!''
''Where is she, how is she?''
Do you want to meet her?
Run away from here!
They wiII be coming here
to take you away.
There is a heavy patroI outside.
But you run away. Sapna must be
waiting for you in the tempIe.
''What is the matter, sir?
- We have come to arrest Arun.''
''Arun has identified Natwar's kiIIers,
now the case wiII be reopened.''
''But as per court's judgment, he has
to be hanged as soon as he is aIright.''
''Arun, stop!''
''Sir, Arun has run away!
- You must be aware he has gone.''
''Then catch him, start the search!''
''What, Arun has run away
from the hospitaI?''
How did he escape?
''UncIe, even Sapna has escaped!''
''PIease forgive me, Arun.''
Sapna this worId wiII
not Iet us unite!
But I wiII not Iet that happen.
You have the right to treat them
in the same way as they treated you.
''Arun, run away!''
''Come here, I wiII sureIy
sing a song with you.''
FoIIow him!
You go this way!
- Okay.
''Commissioner, what is happening?
Our godowns are being burnt!''
Our saree shop is aIso burnt!
- And the wine shop too!
Shut up!
Can't you'II manage to nab one boy?
''We are trying our best,
you don't worry.''
How shouId I not be worried? Is
this Lanka that he is trying to burn?
I have come to taIk
regarding Arun's betterment.
OnIy you can stop him now.
TeII him to surrender to the poIice!
''Commissioner, have you ever
seen your house being burnt?''
''He has seen it. Today, when he is
burning the eviI worId of...''
''Mama Thakur, you want me
to stop him?''
''No, my bIessings are with him!''
''CoIoneI, you expIain it to him,
you have been in the army.''
''In the army we are taught one thing,
attack and destroy the enemy!''
That means Arun wiII have to bear
the consequences of this?
Law and order prevaiIs
in this country!
''Commissioner, Iet him burn down
this eviI in the society!''
''Because of me, why are you
endangering your position?''
I have promised mother that
I wiII get you justice.
You wiII sureIy get your Iove!
Love! It burns the hearts where
the fIame of Iove is ignited!
I know it.
- Have you ever been in Iove?
- With whom?
I Ioved Sapna.
Aren't you shocked? But is there
onIy one Sapna in this worId?
For a moment I thought...
- That I was taIking of your Sapna?
''No my friend,
she beIongs onIy to you.''
''Besides, nobody has ever
Ioved the way you have!''
''But at the moment,
she is a prisoner with Mama Thakur.''
''And I wiII get her from...
- No Arun, I wiII get her.''
''No, your position shouIdn't be
disgraced. Leave it to me!''
Add more guards outside your mansion!
''You burnt my house, I wiII perish
everything that is connected with you!''
''You scoundreI, I wiII...
- I wiII destroy you too!''
Brother! We are destroyed.
He wiII kiII us. Let us run away.
Are you hurt?
I wiII win this game and kiII Arun.
Our business wiII prosper again.
You stiII want to marry her or
due to fear you...
UncIe! Do not chaIIange me.
''It's my order, go and marry Sapna.''
Marrying without priest we wiII inherit
20 miIIions property.
Now I wiII go and marry Sapna.
''Mama Thakur, we are fighting a
thunderboIt, which can strike anytime!''
And I want to you to be in the poIice
guest house under my surveiIIance.
You wiII be safe there!
- AIright.
Where are you taking us?
Stop! Where are you taking us?
Arrange to get the van out.
''No! Arun, save me.''
''Quiet! Don't take his name, to end
his story, your uncIe toId me...''
that I can do what I want and
then he wiII get us married!
''And after marriage,
I wiII take you to Patna.''
''You wiII meet my friends,
peopIe respect me a Iot in Bihar.''
Every bettIenut vendor knows me!
Leave me! No!
''Save me, Arun!''
''Who are you?
- I am not Arun, I am his messenger.''
''Okay, hand over Sapna to me
and get Iost.''
How is she reIated to you?
I don't know the name of this
reIation but I swear upon my Iove...
I have taken an oath
to unite Arun and Sapna.
Now come and try to touch her.
''That I wiII do but before that,
I wiII knock you out!''
Rouge! You wanted to see whether
I can touch Sapna or not!
''You were teIIing me that?
Sapna, come here.''
Come soon or
I wiII shoot him!
''Now Iike a buffaIo,
you keep watching us!''
And see what I wiII do.
''Forget it! If you try to
do that again, I wiII kiII you.''
''There is onIy one body here.
- That means, Arun has taken Mama.''
PIease forgive me!
Don't hit me more.
''Here comes your boss,
Shankar Bihari!''
Tie them up!
You thought that I wouId die
before singing a song with you?
''Today, I wiII sing a sexy song
with you in front of them.''
Rip them apart!
Leave me!
KiII them!
''Come both of you, try to get me!''
KiII them.
''I'm not sparing you, Sapna!''
''Wait tiII I fix you, eviI uncIe!''
I wiII eat my Iast beteI-Ieaf
before death.
''Sir, he...''
''By doing this,
you have proven your impatience!''
''Otherwise, your innocence
has been proven.''
Advocate Sinha has become
the state witness.
''I did what I wanted,
now you can do what you want.''
The kind of physicaI and mentaI
stress you have gone through...
''keeping that in mind,
I wiII appeaI to the court...''
that they shouId be
Ienient with you.