Dim the Fluorescents (2017) Movie Script

Which is, uh, why
it's always a good idea
to, uh, personalize
your incentives.
[projector clicks]
Uh, next, we'd like to give
you a little demonstration
of some of the principles that
we've discussed here today.
Um, enjoy!
[door opens]
[tape switch clicks]
[indistinct chattering]
[telephone ringing on tape]
[ambiance grows louder]
- [clamoring stops]
- [telephone ringing]
MultiCorp Industries, this is Catherine
speaking. How may I help you?
Frankly, I'm not sure
that you can.
Well, surely, I can be
of some assistance.
My name is Gertrude Alan. I don't have
much time. I run a very large company.
Well I understand, Ms. Alan, we're
all of us very busy these days.
Oh, well, with faulty products like
yours, I don't doubt that you are.
- I'm sorry you feel that way.
- Products have come to me damaged, Catherine.
And how do you explain
such slip-shod service?
[Lillian] Well, this is the first
I've heard of such a problem.
Thank you for bringing it
to my attention.
This is more than
just an inconvenience.
Tell me that
you understand that.
- I understand.
- [sighs] Picture this, Catherine.
Picture a middle-aged, slightly
frazzled, overworked executive, okay?
And she comes in
just like she does everyday
and she has her mug of coffee,
and the mug has
a picture of her dog on it
that's slowly peeling,
you know? It's faded.
So, she comes in
and she hasn't had much sleep,
she's just returned from
a long absence,
and her department has just
gone to pieces without her.
Everything's just fallen apart without her.
Are you still there?
[Lillian] I'm seeing it.
I'm 42 years old, Catherine.
[Lillian] Ms. Alan, I'm I'm confident
that if you just tell me what ha...
Once, I tried
to change things.
Can you picture me with kids?
They told me I was too old but
I, I was reasonably healthy
so I thought to myself,
"Yes, let's see this through."
And I...
I just don't know...
- [cries]
- I'm sorry.
Things were going to be
different, Catherine. Better.
I wasn't going to work my life away.
I was going to be home more.
But, no, not for me.
All right. I just try
to stay busy.
I focus on the task at hand, I
just get through it day by day.
Maybe that will be enough.
This could have been
a good day.
- Why don't you tell me what happened?
- I opened it up
- and it was all fucked!
- It's not supposed to be...
[shouting] Can't I just have
this one thing, Catherine?
- [firmly] It's not supposed to be like that.
- You can't help me.
Listen, I can't pretend that I know
what you're going through right now.
But you can rest assured that
MultiCorp will make this up to you.
- How?
- Well, for starters,
we're going to resend all your
product at no extra charge,
and we'll even throw in
a few more on the house
as a token of appreciation
for your business.
Well, thank you.
I really appreciate your
understanding in this circumstance.
- Catherine?
- Cathy, to my friends.
I'll give you a call
in a week's time
just to make sure that everything's
been resolved to your satisfaction.
How does that sound?
Cathy, I can't complain.
I'd like to announce
that that was great.
Really? I felt better
about it in rehearsal.
They liked it,
and you, they loved.
You don't mind that I ad-libbed, right?
I loved your writing.
- It felt very natural.
- Yeah. I've realized I guess, in the moment,
that I didn't really
know her, you know?
That's not purely
a script criticism,
my performance
was a bit inhibited.
I think there's a lot of great
stuff to take from this.
- Agreed.
- Absolutely.
[both] Professionals.
[smooth jazz playing]
[phone keypad beeping]
[phone line ringing]
[Peter over voicemail] Hi, you've
reached the office of Peter Fielding.
I'm afraid I can't come
to the phone right now,
so please leave a message after the
tone and I'll get back to you soon.
- Bye for now.
- [voicemail tone beeps]
[Audrey] Peter, hi.
It's Audrey Green calling.
I don't know if you got
my last message,
but I have an audition today,
so wish me luck.
I haven't read the whole thing,
but it seems pretty interesting.
Based on the sides, anyway.
- Also, I got a new head shot.
- [photographer] Big smile, Audrey.
- I'll e-mail it to you so you have it on file.
- [camera shutter clicks]
Lastly, I just wanted to see if you
had put me up for anything recently,
um, commercials
or, or anything, really.
Anyway, I'd love to chat with
you when you have a moment.
Um, so I'll speak
with you soon, I hope.
Um, take care, bye-bye.
[Lillian] You were always good
to me, Ms. Sommersby.
[door opens]
[woman] Audrey Green.
[cell phone ringing]
- How did it go?
- Uh, I think I came off pretty nervous, because I was.
I'm sure that was more apparent
to you than it was to them.
[girl] I think they really like me, but I
don't feel as confident as I'd like to.
- I certainly hope so.
- They didn't ask about my ability...
- How's your writing going?
- I've got a new draft,
and I think it addresses
a lot of your concerns.
Great. Can't wait to read it.
No, it was actually that bad.
I don't know how
I'm going to break it to Barry.
[dance music playing]
[knock at door]
I can't sleep.
Do you wanna watch me
do my taxes? It might help.
You wanna narrate for me?
- Sure.
- [chuckles] Okay.
- No detail too small.
- Okay.
This one is for
a lunch at Phil's.
It was for $12.77.
We can file that
under entertainment.
[chuckles] This is perfect.
And this one
is for printer ink.
- It was $37.99.
- Mmm-hmm.
- That can be filed under office supplies.
- Mmm.
[Audrey sighs]
And this one here is for
that Kingston production
of Memory Card at The Jupiter.
- We can file that under research.
- Hmm.
So much paper.
- This one's for that wig from April.
- Hmm.
New stapler. $6.99.
Guess office supplies, again.
So many lunches.
So many.
[water running]
It's become a significant
source of income for us
and now I'm wondering, you know,
because we have all these expenses,
rent, lunches with potential
clients, business cards...
Have you seen the business
cards, by the way?
It's very nice.
Anyway, I'm wondering if now isn't
the time for us to incorporate.
Okay, wonderful.
Can I assume that your company
will clear over $60,000 this year?
How much do you anticipate
you'll make this year?
Let me buy you lunch.
You okay for money?
You know, a few thousand wouldn't
make much difference to me.
- Dad, please.
- Hmm.
[Audrey on voicemail] Hi,
you've reached Audrey Green.
I'm sorry I can't take
your call right now,
but if you leave a message I'll
get back to you as soon as I can.
- Thanks for calling and have a great day.
- [sobbing]
- [voicemail tone beeps]
- [woman] Hello, this is a message for Audrey Green.
Hi, Audrey, thank you for
auditioning for A Different Trench.
- Unfortunately...
- [sobbing intensifies]
Can I give you some advice
as your accountant?
[cell phone ringing]
I have to take this.
- Hello?
- [Audrey] I didn't get it.
- Meet me at the place?
- Twenty minutes.
There were, like, 500 other people
there who are going to get it.
They're gonna give the part to
500 other people and not me.
The producer was nice.
Don't get waggy on me this early.
I thought you said it was fine.
Well my "fine"
is terrible, probably.
- Shut up, please.
- Will do, Chief.
[indistinct chatter]
- Can it have blood?
- Have you asked about that before?
No, actually.
What if we just saw the bereaved
family and felt the absence?
Like an empty chair
at the breakfast table.
- I have my reservations.
- Okay.
The more I think about it,
the more I think we need to divorce
the images from feeling and emotion
and just show, like,
blood and destruction
and not give people the chance to
feel sadness or that sense of loss.
Instead, they're just met
with violence.
We need to explain
the accident.
Do we? Do we?
[Audrey] Okay.
Can you help me with this?
[Lillian] Just a minute,
I gotta finish this.
- This is important.
- [Lillian] This is important.
This is important, too. God.
[scoffs] Okay.
The nerve of some people.
- I'm doing it now.
- [Lillian] Good for you.
- What would you do with it?
- Pour it over something.
- Maybe you've got a broken...
- Tibia? Fibia?
- What do you break in a workplace, exactly?
- Stapler, probably.
We could just show
a really graphic expression
but maybe also, kind of, abstracted
expression of workplace trauma,
so that they just have to
experience it.
And then after a barrage
of that, we go to a title.
Bam. "Workplace Safety."
- So, we're not in it? It's more of a multimedia...
- Google thresher injury.
You'll thank me.
You'll be able to see.
- It'll be wonderful.
- [Lillian] I'm sure it will.
[gasps, screams]
[Lillian] Susan?
Oh, God, Susan!
Legally, they're obligated
to do this every year.
What we've gotta do is give
them something interesting.
- Why?
- Because we can.
We can and we must
fulfill that sacred trust.
- Wait, can it rhyme? Right.
- Mmm, better not.
Fuck. Fuck! No good. No good.
Ugh! What're you doing?
So, we see the aftermath first?
Yes, then, maybe, interviews
with the family or something
about the lifetime of suffering
they'll have to deal with.
Then the accident, then the
fatal mistake that led to it.
- Fatal?
- Why not? It's bigger. It gives us more to play.
Are the walls there white?
I like it.
I think we'd be playing with
cliches in an interesting way.
[indistinct conversation]
- Uh, this is for you.
- Oh!
- Hello.
- Thanks.
I thought your performance
today was really outstanding.
- Oh, wow! Thanks so much.
- Yeah. Really incredible.
We don't get that here.
- Outstanding.
- Hey, it's my pleasure.
- Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
Uh, are you guys back here
at any point?
Uh, well, our schedule's
changing all the time, really.
But, you know,
I'll give you my card.
- Here you go. Take care.
- Great.
[people applauding]
- June, oh, my God, that was amazing.
- Hey!
- Thanks so much! We really did it!
- [Lillian] I can't believe it.
I mean, I totally believe it. I've just, I
have never seen anything like this before.
This kind of scale
is just beyond.
- How many people was that?
- Thirteen, not counting the doubled parts.
Did I tell you
it came from a dream?
- No.
- Really? No, that wasn't in the notes.
- Why wasn't that in the program?
- How long did you rehearse?
About 17 weeks.
- [both] Wow.
- We had a grant.
- Do you ever apply?
- I have all these commissions.
The Kingston Foundation.
- Mmm, of course.
- Nick's great.
He's gonna be at this fundraiser
thing tomorrow night.
- You guys should come.
- It's probably pretty exclusive.
Extremely. Completely.
I have a pass.
But it's just for me.
But I'm resourceful.
[man] And those figures will be
confirmed early next week.
- Is that somewhat accurate, Phillip?
- It is, indeed.
Terrific. Okay, uh,
on another note,
HR has asked
that we do an info-session
on sexual harassment in the workplace
either this week or next week
just to make sure
we've covered that ground
in some kind
of meaningful way...
Do we need a demonstration?
Because I know somebody.
[indistinct chatter]
[Audrey] Looks like
a good time.
- Lillian, is that you?
- It's me.
See you inside.
[machine trills]
You crushed the bar code.
Did I?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Very nice.
- It looks great in here. [chuckles]
- I know.
You look sublime.
Hey, hold on a second.
- Perfect.
- You, too.
[loud, indistinct chatter]
- I'm going to find the bar.
- Let's get a drink.
The scene
is really quiet, right?
We've just come down
from that crescendo, catharsis.
- You know the part?
- Yeah.
You could hear a pin drop.
And this woman in the audience
just starts sobbing.
- Wow.
- I don't know if it's a good thing, necessarily.
She was really sobbing,
Like, we paused
as it was applause,
but she just wouldn't stop.
And what I'm saying is
I don't really get it.
What's the point of all this?
What are we doing this for?
Well, it's beautiful.
It's a connection.
But what for?
What are we saying
to each other?
Is that for us to decide?
It's not.
Should be, shouldn't it?
You made a woman cry, Hannan.
Reasons I'm doing this, and I actually
said this, one, because I love it.
This might not be clear
to you people,
but just because you wanna buy
doesn't mean I'm for sale.
You actually said it?
This is a real thing?
And then I met Alice the same day.
I'm not even kidding.
I took it as a sign.
She'd be here, but she's
doing a session at Bard.
It's the acoustics
of architecture,
but it's not practical.
It's strictly theoretical.
- Which isn't to say that it isn't the real thing.
- No.
It's just sometimes
people say that.
What are you doing? Are you working?
I haven't seen you in forever.
- God! Audrey!
- Yeah, I've been, kind of, laying low.
- But what are you doing, though? Audrey.
- [chuckles nervously]
What're you doing?
It seems kind of silly to
say, but I guess it's not.
I got that grant
after last year, which,
you know... [chuckles] And
basically, the premise of the thing
is it allows you to work on
something for months just writing,
which, in itself, is amazing.
It's in a lodge
on a mountain.
And then rehearsal...
It sounds grandiose, I know,
but I met
some amazing folks.
So, I decided from this dream
I had, this mountain dream
that I wanted to do
a large ensemble piece.
[clears throat] I had
this recurring one
about a city block or people
at night in a blackout.
That's what nature does to you
I guess, urban withdrawal.
And then the characters came
from various subsequent dreams.
And from just sitting outside
and waiting for interesting
people to walk by.
I've a pad I keep by bed.
Do you do that?
- Have a pad?
- No.
You should try it.
It's really worked for me.
It's super freeing
to let your subconscious
do the work for you
in that way.
I have all these deadlines.
Oh, my God, June.
- Next month, I'm opening my own space.
- Wow.
It's small,
but it's mine, so...
- Yeah.
- [chuckles]
- Like, I am super stoked.
- [chuckles]
- But you dream.
- Sure, of course.
And then you wake up, all you
need is a pen which you've got.
- Uh-huh.
- And then you write stuff down.
I don't think my dreams
are particularly interesting.
Well, that can't be true. Fears,
desires, unspoken sublimated emotions,
there's all kinds
of material in there.
So this is just going directly to
the source and asking yourself
"What do I really want?
What do I need to confront?"
And then you can extrapolate
from there
in terms of how you wanna
approach things in the work.
So, is it
like a Jungian type...
Oh, there's no philosophy
in it at all.
It's literally
just write it down.
"What do I
want to do unconsciously?"
I don't have a lot of time
for exploratory stuff, lately.
June! Can I get you
a drink? Kate's here.
Could I have a Will Rogers?
- Kate...
- Uh, a Will?
Will Rogers.
It's orange. He'll know.
- Do you know Kate? She's producing...
- No, sorry, I...
Talk to Nick.
You really should.
Unless you don't want to,
in which case...
- I appreciate that a lot.
- Give me one moment,
- I just have to go say hi to somebody.
- Sure.
I'm so glad you made it in.
[woman] I'm in London
most of the time these days.
The London. I've been telling people
that I don't really know what I'm doing,
but it's kind of a lie.
I'm working at
such an amazing gallery.
My website is awesome.
The people are amazing.
Things are really looking up.
- You should come visit.
- Totally.
I'm serious. You should totally come visit.
It would be so great.
- Sure.
- [sighs]
Really miss it here sometimes.
What are you up to?
- The sound of Toronto.
- [all chuckle]
[indistinct chatter]
Audrey! Excuse me.
Hey, I'm sitting with Nick. I told him
about you. He really wants to meet you.
- What?
- Nick Kingston. The reason you're here Nick.
- Oh, I didn't know that...
- Come talk to him. Tell him what you're doing.
- I'm not doing anything.
- Tell him what you're working on.
- Nothing. I don't have anything.
- No.
I'm not ready. I'm not prepared.
I've only had today.
[loudly] I'm not going!
Sorry. If you want me,
I'll just be over here.
I'm so happy that you're
out and you're here.
- You're doing so well. God!
- [chuckles]
Look at you.
So good!
- Right? You're okay?
- Yeah! Yeah.
All right. I just wanted
to make sure.
I know.
Now I'm sure.
I know.
Excuse me. Excuse me, sorry.
Sorry, can I...
Thank you.
- [sighs]
- [lighter clicking]
I'm ready to go.
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Bradley] Hi, Audrey.
It's Bradley
from Keller-Sutton.
- Maybe you don't remember...
- No, I remember you.
Bradley. "Outstanding."
- What's up?
- Well,
uh, it's looking like there might
be some other, uh, opportunities
for presentations
in the near future,
and I was wondering if, perhaps,
you'd like to get together
and discuss that further.
Over dinner, maybe.
Can I just, uh,
gush here for a minute?
I've seen a fair bit of theater
in this city and
you are as good as the best
people I've seen.
- You're better, even.
- Thank you.
I try to challenge myself.
Well, whatever you're doing,
it's working.
Have you always known this is
something you wanted to do?
Dine-out on an expense account?
Oh, yeah.
- Acting.
- I'm a big fan of other people's money.
And of reimbursement
on principle.
It's all been leading
to this moment.
You're gonna hate me for saying this,
but, uh, I don't have an expense account.
I do own a suit.
And I'd much rather do
what you do.
You seem very together.
I get my phone. Can you say that for
posterity? Like, for my family.
- They need to be convinced?
- Yeah.
And I've been doing the most
boring job I could find
for the past three years.
- I own real estate.
- Really?
We own a cat. In the
loosest sense of the term.
From a shelter.
Oh, that's the right thing
to do.
- Color?
- Charcoal.
Good. There's a very
limited range
you can play in management
is my problem.
There's, uh, reliability.
- And that's it, reliability.
- [chuckles]
I'm good at playing reliable.
- You make a living.
- I do.
We do.
It could be better.
Let's not talk about money
it's gross.
As an amusing aside, I grew
up in a bed and breakfast.
That says something,
but I don't know what.
Wanting people to like me and a
fondness for hospital corners.
The tighter you're
in there the better.
- Yeah.
- [laughs]
You're okay.
Thank you.
You too.
- Uh, can I refill you, there?
- Thanks.
- So, for this thing...
- Yes.
We need something that's really
going to get people's attention.
You know, really shock people.
To say this thing
is not acceptable.
- You know, sexual harassment is not acceptable.
- Yes, of course.
Do you have any ideas for
possible scenarios we can do?
Um... Oh, okay.
We could do something where
you know, a lecherous boss
invites one of his
employees somewhere.
Uh, under the guise of work. When
really he has ulterior motives.
I mean, would something
like that resonate with you?
[both exhale]
Good night.
That was great.
I think you were really unique.
- Thanks.
- Like...
This is your money
for the performance.
You both did a wonderful job and it
was great working with both of you.
[clears throat]
[cell phone ringing]
Lillian Wallace speaking.
Oh, hey, Gary.
Yeah, I think we're free.
What's this one about?
One more time, Gary?
[breathing deeply]
[footsteps approaching]
[door opens]
You know how on one moment the course
of your entire life can hinge.
Leadership in times
of crisis and change.
It'll be the biggest thing
we've ever done.
Say more.
Five to seven minutes
of stage time.
- The Walbrook Hotel.
- Yes.
More money than
we've ever seen at once.
Three hundred people.
Three hundred people?
- Bam!
- Whoo!
[both laughing]
- Mmm.
- Oh, my God.
To be clear, this is just
a loan until the show.
That's as long as I need it.
Or until after.
It's not good news.
Well, it's not entirely bad.
It's true, we're quite unique.
The future's in flux.
February may still
be a possibility.
We're canceling.
Thank you. Despite that I'm
afraid we'll have to cancel.
No, actually.
There was no deposit.
We are those people.
Find them.
- Oh, wait. Hang on.
- What?
- You've got something...
- What is it?
- It's just a leaf or something.
- Thanks.
You know, what I was saying
before wasn't just the weed.
- I do actually wanna quit.
- Okay.
But the problem is,
I'm going to be tempted.
To buy new packs
of cigarettes, frequently.
- Which means, I'm gonna buy new packs of cigarettes.
- Mmm-hmm.
If and when I do.
What I want you to do is
take them from me
by force if necessary.
And emphatically toss them
into the distance somewhere.
Can you do that?
- Badges?
- Tickets.
- What, uh, what you need are badges.
- Tickets, yes.
- Yes.
- Industry comps.
Well, what we have are badges.
- Conference badges.
- Okay, great. [scoffs]
- Okay.
- I don't think I'm properly conveying this to you gals.
[stutters] The thing here is
that, uh...
A lot of major corporations will... will
pay a substantial amount of money to, uh,
buy these badges for
their employees.
- We just need 20.
- Or a smaller number.
[sighs] Well, uh, uh, we plan a
lot of this in advance, you see.
- There's...
- We completely understand, Gary.
- Ten tickets.
- Badges.
Just so we can say to the people in
our industry you know, this is...
This is what we've been
working on.
- My hands are really tied here.
- I need this.
Well, that's the thing with
you actors, isn't it?
You really do need a...
An audience to perform for.
I was just talking about this,
uh, to my niece.
- Niece, Gary?
- Yeah. Yeah, uh, Fiona.
In fact, uh...
Maybe, there's a part for
her, uh, in your production?
- Well... [scoffs]
- That's, uh,
something to consider anyways while I'm
working on the, uh... On the badges.
[whispers] Badges.
Wilt thou be led by me
and try the venture?
Aye. Indeed.
Lead on.
Why should
we tarry?
First we need a rich and trailing
robe of fine linen to gird thee.
my, a woman,
and no man more.
Wouldst have them slay
thee dead?
No man may see
their mysteries.
What garb wilt thou bestow
about me?
First, a long tress dangling
low beneath thy shoulders.
And next?
The said robe, falling to thy
feet and on thy head a snood.
I cannot wear a robe
and a snood.
[exhales] Okay.
So, who are we inviting?
- [Lillian] Raul LaSalle.
- [Audrey] Nope.
[Lillian] Arts Council.
Theresa Walsh-Gibbons,
Hoberman Grant.
Nicholas Kingston, impresario.
It's art. Get your mind
out of the gutter.
It would also be good to get a
handful of press out to this thing.
I'm thinking Kevin Carlino,
Stage Whispers.
Thomas Kilgallen,
Spotlight Drama.
Julian Westlake,
You don't look like this, Dad.
Don't I?
- What about your agent?
- He's not the best.
If we can, I'd like to invite
some others.
Such as?
Jason Clavir, GPA.
Lisa Preston
of Preston, Kaplan, Walker.
- Andrew Morrison.
- [Myles] Well, I've got good news and bad news.
[Audrey] Morrison Fell.
Just kidding,
it's only good news.
[Lillian] Who else?
- [Audrey] June, of course.
- And maybe, when you say that you could look up?
Good, that's good.
- How many is that?
- Doesn't matter. Keep going.
[Peter over voicemail] Hi, you've
reached the office of Peter Fielding.
I'm afraid I can't come
to the phone right now.
So, please leave a message after
the tone and I'll get back to you.
- Bye for now.
- [voicemail beeps]
[Audrey] Peter, hi.
Audrey Green again.
I just wanted to update you on
a booking on December the 19th.
Lillian and I will be performing
at the Walbrook Hotel at 2:00 p.m.
for an audience of 300.
Can you believe it?
Uh, anyway, you have my number.
I hope you're okay.
Leadership. What that says to me
is, "What's the power dynamic?"
Who's in charge? You or me?
- I think I should be in charge.
- I think I should.
See, this is good. Conflict.
Is that the thing?
Are we vying for some...
There's a chain of command.
And that's a source
of tension,
All they really wanna see is
someone in a position of authority
- help another person.
- Whom they outrank.
Help this lower-ranking person
through some kind of personal...
- Crisis?
- And change, yes.
Is that the title, by the way?
We can come back to that.
Is that a serious suggestion?
I don't know. Do you like it?
I'm your boss.
Your concerned boss.
- I have a drinking problem.
- I know you do.
You know I do.
I drink too much.
- Much too much.
- I'm an alcoholic.
We still have to come up
with a part for the kid.
We have always talked about
having additional characters.
- She has to have a role.
- And lines.
Or a line.
You attack me.
It's all very personal.
But I stay in control.
The kid comes in,
says something. One thing.
One quick thing
and then it ends.
But there's hope.
I don't know. Are we
challenging ourselves enough?
It can't just be another
active listening...
- What's wrong with active listening?
- It needs to be special.
Everything we do is special.
It will be.
It has to be.
- So, these two girls.
- Women.
Women. They come up to you and
ask you to be in this thing?
They know my uncle.
They asked if he knew anyone.
People know my uncle too.
They don't ask me to act.
I have a certain thing,
I guess.
- I won't deny it.
- I mean, whatever.
If this is my destiny,
I'm not gonna fight it.
Wait, is that your destiny?
Babes demand your presence?
I guess so.
Are they babes?
Don't let's be vulgar, buddy.
Fiona, are they babes, though?
They totally are, right?
You might say so, Marion.
But I judge you for it.
Can I break something?
- What did you have in mind?
- A thing of water.
- Carafe?
- Yeah. Yeah, maybe a few glasses.
- Sure, assuming Gary's on board.
- Fuck Gary.
Gary's been good to us.
For the purposes of this,
fuck Gary. For now.
All I'm saying is that if we're
gonna have shattered glass on stage
- where there are other pres...
- It's not just a glass.
It's that they want to see this
and the pamphlets say that.
It's part of the process.
This is not the process.
I love the process.
The process is art.
This is just...
We've been hired to do a thing, okay.
This is that thing.
This is that thing.
Do I want it to be good?
Of course.
- But we've gotta meet certain criteria or...
- Or what?
Or we are not going to get
hired again,
See, when you say things like that it makes
me think that this is just a job for you.
It isn't just a job.
But it is a job.
If we start cutting ourselves off from
things this early in the process...
Stop saying process.
We're just having a conversation here.
What is your problem?
I'm not the one raising
my voice.
[shouting] Process!
I'm sorry.
No, I am.
This is part of it.
I have a question
about memorization.
That won't be a problem.
You won't have many lines.
I'm just here
for the experience.
- That's a great attitude.
- Thanks.
This isn't our choice,
your being here.
- Lil...
- She has to know this.
- But I thought you guys...
- Oh, is that what he told you?
- I could leave.
- No, you can't. That's exactly the point.
- It's a condition.
- It's blackmail, essentially.
We're happy to have you, but
you can't expect much input.
Okay, here goes.
Amelia Watkins.
She's the personnel manager
of our concern.
She and her husband continue to talk
about starting a consulting business.
But she's not sure she wants
to risk that relationship.
They met at a debate
tournament in their teens.
She won.
The last of her two kids
moved out in August.
Her mother had arthritis.
Her father, an un-diagnosed
heart condition.
Thinking about this
makes her terrified.
She walks everywhere she can.
[church bell dings]
She was raised Catholic.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
[Lillian] Always has a
kind word for everyone.
- Good morning, Ms. Watkins.
- Good morning, Amelia.
You look nice today.
Thanks, so much.
[Lillian] She's worked there
long enough to mean it.
Good morning.
Charlotte Angelica Gillis.
Age 33.
Been at the box company for eight years.
An executive for four.
She feels a debt of gratitude
to her grandmother.
Who left her
a nice inheritance,
a passion for business,
and a middle name.
Unfortunately, none of these
were quite enough.
She likes birding.
I see you.
Started drinking at 14.
She used to have
a boyfriend, Sam.
When he left, he took the car.
So, with this new material,
we'll be able to save 15%
over the next quarter.
We'll also be able to expand our boxing
enterprise into a number of different items.
Uh, such as, wine boxes.
Cereal boxes.
Little late, Charlotte.
[Audrey] She's had one instance of
erratic behavior reported this quarter.
I can't restrain this chair
for long, Penny.
[Audrey] Twelve unreported.
Penelope Chillington,
- Deputy Office Manager.
- Great.
- Fabulous.
- Good job.
- Are you Lillian?
- Yes, I am.
Oh, Max, hi.
I'll give you guys the tour.
This is the
Barry Burnberg Theater.
Now, it seats between 300
and 400 people.
Depending upon whether you have
tables or whatnot.
Which will not be the case
in your particular event.
Now, I understand that
- you folks have reserved some seats.
- Yes.
Ah, well,
those are all right down here
in front.
So, um...
Lucky them. [laughing]
Now, I'm sure I don't
have to say this, but
this is the stage where
you'll all be performing.
Now, if you'll just follow me.
And come back here. Thank you.
Right this way, please.
Hi, guys.
So, as you can see, we have a
little backstage waiting room.
Almost like a greenroom.
Almost, yes.
Now, um, we have,
just as you can see,
some chairs,
Some magazines which I can't attest
to the quality of relevance of.
And we do have a mini fridge.
Now, that doesn't have any booze
or anything in it, but...
It does have
some sparkling water.
And some fresh fruit.
Um, so, uh, anyone have
any questions, so far?
Oh, go ahead, sir. Yes?
Will we have access to
power outlets?
I think we can
work something out.
Overall, MGO likes the concept.
We just have two
major concerns.
Don't we have script approval?
No, we do. MGO does.
Please, continue.
Firstly, uh, we feel that
the ending is too bleak.
Uh, that it's not actually
the proper approach
to the situation which is,
after all its purpose.
Alcoholism is bleak, Gary.
Well, we understand that.
Uh, but it is ultimately
supposed to be instructional.
Uh, is it not?
Um, besides can't,
art be, [clears throat]
excuse me,
What's the other thing?
Uh, secondly,
you are not to under
any circumstances,
uh, have broken glass
on the stage.
That's not so much
a creative concern,
as it is a safety
and insurance one.
Can you agree
to both these things?
We have to, don't we?
I'm afraid so.
I can't believe this shit.
- You surprised?
- You know what? Fuck Gary.
How does Sam feel?
Sam's gone.
Do you want me to look
over anything?
Hey, uh, I have an idea
for a walk.
Charlotte's walk.
Do you wanna see?
Of course.
What do you think?
I like it.
[exhales] Okay.
- Well, good night.
- Good night.
[continues ringing]
[cell phone ringing]
[speaking Polish]
- [responds in Polish]
- I understand.
He understands
or you understand?
[cell phone continues ringing]
[clears throat] Um...
Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Hi.
Hey, um, it's...
It's Audrey.
I know.
Hi, uh, how are you?
Busy tonight?
Sorry, what is this regarding?
Uh, we really enjoyed, uh, your...
What you brought to the event,
uh, the other day.
Uh, last week.
Oh, well, um, that's great.
I will certainly keep you
in the loop
if anything like that, uh,
comes up again. Okay?
- Thanks.
- Great.
Well, have a nice day, okay?
Thanks for calling.
Okay, you too.
- Sorry about that.
- [speaking Polish]
[speaking softly in Polish]
[indistinct chatter]
Just tell me the truth.
[stuttering] You know.
- We weren't gonna work out.
- That just isn't true though.
No, it is.
Okay, what do you mean?
You never really cared
for me, not really.
You knew I did for you and
you just let me be with you.
Out of what?
Okay, that is not fair.
I think, I knew
all along, actually.
But I let it happen.
Because I wanted to be
with you.
I wanted to believe
what you were saying.
Guess it's just a matter
of time before reality...
[Audrey] These are
their feelings.
This is real.
Drinking problem.
Drinking problem.
Drinking problem.
Problem drinking.
Problem drinking.
Drinking problem.
I have a drinking problem.
I have a problem drinking.
Drinking problem.
Drinking problem.
Problem drinking.
[door opens]
Uh, yeah, it's, um...
It's... It's good.
We should, uh...
[clears throat]
We should lose, uh,
the she will be, I think.
Okay, sure.
She asks if you're okay,
then black out.
Trust the audience.
Uh, yeah.
[speaking indistinctly]
[Peter over voicemail] Hi, you've
reached the office of Peter Fielding.
I'm afraid I can't come
to the phone right now.
So please leave a message
after the tone
and I'll get back to you soon.
Bye for now.
Do you ever wonder why I...
Why we do this to ourselves?
I... I mean, what... You must
know what I'm talking about.
You know lots of...
Or you don't.
Or you don't.
We're gonna have to flip it all the
way so it goes like, up, like an out,
like a "V" shape, right? And then
it would have to go in sideways.
[exhales] Okay.
[Audrey] Not only do I not...
And then...
[Audrey] I don't even know
what I'm looking for.
- Yeah... Okay.
- [Fiona] Okay.
[Audrey chuckles]
To feel...
[wheels squeaking]
[Lillian] Now, do
you wanna start?
[Audrey] This is fucked.
[laughs] Whatever.
Peter... [sighs]
I guess the subway's
closed by now, isn't it?
You guys maybe think
I could crash here tonight?
I think the subway's closed.
[thunder crashing]
[rain pattering]
[floorboards creak]
[door opens and closes]
[cat meows]
[doorbell jingles]
So when you say...
I spent the night?
I hate my life.
It's ridiculously complex.
It's like this matrix
of emotions.
The three of us were,
like, interdependent.
[Marion] How do I
get these problems?
Do you have a preference?
Lillian. She just...
Looks right through you,
you know?
Um, these two and a pack
of Camel Yellows, please.
You got some ID?
[knocking on door]
Come in, Charlotte.
Ms. Watkins. Hi.
Good morning.
They said you wanted
to see me. Penny said.
Water, Charlotte?
Should I?
- May I?
- Please.
Water, Charlotte?
"Pours herself some water."
Sit down.
Well, Penny said right.
- Water?
- No, thanks, I'm fine.
What is this
in reference to, exactly?
Is it the toner?
- Because all of my printing is...
- How are thing, Charlotte?
- What?
- Things at home.
Things domestic.
Things personal.
Things good?
Home life?
Home life.
Life at home.
I'm quite well, thank you.
- Sam's well?
- Yes.
Charlotte, you make it sound
like I have an agenda.
Well, and if I... If I did have a motive,
what might that be, do you think?
- Ask yourself.
- Tell me.
I think we've all
told you already.
We've all told you, and you just
don't want to hear it, do you?
Who's "we"?
All of us here in the office.
Charlene, Terry, the Veigls.
- We know you slept here.
- What?
I do not sleep here!
- Come on.
- Why would I sleep here?
You slept here last night.
You sleep here often.
Teri saw you.
We know a lot of things.
The Robinson report
was two weeks late.
Fourteen days, Charlotte.
This isn't just a box company.
This place means a paycheck
for dozens of people.
But it's more than that.
It's stability.
It's family.
- Don't jeopardize that.
- I'm sorry, I'm not following you.
The things that we make here,
the boxes,
the various paper products,
they're a necessary outcome.
But our people?
They're our lifeblood.
Let me be frank, Charlotte.
You're becoming a liability.
A liability?
I am the hardest working...
I am the most
dedicated employee
this company has ever seen.
Success? That's a habit, yes.
You have been,
I'm not denying that...
You're denying reality.
I mean, I appreciate,
- but I don't have some kind of...
- Drinking problem.
- You do.
- That's the last thing I have.
People have come to me.
Come to you? About what?
Come to you.
You don't know me.
I do not have
a drinking problem.
I drink socially, like a normal person.
Like you.
How many bottles of gin in your
wastepaper basket, Charlotte?
That's right.
- [clears throat]
- You forgot to throw them out again.
- Admit it.
- I...
might have gone a little far.
Admit it, Charlotte.
It's excessive.
It's destructive.
How does Sam feel?
Sam's gone.
Cry, cry, cry.
We can get through this.
We can get
through this, because...
Because we care
about each other.
Say it with me.
"We care about each other."
We care about each other.
I wanna help you,
and I'm going to.
So all you have to do is...
Show me how to do that.
I don't know.
I can't lose you.
I need you, too, and...
We need each other.
So take some time.
Take all the time
that you need.
I just need some time.
I'll be there for you.
I'm sorry.
I really am trying.
Me, too.
Are you okay?
She will be, Penny.
She will be.
We're taking a little break,
I guess.
- [Audrey sobbing]
- [water running]
Hey. What's wrong?
Look at me, okay?
[Audrey sniffles]
Can I help?
If... If...
If we tighten the beginning...
I... I like the part where...
It's the same.
It's exactly the same.
It's a first draft, we can...
Nothing's changing.
It's just...
We can rewrite it.
Whatever you want.
It's fucking crap.
It's fucking...
- It's fucking... [mumbles]
- Audrey!
This isn't good enough.
The way things are is fine
if you let things be fine.
If you take care of yourself.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's fine.
It's fine for me
to humiliate myself.
That's what we're doing.
That's what this is.
It's what we are.
It's who I am, and I'm...
I'm sick of being the...
Can't you see this?
I can't believe
you're doing this.
This is deliberate.
I don't know why
you're trying to hurt us.
But it needs to stop.
Where are you...
Where are you going? Where...
I'm taking a bath.
No, you're not.
I'm just gonna take a bath.
You're not going in there.
I don't know why
I can't take a bath.
Tell me why I can't.
[kettle whistling]
Fuck you.
[Lillian] Stop what
you're doing.
Please. Please?
Stop. Talk to me.
Don't... [sobs]
Hey, asshole. We have
an obligation. This is a job.
I quit!
I need you!
Get the fuck off me!
- [sighs]
- [door closes]
[kettle whistling]
Have I been mean to you?
In general.
I have.
I understand. I mean, hey.
You get saddled with this girl
you don't even know
for something you've been
working really hard on, too.
I get it.
It's a tough position.
What is it?
Green, like the color,
no "e" on the end.
[man] And when did you
see her last?
Around four o'clock.
Well, a person isn't
legally considered missing
until they've been gone
for at least 24 hours.
She doesn't have
her medication.
Honestly, there's [sighs]
nothing we can do yet.
- Medication?
- Prescription.
I... I'm sorry.
[Audrey over voicemail] Hi,
you've reached Audrey Green.
I'm sorry I can't take
your call right now...
Hi, you've reached
Audrey Green.
I'm sorry I can't take
your call right now, but if...
Hi, you've reached
Audrey Green.
I'm sorry I can't take
your call right now,
but if you leave a message, I'll
get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks for calling
and have a great day.
[loud rustling]
[Lillian] Piper?
[doorbell rings]
Hello, I'm from the agency.
- May I come in?
- [Lillian] Of course.
How much do you know about her
circumstances prior to being rescued?
Not much, I'm afraid.
It's not a very happy story.
Suffice it to say
it'll be a while
before she's able
to trust humans again.
Yes, and that isn't to say
there isn't any hope.
There is.
But her progress
depends entirely on you.
It's absolutely crucial that you make
yourself available to her emotionally.
And, most important of all,
that you're patient with her.
You cannot rush her recovery.
This needs to be
a safe space for her.
The cat?
Yes, the cat.
I thought they had a tendency
to land on their feet.
It wouldn't have mattered
at this height.
I guess cats can't really judge
that sort of thing, can they?
Actually, their depth
perception is quite good.
She did it on purpose.
You mean, she jumped?
Did you give her space?
[cell phone rings]
[June] I'm sorry.
I didn't wake you, did I?
Nah... Um...
[clears throat] Hey, June.
No, what's going on?
Did you still
wanna do lunch today?
Oh, um...
Sure. Where?
[doorbell buzzing]
[indistinct chatter]
Good afternoon.
Can I help you?
Oh, um, I'm here to see June.
Do you have an appointment?
We're supposed to have lunch.
Um, I'm not sure if it's...
Uh, there's an audition
in progress.
If you'd like to have a seat,
she'd just be a moment.
Okay, thanks.
- Is there a name I can give?
- Lillian.
- Sorry?
- Lillian.
She'll just be a moment.
[Lillian] Thank you.
[indistinct murmuring]
Would you like a tea?
Or a coffee? Juice?
Anything like that?
[clears throat] Uh, no, thanks.
She'll just be a moment.
[June] Not quite what I heard,
but close enough.
We should be able to let you know
within the next two weeks or so.
- Great, thanks.
- Thank you, Darryl.
Speak to you soon.
Lillian, hey!
Lillian, these are my
producers, Gil and Nuala.
Lillian's a playwright.
She's unbelievable.
- We went to school together.
- Oh, great.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
I'll catch up with you guys later.
Ask about the Thursday.
- If you don't mind.
- [Nuala] That's good.
- Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
Sorry, we're running a bit behind.
Do you mind if we order in?
No, that's fine.
I swear, I can't escape.
Marcus, could you get us a couple of menus
from that Persian place downstairs?
You bet.
Okay, so that's that.
Wow. This is
quite the operation.
She said glowingly.
Yeah, it's crazy.
I'm glad you remembered today.
But if anybody's
gonna remember...
Sorry, I feel so ignorant.
What's all this for?
This thing about the romantic
lives of scientists.
Have I told you?
Really? That's unbelievable.
I'm sorry.
We're still just casting.
You are so prolific lately.
Well, you, too.
Listen, I have something
I wanna ask you.
It's not easy for me.
Do you need some money?
No! No, nothing like that.
Wow, this is
always so hard. Uh...
I value your opinion a lot.
As you know.
What is it?
I finished a new draft
of this thing, this...
Conference thing,
and I would love it
if you'd maybe give it a read?
[stuttering] If you want,
if you have time.
I'd be honored!
You never
send me anything anymore.
My stuff is nothing
compared to what you do.
Don't even start with that.
I should be more pragmatic,
if we're being honest.
Is this all of it?
There's a seven-minute cap.
Anyway, uh, take a look at it
when you have a minute,
and let me know what you think.
Why don't I just read it
right now?
That's really not necessary.
Don't be silly.
It'll take a few minutes.
It's gotta happen
sometime, right?
[clears throat]
[pages rustling]
Okay, let me just...
In the broadest
possible strokes, okay?
Are you absolutely locked
into this duration?
Seven minutes just doesn't really seem
like enough time to turn a drunk around.
Does it?
I don't dislike it,
if that's what's coming across.
Considering the constraints,
I think it's pretty good.
I like how earnest it is.
Has she come in yet?
Audrey. This morning, actually.
She didn't tell you?
How was she?
She was fantastic.
She didn't tell you?
I think you guys'll
work well together.
Well, we still have a couple
more days of auditions, so...
[knocking on door]
[Marcus] June,
sorry to interrupt.
It's five to 2:00.
Thanks, Marcus.
I really like it.
["90 Yr Old Girl" playing]
So many sisters
So many sisters die
Tell each other
Control yourselves
Control yourselves
Control yourselves
Take charge
So many sisters
So many sisters die
Tell each other
Control yourselves
Half you'll be
Half you'll be
So many sisters
So many sisters die
Tell each other to relax
Yeah, half you'll be
Half you'll be
Control yourselves
Relax, relax
Relax, relax, yeah
[music stops]
[breathes deeply]
"Behold, God's son is come
unto this land of Thebes.
Even I, Dionysus,
whom the brand of heaven's
hot splendor lit to life..."
What are you doing here?
Hi, Lillian.
Any word from Audrey?
Do you still wanna rehearse?
You have one line.
Well, I still think
it could be useful.
I brought wine.
Honestly, I don't even know
why I'm surprised anymore.
I'm under
so much pressure, right?
I'm so supportive of her.
She wants to change
every little anything.
- But I don't complain. Do you see me complain?
- No.
I spent a ton of time
on this... Writing this shit,
and still I don't complain,
because the most important
thing is that she's happy.
- Yes.
- And I'm sorry
if I'm not who
she wants me to be.
I'm sorry if certain realities
impinge on the art of the thing.
- But that's why reality's reality enough.
- Uh-huh.
- Are you sure you should...
- My thing is this.
Regardless of how believable
it is on the page,
you make it work.
If a person has agreed
to take a role,
- then is it not reasonable to expect that...
- Lillian!
I think we should discuss
a plan of action,
in the event that Audrey...
- Doesn't show.
- I'm not talking about this with you.
Lillian, this isn't about
you and me right now, okay?
- This is our job.
- Are you accusing me of being unprofessional?
- I'm just saying-
- You are a minor child.
- I'm just saying a back-up plan...
- There is no back-up plan!
Do you understand?
She's it. She's all we have.
If she doesn't show,
the plan is we're fucked.
End of story,
end of discussion.
End of career.
Not necessarily.
I've been practicing this thing
for nearly a week now,
- and I know every word of it.
- Oh, my God.
- Every word.
- No.
Face it, Lil. Audrey never
understood this thing.
She never appreciated
your writing.
She took off on you, okay?
She left.
But I'm here.
If you take this chance on me,
I swear, I'll do you justice.
You don't have
a lot of options.
- Are you okay?
- You should go.
You have to go.
I'm asking you to go.
I care about you.
I like you.
I'm telling you.
I really like you.
A lot.
You don't wanna say this.
What do you do
when you feel like this?
Well, this is tragic, isn't it?
[indistinct chatter]
- You guys good? Can I get you something?
- No. Thanks, Gary.
Where's Audrey?
Gary, you're up in five.
Okay, gotcha.
Where's Audrey?
[Gary] Where is Audrey?
Hey, asshole,
we have an obligation.
- This is a job!
- I quit.
[Lillian] I need you.
[Lillian] Get the fuck off me.
Is there skiing at this thing?
Do we know?
[phone ringing]
It's Bradley.
[woman over phone] Bradley, there's
an Audrey here to see you.
Send her up.
Who's Audrey?
[phone ringing]
Who's Audrey?
[indistinct chatter]
[colleague 1] Who's Audrey?
Who's Audrey?
[indistinct chatter continues]
- Hi.
- [Bradley] Hey.
How are you?
Gosh, um...
You going somewhere?
Yeah, um...
- Let's talk in here.
- [Audrey] That sounds nice.
[Bradley] Yeah.
So, where're you headed?
Oh, uh, just some conference
up north.
- Everybody has to go. Uh, do you need to get...
- [cell phone vibrating]
Yeah, look, we had a...
We had a fight,
uh, with Lillian and...
- I don't really have anywhere to stay.
- Okay.
Can I stay at your place?
- [colleague] I'm not sure...
- [Audrey] Just for a day or two, uh...
I know it's... Yeah, I could...
I could borrow your key or...
I'll take really good
care of it.
I mean, you won't even know
I was there.
I'm not gonna go.
No. No, you don't have
to do that. I Just...
No, no. It's not like I don't
trust you or anything like that.
If you're having a hard time,
I'm not just gonna run off
and leave you here alone.
[sniffles] Really?
Well, don't you have to go?
I mean, it's just some stupid
- like who cares, right?
- [chuckles]
[knock at door]
[colleague] Uh,
shuttle's here, Brad.
This will be great for us.
The shuttles here, Brad.
Taking off.
[Audrey] Oh, sorry. Sorry.
Act normal. Act normal. If you run too
fast, then people'll know you're guilty.
[Bradley sighs]
So this is the place.
It's really nice.
Yeah, I know.
I'm very lucky.
Feel free to put your...
- I guess you don't really have stuff, do you?
- Nope.
- This couch folds out.
- Oh.
I'm gonna get
started on dinner.
- So, uh, make yourself comfortable, okay?
- Okay, thanks.
This is really good.
You do that a lot?
Yeah, all the time.
Is that
a bed and breakfast thing?
- No, I think it's more of a survival thing.
- I don't. I'm alive.
- I noticed that earlier.
- You're good.
Yeah, it's in the eyes.
- I need more time to be sure.
- Oh, yeah?
[Audrey clears throat]
[cell phone ringing]
- There it is. Totally alive.
- [clears throat]
Dead give away there
at the end.
- Well, I'm an actress.
- Really, professionally?
- So is Brad, you know.
- Bradley's like a last name though.
- It's my name.
- What does it mean?
I've no idea.
- It doesn't signify anything?
- Not that I know of.
- What does your name mean?
- Noble strength.
I'd say
that's pretty accurate.
You don't know
a lot about me.
Just giving you my impression.
You are not going to fuck me
around, are you?
[cell phone vibrating]
[Bradley] I've got
somewhere to be.
And I'm not there
and I've never felt better.
- Have you seen Caribou yet?
- No.
It's playing at The Review at 3:20.
Can you make that?
Let me check my schedule.
- [cell phone ringing]
- [chuckles]
Yes, yes, it is.
Yes, I can.
You know, just...
Just one minute.
Okay, go ahead.
Right, right.
Okay. Great.
Got it, thank you.
Thank you so much.
See you then. Bye-bye.
- Yes!
- What is it?
Do you have a printer?
Of course, you do.
- Do you still want to do the movie?
- What time?
- 3:20.
- Yeah, I can do that.
- All right.
- Okay.
- [Bradley] It's at The Review.
- Uh-huh.
- I'll get tickets.
- Yeah.
[whispers] Need to understand.
Do you understand?
[indistinct chatter]
[Hannan] Audrey?
I'm back home for a bit
with my parents, you know.
Don't laugh at me, Hannan.
Don't laugh at the work
and don't laugh at me.
Oh, it's just for a while
till I get stuff figured out.
You know thousands of people
want to do what you do.
And they never will, never.
- Good for them. This is good for me.
- You're wrong.
I need to and you don't know
what I need.
No, listen, you're so wrong.
We could work on this together.
- Did June ask you to come in?
- No.
I applied like everybody else.
And I'm auditioning like everybody else.
Except, better.
[Hannan] Hmm.
This way.
She's already casted.
[sighs] They just have to do these open
calls so they're eligible for grants.
It's just gonna be the
regulars. Steph, Mark, David...
- You?
- No. Uh...
I'm just reading
those people as a favor.
After this, I'm done.
- [Hannan] Yeah.
- [scoffs]
- Hey, Audrey, so glad you could make it.
- Me too.
[Audrey] Hi, pleasure.
[man] Thank you.
Hey, Audrey.
Would you rather sit or stand?
I'll stand.
Okay. We'd love to see
how to tackle this.
Whenever you're ready.
"I'd asked you where
you been but I already know.
Out, not here.
Tell me, I'm wrong."
You're gonna tell me anyway.
"That machine means
more to you than me."
It does, okay. It does.
What are you?
Are you the cure for cancer?
[Hannan] "Sure. Sure.
Say that."
I'm helping more people
than you can understand.
We are all part of this cycle.
We are all the same thing.
There will be 11 billion people on
this planet within our lifetime.
And they will all be asking,
"Why we didn't do more?
What were we thinking?"
And I will have
to tell them something.
You are not the answer
I will give them.
You are not that something.
Do you understand?
- [Hannan] "I'm not asking..."
- Do you understand?
[phone ringing]
[Peter over voicemail] Hi, you've
reached the office of Peter Fielding.
I'm afraid I can't come
to the phone right now,
so please leave a message after the
tone and I'll get back to you soon.
- Bye for now.
- [voicemail beeps]
Everyone's upset.
I'm upset. You are.
I can only imagine how Charles
and Louis are feeling.
[receptionist] He...
He's on a call right now.
And that I will see them.
I'm... I'm gonna call you back.
I'm calling you back.
Audrey, I was kind of
in the middle of a...
Peter, is your job a challenge?
I don't know what you mean.
Or do you find it very
difficult here at the agency?
If I found it all that difficult,
I wouldn't still be here,
would I, Audrey?
How are you?
Wonderful. Great.
So, when you go home,
do you have to decompress?
- What do you do?
- What is this?
You play squash?
[sighs] What is this?
It strikes me that you
are not doing your job.
And it strikes me that I don't
feel too great about that.
I went too easy on you.
I see that now.
I thought, you know,
it's a tough racket.
This guy is under
a lot of pressure.
But apparently
that is not true.
you are just incompetent.
Please don't talk to me
like that, Audrey.
When was the last time
you put me up for anything?
It has been months
since I've heard from you.
You don't even return my calls.
- Has your number changed?
- No!
I've been under
a lot of stress lately.
- I could...
- How hard is it for you to just put me up!
Argh! I put you up Audrey. I put you
up for anything and everything.
Ten years younger, ten years older.
I put you up for all of it.
They just don't hire you
and I'm sorry.
I can't force them to hire you.
I don't do miracles.
[sighs] Sorry. That was harsh.
Miracles is harsh.
You're fired.
Okay? Because I can
do this on my own.
That is the miracle here.
Look at me, Peter!
I'm a miracle.
Doesn't matter.
[knock at door]
I'm so sorry.
How was the audition?
[Bradley] My boss called today.
[Audrey] Are you in trouble?
[Bradley] I don't know.
I didn't answer it.
Have I ruined things for you?
Can I come in?
Of course.
- [Bradley sighs] You leaving?
- Yeah.
Thanks again for everything.
My pleasure.
Wanna do this again, sometime,
- whatever this was.
- [chuckles]
Are you busy
in the next little while?
- [sighs] Not if I've been fired.
- [chuckles]
- You have my number?
- Yeah.
- [Bradley sighs]
- [chuckles]
- See you later.
- I hope so.
- [bartender] Can I refill you?
- No.
[man speaking in background]
[audience applauding]
Thank you.
What a day.
So many... So many terrific speakers
from... From all over the country,
and from England,
even one from England.
My name is, is Gary Milford.
Uh, and I'm here
to talk about leadership.
Everybody wants to be a leader.
Don't they?
When things are well,
uh, when...
When business is good then...
Then sure that's the ticket.
But... What about
when they are not?
It's just you and me, you know.
That's it.
That's all there is.
Before I begin, I wanna...
I wanna bring up, uh,
two very talented young ladies
and, and my niece Fiona,
who's only 17 years old,
if you can believe it.
I know I can't.
And they are, uh,
going to play out a scenario
familiar to any manager
worth his or her salt,
that of having an employee
who's got troubles.
How does one to begin to help?
That's the question.
So, without any further ado,
uh, Audrey, Lillian,
and young Fiona,
uh, with "Leadership in Times
of Crisis and Change."
[audience applauding]
- [knock at door]
- Come in.
[Ms. Watkins] Charlotte.
- Charlotte.
- [gasps] Ms. Watkins.
- [clears throat] Sorry about that.
- It's okay.
I don't know where my mind was.
- Perfectly fine. Good morning.
- Good morning. Hi.
They said you wanted to see me.
Penny said.
- Water, Charlotte?
- Should I?
- May I?
- Please.
- Sit down.
- Okay. Fine.
Penny said right.
- Water, Charlotte?
- You already asked me that.
- How are things, Charlotte?
- Things?
Things domestic.
Things at home,
uh, things personal.
- Things good?
- I'm sorry, is this not work related?
Is this personal?
Home life?
Life at home.
Why do you ask?
- Can I please, just say a few...
- I would like you to.
- How's Sam?
- Sam's gone.
Sam's just fine.
Why do you care?
Charlotte, you make it sound as
if I have some kind of an agenda.
- [chuckles]
- Why is that funny?
Well, even if I did
have a motive,
what might that be,
do you think, ask yourself.
- It's your motive.
- I think...
I think you already know.
I think we've told you and you just
don't want to hear it, do you?
You're right.
You're really, really, right.
Well, we are certainly glad
to hear that you really...
Who's "we"?
Everybody in the office.
- Charlene, Terry, the Veigls, everybody.
- Oh... Oh.
And they are unhappy.
It's terrible. Tragic.
- Did you eat?
- I went out.
Oh, you did.
I'm eating well, okay.
I have access to clean water. In the grand
scheme of things, I'm remarkable lucky.
What do you want me to say?
I'm grateful.
- I know you slept here?
- What?
Don't be absurd.
You slept in your office last night.
You sleep here often.
Where would I sleep?
There's no bed. Stop it!
Terry saw you.
You take his word over mine?
We've noticed a lot of things,
The Robinson report
was two weeks...
That's right.
Tell me about my work.
Two weeks late.
- Your work has been questionable for such...
- Questionable? Really?
Frankly, Charlotte,
some of us...
Some of us are beginning
to think that you might
very well have
a drinking problem.
I don't have
a drinking problem.
- I...
- Tell me.
- I...
- Be strong.
Be decisive.
Tell me about myself.
Lead by example.
- Why are you doing this?
- That's good.
That's real.
That's a genuine response.
Please don't do this to me.
[stammers] To us.
[stammers] I just want us
to talk to each other.
So you talk.
You have the floor.
Should I go first? Okay.
First, I think that you are
incredibly insecure and petty.
Bourbon, I find it helps.
Take this off, God damn it!
Stop fucking hiding.
- Unbelievable.
- You never should have...
- Why do you need me?
- What?
I wanna know why you need me?
- Tell me why?
- [crashes]
- [gasps] Jesus.
- I'm such a mess.
I'm a train wreck.
I'm a fucking disaster, why?
- Oh, God. I don't.
- Why are you so afraid to let me go?
- I'm not.
- Let me go.
- You wanna go?
- Get rid of me.
Go walk out.
There's the door. Go!
You're always telling me
to think about us.
Think about the business. But none
of this is actually about me, is it?
It's always about you.
Everything is about you.
Are you happy with the work?
Do you like it?
Are you happy or sad?
- Oh, and you control all of that.
- Oh, do I?
I think you're the one
who controls everything.
I'm not going to apologize for
worrying when you disappear.
When you jeopardize my career,
our career.
The fact is you can't handle
the realities of this business.
- The reality of this business is that its nothing without me.
- You can't handle reality!
The reality is, I'm the one
that keeps us working.
- I'm the one.
- How have you dealt with it before?
- I gave up so much. I gave up so much for you.
- How are you dealing now?
[chuckles] Did you?
Tell me
about these opportunities.
What were they?
Who are these people
who gave them to you?
Um, are they here with us now?
Can you...
Can you hear them?
What are they saying?
I'm the best employee
this company has ever had.
[chuckles] Maybe you were once before
but that isn't the case anymore.
- Your heart's just not in it anymore.
- It's not.
Okay, it's not.
And why should it be?
We never wanted to be here.
You did it. Whatever, whatever
you tell yourself now.
We were better than this.
So, why are you here?
Did you just show up
to bitch about all this?
You know what,
I don't even care.
Okay, so this isn't the...
This isn't the life you wanted.
This isn't the life I wanted
either but you're here.
You're working. [shouts] So just
act like a fucking professional.
I'm not here for you.
- I'm not here for you.
- Just pretend.
You know what,
you are a fucking train wreck
and I can't
handle it anymore.
Just get it together.
Get it together or get out.
Shame on you.
[shouts] Get it the fuck
together or get the fuck out.
[stutters] So you can... You can
make it work all on your own.
You have some sort
of a hidden talent?
- You need me.
- It's not hidden...
- You need me.
- Yes!
Yes, I need you, okay?
I have never hidden that
or fought it.
- But you need me too.
- No, I don't.
- Yes! You do!
- No, I don't.
Look at you. Now you're
going to cry about it.
You're going to cry about
the life you don't have.
I should have left you there.
- You'd be dead without me.
- Shut up!
- I should have left you in that bath tub.
- Shut up.
- Shut up!
- Your father...
- Shut up!
- Your father, he'd be crying...
- Shut up! Shut up!
- ...but you wouldn't have to help me
or wouldn't have to talk to me.
I didn't ask you
for any of that.
- Why didn't I leave you there?
- I didn't want that.
- You're here because of me.
- I didn't ask you for that.
- And I was in the hospital...
- I don't know why...
- ...every single day.
- ...I'm here, but it's not for you.
And don't fucking talk
about my dad.
Thank you.
Thank you, okay,
for protecting your meal ticket.
If you want to congratulate
yourself, go ahead.
But I'm done.
How can you say that?
Sit down.
- Sit the fuck down.
- I'm not sitting down.
Don't try it again.
Don't try it again!
- I'm finished!
- No.
Listen to me.
Hey! Stop it!
- I have to go.
- [thuds]
- Jesus!
- [sobs]
[sobs] Get up.
[continues sobbing]
We can get through this.
We can get through this because
we... We care about each other.
Say it.
Say it with me.
[both] We care
about each other.
I... I wanna help...
I wanna help you
and so all you have to do is...
Show me how to do that.
[sobs] I... I can't lose you.
I need you too.
We need each...
We need... We need each other.
Take some time.
- Take all the time that you need.
- I just need some time.
I'll... I'll be there for you.
I'm sorry.
I really am trying.
Me too.
[both sobbing]
Are you okay?