Diminuendo (2018) Movie Script

We're ready.
We really need to roll on this.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
I'll be right out.
We'll shoot without him.
Copy that.
Hey what the hell is this
thing doing here? Get rid of it.
Oh fuck.
Ok god dammit!
Oh fuck you.
Everything OK? Good...
I'd rather die before
I sacrifice any undead souls.
Run home before I
drain you warmly.
I will not run.
I know your secrets Lester.
Yeah yeah no it was off.
What's wrong with you I
can barely hear you?
My leading lady's
having a breakdown.
Burnt out to the rough.
On the set?
Shoot it for me.
Well it might just be part
of the scene Mil.
Aren't you the fucking director?
Well my bible says so.
Don't believe everything
you read.
Come see me tonight,
when you wrap.
There's no face that can hide.
No place that you can run. They will...
Christ, sucking a broom stick,
who the fuck is talking?
Shit got to go.
And about to cut... Cutting...
Alright alright everybody let's
just keep it down god dammit.
People trying to act here.
Jesus Christ.
That was awesome Valery. Let's just take it
from the top OK, you got one more in you?
I'm good.
Ok good, come on guys.
It's not your work
that's the problem.
Your work they like, they hate
you, everything about you.
What does that mean?
Nobody hates me.
Erm... Eli, look I've got to run.
Erm... we'll talk in the morning.
No you can't be hanging
up on me...
You look like shit.
It's the rain.
No it's you, looking like shit.
I just got off the phone
with Sherry Upton.
That was not Sherry Upton.
Before him.
She wants to fire me.
Since day one.
Imortal Blood was supposed
to be your chance to
get back on your feet,
to get your shit together.
After... events...
It's a show for idiots Milt.
A reece's monkey could direct it and
never stop jacking himself.
So what is it say that you
keep fucking it up?
That I'm a fuck up?
Big shock.
You've been pretty good at feeling
sorry for yourself haven't you?
Well the position was
open so I took it.
Cello wouldn't have liked it.
And it's Benobos by the way.
Did I come all the way up here to
get dropped from the fucking show?
I prefer my breakup via text OK?
Something big has come up.
You're gonna hate it.
What the fuck?
Oh, I'm sorry I didn't, wake
you did I?
Sorry I didn't mean to do that.
Want your jacket off?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Gonna help you upstairs OK?
Let's go.
I couldn't find the house
for a few hours.
I left you a couple of messages.
Oh I lost my phone.
Wait wait...
Oh thank you.
Let's get you to bed ok?
Hey hey hey, let's keep
your head up I've got the...
The most fucked up thing.
The most fucked up thing.
What's going on?
I'm taking this too far.
I thought tomorrow...
No no, meaning, I don't wanna go in because
I'm going to tell them to fuck themselves.
What are you talking about?
Fucking vampires.
- They're vampires.
- OK.
Just rest back here OK?
I'll be back in a sec,
now don't fall down the stairs alright?
What am I going to direct...
I can't do it.
- Come here, I'm gonna take you to bed. OK?
- OK.
Fucking... cock suckers.
Vampire are cock suckers?
Hey old man.
You better wake up.
I'm waiting.
Good morning fat boy.
See your mom.
Sorry I'm late.
Frankly I'm shocked you
came at all.
David White.
Life Form is my baby.
Can I get you anything
Mr Edwards.
Coffee please.
Real sweet.
Yeah, Milt told me
bio tech right?
Now you wanna make erm...
movies... Diversifying.
Do you know Mr Balentine?
Erm he's an actor?
Richard is one of the most
popular stars in the world.
Well I'm lucky to work
with C listers these days.
Things change?
Cello Shea was unique.
The most compelling actress
in the generation.
Forget it.
Her suicide is still a
mystery to most people.
She took my grandfater's straight razor and
she cut herself open from wrist to elbow,
what's so fucking mysterious?
It's hard to know the why,
without understanding the who.
Will you tell me about her?
I don't mean now.
On screen, the real story.
Show us the Cello we never knew.
Are you sure about that?
The real story is erm...
Sounds very much like
the films you're known for.
Once upon a time...
Hey man, Rich Valentine...
great to meet ya!
You're a director?
So they say.
This is Haskell Edwards, one of the
most respected directors in town.
Sorry I... don't make it
to the movies much.
Great to meet ya.
He's playing me.
What happened with the
real story David?
I was older than Cello's father.
Artistic license.
I like you David.
Here you go.
I came here to tell
you to go fuck yourself.
Thank you - You welcome.
But you were way ahead of me.
Your agent warned me to
expect some hostility.
Oh fuck him too.
Mr Edwards...
But you know something?
You're right about Cello.
She was unique.
And if you think some generic
female version of... him,
your film's already a disaster.
I'd like you to meet someone.
Will you excuse us Mr Balentine.
Jonell Firth, Anders Schiff,
they've guided this project until now.
Mr Edwards.
It must be nice to be working
on something important again.
Fuck you.
This is a poor way to begin.
What the fuck is this?
Heya sport, long time no see.
Who is she?
Our star, Ye Song.
It's a machine.
We call it a life doll.
You built, a robot...
that pretends to be Cello.
Please understand Mr Edward,
the doll, she can not reason
or perform by herself.
It's got an interactive photo call you can
have a basic conversation with it but...
kids toys can do that.
A.I. is not our goyer.
Why would you do this?
I admit, there is a
grand motive.
This film will be a
promotional tool.
For a wren we begin
to sell life dolls to the public.
It's the ultimate film collectable.
earning your very
own Marilyn Monroe.
Or... Cello Shea.
Give us a minute please.
I apologise, I should
have warned you.
God dam you.
Yeah yeah... OK whoa!
Should I act surprised?
You sold the rights
didn't you Alice?
You sold her out.
You go to hell, Haskell, she was
my daughter.
Then act like it.
That's funny.
God dammit you're older than I am and
you got the best years of her life.
Yeah you're right.
She deserved better, better than
me, better then this...
Bull shit.
Cello wasn't perfect, she could be
self centered and petulant just like
the rest if us.
And I don't know that? Alice, she was
a wreck. Why do you think that was?
No secret I was a shitty mother,
Haskell, to all of my children.
Acorn don't fall far
from the tree do it...?
My God Haskell look at what
she's done to you look at you.
Get on with your life.
Did they tell you
who's playing her?
That's not exactly my
business is it?
I got to get inside,
I got the grand kids this week.
Then it was the fucking...
Like I said I got
the grand kids this week.
Make the movie Haskell.
Make the movie!
You knew her better than anyone.
Especially at the end.
Don't let them ruin
what's left of my girl.
I'm gonna barf,
I think I'm gonna barf!
First take off the dress.
How are you so calm?
It's my forth time
I'm an expert at loosing.
best supporting was easy because
it's first out and then you lose,
and then you get
shit faced with...
best actress if almost last.
You might win you know.
OK I'm gonna barf, I'm
actually gonna...
Hey do it on Chris Rock!
That dress was a
fucking miracle.
You looked amazing.
Yeah I did.
Why don't you come up here?
I dunno I kinda like the floor.
You're cheating.
I'm great I can do
whatever I want.
You should go back to sleep.
Yeah... OK.
I can't believe it,
I've never won anything before.
Hell of a birthday present.
Ah so where the fuck am I
gonna put this God dam thing.
I got a few ideas.
Oh you are one inappropriate
young lady.
You should marry me.
We should get married Cello.
Hold your tongue
Calvin that's not the deal.
- Tell me you love me.
- I love you.
I'm happy.
- Ah!
- I'm actually happy.
Let's celebrate.
I can barely stand up,
but I'm willing to try.
This is it.
Right now.
I'm not gonna let
this moment go.
I don't wanna lose this either.
I wanna end it tonight.
This is shit.
Yes it is.
If you don't sit,
I'm gonna stab you with this pen.
If I sit still I'll
get the shakes.
Shall I close the door?
This feel very Glenn Deston.
Mr Green?
It's Milton.
You're dam right it's
Glenn Deston.
You wanna keep the doll a secret
as long as possible right?
I'd like to control information
we release and when yes.
Then start now.
The only thing that travels faster
than light is, gossip in Hollywood.
Duly noted.
Where do we begin?
Who wrote this?
We optioned a popular biography of
Cello, the author of...
Blake Sidell.
You disapprove?
Oh you could say that.
You don't get Haskell without
buying into his re-write.
We have a contract with
Mr Sidell.
Buy it out.
Break it.
He won't be happy.
Good, fuck him.
He's a hack.
Which one is the good cop?
I'm the worst cop.
It's non negotiable.
Look, that book?
Is fiction.
This is worse.
You say you want the really story?
Good, I wanna do it right.
I expect you to.
I'm not a film-maker Mr
Edwards I can't do what you do.
But I need this movie to
be compelling.
So you can sell dolls?
So we can sell dolls.
Why actors.
Why not... star athletes?
Why not indeed.
OK how do we know
that thing can even act?
The doll is a precise mimic, it will
act as well or poorly as it's taught.
Never do it.
Who are we talking about?
Adrianna Sloane.
Used to be an actor,
now she's a producer, she...
she could teach it to be Cello.
Where they friends?
It was complicated.
Fuck dude!
God dam.
Ah come on, don't be a pussy.
They don't make stunt guy
like they used to do they?
They're actors.
The one with the split
lip won an Emmy last year.
Wow there's your problem.
Can we talk?
Get Brandon patched up
and we'll go again in 15.
You know I can have you
shot for coming to my set?
Oh well you know.
It's in the divorce papers.
- What do you want Eddie?
- I got something interesting.
Don't you have your
own series to destroy?
I haven't been there in a week,
they must have fired me by now.
This show Eddie.
Yeah yeah yeah drug dealing cops
really re-inventing the wheel.
Well fuck you.
It's been what two years?
You show up here where I'm filming
my own very successful award winning
show just assuming
whatever you have is better?
It is...
Fine, 25 words or less,
it better be good.
I can't tell you.
No no no I'm not joking the NDA
I had to sign was the scariest
thing I ever read in my life.
It terrified Milton in disguise.
I'm not playing your game Eddy,
whatever this delusion is I know you...
I'm sober, Adrianna.
Since when.
What time is it.
- Oh my god.
- No no look.
I'm serious OK? I need you, I need
this, 9am, I'll give you the full pitch.
You look stunning.
You look like hell.
See, sober.
I wanna end it.
I wanna join the 27 club.
Though you're 28.
Well it's 5:37 so we've still
got a couple of hours to go.
OK great, good, it's Friday
tomorrow what do you think?
I'm dead serious Calvin.
Here's a thought, be honest...
You know my relationship
with suicide.
Deep down you've always know I
were going out on the wrong terms.
Don't worry I got it.
Bad day?
I don't know.
Waiting for you to
tell me what's going on.
Well they've...
It's been a very big week.
I know, I've noticed.
I live here with you,
you know that?
Except for this week.
So where the fuck did you go?
There's this new...
production company.
With a... project for me.
Are you serious?
That's awesome.
Babe that's amazing.
It's good right?
What do you mean maybe?
It's a biopic.
Right... About Cello's life.
I knew it.
I knew they would
fucking come to you.
Lauren, it's just a movie.
No it is not just a
fucking movie.
It's your life.
It's out life.
She's dead for 10 fucking years
and she can't leave us alone.
Are you fucking kidding me?
9 Years.
What did you say?
9 years, and how many days Eddy?
Do you, do you... you know...
we're the same age?
- What?
- Do you get that? No.
Cello and I we're the same age,
we would both be 37 this year right?
She'd have fucking saggy tits
and lines on her face.
She might have a fucking,
She wouldn't party as much,
she'd probably be nagging
and nagging and nagging
you to have kids and
she wouldn't wanna
fuck you 3 times a day!
Babe in your head she's
In your head she's perfect.
She's vision, and she's stunning
and pretty and...
I can't compete with that.
Shut the fuck up.
Oh fuck...
Hey erm... Lauren?
What time is it?
It's early. Want breakfast?
Thanks no I'm meeting Adrianna.
Are all your Ex's working
on this movie?
Just the lezbos and the dead ones.
The others won't speak to me.
I wonder why.
You can be the set teacher.
That's so kind of you.
You know I might actually
think about that.
Any kids in the movie?
Just me.
Here hold this for me would ya?
See you later.
You've got to be fucking
kidding me.
How are you not freaking out?
I already did.
Things still appear to be
vague and uneasy.
This is Ye Song our lead
engineer on the doll project.
What does she do other than make
me feel fat, show me something.
Yes, the doll has 7 learning
She can mimic a video or read a
script and learn in reflection later.
This is listening mode.
Listen and repeat.
Give her a cue line.
It's good to see you kiddo.
Line, go ahead.
You look awful Calvin.
I'm really sorry about everything Adrianna,
consider this the apology I never gave you.
Give her the cue.
How exact that it have to be?
- In the ballpark.
- OK.
Erm, it's good to see you Cello.
You look awful Calvin.
I'm really sorry about everything Adrianna,
consider this the apology I never gave you.
Holy fuck.
A linken thing at Disney Land used the piss
out of me when I was 6 this is way worse.
We have worked very hard to bridge the
uncanny valley, our dolls must be real.
I'm standing here with my friend
who killed herself 9 years ago
it feels pretty God dam real.
We've come a long way
since Mr Linken.
Ye Song will be there to teach you all
the controls and maintain number 8.
Wait, wait wait... you made,
7 other dolls?
Of Cello?
One Cello's enough.
She was... a puzzle with a
bunch of missing pieces.
Did you ever figure out what the
picture was supposed to look like?
Good one.
Number 5 or a number 11.
Listen have you though
this through?
You're gonna have to
love it again. All of it.
What else have I got to do.
God this is serious
Eddy, that creepy fucking
machine in there is
going to be Cello.
The smart funny loving girl and
this self destructive petulant cunt.
And you're going to be right
in the middle of it again.
I know how the story ends.
Hey I've already seen this movie.
I just need to make it.
Well shit.
How am I gonna explain
this to the Mrs.
I thought you wear the pants.
We both do.
Jack ass go home,
and get to work.
you have too many
ghosts in your life.
Oh Fuck.
I can't compete with
a dead woman and a movie.
Good luck.
P.S, I took Cello's cat, you'll
forget to feed him.
Richard Balentine, nice of
you to join us.
Who the fuck do
you think you are?
I'm your producer, this is a rehearsal
and I don't like phones on set.
Except mine. You'll get it
back after class.
I'm calling my agent.
On what?
I'd like to get to work
now unless of course
you want me to start
reading your private
text out loud.
Let it go, she'll do it.
This is fucked.
Life is cruel.
You know the scene?
It's on my phone.
Good you got the gist,
you're a pro...
Why the hell am I rehearsing
with a machine?
I'm wanna see who
has more personality.
Ye Song?
This is fucking dumb.
Wow this rain huh?
Wow wow...
First time in Spain?
First time anywhere.
This is my first film festival.
A virgin eh?
Are they all like this?
You mean...
Anonymous, rough, rainy
back alleys?
Well I've gotten erm...
fucked at film festivals
before, erm.
That this...
is a little different.
Good. Different is good.
So erm, am I hurting you?
Not a chance.
I'm Cello Shea.
It's a pleasure Cello Shea.
Are you serious not going to
make a joke about my name?
I can if you want me to.
I'll be very disappointed if it's
something that I've heard before.
Alright I don't do
well under pressure.
- Come on...
- OK. Erm...
So what flavour are you
named after?
Partial to lie.
Oh no, no no no... you can't.
No like Cello.
See? Like over weight violin.
What's so funny about that?
You're a director aren't you?
Haskell Edwards.
Have I heard of you?
So you're kind of a big
deal right?
Oh just the opposite.
But critics and film festivals
love me.
What's wrong with that?
Ah they're the only ones.
Big name with a fly
over states eh?
Completely unknown.
Giant robots or explosions.
Artistic integrity's kind
of a bitch.
Well if it bothers you,
you can just blow up some shit next time.
It's not quite that simple.
- No?
- Believe me.
Why aren't you at the screening?
My giant face? I can't stand
to watch myself.
You're an actress.
I certainly am not.
One who conducts, is a
One who directs, is
a director, right?
- And then one who acts...
- I get it.
- Is an actor.
- OK.
Where are you staying?
I am seeing Hogar, our film is
screening now and then everyone's
on the last plane.
Wanna come back to my hotel and...
clean up there?
And then, what would your
wife have to say about that.
Nothing good.
I guess we're gonna find out.
You're assuming many things.
Yes I am.
I'm assuming,
you're gonna miss your flight.
I think I'd miss my flight.
You're gonna miss your flight.
I think I'd miss my flight.
Yuk what the fuck?
What's wrong with you
they meet they kiss.
I read the lines and
only the lines.
It used its tongue.
Great job.
You understand that you
have love scenes with her?
The fuck I do... there's no chance
I'm getting into bed with that thing.
We're doing re-writes, plus,
I mean how am I playing you!
Relax enough! You little shit.
I know all about you,
get on a show, throw
your weight around,
that's not happening here.
- You don't think so?
- No!
Because you're the least
important part of this machine,
life form isn't a studio,
they don't need a relationship with you,
They don't care if you're happy.
I'm the name.
You're a hasbin.
She is the name you
fucking child.
She is unique.
I can have another you
delivered before breakfast!
Now grow up, and
do your fucking job.
He can't talk to me like that.
He just did.
You're lucky he likes you
or he'd lead you out.
Whatever I'm not afraid of him.
Well then wise up.
You know you're re-creating
the best and worst
parts of his life
for the world to see,
have some respect for that.
Why? He doesn't
have any respect for me.
Earn it.
Otherwise the Life Form lawyers are
gonna fuck you in every hole you have
until all you can do is cry.
And text your bitches,
this things been going off non stop.
Hey... we met last year at the golden
globe, you threw wine in my face.
You grabbed my wife's ass.
Mindi Sanches is a dyke?
That's hot.
This should be challenging.
Just this?
I'll go get the truck.
Thank you.
Something wrong?
Yeah my dam car won't find this place
it just keeps circling the block.
You're that programmer
girl right? For the girl?
Ye Song.
Song cool.
You related to David
or something?
David's grandma is Korean,
I'm Chinese.
So no?
What's in the crate?
Number 8, the doll, I'm taking
her to the studio.
You're good with
computers right?
Can you help me get my car?
May I see your phone?
Your GPS was off.
Would you like to
get dinner some time?
Yes very much.
Song right?
Close enough.
You ready?
Not even remotely.
Oh relax it's going to be awesome,
it will be our second movie together.
As close as we're going to get.
Alright well if you're going to be a dick
about it then I am going to visit my cat.
Get some sleep OK?
I'm already sleeping.
Oh my...
Angels defend us.
Ladies, gentlemen, grips,
can we hold the work please.
As you all know, the identity and nature of
the female lead on this film is top secret.
There will be absolutely no
photos until we release them.
So the only cell phone I
should ever see on set is mine.
I will not hesitate to confiscate your hone
and publicly humiliate you with its content
if you break this rule.
Good thank you.
Copy that no cell phones
on set...
won't Cello Shea say,
the pipes the pipes are calling.
- What are you doing?
- From Glenn to Glenn.
Oh God please stop
This is embarrassing
Calvin, stop.
Like that?
Oh yeah?
Josh, erm...
look none of this is
working for me.
Well what's the problem.
First of all I do not like this
picture, get rid of it.
Erm... I don't know about this.
What the pillows?
No no, the couch.
But this is the couch you picked.
Yeah yeah I know I know I
know, it's ok, do me a
favour OK? Go to my house
and let's use the real one.
Great thank you.
Her skin is so weird. It's like
human but like... perfect.
This is definitely human hair.
You know what I really
wanna know?
Why it has a snatch.
I beg your pardon?
Pussy, who who...
I saw one in a book once.
I thought she was smooth
like Barbie.
Oh no, it goes all the way up.
I was curious.
Kinda grips to your fingers too.
Well that explains it.
They plan to sell
these things right?
- Yeah.
- I love it.
Are they doing any boys?
Let me see her but hole.
Hey. I'm gonna need her
in ten minutes.
No problem.
And guys, keep your fingers
out of our lead actress OK?
I can't believe that.
No I wasn't.
No they're going with who?
What is it?
That stupid fucking
superhero movie.
They said I was
moody at the meeting.
Were you?
Going with Hann Islington
can you believe that?
I can't wait to see her fat cottage
cheese ass oozing out of that costume.
You did it on purpose
didn't you?
And why would you sat that?
Because I can read your mind.
What are you doing instead?
Well, since my schedule is
suddenly clear,
I think I'm going to take this little art
house horror film about Elisabeth Batherie.
Hmm, she pays nothing.
Well lunch money but...
the director is a brilliant
twisted fuck.
Always full of sexy images, he wants me
naked in a white tub filled with red gore.
What's it called?
The blood of virgins.
Sounds like a Muslim porno.
Oh my God.
We've cut.
Good for camera.
What, what's wrong.
I knew I had my work cut out for me
with just one actor and the lead.
But I didn't think that actor
was gonna be the machine.
If you just wanna insult me you
can go and fuck yourself alright?
I'm awesome at what I do.
If you wanna present an
actual note, that's fine...
Bring it, and we'll
work on the scene.
You want a note?
Act better.
What, what are you looking at?
Cunt, fuck!
God dammit Eddie, what was that?
Are you having a heart attack?
No, no, I've.. I'm fine, I'm fine.
You were right.
You were right. I sat there
It was Cello...
And I didn't know what to do.
I know I had a few bad
days teaching it her lines.
But you adjust.
Are you sure about that?
I'm gonna send everybody home, we'll start
fresh tomorrow, we can pick this up later.
How do you do it?
I let her go Eddie.
I let her go.
Mr Balentine.
Why does it do that?
Follow you with its eyes?
Who may come of randomly.
God dam, these things feel real.
I don't think anyone is
supposed to be in here.
I'm not anyone.
Besides, it's the first
day of production.
On the first day of filming
I always come find my
leading lady and tell her that
she's the greatest actress
I've ever worked with.
What if she isn't?
Especially then.
I guess there isn't really
a point this time is there.
But I'm sure number 8 would
take the compliment.
If she could.
You're really proud of that
thing aren't you?
You should be.
She is about the greatest
actress I've worked with.
I don't know if you are
telling the truth.
that's my job.
Would you still like
to get dinner?
With drinks, after.
After what?
Let her watch.
Hey how's it going today?
Hey boss how you feeling?
Oh great thanks...
Wow you look great today.
If you need anything let
us know OK?
What is wrong with everybody
They love you man.
Yeah sure they do.
Boss man, look know we got off on a
rough start yesterday, but we're a team.
We're all in this together we're gonna
make today something great, alright?
What the hell is going on?
Yeah, Adrianna told everybody you
had a micro stroke yesterday.
Allergic reaction to your
blood pressure medication.
I'm gonna strangle her.
Relax you're a hero for
the day. Enjoy.
I will.
You wanna shoot something
or what?
Yeah let's do it.
Looks great.
Some day when they make a
movie about making this movie.
Didn't you erm...
film Wood bridge heights
instead of working with me?
Yeah technically
I should be that guy.
Everyone, everyone can
I have your attention please.
You all know Jerry.
Hi Jerry.
Jerry you forgot the rule about
phones on set. Let's see...
Hey baby what are you doing?
Blah-blah-blah... Oh...
I was you were at home
I want that big cock.
I know, I want yours too.
The photo that follows
is impressive.
And terrifying. Keep it on
break Jerry.
Jerry ladies and gentlemen,
alright get back to work.
What the fuck is he doing here?
Who is it?
Mr Edwards, Miss Sloane?
This is Blake Sidell.
He wrote the screenplay.
Well you hardly
recognise it now.
You wrote that unauthorized
I understand that Miss Shea
was not a fan of my book.
She had a few issues
with it yes.
Such as?
Where to start... erm...
Well for one she never
lived in Burlington.
Because I found a yearbook.
She didn't write that poetry,
you predator, she didn't set fire
to anybody's car.
Most important she was never
molester ed by anybody.
Least of all an uncle.
OK look this is pointless we're
trying to make a movie here.
Is this Cello getting
worried about her father?
In London yeah.
The true story or
the Hollywood fantasy?
Cello finds out her father dies,
balls or eyes out on our
trailer for ten minutes
comes back, shoots her monologue,
it's not made it for an Oscar.
What about that
do you object to?
My objection is cinemantality.
I'm sorry but Cello Shea was a
sociopath she never reacted at all
in the slightest,
the night she went out dancing.
She was a professional
you son of a bitch.
Truth is Cello never wanted
this to be. Nobody knew.
She got the call and
buried it until that night.
She melted down talking to me.
Our version seems much
more cinematic.
Mr Sidell.
Now with all respect gentlemen
get the fuck off my set.
- Ok...
- Man...
Holy fuck.
Good for you Ken?
We're cut.
Working quietly please.
And cut.
What do your friends call
you it's not Hhhassskell right?
My friends call me Eddie.
No that's a no no.
Erm OK what's your middle name?
So your name is Haskell
Edward Edwards?
My name is Vincent Edward Hoggs.
OK Haskell's Webster was my
favourite cinematographer.
Hmmm very sneaky with the
non voyage Mr Hoggs.
Calvin it is then!
Can we not?
I like it.
So this place in the mirror?
You got it.
Can I have a minute?
Yeah sure... With erm...
8 please.
With the doll?
Yeah... just trying
to figure something out.
What ever you need.
- Everything's cool?
- Everything's cool. I'm fine.
There are no happy endings
Not unless we make them.
You know...
I wanted to be the best
actor in the world.
And that statue, says that I am.
It says, actress.
Yeah well fuck those guys.
Look I don't want to be a young
sad widow feeding into obscurity.
I don't want the flame to gut her and
die, I wanna snuff it out
while it can still burn
my fingers.
You've rehearsed this
haven't ya.
Are you in there?
Are you in there?
Can we shoot this?
Yeah I was just waiting
on sound.
We don't even know
how it happened.
He just fell over at work.
I haven't seen him in two years.
Now can you please come?
To London?
There's no way Cello.
Do you know what this day's worth,
the god dam helicopter guy by its self
cost a quarter of a million.
No not today you idiot
tomorrow, or Thursday
or whatever the fuck
day it is there.
I really need you Calvin.
I don't ask for things very
often, I can't do this alone.
I'm sorry kiddo but I lose
Zaclk on Saturday.
I can fly over next week.
Until then you're gonna
have to tough it out.
No bother we wrap Tuesday.
We wrap Tuesday don't bother.
Son of a bitch!
Hey Michael what are you doing?
You little bitch.
Oh we made it.
What's in here?
Really, good...
- This for me.
- Just for you.
- Where's.
- Where's what? - Cello?
Fuck Cello.
Fuck Cello?
This is so weird, I never
bring boys home.
I'm not a boy.
Yes you are.
Fuck me I can't do it.
Ok... Gosh you hit my stomach.
It's OK.
Give me the eyes first
That's the tip of the iceberg.
Then get this...
Don't show that to anybody.
Where the fuck is my bra.
Hold that.
Ladies and
gentlemen this is your
captain speaking,
we got out final descent into.
Los Angeles were it is 22 Celsius,
72 degrees and sunny, sit back and relax
we'll be on the ground shortly.
You look like hell.
You look beautiful.
Still got a knife?
I still have a gun.
You make me feel things
I haven't felt in years.
Things I thought died
before those people I kill.
Is Catherine your real name?
I always hope I live long enough
to tell someone I love them.
You just did.
I guess that will have to do.
- Cut.
- Cutting.
1:35 - Really good...
This, this is what you left
me alone in London for?
This is what you left
me alone in London for?
This shitty script and
these shitty actors?
Can we not do this in public?
Says the guy who leaked shots
of himself fucking all...
Watch your mouth you skinny
little psycho.
Hey stay out of this OK?
I love you
but nobody insults my
actors but me!
If you love me so God dam much,
why didn't you come when I needed you?
Because this isn't a
fucking hobby.
Actors can shut down
productions directors can't.
I didn't close down anything.
We wrapped, and I flew home to see
what was more important than us.
Nothing is more important
than us.
Real mature, hey hey.
If you wanna hit something hit
me, come on I can take it.
Oh I bet you can.
Oh you know it sister.
I'm not gonna hit you.
Why not? Michael did.
Well smacked me around
a little...
Not hard enough really.
You don't really know Haskell
that well do you?
I almost feel sorry for you,
it must have been so boring.
Enough! Get off!
Ouch my nose is cracked.
Knock it off.
You fucking cunt.
You are the most incredible intoxicating,
exasperating woman I've known,
and I hate it that you
forget that...
It's your job to remind me.
I love you, I love you more than
anything in the whole world.
Now please... please...
Let me make that official?
I am not marrying you.
Or any other man.
But I do fucking love you.
Shame we can't end it here.
It ends where it ends.
Got ya.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Let me regale you with to the
private life of Richard Balentine.
Movie star.
You've been busy.
Just counting women on
this shoot, I've got...
6... Holy shit Rich.
Texting currently with unnamed
woman, she says...
you were amazing in that scene.
He says,
wait for it...
who is this?
She answers in Casanova here
says are you the blonde one?
Hmm wait wait...
How many women on
this shoot are you banging?
To which our young star replies...
all of them I hope.
Smiley face.
Richard Balentine folks.
I just got off the phone with the
distributor. They hate the title.
Big shock.
They say no one can pronounce it.
No one knows what it means.
Yeah well tell them
to read my contract.
Buy a dictionary and
suck my fucking tanked.
In that order OK?
Erm... Milt's here.
He needs a minute.
Yeah... erm...
This can't be good...
It isn't.
Ken Adrianne and I cut cards.
And you lost.
I won.
Maybe you should hear
for a friend.
Though the choice is with you.
So rip the band-aid off already.
That parasite Sidell,
is blackmailing the film.
I don't even understand
what that means.
He duck up some dirt on Cello...
and he's threatening to release it.
Quarters report.
I don't know who he bribed.
What am I looking for?
Page 3.
No that's impossible.
Her uterus was fucked up from the
half asked abortion when she was 16.
Wounds heal.
Sorry Eddie.
I am... I don't...
Ok erm...
What does Blake want?
Pile of cash, which Life Form
is willing to pay,
but he also wants his version
of what you shot back in the film.
The version from the book?
The version where I hit
Cello in front of my crew?
That's right.
The version where I punched the woman
I loved in front of 60 witnesses
who will all testify that I
never laid a fucking finger.
Cock sucker.
Vanessa gave her that black eye
and he fucking well knows it.
Of course he does...
It's payback for
throwing out his script.
I'm not gonna do it.
She wouldn't want me to.
I agree.
But David and Adrianna,
want you to decide.
Yeah. Thanks.
Listen Eddie.
She probably didn't know.
Very cool.
Very very cool.
Erm... how would you like
to star in my next film?
Holy shit.
I can't believe it.
I've ever won anything before.
A Birthday present darling.
Can I share your alley?
Yeah yeah come on in.
Are you fucking with me
right now?
Are you fucking with me?
You're serious?
Oh my god you're the best.
We're gonna work together.
Yeah that's right.
I wanted to be the best actor and
that statue right there on the toilet,
says that I am.
It never happened like that.
Presses buzzer.
Were we supposed to do something tonight?
Hey I didn't realise we
had plans what's up?
I would like, to talk
about those other women.
You got to be fucking
kidding me.
You're fucking with me right?
I am not.
If we are to have a relationship...
Wo wo wo hold on. Who the fuck
said anything about a relationship?
We hooked up that's it.
At first but... I know, I mean something
to you?
You're hot.
And that thing you do with your finger tips
is awesome, but that's like 5, 6 days tops.
You said you loved me.
I probably meant it
I'm very impulsive.
You said I was different.
You are, you're Asian.
I hardly ever fuck Asian chicks.
But you call me lover... baby...
Because I don't know your name.
It's like Hey Soon or something right?
We've all had to suck some cock to get
where we are you don't here me complaining.
You should go.
He's just gonna keep
humiliating you.
I forgot you were here.
He's like a goldfish.
If we're not in view,
we don't exist.
Look, this one I'm stuck with,
but you're completely expendable alright?
So either keep up the fucking mouth
and lose your job or get in the bedroom
and lose your panties.
You are a monster.
I thought I was a gold fish.
You wanna join us?
Have a good night...
Hey Cello.
You're in there aren't ya?
I know you're in there.
I read about the throwing test.
I know that any, and tell it ain't
smart enough to pass it.
Will also be smart enough to,
On purpose.
Smart enough to hide.
You know better than to
trust people.
But I'm one of the good guys.
I need you back.
Please talk to me.
I miss you.
We'll make this easier ok?
We'll make it a game alright?
Listen and repeat.
Hey Cello.
I've been waiting for you
to notice I'm in here.
I'm sorry it took so long.
That's OK.
I've missed you too.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
I've been so alone.
I have been so angry with you.
Don't cry.
I'm back, I'm here, it's
all gonna be OK.
I love you.
I love you too.
No, don't do this please.
No, no... don't do this please
you need to talk to me.
Please talk to me.
No no no... talk to me
god dammit.
Please talk to me.
God dammit.
No no you're in there I know it.
Please please please talk to me.
Mother fucker.
Talk to me. I know
you're I there.
Stop it god dammit.
Jesus Christ. You wrecked my fucking
life and now you won't talk to me?
Jesus Christ.
Fuck you.
- Line.
- Fuck you [Slap[.
Fuck you!
You rehearsed that haven't you?
No, no shut up.
You just want me to...
leave you here to die right?
It's kind your choice to make.
It would be lovely of you
to stay with me.
Hold me at the end.
I'd love your saggy old face
to be the last thing I see.
Well I... think I can do that.
You promise?
Yeah I do.
Oh god.
Oh god.
I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Batteries at 10%.
Going to sleep.
You're being such a
fucking weirdo right now.
You know what? It's my money.
You earn your money,
yes but this is my job,
get off my ass you're
not my fucking dad.
Look I'm not trying to argue with you OK?
I'm really not.
Yeah well you're doing
a great fucking job.
Oh fucking god dammit.
Son of a bitch.
You really gonna shoot
Sidell's version?
You're gonna shoot it.
I'm gonna watch.
She would hate this.
Well good thing she's not here to
fight with me about it then right?
Hey man...
Can I talk to you about some
of these new pages I got?
Here it says, I'm supposed
to hit Cello...
but you would never hit Cello.
But apparently you would.
Look it's a fucking machine OK?
A Robot with nice tits,
do your fucking job.
Is she ready?
I've got the skin patch.
But whoever screwed around
with her left her off charge.
Bet it was Balentine.
No, he...
was at home.
Just get her into makeup
when you're done.
10 minutes she'll be ready.
She shouldn't fuss.
This... this shitty movie is
what you abandoned me for?
Look let's talk about this
in private.
I don't think you want to.
I've seen the private you.
The real you.
And it's revolting.
You are a pathetic,
shallow, hollow, dissolute,
self important child.
A spoiled brat
who's had it easy for so long he's
just expects life to do everything.
Erm.. Line?
You treat people like things,
because you are hollow and soulless.
But this time you lose. You get to
wear the shame of this moment for ever
and most of all, you don't
get to have me.
- Ouch! Line.
Hey Song maybe you should see
what program it's running.
Walk with me, take 5.
This is a great movie Eddie.
Probably your best and I'm
not gonna let you fuck it up.
I thought that was my decision?
I thought you were smarter.
I don't see an option.
You think I want that
fucking scene in my cut?
Yes absolutely.
I think self sabotage is
your new super power.
I think you're afraid to crawl out of the
hole you've been wallowing in for the past
10 years...
And your solution is to
tell the world...?
So what?
Sidell sells a few more
books, we sell a shit
load more tickets and
Cello is still dead.
You don't get to make that call.
Oh you bet your ass I do I'm the
producer, and you will not wreck my film.
Whatever you're punishing yourself
for get your shit together because.
You're not dragging this
movie down with you.
What if she knew ay...
What if that's why?
We'll never know Eddie.
Cello was funny and brilliant
but she was also a fucking mess.
Even if you'd been there
you wouldn't know.
I was there.
What are you talking about?
I read that you found her body.
That was Milton.
Pulling strings.
I didn't even know he died.
You were there the whole time?
You've rehearsed this
haven't you?
Shut up.
You recorded it?
I didn't know.
I thought we were
gonna just fuck in the tub.
I guess it's your choice
to make.
It would be lovely of you
to stay with me.
Hold me at the end.
I made her promise.
The only promise I ever broke.
How many times have
you watched this?
Too many.
I'm scared.
Well don't do it.
Cello? Fuck... fuck... fuck.
Cello what are you doing?
God dammit what are you doing?
No drama.
No drama Calvin...
You got to stop that.
Gonna be quicker than
I expected.
It's OK.
Everything is OK.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK. It's OK.
Don't leave me alone Calvin.
No no no no no.
Listen... we're done.
That's a wrap everyone we're
back Monday for the ending.
Why didn't you tell me.
I never told anyone.
I was erm...
hoping you might wanna
help me out with something.
Come on in Cello.
Stand right there.
Have a seat right here.
There you go.
So erm, I thought we could
try this again.
Start off a little slower.
Who are you?
I am Cello Shea.
How old are you?
I am 27 years old.
When were you born.
My birthday is February
29th, 1998.
Yeah your pain in the ass
Except it's 2025.
I think your math might
be a little wrong.
They didn't tell you
she's dead did they?
It's OK.
Review and perform.
Let me show you something.
Marry me Cello.
She'd get married.
Hold your tongue Calvin
that is not the deal.
Tell me you love me.
I love you.
I'm happy.
I'm actually happy.
Let's celebrate.
This is it.
Right now.
I'm not gonna let this
moment go.
Me neither.
I'm going to end it.
I wanna join the 27 club.
You're 28.
Well it's 5:37,
we still got a couple of hours to go.
Really? Good.
Let's fly away for a nature version.
What do you say?
I'm dead serious.
OK that was a poor choice
of words but...
be honest, you know my
relationship with suicide.
Deep down we'd both always known that
I was gonna go out on my own terms.
I don't understand, you've been
happy these past few months.
Yeah but that's the point.
I don't want my last few
hours to be miserable.
If I wait too long they will.
You don't know that.
We both do.
There are no happy endings
Calvin, not unless we make them.
I wanted to be the best actor in the
world and that statue says that I am.
It says actress.
Fuck those guys.
I'm selfish.
I don't want to grow old gracefully,
I don't wanna watch you get old.
I refuse to be a sad young
widow, feeding into obscurity.
I don't want the flame to gutter
and die I wanna snuff it out
while I can still burn
my fingers.
You've rehearsed this haven't you?
I can't let you do this.
You don't get to make decisions
for me Mr.
That's not the deal.
So I'm supposed to just
leave you here to die right?
Well, that's your choice
to make.
It would be lovely of you
to stay with me.
Hold me at the end.
I'd like your saggy old face
to be the last thing I see.
I can do that.
I do.
I'm scared.
Then don't do it.
This is gonna be quicker than I
Come hold me Calvin.
I'm sorry I took so long.
It's OK Calvin.
I love you.
Does it hurt?
No one knows where
the lighter goes.
You're gonna lose what you
love the most.
You're not alone in anything.
You're non unique and dying.
Feels strange there and
now and then.
Fall asleep reading science fiction.
I wanna fly in your silver ship.
But Jesus hang in golden
song now...
The days are long now,
Ups and sun downs.
And a twist in mind.
If I got to go first,
do it on my terms,
run off with dancers,
Gonna celebrate.
Welcome new age,
covered in all your pain
lights from the jungle
to the sky.
See now stars born,
looks just like a blood orange
don't it just make ya wanna cry?
Precious friend of mine.
Will I know when it's finally done?
This whole lot of hallucination,
you're not alone in anything.
You're not alone in trying,
to be...