Dinda (2024) Movie Script

We're back in Jakarta!
[Laras] Come on, Din.
My name is Dinda.
Dinda Kamalia Putri.
Some of you may already know my story.
But for those of you who don't,
here's a recap.
Three years ago,
our family faced some difficulties.
My father was a suspect
in a scandalous corruption case.
In reality...
...he was framed
and made a scapegoat by his superior.
...because of that incident,
I was bullied a lot at school.
But that was okay...
...because that led me to Geri.
And the end of my time in high school
became really beautiful!
But not long after we started dating...
...my mother and I had to go to Malaysia.
And I had to part from Geri.
...finally, after being separated for three years...
...we will meet again.
Do you think...
...Geri will still be the same?
Will we...
...still be like we used to be?
- [Geri] Hi, darling. You've arrived?
- Finally.
Where have you been?
You didn't answer my call.
You didn't reply to my message.
You said you were going to pick us up?
[Geri] I'm so sorry.
I'm still at the photoshoot.
Ah, so you're not here.
I'm so mad at you.
Calm down, maybe Geri is still working.
Take it easy on him.
I've ordered an online taxi.
It's reaching soon.
[Driver] Uh...
[in Javanese accent] Sorry, Miss.
But am I...
...not driving properly?
I noticed that you've been frowning non-stop.
It makes me feel bad.
She's sulking over her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend was missing or something.
Why are you telling that to him?
What did your boyfriend do?
Nothing. He didn't do anything.
There's no problem whatsoever.
[Driver] If...
...your boyfriend shows up and apologizes...
...would you forgive him?
I don't think so.
[Driver] If your boyfriend shows up...
...and apologizes,
and gives you sunflowers...
Well... No...
If your boyfriend shows up...
...and apologizes...
...and the flowers are already at the back.
So, you only have to look back.
What do you mean?
[Driver] Look.
[Dinda] Huh?
Hello, Dinda.
It's you, Hon-Hon!
- [Dinda growls]
- [Geri] Watch out!
There are a lot of cars here.
Be careful, Ger. Dinda.
- You!
- Don't call me Hon-Hon, it's embarrassing.
I don't care. Hon-Hon.
- Hi, Hon-Hon!
- [Geri laughs]
- Hello, Auntie.
- [Laras laughs]
[Dinda] Huh! You two were conspiring!
[Geri, while laughing] Of course.
[Dinda] Playing pranks on me!
[Dinda sighs]
[Geri] We've arrived.
[Laras] We're finally home, Din.
[Dinda] Yay!
Welcome back, Dinda!
[all cheering]
Dinda! I missed you!
[Dinda] I really missed you!
Lucy is all grown up and even more beautiful!
[Laras] You were waiting for us in here?
[Dinda] It's your doing, isn't it?
- [Geri laughs]
- [Dinda] Ah, you.
Well, it's my turn. Where's mine?
Later. Others first.
Ki, this is for you.
- What is this?
- Use it sparingly.
I bought it from far away.
Aw, thank you, Queen.
For you, it's really special.
[Adit] The big one, right?
- [Adit] I've been waiting for three years.
- [Dinda] Here, it's really special, with an egg.
- Thank you very much, Din!
- You're welcome!
- [Geri] You have to wear it every day.
- They have this in Tanah Abang.
I saw it yesterday.
Calm down.
[Dinda] It suits you well, Dit.
[Adit sighs]
It's time for Hon-Hon!
Just a moment, darling,
I have to pick this up first.
[Geri] Hello?
[Kiara] I want to see the others.
[Geri] Yes, what happened?
What do you have here?
[Adit] Isn't there anything else for me?
- [Geri] Uh-huh.
- Oh my God!
Look at us!
[Kirana] Aw!
Everyone's far away now.
Jazzy is in Korea.
Budy and Jia are in Melbourne.
Thank God you're here.
Well, at least out of the seven of us,...
...four are here together.
Right? [chuckles]
Together, you say?
That guy, if you were not coming home now...
...he wouldn't even show his face.
He's super busy! Working non-stop!
What is this, Din?
- Hey! Don't!
- What's that?
- [Adit] What is this?
- [Dinda] This...
- This is a private collection. No.
- [Adit] What's with all these faces?
His face is really ugly.
Well, it was a long-distance relationship.
Moments like these were truly precious.
You and Jazzy are also like us, right?
But not as ugly as... Here he is.
- Here he is.
- [Geri] What moments?
- [Adit laughs]
- Nothing.
- Can I see it?
- No.
- [Geri] This is for me, right?
- No!
- [Geri] I want to see.
- No!
- [Dinda] No way!
- [Geri] You can't go!
- I have to see it first.
- Okay then.
That's how much you admire me, huh?
- Ugh, what the hell?
- So, what made you print these?
I don't admire you.
What are you talking about?
[clucks] So cute.
People say that a long-distance relationship...
...prevents you from having many moments together.
I wanted to prove that everyone is wrong.
[Dinda] So, this...
...is proof of our journey to this day.
Let's always be together, okay, Hon-Hon.
- [Geri] Uh-huh.
- We must look after each other.
[Lucy] I promise too!
Who's this? Promise!
[Geri] Promise!
Whoa! Very pretty!
[Laras] Wow...
- you look like Aunt Dinda.
- Mom.
Let's take a photo together. Come on!
- Let me call Irene, okay?
- [Dinda] Okay.
- Ren!
- [Dinda] Come here!
Let's take a photo, come along!
Where's Kiara?
- [Irene] And Adit.
- [Dinda] Where are the others?
[Adit] Me too, right?
Of course. Come here!
There's space on this side.
Wait! Before we take this photo...
- [Adit] This.
- Excellent!
Come on. Let's go!
Okay. One, two, th...
[Adit] Hang on.
- Come on. Ready.
- Ready?
[All] Three!
[Laras] Can we clean this?
Oh, dear.
[Laras] I want to clean this.
What is this, anyway?
[Geri] Don't look, Auntie.
Wise people say...
...the bitterness of being apart is incomparable...
...to the sweet feeling of meeting again.
These people mean a lot to my life.
This moment...
...will be the beginning of a new story.
A fun story...
...with lots of lessons.
Starting today...
...this story begins...
- [Laras] Is it straight yet, Din?
- [Dinda] It's slanting, Mom.
[Laras] Okay...
How about now?
After this photo has been put up here...
...this place feels like home.
I miss the three of us together, Mom.
[Laras] Don't be sad. [chuckle]
It's okay.
Take rest, okay?
[Geri] Okay. Yes.
We only need to execute it, I guess.
Is everything in accordance?
[Dinda chuckles]
I'll call you back later, okay?
Thank you!
The call took a really long time,
up to 32 minutes.
Wow, you counted the minutes, huh?
[both chuckle]
[Geri] Oh, right.
Your interview is tomorrow, right?
It is.
I'll take you, okay?
No need, why should you? I can go by myself.
It's fine. Okay?
I must take you there. Okay?
Okay, fine.
But don't be late.
Yes! Okay!
...thank you so much, Hon-Hon,
for today.
I'm so happy!
[Geri] You're welcome.
I'm also very happy
to finally meet you again.
[Dinda sighs]
[Geri]Look more fierce.
One, two, three.
[Geri] Okay.
[Geri] Great.
Okay, nice. I think we've got it.
Want to see?
[Geri's Co-worker]
Ger, I'll pack up the equipment, okay?
Yes, just pack it up. I've finished using it.
- Okay.
- [Geri] Thank you.
Why doesn't she pick up?
No... Sir, stop!
- [Indri] Geri!
- Yes?
- What is it?
- Come here for a moment, please.
Where are you going?
Excuse me.
Sorry, I need to leave for some time.
- I have something to do.
- [Indri] Later.
I need you to take photos of Jacklyn now.
Because I need her recent photos for her portfolio
which I need to send to Thailand.
[clears throat]
- Right now?
- [Indri] Yes, right now.
Come on, Jacklyn. Don't just sit there, darling,
or else your beauty will fade.
Okay? Let's put some make-up on you first.
- [Indri] Geri, come on!
- Yes.
Can I reschedule it, ma'am?
[motorbikes and cars buzzing]
I see.
If that's the case,
I apologize once again, ma'am.
[Indri] I don't want too much make-up on her.
[Indri] Okay...
[Satya] I'm paying you to sell.
Not to drool over customers.
It's rare to see someone looking like that
buying flowers.
Either they're old ladies
or guys who buy flowers...
...to apologize to their girls.
It's rare to see someone
who looks like her, Sat.
[door opening]
Sat, another one.
- There are two cute girls here.
- Hey. Shh! Shut up!
- It's rare, Sat.
- Don't get too excited.
Hello, good morning.
Good morning.
Greetings, I'm Dito, the owner.
[Dinda chuckles]
I'm the owner.
- [Satya] Which flowers are you looking for?
- [Dinda] Oh.
No, I came in here...
...just to return this wallet.
It had fallen out front.
- [Satya] Thank you.
- [Dito] You're beautiful...
...and honest.
If I had found the wallet,
I wouldn't have returned it to you, Sat.
- [Dinda snorts]
- [Female Customer] Uh, sorry.
[Female Customer] I want to ask something.
What kind of flower is suitable to gift a guy?
Bunga Citra Lestari.
If I may know, what is the guy like?
Uh, he's a cool type of guy.
Give him warmth.
- What are you doing?
- [Dito chuckles]
[Female Customer] And honestly...
...I often send signals to him that I like him.
[Female Customer]
But he hasn't done anything.
Okay, just a moment.
[Dinda] Here, I know it.
This is the most suitable for you.
[Dinda] Blue rose,
unrequited love.
[Female Customer] Wow!
[Female Customer] Very suitable, huh?
[Female Customer] Thank you!
[Dinda] Um, okay then, I'm...
...going to leave, okay?
- See you.
- See you too. Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Dinda! Din.
You left this.
Oh my.
My job application letter.
Thank you, Sat.
Are you going to apply for a job?
I was going to apply for a job nearby, but...
That didn't go well.
Okay then, I have to go, okay?
Once again, thank you. Bye.
Do you want to work here, Din?
Do you have any vacancy?
Not really.
- Huh?
- But if you work here, I will fire Dito.
Don't do that.
[Dinda chuckles]
Dinda, thank you
for the flower recommendation. Bye!
Sure! Bye, good luck!
- [Geri] Uh, Rik.
- Yes?
I'm in a hurry. Copy the files, please.
- Okay.
- The deadline is in 30 minutes.
- Edit it also directly.
- Okay, Ger.
Dinda: You're that busy, huh? I've got a job.
You just focus on your work.
So, your first task is to give ideas...
...on how to improve our sales.
[Dito] Like I said earlier, Sat...
...people who buy flowers here
are only old ladies.
[Dito] If not them, then...
...guys who buy flowers
to apologize to their girls.
What flowers should we sell?
[sighs] You're crazy, Sat.
If you're going to hire someone,
ask them to take a psychological test first.
[Satya] What do you think?
I know.
[sighs] I'm not interested.
Not yet, idiot.
Do you want to know or not?
[Dinda] So, in front...
...I saw a lot of young people
passing by this area.
[Dinda] So, we're going to widen our product variety.
That way, we can attract young people to come here.
[Dinda] What do you think?
But what product?
- [Dinda] Um...
- [Dito] Betta fish!
Betta fish!
Uh... [chuckles]
Actually, I was going to say coffee.
[Dinda] Because young people nowadays...
...love drinking coffee while hanging out.
[Dinda] When you pass by a coffee shop,
it's very busy...
...with young people having coffee
while hanging out.
[Dinda] So, in my opinion,
we only need to provide Wi-Fi here.
[Dinda] And it's going to be really busy!
I agree.
And then we make special packages.
Buy coffee and get flowers.
Or buy flowers and get coffee.
[snaps fingers]
Am I right?
What's wrong with this kid?
[Indri] Geri.
[Indri] What's wrong with you?
It's not like you to be sad.
[Geri sighs heavily]
[Geri] Here's the thing.
I had promised my girlfriend
to take her to a job interview.
But she said it was too late.
So, she told me to just stay here.
Aw, so sad.
[Indri] Cheer up.
But you have to apologize, Ger.
[Indri] Try sending her her favorite flowers.
Okay? Call the florist.
- I'm going to go, okay?
- Okay.
And one coffee machine, sir, the best one.
What types are there?
How much does it cost?
[Satya] I'm okay with that.
[Satya] Yes.
[Satya] What about the types of coffee?
He acts fast.
He always rejects my ideas, Din.
...in my opinion...
...betta fish is an interesting idea, you know.
Hmm! You agree, right?
[Dito] Just a moment, Din.
Hello? Florist Flowers here.
Oh, we can. We can deliver it directly.
- [Dito] Take note. An order.
- Oh!
Yes, sorry, what did you say, Sir?
"To Dinda."
[Dito sighs]
[Dito] I told you, Din.
This is a guy who wants to apologize to his girl.
Sorry. What did you say, Sir?
"To Dinda."
From whom? Sorry, I didn't hear you.
Din. From Geri.
[Dito] Oh, okay. That's all?
[Dito] Okay, please wait.
We will prepare the order immediately.
[Dito] Thank you.
Hey, why are you just standing still?
[Dinda sighs and laughs a little]
- [Laras] My daughter is home.
- [Dinda] Hi, Mom.
[Dinda] Come here,
I want to tell you something.
I got a job!
- Really?
- [Dinda cheerfully] Yes!
It's a funny story. But what's certain is
they are very kind to me.
[Both] Aw...
The timing is really fitting.
We can tell your dad tomorrow.
[Dinda chuckles]
Well, let's eat together.
You haven't eaten yet, have you?
- But I want to clean up first, okay?
- [Laras] Yes.
- I feel uncomfortable.
- Yes.
- Don't take too long, Din.
- [Dinda] Okay.
I don't want us to sleep late.
- Okay.
- [Laras] We don't want to wake up late tomorrow.
- [Geri] I'm leaving, okay?
- Okay, Ger. Take care.
- [Geri] Hi!
- [chuckles nervously]
What is it?
Uh, there's...
There are flowers for you.
I'll put them there, okay?
- [Geri] Thank you.
- You're welcome.
It's colorful here now.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Going home, huh?
Okay, be careful on the road, okay?
Bye! I have to go to the toilet first.
Uh... The toilet is over...
[Indri] Geri.
- Yes?
- [Indri] Come here.
- Uh, what's up?
- How is your girlfriend?
- Still angry?
- Oh... [grunts]
It's all under control.
See? I told you.
By the way, the Drupadi Show Collection tomorrow,
you're handling it, okay?
[Indri] Because they're planning
to open a new store...
...and do a fashion show in Paris.
[Indra] And if you are chosen...
...you can get a contract of two years minimum.
Here, look.
[Indri] See, the photographer will be chosen directly
by Ferdinand, you know.
[Indri] Ferdinand Laconde.
- Ferdinand?
- [Indri] Yes, the famous one!
I've been wanting to work with him for a long time.
Okay, right?
I'll email you the details, okay?
- [Indri] You can go home now.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- [Geri] Thank you.
So, he's the guy?
Yes, Ferdinand.
That's Geri.
He's the best photographer in my agency.
So, why don't you want me
to introduce you to him?
You know the rules.
The jury, that's me...
...cannot meet the participants
before the competition.
Or else, that would be cheating, right?
By the way, you said
he is your best photographer?
How many do you have working for you?
[Irene] Paris, Ger?
Oh my God! You're going to the center
of the fashion industry...
...and become a Paris Fashion Week photographer.
[Irene] Right? For how long?
Does Dinda know about this?
Not yet, huh?
[Irene] Tell her, Ger.
Or else there will be a misunderstanding.
[Geri] I'll tell her.
- Keep your spirits up.
- Thank you, big sister.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- I'm leaving. Bye!
- Bye!
[Dinda] You've brought Dad's favorite food, right?
[Laras] Of course.
[Laras] All good, nothing is spilled.
[Dinda and Laras gasp]
[Dinda] Hmm...
[Setyo] How have you been doing?
So, how's it going?
Are you comfortable enough
to come back here?
[Laras sighs]
We are, honey.
[Laras sighs]
Forgive me.
For making it difficult for you.
I only want...
...us to go back to the way it was before.
[sighs heavily]
I want that too.
[takes a breath]
We're here because we miss each other.
So, don't be sad.
Come on, let's eat.
- What did you bring?
- While it's still warm.
Guess what.
This is your favorite, you know.
Malaysian cuisine?
- No.
- Surely you miss homemade food.
Yes, nice. One, two, three.
[Geri] Another pose.
One, two, three.
[Geri] Yes.
[Geri] Close-up, okay?
[Geri] Yes.
[Geri] Oooh.
One, two, three.
Wiwi. You can't stop looking at Geri.
First of all, my name is Winona.
My nickname is Nona. Understand?
One, two, three.
Oh my God.
Wiwi, you look much taller now?
- Right, Sel?
- Right.
Sorry. I haven't worn my shoes yet.
My God.
[Rafaela] I don't think there's much difference,
but you're still taller.
You're still shorter than me.
- [Rafaela] Sorry.
- [Geri] Thank you.
[Rafaela laughs sarcastically]
Come on, ready?
Models? Come on. Rafaela?
[Rafaela] Okay.
[Rafaela] Okay.
Take off your shoes.
[Geri] It makes you look too tall.
It's only a close-up.
[clears throat]
Now, come here.
See? This is too plain. It looks empty.
So, you can put tables and chairs here.
And also lights.
It'll be really cool and more aesthetic.
[Dinda] Huh? Hon-Hon!
This is your new workplace?
- What a cute shop!
- Come, let me introduce you to everyone.
[Dinda] Hi, guys!
This is Geri, my boyfriend.
Darling, this is Satya, my boss.
And this is Dito, he's a fellow employee here.
Dinda's friend.
Geri, Dinda's boyfriend.
Nice to meet you, Bang Sat.
- Dito.
- Geri.
[Geri] Yes.
Sat, thank you for allowing me to leave early.
- [Dinda] I'm really sorry.
- No problem.
[Dinda] I'm leaving, then.
- Bye!
- [Dito] Okay!
- Take care.
- [Dinda] Yes!
Peace be upon you!
Peace be upon you too!
[Dinda] How come you could finish work at this hour?
[Geri] There's something I want to talk about.
[protesters shout]
[Geri] Hmm, why is there a congestion here?
[Dinda] Is it a protest?
What are they protesting, Ger?
[protesters shout]
Eradicate corruption from its roots!
We are tired of the corrupt officials' actions
going rampant!
[protesters shout]
We don't want to be miserable...
- [Dinda] Ger.
- Hmm?
This is a protest about the corrupt officials, Ger.
It's okay.
We must not allow those corrupt officials to live!
- [protesters shout]
- We have to kill the corrupt officials!
[protesters shout]
We must not allow the corrupt officials' families
To live in this city!
[protesters shout]
- Eradicate corruption!
- [protesters exclaim]
We must kill those corrupt officials!
[Dinda] Can't we just go back, Ger?
[Geri] There are lots of cars behind us.
I can't go back.
The corrupt officials' families live in this city!
- Ger, Ger...
- What happened?
It's all good. Relax.
[protesters shout]
[protesters shout]
[protesters shout]
Wan! We have a corrupt official's daughter here, Wan!
A corrupt official's daughter!
- Ger...
- A corrupt official's daughter!
Ger! Geri!
What the hell?
- Hey!
- [horn sounds]
[Dinda cries]
[protesters scream and riot]
[protesters shout]
Kill the corrupt officials right now!
We're stuck.
- Kill, kill the corrupt officials!
- What should we do?
Kill the corrupt officials right now!
Geri! They're getting nearer!
What should we do?
Kill, kill the corrupt officials!
Let's do this. Uh...
I'll go out first, you run as far as you can. Yes?
- Yes?
- Uh, what...
I'm going out now.
Kill the corrupt officials right now!
Ger? Geri!
[Protesters] Eradicate... Hey!
- Geri!
- [Protesters] Kill him!
[Protesters] Beat him! Kill him! Beat him!
- [Protester] Finish him off!
- Ger! Stop!
[Protesters] Keep beating!
[Protesters] Kill him, beat him!
- [Protesters] Beat him!
- [Police] Hey, break it up! Disband!
[Police] Disband!
[Police] Get down!
- [Police] Get down!
- Geri!
[Dinda] Geri...
Be careful.
[Dinda] Here, sit down first.
[Dinda] Watch out.
[Geri sighs]
[Dinda] What happened? Does it hurt?
- Yes...
- [Dinda] Where is it hurting?
- My cheek really hurts.
- [Dinda] Cheek?
Let me look.
- Here?
- [Geri] Yes. [groans]
Oh, sorry.
[Geri] Keep stroking...
Stop it, Geri!
I'm really worried,
but you're joking instead.
It's not funny, you know!
I'm okay.
I'm only a little scratched and bruised.
I fended off their attack, so it was safe.
[Dinda cries]
Why... Why are you crying?
There's no need to cry. Okay?
Why are you crying?
This is your bad habit, you know?
Hang on.
You were crying just now.
Why are you angry all of a sudden?
[Dinda] You can't go on like this.
You can't always be a superhero
for others...
...without thinking about yourself.
But you're not others.
Geri, you can't solve everyone's problems.
You are my world.
Stop it.
I'm sorry for making you worry.
[Irene] This is really delicious, Ras.
Just put them in pretty jars.
- [Laras] Uh-huh.
- [Irene] And then...
...sell them in my boutique.
People would love them.
It's not too spicy, right?
No, it's delicious.
- [Laras] Just enough, huh?
- Next month I want to order quite a lot, okay?
That's fine.
For Geri in Paris.
It has a long shelf life, right?
Dinda hasn't told you yet?
[Irene] Hmm?
- Wow!
- [Satya] Dinda.
Wow, the room has changed!
Of course. What do you think? Is it cool?
- Very cool.
- Very cool, huh?
[Dinda] See? I told you.
[Dinda] Now that it looks like this,
it will be very busy here.
Din, starting today,
you will focus on the Florist side.
Let Dito focus on coffee, okay?
Wait, can Dito make coffee?
Not yet. He's only learning just now.
Right, Dit?
If you get poisoned, don't blame me.
[Dinda laughs]
Well, if that's the case...
...I want to try the coffee you made.
Coffee, made by me.
What if we just sell betta fish?
Is it too late?
[Satya laughs]
Dit, just kidding.
Uh, excuse me. Can I get a cup of coffee?
- Ki!
- Hello.
[Dinda] Thank you, friends.
[Dinda] Stop staring, Dit.
[Dito] Coffee! Do you want one?
- One.
- Uh, no!
Don't order coffee.
[Adit] Just give me the most delicious thing
on the menu here.
[Dinda] Guys, just sit down first.
You are right.
I've seen Geri's portfolio and some of his work.
Very impressive.
I told you so.
Can I introduce you to him now?
Sure. Why not?
But you know, right?
I already have the winner in mind.
I think I know who.
[Indri] Come here.
Geri, I would like you to meet...
...Mr. Ferdinand Laconde.
Hi, Sir.
I'm a big fan of yours.
Thank you, Geri.
I like your body of work.
You know, you might just have a bright future
ahead of you.
[Winona screams]
[Rafaela] Oh my, Wiwi... Sorry.
[Rafaela] I didn't see you
because you're a bit short.
[Rafaela] I'm really sorry, okay?
[Rafaela] But you're independent, right?
You can stand on your own, right?
[Rafaela] Let's go, girls.
[Geri] Did you sprain your ankle?
Ferdinand, wait for a moment.
I'll be right back. Okay?
[Geri] Just a moment. Be careful.
Whoa, that needs to be treated quickly.
Or else you can't join
the fashion show, darling.
Ma'am, please don't, I beg you.
I really want to take part in the fashion show.
- [Winona] Please.
- Okay.
I'll give you my therapist's number, okay?
- [Indri] Okay?
- Thank you.
- Ger.
- Hmm?
You're going to take me there, right?
Sorry, Na, but I have...
Ger, please.
Drupadi is very important for my career.
I'm begging you.
Thank you.
- [Geri] Your left ankle is good?
- It's good.
[Geri] Let me open this.
[Geri] Slowly.
[Geri] Okay.
Where's Dinda?
She's been waiting for you.
Poor girl.
She called you many times,
but she couldn't reach you.
Where is she now?
If I knew you were not going pick her up,
she should've gone with me.
- What do you mean?
- Well...
I just feel sorry for Dinda.
She has worked all day...
...but she went home alone.
Okay then. Bye.
- Hello.
- [Geri] Good evening, Auntie.
Evening, Ger.
How come you are calling me at night?
[grunts] Yes, Auntie.
I want to ask something.
Is Dinda home?
[Laras] She's already in her room.
Hey, Ger.
I heard you are going to Paris?
[Laras] Wow, that's really nice.
Yes, Auntie.
Have you told Dinda yet?
[Geri] Uh...
[clears throat]
[Laras] Geri.
Don't disappoint Dinda, okay?
Yes, Auntie.
Dinda is all I have, Ger.
Din, where were you last night?
I was kidnapped by Wewe Gombel.
Because someone said
he was going to pick me up...
...but I waited until late
and yet he didn't come.
Forgive me.
I had urgent work last night.
And then, my battery ran out.
So, I couldn't tell you.
Now, let's go, so we won't be late.
I can go by myself.
Huh? [laughs in surprise]
Why by yourself?
I'm here already.
We've talked about this.
[Dinda] You can't help and solve
everyone's problem on this planet.
[Dinda] Now try to think about it.
If we go together now,
you will take me first to the Florist...
...and you're going to be late for work.
It's all good. Okay?
I can be quick.
- Okay?
- Ger.
[Dinda] I'm no longer the Dinda from high school
who really needed you to drive her everywhere.
Yes, I'm sorry, okay?
I'll take you now.
I have some spare time today.
There's not much work.
Yes, good morning.
Just call me later.
Yes. [laughs awkwardly]
All good. It's okay.
Is our flower order ready yet?
It'll be ready soon.
Please wait here.
And order some coffee while you're at it.
- Okay then.
- Okay.
- Someone wants to order.
- [Dito] Okay.
Thank you, Din, for your idea.
Our shop is starting to get busy.
Thank God it's busy.
It means...
...I can get a salary increase after this?
[Dinda laughs]
You can.
- But...
- Dito has to fired?
[Dinda snorts]
Do you have some kind of obsession
with firing him or what?
You seem to have a lot on your mind.
Is everything okay?
I'm okay.
What's wrong?
How come you suddenly thought that?
Usually, you're cheerful.
[Satya] Jolly.
[Satya] You're like a sunflower.
When you're around,
the whole room lights up.
Yes, that's my specialty.
To be a light bulb.
If you need someone to talk to...
...I'm here.
[Satya] Anytime.
Thank you, Sat.
What are you guys talking about, if I may ask?
Wait, Ger?
- You've finished your work?
- Of course I have.
May I be with her alone?
[Geri] I...
...am sorry...
[clears throat]
Let me take a look at the flowers.
Really nice.
Where did you buy the flowers, Ger?
[Geri] At a florist shop.
[Dinda] And it's really fresh.
This must be a high-quality florist shop.
It's really hard to find it.
- Very hard!
- [Dinda laughs]
That's all?
Are you here just to apologize?
...I want to take you to the...
...Drupadi fashion show event tomorrow.
The event will be full of people, right?
Since the incident with the protesters...
...I think I'm...
...not ready to be among a crowd of people yet.
But I will be there.
So? You're...
...going to fight everyone there who recognizes
that I'm the child of a convicted corrupt official?
[Dinda] I don't want you to be embarrassed
because of me.
Moreover, this is a very important event
for your work.
Stop. Okay?
[Geri] Just stop there.
No negotiation.
Yes... But... Okay.
Even if I agree to go with you...
...I still don't know what to wear.
[Dinda] And what about my make-up?
- [Dinda] And if I suddenly...
- [Geri] Classic excuse.
That was your excuse three years ago,
you know?
[Geri] Don't worry.
Irene is ready to dress you up.
[Geri] Okay?
Ger, my goodness. What a lively party!
Every important person in the fashion industry...
...is here tonight.
You're one of them, right?
- You are important too.
- Hmm?
In my world.
Ugh, Hon-Hon.
What's wrong with your arm?
- I have gout.
- [Dinda snorts]
[Dinda chuckles] Okay, come on.
[Indri] Take pictures from all sides of the stage.
If that's the case, I'll excuse myself, Ma'am.
- [Indri] Hello.
- Hi.
This must be Dinda, right?
- That's right.
- Yes.
- Darling, this is Indri.
- Hello.
Hello, Indri. Nice to meet you.
No wonder Geri is never tempted
by the models who approach him.
You are much prettier.
Oh my, you're too sweet.
But your face is very familiar, you know.
As if I've seen you before.
Maybe you're thinking about another person.
[Dinda] Because I have very common face.
So, there are a lot who look similar to me.
A model, right?
No. I'm not a model.
I work at a florist shop nearby.
- Oh, yes. I know the place.
- Yes.
[Geri] Indri...
...the show is about to start, right?
- I want to prepare for it.
- Yes, that's right, Geri.
Yes, okay then.
Enjoy the show.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
What if people recognize me?
[Dinda] What if they still remember
about my dad's corruption case?
Ger, I don't want you to be embarrassed
because of me.
There's nothing in this world...
...that can embarrass me because of you.
[Geri] Don't worry, okay?
[Geri] Don't think about it.
Aw, Hon-Hon!
Come on.
Excuse me, Miss.
I think we have met before.
No. Maybe you...
...have the wrong person. I don't know you.
Excuse me.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
We're closed!
Aren't you supposed to be at an event with Geri?
[sighs] I left.
It's a long story.
Why are you alone? Where's Dito?
- I fired him.
- Huh?
[Satya] No, just kidding.
[Satya] There's no way I will fire him.
Unless he's a corrupt person
and steals our money.
Then I'd fire him.
What's wrong, Din?
Well, if you don't want to talk...
...it's okay.
Calm down.
[Dinda sighs]
Sorry, Sat.
[Satya] Aren't you going to pick it up?
Hi, Geri.
Where's Dinda?
She's not home yet, Auntie?
You went out together, right?
I thought...
[Geri] Yes, Auntie, but during the event...
...I was really busy and...
...suddenly Dinda wasn't there anymore.
So, I thought she went home.
[Geri] I've tried calling her many times.
But she didn't answer my call, Auntie.
[Laras] Oh, Ger.
So, what should we do, Geri?
Where is Dinda?
[Laras] Oh my...
[Laras] Can I actually trust you
to take care of Dinda, Ger?
I don't know what to say to Geri.
He would also be really angry at me.
[Satya] Hmm...
But Geri is right, Din.
This isn't your fault.
You don't need to be embarrassed.
This happened three years ago.
My fear is not that I will be embarrassed, Sat.
My fear is...
...if Geri is embarrassed because of me.
Do you love Geri that much?
Very much.
Din? [open door]
[Geri] Dinda?
- Din.
- Ger.
What's wrong with you?
What are you doing here?
[Geri] Why did you disappear?
I've been looking for you.
- [Dinda] Ger...
- I've been so worried, you know.
I looked for you everywhere.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to be alone.
With him?
[Satya clears his throat] Sorry, Ger.
It's better if you talk nicely to Dinda.
Because Dinda and I
were not doing anything here.
[Geri] Can you just keep your mouth shut?
- Shut up!
- Hey!
- This is my business with Dinda.
- [Satya] You're a guest here!
So what?
What's wrong with you guys? Geri!
Let's talk outside.
Satya, I'm sorry about all this.
Ger, apologize to Satya.
I'll text him later.
You made a mistake.
Apologize to Satya quickly.
I'm sorry, bro...
[Geri] Come on, let's go home.
[footsteps going away]
[Geri] What's wrong with you?
What's going on? Why did you disappear?
Several guests recognized me earlier.
You've changed...
...since returning from Malaysia.
What do you mean?
[Geri] Where's the old Dinda?
[Geri] Brave Dinda.
Not afraid of anything.
That Dinda is still here, Ger.
But unfortunately...
...now she loves you even more.
[Dinda sobs]
[Dinda] And now...
...she has one thing she fears the most.
[Dinda sobs]
[Dinda] I don't want you to get into trouble
because of me, Ger.
[Dinda sobs]
And I'm also more afraid of losing you.
You will never lose me.
Stop, don't cheat!
Cheat how?
You know...
...if you hug me, I can't be angry.
I want to be angry!
[Geri takes a deep breath]
[in Sundanese] Well, go ahead then.
You can continue being angry.
Can you promise me...
...that we will never part again?
Answer me!
Ger, promise me!
My taxi has arrived, Ger.
Why did you order a taxi? I'm here.
Just come home with me, okay?
I want to be alone.
Okay then.
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
[Geri] Hmm.
Be safe.
- [Indri] Morning, Geri. Congratulations. By the way...
- [Geri] Morning.
[Indri] ...Ferdinand has finally chosen you
to be his partner in Paris!
You'll leave in three weeks.
So, please prepare everything.
- Seriously?
- [Indri] Seriously! It's real!
Okay, we'll chat later at the office.
Once again, congratulations, Ger!
Thank you.
Who was it, Ger?
I'm going to Paris.
My hunch was right. You'll definitely go.
[Irene] Why aren't you excited?
Haven't you told Dinda yet?
[Geri] Not yet.
Dinda and I are fighting a lot lately.
[Geri] And I don't know how to...
...tell her.
[Geri] Tomorrow's her birthday.
I cannot surprise her
with the info that I'm going to Paris.
Hear me out...
Your task is to tell Dinda...
...as soon as possible.
[Irene] Whenever that is.
[Irene] And for Dinda's birthday...
...I'll prepare the cake?
Thank you very much.
I really don't know what to do.
[Geri] I...
...have made plans to do a little surprise
at her house.
Please help me.
- Thank you!
- I like that you're smiling again.
Thank you.
Now I have...
...good feelings that this will work out.
So, I'll prepare it now, okay?
- Okay!
- [Geri] The decoration.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Morning, Dit.
- Morning.
Uh, Sat...
[Dinda] About last night...
- ...I'm really sorry.
- [Satya] It's fine.
It's okay.
Why do you look sad?
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
Din, please help her.
- [Satya] I'm going to the back.
- Okay.
- ...blue roses? Right?
- No.
I want to try something else.
Ooh, that means...
...there's a development in this story?
Um, I don't think so.
But you know what?
He's been paying a lot of attention to me.
- Hmm...
- But I don't want to get excited just yet.
Hmmm. [clucks]
Does he know that you like him?
That's the problem.
I'm not sure how to tell him.
Because he has to leave for France soon.
But it's okay.
Even if it hurts a little,
I'm happy for him.
Well, if you think that
he's worth the pain...
...then go for it.
I have a better option for you.
- Sunflowers?
- Yup, sunflowers.
Who knows, maybe your crush's heart
will melt by these sunflowers?
...are special to me
because this is my favorite flower.
...this flower reminds me
of someone I really love.
So, is he worth the pain?
Um, okay.
Well, I want the sunflowers.
Make the bouquet a bit bigger, okay?
And put a small French flag in the middle.
- Okay. I can.
- Can you do it?
- Okay.
- Okay.
[Dinda] Is this the correct address, Sat?
[Satya] It is.
[Satya] Why?
[Dinda] Um...
[Dinda] This is Geri's office.
Want to try calling Geri first?
I don't want to meet Geri.
[clucks] I'm okay, Sat.
Come on.
Poor Winona has been waiting.
- Hi, bestie!
- [Dinda] Hi!
[Dinda] Here, your flower order.
Oh, perfect!
Don't you want us to bring this for you?
No, thank you. It's okay.
I can bring it myself.
[Dinda] Okay.
So cute.
Okay, thanks, everyone. Bye!
Uh, Sat.
I think you should go back to the car first.
- I'll catch up.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- So busy.
- Yes.
[Winona] By the way...
This is for you.
Bon voyage![speaking in French]
[Geri] How did you know I'm going to Paris?
[Winona snorts]
[Winona] Geez. The whole office knows
you're going to Paris.
You're Mrs. Indri's favorite guy.
[crackling sound]
- [Geri] Thank you very much.
- [Winona] You're welcome.
- [Geri] I'll continue my work first.
- [Winona] Okay.
I need time, Sat.
Thank you very much, Auntie...
...for giving me the permission
to surprise Dinda tonight.
I also want to apologize to you
about yesterday's incident.
I feel really bad.
That's okay.
It's all in the past, right?
Besides, why would I stop you
from giving a surprise like this to Dinda.
I should be thanking you.
Ger, you should put the cake in now.
Into her room.
- [Irene] Dinda will come home soon.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yes, Boss.
- Good luck!
[Geri] Thank you.
This makes me think...
...about Geri.
About his plans to go to Paris.
[Laras] Hmm.
[Laras] Hey, hang on.
So, Geri hasn't told Dinda
that he's going to Paris?
[Laras] Oh my...
So, it's true that Geri is going to Paris?
[Laras] Dinda.
Why does everyone know except me?
[Laras] Wait, Din...
Why didn't anyone tell me that you're coming?
[Geri] Happy birthday, darling.
Or do you want to make a wish first?
Okay, hang on.
Wait a minute, please.
I wanted to surprise you,
but I was the one who got surprised.
[Geri chuckles] Just a moment.
Make a wish.
Make a wish.
I wish...
[Dinda sobs]
I wish...
...that you would stop lying to me.
Why, Ger?
Out of everyone who could lie to me,
why does it have to be you, Ger?
What's going on?
- Why do you keep lying to me, Ger?
- I did something wrong to you, didn't I?
Who am I to you, Ger?
You are my girlfriend.
Then why are you never honest with me?
[Dinda] Everyone already knows that
you're going to Paris. [sobbing]
[Dinda] But I, Ger, your girlfriend...
I didn't know that you are going to go to Paris.
Imagine what it would be like to be me.
I wasn't ready to tell you yet.
[Dinda sobbing] I'm tired, Ger.
[Dinda cries]
Not that I didn't want to tell you, darling.
But I felt like...
...I haven't found the right time to tell you...
[Dinda] Haven't found... Ger.
You had all the time to tell me.
You could even tell Winona.
She still had a chance
to give you flowers.
[Dinda] You didn't even give me a chance to know.
To feel it all.
To process it all.
I didn't tell you
because I love you too much.
[Dinda sobs]
I'm not ready to lose you, darling.
[Dinda] I don't want to know anymore.
[Dinda] I don't want to know anymore.
I'm tired...
[Dinda cries]
[Geri cries]
I can't be away from you, darling.
[Geri] We've been apart for three years.
- Please believe me, okay?
- [Dinda] Please.
I'm tired.
I'm so tired.
[Dinda] Please.
[Dinda] I'm tired of feeling like this.
We're leaving, okay?
[Geri] Come on, Lucy.
[Geri] We're leaving, Auntie.
Sorry if I made any mistake, Auntie.
Let's go.
Please, Sir.
Stop being sad.
[Laras] Okay?
We have to be strong.
In your opinion...
...what should I do now?
You should smile.
- [Laras] Look, your dad is here.
- Happy birthday, Dinda!
- [Laras] Yes!
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- As you get older, take care of your mom, okay?
Are you all good?
- Of course.
- All good.
- Oh, right. We brought you a birthday cake.
- A cake?
[Setyo] Aha.
[Laras chuckles]
Hang on...
It looks like my daughter...
...is sad, huh?
[laughs awkwardly]
No. Sad? You're wrong.
I've been smiling the whole time, right, Mom?
- Uh-huh.
- Like this.
[all three chuckle]
[Setyo] That smile is fake.
That smile is the one your mom used to wear...
...when she doesn't want to look sad.
- Well...
- [Setyo] Admit it!
He got us, Din.
What's the problem, child?
Geri, Dad.
That knight with the motorbike? Hmm?
Now he drives a car.
[Laras and Setyo chuckle]
But still a knight, right?
[Setyo snorts]
Geri and Dinda are fighting.
- [Setyo] Oh...
- [Laras] Geri is going to Paris.
For work.
[Laras] Well...
[Setyo] Just go with him to Paris, then.
Ask your mother for the ticket money.
[Setyo] Solved, right?
Oh yes, you can do that!
From which account?
All of them...
...are still frozen.
[Laras and Setyo laugh]
[Laras sighs]
Dad, Mom.
Don't joke around. I'm serious.
It's your fault...
I'm serious. I'm tired.
I'm really tired...
...of losing the people I love all the time.
Who have you lost?
I'm still alive, am I not?
You know what I mean.
Come here.
Love will never disappear.
It is only delayed.
[Setyo] Until we can be together again.
[Setyo] Smile.
[Dinda] Hmm...
- [Dinda] Here, your order.
- Yes, thank you.
[Dinda] Thank you.
[Indri] Hi, Dinda.
Ms. Indri?
What's going on? You don't usually come here.
Let's have a chat, shall we?
But not here.
Outside, okay?
Did Geri really say that?
He cancelled his trip to Paris?
Yes. Geri said you were much more important
than Paris.
And I agree.
Oh my gosh, how come you agree?
Yes, I agree one thousand percent.
Geri told me the story of your life.
You're amazing, Din.
And I think Geri is stupid if he lets you go.
...I thought that...
...you came here to ask me to persuade Geri...
...to still go to Paris.
No way.
I just want the best for Geri.
And the best is you.
Paris is the second best.
The main thing is...
...I just wanted to tell you
that Geri cancelled his trip to Paris.
So, don't be angry at him anymore, okay?
[Indri sighs]
[Dinda sighs]
Ms.Indri, thank you very much.
...I don't think I can go through
a long-distance relationship with Geri anymore.
The hardest thing is to bear the longing, isn't it?
Very true.
My husband and I are also going through that.
It's been three years.
...Geri said...
...he was sure
that I was the best for him.
...how can I be sure
that Geri is the best for me?
Hear me out.
Take my personal experience as an example.
My husband is the type of person
who always encourages me...
...to maximize my potential.
If I want to be a housewife...
...he's fine with that.
But I have to be the best housewife.
If I want to have a career...
...I have to have the best career.
Well, the point is...
...it will be easier
to be the best for our partner...
...if we're already the best for ourselves.
Well, I need to go.
I have another meeting.
Okay. Thank you. One more thing.
You said you've been in a long-distance relationship
with your husband for three years?
The further away we part,
the more I love him.
That's cool. Where is he now? Abroad?
I'm leaving, okay?
[Models] Ger, we're leaving, okay?
- Okay, bye.
- Bye!
- [Geri's co-worker] Thank you.
- [Geri] Okay.
- [Geri's co-worker] I'm leaving.
- [Geri] Okay.
Hello, Dinda.
[Dinda] Ger, forgive me.
But I really can't stand it anymore.
Dinda! What's wrong with you?
I want to die.
What's wrong with you? Huh?
[Dinda] I want to say goodbye.
I love you so much, Ger.
[Geri] Where are you now?
I'll come there. Okay?
Din, Dinda!
[Geri] Hey, don't jump!
[Geri] Stay there!
[Geri] What's going on with you?
[Geri] Huh?
What took you so long?
I caught a cold while waiting for you.
Hang on...
Why does this feel like deja vu?
[Geri] Hmm?
Hey, why... For what?
Let's make it even more deja vu.
You're not mad at me anymore, are you?
Says who?
I'm still mad!
You lied to me about Paris, you know.
I've canceled Paris.
...must still go to Paris.
But why?
So that you...
...can be the best Geri that you can be.
I don't want to have the Geri
with a moderate job...
...and an average future.
I don't know if you're supporting me...
...or bringing me down.
I'm in love.
Thank you so much, darling.
I promise.
I will be the best for you.
- [Geri chuckles]
- That's what I like!
Uh, by the way, this...
This rope has no function?
Hmm? Only...
...a gimmick?
Wait. It has.
This is a symbol.
A symbol...
...that we will never part.
For all time.
Sorry, Mr. Cool.
"Cray-cray" is outdated.
- But that's okay.
- It's okay?
[Dinda] Even though you're tacky,
I still love you.
[Dinda chuckles]
- Keep going, don't peek.
- [Geri] What's going on here?
- Don't peek!
- [Geri] I don't see anything.
- [Geri] We're here? Stop?
- Stop!
- Okay. Ready.
- OK, ready?
One, two, three!
- Thank you, darling.
- You're welcome.
...I thought this story
was about the end of being apart...
...and also the beginning of happiness.
...I was wrong.
It turns out...
...this story is actually
about becoming mature...
...and also sacrifice.
Because apparently...
...happiness will not manifest...
...without maturity...
...and also sacrifice.
If you keep being like this...
...I will worry all the time in Paris.
What do you mean by "like this"?
Talking to yourself like you just did.
I haven't even left you,
but you're already going crazy.
Ugh! You know I've always been crazy.
[Geri] Sorry, excuse me.
All good?
I hope I'm not late.
Feels familiar, right?
I can only accompany you up
to this point, huh?
When I come back...
...you'll definitely be here, right?
[Dinda sighs]
[Geri] Won't you just follow me to Paris?
[both laugh]
- Hey.
- [Geri sighs]
- You're late.
- Yes.
- Come on.
- But I still want to stay here for some more time.
Me too.
Take care.
Learning from my parents' relationship...
...and Indri and her late husband's relationship...
...it turns out that couples
that last are those who...
...occasionally have some time apart.
...by being apart...
...we would really appreciate
the next meeting.
Hurry home, Hon-Hon.
I will be waiting!
Dinda, the flower bouquet is ready.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, table number two, clean it up, okay?
[Dinda] Order number 19.
[Buyer in Javanese accent] Me, Ma'am.
Here, your flower order.
- [Buyer] Yes.
- Okay.
Be careful while you're bringing it.
Thank you.
- What's up?
- Uh...
This, uh...
It says here that the recipient is...
[Buyer] You're Dinda, right?
[Buyer] Yes?
Yes, I'm Dinda, but...
But who sent me flowers?
Oh my God!
- Is this really you?
- [Geri] Yes.
I'm here, for you and for good.
Aw, Hon-Hon!
[both growl]