Dino Dana: The Movie (2020) Movie Script

66 million years ago.
Dino Dana!
The Movie!
You may wanna cover your eyes.
Blast it.
Let's make a discovery.
I think I've got something.
Well, what are we
standing around for?
I believe we just found
ourselves a dinosaur.
Since our founding,
the American Museum
of Natural History
has had one mission,
to discover, interpret,
and share knowledge
about human cultures,
the natural world,
and the universe.
And Mr. Barnum Brown has
made quite the discovery.
Thank you, Mr. Osborn.
Dinosaur, is a combination
of two Greek words.
Dinos, meaning terrible,
and sauros, meaning lizard.
Well, there can be
no terrible lizard,
than the one we are
unveiling for you today.
I give you,
the Tyrannosaurus rex.
what are you doing?
And get off the couch.
But mom, we're imagining
we're Barnum Brown.
And Henry Fairfield Osborn.
Oh, well then, please
continue wearing shoes
on the furniture.
I don't think you understand.
They're the most famous
dinosaur fossil collectors
of all time.
Barnum discovered
the first Tyrannosaurus rex!
Did he also put groceries away?
But he didn't name it.
Henry Fairfield Osborn did.
He was the President
of the American Museum
of Natural History.
I did not know that.
Well, do you know what
the name T-Rex means?
Hmm, king of the dinosaurs?
You're mostly, wrong.
It means tyrant lizard king
but don't be too upset
with yourself, mom.
Henry and Barnum
got a lot of the things
about the T-Rex wrong too.
Like, they thought it was more
like a lizard than a bird.
And that it's little arms
were weak, not strong.
And that it stood
like this, not this.
That's what I
love about science.
Every mistake leads
to a new discovery.
Well, I just
discovered cheese
on circular bread!
I'm going to
call it, pizza.
Riley, you staying for lunch?
Can't, going to my grandmas.
Bye Dana.
Next time, I get to
blow up the mountain.
Can you let Saara know
lunch will be ready soon?
Is she still?
Please leave.
It's my room too.
Then leave my side.
What are you wear--
Never mind.
Lunch will
be ready soon.
I'm not hungry.
But it's pizza!
You can use the pepperoni
to make a happy face.
Or a sad one.
Have you--
Don't ask.
You know, when dinosaurs--
How can I get
you to understand?
Close your eyes.
You know how
you love dinosaurs?
What are you doing?
-I'm listening.
What are your two
favorite dinosaurs?
It's just that they change,
depending on when--
Just choose two.
Can one of them be
a prehistoric winged reptile?
They're technically
not dinosaurs, so I--
Sure, whatever.
The Tyrannosaurs Rex
and the Quetzalcoatlus.
The pretzel, what?
The Quetzalcoatlus
is the largest
flying creature
of all time.
It flew by jumping in the air
and may have built it's nests
on the side of a mountain.
Now close your eyes again
and think of your two favorites.
Now, pick the one that you
don't get to see anymore.
I can't do that.
Now you know how I feel.
I have to choose
between my two families.
It's my mom.
My other mom.
Give your sister some privacy.
She's got a tough
decision to make.
Did you hear anything?
I hope she stays.
Me too.
Listen, there's still
a few minutes before lunch.
-Why don't you do a--
-Dino experiment?
How do you
choose which one?
It's more like
they choose me.
Dino experiment 9-0-1.
Where are all the kid dinosaurs?
Let the dino experiment
Hey Pachycephalosaurus!
You're full grown.
Where are your kids?
That's a Stygimoloch.
I'm looking for you but smaller.
No again.
That's a Drake rex.
Can't you see how
different you all look?
Pachycephalosaurus, your name
means thick headed lizard
because, well, you
have a thick head.
But do you know
what you don't have
that both the Stygimoloch
and Drake rex do?
So, they can't be your kids
because you wouldn't lose
spikes as you grow older,
you'd grow more.
Paleontologists have discovered
over 800 different species
of dinosaurs but they're mostly
grownups and a few babies.
The question is, where
are all the kid dinos?
Tyrannosaurus rex!
Not again! Ugh.
Thanks, T-Rex,
you just scared off
my research subjects.
What about you?
What does a kid T-Rex look like?
A nanotyrannus' name
does mean dwarf tyrant
because they
were so little
but I need to find
a young T-Rex,
not a smaller
What got into her?
Wait up, nano!
Maybe you can lead me
to the kid dinos!
I said, wait up!
Not hurry up!
Oh. Hi dad!
Hi, Dexie!
Let me guess,
dino experiment.
Yeah and it's a tough one.
Dino experiment 9-0-1,
where are all the kid dinosaurs?
We got one right here!
Tyrannosaurus Dex.
That's a baby.
I'm looking for dinosaurs
that are old as me or Saara.
Well, if they're
anything like your sister,
they're probably sitting in
their room trying to figure out
if they're gonna
break their dad's heart!
Sorry, supposed
to be supportive.
It's just hard because
I don't want her to go.
How do we make
her choose to stay?
Look, Sarra's lucky,
she's got two great families.
It's just too bad
that one of them has
to move away somewhere
awesome for work.
You know what
else is too bad?
You not solving
your dino experiment.
I think I need to
call some friends.
Which friends?
It's not gonna be
long distance, is it?
Royal Tyrrell Museum,
Trek Henderson, speaking.
Dino experiment 9-0-1?
Hold on, might need big
brother on this too.
Alrighty folks, we're gonna
have to pick up the pace.
Okay, so, these are
they stay together in packs,
which is what we're gonna do.
No stragglers!
The Shonisaurus Sikanniensis.
The world's biggest
marine reptile.
Imagine swimming
with that guy,
but imagine,
while we're walking.
The Borealopelta Markmitchelli,
the world's best
preserved Ankylosaur.
Check out that armor,
huh, check it out quickly!
Ornithomimus, one of
the world's fastest dinosaurs.
Like we need to be!
Dino experiment 9-0-1.
That's a tough one.
Did you solve it?
No, there's
so many competing theories.
For starters, there's a theory
that if they didn't
become grownups,
kid dinosaurs were probably
eaten by predators.
So, there'd be no
fossils left to find.
Maybe you don't
wanna be a dinosaur.
There's also the idea
that paleontologists used
to only care about
finding the big dinosaurs.
So, they left all
the little fossils behind.
But my favorite theory is
that fossils that belonged
to different dinosaurs
might actually belong
to the same dinosaur,
just at different ages.
paleontologists notice
that the two fossils
look the same?
Not necessarily.
Paleontologists love to
find things and name them.
Everybody wants to discover
a brand new dinosaur.
I know I do!
Me too, but if you only
look at what's different
between two fossils.
Or two brothers.
You might not
realize they're family.
But if that's true,
that means some dinosaurs
wouldn't exist anymore.
Some paleontologists think
that we could lose dozens.
Every dinosaur book
would have to be rewritten.
That's not good.
Science is all
about asking questions
even if you're afraid
of the answers.
How do we solve it?
One way would be
to get dinosaurs
from the same
family group together
and see how they behave.
If they try to kill each other,
they're probably not related.
But if they don't, they
can be the same dinosaur!
Just at different ages.
Thanks, Dan and Trek.
-No problem.
-Let us know how it goes.
Will do!
-I'll see you at lunch.
All right, next up,
the Tyrannosaurus rex.
The world's largest Tyrannosaur.
Check it's mouth.
Can you guess how
many teeth it has?
I know what I need to do.
Not so fast nugget!
First lunch,
then experimenting.
But dad!
If you don't eat lunch
then you'll go extinct.
Come on,
that was a good joke.
Dexter liked it.
It was a meteor.
We're finally getting
new neighbors.
Huh, I'm gonna go say, hi.
Maybe let 'em settle in first?
Or walk in uninvited.
Either works.
-This is Dexter.
-Hi, Dexter!
We live downstairs.
-Oh, great!
-Nice to meet you.
You too.
Is this?
-No, I'm Jadiel.
No, is this
a model of Sue?
The famous T-Rex.
-How did you--
-Your front door was open.
Wait, did you get this at
the Field Museum in Chicago?
The actual museum
where Sue is on display?
-You were there?
-I've been to lots of museums.
That's number two in
my top 33 dinosaur museums
I wanna visit!
What else did you get?
Who are you?
Dana, we live beneath you.
Can you imagine, discovering
one of the most famous fossils
of all time?
-What are you doing?
It's one of my
favorite things to do.
Let me show you!
Picture this.
It's 1990, we're just about
to leave after a summer
of digging for dinosaur bones.
Who's we?
You get to be Sue Hendrickson,
the famous fossil hunter,
and I'll be Peter Larson,
the leader of the expedition.
Let's kick it!
Ice, Ice baby
Ice, Ice baby
All right stop
Collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my
brand new invention
Something grabs
ahold of me tightly
Flow like a harpoon
daily and nightly
Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don't know
Turn off the lights
and I'll glow
To the extreme, I rock
a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax
a chump like a candle
Bum rush the
speaker that booms
Come on, we're just pretending.
If there was a problem
Yo, I'll solve it
Check out the hook
while my DJ revolves it
Ice, Ice baby
Ice, Ice baby
Now that the
party is jumping
With the bass kicked in
and the fingers are pumpin'
Quick to the point,
to the point no faking
I'm cooking MC's
like a pound of bacon
Burning them if they're
not quick and nimble
I go crazy when
I hear a cymbal
And a hi hat with
a souped up tempo
I'm on a roll and
it's time to go solo
Rollin in my 5.0
With my ragtop down
We blew a tire!
You got a spare?
Back at camp.
It's probably faster
to go get help in town.
-How far is the nearest town?
-Five minutes.
-By truck.
I'll wait here.
Look around, see if
I can find anything.
Suit yourself.
Come on, team.
What's that?
What do you think?
Well Sue, that might be
the most complete T-Rex skull
I've ever seen.
-That was awesome.
What are we
cheering about?
This is my
step-mom's son, Mateo.
-Hi, Mateo, I'm Dana.
We're celebrating the discovery
of a very famous Tyrannosaurus
rex skeleton, Sue the T-Rex.
I'm not allowed
to touch his stuff.
-Because it's my stuff.
I love T-Rexes.
He just likes
'em because I do.
No I don't, I like
them because they roar!
I have an idea!
Do you wanna imagine with us?
You can be the T-Rex.
My dad made me this backpack
so I can be any dinosaur I want.
Do you wanna know a secret?
It's kind of magical.
When you're in dino mode,
other dinosaurs will think
that you're that dinosaur.
So, if you're a T-Rex--
Then they'll
think I'm a T-Rex.
And what sound
does the T-Rex make?
Dana! Lunch time!
I have an idea.
Why don't you
keep it for a bit?
I'll come back after lunch.
There's a really
important dino experiment
you can both help me with.
-Actually, we need to finish--
Quit pretending
you like dinosaurs!
Is that one of
our new neighbors?
Yep, Mateo,
and his brother's
name is Jadiel.
I'm still working on the pro
and con list you asked me to do.
Pro, your favorite pizza.
Maybe while you decide,
you can help me solve a dino
experiment about kid dinosaurs.
Sometimes dino experiments
help me figure out
stuff in my life.
Like what?
Which dino I should
learn about today?
That's not the same as having
to pick who I wanna live with.
I'm finished.
Saara, I know
this is hard for you
but it's not easy
for us either.
Dana would miss you,
we all would.
So would my mom,
my real mom.
You know what I meant.
Of course.
I just have to uh,
check on something.
No matter what I choose,
I'm going to hurt someone.
Woohoo, ugh.
What's that?
I've never seen
that dinosaur before.
No way!
Are you real?
You are!
But how?
Because of this?
There's more of you?
I don't believe it!
Pterosaurs too?
Is that a T-Rex?
Tyrannosaurus rex!
You're my favorite dinosaur!
My name's Mateo.
Do you wanna see something?
That's you.
Isn't that cool?
Don't move, Mateo.
Hi, Dana.
Look what I found.
Come over to me.
It's okay, he's friendly.
Aren't you T-Rex?
He is a she
and I think she thinks
you're one of her babies.
Do you?
She does!
Hi, mama T-Rex!
Yup, big dangerous mama T-Rex,
now, come on, over here!
Your backpack is magical.
A spinosaurus.
Is that one a boy or a girl?
It doesn't matter, run!
-Stay calm.
-The spino is falling over!
Are you okay?
Don't worry, I'm okay!
I'm not.
I'm coming, Mateo!
Dana! Ah!
Stop drooling on me!
I'm coming, Mateo!
My bike.
The spino is coming too! Help!
Give me back my bike.
Just borrowing it!
Hey! Get back here.
This has been fun
but mama T-Rex,
do you wanna put me down now?
Actually, nevermind.
Don't put me down,
don't put me down!
Let's go!
Come on, faster, faster!
Faster, mama T-Rex!
Whoa, whoa!
Dana's book.
He's gaining on us!
Faster, mama T-Rex!
My field guide.
Whoa, he must've come this way.
You stole my bike.
I borrowed it.
Give it back.
I can't, I'm using it
to find your brother.
-Does it matter?
He's in trouble.
What did he
take this time?
He didn't take anything.
He got taken.
-Who took him?
-A Tyrannosaurus rex.
A T-Rex took Mateo?
Are you
imagining again?
A Zuul?
You don't see it?
See what?
A 76 million
year old dinosaur?
No, I don't.
Do you wanna know why?
Because it's not
76 million years ago.
This is my dino field guide,
it's supposed to let
you see dinosaurs.
For real.
Well, special powers
don't seem to work on me.
Now, give me back my bike.
Why did it work on
Mateo and not you?
Maybe because I believe
in science, not magic.
Science is magic.
Science is
the opposite of magic.
Science is about facts.
But where do
facts come from?
They come from scientists
who have imagined things
that no one else has
ever thought of before.
I'm working on a dino
experiment right now
that can change what we know
about dinosaurs forever.
That, to me, is magical.
But before I can
make history,
I need to save
your brother.
I mean, step-brother.
You forgot your magic book.
I'll get it from you later!
Can't you and dad
just pick for me?
You know you're old enough
to have a say in this decision.
Aw, must be so hard
to have two families
who love you so much they wanna
be around you all the time.
It's exhausting.
Listen, you need to think
about what's best for you.
Whatever you decide,
we'll all understand.
But, it would be
great to see you
on more than just weekends.
And California
does have beaches.
Just saying.
I love you, baby girl.
I love you.
Everything aw'wight in here?
Tried to tell him you
wanted to be alone
but he wouldn't take
no for an answer.
Little stinker.
-Seriously, he stinks.
-Come here, baby.
Say, hi, mom!
hi, mom!
Hi, hi.
I've decided.
Dino Dana.
Dino Jadiel.
How would a Triceratops escape
a pack of Albertosaurus?
I'd love to solve that one.
That's not possible.
I can solve this.
Some Triceratop fossils
have been found in groups.
So, maybe they stuck
together for defense.
I was right.
I was right!
And deadly!
Mama T-Rex, he's giving up.
He's too tired.
You did it, mama T-Rex.
Where are we going?
What are you trying to say?
Who's there?
Hi there.
Is this your baby?
That's so cute!
Do you think
I'm in your family?
Do you want me to
be your brother?
I'll be your brother,
baby T-Rex.
Are you okay?
What's wrong mama T-Rex?
Why did you do that?
No, baby T-Rex, I'm not hungry.
Hey, we're gonna take our
new neighbors out for coffee,
you wanna come?
No thanks.
I thought I'd wait
here to talk to Dana.
Good idea.
Can I bring you back anything?
-I'm okay.
-You sure?
Not even a hug?
I'm sorry, dad.
Don't be sad, sweetie.
Now we have the best
excuse to go to the beach.
Aww, that's better.
You're really hungry.
The Spinosaurus is back!
Mama T-Rex!
Mama T-Rex, be careful!
Watch out, mama T-Rex!
Leave her alone!
I'll take care of the baby, go!
Stay behind me, baby.
Take that spino!
Time to run, Mateo!
Hurry, Mateo!
Quick! Under here.
Come on, baby, under here.
Hey spino!
Chase me!
It'll be okay, baby.
I promise.
Pick on someone your own size.
No, not me.
I don't like this magic trick!
They're following him.
I'm counting on it.
Jadiel, over here!
Bring them this way!
Baby T-Rex, come back!
No, Mateo!
Come back!
Mateo, no, we need to go!
I'm not leaving my
new little brother.
What? Whoa!
Watch out!
Don't go in the herd, Mateo!
Don't be scared, baby.
Stay there, baby.
I'll get you.
How am I gonna get over there?
How do I get to them?
This is gonna be fun.
The biggest land
carnivore of all time.
The Spinosaurus has
more teeth than the...
Tyrannosaurus rex!
he looks angry.
I'm coming, Mateo!
Ah, so is he!
Almost there!
-It's okay.
I've got you, you're safe.
You stink, but you're safe.
I wanna go home.
I know, let's go.
You wanna stay around
and see who wins?
A bit.
Will she be okay, Dana?
Oh, I hope so.
Why did she puke on me?
She wasn't puking, exactly.
She was regurgitating
food for you.
That's how some birds, like
penguins, feed their babies.
I guess T-Rexes
weren't just tyrants.
They were good moms too.
Moms can be tyrants.
Especially when
protecting her babies.
Wait, does that mean when
you puke up to feed the baby?
What do you mean, the baby?
I couldn't just
leave him there,
he could've
gotten eaten.
You didn't.
You did.
Huh, she really
does love dinosaurs.
And me.
These must be the experiments
she wanted us to do together.
I really should have helped
her out with more of these.
Come on.
Do you think if we make
loud noises, he'll go?
Come on.
You know what,
I don't need to know.
Hi, I'm Saara, our parents
are out with yours.
They'll be home soon.
Dana, can I talk to
you for a second?
He's coming out!
What was that?
You heard it?
A baby T-Rex.
A baby T-Rex?
Of course.
And how did it get here?
It's a long story.
I'm out. Dana?
I got taken by a mama T-Rex,
who thought I was her baby,
then a Spinosaurus
tried to eat me.
But a whole herd of
Triceratops ran over to us
and we got away.
The mom T-Rex had a baby
T-Rex that Mateo took
with him even though
he shouldn't have.
I didn't want
Toby to get eaten.
You named him?
-We can't keep him.
-We're not gonna touch--
Okay! Stop.
You guys need to grow up
and quit pretending
you see dinosaurs everywhere.
Maybe you need to grow
down and start believing
we're dealing with
some serious stuff too.
Super serious.
Dana, I wish I
could live in a world
where everything you
imagine becomes real.
I really do.
But we live in the real world.
And in the real world
there are no more...
You wanna take anything back?
But that's not possible.
No, it's magical.
Are you playing a trick on me?
Is that a toy?
He's on the run!
It's okay, baby T-Rex.
We're not gonna hurt you!
He's trying to hide again.
What is happening?
Baby dinosaurs,
like baby birds,
learn to hide when they
think they're in danger.
No, like, what is
happening, right now?
You're growing down.
My dino field guide,
lets people see dinosaurs,
but only if they want to.
I guess you want to see them.
I wanted to spend more
time with you before I--
We need to get that
baby back to it's mom.
Unless we can't find his mom.
Then we're gonna have
to feed Toby our puke.
I'm calling mom and dad.
They won't believe you.
-Yeah, anyway.
Hey, Saara.
Did you talk with Dana?
Why not?
Oh, T-Rex under the bed.
-Oh yeah.
-Of course, makes sense.
No, no, you should
definitely take it back
to it's mother.
Can Jadiel and Mateo go
with you to the park?
-Yeah, that's fine with me.
-They say, yes.
When are you gonna talk to--
Thanks, sweetie, love you too!
Well, I wouldn't say I'm
the best dad in the world
but definitely top.
She hung up on
you, didn't she?
Yeah, like 10 seconds ago.
Yeah, they didn't believe me.
I tried to tell you.
A lot of grownups forget how
to see the magic in science.
I hope that never
happens to me.
Me too.
Look, there he is!
I still don't know if
this is actually happening.
Let's get this baby back
to it's mother T-Rex.
Everyone, grab a box.
I got him!
Come here!
Come here, baby dino!
Toby, it's me!
I got him, I got him.
Maybe he doesn't wanna
go back to his mom.
Maybe he wants
to stay with us.
No, he's just worried we're
predators trying to eat him.
We're not trying to
eat you, little brother.
Think, Dana, think.
Some bird brothers
and sisters take care
of each other and since--
Birds came from dinosaurs...
Maybe dino brothers and sisters
take care of each other too.
It's T-Rex time.
Over there.
Okay, little friend.
We're gonna get you
back to your mom.
Would you like that?
I thought you would.
You're safe.
Good boy.
You're amazing!
You did it.
Nice job.
What are
T-Rex sisters for?
Now, let's get our little
friend back to his mom,
so you can help me finish
dino experiment 9-0-1.
Where are all the kid dinosaurs?
Saara, you said you wanted
to spend more time with me.
But, don't we have
a kid right there?
This is a baby, not a kid.
I'll explain on the way.
Come on, Toby.
So, for dino experiment 9-0-1,
my working theory is that
some smaller dinosaurs
are actually kid versions
of bigger dinosaurs.
That would mean
they're the same dinosaur.
Which means
some dinosaurs
wouldn't exist anymore.
But, I don't want
them to go away.
They wouldn't go away,
it's just our old
ideas about them would.
Think of it more like they're
finding their families,
just like we're
about to do for Toby.
We're almost there.
Where's mama T-Rex?
She's gone.
But that means.
We're Toby's family now.
Mateo, we can't just
become it's family.
Because we're different.
We're from different families
and now we're a family.
Yeah, but not really.
We're step-brothers
not real brothers.
Just like-- Mateo!
Where are you going?
Mateo don't go!
He does this, taking off.
How 'bout you two keep
looking for the mom T-Rex.
I'll go get Mateo.
He didn't wanna be my brother.
But at least I have you.
I'm okay, Toby.
Sometimes I think
being a dinosaur
would be easier
than being a person.
Less feelings.
You know,
when my dad left,
my mom was sad
for a long time.
Me too.
But then, my mom met Saara's
dad and she was happy again,
and I met Saara
and she hated me.
Only in the beginning because
I would take her stuff,
follow her around,
and copied what she liked.
I loved my new big seester.
Why do you
call her seester?
I made it up.
Because I didn't know
what else to call her
other than annoying.
And I didn't wanna
get too used to her
in case they didn't stay.
But, one day I realized
that whatever happens,
nothing is going to
change the fact that Dana
is always going to
be my little seester.
Not even moving.
You decided?
I have another
part of my family
I have to think about and--
I get it.
We should get back to
finding Toby's mom.
Maybe being a dinosaur
would be easier.
Come on, Toby.
It's okay, Toby,
we'll find your mom.
What is it, Toby?
Toby, there's your mom!
She's hurt.
-How bad?
-Pretty bad.
Poor mama T-Rex.
Your mom's gonna be okay, baby.
What are we gonna do?
Whatever it is,
let's make it fast.
What is that?
I thought you said they were
the largest flying
thing of all time?
They are.
What is it doing?
Why is it coming over here?
I think it knows
she's too weak to protect
herself or her baby.
It's not the only one!
A nanotyrannus!
Another tyrannosaur.
Great, so won't it help
the T-Rex tyrannosaur?
Nope, they're different.
And tyrannosaurs are
known to fight each other.
Think, Dana, think.
Think faster!
We have to do something.
Too late.
Toby, watch out!
Mateo, don't look.
What do we do?
Mateo, look.
I thought I
wasn't supposed to.
He's helping mama T-Rex!
This doesn't make any sense.
Why is the Nanotyrannus helping
the mama and baby T-Rex?
They're not from
the same family.
We were too focused on
what made them different
to see what made them the same!
It's dino experiment 9-0-ah!
I got you.
Me too!
Me three and Toby makes four.
Don't let go!
Hold on tight!
Saara, help me!
Follow that--
I gotta go, Toby.
You look after your
mommy until she's better.
I have to help
my new friend.
Come on, Mateo.
There she is.
It's too fast for us.
We need to come up
with another plan.
Where are you taking me?
Where is it taking her?
I don't know but maybe we
should call our parents again.
Yeah, that'll work.
Uh, hey dad, a giant
flying dinosaur took Dana,
can we go look for her?
Uh, sure kids, have fun!
Technically it's a pterosaur.
Not helpful.
How do we get her back?
What would Dana do?
Think, Saara, think.
You could think too.
Oh, well, what do we
know about Quetzalcoatlus?
They're super big.
-And really tall.
Kind of the same thing.
They build their
nests on mountains.
Dana told me that.
Do you think it's
taking her to it's nest?
That's where
mama T-Rex took me.
But there are no
mountains around here.
There's no mountains
but there is a building
that looks like a mountain.
And here she is,
the Quetzalcoatlus,
the largest flying
creature ever discovered.
Yeah, whoa!
Paleontologists think it
plucked dinosaurs right off
the ground, but it would
have had to pluck a lot
of dinosaurs because this
prehistoric winged creature
was as tall as a giraffe.
Why are you
taking me to the museum?
Did you guys know it's wings
were as long as a bus?
How long do you think
it's beak is?
Hello? Anyone!
Help me!
You were right.
-Follow me.
Up there.
And if you thought
the Quetzalcoatlus was big,
wait until you see
our Tyrannosaurus rex.
Let's go!
-Which way?
-This way.
What do you want?
You're not trying to eat me,
so what are you trying to do?
What are you doing?
I'm not for you, am I?
I'm for them!
At least they haven't started...
We have to hurry.
How many more stairs?
A lot!
You don't wanna eat me.
There she is.
We have to get to her.
Come on, Mateo.
I'm not gonna be baby food.
Get off of me!
I think we're almost there.
You're not one of those
parents who cut up
their kids' food are you?
Oh, you are!
Saara you found me!
Dinosaurs aren't the only ones
who look after
their brothers and--
Thanks, seester.
What's the plan?
Leave my friends alone!
Hey you, I wouldn't
do that if I was you!
I know you're just
doing what you need
to do for your family,
But I'm doing what I
need to do for mine.
So, we both have
a choice to make,
we can both lose
something we care about
or we can let each other go.
Mateo, Dana, Saara,
head to the exit.
Come on.
Keep going!
Come on, Jadiel!
I'll follow you.
Ah-ah-ah, not until
they're at the door.
As long as I have this,
I wouldn't step any closer.
Yeah, so, about our deal.
I got you!
Come on, Dana.
Come on, come on, come on!
-Dana, Jadiel, hurry!
-We're coming!
Come on, faster!
Nice try!
Nice job, seester.
Yeah, thanks.
We all make a pretty
good dino team, huh?
And you were right, Saara.
We'll always be seesters.
Even if you move away.
Or I get taken by
a Quetzalcoatlus
to teach her babies
how to feed.
It's Dad.
-Hey, Saara.
Where are you guys?
Still playing dinos?
Yeah, we just
finished playing.
Okay, well, we invited our
new neighbors for dinner.
So, hurry back.
Gonna miss her hanging up on me.
Time to go home.
Let's go, come on.
Check it out.
Three different bird skulls.
So what?
No, they're all from
the same type of bird,
just at different ages.
Baby, kid, grownup.
But they don't
look the same.
The kid and the grownup have
different things on their head.
Yeah, the grownups crest
is totally different.
Maybe we need to stop looking
at what things different
and start looking at
what makes the same.
I agree.
I think we're close to
solving our dino experiment.
Aren't you sad
that some of these dinos
won't be here anymore?
They'll still be here.
Just with different names.
That's one of my favorite
things about science.
You can think you
know something,
then you discover
something new,
and what you thought you
knew has suddenly changed.
Thanks, Dad.
Sounds like you four went
on a pretty big adventure.
It was huge!
Jadiel had to save me,
like, three times.
Three times?
Great job, Jadiel.
He saved me too.
Thanks, little bro.
Oh, and Dana,
shouldn't we get going?
We still have to finish
our dino experiment.
Dino experiment?
We're trying to figure out
where all the kid
dinosaurs went.
Okay, well, don't
get eaten by a T-Rex.
Don't worry,
she thinks I'm her baby.
Saara, are you coming?
Hold on, Dana.
Could I talk to
you for a second?
-It's important.
You're making me nervous.
Now, I know I told you
that I was going to
stay with my mom.
No, do you hear anything?
Not yet.
But, some stuff happened today
that made me realize
how important
it is for brothers and sisters
to look after each other.
I can't hear anything.
Hold on, maybe
if I open the door.
And to keep each other safe.
Wait, are you saying?
I've changed my mind,
I'm staying.
Is that okay?
Of course it's okay.
If it's your decision.
-Then it's great!
I told you dino experiments
can help you figure out stuff.
The Pachycephalosaurus
is with the Stygimoloc
and the Dracorex.
And they're not trying
to kill each other.
So, does that mean--
They're the same dinosaur!
Just different sizes.
The Dracorex is the baby,
the Stygimoloc is the kid,
and the Pachycephalosaurus
is the grownup.
But they look so different.
We look different
and we're from the same family.
Look, they all walk on two
legs, have really short arms,
and have really cool heads.
And they're all herbivores.
Mama T-Rex!
She made it!
And there's
the Nanotyrannus.
Wanna give solving
this one a try, Mateo?
The mama T-Rex is a grownup,
the Nanotyrannus is a kid, and--
Toby! Is the baby.
What are you
smiling about?
Because science
really is magical.
But, so is family.
I wonder how many more
dinosaurs are the same.
There's only one
way to find out.
Dino experiment 9-0-1 continues.
Come on!
Toby, wait up!