Dinosaur from the Deep (1993) Movie Script

He's for you, Kruger.
Don't move or I'll blow your brains out!
No! The reward is bigger with him alive.
Really, this car is becoming
our main office!
It's much more discreet, no bugs,
no camera...
Believe me, Norton, I prefer it
this way for our meetings.
I have good news for you.
The lawyers have suceeded. We'll be able
to execute Calvin.
-You're serious?
-Yes, my dear, they found a loophole.
The death penalty is abolished nowadays
but it used to exist in the past.
-You mean that...
We just need to send Calvin back
in time and execute him legally.
I confess it's a great idea.
Who will be in charge?
Kruger already offered his help.
We need to pay him well of course.
That's the heart of the matter.
We don't have the funds for such a trip.
Come on, Norton! That's why we're
paying our lawyers a fortune.
They discovered a scientific project,
a time travel expedition during the age of the first dinosaurs.
Their funding is insufficient.
We'll just have to contribute our share.
Stop that guy from yelling,
it's really upsetting in the end!
Someday someone will hear their
screams and we'll be in trouble.
We can't have trouble with a Number 0.
He's already dead. I just had him
ressurected for this experiment.
For the dead he has quite a voice!
-And what did you find?
-Fear effects on the pupil.
When the pliers approached the eye, he
saw the picture with a great intensity!
-Alright but what about commercial implications?
-I don't care. It's not important.
That's enough, Hernandez! I've suffered
your fake experiments for ten years!
Profitability! I want profitability!
We're certain that remains of the jurassic
era have survived on our twin planet Terra.
Mainly dinosaurs.
Satellite pictures are clear. Look at this one.
It's a joke! This picture is
part of the Playboy archives!
No, it's a real satellite picture.
Although the she-creature in evidence
strongly intrigued us.
I'm beginning to understand why you need
additional funding to put up this expedition.
Additional funding granted.
In exchange you will have to take
this criminal and his executioner aboard.
He will do his job on Terra
with the method of his choice and he
will come back with your crew.
Calvin will be buried on Terra.
If I'm following you, this criminal
will become a Number 0.
-I'm suggesting an experiment.
-That's enough, Hernandez!
You cried enough to be in charge of this
dinosaur hunting trip! Forget about the rest.
You heard? It's our lucky break!
I'll make arrangments to have you in the crew.
Sixty days!
Sixty days and sixty nights!
What's the idea? Sacking Hernandez from
the project on a whim!
It's me who deposited a patent for
the cardiac reanimator.
Deposited, not invented. It was
Hernandez's invention and each sale
makes you richer day after day.
The patent was deposited in my name.
That's the only thing that matters.
Everyone can do that!
Each man has the right to be
lucky once in his lifetime!
But you're lucky everyday!
You're hinting at Peguy, I presume?
Her fortune helped me to start but
it was a great cost all the same.
It's been 15 years that I supported her.
Yes but you can't leave her
since she has all the shares.
You could be tactful and try and avoid
mentioning her when we're alone.
Sometimes I want to kill her.
In this case I could kill you too because
you would not stay single!
Spencer, what's the situation?
We have not deviated from our course.
In exactly 3 days we'll reach Terra.
Wake up Professor Nolan.
Look at the geniuses!
They want to explore the galaxy
and they can't stand a rocket-ship air-blast!
Where is Nora?
Surprised, my dear husband?
Peggy, not you!
How did you manage to get embedded?
Don't worry!
Your dear Nora is snoring but she will
wake up soon like everyone on earth!
Don't you think I'm a good substitute for her?
And I think that I can do her job as well.
I look forward to be photographed
with these beasts.
It won't be a very pleasant trip,
you know. It's not a picnic.
-You will stay aboard during
the expedition. -Certainly not.
And it should be funny to
see you whack this man!
How will you manage to do it?
A bullet between the eyes.
On the first day I hope.
I'm so excited to see him dying.
There's plenty of time.
If he's still alive tomorrow, I will allow
myself to do the job in your place.
Rest assured. If Kruger don't
I will do it.
Hey, photograph man! Be ready with your
When this scum will whack me
it will be the scoop of your life!
There will be no picture.
Then maybe you will have the
picture of my escaping!
I don't think so.
Look at these vultures! They will
kill themselves to get the reward!
It's now or never for
experiment Number 0!
It's not the time for this. We'll be
busy enough with the dinosaurs.
Take him out of here. This part of the
mission is not to my liking.
Hurry back.
Let's go.
That's it! We're on Terra's orbit.
Breathable atmosphere but oxygen content
slightly lower than that of the earth.
On the other side the probe reveals
a significant amount of pollution.
We knew that.
Previous dictators used Terra as
a garbage planet for earth.
It's full of toxic nuclear wastes.
It must be dangerous.
I told you so. More reason to stay
quietly aboard the ship.
Would I be so safe with all
these young men in here?
-Of course, I'd never cheat!
-I'm trusting you!
Not sure we'll see a dinosaur.
Maybe the pollution killed them all.
What is that?
It's proof that pollution has not
decimated all the human life on this planet.
The growl came from this area. I'm certain
there are dinosaurs in this forest.
Help! Help me! Hurry up!
Help me!
You didn't move, bastard! You would
be happy with me dead, won't you?
Why are you saying that darling?
I was paralysed by fear, that's all.
Shut up!
You dirty bastard, you could help me!
I'm not paid to help you.
It could be a shinbone with the
end chewed-up. Marrow is gone.
-By a dinosaur?
-No doubt about it.
But nothing proves the shinbone
is from an human being.
Given the size of the footprints
this one must be huge.
They're nearby.
How could we approach them
without taking too many risks?
We need something to lure them. A bait.
They're flesh-eating animals.
We should use the murderer to lure them.
If they don't smell blood
they won't come.
We have to hurt him.
You're right.
We have to hurt him enough for him
to bleed out without dying too soon.
A hand is enough.
I agree.
Time's running out. Our
reserves are not inexhaustible.
Kruger, finish your job.
Why now?
You have to do it anyway.
Let's get rid of this chore.
-Before we meet the monsters.
-Oh, yes, right now, right now!
You have no right. You had no right
either bringing me on this planet.
I know my rights.
Your rights? On this deserted planet?
Be reasonable man.
Better to die for the scientific cause
than from a bullet in the head.
Come on, both of you! Seize him!
Keep going! He just fainted!
Drag it several meters to
distribute the blood.
We just have to wait now!
We'll camp here and take turns keeping watch.
I can't sleep!
His whining gets on my nerves!
We could have camped a little farther.
We must be ready if a dinosaur appears.
Only blood can lure them.
But it's really annoying!
He could suffer in silence, this scum!
Take shelter! All of you! Quick!
No, don't shoot!
-At least we could bury the poor Chris.
-I'll keep watch.
But you could go and try to get his camera.
Maybe he took interesting pictures
that we could sell.
We'll see that tomorrow.
It's too late for Chris.
And nobody will steal his
camera tonight anyway.
We must run away! It's too dangerous!
Take cover! There's another one!
You asked for trouble,
you got them for sure!
One makes mistakes in his life.
Kruger waited too long before
killing Calvin.
My mistake was this damn expedition.
And my marriage!
Where is Peggy?
Forget that fool!
We have no way of communicating
with the rocket-ship.
And our compas is broken.
Maybe they're looking for us.
Maybe they're inside a dinosaur's belly!
This expedition is a disaster!
All these years of preparation to
end up sweating our way out of this shithole!
And yet we had anticipated every step.
Except that dinosaurs run faster in reality
than on your damn books engravings.
My make-up case!
Don't move! He didn't see us yet!
I won't abandon my make-up
case to these damn beasts!
I'm going for it.
I'm OK to die but with my
face made up.
No! Get him away! Help me out!
You see! I made him run away!
Let's go. The forest will
make a good shelter.
And now? A camera disappearing and a prisoner escaping.
It can't be a stroke of luck.
I don't understand.
Asshole scientists! Did you ever think
that maybe this planet was inhabited?
It's impossible!
Maybe not.
In the past this planet was
used to store toxic waste.
Maybe one of the crew was
stranded here, I don't know.
They must be very old now!
Where is she coming from, that one?
Who are you?
Where do you come from?
Do you speak english?
My name is Tania.
I live here.
And I saw your rocket-ship landing.
Nobody ever landed here before us.
This planet was only a garbage dump.
Come on, relax.
You're welcome on this planet. I'm
going to perform the greeting dance.
A splendid alien!
Evidently she's not wearing the
most cumbersome costume!
Where do you live? The area is dangerous.
Do you want to join us in our expedition?
Are you crazy?
It's the last thing we need.
This guy is completely nuts!
I need to mate now!
Do you want to come with me?
Wait. Not here. Follow me.
Hello? Hello? Do you copy me
navigation bridge?
It's Nolan here. Do you copy?
Hello? I'm listening.
Hello? Do you copy me
navigation bridge?
There's no answer.
Take his weapon.
Give it.
I'm sorry if I can't shake your hand
but I've become a sort of
a Captain Hook of the Jurassic park!
Me, I'm Red-beard, the most
ugly girl in the area.
But I'm failing in my duties.
We're spoiling your little
pets these days.
Tomorrow we'll take care of the others.
Wait for me!
I'm certain you're glad to see me!
I'm so sure of that
I would stake my hand on it!
Come on, let's go.
I've brought you fresh meat!
Where is Kruger?
What have you done with him?
It's horrible!
You too will satisfy her pets appetite!
You tortured me!
You mutilated me!
It's your turn now!
Don't let this criminal make an
accomplice of you!
Come on, Harry! Do something!
-Do something yourself!
-You're not a man!
And you, Hernandez,
you could try to do something!
My dinosaurs deserve to live like you.
Come on, my darlings, eat up!
Come on, Calvin.
They like to dine quietly.
Nothing! Radio contact is cut off!
We must look for them.
We're going to be eaten by a
monster! What a glorious end!
I told you so.
-I managed to get free! -Hurry up now
and untie us! It's coming back!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
I could get you free but...
I need you to promise
me something Number 0!
Ok. Make it fast.
My make-up case!
Dead! They're all dead!
All of them?
Follow me. We're going to the rocket-ship.
So long dinosaurs, so long savage girl!
This expedition was a complete mess.
All these dead people.
And Calvin was not executed.
We missed a good show!
I'll have to account for all this.
Maybe not. We can still say
that Calvin was executed.
They will never know the truth.
We'll say she did the job.
-I'm satisfied if I get the reward.
-You mean half the reward.
The other half will be the price
of our lies...
and our remorse.
-Harry? -Yes.
I was followed in the corridor
by some sort of monster.
What do you mean?
-It's true. I swear.
A kind of cat-monster. -A cat?
-You've got to do something!
I've seen it. It looked like a big cat!
What's that noise?
It's that big cat like I told you.
It can't be a cat. Or it's
swallowed a jet engine.
I'll have a look.
But it's not possible!
Don't worry! She'll take care of it.
Despite her tough looks she has pets at home.
Keep quiet. I'm going there.
Stop it! Get it outta of me!
Let me go!
Help me!
At last! How did she die?
Her throat was torn.
-She was bitten by a cat-beast.
-It was really a ghastly sight!
What is a cat-beast?
It's another experiment gone wrong
from this damn Hernandez!
I saw him bringing something
suspicious aboard.
Suspicious? What does she mean?
It's true. He was hiding something.
We even lost touch with him at one point.
Why didn't you tell me?
A parcel? What shape?
I didn't get a good look.
It was round or oval.
Oh no!
An egg. He did not bring an egg aboard!
An egg...
A dinosaur's egg.
How could he take the liberty
of bringing samples
without warning the crew?
-Or me! I'm the most concerned here!
-This Hernandez is a madman!
Mad and dangerous.
Captain, we must act now! We must find him
before the beast gets too comfortable!
Where is he? Bring him here immediately!
-We must find him and condemn him!
-He's a madman!
Where is he? Bring him here immediately!
Hernandez, what did you
bring aboard the ship?
I hope it's not a dinosaur's egg?
Answer now!
Someone is dead!
-What is your answer Professor?
-We're going to die now. One after the other.
What is he holding in his hand?
Show it.
It's horrible!
What's happening to your hand?
It's horrible!
-Look at this! He's going to contaminate
all of us! -It stinks!
You know the rule in this instance.
Amputate or burn.
Quick! Make a choice!
Come on, let's burn him!
-Come with us!
-No! No!
Can we get a look?
Come on, let's roast him!
You like that! It smells good!
The other side now!
Count on us, Hernandez,
we have the cure for you!
-No contact at all.
-Try again.
Nothing. Contact is cut off.
It's ghastly!
She can't get the reward anymore.
We'll have to talk about it.
Unit #5 is not answering neither.
Those winos are probably
sleeping it off in a corridor.
I can't reach Unit #5.
Liaison is cut off.
Hello? Unit #5?
They're probably still sleeping!
What is he doing?
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
What's happening now?
It's the fault of that bloody fool of Hernandez.
He brought this beast aboard the ship.
I can't believe it!
I'm afraid!
Harry! It has bitten me!
Stop playing the barefoot Contessa!
Let's get out of here pronto!
You're detestable!
It will restrain the
dinosaur for a while.
Open the door!
Open the door!
I want to get out!
I want to get out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
-Where are the others?
-Dead. All of them.
-Professor Hernandez too?
-Especially Professor Hernandez!
He deserved what he got.
-Other exits are out of reach.
-The beast is gaining ground.
It will have us too.
It's too dumb to die like that!
We must find a way out!
We need to stay together.
It's behind the door.
The door is tight but the beast gets
stronger and it won't hold him very long.
Listen! It's silent now.
It moves around.
Quick! Let's hurry!
Listen! It's silent now.
It moves around.