Dinosaurs (2023) Movie Script

'All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance'
'Thanks to press, media
internet and social media friends'
- Give me two tickets to saidapet,
- Everybody get in, get in.
Stop showing off
Let's play some song!
"In the marriage,"
"Hey, in the College"
"To have a degree in
the marriage invitation"
"We came to college"
"But unable to find any
girl in the college"
"Boys are always
the best of the bests."
Hey you better stop it!
Don't cry kid, will take to mom.
Even the baby got
scared listing to your song!
Hey, it's your turn now.
Boss, let me sing.
This time I will rock it.
OK, sing.
"She has a smudged face,"
"Imagining herself as Jyothika"
"As you wish I will be your superman"
Baby, don't cry,
See brothers are singing..
Look there, we will go out ok?...
Hey, stop it!
Karthi, you sing this time,
Make sure the baby shouldn't cry!
Hey, Hold it. What boss,
Why you are pulling me down?
What's wrong with my song?
If I would have been
in the baby's Place,
I would have sat
silently like a good boy.
It's the baby's Problem,
What can I do about it!
Hey, what nonsense you are
talking, don't you have limits?
What conductor sir, my buddy
said what's in your thoughts uh?
Hey, don't touch me, Move aside!
Even the conductor
is getting annoyed,
But for the aunty is
graciously ignoring us,
"you know, peace is meant for Aunty"
"For that Aunty,
conductor is the Warranty"
Everybody should shut your mic and
Get home safe without
Breaking your woofers!
Hey...Look at this
Indian Grandpa!
Listen Old gen!
Don't mess with
the new generation!
Hey old man!
Stay silent man
I have no idea which
college they belong to!
Why are you
getting into trouble?
First, did you get a ticket?
What's this?
Its prisoner's bus pass
given on their release.
If you show it, no ticket
required to travel within the state.
If people younger than
us does mistakes,
It's our right to question them.
It's not necessary that they should a
known person and a blood relation,
We are born before them right,
That is more enough.
If bold men don't ask questions.
A senior will definitely ask!
We are making only making
fun, what's your problem?
To make fun, Is this bus going
to your Sisters marriage uh?
Its public, public
Old man, you blood is dried out,
You would have did
the same in my age,
Shut up and sit, you may slip
Hey, at the time I walked
on the road like a tiger,
You would have been inside
on your mother's belly
You telling me that
my blood is drying out,
Listen breed boys,
I am an organic body.
Let's go single!
Hey take the weapon!
Oh my god, my
fingers are Trapped.
Come on guys help me out!
Hey, the nation is in
the youngster's hand.
Is what people said in the
past and people saying now,
What is this?
India map uh?
Park the bus on the side!
We will give you rest today...
Hey Old Man,
Ask me a Single
Tea, I will buy you.
Don't ask me to Singles
and get beaten up.
Let me finish him uh?
Don't talk, beat him up!
Knock him out in one punch!
Conductor, call the Police.
They are beating up the Old Man!
Give him one more punch,
He will be knocked out!
Knock him out
Why you guys messed with him?
Just one Punch,
Oil started to Leak.
Still his cartilage yet broke.
See the way they talk!
Brother, old man.
Ask your home to do a
ritual to take the evil eye.
Even in this age you
are like awesome.
How you would have
been when you were young?
Why you need my flashback?
Am I the Hero or what?
The next stop is Kaka
Nagar, my birth place.
Go a see a young blood there.
They will show how I was in my youth!
What Salayar, you solved a
two decade problem in just a day?!
Seems these guys have
become more devotional!
Despite the party and politics in
my hand, nobody can beat your rule!
Even God had come to you.
Thank you all
Priest what happen?
The New Boss has come here,
But you look like
a melted ice cream.
What sir?
In a hurry you
brought the statue here!
If it's human we can
have him at home.
This is god, to build a
temple its goanna take time.
You please give a better
solution for this problem.
Our god came here a
big a conflict of two areas,
There is a solution priest, Listen.
Last year we gave the sculpture
to make our leaders statue.
Sculpture disfigured the
leader's face and eloped.
When I asked him be eloped.
Our boys disfigured his
face and now he is GH.
When is he gonna get ready and
when our leader gonna get ready.
He believed there is no
god, until he comes back.
Let the god be in his place!
Until our leader comes,
the pedestal is vacant right!
Place the God there!
New Assistant Commissioner
is coming to see us.
Brother, you are lighting
the cigarette wrong.
Beat him up!
What, he is lighting
the cigarette wrong uh?
That is his style!
Saravana, distribute the Sweets.
Sir! Please have.
What Salayar?
I thought in your slum you
will greet us congee or porridge.
But Pizza getting delivered.
Sir, we are the only
people who eats pizza here!
Yeah, you are the only
guy who eats pizza here.
And the only lefty who eats pizza.
Yes Sir!
Ennore Manohar vital Politician.
Murder case, no eye witness.
But everybody knows
who did this murder.
Who did that sir?
I didn't come here for enquiry.
I came here to warn.
The victim is key politician,
Anytime the special Officer
will take over the case.
If this file reaches the special officer.
They will screw you for sure!
Right in front of the crime scene,
eight guys were drinking drum Tea.
I have strong evidence.
Even if I miss 1 among the 8.
I may take you into custody!
Sir, my words are
mantra to my boys.
If it's my boys, I will handle it.
I predicted that you will listen to me.
That's why I came!
Who is this Doctor?
It's my son sir, studying in Bangalore!
That's nice, after
beating the shit of people.
To avoid Police and hospitals.
You are brining a doctor from home.
People said you are a family
man, But you don't look like that!
Family is staying Anna Nagar.
For me silence is allergy
For them, sound allergy.
Carrier food only sir!
Coming Friday we need to surrender.
I will bail you guys one by one.
What? It's ok right!
What Boss?
Do you have to remind
This to us or what?
Coming Friday we need
to surrender, that's it right?
Hey, let's go!
Tulukanam Brother, will leave!
Come dude!
Boss, will leave!
Let's go to shop.
What Durai, you didn't leave?
You know it better,
That am married just nine days ago.
That's why,
Don't know what to do!
What Durai?
You believe in our Boss right?
You left me before 6 months,
Did I ask you something?
This is an old matter,
At that time you were with me,
And not you aren't.
I know this.
But that AC, is subjecting
your name in the top!
I will bail you out first,
You are my first priority
Is that ok dear?
Durai! What happened to you?
Are you trying to humiliate us?
- Our Boss knows the situation better
- Brother!
Or Am I gonna give up on this...
Come, come with me!
Whether it's right or wrong,
I should have minded my business!
In this situation you
made me get married
I would been like before,
It's just nine days since I married,
Am facing 999 Problems
If she knows about this,
That's it.
Oh, Along with the
Jail its sums thousand uh?
Hey look at this,
rowdy is crying!
This is scissor,
If I split the scissor
and smarty cut things,
Will get less money only
Somehow am managing the life
Without a thought if I hold it firm,
It's a knife, and I cut things random,
I May get lot of money!
But I may not have peace!
That's why I was bothered much!
Can we spot the next
set of boys in our area?
Brother, our Boys?
Scared a hold a weapon, so
gets stoned and just showing off.
Is what am asking to spot?
Are we hiring for a
rangoli competition?
What supervisor?
Sathish, Paneer, Amoeba,
Stop stop.
Are we gathering all of them
to conduct a prayer or what?
If we pull down one guy,
The rest should
attract to us like a fly.
Tell me one name that matches.
Brother, then Mannu
is the right person.
Who is that?
Brought up by his mother.
His brother Dhana
runs a tailor shop!
Some years back,
To find out who killed her husband
She made all the men in the
area to step over her kid and swear.
We stepped over a
kid right, He is the one.
Hope you got it, brother.
Oh! that deep rooted blood uh,
I know them for a very long time.
Yeah, what is the boy doing now?
Studying College
He is Mechanic right?
No, he is in Real Estate.
No, he belongs to Corporation.
Mannu, come one.
No, He works in a theatre.
Hey stop it, guys.
The way you guys
are describing looks like
he should be time travelling...
This kind a guys will
be definitely jobless,
How is his character?
Hmm, usually police
will enquire the boys.
But he will enquire
the police itself, Boss.
Look at these jobless guys.
Can't you guys
play at the roadside!
If we stand at the middle,
then only it's our area!
Hey cops are coming, move.
It's better, shift the spot.
Hey, just now you
guys said it's your Road!
Stop the car.
Go reverse
Hey come here!
Tell me, sir!
Actually am coming towards you,
But you are not even moving an inch!
Sir, I know you.
You stay in bell nagar right?
I will ask you something,
Please don't mind!
Do you have a Bed
Room in your house?
Please sir!
I told you right,
Please don't mind!
You have a bedroom?
What wrong with
him, yeah, it's there!
Living Room?
It's there!
Yeah, it's there!
It's there!
What the hell?
Hey, I came to enquire you,
Damn, you started to
enquire me, Get in the Jeep.
Where is your house?
Where do you work?
Get in the Jeep.
Sir, what happened?
Leave him, sir.
Hey, he is questioning me!
Sir, He is associated with our Boss!
So what?
Please leave him sir!
Is with no one, please
take your hand off me!
This Bedroom, Balcony, Hall,
Kitchen, Terrace, and romance,
For us everything is
in-between four walls,
Even if we need some air,
we need to come to the streets.
Only if someone dies,
they get 6 feet land.
But we live in a 6 Feet land.
If I sell drugs, you can file a case.
I came for some air, is
there a case for that too?
Tell me what section?
I myself will get in to the Jeep!
We don't have wealth.
At least let us be in ventilation!
Am with your Boss uh?
"He doesn't care for none"
Please ignore sir.
You don't know,
Last week, for a birthday celebration,
They have stuck a poster in
the wall of the police station
Their caption says
"Candy has a Flavor"
"If Dinosaur comes,
you better be a Runner".
If I make you run, do you
know how far you will run.
Sir, first you run if we dial 100.
He is Dinosaur right! Then
he will definitely make sound!
You mother started the auction.
- Your only job is this
- Take care
Am getting so
annoyed on both of you!
Hey Dhana, am talking to you only!
If I see you around my house,
I will break you into pieces,
My Mother,
Your father has named
you right "Little Baby".
That's why you are playing with
the utensils uh? Come inside first.
Rowdy's son is a martyr.
Seems like Durai got a family,
Instead of him, Dhana
wants to go to jail.
As of he has lived his
life to the fullest.
Mom, come inside.
He is swallowing an innocent man's life!
Brother take her in.
It's ok, come inside.
Hey, people came to marry me with
ten pounds, twenty pounds of gold chain.
But I married your father,
only with his cycle chain.
Yeah we know.
Just leave it.
I didn't sacrifice even for my parents,
Mom come in, we know
the sacrifice you did for us!
Mannu, open the door!
Hey, is a free news feed
going on here or what?
Leave, leave!
Hey, if I see you around, that's it.
Look at the sacrificing face!
Mom, What its Mummy returns uh?
Either you close the window
or close your mouth.
Hold your chit money,
Just feeling for nothing!
Open the window.
Are you the only one who
is feeling bad for his decision?
All the women who gave their
Blouse to stitch are too feeling.
Please don't mistake me.
I told him million times,
You know him better right!
He is saying you got
married and got settled.
I will take care of it,
asking to me leave it.
These understanding are your friendship,
Don't bring me in that.
Just relax.
While playing you feel good right.
Can't you bare a little pain?
Just a little more.
It's over, you will be alright.
will get cured ,he slipped while playing.
Come let's go
Where are you going?
Got caught, Bike's boyfriend.
You are going inside the prison right,
The bike will be here right!
Going to rip for sure.
Hope I need to take
care your twist too?
You are taking care who
get twisted around here.
Inside the prison, they
will take care! Your twist!
Wait, one day my turn will come!
Bro, Please stop
Drop me near the shed!
Brother, nobody in the area
likes Dhana's brother decision.
By the way, why
are you ignoring this?
because you want
this bike right?
Hey Kid,
I will tell you a megabyte Matter.
Let's see your Kilobyte
head can take it.
Tell me.
My brother was supposed
to be engaged to that girl.
If you spit a word,
I will squash you.
You get it?
Shut up and listen.
Else will leave just like that.
Atleast for my reputation
I may get a bride
Am a Tailor! Who are you, dude?
For Dhana, Durai was
following up the broker.
One family got confused and
they started following Durai.
True caller faked the contact.
Even Dhuruyodhana asked karnan,
whether to give-up or
take a shot but our man.
But my brother Dhana,
How long they will
stand, Take the Cup
Super Dude.
Bro, Please stop the bike!
Bro, Please stop bro...
What happened?
Bro, Am seeing a kite line
broken and coming towards me.
I will listen to your
story tomorrow, you leave bro.
Consider him as a person,
thought of sharing a important matter,
Look at him,
going behind a kite!
Hey Guys!
Came uh?
Came bro.
Just now I pooped.
He is asking about his girl friend dude!
Damn you guys, jealous factories.
Hey, the circus has started!
This guy has started.
Just hold on to yourself.
Dude, why he is tapping
his girl friend again and again.
If Dhana brother see this, that's it.
What are you saying?
He is mad of bikes,
To avoid the scratches on the tank,
He will never take a kid for a ride.
Hey Leave that.
He came to know I was behind a girl
I bought her four biscuits and made me
Walk for four kms and Counseled for four hrs.
Here are two shows
running in a single screen.
If Dhana brother Look at this.
He will rip the screen.
Hey, look there!
His brother.
Mannu got caught royally!
Don't get angry.
You already have a case on you!
Now he will run for sure!
Let's move.
Hey Dhana!
Hey girl is smiling,
Bike is Crying.
What's happening here?
Take your hands of me.
My heredity has
never betrayed friends!
Hey, look at this, very nice!
It's ok!
Before I leave, am
jamming for a drink with Durai
Anybody interested?
Dhana Brother, you are awesome!
Hey stop, tell me what's
happened and then have the drink.
Hey what's this? Brought
us here and turning us off.
Its ok,
We can't say everything at once.
We will split and share bit by bit,
You better catch it altogether.
What guys?
Super, super, we are ok by it.
Amoeba, please start!
We have heard "a fruit fallen because
a crow alights on the tree"
But on that day.
The whole tree uprooted!
Hey, will she come today?
Yes, she will come, come,
Come, come, come.
Why this guy is coming here?
You go, I will be back.
Here we have, the Valluvar of our area.
What kids?
Didn't go to school?
What guys?
Gonna cause a crime uh?
Will we come only
to cause a crime?
Dhoti is best.
We can run freely.
This is a about a chick, dude.
Wow! Super, who's girl?
We will decide it ourselves,
You better leave from here.
Are you scared?
Who is sacred?
You don't know.
She is the best compared to
any of the girls in our area.
If we try patiently for at least 6 months.
She can be tapped.
Listeu you living organism.
If you like a girl you better
propose here right there.
If you guys keeping staring
at the balloon, like the kids.
The balloon.
Will break any moment!
God, enough of your
today's information,
Can you leave?
Hey guys!
By not knowing the worth of Men.
Pointlessly, don't raise
the level of women.
Take the animal Lion.
Male Lion is handsome.
Take the Peacock,
Male Peacock is handsome.
Even in Elephants.
Male has the Tusk,
And only it has value.
If you take all the
species in the world.
Male is the most handsome.
It's science bro.
What are you saying, is that true?
From Kannadasan to Karki,
They took money
and wrote poetries.
The beauty of poetry
is actually to lie.
Hey she is coming!
Rose, Jasmine, Flowers for sale.
Who dude, that granny uh?
Granny uh?
The stunning angel right behind.
Somebody said, male is
handsome, Most handsome.
Got show her.
Your male beauty.
Hey you were thinking
I was waiting for this!
Get lost men.
Leave dude, watch some TV
serials along with your mom.
He is all talk bro!
Go fetch water for the Old
women and serve like MGR.
Oh our mechanic's shirt is dirty
right, that's why he is thinking.
I will give my shirt,
Will that work?
Don't look back,
Run from here.
Hey, sir is getting angry.
Be quiet, be quiet.
Come on my boy,
If I tap her? What say?
It's almost half a day
since I got my salary.
Am in a dilemma to
whether to give it home or not.
But will give it you
without a thought.
If you really tap that
girl, you can own my Lion.
Your Miss Area.
- What's her Name?
- Deepa.
Idiot, who is this guy?
Look at the way how is he riding!
You are rocking bro, Awesome.
Come off bro, It's the time
up? Park the bike aside.
What dude, again
you making a U turn?
- Dude, you are a real showoff,
- Mr. Philosophy,
Look at that comedy dude.
Give me the Phone.
Can you hear me dad?
I will call you back,
Please hang-up.
Not enough, not enough!
Hello, what are you
cooking up a scene uh?
Yeah, am making a scene.
But, not for you.
Hey, he signed her autograph.
We shouldn't have said her name.
Hey, she will not fall him and all.
Mam, leave it.
Let's go.
You can't even write my
name properly using a pen, so.
Hello, are in love with Deepa?
Yeah, I can love deeply.
I need to talk to you,
Can we go out?
Is this bike yours?
If you say Ok.
Bike is ours!
Poor girl!
She fell off so easily!
Look after the Parlour!
A big confidential matter,
Can you please close your ears?
Bike, Money and Girls.
If you get in to the
game, it's just 3 minutes.
If you keep dreaming,
life will not be enough.
If we gonna live for thousand
years, everybody can win.
But we have just,
twenty five years of youth
and thirty five years of aging.
Within that we should
prove something.
Only a crying baby will drink milk.
Leave, go and have tea.
Come here.
Tell me.
You get confidence.
Not on the shirt that you wear.
It's inside that.
Awesome, that's how Dhana's
brother shut you guys out.
We asked him for a treat.
But your brother,
only gave reasons.
You know, we take the
crying kids for a ride right?
Like that, I took her
for a ride on that day.
Just to build your self-confidence guys.
Listen to him guys.
Wow, the kid is riding
the bike towards us.
What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you!
I told you on that day
right?, I did it for the boys.
One coffee?
Oh, that's it?
Don't think in that range!
Stop here.
Son, get me one coffee.
Brother, make it two.
Please hold.
He is not showing any
difference to a girl and granny.
Girls fall for him.
This is Badma.
This is Grandma.
I need to talk to you
You asked for a
coffee, I bought you!
If you want to talk again?
have some bhajji or
Something, It's actually hot.
Nothing, on my
way to the Parlour.
Almost ten to fifteen
boys are behind me.
Recently, am unable
to focus on my job.
I belong to Coimbatore right.
I don't know anybody here.
Just ten days
If you come along with me.
They will think that am committed.
And they will ignore me.
Moreover, you
belong to this area.
Just nod your head.
Within a ten feet radar,
I will secure her.
Mannu, you just say,
like a school trip.
I will pick and drop
her safe like a kid.
Dude, ignore these guys
Will take her like an export quality.
That what you guys say.
He was talking like a
responsible guy, but at last.
He went to eat the Adam's apple.
Do you like to wear a shirt or a T-shirt?
I like wearing a shirt over a T-shirt.
He got from Korean phone
to mosquito bat form her.
Please check your house
Hope you would have
cot, wardrobes delivered.
Not only that! every
day after dropping her,
She will ask him to tell a poet.
Oh, is he poetic?
Yeah he is poetic,
Our Vaira Mannu
You are a stunning figure,
My lifeline sugar,
My mother-in-law is your Mother.
What dude,
Dhana Brother is not
getting angry dude!
Seems he is going to give
a U certificate for this story
Wait dude,
We will get A now.
Let's see now.
Brother, Keep your heart strong.
You know that Nepali Girl.
Mam, what's happening here?
Can't you see?
Mam, you are a girl!
The tattoo says Man.
Crazy, didn't complete
the tattoo yet.
This is my boy friend's name Mannu.
Mam, are you crazy?
Have you decided?
Did he make a decision?
If he leaves you?
How can you trust him?
First, go and confirm your love.
And then go-ahead
and fill the balance.
Hope you got it.
Ok, how to confirm Love?
In your place, no way.
But in my place,
Like Astrology, we have Kisstrology.
Kisstrology uh?
Yes, when a boy kisses
the girl the very first time.
We should notice, where
the boy's hand is.
He will be easily caught.
His Love is what percentage?
Is it Positive? Negative?
Everything we will know.
First, you kiss him.
That's your first Job, Ok?
Mam, did he kiss you?
What, he is kissing nonstop.
Please have the chicken nicely!
Listen, you just
go bring me water.
Though you became owner,
You still buttering me for tips
By getting tips only I
become owner brother!
All this Kisstrology is true uh?
Find it out in google!
I believe you!
Oh god!
You got hiccups?
So pity!
Is her lip a water bottle nip?
You didn't stop the sip!
My brother is living so happy!
What Brother, you have
changed so much.
If we do something, you
will pull us like anything.
If your brother does
something, You say it's right.
Oh, family Politics uh?
Hey ulcer case, won't you
keep your mouth shut?
Hey, Idiots.
What do you know about him?
Not Like you guys,
taking a loan bike.
Making sure you have little food,
And nicely getting dressed up.
Going behind for girls who are
working in factory and independant in life,
Begging them to accept,
Ending up cutting hands
and attempting suicide.
Hey, you started to talk?
The way you guys see,
You don't Know
whether its love or lust.
If you guys still
persist that how we see.
God blessed eyes too
will be genitals for you guys.
Mannu is not like you guys!
Even though he has money.
He will buy a bike or
good clothes for himself.
Hey, come to home and see.
Ac, Fridge, Washing
Machine, Microwave, & etc,
Like what do rich people have?
He has bought for his mom.
A person who can do
so much for his mom.
He will take care of
his girl really better.
He has that ability.
Better shut up all of you!
Yeah, all the appliances
are second hand right?
He is the second son of the
family, that's why its second hand,
Why are you guys jealous uh?
What Dhana?
Am I right!
Its so hot outside, Its better to
become a watchman in an ATM.
[Today Polio vaccination
camp will be put up]
Brother, Listen Polio drops.
Hey am calling you
only, Polio Drops.
What are you doing
inside a ladies parlour?
Hey, I came to give Polio drops only.
Polio Drops uh?
In our Ka Ka Nagar High School,
Coming Sunday before 5 pm.
Children Less than the age of 5
Shouldn't miss the
Polio Immunization Drive.
Motherhood please don't
miss it, please don't miss it.
Wait, I will be back.
What happened?
Where are you up to?
Hey, can't you answer the calls?
Friday, will come once is a year or what?
Today supposed to surrender.
Mom is shouting
at home, go soon.
That's ok.
Both of you like a couple?
Who is Groom? and
who is the best man?
Am the one surrendering.
Durai is just coming
along till the court.
What Durai Brother, Send off uh?
You decided to
cut the group right?
Cut it once in for all
and just leave man
It's getting late Tulukanam.
Oh, this boss will
listen only this boss uh?
What is wrong with him?
Hey ignore.
Just take care bro.
Yeah, will take care, take care.
Hey, don't do circus with
my bike, am warning you.
Hey, stop for a second.
Please go to a Saloon,
Don't go to the ladies parlour.
Don't get your face waxed!
Idiots, blabbered.
What Durai Brother, what's next?
Any idea to do better
in life, or going to be like...
What Mannu, you are saying like this?!
I am going to start a cracker
shop for the coming diwali.
Dhana gave me a life.
Will not just let it go.
Before Dhana comes back,
need to prove something on my own.
For sure, I will Prove and Show him.
You too will watch
Super super, if you prove
something. That's more than enough.
M5 Police Station.
Surrender Accused, Anu & 'Few days later'
Killiappan speaking,
hope you doing well!
You triggered the Assistant Commissioner
and you imprisoned eight of my boys.
You will be fine only.
You and I are still alive.
But my Brother-in-law Manohar?
Despite of someone begging
for life, mercilessly I will kill him.
Your Brother in law, Manoharan.
kept taunting, can you kill me?
How will I leave him!
The time you killed Manohar.
He was my enemy too.
The women who lost her life,
Is my sister.
You should have
double-checked with me!
Come to the matter.
I got a Job to be done.
Only if work together, we can accomplish.
The order is mine,
the border is yours.
Linked by a political broker.
If we are not taking the deal,
somebody will relish for sure.
How long will I?
Look at my sister's face.
Even Now.
Since you surrendered those eight guys
in manohar's case is the only reason.
Am coming down to you.
My sister is not interested in this.
Regards joining hands in,
business can be dealt later.
Hope you remember the old due?
Send your people.
Will send an advance
along with the due.
Let's do it tomorrow.
Go and meet Ennore Killiappan.
Ok Boss.
Take Durai along, I will
inform him over the phone.
Ok Boss!
Take along the construction supervisor
recommended Mannu and his boys.
Show them some money,
Don't be a miser, else
nobody will be there.
Call from your number.
If I call from my number,
you will not pickup right?
How many things
I have bought you?
You don't have goodness in you right?
Are you pinpointing?
Yeah, I am Pinpointing!
Then return it, return everything
without missing anything.
Hey, come on, our bond is very different.
Will come and meet you in person.
What bro, telecaller uh?
Yeah your granny.
Ever time, you guys smoke.
Oh my god
It costs half a Kg of rice bro.
You threw just like that...
Are you such a good person uh?
What dude, your
granny is calling uh?
Hey, come on...get in the car.
- Where brother?
- Any important matter uh?
I informed you last night right?
Temple collection, regards
donation we are going to Ennore.
What were you guys drunk last night?
You kissed me and all and
Now you are asking
to return everything.
Oh, you are trying in that angle uh?
That was test to you, you idiot.
Did he kiss you keeping
his hands on the Wall?
I promise on your lips,
He didn't love you at all!
You sinners.
"Nepal Kisstrology"
With that single kiss.
We pulled your whole
history, damn you.
Who is this, idiot?
Should grab her phone
and leave her!
Do you know how
difficult to buy a peg?
I warned you earlier,
Look at this now, he made
you too stand in a wine shop.
- Brother I will sit in the front.
- Wine shop?
He isn't coming?
Brother, He isn't coming
brother, very busy!
Hey, tell him, I called him!
Just leave me.
Hey they are calling for temple
donation. Come let's go and come.
Leave me dude!
Hey, you should come it seems.
Hey Bond slave,
Is he a person?
Just for the look
he is in white and white?
He is one damn miser.
If he calls, you will call me uh?
Tulukanam, telegram, just get out!
Brother, you know what did say?
You first get in the car!
Where are you?
Am outside now.
Am not in the area.
Will call you back, please hang-up!
Oh, like that...
Hands up!
Who is it outside?
You better stop.
Hey, what's wrong with Durai?
Dear, There are honking
for a long time,
Can't you hear them?
Can you just go inside?
Just take care of your work, please go.
Such a big man.
Calling from morning!
Just go and ask them what they
want? How long can I manage?
If Dhana comes to know that's it!
They are calling you regarding
temple's work right, Consider it.
He never listened to me.
Wear this shirt!
No dear, If Dhana comes
to know that went with them,
He will kill me.
Please understand.
I will manage Dhana,
Wear this.
Hey, go and check.
Just tell him it's a fight,
He will run without his shirt.
Hey, how many I have
told you to play in tennis ball.
Run away from here!
Why you need me for a temple
collection? You please go on your own !
You have the boys with you right?
You are a well known to all.
Come man.
Just to accompany.
What brother?
I have work brother.
You please go and come.
This will not be right!
For now this miser's
car is the only way!
No other choice.
Yeah, your best friend Dhana's
brother himself has joined.
What's your problem?
Get in, will be back soon.
Please ask the boys to deliver
these goods in the store ok?
Wow, beauty parlour!
She is annoying.
Dude, you will never come up!
For sure, you will never come up in
Life, you will end up in Land(Mannu).
Hey, am already Mannu.
Love is like a grain
in the pressure cooker.
Just trust and leave it,
The whistle will rock you.
By not trusting, if you
keep checking the cooker.
The grain will never get cooked.
Just hang-up!
What Mannu, parlour girl uh?
Brother, what are you doing
here? Leaving the shop?
Please stop the car!
Please come dude, Durai is
coming only because of you here!
(Call for Islamic Prayer)
To whose place we have come?
You saw Manohar's Poster uh?
It's not his house
His brother-in-law Killiappan's House
- Come Dude
- I will be in the car, you go.
If we reach our area, wake me up!
Leave the keys in the car
What dear?
It will take time for me,
pickup the kids from school
(Devotional chants)
Yeah, I got it.
Will call back bye
Sit down
Welcome Tulukanam!
Greetings Boss
You lost weight uh?
Sit down!
Uncle, see this
Good, go to your mom!
- What's all these?
- What boss?
Will take it as it is Boss
- Hey what dude
Are they going to open a branch
for Tirupathi in our area or what?
Better count it here
And put it in on the
paper and then leave
You know about me right?
Every word I spill is my breath!
- Shouldn't miss a inch.
- As you say Boss.
Hey, count man
You said some Temple
donation? Doesn't look like it
Ignore, dude
- Tulukanam
- Boss
Do you know who this is?
Manoharan's Wife
My younger Sister
Please take
It's ok!
Focus on what we have come for
Don't think of anything!
I was also in Vengeance
For a long time.
But nobody came in my sight
All the eight of them
Were kept like some teen age girls
For almost like a year, nesting
them inside your area? Uh?
Even now, the only I came down is
because he surrendered all of them
Let them come out, am
not gonna leave them
Salayar blabbered
when he was drunk uh?
So these eight guys
killed Manohar uh!
Damn, mocking a story to me.
- Hello
- Hey
When are you coming?
Am busy, will callback.
Boss, will have my lunch and come.
- Boss
- What?
Hey Mental!
Don't come close to
me with your bad breath.
I need to talk to you
about something
What is that something
so important now?
Tell me!
Tell me!
Please forgive me boss
Damn, leave me
What's your problem?
Tell me and then cry
Tell and then cry,
Just tell and then cry
Am a Sinner Boss.
Will tell you Boss.
The guy who killed our brother,
Is sitting in the middle of our house
And drinking coffee
offered by our sister
Who is that?
The guy wearing the yellow shirt
He is one among those eight
guys who killed our brother
So Mano didn't go alone
on that day and got caught?
So you guys were hiding
the watching the fun uh?
Tell me!
Tell me, Tell me,
Tell me, Tell me
Tell me!
On that day, Mano brother was
in a party meeting until midnight.
Let do it as the headquarters planned
Brother, nothing to bother
Sir, you please leave
Will call you back, Please hang-up
Why the car is stinking?
Whatever it is, Let's go home and
talk. Am little depressed, that's why
What the hell you did in your life,
made you get depressed, Stop the Car!
- Get down
- Brother Just forgive me once.
Am damn running campaign
for prohibiting alcohol and shit
You got drunk and driving my car
Brother, am sorry, I beg
you, please forgive me
Don't ever come around my house!
Brother please don't leave me and go
How dare you with my boss?
You can even kill me.
But don't leave him alive
If I think about Mano brother,
Am unable to control my emotions
That's why I confessed Boss
Don't leave him Boss, Please don't
him Boss. Kill him Boss, Kill him
How much did you drink that day?
I drank half a bottle.
How much in your routine?
Quarter is my capacity Boss
Am sure you were drunk
too much on that day
You saw them when you were
high, make sure you aren't blabbering.
If I misjudge and kill him now,
the whole job will get ruined.
Along with that
Like old times
Between me and Salaiyar,
Gang war may start
Am telling from my heart Boss,
Still you don't believe me
I swear on me.
It's him
Please believe me Boss
Go down and bring
four of our guys
Ok Boss
Hey, give them a hint
and bring them here.
And wipe your eyes and go.
This Dog.
Is narrating a story
Am thinking whether
to believe it or not
It this story is true
To make my sister happy
I may not get a better
opportunity than this
So, I consider this is
my good time.
Incase, if it's untrue
In a flaw we will slaughter a man
We will lose money
and will earn an archrival
Then, I consider
that as my bad time.
Tell me Prabu
Just a Sec, Boss wants to talk
What Deva? Hope you doing well
Yeah Boss, Am good, Please tell me
In Mano's Case,
Do you have any idea? Who did
and how many them are involved
Did they perfectly surrender?
In my knowledge
nothing went wrong
Those who executed
are usual guys only
But for sure it's eight of them
What Boss?
You know him better
His favorite number is eight...
Born on 8th, his car number is 8
Will always send 8
people for any work.
He spoke to corporation and insisted
His door number 8, can you believe it?
Ok, can you Share me the name
and details of the people involved
Yeah, Durai, Guna, Moorthy...
Hold on; hold on give me a sec
Yeah, tell me now
Yeah Boss, they are Anu
- Moorthy
Kutta Govind
Vala Thoppu Sathish,
Munish, Guna
These are the eight guys, boss
Ok, I will call you in a while
Call beer...
Sir wishes. Please tell me
I need a help
From Mano's Case file, can you
whatsapp me the photos and details
Sir, name will be listed
But the FIR may not have photos
What brother? To buy even a
SIM card people ask photos.
FIR doesn't have photos?
Ok, tell me what's the matter?
I suspect personating
Personating uh? The
possibilities are very meager
Among the guys imprisoned
four to five are well know to me
In different stations and different
cases, I myself have witnessed them
The rest of the three
Are new to me and
new to the station too
Give me 30 minutes, I will reach and
Stations and get the complete details
No, No I don't have
that much time
Just tell me what all the names you know
I will take care of the rest
- Anu
- Munishwaran
- Muneesuu
Vala thoppu Sathish
Govinda raju
Sathish, Govindu
Ok, hang-up.
Durai, Moorthy & Guna
Hey, just listen to me very carefully
The yellow shirt in the downstairs
Is counting the money
Every time a person
who counts money will
Always focus on their count
In those Moments
They get distracted
only if you call their name
Else they will never lose focus
I will look at him and
call these three names
If he is one of
these three names
He will look at me!
If he looks at me
I want his head to be
severed that moment!
Go down and convey
this message to Durga
Just check have they
completed the Counting?
Just leave it to me
Boss, Just one shot
I will splash his head
I will pierce all the
six bullets in his head
Hey Mental
Don't dare to use a gun
And make him headlines tomorrow
Use a rusted machete and
Kill him in the middle of the road
Only then it will be bit news.
(phone rings)
Philosophy Mannu, our
hero's movie has released
How many tickets you
Want, tell me right away
Like last time if you step in
during the show and annoy us
- I will definitely lose my temper
- I don't want ticket and all
Durai brother has a started
the cracker shop right
I will have work, Hang-up
I want four of us in the veranda
three of them in the stairs
eight of them on the street
And I want five of them at the gate
I will call those three
names one by one
If doesn't respond
We need to manage
If he not responding
for all the three names,
We will let him go
At least we would get
some righteousness
But our dog?
For sure he is dead!
Ask Naranyan to come to
godown, tell him I insisted
Ok Boss,
You go to the Factory
And let me know the
load has arrived or not?
Leave now
Boss, party on the call
Tell me!
I think I got caught
Why you saying that?
They are calling names
and playing games
No way, cannot be
Don't be scared!
First they called Moorthy,
A Muslim guy came
It will take time for me,
pickup the kids from school
Next, was Guna
Those two names, were the
names of our guys imprisoned
I guess my name
will be next in the list.
Just ignore everybody
You just count the money
Rest I will take care!
Am telling you right,
am busy. Hang-up now
If you cut the call, then today
everything will be cut for you
Am done with the cooking, am
wearing your favorite red color saree
After work you should
come straight home
Hey, please hang-up now
Tell me I Love
you, I will leave you
Tell me honey!
Ok, Am gonna tell now, once
you back home, you tell me ok?
Love you
Hey, Keep the phone
aside and focus on work
Will finish my work and call you
Killi Boss
Hey, come here boys!
I didn't introduce
the new boys to you
All are our juniors
- This is Rajesh
- Greets Boss
- He is Paneer
- He is nagaraj
- Amoeba
- Greets Boss
This is our Palani! Boss
Very good boys boss
They just joined like a month ago
Very faithful guys,
If you want any job to be
done boss, Let us know
Just keep it in your mind
Even salayar boss is not
Giving much work these days.
Bloody you would have
ruined the whole work, fool
Blow, blow now
You have drunk today too
and blabbered the whole shit
Am not gonna leaving you
alive for sure you damn drunkard,
Let them leave
Good night
Its not Good night, Its tortoise!
It's perfect Boss
Durai brother!
You are here uh? tomorrow our
superstar's movie is getting released
Can I confirm the ticket?
Am asking you only Durai
brother, he is annoying me
Can we confirm ticket or not?
Tell me Durai brother?
Durai's ticket is confirmed!
Hey catch him,
don't leave him
Hey catch him!
Hey run run...
Mani take the weapons!
Hey, you showed
your true color right?
Since you surrendered all
the eight of them is the only reason
I came down and tried
a business with you
But among them you
didn't imprison one of them
And you sent that
one to my house
And made my sister
offer a coffee to him?
My guys are hunting your Durai
Hey Hey No Killi
Just leave him
Someone has sacrificed
his life and went to prison.
He started a family, he is not
like before. He is a changed man.
If he has changed? You
want me to spare his life?
Ok then I will kill your Durai
and then I will be a changed man
Then you spare me!
First you follow your principles man!
Murder Confirmed!
Get ready for the rituals!
Who is this guy?
New face?
Hey! Leave me.
Police around, hide the weapons
Run, run...
He is running there, catch him...
Hey, kill him right here
Don't miss him...
Round up him.
He's caught.
Round up him.
Catch his leg...
Hey, give the weapon
We missed the weapons
when the cops came,
Get something alternate
Did we come to murder
or to do massage?
Hey, shut your mouth just
five minutes, will end your journey
Hey, why are you guys trembling?
I know today my
death is declared
It's confirm
Am the one who gonna
die. I myself didn't tremble
Why you guys are trembling?
A perfect Assassin
In a job, you shouldn't tremble
The job should be like his first
night, Should be in great mood
Even in this position, you talk a lot
Hey am Durai dude,
Death is common for all
But, my death shouldn't be insipid
Even if I die, I will die in the
hands of a perfect executioner
For this kind of bravery,
I cannot give my life
If you guys are real men of art
Try to take my life in your area
Take to execute me in your pin code
If you guys do that
I will wait to shake hands in hell
Despite, If I cross your area border
Then your life is going be a living hell
If you kill me, your performance
should be a master piece
Else better go to
your kitchen and mince
Damn, come on guys
Hey, is your tongue-tied out of fear
Hey, kill me.
Why you guys keep talking?
Why we need a weapon to kill him
Hey come fast, this guy
killed our Manohar brother,
We should finish him
In our area, come fast
Hey, do you know the pleasure of death?
Will show you now
We will show you
even if we come to hell
Lift it!
Just lift it and smash him
Drop on his head
His head should
splash, drop on him
What dear? Is your man
coming home or not?
He said he will come!
Durai brother,
somehow you escape
Hey, He shouldn't cross
the bridge, lock him here
Lock them in
the both directions!
Hey don't do this,
please listen to me.
Mannu, don't.
Let's run...
Don't leave him.
Durai brother ... run, run!
- Hey leave
- No we can't leave you alone
We will manage anyhow.
- Come this side
- You go first.
(Devotional chants)
Find them...
Hey, stop stop stop!
Hey you go that side,
you guys come with me
We have to cross
the area border Mannu
Govinda, Durai shouldn't
cross the border.
If he cross the border
we should live with the shame ever.
He is running there, chase him.
Yes Boss, give me a minute
Hey where are you guys going?
Don't get caught.
Go bring the car
He shouldn't cross the
border, don't leave him
Durai brother, you better run.
Hey, leave me.
Durai Brother,
please escape
Hey come,don't stop
Come on...
Cowards, fight with me.
Strike him.
Hey careful, its white petrol.
Will light you guys uh?
Come closer
Will light you guys uh?
I don't have Matchbox!
Lock him here
Durai brother...
Hey this guy's life is done,
Leave him, let's go
Durai Brother
Somehow we finished the job brother
Superb Prabhu...superb,
come home
What and all he spoke?
He will die crossing the border
He died in our spot
Hey, shut up.
He missed it in a thin line!
Let's go to godown!
Come here soon
"There is no opportunity like life"
"And there is no punishment like death"
"You roamed the world and"
"Where you now?"
"You spilled so many words and"
"Where is everything?"
Hey, he is still standing
He didn't die yet
Durai brother...
Don't leave him...
It's me Durai!
Damn, we murdered him
But he teased us at the end!
Will not just let it go
Need to prove something
For sure, I will prove and show him
You too will watch right!
'The soil should be productive'
Hey, are you alright?
Sorry Boss
We should have clapped him right there...
Should have clapped.
Am just clumsy,
But he was Classy.
"Building a home with gold"
"Oh my diamond without reaching you"
"I depart from here oh my blood,
I depart"
"I have left all the dreams in streets
that I protected for you"
"I depart my heart"
"I depart to a place where no one sees"
"I depart without safeguarding you"
"I depart halfway without caring you"
Please get up dear
You said that you will not go,
But I myself sent you
I myself killed you.
"Building a home with gold"
You guys absconded right?
Can't trust you guys, just leave.
Please wake up darling!
"I depart from here oh my blood,
I depart"
Hey, what you guys are
looking at, give me hand.
Please give some space, be careful
Reached boss!
Will call back boss
How did this happen man?
There is no eyewitness
for this case right?
How did they know that?
Durai is involved in this case.
What did you do?
Hey you mischief
It's all because of you
If you wouldn't have come,
nothing would have happened
You guys baptized his death
Don't hustle so
much, leave from here
I think your time is not good
Why he is jumping to the sky?
Since boss said, I thought
will keep you guys close to us but?
What? You want us to
be close to you people uh?
Are you people running
an IT company uh?
Damn, you guys all are rowdies?
Hey, you are pulling my shirt?
If you going to be like this
One day you will become a
shitty shirtless person on the road
If it goes like this not only me,
All the guys in the area
become a shitty shirtless person
Mannu, Please hold yourself
On the top of all,
he is messing more
They will return the body by 1pm it seems
Yellow Shirt
Hey, yellow Shirt.
Can you hear me?
Hey, yellow Shirt
Hey, yellow Shirt
Yellow Shirt?
Hey, yellow Shirt
Yellow Shirt?
Yellow Shirt?
Hey! Lift him.
Hey catch him guys,
bring some water guys!
Did you guys buy
him something to eat?
- I asked him multiple times
- Where he is listening
How many times I called you "Yellow
Shirt, Yellow Shirt", Sign and leave man
Friend: He looks dead tired
Have a drink Mannu,
everything will be alright
Ok boss.
I will take care boss.
Hey, go that side and talk
Sorry, brother
It's the yellow Shirt right?
It's confirmed right?
Take the bike!
Tell me what happen dude?
Going for parrot reading!
Hey who is this?
entering abruptly
Hey, Stop there, Stop right there
Hey, leave me,
Its ok, will call you back
Just leave him
Did you take any oath that? Before
Durai's rituals, you will avenge him
As of now, am the only person here
I don't have the rights
to ask about revenge
But I suspect there is
someone behind this
When Durai was being chased
There was one guy
standing behind you
Who is that guy?
Where is he now?
Either it's you or I, both
of us cannot find him
Even ghost rider cannot find him
He has accomplished his destiny
I didn't say that!
It's your guy who said that
It's him, the very popular Rowdy.
No, no problematic rowdy
It's your Salayar
The function is over partner
[Yesterday - After Durai's Murder]
My guys had lot of fun
Do whatever you want
You are messing with me uh?
My Lion king
You are my true lion king
If you were next to me,
I would have clenched
and hugged you man
If a lion needs to
prove that it's a lion.
It needs a deer to hunt
Am the one who
supplied you the deer.
You stupid clown!
What are you blabbering?
Your driver would have
depicted a story to you?
Wine shop, got drunk,
Was a fight and shit and all?
Hey, before one and half year
There should be no wine shop in
front of the party office,
And created a big scene and
Mano is the one who shut it down
To my intelligent friend,
I gave this clue
Brother, one second.
Ready, brother.
You coming against our boss?
Only the recent he is your driver!
Before that, he was with Manohar
Even before that?
His first job was with me
If you try to find him or
Even if I try to find him,
He cannot to found
Because, he has accomplished his destiny
Boss, you said five but there is six!
Are you happy?
Seems he is happy,
send him off
I should have terminated
him the time he left me.
Thought he will be family man.
But found him in the contradicting team
He is my old Diary
Though he confesses
everything about him,
I am sufficiently
stuffed in his everything.
He gave me sleepless nights
The cops used to
meet me casually,
But he made the cops
warn me with the hand cuffs.
Only after that they
pressurized me on Mano's case
This is an old case, I
asked him to surrender
But he started dictating me,
by suggesting alternate surrenders.
He started showing
his influence on me
I will go to prison,
You get the bail for me.
Was wondering what to do?
That's when this episode happened.
You came into the scene.
Can we do business?
can we be a relationship?
You proposed right?
I never wanted Durai in my life
And you, never ever
wanted anytime in my life
I never went temple to pray
And never went to prison after a crime
You thought I will work
for your cheap money
What you said?
Need to join hands
and do business uh?
We can't even take a
selfie together, Hang up!
Dhana a guy just sits gives
orders has some much nerve
Imagine we are the
one who go the battle,
How much nerve we will have?
Call you brother Mannu
I will train him from here
and will bring an end to salayar
Absolutely, Mannu is the right person
Stop it.
What you guys thinking about yourself?
Salayar is a Rowdy,
Killappan is a rowdy
He is rowdy, you are a rowdy
and all you guys are rowdies
Even my close friend Durai
who died is also a rowdy
Am the one did nothing
and got into this ambush
Now, you guys are
dragging my brother too
Am counting my days
in prison causing no sin
But will tally these
days once am out
I will avenge my
friend's death for sure
Will avenge
If Mannu come to know
about salayar's play
I will burn you alive
The news shouldn't cross the prison
Please inform your
guys in the prison
Dhana should
never know about this
I will handle this alone
If you need any help
regards this let me know
I will throw away
my whole empire
I thought so
As usual
Trying to make a felon
When I was a small boy
Where I didn't know
even to read a clock
They killed my father
right in front of eyes
I didn't do anything to them
I guess because
of my father's sin,
my brother Dhana is in prison.
My mother is so innocent, she
should have been living a great life
She gave her whole life to my
father, but he left her in the middle
But she never gave
up on us and our area
I need to reach heights in my
life and take my mom in flights.
This is my dream
What Dhana? You
were stitching jackets
You started
sketching for boss uh?
You have grown up so much uh?
What sir?
You betrayed your
own guys it seems?
Once we get released
Will show our loyalty
Hey, hold right there guys
What? Can't hear you
You thought only
Chennai Ghana is inside?
Kanchi silk is there
Madurai jasmine is there
Thuthukudi pearl is also there
Manapara savory is also there
Will crumple you
guys there, be careful
Bangalore tomato is there uh?
Like super fresh
Will be close to 70 to 75 Kgs
We have boys there,
will ask them to pack uh?
What? Watching in the watch uh?
Just ask the right
person and let you know
We have people there too!
I thought it's gonna be our first Diwali
but you left and made it my last Diwali..
Hey, come here
Where are they?
All are so drunk
They are sleeping in the well
Not just drunk, damn drunk
Listen; don't allow any
of the boys to come here
There are cops all around waiting to
witnesses, they will poke for sure
Cops are here waiting for clues,
They will dig the issue for sure.
Until the rites gets over,
don't allow them this side
- Hey,
- Yeah
Life is circle! I came
to know that only today.
In that circle, a dog is popping out
In few mins they will take the
body, please don't come out,
Brother asked to
let know you guys
Who did you called as body?
You are that, you fraud
You make me boozed and betray
You wretched fellow.
You accompany to him,
I will thrash all of you.
Hey don't go dude, they
asked none of us to go there
Tell him not to go dude
It's just your first day but you have
become next level drunkard dude!
Water falls comes from well.
Hey! Let's run.
Hey stupid! Do you have sense?
Dude I am the one who bought you alcohol,
You are spraying on me
Where you guys the one who made me faint?!
Is that enough?
You frogs in the well.
Don't dare to come out
"God is there..."
"God is there"
"He is just behind your back"
"God is there he shall jolt you
After you have become ripe and old"
"God is there"
"He is just behind your back"
"God is there he shall jolt you
After you have become ripe and old"
"Dance and play dance and play
Dance and play till the end"
"You look for and search for the mob
required by you, which also dances"
"Dance and play dance and play
Dance and play till the end"
"You look for and search for the mob
required by you, which also dances"
Deepavali, Special Movie Bahubali!
Oh my TV is gone you won't have
a better life, give money for the TV
"He shall read your broad mind"
"He shall pluck your feathers"
"He shall quiz and question
you at a srate of laughing"
"Your justification is with you"
"To submit your accounts,"
"He is not an accountant but
Much above you, much above you."
"Dance and play dance and play
Dance and play till the end"
"You look for and search for the mob
required by you, which also dances"
"Dance and play dance and play
Dance and play till the end"
"You look for and search for the mob
required by you, which also dances"
Clatter comes at the start.
Right behind comes the Dinosaur
But one thing is for sure
Naturally I can't go towards
the extreme of violence
And the extreme of silence,
There is something in
between called nuisance.
Let's give that.
See this guy, painting
the whole road!
Who is this crack nut?
Where are you from?
Uh? Am from planet of mars
Look at the way he is
teasing, arrogant bugger
How can you ask
me this question?
What happened, Mannu?
What did he ask?
It's none of your business,
I myself didn't mind these guys
Why did you ask me that question?
What brother?
What did he ask?
At least you tell us that?
I wouldn't have bothered if
he would have scolded me.
He asked me that
"Am I his caste?"
Sorry guys,
Accidentally I drank the government liquor,
Bullshit don't know what they mix,
Brain isn't working right
Am sorry again, slight mishap!
Am coming!
Yeah, am you're our blood only!
Brother I too know you are our guy only!
I know from the way you showoff!
How is our uncle doing in life?
What you saying? He is
well off and he is big landlord!
Then Ok!
Does he have any girls in his family?
Should be cute
And shining,
She should have a shaky structure,
Please escort him man!
No, she should
have a sexy structure,
What you doing is not right?!
What man?
Did I ask you a quarter?
Come on I asked your daughter!
See a bad thing happened,
Let do something good,
- Come-on uncle.
- Take your hands off me!!
If a ask your property
you run and hide,
If I ask your daughter
you stare at me,
Then why the hell
you say am your caste blood!
If I ever see you guys around this
ceremony, am not gonna be myself
Enough is enough! Am
gonna change my community
Shut up, commenting unnecessarily
Bloody, I shouldn't even
see you in your own death!
Hey ... Run, run!
Seems these guys are born.
Just showing off
Hello everybody
Ladies and KDs
Good evening all
Sorry sorry,
Dead evening all
Yeah... was supposed to ask you,
Can't hear you cry only
Ohh you guys crying in budget uh?
You know who is dead,
and how he was!
Hey what are jumping to
sky now? You came just now!
We were crying from morning and
our tears were sucked dry!
Hey truck Horn!
Tears may run out
How come your voice ran out?
I can even hear a fly cry,
How come I can't hear you cry!
I don't know that and all
I didn't see,
Let's all of us cry from the start,
Start crying
1, 2, 3
Not enough
Should cry until Dhana Comes
After he comes, he will
cry more than you all!
Nobody can control him!
Sound, Sound, Sound!
Only blood relation can get Bail,
Dhana cannot come to see durai.
Then until Dhana Comes,
Durai will not leave from here
Durai, why did you leave me!!
Ready 1, 2..
Get ready, one more!
What are you doing
Mannu? Are you drunk?
I swallowed!
If a girl talks at least,
we can say talkative,
I don't know what to say for this,
It all my fate!
Mom!! This is how
you brought up me!
What can I do?!
Take him away from here!
Why are you stapling on my back?
Come forward and talk!
Dude people are watching,
please come.
I know what am doing, Who
has the guts to question me?
Excuse me.
Please move from the path!
Get up!
Hey man, why are you torturing
the old ladies who are crying?!
Come-on give the
garland, let me do the rituals!
Look, we have come from a long
distance, we want to do the last rituals!
Though you travel to a
temple thousand km away,
Do you put the garland on the god?
You give it to the priest
and stand aside right,
Like that stand aside
Durai is the god,
Am the Priest!
Am with the old age
women making my own Tune,
Why are you disturbing?
See how hardworking she is,
My granny darling!
He is going crazy,
come on Let's go
Bloody not allowing
us mourn also,
No one here to ask his atrocity,
Those men who kissed
the grannies only know
that those kisses have no flavor
- Give it to me buddy!
- No.
Hey my cutie pie
you came off uh?
Dude he is thinking she is Deepa!
No baby, not for us,
for Durai brother
Hey, come-on,
let's go!
Come along,
will Complain to Salayar
We swim in tsunami
itself, ignore this guy!
Come here!
Come here
Oh my, he is going
to create a scene now!
Will not hit you, come here!
Which place?
Near Madurai!
It's alright, in which
era tsunami hit Madurai?
And when did you guys swim in that!
Get lost!
Those who died in tsunami is the
fishermen and the rest is the fishes,
Who the hell can swim
better than Fishermen?
- Am I Right?
- You are always right!
Hey move aside
In the gap you dub for captain uh?
He is going on and on,
you guys not stopping him?
I will take care of it,
you please carry on!
No one here to ask his atrocity,
- Hey Alangaram
- What?
Please don't go that side,
One crazy guy is
kissing everybody!
Who is it?
Vijay Sethupathy uh?
That lad will kiss only men,
But this guy is selecting only
women and kissing around!
Please don't go
Brother, you shouldn't stand
here, please move aside
Take your hands of me,
Who the hell are you?
Sir is a Police Officer,
better respect him!
Oh my god, I should
definitely respect him.
He didn't come to the
murder spot on time,
But came to the
ceremony on time,
And your friend
requesting to respect you.
- Can't you guys handle this crap?
- Durai Brother
Don't get mad on me.
- Is this respect enough?
- Hey
- Hey
- Rose garland, you didn't like uh?
How dare you?
Hey, you know who did this?
Why the hell you showing
off in the mourning house?
Do you know who did
this? Bloody drunkard.
If so, come along.
Will file the FIR and
finish the case right away.
Hey, leave me.
Ok, Let's go, Come on!
Bloody come on,
let's go! give us space!
Please listen to us, leave him.
Leave him!
He says he knows everything,
How you expecting
me to leave him and go?
Am telling you right,
He is drunk and talking nonsense
Leave him sir, our
boss is requesting right!
Things are not
in control in-here,
In a sly anybody
can stab anyone,
If so you are a cop,
you got a second life uh?
So you can use it twice!
Nobody can do anything here sir.
This is police story!
Have anyone watched that movie?
All of you watch, running there!
Super movie!
Leave me.
Those who are cowards,
don't stand next to me
Hey you bugger! It will
better you leave from here!
Do you want too?
Someday he will be caught
Police brother
As a public am coming as an approver,
But you are listening to
an accused and some felon
And leaving me here and going!
Law withdrew silently!
Ha Ha Ha...
What wrong with you, you
are calling our boss a Felon?
Apologize my brother!
He is looking like your uncle.
You calling him your brother,
How you are exactly related?
He has did good to public without
highlighting anything you know?
Hey, Pickle Face!
Everybody keeps saying, he is not
highlighting his goodness to the public,
How come only you guys
see without highlighting?!
What exactly he is
doing, please tell me.
May he is spinning the
planet earth everyday uh?
Why are you going behind
a cop like a school kid?
If you are so stirred up,
Take an oath!
I will give you ten guys
on your command,
Can you go and
slaughter Killiappan?
Oh Olay - 'false'
In a sly, setting me as a
lead, swaying my mood,
Sliding a weapon in my hand,
Cunningly requesting
me to become an accused,
Damn crazy man you are!
Please say all this
to your gang boys.
It's not like you should hold
the weapon and make us proud,
Your generation may have a choice
to spend the inheritance's wealth.
But no one has the right to
spend the fortitude of this area.
If this fortitude and
all is important to you,
Bring your son, who is
studying in Bangalore,
Give him a weapon
And ask him to stand
in the corner of the street,
Like god Muneeshwaran.
Then we will believe that you are a kingpin
Kid, since you semi literate,
You are talking too much!
Since am Semi Literate,
am concerned about others.
If am a super literate
I would have been
cared only about me,
Durai lost his breath,
Dhana lost his life,
Who did you lose?
Yeah Yeah,
At least Durai would
have been alive the prison,
Your brother was so generous,
He bought him out,
And you sent him out of the planet,
What a parrot reader you are man!
At last "Durai brother" was the last
words, he heard and left his life it seems
Stop annoying me in front of all,
Tricked us by saying
fund raising and killed him
And now you are
cooking up a story!!
I know who killed who!
Please escort him from here!
You people are not believing
Am still alive here guys,
Why you carrying me?
Who knows you guys may bury me?!
Hey, who is the hell is that?
Teasing our boss in front of all
Boss you give me on order now,
I will send this guy
along with Durai
Hey you dirty jobbed felons,
Better wash your
machete and come to me
So many of us standing
next to our boss,
Don't you have guts
to surround him?
If you can, come on come one
Escort him, let's take him home!
Come on, stab me here,
stab me there, come-on
Damn, you are just a newborn!
Me uh? Ju ju ju, come-on
shake hands to Salayar!
Hey step aside!
I know, he is just a coin.
Hey, these coins are supposed to
thrown on the last journey of Durai!
Oh, all money is gone!
Coins makes sound, you get it?
Hold him, take him out of here!
Black money has come out here,
Oh my god lord Karana,
Have you born again?
Bloody, who is karnan?
Oh my god, who are you?
Duruyodhana, you too have born uh?
The Mahabharata has started,
Stared again!
Lord Krishna please come back fast
He the kid who we stepped over!
Why are torturing us dude?
Torture is my nature!
See this one day drunkard,
how long he is sleeping?!
We will wake him up uh?
Who know he may go
directly to that guy's house,
Let him get his consciousness
Life is a circle; I can
see that even today,
What even today uh?
But in the circle,
I see a herd of sheep
Path lost sheep-herd,
move aside guys
Hey, do you know what
you did yesterday?
Hey, your mother is
shouting from morning,
Please get back home!
Hey, he is still not with his senses!
What's wrong with him?
Hey, always creating nuisance
Don't have brain,
spitting on us.
Good, you weren't there
in the well yesterday.
Why, what happen?
He plugged a hose
and gushed at all,
Good you missed it!
What dude, hope you are sober now?
Why did you annoy Salayar?
You got drunk mad
And pulled a brawl
with random people
Don't say got drunk and messed.
They say, even a fetus
know what's happening around?
It's been years since I am born,
If am high I will
not know or what?
Shut up and at least
you be a good son
Dhana let me talk
What Mannu, you are messing around!
Durai shouldn't have
gone to Killiappan's house
Either its Salayar or Killi
We will take care, why
are you jumping to clouds?
I was just like you,
Few years back, I was
branding myself lead conceited
Whatever it is, I used
to take care myself
One day, there was a
problem with a big shot
We took the issue to Salayar,
we though he will solve,
But he kept provoking to thrash
anybody who were against us
We were just fighting
for him so ignorantly
But we were actually
proud on that moment
The kind of a risk
that I have taken
Has become his free
publicity. We came to know now
Still he didn't come to see us!
He didn't even allow us to
live. Imagine your status.
There is guy called
Vinayagam in our area
We don't know
what happen to him,
Anu brother.
what power cut uh?
By knowing him a little,
the phone got hanged!
Then that man not wearing
slippers in the area, is all a hogwash.
Omg, listening to that man I
have did some stupid works,
Don't know what
twist is awaiting!
We shouldn't respect
him hence forth
I should blow the
smoke on his face!
You just heard of Vinayagam
Story right, You better go patiently!
If someone stands
against will disappear!
If someone tries, he
will make him wasted
His First batch, is there
The rest of them
Hey, buy me a drink!
The next batch is in the prison
Without a single case,
he has become a rowdy
Encounter hasn't
even come closer to him
He is really good
If we go behind him, we
will be the next Vinayagam
We need frame him
perfectly from a distance
An old woman reached
god, in the next area
Join me
Like yesterday
let's go for a drive
You want to see the booze
Look at the baby
What, what are you looking at?
OMG, a liquor shop is on the way
Is there a ruckus gonna
happen today too, Please save me
"To all my Mansa's
We are the rulers"
"We should always be with pride,
We are all time with attitude"
"Who can destroy you?"
"Don't have oscillations Mansa...
"Mansa Mansa Mansa Mansa"
"Show your swag Mansa"
"Mansa Mansa Mansa Mansa,"
"Show off your standards if
anyone stares at you"
That felon is staring
too much right?
You guys were talking too much
Just a gaze, you people were
looking like standing corpse
To make you guys sit,
Looks like I should
become a cremator
Am Like a Elephant
If I become furious,
Will tramp you to death
"If you are like warm
things will be static,"
"Transform into a Tiger."
"Play like an individual fish that
escapes while cleaning in vessels"
He said, it's a new style to say "Hi"
"Whoever be the enemy,
if you decide their identity will shatter"
"Mansa Mansa Mansa Mansa,"
"Show your swag Mansa"
"Mansa Mansa Mansa Mansa,
Show off your standards"
I thought he will
stand behind me but
Bloody came and
sat in front of me right?
These both brothers are
well set to just spoil my peace
359 Robbery - 7 years
AVS Brothel
NDPS ganja
307 Attempt Murder
With put-up case, we can arrest him
We will break his bones and
make him permanent in his bed
Both of them are so confused
He is telling your work
and you are telling his work
Only If we have a big enemy,
We will have big future,
a famous writer said this.
Looks like the boys future
is going to be brighter
- Little up, little more
- Ok uh?
Ok ok
Hey why are you
beating him guys?
Leave him
You people shouldn't
get one soft guy?
Will trash him right?
He wore brother
slippers in his foot
Will you keep it in
your head or what?
This one is mine,
this one is mine
It's ok dude!
What's your story?
Old age and Mental Archive.
Your district is Punjab uh?
My human brother, I know
why you have come to me,
Come will send you back home!
"We are all born in fluke,
and we forget it as a luck"
"We are recessive to some stranger"
"And we shatter in a moment"
"Hey who are higher,
who are in low?"
What little brothers, what
you bought pencil uh?
Can't find a pen?
Don't bring pencil and all
The tip will break
"You don't understand anything,"
"He is the one who keeps his
venom scorpio in his bloods"
Hey genius, Wake up
To meet her, I need to
tie three knots everyday.
Envy factories
Our trip is cancelled Deepa.
We are running the chit,
how come I can't have a seat?
Hey, what did you lit here?
Who is that idiot, hanged
whatsapp in the entrance?!
How much drugs did
you keep in the bike?
Sir, may be close to 1.5 Kgs
It's gone totally
Sir, you said you will retrieve.
You better return the package sir
You are asking ganja from a Cop?
Will lock you down!
What sir?
In a government vehicle, are
you driving a call taxi or what?
Am not seeing any actions
Since these boys didn't get
a police job, they got wasted.
I have sent these guys let's see
I guess this is your
last over, let's see
Agency can be registered
in this pin code
Shouldn't have any police
cases on you, that's important
Sign, brother, I believe you
But can't trust our area for sure!
We finished all of it
and came to this business
Let's see
Don't waste time,
finish it as soon as possible
Why are you watching cartoon movies?
Will meet again!
Make sure you too leave!
Look at his style
We will lit uh?
Let's do it!
Sir we are poking him like hell,
He is not getting tempted at all
I suspect is he a man or not?
To identify is he
a man or women,
Are you his girlfriend or what?
Either you guys beat
him up and cut his tail
Or you get beaten up and
get admitted in the hospital,
I will file a case on him...
We should get beaten up and
get admitted in the hospital uh?
See what am gonna do!
Grab him!
Don't leave him, he
shouldn't go outside...
Lock him, better
lock him, dummies
Hey leave him
Come on, give a try?
- How dare you?
- Listen! Please don't.
Will lose his voice, don't dare.
Don't, we will leave...
Don't do it.
Hit him.
Take him and trash him.
Come on!!
Come on!!
Shouldn't have any police
cases on you, that's important
Come beat me up!
That's the reason you came right?
Hey pull him and thrash him
Your turn
you are still standing uh?
This is just a start, you
will get this everyday
Be careful with the boss!
Hey stop stop!
Why did you come here?
What happen tell me dude?
Why are you sitting like this?
Don't leave them,
They are running that side!
Guys, come on.
Just two got caught!
Pay him back dude!
Dude, put our guy
in the center stand
Hey, lift him!
Hey, what guys are doing?
Put those two in the side stand!
Hey, you guys don't
know what's happening!
Sorry dude!
Dude, please be steady!
I will take some measurement.
Haneefa make two Xerox copies.
Hey, listen to me guys!
How dare you?
Leave me.
Without a doubt.
You guys will be great
rowdies in the future
what he wants?
But am not a rowdy sir!
You people are really scary.
Go home safe dude
Let's go to hospital, come dude.
Mannu, what is
that Dinosaur mean?
You can be born as a fly or ant!
But when you die, you
should die like a dinosaur
Why is it so Mannu?
Only then, at least thousand
people will come and lift you!
Turn that on now!
What work do these rowdy
boys have in my house?
Better leave form here
I guess his brain is not
working after the beatings!
Somebody's dog bit somebody,
why this dog is biting us.
He is showing off bro
Hey, they did just for you right?
Why are you bouncing on them?
You guys don't understand uh?
They are trying to
frame me in a police case
You guys are
adding fuel to fire!
Son, what happened?
If am born for you.
Just for ten minutes
don't come close to me
Just get inside silently
What's happening here?
What these guys are doing?
No way
If it's going to be
like this,I am not for it
Nobody will dare to
give their daughter to him
Let's mingle
Don't think, come here
What's it son-in-law?
Is it raining in native town?
It's raining
- Then is it sunny?
- It's sunny too
Look at this
What Mannu?, showing
an infected dog
He was so healthy
Before six months
I was so fond to have a dog,
so took him from Anna Nagar
But look at his status now
The dog that came along
with me, ended up like this
You are trusting me and giving
your daughter to me uh?
Uncle, uncle
So, you shouldn't
have family all uh?
Empty pocket
Why you need to
Xerox for a white paper?
If we are not making children
It is the biggest
service for the country
Here population is the problem
Hey, sit down
Look at the way,
he got beaten up
Am gonna keep the hot water
You triggered a wrong person,
That's why all these.
Every flight's shadow falls on us
Any one of us travelled in a flight?
what dude? We'll find a foreign
bird and fly away. No big deal.
Since we kept talking like this,
Panipuri guys started
to sell idly here.
But we,
In our place we
are holding a plate
And standing in the
road in front of him
Not for idly?
For pani puri!
He made to blabber
like a mad person!
He is playing with me
in his brain like anything!
I should engage his brain!
I should remove me from his head
His house is in Anna Nagar,
Will plan to lift uh?
He planned to build
a house like that
and then will start his life
You are talking about marriage,
bride and all to him.
When he is going to build this?
He will build for sure!
Even though he build
the house using concrete,
They gonna call Mannu house
Getting delivered
Bricks and sand truck Load
God bless him,
Lord Ganesha
I will lift him!
Its gonna be 2AM,
Where did this guy go?
His girlfriend was
searching him,
Did he go to see her uh?
Its fine, If he has
gone to see her,
Wondering he shouldn't
have gone to see him
What's this dude?
What is inside the sack?
What are you up to?
I told you right!
I did lift
Who dude?
He may choke,
open the sack dude!
Oh my god, Instead you
could have kidnapped that guy.
This is gonna be big problem!
Its gonna be a problem for sure.
But the problem is for him
Think about it
He doesn't have faith on god
See now he will be
thinking about only god
Through us he is
reaching his salvation!
This is the problem
of two to three areas man
I turned his frequency
and changed the channel
If he can, if he has
muscle in his brain
Let him think
about me henceforth
Let him turn hot
Let the boss cool it...
Hey lift him fast
Be careful
The mosquito coil has been lit
Who is responsible for it?
Things should be back in
the same place where it was.
I wouldn't see he is known
to me or unknown to me,
I will trash everybody
Just bothered I wouldn't
have a person to talk
What happened, sir? He
has become a statue!
He is the person who solves
these two area's issues
Today he is in problem.
Since we have unsolvable
problem, he kept the statue here
How come, you can
say its disappeared?
Please wait until today evening!
The whole area assembled
because of the statue's issue.
Dear, last month 85,000
was the loan disposed
Chennai, VADA Chennai!
Mannu bro?
I saw Deepa sister in the street end
in the bike with a random guy
Come here
Hey, hide the VADA
What word did you use?
You disrespecting her?
How was guy looking?
He was looking very decent bro!
Was he wearing a shoe?
Yeah, its woodlands shoe!
Woodlands Shoe uh?
He tugged in and
was looking very smart
He was wearing a black glass..?
Ray-ban, Ray-ban
It's Bullet, was like royal
Hey, leave from here!
What Mannu?
You are asking all
these questions to kids
Is he a small Boy?
He clicks the photographs so perfect
I feel
Something is missing
What are you saying dude?
How she wanted me to be?
Now there is someone
with her how she liked
How is that?
Our Deepa is not like that
Is that so?
You can only pull me.
Hey what happened?
Nothing, I am alright
This little insect bit me
Come on, sit down
This is Kevin
You gonna get engaged Uh?
It's ok, tell me
Will be a good entertainment.
They approached me
I said,
Will ask you and let you know.
You came to ask
or came to inform?
Came to ask only
Because you were with
me with no interest right?
Is that so?
He is from Coimbatore too!
Only with his
grandfather's help,
My grandfather grew big
With his father's help only,
My father grew big
Like that
With his help only,
All these parlour and things
Wow, wow, wow
Heritage helper uh brother?
Super super super
I did suspect
was wondering!
Even though I see a
good makeup on your face
Your face is showing off the poverty
Sir is the investor?
Our route is jammed
If your route is
clear then you can travel
Nothing wrong in that
She is very good girl
There nothing big in-between us
In the bike and the
parlour and around the area
We were just wondering
Nothing else than that
No tinkering,
No painting
You can just take her
and start your family
Hundred years, I give the guarantee
Oh my god! Sorry
Just once
Our lips
Got locked
Nothing else
Was nicely lighting the
candle and blew out in a flash
That too, That
Nepali girl's plot
You know why I said this?
In the future, if you come
to know through someone
"I know, I know, I
know, I know"
Like Puriyatha Puthir's
Raghuvaran, Don't tend to torture her
She can't bare it
She is very good girl!
Give me a minute
Every time when you
leave, you used to ask a poem.
Now you are
leaving once in for all
Few lines came to my heart
Please listen and Leave
If you leave me
This language doesn't work
If you leave me
For atleast three hours
I will be feeling whether to feel or not
Keeping this as a reason,
I may drink for 3 days
And the next three years
If I see or hear your name,
I may get reminded of you.
But for the next 30 years
I will mind my own business
and I would have moved on
For sure, I will not
get your thoughts
At that time, my age
would be 50 or 60
and all on the sudden
"Get me a coffee!"
If I open my eyes
Deepa will give me coffee
Rs, 8000/-
Hey Hey
It's not you dear
If I get married early,
may be grand daughter
If got married little
late, may be daughter
At least like that, I will
keep you in my family
Awesome bro
He said will say a poem,
but he narrated a story itself
Durai's mother Rs,10,000/-
Finish that deal
Finish it!
Heritage helper is waiting I guess
Wherever new temples are built,
I have asked our guys
To keep an eye on those locations
I suspect some outsiders
would have done this
Actually a single person
can move a broken car
But if ten people are
pretending to move a broken car.
How will the car move?
Everybody knew who did this
But none of you guys are
pointing out his name?
Why is that?
We searched all the
houses, It's not in the area.
Did you check his house?
Everybody are hesitating
to go his house brother.
Those days, a sage used to
attain a twisted nerve on his back
It's called Kundalini
For few people the nerve
gets twisted in their leg
Doctors used to
call that as varicose
You can find the symptoms
in three kinds of people
The teachers
Then, tea master
And then the henchmen
Do any of you have the symptoms?
Every day you guys sit
in my house with comfort
Right in front of me I allowed
you to play cards and boards
Now you guys got
the guts to tell me,
You are scared
to go to his house.
Is he thinking that his
actions are new to me?
There is a guy like
this in every season
Sometime back someone
was troubling the way,
His name was something?
Before tonight if we
don't eliminate him,
I myself will agree,
He is the finest
Why you have to do all this?
It's ok Aunty
Dhana asked to give it you,
Let it be
You didn't go to your
home leaving aunty alone.
I don't know how
to express sister
Mom is calling me repeatedly,
will be back
Who is it?
Don't know who is this guy?
Come back dear,
you get back home.
There are so many people,
Please listen to
me, come back dear
You please inside,
Get back, go hide
behind those women
Your time is not
good, please get inside
Get in; I don't
know what to do now
Where is it?
Hey why are
carrying a briefcase?
I guess he is running away?
It's smoking.
He is showing off.
(Babble of voices)
Hey silence, turn off the light!
Hey trickster,
Don't swap the cards in the dark...
Hey, it's just a boy...
I got scared for a moment.
We ourselves hiding and
playing a restricted place.
That's Salayar right?
Yeah dude
Seems this boy would
have troubled him,
That's why he is here on his own
So, the boy's final
journey is confirmed.
For sure I will be
in the wanted list.
Let's shut down guys,
How can you leave
after an instant win?
The game is just getting
improvised, shut up and sit
Hey, better sit down,
You can't give a story
and elope from here.
Hey, a murder gonna happen here.
why you guys are not understanding?!
He is not a man uh?
Is he a coward?
What if he hits back?
Loser Arumugam, hold it.
You are talking, as
of you don't know him?
He is an old boxer
Just one punch,
he will collapse you.
The guy who is
facing him is Mannu.
Koyembedu Market guards,
His origin is from old
Kothawal Chavadi market
After school, he used to
come to the market at 4pm.
How much ever the money I
used to make working whole day,
He will make it just four hours
If he (Salayar) is a Boxer,
Our guy is labor
If he (Salayar) has built
his body by working out!
This boy built his
body by just working.
He will hit him!
You are doing lot of errors.
In your age, I used to
just look at people talk.
But every word from
you is hitting my skull.
I was a karate master,
he spoiled my life
He will not hold for minutes brother
I have saved this gold chain
for my grand daughter's birthday
He will hit
I will bet on him
I won't leave you
This is our game today!
If you can, come and fight?
Brother, one minute
Hey, why are you going there?
Hey go, our boss is calling...
Hey, pure souls!
Why are you guys laughing?
Tiger, first they
were sitting on poker
After you guys came,
Now they are
betting on you guys.
They are guessing
that you gonna loose,
That's why they
are laughing at you
Humans are the only species feels
so happy, if another human falls.
Tiger, you can beat him, uh?
One girl man
Where is she?
She used to keep her head here
And tell me that we will
grow old and live ever.
Like that she bluffed so much.
Just today evening,
she hit me on my back
And now this guy, came in the
midnight and hitting me on my face.
What a life, right?
Hey, Stop.
Stop right there
How can you enter my house?
What are you doing in my house?
Listen! warn you
son not to interfere,
Else will stab him to death.
Ask your son, why I came?
Hey, stop there
Whose dog are you man?
You come into my house
And tell me that you
will stab my son to death
Do you have money
to buy a knife? You dog.
You saw, all these are his father's
Just take it and
stab him and come!
Dog, is your father married?
Just go stab my
son and come back.
I will marry your father and
will become your mother ok?
Listen, am telling you
out of my experience.
At every home,
You can challenge the
father and the elder kids.
But the younger ones
and specifically the last kids
Are very sharp kids.
What tiger is sneezing?
Your girlfriend is
remembering you uh?
No way my man,
She had come with
a reason in my life!
What dude? I feel
something Like Bob Marley.
Its Kush boss
Why that guy is not hitting
me and stalling there?
My Tiger, Take a close look
For a long time he
is hitting you only.
Opposite gang
banged him in the bong.
Enough my tiger,
Please comeback to form!
Arumugam betted three
sovereign gold for just 9000Rs,
We need energy tiger, energy!
Now, the philosophies is the
whole world is owned by you
Budha, Jesus, Father, Messengers,
Mahans, Nayanars, Gypsys
Alvars, Auto drivers, Thirty-three
Vedic gods, Demon, Devils,
Innocents, intelligents, Chefs, Vivekananda,
Tiruvalluvar, Trisha, Annai Teresa,
MGR, Kamarajar, Ramarajar,
Raja Mouli, Raj Kiran, RadhaRavi.
Holt it firm.
You are a good man.
All these people are with you.
Get up my tiger, go fight
Today all the atoms, spirit and
species are possessed in you!
Allah, Govinda, Hallelujah
Allah, Govinda, Hallelujah
My Tiger, you
will beat him right?
Brother, I blessed Him,
Tiger is in full form!
Hey living trouble!
Come now!
In the age of writing will,
You need to kill uh?
Look at him, he
is lifting the sack
Don't let go of him
Bash him well
Tiger, don't leave him.
We are powerful on new moon day
Take it!
We are powerful on full moon day!
Hey weapon supplier!
Beat him
Bloody die!
Hey, don't leave anyone.
Don't leave him
Your white flag cannot be accepted.
Please leave me, leave me.
How many people would
have asked the same,
Did you leave them?
You snagged so many women's
life and trying to snag me now
In god's given Life
Pain is same for all,
It should be there,
Only then we can fell others pain
You file a complaint on me,
Am ready to become a accused.
Though I end up
becoming a criminal.
I will end you and become
a bigger criminal than you.
Not like your cheap act,
pulling innocents in trouble
What kind of mafia you guys are?
If you have the stamina
to stab a pumpkin,
Anybody can kill
You need to give life to a person.
That's difficult
Dhana did that.
But you didn't like it.
We gonna live only 21000 Days
The great don called
time is going to kill everyone
Though you can escape continents
But you can't escape your death.
In this very short life, why
you guys are acting so cheap?
From this area to Syria
only this is happening!
At last you tore my shirt
and made me fight right?
We shouldn't even
bury you in this land!
Yeah, In your husband's memory you could
have kept something common, not a weapon...
'Few Years Later
Salayar Missing'
Then what happen to Salayar?
'Few days earlier'
You people were partners right?
Partner uh?
He is a fool and am a moron
We ourselves are field out!
Why you people are feeling?
I will narrate a new story
Any worker in the world,
If there is a
hindrance in his work
For a minute he will
think of his master
'[Cooum River-1980]'
When coovam river was drinking water,
Our boss, Mayilan.
From him, I learnt how to hold a gun
and Salayar learnt
how to hold a machete
But for him,
it's always cycle chain
We are just that original's replicas
Those ages, if they are
making am movie on rowdies,
Directors will come
and meet him for scenes.
Like women, money, alcohol
No weakness for him
The only weakness is his courage
Nobody knows who killed him,
Even his wife doesn't know
The killer is Salayar
'State of Punjab'
Leave me guys
Hey, am a very big rowdy
Even cops never cuffed
me, damn Securities.
Hey, where are you trying to
run Don't ever try to come out?
You are a fortune given by Mannu
Sit down, silence...
Eventhough you die, you
cant cross the compound.
Mayilan's Son is Mannu
What are you saying?
Hey hey,
He is wearing brother
slipper in his leg!
Come; Let me send you back home
This is my footwear!
Mannu: We need frame him
perfectly from a distance..
How much ever my mother
brought up me with good manners
I had something core in my heart
One day I will become
a very big a guy
Will chase those who killed
my father and will fight them
And wanted to say some
punch dialogues and all.
But don't know who did it?
He didn't know that
Salayar killed his Father
But he made sure he
erased Salayar's last rituals
So, What is the moral of the story?
Why Dhana is so
fidgeted from morning?
Where is he?
None of them in the
area knows about him
Few of them building stories that
he went to Kasi, Rameshwaram?
Looks like it
May be he is in search of peace!
You go find a chicken
piece in briyani!
Go, Dhana!
His death is in
my hands for sure!
Mannu, can I confirm all the tickets?
Tell me dude.
Mastery, don't say
ticket confirm to me man.
Time keeps changing!
Flight uh?
Are we all gonna
go to a foreign country?
If you hear flight it
should be foreign uh?
We gonna board to a flight and
that flight's shadow falls on our area
And then our bad time ends.
Ok, then why the
pilot is issuing ticket?
Just go, wash the
airplane and shine it
- Go and sit now!
- It's ok Mom
Listen to me
Hey Mannu, promise me.
At this time uh?
I fell guilty leaving
my wife half the way
But she should live a good life
Hey Mannu, you will do it right?
Here is kasi whoever I see,
look like our brother dude
Here, all the old women are
holding their last breath to see Salayar
Somehow find him
and bring him back!
It's not like that, without
him I will not come home!
To find out Salayar,
I got some friends here
I need some money
for travel expenses!
Ok will send it
Just listen,
From Ladakh to Tada,
The whole India you put
radar to keep looking for him.
From Tada, Tamilnadu to
Kumarikandam, We will look for him!
As you say brother!
Salayarappa! Salayarappa!