Dinosaurus! (1960) Movie Script

Four down, six to go. Come on!
- It's a good sound.
- S. Very good.
Soon big boats will
land in our harbor.
Then much happiness.
- Un buen ano.
- S.
A man can't even have a decent
siesta around here anymore.
Hacker, wait. Please,
Hacker, no more trouble.
Let go, Chica. I warned him.
I'll teach that Bart Thompson
who's boss around here.
Is that it?
No, the two at the end haven't
gone yet. They must've gotten wet.
Give 'em a couple minutes
more, and we'll plant 'em again.
Everybody stay
away from the water.
We may have a couple
of live ones down there.
Lou, get another charge ready.
How are you coming
on the road, Dumpy?
Pretty slow, boss. The native
workers haven't shown up yet.
Oh, no. What do you
suppose the reason is today?
Mike Hacker.
Of course Mike Hacker.
I wonder what his sick
excuse is gonna be.
What the world are you doing?
- Me? Nothing, boss.
- No, no. Not again, Dumpy.
Haven't I got enough on my hands
today? Come on, Julio, let's go.
I didn't do no harm, Senor Bart.
Honest he didn't, boss.
Yeah, well, if I had enough
time, I'd give you both a spanking.
Your father asked us to
keep you away from here.
- And you know that too, Dumpy.
- Yeah, I know.
Hacker's not my
father, Senor Bart.
All right, but he is
your guardian, right?
And he's the island manager, which
means we have to get along with him.
I just want to learn.
I know you do, son.
There's a little outboard
coming into harbor!
That fool's liable to get
blown to kingdom come!
Keep that flag waving!
For Pete sakes, whoever
it is is waving back.
- It's Betty!
- Go back, Betty!
- Go back, Betty!
- Go back!
Turn around! You're in
restricted water! Turn back!
- Are you all right?
- I guess so.
- I'm sorry, Betty. We tried to warn you.
- Oh, by taking a shot at me?
That was no shot. That
was a delayed-action charge.
Oh. Well, I guess that
makes all the difference.
What in the world
are you doing now?
I'm going down to
Davy Jones's locker
for my mother's portable
icebox, in which I had stashed
all sorts of goodies
for you guys to eat,
and which I intend to eat
whether you're hungry or not.
Betty, wait! The
water's not safe!
- Ain't love wonderful?
- What's happening?
They just dove in for a swim.
That's dangerous. There's still
debris churning around down there.
Ain't love strange?
Okay. Just take it easy, Betty.
All right. Everybody
back to work.
Chuck, take another diver and
check out that channel bottom.
There's something strange down
there. The water was ice-cold.
We might have blown the
lid off a subterranean river.
- Check it out, will you?
- Roger. Come on.
When I get out at the end here,
Julio, you head on for home.
Don't want you to get into
any trouble, now, do we?
Come here!
And you, get that foolish
machine out of here.
All right, all right.
Next time maybe you'll stay in the cantina
and do your chores like I tell you, huh?
Now, you wait here.
Come on, now. Come
on, you've got to drink this.
Bart, it's out there.
I saw it. I swear!
A green monster with a
head the size of this room.
What do I have to do
to make you believe me?
Excuse me for intruding
on this tender little scene.
Now we got a
monster in here too.
You'd better start learning
how to knock real quick, Hacker.
All the doors on this island
are open to me, boss man.
I come here to complain
about the noise you're making.
The citizenry doesn't like it.
And now I find your carelessness
has almost cost us the lovely Miss Piper.
- It was my fault, Mr. Hacker.
- Nonsense.
You were supposed to put up warning
signs before you started blasting.
They were up! And this
might not have happened
- if we'd had the extra men you promised.
- Men? What men?
The islanders, Hacker. Remember?
No, I don't remember.
Okay. For two weeks, I've
given you the benefit of the doubt
while I've fallen
behind schedule.
- From now on, we bypass you.
- That wouldn't be too wise.
The governor of the island
gave us his cooperation
and, as his representative,
you're supposed to do the same.
Yours is cooperation, all
right, but at a price, isn't it?
I look out for my people.
You bet you do.
- Bart!
- What's wrong?
If I hadn't seen it with my
own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.
- What?
- The monster?
- Two of them, Betty.
- Two what? What are you babbling about?
Two huge, ugly dinosaurs
perfectly preserved at
the bottom of the channel.
Are they dead?
Frozen solid.
- Million-year-old dinosaurs?
- The same, Bart.
I don't know what else they
could be. But I'll tell you one thing.
- One look and you'll never forget 'em.
- You see?
This ought to be
worth a fortune.
We must've blasted through
the rock that entombed them.
Some compressed gas
caused the freezing, I guess.
As island manager, I demand
you bring those things up!
Tread lightly. You don't demand
anything around here today.
- Is the governor still in Washington?
- So far as I know, he is.
And that leaves me in
complete charge of this island.
We'll send him a wire and have
him contact the Smithsonian.
He'll send paleontologists
down here right away,
and we'll bring the critters
up and put them on the beach.
- You think the big crane will handle 'em?
- I think so.
Get her set up, and I'll
be with you in a minute.
Can I trust you to send this?
You have my word. And a witness.
All right, here.
- What are you grinning about?
- Was I grinning, boss man?
Maybe it's just that this
time, after all your whining,
you've caused your own delay.
We can't build a harbor
around two dinosaurs, Hacker.
So we take a couple
hours and move 'em,
and we get right back to
work with no more delays.
You were awfully hard
on him, weren't you, Bart?
I wouldn't trust him as far
as I could throw a-a dinosaur.
Let's go monster fishing.
Okay, Lou, we're all hooked
up. Bring her in nice and easy.
Are they really
dinosaurs, Senorita Betty?
- Yes, Julio, they are.
- Boy, this is terrific!
Keep her coming, Lou.
Well? What do you think, Bart?
Thank goodness he's not alive.
You can say that again.
- Let's get our hooks in the next one.
- Roger.
Is that what you saw?
You scared me.
With him around? Thanks a lot.
I just can't get over it.
- Is he alive, Senor Bart?
- No, he's not alive.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
Then why are his eyes open?
Well, he just- He just slept
with them open, that's all.
Boy, he's magnifico.
That's for certain.
Wait till you see the next one.
They tell me he's even bigger.
He must weigh about 50 tons.
He doesn't look as
mean as the other one.
He's not mean. He's herbivorous.
Where did you learn
a word like that?
Oh, I'm well educated in those
things. I sent away a cereal box tops
and got models just
like them, only smaller.
Can I go up and see them closer?
- Okay, Professor.
- Oh, thanks, Senor Bart.
Senor Bart, he's very cold.
Yeah, he's what you might
call kind of quick-frozen.
How long has he been that way?
Million years or so, I guess.
Boy, oh, boy! I'd better
investigate further!
Hey, look. Why don't you go change
while I get things wrapped up here,
and then we'll whisk away
to a romantic spot for dinner.
The only restaurant
on the island.
But you've got to admit it's the best
cuisine in a thousand-mile radius.
- Okay, I'll be ready in a few minutes.
- Okay.
Hey, Bart.
You think we ought to leave a
guard for our little playmates tonight?
Yeah, I guess so. I don't see how
anyone's gonna walk off with them though.
Give him half a chance,
and Hacker would try.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
- Senor Bart!
- What's the matter?
He's alive! Look!
Oh, no. No, no.
He's just thawing out.
- Then will he be alive?
- Nope.
Hey, don't you think
you'd better head on home?
No. Senor Hacker told me to
wait in the car. I guess I'd better.
O'Leary? Off and on, me bucko!
T.J. O'Leary at
your service, boss.
O'Leary, I got a job for
you tonight- babysitting.
With whose children?
Those dinosaurs over there.
Oh, saints preserve us.
Them are really there?
Oh, thank the good Lord.
I've been seeing them all afternoon
and was afraid to tell anyone
for fear it was the DTs!
Sure, if they be needin' diapering, you
can find some tarpaulins behind the shed.
Oh, sure, boss! Sure!
And they ain't the first dinosaur
I've ever seen, you know.
Why, your timing's perfect.
Are you wrinkle-free
and ready to go?
Yeah. If we hurry, we'll make
it there before the rain does.
It sure gets dark
fast down here.
Everything happens
fast in the tropics.
Who is it?
It's me, Jasper.
Come in. It's about
time you got here.
It was stormy and wet
out tonight, Mr. Hacker.
Fine, fine. I don't need
your weather report.
Sit down and shut
up. I'll do the talking.
We're going to be rich, boys.
You hear that, Chica?
I heard, Hacker.
You don't sound
too happy about it.
Should I be?
Why, sure.
You're my little
tamale, aren't you?
- Leave me alone, Hacker.
- "Leave me alone, Hacker."
I don't hear you telling the
turistas "Leave me alone."
- Let me go. You are hurting me.
- I am going to be rich, Chica.
Dress you in pretty
things, soft to the touch.
- I don't want your money.
- But I want you.
And I know certain
things about you
that certain authorities
would like to find out.
- Lies!
- They'll lock you up in jail
until your pretty face
is old and wrinkled.
All you know is lies!
Maybe so.
But who will be believed, huh?
You or the island manager?
So you see, Chica...
you are mine.
Why not enjoy it?
And now leave us alone, my little
tamale. We have some business to discuss.
I have found a caveman.
Perfectly intact. Probably
a million years old.
We are going to take him to the
mainland and sell him for a fortune.
You mean he's dead?
Of course he's
dead. He's prehistoric.
That's what makes
him so valuable.
What's my cut?
Yeah, and mine?
A thousand dollars apiece for
helping me get him to the boat
as soon as the storm lets up.
- It's a deal.
- Yeah, right. It's a deal.
Help yourself to
some food, boys.
Hey, how are you farin',
my fine, strapping babes?
A- teethin', are ya? Well.
You're a very sweet and quiet
babe not to be shriekin' about it.
And you too.
Mustn't play favorites.
Well, I'm going in
where it's warm, boys.
You be good now and sleep tight.
Hey, Julio. What you got there?
Oh, these are my monsters I
got from my cereal box tops.
I thought I'd bring
them over to show you.
Say, those are really
something. Hey, Chuck, look.
This one's the brontosaurus.
He's a vegetarian.
He wouldn't hurt you unless you
got in his way and he stepped on you.
But this one's the mean
one, the tyrannosaurus.
He's got a bigger brain
and a bigger appetite.
He eats meat, and he likes to eat
brontosaurus, even better than people.
Well, I'll be darned. You really know
a lot about these things, don't you?
Oh, yes, Senor Bart. I play with
them all the time. They are my friends.
What the devil are
you doing out here?
You're going to learn when I
tell you to stay in the back room
and finish your chores quietly,
that is exactly what I mean!
- Take it easy, Hacker!
- You keep your nose out of this.
I'm sorry, senor Hacker!
I won't do it again!
You're going to
learn a lesson, boy.
Oh, no, senor, please!
That's my friend!
Hacker, that's enough.
Now come here, boy.
I hate you! I'm gonna run
away and never come back!
All right, go
ahead! See if I care!
Julio, wait!
If anything happens to that boy,
I swear I'll take it out of your hide.
- You couldn't find him.
- No, I couldn't.
Don't come another step
closer, boss man, or I'll...
You'll what?
I'll slash you to ribbons.
Somebody bandage him up.
A little fortification and
then we'll go out and see
what that last bit O' lightnin'
has done to our babes.
Earthquakes too! Ha!
This place is ridiculous.
Did you ever see such
a sight in your life? I-
I swear, I'll never take
another drink as long as I live!
Good girl.
I wonder how long it'll be
before the lights come on again.
The last time something
happened to our generator,
it was two days
before they fixed it.
They didn't have any power on
this whole island for two days?
Yes, except for some
of the houses on the hills.
They have their own generator.
Storm's about over. Round up
some of the boys. We'll go have a look.
No! No!
Go away!
Let me go! Oh, no! Let me
out! Help! Help! Oh, let me out!
Let me out! Let me out!
Help! They've 9011-
Let me down! Oh, you wild beast!
Let me down! Help!
- What was that?
- It wasn't thunder, that's for sure.
- It sounded like dynamite. Come on. Chuck!
- Roger.
Let's go!
Hurry up! They'll be too
close to our prize package.
No dinosaurs, no shack.
And worst of all, no O'Leary.
Hey, boss!
O'Leary's hat.
You think he's dead?
Nobody could live through
that kind of an explosion, Dumpy.
Poor guy.
What happened to the dinosaurs?
Bart! Come here!
It looks like the big one
just up and walked away.
Walked away? How could
he walk away if he's dead?
- It isn't possible.
- What are we going to do?
What are you doing, Hacker?
I was looking to see- to
see if Julio was around here.
Under the leaves? You
can do better than that.
A fat lot you care what
happens to that boy.
Will you get your hands off
me? I've had a change of heart.
Okay, I was wrong this time.
You had nothing to do with this.
You don't know what
that sound was, do you?
A bird?
That's a dinosaur, Hacker.
A big, hungry,
flesh-eating dinosaur.
You mean...
We gotta get back to town and
start making phone calls for help.
- The phones are out, Bart.
- The overseas phone.
- Everything's out.
- How do we get word out, Hacker?
Mail boat will be in
tomorrow morning.
By tomorrow, we
could all be dead.
Doesn't anyone here
have a shortwave radio?
Some of the fishing
boats have some,
but they won't be back
till the end of the week.
When can we get an
answer to that wire?
I... I didn't get
around to sending it.
Well, that's just great.
Bart, I wish my dad wasn't away.
He's got some sort of radio rig.
- A shortwave radio?
- Yes, he's a ham operator.
But he's always taking it
apart. I don't know if it's working.
At least it's something to go
on. I think I can get it to work.
Meantime, we've got to figure out
some way of defending ourselves.
How many weapons
are there on the island?
Some small-game
guns, a couple of pistols.
But what good would they
be against those monsters?
And there's a relic cannon
up at the old fortress.
- That might not be a bad idea, Bart.
- A relic cannon?
No, the fortress. I was
up there last Sunday.
It's just some old ruins, but
the walls are thick and fairly high.
And there's what's left of
a moat around the place.
We could widen it and
burn oil as a barrier.
That sounds like our best idea.
Get the bulldozers and whatever else
you need to get set up at the fortress.
- Right.
- Tell everybody on the way up there.
Hey, boss, maybe if I rang the fire
gong, we could get them all out in a hurry.
No, no. All we need is a couple hundred
frightened people running through town.
That monster will know where
his next meal's coming from.
How about us with
the heavy equipment?
I don't think he'll bother you
if you travel in a tight convoy.
- Drive with your lights out.
- Roger.
Let's go, guys. Come
on. We've got work to do.
You girls go on with Chuck. Dumpy
and I will spread the word in town,
and we'll get to your house
and see if that radio's working.
- Bart, my mother's home all alone.
- Don't worry. We'll bring her back.
How about you, Hacker? Are
we gonna get any help from you?
I've got to go find my boy. I feel
terrible. He means so much to me.
I will risk the danger. I'll take my
men, and we'll go search the island.
I understand. We'll
keep a lookout too.
You see, Bart? Nobody's all bad.
Senor Bart, when I was a
little girl in another country,
there was a revolution.
My father taught me how to make
bombs out of bottles and gasoline.
- We'll use some, no?
- We'll use some, yes.
- Run and tell Chuck that.
- Okay.
Hey, boss. There's a couple of
walkie-talkies in the tool shed.
Should I get 'em? We'll
keep in touch with Chuck.
- That's a good idea, Dumpy.
- Okay.
Bart, I'm going with you.
No, you're not. It's a lot
safer for you at the fortress.
We may never get there.
If something happens,
I want to be with you.
Is that you, Betty?
How was the boy dressed,
Mr. Hacker? I didn't notice.
Don't be so
style-conscious, Jasper.
We're looking for the
caveman, not that brat.
I knew you hadn't changed.
Remember, you're the friendly
vegetarian, like it says on the cereal box.
Hey, you are friendly.
We are going to be
friends, you and me.
That's the bad tyrannosaurus!
You'd better run and find a swamp
to hide in, where he won't follow you.
'Cause if he catches
us, he'll eat both of us up.
And he'll like you better
than me 'cause you're bigger.
And I don't want him to
eat you, so please run!
I know you don't know which way
to run, and I wish I could tell you.
But you see, I'm
just a boy and I'm lost
'cause I don't go out at night by myself,
and I don't know where the swamps are.
You see? You've got to go!
Please run! I can't push you!
That a boy!
Run, run! And keep running!
Good-bye, my friend.
I hope I will see you again
soon. Take care of yourself.
Tom, tell everyone to
go quickly and quietly.
Once they get to the
fortress, they should just relax.
- Dumpy, let's go!
- Okay, boss!
Hey, boss, it's a dud, ain't it?
No, you have to light
that cloth tail, Dumpy.
But a spark could do it.
- Put them in here.
- Yeah, boss.
Put them on something
soft so they don't get jostled.
- And no smoking.
- You ain't kiddin'.
XLN2W calling LNR6J.
XLN2W calling LNR6J.
Do you read me? Over.
XLN2W calling LNR6J.
XLN2W calling LNR6J.
Come in, please.
XLNZW calling-
I wish we could go faster.
These roads don't help any.
We are almost there, Chuck.
- Did you find him?
- Nope.
The whole back part is
filled with water, Mr. Hacker.
That's why they closed this
place. They haven't used it in years.
Let's get out of here. This
place gives me the creeps.
Jasper seems to be
enjoying it. Huh, Jasper?
Sure, boss. It's
very interesting.
I mean, where else are you going
to find a caveman except in a cave?
"In a cave." "In a cave."
Jasper, your intelligence
never ceases to amaze me.
I didn't know you
were an anthropologist.
Not a very good one, boss. I
mean, I ain't been to church in years.
Ah, well, if he's not in a
cave, maybe he's in a house.
Come on. We'll start
looking in houses.
Is there anyone else living
out this way we could warn?
No. Ours is the next
place, and it's the last one.
Senorita Betty?
Holy smoke! A real caveman!
You want this?
Boy, you sure are hungry.
I guess maybe you are a houseguest of
Betty's scientist father, the doctor, huh?
More? Funny they didn't
show you where the food was.
Come on, I'll show you. See?
We're in luck! We've
got some pie. See?
You take those things over to the table
while I make us something warm to drink.
I don't think Betty would mind.
You really don't know much
about these things, do you?
I'll be your friend.
I'll show you.
Come on, caveman, come on.
Come on.
Right here.
No. Eat with your fork.
Like this.
Eat right. Eat like this.
With your fork.
That must be Betty.
Come on. Surprise her.
Show her how I taught
you how to eat with a fork.
There he is. Get the
kid out of the way,
and get him with as
few blows as is possible.
Run, caveman! Run!
They're bad men!
No! No, caveman!
It's not right to kill!
You two are
worthless. Stand back.
Let a man at him.
You got the rope?
Yeah, boss. Right here.
All right. I'll pin him down,
you bind his hands and feet.
What are you standing there for?
Get out and get him,
or I pity both of you!
Go on!
Come on. They
can't be far ahead.
Come on. If we have to run all
night, we're going to catch them.
Come on. Top speed.
There's nobody here, that's for
sure. Boy, this place is a mess.
Yeah, and whoever busted
this up sure did a thorough job.
Boy, they sure did.
- Better calm her down.
- You think...
I don't know.
She's not here, Bart.
Something's happened. I know it.
Come on, calm down.
Keep your chin up.
Look, her car's gone.
She could be in town,
or she might be at the
fortress already with Chuck.
- Do you think she might be?
- There's a good chance.
Besides, going to pieces
isn't going to help a bit.
Somebody had a
sloppy feast in here, Bart.
And the teakettle's still boiling.
Whoever was here didn't leave long ago.
Dumpy, go out to the jeep and see if
you can contact Chuck on the walkie-talkie.
He should be at
the fortress by now.
Gotcha, boss.
- What do we do now?
- We'll head for the fortress.
See if you've got kerosene
lanterns. We could use them.
Okay, I'll get them.
Hey, boss!
Yeah, Chuck, sure. Just a
minute. Here he comes now.
Betty's mother is safe.
Oh, good. Tell Betty and give
her a hand, will you, Dumpy?
- I sure will.
- Yeah, Chuck?
Yeah, Bart. So far, so good.
Not a sign of the monsters. And we're
making pretty good progress with the moat.
If we could be sure of a couple more
hours, I'd say we'd have it secured.
- How about the islanders?
- We got most of them in from the village.
There are more coming
from the hills all the time.
They're frightened. I
can't say that I blame them.
When I stop to think of it,
I get pretty scared myself.
I know what you mean.
- How about Julio?
- Not a sign of him.
We'll keep our eyes peeled
for him on the way back.
I'd comb the jungle if I thought there
was a chance of finding him alive.
Don't be a fool, Bart. You'll have a
hard enough time just getting back here.
I know.
- She said she saw an ape man?
- That's what she said, Betty.
She probably was so frightened
she really didn't know what she saw.
At least she's all right. You want to
take these out and put them in the jeep?
I'll get a first-aid kit
in case we need it.
And don't be too long,
because the sooner we get back to
those fortress walls, the better I'll feel.
Hey, boss?
Boss? Boss, where are you?
Over here, Dumpy.
Look what I found. Hacker's car.
Uh-oh. I wonder what he's
got to do with that mess inside?
And the broken radio.
Check under the seats. I
don't know what to look for,
but I wouldn't put
anything past that man.
Bart, it's Julio!
Dumpy, we've
got to get that boy!
Hurry, Bart, hurry!
Julio, we're coming!
We may need those. Come on!
Boy, you sure are one terrific
caveman, you know that?
I never had so
much fun in my life!
I didn't know you
could ride a dinosaur.
Julio! Julio!
- What are we gonna do?
- Julio, it's me, Betty!
Senorita Betty, run! Go away!
Look out behind you!
He saved her life, but there's no
telling what he might do next. Come on!
This way.
I'm lost, boss. Any
idea where we are?
The house is back that way.
We just got to keep
going. Through here.
Whoa! Please stop!
We'll be right back where we started,
and the tyrannosaurus will eat us up!
You saved my life.
I really don't know
how to thank you.
I'm very grateful.
You want me to
cook it? Your dinner.
I think you ought to know
something before I start.
I'm not a very good cook.
You don't care, huh?
Okay. One rabbit, medium-rare.
Hope that's how you like it.
I hope you don't have
anything else on your mind.
Now, now. Nice caveman. Just sit there,
and I'll go fix things in the kitchen.
Now, let's see.
What does a nice caveman do
after a hard day's work in the jungle?
No, no, don't tell me. Let me
think of something tame on my own.
Like sitting down.
And we'll keep all other thoughts out
of our romantic little Neanderthal minds.
Let's see.
Maybe if I sing you a song,
you'll fall asleep, and then I
can run away from you, hmm?
Lullaby and good night
Go to sleep, little caveman
Leave my friend alone,
you bad old tyrannosaurus!
Talk about ringside seats.
Hit him again with your
tail! Come on! Hit him!
Oh, no! Boss, look over there.
Boss, I don't see
the kid anymore.
He's on the other side. The way they're
spinning around, he could get crushed.
Come on, we got to get him.
Not that way. That's quicksand!
No! No!
The caveman again.
Follow him, we'll
get to Betty too.
- There he is, men.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but look at that monster.
We're going in to
get that caveman.
I don't want the money, boss.
- It's too late for that now, Jasper.
- I'm sorry, boss. I quit.
Jasper, come back here!
We've got to get him
away from that cave.
Come on, Mr. Hacker,
have a heart.
I'm telling you, Mousey,
it'll be perfectly safe.
Get in through that opening,
climb down on the rope,
take him prisoner, and bring
him out when the coast is clear.
I'm scared of the monster
and the bomb too, Mr. Hacker.
One. I'm tired of being
disobeyed, Mousey.
I'm ashamed of
myself. I really am.
Two. I mean business this time.
You know I'd do anything for
you. You know that, Mr. Hacker.
But this...
this will be suicide.
- Three.
- Okay, okay. I'll go.
Mousey, you yellow
coward! I'll kill you!
I'll do it myself.
That mine shaft's nothing
but a bunch of rotted timbers.
It can't hold much longer
the way he's going at it.
And these things
don't bother him a bit.
Maybe if I could pop one right in his
mouth, he'd decide to beat it out of here.
Boss, that's a good
trick if you can do it.
When I tell you, you throw one of those
bombs as close to his eyes as you can.
That'll attract his attention.
It'll let me get within a couple
of feet, where I can't miss.
Mr. Hacker, thank
goodness you're here.
Don't anybody move.
Blasted rope. Now we have to wait for
the monster to leave before we can get out.
Unless we give him some
distraction while the others leave.
- You must be crazy!
- Is that what you think?
Do you know how much money
people all over the world will pay
to look at that monkey man?
Oh, what is this? Bravery, huh?
Little man, I could puncture holes
in you with this play toy of mine.
He doesn't know what a
gun is. He's just a nice, kind-
Leave him alone!
Don't worry, boy. I won't hurt
him. He's going to be my fortune.
And you-you are going
to be my way out of here.
No, Hacker, no!
I'm getting out of here!
We got rid of him for a while.
- Yeah. Boy, is he mad!
- Let's get in there.
Betty, Julio, are you all right?
- Oh, Bart.
- Come on, let's get out of here.
Let's go!
Caveman! Caveman!
Go on, go on!
- Get him out of here.
- Caveman! Caveman!
- Come on, caveman!
- Come on!
Come on!
Couple more minutes, and that dinosaur
is gonna remember he's hungry again.
Did Hacker get out?
Caveman! Where is the caveman!
Come on!
Look! Look, he's
heading for the quicksand!
Now's our chance.
Head back to the jeep.
I'm gonna take another
look around here just in case.
Be careful.
I will. Now hurry.
Caveman! Caveman! Caveman!
We got a ditch all around the fortress
except on the side overlooking the ocean.
We just open those drums, put a torch
to the oil, and we got a moat of flames.
Good. Is everyone
in the fortress?
Yeah, everybody except
for the guys in the equipment.
And there's a little path
over there they can go up
in case they get caught
outside when the fire starts.
You've done a good job, Chuck.
We got enough oil?
That's the problem. The moat
had to be bigger than I anticipated.
How many minutes of
flame can you give me?
Five, maybe, if we're lucky.
- No sign of the boat yet?
- No.
Quieres comer?
I'm not hungry.
You should eat something,
Julio. A growing boy needs-
I don't want to grow anymore.
The mail boat will soon be here.
You're probably going to get
that airplane from the cereal box.
I don't care about any airplane.
Well, remember, there's a
good bowl of soup if you want it.
What are you seeing
out there, Dumpy?
Nothing. And right now,
that looks mighty good to me.
Are you taking
care of the alarm?
Huh? Monster!
Take it easy. Relax. The
monster's not here yet.
But you keep your eyes open,
and you'll be a fine alarm man.
S', senor. Sorry.
Sorry, senor.
I hope the rest of our
setup is better than that.
Don't worry about him.
If that monster comes
within a mile of this place,
that bell will be ringing.
He's here! Sound the alarm!
We got to hold it off
as long as possible.
- It's holding him.
- Yeah, but for how long?
- You're in charge. I got an idea.
- Hey, wait a minute!
Bart! Bart!
- Bart, let me come with you.
- I can't.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna knock that
monster off the cliff.
I love you.
I can't hear you.
Be careful. I love you.
Hey, Chuck, do you think we can
drive the bulldozer through the fire?
Not a chance, Dumpy. Why?
To help Bart. Look
what he's doing.
Come on, Senor Bart! Get him!
Watch out, Senor Bart!
Dumpy, if you've
ever prayed, do it now.
- Oh, Senor Bart.
- Bart, are you all right?
- Bart, that was terrific.
- Oh, thank heavens.
- Wasn't he great?
- Senor Bart,
why did the caveman have to die?
Well, Julio...
there's a time for everything.
The caveman
slept all those years,
and then one day he
awoke like Rip Van Winkle...
and found the world so changed
that he didn't belong in it anymore.
How would you like it if you
woke in the 21st century?
No, house, no friends,
even the town gone.
Just a strange world.
I would like it.
You know, I bet
you would at that.
I'll bet one day you will
wake in the 21st century.
You really mean it?
Oh, boy!
There you are, my dear.
There's your tropical island.
Look at all those people
up there waving at us.
Do you suppose they
greet all the ships like this?
I shouldn't be at all surprised.
On a peaceful, quiet island like this,
I don't suppose they
have anything better to do.