Dinoshark (2010) Movie Script

(animal roaring)
(air hisses)
(man screaming)
- Hola, Javier!
- Hola!
- Como estas?
- Bien.
Hey Z.
You're late.
I'm in a hurry.
It's good to see you too,
Jesus. The charts are
right over there.
They're all current.
Business has been
pretty good.
You shouldn't have a problem
keeping the boat full.
I've got eight for you
for tomorrow morning.
So be here at 9:00 sharp.
Most of my luck's been
over at Los Arcos,
but then I guess you know
your way around the bay.
Yeah, I guess I do.
I've got no reception in the USA,
so you're on your own.
Oh, how sad for me.
Yeah, well, try not
to screw things up, okay?
- Copy that.
- See you in a couple of months.
- All right.
- Hey, and don't sink the boat.
You know, you still throw
like a girl.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
(shouting and cheering)
What did you expect,
the QE2, huh?
- Hola carnal!
- Hola bonito!
Things must have gotten very bad
for you to come back here, huh?
- it's only temporary.
- Oh.
- it's good to see you. Come on.
- Good to see you too.
Are you still playing the captain
to the rich and the famous?
When I can find a ride, you know?
What about you?
No no, I'm the man now.
- Huh?
- Ay carajo!
Ay carajo!
And I need to see your papers.
Yeah, that's a good one.
No, seriously.
I need to see them.
- All right, okay, El Capitn.
- Sorry, bro.
Things have changed,
Trace, you know?
- You know Calderon, right?
- Yeah.
He doesn't allow any live-aboards
around the area.
Why does Calderon have a say?
He's the captain
of the harbor patrol now.
They're really lowering
the bar, huh?
100 ton Master?
Yeah, check it out--
I don't really have
anywhere else to stay.
- You think maybe you can just like...
- Hey, Trace.
...look the other way
for a couple of weeks?
Trace, Trace, listen.
I can't do it.
No, that's cool.
I understand.
Look, l-- here.
I got something for you.
Here you go.
Is this a bribe?
No, it's a late birthday present.
Oh, yeah yeah yeah.
- Wow.
- it's a bit of an aphrodisiac.
You mean, for the ladies?
- Yes, the mamacitas.
- Really?
Ah, thank you, thank you,
thank you.
Don't let Calderon see you.
I don't want to lose my job.
Dude, I owe you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Come on, have a beer with me.
It's still kind of warm.
Eh, doesn't matter.
- Cheers.
- Por la regreso.
Come on!
Female anchor:
In other news,
no further contact
with Jeremy Long II,
the solo sailor lost last week
in the Gulf of Alaska.
Search and Rescue has been
terminated due to weather
and no further attempts
will be made.
What do you think happened?
The biggest danger for those
solo sailors is falling overboard.
Yeah, or going nuts.
You two girls swimming
to the reef today?
Arn spotted a whale shark
on the north end last week.
You be careful, okay?
They're harmless.
They don't even have teeth.
Stay to the south, okay?
You promise?
Thank you, Luis.
Yes, Mamacita.
Is this
the immigration office?
I heard you were
coming home.
- Hola, mi nia!
- Hola!
Qu pasa?
Cmo esta tu madre?
Still keeping me
under house arrest.
You finally got busted?
- Oh, please.
- I'm so sorry.
- Hey.
- Hey, look who the cat dragged in.
- Hey, man.
- How are you doing?
I've been running around.
You doing all right?
- Doing good. Doing good.
- Good.
Captain Trace McGraw,
back from the high seas.
- Hola, mi loco!
- How are you, man?
- I'm good.
- How's the place looking?
Looks good, man.
The walls are still standing.
Hey, drinks?
- Yes.
- Whatever's free.
- Not for you, man.
- Let's go sit down.
Come on, man,
you're gonna make me go bankrupt.
Trace: Hola!
Pedro, tequila?
- Who is that?
- That's my good friend Trace.
Carol, meet my friend Trace,
captain to the Fortune 500.
Trace, meet my friend Carol.
Nice to meet you.
She came in last year
to teach at the international school.
Oh yeah?
What do you teach?
Oh, I teach
environmental science
with a focus
on aquatic ecosystems.
Yeah, big words.
Let's drink.
- Salud.
- To Trace.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Trace: Gracias.
Come on, man.
You've always got a story
when you come back.
What's the adventure this time?
I don't remember her name.
No, for real.
For reals? Okay.
Well, actually recently I was--
I was chased by pirates.
I was doing a two-month gig,
you know, piloting this boat
to Kuala Lumpur
and a pirate ship--
a speedboat
came up across our bow
and actually started firing at us.
Next thing I know,
they're on board.
And I had no choice.
I had to rescue the women
and I fired on them
with my flare gun.
And I hit him.
- Probably in the ass, huh?
- Right in the arse.
But they got scared off
and sped out of there.
Boss was watching C-SPAN
the whole time.
I'll tell you this much--
there is no reward in being
a glorified cabin boy.
So I have returned home
to make my fortune.
Hey, compadre, come on.
We all know you're not gonna
make a fortune out of snorkeling.
Simn, carnal.
I guess I will just have to
hunt for pirate treasure then.
Trace, come on.
We all know you.
All you're gonna do
is rob the local tourists. Come on.
Isn't that the idea?
- Come on, let's have another drink.
- Let's do it.
-(phone ringing)
- Everybody, want another drink?
- Yes.
- Not you. I know how you get.
- Rita?
- Sure.
Looks like I just lost
my first mate.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Salud.
- To Trace.
I'll see you in an hour.
- Sure. Bye.
- Trace: Do you know Ernesto?
He's running the harbor patrol now.
He came by.
- Rita, that was Michael Kirshner.
- Yeah.
He wants to meet in an hour
regarding the water polo match.
I'll give you a call
after the meeting, okay?
I'm so sorry.
Don't worry about it.
I'll see you afterwards.
And don't let him
push you around.
He's got bigger fish
to fry than me.
Anyway, thanks so much.
I'll try and make it, okay?
- Bye.
- Bye. Nice to meet you.
Okay, well, you guys,
I'm off to the beach.
Whoa. Qu onda?
I just got here.
Are you gonna leave already?
Want to go up to the point
and catch up on old times?
Yes, I would love to go to the point
and catch up on old times.
How's your boyfriend?
No ests chingando.
I never would.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Mine.
- Get back.
- Good morning.
- Carol for Michael.
- Okay, go ahead. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Carol, good to see you,
- as usual.
- Thank you.
Hey, thanks for rearranging
your classes.
Of course.
(boat horn blows)
Beautiful, isn't it?
Yeah, well, I had this idea
about the water polo match--
why don't we do it
right here,
right in front of the marina?
What do you think?
Polo on the canal--
it's a great backdrop, right?
My girls play in a pool.
The channel is--
well, it's just not designed--
Carol, listen.
We've rearranged the entire program
to feature the waterway.
Your match would be
the grand finale.
But you have the boats and--
Don't worry about the boats.
I've arranged
for all recreational traffic
to be shut down
during the time of the match.
And I've got
some patrol boats,
so there's no problem,
nothing to worry about.
I have to talk to the girls.
And I can't see how--
Carol, I'm in a bit
of a pinch here.
I mean, I can understand
your concerns and everything,
but I was really hoping
you'd go along with me on this.
I've already talked
to the yacht club coach.
They're on board 100%.
I'd hate to have to have them
play against a different team.
The girls would be crushed.
Okay, we'll make it work.
But I want you to promise me
you'll get those patrol boats.
And I want the safety buoys too.
That was easy.
Come on, let's go to lunch.
(computer beeping)
(speaking Spanish)
This is Search and Rescue
Hailing all vessels.
We have a distress signal
located near Los Muertos Reef.
Please proceed immediately
to that location.
You are one intriguing woman--
a diving champ, biology major,
Princeton grad.
It does beg the question--
how did you end up
working here?
Sentimental reasons, I guess.
My parents had a fellowship
at the Marine Institute in the '30s.
Both of them.
They studied climate change here
for a year.
Can I interest you
in any dessert, coffee-- anything?
No, thank you.
I'm fine.
I'll take an apple pie
and a coffee.
Say, Carol, I was thinking
maybe after the regatta
you and I get together for a drink.
Oh, no no no.
It's not what you're thinking.
To be honest,
it is a proposition,
but I wonder
if you're interested
in coming to work here at Paradise
Village as a social director.
It's a job at a family resort.
You're good with kids--
a good fit, right?
Can I think it over?
The drinks or the job?
Maybe both.
Well, look at the time. I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I have to go.
Thank you for lunch, Mike.
Carol, this is a serious job offer.
I really want you to consider this.
I will.
I'll keep in touch.
(phone ringing)
Hi. This is Rita.
Please leave me a message. Thank you.
- Rita, Carol here.
Hey, let me know where you are
at the beach, okay? Bye.
(whistle blows)
So, the match.
The field will be laid out
exactly the same,
except the goalie won't be able
to touch the bottom.
Eggbeater as long as you can.
We'll substitute
every 10 minutes, okay?
All right, girls,
give me a sprint to the goal
then the drive-pass drill.
Come on.
(blows whistle)
Here. Here.
Nice catch.
(blows whistle)
Janelle, that's a foul.
- She should watch the ball.
- You should watch your passing
and your temper.
Emilia, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Don't let her throw you off your game.
- You're doing great.
- Okay.
Hey, what's the matter
with you, Janelle?
(blows whistle)
That's enough for the day.
Shower up.
(Javier speaks Spanish)
Not today, thanks.
Watch your step.
There you go.
- You did good. Good job.
- Man: Thanks, buddy.
- Cheers.
- Thanks a lot, man.
Don't forget,
we like the tips that jingle,
but we love the tips that fold.
(men laugh)
All right.
Hey, Carol the aquatic eco coach.
Trace the embellishing pirate.
What brings you down here?
Oh, I was hoping Rita was here.
I was supposed to meet up with her,
but I can't find her.
Bienvenida a Mxico.
Don't take it personal.
That's just Rita.
Maybe, but she was going
for a swim.
You don't think
I should be worried?
No, I'm sure she's fine.
I'm actually gonna go
and pick up some supplies,
so if I see her,
I'll tell her to give you a call.
Okay, maybe I'll drive down to the beach
and see if I can find her too.
I'm telling you, she's fine.
Okay, adios.
Man over radio:
Puerto Vallarta Lifeguard,
what is your location? Over.
Puerto Vallarta Lifeguard,
this is Mexican Search and Rescue. Over.
Please continue on a heading of
20 north
by 105 west. Over.
I don't see anything.
Search and Rescue,
this is Vallarta Lifeguard.
We're approaching the reef,
but there is nothing here.
I repeat, there is nothing here.
Roger that.
Puerto Vallarta Lifeguard, this is
Mexican Search and Rescue. Over.
Please confirm your location
as 20 north by 105 west.
Lifeguard: Roger that.
I can't make it out.
Here, take a look over there.
There, just below the surface.
See it?
Whoa, what-- what is that thing?
I see it.
Where did it go?
Try to find it.
Check-- check over the bow.
I got back here.
What was that?
It's not up here, man.
I can't see it.
What the--?
(both scream)
- Help me.
- Reach for my hand. I got you.
Come on, man, kick.
(creature roaring)
Mayday mayday mayday.
Los Muertos Reef.
(dog barking)
you're talking crazy, man.
I'm telling you, okay?
This was not a shark, okay?
A shark does not eat
a lifeguard boat.
A shark does not have horns.
Hey, carnal, I know you're upset
about what you saw, but you can't--
Hey, why are you closed?
Trace is having a bad day.
He saw two lifeguards get attacked
by a tiger shark.
It was not a tiger shark.
Well, I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I still can't find Rita
and I'm starting
to get worried.
- Oh, don't worry about her.
- Reporter: Harbor patrol has impounded
a vessel belonging
to dive boat operator Bob Scranton...
- You want some water?
- Please.
Reporter: ...who specializes
in bringing his clients
up close and personal
with sharks.
Scranton has been chumming the waters
around Los Muertos Reef,
which Captain Calderon believes
led to the fatal attack
on two lifeguards
and a local woman Rita Valdez.
- Oh my God.
- In making today's announcement,
Police Chief Captain Calderon
thanked Dr. Frank Reeves
for helping identify
the cause of the threat.
Next up, Randy Johnson
with sports.
This wasn't a shark.
Trace, just stop, all right?
What are you talking about?
I've sailed on this bay
half my life.
I know what a damn
tiger shark looks like.
I'm going to find this thing
that killed my friend.
I'm coming with you.
Rita was my first friend here.
She worked at the administration
at the school.
For some reason she thought
I needed a social life.
Yeah, that sounds like Rita.
She looked up my birthday
and threw me a surprise party
at Luis's bar.
I didn't know a soul.
That's how friends were made,
according to Rita, in PV.
Seems like everybody's got
a story like that about Rita.
What's yours?
She fed me.
(clears throat)
When we were kids,
we both went to the same kind of--
it's like an elementary school.
We were, I don't know,
six or seven.
I guess I was the poor kid
with no lunch money.
So every day
Rita would come to school
with an extra lunch.
And that was the first time
that I ever tasted food
made with love.
It was good.
That thing is still out there.
And until we can prove it,
not Luis,
not the news channels,
not Calderon--
nobody's gonna believe us.
I need your help.
Rita was my best friend here.
Yeah, mine too.
Mine too.
Well, here we are.
- Come on, let me show you around.
- Great.
There is a certain wow factor.
What a wonderful place,
so peaceful and private.
How about a drink?
You've really got this down,
don't you?
Thank you.
My pleasure.
(bird squawking)
Viva Ia fiesta.
And to think it was snowing
when I left Aspen.
Is that your boat?
What, that old thing?
Will you take me
for a ride sometime?
Sure. No problem.
Let's go for a dip first,
work up an appetite for lunch.
- Oh, I don't need to eat.
- Looking at you, neither do I.
No no, Steve.
Steve, I'm serious. I do not want
to get my bathing suit wet.
No? What are you
waiting for?
The pool deck at the Paradise.
I am gonna get you for this.
I'm gonna get you.
There's something down here.
Steve: What?
Oh, come on, Lois,
you're not getting off that easy.
No, Steve, help!
(Lois coughing)
(creature roaring)
You really know these waters,
don't you?
I sort of grew up down here.
I spent more time in the water
than I did in school.
My dad was stationed
at the US Navy base down here, so...
Didn't follow in his footsteps?
Not exactly.
I was at Annapolis,
my father's pride and joy.
I don't know.
Something just didn't click.
I dropped out a year later.
My father hasn't
talked to me since.
Where is he now?
Somewhere in the States,
I hear.
I'm sorry.
Nothing to be sorry for.
Not that it's any of my business,
but some people--
well, parents have a hard time
adapting to how they thought
things would be
to how they are.
I didn't exactly take you
for the black-sheep-in-the-family type.
You'd be surprised
how high expectations can be set.
The only thing I've learned to expect
lately is bad news.
What about your pot of gold?
I'm still looking for it.
You see that?
- What is it?
-I don't know.
It's right here
on the starboard side.
Just keep the boat
pointed right.
- What is it?
- it's called an EPIRB.
It's an emergency response beacon
that's triggered by water.
If your boat sinks,
it sends out a distress signal
with your GPS coordinates.
Every boat has one.
Well, does it say what boat
it's registered to?
I don't know.
it's got all this residue on it.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Let me see it.
Be my guest.
Fin Seeker, this is
Mexican Search and Rescue. Over.
In regards to your
previous inquiry,
the EPIRB belongs
to the sailboat
that disappeared
off the coast of Alaska. Over.
Repeat that.
Did you say Alaska? Over.
Affirmative. Strange--
we got the same signal
just before the lifeguards disappeared.
I have no idea how it got
this far south.
Can you bring it by headquarters
when you get a chance? Over.
Roger that. Over and out.
That's a long way.
Yeah, it's a long way.
That's it.
That's what I saw.
I found it
on Dr. Reeves' website.
Trace, these creatures have been
extinct for over 150 million years.
Well, I guess it didn't get the memo,
because that's what I saw.
Are you suggesting
the species survived?
You're the scientist.
Suppose it did survive,
just for the sake of the argument.
A mutation more sustainable
to warmer waters
could be making
its way south.
came from that boat
that vanished in Alaska.
Now, five days later
they picked up
its signal here, okay?
That's 1600 miles.
You think this thing attacked
Jeremy Long's boat?
Yeah. And it swallowed
his emergency beacon.
Then it headed south
to warmer waters.
But it couldn't digest the beacon,
so it regurgitated it.
So how do we kill it?
We have to go
to the authorities with this.
And tell them what?
As far as they're concerned,
this case is closed.
I'll talk to Dr. Reeves about it.
He worked with my father.
Dr. Reeves will hear me out.
And he will think
you are as crazy as I am.
Well, I'll take that chance.
I'm gonna need this.
The residue might be
bile from its stomach.
Dr. Reeves can sequence the DNA
and confirm that this thing exists.
Trace, promise me
you won't do anything
until I've had a chance
to talk to him.
All right.
Dr. Reeves.
Carol Brubaker.
You spoke at my class
last month.
I remember.
Carl Brubaker's daughter.
I always enjoyed
his lectures.
I'm also a friend
of Rita Valdez--
a woman killed
at Los Muertos.
I was wondering if I could have
a moment of your time.
Of course.
Give me a moment. Here.
Follow me.
Trace recognized it immediately
as the creature he saw.
Carol, this is just
an artist's rendering.
It's on your website.
Yes, but it's just another
unconfirmed sighting.
There have been others?
Japan, New Zealand,
North Carolina.
But until we have
a reliable record
of the existence
of this species,
something concrete,
we cannot assume the existence
of a living example.
This is the beacon
I told you about.
It may have
tissue from the creature on it.
Examine this please,
Dr. Reeves.
I Will.
Trace, you promised.
(computer beeps)
(gun clicks)
(phone clicks)
(siren sounds)
Man over loudspeaker:
Stop your engine.
Prepare for boarding.
I repeat, stop your engine.
Stop your engine.
The engine's stopped, okay?
I hear you.
The engine's stopped.
Calderon: Nothing changes
with you, does it, McGraw?
Trace: I know.
it's very sad. Entiendo.
Hey, you want to explain to me
why you were doing
10 times the speed limit
through a no-wake zone?
Uh, no, actually I don't.
How about a registration
for that weapon?
Look, Victor,
I'm very happy
for your promotion
and I'm glad to see that they're
lowering their standards so much.
And as much as I'd like to stay here
and insult you some more,
I'm kind of busy right now.
Oh, can we get you
any ammunition, huh?
How about some fuel?
- Look, Victor.
- Yeah?
This thing--
this thing that killed Rita
and the lifeguards--
it's not just a shark, okay?
It's some kind of
prehistoric shark,
like a dinosaur.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- This thing is out there
and it's headed towards the waterways.
I saw it, okay?
- I'm not kidding, all right?
If we don't stop this thing,
it's gonna kill a lot more people.
How long are you going to
carry on with this bullshit?
Those people were attacked
by a tiger shark.
- No, it was not a tiger shark.
- Yeah, and I have a warrant
-to Search this vessel.
- Search it for what?
You leave that to us.
You know what? Go ahead.
Search the boat. Fine. Be my guest.
You've got bigger problems
than a prehistoric fish, amigo.
It turns out
your partner Zorra
was arrested at the border
with 40 lbs of marijuana.
- Can you explain that to me?
- What partner?
He's not my partner.
I rent his boat.
Okay, that's it. That's it.
Now I'm impounding
this boat, okay?
Ernesto, get this fool off the deck
and onto dry land.
Yeah, good luck
getting on board.
Tom: All right, calm down.
This is not a contact sport.
Oh, come on, let's go.
All right.
Are you kidding me?
- Wait, hold on. Hold on.
- Fine.
Tom: All right,
let's get out of here.
Come on.
All right, babe.
Tom: All right, you be up front.
I'm in back.
All you gotta do is just row
and I'll match you, okay?
No big deal.
Here we go. Here we go.
One, two.
Jade: All right.
Paddle paddle paddle.
Right on, I have got this.
And what is it that you're doing
back there, babe?
I'm trying to match your stroke.
Isn't that supposed to be
my line?
(Jade laughs)
Come on.
Left, right, left, right.
Don't make me
come back there.
Just keep in rhythm with me.
Listen here, mister...
(Tom laughs)
You're rocking the boat.
Tom, I think
we're being followed.
It's probably just a dolphin.
I don't know.
It looks kind of big
for a dolphin.
That's no dolphin.
That's a shark.
Now row! Row!
- Come on.
- Oh my God. Oh my God.
Go! Jade, go!
- Tom, no!
(singing in Spanish)
-I really want you to come with us.
- That would be awesome.
Man: You guys are looking great.
Good to see you.
Dr. Reeves: Hello.
Good to see you again.
Sam, nice to see you
once more.
Sam: Thank you for your
Dr. Reeves: Very good.
- Simon.
- Ah, Frank.
Frank, good to see you again.
- I'm glad you could make it.
- Thanks for inviting me.
- Let me introduce you to somebody.
- Sure.
- Elsa.
- Yes?
This is Dr. Simon Otis,
a distinguished colleague of mine.
Well, welcome, Dr. Otis. I'm so glad
you're joining us this evening.
Simon is with us doing some research
on cryobiology.
I'll let him explain.
I study organisms living
at below normal temperatures,
endangered fish.
Endangered fish.
Excuse me one moment.
I'm so sorry
that the music is so loud,
but we are having
our annual fiesta,
and I'm so glad you're joining us
for this event.
Yes, well,
it's nice to be here.
Amigos, your music is great,
but could you hold the volume down
just a little bit?
Some Arctic species develop
antifreeze proteins
that bind to the ice crystals
in the fish.
Very interesting, Dr. Otis.
it's been such a pleasure meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Frank, I must say hello to your wife.
I'll join you later.
I was just telling her
about the Siberian sturgeon
and how I was trying to freeze
the DNA
for future regeneration.
I was going to--
Simon, come with me
for a moment.
I need your opinion
about something.
There's been something
bothering me for some time.
I'm checking up on this.
I'm not really certain
as to what the answer is.
But do you think
it's possible
that a prehistoric species
could survive in this way,
trapped in ice?
I think it's highly improbable.
But out of the question? No.
Where's Trace?
I can't get him on his cell.
I don't know. He probably got some
last-minute customer or something.
He's out there looking for
the pliosaur. I know it.
- What?
-(phone rings)
Hello. Hello.
Hey, Carol. it's Mike.
Listen, the regatta fiesta
parade thingy--
it's gonna be happening
a little bit later than anticipated.
So I was wondering if we could delay
the polo match till 3:00.
Sure. No problem.
Okay, I'll tell
the yacht club coach.
Okay, is that it?
Well, not unless you want
to take me up on my offer--
dinner tonight?
Look, I don't know how to explain
this to you, Mike,
but I just can't deal
with this right now, okay?
No, I totally understand that.
I mean, tomorrow night's good
if you're available.
doing anything
tomorrow night?
(phone rings)
Where are you?
I'm coming.
It's Trace.
He's down at the dock.
Luis, that thing is in the canal.
Everything was peaceful around here
until Trace McGraw came back.
You still don't believe him?
Did you?
I believe what he saw
was a pliosaur.
I believe he saw it go to inland waters.
And we've got to stop it.
And I believe you guys are gonna
need my help.
(boat horn tooting)
This is Steve's house here.
We should warn him.
Yeah, there's a good View of the canal
from his dock.
Hey, Steve.
- Steve.
- Steve.
I don't see him.
Looks like he hooked
another one.
Yeah, looks like it.
Hey, Steve.
Are you okay?
It's real,
just like you said.
Where the hell
is it headed for now?
Let's go.
The canal leads to the Parque Nacional.
That's where it's headed.
- How far is it?
- 12 miles.
But there's a pontoon barrier
at the Huatulco turn-off.
- We can stop it there.
- Then what?
Blow it out of the water.
Whoa. This creature is
a biological phenomenon.
We should capture is somehow,
anesthetize it, study it.
We'll get it mounted on your wall
if you want, after we kill it.
I like his idea better.
So what, we need
explosives, right?
Yeah, I'll try to get some
from my friends at the army base.
All right, make it happen.
We'll take Steve's car.
You guys track the thing.
I'll meet you at the barrier.
Not now.
- What is it?
You need to take this.
Inspector Calderon,
it's Carol Brubaker.
There's been another shark attack
with two more victims.
33 Via del Sol.
At least two people--
Steve Leggins and a woman.
There's not much left to ID.
We're tracking the thing inland.
We're going to try and stop it
at the Huatulco turn-off.
You've got to send some help
right away.
That's for sure.
So he said
he's sending someone.
This better work.
Pedro, t eres aqu?
Hey guys.
Came to visit your friend?
How long is it gonna take you
to get that pontoon piece into place?
No s.
Para qu?
Pedro, please, can you get
that crane running?
I was waiting for--
Pedro, no estoy bromeando.
Look, I'm not joking, man.
We gotta get that thing down, okay?
Just move it. Come on.
Okay okay.
(speaking Spanish)
Let's go.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
Pedro, keep
bringing it down.
(speaking Spanish)
Watch your step.
Come on.
Okay, that's good.
So what's the plan?
There are eyelets
on either side of this pontoon
that lock it into place.
Once they're together, this thing
shouldn't be able to get through.
So how are you gonna do that?
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to
go underneath there.
What am I supposed to do?
Just make sure
I don't get eaten.
That's not funny.
Okay, take it up.
Come on.
(bird screeches)
Got it?
I've just got
to catch my breath.
Carol, Carol.
Carol, Carol.
Carol, come on.
Carol, come on.
Carol, come on.
- Men: Get her out. Let's go!
- Carol.
Get out. Come on.
it's coming. Get out. Get out.
Hey. Hey, come on.
Ernesto, look.
We got it trapped
inside the canal.
You're just in time, okay?
Okay, stay back.
What are you doing?
Victor, listen to me.
We have it trapped
right here in the canal, okay?
- Oh yeah?
- it's right back there.
Really? How scary.
- Listen to me.
- No, listen to me, Trace.
You show up out of nowhere
and the next thing I know,
I've got four people dead
and a missing car
and a brick of marijuana
from your boat.
We have it trapped.
Now if you don't do something--
- What do you want me to do, eh?
- I want you to stop this thing.
You want me to pin it
on a dinosaur?
Is your dinosaur
running weed too, eh?
-(creature roars)
-(people scream)
Fire, now!
That's your killer--
a 150-million-year-old shark.
It's hungry.
We need to trap this thing.
Okay, the waterway leads
to a maze of canals
and then a swamp.
The canals lead
to the estuary.
And the estuary leads to the open ocean,
so this thing can still get free.
Yeah, but the Mascaro is only
a few boat lengths wide
and it's shallow.
I've got a chopper.
We're can spot it from the air
and blow this thing
back into the Stone Age.
- Ernesto, call the base now.
- Yes, sir.
And clear the park.
Dinoshark season
is officially open.
Hey, you see that boat?
I'm gonna take that boat, okay?
I'll meet you--
Hey, look, Trace, I want you
to stay out of the way, okay?
Leave it to us.
(helicopter blades whirring)
That chopper's got a .50-caliber
machine gun.
No arguing with that, man.
Man over radio: We have
the shark spotted right below.
(men screaming)
Holy shit.
(people screaming)
You're gonna need
a bigger chopper, cabrn.
Man: You're crazy.
You're crazy.
(horns honking)
Come on.
(horn toots)
(phone ringing)
Luis, where are you?
Via Escondido. I'm stuck
at a federal checkpoint.
- I can't get through.
- He's stuck on Escondido.
Tell him it's
in the Parque Nacional.
We can meet him
at Punta del Flamenco.
He'll know where it is.
Luis: Yes, I got it.
I'll be there in 30.
You've got to hurry, Luis.
I'm bringing
a little present too.
Carol: How do you find
your way around here?
It all looks the same.
I told you, I grew up here.
Luis and I used to come down here
when we were kids and play hooky.
If I remember, this should lead us
to Punta del Flamenco.
it's nice.
Woman: I'm not wearing
the right shoes for this.
All right, all right,
we've got to stop. This is good.
- Want to take a break?
- Right here's great, yeah.
- Okay.
- Let's get some water out.
- Sure, open it up.
- Hey, Dad, can I go play by the water?
Sure. Just be careful.
Don't get wet, buddy.
- Okay okay.
- Just be really careful, okay?
Hold Still.
Man: Thanks.
Woman: Oh, it's hot.
Can't wait to get on that boat.
(imitates explosion)
See anything?
Up there, what's that?
Get out of here,
you stupid crocodile.
it's hot.
What's wrong with you?
Eddie, where's your boat?
Well, there was this crocodile
in the water and this monster ate him.
Look, we've got the whale-watching trip.
We need to go.
- Come on, hustle up.
- No more.
I have talked to you about this--
no more stories.
Trace! Carol!
(distant dogs barking)
Let's go.
It was right here,
taking a sunbath.
Calderon's men shot at it
50 times.
It just flew over.
- It can fly?
- Hey, which way?
That way.
Let's go.
Man over speakers:
Hello, and welcome.
As you can see,
the boats are getting ready
for what promises to be
a fantastic day of fun at the marina.
Crowd: Hey.
We have in fact imported
the lovely
Ballet Folklorico dancers.
And I hope you enjoy that.
And-- oh, look who
we have here.
George, how are you doing, sir?
Good to see you.
- Hi, Mike. How are you doing?
- Good to see you.
Bill, if you have a seat
there, please.
Barbara, I've reserved
a special seat for you.
From here you should have
a pretty good view of the match.
Hurricane Kenna
slammed this place pretty hard.
It washed out
most of the waterways.
You guys, this map
is out of date.
Now what?
What's that?
At least they got their
wildlife adventure.
Man over speakers:
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
the start of the 2009 Puerto Vallarta
regatta race for the cup!
(horn blows)
Hey, Luis,
isn't that the main channel?
We're headed
toward the ocean.
Trace, Trace, right there.
You see it?
It's headed towards the hotel.
The girls.
(girls chattering)
Hey, you can't be in here.
What do you mean?
I own the joint.
- Have you seen Miss Brubaker?
- We thought she was with you.
- The match starts in six minutes.
- We can't play without a coach.
How could she
let me down like this?
And we were hitting it off
so well.
Wait, we could do it.
We practiced the plays all week.
Janelle, you can lead the swim-off.
Monica, you can start on goal.
Let's show these yahoo girls
how to play ball.
All right, yeah, let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Paradise Village
proudly presents
a brand new
fiesta week event--
an all-girl water polo match.
-(blows whistle)
-(crowd cheering)
Janelle, come on.
This side.
(girls shouting)
All right, Janelle.
They've started.
- Get out of the water!
-(blowing horn)
- Out of the water!
- Shark!
Help me!
(blowing horn)
Get out of the water!
Help! Help me!
Help her.
Please help her.
Oh my God.
Emilia, come on.
Come on, Emilia,
swim to the ladder, please.
Come on!
Come on, you can do this.
Come on,
you can do this.
We're almost there.
Come on.
Luis, no!
Take my hand.
Carol, come on.
Carol, come on.
We've got to get this thing.
I need help untying this boat.
Come on.
(phone ringing)
Reeves, look, it's too late, okay?
Just tell me how to kill this thing.
The creature's exterior lamina
is armor.
The only vulnerability in the entire
skeleton is the orbital cavity.
In English, Reeves.
The eye--
aim for the eye.
Reeves thinks this thing's
only weakness is the eye.
It's headed for Paradise Beach.
Oh, nice.
- Woman: Yes.
- Man: Nice.
- You go, girl. Race you to the barrier.
- You're on.
Hey, I'll catch up with you later.
I got an appointment
with the parasailor.
Tour guide:
Jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing.
It's gone.
See that?
Right over there.
(people screaming)
Tour guide:
This is Paradise Village, people.
Tour guide:
This is Paradise Village, people.
Before we get
to the viewing area, folks,
this is a fine opportunity
to take in the sights
of the Bahia de Banderas.
And off to the starboard side,
you guys can see
the world-famous
Puerto Vallarta regatta.
Take a picture. it'll be worth
a lifetime of memories.
And if you look above us
right now,
you'll see an example
of the exciting sport of parasailing.
I bet he has
a View to die for.
Keep your eyes open
and cameras ready, folks,
because we might just catch a glimpse
of a dolphin or two.
Hey, Skipper, how about a lift?
What do you say, mates?
Hard to say no
to these mermaids.
Come aboard.
Okay, watch your step here,
my little fish.
Holy smoke.
Hey! Hey!
There's a shark behind you.
Get out of the water.
There's a shark behind you.
There's a shark right behind you.--
right behind you.
Get out of the water.
Trace, it got the parasailor
right over there.
Go go go.
Take the wheel.
Get as close to it
as you can.
Carol: I don't think this boat
can keep up.
Keep it straight.
- Carol, keep it steady.
- I'm trying.
Damn it.
Is that a shark?
It just hit the excursion boat
over there.
- Eddie!
- Eddie!
It's right behind them.
The boat's not fast enough.
Carol, get me over
to that jet ski.
- Closer.
- I'm trying.
Help me!
Come on, Trace.
Help me!
Help! Help us!
Help! Help!
Help me!
Welcome to the endangered species
list, you bastard.
(instrumental music playing)
(instrumental music playing)