Diplomatic Siege (1999) Movie Script

My dear, I would like to thank you
for accepting our invitation...
and I would like to
introduce you to the gentleman
who first suggested
your presence here.
Colonel Peter Vojnovic.
Unfortunately, Colonel...
she had an emergency come up,
and she has to leave.
I will remember this night
for a long time.
You may never forget it, Mowgli.
Man: I understand completely,
and I want you to know...
the United States government is grateful
for your help, Miss Chernenko.
As soon as I get
my green card.
Very interesting...
Oh, my God, what is this?
Let me go!
There is no...
What's going on?
This is unacceptable...
We've changed your hotel
for safety reasons.
The building across
from the Sheraton is empty.
This makes it easier
for us to...
The following is a special report
of the European-American Network.
Colonel Vojnovic will be the first
of four high ranking officers...
to be tried on Friday
for crimes against humanity...
in the Bosnian war crimes tribunal.
Vojnovic was the leader
of a Serbian military unit...
known as the "Brown Hats. "
This group tops the list
of human rights organizations
as perpetrators of inhuman
acts of attrition...
and so-called "ethnic cleansing"
against Croats and Bosnians
during the Bosnian War.
Since the capture
of the Serbian colonel
by American military forces
some three months ago...
numerous bomb threats
have been made
against the UN prison compound
here in The Hague.
Man: "High Fences... Firewall.
" I'm not getting in that way.
Can't jump over the fence,
or go around it...
Let's try Mr. Parker's domain.
- Children, none; wife deceased...
- Thirty seconds.
attachs, secretaries,
valets, housekeepers...
subordinates... a driver.
- Pets, cats, dogs...
- Twenty.
a hamster, a horse.
- Horse is a gift from...
- Fifteen seconds.
NSC advisor Jean Parker.
Horse's name: "Goblin".
How sweet.
"Goblin. "
Five seconds.
I'm in.
You're in?
Deep enough to see that NSC advisor
Parker has awarded a certain...
"BB" three stars...?
What time's your plane, Mitchell?
About 35 minutes, General.
My kid's sleeping in the limo now.
- Well, good hunting.
- Thank you.
Oh, by the way, Mitchell...
does Mr. Parker's information reveal
what "BB" does to rate three stars?
She bites.
"She bites. "
I hear the girls in Armenia
are pretty sexy.
You said the same thing
about Poland.
- Who said that? I said that?
- But I've never seen one.
All I've seen are those not-so-sexy
secretaries in another ugly embassy.
Well, Bucharest is the last one,
and it's only for three days.
I had better things
to do, Steve.
Wait a minute.
For years, all I hear is...
"We've gotta spend
more time together. "
Now you've got
"better things to do"?
Taking me to work with you
is not what I meant by, "more time".
Chris, have you thought more
about what we were talking about?
I know you love your grandma...
I don't want to live
with my grandparents, Steve.
How's that gonna help things
between us?
I wanna live with you.
Look... Chris...
I'm not a very good dad.
And I'm never gonna be
a very good dad.
I'm a cranky, irascible,
impatient, workaholic.
You don't have
very much fun with me.
I mean, let's face it.
I don't make you happy.
No, Steve, no.
The truth is,
I don't make you happy.
Morning, Sarge.
Hi. Steve Mitchell, Chris Mitchell,
to see Ambassador Gannon, please.
- Welcome to Bucharest, Mr. Mitchell.
- Thank you.
I will let Deputy Tomberlin
know you're here.
- Mr. Mitchell?
- Hi.
I am the ambassador's
How do you do?
This is his daughter, Gina.
Hi, Gina. This is my...
my son, Chris.
We're just about to catch
a bus for the city.
Perhaps Chris...
would you like to come along?
Perhaps Chris would like...
excuse me.
- What?
- I brought stuff to read.
Are you kidding? That girl's
hotter than a pistol.
Plus, it'll keep you out
of another embassy.
- He'd love to come.
- Ah, good.
Has my liason arrived yet?
She's waiting for you
in the old security room.
You'll be meeting
Ambassador Gannon at lunch.
Very good, very good.
Thank you.
Otherwise, your time
is pretty much your own.
Come on, come on,
let's go.
Thank God they finally
got around to sending you guys...
to update
those computer systems.
Mr. Mitchell?
Steven Mitchell?
This is Erica Long.
I'll be downstairs
if you need anything.
Nice to see you,
Of all the computer rooms in all
the embassies in all the world...
I gotta stroll into...
I don't believe you.
We were bound to run
into each other sooner or later.
Just the luck of the draw, right?
Did you do Moscow?
And Warsaw and East Berlin.
Who was your liason?
You know that's classified.
A woman?
You could talk about a miracle,
but never mention the angel.
Yeah, right.
I've done four.
- Really?
- Um-hmm.
Prague was the best.
Budapest wasn't bad, either.
I can't believe we haven't been
together on one of these before.
Like they were made for each other.
So what do you say...
we go see the ambassador
for the security access,
and head down to the site?
There's no rush, is there?
That thing's been down there since
the first day of the Cold War.
- How did you do it?
- I got a draw.
Something tells me...
that you used some serious grease
to get us here together.
What else is that "something"
telling you?
Does this belt really open?
Excuse me, sir...
Morning, Ms. Long.
You two find everything you need?
So far, so good,
thank you.
Ambassador Gannon's ready for you
when you're finished in here.
Hopefully, before lunch.
Okay. Thank you, Sergeant.
Ma'am, I need you
to step through again, please?
Step back.
The detector's not working.
So what else is there
to do in this town?
I hear the Russian Circus is in town.
Russian Circus? Okay, that's an idea.
We could do that.
So, how's the wife, Steve-o?
Car accident.
I'm sorry.
Kind of a bad start, huh?
At least you got a little of that
domestic life you were looking for.
I never figured you wanted
to go that way, so...
I never heard you ask.
So, what's the security gimmick
down here this time?
A pool full of crocodiles?
The ambassador will let us know.
That's why he's waiting for us.
Well, let's get on the good foot.
Sergeant Nakajima,
this is my liason, Steve Mitchell.
Yeah, hi.
We... met, right?
Good to meet you.
Why don't you stay here...
and the sergeant will show you
how the computer system works.
I'll be back in five minutes.
nice to see you again.
This place may not look like much
to a world traveler like yourself...
- Doesn't.
- But it used to be security.
"Used to be" is right
It's older than dirt.
I've still got all the surveillance
connections here...
so if I wanna take a walk
through the lobby I press a button.
If I wanna take a stroll
through the streets of Bucharest...
I just press this button,
and I'm outside.
- Look, it's a wedding.
- How charming.
Talk about starting off
on the wrong foot.
What's that?
Romanian foreplay?
Actually, they call it, "Prelude".
Down! Move!
You sit!
There's one on the second floor.
West corridor.
And another one in the kitchen.
Sergeant: He's cleaning up
with a thermal tracking device.
They'd have to get a sensor
in here to use that thing.
And on the third floor,
across the stairs, two people.
...across the stairs...
- That's us.
This place was done over
in the 50's, but it works.
Goran? There is nothing
across the stairs.
They've cut communications.
Hell, that's cold.
What are you doing?
We're about to witness the shortest
hostage crisis in history.
- What are you doing?
- Just keep your eye on the desk.
- The desk is rigged?
- Just watch the desk.
One step closer.
One step... gotcha.
- Uh-uh.
- What?
Zoom in on this other camera.
I seem to recognize
those pretty blonde curls, don't you?
Sir, she's not in the line of fire.
You kill Erica instead of him,
this whole thing gets worse.
How is that possible?
I need to erase some classified
information in the basement...
and I need her to access it.
I'm going for that woman before
he picks up the thermo-tracking.
Thank you for coming, gentlemen.
I appreciate your quick response.
- Who's closest to the embassy?
- Buck Swain.
He's putting together a combined
special forces unit as we speak.
The elite of the Army, Navy,
Air Force, and Marines.
What I want to know is about
the security breach.
Security? In our embassies?
Tell me another story.
Ambassador Gannon.
I need the security code.
It's not gonna do
much good in here.
I don't plan on staying.
G... 3... zero...
Ambassador Gannon?
That man is the American
ambassador to Romania...
And you are?
Diplomatic attach Erica Long.
Your name must have more to do
with your legs, Miss Long...
than your life span.
At least I still have
a life span.
Oh, boy.
We got a live one, here.
I'm at the north corridor.
All right.
Stay to the left and the rear
of the building.
Did you get that?
Step out there, and read this.
The whole world
is going to be watching.
Someone has just been pushed out...
It looks like U.S. ambassador
Jacques Gannon.
The Serbian Liberation Front
is holding 37 prisoners of war.
Their fate is in the hands
of the United States government...
who now must arrange
for the immediate release
of Colonel Peter Vojnovic...
who was criminally abducted
three months ago...
from the Russian embassy
by American military forces.
Until that time...
one hostage will be killed
every hour, beginning now.
The second is being chosen
as I speak.
The first will be...
Ambassador Gannon.
He's coming down slowly,
almost at the bottom.
There's a palpable tension
in the air...
as Ambassador Gannon steps away
from his besieged embassy.
Ambassador Jacques Gannon
is approaching the police line.
He's just a few short feet
from safety.
Authorities are whisking him into
a police vehicle under heavy guard.
As you can imagine,
chaos has broken out...
Reporter: The van the ambassador
had entered seconds ago has blown up.
Goddamn it!
How did I know
you'd come for me?
We have some unfinished
business, don't we?
I thought we were pretty much
finished for today.
Enthusiasm is the greatest
Tim, second floor...
good to go.
Go, go, go!
Go, go!
What's telling me Miss Long
was helped out of here...
by the guy that doesn't exist?
Go get her.
Okay, we're in the third floor
emergency stairwell. What up?
All right, sir. Stay towards
the rear of the building...
the living areas.
There are no cameras there.
That's not gonna help
with the thermo.
There isn't any
thermo-tracking device.
Steve, why are we going up?
Shouldn't we be heading down?
Not until we know how to get down
without getting our asses shot.
Listen, if those guys
do know what's down there...
they also know that it's old.
And they're not going to have to
buy much time to get control of that.
Trust me.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Weren't the 50's fun?
I wouldn't know.
I wasn't born yet.
Gentlemen, I think we should
take advantage of this opportunity
to strike the hard line
against terrorists.
I suggest you let me
bomb the shit out of them.
There are 37 people in there.
Weren't you the one who made all
those speeches after the Iran crisis
about shooting first,
and asking questions later?
He was going through
a divorce at the time.
I suggest you let me
call in an immediate air strike.
General Swain's
already halfway there.
We've already decided
on policy...
This is more of a...
special situation.
Early in the Cold War, we found out
where to position atomic bombs...
what were determined areas
of primary defense.
We decided the best strategy would be
to have these bombs already planted
at these targets in the capitals
of these Communist nations.
This way, we would have
first-strike capability...
before the enemy could even
launch their missiles.
A nuclear defense wall,
so to speak.
It became obvious where we could
most easily conceal these weapons.
In our own embassies.
Who the hell made that decision?
Hold on, Ed. How much of this
"nuclear wall" still exists?
Bucharest is the last.
And you think it's a coincidence
terrorists have chosen Bucharest?
I might have, if they hadn't
attacked on the day
we sent two operatives
to disarm it and ship it back.
Is there any way we can
shut down the system from here?
It's a monitoring system.
It doesn't regulate.
So, it's very likely these terrorists
know something we don't.
And it's even more likely
we don't have any way to stop them.
Excuse me,
what are you doing?
I'm calling the President.
I don't think he knows a thing.
I can't permit that.
Why not?
The previous administration
ordered the Joint Chiefs
to keep silent about this
before you were one of them.
- That order's still valid.
- This is insane.
No, this is national security.
Need I remind you,
we have a national security advisor...
who is still responsible
for making a final call on this?
Hang it up, Ben.
We are not going to get
down there in the open, baby.
Ventilation shafts.
No, there's a pressure sensor
that'll send an alarm to security.
What if we change the pressure?
- CO-2.
- Might work.
This seems like a lot of trouble
to erase some information.
What is it gonna take for you
to tell me what's going on?
I'm still one hostage short.
Did you find that woman?
There's some commotion outside.
... a 13 or 14-year-old boy...
or should I say, a very brave
young man. I see him now...
As we stand watching,
one of the terrorists
is lifting the boy
from the ledge, onto the roof.
This poor boy has spent ten minutes
dangling above the ground.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- Aghh!
We are not getting paid enough
to be part of this kinda work.
Do you have any idea
what we're worth...
in the real world,
doing what we do?
It just doesn't feel right.
- Feels pretty good from here.
- I'm not kidding.
I'm not kidding either,
but you gotta consider the perks.
International cuisine,
beautiful hotels, beautiful museums...
interesting people,
exotic places...
Right. Where else would I get to see
the inside of a ventilation shaft?
Maybe we should ask for a raise.
Yeah, there you go.
Tim: You guys are in the red.
What's taking so long? Come on.
Come on.
Tim: Pressure's up,
already. Bring it down.
What's going on?
Do I look like a fireman?
I don't know what's wrong with it.
Okay, it's not working.
We better get out of here.
just a little faith.
All right, they know
where you are, get out.
You guys hear me?
Get out.
Okay, okay, go.
Straight or left?
Take it to the left.
I think I've got
my one o'clock.
EAN TV has just picked up
this live transmission...
said to be coming from within
the United States embassy.
I have decided
that this young man...
will be my next message to you.
I will shoot him...
unless I am given proof that
Colonel Vojnovic has been released.
nine minutes.
Son of a bitch, he has his own
satellite transmission.
I want nothing that happens
in that embassy on the air.
Cut that transmission, scramble it,
and feed it into our system.
Goddamn it.
I'm with ya.
Okay, Tim. We're at a crossroads.
Which way?
Take the right, then call me
at the next intersection.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Son of a bitch...
- What?
Son of a bitch,
he's gonna kill some kid.
I didn't see a kid down there.
How old is he?
Thirteen, fourteen...
What color jacket
does he have on?
Jean jacket,
wearing a walkman...
- It's Chris.
- Chris?
What the hell is he doing there?
I gotta go.
Steve, if you don't follow protocol,
I don't have any choice.
You shoot me, you can't do
very much with that bomb, can you?
I can't do anything with it
if you leave me alone here, either.
Goddamn it, Steve!
We are here for a bomb
We have to do this.
He's my son, Erica.
Help me.
I'm in the john...
on the second floor.
Tim: All right, just sit tight.
I'll let you know when you're clear.
You have two minutes.
I still don't see the colonel.
The clock is still ticking.
- We have to do something.
- What the hell can we do?
With what he's sitting on?
And a gun pointed at a kid's head?
They still got a gun on my kid?
A minute-thirty.
Well, get me there.
Okay, okay, go.
No... no, wait...
I gotta go.
Okay, okay, go.
You're clear.
Come on.
Pull, pull!
Secure that room!
Where's the kid?
Chris, are you okay?
You sick murderer.
The lady of the house will be
your next one o'clock.
NATO is causing problems
getting the colonel out of prison.
They need more time.
Help me, God... please.
I give you another hour.
Son of a...
I'd like to recommend
we send for Vojnovic.
Only to get Goran
out of the embassy.
You know American foreign policy
on war criminals and terrorists.
How are you going to explain
to the President...
we let Vojnovic out of jail
after just two hours?
The President is not going
to authorize a release...
unless we explain why we have to
get that terrorist out of the embassy.
We're talking about
an atomic bomb, here.
Then it would seem...
we're going to have to tell him.
Before we take one more step...
You should know...
I am a Croat.
Where the hell is Swain?!
Saddle up.
General Swain, I'm Colonel Vasilescu.
Welcome to Romania, sir.
Thank you, Colonel.
- Sorry.
- That's okay.
They get anything important?
No, everything important
was in my throat.
And what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be on a bus,
not getting your brains blown out.
I put you on a bus, with a cute
fat girl, and what is this?
You don't like embassies,
you don't like my work...
what are you doing here?
I missed you...?
Looks like we've got activity outside.
... they are under the command
of Michael "Buck" Swain...
highly decorated field commander who
took part in Operation Desert Storm.
Move out, move out, go!
- Captain?
- Sir?
I want Alpha squad right in their face,
Baker at the back door...
Excuse me, General?
We should discuss
whatever movements you're planning.
The embassy is
United States territory.
On this sidewalk,
you're in Romania, sir.
Oh, okay.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir?
Find me a spot to place
an operations command post.
Right away, sir.
And, Colonel...?
Since your people seem to have
difficulty dispersing that crowd...
perhaps when the shooting starts...
you'll keep them
on your side of the line?
General Swain, here.
I was hoping they'd send you, Swain.
All right, who is this?
Your old schoolmate, Buck.
Goran Mladinov.
I know all the options, Swain.
Nothing you do will work,
unless delivering Colonel Vojnovic.
These tunnels lead to a fork,
that means she and I go left.
Where's that other one go?
Looks like that tunnel
opens up to the river.
If you wanna get your kid out
of the embassy, that's the best way.
How do I know these goons
don't know about it?
They haven't bothered us in this room,
so they're not working off this map.
They can't know about that tunnel.
Take Chris down that tunnel,
and get him out of the city.
- Out of the city?
- The city, out of the country...
- off the continent, you hear me?
- Yes, sir.
So who is this Mladinov guy?
Goran Mladinov? He finished at
the top of his class at Ft. Bragg...
then trained by Delta Command
and the CIA...
Serbian parents, raised in America,
went back to Serbia to find his roots...
ended up heading what's left
of Vojnovic's Brown Hats.
Do they teach what he knew about
that embassy in Bragg, General?
- No.
- Then how did he know about it?
Let's see. I've been told
that the metal detectors failed.
Could be a coincidence,
but highly unlikely to me.
He could be a clairvoyant,
but that would be a long shot.
I'm no intelligence officer,
but if I had to guess...
and I'm guessing now, I'd say
Goran had people on the inside.
Which means...
he may know everything you know.
And probably knows more
than I know.
Standard operating procedure
until you hear from me, General.
Gentlemen, he's going to kill
everyone before we can get in there.
I say we go back to using Vojnovic
and get Goran out of the embassy.
Have you been with us
for the last two hours?
I've been in touch with Interpol
and come up with a few options.
Actually, a few very close
choices to Vojnovic, all in Europe.
This isn't gonna work!
Even if he buys it, it's only
gonna work till they get together.
Right, at the airport,
outside the embassy.
That's all we're trying to do.
Go back to the guy before,
number two.
Car thief turned chief.
Doesn't say of what.
It says, "chef",
not "chief".
Oh... right.
I do what I can.
Giorgio Borghelli?
You guys are fast, huh?
Hey, Borghelli!
This Vojnovic guy had taste.
- Huh?
- Yeah.
You think I make this for you,
I can keep the shoes, no?
Of course, sure.
Mamma ma...
Look at this watch.
An important mission
I'm helping with, no?
I don't know why.
I don't even know one American.
Is the camera ready?
Okay. You're not to do
anything except sit.
And try to look like you're thinking
about something important.
But that's difficult, no?
I mean, who knows
what could happen to me?
I'm sure we could arrange
for you to keep the watch.
All right.
And, a little trip
to Miami, maybe?
I've never been to America.
A little spending money?
Five, ten thousand?
We'll find somebody else.
Take me back... finito.
No, you know too much.
Take me back.
The camera's not on, is it?
I'm sorry you had to be
involved in this.
Your "chief" Borghelli
looks a little... chunky.
He's gotten fat.
Give him today's paper.
I want to speak to him.
We've got a problem with the sound.
We're gonna work it out.
We have a big problem
with the sound.
We don't have any!
Look, relax.
We can do this.
The moment I started looking
for a face...
I knew I needed a voice
I could put with it.
"This little pig went to market...
This little pig went home...
this little pig had roast beef,
this little pig had none.
This little pig went,
'wee, wee, wee, wee... "'
Excuse me.
Go through that "wee-wee-wee"
stuff again, please.
"This little pig went,
'wee, wee, wee, wee... "'
- That's it.
- He's on the line... go!
you have done well.
Your courage, and that
of our men, has won the day.
I'm sure our countrymen
will be very happy.
Your wife and daughters
will be relieved.
I understand.
I have arranged for a plane.
We brought our own pilot.
I guess...
One daughter... one daughter.
Yes, you will.
Goodbye, sir.
How long have I been away?
Three months.
How is it possible my wife has had
another daughter in that time?
It is not, sir.
I understand.
I see you soon.
Nice recovery.
This is the fork.
The exit's that way.
Take care of him.
When the guy had the gun
in my face...
I was thinking.
If I had listened to you,
I'd probably be sightseeing right now.
Maybe it's not all you...
you know?
Maybe I'm just as bad at being a son,
as you are at being a dad.
Take care of him.
Let's go, buddy... come on.
- Seems like a nice kid.
- He's a great kid; that's my problem.
You'll find a common ground.
- We don't have anything in common.
- Where have I heard that one before?
Who said that?
Did I say that?
Maybe you just need to spend
some more time together.
That, I've heard before.
You know, it's too bad you're not
doing a little better financially.
You'd have some more free time
to deal with your life...
Okay, Colonel, bring it in.
Reporter: The bus you're seeing
will take the hostages to safety.
If the rumors are true that
Colonel Vojnovic has been released...
it would be a reversal of U.S. policy
of no negotiations with terrorists.
Reporter: We're still waiting for
confirmation... Wait a minute...
There appears to be a group
exiting the compound at this time.
I'm counting nine people
being used as human shields...
Go get them.
A woman has just burst out
of the building... She has a gun...
- She's grabbing one of the hostages...
- No...
What the hell happened?!
I wonder if you two
could help me?
There's been no explanation...
A man has just stepped
out of the compound.
We can't tell whether he's a hostage,
or one of the terrorists.
What is he doing?
Reporter: He's walking
toward military personnel...
who have been on ready alert since
this seige started five hours ago.
You are...
General Swain?
He said...
you are a liar.
Where is the real Vojnovic?
That is the real Vojnovic.
you can't lie to me, sir.
He said he'll kill my wife
if you don't tell me the truth.
I'm not lying to you.
Thank you, sir.
- He'll kill my wife...
- Let him go.
Let me go!
He's testing us, sir.
Getting a confirmation on Vojnovic.
Give me the Pentagon.
He said...
that is the real Vojnovic.
Colonel Vojnovic had a few,
shall we say, unusual habits.
He believed that every second
of his time was precious.
He eliminated everything that might
take that time away from him.
what is wrong
with this picture?
What's wrong in his dress,
that is time consuming?
Even in the smallest degree?
Goran: Come on, come
on, it cannot be so hard.
The shoes.
They have laces.
He never wore laces.
I know they don't
get laces in prison...
Those shoes...
he would have had to buy.
Goran: That general knew what
was at stake, and he lied.
He threw your husband's life away.
It wasn't me who killed him.
I put a little something
in your pocket...
that will show them
what you're feeling.
You lied.
Reporter: A man is down on the ground.
There's total chaos at this time...
I'm all right.
Someone's gotta call him.
I'm not calling him.
You should have told me
about Vojnovic.
You should have told me
this asshole was dead.
Pentagon: Sorry, General.
Couldn't chance a leak.
We are doing the best
we can here, General.
Why do I have a feeling you don't
have a clue what you're doing?
If you have an alternate strategy,
we'd love to hear it.
Okay, okay...
You were, of course, thinking...
that was the last place
they were gonna look?
I figured if they searched this far,
they wouldn't notice.
Before all hell broke loose...
I don't suppose you had time
in your chat with the ambassador...
to find out how to turn
these things off?
- No worries.
- "No worries"?
- Kiss me for luck
- Last time...
...we kissed,
some very terrible people showed up.
Pretty good.
All right, listen.
I brought Swain up to date
on those tunnels under the embassy.
And I've got technicians who can
go down there with the codes...
and get close to the bomb.
If the terrorists see them coming,
that bomb's gonna start ticking.
No, no. We should position them
to get the jump on Goran.
That will allow them to get by,
close to the bomb...
they'll disarm it
before he gets back to them...
then, make a fast move...
Or, we could...
make it slower.
Could you run through
that first part again?
Yeah, that's fuckin' genius,
I got it.
It's gonna take hostages.
Well, so is waiting.
You got any ideas?
I don't care who you are.
I only know that this museum
is older than your country...
and you are not digging a hole
in the middle of it.
Hold on a minute.
Who the hell are you two?
I'm afraid
I can't tell you that, sir.
Who are they?
That's on a need-to-know basis.
Top secret.
- Buck...
- No, no, no.
If this is gonna happen
on my watch over here...
then somebody is gonna
start talking, now!
They're computer specialists, Buck.
There's an atomic bomb in that
embassy that has to be disarmed.
It's in a small room attached
to the rear tunnel in the schematic.
You could have told me that.
I'm sorry.
Watch where you're pointing
that thing, huh?
Oh... shit.
What did you just do?
We got about ten seconds
to pull one of these wires...
red, white or green...
isn't green your favorite color?
All three?
How did you know that?
- I didn't.
- Hey...
they didn't bring this briefcase down
just for one of these things.
Probably got this entire matrix
wired up down here.
Steve, come on.
We've got to do this now.
Baby, if I don't do that now,
we can kiss that goodbye.
Get back!
It's rigged, it's booby-trapped!
Red Caboose, Red Caboose...
Delta Charlie, over.
Red Caboose, Red Caboose,
Delta Charlie, over.
Yes, General, go ahead.
Who's this?
It's Altschuler,
computer technician.
The tunnels...
they were rigged with explosives.
How many down?
I'm the only one left, sir.
Can you make it back?
Yes, I can make it back.
Roger that.
Swain: I need to tell
him about Vojnovic, now.
He's sitting on an atomic bomb.
That's the last resort.
You're not even sure
he knows about that bomb.
but at least with an assault,
we get the jump on him.
We tell him,
he pushes the button.
Reporter: The man walking toward
the embassy is General Swain...
I don't understand
how you ended up here.
I never imagined you
as a terrorist.
Freedom fighter.
"Freedom fighter"?
Your cause doesn't define you as much
as killing civilians. Do you remember?
I remember everything
they taught me over there.
Your Colonel Vojnovic was killed
leaving the prison today.
You kill another hostage,
and we're coming in.
You may have time to kill half
of them before I get in there...
but we are coming in.
- You have to surrender.
- Surrender?
I don't remember that class
at Ft. Bragg, Swain.
It would take an atomic bomb
to keep me out of there.
- Nice of you to join me.
- Sorry I'm late.
I've initiated the sequence
on both terminals.
Okay, okay...
Okay, I got the primary,
you've got the secondary.
Primary access code...
Done. You got the secondary
access code?
Disarmament activated, okay.
Time to detonation...?
Erica, you got this?
"Time to detonation"...
The bomb is ticking.
Did any of what I was saying earlier
make any sense?
About us not getting
what we deserve?
Oh, God, you...
you did this?
You just lit the fuse
on an atomic bomb.
For starters.
These guys shot their way in,
these terrorist pricks, you let them in?
They have not behaved
as we had planned.
But somebody needed to keep
the Army off while we get the money.
What money?
And where do you get
this "we" stuff?
The government will blame
the terrorists for taking it.
- Are you nuts?
- Okay...
how about we teach our government
a lesson for putting this thing here?
Very moral bullshit.
How about 20 people dead up there,
and there's gonna be two million?
How about since I know
you activated that bomb...
you've got an override code?
How about you give it to me, now?
you've gotten everything
you're going to get from me today.
Except for these.
Put 'em on.
in less than 30 minutes.
Goran didn't take your news well.
We should have done it
my way from the get-go.
The president has given you
the go-ahead.
Whatever means necessary.
"Wildfire" is hot.
The terrorists have activated the bomb.
I'm sorry.
Seems Goran's not angry enough
about his dead colonel...
to blow Bucharest off the map.
For $25 million dollars, the Brown Hats
will let bygones be bygones.
Now that Vojnovic is dead,
we should ask for someone else.
It's Swain.
Why don't we ask for money?
Goran, for God sakes,
what are you doing?
Same thing we have been
doing all day.
We still want that plane.
Fully fueled.
I need confirmation that nuke
has been disarmed...
or we're not talking any further.
You're under twenty minutes.
This is no time to play games.
What is it you want?
Did you ever find Erica Long?
All right, listen up.
Your lives, and those
of thousands of others...
as well as the reputation
of your country
depends on how fast
you do your duty.
Push these people down!
Down the stairs!
Hostages are against the south wall.
Stay away from the south wall.
Go, go!
Where is Goran?
Move it, move it!
- Target secure, sir.
- How long before we're toast?
- Nine minutes.
- Where's the egghead?
Sir, here I am, sir.
All right, let's go.
How much are you
extorting them for?
What do you care?
I've trusted you
with our cause.
When you told me about that cause,
you never mentioned...
putting a gun to a kid's head,
or shooting a hostage every hour.
Is that how you intend
to get respect for your cause?
This coming from you...
who's holding the whole city hostage?
Now... you're gonna
shut that thing down...
and stand by, while I make
some real demands.
Seems to me...
we both got fucked here.
Maybe you got it worse.
Okay, Erica.
Game is over.
End of the line.
The jig, baby, is up.
Now, give me the code,
before I kill you.
It's too late, Steve. You shoot me,
you never get past that bomb.
I can't do anything with it
if you leave me here alone, can I?
It was never supposed
to go this far...
but it's too late
to change anything now.
That's it.
Okay, get in there. Go, go!
Hey... hey!
Have you seen Steve Mitchell?
- Dad! Hey, hey!
- What...?
- The tunnel was sealed.
- Take my son outta here, please!
Get him out of here!
Hold it, hold it!
I'm the bomb guy, don't shoot!
I'm with the bomb!
I gotta get to the bomb!
- You try all the back doors yet?
- Closed down. I don't get it.
Damn, she loaded a virus in it.
Any other back ways
you know of?
It's too late...
It's just too late.
- Think!
- I'm thinking, I'm...
There's only one way we can go
with this, and that's straight up.
General, I'll make a deal
with you.
Give me a minute,
will ya?
You get my kid out, and I'll take
this thing out by hand.
Got about, I guess...
90 seconds.
Do it.
He's gonna take out
the core of the bomb.
The radiation will melt him
like butter.
Swain: Altschuler, shut up! Get movin'!
Go! Go! Go!
I said, go, Sergeant!
I know he's doing this
for his country, and all that...
I doubt that, son.
They don't pay enough.
Maybe he's doing it
for all the people this has killed...
Maybe he's doing it for you.
Think about that.
Now, run, boy!
You got ten seconds, babe.
I love it when you're sentimental,
- Calling me "Babe".
- Erica!
Give me the code.
I just gave it to you.
Hi, what are you wearing?
Twenty-five million dollars.
That ought to be enough
to give you three days at Chanel.
Listen, downstairs, I was...
I knew you wouldn't really
let that bomb explode... would ya?
Oh, Steve, you really should
get to know me better.
I intend to, baby.
I'm comin' after ya.
Good. I'm counting on it.
I can hear you breathing.
You know, you really should
keep that phone close.
Erica: It'll make it
easier for you to find me.
What's the matter?
So, first night in town,
what do you think we should do?
Well, I hear the Romanian girls
are pretty sexy.
No, you blew that one.
Had you fixed up...
and what did you do?
You got off the bus.
- I never got on the bus.
- Well, there you go.
Well, then I might as well
go home and live with Grandma.
Where'd you get that idea?
Who said that? Did I say that?
You're stickin' with me.
What do you say...
we hang around Europe for a while?
Another embassy?
No, let's just say...
I'm expecting a call.