Direct Action (2004) Movie Script

[insistent doorbell]
[door closes softly]
[female scream and gunshots]
Agh. l wasn't
trying for more money.
Khalid Manseur
va spune buna ziua.
Spune la revedere.
[female scream
Priveste-ma-n ochi.
Te-ai speriat?
Ar trebui sa fii.
50 million and this
cockroach gets greedy,
can you believe it?
I know. What's
wrong with people?
Fuck. I don't know.
l'm starving. You hungry?
l can eat.
And all major routes
into the city are
running normally
we'll have a mostly sunny day
with a cloudy period for
the rest of the morning
and into the afternoon.
We've been talking about men.
What is it about men
who live alone, with this
morning's guest, Dr. Phyllis.
What is it about these
men and why do women
find them irresistible?
Well, Tony,
we're mostly talking
about a man who's strong,
who is up to himself
and doesn't have a woman
telling him what to do,
how to live or dress,
in truth, he may not
have a lot of female
companionship in his life.
Are you telling
us this man is
hard up for a date?
A man that
functions on his own?
That's attractive.
Many listeners
are men and are
driving in this morning,
l bet they'd like
to be driving in.
Alright. We're talking
about men with Dr. Phyllis,
we'II have more after this!
The future, and, uh,
what's in your crystal ball?
The days of the lone
Alfa male are numbered.
They're eventually conquered
and brought to their knees
by some lovely lady.
[both kids]
Uncle Frank! Uncle Frank!
Where have you got candy?
Oh, God.
l forgot it. l'm sorry.
Bobby! Katy!
Come on, we're late!
Hey, Frank.
Hey, how're
you doing?
Good to see you.
You know, this
is what you need.
A wife,
kids, even a dog
would do you good.
Forget it. He's
already married
to his job.
Even the dog.
l'll think
about that.
Hey, kids.
You heard your
mom. Let's go!
Let's get going.
We found them !
You found them?
Hey, kids.
How about me?
Do l get something?
What is it?
What is it?
How do you know?
Because we
looked in there!
Alright. There
you go. Want one?
Here. She'll make
a good detective.
[phones ring]
To protect and serve.
Lt. Webb here
lived by those
words for 20 years
with courage
and integrity,
one of this
city's finest.
there'll be
no more fixing
of any speeding tickets.
Aw, come on, cap!
You're gonna be a civilian,
no, so watch that lead
foot of yours.
Here you go!
lt's alright.
I hate to admit
it, but, uh
it's been
great serving
with all of ya.
Hey, Frank, thanks
for dressing up for
the occasion. l'm touched.
[all chuckle]
Guys, come on.
Okay, remember.
Tomorrow night, 7:00
o'clock, Marina Lounge.
Drink till ya drop.
That goes
for you, too, ladies.
Uh, Lt.
We got a little
surprise for ya.
Aw, come on, you guys.
[all applaud]
Yeah !
l got a wish.
l got a wish.
No, not that one.
[all chuckle]
[blows repeatedly]
[all chuckle]
Grimes, You won't be able
to button those pants if
you keep eating that cake.
l'm showing the Lt.
how much l care.
l'm a caring
kind of guy, Carter.
Yeah, l know that.
Hey, guys.
Hey, what happened?
Did somebody steal
your cake, sir?
Yeah, you did.
Change of plans, Frank.
Captain wants you
with a new partner.
A new partner?
Yeah, who
did l piss
off this time?
Uh, it's a new
Detective trainee. She's
here for a final two weeks
and an hour
late for the first
day on the job.
Hell of a way
to' start a new career.
She looks single
to me, Frank.
Officer Ross,
this is Grimes, Carter.
Your partner
for the day,
Sgt. Gannon.
Nice to meet you, Ross.
l'm sorry
l'm late,
l had a flat
and then my spare
was flat, you know.
Alright. So,
you ready?
Let's go.
See you guys.
So, you think
she'll make it?
50 bucks
says she does.
Wrong car.
You're on.
Probationary Detective.
So, you're in
for two weeks?
Yes, sir.
May l just say
what an honor it is
to ride with you, Sergeant?
15 years on the force,
highest arrest record
in the Department,
medal of valor. Twice!
l do my homework.
Well, that's terrific, Ross.
Want some gum, Ross?
No, l don't chew.
You don't know
what you're missing.
So, what's the plan?
Same as always.
Finish our shift
in one piece.
[voice over radio
Any available unit attend
to 29 Arlington for an 0-14.
Alright. Allen 10
We're responding.
[brakes screech
and siren]
[brakes screech]
[siren off]
What's going on?
Up there.
They want money
from the oId man.
Okay. Why
don't you guys
step over there? Good.
So, cover my back, Ross.
Got it.
(Thug 1 )
Where are you
going, asshole?
Agh !
[loud music]
(old man)
My niece!
Don't touche her!
(Thug 2)
Get back!
[glass breaks]
(Thug 3)
Oh !
[glass breaks]
(Thug 1 )
Come on, asshole.
You wanna play?
Come on.
[releases hammer]
You wanna apologize?
l'm sorry.
(Thug 2)
Did you hear him?
l'm sorry!
(Thug 1 )
Come on, let's go.
(Thug 2)
Oh, man.
(Thug 1 )
Shut up!
Have a nice day.
Sergeant, wait. Please.
l - l want you to meet my
beautiful niece, Adrianna,
say hello to the
Sergeant, my darling.
He protects
our neighborhood, makes
everybody feel safe.
Thank you.
Pleasure to meet you.
l'm sorry, uncle. l must go,
l'm really not feeling well.
(old man)
Wait, Adrianna,
come back! Wait!
Listen. Any problems,
give me a call. Okay?
Uh, later, later.
Come back later.
You should get to know her.
She's a very good girl.
Take care
of yourself.
Thank you.
Got your cuffs, Ross?
Look, l'm sorry
l really screwed
up back there.
l don't know what
happened, l mean,
it's Cop-10 1, right?
You cuff a guy and,
I don't know what
l was thinking.
lt's okay, Ross.
Don't worry about it.
lt's okay.
Okay. Thanks.
Can l ask you
a question, Sargent?
Yeah, sure.
That was
extortion back there.
Why didn't you
push the old man
to press charges?
And spend
all morning downtown
filling out forms?
l don't think so.
Yeah, l'll be there.
There's, uh, something
l gotta take care of.
You stay here.
Club and fries
are up. Pick up.
Hey, Frank.
You hungry? Want
something to eat? My treat.
No, l'm,
l'm good, good.
Sit down.
[clears throat]
[inhales and exhales]
You know, Frank,
We know.
You know?
You know what?
Don't play me, Frank.
Not anymore.
You don't mind
if l check for
a wire, do ya?
l like to know
who l'm talking to here.
Christ, Frank, l thought
you were one of us.
Huh? You know,
it's not too
late to still do
the right thing here.
What we're looking for
is a little fairness, Frank.
You've been
on the Direct Action
Unit for three years now.
You know what
we're up against
with these gangs.
Look, l know some
bad things went down
but that's over now, okay?
The guys that are responsible
are off the Unit.
Okay? We're
handling it internally.
You go outside,
you spill your guts
to the Federal Grand Jury
and what do you do?
What do you accomplish?
You bring all this
ugliness down on us
on yourself,
for nothing.
Theft. Extortion. Murder.
You call that nothing?
Look, Frank,
if it wasn't for us
these streets
would be in chaos.
We're holding
this city together
like fucking super glue.
You're not
looking at the big
picture here, Frank.
Now l'm prepared
to offer you Fred's job.
Okay? A promotion
to Lieutenant.
Or, we'll give
you a six figure
IRA account.
Six figures, huh?
Just work with us, Frank.
Choose an option.
And if you don't,
well, that's a choice, too.
You got a chance to be
a winner here, Frank,
instead of a loser.
Uh, it's Ross,
isn't it?
Have a good day.
You too.
Yeah, Lopresti here.
Yeah, l've got a problem.
There's been a leak.
Alright, Ross.
Let's go.
Allen 10, Allen 10,
code 9 on BoardwaIk
male holding female victim
proceed with extreme caution
suspect may be armed.
Alright. Allen 10
we'll respond. Over.
There we go.
Oh, man.
He's got a knife.
Hold on. l got this.
Stay here.
You ! You ! Hey!
Ugh !
Alright. Take it
easy. Hold it.
Oh, shit, man.
It was just an act.
l swear. l was joking.
Look. Ugh !
What are you talking about?
Look in
my pocket. Agh !
Alright. lt's for you.
lt's for you. Shit.
lt's for you.
Who gave you this?
I don't know.
l swear, l swear,
I don't know.
l was just
hired to do this.
Just the friend of a guy
who wanted to, l don't know,
remain behind the scenes.
Come on !
Hey. Ugh.
Get outta here.
[truck horn]
Guy get away?
l'm taking you back, Ross.
Back where?
To the station.
l'm dropping you off.
Change of plans.
lt's got nothing
to do with you.
Got something
to do with Stone?
lt's like l said, Ross.
lt's got nothing
to do with you.
Did l just
lose 50 bucks?
l always wanted
to be like him.
That's why
l joined the force.
He was a hell of a cop.
Yeah, well,
He got
his hero's funeral
You know.
That's the way
things work.
Look, Frank,
you're my partner, man.
So whatever way
you come down on this
You know l'm
with you, right?
Yeah. l know.
But if you think they're
just gonna let you waltz
into that hearing
and shit all over them,
you're dreaming.
You're gonna
end up on the wrong
side of their guns.
Stone just
talked to Frank.
Let's see how
he wants to play. Okay?
lt's gonna
be okay?
Sure it's
gonna be okay.
lf he wants
it to be okay.
[releases hammer of gun]
Excuse me. What did you
say your name was again?
Officer Ross.
Ross. Where's Gannon?
Out with
Sgt. Grimes.
Did he leave
you stranded?
lt's a bad sign, Ross.
Whatever happens.
l'm with you.
Thanks, Ed.
Gannon seems
like a nice guy,
but l don't think
he's passed any trainees.
Not that l can remember.
Lieutenant. Do you
remember any trainees
being passed by Gannon?
Hey, excuse me.
Not now, Ross.
l should have bet 100.
[both chuckle]
Yeah. l know.
No. l--
l know.
l gotta call you back.
l'll call you back.
Good to see ya.
That was, uh,
that was quick.
So l've decided
to be a winner.
[sighs in relief]
Well, that's good, Frank.
What do you wanna do?
You wanna give me the
details of your account?
You want me to make that
call for your promotion?
What? Hey.
l'll tell you what.
Let's do both of them.
What the hell, huh?
Remember the oath
"To serve and protect
the people of our city"?
Yeah, sure, Why?
l'm gonna be
at that Courthouse.
At five.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
Frank, Frank. Now listen.
You don't wanna do that.
Who the hell do you think
is gonna believe you?
Oh, l know.
You're Mr. Clean.
but we've got enough
guys that are gonna
say things about you
that'll sink you
as deep in this shit
as everybody else.
l'm going in.
Is that how it's
gonna be, Frank?
That's how it's gonna be.
[crumples paper]
[slams drawer]
John, why don't you
have a look at this?
l need
Ross reassigned.
Excuse me, sir.
We need a moment.
What's going on
here, Sergeant?
You think that this
is over my head?
Try me.
l'm starting to get
a little pissed off.
You don't want
a reassignment?
Call in sick.
Call in sick?
Are we happy?
Excuse me, Sergeant,
but l do take it personally
when l've
been on the job,
what? Two hours maybe?
And you're just
gonna dump me?
lt's like l said, Ross.
lt's nothing personal.
[starts engine]
Take it off.
Oh, Frankie Boy.
What the hell is that?
Yeah. 5 :00 o'clock.
Yeah. l'll be there.
Do it now. Do it.
[blast and brakes]
How you
doing, Frank?
He's doing good.
How are you doing?
l'm doing great.
So we heard
something else.
Yeah? What
did you hear?
We heard you
spoke to some people.
Flat tire? What a bitch,
Frank. Can l help?
Hey. Just keep your hands
where l can see them guys.
Frank, come on.
We're all friends
here. Aren't we?
Sure we are.
See? We just
wanna offer a little
roadside assistance.
Maybe have
a few words
for old time's sake.
You got something to say?
Say it to the Grand Jury.
Oh, Frankie,
Frankie, l can't
believe you just said that!
After all we've been through,
l expected something else
from you, l really did.
[brakes screech
and electric buzz]
Oh, shit!
Son of a bitch.
Get him up there.
Come on.
lt's gone.
Hey! Dammit!
God! Pull it forward!
Police Officer. Just go!
Go! Go! Go!
Come on !
Where are we going?
l got it.
lt's the end of the line.
You need to tell us a few
things before we say goodbye.
Let's go.
Come on ! Go!
Get him over here.
Right here.
Ugh ! Agh !
Ugh !
Hey, come on !
l want you to tell us
what you gave the Feds.
A deposition. What?
Ugh ! God !
Agh !
Let's go.
Can you take
these cuffs off?
Shit. God damn it!
Where are the keys
to the damn cuffs?
Come on !
Cuffs are
just not my
foreplay, forte!
From here. Reload.
Cover me.
[brakes screech]
Get weapons and ammo.
Come on, let's go.
[horn stops]
These guys
were cops, Sergeant!
They were cops.
l think you'd better drive.
l'm taking you
to the hospital.
No way.
lt's the first
place to look.
Let me pull over.
Just keep going.
What is going
on, Sergeant?
Those were real cops.
Some cops in my Unit
went bad and there's a
federal investigation.
l'm going in at 5:00.
What's at 5 :00?
Just walk
with us here, Frank.
We're friends
here, aren't we?
Got a chance
to be a winner here,
Frank, instead of a loser.
Loser. Loser. Loser.
(female voice)
Frank. Frank. Frank.
Hey, he's awake.
l didn't know
who else to call.
lt's only a nick
You'll be fine.
Yeah. You
lost some
blood there, buddy.
How long have
l been out?
About an hour or so.
Ed, he needs
to rest.
Look, Frank,
in four or five hours--
We don't have
four or five hours.
l told Stone
l was going in.
l guess
he didn't take
it too good. Huh?
l guess not.
Where are the kids?
Yeah, we're
coming in right now.
Four adults, two kids.
That's it. Yeah.
You heard me, that's it.
Alright. Bye.
Well, l bet
you didn't expect
this on your first day.
No. But at least now
you can't dump me.
Well, we'll see.
How far is the school?
Ten minutes.
Relax, will ya?
Don't tell me to relax,
l got three dead cops
and a few dead mooks.
Alright? Yes, Frank
is gone. Gone off!
Alright, look.
l'll take care of my end,
you take care of yours.
We have to find him.
Yeah, it's me. Uh, it
looks like he had some help.
Uh, we got a vehicle here
registered to a Billie Ross.
Ross? You sure about that?
So these bad
cops are part
of the Direct Action Unit?
Yeah. All
decorated veterans.
So why didn't
anybody say anything?
Too much money around.
People got greedy.
Internal Affairs
and the D.A. didn't
want to know,
too many bad guys
were being put away.
Okay, The school's
just up ahead.
Go ahead.
Yeah, this is Capt. Stone.
l want you to put out a APB
on Sgt. Gannon
Sgt. Gannon?
And Officer Ross.
Ross, sir?
Yeah, that's what l said.
Ross. Ross and Gannon.
What charges?
Charges. Multiple
homicide. Murder
of three police officers.
That's right. Alright. Do it.
Turn it around,
keep it running.
Got it.
Two minutes.
He got away.
Ah. l don't know how.
But we're dealing with them.
You wanna
take care of this, fine.
No. No. l think we should
move it up for today.
Okay. Alright. Fine.
l'll talk to you later.
[brakes screech]
[several car doors
open and close]
Ed. l thought
l might find you here.
Look, Ed, l'm sorry,
the Captain wants
you in for questioning.
What about?
You haven't heard?
They're looking for Frank.
He shot some cops.
He killed them this
morning. All l know is
you gotta come in with me.
You gotta--
You gotta give me your gun.
You gotta come here with me.
Hey, just
give me your gun.
Ed. Get them to the car.
Come on ! Come on !
What are you doing?
Hey. You watch
out for Stone.
He's dirty.
Let's go.
Capt. Stone,
l have a little concern
about this Direct Action
Unit investigation.
Look, the Feds
can investigate till
their blue in their face.
There's nothing
there, Mr. Mayor.
l'm going down there
myself today. l'm gonna
set the record straight.
Damn good record, too.
City's lowest crime
rate in 30 years.
That's quite
an accomplishment.
lt's one that makes us
all look good, sir. Huh?
You know,
the Chief's thinking
about, uh, retiring next year.
lf the position was open,
maybe you'd like to run.
Uh. Clears throat.
That, uh, that's
very flattering, sir.
Very flattering,
but, uh, l'd have
to give that some thought.
Well, you think on it.
There's a lot of big
people behind you.
They like you.
They like you a lot.
Well, good
luck on this
Grand Jury thing.
Don't you
worry about it, sir.
Gannon. It's about
time you came in.
Oh, good.
l really got to go.
What do you think
l'm running here?
A motel or what?
The restroom is right
around the corner.
Assistant to Attorney
General Lopresti.
Nice to meet you.
Let's go in.
A leak?
By my guys?
No way.
No one else knew?
l'll get my guys on it.
lf their's a leak in Justice
I will find it.
Now you know
there's an APB
out on both of you.
Please tell me
you didn't gun down
three cops this morning.
Jesus. Jesus Christ.
It was self defense.
Shut up!
What about you, Sergeant?
You're harboring fugitives.
My partner
was shot. What
the hell would you do?
Tell it to the Judge.
All three of you.
You know,
l've been
working on this,
uh, DAU investigation
for eight months.
Eight fucking months!
By 5 :00 this evening
they were home free.
Less than
three hours and you
couldn't lay low Gannon?
There's something
else going on.
l'm gonna find out what.
No, you're not
going anywhere.
Do yourself a favor.
Hand over your weapons.
You too, Ross.
You don't give us orders.
You listen to me, Gannon.
lt's your word against
seven decorated officers.
Excuse me, four,
since you fucking
killed three of them.
Your word doesn't
mean a thing.
not a God dammed thing.
l don't know why
l'm talking to you.
Because your ass
is in a sling.
l'll get some hard
evidence on Stone,
you get me to court.
Excuse me.
lt's okay, let him go.
Let's go.
You're not
going anywhere.
You know who
you're up against.
You need backup.
You stay here
and take care
of your family, Ed.
You know
l would have testified
if it wasn't for them.
l know.
[car keys]
Did l hear
something about backup?
Stay here.
Alright. No!
A) lf you don't
find that evidence,
I don't have a career.
B) Stone, he knew
what he was doing when he
put me in the car with you.
and C) until the end
of the goddamn day,
l'm your partner!
So, now we're two cops
who are now cop killers,
and we've got
a whole two hours
to put some more
cops and our own
commanding officer in jail.
That's about right.
We've got
three dead officers
and two dead guys
with AK 47s.
And a van.
Registered to Khalid Manseur.
455 Crescent Street
Apartment 31 0.
You're making
progress, Ross.
455 Crest.
So tell me
something, Ross.
What's that, Sergeant?
How come
a college grad
decided to become a cop?
How did you hear that?
l do my
homework, Ross.
Yeah, well, l guess this is
what l always wanted to do,
and with other
little girls were
playing with Barbies,
l was playing
cops and robbers.
They all said
l couldn't do
it. Here l am.
Well, you certainly are.
Alright, Ross.
Stay here. Cover me.
l got it.
Police Officer!
Police! Open up!
Ah !
Let's go, Ross.
Watch it!
Yeah, l could go now.
So l guess that's twice
that l saved your ass.
Huh, Sarge?
So l guess we're even.
Sure you don't
want some gum, Ross?
l told ya,
you don't know
what you're missing.
So what you got?
Nothing on the van.
No tickets. Nothing.
No arrest record
on this Manseur either.
l'm waiting on DMV
for a license photo.
l don't know,
we run this Manseur
through the system,
government databases,
the works.
Okay buddy. You keep
your head down.
l'm trying.
So what now, Sergeant?
Well, l'm trying
to think of something.
You got a wife?
Uh, no.
Just thinking, if you had
a wife or kids, you know.
You got an idea
or something?
l think we're going to
go and see an old friend.
Great. Great.
But what is this
and where's it from?
A Kris.
lt's called a Kris.
An assassin dagger
from Afghanistan.
You know,
Sergeant, Afghani
men, they are fierce,
very dangerous.
Even this morning.
What happened?
Two Afghani girls. Murdered.
Khalid Manseur
says hello.
Say goodbye!
(old man)
Others died, too,
massacred, they say.
Massacred? Where?
(old man)
Up on Lyndon Hill.
Bad people.
Adrianna, where
you are going?
(old man)
Tea. Tea.
You must sit, have some
tea, get to know her.
She would make
for you such a wife.
(old man)
She's very quick.
She is very smart,
she goes
to business school.
We haven't
been here.
lt's a secret.
Big secret.
Very big secret.
Very big. Huge.
Good. Top secret.
You got it.
Yeah, that's right.
A multiple
homicide in Lyndon
Hill this morning.
That's right.
Thanks, Ed.
Alright, Ross.
Let's go.
Do you know what
l heard about you?
Yeah? What
did you hear?
People say things.
Like what?
They say you're hot.
So, uh, we
all set for later?
Right here, baby.
Right here.
l finally got that fax
about the shipper,
l pushed the paperwork
through customs.
So everything's good?
Great! 50 million.
Divided by--
Wait, wait, thanks
to our pal Gannon,
one, two,
three, four,
three shares for
Khalid and his men,
You're a genius.
50 million. What's
that divided by seven?
A lot.
It's a hell of a lot.
Excuse me.
l don't wanna
bust any balls,
don't mean any disrespect,
but wouldnt it
would be more fair
if we each got
a share instead of
having to split one?
l'm not asking
for too much here.
l've been working
on this for five months.
That's a good point.
So Bryant. Bryant!
What's 50 million
divided by six?
[all chuckle]
You know we should
stop meeting like this.
l thought l owed
you one. l got a call
from one of the Marshalls,
he said that
you let Gannon go.
l had no choice.
This might be
your investigation but
l am the prosecutor here
and if Gannon doesn't
show up in court, it's
my ass on the line, okay?
l won't hesitate to call
my superior and tell him
that you've been stalling.
There's a pattern here.
You tell him what
you want, sunny boy.
Now you listen to me.
l've worked
for this government
for over 20 years.
All over the world,
all kinds of service.
Don't you give
me any shit.
If Gannon commits
any more crimes
you'll be an accomplice.
He's a wanted man.
Two and a half hours.
5:00 PM, if Gannon's in court
you may have a career left.
lf not, l won't hesitate--
Are you playing
hardball with me?
l'll blow you
off the fucking
court, pal.
You have no clue
who you are dealing with.
Lopresti, l'm
just doing my job.
This is not personal.
lt's always
how it is, isn't it?
[phone rings]
l gotta get this.
Just think about
what l told you.
Good day, Governor.
How are you today?
Everything okay?
Oh, yeah, l'm all over
this Grand Jury thing.
l've got the police
report right here, Frank.
461 Western Ave.
in Lyndon Hill.
Multiple homicides,
females, known prostitutes,
two males, a security guard
named James Aziz,
and a Caucasian male
in his fifties,
all victims
shot at close range.
Who's this
Caucasian guy?
I don't know.
Nothing on him.
What do you mean?
Somebody came in and put
a lid on the investigation.
Ed, l'll get back to you.
More than Feds.
You stay here.
l'll check it out.
l'll cover you.
How're you doing?
How am l doing?
Good. How are you doing?
Good. Sorry, Sergeant.
This place is off limits.
Says who?
Says l.
Oh, yeah?
And who are you?
None of your business.
None of my business?
None of your business.
Do me a favor.
Call your boss,
tell him you gotta
see him right away.
lt's real important.
Okay. can l put
the doughnuts down?
Uh, Phil?
We got a big
10-78 down here.
So Central
lntelligence Agency. Huh?
You don't
look like a Fed.
Deep cover.
Oh, yeah?
What's going
on, Jackson?
Uh, who's your friend.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, come here.
What's this all about?
I'II tell him
if l were you, Phil.
Shut up, Bill.
They killed one
of our agents up there.
They killed
all the girls. They
killed a couple of guys.
And they slashed
our boy's neck.
Alright. Thanks.
Any leads?
We're looking for a girl.
Another prostitute.
Here's the, uh, menu.
She's number seven.
Alright, Ross.
Check out number seven.
What was
your agent's name?
Don't take this
personal, okay?
But l really
can't tell you.
Ah, excuse me, Sergeant.
Your tea date?
(old man)
l am telling you the truth.
My niece, she got homesick.
She went back to Kazakhstan.
l don't know anything more.
l'm so sorry l'm late--
Adrianna, run !
That's here!
Turn in here.
[guns shots]
Ah !
Adrianna, l'm
here to help you.
My Uncle!
My Uncle!
l know.
Let's go.
No! No.
So what's your
name, buddy?
Sgt. Gannon.
Look, guys.
At least give us
the name of your agent.
You're going
to the FB l with this?
There's not
enough time.
Maybe l can contact
my people about it.
l n two hours?
l don't think so.
So, the cops
who are after me
are somehow
connected to the Afghanis
who killed your guy.
Well, his throat
was cut. Afghani style,
so that's
the working assumption.
The Afghanis
didn't kill them.
Two other men killed them.
l've seen them before.
They were like you.
Captain. Big problem.
Gannon took the girl.
He's got the girl?
How did he know?
Shit! Shit!
You okay, Captain?
Yeah. l'm fine.
l just dropped the phone.
[loud music]
l can't believe this guy.
What can't you believe?
No honor.
No loyalty.
No honesty.
What are you talking
about? Honor? What?
The guy's a cop!
The guy's a rat! okay?
He's starting to sing !
Smart up!
Don't get
my blood up, alright?
lt's about you, and about
me and about the money. lt's
about us! That's it! Alright?
Now you wanna do it.
You do it now.
Frank. l got the DMV photo
and info back on this Khalid
Manseur who owned the van.
But there's something
strange. Licenses are
good for five years,
but this was renewed
only after one.
The original
was a diplomatic license.
But I checked
with Social Security.
This guy's a mechanic.
So why does a car
mechanic from Lyndon Hill
carry a diplomatic license?
Good point.
l'm going over to the DMV
and have my guy run
a full check on this.
l'll find out.
Watch yourself.
You guys
on your way back here?
We'll be right there.
Honey. Tell me
you're not going.
l gotta help Frank
with something, honey.
l'll be back
in a half an hour.
Besides, Frank is
on his way over here.
It'll be alright.
[phone rings]
Frankie. We got the family.
So l want you
to pay attention.
In 15 minutes
l want you to be
at the old tire factory.
lf you're late,
l'm gonna get nervous
and gonna fucking kill them all.
l don't wanna
kill the children,
do you understand me?
So bring the hooker
and it's all good.
Looks like
the boys got caught
with their pants down.
Yeah. They must've
been sleeping on the job.
Yeah, Feds.
Shit. No. No.
No. Frank.
Stone's got them.
Stone's got them.
We gotta go.
Let's go.
No trade.
They're gonna try
to kill us for sure.
Seven of them,
three of us.
Yo, Gannon.
Make that five.
Yeah. Why not? Five.
Alright. See you
in the inside. Let's go.
Check. Ed,
stay on the line.
We'll be listening.
[phone rings]
Stick to the plan.
Yeah. I know what to do.
Frank. l was part of it.
Of what?
Of the Unit.
Let's just say
l wasn't as thin
as you. Alright?
l needed the money.
but l swear to God,
l never shot anybody.
l never killed anybody.
This investigation,
if something
would've happened and
you'd have found out later--
l just don't want you
to think that l wasn't
on your side, man.
l was always on your side.
Partners. Right?
You know what to do.
Yes, sir.
Hold it right there,
Frankie boy.
He's clean.
You goddamn fuck.
What were you thinking about?
You cast us a bunch
of shit, Frankie boy.
Where is the girl?
You first.
So Frank, you've
been kind of rough
on the work force, pal.
That's how l got
drafted into this.
But hey, you me, the guys.
All together again.
Kinda like
the old times, huh?
[child cries softly]
lt's okay kids,
we're gonna be fine.
Uncle Frank, help us!
So, Frank,
you fuck with us,
the kiddies go kaboom!
So, where's the whore?
l gotta make a call.
[releases hammer]
Nice and easy, Frank.
Nice and easy.
We heard it all.
Let's do it.
That's it. Let's go.
They'll be here
in five minutes.
l don't wanna testify.
l just want
the money, like you.
Do you think we're
fucking brain dead?
No. No. No.
Sh. Sh. Sh.
What are you
saying, Frankie boy?
Are you saying you're in?
Yeah. What the fuck
are you saying, bitch.
Go ahead.
What are you saying?
Let's hear him out.
Are you saying
you're in, Frankie boy?
[brakes screech]
Agh !
Yeah !
Uncle Frank!
You'll be fine.
Come on, kids.
Where's Daddy?
Just go. Just go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Come on,
get in the car.
Let's go. Up. Up.
Alright. Let's go.
Yeah !
Run to the truck. Go!
Keep your heads down.
Look out!
He's gone.
He's gone. He's gone.
Go back in the car.
And get the kids to a
safe place, okay?
Everyone okay?
Let's go.
Wait up! l got something !
What the hell
do we do now?
Just listen to me
and remember,
As long as we get the money
we get on that plane, then
screw everybody and everything.
We just gotta get
through this, okay?
Just keep your
mind on the money.
Everything is good?
Yeah. Everything's great.
And the rest of the men?
With the law.
They didn't
fucking make it, okay?
Didn't make it.
Look on the bright side.
There's more money
to go around.
Okay? And that should
take the sting outta of it.
Show time.
l know you're hurting, pal.
But hang in. Money
will make it all better.
Did you hear me
crying for my mother?
Yo, it's Bill.
l got a situation.
Mr. Woo.
This is Khalid Manseur.
Mr. Manseur.
Your reputation precedes you.
We'll check the goods first.
No, Frank!
You know who
you are up against.
l'm a caring
kind of guy.
l know it
doesn't help,
but it's not your fault.
He chose to do this. This
is what he wanted to do.
He wanted to stand
up for what was right,
just like you, Sarge.
l got something.
We, meaning the Agency,
ran this task force in
Afghanistan, in the 80s,
named after
a freedom fighter
killed by the Russians.
Khalid Manseur.
Now, eight agents,
some of the local,
some of them Americans
all used
that same code name.
Get a load of this.
Khalid Manseur,
two faces, two
licenses, same name.
l guess that they
were part of that
Afghani task force.
l guess so.
Your agent
killed this morning?
He's probably on it too.
l'll know pretty soon.
They'll give me a list of
all the agents involved.
And I found this
on one of the guys.
lt's an internet map.
What is that for?
l was thinking
that it was a
symbol, or a date
or the time,
maybe 4:00 o'clock.
20 minutes.
You think that's
where they are?
Why don't we
just wait for the Feds?
Where are you guys going?
What about Loretta?
The kids? Adrianna?
You take care of them.
Jesus, l'm a government
agent, not a baby sitter.
Bring some fire power.
Meet us at l-5
exist 60.
That's right. l n 15 minutes.
Well, that's all the time
you got, Lopresti.
Now we can
do business.
Don't worry. l'm on it.
Alright. Look.
l'll take care of my end,
you take care of your end.
The thing is,
we gotta find them.
We gotta go in
without Lopresti.
Without backup?
You okay with that?
Hey, Sarge.
l'll take some
of that gum now.
How many guys you got?
Tactical unit choppering up.
Until then l only got four.
l'm lucky we got four.
My balls are on the
goddamn vice here.
Now listen.
l'm sorry
about Grimes. That's a shame.
Bring your guys
up here in front.
l'll hook around the back.
l wonder where
that tactical unit is.
l'll give them a call.
Alright. Do that.
You know.
l needed this
contact, Frank.
Stone's a fool.
I'm not.
What is that?
That's hunters. l's hunting
season. Let's just finish
this. We're almost there.
Out! Get out!
Ross! Back here!
Come on.
Lopresti. He was the leader
of that Afghani task force.
He's in the shit. Deep.
You're nothing, cop.
You got in the way!
l had the deal of a lifetime.
l'll trade you.
Oh, shit!
Ugh !
Ugh !
Ah !
Do good rookie.
Get up!
Come on !
Alright, Frank!
l got your girlfriend !
[car accelerates]
Come on, Frank.
l'm not kidding !
l'll taker her down now!
l give up,
Frank. Okay.
The US Attorney here would
have you believe there are
some easy answers to be had.
Well, l'm here to tell
you that there aren't.
We were at war,
ladies and gentlemen.
A war for your streets,
a war for your homes,
a war for your very lives.
And this Unit would
do whatever it takes,
whatever is necessary
to keep you safe.
Now we are winning that war.
And that's really
all that matters here.
l instead of investigating us,
they should be
pinning medals on us.
Yeah ! Yeah, M r. Mayor.
It went great.
Everybody's gonna come
out smelling like a rose.
Well, thank you, sir.
You, too.
Looking sharp, Captain.
Well, thank you, Frank.
Does that mean
we're gonna be
adult about this?
How'd you like
a share, Frank. Now
that's 12.5 million dollars.
Not too shabby.
What do you say?
You certainly earned it.
You want justice,
is that it, Frank?
l got some justice for you.
It was justice for you.
Good luck, Frank.
For the record,
state your name, please.
My name is
Sgt. Frank Gannon.
Okay, Sgt. Gannon,
could you tell this hearing
everything you know
about the Direct Action Unit?
Sgt. Gannon's
testimony has lead
to widespread investigations
into official corruption
in both city and federal levels.
Hey, look.
There's Uncle Frank.
He's on TV! Hello!
Helped discover
the Afghanistan drug ring
are being praised
by the Mayor and City Hall.
(male over TV)
l'm assuring
the people of this city,
as long as we have
people like this,
coming up to it,
there's nothing
we can't accomplish.
There's nothing
that we cannot do.
This city needs
more people like this.
Real cops. Real citizens.
Real heroes.
l'm assuring the people--
So how are
you feeling, Ross?
l'm alright.
You look good.
Well, the Mayor
said you were a
hero, l guess, so--
You'll get
your shield after all.
And you?
Well, they wanna
make me a Lieutenant, so.
l'm still thinking
about it. It means
l gotta go back to school.
Well, if you need any
help with your homework.
Hey, uh,
by the way, what's
your, uh, first name, Ross?
Yeah. it's nice.
It suits you.
Thank you, Sarge.
You can call me Frank.
So, uh, once you're
back on your feet,
you wanna--
Do you wanna
have some dinner?
Yeah. You know
that thing between
lunch and breakfast?
l'd love to.
Alright, uh,
I know just the place.