Director's Cut (2016) Movie Script

Hello. I'm Herbert Blount.
Welcome to my director's commentary
of my director's cut of Knocked Off.
You're watching my director's
cut, not this other guy's.
And my director's cut stars Missi Pyle.
She is the greatest movie
star that has ever lived.
It was my honor to work with her.
I realized right away
she was the greatest actress of our time
when I first saw her in Galaxy Quest.
But, she's fantastic in all the other
119 movies she's starred in too.
Now my friend, Sam?
He says that this cut of the
movie you're about to see
is a fan edit,
but that term doesn't apply here.
I'm not a fan. I'm... I'm a director.
And in my director's cut,
I'm gonna share everything.
I'll show you what I did,
and I'll tell you how I did it.
These days, you don't need to waste money
on film school anymore.
The greatest filmmakers of our time
have been sharing all
their secrets with their
director's cuts, special
features, and commentaries.
And I've seen every single one of them.
And now that I'm a filmmaker,
it's my duty to pass
this knowledge on to you,
the next generation.
It's called paying it forward.
Another guy started this movie,
but I felt I had to take it over.
I obtained all the footage,
and took charge of the
edit of this movie myself
to create my ultimate director's cut.
some deleted scenes that
should never have been deleted,
and some previously unseen
behind-the-scenes footage.
This version is way better
than the theatrical cut
that came out a few years ago.
No wonder it bombed!
This movie was crowdfunded,
and I started out as
one of the crowdfunders.
For those of you who don't
know what crowdfunding is,
it's where filmmakers go
directly to the fans online
to fund their movie.
You know, like Kickstarter.
Some crowdfunders contributed
a smaller amount of money,
and they got a t-shirt.
Some people contributed
larger amounts of money,
and got things like a screen
credit, or even a line in the movie.
I bought the "Executive
Producer" credit package.
See? Blount.
God bless crowdfunding.
Even though there were all
these other crowdfunders
who bought executive producer credits,
I was the only one on set
all 32 days of the shooting.
I take filmmaking very seriously.
It's my calling.
As you can see by all these names,
film's a collaborative medium.
But at the end of the day,
there's only one director.
I spent a lot of time fixing this movie.
That's why I'm the director.
This is my movie now.
Close your eyes for a
moment and think about that.
Close your eyes riiiiight now.
Okay. Open your eyes.
My director's cut is starting.
We all remember the
long, single Steadicam shot
in Orson Welles' classic Touch of
Evil, or Birdman.
Get that down.
I have one, too.
Mine has a prostitute.
Do you even know who I am, huh?
I just fucked the mayor
last week, okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- This should not be allowed!
- We got a wild hooker over here.
- I'm almost an American citizen!
She's not a real prostitute.
I asked her, and she got a little mad.
She's actually one of our crowdfunders.
She paid to be in this movie.
Back in the old days of Hollywood,
if you wanted to be an actor,
you'd have to enroll in acting school,
and go on lots of auditions, and get lucky.
But nowadays,
all you have to do is PayPal $500
to a crowdfunding site.
Poof! You're an actor!
Most of these cops,
they're crowdfunders too.
They bought the Be A Cop package.
Fucking pig!
And my policy is, I don't take
shit from assholes like you.
See this guy?
He's not a crowdfunder.
This is Harry Hamlin.
He's only in movies because
his wife is on a reality show.
His character is Godfrey,
who is often called God.
He's a police detective who
doesn't play by the rules.
He doesn't take guff from anyone.
Real police take guff from everyone.
They really do.
But, God doesn't take guff from The Man.
Which is creative,
because real police are The Man.
Can I just say one thing? Yeah.
Fuck you!
I'm a big fan of the--
That's his
partner, Reed, right there.
They tryin' to repossess your
piece of shit car again?
No, it's the fucking
satellite TV people.
That fucker telling me to
watch my language?
If it weren't for swearing there
wouldn't be any cable TV, right?
Right. We were okay with the
county gambling away our pensions
but when it comes to talking
politely to the few people remaining
still making less than us?
Forget it.
Yeah. Fuckin' assholes.
Keep your eye on
that clock on the wall.
It's 8:05, right?
Wait a minute.
Watch this. Keep watchin'.
Wh-What was that about gambling
away our pensions?
And see? Now it's 8:25!
Forget it, Godfrey.
You're right; she's an asshole.
It's the fault
of the continuity person.
There are mistakes just as bad
in Hitchcock and Spielberg movies.
Maybe we all had the
same continuity person.
What the fuck?!
Didn't I fire you guys?!
Well, last week, but we didn't
think you really meant it.
So, we've still been showing up
for work.
the police captain in movies
is an exasperated African-American man.
But, we went with the lady from Insidious.
Reed... God.
Into my office.
We just found these in an empty
The neighbors called because
they couldn't stand the stink.
Whoa, must have been some
serious funk.
The name is Albert,
and the blood on the paddle
won't match the blood of the
Oh, cool.
How the fuck do you know that?
Probably 'cause Reed is our
This is an Albert Fish
crime scene.
Albert Fish was the real life
Hannibal Lector, but worse.
Went to the electric chair with
a raging hard-on in the 1930s.
The idea is that
the Knocked Off killer
meticulously re-creates
crime scenes of the past.
But, is this supposed to be a flashback
to the real Albert Fish crime scene?
Or the killer's re-creation of it?
It's stupid either way.
And if this is the re-creation,
why would that girl be happily
sittin' there half-naked
with all those dead bodies around?
Makes no sense!
Forced his children to
beat his ass
with a paddle with nails in it.
Then, he gutted his kids
and ate 'em.
And that's just not
true at all.
He didn't gut his own kids and eat them.
He gutted other people's kids and ate them.
In movies, when you change the facts
to suit what's convenient for the plot,
it's called taking artistic license.
But, it's just a fancy way of sayin' lying.
I would buy this
if she were being forced
to paddle him with nails.
But why is she smiling?
There's only so much you
can fix in the editing room.
Our shithead is back.
It's another knockoff.
He's mimicked Bundy, Dahmer,
Lucas, and now Fish.
Was there any old fashioned
stuff at the scene?
There was a pair
of antique glasses.
You can see her breathe.
Since when do dead people breathe?
Oh, man. What psycho is he
gonna knockoff next?
You two are gonna arrest him,
and you're gonna lock him up
I don't know if we can catch
this guy.
He seems pretty fuckin' smart.
Alright, alright, alright.
I got some help lined up for
you in the parking lot.
- Take this. Get outta here.
- Help? What do you mean?
- Go on!
- Oh boy. Here she comes.
These pictures are perfect.
They're fucking perfect.
Perfect historic crime scene
This is the scene
where we get to see Missi.
This is a tough case, and they are stymied.
But, Missi Pyle is gonna solve it for them.
This is not passionate.
This is careful.
- It's really careful.
- We'll catch 'em.
The good guys have to win.
Unless you're dealin' with
a cable company asshole.
Here comes Missi's entrance.
Uh-oh... Don't look now.
But, there's a great piece of
ass walkin' right towards us,
which I don't think is a good
That is rude and uncalled for.
Let's talk about great
movie film entrances.
The shadow of Indy Jones.
George C. Scott in front
of the big flag in Patton.
And now, Missi Pyle in my movie.
This is one of the great
movie entrances of all time.
Ooh! Watch this part!
This is my favorite shot in the movie.
I slowed it down so it could
breathe a little longer.
Yeah. Look at that.
Detectives Winter and Taylor?
Agent Mabel Hendricks.
I've been loaned to you
by the FBI.
I'm a forensics shrink.
I've been studying
the Knocked Off case,
and I'm here to see if I can
give you any help.
She's really cold and
professional in this scene.
But, she won't be like
that the whole movie.
She can be very vulnerable.
You'll see her being vulnerable later.
Let's go catch a bad guy.
Well, I guess you got
all the info.
So, we'll just see ya
at the scene?
Can't I get a ride over there
with you two?
the little smoking man is threatened.
We do our best thinking
in the car.
It's where we talk.
Then that's where I need to be.
I would think,
even though they're gay,
they would still be able to do their job
with a woman around, right?
This is called
an establishing shot,
and it establishes where the
car is before they go in.
Whoa, that smell.
It's Godfrey;
you'll get used to it.
You better get used to it.
It's death.
Death is our bread and butter.
Well Mabel, you went to college.
Who did it and where can we
find 'em?
It's true.
She went to Oxford School of Drama.
I say we knock on some doors.
Police! Open up!
The murder site is next door.
You follow the yellow tape
and the brown shoes.
That's Gilbert Gottfried.
He was in Problem Child 2.
- Jesus Christ!
- Ugh!
What is that smell?
It's incense; it's all I got.
I can't stand that dead guy
Here comes the reason
we all watch director's cuts:
to see important collector's outtakes
that were left out of the movie
because of big corporate decisions.
You're about to see a shot
that has never been seen by anyone, ever,
but was part of my original vision.
We're gonna have to come inside,
and see what you got left
You got a warrant?
Here we go.
And, action!
There! That's my shot.
You can tell it wasn't
in the corporate release
because it has what's called timecode.
Timecode is numbers flashing
at the bottom of the screen
to tell the editor not
to put it in the movie.
You didn't kill anyone,
and we don't care about
your pot and love dolls.
We're lookin' for
a really bad guy.
You can trust us.
Look at her face.
Her face really
is perfectly symmetrical.
This is a rookie mistake.
Even if you haven't done anything wrong,
never let a cop in without a warrant!
And if you have done something
you might think is wrong,
then really don't let them in.
You know, unless it's Missi.
Nice place.
I think I saw it profiled once
in Better Homes and Weirdos.
So, uh...
All the checks and everything
were written in the name
of Albert Fish?
And his occupation was
house painter, right?
This writer just read Wikipedia.
Well, house painter,
dangerous serial killer.
I forget which one.
Uh-huh. So, how'd he move his
furniture in?
It was one of these
starving student moving
that had a big Jewish star
on the side.
Here's a big problem
I had to fix in this movie.
Why isn't Missi in any of these shots?
She's coming through and is
listening to what they're saying.
Being suspicious of him.
In my version,
problem solved!
I just used one of the many
shots of Missi they didn't use.
What were they thinking?
Are you ever gonna yell, "Cut"?
Or, do you want me to read
the whole thing?
This isn't just
the strip club scene
from every cop movie.
It juxtaposes the purity of Missi
in a crass and dirty world.
How 'bout a nice applause?
And just
remember: No kissing, no touching, n--
I don't know who this actor is,
but they say he's been in a lot of movies.
Now coming to the stage, Mariah!
I'm sorry, Mabel.
Are we making you feel uncomfortable?
I mean, you told us just to
carry on as usual.
This is where we come to think.
In case you're wondering why
Godfrey's always sucking
on that vaporizer pen,
it's a result of what's
called product placement.
Like in Castaway.
The charactor of Wilson
was product placement.
Ramirez? Gacy? Who's next?
Berkowitz? Son of Sam is very
important in this culture.
Yeah, but he wasn't artistic.
He was just a crazy guy killing
Crazy guy killing people.
Crazy guy killing people.
Watch. She's in
character all the time.
What the other two guys
are saying in this scene
doesn't even matter.
This scene is about watching Missi think.
And she's thinkin' that even
though she's wearing pants
she has a much more beautiful behind
than that woman who is trying so hard
to get us all to look at her.
Missi walks alone.
Before she has to meet Reed
and Godfrey in the next scene,
she needs a little private
time to think about the case.
There was no crew around or anything.
This was just me and Missi.
A director and his star makin' magic.
Now that Missi's
had some alone time,
she joins her idiot cop partners here
at this phony moving and storage company.
I can give ya everything I have.
There's no mover/client
privilege as far as I know.
Fancy schmancy mirror shot.
Not needed!
Just tell the story, and tell it well.
So, it might be under
Albert Fish?
I kept this scene in for this guy.
He was in Total Recall.
Right, six weeks ago.
Albert Fish.
136 Brewster Street.
Could we have a copy
of all the records you have
for Albert Fish, please?
They remade Total Recall in 2012,
but I always say,
you should only change a movie
if you can make it better.
Wait a minute.
This is a check from another
Charles Whitman.
That's not a very Jewish name.
No, that's a very Texas name.
This whole
scene was kind of a waste
of that Total Recall guy.
Birds chirping,
church bells, a nice day.
Everyone pretending to
be walking someplace.
Watch this!
When a guy is walking
that fakey in a movie,
you know something really
bad is about to happen.
Three... two... one...
This is supposed to be
one of the Knocked Off killer's
meticulously re-created crime scenes.
This one is of Charles Whitman.
They cast a different
actor to play the killer
in each crime scene re-creation
which is really confusing.
Is this supposed to be the real
Charles Whitman in a flashback?
Or, is this supposed to be the
killer dressed as Charles Whitman?
They should've never
shown the killer's face
until the very end.
This is really amateur.
Watch this.
This is the only redeeming
part of this whole scene.
It establishes a major character.
And they cut it out!
Tell him not to look in
the camera.
- Waaaah!
- Keep running!
Don't look at the camera!
Notice in the
center of the screen?
That tall, athletic fellow?
He's gonna be really
important later in the movie.
Ohh. Haha!
There was a very
famous acting book writer
named Stanislavski
who wrote that we must know
what every character has
in her dresser drawers.
In this behind-the-scenes footage,
you see me, the director,
giving you a visual tour
of Missi's private room,
and all the things she touches.
Oh, man.
I can--
I can grab that.
She won't notice.
I put some little tiny
cameras up all over the room,
so I could shoot some more
traditional scenes later
that Missi won't even know are being shot.
She can act in my movie without
even knowing she's acting.
That's how good a team we are.
We work together great.
This is very intimate.
This is exciting filmmaking.
Now that we've learned
all that about her character,
and what she wears, we have a
better sense of what she's feeling
when she comes back to her hotel room
after a hard day of police things.
One of the things I love
about John Carpenter and Clint Eastwood,
is that they do their own musical scores.
I also write my own scores.
Well, today we did that
strip club scene.
Yeah, it was like this snappy
cop dialogue,
and then just tits everywhere.
Like, everywhere I look
there were a bunch of tits.
Here she is giving her full report
to her FBI supervisor.
Why don't you tell me about
your day.
Get me out of this crazy
crowdfunded cop--
Thank you for
calling the Andaz Hotel.
How may I direct your call?
Hello. Missi Pyle's
room, please. Room 322.
My pleasure to
connect you.
She's about to get
a very important phone call
about the Knocked Off case.
Will you tell her I said hi?
Oh, you know what?
That's the hotel phone.
Adam wrote some rewrites
and, I want to have them--
When you're a police
officer working on a case,
you can't just count on a private evening.
Okay. I love you more.
That's just code.
She doesn't mean it that way.
There's been a
horrible shooting!
Better get to the university
tower pronto!
Who the fuck is this?!
She's shocked that the Knocked
Off killer has struck again.
Don't you fucking call here again, okay?
I will call the fucking cop--
Sometimes, great directing can be
just knowing when to use slow-mo.
August 1, 1966.
Not much of a tower, huh?
Texas tower sniper.
Poor bastard couldn't find his
perfect tower.
Whitman's tower was 27 floors
up, right?
Yeah, I guess something like
Much more than this and
a clock tower.
It's hard to find a tower in LA.
Yeah, I'm from Texas.
I know Charles Whitman.
When Charles was
shooting in Texas in 1966,
some good ol' boys pulled out
their guns and fired back.
That didn't happen in
These are all unarmed victims.
You know, um, I gotta take
a piss.
If he really had to pee,
all the stars had fancy mobile
homes with private bathrooms.
We crowdfunders had to use
these tiny porta-potties,
which were really uncomfortable
especially for a big guy like me.
Don't look up at the tower
too much, alright?
Most police people
would get everyone safe
and find their own cover.
But, movie tough guys like
to do everything themselves.
You don't ever catch Tom Cruise
doin' things the smart way.
Don't fucking move
a fucking inch.
You have the right to
remain silent.
That's called an in-joke.
This is one of the
new scenes I shot myself
exclusively for my director's cut.
And... Action!
In it, I pull back the
curtain on how movies are made.
I'm combining the special
features right into the movie.
That was awful.
I got an idea.
Here, Missi approaches this guy
when he was still trying
to direct Knocked Off
before I had to take over.
He's just a bossy little guy.
And that girl is putting
suntan lotion on him.
What kind of sissy,
wannabe director is that?
- What time d'ya need to be out?
- Is there any way--
- Is there any way we can swap i?
- Excuse me, Miss Pyle?
I need to be out of here
by 6PM like at the latest.
You need to be outta here
by 6PM?
- Missi? Missi?
- I mean, maybe 6:30.
I-I bought the reward
to have dinner with you.
We don't get the cars until 5PM.
- Uh, Miss Pyle?
- Excuse me. I'm sorry.
- Can you just--?
- I was told I was allowed to film here.
It's okay.
Actually, he's a crowdfunder.
And he's paid for the privlege
to be able
to videotape the whole
Thank you very much.
Just give us--
Let me go in there.
He might open up to a woman.
She might be right.
She's the one with all the
fancy shrink credentials.
Well, that's good thinking.
No, that's real good thinking.
Except, I'm gonna go in there.
I caught him. I get the fun.
Charles Joseph Whitman
was born, when?
Early 1940s? Yeah, '41, I think.
About as early as you can get
in the 1940s
without it being 1940.
He added the name Joseph
himself at his confirmation.
He wa-- He was, he was an altar
boy and a marine.
If he hadn't gone fucking wacky
and killed all those people,
he could have easily been alive
and unknown today.
Just like the rest of us
Hmm. Ya know, I'm pretty okay
being nobody.
We all know it's
too early in the movie
for this to be the real bad guy.
This isn't his movie.
We know whose movie this is.
Listen guys,
I'm what you real cops call
a leather sniffer.
I listen to the police band and
I like to go to crime scenes.
This guy gives me the willies.
Is that why you killed
all those people?
I was afraid this was gonna
I'm getting aroused.
The idea of being brutalized
by cops turns me on.
You know, the funny thing is,
I'm not gay.
Not at all.
I'm a successful breeder.
But, this attention and danger
really turn me on.
Oh no! You sick fuck!
Tell us what you did!
You'll feel a lot better
when you do.
I'm sorry, but, I didn't hurt
- Oh, yeah?
- Sorry I'm wasting your time.
I know I didn't do the crimes,
and I should prove that to you
as quickly as possible,
so you can get back to work.
I love this room.
I love the smell.
I love the tension.
I love... feeling guilty.
I love the coffee on your
Feel how hard I am.
- You fucking psycho!
- Oh god!
- Stop fucking around and spill!
- God dammit!
Even beyond my wildest dreams.
I am sooo gonna spill.
Maybe right here.
I can't wait to get home to the
wife. Ohh!
You motherfucking piece of shit!
Aw, shit!
Too late to save it for the
Aww, you fucker!
Hold me the fuck back!
Fuck! Look at this
fucking freak-o!
It sucks! That sucks!
- God!
- Let me at that fucker!
Not just yet.
God dammit,
it's fucking disgusting!
Who the fuck does he
think he is?
Told you he wasn't the killer.
This is his only scene in the movie.
Well, at least he's
not pressing charges.
And, he didn't even want you to
pay his dry cleaning bill.
He did seem like our guy.
Maybe he was Godfrey's guy,
but he wasn't ours!
I lost it. I-I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah. You lost it alright.
I saw the video.
- He did it! Fuck!
- Godfrey! Godfrey!
They're not really supposed
to hit you when you're in custody.
They shouldn't hit you, but they do.
I'm gonna give you
a few weeks off.
- Without pay!
- What?
Get the fuck out of
my office. Now!
All-Alright, alright.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving.
And don't get a drink before
you get home, you asshole!
Alright. You two are
partners now.
She has the authority
to command a federal agent
to partner with a local police detective?
I guess, in this movie world,
she's the first female
President of the United States.
We'll do our best.
Come on.
Too bad you can't see it,
but I'm wearing a fantastic
Boba Fett costume,
so Missi won't recognize me from the set.
I did this on purpose so
she wouldn't know it was me
and give a little more
spontaneous performance.
Little director tricks
you pick up along the way.
Ms. Pyle? Ms. Pyle?
I'm a really big fan.
I work for a little
science fiction blog.
Can I--
Can I ask you a question?
Actually, I'm just really tired.
Would you mind tweeting it
to me? Thank you.
Do you think the police
can always solve crimes
by themselves?
Or do they sometimes need help
from an outside source?
Someone outside of the police?
Listen, I just memorize what
they write.
We're just selling popcorn,
We improvised all that dialogue.
I love you.
I hate this scene,
but I left it in because
I wanted you to see
how good of an actor Missi really is.
She's acting as though she likes Godfrey.
I'm sorry you'll be gone
for two weeks.
You gonna miss me?
I'll miss you working the case.
You're a good cop.
But, I'll also miss you.
that just came outta nowhere!
You know, Reed said you'd
get used to the way I smell.
I got very used to it.
I even like your stupid vaping.
Nerd Bogart.
She was told to say that.
This is the writer.
This isn't her. This is all scripted.
- And, you're sexy.
- Really?
That's a movie line.
I've never heard a woman really say that.
This is sexual harassment.
Lucky for you, we're not
working together anymore.
- Mmhmm. You gonna invite me in?
- Unless you can fuck me from out in the hall.
They made her say all this.
The way you made that guy come
in his pants?
I've never done that without
a lot of denim burn.
At least not since middle
You're the sex bomb.
Fuck you.
They forced her to do all of this.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
No. Not yet.
Okay, that's covered.
Now let's work on how.
We can skip the why.
I want to see you naked first.
Now I'm sure.
Check, please!
This was filmed on
what's called a closed set.
Thats where the doors are locked,
and they can force actresses to
do things against their will,
and no one can come in and save them.
If they would have let me into that room,
I would have put a stop to this nonsense.
But, in case you're worried,
she held on to her dignity.
She's not naked.
She's wearing flesh
colored tape right here.
And here.
Someone threw it away.
But, I saved it.
In the theatrical cut
of this movie that y'all saw,
there were lots of scenes
without Missi in 'em.
They were so boring that I'm
fast forwarding through them.
Charlie Manson reenactment. Gone!
Jeffrey Dahmer plot twist? Gone!
When you make a movie,
every single every single thing
has to move the plot ahead.
If it doesn't, cut it!
And, this next scene was not
in the corporate release,
so this is a big bonus.
This was shot on location,
and it's Missi with her FBI supervisor.
This is the scene where she's
told she needs a partner.
Listen, Chief.
You are my boss even though you're a woman.
We just haven't got the break in this case.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
You're the best agent we have.
And you might have my big boss job someday
because you're so smart and pretty.
But, you have to stay
away from the local cops.
Well, I don't like them.
I just do what I have to do.
I don't like them at all;
especially not like that.
Of course; I know that.
But you're getting in too deep.
Local cops can't be trusted.
You need to find someone outside of LAPD.
Someone you can really trust.
I get it.
Someone smart, who cares about me.
And the case.
But isn't these disgusting guys at LAPD.
I knew you would understand.
Now keep working on the case.
But keep your distance
from those LAPD guys, okay?
You're getting in way too deep!
And... swish pan!
There's some really important plot points
coming up in this next scene.
So, I'm going to let you
just listen and concentrate.
- Reed, we need to talk now.
- ...check back with you.
Sure, what's up?
I'll call you back.
Jeez, you look like you've seen
a ghost.
I may have just seen a bunch of
The blood work came in.
I have the lab results
from some of our scenes.
- Make my fucking day.
- Get this, the DNA--
Listen! Listen!
--was Charles Whitman's.
- I
- get wrapped up in the editing.
I didn't realize how hungry I was.
So, is this our perp?
The body looks like the perp,
but it was arranged like that
It's another victim.
- What?!
- It's Charles Whitman's DNA.
- 100% match.
- That's impossible.
It gets better. The DNA--
--at the Dahmer site
was Jeffrey Dahmer's.
Some people
can't watch stuff like this
when they're eatin', but it's just a movie.
- How can that be?
- I don't know. It just is.
Well, obviously he put it there.
But, did you find out how our
perp got a hold of the DNA?
I mean, that should be easy
to find, right?
But, the Albert Fish scene--
I wish we had popcorn,
but we only get potato chips here.
It was Albert Fish DNA.
- I get it.
- No.
Pay attention.
It's DNA.
- Whose was it?
- The report says Albert Fish.
- Yep.
- Right, like I guessed.
There is no DNA for Albert Fish!
Albert Fish was fried in 1936,
50 years before DNA profiling
was invented.
We can't know Fish's DNA
because it doesn't exist!
Fish; there was no DNA.
Couldn't be.
It was way back before there was DNA.
These lab reports are fake.
You can tell--
Whoever's doing this has
access to our DB.
She's figured it out! Watch this!
It's someone
inside the station.
Missi's gonna figure it out.
Pay attention!
What the
hell's she looking at?
You know, Missi's like a
bloodhound in this scene.
She can sniff out evil.
Check her out. Yeah.
Could it be him?
Could be
anybody; couldn't it, Missi?
Could be anybody.
Is it her? Someone in--
Someone in the station. You know?
Oh, man!
She is beautiful.
Reed, we have to get this to
the lab for a saliva analysis.
No! Don't even!
It is not Godfrey.
Been my partner since I started
Someone on our team is the
killer, Reed!
We have to check everyone.
Even if there's a personal
Quit talkin' crazy.
Serious filmmakers
sometimes forget:
you gotta just sit back and
enjoy them once in a while.
- Action!
- Uh, alright. I dunno.
Do I go, "blah, blah, blah.
The lab samples came back"?
I don't understand how Reed
would know that.
Well, it's 'cause
it's make believe.
I like Missi better like this.
She's more relaxed,
and her body looks more natural in a robe.
Your motivation is to stay
out of my light.
I had a serious question.
I don't know how Reed would know
the line about Albert
right now in the story,
and Missi said just make
Alright, well, blah blah blah.
We'll figure that out.
What is he doing?
Um... oh.
H-Hey, man. Do you mind just
taking a step back?
Just a little step back. Thanks.
- I'm sorry. Sorry.
- Appreciate it.
That stuff that you saw them
arguing about?
- If you could erase that part--
- Oh. Yeah.
- That would be great.
- Hey, maybe you could give him -
Maybe he could be your DP?
Since you won't fucking ever
have him leave.
He--It's alright.
- Do you wanna be the fucking DP?
Yeah, I could do that.
It's not alright!
We're fucking fighting here!
- I want that tape erased!
- Go! I'll take care of it.
Give me the fucking tape.
I'm taking this fucking tape.
This is Missi...
just showing some of her emotional depth.
She's not really mad at all.
--fucking ridiculous.
- He gave a lot of money.
I don't give a shit
how much money he gave.
Hey, thanks for meeting
me here.
What's with all the sneaking
Why don't you just let
the world know?
You can't do shit without me.
We can.
Okay. So, what do you want?
I'm not on the case.
Exactly. I need you
to stay off the case.
One, two, three... oh.
One, two, three, four... ooh!
- Don't come back to work.
- What the fuck?
Mabel thinks the killer could
be on the inside.
What, a cop?! No way.
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven...
Just stay away.
It's your only hope.
Eight, nine, ten!!
He got 12 in one take.
A lot of these filler
shots, like this one.
And this one, were shot by
what's called a second unit.
That's a separate crew that
shoots all the boring shots.
And, they're not really driving here.
This was shot on a green screen. Look!
What crime scene are we
going to next?
If it's nurses, it's gotta be
Albert DeSalvo
or Richard Speck, right?
Movie magic!
Well, Speck is nurses.
Speck was all about nurses.
And torture.
I think we'll see both.
Maybe I've seen too much
Shooting on green screen
gives you maximum flexibility
in post-production later.
You can put anybody anywhere.
Quit it.
We need to stop sneaking around.
It's not sneaking.
I am a doctor, you know.
Now, let me take a look at your
labium superius oris.
I come from a cop family.
My dad and brother, of course.
Even my sister was a cop,
'til she got married.
She married a perp.
beep. beep. beep.
And, Godfrey comes from
a family of criminals, right?
Yeah, but cops is worse.
Criminals see the best in
They have to know how to look
for the good,
so they can exploit it.
Cops see the bad,
and try to fix it.
Cops see the worst in everyone.
It's better to be raised
by criminals.
Oh no! Ahh!
Sorry I'm late ladies.
Stop, motherfucker! Stop!
You just stabbed me
for real!
- What?!
- Somebody get over here!
- What? Cut!
- This motherfucker stabbed me!
Cut, cut, cut!
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Scott, pull the camera
out. Did you stab her?
I included this scene in the movie
to show you just how unprofessionally
run this whole set was.
I had no choice but to take over this...
runaway production for Missi's safety.
Is it really slashed?!
- No! No! No!
- No, no, it's okay.
- He didn't break the skin.
- He just punched you.
- He didn't break the skin.
- He hit you with the handle.
- It's okay.
- Can I get a towel?
There's blood on my pants!
Nobody's taking me serious.
- Hello, Missi.
- Jesus. Can you please--?
I bought the reward
dinner with you.
We just have to s-set that up
pretty much.
Adam, I need to talk
to you now, please.
- Hey. Yeah, alright.
- Please.
I'll see you in a minute. Okay.
Alright. Great.
I got blood all over my pants.
- What's up?
- Harry fucking Hamlin.
What did he do?
He's supposed to be a
professional fucking actor.
He sticks his fucking tongue
all the way down my fucking
throat over and over again.
It's fucking bullshit.
I'm doing this show my fucking
bra, show my fucking panties.
I get it; I'm an actress.
That's in the script.
But, I'm not fucking gonna fucking
make out with some fucking pencil dick.
She's right! See how gross he is?
I need you to fucking talk
to him!
Yes, I will talk to him.
But, I can't really afford to piss
anybody off on this budget, you know?
I'm mailing t-shirts to
crowdfunders myself.
How many fucking times--?
Are you the fucking director of
this movie or--
Not anymore, he's not!
She's crying out for help and all
he's worried about are t-shirts.
- This is a fucking shit show.
- His manager--
If he doesn't get off set
right now,
I swear to god I will walk off!
I don't know. You shouldn't be
mailing t-shirts, okay?
Thank you. You'll..
Y-Y-You're gonna do great.
- Oh, do ya wanna get--
- Oh? Oh, gross!
- Is it bad?
- Ew! Oh my god.
- I was kidding.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Unless you want to.
- Excuse me, Miss Pyle?
- I'll see if--
- Oh god. I don't believe this.
- Ow! Dude!
- Yeah, S-Sorry.
This is the biggest,
low budget piece of shit--
- Dude, where are you going?
- Sorry.
Hey. Hey! You're not
supposed to be back there.
Derek! Get that guy!
You can't be back here.
Derek, can you fucking take him
Gotta go this way, sir.
I felt
at this point in the movie,
Missi should have a dream sequence.
I created the whole thing
using different parts from
the rest of the movie,
and from a computer program
called After Effects.
It enables you to do your own
movie quality special effects.
All us directors use it.
Let's go catch a bad guy.
I use symbolism to go
deep into her subconscious mind
to show you what she really
thinks of her coworkers.
I'm showing here
how much she hates Godfrey.
There's a great piece of ass
walking right towards us.
She's sick of that
unprofessional, disgusting,
chauvinistic, booze soaked tongue rapist.
He shoved his fucking tongue
all the way down my
fucking throat.
Sh-sh-sh-shoved his fucking...
t-tongue all the way down my...
fucking throat.
the way down my fucking throat.
Don't you
fucking call here again.
Fuck you!
And Reed?
He's just an arrogant clown.
I come from a cop family.
Is it cop family,
or family of cops?
If I had more time to do it,
I wouldn't have to fucking keep
fucking up the whole thing.
The police just cannot be trusted.
Local cops can't be trusted.
Do you think the police
can always solve crimes by themselves?
need to find someone outside of LAPD.
Do they sometimes
need help from outside sources?
You're fired!
She has nowhere to turn. She's all alone.
Are we
making you feel uncomfortable?
Or is she?
This dream shows that Missi needs a hero.
And she needs him now!
Hmm? H-Hello?
Hello? Who's there?
Following classic
storytelling structure,
here's the scene where
the white knight swoops in
and saves the damsel in distress.
Miss Pyle?
What do you want?
He-Hey, Missi.
I-I have some, uh, i-ideas on
the case.
You know what? I'm kinda done
with you crowdfunding people.
You're not even supposed to be
here today.
I'm not, uh, I'm not
I-I-I didn't pay to be here.
I'm-I'm paid to be here.
I-I work here.
I-I work at
the-the snacks table.
Jenny does craft services.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Did he, uh...
Did he really stick his tongue
i-in your mouth?
What the fuck are you talking
Hey, Missi, I-I love
Um, look. I... I got a tattoo.
What the fuck?
Hey, Secur--
David! Can someone get
security, please?
Get this fucking guy out of
He's got a fucking tattoo
of me on his fucking body.
It's fucking terrifying.
Jesus Christ!
Also true to classic storytelling,
she's making her hero prove his worthiness
before he can win the
hand of the fair maiden.
Begone, Grendel of the guard!
I slay thee!
What the fuck?! How the
fuck did you get in here?!
- Missi. Listen.
- You can't be in here!
Listen, Missi. Listen.
Okay. Okay, listen. Listen.
I'm sorr--
I'm sorry t-that I called
security on you.
- You need to understand.
- Look, I know.
Listen. I m-I'm sorry that I
called security on you, okay?
But this is my dressing room.
You cannot be in here.
This is where I come to be
I understand.
I understand why you had me
thrown out.
You did that because
you do not understand
what we are doing.
Okay. Why don't you make me
understand? I wanna understand.
Just tell me. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I was being such
a dick.
I-I just... we, you know--
We are making a movie.
Yeah, we're mak-- I know.
I understand that.
I understand that. Let's go
outside. Let's get Adam and--
No, no. No.
I wanna do--
- I wanna do it here!
- I'll put you in a scene.
- I wanna do it here.
- Okay.
Now, here's where you
come with me. You get to have--
- Okay, whatever you want to do.
- Some of your alone time.
- Now, you need to be quiet, you-
- No, no, no!
You need to be very quiet!
This is one of my
favorite shots in the movie.
It shows it's the next morning.
That totally fucks me.
I'm totally fucked.
I'm standing out here with my
fucking pants
around my fucking ankles right
Well, have you tried her agent?
Well, try her agent again.
Well, I don't know what I'm
gonna do because it's--
I guess I'm just gonna have to
rewrite the scene
to write her out of it.
you're the one who's out of it.
From now on,
I'm the only one directing this.
Anyway, this is the day
the most complicated shot
in the movie was achieved.
It's called a one-er.
That means the whole scene
was done in just one shot.
This scene is of the James
Huberty shooting massacre.
Boom. Boom.
Stop. Dude,
come on. Get out of the way.
It was a very
difficult shot to achieve,
and everybody spent all
day preparing for it.
What can we not get blood on?
Anything that you can't clean up
and make sure that I don't have
Department of Health issues.
We will not-- There will be no
Health Department issues.
I promise you.
- Are you willing to do a stunt?
- I am indeed, yes.
I'm not doin' stunts.
I'm doin' a line.
So could--I need a
No. No, just--
You just try to focus on--
- Could you go to craft services?
- Okay.
I was very upset
when I saw the finished film
because they cut this
scene out of the movie.
I paid for a line,
was supposed to be in this scene,
and they just cut it out!
So, I spliced it right back in,
along with all the other crowdfunders
who also bought lines for this scene.
Who all bought a line in the
Ohh! Me! Me! I bought a line!
We're gonna pass these lines
out to everybody right now.
Okay? First line,
"Oh no, oh no, someone is
shooting at us for no reason".
Who wants that one?
Okay, let's rehearse it.
Ready, action!
Oh no, someone's shooting at us.
For no reason!
A little more horrified, right?
Just... and faster. Right? Right.
No dramatic pauses.
That's not hamburger meat.
Not bad. A little more
horrified. Ready, action!
The cost of this tragedy
is... astronomical.
In human life!
Run! Run! Run!
Where's my brother?
I can't find my brother!
I'd like a fish sandwich
and... fries, please.
If I don't make it out of this,
I love you, sis.
We're gonna make it out.
I promise.
Everybody get down on the
I got this son of a bitch.
Scream bloody murder. Action!
Jeez! Alright.
That's gonna work. Alright.
That's gonna be great.
"It's like he's hunting
humans". Who--
I like that!
I-I'll-I'll have that one.
- Okay. Alright. Here--
- That's the one.
- That's the one everybody--
- Alright, here. Let me--
I'll film y-you saying it.
It's like they're--
- Action!
- It's li--
- David, be quiet.
- It's like--
David, be quiet.
- Action!
- It's like--
It's like they're hunting
Now that Missi was on
board with my vision of the movie,
I needed access to all the footage,
so I could have total flexibility
and restore the film to
its fullest potential.
Because movies are shot
digitally these days,
and all the raw footage is
uploaded to a production website,
anybody can have access
to all the footage shot.
You load the film into
the, uh, into the computers?
It's all shot, you know,
digital. Of course, so.
I back everything up, and then
I use an FTP site.
Like you'd use for...
for stealing movies,
or... file sharing, you know?
But, I do it with the producers
back at the production office.
All the stuff from the movie?
And all the mistakes?
And everything?
Yeah, it all--
Everything shot comes to me.
And anybody can then have access
to all this footage from any
All you need is the password.
And off it goes to the bosses.
beep... beep.
And then it's just
right there? Great!
Everybody, we've rehearsed this
five, six, seven times.
Just remember, we have one shot
at this. That's it.
The sun's going down.
We have enough budget for 40
Thats all we got.
One shot at it.
Don't screw it up.
Okay, here's the one-er.
When you're running
late and you need a bite
Or you want a place where
you can feel alright
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner too
Burger and fries, just to name a few
'Cause nobody likes salad
Blump's Burgers, Blump's Burgers
Blump's Burgers.
Proudly serving customers since 1937.
This music was originally written
for another movie.
It's like they're hunting
What the fuck?!
Get that fucking asshole outta
With all this
great production value,
why would they ever cut this shot out?
Goddamn motherfu--
Watch this.
These two clowns clearly can't figure
out what to do without Missi around.
Alright, I just need something
that's gonna cover our ass
for why Mabel's not here.
And, it's gonna cut probably
directly into what we shot last week.
- Hold on. What the--
- This is crazy.
I mean, where is she anyway?
Why can't we find her?
Harry, I wish I knew.
You want me to be using this
Yes, please.
Yo, Mabel. Where you at?
Reed. Hey.
I'm sorry I couldn't make it to
the crime scene.
I had to do some thinking alone.
No problem, Mabel;
God and I are on it.
We'll meet you at the
Blump's Burger ASAP.
You guys hold
down the fort at Blump's Burgers
because I have an important
lunch meeting
to go to at the police station.
Hey, don't waste any time.
That was Godfrey.
Okay. Bye.
And... turn.
here we all are in the police breakroom
having some police lunch.
- Hello.
- Hi. How you doing?
- Hello.
- Greetings!
Hey there fellow police!
We sure aren't having any luck
cracking this Knocked Off case.
Just read it right
off the paper.
Well, the problem is we can't
trust ourselves.
And, action!
You can't trust cops.
We need someone outside the
- Go!
- Who watches the watchers?
We need somebody really smart,
and really cool.
What we really need... is a hero.
Even though Missi is the
star, and a detective,
she's humble enough to have
lunch with the uniformed police.
She knows there's a
problem we have to solve.
Just read the lines
right off the cue cards, okay?
I read about this guy
on my internet dating site.
Which I don't need, because
I'm so... attractive.
But, I was looking because my
sister, who isn't attractive.
I read about
this... perfect guy.
He's taller than me, and might
be able to solve this crime.
Because he's not a cop.
He's a movie maker, so--
understands complicated stuff.
I'm going to meet him for
And see if he can solve
this case.
I saw...
his picture. He's--
He's cute too.
- Yeah!
- Great idea!
- Yeah, yeah.
- Definitely on board with that.
- Yup.
- Good plan! I like it!
Ooh, watch this part.
This is my favorite scene.
A lotta people don't know this,
but the first half of Back to the Future
was shot with Eric Stoltz.
Then they fired him,
and reshot it with Michael J. Fox,
and now it's much better.
Just like this movie!
It's better without Harry Hamlin.
Thanks for meeting me here.
I have to talk to you about a
police work case I am on.
I can't trust police.
I-I'm happy to help you any way
I can.
I work in movies, so I have a
good idea how evil works.
You're smart, and nice.
And very attractive.
is seexual harassment.
Lucky for you we're not working
together anymore.
Are you gonna invite me in?
Unless you can fuck me from out
in the hall.
You're taller than me by a lot,
aren't you?
Yes, I am!
But, I'm not really scared
of you, and I need--
Help solving this case.
The last guy I was working with
was a cop and I didn't like him.
He tried to stick his tongue...
in my mouth,
but I blocked it with my teeth
and told him to stop.
I would never... do that.
And I can help you with
your case.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
No, not yet.
I wanna see you naked first.
Now I'm sure.
I don't want to talk about it
in public...
where there might be
police listening.
Let's go to my... apartment.
Good. And I won't try to stick
my tongue in your mouth.
On-screen chemistry is
something you just can't fake.
The actors have to have a deeply
rooted connection in real life.
Like, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
Or, Bruce and Demi.
But, it's not just carnal passion.
We're following in the
grand cinematic tradition
of artist and muse.
Alfred Hitchcock had Grace Kelly.
Ingmar Bergman had Liv Ullmann.
And now, Herbert Blount has Missi Pyle.
This movie's
finally comin' together.
What's with all the
sneakin' around?
I have to break up with you.
What the fuck?
You are a cop, and I can't
trust you on this case.
A cop?
And you stuck your tongue
in my mouth.
There's a new man in my life
He's really handsome,
and he's a movie maker.
I have to break up with you.
Missi really dug deep
in this next scene. Watch!
You know Herbert,
my new boyfriend--
who isn't a cop, is right.
It's someone on the police
It's someone on the police
I have to figure out who it is.
If I do, he'll be so proud of me
because he'll know I helped him.
I do my best thinking
in the shower.
I'm going to take a shower.
On your own cue.
Here's an example of some
nudity that's important to the plot.
It's motivated.
Okay, first--
First I'll turn on the water.
And then I'll start to think.
That's fucking cold!
Okay. I wish Herbert was here
right now to help me...
solve the murders,
and put some soap on my back.
Oh, fuck you. Fuck you!
Get me the fuck out--
Great performances
are born of collaboration.
Actress and director.
I need to relax
here in the shower,
just think about what...
Herbert said.
I think he might be... able to...
figure out who the
murderer... really is.
Missi's been missing
from the case for five days.
Everybody from the movie was
called into the police station
for an important meeting.
We shot this scene at a
real police station in LA.
We need to come up
with some information,
so anything you guys can
provide us will be helpful.
What do you know?
The police don't
know that Missi and I
are working on the case together from home,
so they're needlessly worried.
You mentioned something
earlier. Something about--
Uh, that was nothing.
I just kissed her a little too
A little? This
guy only lies when he speaks.
What does that mean; that you
kissed her enthusiastically?
Well, sometimes when you're
in the moment,
- you get a little, you know--
- I know.
- But how in the moment were you?
- Just... caught up.
Excuse me, are these cameras
with the film?
- No, they're with her.
- They're with me.
- What does that mean?
- I have a show.
I do this show called
The Housewives of Beverly Hills.
And they follow me.
Harry has been called
into the police station
to be questioned about an
actress that he's working with
named Missi Pyle who has
gone missing.
I, by god, am gonna go with him
because I'd like to know
what's going on here.
I even canceled my Pilates
I never cancel my
Pilates class!
Let's bring it back.
Could she have taken another job?
Could she have left this film
for a big movie?
I was in Haunted House 2
with Missi.
If she was gonna walk off any
set, it would've been that one.
Is there anybody on set...
that comes to mind as being
That really ugly guy.
The one with the long hair,
you know?
He was, um, kinda looked like
a Neanderthal?
And he was always kinda all
dressed like a clown?
Dressed like a clown?!
That guy was a misfit for sure.
Well, at least I'm not a tongue rapist!
He was one of our biggest
He gave us a lot of money!
Is that camera behind the
screen, is that with you?
- With the Housewives?
- No. That is not with us.
I do not understand cold,
calculating killers.
This is a montage.
Although it's a device that's been around
since the beginning of film making,
most of us know it from
when Rocky is training.
Or, when Pretty Woman
tries on all those dresses.
Those lab reports are fake.
--lab reports are fake.
Hey, brother! Come on in.
Boy am I glad to see you.
Come on over here. I wanna show
you something. Come here.
Check this out.
I need your brain.
What if all the samples
are DNA clones?
Sit down. Shut up, and listen.
- No, I'm serious.
- Sit down!
There's a lot of
product placement in this scene.
The killings have to stop.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know that.
Why the fuck do you think I've
lost a whole fucking month's sleep?
I-Is there a problem?
Yeah. Your fucking girlfriend
is the problem.
That bitch is gettin' real
close to figuring out
who the Knocked Off killer
really is.
She thinks it's one of us.
Oh come on, man. Why would she
think it's one of us?
It is one of us.
So, for the purposes of
It's you.
And your DNA matches the DNA
on the Albert Fish crime report.
I saw to that when I fabricated
the report.
This is
an Albert Fish crime scene.
How the fuck do you know that?
'cause Reed is our perp.
'cause Reed is our perp.
I know!
We all saw other guys doing the crimes.
But, now we see those same crimes again,
and Reed is doing them.
This is a film technique called cheating.
That's when you set something up
then pull a fast one on the audience.
It's a way to get surprise
at the end of the movie,
without having to come
up with something clever.
Here's about $50,000 I stole
from evidence.
Pack up your shit, man.
You've got an hour before this
place is swarming with police.
I'm gonna leave this at your
girlfriend's murder scene.
You see, she was your last
victim before you fled.
You knew she was onto you,
so you decided to copy one more
The BTK killer.
You remember good old
Dennis Rader, don't you?
As you'll recall, BTK stands for
And, kill.
You motherfucker!
You should've killed me when
you had the chance!
That's always true in movies.
Aw fuck. Goddammit.
If you think you might
possibly ever, even slightly,
want to kill someone, just kill them.
Well, the killer must be one of
those two partners
you were working with.
I... think it must be Reed.
You are so smart!
It wasn't me who figured it out.
It was you.
Well, let's just say...
we're a great team.
Welcome to Blount
International Movies Headquarters.
This is my studio.
I like to live right where I work.
I work from home.
Just like my fellow rogue
filmmaker, Robert Rodriguez.
When I inherited this
house from my dear mother,
it enabled me to focus full-time
on my film making career.
I've rigged Go-Pro cameras everywhere,
because you never know
when magic will strike.
Case in point, today!
- Help! I'm down here!
- Shh, shh.
- Help! Help me!
- Quiet. Quiet on set.
- You'll spoil the movie. Shh!
- Help! Help! Help me!
Actors like to do all kinds
of interesting voice
exercises between takes.
They're funny like that.
Someone help me!
Help! Help!
This is the perfect
scene to build second act tension.
I learned all about how to create
suspense from my mentor, Alfred Hitchcock.
Help! Help! Help!
Soundproofing your
studio is really important.
And so is presentation.
The way you present yourself to the public.
It's all about image.
Perception is everything in Hollywood.
Who is it?
Metro Police.
We have a few questions for you.
Um, okay. I'm comin'.
When you're making a movie,
you have to be open to
rolling with all the punches.
If you don't, you miss out
on all the happy accidents.
Here's an opportunity that came
up that I just couldn't resist.
- Herbert Blunt?
- It's Blount.
- Blount. O-U. Blount.
- Blount? Mr. Blount.
- I am Detective Whiteside.
- Hello.
Detective Jones.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Well, um, could we come in
for a minute?
Sure. Oh, sure. Yeah.
The cops don't
know that Missi and I
are working secretly together
on cracking the case.
We have to keep it that way
because cops can't be trusted.
Would you, uh,
would you like some coffee?
- Uh, no thanks, no.
- None for me, thanks.
They don't know
that Missi is hiding out
right beneath their feet!
Watch how I milk the tension
with some creative cutting.
So, have you ever heard of
an actress named Missi Pyle?
Yes! She's a famous actress.
Everybody's heard of Missi Pyle.
We know you were on the set
of her movie.
I do a lotta... crowdfunding.
Mostly buying kidneys for
Charity stuff. Children.
But I wanted to help these guys
make their little movie.
It's good for Hollywood.
It's-It's, it's good for
Would it be okay if we took
a little look around?
I watch a lotta movies.
A lotta movies.
I'm always the guy
who's screaming,
"Make 'em get a warrant".
That's me.
So, um...
I'm gonna have to do that.
I, uh,
I've always wanted to say that.
You're gonna have to get
a warrant.
Well, that is your right.
Okay then, Mr. Blount.
Speak soon.
I usually would never
let police into my house at all.
But, look how great this scene turned out.
Missi! Missi!
The cops are onto us.
We gotta go get Reed, Missi!
We can't let the cops have this
We deserve the credit.
Get the car going!
Drive! Drive! Drive!
Drive faster.
He's getting away.
bang! bang!
See if you can shoot
out the tires.
You're an excellent marksman.
Okay. I'll try it while driving.
Take that, Vin Diesel!
Freeze, motherfucker!
Freeze, you fucker!
Woah! You got him in the hand!
Go! Go! Go!
So, you're even knocking off
your capture.
The same way Charlie Manson was
In a cabinet at Spahn ranch.
This was my greatest
Well, I guess I'll just live
my life like Charlie Manson.
as a folk hero in prison.
I'll sell my art,
and put out some music.
You got your guy.
Hit 'em with the catchphrase,
Now, it's time for you
to get knocked off, Reed.
Every movie needs
to have a catchphrase.
You know...
I never told you this Herbert,
but my family is rich.
I just do police work for fun.
Let's go to Hawaii and
This isn't really Hawaii.
We're back in my Hollywood studio.
This is what's called the martini shot.
It's what filmmakers call
the last shot in a movie.
In old Hollywood,
the director would be so
anxious to be done with a shoot,
he would already have a martini
in his hand when he said "Action".
And, as soon as he said
cut, he'd drink the martini.
Now, the last shot is
called the martini shot,
even by people who don't drink martinis.
I'm gonna give Missi a 7Up.
Put a little on your feet. Good.
Whenever you make a movie
there are always so many distractions
that you have to deal with.
Planes flying overhead.
Lawn mowers in the distance.
More cops showing up at your door.
I could've cut all this
out, but you wouldn't learn.
Oh! Mr. Blount?
Mr. Herbert Blount?
Are you back with a warrant?
We're not the police,
Mr. Blount.
We're with the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints,
and we have a message for you
of God's good news!
Jesus Christ! Go away!
Missi? Missi?
The martini shot is up.
Okay. This is it.
This is the scene where
the two unlikely lovers
realize what we knew all along
that in the movies,
two people are connected by destiny,
and no force can tear them apart.
We call it a Hollywood Ending,
and it's one of the big
reasons we love movies.
Because for a couple of hours,
we can sit in the dark alone
and watch love work its magic.
When it comes down to it,
it really is all about love, isn't it?
Every movie is just a love
story, dressed in funny clothes.
Whether it's on the Titanic.
Or in the Black Lagoon.
Or even on a beach in Hawaii.
It's all about love.
But once in a blue moon,
a special love story comes along
where the misunderstood
hero has the strength
to let the love of his live go
because he knows it's
the right thing to do.
It kills him, but he does it anyway.
Like when Rick puts Ilsa
on that plane in Casablanca.
Or when King Kong dies
when protecting Fay Wray.
Kong. Now there was a misunderstood hero.
His love story makes me cry every time.
There's no love
quite like the love in movies.
That kind of love doesn't
exist in the real world.
At least, I've never seen it.
Missi! Missi! Waaagh!!
Missi! Missi! Waaagh!!
Missi! Missi! Waaagh!!
Missi! Waaagh!
God bless the movies.
Well, that's my director's cut.
It's a great movie because of a great star:
Missi Pyle.
Missi and I had a certain
kind of chemistry--
from the first day we met.
If you don't have that
with an actress,
don't even bother doing the
You have to have that kind of
chemistry with the actor,
you have to make sure you--
- Blount, time's up! Let's go!
I just have to do
a little more VO.
If I could just have a minute
or two here, I ll be all done.
Computer time for inmates
is a privilege.
It can be given;
it can be taken away.
This is the version that will
be of the best.
Can I come back in like
the next session?
- We will schedule another time.
- Come on.
I'll give you a line.
You know that line you did
about privilege?
There was a real naturalness
in the way you presented it.
I could cut it right in like
toward the end.
You already gave me a line.
We already shot it.
I'll use the security cameras.
Did I give you Executive
Producer credit yet?
Do you want to be Sam Parks or
Samuel Parks?
Which do you want to be?
It'll be permanent, you know.
It'll be on IMDB.
Hello. Hello, everybody.
- You know the drill.
- I do. I do.
I'll go in here like
I'm supposed to. Sorry.
- You were great, Sam.
- Thanks.
- You did a good performance.
- Thanks so much.
I smell Academy Award!
The only thing that makes me smile
Is my love for Missi Pyle
And to earn it
I just did what I had to do
I finally got all her attention
but it did cause some contention
With those who cannot
feel a thing that's true
They can never understand
a love that's true
Little man said I was wrong
As I towered like King Kong
The misunderstood
Misunderstood to say the least
But Missi finally knew
That my heart was always true
And in the end it was
Her beauty killed my beast
And in the end it's simply
Beauty kills my beast
So here is where I dwell
I'm happy in my cell
This prison locks them out
It'll never lock me in, no!
My movies set you free
And I'll try to make you see
That a beast is just
A better kind of man
Ooh, the beast is just
The better kind of man
My beast is just
A better kind of man
I love you, Missi.
What do you
tremble, are you all afraid?
Alas I blame you not for you are mortal.
The police gave
Dahmer back his abuductee
Dahmer wasn't hungry, he was
just lonely
Couldn't stand to see anyone
walk out his door
He should have stayed just a
But he got great head in his
Spent too much time kneeling
on the killing floor
Well I feel your terror
and I feel all your pain
It might not be your fault,
just your fucked up brain
But, the charges came in and
the payment has come due
I quit my job!
My job becomes hunting you.
I quit my job!
My job becomes hunting you.
Well, maybe it's genetics
like your parents say
Maybe "Call of Duty" made you
this way
Maybe it's just our
gun-lovin' society
You're taking Ambien instead
of counting sheep
Got you walking and eating
and fucking in your sleep
Ridlin gives you focus but
brings anxiety
Somehow you've forgotten how
to have fun
You're looking at the playground
through the sites of a gun
I think you're going to do
what I think you're going to do
I quit my job!
My job becomes hunting you.
I quit my job!
My job becomes hunting you.
On my TV and my movie screen
Underaged in my state - only 17
You made love to the camera
but you spoke to only me
Your dirty boyfriend was
skinny and bored
Wouldn't wear a tuxedo when
you won that award
He never really loved you,
couldn't ever let you really be
TMZ everywhere you go
You're a perfect lady
but they called you a ho
Nobody could ever understand
you like I do
I quit my job!
My job becomes saving you
I quit my job!
My job becomes saving you
You sit right there make
yourself to home
My casa is your casa cause
we're all alone
I've got nothing else to do,
and you are welcome to
You can act happy and you can act sad
You can be the good guy,
I'll always be the bad
We'll improvise our original
You're Lady Macbeth with a
bloody silver cup
You could play Hamlet if
things loosen up!
You're so much more than just an ingenue
I quit my job!
My job is now loving you
I quit my job!
My job is now loving you
And on my arm, I've got this
new tattoo
It says "I quit my job!"
I quit my job!
I quit my job!
I quit my job!
I quit my job!