Dirt (2018) Movie Script

[rock music]
(male #1)
Americans love to race.
Seems once we make something go
you wanna make it go faster.
And once it goes faster
well, let's see
who can make it go the fastest.
In drag racing,
it's all about acceleration.
In drift,
it's all about style points.
In NASCAR, well,
it's a lotta left turns.
But in our world..
...it's all about dirt.
[engine revving]
'We're in Round 1 of Lucas Oil
Off Road Racing Series.'
'Trent Lerion's troubles
continue heading to lap 10.'
He's gettin' squeezed out there.
You're gettin' squeezed
out there, man.
Tell me something I don't know.
I'm covered in sludge out here.
He's running out of mud shields.
Well, he wouldn't be so dirty
if he ever had the lead.
'Behind the leaders,
Trent Lerion
'is making his move
on Greg Adler.'
'Battlin' it out for the last
spot on the podium.'
He's gotta make
a move on Turn 2.
- Trent, you gotta--
- Yeah, I got this.
'Lerion's Number 7 Rockstar car
is all over Adler.'
'Now, he goes to make a move,
but Adler shuts him down again''
'That has to frustrate Lerion.'
'He just can't find
an opening out there.'
He's too close.
'No! Oh, no!'
'He lands on Adler's bumper,
slams into the K-rail.'
'That's gonna do some damage.'
Tell me somethin'.
Status, brother.
Uh, engine's sputtering.
Tire's flat and I'm pretty sure
the rear dip is broke.
Dip's gone.
That's it, we're done.
Damn it!
'Well, that looks like'
'the end of the day
for Trent Lerion'
'and his Number 7
Rockstar team.'
[dramatic music]
[sirens blaring]
- Suspect in sight.
- 'Heads up, Dez.'
(female #1)
'More po-po coming
from Alameda.'
Alright, flip around,
300 yards on your left.
The alley will give you
some breathing room.
[tires screeching]
- Damn it, I can't see a thing.
- Quick right.
Anymore five-O?
Looking. Nothing.
Go left on Viaduct Street.
Then it's open for a bit.
No, I'm good.
Can't touch this
- I'mma coast right in.
- No. Viaduct is safer.
- You need to listen to me.
- 'Ha. They off me.'
Alright, don't worry about it.
We good, man.
Can't touch this
My music hits me so hard
Makes me say oh my Lord
Thank you for blessin' me
With a mind to rhyme
and two hype feet
It feels good
(woman on radio)
'Unit 17, suspect spotted.'
'Headed east bound on Bronson.'
Oh, shit, Dez,
crews are closin' in fast!
Yo, get outta there!
I got him.
Where to?
Down Ellis Street.
Suspect in sight,
headed east on Bronson.
Mother Teresa, Mary,
Moses, Paul, John.
Where you going, man?
[siren blaring]
Oh, shit!
[siren blaring]
[breathing heavily]
[all laughing]
- Play it again?
- No more.
Everybody, back to work.
Come on.
Don't worry,
you all will get a GIF
with the best moments
in your inboxes.
Rewind it.
You wanna see the impact again?
I think you can hear Pearson
cry a little bit at the end.
I wanna see the driver.
You know this kid?
I do.
'He was part
of the Nexgeneracers program
a few years back for Out Rescue.
Wait, so you taught him
how to steal cars?
You want me to put
out a warrant?
[engine revving]
Didn't think
you were gonna make it.
15,000 miles on it.
Sells for 400 grand.
No police?
Clean as a new razor blade, yo.
'Cause you know what the boss
will do if you bring the heat.
Yeah, I know, Serge.
20K. Take it or leave it.
It books for almost 400.
You know anyone else that
can move wheels like this?
Come on, Serge,
don't do me like this, man.
It's always a pleasure, Junior.
You got skills, my man.
(female #1)
Nineteen k?
God, you should have got
twice as much.
You wanna argue with Serge, huh?
You almost got
yourself pinched tonight.
- But I didn't.
- But it was stupid.
Why you gotta do stuff like
that, man? It freaks me out.
Look, don't trip, alright?
No cop's gonna ever outdrive me.
Now, floor it, alright?
I'm tryin' to get home
before Tanya wake up.
I am flooring it. This is top
speed for my little baby, okay?
- Hooptie, that's what--
- Shh. She'll hear you.
[keys jingling]
- Did you check first?
- I knew it was you.
- What are you doin' up?
- I recorded "Supergirl."
Can we watch
before I go to school?
- Oh.
- Please?
Okay. Just hold on.
I gotta put
some of this stuff up first.
- You get cereal?
- Of course.
- Multigrain?
- Better for you.
- They're brown.
- We brown.
Ain't nothin' wrong
with being brown, Tanya.
- Ooh, it comes with stickers.
- Mm-hm.
You finish your homework?
- Tanya.
- 'On the table.'
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
- 'Hurry up!'
- Alright. I'll be right there.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[intense music]
Dez, what is it?
Um, I'm in a little bit
of trouble, alright?
But everything's gonna be okay.
I'mma figure somethin' out.
You gotta trust me.
[knock on door]
- 'Police, open up!'
- Dez, I'm scared.
Hey. Look at me, alright?
You gotta be strong because
I can't be worrying about you.
[knock on door]
(male #2)
'LAPD. Open the door.'
It's alright, Tanya.
It's, it's alright.
[knock on door]
Hey. Hi, honey.
Oh, baby. You're a savior.
- I missed you last night.
- Yeah, I just crashed here.
We ran into all kinds
of trouble yesterday.
I know. What's Harvey sayin'?
Well, he thinks
the suspension's not dialed in.
Bulger still thinks
it's the driving.
What do you think?
I don't know.
Maybe Trent's not carrying
enough speed into the corners.
I don't know. God, if I could
just get to the driver's seat--
Oh, you can't do that
to yourself, no.
I just can't get
this team to gel.
It's like they're all speakin'
a different language.
You're letting it consume you.
This is all I am, baby.
If I can't make this work..
...what's left for me?
You're Rick Radden.
Look, I know that
you wanna trust your team
but you need to trust yourself.
Yeah, I hear you, babe.
Oh, man.
'You come to lecture me?'
- Would it do any good?
- I didn't do anything.
You didn't steal the Rolls
and lead an officer on a chase?
Or you crashed a patrol car.
That sounds like me.
But, nope. Wasn't me.
Look familiar?
Yeah. A long time ago now.
You were the smartest,
most talented kid in that bunch.
Remember Richter?
Yeah, Rick. He sucked.
Well, he's working in a repair
shop down in Crenshaw now.
And, uh, Lin Pao,
he's a detailer.
Drivin' around
in his own mobile unit.
Doin' pretty well
for himself too.
- Great for them.
- It is great for them.
Because they're not sittin' here
with me lookin' at jail time.
I told you, I didn't do nothing.
Well, uh..
...I've got a dash cam video
with you wavin' on it
that says otherwise.
They wanna try you
as an adult, Dez.
That means real jail time.
I can't go to no jail.
I got my sister to look after.
No, you don't anymore.
She been thrown into the system.
No one is helpin' me out there!
I tried to help you, Dez.
I brought you
into the Nexgeneracers.
I tried to give you
a sense of direction.
What can I do to get her back?
I'll do anything.
Well, I could, um, call
in a favor with the DA.
Maybe he can get you probation.
But you'd have to prove
that you can go straight
and stay employed.
If you can do that
maybe you can get
legal guardianship for her
'when you turn 18,
end of summer.'
But who's gonna hire me?
[engine revving]
Well, that sounds like shit.
- Is it the timing?
- No, the timing's fine.
- I think the jetting's off.
- Yeah, I think it's the carb.
I think we gotta pull
the carb again.
Fine, pull it.
Hey, Rick, check it out.
You got some company, man.
- Freeman.
- A little engine trouble?
Ah, nothin' we can't handle.
How you doin'?
You're looking good.
Yeah, yeah.
What's goin' on?
Came by to ask you a favor.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Got another Nexgeneracer I was,
uh, hopin' you could take on.
Now's not the best time.
We had kind of a shitty start
to the season and--
Well, the kid's smart.
Knows a lot about cars.
I'm sure he does.
All your kids are great.
It's just, uh..
You know what? Look.
Let me get through the weekend
and I'll call you, okay?
It's a little more
urgent than that.
He's sitting in jail.
You wanna put a criminal
on my team?
I wanna put a criminal,
um, in your house.
What? Come on.
He needs a guardian.
He doesn't turn 18 till August.
I don't know. I don't know.
Now, the kid's had nothin'
but bad luck.
His mom died of cancer
when he was little.
His dad, killed in a break-in
at his shop two years ago.
And he's managed to take care
of his ten-year-old sister
all by himself ever since.
You can't save
every kid, Freeman.
He got busted for stealing
a car, but he's not a bad kid.
Dash cam video nailed him
when he got a little cocky.
Here's the footage.
Uh...you should watch it.
Unless this is footage of him
sweeping up a pit
or hauling tires, this might not
be the spot for him.
'Hey, Rick,
come check this out.'
I gotta go.
I'll take a look at it.
But no promises, okay?
(male announcer)
'That's it for Round 3
of Lucas Oil Off Road.'
'Round 4 starts tomorrow
at 10 a.m. sharp'
'with the Pro Lite trucks.
See you there, folks.'
[sirens blaring]
[tires screeching]
(male #3)
'Oh, shit!'
You wanna stop and get, like,
a toothbrush or anything?
I'm fine.
Yeah, the captain said we can
swing by your apartment
and grab some stuff if you want.
Look, I don't need no one
taking care of me, alright?
You got out of jail
all by yourself.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So you must be Dez.
- Hello, Miss Radden.
- Oh, call me Glenda.
Glenda? Like the witch?
- The good witch.
- Uh, yeah, sometimes.
'Come on.'
Wh.. Don't you have
any bags or--
We just came straight
from the station.
Couldn't even get
a toothbrush or anything.
Rick, what's wrong with you?
Come on inside.
We'll get you hooked up.
Can I get you anything
to eat or drink?
Um, I'm fine.
Your room is right around the
corner, first door on the left.
Why don't you go ahead?
I'll meet you in there.
Honey, be careful where
you leave the keys, alright?
- You're serious?
- Yeah, I'm serious.
This kid's a car thief, hon.
Well, then he doesn't
need keys, does he?
So, you're okay with this?
Mm, I didn't really
have a choice, did I?
- Well, I asked you.
- Mm, more like you told me.
Ah, I'm not gonna argue with
you, baby. I'm not gonna do it.
Well, maybe you should
go check on him, you know
before he steals
all your underwear.
Look, kid, this isn't a game.
You got a lot to prove to me,
to Freeman
to the damn
California Penal system.
- You ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready, man.
Good. Lights out at 11.
We got a big day tomorrow.
I ain't got no bedtime.
Well, you do now.
'I got a lot of shit on my plate
right now, kid'
and babysittin' you
ain't my top priority.
So, keep your head down
and your mouth shut
and we'll get through
this summer.
Yes, sir.
Now you're gettin' it.
So I'm comin' in,
I'm 30 feet in the air
and I got that
son of a bitch sideways.
'So when I come in and I land'
I'm carrying a lot of speed
around that corner
and they just became
innocent bystanders
seeing the speed I was
carrying through--
Alright, alright,
listen up, everyone.
We're gonna put yesterday's
disaster behind us.
We got qualifying at 11:00.
'I'm gonna need
everyone on point.'
What? What's the problem?
You know there's a black kid
standing behind you, right?
This is Dez Truss. He's one of
Captain Freeman's Nexgeneracers.
He's gonna be workin'
with us this summer.
How you doin'?
I'm Harvey, crew chief.
This is Bulger,
our head mechanic.
- How you doin'?
- Good.
- That's Robbie over there.
- What's up, dude?
Of course, Trent, our driver.
Nexgeneracers, huh?
You know this ain't go-karts,
right, kid?
- Come on, back off, Trent.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Rick, it's a smart move,
you know.
Reachin' out
to the urban demographic.
Maybe get us a few new sponsors.
Philly Blunts or one of those
fancy malt liquor companies.
Yeah, we got plenty
of sponsors, Trent.
You just gotta start winning,
so we can keep 'em.
Alright, everyone,
let's get our shit together.
I want you to double check
that alignment, Robbie.
Speakin' of shit, Dez,
the, uh, brown water out tubes
clogged on the RV, so, uh,
welcome to Team Radden.
You heard him, Dez.
Head down, mouth shut, hop to.
Nice kicks.
Yeah, they were.
Sorry, man, you totally
coulda used these.
The guy's an asshole.
But even though,
he's the face of our team
so we keep him happy.
You got it?
- I got it.
- Hey, look, man, here.
You get this done, I'll get you
some more work in the pit, okay?
I promise, don't worry.
And hey.
Trent ain't got the energy
to be a dick all day.
[engine revving]
Yo, Dez, can you grab me
that gun over there?
No, with the small socket,
the small socket.
- Yeah. Thank you.
- You got it.
Alright, take it out, Trent!
Hey, is the race startin'?
No, man, it's qualifying round.
Seven laps best time
gets pole position
this afternoon.
Stay here. We'll see you later.
(male announcer)
All Group 4 teams to pre-grid.
[engines revving]
We're startin' in tenth.
What was it this time?
Change up the damn tires,
Rick, alright?
It's like I'm driving
out snot out there.
It's not the damn..
You know, change 'em.
One less thing for him
to complain
about when he loses again.
You heard him, you guys. Let's
get four new Generals on there.
'Copy that.'
- Wanna help me out with that?
- Now let's get her cleaned up.
'The dirt continues to fly here
at Glen Helen Raceway'
'as we head into our main event,
the Pro 4 trucks.'
'So far, this season has started
off as the Carl Renezeder show.'
(male announcer)
'All teams to pre-grid.
All teams to pre-grid.'
'The race is about to begin.'
- You got this, brother.
- Okay. You gotta be safe.
Hey, can I go too?
Clean up the tools first,
then meet us at the hot pits.
'And Carl Renezeder
will be starting out'
'of Row 2 today as we check out
our starting grid.'
'Back in Row 5,
Trent Lerion's off'
'to another disappointing start
for Rick Radden's team.'
'There's reports of all kinds'
'of friction
between Lerion and Radden.'
Well, he's gotta finish
higher than tenth'
'to put an end to those rumors.'
'And here we go, Round 4.'
'It is on and Kyle LeDuc
is out on the throttle.'
'He needs to stay in front
for 20 laps'
'to take his first victory
of the year.'
You're good. You're good.
You can't come through here
without a wristband.
- I'm crew.
- And I'm Jay-Z.
No wristband, no entry.
'Trent Lerion's Number 7
Rockstar truck'
'is getting bottled up
in the back of the pack.'
- Clear, Trent, make a move.
- I can't find an opening.
What's his problem?
Don't tell me
it's the damn tires.
How are the tires?
Well, they can't make
this piece of crap truck
'go any faster.'
He says they're good.
[engine revving]
[engines revving]
Oh, shit.
Yeah. It's not go-karts.
'Renezeder's Lucas Oil truck
is surfing well today.'
'He's run a great race.'
'And Carl Renezeder takes'
'the checkered flag yet again.'
'Kyle LeDuc in second
and Rob MacCachren in third.'
'Carl Renezeder,
three wins in a row?'
'A lot of momentum
for your team right now.'
And congratulations.
Another battle out there today
but, uh, you got it done.
Nice job.
'Lucas Oil, General Tire
And Trucks is amazing.'
To be able to win races,
you gotta be able to finish
and you gotta be able
to finish strong.
So, just really wanna give
my hats off to my crew, man.
Those guys are amazing.
Rough first day, huh?
Trent came in eighth.
You good with that?
Yeah, it's not all about
finishing position
and Trent had some fast laps
some good passes and the truck..
No, I'm not good with that.
Top three finishers
go on the podium.
Interviews, TV time..
That's what sponsors want.
Trent ever go to the podium?
Well, he used to all the time.
That's why I paid him
the big bucks to get him here.
But he only made two podiums
last season.
- I'm guessing that's a problem.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- When is the next race?
Two weeks. Lake Elsinore.
Got it.
Hey, you wanna see
something cool?
- Whoa.
- You know what that is?
- GMC Syclone.
- Yeah.
Turbo V6. All wheel drive.
Fastest American car in '91.
Yeah, that car won me a lot
of money back in the day.
How 'bout this?
You know what that is?
Red Dragon, ESX STI.
Limited edition.
450 horsepower.
Yeah, plus 100 shot of nitrous.
It's fast, but not as fast
as the Hellcat.
Mm, maybe we should find out.
Oh, snap.
Yeah, it seems
like a lifetime ago.
Damn. You were a baller.
Why you ain't still drivin'?
I had a little accident.
Can't go 20 laps anymore.
How many races you win?
Most of 'em.
Alright, the show's over.
Let's go.
[Dez chuckles]
When your spotter tells you
Rick Radden's behind you,
uh, hold on.
(male #4 on video)
'After 12 years, 3 championships
and 109 total wins'
'the name Rick Radden was
synonymous with short course.'
'His aggressive style
drew both praise'
'and criticism
from his fellow drivers.'
He's somebody that's not, uh
not real high on my list,
you know?
'He's not afraid
to drive through you.'
You just gotta be tough
when you're at him.
He's got the best crew
out there.
'If I had his money, his team'
his ride, I'd smoke him.
(male #4)
'He was on his way
to a fourth championship'
'until this moment in 2012.'
'Rick Radden and Creed are going
door to door into that jump.'
- 'Oh!'
- 'Oh, no!'
'Radden goes for a nasty ride.'
'What a vicious barrel roll.
Let's hope he's okay.'
'They're pulling Radden out.
He's having trouble moving.'
'This could be a career ender
for Rick Radden.'
'Nobody, uh, likes to see
anything like that happen.'
Uh, uh, we weren't the closest,
uh, that's for sure
but that, that was
a tough one, but..
'That, that guy,
that guy's tough..'
(male #4)
Radden returned to short course
last year as a team owner
and, so far,
it hasn't gone very well.
Rick, do you consider
your first year as a team owner
a failure?
No, I, I wouldn't use
the, the term failure, no.
Do you think 2017 will be the
breakout year for your team?
Well, we're just gonna take it
one day at a time, and, um..
we think you're gonna see
some good rides
out of Trent Lerion this season.
- 'Thank you, Rick.'
- Thank you.
Alright, Dez, it's gonna be
super easy since you already
know cars. You got your master
power right here, alright?
Turn it on, engage the fuel pump
right there.
Engage the ignition, prime it.
See the pressure
go up right there?
Then you just start right here.
[engine revving]
Alright, man, just bring it
forward nice and slow.
Don't punch it.
'There ya go.'
(Rob MacCachren)
'Um, but after the fact
we found out that'
'there was a lot of mud packed
in the passenger side wheels'
'which is probably
the vibration.'
We think we had a little bit
of a carburetor issue
which, uh, caused a lack
of power and the engine oil..
'Just listen to what
I'm sayin', man.'
Listen here,
by increasing the front bias
we'll get you more traction
in the turns.
Yeah, until I hit a rut and
then I'm riding a tilt-a-whirl--
How about you just take
a couple of test laps, huh?
'You can do that?'
Maybe you could drive the truck
and I'll go maul a village.
- Listen--
- Okay, hey, hey!
'Hey, Rick, I got this.
I'll take care of this.'
I got it.
'We're gonna decrease the bias.'
Okay. Sure.
- Hey.
- 'Hi.'
Hey, how are you doin'?
Are they taking care
of you over there?
'I miss you, Dez.'
I know.
I miss you too.
But hey, I'm gonna come see you.
- In two weeks.
- 'Okay.'
Where we at?
Best lap time so far is 50.522.
Trent has us starting in ninth
place later this afternoon.
Damn it!
[engines revving]
Harvey, I'm not feelin' it.
Uh, hit this next corner hard.
See if that rattles her a bit.
Well, it rattled me
a little bit.
Just keep runnin' on all fours.
Do what you can.
We'll check it out later
before the race.
- He's not feelin' it.
- Does he ever?
Damn it!
Hasn't anybody here
worked on a truck, anyone?
Take it easy, brother.
We'll get her ready.
No, he's right.
What is it with this team?
We're never on the damn podium.
The truck is a mess.
If we don't get our heads
out of our asses
we're gonna lose the sponsors,
we're gonna lose our team.
I want this truck running
like a winner by race time!
Alright! Let's do it.
Come on.
Open her up, man.
Harvey, what've you got?
You got somethin' for me?
Uh, we could try lockin'
the differential
between the front
and rear wheel.
- 'Didn't we already try that?'
- 'I thought we did.'
- But it keeps slippin'.
- Why? Wh-why is it slipping?
I don't know,
I'm not gonna know that
until I get it up
and I run diagnostics.
Bulger, what've you got?
Boss, there's nothin'
we haven't already tried.
We could try increasing
the differential.
Dez, you got somethin'?
You're gonna listen to your
shop boy now? Jesus, Rick!
You guys are as useful as a dog
takin' a shit on the engine.
So, yeah, I'm gonna listen
to the shop boy.
What do you got, buddy?
Give it to me, speak up.
Okay, uh, well..
...why don't you try
and go the other way?
What do you mean?
Instead of, like,
lockin' the differential
why don't you open it?
No, kid, no.
We'd lose all our traction.
'He's gonna slide
into stands on every turn.'
MacCachren ran three seasons
on an open differential.
Got him a lot of podiums.
Yeah, he had a completely
different driving style.
I'm sure Mr. Lerion
can make the adjustment.
He's gonna tell me
how to drive now.
'Keep your dog on a leash,
would you?'
Just listen, man.
The kid's got a point, okay?
What we lose in traction,
we're gonna get in speed
when we come out of those turns.
You know, I'm right here, guys.
I'm right here.
Don't I get a say in this?
The floor is yours. Speak up.
Fix the truck, Rick. Alright?
I can drive it
if you idiots can fix it.
Alright, let's do it.
Let's do it, come on.
'We're racing Round 5,
Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.'
'Kyle LeDuc leads with Carl
Renezeder hot on his tail'
'and Trent Lerion
in third place.'
'How are you feelin'?'
Like driving
a broken shopping cart
through a river of piss.
- He's not lovin' it.
- Well, we're in third.
He's doin' somethin' right.
'Let's take a look at this
battle for third place.'
'Eric Barron's hawking.
Trent Lerion'
'trying to get around him for
that final spot on the podium.'
Trent, you're doin' really good.
Get some distance
between you and Barron.
Get ready.
He's gonna speed by you.
We're runnin' out of time.
'LeDuc and Renezeder
are really bangin' it out'
'and Lerion's doing his best
to hold off Barron for third.'
'Oh, Lerion barely moves on
as they come out of Turn 2.'
He's gotta accelerate more
into the turns.
He needs to come in harder
on the turns.
I'm not payin' him to
participate. I want that podium!
Come on, man.
Put some slam on that throttle.
This one's yours, buddy.
(male announcer #1)
'Well, it looks like
Lerion's got another gear.'
'He's finally opening up some
space between him and Barron.'
Come on!
'And as they battle
coming into the checkered flag'
'Carl Renezeder barely holds off
Kyle LeDuc for the win'
'and look at this,
Trent Lerion in third.'
- Whoo!
- Alright!
Oh, my God, man!
- Finally. Finally.
- Finally.
You did it, Trent!
[crowd applauding]
(male announcer #1)
'In third place, Trent Lerion.'
[crowd cheering]
'In second place, Kyle LeDuc.'
'And our champion,
Carl Renezeder.'
Hold up,
only crew and press allowed.
I'm with Team Radden.
- See?
- I don't give a shit.
(male announcer #1)
'Let's give 'em
another hand, folks.'
Alright, Trent.
What's the problem, man?
The kid's with us.
And he won us the race.
So open the gate.
- Whatever.
- Thank you.
(male announcer #2)
Alright, once again,
now we got Trent Lerion here
in third place. We're gonna
go over and talk to him.
Trent, you know,
this has been a long time coming
'back in the podium
for Team Radden.'
I can tell by the smile
on your face
you're just stoked to be here.
Yeah, it feels, uh,
feels really good.
You know, it's uh,
it's been a long overdue time
to get this fantastic Rockstar
truck up on this podium.
Um, I pulled some great moves
today, but, uh
I gotta give a shout out
to one guy who made this happen.
Harvey Pearson, our crew chief.
Yeah, brother.
Yeah, we did it. I'm back.
And tomorrow, we're gonna be
on top of this podium.
So I'm comin' for you, Carl.
(male announcer #2)
'Trent Lerion, everybody,
third place.'
What are you doin', kid?
Come on.
So, where did you learn
so much about cars?
My pops owned a shop
in Inglewood.
Grew up in that shop.
[engine revving]
Yeah. You hear that!
Sounds like she's runnin'
on tiger bend.
Makes me wanna drink
dragon blood
and do karate
on a mountain, man!
Alright, let's get her in
and check her out.
Hey, Dez.
You get to clean every speck
of mud off this vehicle.
[engine sputters]
It ain't goin' into gear.
Had to jinx us, huh?
'Ah, shit!'
- Yo, you okay?
- No, man, that really hurt.
Let me see.
Ah, I just jammed it
with the wrench.
I finished the assembly though.
Can you drive?
I can steer, but not to shift.
This thing's throbbing already.
- Oh, it's that bad?
- It hurts, dude.
Well, if you can't drive,
the kid could do it.
- Rick is that a good idea?
- Yeah, yeah, he could do it.
Go on, kid, suit up.
Right, there.
- Okay, all set.
- Alright, kid, let's do it.
[engine revving]
Shift it to second,
real smooth.
'We're not doin' any jumps'.'
Alright, now to third.
Okay, now. Shift back down
to the second for the hairpin.
Goin' pretty good.
Let's see how he does
under load.
Alright, kid,
you got a straightaway comin'.
'I want you to go three-quarters
throttle to third'
and then brake before the jump.
I can handle the jump.
No, no, kid, you gotta learn
how to launch it
so you don't nosedive.
[engine revving]
Hey, slow down, kid.
Slow down!
Kinda like that, boss?
Yeah, kinda like that.
Don't worry. man.
In my former line of work
it was also important
not to damage the product.
'Looking pretty strong.'
Might wanna open her up
a little bit.
See her full throttle.
Hey, kid, do you think
you can do it again..
'only a little faster
this time?'
Hey, you got it, boss.
Remember, I only got one truck.
[engine revving]
Not bad. Not bad.
It's shiftin' clean, boss.
'Up and down.'
Hey, Dez.
Why don't you take another lap?
What? She's not
even warmed up yet.
[engine revving]
Where are you going?
Nice control, kid. Nice control.
[engine revving]
Shit, man, that ain't half bad.
[engine revving]
- Take it easy.
- I got it, I got it.
Don't touch my truck, man.
It's my truck
and I told him to drive
because you're too busy
- No, no.
- Chill, chill.
Settle down, take it easy.
Alright, Rick.
How 'bout this, alright?
The black prick
touches my truck again
and you find a new driver.
How 'bout that?
- You alright?
- Yeah, man. Talk to him.
- Anyone hear anything?
- Nope.
I'm callin' him again.
(male announcer)
'Final call for qualifying.'
'All drivers to pre-grid.'
Alright, someone go out
and find his ass.
Yo, his ass is here.
Robbie, will you grab my suit?
You got two minutes to qualify.
Relax, old man, alright.
Winners need their beauty sleep.
You didn't win, idiot.
And I hear you were out
till 5:00 a.m.
You look like shit.
- You stink of Jager.
- 'You smelling me now?'
I didn't have time to shower.
Back off, Rick.
Are you still drunk?
He's drunk.
Maybe you don't remember
being in your 20s, buddy.
- But I process that shit.
- Oh, yeah?
You wanna take a breathalyzer
and prove it?
He's gonna be fine, boss.
He's gonna be fine.
- Let's just get ready to roll.
- Yeah, boss.
- Chill out.
- Whoa, whoa.
Don't you ever
put your hand on me!
Try to picture, pal. Alright.
You want podiums?
You want TV time?
Get used to this face.
'Cause it is Team Radden.
Not anymore. You're fired.
Rick, whoa, hey, Rick.
Come on, man, use your brain.
Hey, we gotta get a truck
in this race.
We're gonna lose
our series points.
What points? A bunch
of bottom-half finishes.
Who gives a shit?
You really wanna do this, Rick?
- Yeah, I do.
- Okay.
Kiss your sponsors goodbye, pal.
You're gonna be back to living
off your wife by tomorrow.
Get out of my pit.
You were always holdin' me back
anyway, old man.
Adios, succos.
What the hell was that?
'What? What are you doin'?'
What, you want out too?
Outta what?
We're done.
Qualifying started.
Well, you don't need
to qualify to race.
- We don't got a driver.
- Yeah, we do.
The kid.
- Wait, what?
- You could do this, kid.
No, no, no.
Last night was great and all
but that was an open track.
This is the real deal, guys.
You wanna put a shop boy in a
Pro 4 truck with no seat time.
He's had a good five, six
minutes on the track.
- Yeah, seven at least.
- Jesus, Rick.
- You lost your mind, man.
- Hey, look, this is happening.
You're gonna join us or you
gonna go off with your boy?
It's your call.
I don't want my name
anywhere near this train, Rick.
Oh, this is great, huh?
This is, this is good.
Anyone else?
let's get this rig ready.
Come on, man.
Let's get you suited up.
[dramatic music]
Looking good.
Hey, kid, look,
I had to lie a little.
I told the officials
you raced short track in Mexico.
- Mexico?
- Just roll with it if they ask.
- Alright.
- Alright, look, just..
Keep it on all fours
for the first 12 laps
and then we'll take it
from there.
Look, you got skills.
I know it.
Freeman knew it too.
I think that's why
he sent you to me.
You got this.
Attaboy! Lighten the load.
Alright. Head down, mouth shut,
hop to, Dez.
'The big news as we look
at our starting grid'
'is that Trent Lerion is
unavailable for today's race.'
'And get this,
Rick Radden has replaced him'
'with 17-year-old Dez Truss.'
he's raced down in Mexico.'
Alright, now we'll start in last
row 'cause we didn't qualify.
'That's okay.
That's a good thing.'
'Give you some space
to warm up.'
Si, senor.
'It's time to sling some dirt'
'with big horsepower
and all four wheels diggin'.'
- Here we go.
- Hell, yeah.
- 'The green flag is up.'
- Stay on all fours.
'And we are green,
green, green.'
[engine revving]
Oh, I can't see a thing.
- Oh, shit.
- You okay, kid?
Like a pinball.
'Yeah, you'll get used to that.'
That's it. Hang back.
Watch their lines.
Get to know the track.
'Bringing up the rear
in the Number 7'
'Rockstar truck
is the new Team Radden driver.'
'I don't know what
the Spanish word is for dirt'
'but he's gonna eat
a lot of it here today.'
Well, at least the truck's
still holdin' up.
Yeah, no shit.
He's goin' 10 miles an hour.
'Barron in the white, red
and orange goin' to the bottom.'
'Kyle LeDuc in the black
on the outside.'
'Oh, oh, contact, huge move.'
'How did Kyle save that?'
Okay, let's see
if you can make a move.
'Stay on his back porch
until the turn.'
- Then take a line inside him.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
'Now, look at this, at the back
of the track, Dez Truss'
'our newcomer, looking into make
a move on Josh Merrell.'
'Oh, and there he goes.'
Way to go, Dez.
Keep it together.
'And Truss passes him
on the inside.'
'I don't think that's gonna sit
too well with Josh Merrell.'
Hey, I can take this next guy
right here.
Okay, watch your six.
Merrell's coming back for you.
Okay, go, go, go, kid.
The truck's live.
Oh, God!
Hey, w-w-what about Merrell?
'That was nothing.
He's fine too.'
- Nothin'?
- Yeah, welcome to Pro 4, kid.
'Oh, that crash
took Merrell out'
'but Dez Truss continues on.'
- Alright.
- 'And the white flag is out.'
- 'This is the final lap.'
- Alright, last lap.
'Pretend it's the Wolves
and the 5-O are closing in.'
Yeah, I got it.
[engine revving]
'And that makes six consecutive
wins for Carl Renezeder.'
'And last to cross the line
is Mexican newcomer Dez Truss.'
Alright, kid. Alright.
You did it.
'Carl Renezeder
definitely giving the team'
'a lot of momentum right now.'
Lucky to have you, Carl.
We're proud of you.
Alright, kid.
You took some solid lungs
out there today, kid.
Yeah, you got that one guy.
Hey, man, don't worry, we've
been in ninth tons of times.
Just drink it in.
I couldn't do better, boss.
But you didn't kill my truck
and you finished the race.
Today that's a win.
Well, how was that spin out?
- Weird, man. Weird.
- That's crazy, right?
Still got any
of those sponsors left?
I got eight voicemail
I'm afraid to listen to.
'And we have word
that the fast lap of the race'
'was put in at the final lap
by newcomer Dez Truss.'
- Oh.
- What, Dez!
- What did he say?
- Fastest lap, hey, you.
- There you go, kid.
- Oh, nice. Well done.
Looks like we're gonna keep
those sponsors.
- Right on, Dez.
- Good first day, kid.
Are you nervous?
No, I just don't see
why you gotta tag along?
I've been takin' care of Tanya
since she was eight.
That's the rules, Dez.
And it's only temporary.
Besides, I'm excited
to meet her.
- Yeah, she's cool.
- I bet.
Alright, it's up here
on the right.
- I brought you somethin'
- Thank you.
And we all fall together
I just wanna change
the view of my life
View of my life
with you in my life
Be much better than
the rules that we break
We all fall together
And I just wanna change
the view of my life
View of my life
till we all satisfied
Be much better than
the rules that we break
And we all fall together
I'm trying to get
a better view of my life
With baby you in my life
in my life in my life
Ooh ooh
And we all fall together
Did you guys have fun?
Look at what my brother won me.
Wow! That is cute.
'Seems like your brother takes
pretty good care of you.'
He sure does.
And he told me we'd be together
again real soon.
Yeah, well, I think
he's probably right about that.
I'll be right back.
I just gotta go to the restroom.
So, hold on to the pig.
How'd you find us?
The foster's gotta
post her whereabouts
so I hacked into their system.
What's up?
- What happened?
- Yo, it's a message.
You in deep shit.
Cops raided one of Serge's shops
and took the Rolls we got him.
Yeah, so?
So he thinks someone
ratted him out.
Most likely you
since you didn't go to no jail.
That's bullshit!
Well, you gotta watch out.
He's looking for you.
I didn't tell the cops nothin'.
You better convince him, not me.
Look, I gotta go, alright?
- Just stay low and..
- Yeah.
Listen, I'm gonna talk
to him, alright?
Be careful.
[instrumental music]
Yeah, this is where
I grew up, kid.
I learned everything here.
Everything about racing.
And this is where
you're gonna learn
to be a little
bit more consistent.
Alright, kid.
We're gonna find out
where that edge is.
[upbeat music]
'Well, kid, you're kickin' ass.'
Okay, you're lookin' at
Renezeder right on your tail.
You got it, boss.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
- What?
- That sucks.
Yeah, you master dirt
on two wheels
then you'll have
no problem on four.
With age comes the cage
and that's what you wanna do.
Hey. I got it, boss.
Got it.
Okay, alright. You got it.
'Careful, kid,
that's a brand-new KX.'
Speed isn't always your friend.
It's about balance.
Keep your eyes on the track
ahead of ya.
There you go, kid.
'Rookie Dez Truss
is really holdin' his own'
'against these veterans.'
Alright, gun it through
the straightaway right here.
Alright, kid.
Come outta that turn.
Push it, baby. Faster.
Oh, yeah.
'That's how you take
a turn, kid.'
[siren wailing]
This your car?
No, this is not mine.
Then what are you doin' in it?
Well, funny story.
I stole it.
- Is that right?
- But get this.
See, I felt so bad.
I decided to return it.
- So, we're good.
- Step out of the car.
Is there a problem, sir?
Mr. Radden, isn't this your car?
Yes, it is,
I just sent the kid out
to get some burgers
for barbecue.
Where have you been, kid?
It's been 40 minutes
for a 10-minute drive.
[instrumental music]
- Come on, Tanya.
- You got this.
Yes! Go!
[all cheering]
- Oh. Alright.
- Nice.
Moving on a brighter day
Smiling 'cause I see
the silver lining
Hop on if you're
coming my way
Ah, boo, wee.
Trying to go Wesley Snipes
on the bowling alley.
It's a life worth living
it's a target worth hitting
It's a prize worth getting
A hustle worth sweating
no stopping
I got a cup of caffeine
I'm lookin' for the cream
Alright, alright, I'm gonna go
check on the pizza.
Yeah. Walk of shame, Dez.
Ready for this?
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
[all cheering]
That was good.
It ain't the dog in a fight
it's the fight in the dog
Following my dreams
like a fog
Hey, I'll be right back.
It's a matter of time
so I'm turning the cog
To wind up my watch
(male #5)
'Hit me, hit me, harder, harder.
Come on. Come on.'
Come on.
Look, I had nothin' to do
with that raid.
- I ain't no snitch.
- What's this then?
I know you took a hit.
That's everything I got.
I just want out.
All I know
is that cops impounded
that pretty Rolls you gave me.
That's 200 grand on resale.
- What's this, 20 grand?
- It's all I got.
I'm, I got a whole new deal now.
I'm going straight.
It's not that simple.
I got people I gotta answer to.
I'll consider that
a down payment.
Nah, man.
I'm done.
You're far from it, kid.
Who was your friend?
My friend?
[clears throat]
I saw you next door.
It's just somebody
from my old life.
Somebody that I knew before you.
So, what'd you give him?
Um, look, it was just a debt
I had to settle, alright?
Look, Glenda--
Is that why
we went there tonight?
I'm sorry, Glenda.
Really, I am.
Just promise me you won't tell
Mr. Radden. Please?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Don't use me again, kid.
So you're sayin' that
once you add eggs to it
it makes it breakfast.
Breakfast burritos.
Breakfast quesadilla.
Yeah, dude. Done.
I don't know, man.
It just seems lazy.
Yo! What if
we lower the suspension?
We cut down on wind drag
increase the grip of the tires
and lower the rollover risk.
'Yeah, but you might
get in trouble'
'with the sway bars
and side walls.'
Right, but if we build
the wheel wells out
'we protect the parts
in the most danger.'
'You're talkin' about
a complete rebuild.'
Is this the truck
you wanna drive?
It is.
You heard him, team.
Let's get it done.
Our driver has spoken.
Alright, let's get started
with the wheel wells.
I'll get the panels.
- Uh, what are you doin', dude?
- Gettin' to work.
- What?
- Trent never helped.
- Trent was whack.
- Trent was kinda whack.
'Welcome back to Round 14'
'of the Lucas Oil
Off Road Racing Series'
'in Las Vegas, Manhattan.'
'Carl Renezeder
holding on to the lead'
'through the first 17 laps
over Kyle LeDuc.'
'Yeah, and then you've got
these twin Rockstar trucks'
'bangin' it out
for third place.'
Okay, you're lookin'
at Renezeder and LeDuc now.
Got it, boss.
'Carl Renezeder is running'
'a flawless race here today'
'in his white
Number 17 Lucas Oil truck.'
'He's just keepin' it smooth.'
'Kyle LeDuc's in second and
Dez Truss is in third place.'
'Yeah, Kyle LeDuc's runnin' a
solid race in that second spot.'
'But this battle between
Dez Truss and Rob MacCachren's'
'been going on for six laps.'
'I'm sure
the veteran MacCachren'
'would love to get past
that 17-year-old.'
'The white flag is out.
This is it.'
'At this point, it's gonna take
a mistake by Carl Renezeder'
'if Kyle LeDuc has any hopes
of getting..'
'Oh, no! That's gonna hurt.'
- Here we go, D.
- Come on, man! Come on!
Watch MacCachren.
'He's gonna try to go
and under you.'
'MacCachren's got a shot
to make a move here.'
'He gets inside
of Dez Truss' Number 7 truck'
'and it looks like he's gonna
come out of this ahead'
'but Truss stays on the throttle
and holds on to third place.'
'Dez Truss is no longer
driving like a rookie.'
'He's in total control of that
Number 7 Rockstar truck.'
- He's got handles.
- Come on, man. Come on!
'Is he gonna get past Kyle LeDuc
and move into second?'
I can take LeDuc.
Big picture, Dez.
Hold your line.
Got it, boss.
'Right now,
it's all Carl Renezeder'
'as he's gonna lock it down.
One turn to go.'
- Go, go, go, go.
- Oh, yeah.
'So it looks like it's gonna be
Renezeder, LeDuc and Dez Truss!'
- Yes!
- Yeah!
[instrumental music]
- Good race!
- What, me?
(male announcer)
'The third place, Dez Truss!'
- Get up there.
- 'In second place, Kyle LeDuc.'
(male announcer)
'And your winner,
Carl Renezeder!'
[audience cheering]
Hey, hold your trophy up.
I know you feel
the movement moving
See everybody around us
We built this
from the ground up damn
I know you can feel
the movement moving
Top speed no stopping
losing's no option
Said I know you can feel
the movement
Said I know you can feel
the movement
Pull up truck big as a mover
ain't nowhere to park
Backyard big
as an amusement park
Come through looking
like the million-man march
My bad I just had
to brag one time
Hit them in the head
with a brand-new style
Closet full
but there ain't no ties
Mouth full of gold
got a brand-new smile
It ain't nothing new that
these groupies been choosin'
But we movin' better hold on
don't lose it
I know you can feel
the movement movin'
See everybody around us
We built this
from the ground up damn
I know you can
feel the movement moving
We need a filing system
of some kind.
I have one. I get somethin'.
- I put it on the desk.
- Right.
'Hey, don't worry about it,
We'll pick up his drawings
on the way to the track.
You know, I told him
that I would pick 'em up.
So, I don't wanna leave here
without 'em.
Suit yourself, babe.
Alright. Bye, love.
Well, that explains a lot.
[shutter clangs]
[dramatic music]
Go, there.
In the office.
[indistinct chatter]
Slash every tire!
Okay, that's it. Let's go!
Come on, move it!
Move it, come on!
Come on. Let's go.
[intense music]
[machine beeping]
(male #6)
'It seems she was able
to turn away from the blast.'
'Most of the burns and glass
were down the right side'
'of her face and neck.'
Slight swelling of her brain
indicates she suffered
a mild concussion.
'We'd like to keep her here
for the next 48 hours'
to monitor her progress.
She's very lucky, Mr. Radden.
It doesn't feel that way.
Thank you, doc.
I'll check on her later.
- Any news?
- Yeah.
She's gonna be okay, bro.
She's stable for now.
Oh, thank God.
So, how's the shop?
'The truck's a big heap
of burnt metal.'
'So there goes our shot,
the last race of the season.'
'Jesus, man. I just,
I don't know'
'who the hell would do
somethin' like this.'
'No, man.'
'Not even Trent would do this.'
I'm gonna grab some stuff
and head back to the hospital.
- Rick.
- 'Yeah.'
I know who did this.
Who? Wh-who did this?
There's a dude
I used to steal cars for.
He thinks I owe him.
- This is you?
- I'm sorry.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You brought this into my home?
What else, Dez? What else
do I got to worry about?
- Look, I'm gonna handle it.
- Oh, you're gonna handle it?
I don't even know
what that means.
I'm sorry.
My wife is in the hospital
because of you.
I can't even look at you
right now. Just walk away!
- Rick, man. Just listen--
- Walk away, kid.
Walk away.
I heard you had some
car trouble. Tough break.
What do I gotta do so I never
have to see your face again?
Gee, Dez. That's askin' a lot.
Just tell me what I have to do
and I'll do it.
Get me another Rolls.
Same color. I like that color.
Yeah, it's a good color.
And this one's on the house.
It's all yours
and then you and I are done.
Look at you. Those white folks
must be doin' somethin' right.
Sure about this?
Come on, man.
Do you know who I am?
Dude, I should be on this list.
'Check your list.'
- Clean 'em nice.
- You too.
There he is.
- You got this?
- In my sleep.
I'mma give it up
if you love me that way
Back it up
I'm coming your way
Oh, I'm sorry.
Let me fix you up.
You're cute.
Breaking all the rules
I got that spark
for your lighter
You know it's coming soon
So baby make it
worth my while
Keep it lit all night
She's all yours.
- You scare me sometimes.
- Mm-hmm.
Breaking all the rules
I got that spark
[engine revving]
- You're a man of your word.
- Alright.
We good?
The only thing is..
...I still can't figure out
how the cops found out
'where we were.'
Look. Serge, man.
I told you I didn't have
nothin' to do with that.
And I told you,
you know what's gonna happen
if you bring the heat.
[intense music]
Freeze! LAPD!
Keep both hands
where I can see them. Fast!
- Get back here.
- 'Stay where you are.'
[dramatic music]
You gonna lecture me?
'Would it do any good?'
An anonymous tip
came in in our system.
'Told us everything that was
going down here tonight.'
That sounds like me.
You coulda got yourself
killed here, kid.
Not on your watch.
'Okay, baby.'
You didn't leave me
for a second?
No way.
What did Bulger say
about the truck?
Ah, don't worry about that.
I don't know.
Maybe it's time to..
Maybe it's time to call it.
The engine management system,
the fuel delivery, the shocks..
The entire wiring..
That's not to mention
the damn engine.
Man, that's gonna be
150 grand, man, easy.
Uh, hey, guys.
Check it out.
Still got this.
Yo, this is Dez.
Yeah, I know.
[clears throat]
You still workin' in the, uh
in the repair shop, man?
Yo, Chris man, this is Dez.
Quick question, are you still
good with a welder?
Yo, um, this is Dez.
I kinda need a favor
from you, man.
Dez gave it to me.
Tanya made it.
He's a good kid.
They both are.
I really liked having him here
this summer.
- You know, like a real family.
- Baby.
Oh, come on,
it wasn't his fault.
And it wasn't your fault either.
And you trusted your gut
and made the right choice
bringin' him here.
Well, it's about time
you got here.
Dude, I can't deal
with this shit right now.
Come on, boss.
Got somethin' to show you.
Come on, man. Trust me.
What's goin' on?
Remember the old race truck
you donated
to Nexgeneracers?
- Yeah.
- We donated it back to you.
And the spare engine didn't get
destroyed during the break-in.
She's still firin', boss.
It's all great, guys..
...but the season's over.
We can still run
in the Challenge Cup.
'Show those sponsors
what we can do.'
Can you get it ready
by Saturday?
Oh, yeah.
We got a whole crew
of people
workin' here to make
that happen.
Let me introduce you.
'Letty Simons,
Nexgeneracers, 1998.'
Chris La Rose,
Nexgeneracers, 2006.
Ron Ricton, 2015.
And our man here, Dez..
'...made it all happen.'
Thanks, kid.
And the tires look new. Where'd
you guys get all this stuff?
Oh, man. You know how I roll.
'I wanna introduce you
to two more people, come on.'
Rick, this is Bob
and Charlotte Henderson
from Protect The Harvest.
- Glad to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
They're Nexgeneracers'
greatest benefactors.
They wanna sponsor the team
for the Challenge Cup.
I hope you like the idea
because this guy's
already spent about
half the money.
When Charles Wilson and Rodney
Reid founded Nexgeneracers
it was their dream to get
one of their kids on the podium.
Now we can get this car goin',
but Dez won't take the wheel
unless you're at the helm.
Mr. and Mrs. Henderson,
you guys got yourselves a team.
- Thank you very much.
- That's good. Good.
'Here we are
in Chandler, Arizona'
'at the Wild Horse Pass
Motorsports Park'
'for everyone's favorite
event of the year.'
- 'The Challenge Cup.'
- 'Throw out the points.'
'This is open to all drivers
and the gloves are off.'
'Everyone's looking
for next year's sponsorship.'
Actually, Dave, we were excited
about the opportunity
and idea of coming out
and expanding
our program
into the off road series.
I wanna try and do my homework.
I wanna know that we're gonna be
able to put together a good team
to win 'cause, we hate to lose.
Alright, team. Ready!
What? What is it?
You know, there's a white woman
standin' behind you.
Honey, what are you doin' here?
I came to see my family race.
You better get
that Challenge Cup, kid.
We're gonna try.
You're Rick Radden.
You're damn right, I am.
Get it.
What are you animals lookin' at?
Get back to work.
(male announcer)
'Hey, fans, make sure to stop by
at the Team Associated'
'track cars and racers'
'still now an off-road truck.'
'All drivers to pre-grid.
All drivers to pre-grid.'
'The race is about to start.'
Hey, kid,
you ever see "Mad Max?"
Uh.. Yeah, why?
Bunch of crazy white boys
with big trucks
not carin' about points
or damage.
It's gonna be kinda like that.
So be ready.
Thanks for the heads up.
I think.
Just for the record
you win or lose
I'm proud to have you
as part of my team.
Thanks, Rick.
[instrumental music]
'Team Radden is back
after not finishing the season'
'with a new truck Number 21
and a new sponsor.'
'Protect the Harvest is a
non-profit supporting ranchers'
'farmers and underdogs
and they picked the right team.'
'Well, they're gonna be up
against their old driver'
'Trent Lerion whose got himself
a new ride in the Toyota.'
'This should be interesting.'
'Let's take a look at the grid''
'We'll go right into
the front row inside.'
'It starts
on the pole position'
'and drives that black and green
Monster energy'
'Number 99, it's Kyle LeDuc.'
'On the outside
in that Red Bull BFGoodrich'
'Number 7, it's Riez Enzie.'
'Back in row two, that familiar
red, white and blue Number 17'
'he's backed by Lucas oil
and Goodrich Tires'
'Carl Renezeder.'
'And on the outside,
that black and yellow Number 21'
'backed by Protect The Harvest'
'and Rockstar energy
is Dez Truss.'
'On his tail in row three
is Number 32'
'Trent Lerion qualify just two
tenths behind Dez Truss.'
'I hope Protect The Harvest
can protect his backside.'
'Up on the inside
in row three..'
Renezeder's top dog.
I wouldn't worry about Trent.
Trent? Who's Trent?
That's the spirit, kid.
'Okay, here we go, T-bone.'
'Let's kick some ass, Harv.'
'We are ready to go green
on this year's'
'Pro 4 Challenge Cup
at Wild Horse Pass.'
Just another day at the track.
(male announcer)
'And we are green,
green, green.'
[crowd cheering]
[intense music]
Rick, you weren't playin'
about that "Mad Max," man.
Welcome to Thunderdome.
White people.
I'm gonna..
'Oh, it's just..
It's the K rail in Turn 3.'
You're over-rotating.
'And now, it looked
half important.'
Oh, man.
Come on, baby.
'Dez, it's gettin'
a little hairy ahead.'
Tempers are flarin'.
'Hang back and let 'em
bang it out for a bit.'
'Now we've got
our first tangle.'
'Fifty-one might drive
away from this'
'but 74 is done for the day.'
'These guys are battlin' hard
out here.'
'Fighting tooth and nail,
it's dirty out here.'
'Oh! And the Number 2 McGrath
lands on Renezeder's sunroof.'
'McGrath is done for the day.'
'And that is gonna bring out
a caution.'
'We'll clear the victims
and then bunch all these trucks'
'back up behind the base car
to restart in formation.'
'Wow, only five laps in
and already two trucks out.'
'Heck of a start
to this one, folks.'
(male announcer)
'Green flag is up.
'And we are green,
green, green.'
'Kyle LeDuc, Bryce Menzies,
Carl Renezeder'
'Trent Lerion, Greg Adler
in the Number 10 car comin'.'
'Lerion and him
are side by side.'
'But it's gonna be Kyle LeDuc
up the hill first.'
'Bryce is gonna try to close
that back up.'
'LeDuc skies it out
over the ski-jump'
'and then charges hard
into Turn 3.'
'The dangerous and read about
'Okay, kid. Get past Trent and
then let's make some moves.'
Get this next corner high.
'That's it, that's it.
Alright, you might have to worry
about Trent a little bit.
'It's our newest and youngest
Pro 4 driver Dez Truss'
'tryin' to make some noise
in the 21 truck'
'taking on its former driver,
Trent Lerion.'
He might be in a better truck,
but you're a better driver.'
'Now they're side by side
in the whoop section.'
Throttle it.
...'Dez Truss is gonna slide
'He's got Lerion
in his rearview mirror.'
No, no, no, no, no!
'Oh, and look at this battle
goin' on'
'in the front of the pack.'
'Bryce Menzies got tired
of followin'.'
'Now he said
it's my time to lead'
'lookin' to make a move
on the inside.'
'Coming out of Turn 4,
it's gonna be a drag race'
'down the front straightaway.'
- 'Oh!'
- 'LeDuc and Menzies crashed.'
'So that's it for last year's
champ Kyle LeDuc.'
'He's out of the truck, which is
still smoking. That was a big..'
'You see, they're also towing
off Bryce Menzies.'
'We told you the gloves were
gonna come off in this race.'
'And it has not disappointed.'
Alright, Dez. Adler's up next.
Stay on target.
'With Menzies officially out,
guess who inherits the lead.'
'Yeah, it's nine times champ
Carl Renezeder, of course.'
'Adler moves into second
and a rookie Dez Truss'
'is in a podium position.'
Head down, mouth shut.
Get ready to roll.
(male announcer)
'And we are
green, green, green.'
'Carl Renezeder is gonna lead
them into Turn 1'
'followed by Adler, Truss,
Trent Lerion and Doug Matag'
'and that is it.
Five trucks left.'
'Attrition is the name
of the game here'
'in today's Challenge Cup.'
'At least this will cut down'
'on the collisions.'
- 'Oh! Whoa!'
- Oh!'
'And Adler goes over the gear
rail and sticks the landing.'
'I give it a ten.'
I guess Adler's done.
'Those deep ruts in Turn 3
make it a dangerous corner'
'especially when tryin'
to pass.'
'And now we are down
to just four trucks.'
It's me and you, Carl.
Me and you.
(male announcer)
'We are gonna go ahead
and let the track'
'go green, green, green.'
'Renezeder, Truss,
Lerion and Matag.'
'I can tell ya, one of these
guys won't make the podium.'
'That is a safe bet.'
Stay on him, stay on him.
'Though a lot of people
doubted Rick Radden'
'when he let Lerion go
this season--'
'Here comes Lerion
to try to prove it'
'but Truss is having
none of it.'
'Listen, now take him.'
You look clear on the next one.
Take a shot. Go in hard.
'I'll tell ya, when Carl
Renezeder is driving this well'
'it's very tough for anyone
to get around him.'
'Let alone
a 17-year-old rookie.'
'Yet here comes Truss tryin'
to slide underneath Renezeder.'
'I don't think there's enough
room.. Oh, contact.'
'Renezeder's okay.
Truss gets turned around.'
- 'And Lerion flies by.'
- Adios, succos!
[engine cranking]
'Oh, if Truss can't get
that truck refired'
'that'll be it for Team Radden''
Excellent! Excellent!
He's all yours.
'And the rest of the field
continues on.'
Come on.
It ain't startin'. Come on!
'Oh, we've come to a caution.'
'That will buy Truss
a few more seconds'
'to try to get
that truck restarted.'
'Dez, listen,
it might just be flooded'
'so turn off the fuel pump
and crank it a couple times.'
'Okay, okay, I'm tryin' it now.'
Come on!
[engine revving]
- God!
- 'Wait now.'
'Truss is not out yet.
He's got that truck restarted'
'and comin' out
of the yellow flag'
'will bunch these trucks
right back up.'
'Well, the good news is,
this is gonna'
'put him back in that pack.'
'But the bad news is,
he's lost his podium position'
'and he doesn't have much time
to work with.'
'Get back in there.
We're not out of this.'
We got three cars to beat,
three laps to do it.
- 'Make it happen, kid.'
- Check!
(male announcer)
'Race band 17 of Renezeder
will start the race.'
'Here we go.'
'And we are
green, green, green.'
'Trent Lerion's on Renezeder's
bumper looking for an opening.'
'Oh, but here comes Dez Truss'
'trying to claim a podium slot
back from the pack.'
'He dives under the 81 and he's
gonna slack right into third.'
'Lerion now holding on
to second place.'
'Dez Truss is on the move
giving Lerion'
'a little love tap
to come out of the corner.'
'They are door to door
over the whoop section.'
'Truss slides in underneath
and he goes up on two wheels'
'as he passes Lerion
into second'
'and the white flag is out.'
Son of a bitch!
'Renezeder's still in the lead'
'in the final lap.'
'He's comin' up
with that left-hander again.'
'If he's gonna make
something happen'
'this corner's gonna be
his best opportunity.'
'He wasn't so successful
last time.'
- I'm going for it.
- 'No, no, no. Hold on.'
- What?
- 'It's an obvious move.'
'He'd expect you
to turn to him.'
'Oh, Truss missed
his chance there.'
'I don't see him
catching Renezeder now.'
But you bet he won't expect it
in Turn 3.
Got it.
He's yours, Dez.
'Oh, Truss passes Renezeder
in Turn 3.'
Yes, go.
'And he's pullin' away
with one turn to go.'
'What a run to the finish.
Dez Truss goes for the match.'
'To the front, to the back,
to the front!'
Come on, Dez.
- You did it, kid!
- Ha ha!
'And Dez Truss wins
the Challenge Cup.'
'Ladies and gentleman, that was
one of the craziest races'
'I have ever seen.'
Get me Forrest Lucas.
I've got a team
for him to sponsor.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
Americans love to race.
We love winners.
We love a good underdog story.
And we love knowing
that anyone
no matter who,
no matter where they come from
has a chance to stand
on the top of that box.
But being the fastest
means that someone else
always wants to take you down.
[intense music]
We're locked down here.
How's the perimeter?
(male #7)
'We're good, boss.
No one's comin' in or out.'
Makin' a big mistake, son.
I got this.
[crowd cheering]
'Hey, Dez!'
Kick his butt!
I-isn't anyone cheerin' for me?
- I got 20 bucks on you.
- 'Go, Dez!'
You ready, kid?
[engine revving]
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]