Dirty (2016) Movie Script

MAN: So Socrates says to the guy,
"is something right,
because god says so?
Or does he say so
'cause it's the right thing to say?"
Come again?
But you know what,
if you think about it,
if something's right,
or if god says something's right,
because that's
the only right thing there is,
that concept,
that shit's greater than god.
And you're telling me this, why?
Well, it's called an education.
Haven't you heard, berg,
knowledge is the key.
Key to what?
I don't know,
happiness or some shit.
Isn't that what
little jimmy Holloway said?
Little jimmy Holloway.
He did a bid for frank sand,
up state
a couple years back.
Short guy?
Nah. He literally had
a little jimmy.
Unfortunate nickname
if you ask me.
I think his given name
was Charles,
something like that.
Anyway, when he came
out of prison,
they found him in the river,
face down
with his little prick
stuffed halfway
down this throat.
Why? Because he knew
too much...
That's what knowledge got him.
I don't want knowledge.
I want ignorance, okay?
Give me ignorance anytime.
What's happening?
What the fuck is this?
What's this philosophy shit?
Karen's taking it this semester.
Hey, man.
You know, that fiance of yours?
What about her?
She... she... you know.
I hope she's worth every penny,
I really do.
You know,
just because you decide
to treat everybody in the world
like they're out to fuck you,
that doesn't mean you're right.
No, it does.
That's exactly what I mean.
You sure these guys are coming?
Oh, ye of little faith.
My ci's solid, trust me.
MAN 2: Christopher.
Yes, sir?
You're short again. I don't
see how that's possible...
Look, how many times do we have
to have this conversation?
I don't give a fuck
about your excuses,
just get it right.
Yes, sir.
Where do you think you're going?
I thought that I would just
clean up the glasses.
Who told you to think?
Hey, buddy, hey!
You gotta order a drink
or get out.
Hey. This ain't a hotel, man.
Rise and shine.
Oh, god.
Don't stand there like an idiot.
Clean that shit up.
(PHONE RINGS) -and the phone's
not gonna answer itself, huh?
You know, sometimes,
I wonder what the fuck
I'm paying you for.
Reno tavern, how may I help you?
Where the hell are you?
Vic, calm down.
Look, I'm almost done.
It's gonna be plenty of time
for me to pick up Sam at 3:30.
Do you know what day it is?
He gets out early on Fridays.
I am so sorry, Vic.
Is he pissed?
I'm fine, dad.
I'm the one that has to go
and pick him up, drop him off,
and then I have to go
back across town
to get to my meeting
which I am now gonna be
late for.
I mean, fuck, Chris!
Did you at least get
the money together?
I'm gonna pick up a few extra
shifts next week, I promise.
Christopher, you're almost
five months behind.
I mean, you're his father
for Christ's sake.
I mean, what am I
supposed to say?
I can't be both his parents,
there's supposed to be a father
and a mother working together.
I can't do all by myself.
Christopher, why didn't you put
the new signs out yet?
Okay, honey, yeah.
VIC: Christopher, if you
hang up on me, -love you too.
I swear...
Hello? Is anyone in there?
Oh, sorry. What?
I'm going home early today,
please make sure
that you lock up today.
And for god's sake,
don't forget to stock
all the new inventory boxes.
Last time I came in and...
I almost tripped
and I broke my neck.
(MUTTERS) yeah, I hope you
break your fucking neck,
you piece of shit.
What'd you say?
Nothing, I just, uh,
I said, I need a dolly.
Remember last time
I messed up my back, remember?
Tough shit.
Oh, yeah?
And if I'm not here Monday
'cause my worker's comp
has kicked in,
who's gonna lift
all those boxes? Him?
Check next door.
I think they borrowed it
this morning.
Eight of 'em.
I count eight.
Berg, how much money
do you think they have in there?
I don't know.
Let's go find out shall we?
Are you fucking serious, man?
You guys look upset.
Come on, fellas.
Enjoy yourselves.
When are you gonna make
$2 million in five minutes?
You tell me to enjoy ourself,
we came here to make
a damn drug deal.
Straight up the business, huh?
Yeah, just like that.
So, why don't you tell your boy
to pop that dope out?
Fuck it, you're right.
You're right.
Guys, come on.
Bring them
what they came here for.
All right.
Oh, no,
that's a beautiful thing.
Show him the money, man.
It's all there.
We got a deal?
That's a done deal.
LAPD, let me see some hands!
Hands! Hands!
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
We're the LAPD.
You might have heard about us.
We're just gonna take
a couple moments of your time
and then we're gonna be
out of your hair.
You might not wanna do that.
All though they've made
advances in medical science,
they haven't yet learned
how to reattach a head.
well, that's a good move.
Teach your wife that one.
Can we change the subject,
Here we go, first thing's first,
all you bad guys out there
with the weapons,
let's see two fingers
on the weapons.
Two fingers only, please.
Two fingers only.
Raise 'em very slowly,
very nonviolently, very good.
Now, put the weapons
on the table.
Very slowly.
Very nice.
You two in the back as well.
Thank you.
Thank you, kindly.
Good, good.
Wow, look at this one.
Now, take two steps back.
Two big steps back.
THUG: It's like that, man.
You two motherfuckers
just gonna walk in here
without reading us our rights?
did we forget to do that?
I guess so.
These are your rights.
You have the right
to keep
your motherfucking mouth shut.
Or I'm gonna shoot
your fucking head off.
Was that good? Yeah?
All right.
Let's do this.
(CHUCKLES) what is
this, a fucking joke?
You're the fucking police,
you can't just walk out of here
with $4 million
of our drugs and money.
Oh, wow.
You finished 8th grade.
Good for you.
Come on, let's go.
Do you have any fucking clue
who I am?
I'm gonna enjoy
killing you slowly.
Yeah, that's right. I'm even
gonna kill your family members.
And I'm gonna start
with that stink ass whore
you call your mom.
This way she don't
go around polluting us
with any fucking
greedy motherfuckers like you.
Was there anything else?
Can we finish
what we came here to do?
I think we got everything
we came here to get.
Let's go.
Right on.
Come on.
See you later, pig,
you fucking bitch.
You know what?
You know what,
I've had a change of heart.
I'm gonna give you your cut.
It's about time.
Here it is.
That wasn't so tough,
was it, detective?
What the fuck?
Why did we do that?
No witnesses.
We both agreed, no witnesses.
Okay, one loose end's
gonna fuck everything up.
Now, help me on this thing.
Come on, let's not be
sentimental here.
None these guys were angels,
not one of them.
You fucking idiot.
You fucking idiot.
We could've worn fucking masks.
None of them would've known
who the fuck we were.
All right, are you gonna risk
your life behind that?
You gonna risk
Karen's life behind that?
You're gonna risk Karen.
Is that what you're gonna do?
Come on.
The geek squad...
Shut the fuck up!
Is gonna show up.
Shut up! They're
gonna be poking around.
And this story
has got to be right.
You gotta be right, Jackson.
Mr. Jamir?
Look, I need the dolly back.
God damn it.
Why did you do that?
My bad.
You wanna show him your badge?
Oh, fuck.
Somebody must've heard.
Fuck, fuck.
Who the fuck is this guy?
I don't know,
he's dead, you know?
God damn it, I thought you said
he was fucking dead!
He was dead, he was dead,
he was very...
You know he's not fucking dead.
Are you going to fucking kill him now?
Shut up.
I have a plan.
Grab his legs.
Grab his legs.
Grab his fucking legs?
Grab his legs, grab his legs.
Put your fucking gun away.
What do you want me to do?
Pull him over here.
WOMAN: Let's get a blood type on him, stat.
DOCTOR: Okay, let's prep for surgery.
20% morphine.
What are his vitals?
What are we gonna do now?
Nothing's changed.
Fuck that shit,
we got a live witness.
He fucking saw us.
Hey, you need to get
a hold of yourself
and stick to the plan.
Stick to the plan?
Oh, right.
Fuck you, fuck your plan.
This is a million dollar
fucking problem,
I'm not gonna let you fuck it up for me.
You know what,
you need to come with me
right now,
to the little boys room.
Everything's okay, right?
Right? Right!
I fucking knew that this
whole blood bath idea of yours
was bad fucking news.
Now, instead of us
going down for robbery,
they're gonna stick
a fucking needle in us.
You listen to me, okay,
this could be a good thing.
All right, we already have
a plan in place.
It's just the situation
like this,
if he stays alive,
we blame the thing on him.
And we always said,
that it would be better, what?
With a fall guy.
Yeah. If he were
fucking dead, maybe.
What if it doesn't work?
What if they believe
his fucking story?
Then what?
I'm not gonna go
to fucking prison.
You know what they do
to cops in prison?
Hey, everything's
gonna be all right.
Let's try to just stick
to the plan,
and everything will be fine.
Have I ever let you down before?
No... no.
All rise.
The Superior Court
of Los Angeles
is now in session.
The honorable judge
William Spitzer presiding.
You may be seated.
Detective, will you please
explain to us,
the events that transpired
on the afternoon of January 5th.
We responded
to a shots fired call.
And you and your partner
were the first on the scene?
That's correct.
So, what happened next?
We entered the warehouse,
weapons drawn.
At that time,
we saw the defendant
standing over the bodies,
gun in hand.
We ordered the defendant
to place his weapon
on the floor.
And what did the defendant
do then?
The defendant raised his weapon,
in a threatening manner.
And my partner,
thank god he acted accordingly.
Which was how?
He fired one shot
subduing the suspect,
till backup arrived.
detective berg,
you've been doing this job
a long time, haven't you?
Seventeen years in august.
So, it's safe to call you
a vetted detective?
I'd like to think so.
Six commendations for bravery,
three certificates
from city hall.
That's pretty impressive.
I do what I can.
Detective, are you aware
that the defendant claims
that he saw you standing
over the bodies of the dead men
and that you and your partner
are the real killers and not he?
Objection, your honor.
Detective, if you would.
If I had a dime for every time
one of these scumbags
expected us to save them
from their own stupidity,
I don't think I'd need
the city's dime.
DEFENSE LAWYER: Objection, your honor.
This is anecdotal,
it's prejudicial.
I mean, is this line
of questioning relevant
in any way?
Your honor, the defense
has made it relevant.
They are pinning
the defendant's fate
on the jury finding
two upstanding police officers
guilty of murder.
Now, Mr. Walker.
You claim that you saw
detectives berg and Jackson
standing over the bodies
of these men
and that you were just there
to retrieve, um...
what was it?
A dolly.
Mr. walker, come on.
Do you really expect us
to believe
that two decorated policemen
robbed and killed these men
and then in a most
callous fashion,
shot you and framed you
for the crime?
I know what I saw.
Who's a more reliable witness
a man accused of eight murders
or one of the city's
most decorated detectives?
Your honor, please.
You're a father,
aren't you, Mr. Walker?
Yeah. I am.
But you're separated
from your wife,
is that correct?
It's just temporary.
Oh, really?
My records show that it's
been over a year. (MUTTERS)
It seems pretty permanent to me.
Child support is expensive,
isn't it, Mr. Walker.
So my records also show
that you have been
behind several payments.
One more and you lose
visitation rights.
Is there a point coming
any time soon?
Yes, the point is,
Mr. Walker,
you'd lost your wife
and now you were gonna lose
your son too.
All that money next door,
it never even crossed your mind?
You must've known
what was going on.
Objection, your honor,
we have already established
that there is
no concrete evidence
whatsoever that Mr. Walker
had any idea
of the goings on next door.
What he did have was the motive
and the opportunity.
Come on, Mr. Walker.
You saw what was
going on next door
and you just couldn't
help yourself.
You killed those men...
Objection, your honor.
JUDGE: Will the defendant please rise.
And how do you find?
We the jury find the defendant
guilty on all accounts.
Dad! Dad!
JUDGE: Order.
JUDGE: Order.
SAM: Let me go. Let me go.
Order, order.
Please stop.
JUDGE: Order in the court.
oh, my god!
What are you doing?
Tell them, tell them the rest.
Tell them the rest.
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah.
so I'm cuffing...
Cuffing the guy,
and put him in the back
of the car, right?
I couldn't get the smell
out of my car...
Hey, we fucking did it, man.
We did it, yeah.
Fucking did it, dude.
Fucking did it.
I'm gonna buy me a fuckin' boat.
I'm gonna buy me a big ass boat.
Just like, this fuckin' big.
This big.
Hey, who likes boats?
I hate fucking boats.
Boats make me seasick, man.
Come on, right.
What a pussy.
Yeah, yeah.
What a pussy.
Yeah, what a pussy.
What a pussy.
Hey! Hey!
Huh, what?
Hey, you get your hands
off my wife you piece of shit
or I'll fucking kill you.
Oh, yeah?
You're gonna kill me?
Shit. Sorry.
Excuse me.
Get the fuck off me.
Don't worry, little bitch.
You're gonna feel right as rain.
What'd I tell you?
Right as rain.
look at her, shit.
You're a wanker.
Get it out, get it out. Right.
Somebody call a nurse.
God damn,
on top of the world my friend.
Where'd your date go?
Hey man,
I fucked her in the bathroom,
I paid her off, she went home.
She was the perfect hooker.
Hey, hey, you know
what they say, right?
What's that?
You don't pay 'em to stay.
You pay 'em to leave.
BERG: To leave. Absolutely.
Anything I can do for you?
You know,
you guys should really call
before you come over.
Then I would've
at least cleaned up first.
one of those guys you killed,
is my cousin.
What? You have nothing
to say?
Come on!
Well, it seems to me
like your family tree
is really good
at producing assholes.
He's a funny guy.
Real funny.
you wanna laugh. Okay.
We're gonna laugh together.
Is this funny to you,
You smell that? You smell it?
You're gonna burn
tonight, bitch.
Roast his ass.
I'm gonna fucking roast...
Do not!
Ferdinand, how many times
do I have to tell you
this is not ol' Mexico
and you are not Pablo Escobar?
I'm Lebanese, bro.
Same difference.
Give it up.
Get out of here.
Don't go too far, sweetie.
I'm coming for you soon, bitch.
Not so fast.
You didn't really think that
was the end of it
did you?
Oh, I wanna be inside you
just once more.
And tonight I was wondering,
would you mind
if I shaved your ass?
I have a long afternoon
planned for us.
I'm home, Lucy.
Man, Chris, you better have
a good ass reason
for missing pork chop night.
Them shits
was good as hell, Nig.
Anyway, you don't want
'em next time,
send 'em my way.
Lights out, jimmy.
Yes sir, boss, yes sir.
The fuck's his problem?
He's got bad diarrhea, boss.
Real, real, bad.
You know the food 'round here?
Matter a fact, I'd do my best
to stay up wind if I was you.
Yeah, lights out, boys.
Bunk up.
Yes, sir.
Bunk, bunk it up.
Don't you worry, dude.
I told you I got your back.
Yes, sir, you're gonna need
ol' jimmy 'round here.
I'm gonna be your best friend.
Chris, what the fuck's
that smell?
Oh, oh!
Oh! Shit! Shit!
Hey, guard! Guards!
What the fuck is wrong?
REPORTER: These allegations of corruption
have marred the city's
once storied
police department for months.
After over ten indictments
being handed down so far
the department is left
scratching their heads,
trying to find
an underlying cause
for this seemingly rampant
misuse of power.
Now I'm here live at city hall
with commander Rocco
of the LAPD.
Commander, sir,
what exactly can you tell us
about this seemingly
irreversible trend of corruption
that we are witnessing?
Well, first of all,
I'd like
to respectfully disagree
with that statement.
It's always wrong
to judge the many
by the actions of a few.
But commander, ten indictments
over the past ten months,
I would hardly call
that the few.
Well, I'd like to point out
that there's
an internal investigation
currently underway
to get to the bottom
of these allegations.
And until that investigation
is concluded,
no one will have the full story.
Including myself.
And I would also like
to reiterate
that this department
is run by caring, talented,
and well-trained individuals,
who as a whole,
embody that which is needed
to truly serve and protect
the citizens of this city.
I can assure you
those individuals
that would use
this badge as a cover
to perpetrate
unlawful activities,
their day has come,
and justice will be swift.
Oh, no.
Oh. Hi.
Good morning, banks.
Oh, do you think
it's really safe for him
to be playing
with that little thing?
(GROANS) -despite Jeffrey's
IQ, or lack thereof,
his loyalty
remains unquestioned.
Something you know
nothing about.
You're three weeks late.
How many times
do I have to tell you
to stop this welching stuff.
You are an unlucky fuck.
But you insist on hanging out
at the track,
spending my money,
picking losers.
So, I have to ask myself,
why would someone do this to me?
Is it because
they don't like me?
Is it because when you
look at me,
you don't see
a serious individual?
You know what,
I'm a police officer.
And if anybody saw this
they might say
that it's assaulting
a police officer.
Yeah, and priests
are supposed to be good
with kids,
but things aren't always
what they seem.
I'm tell you what,
cop, no cop,
this is going
to happen every time.
That is until you wise up
and learn that badge of yours,
doesn't mean shit
if it's standing in the way
of my money.
Friday, berg.
Or we start lopping off parts.
Friday, berg.
Don't test me on this.
Hey now
you better listen to me
Everyone of you
we've got a lot
of lot, of lot, of lot
Work to do
forget about
your women
And that water can
today, you're working
for the man
pick up your feet
We've got a deadline
to meet
I'm gonna see you
make it on time
Oh, don't relax
I want elbows
and backs
I wanna see everybody
from behind
BERG: Ouch, ouch.
That's your fault.
Good morning.
I'm almost done.
All right.
What are you doing here, berg?
Don't you got a home
of your own to go to?
BERG: Hey, man. You
know, I couldn't sleep
so I thought I'd come over here
and pop a couple in the misses
before you got home.
You know.
Oh, that's very nice of you.
Maybe you can take a shower
before coming over next time.
Ooh, damn.
Is he always this funny
in the morning?
Oh, I wouldn't know these days.
He didn't come home last night.
I got stuck
doing some paperwork.
Yeah, you know,
I dropped the ball,
so, my man, Jackson
covered my ass.
As you do.
Mm, yeah, I'm sure he did.
Yeah, well, I hate to interrupt
this wonderful awkward moment
but we've got a job to do.
You know, that you thing you do,
like eight days a week.
JACKSON: Yeah, I'll meet you outside.
See you in the car.
My man, thanks
for that cover story,
that shit worked out perfect.
Yeah, that's
what partners are for.
Who was it this time?
None of your god damn business.
Oh, yeah.
You rocking that tranny again.
I told you, you gotta check
for that adam's apple
before you pay up.
Yeah, you're the expert.
Yeah, right.
They need that report
in an hour.
Jesus, berg, you look like shit.
Thank you, commander.
I need you guys
to get it together.
'Cause I'm sure
you've seen the news.
A bunch of ungrateful assholes
if you ask me.
Yeah, well, nobody asked you.
Now, I need you both
to be on your best behavior.
Because as you can see,
I kinda got my hands
full around here.
And a response
to all of this bullshit,
the mayor has appointed
a special task force
to investigate
police corruption citywide.
Yeah, I heard about that.
JACKSON: Cocksuckers.
It's what?
Oh, I said, cocksuckers, sir.
You know what, that's enough.
'Cause I don't care
how you guys feel
about this either way,
you're both gonna fully
cooperate with la
just like everybody else.
You're gonna give them
everything they need,
including showing up on time
for your fucking interviews.
Don't let me
chase you down, okay?
'Cause I'll gladly drag
you back here in cuffs
if that's what it takes
to get this pain
in my ass removed.
What do they want with us?
They want to conduct
a simple interview,
just like everybody else.
Well, there's gotta be a reason.
What's the matter with you guys?
You know, I'll tell you what,
surprise me.
Do me a favor,
go out and solve a crime,
catch a crook, go do something.
Act like cops.
Should we blow them
as well, commander?
Berg, let me tell you
something right now.
I'm not kidding,
if they tell you to dress
in drag,
you break out
the fucking lipstick.
Commander, there's something
that I've been meaning
to ask you.
You use that expression
a lot, and...
I guess what I'm trying
to say is,
is there something that
you're trying to tell us?
You can tell me.
I won't tell anyone.
Carry on.
He's never laughed one time
at anything I've ever said.
Hey guys, got something
for you too.
Give me, give me.
Give me, give me, give me.
Oh, fuck. Come on,
this is a crank.
What? Hey, she called,
and asked for you by name.
If you ask me,
I think she's a fucking nut.
WOMAN 2: No milk, hope
you guys take it black.
Yeah, sure.
Is this a fuckin' joke?
So, Mrs. Valdez,
you said that you
just found this?
That's right,
I went out this morning
to get the paper.
And there it was,
right on my porch.
If you ask me,
I think the good lord
is tempting me.
Oh, right,
by sending you heroin?
Honey, you ever tried heroin?
No, Ma'am.
Then what the fuck
do you know about it?
So, ms. Valdez,
why exactly did you ask for us?
The package told me to.
Here. See.
So, where do you think
it came from?
There's a crazy old bitch
that has a brick of heroin
that we fuckin' stole.
Do you want me to calm down?
Okay, we don't know
that for sure.
Yeah, right.
It's just a coincidence,
that this brick of heroin
has the same fucking
Chinese shit
as the shit
that we fuckin' stole.
How are you not
more upset at this?
Where are we going now?
All the money's just gone.
All the fuckin' junk,
it's just gone.
All of last year
is down the drain.
Fuck this sure as shit
is not happening.
It is happening.
It is happening.
No else knew about it
except you and me.
Fuck, man!
You think I took the money?
You got a better explanation?
There's somebody
that's fucking with us.
Why would I steal from us?
I'm in this shit
just as deep as you are.
And I'm your fucking partner.
Oh, shit.
$4 million dollars.
Really good job.
Thank you, sir.
Both of you. Really.
Okay, everybody.
Back to work.
Appreciate it,
thank you so much.
Police work at its best, baby.
Hey, ladies, ladies, ladies.
What's the cackling all about?
Oh, not much,
just your average 42 kilo bust,
that's all.
Hah, yeah.
Our records say
that this was part
of a shipment
that was stolen last year.
Anybody home?
So, where'd they get it
shipped from?
Oh, some low-level thug.
Man, we got him over
in interrogation right now.
Yeah, but what gets to me
is you know,
how does a lowlife like him
get a hold of this much weight?
MAN: We're gonna take a
crack at him after lunch.
Let him sweat it out
a little bit.
Hey, you guys wanna come
join us?
We're gonna celebrate.
We got some loose ends
to tie up,
but we'll definitely take
a rain check on that one.
Okay, well, suit yourself.
But, hey, if you guys
are free later,
come on by and watch
two real detectives put it down,
because we are going
to lay into that guy.
'Cause I'm tellin' ya,
that guy...
he's hiding something.
Congrats, congrats.
All to us.
Wakey, wakey. Hello?
Hi. Sorry to disturb you.
I'm berg.
I want my fuckin' phone call.
You understand?
Now, Chavez, I have a very...
simple question
for you, the drugs.
Where did they come from?
I don't know anything
about no drugs
I told your other two partners
that I don't know shit.
What the fuck,
I want my fucking phone call.
You know, I am a professional.
As a professional,
I really kind of pride myself
on playing by the book.
So, what I'm gonna do
is I'm going to play
by the book.
Here's the book.
And now we're going to play.
"Rules regarding tactics
of manipulation
and interrogation techniques
volume three."
that's a mouth full.
Look, I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about.
I don't wanna have to go
to volume four.
Oh, sir, I didn't realize you
were in here with... no problem.
We would like
some privacy though,
my friend and I were just...
just getting
acquainted actually.
That's the thing, sir.
This fuck just posted bail.
Shit. Who posted it?
You're not gonna believe this,
but it was posted anonymously.
Okay. I guess
we gotta let him go.
Now, you might wanna get him
a band-aid.
He had a little boo-boo.
What the fuck happened
back there?
Oh, man, I told you,
that barney fire
stepped in there,
interrupted us
before I could get anything.
Fuck, he didn't say anything?
Nah, he didn't say anything
but he knows
a whole bunch of shit.
So, what the fuck
are we gonna do now?
Posted, right?
He's a free man, right?
So you can get anything you
want out of a free man.
As long as you apply
the right amount of pressure.
Hey, where you going, bitch?
Hey, man. You know me,
do you know me?
You know me, don't you?
You stole from me,
right, motherfucker? Huh?
Asshole, pendejo... I didn't
steal shit from you, man.
I didn't fucking steal shit
from you guys.
You know what?
You agitating me.
You shouldn't do that.
You shouldn't agitate me.
Now, if you didn't take
the shit,
where the shit come from?
Man, I don't fucking know.
I don't fucking know.
I didn't fucking
take shit from you.
You don't know anything
about the money, hmm?
You know what, I got a boy
here who will teach you
what we do to people
who don't know nothing
about nothing.
Go ahead, boy. Go ahead. You
want me to go ahead right now?
Uh-huh. Hit him.
Listen, man.
You gotta fucking believe me.
I don't know shit.
that's it, there it is.
See, okay.
Behind door number one
we have...
And behind door number two
what we gonna do?
You know, fuck you, man.
Fuck you!
Hey, no, fuck you.
I fucking told you,
I didn't fucking steal from you.
Fuck you.
You're fucked right now.
You feel that?
All right, all right.
All right, all right.
All right, I'll tell you.
It was just there.
It was just there.
Left on my doorstep.
What you say?
I was at my house on the couch.
All right,
I was just hanging out
and I hear a fucking knock
on the door.
I open the fucking door
and the shit was just there.
And you're thinking
it was crazy.
That a whole boatload of smack
was left on your doorstep?
I just figured that somebody
wanted me to have it.
That's the fucking truth.
Are you lying?
Why the fuck don't you guys
believe me?
Oh, shit. He's fucking lying.
Why the fuck...
No, he's...
Berg! I know
you're in there.
Your car is out here.
BANKS: Berg!
Berg, berg? Oh, fuck,
this motherfuckin' banks,
god damn.
The fuck?
That's fucking banks?
Yeah, banks.
It's a hell of a time
for your gambling
to be a fucking problem.
Yeah, you know something,
if they hadn't stolen
the fuckin' money,
I would've paid off
the motherfucker by now.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, fuck.
Shh, shh, shh.
I'm gonna go take care of it.
If he makes a fucking peep,
blow his fucking head off.
Okay. Okay.
No problem with that one.
No problem.
Who does your hair, man?
Banksy, what can I do
for you guys?
You can start by telling him
to get his fucking ass out here.
He's not here.
That's fine.
Then you won't mind if we
have a little look around
just to confirm
this tale of yours.
Do you mind
coming back tomorrow...
I'm afraid
I'm gonna have to insist.
All right.
What the fuck is going on here?
Oh, shit!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why'd you shoot
that fucking piece of shit?
You know what, they saw him
so they gonna blackmail me.
So, they're not
gonna blackmail me now,
are they, huh?
Piece of shit motherfucker.
Howdy doody looking
Fuck him.
Shut up! Shut...
Shut up, man! Stop!
All right?
I can't fucking
go home like this.
I've got a spare shirt
in the trunk.
So, fuck it, man.
Come on, relax.
CHAVEZ: Help! Help me!
What are we gonna do
with that piece of shit?
After all that
you're still a piece of...
Easy! Motherfucker!
Fuck you.
Oh, fuck.
oh, fuck, yeah.
hey, babe.
Hey. How was your day?
If I never see
another text book again,
it'll be too soon.
Whoa, what are you doing?
I wanna watch some TV
before I go to bed.
I'm still pretty wired.
What about me?
Poor baby.
You know, we're both so busy.
I know.
I miss you.
Come here.
I'm thinking
maybe we should go back
to the beginning on this thing.
What are you talking about?
Maybe go back to that Ci
you know.
The one who tipped us off
to the shipment
in the first place.
You think that's a good idea?
You got a better one?
That's where we're going.
JACKSON: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
What's up?
Wait, wait.
It's flat.
You bullshit.
It's flat!
You bullshit!
Oh, fuck!
All right, let's change it.
Go ahead.
You change it.
You change
the motherfucking tire.
Is this your idea
of a fucking joke?
What are you
talking about? What?
Oh, shit.
That wasn't here
this morning, man.
You think?
Yes, official.
Somebody's royally
fucking with us,
right about now.
What... what are we gonna do now?
We're not gonna do shit
on three tires, man.
Fucking change it.
Oh, yeah,
that's a brilliant idea, man.
Why don't you dig down
and get that spare tire
from underneath
those dead fucking bodies
and I'll get the coffee.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut up.
Fuck, this is so fucked.
Hi, may I have a number
for a tow truck, please.
So, I woke up
early this morning,
to get the DVD
and it wasn't there.
Okay, you don't think
Karen could've...
no, she didn't.
I watched her all fucking night.
She didn't move.
This motherfucker
was in my house, berg.
He was in my house.
Look, let's go to your Ci,
all right?
Get some information
and maybe you can
get to the bottom of this thing,
figure out what the fuck
is going on around here.
Well, what if he can't?
Hey! No!
Whoa, hey!
The spare?
No spare.
nuevo spare.
Nuevo. Gracias.
You know, be real respectful.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
Nice look.
So, this guy's
a little out there.
So, just me do all the talking.
Hey, Jerry.
Shh. Is it Tuesday?
No, buddy.
Today's Thursday.
Can I have a dollar?
Jerry, I'm gonna need you
to focus, okay?
Now, are you gonna let us in
or make us
stand out here all day?
Who's the corpse?
Man, have you looked
in a mirror recently?
Oh, he's got
kind of an attitude problem,
doesn't he? He does
have an attitude problem.
But he's cool.
Okay, he's my partner.
I trust him with my life.
I don't like him.
His face, it's...
it's not good.
Hey, fuck you, motherfucker.
Look at you.
Calm down. Stop.
Jerry, Jerry.
Look, I apologize, he's cool.
Please, Jerry, let us in.
I need to talk to you, okay?
Okay, but don't touch my stuff.
I have it organized
just the way I like it.
He's not gonna touch shit.
Don't touch his shit.
No one's touching anything.
BERG: What the fuck you
tell him about my face?
JACKSON: Man, get it together.
Fuck him,
motherfuckin' Addam's family
lookin' motherfucker.
Fuck that shit.
Talking about my face...
Oh, shit.
God damn,
we're dying up in here, man.
Huh, what the fuck is this?
What is this shit?
NEIGHBOR: Hey Jerry, do me a
favor and shut the fuck up.
Just be chill, man.
Don't worry about it.
So, gentlemen,
what do I owe the pleasure
of the visit?
NEIGHBOR: Shut the fuck up, damn it.
Don't make me come over there.
Well, so, don't mind her.
She's just mad
because she weighs...
600 pounds!
And she's too fat
to get out of bed!
I know.
The smell, right?
Yeah, I know.
It's horrible.
I don't know how some people
let themselves get that way.
So, you guys,
you guys want some coffee?
Yeah, sure.
This motherfucker...
can you tell me
what the fuck I'm looking at?
You're looking at about
a stage four hoarder.
Get over it. Stage four
hoarder and a junkie?
God damn, he hit
the proverbial jackpot.
NEIGHBOR: Hey, look what
you made me do to my cat,
you made me kill
my fucking cat, you asshole.
what can I do for you?
Jerry, remember a year ago
when you tipped me off
to that thing?
Oh, yeah. Yeah,
the fruits of our labor
so to speak.
Yeah, right.
Well, see Jerry,
we were wondering...
we were wondering
if anybody else knows
about this shit?
Oh, heavens, no.
JACKSON: You didn't tell anybody?
BERG: Nobody knew about this shit? No.
You told nobody?
But it's funny
that you should mention it,
because there was a guy
who came by here recently
and he was asking
all sorts of questions
about you two.
What kind of questions?
I don't remember.
I know he was just
really interested in you.
Well, you didn't think
that we would want to know
about that shit, Jerry?
Do you know how much crack
I've smoked since then?
I'm sorry.
My mind's a little bit fuzzy.
god damn, boy.
God damn.
Damn it!
I hope you don't think
that I'm cleaning that up?
Oh, well,
the thought hadn't
really crossed my mind.
Jerry, listen.
Is there anything
that you can tell us
about this guy?
Anything at all?
yes, yes.
I think I might know
where he's at.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Do you have a pen?
Do you have...
A pen!
Do you have a pen?
Right here.
Yeah, here you go.
Thanks. Yeah.
Don't touch my stuff.
SNORTS: Jerry, this is a strip club.
Yeah. Right.
'cause that's where I saw him.
No, no, no.
Maybe that was another guy.
yes. Yes. Yes.
Because he said that that's...
Because he said that he had the
spot right next door to it.
How do you know this shit?
We got high together
a few times.
JACKSON: Jerry...
what the guy look like?
Mm, I'm not really...
I'm not really good
with faces these days.
god damn.
Can we please
get the fuck out of here now?
Can we please go now?
get the fuck out of here.
Come on, let's go.
What's the matter with you?
You asked this motherfucker
to tell us
everything that he knows.
He did.
He don't know jack shit.
So let's get
the fuck out, all right?
Unless you wanna stop
for some penicillin
on the way home,
I suggest that we step off
right about now, man.
Look at this.
All right, let's do this,
right now.
Let's step off.
Let's go.
if you see the guy again
what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna put you on speed dial.
Speed dial.
Hey, no. No.
Keep the pen.
Keep the fucking pen.
Put it
in your fucking collection.
NEIGHBOR: Keep it fucking down over there.
Son of a bitch!
Hey, lose some weight!
Lose some weight!
Lose some weight!
BERG: That's five,
six, is that the one?
Six? Number six?
The fucking guy
at the titty bar said six.
You hear him as well as I did.
No need to get snappy.
Go this... god...
Berg, come take a look at this.
Well, what's happening, man?
It's him! It's him!
What ya doing,
Mr. Photographer?
What were you doing there, berg?
I told you we were following up
on some leads.
For what, that old woman?
You were supposed to have had
that wrapped up already.
Okay, we did,
but we're just, you know,
trying to tie up
some loose ends,
trying to make sure
that we're thorough on this.
Oh, yeah?
Well, while you were
being thorough,
I had la breathing down my ass
all day.
Because I told them that my guys
would cooperate.
But the two of you are making
me look like a fucking fool.
Your interviews were over
three hours ago.
With all due respect, commander,
fuck that.
No, no.
Fuck you, my friend.
Now you and your sidekick
are gonna march yourself
down that hall
and you're gonna tell
that bitch from la
everything she asks for.
And if you don't, I swear to god
both of you will be
checking parking meters
downtown by lunch.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, commander.
Yes, sir.
Carry on.
Detective, can you
state your name
for the record?
Go ahead.
Detective Benjamin Jackson,
So, detective,
do you know of any malfeasance
in your department?
Not to my knowledge.
Okay, so, why don't you tell me
why you became a police officer?
I guess
the standard answer would be
I wanted to help people.
But that's not your answer?
Well, we all like to help people
but anyone who tells you
that's the sole reason
they do this job
is lying to you.
Well, what's
the real reason then?
I don't know,
you gotta ask them that.
Come on, detective,
you can't tell me
that you think cops
operating with impunity
is good for anyone.
Listen, lady,
lot of bad people out there.
And every day,
we're up to our waists in shit.
You think you could do
a better job?
No one's questioning
the need for police.
Being a cop's a shitty job.
Does the good you do
outweigh the bad?
It says here that you are
a family man.
Any kids?
No, Ma'am.
Is everything all right
with your plumbing?
My plumbing's fine,
not that it's any of your business.
We haven't gotten
around to it yet.
I mean, you're more than welcome
to come over...
Do you want kids?
What does it matter?
It matters what kind of world
they grow up in.
How'd you land this gig anyway?
I have double degrees
in psychology and sociology.
With a concentration on
criminal behavior and ethics.
That's how.
So, you're the one
who determines
what's right or wrong.
Yeah, that's why
they pay me the big bucks.
You know what?
It's because of people like you
that this country's
going to shit.
oh, no, no, please.
I'm sorry, enlighten me.
Come in here in your pantsuit,
put your nose up in the air...
telling us what to do,
what not to do.
And you talk and you talk
and you bitch and you bitch
but you have no solution.
JACKSON: But I'll tell you what I know,
crime or no crime, dirty or not,
I'll take any one
of those men out there
over a thousand
of your fancy degrees any day.
And what people like you
don't understand,
is just because you get
your hands dirty,
that doesn't
always make you dirty.
I expected more from you.
I mean, if you're gonna sit here
and hide behind a bunch
of meaningless platitudes,
we're gonna be here forever.
It's almost like you think
we're the bad guys.
Cops can be bad just like anybody else.
What's so funny, detective?
So, you wanna create
these categories,
this is bad, that's bad.
But the truth is,
good people do bad things
and vice versa.
But it doesn't really matter,
because it all winds up
the same out there.
Now, you're gonna have
to excuse me
if I don't rush
to convict my brothers,
because some ivy league skirt,
who never did a day in the shit,
thinks that she can
run this thing
just because she has read a text
that tells her
that power corrupts.
And you don't think
power corrupts?
Well, you can't corrupt
something that already is.
Look, you've been at this
station longer than me,
I'll give you that.
But let me tell you
what I've learned.
No one is above the law.
And those who think they are
eventually they get theirs.
Well, guess we'll have to wait
and see, won't we?
You know what,
clearly this is going nowhere.
So, I'm gonna ask you
one last time detective,
do you know
of any illegal activity
in this department?
How'd it go? How the fuck
you think it went, man?
They're just fishing.
They got dick on us.
Woman knows that.
Right, so what
are we gonna do now?
Let's go to that apartment.
Might be missing something.
Man, fuck that place.
He's not gonna go back there.
You got a better idea?
Huh, Einstein?
I'd rather go to Jerry's house.
Hello, detectives.
No fucking way.
You're dead.
Not quite.
Although I could use
a tan I guess.
Yeah, get on the ground.
Okay, okay.
I'm not resisting.
Keep it calm.
Go smooth.
Go smooth.
easy. Okay.
Go to piece on him.
You're fucking dead.
You know, you're really
gonna have to get past that
if we're gonna move
on from here.
You're gonna blow my brains out?
In front
of a police station no less?
No. No.
I don't think so.
Just take a breath,
and let's be civilized a moment.
There is so much
that we need to discuss.
How 'bout we go
for a drive, gentlemen?
Where the fuck are we going?
Gonna get your money, duh.
He really isn't
the quickest one, is he?
East on Ventura,
driver if you will.
What do you think?
If I smell anything
bad back there,
I'm gonna bury you
in the desert.
And I'm not
gonna kill you first.
Oh, fuck.
I like that idea.
BERG: This is bullshit, man.
Where the fuck are we going?
20th and Alameda.
Then why the fuck
didn't we take the freeway?
Cause then we wouldn't
have all this time to talk.
Hey asshole,
nobody here's trying
to fucking talk to you.
You're pathetic.
I'm pathetic? You are pathetic.
You fucking moron.
Have you looked at yourself?
You're a fucking junkie.
You had a family,
you had a life.
Now you're a junkie fuck.
What happened
to that wife of yours?
Is she coming around?
She split.
Took my son when I went away.
Hey, that sucks.
Hey, what happened?
I thought you wanted to talk.
Are you guys not even
the least bit curious
how I got here
in the back of this car,
not buried somewhere
six feet under
burned to a crisp?
How'd you do it?
One of the guards took
a liking to me.
GUARD: You really didn't
think that was the end of it
did you?
an arrangement with him.
In exchange for protection
and a few extra privileges.
Let's just say
he took his arrangement
a little too far.
I've got a long afternoon
planned for us.
I'm home, Lucy.
Don't worry, sweetie.
CHRISTOPHER: In that moment,
something came over me.
This is not gonna take
nearly as long
as the last time.
only push a man so far.
Fucking die.
There would have been
dental records.
There would have been
blood type.
There would have been
an autopsy.
How come nobody caught on?
As far as the dental records,
the funny thing about them is
they only really work
when the teeth and the jaw
are at least partially intact.
It was a necessary evil.
But you guys know
all about those, right?
Blood type.
As far as that one.
Turns out the late guard and I
seem to have
the same blood type.
I guess I got lucky
with that one.
Once the fire started
it wasn't that hard for me
to slip away unnoticed.
BERG: So, you burned your cellmate...
you mean my cellmate
who drunkenly murdered
his four-year-old goddaughter?
That one?
What? Don't be like that,
you guys.
I'd like to think
that you would have done
the same thing
under the same circumstances.
Where to?
Take a right.
Right here.
JACKSON: So, you just disappeared?
Not that hard of a thing
to accomplish
if you try.
Why are you sticking
your head up now?
Detective, I can't tell you
how much I hate spoilers.
Hey, berg,
this is fucking bullshit, man.
It's a trap.
Come on, man.
You got a better idea?
That's the spirit.
Come on, let's get this money
and get the fuck out of here.
What? I guess
we're not gonna get
the families together
for a little BBQ?
Oh, come on, berg.
What do ya say?
You got someone special
in your life these days?
Open up the fucking gate.
Welcome to my humble abode.
Where's the fucking money?
Where's the money?
Where is it?
Where is...
You're so pushy.
God, relax.
Where is it?
Is he always this impatient?
BERG: You know what?
You need to tell me
where the god damn money is.
Where is it?
It's over there.
In that cabinet.
Don't bullshit me.
Yeah, all right.
Okay, cool.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Yes, yes. Yes!
ah, shit.
Oh, yes.
Oh, fuck.
Yes, baby.
Yes, baby.
Huh, told you,
I'd bring you to it.
Oh, my god.
It's a beautiful thing, man.
You're a beautiful dude.
You're a man of your word.
He's wonderful.
And you know what,
I got like a finder's fee
for you.
Yeah, here it is right here.
You shot me?
Yes, I did, I shot you.
First you frame me.
And now you shoot me, again.
You know,
I'm really starting to think
that I'm the one
doing all the giving
in this relationship.
Yeah, last time,
I'm sorry, I shot you wrong.
But I got you right this time.
Right in the liver
and you're gonna die.
And I'm gonna watch you die.
Hey, man.
Go and put that shit in the car.
All right.
What the fuck is so funny?
It's just, it's just you two.
It really doesn't take long
to see
who wears the pants
in this relationship.
Oh. Well, you enjoy
fucking death,
we don't have time
for your bullshit.
I guess you don't want
to see the DVD then.
Wouldn't you like to know?
That DVD means shit to me
when you're fucking dead.
No. No.
Not that DVD.
What the fuck
are you talking about, man?
It's all fun and games
until somebody gets hurt.
You better start making
some fucking sense.
Or what? Huh?
You're gonna kill me twice?
It's on my desk.
Ah, man, come on.
Blue case. I can't believe
we're dealing with this bullshit.
Come on, we gotta get
the fuck outta here.
Yeah, right there.
BERG: Hey, hello, we gotta get
the fuck outta here.
Shut up.
It's only gonna take a fucking second.
Hey, I can't believe
you're going along
with this bullshit.
You were in my house.
Some detective.
That's my fucking wife.
I swear to god if you hurt her,
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
You've been bad, haven't you?
Oh, yeah. (MOANS)
you've been a bad girl.
By George, I think he's got it.
KAREN: (ON VIDEO) Oh, fuck me!
What? What?
Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!
Hey, hey, whoa.
Whoa. Hold on.
Look at this, man.
Look at a what
he's trying to do.
I can't, I'm too busy
watching you fuck my wife.
Come on, if it's
any consolation, my man,
I can tell you this,
she loves you.
She still loves you.
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
You don't get to talk about her!
You wanna put down that gun?
If you fucking
tell me what to do
I'm gonna fucking murder you.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut up, shut up!
Shut up, okay?
I fucking trusted you.
I treated you
like fucking family.
You were my friend.
That's right, man. I'm your friend.
I'm your friend.
I'm your partner, man.
I'm your straight up partner.
Come on, J, man.
Come on, put down the gun, man.
Don't tell me what to do,
I'll blow your head off.
I swear to god, man,
I'm your friend.
I'm your partner.
That's it.
That's it.
You never had the heart
for this shit, did you?
She was always too good
for your ass.
I suppose I should
thank you, huh?
You know, 'cause
it is gonna take like, months
to get rid of this dude.
And you saved me a whole heap
of time on this shit.
Why are you looking at me
like that, man? Come on.
Why are you looking
at me like that, man?
You must know that this shit was
gonna end up just like this.
Here's how the shit went.
You got out of prison, right?
Came after my partner
and me, right?
And we followed you
to this location, right?
And then you resisted.
And in the process you and
my partner got killed.
See, now that's a good story.
It's too bad none of it's
the least bit true.
Facts, truth,
right, wrong, illusions.
Think what you want
but in this life
all the road signs read
"save yourself."
but the facts
are decided by the winners.
And as always,
perception is key.
What's so god damn funny?
You got it all
figured out, don't you?
Yeah, at this point.
There's usually a lot
of hollering and screaming
and pleading.
People saying,
"oh, no. Don't.
Please, don't.
Don't, please."
but you're cool.
You're not into
that pathetic shit, huh?
No, it's like,
you're satisfied.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Say good-bye, motherfucker.
Say, good-bye.
Berg, drop your weapons.
Drop 'em!
Turn around!
Put your hands
in the fucking air.
Captain Scott...
you're not gonna believe this,
but we got the junkie,
the guy with the heroin,
and he brought us over here
and then he stabbed Jackson.
It was horrible.
I couldn't do a thing.
Arrest detective berg.
What are you doing?
Someone sent
the ip address to everyone.
The whole thing was broadcast
to the entire station.
So, shut the fuck up.
Process the paperwork
on this one fast.
I'm sure
there's a lot of inmates
who can't wait
to see your ass again.
Hey! Oh, shit!
I used to jump my horse
and ride
I had a six gun at my side...
At ease.
As we stand here today,
I'm reminded
of the many reasons
why I took up the lifelong oath
of law and order.
Now, I was a young man
when I took up that cause.
The cause of justice.
But not a day goes by that I
don't remember my commencement.
The same ones
that got me through
the coldest of nights.
Now is the time
for good people to do
the right thing.
To behave in a manner
in which always reflects
the true nature of the goodness
that is in all of us.
If we allow it.
Now, you're not alone
in this fight.
You are the men and women
who took up this cause.
And this brave choice
will be with you
all the days that you work
these streets.
And in the end,
I want you to know,
how truly honored I am
that my city
will be
in your very capable hands.
But remember...
the power to change things.
INMATE: Fresh meat! Yeah!
Please use this power justly.
As the rest of us
will be counting on you.
ROCCO: Congratulations.
And good luck.
A cowboy's work
is never done
It's been almost six months
since you closed the books
on these corruption inquiries,
I mean, how much progress
has been made,
if any at all?
I think we made great strides
in curtailing this problem.
Revamping how the public
sees this department
and its officers.
Commander, what about
the charges -yes?
Ranging from robbery to murder?
Honestly, I'm not here
to talk about that.
These isolated incidents
of rogue police officers
has been well documented.
But I can tell you
something here and now.
These are not
accurate representations
of this department.
Today's a new day for the city.
So, please, if you'll excuse me.
Any further inquiries?
Commander, what about
the victims' families?
How can we be sure
this is the end?
Oh, I've been
watching you
And all I can do
oh, I can bet on you
so, do what you do
and on me
do what you do
down to me
Been watching you
All that you do
oh, I've been
watching you
And all I should do
oh, I can bet on you
so, do what you do
down to me
do what you do
down to me
been watching you
and all that you do
I used to jump my horse
and ride
I had a six gun
at my side
I was so handsome,
women cried
And I got shot
but I never died
I could play
if I do everything
he say
Girls seem to just
get in his way
Those days
we weren't considered fun
A cowboy's work
is never done
He'd fight crime
all the time
He'd always win
until his mom
would break it up
And call him in
he was tough
he was hard
But he was kind
and he was love
'cause guys like him
Were hard to find
I'd like to ride again
some day
I think I still know
how to play
I'd play games now
but it's not fun
A cowboy's work
is never done