Dirty Dead Con Men (2018) Movie Script

(people chattering)
(telephones ringing)
- [Man] That son of a bitch,
I'm fuckin' done with this.
- Get back in there.
- I'm not goin', fuck that.
That fucking prick,
I'm tired of his shit.
- Come on.
- I'm not going,
I'm gonna rip his
fuckin' face off.
- I'm gone two minutes, you
get my partner all riled up.
How do you do that?
Who said you could
smoke in here?
- Your partner outside did.
- Yeah.
- Hell of a guy.
- Yeah he's a great guy,
but now it's just us,
we're gonna start fresh.
Clean slate.
State your name.
- Kook Packard.
- Full name.
- Kook
- One more time.
- Kookie.
- Packard, Kookie Packard.
- How 'bout you, Daniels,
you got a first name?
- That's not important.
You mind puttin' that smoke out?
- Smoke bother you?
You know what
bothers me, Daniels?
Being detained on suspicion
without being charged.
I mean, it's obvious
that you guys got nothing
despite my good humor
for God knows how long.
I mean, I can't even
enjoy a fucking cigarette
or get a cup of coffee.
- Oh, I'm sorry, you
want a cup of coffee?
- I would love one,
cream and sugar.
- No cream.
No sugar.
- Forget it.
- What's your relationship
with Miss Lang?
- None.
- Well, witnesses
seem to put you there
the night of the murder.
They also put you
there at the Lone Cafe.
Witnesses also say they see
you leave late that night
in a late-model Buick.
- Riviera.
It's a spectacular automobile.
It's classic all-around.
- 1965, reminiscent
of that Skylark.
So, what is your
relationship with Miss Lang?
- Well I'd be lying to you
if I told you there was one.
I introduce myself
at the restaurant,
bump into her again
outside, we hit it off.
Went up for a cruise
on Mulholland.
And then I dropped her off.
- [Daniels] Where'd
you drop her off at?
- A coffee shop on Franklin,
said she was meeting a friend.
- After that?
- Then after that I grabbed
a milkshake at Mel's Drive-In
over on Highland, and
then I drove home, and
slapped in the Three
Stooges marathon.
You know, you kind of remind
me of one of the stooges.
- Is that so?
- You want to know which one?
- No, I don't.
- Schtoopee.
- Schtoopee, I never
heard a Schtoopee.
- No, well he was brilliant.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, came and went.
You want to know what the
real joke is, Daniels?
- What's that Kookie?
- Is that I'm still
here talking in circles.
- You know what else
is great, Kookie?
Is that I love circles.
And to be frank, I love my job.
- That makes two of us.
- I don't seem to have
any known addresses,
phone numbers, any
information on you.
- It's because I,
I'm in between homes,
and I don't have a cell phone.
- What was your
previous residence?
- I don't have one.
- You said you were
in between homes.
- Well that's because
I am, literally.
I live in a mobile home,
out there in Santa Clarita.
It's a great location,
gorgeous sun rises.
- Right.
No cell phones.
- No, no I don't
believe in them.
Brain cancer.
- Okay, so...
What's your relationship
with Mickey Rady?
- Don't know him.
(dramatic guitar riff)
Los Angeles, the City
of Angels they say.
Everybody here is
living the dream.
If the American Dream
means to have it all,
who do you take it from?
Name's Kook Packard,
or Bill, Joe, Tommy.
I was even Francois once, but
my accent wasn't the best.
Anyway, I consider myself
a professional friend.
I grew up in the city
full of pipe dreamers,
delusional bastards, and
yeah, smokin' hot broads.
All of which I enjoy
taking advantage of.
I drink too much,
smoke like a chimney.
I know what's going on today
and that's all I
give a shit about.
Maybe someday things will turn
around but in the meantime
I love making a living
off screwing over
the scumbags any way I can.
It's an exciting life.
Sometimes the perks of the
job make it all worthwhile.
Like this scum, for example.
Now to me a grown man
selling kiddie porn mags
should be tied up somewhere
and clubbed to death.
But I'll take setting
him up for some jail time
and having some nice new wheels.
Ah, the Riviera, one
of my favorite models.
Truth is, if there
is such a thing,
I've been sideways for so long
I don't know how
to live straight.
Snapping up this sucker's
car actually makes me feel
so damn good about myself
because he's a piece of shit.
Guys like this, they just
don't deserve the finer things.
I love every second I'm throwing
these guys to the wolves.
Fortunately for me I got a
friend that keeps me busy.
Well, I use that term loosely.
He hates everybody.
Anyway it's the closest thing
to a friend I've ever had.
Happens to be one of the best
undercovers I've ever seen.
Must be if he busted me.
Ah, Mickey Rady, one of the
meanest bastards around.
Oh, and in case you think I
write like a two year old,
go fuck yourself.
The past couple of years
we been working together.
Every now and then
I get a fancy car
for helping him out
and some nice cash.
I mean, what can I
say, sometimes you give
and sometimes you take.
But if you do, make sure
it's from the right people.
Because this tale right
here ladies and gents,
this is the beginning of
where it all went wrong.
- [Mickey Voiceover]
I'm losing it.
Gave this woman my real name.
Can't believe I slipped.
I think I'm falling for her.
It's hard to tell.
Her name is Eve,
or so she says.
I been in this fuckin'
scum world so long
I don't know what's real
and what's not anymore.
What am I even fighting for?
The good guy, the bad guy,
there ain't no such thing.
Everyone's got an agenda.
And it's god damn nasty
what some people will do
to get what they want.
Myself included.
- [Eve] Hey.
- [Mickey] Hey.
You got a booking coming up?
- Hollywood's calling.
- God damn.
Her eyes are open for a
minute and she's beautiful.
You know all you gotta
do is let me know
where you're gonna be.
Come by, take some pictures,
and split the profit with you.
- Shoulda known shaggin'
a paparazzi's a bad idea.
Get outta here.
- [Mickey Voiceover] My latest
assignment has me holed up
in this shit hole
downtown apartment.
(cell phone buzzing)
Ah, sorry baby, can't talk.
Wish I could but I'm
another guy right now.
This place smells like
piss and cigarettes,
probably from me.
Yeah, you heard right, Eve
thinks I'm a fucking paparazzi.
Whatever gets me
in, no shame here.
I'm numb to it all.
I used to be a cop for the good.
To protect and serve
and all that bullshit.
Now I protect myself and
serve whatever hell I can
to the pieces of shit
this city produces.
And I make damn sure I get mine.
Just like everybody
else, I got my reasons.
Got a call from Chief
McCoy this morning.
He wants to talk.
Can't fuckin' wait.
- Well, sit.
- [Mickey Voiceover] Ah,
this guy, always up my ass.
He's got something to prove.
Sittin' there acting
like he can read.
Playing the game.
I'll help you buddy.
Brown bangers and
Armenian drugs, huh?
That's a recipe for disaster.
- They'll light Boyle
Heights on fire.
And my whole department with it.
- Stack units?
- Don't think I don't
see what you're doing.
- What am I doing?
- Your bust is now
running four weeks over,
and I been looking
the other way.
Now you're arresting
people on planted evidence.
- [Mickey Voiceover] Oh, shit.
- Jamal Dean.
- You son of a--
- Mm-hmm.
Look, undercover has liberties,
but you're too far out.
- [Mickey Voiceover] You
are not messing this up
for me, you bozo.
Been working this
score for months.
Please don't do anything stupid.
- All over my department--
- Oh, man.
- I sure as hell can't use
a cop who's out there giving
them a reason to do so.
I sure hope you appreciate
me cleaning up after you.
- There's nothing to clean, Art.
- Rady.
- Jamal Dean is my snitch.
Don't know why you
just didn't ask me,
what do you think
I booked him for.
Oh God, Art.
Look, I got a big coke
and hooker bust coming up.
This is probably
the best publicity
your department
has seen in months.
It's an escort ring
that's running drugs,
I found the source, and
he's high profile, and I am
this close to finding out
where that next drop is.
It's Armenian drugs, Art.
You, the department need this
just as much as I want it.
I need a little more time.
- Okay.
One week.
You bring it in clean
I may change my mind about you.
- I guess I'll see you at the
press conference then, huh?
Wear the blue tie.
- Hold up.
Extension comes with a bonus.
That's a sliced hooker.
Homicide doesn't know the
scene as well as you do.
- Yeah, it's the only way
those ugly bastards get laid.
- Oh come on, just
see what you can find.
- Homicide, huh?
Is this Lenny's case?
- You know, I want those
bastards off the streets
just as much as you do.
Now you fuck this up,
you're out.
("Sneakin' Back
Home" by Casablanca)
- [Rosie] Oh my lord, sit
down, quit acting silly
it ain't working no more.
- Why do you always got
to cut me down, huh?
- [Rosie] Want me to
tell you about him?
- Yeah.
Ah, my favorite dive.
Good tunes, good whiskey,
and my gal Rosie.
She gives great
advice sometimes,
even though she's a
Class A fuck-up herself.
But like I said, I'm
a professional friend,
and Rosie's great for
free shots and 50 bucks
for a couple of weeks.
Hell, all I gotta do is listen.
Want to tell me
how you found me.
- Follow the trail
of Bourbon breath,
wasted existence--
- Yeah, yeah, look why
don't we cut this short
and why don't you just tell
me what conjugal duties
my brother fulfilled
this time around, huh?
This is Aveline.
And before I explain,
excuse me for a moment.
- [Aveline] I got one hour.
- [Kook] Two would be better.
- Shut up.
- [Kook Voiceover] In
case you were wondering,
we've done this before.
- Another one?
- Lori.
A sweet kid.
Normally I'd be
staring at her ass,
but I'm just not
in the mood today.
You know, you should start
giving discounts to police.
- Now if I did that
the streets would
be even more unsafe,
'cause you'd all be in
here all day drinking beer.
- It's what everybody
thinks we do anyway, right?
- Well let's not
disappoint them.
- Thanks.
- Yes budget cuts have been made
in the Los Angeles
Police Department.
And now we're looking at
sky rocketing crime rates.
- One more, Lori.
- [Reporter] I mean,
does our police force
work at the capacity--
- [Mickey Voiceover]
More bullshit.
Can't get away from it.
Wish I could snap
this guy's neck.
Ah, great.
- What's up buddy?
- Couple of beers.
- Two fucktards walk into a bar.
What do you want?
- I just can't stop in
and grab a beer now?
- [Mickey Voiceover] God, I
would love to break his face.
- All right, all
right, you got me.
This guy, hell of
a cop, huh, sharp.
- [Mickey Voiceover]
Relax, Mickey.
- Just wanted to meet
up, compare notes.
You're on my case,
you're on my team, right?
- Well, the chief
assigned me, so.
- Nice.
They must be running out
of dirty vice pussies
for you to investigate.
- Mm, deep breaths.
Lori, I want to get out of here.
- Alrighty, Mick,
you let me know
when you got something, okay?
- New suit.
- [Mickey Voiceover]
That was fun.
- See you later.
- Was I that bad?
What'd you want to
talk about anyways,
something wrong with the kid?
- I'm late.
- [Kook Voiceover] Well that's
what I get for having a kid
with my brother's wife.
Poor bastard has no
idea little Madison's
not even his daughter.
Or that his wife likes
being choked from behind.
Christ she smells good.
- Who'd have thought my only
friend is a fucking con artist.
He's the best I've ever seen.
And he gets his kicks
from the same stuff I do,
so it makes working
together pretty easy.
Do I trust him?
That's a tough one.
Like I said, everyone
has their own agenda.
He hasn't let me
down yet though,
and he's always
stocked with good beer.
I been working on something,
real big score.
So let's see what
the doctor says.
("Continue to Be" by Casablanca)
Want me to book
you for car theft,
or possession of
illegal substances?
- Guilty as charged.
Come on in.
- [Mickey] How you doin' pal?
- I been better.
- [Mickey] It smells
like a woman in here.
- [Kook] Want a beer?
- What do you
think, I want a hug?
And while you're up
have you got some ice?
- [Kook] What'd you
do, blast somebody?
- Yeah, a little bit.
- [Kook] Jesus Christ.
Ah, no ice.
Try this.
- That'll do.
All right.
- So what's up?
- Chief raggin' on me today
about planted evidence.
- Was it?
- Well, it had to be done.
Nice car you got out there.
- Ain't that a beauty?
- [Mickey] Sure is.
- [Kook] '65 Riviera.
- Sharp car.
You know, we booked that old
guy for child pornography.
- Good, fuck 'im.
- Nobody's missing him,
nobody's missing the Riviera.
That car might come in handy
for a little something
I've been checking into.
- What's that?
- I got a modeling
agency that's doubling
as an escort service.
- I already like
where this is going.
- It's a coke running
escort service.
- Even better.
- It's a real
opportunity we got here.
All we gotta do is find out
when the next trade off is,
and we're gonna crash the deal,
and go in there and
take half the cash,
take half the coke, make
it disappear so it's even.
I'm gonna stay there and
play it like a real bust.
And that's it, it's
a straight shot.
- What's the Kelley Blue Book?
- Hundred grand.
So let me show you what
I'm looking into here.
I think you're gonna
like this, pal.
This is the owner of
the escort service.
Ms. Donna Lang.
- Donna Lang.
- Remember her?
- Are you kidding, I
grew up with this broad.
Before your time.
Nah, she's terrific.
- Thought you'd appreciate that.
Now this guy right
here is her supplier,
might look familiar too.
This is Connor Winkler.
- As in Mayor Winkler's son?
- Yeah, that's junior.
- Jesus Christ.
- He's got his old man's
sense for politics.
This guy here is running a
deal over with the Armenians.
And it seems like his dick
can never say no to a chick.
And lately he can't say no to
this one beautiful actress,
right here.
- [Kook] Oh, well
that's a given.
- Also happens to be
one of Donna's girls.
Got him.
Doesn't take much
to get Kook going.
Booze, boobs, and money,
in any order usually works.
Anyway, this is the big one.
Here we go.
- Watch and learn kids.
Excuse me, I'm Kook
Packard, investments.
A good friend of
mine recommended
your selection of hand models.
- Of course Mr. Packard.
I'll just have to get the book.
- Hey, money does
buy you time, dear.
Well, somebody needs a spankin'.
3 p.m., three.
Whatever happened
to pen and paper?
2 p.m.
- Here you go Mr. Packard.
- Let's see what we have here.
Let's see.
Oh, hello.
Take this beautiful
creature right here.
- Great.
- Let's say 2 p.m.
today for lunch, okay?
- You got it.
- Pleasure to meet you.
You should be a hand
model yourself there.
Nice meeting you.
Nice to see a room full of
pretentious LA douchebags.
And I just spotted my mark.
I gotta say, this is a
personal thrill for me.
I grew up watching
this woman on TV,
and spent a lot of
lonely nights...
- This suit your taste?
- You know what
I'm talking about.
Work for you?
We'll take it.
- Great.
Here you go.
- Oh, hey.
- Yes.
- How 'bout a bottle of
Louis Gerdeaux Montrez Chez.
- Excellent choice.
- Thank you.
- Be right back with that.
- Appreciate that.
my mom always taught me
that to charm a woman,
a true gentleman must
pay her attention.
So guess what,
you've got my
undivided attention.
- You really are a
gentleman, aren't you?
- I try.
Just not tonight, kid.
'Cause there's my girl.
Oh man, Donna fucking Lang.
This might be my
favorite play yet.
Comes close to the time I
convinced an old Hollywood
producer that I was
his illegitimate son,
and he paid for my whole
life for about a year.
'Til the fucker died.
Okay, here we go.
- [Connor] I know you.
- Excuse me, pardon me.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I could not help but
invite the great Donna Lang
to a bottle of lowly Gerdeaux.
This is a once in
a lifetime chance.
First of all, my
name is Kook Packard.
And I just want to say
that I am a tremendous,
tremendous fan of your work.
- Well, it's a
pleasure to meet you.
- Yes.
Not a quiet minute with
this one around, huh?
- That's very charming,
but he doesn't have a clue
what you're talking about, Mr.
I'm sorry, what was your--
- Packard, Packard, but
call me Kook, call me Kook.
- Kook, okay.
- Shirley Summers.
- Don't know her.
- No, no, no, no, that's
who Miss Lang portrayed.
I mean, we are talking about
one of the most iconic
characters in TV history.
Oh, you know, I mean, this.
What was that, just
a few years ago?
- Oh, please it was
an eternity ago.
- Oh, come on.
- Why don't you have a
seat with us, darling.
- No, I've interrupted enough.
I just want to say
Miss Lang, that
it truly is my
honor to meet you.
I'm thrilled.
- Thank you.
- To meet you.
- Thank you so much.
- Nice to meet you to there.
Please enjoy the wine.
- What a gentleman.
- And now we close the deal.
Well we meet again.
Have to met the
lovely Isabella here?
- Ah, nah.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm gonna get the car.
- What the hell are
you doing here, huh?
- Don't think
you're the only one
paying for her company, okay.
- I don't want hookers
wearing that, okay?
- For God's sake, just
play along, will ya?
- Go to hell.
- You too.
- Hey what is that, suede?
- Yeah, it's suede.
- God, I just love
awkward moments.
- Is that a 1965 green Riviera?
- Like it?
- That is my car, like it?
- Ah ah, that's Shirley's car.
- Oh my God, I love it.
- Hey, want to go for a spin?
- Come on, it's yours?
- No I stole it.
Come on.
You want to drive?
- [Donna] Oh I'd
love to, thank you.
- After you, my lady.
Thank you, Santos.
How 'bout you guys,
want to come along?
- No I think since
I got company,
I'm gonna stay at the bar.
- All right I'll tell
you what, why don't you
watch out for the girl and
I'll take the lady here.
- [Donna] Mulholland it is.
- [Kook] Let's roll, honey.
- [Donna] Whoo!
(engine revving)
- [Kook Voiceover] And
that's how it's done.
I should write a book, Me and
Donna Lang Sitting in a Tree.
After about 10 minutes I
told Donna to pull over
because the car was overheating.
That was a lie.
She's a doll, but
watching her drive
is like watching a
blind kid play catch.
Sooner or later,
they gotta stop.
- Kookie, Kookie,
lend me your comb.
You know, I think I still
have a copy of that record
somewhere in my house.
- You gotta be kiddin'.
- That cannot be your real name.
- Well it's about as
real as Shirley Summers.
- Touche.
- You know, you're not
the only one with a past.
My dad was one of the
creators of 77 Sunset Strip.
- Really.
I believe I read
for that show once.
- You probably did.
Actually my two older brothers,
they got away with
pretty decent names.
One's Stewart the
other one's Jeff.
- I see, so when you were born
Kookie was the only name left?
- Yeah, apparently, apparently.
- I find that very
hard to believe.
- What are you gonna do?
- Kookie Packard, old
Hollywood royalty.
- That's me.
- So, Prince Charming,
when is this thing
gonna be cool enough to drive?
- Oh, just a few more minutes
here my little leopard.
- I'm not in any rush.
- [Kook Voiceover] Good to know.
Scenic route it is.
And I'm driving.
- I don't know what the hell
you want me to do here, Art.
Lenny made it pretty clear
he doesn't want me
on his case, so.
- [Chief McCoy] Is that
what he said before or after
you knocked his tooth out.
- Uh, before.
- [Chief McCoy] I don't
care what the beef
between the two of you is.
We got a guy who
killed a hooker.
(knocking on door)
And for all we know
he'll do it again.
And again, and again, and a--
- I gotta go.
- Can you zip me up.
- Yeah.
She messes with my head
pulling stuff like this.
She knows it kills me.
Just start charging you.
- It always is.
- Hey, hey, come here.
Be careful.
I'm serious, Eve.
Is out there on
the streets, okay.
- [Eve] Like you.
- Yeah, like me.
- [Reporter] Animal rights
activists have been pushing
for the bill for nine
years and have taken part
in mass demonstrations
throughout the nation.
- No fuckin' way.
Oh fuck.
(intense dramatic music)
- [Donna] So, this is my casa.
- [Kook] Hey wait a second,
did they use this on
the Rockford Files?
- Wow do you have a sharp eye.
- [Kook] It's unbelievable.
- Season two.
What do you say to a night
cap Mr. Kookie Packard?
- [Kook] Twist my arm.
Something about
this is too easy.
Either that or I'm
just that damn good.
- [Mickey Voiceover] Should
have called for back up.
I don't know why I give
a damn about this chick.
Everything about
Eve and I is a lie.
But I just can't help it.
- [Officer] Anybody have
eyes on a brown Challenger
downtown LA.
(indistinct radio chatter)
- [Officer] We got a late
model Dodge Challenger, brown,
Lincoln Motel, 1705
Royal Boulevard.
- [Mickey Voiceover] There's
just something about her.
It's like she's just
as lost as I am.
You're in too deep Mickey.
Too deep.
(knocking on door)
- What the fuck, man?
Who are you, her
boyfriend or something?
- Yeah, something like that.
Put your arm on
that fuckin' pipe.
- This is bullshit, man.
- Yeah.
- You got nothing on me.
- [Mickey] Beatin' girls
to a pulp ain't nothing.
Don't fuckin' move.
- [Chris] She's here
on her own terms.
- [Mickey] Doesn't look
like her own terms to me.
Come on, baby.
- You should just go, Mick.
- What?
There's a guy out there
killing girls with that car,
you know anything about it?
- I don't know
anything about that.
- Look at me Mick,
don't, he's a regular.
- [Chris] Listen to her.
- He's a regular,
not a murderer.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- [Chris] Good money so
this shit doesn't happen.
- [Mickey] Eve.
- Go.
My God.
- [Chris] The cuffs,
before I call my lawyer.
- [Mickey] You're second
base for the Dodgers, huh?
- Yeah, that's right.
- [Mickey] You guys
think you can do
whatever you want
to these girls?
Tabloids are gonna love this.
- Shit man, this is private.
- Not anymore.
- [Chris] God
dammit, look I'll--
- [Eve] What are you
fucking playing at?
- I'll give you money,
is that what you want,
is that what you're
looking for, huh buddy?
Name your price.
- I like that car out there.
- You're a fucking idiot.
- [Chris] Yeah, if you like
it, take it, it's yours.
- What else you got?
- Look, I just gave you my,
stop fuckin' taking
pictures man.
Keys are there, take it.
There's a bat in the back
if you want me to sign it.
- You all right?
You okay to drive home?
- I always am.
- [Mickey Voiceover]
She acts so damn tough.
I think I love her.
Almost forgot about
my new little buddy.
No back up.
I'm not a cop tonight.
He roughed up my girl.
And sometimes people just
need a fuckin' beatin'.
("Looking Back on
Yesterday" by Casablanca)
- Oh, whoo.
- Boy, there's nothing
like vinyl, huh?
- I like you more and
more by the second.
Come on over here.
- I can't believe you have this.
Everybody's talkin' 'bout me
Can't wait to say
- I love that song.
- Ah, uh-oh.
Looks like someone could use
a refill on her drinky-poo.
- Well thank you.
- [Kook] Your nose
you have (mumbles).
- Just get on back here now.
- [Kook] Here you go
my little leopard.
- Such a gentleman.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You know what, here's
to Shirley Summers.
- Oh, that old thing?
- [Kook] May she rest in peace.
Fuck her.
- Whoo.
- [Kook] Well look at you.
Normally I'd make myself
a peanut butter sandwich.
It's just my thing.
But I'm in a bit of a rush.
Well ain't this my lucky day?
Sweet dreams, honey.
Thanks for the phone,
and the earrings.
And the necklace.
- Fuckin' Kook, gonna
get both of us pinched.
I hope you left
this place clean.
God dammit, I'm nervous.
Should have taken that
extra swig in the car.
Am I gonna have to request
the report from Art,
or are you gonna fill me in?
She's my suspect, Rick, come on.
- 'Cause of death,
gunshot wound to the head.
- Yeah.
- Projectile is being looked at.
No sign of forced entry.
- You have anything useful,
you have surveillance,
you talk to the neighbors?
- Nothing.
But we'll sure as
fuck find something.
- [Mickey Voiceover]
This ain't good.
- What's the matter,
too much blood for you?
- How's your face doing, Lenny?
(car engine revving)
- Hungry.
I could eat the
ass out of a horse.
That's how hungry I am.
Really starving.
- Ah, well look what
the cat dragged in.
- Madison's my daughter.
- Well she's my daughter too.
- You can't just
walk into her school
and pretend to be Stewart.
You're not her father there.
Jeez, what is wrong with you?
- What's wrong with me?
Hey I'm not the one living
in white picket fence land
pretending to be
something I'm not.
- That is different.
- How the fuck is
that different?
- Because I have to do
what is right for my child.
And nothing is
gonna change that.
Not this, and not you.
Sign this and get it back to me.
Stewart is her father,
and I want it on paper.
Get it back to me.
- God.
- Ruby?
He's right.
No more games, it's time.
- Why do you keep saying
it's time, it's time.
Time for what?
- [Man] Time to go to paradise.
I'm here to take you there.
Don't you worry.
- [Kook Voiceover]
Well that backfired.
Sometimes I actually
forget I have a heart
and that I just want
to see my daughter.
God she's hot when she's pissed.
- Hey.
Hey, oh yeah you're mad now.
You know what, you had your
chance, and you blew it.
Yeah, ooh you're mad.
- Kook.
Sober up.
24 hours away from becoming
a suspect to murder.
- What?
Just a thing you want to hear
after finishing off
a fifth of Bourbon.
- [Mickey] You awake yet?
- Yeah.
- [Mickey] She's dead, Kook.
- Who's dead?
- [Mickey] Donna Lang.
She's dead.
- What do you mean she's dead?
- [Mickey] Police report
said somebody took her out
five minutes after
you told me you left.
- Yeah, I, I went and
got her a drink, I only
put half a pill in it.
It certainly wasn't
enough to kill her.
You don't think I had anything
to do with it, do you?
- [Mickey] Did you?
- No.
- Look it's off.
- No, man, man you can't call
it off, it's not that easy.
- No shit it's not that easy.
- The only thing
the LAPD can find
are traces of the actual
scumbag who did it.
None of this touches us, man.
- I got plenty of reasons
to pull this thing through,
more than you.
It's off.
- [Kook] Let me
show you something.
- [Mickey] We're
done, we're walking.
- [Kook] Donna's ringer.
- Is that the
victim's cell phone?
- Yeah.
- I should.
- Hey!
- Are you out of your mind?
- No, would you fuckin' relax,
they got nothing to trace.
- That's the first
thing you trace.
- It's her secondary,
and unless you told them
she's got a separate
Armenian drug line,
they got nothing to trace,
would you fuckin' relax.
Let me show you something.
Come to my party tomorrow.
Ball drops at 11 p.m.
1625 Lymone Avenue.
You know who wrote
that, Winkler Junior.
We just got the info for
the drop that's going down.
And I'm going, fuck am I going.
With or without you.
In case you were
wondering, this is normal.
We argue like brother
and sister, folks.
He's the sister.
It always ends well though.
- [Mickey] If you would
just listen to me, and
fuck it, where's the whiskey?
- [Kook] You know where it is.
Told you.
And now it's game time.
(mid-tempo electronic music)
(bed creaking)
(party guests chattering)
- Hi.
- Hello there.
- Would you care for
a glass of champagne?
- I'd be delighted.
- I'm Layla, if you need
anything let me know.
- All right Layla.
- Okay.
Enjoy yourself.
- [Kook] I'll do that.
Daddy must be proud.
- Hello.
- [Kook] How you doin'?
- [Isabella] I'm good.
- Shouldn't you be
having a good time?
- I am.
- I know a lie when I hear one.
You gotta say, this is
one hell of a ballsy move.
Look at this guy.
You have no idea what's
coming, douchebag.
You're gonna buy
me a new Winnebago.
Pardon me would
you, for one second.
And the lion is out of the cage.
Oh man, to be a fly on the
wall when this shit goes down.
Good luck, pal.
Hey, cheers, huh?
- [Isabella] Cheers.
- Art, it's me.
That bust I promised you.
It's happening right
now, I need back up ASAP.
1625 Lymone Avenue.
You got me?
All right.
- Ah-hah.
- LAPD, don't move, don't move.
You're under arrest
for trafficking
controlled substances.
Put your pieces on the
floor by me slow, slow.
- That's rich.
- [Mickey] Turn around.
Both of you turn around.
- Under arrest.
- Get on your knees.
Get on your fucking
knees right now.
Get on your fuckin' knees.
Put your arms behind your back.
Put your arms behind your back.
Try your friend and I'll
break your fuckin' face.
Don't you move,
you fuckin' move.
Put your hands behind your back.
Put your hands behind
your fuckin' back.
- Tell you something man,
I'm the fuckin' mayor's kid.
And I will kill you.
- You're gonna get it pig.
Shut the fuck up.
- All right.
You better fuckin'
find that guy.
I'm not fuckin' around.
And get rid of his
ass, all right.
- I got it.
(gun firing)
- Nobody moves, nobody dies.
- Holy shit.
Where the fuck is
it coming from.
Shut the fuck up, man.
- [Masked Man] Go.
- [Mickey] Fuck.
- [Kook Voiceover] Sometimes
you feel like you're on top
of the world.
Like you can handle anything
that's thrown at you.
I feel good tonight.
We did it.
What the hell happened?
- Well,
someone who was not our
back up just shot up
our fuckin' show pal,
that's what happened.
Let me get a smoke.
- Yeah.
- [Mickey] Dropped mine jumping
out of a fuckin' window.
- [Kook Voiceover] Well I take
back everything I just said.
Just like that I knew
our borrowed time was up.
We planned for this.
Party was gonna end
sooner or later.
Mick was right,
we're in too deep,
too close.
Time to hit the road, Jack.
- [Mickey] I'm gonna play this
bust tomorrow like I said.
Pal, I'm trying to find every
angle to keep you clear here.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Mickey] But I don't know.
- It's all right.
I guess it's that time, huh?
I got your cut.
- Little heavier
than usual, huh?
- Hey.
I'll see you in my
nightmares, huh?
- You got it.
- [Kook] Hey Mick.
- Yeah.
- [Kook] Was it worth it?
- [Mickey Voiceover]
Take it easy, partner.
- You know why Mickey does this?
A while back he was undercover.
Deep cover, actually.
So lo and behold there
was an exchange of gunfire
with some thugs, and
bullets were flying.
Mickey decides to
empty his clip.
Hits a kid.
Bullet lodges in the
base of the spine.
Kid doesn't walk anymore.
Mom's on welfare
and up 'til this day
she never made one payment
towards those bills.
- Sounds like he's
an admirable guy.
- Who shot a kid and
covered it up, man.
- At least he tried
to do the right thing.
What are you gonna do?
- Let me tell you
something, Kookie
Mickey's gone rogue,
you understand?
And he's a bigger
con than you are.
So I'm gonna make
it real clear, man.
You don't help me with this,
you're gonna be a lone wolf
in a big cage full of
lions for a very long time.
- [Mickey Voiceover]
These goons.
They act like detectives,
but they've got one foot out
just like everybody else.
I don't put anything past
these pieces of shit.
Just play it cool, Mick, relax.
- Armenians plan
a big trade off,
Latinos crash the
party, simple as that.
Sending a message to steer
clear of their territory.
I mean, it was only
a matter of time
before the rich part
of town got hit.
- Shane, that was anything
but a God damn gang hit.
Crew concealing their faces
doesn't send a message.
You got to show face to show
what color you're repping.
If that was a gang
hit, why wasn't there
two dead Armenians
in that house.
- Could have been
kidnapped for all we know.
- No, no.
The gang woulda popped
them right then and there.
- Look, I'll give you
that, but the rest?
- You know what Rick,
it just doesn't add up.
We're talking Kevlar
vests, shooting to kill,
semi-automatic weapons, and
now the mayor's son is missing.
It could have been his own
cavalry for all I know.
- Whoa.
Now I need you to
take it slow here.
And no information about
Winkler's involvement
leaves this room.
That's political suicide
for the department.
- Fine then.
I got an idea, why
don't we talk about
where my God damn back up was.
That's actual suicide
for your department.
- You know what?
You need to go get
your head straight.
I'm putting Rick and
Lenny on the case.
Oh, we're done here.
For now.
- You think that's
enough to keep him
from looking into the case?
- [Kook Voiceover] Trailer's
gassed up at all times
and ready for the desert.
Gotta lay low for a bit.
Cash is safely tucked away,
and I'm outta here
as squeaky clean
as I came into the world.
- LAPD step out of
the fuckin' truck.
- [Kook Voiceover] Oh, fuck.
(phone ringing)
- Daniels.
Yeah what.
Oh come on man,
you're kidding me.
These guys are gonna blow
the whole fuckin' thing.
No wait, you listen
to me, listen to me.
Are you close?
Okay, you call the chief,
you get over there right now.
Do me a favor,
nobody goes in there
until I get there, you hear me?
You don't talk to him, no
one enters that fuckin' room.
Yeah, I'm serious.
Dalton's Autobody, we can
talk about that again.
That was a mess.
We all know how that
turned out, right?
Lot of time and little money.
Ah, okay maybe we could talk
about the gambling fiasco
that happened a few months ago.
It was a mess.
Didn't turn out well
at all, did it Kook?
Tell you what,
maybe we could talk about the
the Armenian coke bust.
Connor Winkler?
Well we both know how that
one turned out too, right?
Look, Kookie.
I don't need an
admission from you, okay,
I know who you are.
I know what you do.
And to be honest,
well I've got kind of
a soft spot for you.
Why, because you're good.
And I don't think you have bad
intentions like your partner.
- I've already told
you about 20 times.
I don't have bad intentions.
And I don't have a partner.
- Listen to me very
carefully, okay.
I've been building a case
on Mickey Rady for two years.
And at this point in time,
you're gonna have
to make a choice.
Real simple.
Either you go away with him
or you help me get him.
It's that simple.
- Can I get that cup of coffee?
- Cream and sugar?
- Yeah.
- [Daniels] Hey could someone
grab me a coffee, please.
Cream and sugar.
- Ah, man.
(chattering voices)
- Packard.
You got the phone
for five minutes.
(phone buzzing)
- [Mickey] Hey it's
me, leave a message.
- Well, I ain't calling
you from you Miami.
Let's just suppose what
you mentioned is right.
Somebody takes out
Donna after I leave.
I mean, somebody could
have seen me, right?
A party gets shot up,
and then this morning I take
a pinch from LA's finest
as a suspect to murder, so
I think it's safe to say
we pissed in somebody's
pool there, pal.
And I also think
it's safe to say
they're probably
coming after you next.
So why don't you think
about bailing me out
as soon as you can.
There's a shit
storm coming, pal.
- As you know, we've been
covering the recent developments
within the Los Angeles
police department.
Budget cuts and
related restructuring.
Increasing crimes rates,
in particular gang violence
and drug related crimes.
We asked Mayor Winkler for a
comment, but without success.
Now, after the Lymone
shooting, yet another tragedy
involving two innocent
fatalities, both Latino men,
ages 24 and 22.
From what we know at this point,
the shooting was gang related,
likely triggered by
a drug deal gone bad.
Rival gangs seem to be
battling it out for territory.
Drug trafficking, we've seen
this before in MacArthur Park
where several gangs fought
over turf in the mid '90s.
(phone buzzing)
- Hey.
You okay, babe?
- No.
I was just getting
the girls in the van.
And then they rolled up
and then they just
started shooting at us.
They shot at us, Mickey, they
could have shot our girls.
- [Daniels Voiceover]
I got you Rady.
Oh, I got you.
("Continue to Be" by Casablanca)
Life's just a bad dream
Even in my sleep
I'm never free
World's such a bad place
Even the man, he lies on TV
But I'm just gonna pick
myself up and continue to--
- [Mickey Voiceover] Oh,
you thought this shit
was over, huh?
(dramatic suspenseful music)
- [Natalie Voiceover] They
just started shooting at us.
They shot at us, Mickey.
They could have shot our girls.
(door breaking)
(gun firing)
(people shouting)
- [Mickey Voiceover]
Not even close.
("Continue to Be" by Casablanca)
Life's just a bad dream
Even in my sleep
I'm never free
World's such a bad place
Even the man, he lies on TV
But I'm just
gonna pick myself up
And continue to be
Lookin' for the good times
Throw my past up to the wind
Lord I'm searching
for a good time
Even if I have to
travel from within
A world full of
hunger and thirst
And original sin
Yeah yeah
Come on.
Take me.
So let 'em knock me down
I know one day
I'm gonna be free
And let 'em turn me
all around 'round 'round
People you just
got to wait and see
That I'm just
gonna pick myself up
And continue to be
Lord I
I'm just gonna pick myself up
And continue to be
Come on.
Here I go, pick me up.
(dramatic electronic music)