Dirty Dealing 3D (2018) Movie Script

You're the only woman
knows the truth, yeah
Don't go playing with my heart
I don't know which side you're on
I don't know which side you're on
Don't go playing with my heart
I don't know which side you're on
I don't know which side
you're on right now
How are you?
Go guys, win some money.
Nice hit.
It's the come-out roll, you
want the hard ways working?
Yes, always working.
Hard ways working.
Hard ways working, come-out
roll, place your bets.
11, winner, pay the line.
Yo Kora, you and Josh
going to Raine's tomorrow?
Yeah, once you and Lexie was coming,
there was no getting out of it.
What's going on tomorrow?
Oh, just a pool party.
With all you girls?
And a few of our equally hot friends.
Is this one of those
skinny dipping pool parties?
Well yeah, duh.
The thing is since we're all so young,
hot and bisexual, it
usually degrades into
a freaky lesbian orgy into
the wee hours of the morning
and if we get in the mood for some dick,
we order pizza and have
the delivery guy join in.
You know, it's amazing how
accurate porn movies really are.
Thank you Aero, you've given me
a wonderful visual I can spank to later.
For another 100, I promise to think
of you when I'm pumping
the muffin later.
Hell, I'm sharing a
room with this loser.
It's worth 100 just to
know he's not a fag.
Oh, how sweet.
Maybe you can help him
rub one out later.
It's expensive?
I spent 40 grand on that a year ago.
Now it's worth 100.
100 grand for a painting.
Yeah, crazy huh?
But I've spent a lot more since then.
I have a Chagall,
a couple of Picassos.
I heard of him.
Did ya?
I think that's my favorite one.
I'm not sure why but I think
because it's the first one I ever bought
and I remember thinking someday,
I'd have a collection of original
artworks to fill up my whole house.
This is a great office.
So do you really own the whole casino?
Yeah, I sure do.
I made some wise moves over the years.
What can I say, I'm a genius.
That is so fucking cool.
Yeah baby, it sure is.
We should go over to my place because
I have some really amazing things.
I bet you have a huge house.
Oh yeah, it's like
Is it a mansion?
Wanna go for a ride?
Let's go.
I have to be home by one,
otherwise my dad will freak.
So why don't
you tell me what you
did in school today, do
you have any homework?
Well, we had a
multiplication test today.
I'm pretty sure I did good on that
and Laura got sent to
the principal's office
for throwing paper towels
on the bathroom ceiling.
Yes, honey?
All your friends are really cool, but
sometimes I wish dad was around, too.
Yeah, me too honey, sometimes.
But when I think of what
it'd be like having dad around,
it's not really him I don't think.
What do you mean?
I mean, when I think of him, it looks
like him but he's nicer than I remember.
What do you remember?
I remember him yelling a
lot and you crying a lot.
But I don't know if
that's how it really was.
Yes honey, that's how it was.
Which is why when I miss him,
it's not that I want him back.
I just wish he were a different person,
a better person like you.
Maybe he's a better person now.
I wish that were true
but it's not how it works.
I was kind of hoping he'd
show up for my birthday but
I guess I kind of knew he wouldn't.
He's never coming back, honey.
But it's got nothing to do with you.
All the decisions he
makes are about him.
Some people are just like that.
You're not like that, you're
the best mom in the world.
I'd like to think so.
Besides, it's easy when you
have the best kid in the world.
I bet you'd never miss my birthday.
Never, I'll always be there
for you, you know that right?
I love you, Josh.
Come here, give me a hug.
I love you, too.
Ouch mom, you're crushing me.
I never hear you complain when
Lexie gives you a big squeeze like that.
She's gonna be there, isn't she?
She'll be there.
We gotta go back inside.
I forgot something.
You'll see.
How many other girls are gonna be there?
Thank you, Josh.
Hey guys.
Okay, this was totally his idea.
Thank you.
I was only gonna get one for you but
I didn't wanna hurt their
feelings so I got them one, too.
That's just sweet.
Do you wanna go swimming?
Throw him.
Hey, what's under your arm right here?
It's nothing.
Are you sure?
Hey, there's something under his arm.
Lemme see.
Come here.
It's nothing.
What is it?
It's nothing.
Let me just...
You're a troublemaker.
How's a going in there, sport?
This is too cool! This
is the best game ever.
Damn girlie, you must
be way desperate to be
using a PlayStation to
lure guys to your place.
What, you got a thing for virgins now?
Are you saying there's
any in town you missed?
No, it's Mike's.
He's playing some game of
only remembering it's here
around midnight, it's
been here for four months.
He's trying to get a booty
call out of the deal.
My goodness, in my
opinion, after it's been
abandoned for four months,
it's officially yours.
I'm not quite ready for
that yet but if it happens,
Josh can have it.
Shh, not so loud.
I don't want him to get his hopes up.
Okay, who's hungry?
Ooh, I am.
Josh, food's ready.
Got room in there after all those sodas?
I got room for more hugs.
How adorable.
Little Josh.
That's good.
Yes yes yes, yes.
It's leukemia, Kora.
But we've found it very early.
We're actually lucky I
think, all things considered.
We can get a handle on
this, really we can.
He can't die, he's all I've got.
He's not gonna die.
Jesus Christ, he's only eight years old.
Hey, honey.
How's it going, guys?
Hey, what's the word from Kora?
They get back from the
place in Colorado tomorrow
and they caught it in
time but he's definitely
gonna have to have a
bone marrow transplant.
Jesus, I heard that's harrowing.
It is, but they have a donor already.
That's amazing, I thought
that would be the hard part.
It is but they put his information in
the database and they
found somebody right away.
That must be such a relief.
Things are really coming together right.
Still, it must be
fuckin' scary for Kora.
Yeah, I mean when I found
out, I could hardly sleep.
I can't imagine what
she's going through.
Are you on your break?
That's just where I'm headed.
Well maybe you can head
there a little faster.
Or can you not go that
fast in those second hand
80s stripper shoes without
falling flat on your face?
Oh hey, do you want me to get you
some more cake if there's any left?
Nevermind, I can see you've had plenty.
Bitch, take your break
and if they implement
a dirty whore curfew
in the next 20 minutes,
I'll call you and let you know.
Well young man, how would
you feel about coming back
in a few weeks, see if we
can make you all better?
Everything is good, Dr. Buttu was right.
We caught it very early and that
often makes a world of difference.
Oh my god, thank you,
thank you, that's amazing.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, thank you.
Oh my god, baby.
Friday's my last day.
How long you gotta be out for?
Probably two months.
The transplant itself
isn't the hard part.
It's that he's gonna have to
have chemo before and after.
He's gonna be miserable
for weeks while his
immune system is fighting
its way back to normal.
That means you're gonna
miss the Pajama Bash.
Yeah, well, I'll miss the
money but I won't miss drunk,
obnoxious cigar-smoking L.A.
dorks that think that somehow
crossing the state line
suddenly transforms them into
slick playboys and that they
can get whatever they want.
Listen, for $500 a night,
you can throw all the L.A.
nerd patrol at me you want.
Full badges, everything.
Hey, where have you been?
I haven't seen you in like forever.
I went to days for a couple months
so I could help my mom in the evenings.
How's she doing?
She's good.
She's doing better, thanks.
God, I miss having you around.
Me, too.
So I heard about Josh. How's he doing?
It's been really scary but
we just got back from this
place in Colorado and they say
everything's gonna be fine.
Wow, great! That's really great.
I've been worried for you.
I got him something.
Oh my god Neil, you didn't.
It's nothing, I mean I won
it and I don't have time for
this and I figured what eight
year old wouldn't want one?
I don't know what to say.
He doesn't have one, does he?
No, and you couldn't
have picked a better gift.
He's gonna love it.
These are expensive, are you sure?
Of course. Oh, and there's
a game in there, too.
It's supposed to be a good one.
All right, time to go.
You better hustle up the locker room
if you want to get
that in there in time.
Thank you so much, Neil.
You rock.
Dear Ms. Elwin, we regret
to inform you that due
to the experimental nature
of the treatment being
recommended for Joshua, per
the terms of your policy, we
won't be able to approve the
procedure through our network.
How the fuck is this even possible?
I don't, I don't understand.
This is what insurance is for.
We'll call them, maybe they...
I did, I called them
before I called you.
They won't cover it, they
say it's experimental
but really it's just too expensive.
It's too fucking expensive,
so they're just gonna let Josh die.
Did they tell you
how much at the clinic?
It's over $200,000.
I mean I wasn't even
paying attention because
I was sure the insurance would cover it.
The insurance is my only hope.
There is nowhere I can go
for that kind of money.
We'll figure it out,
we will get the money.
In fact, I already have an idea.
You know it's really
awful. It's disgusting.
It makes me sick.
Considering how much money I'm
paying out in premiums every
year, I'm surprised they would
pull something like that.
I was hoping that
maybe you could call them
and maybe encourage them
to approve the operation.
There are thousands of
these done every year,
it's not experimental.
It's just a game they're playing to
deny paying out the
money to save my son.
You know I can't make you any promises,
that wouldn't be right but
I can say that we'll
look into it for you.
For you and...
You know, a couple hundred
thousand dollars is
a lot of money for someone
like yourself or even for me.
But it's just a drop in the bucket
for these big, billion dollar companies.
I can promise you Carter
and I will look into it.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Thank God, thank you, Mr. Belding.
You don't have to thank
me, it's the least I can do.
I know you and the girls are
doing a great job down there.
Thank you, thank you.
All right.
Hey, Billy.
Hey, boss.
Listen, go ahead and
take your box and Don
and Sammy's but leave Pam's here, okay?
Sure, got it.
Why you gotta
put me on the spot?
You put me on the fuckin' spot.
I didn't put you on the
spot, her kid's dying.
I can't do anything about that.
Look, I just thought if
maybe we called the insurance
company, we could probably
work something out, you know?
It's worth a shot.
Well, that ain't gonna happen.
I'm not gonna put the
strong-arm on anybody.
I got the best rate in town with WPN,
the best deal I can get.
Besides that, I'm not even
gonna make a phone call
even to bluff them
considering the fact I'm
not able to go anyplace
else and if I do,
it's gonna cost me another $2 million.
You don't have to strong-arm anybody.
I just figured if maybe
you made the call,
you could get 'em to reverse
their position on this.
You know what?
Kora's not even married.
If she would've kept her legs together,
none of this would even
be happening, would it?
You want me to make the call?
If there's one thing
I know, it's insurance
companies and I don't
think they're gonna budge.
I don't even wanna call in
a favor unless I need it.
You already threw me under the bus.
Listen, when we go back
to her, we'll tell
her it's a no-go and
I'll be the bad guy.
So no call?
On Tuesday, we'll tell her that
the insurance company wouldn't budge.
Let them take the fall.
All right.
Raine, you got a second?
It looks like Dean's having an
issue with the insurance company.
They're gonna deny Josh's
bone marrow transplant.
I just thought it was
better coming from you
than, you know, me
calling her on the phone.
Yeah, you're right.
Let me know if there's
anything else I can do.
Hey, Josh.
Hey, guys.
What's up, you guys?
Okay, thanks.
Every time.
Hey, buddy.
Like we're not even here.
How are you?
Wow, I didn't know it was
gonna be a party. What's up?
Lexie, can you take Josh
to his room so we can talk?
You bet.
You mind showing me your room, big guy?
As long as you don't
try any funny business.
I'll try to behave.
You better because if you turn my son
into a pervert, I'll kick your butt.
It's bad news, isn't it?
Carter and Mr. Belding didn't
have any luck with the
insurance company.
I knew it, goddammit,
I knew it, fucking hell.
We're all really pissed about it.
So, we've been thinking and we think
we may have come up with another idea.
We've raised some money for
you guys, it's about 11 grand.
It's all from the casino
staff, but we plan
on asking the rest of the
staff on the property.
Oh wow, honey thank you.
I still don't know what
to do though because I've
put most of my money into the
down payment of this house
and I think I can probably
get about 15 grand
on my credit cards, but
we're talking $200,000!
We could do about
another 35, the four of us,
savings and credit cards.
Oh my goodness, you guys.
I'd love to say I won't let you do this
but you know I would
do anything for Josh.
It still wouldn't be
anywhere near what we need.
Well, that's where
our other idea comes in.
We're gonna ask Mr.
Belding to lend it to you.
Okay, that's not gonna happen.
He's not gonna lend me money.
Yeah, you're right.
He's never gonna lend you that money.
He's actually not
particularly fond of you.
But, I'll explain that later.
But, when he shoots
you down on the loan,
we're gonna hit him
up with another favor
and I think it's one
he might go along with.
Okay, I'm listening.
I haven't learned how to play it
but it's gonna be really cool.
You get to fight monsters,
get weapons and use magic and stuff.
This looks very cool, Josh.
Will you play once mom
and me get it figured out?
Absolutely, I'd feel left
out if you didn't invite me.
We can play in our
swimsuits if you want.
I am not gonna tell
your mom you said that.
Whose idea was this?
It was mine, thank you very much.
And you're all up for this?
We got Celeste, Veda and Tempest too.
I'm just amazed, it would've
never crossed my mind.
Not ours either, but you know Aero,
she's our resident deviant.
And you think Dean
will go along with this?
I don't see why not.
Let's hit him up on Monday.
Let me go first.
I got the flamethrower,
I'll blast 'em with fire.
Ew, nice game Neil.
Couldn't you find anything more violent?
My mom thinks this is too violent, Neil.
But I think it rocks.
Are you playing this
game with Neil from work?
I wasn't supposed to
say anything though.
Sorry, Neil.
Josh, give me the headset.
Hello, Sergeant.
All right, start talking.
Look, I figured if you knew,
you wouldn't accept it.
That's right.
I appreciate it but you
shouldn't have done it
and you certainly shouldn't
have lied about it.
Look, I can't imagine what
you're going through with Josh.
But the thing is I was out
of work for seven months
less than a year after
I started working here.
Yeah, your accident, I remember.
That's right, I was in
and out of the hospital
and I was cooped up in
my apartment all day.
I was going nuts.
My brother got me a PlayStation
Two and I was hooked.
No shit, I'd never been into
video games as a kid but I got into it.
You should see some of the games
they have now, they're incredible.
You're a chick, I wouldn't expect
you to understand but I knew Josh would.
Yeah, he's loving it.
I knew it.
Oh, and I'm sorry if the
game's a little violent.
But it's a great game and he's
getting really good at it.
Well, now that the cat's out of the bag,
you should come over and
spend some time with him.
He's got this really crazy, complicated
board game that he's dying to show you.
It's got like 1,000 pieces, magic
and monsters and all this other stuff
and I don't understand it at all.
Sounds awesome to me.
I feel terrible about your situation.
I really do but I can't make a habit
out of loaning money to staff members.
I mean granted, your situation is
dire, but
how can I say no to the next
person that comes along?
If I give you 200 grand, the
next thing I know, someone's
gonna want a kidney transplant,
ask me to pay for it.
Wouldn't even be an issue
if the insurance wasn't fuck-,
screwing her around.
No, I understand, I do.
I'm very glad to hear that.
We do have one other idea,
it's kind of a fundraiser for Kora.
Sounds interesting.
It's actually Aero's idea, but all
the girls in the Sin Pit are on board.
Provided you guys are okay with it.
How can I help?
We'd like to make a
calendar and release it
in conjunction with the
Pajama Party next month.
All the guys who play
here want to see more of us.
We're willing to show it to 'em
in the form of sexy calendars
for a $100 donation.
We've already got
eight stores around town
ready to commit and we're
talking to several more.
What do you think?
What do you mean what do I think?
I love it, sexy calendars.
I couldn't agree more, $100 is
kinda steep.
But I guess it's a fundraiser
and we're not spending
our own money, right?
I don't see the harm in it.
Thank you, thank you so much.
I'll tell you what.
We'll even buy everything
you've got left.
Put in in the gift shop, kinda
like a little backup plan.
Of course it's up to you girls
to move as much as you can.
We figured that, that's no
problem at all, thank you.
Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Hey there.
Come in.
Is Josh here?
The 2:00 show was sold
out, so he's at the 4:10.
They just called, I would've
let you know sooner, sorry.
No biggie, I don't have
to be at work 'til nine.
Want to get something to eat?
I'd love to, but let's
wait 'til Josh gets back.
They haven't eaten either.
Oh yeah, of course.
I wasn't thinking.
Do you want a drink?
Beer, soda, water?
A nice frosty longneck would be great.
Dull my nerves in anticipation
of another long night of monotony.
One brewski coming right up.
Is Josh out with his dad?
No, that took him
like three years to even
try the dad thing and it
lasted a whole four months.
I'm sorry. That sucks.
It must be hard for both of you.
I got over it.
I just hate that Josh will
never know his father.
Thank god I have my mom here to help
me out or I wouldn't know what I'd do.
Yeah, I bet.
Josh went to the movies with Lexie.
From work?
Mm hmm.
Why didn't you go?
I want to but he didn't want
to bring his mom on a date.
He said it would cramp his style.
No, he didn't.
Yes, he did.
I wonder where he got that from?
Not me.
Seriously, it wasn't me
but that's funny as shit.
I just don't want him to turn
into a dog when he gets older.
Sometimes it just comes with the gender.
I know it's a little
late but I wanna apologize.
For what?
For how I treated you at work.
What are you talking about?
The last couple of months
before I transferred into the Sin Pit.
You didn't do anything to me.
You know what I'm talking about.
I kept ignoring you and I always felt
shitty about it because
you were my best friend.
I figured you had your reasons.
I didn't take it personally.
not too personally.
Can I come clean here?
Mm hmm.
I loved landing on breaks
with you. I really did.
Toward the end there,
and don't think I have
a big head or anything,
but I thought you were
gonna ask me out and I
didn't want you to because
I knew I was gonna turn you
down and I didn't want things
to get how they get once
something like that is out there.
I wasn't gonna ask you out.
Don't I feel like an ass.
Don't, it's not that I didn't want to.
I had a huge crush on you.
I didn't ask you out
because I figured you'd
turn me down and I didn't
want things to get, you know,
how they get when something
like that's out there.
Of course, we drifted
apart anyway didn't we?
I'm sorry about that.
Yeah, me too.
So you did have a crush on me?
Stop it.
Did you?
Maybe a little one.
A little one?
I thought you said you
had a big crush on me.
Actually I think the
word you used was huge.
Don't tease me or I'll take it back.
You can't take it back.
Oh no.
I can take it back and I will.
Okay you win, I believe you.
Please don't take it back, I'll behave.
Okay, I want a beer now.
Do you want another one?
No, not yet, thanks.
What did you have in mind for dinner?
I'm easy. What does Josh like?
If it was up to Josh,
we'd have burgers every day.
Do you wanna just meet
them at the restaurant?
Yeah, that's
probably a good idea.
what do you wanna do until then?
I said what do you wanna
do for a couple of hours?
We could go to the mall
and kill some time.
And he was on this
cart and he shot himself
across the room and he
grabs this button thing
and pushes it just as
he gets to the window.
He goes flying through the
windows just as a rocket
shoots and hits the building
right under the window.
But there was a cable attached to it.
So just as he starts to
fall, he grabs the wire.
He slides down the wire,
the guards run to
the window and just as
they're about to shoot him,
the bomb goes off and kills him.
He gets to the bottom and the other
guy picks him up with a motorcycle.
Then the whole army comes after them.
He ends up running through...
You little slut.
On to this hill with a water slide.
This guy tackles him and...
Was she good?
While the other
guys are shooting at him.
He runs to the water
and gets away from him.
She was, huh?
And the other soldiers get
other wave-runners and
start to chase him.
Then the helicopter comes
and they fight and his
buddy pulls him out.
It was really good.
It was really good, huh?
What do you think, Neil?
Was it really good?
Yeah Neil, was it really good?
Yes, it was really nice.
It was great.
You saw it already?
Yeah, I saw it earlier.
You look red.
Everybody, take positions
Lights, camera, action
Check it out, got killer karma
Moving, moving up
through the glamour-Rama
Gonna break it down,
got killer karma
It's a beautiful thing
Come on now, check it out
Stage left
Can I get a close up on her face
Check it out
Open the back door, open the door
Ready for the fly away
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Leaving in three, two, one
Come on now, check it out
Got killer karma
Please don't forget your
things on the way out
Killer karma, thank you, good day
And remember, it's a beautiful
thing, beautiful thing
Thank you.
For you and one for you.
Three for me.
Damn, these look good.
I thought I'd be embarrassed
about this but they are amazing.
I'm actually kinda proud of this.
Am I really,
am I really this hot?
Are you kidding me?
You're kidding me, right?
Have you seen this?
Of course I've seen it.
Are you fuckin' stupid?
I still don't understand
what you're upset about.
This is pornography, you moron.
This ain't sexy, it's porn.
It's classy porn, some
people consider it art.
You know, this is not sexy, okay?
Sexy is Sports Illustrated.
A girl with no shirt on with
her hands over her tits...
Look, you already promised
that girl, all right?
She's trying to save her sick kid.
Look at this man, we
can't sell this on property.
Why not?
What about the gaming commission?
Gaming is not gonna care about this.
Why would they give a shit about this?
They cared about the billboards
from the Hard Rock, didn't they?
They got fined $300,000.
Wait a second.
Playboy has done shoots at the Hard Rock
and at the Palms, how is
that any different than this?
They should've been more
clear about their content.
It was pretty obvious.
It wasn't obvious to me.
We wouldn't be having this
conversation, would we?
It was obvious.
You want to get clearance
from the gaming commission?
Is that what you need,
you want me to call gaming?
I'll take care of it.
Go ahead.
Get me an answer by Friday.
Go ahead, have at it.
I'll be god damned if
I'm gonna pay a fine
for something that I'm not even making
any money off of in the first place.
This weekend's gonna be huge,
everybody's gonna be here.
These things are gonna sell
like fuckin' hot cakes.
I don't care.
The kid's fuckin' sick.
Oh, you're gonna bring up the kid, now?
It's not about that,
Carter, it's about business.
It's a business thing,
just man up about that.
How could he do this,
what kind of a man is he?
He is not a man, just a piece of shit.
I don't know what to do.
We spent 15,000 on these
calendars and are
almost broke and we're
running out of time.
How much time do we have?
We're gonna do the final test on Monday
and then do chemo right away.
Why can't you just have
them do the procedure
and then avoid the bill.
What are they gonna do?
They can't take it back.
Let them sue you.
I'd do that in a heartbeat, but
most of the costs are due up front.
I'm sure they're on to that game.
It's not over yet. There is
another option I was thinking of.
We're listening.
The way I see it,
Dean Belding has fucked
over Kora every way
possible on this one.
he's no longer entitled to
our trust or our loyalty.
I like where this is going.
Where exactly is this going?
Let's just take the
money we need for Josh.
Don't tell me you all
haven't thought of ways
to scam the casino.
I mean, standing there hour
after hour on a dead game.
We have to brainstorm and then
just go with our best idea.
Yeah, but we're talking
a lot of money here.
It's not like slipping a
yellow chip out of your game.
I mean we can probably
get a few thousand out
without anyone noticing,
but we're talking 200 grand.
I don't think it's possible.
I think you're selling
us all a bit short.
I agree. Let's talk it through
and see what we come up with.
At least consider it.
That is assuming we're
all okay with this.
This is big time you guys.
This isn't just our jobs
we're talking about.
This goes wrong at it
could be jail time.
Fuck it, I'm in. Whatever it takes.
I'm obviously okay with it.
I'm open to it, but we
have to be really careful.
We have to be real sure this
is something we can pull off.
Oh my god guys, I can't have you guys
put your asses on the line for me.
You know I'd never ask
you if it was just for me.
But I don't know what else to do here.
Let's get some paper and think this
thing through and see
if it even makes sense.
Hey Dean, I handled that thing for you.
Anyone not like the roulette scam?
It sounds good if
Madison can make it first.
So we like this one and the craps one.
That one's absolutely brilliant.
How much seed money are
we gonna need for this?
Well we're gonna need an agent,
somebody pretending to
be like a lucky winner
that nobody in the casino knows.
I think I got the
seed money figured out.
Now, this will be taking
things to a different level
but I think I can get my hands
on some counterfeit money.
That's serious stuff, Aero.
That's a bigger deal than
just scamming the casino.
Yeah but it gets us to where
we need to be a lot faster.
Besides, if we're the
ones taking in the cash,
there isn't much of a
chance of it getting
noticed until the morning
when they do the count.
That's true.
And how do we answer for all the phony
money when they've found
out they've been scammed?
Oh wait, this is good, we don't.
Whoever we're working with,
this agent, spreads it
around to all of us.
That way when they ask us what happened,
we can plead ignorance.
No one's gonna suspect any one of us
if all the dealers in
the pit got fooled.
The money just has to be good
enough to pass a casual glance.
Where are you getting the money?
The less you guys know, the better.
So we still need an agent.
I think I got that one covered.
No one any of you know.
He's never stepped foot in
the casino before, so he's perfect.
Let me feel him out and
I'll get back to you guys.
And if we do the craps,
we have to work around our assignments.
We have to make sure that three of us
are running the games at all times
and whoever is sitting box,
they have to be in on it, too.
Celeste will do it.
We definitely need one of
the four supervisors in on it, too.
More people, really?
It's okay. We just have to get
through the night and we'll be fine.
If anybody talks after that, the worst
that happens is that
some of us lose our jobs.
How do you figure?
If anybody finds out,
what do they really have?
A really good story, but no proof.
If anybody asks us, we just deny
everything and they have nothing on us.
So we just have to make
it through the caper.
So, which floor
person, Paige or Natalie?
I think I trust Natalie before Paige.
I second that.
So I'll get Celeste and Natalie
on board. Leave that to me.
And I'll get my brother to
help us with the roulette scam.
Hey sis.
Hey, baby bro. How are you?
Apparently I'm an accomplice
to a pending felony.
Now, here's the ball, back but you have
to test this on an
actual wheel somewhere.
From what I can tell,
it should work fine
and the mixture won't
transfer to the ball
from the tests I ran, but you have to
use this in a real-world environment.
Okay, of course I will.
And you never thought I'd
use my chemistry degree.
You are a used car salesman, baby bro.
Yeah, well not every car
salesman can do what you
need and want to be part of
your little crime syndicate.
No crime has been committed yet.
Last I checked, conspiracy is a crime.
Smart ass.
Thanks for helping. I
have to get to work.
Yeah, let me know if you
need any more help on this
because I hear prison has better
cable TV than my apartment.
So it's a win-win for me.
How am I ever gonna
get laid if I get busted?
So, what do you say?
Oh, I already told her, I'm in.
Okay, here's the deal,
I won't see or say anything that night.
You do whatever you want,
keep it under the radar
and I'll play dumb and if
something happens that's
so blatant that I can't ignore
it, I won't notice a thing.
Now, I don't want any money. I don't
want to speak to anyone else about this
and if anyone so much as mentions it,
I'll have no idea what
they're talking about
and I never want this to
be brought up again, okay?
Thank you, Natalie.
Maybe we can just use
her share to hire someone
to remove the telephone
pole from up her ass.
Make her a Facebook, get her
some friends, I don't know.
Ladies, I'll have the
funny money on Tuesday.
And you're not gonna tell
us where you're gettin' it?
No, that's part of the deal.
See, he doesn't know what I need it for
and I promised to never
tell anyone where I get it.
How much are you getting?
Well he's getting us 300
grand at 10 cents on the dollar.
I don't have that much left.
After the calendars, I'm
down to about seven grand.
Well, just give me that
and I'll cover the rest.
I'll just have to take
it out of the proceed
to get even if we end up
with more than Josh needs.
Maybe it's a little late to
bring this up, but if we have
all that fake cash, why do we
even have to run the scams?
Let's just work the money
through, cash in the chips.
So you think that our
guy is just gonna walk in,
lay down 300 grand in cash,
be given 300 grand in chips,
go right to the cage and then
be given his cash back and
you don't think that would be
just a tiny bit suspicious?
Yeah, I suppose.
He has to play at
least for a little bit.
We cannot leave his winning
and losing to chance.
I mean our asses are
really on the line already
with this one, counterfeiting
being the big one.
I mean, after all that,
a little cheating is
hardly worth mentioning.
Yeah, I guess you don't worry
about speeding after robbing a bank.
Madison, are you still
set on the roulette scam?
I think so.
Have you tested it?
I mean, on an actual wheel?
Not yet, that's why
we need to get in a lab.
And your mystery man's
gonna have to come to the dry run.
He'll be there. What about Celeste?
She'll be there.
Okay, so looks like we've
got the wheel and the dice all
set up, but we still don't have
anything for the blackjack.
Anyone come up with anything on that?
Maybe we should just
run the 21 straight,
cycle through the fake bills
in between the bigger scams.
As long as the bills are realistic,
our guy walks in there
with a wad of cash,
he occasionally throws
down five grand for a hand,
he wins, we're golden
and then he just splits
it up so that the blame
is shared by all of us.
Your guy's gonna need a fake ID, too.
Once he's in 10 grand
in cash, they'll have
to take his info to file
a form 8300 for the Feds.
Yeah, he's already on that.
Sounds like everything
is covered so far.
There is one other issue
I found, but I have a fix.
I have to clean out the
wheel when we're done.
Clean it?
Well if the trick works, I have to get
the adhesive outta
there when we're done.
If they keep repeating all night,
eyebrows are definitely
gonna raise and what if
they suspect something and
run tests on the wheel?
I have to clean it out.
That sounds unlikely.
We need to be sure, so just in case they
test the wheel, there
won't be any evidence.
Then even if there is suspicion,
there's nothing hard to tie it to me.
So you have to get the adhesive
in somehow and they get it out again,
with all those cameras on us?
I've got it figured out.
But we need another agent.
It's okay, we're gonna
use my baby brother.
We are?
We know we can trust him.
Another agent? Is that
absolutely necessary?
It is, but I've thought of
another way he can help us.
We're all ears.
Where do you think you're going?
Have a seat.
You know who I am, don't you?
Yeah, well the trouble is,
I don't know who you are.
Um... Nadia.
I know you're a working girl,
independent contractor.
I know you're just making a living.
That's fine with me.
Except, I don't think you have
permission to work this property.
How do I get permission?
Well, as luck would have it, you came to
the right place 'cause I'm
just the guy to do that.
All you have to do is come upstairs to
my office and fill out
the proper paperwork
and then I'll make sure
that you don't get
removed from the premises.
Let's go. It's that way.
Okay, it's me.
No, you can't do that.
You can only go in the
direction of the black arrow
and there's a fire vampire
blocking you anyway.
This is way too complicated.
I'm eight and I understand it.
I think you're supposed
to be smarter than me.
Keep it up.
Are you getting any of this?
It's probably a guy thing.
Okay, what am I supposed to do, then?
Hey, guys.
Hey, what's going on?
This is Celeste.
Looks like we're just
waiting on Raine and our
mystery man and we'll be
able to start the dry run.
Yeah, I think they were
just parking right behind us.
Unless it's Dean's spies coming
to kill us before we rob his casino.
Anyways, Toby and I have figured out
a way to clear out the wheel, but we're
gonna need somebody to help him do it.
You guys, this is crazy.
There's already way too
many people in on this.
It's okay 'cause whoever
helps, they won't know what's up.
Do you give us your word on that?
You'll tell no one?
Besides, no need, I can
pull this off by myself.
I just need someone
else to help me sell it.
Yeah, he's gonna run
blocker for us, too.
Someone to be a distraction.
Yeah and we're gonna give him about
10 grand in the funny
money to play with.
Of course I'll give you guys
whatever I win when it's over.
I'm gonna show up
with a hottie on my arm
and as much as you expect a guy like me
to show up with a smokin'
babe on his arm,
it'll help sell it if I
have a little bit of money.
Who's this hottie of yours?
Hey, all the ladies are
lining up to ride the Toby express.
Yeah, except it's one of those
rides that make a lot of people sick.
Well, you must be one
tough chick then, because
once you got off, you
couldn't wait to ride again.
This is our secret weapon. Meet Jimmy.
Okay, so that's spin number 18.
We've rigged 4 out of 38 numbers which
averages to about one
hit every nine spins.
So, statistically we should
have two or three hits.
So how many hits do we get?
How do we know it wasn't just luck?
We've been doing this the
past two days, it's good.
But is it too good? Will
we be hitting too often?
Not if we keep it short and sweet.
You're gonna have to
follow my lead on this.
My ass is on the line big time
and I don't wanna push our luck.
When I say it's over, it's over.
You're the boss.
You guys ready to do
a dry run on the dice?
We really need to get
that one down cold.
Let's do it.
Do we all know the game?
Not me so much.
Not really. It was always
too fast and loud for me.
Exactly, the advantage we have
is that it's a fast moving game.
It's always packed, especially
on Fridays and Saturdays.
It'll be especially
slamming on Pajama Weekend.
Our angle works because
the dice table is
the only table in town
that allows call bets.
Betting without putting
money on the table.
Well, money or chips are
usually placed on the table.
They're just not necessarily
placed in the right place.
A lot of bets go down
at the very last second,
right before the dice are thrown.
A player can put down a
stack of chips or money
and make a bet and the dealer
can confirm it verbally,
even if the bet isn't
in the right place.
I'm not following you.
We'll show you. Celeste
is our big roller.
Celeste, place your bets.
Come-out roll, craps, 11, any 7.
Place your bets. Dice are moving.
2,000 on the hop.
It's a bet.
Dice are out, dice
away! Eight, easy eight!
Winner on the hop, three-five!
That's it.
I have no idea what just happened.
I'm playing Jimmy's role.
I placed what's called a hopping bet.
It's a bet where I can call the exact
dice combination right
before the next roll.
That's right and Celeste just
called 2,000 on the hop, three-five.
I didn't hear her
say any numbers at all.
Exactly, but I did and
you did too, right Lex?
Sure, clear as a bell.
And I'll be the supervisor on shift.
Lexie, Raine and Aero
will be the dealers
and I can assure you ever single
one of us heard three-five.
What about the other players?
As long as our timing is down,
nobody's gonna know
what Jimmy really says.
It's gonna be a loud, crazy
mess of a game. It always is.
That just sounds a little too easy.
It sounds easy but our
timing has to be spot on.
More importantly, Jimmy and
Toby's timing have to be spot on
because Toby's gonna be
the one to make sure that
no one hears what numbers
are really being called.
Or not called.
We do have to have
a few losers in there.
It's 15-to-one odds, so
one in three makes sense.
We can lose two grand a couple
of times and then we hit for 30.
We just have to watch for Paige
and for the big boys
like Carter and Sal.
If they're hawking the game,
then we just play it
straight for those rolls
and eye in the sky, well
they don't have audio.
Everything they see seems legit.
Now, we'll be rotating our breaks,
so we only have 20
minutes out of every hour.
We'll find out when the
breaks are and fill you in.
When you come to the table,
play for a few minutes and then move on.
If you come back and we're still going,
then go for another
quick second go-around.
Yeah, Lexie likes those quick seconds.
What are you saying, bitch?
There's nothing wrong with
being a slut if you love it.
You're one to talk.
What's this?
Oh nothing, it's just one of the guys at
work has been exercising
at the gym of Kora,
open 24-7 and you don't even have
to towel off the equipment
when you're done.
That's nice.
Let's hear it, Lexie.
How about, no?
Sorry girls, I can say no more.
Thank you for respecting my new friend.
I thought he was just a sex buddy.
It's more like
do-me-in-my-tight-little-booty buddy.
Always the lady, huh?
Hey, I'm not the one who
likes it in the booty, okay?
Oh, my god.
Are you two gonna make out?
Maybe we should practice this thing.
I'd rather watch them make out.
Wow, they don't
suspect a thing, do they?
Not a clue.
You were right on in there.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Hey, Kora.
How's Josh?
He still seems fine, but
I gotta get this under control soon.
The clock's ticking.
I'm sorry about the
whole calendar thing.
I tried to get Dean to bend
on it but, I don't know.
I know you did.
Look, I know it's kinda last minute, but
can I get back on
schedule for this weekend?
With the party, I just don't
wanna lose out on those tips.
Yeah, you want all three days?
That would be great.
All right.
I'll make sure Natalie knows about it.
So, what specifically
are you looking for?
This! I've been looking
for this my whole life.
I'm gonna need two,
better make that three
really got girls to make
me look like a big shot.
What do they have to do?
Look hot.
Of course.
Do you represent any porn stars?
How you doing, beautiful?
I still have a hard time
imagining you in a kitchen,
except maybe one in a prison.
Hey, I finally found something
I'm good at, all right?
And it's legal.
They must keep you way
out of sight of the diners.
I haven't eaten in hours and just
looking at you turns my stomach.
Do guys let you get away with being
such a smart ass 'cause
you're so fucking cute?
I'm a smart ass with a pile of money.
If you want it.
God damn Sid, very nice.
I wouldn't even look twice at these.
Well, that was the deal, right?
I think the watermark is a bit off.
But they're really close.
The watermark is fine.
I thought this was
supposed to be Ben Franklin.
It looks more like Aretha Franklin.
Fine, don't take them.
I know plenty of guys who will.
I'm just fuckin' with ya. I want 'em.
That was the deal.
That was part of the deal.
My fucking fingers weren't
crossed if that's what you're asking.
Oh, come on.
I asked for a good look.
I blinked and I fuckin' missed it.
You are such a child.
Ooh, there's nothing childish about
a man appreciating a nice
pair of tits like that.
In fact,
it's timeless.
Are we done now?
Well, if you're asking me if I'm bored,
you're years away from hearing 'yes'.
Okay, well thanks for the money
and the creepy pervert vibe.
You wanna stick around and fuck?
You know,
I was actually very, very
horny when I got here.
But then you totally killed it
with that dirty old man stare.
Instead of having a
look at the mountains,
you could've dined in the valley.
Fucking blew that one, didn't you?
So is that 'no'?
You work on reservations up there, or?
Some Indian reservations,
I've been down in Atlantic City as well.
Just leave me a contact. I'll make sure
I call you and we'll see
if we can get you in here.
I have a business card.
That's fine, that's fine.
I hope you guys have some openings.
Yeah, as you can see, it's
a pretty rough business.
Hi, Carter.
Hello girls.
Can I get you to
autograph this for me, Ms. Kora?
Sir, you can't put this on the table.
It's blocking the action
from surveillance.
Oh, okay, sorry.
Hey, you're in this, too.
Can I get your autograph after hers?
I guess it's fine but she
can't do it while we're working.
You'll have to wait
until she goes on break.
Yeah, sure.
I understand.
You, too?
Sure, when I go on break.
Wow, looks like it's gonna
be an interesting evening.
Yeah, no kidding.
You guys ready to have a good time?
Oh yeah, I'm ready man, let's go.
Let me know
if you need anything.
I will.
Everything okay?
I'm not sure how you want
to handle all these calendars.
I thought we weren't selling them.
We're not. They're buying them
elsewhere and bringing
them in for autographs.
It seems they did a story
on Channel Five about it earlier.
That's cool. They must be selling okay.
Yeah, but these guys want the
girls to autograph them now.
I told them they have
to wait until they go
on break, but I want to
make sure that's okay.
That's fine, they just can't
do it here at the tables.
Gimme a second, I'll take care of it.
Yeah, autographs.
Autographs, they're
blackjack dealers Carter,
what the hell are you telling me?
It's not even 8:30 yet,
I've got more than a
dozen guys down there.
This thing's gonna blow out of
proportion if I don't take care of it.
So I figured, I'll set
up a couple of tables
and let the girls deal
with them on their break.
It's a good thing, they'll
generate a little more cash
and besides, it'll at least
stop from disrupting the games.
A lot of traffic, huh?
Good for business, that's your theory.
Yeah. If they hang out
for more time, they're gonna
spend more money, so just
let me take care of it.
So, it's not all bad, is it?
Do you want me to tell the gift
shop they can sell the extras?
You guys just set that up at
the other end. I'll be right down.
What's up with Carter?
I was afraid of this.
I've been a little flirty trying to
get him to help with
the whole Josh situation
and I think he thinks
I like him or something
because he's been real
flirty the past week or so.
Nice fucking job.
We don't need you or anyone
in this pit getting undue
attention with everything
that's going down tonight.
Don't worry about it.
I'm prepared for this.
What does that mean?
It means Carter won't be around
to cause us any trouble tonight.
All right guys, that's
all for now. Thank you.
Hey, I'm not gonna
get much of a break here
but do you wanna join
me for a few minutes?
Do you wanna grab me an iced tea
and I'll meet you in a second?
You got it.
Well, those calendars
are sure moving, huh?
Yeah, word really got out.
Shit, I need sugar.
I'll get it for you.
You want one or two.
Two sugars coming up.
Thanks, you're a doll.
You have a good time.
Hey, what's your name?
Hi, how are you?
Hi, Wesley.
Who should I make it out to?
To Jimmy.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for coming out tonight.
Thank you, Jimmy.
Thank you.
Good, how are you doing tonight?
Really good, thank you.
What's your name?
You are evil, girlie.
You doing okay, Carter?
No, I'm not.
I tried to get a hold of Dean
but I can't find him anywhere.
You okay with this?
Yeah, sure.
I gotta get outta here, man.
Just tell him I'm really sorry, okay?
I tried calling him, but he's
not picking up his cell phone.
Go home and get some
rest. You look like shit.
All right.
Winner! Seven!
Do five on six, five on eleven
and all the hard ways,
heavy on the eight.
Gimme a five on ten.
4,000 change please.
How you guys doing tonight?
We're doing great.
Change only.
4,000 on that.
Place your bets.
Thank you. Would my little
love slaves like to play?
Hey, are you like somebody famous?
No, but I think I've died
and these are three of my 72 virgins.
Let's play!
So, I see your brother made it.
Yeah, I had no idea.
Good for him. Maybe
he'll get laid out of this.
Hey, that's my baby brother.
All right, are you ready to go?
All set.
You nervous?
Hell yeah, but I'm psyched, too.
I mean I've never even
shoplifted a candy bar before.
But I'm ready.
2,000 on the hop, three-six.
That's a bet.
Come on, hard ten.
Shit, I could use a hard ten tonight.
Any of you guys be able
to help me out with that?
Ah, too bad.
Looks like it's just you tonight, sexy.
Come on, ten!
Six, six the hard way.
Come on baby, hard ten.
2,000 on the hop.
That's a bet!
Yes, all right, all right, hell yeah!
That's $2,000.
I'm sure it is. I just have to count it.
You can change that up, too.
Make it $32,000.
Come on baby, no seven.
Come on, you dirty little sluts.
I'm you're dirty little slut.
Two grand on the hop!
Bet on the hop.
You make me so hot.
Is this okay?
Yeah, technically it's fine, but I can't
have you taking any more clothes off or
we're gonna have a
problem with security.
You got it.
Six the hard way! Winner on the hop!
Yeah, all right!
How much is that? How much did I get?
On the hopping bet, it's
30-to-one, so that's 60 grand.
Fuck me with a panda!
Two grand on the hop, fifty-five.
Two grand on the hop.
Seven out!
Time to go.
This is
for the dealers, thanks.
1,000 on a 60 grand win.
More like 80 grand.
Piece of shit.
It happens.
Money plays!
Money plays to the limit.
Go ahead.
Come on, come on, over.
All right.
You can change the cash in, too.
Sure thing.
Sir, there's no problem doing that, but
that'll take the cash total over 10,000
and we'll have to fill out
a CTR for the government.
Okay, so what does that mean?
I just need to see some I.D.
and take down your
Social Security number.
Just a form for the government
to track large cash transactions.
No problem. It's not
like I'm a drug dealer.
You can't make my kinda money
dealing drugs, know what I'm saying?
Oh yeah, yep.
Woo hoo, yeah baby!
Very nicely done, sir.
Thank you, thank you.
You can change up the cash again for me.
All right.
See the good looking guy in
the tight black shirt over there?
He's seriously hot and
seriously into you
and he wants an autograph
and if you're lucky, a wife.
He's cute.
And then some.
Four, five.
Come on, come on, come on.
Oh, she never goes bust!
You know, I've overstayed
my welcome here, so
that's for you, miss.
Thanks, good luck.
Well, let's hope you can
be good to me there, Erin.
I hope so, your tailor sure wasn't.
I don't have a tailor.
Good luck.
Hi guys. Place your bets.
Come on, come on, have something little.
Oh, you're not supposed
to get blackjack, we are.
Time for me to move on again.
Well, hello there, beautiful lady.
How are you?
Great, thank you.
Change please.
How would you like it?
Well, now that depends. What
exactly are we talking about?
Down boy. How would you like your chips?
Hundreds, please.
All right.
Place your bets.
There we go, a little of this.
Excuse me.
That's enough there.
No more bets.
35 black!
Oh ho ho, yeah baby!
I'm a winner, I'm a winner,
I'm a winner, oh yeah!
Man, you really need to stop that.
It's just not working for
anybody, especially you.
Bring it on, bring
it on, gimme the money!
Seven black, 24-5.
Yep, go ahead.
There you go.
For you.
Thank you.
Keep 'em coming.
First decent tip this cheap
bastard's given us all night.
Place your bets.
High limit.
Is our Bahama beatnik still there?
How much is he at now?
All right, I'll be there in a minute.
Right now I've got Mr. Yi here
and he's filling our coffers.
Did Billy come by and
sweet talk him yet?
Well, call him again.
In the meantime, make sure this guy
knows he can have whatever he wants
and tell him a host is on the way.
Nice hit.
Gracias, mademoiselle.
Seven out.
All right. That's it. We're leaving.
Bye, guys.
I'm sorry.
We would stay longer,
but we'll be having
sex together later and
that's three of them total.
We'll be doing things that
are illegal in Uganda.
No more bets.
You're not Ugandan, are you?
Gimme that.
Oh shit! I'm sorry.
No spin! Paige.
What the fuck?
I'm sorry, we were
just screwing around.
This is not cool. I can
have you thrown out for this.
In most places, you would be.
Sorry, I'll keep my
clothes on from now on.
You bite your tongue.
You know, I think I wanna get laid.
Thanks, Madison.
Thanks was all you
really needed right there.
Yeah, well, I thought
maybe you might reply
by telling me what time
you get off tonight.
Ooh yeah, but first I
have to go home and take
my medication for my STD,
but I can come right back.
Goodnight, love muffin.
Thanks for playing.
Hi, this is Paige in the Sin Pit.
We have Mr. Kaylin coming your way
with about half a million in chips.
You might want to give
him the VIP treatment.
Okay, thanks.
Yeah, thanks.
These are the good ones.
You wanna hold on to those.
You got that right,
worked like hell to get
it in the first place.
Looks like you're having a good day.
You could say I'm kicking some ass.
Yeah, well,
I hope it keeps up that way for you.
Thanks, Dean.
Hello, Mr. Kaylin.
I'm Cheryl, the cage manager.
Cheryl, nice to meet you.
I understand
you did quite well tonight.
Would you like
to cash out in private?
All right, right this way.
And how would
you like that, Mr. Kaylin?
Cash, please.
I came in here with cash,
I'd like to leave with it.
We can certainly do that for you.
But you do realize that's almost 5,000
$100 bills to the tune
of about 10 pounds
No problem, Cheryl. I got this.
Okay, just give me a few minutes
and I'll put that together for you.
You got that? Thanks.
Yeah, here you go, sir.
Hey, I tried calling you earlier.
Yeah, I was in the club
for a couple of hours but
I had a crazy night last night.
Carter went home sick.
Why didn't he come to me
with that information first?
He should've told me.
He tried calling you.
He was trying to find you
but he looked like shit,
so I told him to go.
everything okay?
Some new guy kicked
our ass in the Sin Pit,
but we more than made
up for it in high limit.
Mr. Yi is stuck at 600, he's got another
400 available and I
think he's gonna dump
that as well before he calls it a night.
Who's that new girl?
Thanks for the info.
All right.
Excellent! Thank you very much, Cheryl.
This has been a lot of fun.
I must comeback and do it again soon.
Smells like a day at the beach.
I'd love to share but, nah.
Just let me know when you find out.
What happened?
Call me back.
They're going through
the entire drop again.
It looks like it was about 300 grand.
$300,000 in counterfeit bills,
and disappears just like that?
A team.
It wasn't a team. It was one guy.
One guy. One fuckin' guy.
Yeah, he spent the
entire time in the Sin Pit.
And nobody suspected anything, huh?
As far as I can tell,
everybody followed protocol.
The cops say the money's top notch,
it probably came out of North Korea.
You look kinda pale.
I feel like shit.
I got food poisoning last night.
In here?
Yeah, in here.
Which girl was the one who
was taking all the money?
All of 'em, like I said,
he was bouncing around
the Sin Pit spreading it all
around from table to table.
Okay, let's go.
What do we know about this guy anyway?
It's right here.
I just ran into this fool.
A while ago, I just ran into him.
We got his ID and his Social
but they're both certainly fake.
Obviously. What about a name?
Jimmy, Jimmy Kaylin.
Jimmy Kaylin.
Well, that's kinda personal.
I mean like Jimmy Kaylin, the painter.
He's my favorite artist, okay?
The fuckin' guy is on my wall,
I have a painting right
here in my office.
Oh, shit.
It's a joke, right?
How did this happen?
I want that guy found.
The cops are all over it.
The guy's a professional,
he went through those
locks in two seconds.
Unless you didn't lock it behind you.
I always do.
Cameras got a couple more
shots of him on the way out.
Who is that fuckin' guy?
Who's he working for?
I'm gonna go fire that motherfucker.
You didn't find it at all unusual, a man
walking out of a casino
with a giant oil painting?
Yeah, I thought it was unusual but
I didn't find anything
suspicious about it.
Last week a guy walked through
the casino with an eight
foot plastic pickle.
What did he say to you?
He said he worked for one of the
hamburger places and
they were doing training.
The guy last night,
what did he say to you?
He said something like
"Have a good night" and
I said "You, too."
Why didn't you just help him
carry it out to the car
while you were at it?
It never occurred to you that
it might be Mr. Belding's painting?
I never even knew he had paintings.
I've never been to his office.
And you never will be
'cause you're fuckin' fired.
What's up?
They want to see you upstairs.
Everything's okay.
You heard about the crime
committed here last night?
Of course.
I'm not big on rumors.
Why don't you fill me in?
Yeah, everyone's talking about it.
You took in about 200 of those.
I can't tell even now,
knowing they're fake.
Rumor is I'm not the only one.
Am I gonna get fired?
Come on, look at these.
Can you really tell the difference?
Did you notice anything
unusual last night?
The whole calendar thing
was way out of the norm.
Did you see them?
You really should, I look so hot.
We were signing
autographs on our breaks.
Some guy was screwing
around with his girlfriend,
threw her shirt in the
wheel, screwing up the spin.
I had a guy offer me a
grand for my underwear.
I had some guys at my
table and they were speaking
French and they said they were
from Canada and I was like
"Yeah right! I've been to
Canada! They don't speak French."
I wasn't wearing any, so
I bought Zuri's for 300.
What? No, no.
About this guy.
No, I mean,
he was a weird guy with a lot of cash.
It's par for the course around here.
He smelled kinda funny,
not like B.O.-funny,
more like bad cheese.
He tried to pick me up but
there's nothing unusual about that.
He was sniffling a little, so
I thought maybe he was on cocaine.
God, that sounds arrogant.
I didn't mean it that way.
What was the question again?
On the tape, you don't seem to
give the cash more
than a cursory glance.
I gave the cash as much
attention as any other dealer.
You want us to keep the game moving.
If you want to give us a
little pen, have us check out
every bill, then that's fine
but that's not the policy.
You want a fast game and you blame us
when we get counterfeit money?
Excuse the language,
but that's bullshit.
Okay, okay, easy.
I gave it as much attention as I gave
all the other money I've taken in
over the past six years
I've worked here.
You ever seen this guy before?
I think I'd remember
him. He was kind of a dork.
Nope, but if you showed me
all the guys that were in my
pit last night, I probably
wouldn't recognize half of them.
He looked like every guy that I saw on
the seniors trip that I
took my mom to last year.
Have you sent any pictures
to the Carnival Cruise Line?
So, you only seen him this one time?
That's right.
Yes, sir.
We did it, baby.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
It was a helluva lot
of fun, I can tell ya.
You were great.
What was the final haul?
Wow, I can't believe
you guys did this for me.
I couldn't think of a better cause.
How did Raine find you?
I'm afraid that's classified.
Serves me right for being nosy.
So, I think we should split
the remaining money into six shares.
I already got what I wanted out of this.
You don't even know me, do you?
I mean aside from
helping you and your son,
I got something else out of
this and I'm more than content.
I know better than to ask, so I won't.
You ladies enjoy the spoils.
Oh, my god!
No red flags from what I can tell.
What are we gonna do?
We'll get his info to every casino
in the state and in the country.
He made a big haul last
night. He'll probably
get greedy and get nabbed
somewhere down the road.
What happens if he doesn't get greedy?
I assume you have insurance
for this sort of thing.
I don't give a damn about the money.
I want my fuckin' painting back
and I'd like him to go to jail.
Well, if he tries to sell the painting,
we can nail him there,
too, but I gotta tell ya,
this case is getting cold.
I don't know what the
cop equivalent is of
bedside manner but you
sure don't fuckin' have it.
Look, Mr. Belding, two
weeks ago, I nailed a creep
that was slinging heroin
to junior high schoolers.
Last week, I locked up a pediatrician
who was a little too
friendly with his patients.
Okay, all right.
I'm not gonna sit here
while you lean over
me and tell me about
all your goddamn cases.
Fine, the Secret Service will be happy
to look at this more than I have but...
Good workin' with ya.
If you expect 'em to give
more than two shit about
that painting of yours,
you're just gonna cry
yourself to sleep, mister.
Okay, McCloud.
All right buddy, you ready for a ride?
It'll be over before you know it.
I'll be right here
when you get out, okay?
I won't go anywhere.
Got it.
What was the final tally?
37 each, but the calendars
are still hot so it could be
20 more by the time we're done.
Whoa, that's a new car.
Are you sure you don't want your cut?
Come on.
All right.
Who wants to go to Costa Rica?
I would love to but that means we'd
have to shut down the
Sin Pit for a week.
Screw it, let's just
leave Sunday morning
and get back Friday in the
morning in time for work.
I'm totally up for that.
Me, too.
He's back.
Oh, sweetie!
How have you been?
How are you guys?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Come on in.
This look is not working for me at all.
Come on, give it a try.
I'm, I'm sorry, I can't.
I know you went through
a lot of trouble, but
I'm not gonna fuck Jimmy Kaylin.
Well, I did go through a lot of trouble.
Are you sure?
Come on and shine, shine, shine
Las Vegas, shine your light on me
Turn on the magic
that you weave so well
'Cause I'm comin' out to play
I know starlight, star bright
That all my dreams
will come true tonight
If you just shine,
shine, shine Las Vegas
Shine your light on me
I'm going straight
downtown and cruise around
Til who knows when
Then take a trip along
Las Vegas Boulevard
There's so many marquee
lights that shine so bright
It's hard to believe
And I know, yes I know
That it's all just waiting for me
Come on and shine, shine, shine
Las Vegas, shine your light on me
Turn on the magic
that you weave so well
'Cause I'm coming out to play
I know starlight, star bright
That all my dreams
will come true tonight
If you just shine,
shine, shine Las Vegas
Shine your light on me
I'm gonna spend the
day just catching rays
Out by the pool
And watching all the
different people that go by
But when the evening
comes, it's time for fun
And then look out world
'Cause that's the time that was made
For every warm-blooded boy and girl
Come on and shine, shine, shine
Las Vegas, shine your light on me
Turn on the magic
that you weave so well
'Cause I'm comin' out to play
I know starlight, star bright