Dirty God (2019) Movie Script

He thought it was cool
to have the same tattoo.
A swallow flying away.
I thought it was love.
Oh no ... I can't believe it
that you are leaving us.
Thank you, doctor.
- You are fine, Jade.
I'll see you later, Judy.
- Certainly, sweetheart. Best.
We have to go.
Thanks for everything.
Come on, honey.
Shall I go to the playground with her?
- Which is good.
I still spoke to Shami. She said she would come by.
I'm going to get her.
Hello, Jade.
Rae, your mom is here.
- Come here, honey.
Rae ...
There is your mom.
- Come on, Rae.
It'll be fine. I'll get her.
Go ahead.
Come and have tea.
Come here.
Honey ...
Come on. Legs in it.
Where are we going?
Ha, slut.
- Come here, fool's head.
Like I'd make you ugly.
Something like that?
That's how it gets skewed.
Shall I make it a monobrack?
Just in a straight line.
Silent, I'm going to start. Maybe I should do it now too.
Do you think I look crazy?
Don't you want to wear it?
I do not get it.
- It's a dress.
He has to, and this is behind.
If you don't like it,
I'm getting really pissed off.
Shall we go like this?
- With those things looking like this?
- He's stiff. It looks like reeds.
She really steals everything she sees.
This is reted.
This costs 170 pounds.
- For this thing?
Don't you choke on that thing?
How do you like me now?
- Very cool.
When I woke up, that thing was on my face.
But then all over my face.
This is already a lot better.
Nothing for me.
The nights are really awful.
- Do you have to sleep with it?
And when I do it in the morning,
do I sometimes ...
I do not know. It's not a pus, but ...
- Oh, hole, Jade.
How long do you have to wear it?
- Another week.
I'm Darth Vader.
Sexy Darth.
How are you?
Give me a hug.
- How are you?
All right, Jade?
- Yes. And with you?
You know who takes me to the right has swiped?
That guy from school. That ugly one
with that short leg. He walks like that.
You talk out of your neck.
- Really, you should have seen his face.
Jade, how are you?
Your ex must appear soon, huh?
That Kieran sits down for a long time. Count on it.
- Absolutely.
No worries.
It will not be released for the time being.
How are you?
I haven't seen you for so long.
How are you?
- Are you okay?
You were in the hospital, right?
- Yes, for a while.
But you are back again. - I need a few more operations.
Sorry I didn't come by.
- Does not matter.
I should have done that.
Great that you are back.
Are you enjoying yourself a little?
They dragged me.
- Oh yeah?
It's a long time ago. Cool.
Everything okay at home?
Can you handle it all?
You have fun, I see.
- Yes. You?
- Thank you.
Nice to chat.
Good to see you again.
Don't leave without saying goodbye.
Sham ...
- What is it?
Ok ...
Are you having fun?
- Yes. And you? Sham, Damo is here.
- What?
Damo is here.
Shit. Do you want to go?
That bastard's here.
- Kieran's brother is here.
Can you give me that bag?
Let me through.
- What are you going to do, Sham?
We have to leave here. Are you coming?
- Right now?
Yes. Are you coming?
Quiet now.
Don't look at me like that.
Nice partying?
Rae and I also had a party,
h Rae?
She was awake at two in the morning.
How much is this?
40, but he can come for 25.
- This was it.
Oh dear. Wait a second. Don't frown in the next few weeks.
Do not look.
Just conjure up.
Excuse me.
Oh, this one has a shoulder strap.
Are you going to make us a cup of tea?
Does she help now that she is home again?
Hello, Jade.
Tell her to go.
- She's her grandmother.
Yes, and she is my daughter.
Rae, come here, honey.
Come to mommy.
What have you done? Shit, you're bleeding.
You did so well with her, Jade.
What a sweetheart.
Stay the hell away from my daughter.
Do not touch her.
- Oh, god, let's see. Get lost.
- Let me see.
Excuse me.
I have to go for a while.
- I don't want Pat to come here again.
All right, Pat won't come again.
I have to go for a while.
Can you watch her?
Hello, Rae.
Can you just shut up?
Five minutes? I get a headache from you.
You make a lot of noise, don't you?
Who has pressed your button,
stupid cunt? Get lost.
Look, she's listening.
What a sweet girl.
Shall we tell you a story?
Eli, Jade, Sham.
There we go. Are we ready?
Are you all right?
I'm not going in there.
- Not really?
How so? There is so much here,
and you want in the bumper cars?
It's friday night.
- Are you not coming?
I jump in. I'll see you again soon.
Are you going alone?
- No, with Eli.
What do you want, Jade?
- I don't care.
What happened to her face?
- Come on, let's go.
Gift from her ex.
- You are kidding me.
Oh my God. There we go.
Who's screaming now?
- Jesus Christ. Does it belong to the attraction?
- No. Oh no.
This is just how she looks.
Walk on.
She looks scary.
- Potting, female.
Are you coming to me?
Do you want to eat something?
Good you were there, man.
- I'll see you later.
See you.
It's healed nicely, Jade.
I am very happy with your progress.
Turn your head to the right.
Do I have to have another operation?
I don't believe at the moment
that you can make a profit with that.
But will there still be surgery? If the scars limit you
in your movements ...
then we intervene immediately.
- And if not, will there still be surgery?
We have to see how it is coming
eighteen months.
Then we know more.
But I am very satisfied.
- Listen to the doctor.
And even then we only operate as we do
expect that that will improve ...
compared to how it is now.
- So I have to make do with this shit?
We are satisfied with where we are now. - But not me.
Walk on.
This way.
I grab the longer side on the inside
and drape it around my head.
You can do it tighter or looser,
just what you want.
I'm fixing it here.
That's right.
What I like about this look is ...
that if you want to eat
or if you are among women ...
so you can release the pin.
It's me.
- God, you're not such a ...
What's it called now?
- What? Are you serious?
This isn't going on, Jade. If you've been through today,
you can continue with your life.
Are you OK?
Get up, please.
Get the suspect.
Take the hands out of your pockets.
This was a particularly violent one
and heinous crime.
Your defense that the unreasonable behavior
of the victim ...
you have driven it
to throw acid on her face ...
I do not accept.
You have this attractive young woman
deprived the chance of a normal life.
You have limited her freedom. She will live her entire life
to be confronted...
with the consequences of your act.
I will therefore take you a long time
give time ...
to think about your actions
and the destruction ...
Excuse me.
Hello, this is the clinic
from Dr. Abbas?
You called me
about a possible operation.
That's right.
Could you lend me money?
- How much?
Two thousand. Maybe a little more.
Are you not feeling well?
What do you want to do with it?
I found a clinic online who can restore my face.
Honey, that's not how it works.
If he looks at me like that,
I don't have it anymore.
So I said to him:
If I say no, will you restrain yourself?
Because I don't think so.
Do you know how I know it's true love?
Because we both shave
while that is not necessary.
How's Rae?
- Good.
I'm sure it's nice to be home again.
- Yes, it is.
And how are you sleeping?
You said you were suffering from nightmares.
Yes.... Yes, I'm fine.
Are you okay, Jade?
Yes fine.
I was just wondering
if you could arrange a job for me.
You mentioned a program
to help people get back to work.
Are you all right, Jade?
You turn it on the side.
Did your plastic surgery fail?
information about reconstructive surgery
estimated costs from 3400
including operations and admission
With Jade from Modern Vue Technology.
What can I do for you?
Hi there.
- How are you? Are you waiting for Sham?
- That always lasts forever.
What are you doing?
- Nothing. What are you going to do?
Have a drink, and then to Ice.
I met you there for the first time,
I knew it.
- You have a good memory.
You were outside with a few girls.
One of you had a fake ID.
It was something like that. And you went endlessly
in discussion with the porter.
It was hilarious.
But you were right.
I gave you my number that night.
- That's right.
I believe that. - And then my phone broke.
It was a madhouse.
There was also fighting.
Did I kiss you that night too?
I believe so,
though I was stoned and drunk.
I certainly.
That's why you don't remember it anymore.
- A little.
Hey, Jadie.
- I was waiting for you.
I am leaving. See you later.
- Do you go?
Yes. Good evening.
- You look beautiful.
with you shine side by side
make all people happy
twinkel twinkel small star
o how beautiful you radiate from far Look how well she sleeps.
What is she beautiful, huh?
Sleep well, Rae.
Dream well, princess.
I'm hard.
I see that.
You have a sexy voice.
Turn on your webcam so that I can see you.
It is broken.
What's your name?
Turn your screen a little.
I can't see you well.
What did you say?
I immediately said that. No...
Switch on your hearing aid.
You want to speak to my manager,
and I tell you now for the third time ...
that he is not there ...
What a bitch. Hello, Mr. McCall. I'm Flavia
from Modern Vue Technology.
I noted that the representative
give you some extra attention.
That is amazing. Thank you.
I wish you a very nice day.
Hello, with Natasha
from Modern Vue Technology.
Good. I note it down.
Your contract states that you are four times
can go to the toilet every day.
Maximum 15 minutes at a time.
You will not be paid for that time.
If I don't get paid, I'll go
don't sit there. I'm not a loser. He likes to be caressed.
He likes to be caressed.
He looks very angry.
Maybe you can calm him down.
Do you also have other animals?
You would like to know, don't you?
- Absolutely.
O no, you are such a foot type.
Perhaps. I'll show you this.
Now you can show me the same thing.
You're insane, friend.
Are you okay?
Did you take a pill or something?
I'm doing my best today ...
- To be weird or normal?
I think you are pretty strange.
Thank you. The salary is really worthless.
Do you have to go get your little one?
- No, my mother does.
Do you have a photo?
- Certainly.
How beautiful she is.
- Thank you.
Do you also have children?
- Yes. A boy and a girl.
They don't live with me right now.
How long have you been working there?
Three years.
Been that long?
I can't hold out that long.
- Why not?
I do not know.
I always say the wrong things.
Just wait until you
employee of the month.
Then you cry with happiness.
I'm going abroad for surgery.
I have to save for that.
Everything good?
- Is there a party?
No, we drink something.
I'm just telling you
that the clinic can do my surgery.
Cool. Really.
Are you coming?
- I met a guest.
That's true.
- It was something for one night.
Not true. You must not lie.
Come on, tell me.
He was huge. Really huge.
Does she mean his penis now?
- No, his leg.
I will take a good seat.
She said: If you coke now
throw on his cock ... That's what she said. See, he knows it too.
- You nod as if you know everything about it.
I remember she sprinkled it on my cock.
- Sprinkle with salt.
Sprinkle salt on it ...
Go ahead.
Fuck ...
What are you doing?
What is happening?
- Is that real?
Do you show yourself to men?
- For God sake...
While the little one is lying there?
- She sleeps. She doesn't hear anything.
Goddamn, Jade.
Men who masturbate in your room.
- It's virtual.
In the same room as my grandchild.
- Leave her here.
Mom ... Not on the car.
- Sorry.
He is still looking. To my face.
- No, it is not.
- Not.
Once, I was still in the hospital,
brought my mother Rae for the first time.
She comes in, looks at me and says:
She says: Monster.
And my mother says:
It's a sweet monster, Rae.
Just like In the Dream Garden,
that toddler program. Do you know that?
And I lie there and watch her.
She kept saying it.
She kept saying it.
I was...
I was chilling with the baby and then the phone rang.
It was him.
He asked if he could come over.
We did not live together at the time.
We had no money.
So I said ok.
He came in ...
We were chilling in front of the TV.
I felt something on my face.
At first I thought it was coffee.
I felt with my hands.
It was my skin.
I started screaming.
Rae screamed too.
I ran outside.
Fortunately the door was
from my old neighbor.
I ran inside.
I kept my face under the tap. I tried to turn on the tap,
but my hands ...
It did not work.
My skin just hung loose.
Is this a joke?
- They just play.
Is this a joke?
- She's a happy girl.
Whose did she get that from?
- Daddy.
Hello, Jade.
She got this from dad.
Has she been to jail?
To all those pedos and killers?
Jade, calm down.
- Give my daughter.
Pat is not looking for problems.
This is a playground.
No problems?
Fall dead, you idiots. Mommy has to find her bag.
How can I lose my bag?
Everthing allright?
- I left my phone.
Are you going to get it?
Is that your little one?
- Yes.
Rae look ...
Ah, now we have money.
Vroem ...
The car has fallen.
Vroem ...
Vroem ...
Beep Beep ...
Vroem ...
Vroem ...
I want to go home...
I'm sorry dear.
I have to close.
Okay. Sorry.
Will it succeed?
- Yes of course.
Good evening.
Is she okay? What are you doing to me? You always only think about yourself.
Calm down.
- You are a big egoist.
Jade, give her to me.
- You can't just take her away.
Leave her with me.
- Rae needs regularity.
It's damn ice cold.
Your mother takes her home.
Go to Sham, Jade.
For a while.
- What? And what about Rae?
It's too confusing.
She never knows when she will see you.
Daisy is professional ...
- Bullshit.
She needs rest and regularity,
and she won't get that from you. For a while.
You can stay, honey,
but you have to sleep on the couch.
My baby is going to earn a lot of money.
Your invoice is still open.
You need to transfer 3400
for your operation.
Ugly girl thinks she's horny
This is gross.
You really don't have to do it secretly
to view, though. I'm here.
What the hell?
- You bastard.
Go away.
- Gore jerk.
Get lost.
- He's insane.
Ugly ...
What are you looking at?
I just wanted to see her.
She's at the daycare center.
Mom ... Can I come home again?
- She's just back in her rhythm.
Daisy says it's okay
to the right environment.
But Daisy thinks I'm still here.
I have to open it.
Everything good? You know, the clinic
in Marrakesh that I was talking about ...
That goes on.
It is very cheap there. Are you coming?
Are you serious?
- Yes. Sun, clubs ... Super.
- Are you coming?
Yes I'm going.
- Oh dear.
We're leaving here, assholes.
Get off my suitcase.
I want to drink something. I need it. I have to have something to drink.
That is sexual harassment.
- You like that.
You haven't said yet
how nicely my top fits my suitcase.
Everything good?
We must not miss the flight.
- What is this?
I told you he was coming.
A camel walks there.
- Did you see that?
I see camels.
After the operation you will be completely ...
The sun, the sun ...
What a hotel.
Good choice, huh?
- Top.
We are high up. Beautiful.
Not bad, right?
It smells here.
- Yes? Yes, it stinks.
I put this bed somewhere else.
I don't sleep next to you.
What are you going to do?
- My bed needs to be here.
I will help you.
- I stink.
We put it here.
Very well.
Do you often go to the gym?
Just jump.
What are you doing? It is rock hard.
You need blankets and pillows.
Look, that view. Beautiful.
Is it going well?
Yes. I just wish the operation
was already over.
I have lemon and orange.
- Lemon.
What am I hearing?
The call to prayer. - It sounds like my Friday night.
Show some respect.
Nobody told you?
Not recently.
Is he okay?
Naz, come here.
- Look at his hair. He doesn't want that.
- You have to do that.
I'm really making progress.
Now I look like a Moroccan.
Is your nipple coming out?
- Fuck.
You undress me.
I also want such a ...
Sham, I'm going in.
It's too hot for me.
Everything ok?
Are you not allowed in the sun?
I can never go in the sun again.
I'm damned.
Not true. My god is different from yours.
My god is a filthy god.
What happened to you is ...
has nothing to do with God.
When it was over with him,
and he saw us together ...
We have done nothing.
Maybe I wanted that ...
but we didn't really do anything.
It is just like a snake skin.
But soft.
Very soft.
Mom ...
Okay, talk to you later.
Hey, baby.
Everything okay?
- Yes of course.
Where have you been? At the pool?
-I sweat me down.
Sham ...
Sham ... Come on, we have to get ready.
Come on.
Do I really have to come?
Do I really have to come?
Do not worry.
I'm exhausted.
App me when you get there.
Madame, this is the clinic's address.
Are you sure it's here?
Do you have an address?
-I have this.
Is it here?
Madame, follow me.
This is the adress.
The clinic is here. Normally.
This is the exact address.
Okay, follow me.
-Where is it?
Here, normally.
I do not know. Not really.
Can I just call? Shall i call?
-I will do it.
Okay, you have a telephone.
I don't think it's here.
There is no connection.
Wrong number.
The number is not correct.
How terrible for you, Jade.
After that entire journey ...
Do not sit alone on your own.
Naz and I are going out tonight.
There is a great club.
Come with us.
You really have to go. Okay, Jade?
Are you coming?
Are you OK?
Yes fine.
I mean it.
It's going really well.
I don't want you to think ... I don't want you to think
that it meant nothing.
I love you, Jade.
It has always been that way.
Let's go see where Sham is.
You are my best friend.
I said we are each other's best friends.
Take it easy.
I shouldn't do this.
- That's too late now.
I may be pregnant.
Would Naz be a good father?
I think so.
Because I am overdue.
And I have big tits.
You have to see how fat they are. Will we both be milfs? Yet?
Is she two?
The small. Is she two?
Oh, it's for you.
Say hello.
How much?
Ha, honey.
How much did it cost you?
Because I don't see a difference.
It didn't work there.
Can I stay with you for a while?
My children are home again.
Are they back?
Do you remember what you recently said
about your daughter?
That is not true.
You can look like a horrible one
monster, like Quasimodo ...
but what a child sees ... In the eyes of your child
are you the most beautiful.
That is what a mother is to a child.
I don't even want to smoke.
This month we had unexpected
a few strong candidates.
Because of her radiant smile
and positive attitude ...
you suggested Jade Nugent.
Well done, Jade.
Jade, with Daisy.
Your mother has been arrested.
They are going to release her,
but you have to come get Rae.
My dreams were in that bag.
Dreams that everyone has.
I thought we were somewhere
would go. The three of us.
To Disneyland or something.
Or Lapland.
You can just go there.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I am really sorry.
I'll make it up again.
Such a jerk of a security guard.
Do you know what he did?
He looked at the bottom of the pram.
I had hidden stuff there.
They are in the flat now.
They search all my stuff.
Is Rae also here?
Yes, with the social worker.
I take good care of her. Everyone says that.
Nothing will happen to her.
You do so much for her.
And for me too. When you were in the hospital ...
I didn't come to you.
-No, not in the beginning.
No idea. I was unconscious.
-I didn't want to be there.
They said...
that more than half of your face
was burned.
They told about the operations
that were needed ...
the transplants ...
how long it would take ...
the pain...
It was too difficult.
My little girl ...
I couldn't look at you.
- That wasn't necessary either.
I couldn't stand it how he broke you. He didn't break me, mom. He didn't do that. What have you got there? Won at work. -What the hell. I am an employee of the month. -What the hell. I'm going to hit that security guard. Mama... What is that? It's for you. Don't pull. Do you like it? Day, Daisy. Say hello. Bus... Your own? Grandma, grandma, grandma ...