Dirty Hari (2020) Movie Script

My name is Hari.
Vasuda Group of companies, Chairman.
I've never thought that I'll be
in this stage of my life.
I have everything.
Luxury cars, Bungalows, Estates
and everything...
But, someone punished me in such a way to not enjoy these luxuries.
It's a huge punishment.
I feel that punishment now.
I feel the karma in my life.
No one should ever have such an experience.
It's such a huge punishment.
Boss! Dont you feel like you are speeding up?
Of course, I should.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
Why did we come here?
Listening to music and chat.
Thats all?
What do you want?
Tell me.
As if you dont you know?
Why did you wear a thin-layered shirt
when it is so cold?
You will keep me warm.
Whos that?
Why did he stop behind us?
Do you want me to check?
No No! Dont go.
I got scared.
- Why?
- I thought its your husband.
Let him come.
Hell learn things from you.
What are you waiting for?
He is back.
Who is this guy?
I dont know.
This place is dangerous. Lets leave.
Oh! Hes coming.
- Start the car! Faster!
- Wait!
Schedule pack up!
- Ill inform you about the next schedule.
- Okay, sir.
Super, Jasmine! Super!
This is your first movie, right?
You killed it.
Especially the lust in your eyes is amazing.
Director! How did I perform?
- You did well. Go
- Hell never change.
Sir! When is the next schedule?
I will discuss with producer
and I can inform you. Done?
- YeahIf you can let me know.
- YeahI will.
Sir! I need money to pay the technicians
for todays shoot.
Why are you asking me? Ask the producer.
That is
Sir! Producer hasnt come to the set
since 2 days.
Whom should I ask?
You practice the scenes for next schedule. Okay.
Jasmine! You can go. Ill let you know.
Come, Ananya.
They wont leave unless we pay them.
Why are you telling me?
Should I take care of all these?
I should take care of the film.
I should take care of money?
Find the producer at the office. Go!
Youll become a star heroine
after this movie.
Is it?
If you become a star then you should give me
a chance to direct
- Okay?
- Hmm.
Madam Costumes!
You want her to strip right here?
Ill bring them. Go.
Tell me one thing.
Is there any financial issue
for this movie?
It's their problem...
Why should we involve?
Okay. Lets go.
Im filming an advertisement next week.
I want you in it
Oh, sure.
Hey, Hari.
When did you get down the bus?
- Half an hour.
- Have a drag.
This wont be sufficient for you, right?
You came to the city from our town
To become rich?
Ive been your friend since childhood
and I know you.
You have a reason to come here.
This is your palace.
This is hall... The kitchen is at the back
and bedroom to the front.
Its hard to find a room in Hyderabad
within your budget.
How is the palace?
Why dont you speak? Say something.
How is your wife?
Great topic, man!
I gave her a son last year.
She wants one more.
Do it then. You have nothing to do, right?
I dont have strength to handle
both home and work.
I get scared at night.
She turns off the light when I enter
the room.
I turn on the light and she turns off.
I told her that Id go for
family planning operation.
She asked me to go for it.
She said that she didnt rely on me
for the first child.
It was a joke, right?
I dont think so.
Hey! Dont create doubts in me.
Then Ill have to fight her.
My wife is calling.
Shes in a good mood even now.
Get some rest.
Ill see you in the evening.
Ill be there
I am nearby. Ill be there soon.
Ram said earlier that I've come to do something great.
I have do something.
One life!
Just one life!
So, Mr. Hari!
You are from Nizamabad!
You are a chess champion.
You played many tournaments
including state level. Wow! Nice.
Why did you leave all that and joined
as a coach in our club?
That too part time!
Sir! To be frank,
I can't become another Vishwanath Anand
even though I am talented.
And at the same time,
if I stay at my place
I might remain as a player (pawn)
but will not stand out as a king.
So, you want to be the king?
Then, some queen has to come.
Okay. Jokes apart!
Anyways, the summer camp will start
in 2 days.
You can join tomorrow.
Two important points to be noted in chess!
First most important is that your mind
should be very clear while you play.
Second important point is you should play
a fearless and a ruthless game.
Your skill will develop on its own.
You dont have to worry about it.
Awesome, Jas!
Turn right.
Sleeping with me is heaven.
Sleeping with me is heaven.
Is it about the girl or bed?
Stop dreaming about things you can't get.
Lets booze now.
I am so happy sir.
I didnt expect you to come.
Actually, I am free today. So
Hari, he is Mr. Akash!
Mr. Akash! This is Hari.
Hari! Sir is a big shot.
He comes here in his free time to play chess.
- Thats really nice.
- Will you play a game?
Oh! Definitely! All yours!
- Come on.
What the!
Duck, man!
I was never defeated in this club.
- Hari, sir.
You opened the game unconventionally.
You moved your knight in the first move.
You werent nervous while making any move.
I generally try to play attacking game.
I understand.
Ill get you next time.
Anytime, sir.
You can call me Akash.
Finish it. Ill tell you.
No. Actually, I have some work.
I have to visit a music store.
Hey! Are there music stores available
in this era?
I dont know if it is available here.
I have to enquire about it.
Oh! Is music your interest?
Specially, I collect old classics.
Oh! My uncle is also interested.
He takes our entire family whenever
there is classical concert.
Thats really nice.
Ill inform you if there is a concert,
will you join us?
Yes. I would love to.
Ill call you, man.
- When did you come?
- Just now, uncle. He is Hari.
- Thats my uncle Mr. Ravi Shankar.
- Hi, Hari.
Akash told me that youre
an incredible chess player.
- Very good player!
- Sir! This is for you.
M.S. Subbalakshmi concert
when she was 8 years old.
Subbalakshmis recording when was
8 years old, right?
-Yes, sir.
-Ive been searching for it...
What a rare collection!
Shes also rare collection.
My wife Pramila.
- Greetings, madam.
- Greetings.
- Shes my daughter Vasuda.
- Hello.
Hi. I am Hari.
- The show will start now. Lets go.
- Okay.
I've been observing. I know.
I am lucky that I've been observed.
I strongly believe in luck.
I strongly believe!
You gave old disc's to my uncle
recently, right?
He is very happy.
To be honest, he is flattered, man.
Im glad, Akash.
I must say. Your family is really simple.
Very simple! I like them a lot.
Even your sister!
Shes down to earth.
You know, I lost my parents very early.
My uncle and aunt fostered me.
Vasuda treats me like her own brother.
- Check!
- Oops!
Shit, man!
I thought I could trick you while talking.
Akash! Did you forget that
I am a professional player?
What a surprise!
What are you doing here?
I came here to see your game.
- Hi
- Please sit.
- Whats happening?
As usual, this guy won the game.
Oh! Really?
Call dad. He wants to talk to you.
Okay, guys! You guys have a talk.
Ill be right back.
Do you want to play a game?
I am not interested in mind games.
Are you interested in painting?
How do you know?
Oh! I am so sorry.
I came directly from the workshop.
- Thats okay.
It's okay.
I spent all my life with
black and white colors.
Let these colors stay for a while.
Its looking nice.
I am really sorry, guys.
I have an urgent work.
I have to go.
Whats your plan, Vasu?
- I will play a game.
- Okay.
Okay, then. You guys carry on.
See you, Hari.
- Bye, Akash.
Will you have something?
Shall we go out?
So, you came to the city
for good opportunities?
I wish your dreams be fulfilled soon.
Thank you.
You are very simple.
You are eating street food...
You can always go to five star hotel
whenever you want.
But, you came here and have this food.
I like it.
My mother scolds me but I like street food
more than food at star hotels.
Did you taste Shadab Biryani?
Ram Ki Bandi food is amazing.
You should try it.
And, Kulfi at Gokul Chat is amazing
and awesome. Youll love it.
I actually dont know these places.
Oh! Youre new to the city, right?
I will take you one day. Okay?
Give it.
- No
- Its okay. Give it.
Its okay. Give it.
Stop, Ms. Vasuda.
Thank you.
Hey, Prami.
Do you know the land value that
we bought in Coorg?
Yes, aunt. It is 6 times expensive now.
Hey! Why are you discussing about business
at the party.
- Why not?
- Just chill!
Forget everything. Okay?
- Are you bored?
- No.
Nothing like that.
I am just enjoying the song.
What is this, uncle?
Buddy! Im at a party.
They do party, they spend a lot,
They buy cars and estates
I cant mention all of them.
What else do you want, man?
Look out for a queen of that house. Then,
youll be the king. Stop it.
Yes, yes... Theres a queen.
She is good too.
You know that I believe in luck.
Lets see how my luck works for me.
Listen to me.
HeyShe can't wait!
Shes grabbing my phone.
Hey! Hey!
After eating a plate full of meals...
We feel like having desserts.
When I saw her...
I felt the same.
That girl in the poster.
Im done for today.
Listen to me and concentrate
on the queen.
Don't divert and focus on her.
Okay. Ill call you back later.
I am really sorry for disturbing you.
I saw your poster in Musheerabad.
I am just checking if thats really you.
Sleeping with me in heaven.
The posters tagline is very nice.
Thats a joint.
It's a joint. Careful!
One sec!
Thats it.
Dont you know that you should not
get closer to your acquaintance so easily?
Dont you know that it is good
to commit mistakes?
You have a dirty mind.
Dirty mind makes ordinary conversations
much more interesting.
You are risky but fun.
Hey, Hari.
What are you doing here?
I had to attend a call
- Jasmine.
- We already met.
It seems he saw my poster.
Hari! This is Jasmine
My girlfriend.
She is an aspiring actress.
Shes acting in a movie.
Thats really nice.
Yeah. I have to change.
Shes hot, right?
How long have you known her?
It's been like 4 months.
We met at a party
and we got along well.
You know...
I am crazy about her.
Why are you not drinking?
Even Vasuda is waiting.
Shall we go?
So you come here every week?
Yeah. We have a lot of orphanages
and old age homes here.
So, we take care of them.
Youve been busy since 4 days.
It is just for painting or something else?
No, mom.
You know Hari, right?
He wanted to see the city
and I took him around.
Is it?
By the way, is he just a chess player
or does he have another job?
Brothers friend Hari, dad.
Yeah, Hari. He is a nice guy.
He talks about books whenever we meet.
His music knowledge is excellent.
Not just that, dad. He has many dreams...
He is very ambitious.
Is it possible to give him a job
in our company?
It's okay if you both are just friends.
You have to think if its more than that.
Children are taking proper decisions
these days, Prami.
What decisions?
Become life partners after
knowing them for a week?
Look at Akash!
He introduced Jasmine
and proposed their marriage.
That girl is crazy about movies.
Moreover, she is a Christian.
How will it work?
What is your problem when brother
likes her, mom?
Acting is also a profession.
Nobody is concerned about religion
these days.
I dont know. Your dad said that
you guys take proper decisions.
It's your wish.
That was so amazing.
You are multitalented, Jasmine.
- Thank you.
She will forget everything
while playing guitar.
Hey! I am bloody hungry, man.
Two minutes. Ill prepare snacks.
By the way, today is India-Pakistan match.
Yeah. I guess it is semifinals.
Give me the remote.
Over there!
Arent you interested in cricket?
Should I help you?
I am almost done.
Arrange these sandwiches in a plate.
Ill look for it. Dont worry.
Jasmine! Youre a very nice girl.
And I feel that you deserve
a beautiful life too.
Yesone day!
But on my own!
Just one Sorry One sec!
Jasmine! Tell me a dialogue
from your film.
Come on.
It looks like heaven is very close
when I see up there.
Hey! But, you were there, Hari.
Whats our relationship, man?
Are you just a passing cloud
or my destiny?
Answer me, man.
- He gave the same answer.
- Who?
My hero character.
Is it?
How is your movie going?
Shooting is done to some extent.
Theyre planning for the next schedule.
In life, a bit of luck is always important.
I don't believe in luck.
We can achieve anything with hard work.
I like your confidence.
All the best.
- Thank you.
- Hi, maam.
- Hi.
Finish it quickly.
- Hey, Hari.
- Hi, Akash. How are you?
I am good, man. Hows office?
Its huge!
- Did you show him his cabin?
- Im taking him there.
- Okay, man.
- See you, Akash.
Please come.
This is our financial department and...
This is your seat. Please.
- All the best.
- Thank you so much.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Congratulations on your new job.
Thanks to you.
So, where are you going?
I have two options.
Akash and Jasmine are going out
for a movie.
They bought tickets for us too.
Option number 2
Ill take you on a long drive,
which is my favorite.
Whats your choice?
Anything is fine for me.
I thought that were going out for a movie
when you came to pick me up.
Okay. Lets go for the movie.
Sure? Seriously, I am fine with anything.
Yeah, sure. Lets go.
Its getting late, Vasu.
Why arent they here yet?
Hes on the way.
- Hey, guys!
- Hi.
Where is Jasmine?
She dropped in the last minute
due to headache.
Oh. Is it okay?
You left her alone.
It is Saturday night! How can we waste it?
- Come. Were getting late.
- Lets go.
Where shall we go for dinner?
Hari. Yeah.
- Come.
- Yeah.
Hey, Hari! What are you thinking?
Yeah, Rowdy!
Okay. Ill come.
How are you?
All good. What are you doing here?
Movie office is nearby.
I came to know that the producer
came to the office after many days.
So, I am here to meet him.
Is everything okay?
You are looking tensed.
I am worried about next shooting schedule.
Dont worry about that now.
Okay. The producer might leave
if we are late. So, lets go.
Yeah, sure.
Ive many hopes on this movie.
I got a chance in this film
after giving many auditions.
I know that Id get many offers
if this movie is released.
Thats my tension.
I was tensed when I initially started
playing chess tournaments.
Meditation helped me a lot.
Did you try it?
- Sometimes.
So, how was it?
Duck! Duck!
What happened?
That dimwit is talking nonsense.
It seems it might take some time
to arrange finances.
Hes asking me to wait.
I'm losing hope.
An actor can never lose hope. Okay?
Can I have this along with the drink?
- Yeah.
- Then please take me for a drink.
Okay, sure. Just a second.
Let me get my bag.
What did I say?
Your mother.
She was very beautiful.
So beautiful!
Beautiful than you?
Im sexy
But, shes a classical beauty.
What about your father?
He left us when I was young.
He left me and my mom.
He didnt even help us financially.
So, mom was depressed and
got addicted to alcohol.
She lost her job too.
She is suffering with Alzheimers.
She cant recognize people.
Anyway, keep this aside.
Tell me how you met Akash.
He saw me at a party from distance.
He came to me as fast as a missile.
He said that he likes me.
He proposed me one day.
I didnt have a reason to say No.
So, are you getting married?
His aunt doesnt like my profession.
And I am Christian too.
But, Akash said that he will sort out.
So, lets see.
Whats going on between
you and Vasuda?
Its going fine.
Ill have to wait and see how her mother
reacts about me.
Nothing like that...
I saw how their family pampered you.
Is it? Do you think so?
You have a good chance
unless you ruin it.
Why will I ruin it?
Incase, if you make a pass at me.
I mean if you flirt with me...
Why will I flirt with you?
I am very special.
Do it like this?
- Hmm?
- Do it.
That mole on your neck does make you
more special. I agree.
So, do you like it?
I love it.
Do you want to touch it?
I dont mind.
Come. Touch it Touch it.
Hey, idiot.
They are many such moles on my body.
What about them?
You are dangerous but fun!
Now lets go from here
because I am high.
So, get me a cab!
Lets go.
We'll go after you finish it.
Why are you driving fast?
I am not speeding, uncle.
I am driving slowly.
This is our estate.
Its about 200 acres and my favorite place.
Do you like it?
- Oh yes, its beautiful.
I really love this place.
Look there.
It was such a baby
when I came here last time.
Hey, cutie.
- Hey, Vasu! Look here.
- Damn cute!
Eat. Eat.
- Theyve grown up.
- Yeah. Seriously.
Okay, guys. Shall we leave?
She never pampered me like that.
I think she loves them more than you.
I am planning to expand my business
this year.
You should take care of that wing.
SureI will.
I will, uncle.
I know that you and Vasuda
are getting closer.
So, I am being selfish.
You should know more about
the company.
What is this? Why are you discussing
business on a holiday?
I'm hungry, let's have lunch, uncle.
Vasu! Where's my Fountain of Love novel?
I dont know.
You play well, Jasmine.
- I'm still learning, uncle.
- Good.
Hows your movie going?
Actually, producer is delaying it.
So, I am just waiting.
There will be a solution very soon.
Oh, okay.
How do you keep hope without
having clarity?
What do you mean?
Aunt! Jasmine has plenty of time.
Let her try.
Please dont discourage her.
I am not discouraging her.
She can still try.
But, ask her to think about it.
Is she doing the right thing?
Is this her future?
Otherwise, can she change her mind
and do some other work?
Okay, aunty. I will consider your advice.
It's up to you whether
youll take it or not.
But, you know that hardships are common
in this industry.
Especially for women!
Aunt! Dont think only in our point of view.
She may not even be interested
in listening to this.
So, lets stop it here.
Why are you arguing with your aunt?
No, uncle. That's not my intention.
Why should we discourage her continuously?
Maybe if she doesnt succeed one day,
let her realize that day.
Thats she is not fit for this industry.
Until then
Our friends laugh at us
for such stupid decisions you took.
Hey! Lets be practical. Okay?
We have back up.
We have our companies.
She can start working there.
How long will she live a false life?
Dreaming as if shes a popular heroine.
- Excuse me.
- Jasmine.
I like to be alone for sometime, uncle.
- Hey, Jas.
- What is this, aunt?
We came here to relax.
Whats this nuisance?
- She is delicate.
- This is not nuisance.
We are worried about you. Okay?
Ive been looking for you.
I am very upset.
I just want to be alone.
Sorry. I didnt want to disturb you.
I want to drink more.
You become flirtatious when you drink.
- Really?
- Yes.
Youll become romantic too.
Do you have weed, Hari?
Filthy woman!
She talks nonsense.
Bloody hell!
Being rich doesnt make them great.
I will lead my life.
Not the way they wanted it to be.
This is my bloody life.
Ill do whatever I want.
What the hell is their problem?
This world really doesnt care about you
Until youre famous!
I do care for you, Jas.
Thank you.
I want to get higher.
What do you want?
I don't know.
Are we doing wrong?
Why are you guys so dull?
Trust me. I will complete this movie.
I will release the movie
and it will be a hit.
I have headache.
Ill just go out.
What happened to her?
She loves someone.
So, whats the problem?
She got ducked by someone else.
Oh duck!
- I need to call someone.
- Okay.
Rowdy! I can't roam around these movie offices.
Let me know if the proposal is concrete.
Otherwise, no.
Okay. Bye.
Why arent you taking my call, Jasmine?
I was busy.
Why are you avoiding me
since that day?
See, Hari. Whatever happened has happened.
I mean, I lost my control at that moment
due to some reasons.
Because I was upset and high.
I felt your breath, Jasmine.
I can't forget you.
Please, Hari... Dont talk like that.
I know that youre an good actress.
But, stop acting with me.
I'm not dumb and I knew that you
had feelings for me since the beginning.
Of course, I also felt comfortable with you.
I dont when it turned out as a crush.
Thats the reason.
But, lets think about the reality.
Both of us will be in the same family.
We are involved with two different people.
They are also in love with us.
So, lets not get into this.
We have to move on.
I am not able to move on, Jasmine.
No. No. Please, Hari.
- Youre over thinking, Jasmin.
- Forget it.
Its over. Forget it. Okay?
Car is smooth.
Did your queen gift you?
Its our company car.
They gave me a house too.
Duplex apartment.
Hey! You got lucky, man.
Make sure you maintain this. Okay?
Whats going on, guys?
What are you doing?
Planning to have kids before marriage?
What are your plans?
Why dont you discuss anything with me?
- Mom!
- Hey, man! What is it?
Please, mom.
Did I say something wrong?
Yeah! Bedroom comes after
the wedding in our days.
Nowadays, wedding after the bedroom.
Yes or No? What do you say?
- Is it true or not? Am I wrong?
- This is too much. Stop it.
Its not too much. Am I wrong?
Let me talk.
My wife is a rare collection.
Dont take it seriously.
Actually, uncle! Vasuda and I were
about to discuss our wedding.
We never objected you both, did we?
Akash also discussed about it
many times.
Lets talk to your parents once.
My parents are no more.
I lost them when I was young.
I am so sorry.
Please come closer, sir.
- This is our new house.
- Wow!
Painting work is pending in some rooms.
And this is the poolside.
Thats the dining.
My painting is over there
and thats our bedroom.
This is incredible, Vasu.
This is my dads gift for us.
I never expected that Id live
in such house.
Its really nice. It is beautiful.
Can I ask you something?
Tell me.
I want babies.
I want four kids. Thats it.
Just four?
Its not a joke.
I seriously want four kids.
- All together?
- Yes. All together and you can do it.
Yeah. I can do it.
What happened, Akash?
Hari! I have to say something.
I broke up with Jasmine.
What? Are you serious?
To be honest, I withdrew.
I thought next is your wedding.
What happened?
You know what, our relation might
look good to others.
But, theres a big cold war
happening between us.
Issues keep going between
my aunt and Jasmine.
And I am not happy.
I am nothing without aunt and uncle.
I must have behaved ruthlessly
with Jasmine.
But now, they are happy.
Thats it.
I dont know what to say.
Jasmine can do what she wants
with her career.
- Hello, sir.
- Yeah.
- Can I help you?
- I'm here to meet Jasmine.
- Film Actress?
- Yeah.
- She shifted from here.
- Oh! She shifted out?
Yes, she shifted few days ago.
Any idea where she went?
Maybe she was depressed that
the movie was put on hold.
and she also had personal issues.
Any idea about her mothers native place?
I dont know.
What are you thinking?
Nothing. Work related.
You know? It has been more than a week
since we made love.
I am just being tired, dear. Nothing else.
I am sorry.
Do you have any problem with me?
Why are you talking like that?
Tell me if theres something like that.
It's okay.
Nothing like that.
Most of my cousins are pregnant.
Whats the problem with us?
Stop over thinking. Okay?
Everything will be fine.
I am really sleepy.
Yes, sir... I promise you this time.
Thank you.
You told me to remind you about
Madam's art exhibition.
Oh, today is art gallery exhibition, right?
Yes, sir.
And you have a doctor appointment today.
Okay sir.
Theyre more on the other side.
And this one took a lot of time.
I took one-week time to complete
both the eyes.
- Ill show you my favorite part.
- Sure.
And this one is really close to my heart.
Were trying to show the bond between
the mother and the child.
I'm sorry.
Are you looking for the gallery?
That way.
Yeah, actually there is no signal
on my phone...
You know what? They bought my painting.
- That's nice.
- Meet my husband.
I have packing to do.
Ill see upstairs, okay?
Meanwhile, I have to make a call.
- Come. Please come.
- Yeah.
Where are you?
Whats happening with you?
I searched a lot for you.
I know that youre hurt.
My career was unsuccessful
and Akash ditched me.
I will obviously be upset, right?
I never wanted to come back but
Your heart is here.
Thats because your goal is here.
Where are you staying?
Are you staying alone?
Why are you asking me all that?
Youre married, right?
Jasmine! Lets catch up for a drink.
We can talk there.
- How should I contact you?
- Hey! Hello!
What a surprise!
Look! Who I bumped into Vasu.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Im good.
You look great.
I heard Akash got married.
His wife is pregnant right now.
Oh, wow! Congratulations.
- Madam.
- Excuse me.
Thats Sravya! My secretary!
- Hi, Sravya.
- Hi.
Madam! We got the quotation for packing
Please take a look into it.
- Just 2 minutes.
- Yeah. Tell me.
We need to send paintings without
any damage.
Jasmine! Give your number, Jasmine.
No. Please.
Jasmine. Please give your number.
No, I cant. Why do you
want my number? Jas!
Jas! Just look at me.
- Give me your number.
- No way.
Please, Jas.
Okay, Jasmine! Actually, we have to leave.
We should see the doctor.
Well catch up soon.
- Yeah sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
See, the doctor said that there's
no problem for children.
We just need to concentrate more.
Okay. You go home.
I'll go to the club now.
It has been many days
since I played the game.
- Yeah Bye.
- Bye.
You leave. I'll come later.
What do you want?
Go away.
You would've thrown my phone away
if you didn't want to meet me.
Duck off!
Hey! What are you doing?
Nice flat!
Sweet and simple.
Rowdy searched it for me.
She's assistant director.
How's your movie so far?
That's done!
It's been put on hold for many months.
That director is a crazy fellow.
He still wants me to practice those scenes.
What are you doing now?
I am giving auditions.
I have no idea what happens.
What about money? I mean expenses and all.
I act for some ads.
In fact, Rowdy is helping me.
So, there is no financial stress.
What is the time?
It's time for you to leave.
I don't feel that way.
You are looking very beautiful.
Did you sleep well last night?
Do you know?
The paintings in my gallery were all sold.
I gave all the money to our trust.
That's really nice. Congratulations.
Did you see?
- I am getting late, dear.
I should go to the office.
I need to freshen up.
The doctor said that I could get pregnant easily
if we try it in the morning.
That is
I am getting late to the office.
I am already too late.
Its okay, you can go late today, Hari.
Please stay.
Just a second.
He asked me to take this tablet
before sex.
I'll have it.
Let me become a part of you
Lets make love
Let me melt within you
Lets make love
Lets make this moment scintillating
Lets make love
Lets make love
I feel a tide within me
Dont let me go
I can see our dreams take flight
Dont let me go
Let me become a part of you
Lets make love
Let me melt within you
Lets make love
You arms bind me by surprise
I feel so restless away from you
Pull me on to your back like the sheets
Do you feel the room heat up?
I feel a tide within me
Dont let me go
I can see our dreams take flight
Dont let me go
Treasure me in your senses
Lets make love
I didnt realize where my life
with Jazz was headed.
To be honest,
I was totally lost in her presence.
Let me become an eternal part of you
Lets make love
Hari! Did you see the queen doll
that I gave you?
It should be on the side table.
I searched a lot for it.
I cannot find it.
Listen now... Don't worry.
You'll find it.
I am getting really late.
Come. Let's have breakfast.
I went to China for a week.
I missed home food.
That's why he eats dal rice.
Brother! My husband took office
responsibility after you left.
He is never free.
What are your plans today?
- What do you say, Lalli?
- Shall we go out for a movie?
Yeah. The movie reminds me of something.
Lalli and I went to the market two days ago.
I saw Jasmine there.
Yeah! We met her at the mall too.
She said that she lives in Borabonda.
Is she seeing anyone?
I did not ask her.
It won't be nice.
Yeah. That's right.
It won't be nice to ask her that.
- Hey! How are you, guys?
Hey! What are you doing here?
My wife didnt cook.
So, I had to come here.
- Oh! Okay.
- Hari!
You were rushing that day.
Me? When?
That day when you took a cab at Borabanda.
- In Borabanda?
- I called you but you ignored me.
You must have mistaken me
with someone.
I don't even remember going there.
That's around 6 pm.
No chance! You've mistaken.
It's you! 100 percent!
200 percent sure! That's not him.
We've got many cars and drivers.
Why would he travel in a cab?
I saw him, Vasuda.
Hey! Check if you've got Alzheimer's
No! I saw Hari.
- Really!
- Hey! Don't irritate us.
Your wife must be waiting for you. Go!
- No. I really saw him.
- It's okay.
Are there still any appointments today?
One meeting is there with Amar Branets.
Ok, cancel it!
But sir, its very important.
I have an urgent work.
Hari! Where're you going?
I'll be back, dad. I have some urgent work.
Today an important meeting is there.
My close friend met with an accident.
Say no more, Hari.
I am really upset.
I already told you that we should meet
my mom this weekend.
Vasuda planned something this weekend
without telling me.
So, Vasuda stressed you, right?
What happened to you?
Why are you in such a bad mood?
Yes, I am in a bad mood.
I failed another audition today.
Nothing is working out for me.
She was right that day.
All I do is a waste of time.
Akash's aunt said that.
Your mother-in-law.
- Jasmine! Let's not get there now.
Then, let us speak about us.
What are we?
What's our relation?
What is my identity?
Am I your part-time pleasure?
Jasmine! Why are you being so harsh?
It's boring over there.
Vasuda is desperate to get pregnant
and tries all day.
I feel mechanical in bed.
There are no emotions.
But, you are not like that
and you know that really well.
To be honest, I am addicted to you.
You will not leave Vasuda for me
at any cost, right?
I might leave her. I have no idea.
Before you say it, see that you mean it.
Deep down your heart,
you know that I meant it.
Don't you?
I love you, Jasmine.
I cannot survive without you.
- Happy Dussera, aunt.
- Happy Dussera.
- How are you doing?
- I am doing well, aunty.
- Thank you.
- Where is uncle?
Don't you know about your uncle?
He's always worried about his business.
Okay. I made a lot of snacks.
All of you should stay back for lunch.
- Don't dare to go out.
- No, aunt.
I am thinking about you.
I'll meet you in the evening. Okay?
I shall miss you.
- Hari.
Yes. Okay. Thank you.
Take care. See you.
- Happy Dussera, uncle.
- Wish you the same.
Don't mind me saying this now.
It is okay, uncle.
Our extended wing is under
your control, right?
It came to my notice that we are in losses.
Yes, uncle.
I realized that I took some
careless decisions.
I was careless.
My decisions backfired.
It was all good back then.
No problem, Hari.
It is common in any business.
Aunt and I want you and Vasuda
to live happily.
- That's it.
- Sure, uncle.
I will start concentrating more
on it from now.
I trust you, Hari.
Do you know? Prakash went to London
by road recently.
- London by road?
- Hmm.
- Seriously, Prakash?
- Yeah.
Hey! He must have gone
with his girlfriend.
Otherwise, why would he go that far?
Hey! Don't spoil the relation with my wife.
Hari! Shall we plan a road trip?
To Leh-Ladakh!
Wow! Superb plan!
Great idea.
Actually, well go in cars.
- What cars? Are you mad or out?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Just give me a minute.
Its an important call. You guys continue.
Yeah. Hello. Tell me.
- I am missing you.
- I miss you too.
- Are we meeting today?
- I cant make it.
No. We have to meet.
It is not possible, today.
Actually, it is not possible tomorrow too.
Let's meet on Monday. Please.
- I really need to see you.
- I'll call you back. Okay.
Let's go for a walk in the morning
from tomorrow.
- I am eating a lot these days.
- Did you start again?
Hari! Join us.
- Sure, uncle.
Ask him to stop boozing, Hari.
Hey! That's unfair.
Are you talking about quitting
alcohol, aunt?
- Hey! Ill kill you.
- This is right.
- Sir. Madam called for you.
- For me?
Shall we go to the farmhouse next week?
- Yeah. Sure
- Hello.
- This is Jas!
Jas! Are you crazy?
Why did you call father-in-law's house?
Your mobile is turned off.
So, I called here.
Okay, tell me. What happened?
When will you come?
We shall meet tomorrow for sure.
I cannot wait until tomorrow.
What happened now?
What's so urgent?
I am pregnant.
Let's meet tomorrow and talk.
We shall buy some land.
It will develop in 3 years.
Its value might get 6 times higher.
Why should we opt for development, uncle?
Vasuda would build her dream home there.
Who is it?
You've been getting calls since evening.
It's my secretary Navya.
Didn't Navya go to her native place?
Actually, it was my mistake, Akash.
I asked her to make my schedule
no matter where she is.
There's an important meeting
on Sunday for 2 hours.
I'll be free when it gets done.
Uncle! I cannot come for a walk
tomorrow morning.
I got some work to do.
Navya called me just me.
It is okay, Hari.
Let him go.
The company is Hari's responsibility.
Let him go.
How is it even possible?
Haven't we used protection?
Don't you know how many times
we used it?
Did you ever stop when there
wasn't protection?
No matter how hard I try,
nothing happens over there.
And I didn't use protection maybe just once.
That ducking sex!
Yeah! Because we ducking love each other.
There's no love over there.
- I am in no mood for jokes, okay.
I am not joking, Hari. We are in love.
That's why I am pregnant, okay.
I know that, Jasmine. But
I have to sort it out.
- Sort out?
What? What will you sort out?
What is your problem?
I don't have a problem.
What about society?
- Duck society!
You promised to leave your wife for me.
Why do you care about society?
Aren't you going to leave
your wife for me?
Jasmine! We need some time.
Will you be like this until then?
See, my dad left me.
I cannot do the same with my child.
Get it?
Your plan will not work, okay.
I won't kill this baby! Simple!
Okay. Don't kill!
How should we make a living?
Find another job somewhere.
Let's live together happily with our baby.
What are you talking about?
Have you gone crazy?
I am talking about facts.
We are in real love.
Our baby is our blessing. That's it.
I'm out of my mind.
Listen. I am really blank.
Let's talk later.
I need time to think.
Bye. See you.
- Okay, go.
But, take the right decision.
I am clear about it.
You should also be clear about it.
Are you back so soon?
Vasu! I need to talk to you.
Come inside.
What do you want to talk about?
Nothing. It is about us.
Why? Is there any problem?
Is it about financial problems at office?
Don't worry about that.
Don't worry.
I don't know.
I am unable to focus on work these days.
Dad and Akash are there to support.
You can take rest and get back to it.
Everyone likes you.
Don't you know it?
I mean, Vasu!
You keep getting calls these days.
Is it about that?
You react in a strange manner
at that moment.
Do you have an affair?
Tell me the truth.
What's wrong with you today, dear?
Why are you being so silly?
You don't love me that much, right?
Why are you talking like this today?
What's wrong with you? Tell me.
You know that I love you, right?
Then, what's the problem?
I don't know. I just feel
I am unable to connect emotionally.
Are you crazy?
Why do you think like that?
Is it because I didn't get pregnant?
I just feel really guilty.
See, Hari!
We consulted the doctor.
We are absolutely fine.
And, you always say that luck
should favor us.
Maybe because of that!
I am so sorry.
I will not discuss this topic
with you again.
I love you.
I love you.
Why did you hide this matter at me?
I thought to tell this on weekend buddy.
It's like hell!
What a blunder buddy!
I decided to leave Vasu for her.
I went home to tell that to Vasuda.
But, I couldn't say anything
after seeing her.
It is not that easy.
Practically, I do not have a future
with another girl.
I am used to this comfortable life.
But, you do not love Vasuda.
I can't say that there is no love.
But, I have feelings for someone else
which confuses me.
My bad!
That isn't love! It is lust.
It is not about love or lust.
What should I do after leaving my wife?
Whom should I give up this lifestyle for?
For the girl you love!
Okay. I will leave her.
How should I make a living? Tell me.
I'd become jobless again.
I tried a lot to get here.
Don't you know?
What are you planning to do?
I will become the company's boss
very soon.
They like me a lot.
To be honest, they love me.
Do you get it?
We're going to rotary for three weeks.
I'll tell to vasudha about us as soon
as I return.
Three weeks?
What are you saying, Hari?
Stop playing around me. Okay.
Hey! Why would I play with you?
Why don't you tell her right now?
It is not a casual thing
to say without thinking.
So, why did you say that
you'd leave her for me?
Why did you say that it was boring
over there?
Why did you say that
you're addicted to me?
- Is this trip important to you?
- I didn't plan it.
I dont want to hurt them.
So, I am going. That's it.
So, it is a family trip, is it?
Listen! It becomes news when her family
finds it out.
- They will get hurt.
- That's their problem. Why should I care?
Why are you going on a trip with her
without clarifying about us?
Talk slowly.
Look! I am really jealous.
If you guys become romantic
after going there,
I can't take this all.
You are mine and just mine. That's it.
- Jasmine.
Calm down.
This is not right.
I know that I am going to get ducked up!
For my sake, just give me 3 weeks.
Are you back already?
Give me 2 minutes.
Did you know that the road trip
has been canceled?
Why? What happened?
Sekhar planned the trip, right?
He had a fracture.
So, the doctor asked him to take
bed rest for 3 months.
That's why we planned to wait
for 3 months.
The trip has been postponed
to this summer.
- Ma'am.
Can you just move all these things
to the storeroom, please?
Okay, ma'am.
What do you want for your birthday?
I don't know.
Is it your birthday, Vasu?
Thanks for forgetting it.
Will I ever forget?
Actually, I got you birthday gift.
Oh! I thought you forgot.
I have been waiting for your call.
It has been a week already.
Someone is always around me.
What should I do?
I couldn't call you.
When are you coming back?
Mostly around 3 weeks.
3 weeks more?
You told me that the trip is planned
for 3 weeks, right?
Yeah, I know.
everyone is planning to extend
the trip now.
My parents are leaving.
- Yeah. I am coming
Hey. Who's that?
Where are you?
Haven't I told you that I am at Ladakh?
You said that you'd tell Vasuda about us
after getting back.
It is better to end this
as soon as possible.
Let's talk later.
- Are you missing me?
- Yeah, okayBye.
I guess your flight is at 9 pm.
You guys better get going now.
We are very happy, Mr. Hari.
- We shall go ahead with the deal.
- Thank you.
- It is all our pleasure.
- Thank you.
Have a safe flight.
Have a safe flight, guys.
Hi, Rowdy!
How are you?
- I am fine.
It has been so long.
How are you doing?
I am fine. How's the director.
He is good.
Hey! We haven't met for many days.
Okay, sure.
Let's meet.
Yeah. Send me the location.
Hello, Jas.
I'll call you.
Your voice is unclear.
What do I know?
- Hello.
- Hari! Where are you?
I am at Leh.
I'll be back in a week.
Okay? I'll meet you when I am back.
Okay, bye.
You bloody loser!
- Jasmine
- How dare you lie to me?
Did you cheat on me?
Jasmine! Calm down
Did you lie to me about a trip?
Did you cheat on me?
- Jasmine! Listen to me, Jasmine.
- You are a fraud.
- Jasmine! Listen to me.
- Cheater
- Jasmine listen!
- Jasmine Lets talk first.
- Leave me!
This is the office.
Please do not shout
Where is your father-in-law?
Is he in the office?
- Do not shout, Jasmine.
Jasmine calm down.
Dont shout in the office.
You are a fraud. You cheater.
Bloody idiot!
- Take me to your wife.
- Jasmine! Calm down.
How dare you cheat on me?
Bloody idiot!
I am telling you the truth, Jas.
We shortened our trip.
It has been two days since we came back.
I have to tell Vasuda about us, right?
That is why I came early.
You don't understand and scream.
- Are you crazy?
What do you think of me?
I am going crazy as time passes.
I can't take this all.
I am pregnant.
Sorry, Jas. I know that.
I am really sorry.
Did you even try talking to Vasuda?
I tried talking to her last night.
You called me at that time.
- What am I supposed to do?
- Is it?
I don't even remember what I told you.
I said that I was at Ladakh.
You told me that you're at Leh.
Yes, Jas. I said, Leh.
Vasuda was beside me.
I was tensed and I don't remember
what I said.
So, what? Haven't you planned to tell her?
I am trying to tell her.
I couldn't tell her. I will tell her.
Okay. I will tell her
if you have a problem.
- Is that okay?
- What?
You will tell her?
Have you gone crazy?
You've gone crazy.
Look! We are going to have a baby.
Aren't you responsible?
Try to be if you are not.
I will take that responsibility.
Both the baby and you!
I will do any financial help you need, okay?
Let it be like this.
Oh! Like a keep?
I never said that.
Bloody idiot! What are you saying?
Do you have any sense?
- I will smack you!
- What? What did you say?
Duck you!
I love you.
Try to understand that.
I love you, Hari.
I just want you.
Hey! I'll not stay calm regarding
this issue.
Do you get it?
Are you threatening me?
You threaten to go to my house
if I don't do what you say, right?
Bloody idiot!
What's this?
What was our relationship so far?
Is it false?
Were those words of love a lie?
No, Jas!
It's not a lie.
Talk to Vasuda then.
Someone should explain it to her.
You tell her or I will tell her.
I will tell her tomorrow.
- Jas! Calm down.
I will tell her. Give me one day.
I will do the right thing.
This is an old pistol, It contains 12 bullets.
I also have a revolver
One minute.
This is a new model.
Oh! You're here.
Did you already make a drink?
I brought this for you.
How will stay until night
if you start this early?
- Tell me.
- What for?
Hey! Tomorrow is my birthday.
You know that, right?
You forgot, right?
- I know, I am bluffing.
Dad arranged a party tonight
at 12 o'clock.
There's cake cutting and
they planned a huge gift.
I don't know what it is.
Are you in a good mood?
What time will you come?
It is okay if I get late?
- Come soon, okay?
- Okay. Bye.
Men are dogs!
Why would he leave that rich girl for you?
I'll cut his nuts instead.
Just in case if something goes wrong.
It is not as easy as you
think it is, Jasmine.
All such affairs will end up disastrously.
But deep inside, I feel that he loves me.
Let's see.
- I'd like to have one more.
- NoI have to go home.
Hey! Fix me a drink.
I'll get you some snacks.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Don't hurt me.
She wanted my company and I stayed.
I am leaving.
I won't hurt you.
- Gun!
- I got crazy
- My mind is not working.
- Please, sir. I will leave.
- I am leaving.
- Please, sir. Let me go.
- Okay Talk slowly
- Let me go.
- Rowdy! What happened?
- Shut up
Hes here to kill you. Run!
I won't hurt you
Dont trust him. Run away!
I'll not hurt you, Jas.
Jas! Listen to me.
Hey! Stop.
Hey! Do not hurt her.
Jasmine! I wont hurt you.
Jasmine! Listen to me.
- Please, Hari! Dont kill me.
- Listen to me. Let me explain
- Please Hari.
Jasmine, please listen to me.
Listen to me! Let me explain.
Stop shouting!
- Help!
- Stop shouting!
- Hari please!
- Stop shouting!
Jas Jas.
Jasplease get up, Jas.
Im sorry, Jas!
I am not here to kill you, Jas.
Please wake up, Jas... Please!
Please wake up, Jas... Please!
I really like you, Jas.
Open your eyes, Jas!
Please I love you.
I told you. I told you not to shout, Jas.
Shut up, filthy woman!
It is all because of you.
Shut up! You are the reason for this.
Filthy woman!
I've been telling you to keep shut.
Youve come to the city to do
something great.
Youll lose if you fail to do so.
- Hello?
- Hello.
I'm trying from long time for you.
Your phone isn't connecting.
The cake cutting will take place soon.
Dad asked me about you.
There's a surprise for you.
Come soon.
I'll be there.
Today we are here to celebrate
my daughter's 25th birthday.
In our life,
It is not important to know
our stature in life.
It is important to know who walks along
with us in the path of life.
Of course! My family and employees are here.
I expect the same cooperation
from all of you.
And now I declare why it is a special day
since my son-in-law is here.
Now a certain amount of time has come.
For the youngsters to take over.
And relieve me from the position
where I am in.
All the company matters will be taken care
by my son-in-law Mr. Hari.
And he is not just a CEO!
He's the chairman of the company.
I invite Vasuda and Hari to start
the celebrations.
Note down those details.
Both of them are girls.
There are two bullet shots.
The murderer covered them
and threw them off the bridge.
What happened?
Jasmine is murdered.
They found two bodies.
Someone killed and dumped
their bodies in the lake.
Theres another girl too.
They were shot with a gun.
[NEWS]: Jasmine and Shilpas murders
in the city are a sensation.
ACP Ajay is investigating the case.
Both the girls work for
Telugu film industry.
The police are yet to find the culprits.
The police said this case will be
cracked soon.
Coronavirus has effected Mumbai region.
- Hello, uncle.
- Hi, Hari.
You are going to take my place
as a chairman.
- I wish you all the best.
- Thank you, uncle.
- Thank you so much.
- Aunt will talk to you.
I believe a vision without execution
is nothing.
But, daydreaming, guys!
And, I have been a professional
chess player and I always played my game
ruthlessly and fearlessly.
- And I really sincerely believe
- Sir. Excuse me.
One minute, please!
- Is it urgent?
- Yes, sir.
Excuse me, guys.
Sir. I got a call from the ACP office.
They asked you to call back immediately.
Send me his number. I'll call.
Okay, sir.
Hello, sir. I am Hari.
Chairman of Vasuda Group of Companies!
Oh! Hello, Mr. Hari.
You asked me to call, is it?
You should come to the ACP office once.
What for?
I do not prefer to say it on call.
Just a few questions and I think our office
will be comfortable to do that.
Should I come with my lawyer?
I certainly hope not.
Ill park the car, sir.
Is this place secure?
This is Hari.
- He's ACP.
- Hello, sir.
Hail Lord!
Hail Lord!
Please take your seat.
Do you anything about
Jasmine and Shilpi murder?
Are you comfortable sir?
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
Please go on.
Do you know Jasmine and Shilpi, sir?
Yeah! I know Jasmine.
Actually, She is the ex-girlfriend
of my wife's cousin.
Yes. But, they broke up.
Did you continue after that?
I mean did you meet Jasmine after that?
Did you talk to her?
I hardly remember.
We must have met few times.
I mean I met her along with my wife
when I went to pick her.
What's your opinion on Jasmine
and Shilpi murders?
Why are you asking my opinion?
That murderer is smart, sir.
There's not even one clue.
No one knows why he did that murder.
There's no CCTV footage or mobile data.
He made sure that we don't find
such evidence.
He must be a big shot, sir.
Money manages everything, sir.
Hail, Lord!
Murderers are careful about critical things
and get caught with trivial things.
This ring is on Jasmine's finger.
I enquired about it
and got to know that it is a rare diamond.
That bill at jewellery store is on
your name.
Did you give it to Jasmine?
- Sir. That's...
She invited me to her birthday
and I should gift her something, right?
I gave her a ring.
When you met her few times.
You gave her a costly gift, sir.
Jasmine owns a costly duplex apartment, sir.
She owns it.
How did she earn that money?
How would I know
how she got that money?
A huge amount was transferred
to Jasmine's account from your account.
She was working for a film
and that film was stopped abruptly.
So, she had some financial stress.
She asked me for help.
I gave her whatever I could.
But, I don't know what she did
with that money.
What kind of relationship did you both have?
It was like a brother-sister relationship.
Your sister tattooed your name Hari
on the left side of her chest.
No sister will do that, sir.
Lovers do such things.
Are you trying to frame me?
You are trying to say I murdered them.
Sir! Many people are named as Hari.
It is a common name.
Her boyfriend must be Hari.
Or there must be another reason.
How am I supposed to know, sir?
It could be just pure coincidence.
- It is not a coincidence, Mr. Hari.
You both had a relationship.
That's why you gave her a ring.
You bought her a costly house.
You and Jasmine must have
got into a fight.
You killed Jasmine and her friend
who tried to stop you.
You cleaned up everything
and threw them in the lake.
What are you saying, sir?
I am the chairman of a reputed company
in the city.
My father-in-law is a respected person!
Why would I murder, sir?
I havent been close to any other girl.
Why would I kill?
I just gave her the ring as her birthday gift.
Why are you linking up that
with this case?
I'm the only Hari she knows?
I don't understand anything
about that Hari tattoo.
I have nothing to do with it.
Why are you trying to frame me?
If you keep talking like this,
I think I need to call my lawyer.
Greetings, CI sir.
- Lawyer?
- No, sir. I'm a witness.
Sir, do you need help?
- It's okay. I can help you.
- No problem. I can do it.
Oh no! How can you do it alone?
- It's okay, leave.
Why is he shifting the house at this hour?
- CI, Who is he?
- Sir.
He is Parthasaradhi!
He saw someone carrying sacks
on the night of Jasmine's murder.
He came to the police station
and complained.
He's the major witness, sir.
I asked him to come after knowing
that sir is coming here.
He might identity.
I did identify, sir.
Do you remember me?
We played chess at the club.
I won and you lost.
You shouted on me because
no one has ever defeated you.
We'll play one more game if you want to.
You'll win next time. For Sure!
- Mr. Parthasaradhi.
Give me 2 minutes.
Sir! You called me to identify
a suspect, right?
Did he come?
Where is the suspect, sir?
Call him, sir. I will identify him.
Should I wait longer?
I have to attend a meeting.
Okay, sir.
Hail, Lord!
What should I do, sir?
Sir. Is it going to be late?
I have an appointment.
Hail, Lord!
We'll call you
if we find the murderer.
Okay, sir... See you.
- Sir! Leave!
- Okay, sir.
I did everything like you said.
- Hello.
- Vasuda, It's all over.
He took care of everything.
He managed to hide Jasmine's pregnancy
reports from doctors.
But, he neglected trivial things.
ACP interrogated him strictly.
But, what can he do if all
others support me?
Thanks to CI who gave us the information.
Okay, Vasuda... You relax.
Hari will never know that
we managed everything.
I'll call you back. Okay, brother.
Where are you going?
That's not the way to our farm, right?
I'll tell you.
- Vasu! Whose house is this?
- Come inside. We'll talk.
Yes, I am Jasmine.
I came here to take you with me.
You said that you'll take me after
earning money well.
However you earned well.
Yeah mom.
Come on! Let's pack your belongings.
Did you understand?
She is Jasmine's mother.
She has Alzheimer's
She thinks that I am her daughter.
Oh! Okay.
Are you planning to take her
to the old age home?
No. Our home!
I know that you'd be shocked.
You haven't done a small mistake.
But, I saved you.
Do you know why?
Jasmine's life is over.
But, my life has just begun.
Yes. My life has just begun.
I am pregnant.
Why should my child and my parents face
the consequences of your mistake?
Why should they suffer?
You should alone suffer.
You are the only one who has to suffer.
You will see Jasmine's mother every day
at our house.
You must go through that punishment.
Hari! Yeah.
I did not find it anywhere in the house.
But, I found it today.
The queen I gave you as a gift.
It's in our house only.
In your closet.
I am happy that I got it back.
You understood that I know
everything that has happened.
I will never discuss this topic again.
You cant talk about it either.
This is the biggest punishment for you.
Yes! The biggest punishment for you!
You can enjoy now.
The money and luxurious life!
Sir! Producer sir!
Director! Finish the movie
as soon as possible.
Take the money that you need.
- What about the heroine?
We'll change her.
We completed just one schedule.
I don't know where she is.
I went there that day.
I was the witness to her murder.
It's all about the timing!
- Sir! What witness, sir?
- Nothing.
See, you directed the movie
like the way you wanted so far.
Yes, sir.
From now on, shoot the film
according to my direction.
Opening scene
He's here again.
Who is this guy?
- I don't know.
- Duck!
- We need to go.
Hey! Not like that.
The gun should be fired differently.
Okay? Do something new.
Hey! Shoot him in the ass.
- Right, sir?
- Newly
That's it. I told him. Shoot!
Hey, director! one more take.
One more! Cut it!
One more?