Dirty Little Secret (2022) Movie Script

Okay, we're on
the same page, right?
Nothing crazy for my birthday.
Just the Chinese food
and television.
Yes, mom,
I heard you
the first several times.
Okay, I'm just checking.
Have a good day.
The thing
about a secret is,
you could lose it.
It could stop being a secret
and become common knowledge.
The more people
you get close to,
the more likely that is
to happen.
Hmph. Look at them.
Cheerleaders and athletes...
Guys in bands.
Could they be more predictable?
They have no secrets.
Maybe they did once,
but how can you keep
something private
when people are watching
every move you make?
You blend in.
Be invisible.
Have one friend.
Take your seats.
We're talking about
the great depression.
What time
do you have to be there?
As soon as my mom's shift ends.
Nadine has
the whole surprise party
set up like it's some invasion
of a small country.
unless you and Kaylie
are discussing the impact
of the wpa
on the great depression,
I suggest you let it go.
We are entering
the end-of-term
presentation time,
which means three things.
First, rather than pick a topic
everyone has heard before,
I want you to choose an area
in history
you think your classmates
do not know a lot about.
Yes, that will require
some research.
This is
a two-person presentation.
Everyone will have a partner.
And third, you'll be presenting
in character,
which is to say
as a person from the past
who knows the subject
you're talking about.
We could do Alexander Hamilton
and Aaron burr.
I could kill you in a duel.
Yeah, because nobody saw
that musical.
Okay, pairs.
Emily will work with Robin.
I'll put you with Lucy,
and Kaylie will be
with Jessica. Lisa...
Um, Mr. Duran,
could I please work with Kaylie,
if that's okay?
It's not okay.
I don't want people
sticking with friends
they always speak to.
Let's get
some cross-pollination.
Yes, but I don't...
I don't always talk with Kaylie.
"Because no one saw
that musical."
Out of that comfort zone,
Bryce and Israel,
Amelia and Jake,
Tate, Emma.
Okay, now please
open your textbooks
to chapter two.
Josh told his friends
on Snapchat
that he's going to be working
with "the shy girl."
So he still hasn't
retained my name.
Hey, at least your partner
doesn't call you Haylie.
I mean, how hard is it
to say Kaylie with a "k"?
What do you think?
I love it.
Why do you use
the gym showers?
It's just easier to get
to the hospital from here.
Yeah, tonight,
but I've seen you
come out of this place
a lot of mornings.
Wouldn't it just be simpler
to do it at home?
I wake up at the last minute,
and my mom can't wait for me,
and then
I have to get ready here.
Why the interest?
I just wondered.
Whoa, Lucy.
Looking good.
-Thank you.
-Check this.
I called some of
your mom's ex-patients,
and some of the staff
are going to stop by
as they get time.
Yeah, and you put them to work.
You are so efficient,
it is scary.
You should be in Washington.
Hey, where's mom?
Luckily, she's still in
with a patient,
It's starting
to quiet down.
That's because we changed
the medication in your iv.
Oh. I'm sorry.
I know I'm supposed
to tell the doctors
everything when I come in,
so you can watch out
for interactions.
It's okay.
I couldn't remember.
I can never remember them all.
We didn't need a list, did we?
We figured it out.
You looked at your palm,
and you remembered
how many pills you take
in the morning
and what color they are.
It was all there,
in your memory.
Nothing's ever really lost.
We keep it all...
Need a hand?
Oh. No, I'm good.
Thank you.
This is the cardiac care unit,
and you're not wearing
a uniform.
Oh, I don't work here.
I'm the daughter. Lucy.
Oh. Drew Armitage.
-So were you a patient?
-I was.
Doctors put a pacemaker in me.
Then I got sick,
so they put another one in.
Then I got sick,
so they put in another.
Is that something
that they can just keep doing?
But someone finally
figured out
that I was just allergic
to the titanium parts
in the pacemakers.
So now this thing
in my heart?
Solid-gold components.
I'm glad that you're okay.
Me too.
So, when Nadine called,
asking if I wanted to celebrate
the birthday of the woman
that figured
that little thing out...
Your mother is damn smart.
What's going on?
Happy birthday!
-It was all her.
-Damn right.
What are you going to do,
walk away from red velvet cake?
Mom, did you really
diagnose something
that a bunch
of other doctors missed?
Yes, but it's not
because I had
to Sherlock Holmes it,
it's because
I listened to the patient.
Okay, well, pacemaker guy
was spending a lot of time
talking to you.
His name is drew.
You did save drew's life,
so maybe he wants to marry you.
Maybe he wanted to be nice
to one of his nurses.
Ooh, it's cold in here, mom.
Do you think you could
turn on the heater?
Why do you always ask
for forks and knives
when we order Asian?
Oh, I'm a klutz
with chopsticks.
You know,
all my nurse's training
goes out the window
as soon as I start to eat.
Okay, well, I'm going
to go grab some, then.
It is definitely
too late for a movie.
Do you want to watch
home renovation or cooking?
Ooh, definitely
home renovation.
Okay. Nice.
Can you pass me those?
You are joining me
for potstickers, right?
Yes, but then I have
to go study some history,
because if I don't,
who knows what stupid idea
my partner might come up with.
Here you go, mom.
Happy birthday, mom.
-Hey, mom.
I wanted to create some space
in the living room
and dig out the sewing machine
for some drapes
I was thinking about making.
You don't mind
if I keep this in here
Uh, do we even have
a sewing machine anymore?
I haven't seen it
since I was a kid.
Of course we do,
and it's high time
we unearthed it.
We don't have space
in the living room, mom.
Well, we won't
if you don't help me.
Well, good night.
I'm going to watch a little TV.
They're just...
They're something
that I do for myself.
I mean, I was hoping
that maybe one day
I could do...
I know nothing
about how fashion works...
...but even I can tell
these are good.
Are you serious about a career?
Then I say aim high.
You can't do better than F.I.T.,
the fashion institute
of technology.
They must get
a lot of applicants.
And there's no reason
you can't be one of them.
I'm not sure.
It's not high-risk.
All you'd be out
is the application fee.
They're in New York, right?
I wasn't really planning
on going away for college.
Is it the expense?
There are grants
you can apply for.
They might not pay
for everything,
but they'd certainly help.
I don't know.
I don't think so.
Are you going to give up
without even trying?
Aren't you curious
if you'd get in?
Let's print up
some application forms.
Sara, come on.
Sara! Finally.
Did anything happen to mom?
No, no.
I just need you
to pay attention.
To what?
Well, the school counselor
wants me to apply to F.I.T.
Well, put her off.
She can't make you do it.
You can't possibly
be considering it.
Not really.
Um, so, Sara,
how did you and Phil keep people
from coming by the house?
I mean, aside from
the usual excuse.
What's your usual?
"My mom doesn't like me
having people over
when she's at work."
Well, what's wrong with that?
It's a classic.
What do you tell Kaylie?
She already knows
something's up.
Did you say anything to her?
No, are you kidding?
I haven't let anyone inside
since I was eight
and Janet Bester ran in
to use the bathroom,
and I got called "garbage girl"
for the next two years.
Lu, you have to be careful.
Seriously. Do you want
child protective services
to get involved?
Because then we lose
all control of the situation,
and anything can happen.
The best thing to do
is just to keep your distance
from people, okay?
Then the problem doesn't arise.
Does it get better?
It'll be fine.
Look, I have to run,
but I'll come see mom
this weekend, okay?
Are those for...
They're for everyone
on this floor...
With my thanks.
How nice of you.
Thank you.
I was hoping
to talk to you for a minute.
Sure. What about?
I was thinking...
About the night
I was in that room.
I was sure
I wasn't going to make it,
not through
another failed surgery.
And you must've spent
half the night with me.
I mean, you'd get calls,
but you always came back.
I never met anyone
so easy to talk to.
Thank you, but you know,
I didn't do anything special.
I mean, if you hadn't told me
about your other allergies...
I'm not talking about that.
You saved my life...
...and I am grateful.
The whole surgical team
also saved my life,
and I feel no impulse
to date them.
Would it be crazy to think
you might like
to have dinner with me?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean
to put you on the spot.
It wouldn't be crazy.
I'm just...
Seeing someone?
Usually here.
Even the greatest nurses
in the world
need to eat some time.
Maybe Friday?
I'll pick you up
at your place.
Let's meet at the restaurant.
Just text me the address.
All right.
Books to page 35, please.
We're going to be discussing
where the great depression
what year it started,
and what year it ended.
Now, does anyone know
what ended the great depression?
Anyone? Anyone?
Anyone? Okay.
It's right there in the text.
I want you to make sure,
because in your projects,
these are things
I want you to cover.
I want you to cover
the year that it started,
the year that it ended,
what companies
were most affected by it.
What was the global impact
of the great depression?
Well, if you look down
into your textbooks,
you'll see that the words
are right there.
It's been a long day, everyone,
I know, but please wake up.
Who can tell me
what the new deal is?
Emily? Nothing?
We are already working
so well together.
All right...
Just look at
the timeless elegance
of this mid-century-modern
living room,
featuring brass tables...
You know,
I've been thinking.
Maybe it's time
to fix this place up.
Like, uh, how?
We've watched
so many home-Reno shows.
I mean, some of them done
on a shoestring budget.
We... we're practically
Yeah, we are.
Yeah, I say we make some space
and, you know,
use our creativity.
Okay, um...
Where were you thinking
of making that space?
Living room.
Yeah, let's start
going through the boxes
and confirm what's in them,
and then, you know,
and then we can get rid
of what we don't need.
Yeah, okay.
I've never seen
this set before.
Oh, we can't
throw that away.
You know, this is
what we're going to use
when we throw parties here
after we fix this place up.
Okay, so...
It belongs
in the kitchen, then.
Yeah, but no room
in the kitchen.
You know what?
Let's just leave it
here for right now.
Old essays and test papers.
You're not seriously suggesting
I get rid of...
Look at that.
-That mid-century chair.
Okay, I think we should base
the entire living-room design
on that chair.
You know, let me see
if I can find it
in one of these catalogues.
Yes, yes...
I'm sure you don't want these
anymore, right?
Honey, you know
how cold it gets in here.
Have you seen a blue box?
Blue box, blue box...
Oh, I actually remember
seeing one back here.
Okay, yeah.
This one?
So I've been saving some ideas.
Look. Look, honey.
Wouldn't that be great?
It's so clean.
Pretty, right, airy.
I always told you, honey,
it's messy right now,
but it's just temporary.
See, look.
What I'm going to do
is I'm going to find
the chair that we want.
I know I saw it
in one of these last week,
and I'm going to cut it out,
I'm going to put it in here,
and it'll remind me
of what we're looking for.
Oh, can you get my scissors?
Where are they?
I don't know.
You were the last one
to have them.
The ones with the black handles.
I don't think I did.
Not recently.
-I don't think so.
- Yes. Yes, I remember.
You were standing right here,
and you wanted to cut
the tag off your backpack.
Mom, I haven't had
that backpack in a year,
and I've seen you
with those scissors a few times.
Lucy, you always
borrow my stuff
and you never put it back
where it belongs,
and then you shift
the blame to me!
Mom, I swear,
I didn't take them.
You know,
I work 12 hours a day,
and then I come home
and take care of you,
and nothing is where I left it!
Nothing is where I left it.
You know, I work,
and I clean,
and you don't care!
I have tried.
I have tried, all right? God!
But I can't live like this.
No one should have to.
It's not normal!
Well, I'm sorry I don't want
to live in a pigsty!
Clearly, I'm the strange one.
If you don't like it,
why don't you just leave?
You are crazy!
And you're making
everyone else crazy!
Then leave!
Don't you walk out on us!
Well, where did you
last see the scissors?
I don't know.
You had them last.
Maybe they're...
In here in the desk.
Here they are.
These aren't mine.
I want the ones
with the black handles!
You know, this is why
we can never get anything
done in this house.
I can't live like this!
Have a seat.
Okay, what have we got?
Oh, so far, nothing.
I mean, with all
of America's history
to choose from,
I was expecting this
to be easier.
Want to hear my idea?
It's not some famous couple,
is it?
I don't want to be
George and Martha Washington,
It's not a couple at all.
I also don't want to be
some super-famous person
that everybody's tired of.
Hear me out.
What do you think about this?
John Muir and Mary colter.
Never heard of them.
Did you not just say
a minute ago...
Okay, okay.
All right.
Who are they?
Have you ever been to Yosemite?
Oh, you should go.
It's amazing.
You don't have to bring
anything but food.
Live minimally.
It sounds like heaven.
It is.
The mountains all around...
My family stayed
in a cabin on this...
On a valley floor.
John Muir was known
as the father
of our national parks.
He was one of the first people
to speak out about
preserving our wilderness.
He lived in Yosemite for years
and defended it
from development.
And Mary colter...
Oh! She's an architect.
When women weren't architects.
She designed buildings
in national parks...
Places that were in Harmony
with environments around them...
Using indigenous art.
What do you think?
You seem to know
an awful lot about this.
Well, it's what I want to do...
Create buildings
that are beautiful
and aren't
energy-sucking vampires.
Of course, I also want to be
the most famous bass player
in the world,
so there's that.
Oh, okay.
So she was designing
a hotel in the Grand Canyon
in the 1930s.
I can make an outfit
with vintage design.
We're going to be dressing up?
Oh, we are most definitely
going to be dressing up.
Man, you are not
shy at all, are you?
Your house next time?
My mom doesn't like me
having people over
when she's at work, so...
That's okay.
I have soccer practice tomorrow,
so I wouldn't be able to meet
till the evening anyway.
I think
mom's getting worse.
Thank you.
What did happen when dad left?
I was thinking about that night.
You were so little.
I didn't think you remembered.
Am I crazy,
or was the house
different back then?
Everything was different.
"Take your shoes off
at the door.
Line them up evenly."
"Vacuum the rug...
In straight lines only."
"Is that dust
underneath your bed, Phil?"
Dad couldn't take it anymore.
She changed
when he left.
We didn't know if she was
going to come out of it,
but it seemed like a good sign
when she started
taking interest in things.
Yeah, she was buying
new cookware, and...
It's like she went
from the south pole of ocd
to the north pole of ocd.
You remember
when mom was in the hospital
for a couple weeks?
After that car accident?
Oh, my...
Aunt Jean
came to take care of us.
Sweeties, what happened?
The corolla
got rear-ended.
I mean the house.
How long has it been like this?
A while.
What do people say
when they come over?
No one comes over.
Aunt Jean!
Hi, honey.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
I thought...
It's all right.
Your mom has been through a lot.
You all have.
She's been trying hard
to keep things together for you,
and we have to help her
by cleaning this place up.
What if we changed the house?
What if we got in
a cleaning crew
when she was away
at work one day, or...
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no. No.
Where is it?
Where is everything?
Everything important is here.
We just straightened up
a little.
But my...
My papers,
my photos,
my files, my magazines...
Some of that stuff
was irreplaceable!
I swear, Jo, we kept
everything that was valuable.
It's all put away.
You should be proud.
The kids did such a great job.
You made the kids
do this to me?
Jo. Jo, Jo...
Jo, no!
Jo, it's...
Jo, Jo...
Sara, honey...
Could you grab a dustpan?
You will do no such thing.
Aunt Jean said you'd like it!
For god's sake, Jo!
Wake up!
Don't you remember
what it was like with mama
when we were kids?
Can't you see
you're living just like her?
I am nothing like her!
Everything in this house
has a purpose and a meaning.
How dare you come into my home
and get rid of my treasures!
Dirty old blankets?
Broken appliances?
Are those your treasures?
Get out!
Jo, think!
What if Sara and Phil's friends
found out?
I remember what it was like
when we were kids,
even if you don't.
Get out of the house!
I never want to talk to you.
Don't ever talk
to my children again!
You're on your own.
I can't help you
if you love your garbage
more than you love your kids.
My treasures...
All the things I kept safe.
She shouldn't
have encouraged us.
Learn from experience.
There's nothing
you can do about mom.
So I should just write her off?
You guys freaked her out.
Aunt Jean went too far.
What if I just...
Worked around the edges?
It's pretty clear
that mom doesn't know
where everything is.
If I just took a couple of bags
from the living room,
would she even notice?
What's good is
a couple of bags going to do?
And then, every few days,
a couple more.
Eventually, she'll notice, lu.
But then maybe she'll see
that it didn't hurt so much.
I'm not planning on
flipping her life upside down.
I'll go slow.
I'll be stealthy.
I don't know, lu.
You guys left me there
all alone.
I want to help mom.
I didn't guess how bad
it would be after I lost Jane.
It may sound stupid,
if a spouse dies,
you expect to be devastated,
and I was,
but it went deeper.
For a while there,
I barely knew who I was.
It was like part of me
just wasn't
in the world anymore.
I know what you're saying.
I'm not going to compare
a divorce
to what you went through, but...
...but the person you were,
you can't be that person
any longer.
You look the same,
you talk the same,
people don't know.
How did you cope?
Was it just time?
Time helps.
And one day I decided,
well, if I'm going
to be a different person,
maybe I should have
a different routine,
as opposed to doing
the same thing
for the next 40 years,
just without the woman I loved.
Is this one of those things
where you buy
a fine German-made sports car
and want to own a vineyard?
I think that's a whole
other level of transformation.
No, no, I...
For 20 years,
I had a toasted bagel
every morning.
I loved my toasted bagel.
With cream cheese?
Well, of course.
One day, I thought,
I wonder what I'm capable of
when it comes to breakfast.
I taught myself to make
a full Japanese-style meal.
Rice, miso soup
with wakame seaweed,
tamagoyaki eggs...
You learned to cook.
I wanted to learn
if I could do it,
but more important,
I wanted to learn
if I would like something
so different.
If I was capable of change.
I'm telling you, Joanna,
never say no to tamagoyaki eggs.
I asked my mom
if we had a sewing machine,
and she said there was
a portable one in the closet.
Does that work for us?
Oh yeah, yeah.
No, that's great.
I've only ever used
the one at school,
which is a piece of crap, so...
Um, look, we'll be meeting
at your place, though, right?
You know, just because
there's no point in lugging
that thing back and forth.
Makes sense.
Hey, I hear we're not
the only ones doing costumes.
They won't be
as good as ours.
It's nice one of us
has confidence.
Bubble wrap.
What about it?
I am going to throw it out.
Live it up!
I'll see you tomorrow.
She won't notice, you guys.
I feel like I could have
done better with Phil and Sara.
You know, they had to hear
all the fights.
It's not surprising
they don't want to come
visit more.
They must hate that house
and those memories...
...but, hopefully,
I've redeemed myself a little
with Lucy.
You know, I tried to protect her
from anything like that...
...to keep her
safe and secure...
...but I'm afraid
I've built a wall
around us both.
A big wall?
Great wall of China big, yeah.
Well, hopefully,
I could knock on the gate
from time to time.
This is me.
Well, if I couldn't see you
to your house,
at least I could see you
to your car.
I was taught to always make sure
the door closes safely
behind the girl you're with.
Stop me if this is a mistake.
Good night.
There's a third one in the can.
You can get that.
You went through the trash?
The cans were out of alignment.
They weren't like that
when I left,
so I wanted to see
what was going on.
Wow, mom, you really are
a detective.
What the hell
were you thinking?
You said that you wanted
to clean out the place
a couple days ago.
Oh, so you decided unilaterally
what things of mine
you could get rid of?
It's bubble wrap.
Yeah, for sending
packages, gifts.
What if I want
to send something
to Phil or Sara?
We could buy more.
You have no idea
what anything costs.
Yeah, some people in this world
are okay tossing away 20 or $30.
We are not those people.
We have to be careful.
We always have to be careful.
Mom, you shouldn't
get upset, okay?
Your asthma's bad enough
without stress.
I'm fine.
I can handle an argument,
baby girl.
Okay? I see worse than this
at the hospital every day.
Is that pacemaker guy?
I guess you guys
had a nice night.
It was pretty good...
Till a few minutes ago.
I'm sorry.
We already have two bags
of this stuff now.
Do I really have to go out
and get the last one?
Nice house.
Well, you're quiet today.
I was thinking about college.
I want to study
art and fashion,
and the school counselor
thinks that I might be able
to get into F.I.T. in New York,
and there are
other good schools.
Those places cost
a lot of money.
Yeah, but there are
grants and scholarships
that I can apply for,
and internships.
I won't know until I try.
That sounds so great, honey,
but remember we talked about
all the hidden expenses
they get you with?
Community college is really
your best first step.
I could get a part-time job
on campus.
You wouldn't have to pay
for anything.
Well, we don't have
to settle it today.
Yeah, right.
It's just, um, the thing is,
I'm a senior,
and it's getting late
in the process for applying,
and, mom,
if I don't commit soon...
Jeez, Lucy! I just got done
with a long shift.
Can you give me
a little time to think
before you start badgering me?
Baby, you are 17.
You have your entire life
to live out on your own.
Are you really
in that much of a hurry
to leave me?
No, that's not it.
You're my sweet baby girl.
I'm just not ready
to let you go yet.
My god, I can't believe
that I've never heard
of Mary colter.
I mean, did you see the place
that she designed
on the floor
of the Grand Canyon?
You know,
when she showed
the park service her drawings,
they loved everything
but the name.
They wanted to name
the building
something like
"Roosevelt's chalet,"
so she picked up her blueprints,
and she said,
"not if you are using
my work."
And today it's called...
The phantom ranch.
I mean, could the name
be any cooler?
You did not want to screw
with this woman.
Make the ranch
your next vacation.
Uh, we don't travel much.
Oh, I forgot to ask.
So many people have
peanut allergies.
I shouldn't have assumed.
Oh, not me, Mrs. Lee.
-I love peanut butter.
-I think we're good.
Let me know
if you need anything.
I have a conference call at 5.
Other than that, I'm around.
Is the sewing machine
working out?
It's great.
She's a little hover-y.
She's nice.
Yeah, she is nice...
She's making up for stuff.
Mom's an alcoholic.
Things were bad here
for a while.
I thought your life
was perfect.
On the outside.
She only ever drank at home.
My dad, my sister...
We were the only ones
who saw the truth.
And you're okay
with talking about it?
She's upfront
about the situation.
Says it's not a secret.
And my therapist said
that we have to...
You're in therapy?
Sometimes, it helps to talk.
You know, my therapist said
that you can't carry
someone else's burden.
What are you thinking
so hard about?
Just not feeling responsible.
It must feel...
Okay, so...
Which one of us should go first
when it is showtime?
-Not me.
-Not me.
Lucy, good to see you.
Have you thought any more
about school applications?
Um, yeah,
but before we talk about that,
I sort of had a question.
You're, like,
a counselor, right?
Which is sort of
like a therapist?
It's "like,"
but it's not the same thing.
I can recommend a therapist.
All right.
Can people change?
How do you mean?
My friend,
he said his mother's
an alcoholic,
and when she drank,
bad things happened.
Your mother is who she is,
and you can try and change her,
It doesn't always work,
you know,
and some people,
they can pull it off.
And why is it so difficult?
It seems so simple, doesn't it?
Why can't the person
just stop doing
the thing that causes everyone
so much pain?
Why can't they?
It seems easy from the outside
because it would be easy for us.
From the inside,
it's totally different.
It's a major undertaking.
It's scary.
But there must be something
that the person near them
could do to help.
There may not be.
But there is something
you can do for yourself.
We talked about
a therapist earlier...
No, no, you know,
I just came here
to ask a question about a friend
because I was curious.
I actually think
that I'm late for class.
Okay, but if you want to talk,
I'm here to help...
No, no.
There's nothing to talk about.
Thank you, though,
for your time.
Call the department
of children and family services.
Almost time.
You sure you don't want
to come in with me?
And just stand there
like a lump
while you're talking?
Not happening.
You really want to make
an entrance, don't you?
Oh, yeah.
Next up, Josh.
Good luck.
Here I go.
I'm John Muir.
How many people
have heard of me?
How many people
have been to Yosemite?
Well, I'm the guy
you should be thanking.
Thank you.
Here's Mary colter.
So I'm gonna live my life
spending every day
knowing what I like...
You may address me
as miss colter.
I am one of the few
female architects in my day.
Don't care
if it's rain or shine
I'm alive
I feel like I'm in paradise
Did you see his face?
Oh, my god, they clapped.
They clapped for us.
They did. They did!
Applause, Josh.
No one's applauded me before.
I'm just going to say it.
I love us.
God, I wish I could pretend
to be her all the time.
You know, be sure of myself
like she was.
Maybe someday.
Lucy, don't you get it?
You're like that now.
I wanted to talk a little.
I have time later.
You want to come by my office?
I'm pretty busy,
and I have to get ready
for class.
I'd like to convince you
to give me a chance.
A chance to do what?
Okay, you don't have to talk.
I will.
You're a bright young woman.
You get good grades,
you stay out of the spotlight.
There's nothing wrong with that,
but it won't save you.
You're 17 years old.
Your problems should be simple.
You shouldn't have to worry
about whether something
you do or say might...
Upset someone.
You shouldn't have
to protect anybody.
Protect anybody?
I'm not protecting anyone.
That doesn't even
make any sense.
I swear to you,
on my honor,
you can trust me.
Is that it?
Can I use the bathroom now?
Hi, drew.
I just got an email
reminding me
that the ransome gallery's
having a group exhibition,
opening tonight.
The gallery
just sends me these things
because I bought
something there once.
Do you want to go?
We can mock any of the art
that we don't like.
We'll do it in low voices
so we don't hurt feelings, okay?
So what do you say?
Well, it sounds
like an adventure.
Text me the address
and I'll meet you there.
Yeah, uh, I look forward to it.
See you tonight.
Hey, he's alert,
oriented, and ambulatory.
Just your type.
Maybe he can't wait
till tonight.
It's Lucy's school.
They never call.
I don't understand.
If Lucy was having
a problem at school,
I think she would have told me.
She seems distracted.
I was wondering
if you knew of anything
in her personal life
that might be causing it.
I don't really know
any of her friends,
except Kaylie.
Maybe you could ask one of them.
And I'm not sure I know
what you mean by "distracted."
Her schoolwork is okay,
isn't it?
So nothing at home?
Would you say your relationship
with Lucy is a good one?
Can we drop
the vagueness and mystery?
I drove here
in response to your request,
so if you know of some problem
my daughter is struggling with,
please tell me what it is,
because I am not aware of any.
All right.
As someone with years
of experience in this field,
I can say Lucy seems burdened.
She's carrying something
too heavy for a girl her age.
I'm sorry to see it,
and maybe we can work together
to help her.
I can help my own daughter.
I intend to speak
to the principal about this,
and I don't need to be concerned
about Lucy's welfare
by the vague imaginings
of a high school
guidance counselor,
so I suggest you stick
to advice on colleges,
because that would be
something useful.
Oh, mom!
Wait till you hear.
Josh and I killed it.
What's wrong?
How could you call
the school counselor on me?
No, I... I didn't.
I don't know
what her problem is,
because I didn't mention you
at all.
Not by name or anything.
How, then?
I asked if people could change.
What does that even mean?
Why would you do that?
Why do you think?
Look, mom, I know that
you didn't mean
for things to be this way.
I looked this stuff up.
Nobody really knows what it is.
Some people think
that it might be, like,
related to ocd or something...
Wait. You think
I'm some kind of crazy hoarder?
Look around, mom.
Yeah, okay,
I know it looks bad,
but it's temporary, okay?
I work hard,
and then I'm tired
when I get home,
and yeah, I know some of it
needs going through.
-It needs throwing out.
-Yeah, some of it.
Which some of it?
Well, when I go through it,
I'll let you know
which "some of it."
But, you know,
we can't afford
to be getting rid of things
we might need.
We're not wealthy!
Please, please
just let it go, okay?
I can't keep
lying to people.
You don't understand!
No, I don't understand.
Why does everything
have to be so difficult?
Why do I have to shower
at school?
Why do I have to move
things around
so that I can get to my closet?
Why do I have to pour
a bunch of water
down the toilet
just to flush it?
I get it, it's inconvenient!
But you know
what you're forgetting
is that it's all for you!
I work hard for you!
For me? Is it?
All of this is for me?
Are these dishes for me?
Are they?
Hi, drew.
I'm so sorry.
No problem.
Did you get stuck
at the hospital?
Actually, I'm feeling
really under the weather,
and, um...
I'm sorry.
I should have called before.
I thought
I might improve, but...
Now I think I'm going
to have to call it a night.
You don't sound good.
It's probably
just something I ate.
Take care of yourself.
And don't worry.
We can mock bad art
another night.
Thanks for understanding.
Okay, good night.
Hey. Joanna.
I hope you're feeling better.
Yes, thank you.
I'm calling for a reason.
I've been thinking, and, um...
I think we should take a break.
A break from us?
I mean, we've barely
started anything.
How can we have a break?
It's just that
I'm incredibly busy right now.
You know,
we're understaffed at work,
and Lucy...
Lucy really needs my attention.
I want to see you again.
Maybe some time in the future.
It's hard to say when exactly.
Well, it just didn't work out.
It's... it's okay.
You don't owe me an explanation.
I mean, things happen, right?
...thanks for...
How could you do that?
You let him go
because you couldn't let him
into the house.
I found some envelopes
sticking up in the box
that you left in my room.
So I opened them.
Is this why
we can never go on vacation?
I always have to say no
to school trips?
Why we can't afford
the application fees
for college?
The amounts are misleading.
There's a minimum you can pay.
The minimums look pretty big.
What's more important to you?
You, me, and our life?
Or six red enamel mixing bowls
for the cooking
that's never going to happen
because we can't even use
the kitchen?
I bought them for us,
so we can make souffls
together someday.
Everything in this house
is someday.
My band's playing
at a birthday party tonight.
You know, 18th birthday,
entire small countries
have been invited,
and the parents are away,
so this thing might run late.
I'll be too busy playing
for us to hang out much,
but if you feel like
showing up for a while...
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'll be there.
I'll see you there.
See ya.
Hey, Phil,
what are you doing here?
Just on my way out of town.
Thought I should check up on you
before I go.
Where are you going?
Tahoe, for the week.
My roommate's family's
got a cabin up there,
so the price was just right.
Nice. Well, have fun.
You don't have
to worry about me.
I don't?
I've made up my mind.
I'm going away to college.
Far away.
Mom's not going to be too happy
to hear that news.
I'm not going to tell her.
I'm used to keeping secrets.
Look, I'll be 18 before summer.
I'll get a job, a roommate...
Survive until school starts.
God, lu, this is
a total 180 for you.
Have you told Sara?
No, and don't you
tell her either.
I won't.
It's our secret.
You sure you're okay now,
leaving mom totally alone?
You left her alone.
Sara left her alone.
Yeah, but that's because
we knew you were with her.
Was that fair?
No, it was absolutely not fair.
You didn't know how much
I needed to hear that.
I'm sorry, lu.
I'm sorry.
We haven't hugged
since we left.
We should do it
every few years
to keep in practice.
Okay, all right,
I'd better get going.
I don't want to be driving
on the dark mountain roads
in a car whose battery
is not that reliable.
-Take care, lu.
I'm sorry I'm not there
with you right now.
I'm just...
I'm having one of my migraines.
You have to get those
checked out, Jo.
I will, I will.
Anyway, Dr. Ramirez said
that if the patient
doesn't respond well,
we should call her at once.
It's a big hospital,
lots of staff.
You don't have to be responsible
for every patient.
Look in on him
once in a while, okay?
Because he doesn't know
how to use the call button.
Do I have to
come over there?
No. No, no, no.
No. No, um...
Aw, hell.
Calls are lighting up.
I have to go.
Take care, all right?
Can I ask
what changed your mind?
You were pretty set
on a local school.
I want a complete change.
And how does your mother feel
about all this?
Well, legally,
I'm almost an adult.
Which means I'm going
to start acting like one.
I'm going to tell my mom
about my plans.
I don't want
to go behind her back.
Thank you for your help.
Hey, mom?
You dropped your inhaler.
Wait. Mom, mom!
Okay, okay, okay.
When paramedics
responded to the call,
they were shocked to find
Joanna Tompkins
dead in her home.
She and her daughter, Lucy,
lived here in one of
the worst cases
of hoarding imaginable.
No, no, no, no, no...
Oh, no, no.
Um, um, um...
Phil, Phil, Phil.
Yes, Phil!
Phil, please!
I can't hear you!
I can't hear you.
Mom, I'm not going
to let them know.
I promise.
I'm not going
to let them find out.
No one will know.
No one's going to know.
Luce, why didn't you tell me
about this big party tonight?
Oh, I must have forgotten.
Aren't you going?
It sounds like
everyone on the planet is going.
Look, Kaylie,
I'm pretty tired, so...
Ethan wants me to come.
He's going to pick me up
and said
he can pick you up, too.
No, okay?
I don't feel like a party
tonight, all right?
I have to go.
Ethan agrees
we shouldn't let you miss this.
We're coming over with fireworks
to blast you out of bed.
No, I told you
that I can't.
It's a semi-date.
Come on, Luce,
I could use some help.
What if we languish in silence
during the car ride?
You'll be fine.
I'm just asking you to help
keep things from getting
awkward on the way,
maybe have a drink
when we get there.
Look, I know you've got
some kind of neurotic thing
about your house,
but we are friends.
I don't ask much,
and I'm walking
toward the car now.
Your hair is getting so long.
Oh, look.
Lucy, don't you need
a new wallet?
Sort of.
I mean, mine is falling apart.
Well, Christmas is
just around the corner.
Maybe Santa will bring you one.
They're expensive.
They're 20% off.
What color do you think
Santa should bring you?
I don't know.
Just anything but pink.
Oh, mom.
-Hey, Luce.
-Hey, guys.
Um, look.
I'm not really feeling
up to it tonight.
You always say that,
and then you have a great time.
Look, if you go inside,
we're coming in after you.
I'm not kidding.
Yeah, everyone is
at this party.
Sorry I was such a pain earlier.
I knew you'd feel better
once you got here.
I'm actually going
to head inside
and look for a washroom.
I'll be right back.
Find me, okay?
Didn't you just get here?
Don't tell me you're bored
of the music already.
Hey, are you okay?
Don't be nice to me tonight.
I'm on thin ice.
What happened?
I can't stay and talk.
I have something that
I need to go and deal with.
You look like
you're about to go do battle.
What are you doing here?
You're asking me?
You texted
there was an emergency.
I called mom at work
and they said she was home sick,
and she didn't answer her phone.
She wasn't feeling well earlier.
She's fine now.
She just...
She went to bed early.
Well, maybe
I should check on her.
And wake her up
for no reason?
She's fine.
I told you. Okay?
How do you know?
Wait, where were you just now?
I was at Mrs. Ray's place.
She was panicking
because her dog's sick.
The dog is fine, too,
just in case you were wondering.
Are you trying
to get rid of me?
Yes. Go away.
I didn't do anything.
Yeah, that's right.
You did absolutely nothing.
You just disappeared.
Dad left,
you and Phil left,
and I was the only one here
to take care of her,
and I don't need you.
Mom doesn't need you.
Because I am here for her.
Fine, I'm out of here.
I'll talk to mom tomorrow.
You do that.
Hey, mom...
I'm sorry that I had to leave,
but I'm here now...
And I'm going to protect you.
As I'm running through
running through
this jungle, I see faces
I'm looking back at you
back at you
but you won't stop chasing
don't make me look back
no more...
Don't make me look back
no more...
Just make me...
Hey, this is private property!
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
...I'm about to fall
if I run through
try to make me fall, yeah
Get home safe.
Come on.
Oh, mom...
Oh, mom.
Everybody's going to know.
I love you, mom.
Okay, okay.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Everyone has one...
...and we try our best
to protect them
from being revealed...
...but sometimes,
the only way
to keep a secret safe...
...is to let it go.