Dirty War (2004) Movie Script

(car horns honking)
(distant sirens wailing)
(children chattering)
Foxtrot 5-7-1,
now entering
third level.
We've got one
on the ground.
Okay, you get her out.
We'll take this guy.
One, two, three, lift!
Got him?
Steve, have you
got him?
Steve, are you
choking there?
(Steve grunting)
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
I can't--
I can't breathe.
Hang on, Steve.
Hang on, I'm coming.
Keep your mask on,
Steve, keep your
mask on.
Don't take your
mask off, Steve.
Come on, Steve.
You're dead!
Your team's compromised.
Leave your casualties
and get your officers
to the surface.
(distant siren wailing)
(men chattering)
Come here.
Why is it taking
so long?
The mass
decontamination unit was
set up in the wrong place.
Also, these suits are
difficult to work in.
So it's taking longer
than anticipated
to recover
the casualties.
How many casualties
are you using?
60? How many people
work in these offices?
Two or three thousand.
So it's not exactly
realistic then.
It's manageable,
The press are waiting
downstairs, Minister.
Thank you.
(men chattering)
(radio chatter)
I need some
help here!
That's it.
We've got you, mate.
You're gonna be
okay, mate.
All right,
let's go.
Breathe easy.
That's it.
Gonna be okay.
Let's get showered
and out of these suits.
Turn around.
And again.
Lift your right arm,
please. Right arm.
Turn around.
Okay, good man.
Jenny, let's have
a look at you.
Oh, shit.
You're dead too.
You've got a tear.
Your suit's ripped.
Oh, get out, Jenny.
It's important that
these drills send out
a positive message.
1600 gas-tight suits,
7,000 modesty packs,
10 mobile mass
decontamination units.
The home secretary's concerned
that we do everything we can
to reassure the public.
It's always worth
reminding Londoners
how resilient
they are.
Well, I'll put that
in the report, won't I?
This was supposed to be easy.
I've got Steve on the way
to A&E.
We're only meant
to wear the suits
for 20 minutes.
It was 16 minutes
before we came to
the car park.
And Jen got a tear.
That's what this drill
is for, Murray--
to iron out these
little problems.
Male reporter:
Minister, Minister,
how do you respond
to accusations
of scare-mongering?
Unfortunately, we live
in difficult times
and must be prepared
for every eventuality.
We believe
these drills will reassure
the British people
that we are doing
all we can to protect them
against terrorism
and that London
is as prepared as
it possibly can be.
This is all part
of the government's
to be honest about
the threats we face
and to put
as much information
in the public domain
as we can.
Female news anchor:
The emergency services drill
was held in the capital today
to test new
anti-terrorism measures.
The new Minister for London,
Nicola Painswick,
reassured Londoners
that the drill
was not linked
to any specific
West Yorkshire police
that three men
were arrested yesterday
outside the US Air Force
monitoring station
at Menwith Hill.
The three men
are all being held
under the anti-terrorism act.
Scotland Yard
declined to comment
on whether the arrests
are part a larger operation.
It's been a busy morning.
Two Irish nationals
held at Dover,
a gun found in their car.
Officers are on their way.
The US Intelligence
have passed on six names
of suspects they want
under surveillance.
And the three men
arrested at Menwith Hill
have been confirmed
as North African.
Commissioner, sir.
Thank you.
The local police
found notebooks
and video footage
of the perimeter security.
And we flagged up
two addresses for them
in London.
What do we know?
Well, they could be GSPC.
We're waiting for French
and Algerian intelligence
to get back to us.
And MoD want it
kept low-key.
Fine, you're dealing
with that one.
Incident room
is being set up.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
(people chattering)
(phones ringing)
Excuse me, I'm looking
for DS Drummer.
Just over there.
DS Drummer?
DC Habibullah.
Oh, great.
I can give you
five minutes.
You need
to get up to speed
on the briefing notes.
Now we're assuming
the suspects are using
false IDs.
We believe
they're North African,
possibly Algerian.
Also, they weren't
acting alone,
so our job is to uncover
any other cell members.
This is your desk here.
This is
propaganda material--
videos, letters,
documents recovered
from the B&B in Leeds
and the suspects'
registered addresses
in London.
You need to go through
all that lot.
Most of it's in Arabic.
What languages
have you got?
Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic.
Great, 'cause normally
I get stuck with
a civilian translator.
I'll need you with me
in interviews.
You can help me understand
what makes them tick.
How would I know?
I'm from Luton, Sarge.
You're better qualified
than I am, Detective.
Mike, can I have
a word?
DC Habibullah,
this is DI Brook.
Glad you're onboard.
Get yourself settled.
I'm in A&E.
No, no, I'm fine.
It's Steve.
Can you pop down?
Hi, Liz.
(woman over P.A.)
Dr. Hussein, please call
Thank you.
Well, hello.
Thank you.
How is he?
He'll live.
The drill
went well then?
I'm finished in half an hour.
We could go home together.
Och, well, I'd better
make sure Steve gets back
all right.
You know, if that
had been for real,
two of my crew
would be dead.
Deputy Assistant
Commissioner Ives,
you have
previously stated
that we must now
expect terrorists
to use crude
CBRN weapons
that could cause
mass devastation
to this city.
Could you explain
exactly what that means?
We're talking about such things
as a dirty bomb,
which is simply low-grade
radioactive material
blown up
by a conventional bomb,
in other words,
low-tech methods
for contaminating
large numbers of people
with deadly agents.
Thank you very much.
in a public statement
you said
that the government
is committed
to being honest
about the threats we face
and putting as much information
in the public domain
as possible.
Yes, that is correct.
I have in front of me
a recent report
from the Commons Science
and Technology Committee.
It accuses the government
of being embedded
in a culture of secrecy.
Forgive me, Minister,
but this seems to be
a direct contradiction
to your statement.
(door opens and closes)
The government completely
rejects the criticism
that it is being less open
than it need be.
We have an active
public information
We've sent a booklet
to every household in
the country with guidelines--
But are you confident
that the information
that you're giving
the public is adequate
to prepare them
for a terrorist attack?
Yes, of course.
Obviously there are times
when disclosure would not be
in the public interest.
I'm sorry,
but now I'm confused.
You're open
and transparent
except when it suits
the government
not to be.
Well, obviously
there has to be
a balance between truth
and reassurance.
Are you saying
that it's acceptable
to lie to the public
in order to reassure them?
I mean, what the public
could be told
and the need
for secrecy--
It's very interesting,
Minister, but this report
clearly states
that this lack of openness
has resulted in the public
being ill-informed
and insufficiently prepared
for a chemical, biological
or radiological
terrorist attack.
Deputy Assistant
as head of
the anti-terrorist branch,
do you feel
that adequate measures
are in place
to protect the public?
Obviously improvements
have been made
across all
emergency services,
but I'd warn
against complacency.
A great deal of work
still needs to be done.
Thank you
very much.
That's public record.
And I'm not going
on public record to say
we're fully prepared
when we're not.
We've allocated
330 million pounds
on Homeland Security.
That's a huge commitment
when the public's demanding
hospital beds.
What else do you
expect us to do?
In the States
they're spending
15 times more per head
than we are,
and even they don't
think that's enough.
Are you saying
all the work
we're doing,
all the plans,
new equipment,
count for nothing?
I'm saying we shouldn't
confuse activity
with achievement.
Out of a force of 30,000,
the Met have only
1500 officers
with protective suits
and two days' training.
We'd struggle
to deal with a large-scale
conventional attack.
If a CBRN weapon
went off--
If it went off,
John, if.
Nicola, I've seen Al Qaeda's
plans for these weapons.
With the IRA, we knew 90%
of what they were up to,
and they still
got through.
With this lot, we're lucky
if we know 20%.
It's naive to hope
it won't happen.
How are you?
Okay, this is stamped,
marked from Istanbul.
All right.
Are you all right?
It's something I ate.
Yeah? You want to leave
that goulash alone.
For the other one.
The little one.
That's it.
(tires screech)
(car horn honks)
Come on, Mr. Rashid.
You know, this is
a very popular area.
There's a post office
close by.
Also the tubes are
five minutes away,
And there's a market
on Saturday.
Show me the cellar.
I'll need
all this cleared.
It'll cost you.
How much?
70 quid.
(children chattering)
We have accommodation
for the bride's family.
This isn't the IRA.
With this lot,
we don't know who they are,
we don't know where they are.
We have no inside informants
and they don't give warnings.
First thing
to understand
about Islamic
terrorist groups--
there's no
single cell.
Don't write it down.
Remember it.
The logistics cell--
these boys will be embedded
in the target country.
They're likely to be
British nationals,
so they'll stay
They won't associate
with other known extremists.
They might not even
attend mosque.
Found a house.
They raise cash
for their group
through petty crime
like credit card fraud.
They provide passports,
safe houses, equipment,
They gather
all the elements
that make an operation
in this country possible.
Now the three North Africans
at Menwith Hill
recently entered the country
under false IDs.
So they won't be part
of logistics cells.
They're obviously
checking out the base.
Sole purpose
of a reconnaissance cell
is to gather intelligence
on intended targets.
They're closer
to the planning
of an attack
and far more likely
to be foreign nationals.
But neither the logistics
nor the reconnaissance cell
would be
suicide bombers.
The attack cell--
these boys will be
battle-hardened veterans,
jihad nutters
who fought in Chechnya,
Bosnia, Kashmir.
Nutters, Sarge?
Fanatics, however you want
to describe them.
They're almost certain
to be foreign nationals.
They're only brought in
at the last stages.
And, as we know,
in any attack
there's likely to be
more than one attack cell.
Our problem is,
none of this lot
will know
who the other cells are
or have any detailed knowledge
about the overall operation.
they all have links
to one man.
(doorbell rings)
The agent isn't
the mastermind.
That person will be
thousands of miles away
in Pakistan,
(speaking foreign language)
The agent
is the manager.
He puts the cells
and executes
the plan.
(speaking foreign language)
He'll be white-collar,
well-traveled, highly educated
and have lived in the west
for several years.
He'll have
multiple identities
and impeccable cover.
Liverpool Street...
He could be a doctor,
a lawyer,
a university professor.
The point is,
he'll be invisible
and skilled
at hiding his tracks.
So far all we have
are three suspects,
a possible
reconnaissance cell.
If we're gonna get
the rest of them,
we have to chase
every person they've ever
been in contact with
here or abroad,
follow every paper trail.
Anything that strikes you,
however small, let me know.
Man: You don't listen to me.
(woman chattering)
You never listen.
(music playing)
(doorbell dings)
Thank you.
Can I get 20 JPS, please?
And a SIM card
for my mobile,
and a pay-as-you-go
top-up card, please.
Oh, piss off.
Come on, let's go.
Yes, I'll hold.
Home Secretary wondered
how you were settling in.
I'm still trying
to find my way around,
but fine.
You had a bit of a grilling
at the Defense Select Committee.
The chair got turned
rather hung up on the issue
of public information.
May I?
Of course.
I'll have to call you back.
It's an easy
issue to present
in black and white
if you're not making
the decisions.
Maybe the chair's right.
Maybe we're not
doing enough
to train and prepare
the public.
If a CBRN attack
happens, I'm worried
that we could end up
with mass panic
on our hands.
I've been at Whitehall
25 years.
There have been at least
80 terrorist attacks
on the mainland.
Why assume
the British public
are suddenly gonna start
running around
like headless chickens?
We're talking about
suicide bombers now.
No warnings,
biological weapons,
dirty bombs.
If you start issuing
gas masks to everyone
using the tubes,
you really do risk
causing panic.
Al Qaeda wants us scared.
The more you fuel
public anxiety,
the more you play
into their hands.
I understand that.
Think of the economic
business withdrawing
from the capital,
the tourist industry hit.
We've already had local
authorities using Madrid
to demand extra funds.
We don't want
knee-jerk reactions
from the public as well.
What are you saying?
Don't you take the threat
of a CBRN attack seriously?
I'm saying
it's a difficult balance.
Overreaction can be
as dangerous as
As Minister of London,
it's your responsibility
to reassure the public
and business.
Everything is being done
to make London as prepared
as it possibly can be.
It's an issue that's easy
to get worked up about
from the back benches.
Never that simple
when you're minister.
(backup signal beeping)
(phone rings)
Mogul Prince takeaway.
Will you be there
after midnight?
(man over P.A.)
Train now arriving
at platform 4,
(P.A. system dings)
(woman announcing
over P.A.)
(knocks on door)
Why am I getting calls
from Customs?
They want to know
why one of my officers
is inquiring about
D&L Shipping.
It's one of
the names I came across
in the suspects' notebooks.
I ran them through
NCS database.
I told you
to let me know.
Sorry. You're right.
Did Customs tell you
what their interest is?
They believe
Turkish mafia
are using D&L
as a smuggling drop.
Shit, it would be
Any chance
they'd let us look
at their phone records
and their shipping
They're not gonna rush
to share information.
They're months into
a major investigation.
It's only paperwork.
You must know someone
that owes you a favor.
I'll talk to Brook.
I've run out
of favors.
(rings doorbell)
Salam alaikum.
(speaking foreign
Salam alaikum.
Have you everything
you need?
For now.
We need a large
lead sheet
to make a hatch--
just a precaution.
Right you are.
Come upstairs.
I'll introduce you properly
to your brothers.
Got any plans
Why? Have we heard
from Customs?
You must be joking.
Come on,
you can leave that.
Oh, check he hasn't
spiked it.
So, Sameena,
if they're not nutters,
what's it all about?
Are you being serious?
We can talk about football,
if you like.
What, do you mean
blowing themselves up,
All of it.
I mean, if your family
is killed right in
front of you in Chechnya,
it might crush your mind,
but why would
a third-generation kid
brought up in Bradford
want to join Al Qaeda?
Well, it doesn't matter
if you're brought up in
Bradford or in Saudi.
If you're Muslim, you're
part of a wider family.
What happens
in Chechnya,
Kashmir or Palestine
is happening to you.
It's a long way
from that
to strapping explosives
to yourself.
Yeah, but what
these boys see
makes them angry.
And extremist groups
exploit that anger.
They recruit men
from all over the world,
get them into training camps
and focus that anger.
It's brainwashing.
They hand them
a Kalashninkov,
convince them
it's their holy duty
to die in the defense
of Islam.
So now instead
of five martyrs,
hundreds step forward.
How do you feel
about that?
Pissed off.
These fanatics--
they're just a tiny minority.
And people think
we're all like that.
I take my faith
I care about what's
happening in the world.
But you don't see me
strapping explosives
to myself, do you?
So that's why
you joined the police?
No, I wasn't clever enough
to be a doctor.
(phones ringing)
(people chattering)
Phone records
and shipping manifests
from D&L Shipping,
courtesy of our friends
at Customs.
Good hunting.
Sameena, see you
in the morning.
Even before the terrible
events in Madrid,
London's emergency services
were being prepared
for a major
terrorist attack.
Under our "New Dimensions"
London Fire Brigade
have now been equipped
with extended life
breathing apparatus.
They have over 1600
gas-tight suits
and new
radiation dosing meters
in all engines.
Senior officers
are receiving
training in Texas.
And there are 10 mobile
mass decontamination units
established right across
the capitol.
The success
of the recent drill
is a clear demonstration
of how capable London's
emergency services are
in dealing with incidents
of major contamination.
Who's been
telling her this?
Of course,
we can't afford
to be complacent,
but London is now
better prepared
than it has
ever been.
Thank you
very much.
Minster, this is
Commander Paul Hardwick,
He's one of our
gold commanders
in charge of
GT control room.
Pleased to meet you, Minister.
Very interesting speech.
Minister, were you
at the same drill I was?
Sorry, you are?
I'm sorry.
I'm Murray Corrigan,
watch commander,
London Fire Service.
That drill was a farce,
wasn't it?
Have you ever worn
a GT suit?
You can't work in them.
They're unwieldy.
You boil.
What you're asking us to do
with this equipment
is totally unreal.
We've had a lot of problems
with our kits.
Clive Phelps,
London Ambulance Service.
Half our suits were defective.
We had to send them back.
When we put
the decon showers on,
the heads blew off.
I appreciate your concerns.
That's why we're
doing drills.
Well, that wasn't a drill.
It was a PR stunt--
controlled conditions,
police cadets as your
We're constantly
reviewing our plans.
Well, exactly.
They're your plans.
I have never been consulted.
I have never been invited
to any strategy meetings.
I haven't even seen
your new major incident
Well, I'm sure
you'll appreciate
that we have to limit
access to these plans
in the interests
of national security.
What a fucking great
excuse for incompetence.
I'm very sorry,
I understand.
Change can be
very unsettling.
With respect, my officers
trained as firemen.
Now they're expected
to be the front line
in your war on terror.
They're putting
their lives at risk,
and none of us know
if your plans work.
Excuse me.
We have
the barrels.
Around the back.
What did he say?
Take it
around the back.
I used to
really look forward
to go to work.
They're perfectly happy
to spend billions on Iraq,
MI5, a sexy new
British FBI.
You'd think they could
spend a bit more on us.
Still, the rumor is
that the first officers in
are expendables.
Maybe that's why
they don't want to waste
their money.
If you really believe that,
perhaps you should get out.
But whatever
you decide to do,
I'll support you.
(man whistles)
Good morning.
So what happened?
Well, what have you
(Harper over P.A.)
Would Murray Corrigan
please report
to the station commander's
office now?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm expecting
a call any minute
demanding I put you
on charges.
I'll be a watch commander
down, right?
We've already lost
two senior officers
this year.
I'm resigning anyway.
(man over P.A.)
Mobilize, mobilize.
Foxtrot 571,
Foxtrot 572.
(man continues
Three calls
to an address in Leeds,
nothing logged,
local are looking into it.
Seven calls to an address
in Kentish Town, flagged,
NCS already investigating.
We're talking to them.
One call to an address
in Neasden,
the Mogul Prince
takeaway, logged.
A Muslim neighbor called
the anti-terrorist hotline
complaining about
the two men that live
above the takeaway.
Might be something.
In a statement,
she describes them
as fanatics.
Do we know
who they are?
We're running checks.
I can send an officer over
to talk to her,
get more details.
You'll go.
She'll find it easier
talking to you.
Did you get
the number?
In your statement
you said that they were
moving barrels.
Anything else
makes you suspicious?
You described them as fanatics
to the anti-terrorist hotline.
I don't trust them.
Something in the way
they behave?
What did they say?
You understand?
We're rare.
But they're proud.
Rashid Dhar
and Imran Nazir,
both registered
at 66A Craven Lane,
both claiming
social security benefit,
both British nationals.
Neither has a record
and neither has been
with any extremist groups,
as far as we know.
Check with provincial forces,
see if there's anything else.
Any travel detail?
They've both had
multiple entry visas
for Pakistan and Saudi.
That doesn't necessarily
mean anything.
It could be family trips,
pilgrimage to Mecca.
Half my relatives
would be suspects
based on that.
You're the one asking
for intrusive surveillance.
There's other leads
we could be chasing.
Yes or no?
My instinct is
that the woman
is right about them.

He's got the steering wheel
in his ribs,
and I'm saying to him,
"There's no other way for me
to get you out of here, mate."
God, was he all right?
Oh, he'll be fine.
Anyways, there he is,
he's trapped in his car.
His phone's ringing.
He starts looking for it.
And he answers it.
And it's his girlfriend.
And she's in a restaurant
waiting for him.
They're supposed to be
having lunch or something.
And he says,
"No, look, love,
I'm trapped in the car.
I can't get out.
I've got a fireman
chopping me out of it."
She doesn't believe him,
goes off on one.
So he hands it
to me.
And she's absolutely
Now I've never had
anything like it
in my life.
What, with him,
for being late?
No, for crashing
the car.
It's her car.
Did she calm down?
Anyway, I saved him.
I saved his
I killed the car.
My hero.
So you're not
resigning then?
Well, what else
would I do?
Decorate the kitchen,
fix the guttering.
Oh, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry
I was so down.
It's okay.
I understand.
I work for
National Health.
Liz: Hi.
Man: Good evening.
Welcome, welcome.
(Indian music playing)
Salam alaikum, brother.
Wa-alaikum as-salam.
I hope you're well.
And I hope your family
is well.
I'm sorry,
I don't understand.
I want you gone
by Monday.
Why Monday?
You have done
your job well.
(man over radio)
Unknown leaving.
Repeat, unknown leaving.
Stay with original target.
This is where
he wipes his cup.
I'd say the stranger
is his superior.
You saw the way he behaved
when Dhar stood.
Have we done any DNA?
Forensics has the cup.
What are the chances
of getting an ID
from the photo?
It's with 5 and 6.
And it could
take up to 48 hours
before we hear back.
What do we know?
We found a reference
for D&L Shipping
in one of the North Africans'
A phone call
was logged from D&L
to Mogul Prince takeaway.
Dhar and Nazir
both work there.
An eyewitness saw them
unloading metal barrels
at night.
Customs believe
D&L is used by a lot
of foreign outfits.
Are we just looking at
a couple of petty crooks
smuggling IDs?
They're clearly devout
and disciplined.
We've identified
extremist literature
on their shelves.
They're careful
to cover their tracks.
All this suggests
that they've been trained.
Have we found
the logistics cell
for the North Africans?
No, I don't think so.
Why not?
These boys are Pakistani.
They operate through
different networks.
So you're saying
we could have stumbled
upon a logistics cell
for a completely separate
Yes, sir.
We'll have a better idea
when we know who he is.
If the lion wants
to suddenly come
and go, "Grr!"
do you think
the camel
or the lion would be
more stronger?
(speaking Arabic)
(man on TV)
There is deepening concern
around the world
about the rising
violence in Iraq.
Faced with continued
(men speaking
foreign language)
(radiation meter
These canisters all contain
radioactive material
in powder form.
These smaller ones
contain alpha sources.
This you can handle
It's only dangerous
if you get it on your skin
or you inhale it...
breathe it in.
Now you must wear
these masks
when you work
with it.
These larger ones
contain gamma radiation.
This is much more
In this concentration,
as soon as that lid
is open,
you've got 60 seconds.
After that,
it's going to make you
very, very sick.
Do you understand?
And the whole operation
shouldn't take more than
four minutes.
(watch beeps)
(watch beeps)
Sorry to drag you in.
How long is this gonna take?
I've got the boys downstairs.
There's a chance that
radioactive material
has been smuggled
into the country.
A body was found
in Bulgaria last Tuesday.
He's been identified
as Usman Selcuk,
a Turkish shipping agent
and a suspected smuggler.
Been exposed
to a fatal dose
of gamma radiation.
Now we know at least
50 different shipments
left his man's
depot in Sofia one week
prior to his death.
The shipments were destined
for 17 different countries.
The UK is among them.
Why are we worried?
We think we might
have found
a logistics cell
with links to the same
Turkish smuggling cartel.
His body was discovered
five days ago.
Why are we just getting
the information now?
The intel went to 5.
They didn't consider it
a priority.
Oh, God.
All right, thank you.
(phone beeps)
Get me DI Lane
and DS Drummer.
(device crackling)
Did you put
the lids back on?
The lids--
are they on?
(switch clicks)
(device beeps)
(device crackling)
(watch beeps)
(device crackling)
(watch beeps)
Close the hatch.
Close the hatch.
(device crackling rapidly)
5 have identified the man
who met with Rashid Dhar
as Ahmed Ibrahim Abassi.
He's a Jordanian
management consultant
registered as mature student
at London University,
living here in the UK
with his wife and child.
He's also lived in Cairo,
Hamburg and Paris.
Now his credentials
seem legitimate,
but we do know that
he accepted passports
from Dhar
and that he took the trouble
to wipe his fingerprints.
Do we know
where he is?
Only a previous address.
We're trying to get a current
one from the college.
We do have
another problem.
Surveillance team
on Dhar and Nazir
say they're packing up,
possibly destroying
Should we pick them up?
I'd prefer
to keep watching.
We're confident they're
not an attack cell,
so let's just see
where they take us.
How serious is
the radiation threat?
Well, we've no
direct evidence that
radioactive materials
are being smuggled
into this country.
Has anything come up
on the radiation detectors
in the ports?
No, but there's been
no intel.
They check 10%-20%
of the cargo.
Even if the dead Turk was
smuggling a gamma source,
there's no proven link
to him and Nazir and Dhar.
I mean, the material
could have gone to any
number of clients.
643 instances
of radiation trafficking
in the last six years,
and they're the ones
we know about.
And with no specific
intel suggesting
a dirty bomb threat
to the UK.
Have we gone back
to 5 and 6?
Are they certain
about that?
Well, we are trawling
all intelligence noise,
just in case
they'd missed something.
I'm not happy
that Dhar and Nazir
are packing up.
I want their flat
turned over,
and D&L Shipping.
I'll square it with
Customs later.
Take CBRN teams.
And pick up Abassi,
before tomorrow,
if possible.
If we spook him
and lose him,
that's the risk
I'll have to take.
(man speaks Arabic)
(man speaks Arabic)
(men shouting)
Armed police!
Armed police!
(policemen continue
Lie down!
Lie down!
Stay there!
Look at the light!
Hands on your back.
Look at the light.
Stay there.
Now move!
Where's your mate now?
(police radio chatter)
Imran Nazir,
I'm arresting you
under the Terrorism Act.
Rashid Dhar,
I'm arresting you
on suspicion of
terrorist activities
under the--
Slow down.
I want to chat first.
Bag these separately,
No sign of those
barrels anywhere?
That's funny,
'cause we know
you picked them up.
What was in the barrels,
Where are they now?
We know you only started
packing yesterday.
Why the hurry?
What did Abassi
tell you to do?
(man announcing
over P.A.)
(alarm blaring)
(tires screech)
What was that?
What the fuck was that?
(man over P.A.)
Mobilize, mobilize.
Foxtrot 571, Foxtrot 572.
There's a major incident...
(man over radio)
A large explosion
in the vicinity
of Liverpool Street station.
Dispatch pump engines
to investigate.
Foxtrot 571 responding.
(alarm blaring)
(pager beeping)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
We've lost all the live feed
from camera...
What just happened, Paul?
There's a large explosion,
Liverpool Street.
Could be gas,
plane down or a bomb.
We're still trying
to contact city police
at Bishopsgate.
Got a visual, north end
of Bishopsgate, on 2.
(man over speaker)
Probable incendiary device.
Can confirm ground zero
is Liverpool Street.
Repeat, ground zero
is Liverpool Street.
Blue Lights can expect
mass casualties...
Has anyone checked
for contamination?
(car alarms ringing)
Foxtrot 571 to Control,
mobile to incident.
ETA approximately
two minutes.
Repeat, ETA two minutes.
Stop the engine, Ralph.
(devices beeping)
Get your
BA sets on now.
Foxtrot 571 to Control.
Dosing meters alarming.
Repeat, dosing meters
Radiation suspected,
reading 26 millisieverts.
Holding position.
(Control over radio)
Foxtrot 571 from Control.
Recalled, recalled.
Foxtrot 571 to Control.
We have suspected
mass casualties.
We have serious
fire hazards.
We need all services
at the site ASAP.
We have
a major incident.
Repeat, major incident.
Control to Foxtrot 571,
blast site radioactive.
Repeat, all units
recalled immediately.
Repeat, recalled.
Foxtrot 571.
Status two received.
Back up!
Keep moving, everyone.
Follow the engine.
Guys, we're being
We've got to
get out of here.
Sir, Fire Control report
that several units
approaching the site
are reporting high levels
of radiation.
Reports are
from multiple entry routes
surrounding incident--
North Bishopsgate,
London Wall, Houndsditch,
corner of Threadneedle
and Bishopsgate.
Get that helicopter back.
Tom, get onto
the bomb squad, find out
what we're dealing with.
Is it just radiation
in this bomb?
How bad is it?
I need dirty bomb plans
on all terminals.
I need safe sites
for marshalling area.
No more emergency vehicles
are to enter the site.
Officers: Sir.
Any personnel
already committed
are contaminated.
They must withdraw
to a safe distance
and stay put till we know
where to set up decon.
The bomb's definitely
We've got high levels
of radiation on site.
No, I don't know
what else...
Any fire officers
reach ground zero?
Tom, get me fire, ambulance,
military liaison here now.
Make sure number 10
is informed.
And see how long
it will take
government liaison
to get here.
Sarge, they want to know
where to withdraw to.
Tell them 400--
no, 500 meters.
And tell them to stay put
until further notice.
All units
are to withdraw
to 500 meters...
We need all potential
target locations cordoned
and cleared.
If it's suicide bombers,
we have to expect
secondary devices.
Sergeant, any way
I could look
at CCTV footage
of Liverpool Street
before the onset?
Hang on a minute.
We can't play that back
from here,
but I can patch you through
to the surveillance suite
on Water Street.
It's line 1,
the bomb incident room.
Sir, ambulance want to know
what they should do
with casualties.
They should take
casualties to hospital and
take contamination with them.
If it's life or death,
it's the ambulance's call.
But they must liaise
with hospital A&Es.
Sir, what about
the casualties trapped
at ground zero?
We'll deal
with that later.
Yeah, go ahead.
Move along, please.
Just move along.
Move back.
Move away from the area.
Move away
from the area.
What's going on?
Move back, please.
What's going on?
Just get back.
Where to?
Just get back now, please.
Move away.
That way, sir.
That way.
Go with everybody else.
Keep moving, please.
Please keep moving.
(man over speaker)
All fire ground personnel
returning from incident
must go through
before entering
marshalling area.
Yeah? All right.
Thanks, Steve.
Murray Corrigan.
Watch commander.
Dosing meter reading.
43. You're clean.
I heard you guys got
a mobile that works.
Are you all right?
Let me help.
No way.
You have to leave
your car.
Go the other way.
Keep it moving.
No one here has been
able to confirm
that the bomb
is radioactive.
But it's obvious here
that there is fear
of some form
of contamination.
As you can see behind me,
police are moving people
back from the area
as quickly as they can.
But we don't know
if this is merely
a precaution
or whether the blast
was in fact
some kind of dirty bomb,
as you say.
Is this you,
you bastard?
We were unable
to get closer
than 400 yards
to the site of the blast.
But what's even
more alarming
is that emergency vehicles
are being held back...
Hold the line. Sir.
Liverpool Street
are holding all trains
on the line
outside the station.
They want to know
where to disembark
the passengers.
Tell them to hold.
No one should leave the area
without decontamination.
Tom, what's
the weekday population
of the square mile?
Over 300,000.
But if you include
the surrounding
residential areas,
closer to a million.
Get back to me on that
as soon as you can.
Are you sure?
This lady needs
a hospital.
Go to the front.
Can you help this lady?
You can't stay here.
You've got to move back.
I've got seriously
injured people, mate.
The instructions are
to leave the casualties
that can't move.
Well, do you want
to tell them that?
We're not going anywhere
till we get some
proper medical
assistance. Prat.
Help me!
Come on, follow me.
Keep moving.
(man over phone)
Okay, I've got an image outside
Liverpool Street station.
Tell me
what you're seeing.
(man over phone)
It's a white
transit van.
Two people
in the cab.
Can't see
the registration.
Whoa. Shit.
They were in the van
when it went up, sir.
Just checking another camera
to see if we can get
the number plate.
White van,
suicide bomber.
You need to check for
any suspect vehicles.
Under no circumstances
must an officer approach.
Okay, officers
on streets...
Yeah, I need a direct patch
to surveillance cameras
covering Canary Wharf...
...on high alert for
any suspect vehicles...
Isle of Dogs, Tower Bridge...
white vans,
parked white vans
with drivers.
(man over phone)
Confirmed two people
in the van
number plate X-ray, 334,
X-ray, Bravo, Romeo.
Houses of Parliament,
Parliament Square,
Oxford Street,
Central London,
Westminster Bridge.
X-ray, 334, X-ray,
Bravo, Romeo.
Put this number plate
through the ring of steel
It will give us
the face of the driver.
(man over phone)
Hang on, I've got
something else.
They swapped drivers.
There were three people
in the van.
They've switched drivers
inside the ring of steel.
(man over phone)
The original driver got out
on Bishopsgate.
We know this man.
I'm sending you a photo--
a man known as Ahmed Ibrahim
I'll need an all-ports now.
He's probably using
false ID.
Get onto DS Drummer.
You can go
if you want.
Where is Abassi?
What's he planning?
What's the next target?
Sarge, fire and ambulance
need to know
where to send their
mass decon units.
We've got to establish
hot and cold zones first.
Just give me a moment.
Sir, how the hell
are we gonna do this?
We're getting
wildly different readings
from all over the place.
Alan, Alan,
what does it say
in the procedure?
It says it's vital
to make fragmentation
distance assessment
to allow for eddies
and microclimate
What the fuck
does that mean?
Mark, where is
the science officer?
Still struggling
to get in, sir.
Get him on the radio.
Alan, get onto
the met office,
find out which way
the wind's blowing.
Sir, fire are
getting reports
of numerous casualties
still trapped at ground zero.
(man over radio)
India 99 to Control.
We now have secondary fires
in surrounding buildings.
Maintaining safe distance.
(man over speaker)
All units must await
further instructions.
No vehicles are
to enter the site.
So what's the plan?
Why the hell are we
just standing here?
We're on hold,
but working on it.
We've got suits and
breathing apparatus.
We should be
back in there.
All units are recalled,
We still don't know exactly
what we're dealing with.
Well, we should
go there now.
There are people
alive in there, and
we've abandoned them.
And we don't do that.
(man over radio)
...as yet unknown.
Man #2:
We can't give you an estimate
on the casualties.
We have no officers
on the ground.
We'll give you
an approximation
as soon as we can...
I can't reach Liz.
All units must await
further instruction.
All the networks
are down, mate.
I'm sure
she'll be fine.
All personnel
to report...
Let me stress right now, sir,
that for someone
who was not caught
at the blast,
who is away from the site
of the blast itself,
such a person is
at very little risk
to health...
Hold the line.
Sir, science officer says
they're getting
both alpha and gamma
radiation readings.
No one should be deployed
in the hot zone without
full CBRN protection.
People should cover their faces
with whatever they can.
They should cover
any cuts and abrasions.
Sir, St. Luke's
and Mile End hospitals
are being overwhelmed by
self-presenters coming out
of the hot zone.
The crowd is contaminated.
Hospitals requesting
police assistance
to hold them back.
Tell them
they'll have to wait.
Tom, can we spare
the manpower?
The inner cordon's
a kilometer diameter.
So for the outer cordon
we'll need over 1000 officers.
How many have you
actually got with suits?
500, mostly TSG.
Military liaison say
they can mobilize
a couple of hundred troops
within the hour.
That's the last resort.
I don't want a soldier
on a civilian cordon.
The most important thing
for anyone caught
inside the hot zone,
it's to be
before trying to go home
to their families.
Otherwise they risk
taking, of course,
the radioactive contamination
back to their families...
Contaminated people
are getting out.
Suits or not,
we have to contain this.
Listen up.
I want manned barriers
at 2000 meters.
Filter everyone in that area
into decon cordons.
Try to hold those lines.
No one to cross
until mass decon is set up.
They're afraid they might
have been contaminated,
exposed to radiation,
and they simply want help.
I'll be far more useful
down there.
They need to see
a government face
on the front line.
Most of the staff here
are insisting
they can only treat
the serious casualties.
They're actually
refusing entry
to the many minor injuries
caused by flying glass.
Someone has to
reassure them.
Basically there's a lack
of clear information...
The press are already
at the cordon.
...which, in turn,
as you can see, is fueling
an awful lot of anger.
Thank you, Jonathan.
We're just receiving
confirming that all
emergency vehicles
have been withdrawn from
what they're calling
ground zero.
(man over phone)
Confirm, van at Telecom Tower
has two people in cab.
The number plate
for Canary Wharf van
not registered.
The number plate's
a dead end, sir.
We're getting reports
for third suspect van
parked with driver,
Perksway between
Abbey Orchard Street
and St. Peter Street.
Perksway between
Abbey Orchard Street
and St. Peter Street.
Back of the DTI,
Back of the DTI,
(man over phone)
Coming onscreen now.
Okay, can you
tilt down?
Can you zoom in
Is that the best
we can get?
Can you get another
camera on it?
Sorry, Mr. Ives,
we really need you
to make a statement.
Lower angle.
That's the best
they've got, sir.
I want SO19 in place,
with riflemen where
Keep watching them,
but no one is to approach
those vans.
If they are
suicide bombers,
the slightest
thing spooks them
and they'll detonate.
What else
have they got planned?
How many devices
are there?
How many
devices are there?
Sarge, the tenancy
46 Churchill Avenue,
Willesden Green,
three months
paid in advance.
What's there, Rashid?
Take Phillips and
whoever's still here
from SO19.
Come with me.
(man on TV)
We are live now
from Scotland Yard,
where we're expecting
a statement
from the Deputy
Assistant Commissioner John Ives
on the anti-terrorist...
Phillips, come with me.
And you.
A large bomb hidden in a van
was detonated
at 8:00 A.M. outside
Liverpool Street station.
We believe that the bomb
might have been used
to disperse small amounts
of radioactive contamination.
Guys, guys, I need you.
Which is why
every necessary precaution
is being taken.
In the meantime,
we need the public
to stay calm
and to stay put.
If you're
already in your home,
stay in your home.
If you're in your office,
please remain there.
All Londoners
not in the vicinity
of the incident
should go in,
stay in and tune in.
(Ives over speakers)
There is no significant risk
to your health,
but it is vital
that you are decontaminated
before you go home.
Mass decontamination units...
(continues indistinct)
(backup signal beeps)
(distant siren wailing)
Sir, mass decon units
have been dispatched
to the cordons
at London Wall,
Commercial Road,
London Bridge,
Old Street.
Priority routes
are filtering
everyone still
inside the zone
to these four points.
Tom, how long
are we gonna have to
hold people there?
Uh, we've got
10 mass decon units
in London,
more en route
from the regions.
But assuming
fire and water
can get them up and running
in half an hour,
they're supposed to do
about 200 people an hour?
So how many people
are we talking about?
100,000, 200,000.
I don't know
how many people
are still in there.
That's 10-12 hours
Right, we'd better organize
food and drink.
You can't do that.
They mustn't put their
hands near their mouths--
no smoking, no eating,
no drinking.
They could ingest
Has anyone
told them that?
Well, haven't you?
Sir, we've got
a major problem.
Fires are burning
out of control
at ground zero.
We have no idea how bad
the situation
is at ground zero, so officers
must wear GT suits.
Man #2:
Suits don't give protection
against gamma.
That's what
the dosing meters are for.
Now we should expect
concentrated pockets
of gamma radiation
close to the blast site.
That means officers are gonna
have to check their meters
every minute.
And what's
the maximum dose?
Female officers
can't risk exposure
to radiation at all.
We can only ask
male officers
to volunteer to take
up to 100 millisieverts.
Anything above that's
at their own risk.
How do we get men in
from this distance
on that time scale?
Well, we could use engines
that are already contaminated
to drive relays.
Yeah, but it's gonna be hard
getting the engines close.
There's rubble everywhere.
They'd be lucky
to last longer
than 20 minutes
in those suits.
So the first officers in
are gonna need to know
the ground.
You and your men
have already received
half the maximum dose.
So the reliefs
better get in faster.
How many men do we have
available right now?
A couple of hundred
that we can ask to get
suited up.
Now the traffic's
The majority of the force
is struggling to get here.
If you want it,
you're first in.
You'd better talk
to your crew.
(men shouting)
Armed police!
Armed police!
(continue shouting)
(Ives over speakers)
Everyone should stay calm.
There is no significant
risk to your health,
but it is vital
that you are decontaminated
before you go home.
Pregnant women,
and any casualties
should report to the front.
It is in your best interest
to refrain
from eating,
drinking, smoking,
placing your hands
in your mouth
prior to
Everyone should
stay calm.
There is no significant
risk to your health,
but it is vital
that you are decontaminated
before you go home.
Good morning, Minister.
I've been asked to be your
liaison officer this morning.
Could you
bring me up to speed?
What's going on here?
Yes, we estimate
a crowd
of several thousand people
behind the cordon
in need of immediate
The process
now of setting up
the decontamination units--
literally a couple of minutes
before we're ready
to get the decon unit
open, on its way,
to bring people
through there ASAP.
The house is secure.
We have one casualty--
one suspect dead.
(man over radio)
Roger. Understood.
Ambulance en route.
Medical team
en route.
(device crackling)
This man is hot.
The whole house
is hot!
We've got to get out.
Clear the house!
We've got to get out now.
Clear the house.
Clear the house!
(man announcing
over speakers)
Murray, Murray,
when your dosing meter
gets to 100, you come out.
Do you understand?
(man over radio)
First unit...
We need a decontamination
team down here
before any one can go in
and check forensics.
Give me the radio.
Sir, this is
DC Habibullah.
I'm looking
at a rental agreement
for a white
transit van,
registration Oscar, Uniform,
5-3, Sierra, Foxtrot, Foxtrot.
Yeah. No, that's not
the van that detonated.
Sir, they've recovered
documents for a rented van.
White Ford transit,
Oscar, Uniform...
Oscar, Uniform...
Sierra, Foxtrot, Foxtrot.
Sierra, Foxtrot, Foxtrot.
That's not
the Canary Wharf van.
Does anyone have a visual
on the number plates
of suspect vehicles
at Westminster and
Telecom Tower?
(speaking Arabic)
Allahu akbar.
(starts engine)
(man over radio)
Van 1 on the move.
That's our van.
(man #2 over radio)
Go, go!
Man #1:
Local in shot,
target obscured.
Take it.
Man #1:
Do not approach vehicle.
Do not approach
Our target's down.
Our target's down.
Man #2:
Confirm target down.
No movement.
Repeat, no movement.
(man over speakers)
Please wait patiently.
Mass decontamination
has begun.
Everyone will go through
as soon as possible.
Your patience
is appreciated.
Don't cross the line.
Don't cross.
(man over speakers)
Please wait patiently.
Mass decontamination
has begun.
Everyone will go through
as soon as possible.
Your patience
is appreciated.
Please zip up.
Put your mask on.
Come through.
Stop, please.
Close your eyes.
(man over radio)
Foxtrot 571, this is
entry controller.
What's your status?
We have severe
civilians trapped.
We need
heavy lifting gear.
More units are en route.
What's your dosing meter
Hang on.
Repeat, 250.
You're over your limit.
You can take your crew
out now.
We can't pull out now.
We need more men.
(all shouting)
Surely we need another
mass decon unit here.
All the decon units
in London are committed,
Can't we get hold
of any more?
We have more en route
from other parts
of the country,
but we're not sure
when they'll get here.
(reporters clamoring)
I'll take every question
that you have for me.
We're getting some really
high radiation readings.
How high?
Very high.
Radiation has spread
east by northeast
with prevailing winds.
Alert, Mile End hospitals
and all medical units
in the area
be advised
radiation is spreading.
Do not let people leave
the hospital buildings.
Sarge, London Wall
cordon reports
radiation readings are
50 millisieverts.
They want
to relocate mass decon
to a safe distance.
No, negative.
Hold position.
Oh my comms, please.
Woman: Transfer.
Extra manpower is
on its way to assist.
Do not dismantle your decon
until you have their backup.
Whatever happens,
you must hold that
cordon line.
If the perpetrators
of this dreadful evil
think that they can
and intimidate us,
they are wrong.
Londoners have coped
with terrorist attacks
many times before.
(sirens wailing)
We are doing
everything we can
to protect
and inform people--
Sorry to interrupt this.
I need to ask you to move.
Decon is being relocated.
You need to move.
(people shouting)
Keep back!
Keep back!
(man over speakers)
There will be
a short delay
while the mass
decontamination facility
is re-sited.
Please stay calm.
We will resume
as soon
as possible.
Your cooperation
is essential.
There will be
a short delay
while the mass
decontamination facility
is re-sited.
Please stay calm.
We will resume
Minister, radiation
levels are rising.
You must leave.
Please, minister.
(crowd chanting)
We must go!
We must go!
We must go! We must go!
We must go!
We must go!
Please remain calm.
Please stay back.
It's in your own
We must go!
We must go!
(man over speakers)
Decontamination will resume
as soon as possible.
Please remain calm.
(man over speakers)
Attention, all fire
ground personnel.
High levels of radiation
are suspected.
Immediate withdrawal.
I repeat, immediate
Murray, this is Harper.
Steve, check
your air supply.
Check your gauge.
Foxtrot 571
to entry controller.
(woman over radio)
Go ahead.
We're running out
of air.
We've got to
contain this.
Help me!
We need more men.
Where are my reliefs?
Murray, this is Harper.
There's a delay.
Marshalling area
is having to relocate.
We're pulling back.
We'll advise
on new location.
You have to
get out of there now.
(woman wailing)
Murray, are you receiving?
Murray, do you copy?
Situation understood.
Get out, Steve.
Get out.
I'll spot it.
(people chattering)
(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
Are you ready
for this?
Ahmed Ibrahim Abassi,
also known as
Nabil Kasim,
also known as
Abu Azim,
born Hanif Abbash,
Amman, Jordan,
June 17th, 1971.
Pakistani ISI are
holding your wife.
Your son Abdullah,
as far as we know,
is in an orphanage.
Your son has no family
to claim him.
Do you care
what happens to him?
He's four years old.
You decided his fate.
You killed those people,
not Allah.
Slaughtering innocent
men, women and children
is not defending
the brotherhood.
It is a crime
against Islam.
And what happens now?
The West retaliates.
Thousands more Muslims
will die.
We expect
your retaliation.
It is what unites us
and divides you.
Hi, could you tell me
where the ICU unit is,
Yeah, down there.
Follow the corridor,
on your left.
Your husband has made
good progress.
You need to understand
there will be long-term
But good news is that
Murray should be able
to come home in the next
couple of weeks.
We'll make regular
outpatient's appointments,
but you should be alert
for any signs of melanoma--
tumors, skin lesions,
any unusual changes
to the skin.
I'm afraid
there may be problems
if you want
to have children.
We have consultants here.
If you like, you can
talk to them
and they'll explain
the risks involved.
Do you understand?
Female reporter:
The death toll as a direct
result of the city bombing
has been confirmed
at 375,
although some
medical experts warn
that there could be
thousands of long-term
cancer deaths
as a result of exposure
to radiation.
Male reporter:
Scientists from
the Atomic Energy Agency
have announced
that three and a half
square miles
of Central
and Eastern London
may have to remain sealed off
for as long as 30 years.
Male reporter #2:
Thousands of businesses
caught in the contamination zone
have been forced
to close.
Millions in pensions,
savings and trust funds
may never recover.
As London house prices
continue to plummet,
analysts warn
the the full cost
of the bombing
is impossible
to calculate.
Female reporter #2:
In the hunt for the ringleaders
of the dirty bomb attack,
British police say
they have received
unprecedented cooperation
from all international
intelligence services.
Later in the program
we'll be talking
to the head of...
Female reporter #3:
The Prime Minister vowed
that the government
will not rest
until all the terrorists
who threaten the
civilized world
are brought to justice.

(music playing)