Dirty Weekend (2015) Movie Script

Where are we again? Hmm?
Oh, what... what's going on?
We're disembarking.
Yes, I know. You told me that,
but... but to
another plane, right?
We don't know yet.
So, you woke me up,
and now we're...
we're waiting here...
where are we again?
Oh, shit.
I thought I was dreaming.
Well, the big fella's up, is he?
Very good.
Yeah. He nodded off
for a minute,
so he's still
a bit groggy, I'm afraid.
Very good. Yeah, but what's up?
Oh, no, don't worry.
I'll explain. It's fine.
Ah. Very good.
He's good at his job, isn't he?
Yeah. Very good,
as he might say.
Now, look, I'm not fine,
so why did you say "we're fine"
when I'm not that at all?
I was about to explain to you...
we're grounded here for now.
But... what... why?
Because Dallas
had torrential rain,
so this is as far as we go.
So, wait, we just
stopped in Albuquerque?
Why don't we just turn around
and go back to L.A.?
I don't know.
That's what they decided.
Who decided that?
Did all the passengers
get together and take a vote?
'Cause I'm not very happy.
Well, here are.
Well, this is just great.
Don't worry, I e-mailed ahead.
We still might get
the last flight out.
Otherwise, there's the bus.
Oh, don't say that. What?
The bus. Why?
I hate bus travel.
It scares me.
All right, les.
Well, we can always
rent a little subcompact
with no leg room and the stink
of old cigarette smoke,
and I can drive it
through the night.
Is that better?
All right. Greyhound it is.
Man, I don't believe this.
We don't have to
take the greyhound.
I called and booked us rooms
into the airport hotel
so we can relax properly
and also so we don't
have to wait here at the gate,
'cause I know...
You don't feel well, you know?
So, we'll be all right.
Says you.
We will, though. I promise.
Mhh. That doesn't count.
You English
are perpetually optimistic,
even in places like Waterloo.
We won at Waterloo.
You know what I mean.
India, then, places like that.
It's all fun and games
till somebody
sticks a spear in your ass.
So, where you guys from?
Los Angeles.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Oh. Oh. Oh, thanks very much.
thank you. Right, sorry.
Okay. Thanks again. Bye.
So... Geez, nat.
Why don't you toss in a blow job
for all the trouble
you're putting them through?
It's their job to help you.
You know, it's funny
because with anybody else,
that would be considered
sexual harassment.
Yeah, but that's why
I like you...
you're not like everyone else.
You're regular, normal.
I was just trying to be nice.
It's their fault.
You don't have to be, like,
completely submissive.
What? Don't say that. Well...
Just because you
want something from someone,
it doesn't mean
you have to be nasty about it.
And it's not their fault,
actually. It's the weather.
Mm, I suppose.
So? Well, no flights for now,
not to Dallas, anyway.
Oh, boy. Boy, this is...
Not good. Exactly.
My thoughts exactly.
We could always drive,
but I'm not sure
we'd make it on time.
Plus, we'd be totally exhausted.
Well, I would be, anyway.
Mm, sorry. Busted wing.
Come on, let's think.
We're... we're two adults here,
did you study again?
My safety school.
Uh, so, come on.
L-let's figure this out.
I tried all the other airlines.
They all have the same problem.
And nobody's
flying out later tonight?
Yes. We're on hold
with four other carriers.
We could always take the bus.
Do you want to do that? No, no.
So... so, you got it covered.
That's good. That's good.
Well, looks like we might
be stuck here for a while.
Want to change or something,
get out of that sweater?
Why? Well, nothing,
I just noticed
you were sweating a bit,
you know, perspiring.
It's hot in here.
I'm fine.
I wasn't being forward.
Trust me.
I said I'm fine. I just meant,
you're wearing a turtleneck
and we're in new Mexico.
Polo neck. What?
That's what we
call it in england...
polo neck.
You're always doing that.
What, correct you?
No, no, the... the turtle...
the polo-neck thing.
You like those, huh?
Yeah. It's my style.
Well, good.
Good. This was fun,
getting to know each other.
Let's get a bite.
I always think better with food,
even hotel food.
Oh. No, no.
See, now you ruined it.
I said no potatoes, none.
So, if you put them on there,
that's not none.
Sorry, what, you want more?
No, not more.
Jesus, I don't want potatoes.
Why would I want more? So...
Wait, you want more potatoes or not?
It's all right.
This is good. Thank you.
I thought you
didn't like potatoes.
At the breakfast meetings
we've shared,
you always send them back.
I'm a complex guy.
And, my, aren't we observant?
What are you, stalking me?
You should be so lucky.
Honey, have you heard of
"word in edgewise"?
It's a saying.
It's a... yes, people
use it all the time.
Mm-hmm, yes, it means
"take a deep breath
and let me speak for a second."
All right. Yes, now, listen.
Now, listen, I'm not in Dallas.
No, no, nothing's wrong.
No, it's not.
No. No!
No, no, it... no, Dallas...
no, Dallas is having storms.
Yes, so I'm stuck
in Albuquerque,
and I wanted to call.
Oh, no, th-this is
my... my coworker's phone.
Yes, Miss Havington.
Yeah, that's right.
Yes, Natalie.
Yes, the British one.
Yeah, her phone worked here...
at&t or something...
so I borrowed it.
Oh, yes, I'll thank her.
Yeah. Now, listen.
honey, look...
honey. Honey.
Suzie? Yes.
Yeah, no, it's just the hotel
phone 'cause les is upst... he...
yeah, his...
anyway, the th... yes, we're...
yeah, we're in a spot of bother.
Um... We're s... we're stuck.
Um, Albuquerque.
Yeah. I know.
The weather. No, it's just
the weather, really.
Um, and, um, anyway,
so, we could...
we could use
a little bit of your...
of your help on it, really.
Um, I know, I know.
Domestic travel
in the United States.
All right, so...
oh, really? All right, then.
Well, if you... if you...
if you call my other phone,
I'll have it in a minute.
Oh, you wo...
okay, e-mail. Okay.
Well, I-I look forward to it.
All right.
Les is fine, yeah.
He's doing okay.
All right, then.
Okay, then, Suzie.
Thank you. Bye.
This may be the first time
I've ever had a Martini
before noon.
Well, make that 10:30.
This is crazy.
We got to get out of here.
Mm. I mean, we're...
We need to be there, right?
We should be there already.
I told them,
"this is a big deal.
Let us travel out on Sunday,
get a jump on things."
But, no, they save 400 bucks
by having us fly on Monday.
Well... well,
I hope they're happy
when we end up walking in late
tomorrow morning.
Are you all right? Yeah,
yeah, it's just...
it's just,
this is a big account,
and it's a huge deal for me.
For all of us...
But especially for me.
I know it is. Yeah.
I feel like there's a lot
riding on this.
You know, I...
yeah, I... I think I'm gonna...
I'm gonna run into town
for a... for a little bit.
Sorry? Into town.
I-I feel like being in the city
for a few hours, so...
What, like now? R-right now?
Yeah, just for a bit,
if that's okay.
Blow off some steam.
Of course.
'Cause we're not getting out
of here. That's obvious.
I mean, we're not. Well, we could, though.
You don't know that.
No, it's gonna take a while.
I'm just gonna...
just gonna get in the shuttle,
go back to the airport,
grab a cab, do a few things,
and I'll... I'll be back
in like a-a couple hours.
Les, do you think it's wise
for us to split up?
Hey, we're not
married here or anything.
W-we're more like...
like bandits, you know,
Desperados, Butch & Sundance,
that kind of deal.
We can be apart
for a little bit.
you'll be fine.
You just keep
checking on things,
and I'll give you a buzz
in an hour or two, all right?
I don't like this.
I just want to say that.
Nat. Nat, come on,
I just want to pick up a thing
or two, for my kids...
Indian knickknacks,
a headdress, okay?
But there... there are stores
right over there in the terminal,
and they have all kinds of...
you know, I don't want
to jeopardize our...
Jesus, Natalie, do you mind?
I mean, we're here, all right?
Not my fault, but we're stuck,
and now I would like to spend
a... a minute of,
you know, personal time.
So, just... just give me
a break, all right?
That was out of line.
Forgive me.
Yes, it was.
I'm sorry. I'm...
I'll check in every half-hour.
How's that? I...
I'll give you a ring,
and if something opens up,
I can be back here
in like 30 minutes.
I'll even leave my bag
at the desk.
Do what you want.
Aw, don't be that way. I...
I said I was sorry, didn't I?
I said that.
Yes, you did. Yes. I just
want to run an errand.
It's no big deal.
I'll be back in a few,
and we can...
we can figure out what's what.
Great. Good idea.
Go for it. You're angry.
Well, you're a little angry.
I've worked with you long enough
to detect your tones for stuff,
certain tones for...
for happy or tired, pissy.
I don't get... I don't get pissy.
I can tell.
All right, fine.
If you're mad about this,
then let's...
I'm not mad.
We're not married, remember?
Yeah, okay.
We're butch & Sundance,
although I don't recall
them ever splitting up.
I've only ever seen
the movie once,
but I believe that's the
whole point of the ampersand,
as I understand it.
Fine. Whatever that means.
It means they earned their name
by sticking together.
The ampersand
is used exclusively
for things that belong together,
not separated.
Gee, you weren't...
you weren't kidding about
that Cambridge stuff, huh?
No, I just think
this is stupid. That's all.
Okay. Good. Well...
I'll make sure I put it
in my captain's log.
You see, that's
the problem right there,
is that you just assume
that you're in charge.
You just assume
that you're butch.
But you're not butch.
You're Sundance.
You know what?
No, no, I'm not gonna
get into this kind of thing.
I'm not gonna get
into a pissing contest
with a work colleague about...
I'll see you...
Okay, but I'm not waiting.
So, if something opens up, I'll
be on that flight. So there.
I said I'd call every half...
you can call. I'm not waiting.
I'll see you in Dallas.
Where you headed to now?
Oh. Hey. Hello.
What happened to your sling?
Oh. Well, I'm suppo...
the doctor told me
I'm just supposed to...
I'm just giving it a little air.
So, what's up?
I'm coming with you, I suppose.
What? Well, wait,
but we said...
Well, I'm not splitting us up.
We're a team
and we came here together,
so I'm not leaving you alone.
Well, I was the one who left.
I-I did the actual leaving.
I know, but you know
what I mean.
Yeah, but, uh...
No "buts."
I can't do this presentation
without you,
and if we mess this up,
there are no bonuses,
no promotions, nothing.
So, if you go into town, then...
I... I go into town, too.
- I still don't get it.
- What?
Why you're following me.
I'm not following you.
I just...
sorry. What was
that address again?
Oh, no... gold Avenue?
No, no, no, just, uh,
down around the center of town,
just around there.
It's a big area, pal.
Fine. Then choose a place,
a convenient place,
and, uh, that'll be fine.
There's lots of areas
I can take you to.
You don't happen to have
an actual address, have you?
Nope. Just looking
to get into Albuquerque.
Is that okay?
Y... it's your money.
That is true.
So, let's just
head into town, all right?
All right. As you like it.
That's from Shakespeare.
Yeah. Yeah, thanks.
Good one. Got it.
You, uh... you people
have Shakespeare, don't you?
Yeah. The English.
He's da shit, as you people say.
Da shit.
I just, uh, started
getting into Shakespeare myself
through, um, graphic novels.
Just about to tuck into this
"Henry," uh, "'vee'."
I'm not following you.
I'm doing this
because I care about our work.
Believe me, I don't love
going into Albuquerque,
and I get really carsick, so...
All right. All right.
Understood. Jesus.
If you want me to pull over,
sweetheart, just say the word. I'll...
it's kind of a... a private
conversation back here.
I-I'm all right
for now. Thank you.
I'll let you know
if it changes, though.
Got it.
I'm fine for now, though.
Okay, but...
It's okay. I...
I like that you're
the loyal type.
It's nice.
And, uh, this is enough
to keep you, correct?
Uh whatever you say, bud.
So, you'll be here
when we come back?
You're the man with the cash.
You make the rules.
That's fine by me. Okay, good.
Well, uh, then just
wait right here,
and, uh, we'll be back
in about an hour, all right?
Okay, buddy.
You want to synchronize
our watches?
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Let's.
You know, um, uh,
you... you can just wait
in the car if you want to
'cause I'm fine.
No chance.
Yeah, I'm just going to, uh...
I know. Indian trinkets.
Yeah, whatever I can find.
I'm just gonna
have a walk around
and... and look for some,
uh, you know, knickknacks.
I thought you had an errand.
I do. I do.
To look around and find
some touristy shit for my kids.
But your kids
are still in high school.
So, you still buy them presents?
Yeah, I do.
Okay. Go on, then.
Did I not just say "right
back here," as in over there?
Yeah, you did.
Well, then why the hell
are you following me?
Well, um... Did you want me...
To wait at that exact spot?
That'd be the general idea
of "right back here."
Not always.
But I can see
how you might infer that.
I'm sorry, what? "Infer"?
Because I thought I'd take
matters into my own hands
and I'd bring up the rear,
uh, at a respectful distance,
of course.
Well... well, don't. Don't.
Just... just wait for me,
please, like I asked.
You really only did imply it.
L-look, can you just...
all right?
All's well that ends well.
Guess who said that.
I, uh... I need pills.
I'll be right here.
If you're coming, come.
Hi, there. Hello.
Uh, you carry pills? Ibuprofen?
Mm-hmm. The rear.
Excuse me?
In the rear.
I'm sorry, I have no idea
what you just said right now.
Yeah. All right, I know
where the rear would be,
but are we on
the same page here?
You have medicine?
Of course.
Back there.
Medicine, aisle two!
I'm just pulling your leg. We love
to say that in this business...
"cleanup on aisle two"
and that shit.
Ah, I'll bet you do.
Of course, it always helps
to have an aisle two,
but I guess that's
beside the point.
I need advil. Do you have any?
Back in the rear.
Right, the rear. Okay.
Excuse me.
Uh, uh, can I have
the, uh, ibuprofen, please?
Thank you.
Keep it. Excuse me?
Uh, it's a tip.
Don't worry about it.
Sorry, but it's not enough.
Oh. Oh, sorry.
Now keep it.
Cool. Thanks.
Keep in touch.
Thanks, buddy.
Thank you.
I will do. Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Nothing yet.
Dallas is still
under the weather.
Don't take too many of those.
I suppose dildos
could be considered trinkets.
Is that the idea?
Yeah, funny.
Ha, ha, ha.
You seem
pretty interested there.
No, no, I'm just...
just taking a rest. That's all.
Right. I am.
Hard to believe
they can put stuff like this
out here where anybody
could just...
you know, children and all that.
Of course.
It's embarrassing, if you
want to know the truth.
I'm embarrassed for the people
who run this place.
Why are you embarrassed?
Well, it's what they
got to do to make a living...
sell shit like this, sick shit.
I mean, it's just plastic and
metal... that's all... rubber.
It's only sick if you let it be.
Oh, you have the
marquis de sade scholarship
back there at Cambridge?
Very good, les.
Anyway, I-I wasn't looking.
I'm just... you know,
I'm taking a pause.
That's all.
I won't tell any of your little
friends back at the office
if that's what you're
worrying about.
I'm not worried about it
because I didn't do anything.
Whatever you say.
That's right. So?
So, you can go inside
if you want to.
I don't want to.
How could you even think that?
I'm stretching, all right?
I'm... I'm just taking a little
moment here at this sex shop.
That's all.
Okay. I'm sorry I misread you.
All right.
Well, do you want to get
a coffee or something?
Yes, I do. Yeah.
Thank you. Yep.
Morning. Good morning.
Just what part of the morning
looks good to you, huh?
It's a
professional courtesy, is all.
Got it.
Or something a bit warmer?
Oh, just the coffee for me.
Thanks much. Very good.
How about you, sir?
Mm, coffee's fine,
maybe with just
a hint of warmth.
Very good. And, uh,
make it the nice stuff.
I'm paying with yankee dollars.
Very good, sir. Very good?
Hey, say... say, your son doesn't happen
to work as a flight attendant, does he?
No, sir, afraid not.
He's gay.
Oh. Well, very good.
That's, uh...
that's a full-time job,
although I don't know what it has
to do with anything, you know?
You got me.
Maybe he's just coming to terms
with it, you know?
Maybe he says it to everyone
who comes in here,
his way of trying
to cope with it.
Cope with what?
I mean, his kid's gay. So what?
Other than the fact that he can't
work for the airlines, apparently,
I don't see what the problem is.
That's very progressive-sounding
coming out of your mouth.
I'm progressive.
Live and let live,
whatever else you want
to say about it.
Here you go.
And that's got the heat.
Very good. Very good, indeed.
Ohh! Ohh!
Holy shit.
Is that coffee or firewater?
You're a brave soul.
Me? You must be kidding.
No, you are,
letting some stranger
top off your drink
with anything he sees fit.
Nah, it's...
you have a touch of the
daredevil in you. Hardly.
This is about as crazy
as I get... Almost.
Ooh, cryptic.
Yes. Yes, it is.
I mean, I can't talk.
I'm the same way, so...
Yeah? Mm.
Well, yeah, I guess so.
I've worked with you
for, what, two years?
I don't really know
anything about you.
Well, you know
I'm a good coworker.
I'm a valuable member
of the sales team.
What else is there to know?
Well, nothing, I suppose,
except most people want to.
They like to know
who they spend time with...
a little something, anyway.
I'll tell you what...
if you tell me
about this little errand,
I'll give you an earful.
How's that?
And start with that little thing that
you keep pulling out of your wallet...
very mysterious.
What? Go on.
It's pretty obvious, though, the
way you keep going back to it.
No. No, no way.
Go on.
No, I'm not playing
that game with you.
Oh, come on. No.
No. Unh-unh.
This... this is silly.
You have a secret.
Let's just drop it.
Okay, fine, but you're the one who
wanted to get to know one another.
No, no, I meant... this is...
I meant like zodiac signs,
shit like that.
Well, just tell me something
about yourself.
What'll it hurt?
It's nothing. I promise.
What is? The thing.
Th-the piece of paper,
it's... what thing?
I-I made a shopping list.
That's all.
When? What?
Oh, just... just before
we took off,
when we were waiting on the...
on the tarmac.
That's not true.
What isn't? Well, if you
don't want to tell me, fine,
but don't lie to me.
Who's lying? You are.
No. You are.
Yes, you are because you
couldn't have written...
we weren't supposed to be
in Albuquerque today,
so, you know,
how could you have written
a list of things
that you wanted to buy, um,
before we even got here?
You know, don't...
that's a fib. I'm sorry.
Well, I... when I wrote...
all right. Okay. You...
you got me. That's fine.
Here. Here, look,
it's... it's nothing.
I'll show it to you. Here.
You satisfied?
I-it's just a... it's just
a scrap of paper, that's all.
All right, hand it over if
it's just a scrap.
No, let's just
finish our drinks and...
and get back out there.
I told that guy
we'd be done in an hour.
I'm ready, and I'm a Virgo,
by the way.
Oh, good.
Thanks for the information.
Nat, don't.
Don't. No. Give... give it... come on, les.
Let me just look at it.
Give it back. God damn it!
All right! Okay! Okay!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
So, is this gonna be
a big freeze-out now or what?
Pretty much, yeah.
Aw, don't be that way.
It's fine. Don't worry
about it. Let's just go.
It's no big thing. I promise.
Yeah, exactly, it's your
"no big thing,"
so I have no business
getting involved.
We're colleagues, that's all, coworkers.
Why should you tell me anything?
I don't tell you anything, so why
should you tell me anything?
So, it's fine.
Let's just leave it.
Nat, I'm not trying to be all...
and you say I'm secretive.
Christ. Look, it's just...
This is...
I just want to know
who Zorro is.
You read it?
Oh, shit, that was...
that... why would you
do that? It was mine.
What would be the point in stealing it
if I wasn't going to bother reading it?
That would be stupid.
Yeah, that's true.
Oh, shit.
Shit. That was not nice.
Sorry. You can cut a zed
in my forehead if you'd like.
A what?
One of those.
That's... we call that a "z."
A-anyway, I-it's not
a person... Zorro.
It's a, uh... it... stop lying.
If you're not
gonna tell the truth,
then just don't
say anything at all.
I'm calling the airlines.
No. No, don't do that.
No, wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait.
Don't. Don't. Please don't.
I'm gonna... I'm gonna tell you.
I'm gonna tell, all right?
It's... I'm...
I... oh, shit.
Oh, it's sexual, isn't it?
Isn't it? What is?
Jesus, come on,
the thing, what you're hiding.
That's what we spend
most of our time lying about,
and people in the states are the worst
about it, man, such fucking puritans,
the fear that somebody's gonna
find out we like it or love it
or how we love it
or want to try it
or things we haven't
done yet but want to
or people we've done it with.
And I say,
who fucking cares, you know?
Because this is life.
This is all part of life,
and this is your life,
so you just have to
try and be yourself, les.
I mean, God, we're only here
once. This is a one-time deal.
The hindus are off
their fucking rockers.
This is a one-time deal,
and so...
Fuck it. Do what you want, les.
Wow. Sorry. It's a pet hate.
I guess. You're never
gonna tell me, are you,
anything real?
I mean, I-I want...
oh, this is pathetic!
Men are pathetic!
Oh, now, wait a minute.
Hey, hey, it's private.
So?! So...
S-so maybe I don't
want to tell you.
Is it bigger than this?
Is it more private than this?
I assume that's not a necklace.
My girlfriend has me wear it
when I'm away.
It's a collar.
Oh, well, that's, uh...
Why do you think?
Sh-she's a locksmith?
Not funny, les.
Well, I don't know.
Because that's
the nature of our situation,
our relationship.
She doesn't trust you?
No. We ha... we have trust.
Lots of trust.
I'm a sub...
and she's a dom.
Do you understand those words?
What, you mean like
bondage and... and stuff?
Yeah, well, some...
bondage stuff?
Yeah. I mean, something like
that and nothing like that.
Oh. That's just her thing.
No wonder you never show up
at the Christmas parties.
Are you uncomfortable?
A bit. Why?
I'm still the same person
I was five minutes ago.
Yeah, but with a collar
around your neck.
Yeah, there is that.
Anything else?
Don't push it, les.
I just trusted you, okay?
I just told you something
that no one else at work knows.
And then I went back at 7:00.
Wow. "Wow"?
I mean...
Wow. I give it to you,
I-I'm surprised.
And you'd never done anything
of that kind before?
Of course not, no.
No, not ever.
Have you told your wife
about it?
Are you kidding?
No. I just... I mean...
believe me,
this is not something
you... you tell somebody,
not somebody you hope
might love you in the future.
Les, please, that's...
what? "Please" what?
Well, I mean,
you slept with someone.
A marriage can survive that.
Sometimes, yeah, but...
well, they do all the time.
Yeah, I know that.
I-I'm not an idiot.
I'm not some country rube
just... just blundering around
in the big city.
Or the medium-sized city,
whatever this place is.
I-I-I know that it's possible.
So, then?
So... so, what I just said.
I just sat here and told you
about this evening
that I spent, uh,
an evening that I...
that I barely remember.
I don't know what I'd tell her.
And if I did know,
I still wouldn't.
Well, you just tell her
what happened.
Oh yeah, sure.
"Hi, honey.
I-I-I'm home for dinner."
Oh, by the way, I fucked
somebody in Albuquerque.
No, I don't know who,
but it was some fantastic,
crazy shit,
"really... really mind-blowing."
Something like that?
Does... does that work?
No. Just tell her the truth.
And what might that be?
I don't know, that you had sex,
and not just sex
but sex in a new way,
differently and... and bravely.
Yeah, in the ass.
Yes, in the ass. So what?
Shh. Do you mind?
Jesus, will you keep it down?
You have a real problem
with the truth, don't you, les?
No, I don't.
Not as a concept.
I like it just fine.
I-I'm not nuts about telling
everybody in new Mexico
about my... my indiscretion.
Um, it's...
I-it's called a dirty weekend,
when you go off with someone
and do things, you know...
If you look on the bright side,
you never know,
it might spice up whatever it is
you're in, your marriage.
Uh... I-I don't think so.
I mean, you might...
you might be surprised.
I doubt it. Right.
Well, you never know, les.
Yeah. Uh, yeah,
th-th-the new
cure-all... sodomy.
It's really eating away
at you, isn't it?
You need to do something
about it.
Yeah, I-I...
I don't make waves.
I'm not that kind of guy.
I'm not the guy who does that.
I-I-I go around doing what
I need to do, and that's all.
Whatever you say.
I mean...
Except for that one night, eh?
Yeah, except then.
You liked it.
I don't know.
You liked it. No.
You do. You... you like it.
You liked it.
It was different.
I was very drunk,
and she was beautiful.
And... and, yeah, she
might have been a he, maybe.
If you didn't like it,
then we wouldn't be here
in the middle of Albuquerque
trying to find this place, okay?
So, just say that you liked it.
I don't know if I liked it.
You're not supposed to like
things like that.
No, I don't.
I do not. I don't like it.
It just happened.
I don't believe you.
Yeah, well,
so you don't believe me.
This is crazy. Why am I
even discussing this with you?
This is stupid, me telling you.
It did not help to share it.
I do not feel better.
Here why don't you pay for that?
For once.
You're scared.
Oh, stop.
You are. You're scared
of what you're feeling
and what it means.
Natalie, don't, really.
Well, we've come this far.
Don't you think
that we should finish it?
Finish... finish what?
What... and what is
this "we" crap?
We're not in this together.
This is about me
and... and my stuff.
I have stuff, too!
Yes, I know that,
and I don't care about it
because it's your stuff.
It's not my stuff.
I don't think we should
intermingle our stuff.
This will... this will
haunt you, les. I promise.
No, it won't because
I'm closing a door,
a door I never should have
opened in the first pla...
I had no business opening it.
I made a mistake.
I drank too much.
I do that sometimes, and...
and my fault
I did a stupid fucking thing.
A thing that you enjoyed.
Ah, so what?
That doesn't matter.
I might enjoy bank robbery
or... or... or... or sky-diving
or that idiotic bungee shit.
But you know what?
I'm never gonna do those things.
And I'm... I'm absolutely
okay about it.
Fine. Yeah, it is fine.
You've lived
this long being a coward.
Why should it bother me?
I... oh, please.
A lot of people find that stuff
out about themselves,
and they just
limp along in life,
just slithering along with
all the other fucking cowards.
What, do they
teach you that in Cambridge?
Because if they did,
you got screwed.
You know what,
you can say what you want,
but the truth is,
you're running away.
Yeah, of course I am. I am.
See? Yeah, absolutely,
and with good reason...
because I have
commitments to people
and... and this isn't me.
Yeah, I think about it
a-and I was curious
about what happened,
but it's... it's not me.
This is...
this is not who I am.
I-I-I'm not
at a stage in my life
where I can just
start exploring things.
I don't chase women
at the office.
I don't want to fuck you. What?
I'm sorry, but I don't. Okay.
I may be the only man in the company
that doesn't want to fuck you,
but I don't want to...
to fuck you.
So, can we just... can we just
stop it, please? Can we...
yes, good. Please let's.
Of course. Good.
We don't ever need to talk about
that ever again. Thank you.
You're a pussy.
Let's just leave it at that.
Oh, ow. Ow, ow.
That really hurt.
And you know what?
Women never
used to talk like that,
you know, that kind
of vulgar language.
It wasn't meant to hurt, les.
It was a statement of fact.
That's all.
You know what?
This is so...
And why do you care, huh?
I don't get it, really.
Really, why do you
care so much, huh?
Well, I don't anymore.
I mean, you keep
pushing me about it.
You act like it's some huge deal
that I be brave,
huh, and all that kind of shit,
that I find out
who I... who I really am?
Okay. I won't anymore.
Maybe you just want
to hang out with people
who are into the same kind of
crazy shit that you like, huh?
What do you mean by that?
Nothing. I don't...
forget it.
But you said it, so...
Nat, please.
Can we just drop it?
No, I'm not going to.
You took something
that I told you privately
and you threw it back
in my face.
No, I did not.
You did. You just did.
I-I didn't mean "crazy."
But you said it.
Look, all right, I take it back.
I'm sorry.
Forget it.
No, but you meant it.
That's what you think
about what I do,
so that's why you said it.
No. Listen.
No, you listen.
You're a fucking coward,
and you want to go and crawl
under some rock somewhere now,
thinking that will make it
all go away, but it won't.
You'll start finding ways
to go and sneak on the Internet
or buy some magazines
or go to places,
places where you can...
I don't know...
watch or something and...
the point is, les,
it's not gonna go away.
I know it 'cause I've been you.
I've been you, les,
and I know how it works, okay?
And I'm telling you
that some way or another,
this is gonna spin out of you,
and it's gonna hurt somebody
or a whole lot of somebodies
if you don't just face it
head on.
Nat, all due respect,
what are you suggesting here?
That I track this person down
and have sex again?
See if I get off on it again?
I mean,
isn't that why we're here?
I thought about it.
I thought about it
for a minute, but, I mean...
I mean, come on.
What... what am I actually...
what am I actually
supposed to do?
What if I like it?
What if I do like guys?
Or even other women?
What if I enjoy getting off
with other people?
What then, huh? What?
Well, at least you'll know.
What? Know what?
Who you are.
You know,
we'll find this Zorro person.
Zorro isn't... isn't a person.
I told you.
Whatever it is.
It's a club,
a-a place that I went to
when I was here last.
And I had a drink, and...
And that's all. That's all?
Well, you know what happened.
Yeah, yeah, I do.
And then I... when I woke up
and we were in the process
of landing here in...
in Albuquerque, and I thought...
it hit me... maybe this is...
this is supposed to happen
so that I could...
that I could finally...
finally get rid
of this... this...
I don't know... this feeling.
I understand.
I think about it all the time.
I get it, les. I do.
And it's not because
it was pleasurable or whatnot.
I mean, it was.
It's because... it's because
I did a really bad thing.
Says who?
Says the world, everybody,
many people,
people of my generation.
What I did is wrong
in the eyes of most...
most everybody else
in the world,
and that... that weighs on me.
It does.
And yet?
And yet I can't forget
that evening.
So, you still want to
go back to the hotel or...?
Yeah. I guess.
I don't know.
Hi. I'm working.
No, I'm working.
That's not possible right now.
I am wear...
I am wearing it, yes.
I promise I'm wearing it.
No, I can't...
I can't take a picture.
But, Angie, don't hang up.
I just can't take a pic...
she hung up.
No, nothing yet.
No, this thing
doesn't seem to be...
Yeah, so we might be stuck here
which really stinks, you know?
It really...
Yeah, because tomorrow
we're supposed to be in...
exactly, in Dallas,
and that's... what's that?
Yeah. Well, that's true.
Yes. No.
No. I've been here before,
yeah, at least I know
some local restaurants
and stuff.
That's true, sweetie.
Well, probably just get a...
a nice meal or something,
go to bed early.
No, my phone is working now.
Well, I don't know why, either.
It just is.
Well, we're on a higher floor.
No. No, we're not in a...
we're not in a room.
We're in some kind of...
some kind of lounge
or something like that.
Anyway, my phone's working.
Sometimes things like that
No, I don't think
it's a miracle.
No, I don't.
I think it has more to do
with my carrier
than it does with Jesus.
Uh, there's...
I think I'm gonna go back...
Into town.
But we just got here.
I know.
I know, but...
I need to. It's...
I get it.
All right.
Do you want me to come?
Oh, do what you want to do.
I want to come with you.
All right.
"Butch and Sundance," remember?
We have to protect
the ampersand.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
Let's do it.
And, uh...
You're welcome.
Thank you, and...
I-I don't think you're crazy.
And I don't care
what you think, so...
No worries.
All right.
Off we go.
You want to have them watch that
for you behind the desk?
That's all right.
You know
what's probably gonna come
of this whole thing, honestly?
We're gonna run all the way
back into town,
I'm gonna find this person
who I-I spent time with,
and she's gonna turn out
to be this...
this knockout... This hot girl.
And all that's gonna come
of this whole thing
is that I'm gonna feel bad
about what I've done
in a completely normal
and heterosexual way.
That's what's gonna happen.
I promise.
Bet you 50 bucks
that's what happens.
You watch.
Hey, buddy.
'Tis I. Hop in.
Does any of this look familiar?
Not to me.
I've only been here once.
Hey, cabby.
How's it going?
All good, my man.
You know this area pretty well?
Of course.
It's Albuquerque.
I know Albuquerque.
Uh-huh. Great.
Uh... You know a place called...
called Zorro?
You ever hear of that before?
I-it's meant to be
around here somewhere.
The gay place.
Maybe. Could be.
If you're talking about Zorro,
the gay place,
I know where it is.
But it's not... it's not, uh...
it's not just a gay club, is it?
I mean, I-I thought
it was m-more...
Super gay.
Got it.
Hey. We haven't found her yet.
here's $20 for now.
And I'll give you the rest
when we're sure.
I mean,
they let chicks in there,
so it's not racist or anything.
But it is mostly for the gays.
I see. Okay.
Is that where
you two want to go?
Um... Well, we're, uh...
oh, all right.
Yeah, that would be good.
Take us there.
Just say the word, friend.
Yes. Please. Zorro.
I vote we just let it go.
Thanks, buddy.
Hey there. Hello.
How are we today?
Pretty good. Not too bad.
Fine. Thanks.
You guys know this is
an applebee's, right?
Mm. Oh, yeah, yeah.
We get it.
Okay. Good.
You know,
we're aware of the, uh...
The what?
You know.
Sorry. What?
Well, this a gay bar, right?
Let me check.
Hey, folks,
is this here a gay bar?
Gee. I'm not sure.
Guess you're gonna have to find
that one out all on your own.
So, I'll have a Martini...
vodka, not gin...
and the same, I think,
for my colleague here.
You got it, sugar. Thank you.
So, does any of this
look familiar?
Do you recognize anybody?
Well, what would the chances
of that be?
You know, les, life is funny.
Did you want to carry a tab
or pay up?
I-I'll run a tab for a minute.
Thank you. You got it, sister.
So, what about you?
Your relationship.
I told you that it's private.
Yeah, but...
And it is.
I know. I know.
But you told me about it.
Well, not about it...
that I do it,
that it's my lifestyle, but I...
I'm still not open
to discussing it.
I see.
It's not like earth-shaking news
I'm asking here.
I mean,
I already know the big stuff.
I'm just curious.
I mean, how long
have you guys been together?
Oh, uh...
Maybe a year this time.
And is that exclusive or...
I-I don't really
know how these things work.
What things?
Well, you know,
things where two people
are in love,
but there are, uh, accessories.
You know, ropes,
stuff like that.
I've seen pictures
of this stuff, and...
and sometimes
other people are there.
What pictures have you seen?
Well, just, you know,
magazines and the Internet.
I mean, I suppose it might be
true for some people,
but it's not true for us.
All right, all right,
I get that.
She's, uh...
very possessive,
so I shouldn't... I...
I'm actually not... I...
do you mind
if we don't discuss it?
Sure. Yeah. Okay.
But have you two ever...
les, don't be a perv.
No, no, I-I'm not talking about
the bondage part.
I'm just saying, as people,
a-as two people
in a relationship...
Have you ever cheated
on each other?
That's all.
That's all I wanted to know.
Because I told you what I did.
So I thought maybe
you might want to,
But that's fine.
You don't have to say anything.
It doesn't matter.
It's not gonna change
what I did, so, uh...
She cheated on me once.
She says once. I think once.
Got it.
There's just no way
of knowing with her
if she's telling the truth
or not, you know?
Yeah. And...
and that bothers you.
Yes, it fucking bothers me.
Of course it fucking bothers me.
I have to wear a fucking collar.
And sometimes I can't breathe
and it chokes me.
So, that bothers me.
And then I have to cover it up
at work,
so I get really hot
all the time.
So, that fucking bothers me.
So, yes, the whole fucking thing
bothers me, les.
Okay. I'm sorry.
I don't want to talk about her,
Yeah. Yeah. I get that.
At all.
All right.
You're an idiot.
You made me tell you
way more than you've told me.
Well, no, no. I had to pull
that shit out of you earlier.
No, that's not... that's not true.
Yes, I did.
I had to fucking
pull it out of you.
No. Absolutely not.
Sort of.
Yeah. See?
Hey, sweetie.
Can I have a chardonnay?
Traitor, les. You're a traitor.
You said it yourself.
Here you go. Thanks.
I quite like it here.
It's nice. It's cozy.
Oh, I don't know.
No, this isn't my kind of thing.
It's not my...
not my style, my... You know...
This place... I'm not, uh...
I can tell I'm, uh...
It's not my style,
you know, not my lifestyle.
I, uh... I can feel it...
Mm... Sitting here.
I don't like men.
Ah. And I've lived long enough
to know that.
That's good.
Yeah. No. But I don't.
I mean, uh...
Yeah, I really don't.
I mean, sure, there are men
that you see from time to time
at certain points and, uh...
I mean, just 'cause I'm a man
doesn't mean that I can't...
I mean,
I see an attractive person,
a guy, and I can say,
"oh, yeah, well...
he's a good-looking dude."
I think it's okay
to feel that way.
It doesn't mean you're gay.
That's just someone
being honest,
you know, being... being open.
And I think that's healthy.
Yeah. Yeah. That's healthy.
Yeah. That ever happen to you?
Do you ever see a guy and...
And what?
Feel something. Well, yeah.
That that guy's cute,
something like that.
Well, yeah, I mean, I'm a girl,
and I used to fuck guys, so...
So, then that
doesn't make you, uh,
whatever that would make you...
Okay. I mean, I see
where you're going with it.
Okay. So, it's not a crime
to feel that way.
I mean, I don't sit here
in the corner of this place
and look around and think,
"oh, man, I-I got to...
I have to kiss a man
or touch his thing,"
or that kind of deal, you know?
It doesn't even enter my mind.
So, that's really
what I wanted to say to you.
I'm... I'm not gay.
I'm not...
I'm not a gay person.
Okay. That's all.
That's good, isn't it?
Yes, very good.
It's good
to get to the bottom of that.
Cheers. Yeah.
I think it's very good
that we came here...
Mm... To prove that.
I think it was worth it.
I'm gonna use the toilet,
and then I think we should,
uh... we should go.
Be careful in there.
You a Lakers fan?
Maybe they can turn the channel
on one of those tv's.
We can watch
the end of the game.
No, no, no, no.
It's just like...
this dude and me all day.
Wow. All day?
Yeah, all day.
Hey, uh...
you ready?
Yeah. I just moved over here.
Just give me one minute.
Yeah. Sure.
Hello there.
We were just talking.
Yes. Yes. Obviously.
Les, I'll see you outside.
Right. Okay.
I'm gonna go, um,
make a phone call or something.
He's my work colleague.
And you brought him here.
I did bring him here.
Why are you toying with...
Hey, sweetie.
Can I have a Manhattan, please?
You got it.
May I?
On what?
Let me take a look at you first.
You can sit.
Thank you.
I had nothing to do with it.
Oh, really?
No. That was all you.
You passed the test.
And what test is that?
The sitting-down test.
Trust me... not everybody does.
Oh. Well, then I...
I feel very...
you passed it last time, too.
I did?
You did, indeed.
Well, I'm not a local, you know.
I mean, uh, this isn't my...
I-I-I-I don't come here often.
I know.
But it's not your first time
here, either, now, is it?
I think we've met before.
You sure?
Almost 100%.
Well, if there wasn't a little
bit of mystery in life,
then it just wouldn't be
worth living, now, would it?
I suppose that's true.
No. I am pretty sure
we've met before,
if not here, then somewhere else
at some point.
Yeah, I feel that way, too.
But I was seeing if you would
remember it because...
because I think was a bit...
I was very drunk
when it happened, so...
I remember.
I do, yes.
You were very drunk, in fact.
Really? Quite.
I practically
had to carry you out of here.
Oh. So, we did leave here
We absolutely did.
You want me to show you
where we went?
It's not far from here.
Oh, it's the office.
No problem.
It's up to you.
I mean, it was up to me,
but I've now turned it over
to you, so...
Yes. Please... Miss.
"Please" is nice.
I like "please."
Shall we?
Oh, you know what?
I-I came here with someone...
my work partner.
It's a... it's a woman.
It's... it's not a man.
It's not a, uh...
not a gay man.
Uh, I'll be back in a minute.
I'll be waiting.
All right.
Uh... Glad you two
could finally break the ice.
Can you give us another second?
Yeah, sure.
Uh, actually, there's no rush.
I, um... I found the, uh...
look... look over there.
Is that her?
Yeah. Yeah.
As best I can remember, it is.
Wow. She's young.
Yeah, pretty much.
And she's a she.
Isn't she a she?
She is.
She's a she.
I lost the bet.
Yeah. Well, let's call it even.
We had this bet where he had...
anyway, it doesn't matter.
Are you gonna go? Yeah.
Yeah, just for a quick...
quickie talk.
Are you sure?
Hey, this turned out to be
one crazy layover, right?
Yeah. A dirty weekend.
Right. Jesus.
Uh, keep your phone on.
I'll be here, I think.
No problem.
I'm used to waiting.
I do it for a living.
Oh, really? What's that mean?
You know what I mean.
Yeah. I guess.
I think.
Come on, tiger.
Let's get going.
We've only got so much time,
Uh, yeah. I have a flight.
Oh, uh, you mean you and me?
You and me only have
so much time?
Oh, we all do.
Everybody's only got
so much time, baby,
and life is keeping tabs.
Do you want ice?
Uh, no. I'm fine.
Just straight.
Or neat.
Well, whatever you call it.
I like that... "neat."
I like it, too.
So, how about you?
How do you like it?
You can make a call
if you need to.
Oh, no, no.
I'm good.
You sure? Yeah. Yeah.
It's all fine.
It's just us, then.
Yeah. Exactly.
That's nice.
I like that.
Thank you.
So, uh, did we come here
last time?
Uh, we did, yeah.
I don't remember this place.
Still, we did.
And, um, did we...?
No. Go ahead.
Well, I-I've just been
thinking about this
for a few months, and I'm...
a-and I'm trying to remember
the... the details.
And I... well, I-I don't mean
that you're forgettable.
Don't worry. I'm not offended.
Good. Good.
I don't mean to be rude.
I-I just wanted to...
to ask if you...
you see, it doesn't
all add up in my head.
How is that?
Well, when this first happened
however many months ago,
and I...
I met you at Zorro and...
a place that I somehow
went into with...
Well, I had no idea
that that was a gay bar,
I mean, absolutely none.
And then I met you,
and that... that was great.
But it doesn't make any...
I mean, why were you there?
I-I don't follow.
I inadvertently go into a place
like that,
and still I somehow
end up meeting
a beautiful girl like you?
I don't get it.
Oh, I see.
Well, that's easy.
I was there with my brother.
Oh. Oh, all right.
He likes to hang out there.
We both do.
It's quiet. It's close.
Got it.
So, we were there
and you came over
and started talking to us
and that's how these things go.
One thing just leads to another.
A-and I just started
hitting on you right there?
In front of him?
You were quite persistent.
Oh. Wow.
It's, uh, shoulder surgery.
That's fine.
Anyway, married guys are usually
that way... persistent.
Oh, yeah? Is that right?
Yeah. You didn't have that on
last time.
Oh. Sorry.
Oh, I di... I didn't mean
to embarrass you.
No, I'm... I'm sure I made it
pretty obvious anyway, right?
Pretty much, yeah.
But if...
It doesn't matter to me.
It's your business.
It had very little to do
with our business.
Our business?
Yours, mine, ours,
our business,
the business at hand.
I don't follow you.
Yes, you do.
But I mean... wait.
What's your name?
That, actually,
isn't your business.
And your name isn't my business,
so let's just stick to business,
all right?
It's easier that way.
So, what's it gonna be today?
I'm just asking what you want.
The price is the same.
I mean,
unless you decide on some new...
Hi there.
How are you?
Mmm! Thanks for hurrying back.
Oh, yeah.
I let him know you were here
so we could all be together
I just... I figured
you wanted this to be
like the last time,
with the two of us...
at least, to start.
I don't follow you.
Last time, here,
the three of us.
That's what you wanted before,
so I... I just figured...
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
You mean... y-you mean
the three of us were...
were together, like a group?
not the whole night, but...
I mean, we switched off
a couple of times.
I-I'm sorry.
Uh, help me out here.
You mean...
you mean this is your brother?
Yeah. He's my brother.
We live here together.
We're roommates.
Oh, yeah?
How... how many bedrooms
do you have here?
Just the one.
Does this...
You don't remember
all of the...?
Well, kind of.
Vaguely. "Vaguely"?
Yeah, but I...
well, no, I-I could swear
I was with a woman, I think.
I dress up, you know,
when... when we go out.
You do?
You mean for...?
But I mean...
you mean as a lady.
But I thought...
I think I was with a woman.
But you're not sure, right?
A little bit.
Well, I-I-I remember a...
a feeling of, um...
well, you know.
What? Of this?
No, it was just...
Something different...
the way we made love.
But that had to be you, right?
Wasn't it?
Was it?
Well, it must have been.
I-I mean, no offense,
but I'm not a...
I mean, I'm not...
I'm not that kind of guy.
I'm just not.
You know.
I've never been with a...
Oh, but you went back
to Zorro, right?
I mean, today.
Yeah, that's true.
This is...
did you give me this?
No, not me.
Hey, isn't this
your handwriting?
Mm-hmm. Yep.
I wrote that.
Oh, I see.
So... so, did we, um...
You did a bunch of stuff
with both of us...
A lot...
Of things.
Oh, God.
Is that why you came back here?
I've been... well, I was...
I was very drunk.
And I didn't know if...
if... if...
if you were with me
or someone else?
Does it really matter
who it's with,
as long as they're doing this?
Well, kind of.
You know this feels
good, doesn't it? Hey.
Ah. Hey, wait. Wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
God. Wait.
Hang on.
Hey there.
Hmm? No, yeah.
No, I'm close.
Oh, you did?
Okay, but are you sure?
Yeah, but are you sure, sure?
Oh, w-well, good.
We should take that.
Yeah, yeah,
I can be there in a few.
Yeah, I-I can be there
in like, uh...
Okay. Yeah.
Okay. I'll see you then.
Right. Good. Bye.
You taking off?
Looks like there's an opening
in the storm and...
That's okay. I understand.
Thank you.
You're welcome to stay, though.
Oh, that's...
that's very nice of you.
Thank you, but, uh, I think
we ought to get to Dallas.
No. I mean
if you can't get out,
if you go to the airport
and you find
that your flight doesn't go,
you're welcome to come back
and stay.
Oh. Oh, I see.
Well, that's... thank you.
Is that where you're from?
Hmm? Um, no.
No, it's a business thing.
Oh, I see.
We're from Oregon
originally... F.Y.I.
Oh, yeah. That's a nice town.
I mean city.
I mean state.
Good. Northwest.
Very good.
Yeah. Me and my brother...
we ended up here...
But that's where we're from...
Well, it was...
it was good to see you again.
Yeah. Yeah, it was good
to see you, too.
Yeah. Absolutely.
That was, uh...
We don't have to wake him up,
do we?
No. That's okay.
I'll tell him you said goodbye.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Tonight wasn't for money.
It was just for fun.
We do that sometimes.
We... we like to have fun.
You should give it a try
I hope this answered
some of your questions.
I think so.
Or not.
Hell, I don't know.
I'm just...
Well, here. Here.
This is my number.
In case anything else comes up.
Thank you, but...
You know what?
You keep it.
I think
I need to find other ways
of figuring out things
in my life.
And I'm a little mature
to start searching now.
Okay, well, good luck.
Thank you.
Just so you know,
most people I meet
are searching for something,
so at least
you wouldn't be alone.
Hmm. See?
I knew something good
would come out of this.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
He really is pretty
when he's all, you know,
done up.
Very attractive.
And better legs than even me.
Hey, let me ask you this
before I leave.
When we first met,
did he have an outfit on?
I mean, he said
he liked to dress up, so...
Yeah, he did.
That's what we look like
when we go out.
Oh, so, at the time,
wh-when I came over
to you guys, I...
I thought it was probably
just... just two women.
Is that how it was?
Well, I don't... I don't know.
I'm just curious.
I have no idea why you came over
or what you were thinking
or... or looking for,
how much you knew
or didn't know.
Only you know that.
I suppose that's true.
It's inside of you,
the answer to that.
Got it.
Okay, then.
I'll see you around.
Well, probably not, but...
You never know.
That's true. You never do.
Hey, do you happen to have
a, uh, car or something?
'Cause I'm terribly late.
Sorry. I don't believe in cars.
They ruin the environment.
Oh. Right. Okay.
You can take my brother's
scooter if you want.
Just leave it at Zorro.
I'm from Pasadena.
My family and I live
right outside
of Los Angeles, f.Y.I.
I can't believe
we actually managed
to find a different taxi driver.
I know.
Mr. Shakespeare guy.
You doing okay?
I don't know.
I have no idea.
I got it.
Who was that girl
you were talking to?
Can't remember her name.
All right.
Shakespeare, Shakespeare, eh?
We still have
a few minutes, right?
A bit.
Got to make a call.
Can I borrow yours?
Don't get lost.
Well, you know. It's me.
Hey there, sweetie.
Oh, no, it's just...
it's just I had to borrow
Miss Havington's phone again.
Yeah. I don't get it, either.
Yeah, I'll check it out
as soon as I get home.
No. I promise.
I know.
I know.
I'm always promising stuff.
I know, but I will this time.
I will, sweetie.
I promise you.
No, I'm just... I'm, uh...
I-I'm a little tired.
I'm, um...
I'm fine.
No, I'm tired of all the, uh...
the travel, you know?
I think...
I-I think I might ask
for a more permanent position.
Yeah. Yeah.
The home office
or something like that.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Yeah, I'm ready for it.
You get what you need?
Yeah. Yeah.
Just some stuff, you know,
and a few, uh...
Go on, then. Put it on.
Put it on.
This is the final
boarding call to Dallas...
It's good.
I, uh... I appreciate
what you did today...
All of it, everything.
Thanks, butch.
You're welcome, Sundance.
Why don't you take that off?
Should I? Yeah.
Are you sure? Yeah, for a bit.
Here. You want me
to help you with it?
There you are.
You can always put it back on
if you want to.
Yeah. Just let it breathe
for a minute.
Um, here.
Oh, yeah.
And just so you know...
I'm a gemini, on the cusp.
The big presentation.
You excited?
No? Not really.
I actually just want to
get back home.