Dirty Work (2018) Movie Script

Not yet.
-You lazing at home... more
...then you write.
No wonder you don't hit a decade.
You are always on my money.
-Are you OK, Ross?
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance?
Looks strange, doesn't it?
But do not judge until you know my story.
Are you serious.
No? All designs?
Arabella... you were not honest in the
running for this job.
But you showed them this?
And it was still no?
Do not take it personally.
I'm in the industry for more than five years.
Making career as a designer is difficult,
especially if you are unfamiliar.
When 's easier? It's... this industry give me anything.
I hardly have money for food.
It has deprived me everything.
Friends and money. And for what?
Listen, Arabella. I think it will change.
Do you have other office jobs
where they viewed seek designers?
God no. I can't work for one designer.
That would destroy me.
Watch this. -Personal shopper?
Many of my designers have an extra job.
You earn money and it is easy work.
Go to this meeting. Then you earn money until something
better turns up.
My fashion designs, my advice.
Before I tell my story, you know my truth.
I have always been different.
I never knew what it was.
I grew so fast and missed all major life experiences.
Arabella Childs? Your turn.
I didn't know where I longed so hard in life...
Not until I had this meeting.
Sit down, dear.
I'm Arabella. -Childs. I don't...
selling yourself.
Well... I studied at St.Frake's College of Fashion.
I graduated last year and
worked on my own fashion line.
I want to see your designs.
So you want to be a fashion designer?
Yes. That is the main goal.
-But why are you here?
Everyone wants it really like their job.
Because fashion is what I can.
I know I can deliver equally good job
as all the others.
Your parents? What do they feel about
your life choices?
She died when I was younger, so...
Well, my new novel coming out soon.
Somebody needs me styling for any occasion.
Can you obey?
I can listen well.
I mean not only in your job.
What if I want to change an hour of dress?
How do you deal with that?
-I am obedient.
Marilyn made me feel small, worthless.
She had a strange power over me,
if she crushed me like a bug.
When I didnt know it would open me Marilyn.
Whether you agree with my actions now or not.
It was the girl in me.
I have been working for two years in the city.
I climb quite quickly.
I have my own apartment.
I go twice a year on vacation.
lbiza, Blackpool. I can not complain.
Best of luck to you. -Yes.
Yes it's going well.
Now I need an accessory.
Accessory? -Yes, my own girl.
Honey, where are you?
-That's my roommate.
Just a moment. -Saff, the plumber is.
Has not yet made the tap? -Almost.
Is he good? -Personality of a hippopotamus.
Yes, but he Heef a nice body?
We think really the same.
Bad girl. -Is that him? Oh, God.
Hi. -Hi.
That's all. I'm good at what I do.
I'm Marcus. -I know.
Yes. I live here.
We have a problem in the bedroom.
Yes? What's the problem?
The tap is leaking into the bedroom.
Why you look at it, please?
Let me see your taps.
My roommate Saffie was wild.
I think she was the first...
who tried to make me open.
But she never completely succeeded.
She did just see me...
something in me wanted to be released.
I'm pretty sure friends do not do such things.
What? Boys share? -Yes indeed.
Saff, he was a jerk. -Indeed.
No, but I mean it.
We have now shared four men.
Sit down. Come on.
To sit. -What is it?
Do you feel anything? -No.
Me neither.
Why must there always be a nice guy in?
We have been a perfect match.
-Because we're not a lesbian?
Yes, it had been much easier if you were a man.
I had a job interview today.
Boy, good. It is at the design agency?
Not quite. Personal shopper.
Oh... geez.
She made me feel so bad.
-Okay, if it's an old lady...
who can not buy Prada, and boring does to you...
I would say that you deserve better.
You do not have to accept it. -No, it was her attitude.
She had control over me.
When she spoke, I felt so powerless.
Shit on her and that job.
Hug? Come on. Hug. Time for a knufel.
Come on.
Hug. Yes.
Hey? -Mrs. Childs?
Yes? Who is this? -Marily Blacklock-Charerhouse
You came yesterday to interview for the job
as a personal shopper.
That's right.
-You can start tomorrow.
I need some dresses tomorrow.
Pick a few from around noon.
-Yes. Awesome.
OK, see you tomorrow. -Bye.
Good Lord.
Hi. I'm Arabella? Oh, yeah.
Personal shopper. I'm Ross. Her husband.
Where's the bedroom?
To explain the dresses?
-Upstairs, last door on the right.
A coffee when you're done?
There was something about her husband.
He shouted from infidelity.
Not hard that she had so much power over me.
She would certainly be freed from this nightmare.
The coffee is cold.
What's the deal?
How long are you here?
In my contract is three weeks,
but it may be extended.
God, that woman knows how to waste money, right?
Well, it's actually my money.
-It is difficult.
The finding appropriate clothes.
-Yeah, or just laziness.
I choose what she wears during interviews.
For the new novel.
Did you read the second? Junk.
Good morning, Arabella. -Oh. Ross.
You are here. -Yes indeed.
I thought you were at work.
-Afraid I saw your new sidekick?
Waste money on someone who buys your dresses?
Looking for something, honey?
-I'm looking for my script.
I must not give the publisher.
-"His fingers slid into me..."
"...as if my whole body welcomed him,
longed for him."
"It was not the same desire as to my husband,
it was more."
"My husband didnt know..."
-Why do you read that?
"I wanted not only to him.
I wanted to feel wanted me."
"Me feel important.
Instead of how my husband treats me..."
That's personal.
-So personal that's book.
That is read by millions.
What I read sounded to me like something familiar.
Arabella, ignore my husband.
He can be a jerk.
Marilyn, can I have a word?
Why did you put me as a fool?
-I know you want to manipulate me.
Do not talk to me in my house.
This is my house.
You spend a penny inside.
Is everything all right? -Yes.
Let us know if there's anything I can do.
Not only as a personal shopper.
-I said everything was fine.
It didnt look good.
-We all have problems.
Hi there? Oh, hello.
Okay, good. I'm on my way, okay?
Thank you very much.
The publisher wants to discuss what I have to go.
I can iron the dresses, I should probably go.
I understand. Quit if you strained.
The book. May I ask what is it about?
It's about a woman who feels trapped
by her husband...
which give her no freedom.
She begins an affair...
and he controls it.
-What happens to the woman?
She kills him.
I like girls, not as nice as boys.
But look at...
both when I touch myself.
I watch all kinds of videos...
you would not expect me to watch it.
The best secrets come from them which you
expect the least.
Something Marilyn made me open.
It was like...
a longing for a mother figure that I never had.
Whether I was happy to put on my site?
Probably not.
I mean. In my career it's about finding control and...
ensure that people listened to me.
But Marilyn...
How she looks at me, tears d'r look.
The windde me.
I know it's crazy.
And I can not explain why.
I own you. You are so inferior.
This is why everything changes.
Forgive me for what I do now.
Understand that my actions were checked...
in a way... Directed by an unknown force in me.
Pull your top off.
Do unbutton.
To the ground.
Like a dog on all fours.
Flinke puppy.
Stand up.
Stand up.
You're a crazy bitch, is not it?
Hands off. I check everything.
-Lie down on the bed.
Let me see.
Enjoy you that you fuck with a married woman?
In the bed of her husband? -Yes.
Enjoy you that every evening he passionately makes
love with me...
You fuck better than him? -Yes.
Yes. Yes. -Be silent.
Yes. -Show me how.
Do you like that?
I asked: "Do you like that?"
Do you like that? Do you like that?
How have you saved from that situation?
I waited until she took a shower and then
I slipped out.
That was so risky.
-I can not believe I did it.
I was not going. But he is so disloyal.
He hit her before I went.
-All men are unfaithful.
Everyone Heef entitled to one opinion.
I want to know when you're peeking.
Blimey. You gotta do again, right?
You will not do again?
Bad girl! -Shut up, Saffie.
I could not help it.
I waited until she came home.
Sometimes, sometimes not.
It was amazing.
You're early today.
Sorry, I can go if you want.
Me does't matter what you do.
How are you?
To buy clothes for the lady?
-Well, I guess.
She seems to find her beautiful clothes.
They should be here. She must have been
exhausted by her workload.
lndeed. Do you know?
I saw a program yesterday.
How relationships go wrong.
Uplifting to look at.
-It was interesting...
the person who has control,
loses sooner or later always.
Is always inferior.
-Is that right?
Yes. They say that if you are weak enough
to check your parner...
will always react the other.
Confidence to leave him.
Arabella. The dress was beautiful.
-What was the event, Marily?
An intimate gathering.
The windde me.
I knew what she meant.
I knew the truth.
I had something with her.
Even though they had the key...
and power, I knew her deepest secrets.
What do you think?
I do not see it prijskaarje.
Who is the designer?
I do not know if 't remember.
I said in the interview that I am designer.
So I thought maybe you could wear this.
I do not care what you think, darling.
I have not answered you to...
advertise your junk, designed in fatgebouw.
Those Hollywood guy here in an hour,
and I'm stressed.
I took you on as a personal shopper.
In the best possible way...
you can try me not to look like a transvestite.
I have this.
-That's better.
I can iron it for you.
-I hope so. I have to go.
Dylan, the interviewer is talking about an hour.
I have to fix my hair.
Marilyn. Sorry. Really.
Honey, I teased you but whatever.
See how many you can handle.
Some girls can not. Well done.
You are obedient.
She made such an impression on me.
Whenever she brought me back to tears...
and left me warm.
No one else could.
She had power over me in a way I can not describe.
It insists. Thanks for the interview.
Thanks for asking me.
-No, it was a pleasure.
Harstikke thanks for...
This is interview. For the attention I will get,
that helps a lot.
It's good, I'm glad to have you here.
No worries.
When will the book out?
-Hopefully in a few months.
It may be brought forward if there is great demand.
Which is good.
Well... You know, I was really nervous to meet you.
Why? -Because... when I was young...
and read your first book...
I really felt I knew you.
The way you wrote...
gave me the feeling that...
I knew you.
You do not know me.
You know the fantasies...
I have.
How do you feel now?
I'll let you just calm down.
Why? -What kind of interview is this?
This is not professional.
-Here's one.
So one can see that it's not professional.
That was the first time I wanted to be there.
I sprouted.
I got more confident.
Required more than ever.
You just sneaking around her house?
How to get in?
It's harmless.
-No, it's risky. Dangerous.
It does not feel dangerous.
-Is it the danger that excites you?
I do not know. I think so.
You know what month it is? Arabella.
Yes of course.
-Become why you mad?
You drink or use not?
I know it's the week of mommy's's death.
But that's no reason.
I just enjoy the moment. Okay?
Just be careful.
-I have to go.
I'm going to take a shower.
Does your husband not home?
You peek happy, right?
You peek for a while.
What I do not understand is why you
have not participated?
-Stop. On all fours.
You treat others like animals than you can earn
your way to be treated.
You thought all the time that you had control.
Me running spy.
I was in control. I knew it.
What does that mean?
Are you going to call the police?
Of course not. You're my humble now.
-You'll do anything I ask.
-Yes, mistress.
Yes, mistress.
-Get back in the closet.
Second round?
-Just a moment.
Sit on him. Sit on him.
I want you to make me broke.
She knew. Now there were no limits.
That was amazing. Really fantastic.
How long has this been your thing?
This was never my thing.
-Do not lie.
I will not. This is extreme for me.
I just messed with my friends.
Experimented with men.
-What men?
Share men. Public places.
What is the most public that you have done?
When I was seventeen, I took the subway home.
I saw the father of my best friend.
We took the same road.
He had drunk quite a lot.
So we sat next to each other.
He put his hand on my thigh and under my skirt.
I had that day because no panties on...
I came with my boyfriend I just lost my virginity.
I could not find my panties.
But I was still horny and he hit me
in the right places.
That was the first time I had an orgasm.
In the subway, the father of my best friend.
She was after?
She'd never forgive me if she had to know.
Were there other people on the subway?
they knew what was happening?
Was it the touch or the fact that people watched
that you liked?
I liked that people watched.
You will now do what I ask.
If I give you a place and time will obey you.
Yes, mistress.
You will be paid the same as a personal shopper.
-Yes, mistress.
What do you think?
I would go for it.
You look divine.
What are your plans tonight?
So, what are you doing tonight?
-Not much.
Beautiful. Pull one of my dresses.
You are a guest at one of the meetings
with my husband tonight.
The meeting of your husband?
I do not think that's a good idea, Marilyn.
I need a guest.
Suddenly I had butterflies in my stomach.
If a girl dr first date.
I think that will go down the company.
Says someone who has never closed a
business deal.
Come on, he had almost a...
-Until I got inside him.
-The business relationships go well.
Yes, as usual.
-He gets' t call.
Yes, as always. Since much depends.
Come on.
Everything good?
You are so beautiful.
Just think that he awoke.
-Can you imagine?
What would happen then?
-Something in me wants him shake.
How he talked to me about you.
The contempt in his tone.
-I know, it's been so long.
Why? Why do you stay in such a loveless
It is not useful.
He would never let me go.
He says he can take everything.
My house, my money...
Even my career.
-So you are trapped.
That feeling he give me.
Caught in an emotional, tough place.
You still looking for?
Everything is here.
Names, numbers, times.
Everything you're looking for, you can find here.
Good. Here you can start with.
You get the rest when...
-The job is done?
Who was that guy?
Should I say something to Marilyn?
I want to sow unrest,
especially now as her submissive.
I decided to keep suspicious guy in the eye.
Wow, nicely done.
Do you feel inspired?
-I think so.
What a dark color.
Where they are?
The boss let me try.
Will I get him then he comes on all billboards.
Storefronts. It could launch my collection.
You get him, you have to give up your
job as a personal shopper. However?
Do not you want to?
-I do not know what I want, Saff.
But are you...
Do you have feelings for this woman?
No. Of course not.
So it is not.
She knows it.
What does she know?
-I like her.
You are kidding me.
-I could participate.
Oh, God, stop. No.
Arabella, and her husband?
-He is so ungrateful.
He does not deserve her.
-And do you? What?
Open up.
Do not look at me.
What happened?
Where is he?
Who wrote that?
He is here.
He's coming back until tomorrow.
What happened?
He came in and...
he was violent.
How many times he Heef you beaten?
-I'll be fine.
It does not matter.
I want to just be rid of him.
I can not go.
How did I become so weak?
How can I let him?
-You are so much better.
He can get the shit.
We are going out.
I'll show you where I go when I'm in pain.
Good evening, Marilyn.
-Sorry, madam. Members only.
She belongs to Me.
-What is your relationship?
She's my daughter.
You can coat hanging there.
I had never seen anything like it.
I mean, I'm not naive.
I knew existed, but go there yourself?
That was an experience.
Do you like it?
-Do you come here if you have pain?
Welcome. Thanks for coming.
I'm glad to see the intimate
group we are tonight.
Tonight talking about the Master
who takes control.
The master's course...
the one showing how.
Those who are not familiar with it,
take it easy.
He likes it.
-Do not you, dog?
Yes Madam.
-Substantial dog.
On the ground, dog.
Kiss my shoes.
Where you belong.
-I want everyone to have fun,
Enjoy it. Make use of all the ones we have.
But do mainly use another.
Photo Engraving is prohibited.
As always...
what happened in the room...
remains in the room.
Outside we are strangers.
But here inside lovers.
Let the night.
Marily. I'm so glad you're there.
You know why I'm here.
-Who did you bring?
My daughter. Bella.
Bella. First time?
-Then I'll show you how it should.
Come on. You can touch him.
He is my submissive.
Show my submissive who's the boss.
Put me not embarrass. Harder.
-Do you like this?
Yes. You
-Does it hurt?
I like pain.
Give my mistress to me when needed.
Are not used to the pain, Bella?
On your knees on the ground.
To the ground.
My turn.
Now it is time that you look.
Look what Mommy does.
I was for the first time jealous.
I hated that she seduced her and
I was tied up...
and had to watch.
Marilyn gave it a kick.
She enjoyed knowing how much I wanted her.
I felt that something was obvious.
Wake up.
Do you want to do something for me?
-Yes, mistress.
I would do anything for you.
I mean it.
I am your humble now.
-How far would you go?
Very far. You control.
-I'm afraid of myself.
The day you told me you knew I was watching...
I saw a man in your house.
A man with a cap.
I saw him talking to your husband.
-Which man?
He crept around your house.
I thought he was one of your men, but...
I've seen him afterward.
-I think I'm in danger.
I'll do anything to protect your mistress.
Good morning, Marilyn.
Not only an outstanding personal shopper
and a beautiful little face.
She also makes delicious breakfast.
Arabella, you can't get my wife.
They can learn something.
Oh no, Marilyn. This is for you.
That Ross is extra strong.
So he talking like.
Plans today?
Not yet.
-You lazing in this house...
then you write.
Not difficult that you don't hit a decade.
You're after my money.
-I just gave my manuscript...
the publisher. I just need a break.
A vacation.
-Is your life not a holiday?
The luxurious life that you lead...
Call an ambulance.
Call a...?
-Call an ambulance!
Looks bad, right?
The truth was that her freedom...
one of the sexiest moments of my life was.
Knowing that my mistress all control.
When he fell, he stood with his face
to the garden?
The researchers confirm that he was a meter
from the table.
Do you know that anyone man wanted
something to do, ma'am?
No. No idea, no.
I have to admit something.
There was a man.
A man with a cap.
When was that?
-I brought gowns to Marilyn, and...
he was in the house.
I never thought, I thought...
I thought... maybe someone could easily go in?
My husband left people inside.
It might be someone he knew?
-He knew many people.
He had a large network.
He owed money.
We can not see each other here.
Why not?
The truth may not come true.
-They will not suspect me.
We do not know who to suspect.
How did it? Control have life on someone?
The life of my husband.
You were dominant.
You took away a big part of my life.
How did that feel?
I thought it was nice that you
could do nothing.
You didnt know what I had done to his miserable
life to terminate.
Gave you a chance.
Something in you frightens me.
-What do you mean?
At that time you had control.
You were dangerous.
It was like...
everything you wanted to do.
I've had men who treated me
as bad as him.
I was long afraid to have control.
In a way I still am.
Like what you?
You know, I verelde you that story.
About... the father of my best friend.
In the subway.
Then I found it sexy.
But now I look back.
It was all wrong.
What happened then?
I was underage.
I was fourteen.
The memory of it was everything I wanted.
He fucked me like Saffie was not there.
Tenon. I even went as I knew she wasn't home.
To get more from him.
-What changed?
What kept you?
He pushed me away.
He kept me for nine months at line.
When I said I wanted something serious,
he broke the contact.
My messages, my calls.
Saffie could not see me.
One day I saw him.
I said I would tell t Saffie.
He was scared.
I knew well how much he wanted me.
He begged me to do.
I was not going.
Two days later...
he hanged himself.
I was alone. Insulated.
It was the first time I experienced death
and grief, in secret.
I could tell anyone.
I was afraid of what I could do with control.
What I had to do one.
Since that day I had never control.
But today you had control.
A different kind of.
Under your power.
Under your control, mistress.
-Why are you so submissive.
I think so. I think a submissive...
one way is to avoid what happened before.
I heard a week's Marilyn.
I need distraction.
This feeling convert anything.
Your work is dark, mysterious.
There is something...
it touches me and makes me curious
to your secrets.
It feels like these designs with them.
Each garment tells its own story.
If you can provide samples?
-For the weekend, right?
Yes indeed.
-I want one place order.
We'll see where it leads.
This is Marilyn Blacklock-Charterhouse.
Let 's notice after.
Hi Marilyn. It's me.
I have good news.
I was wondering if you wanted something
to drink to celebrate it.
We have something to celebrate.
Don't move.
Say who you are,
or I'll call the police.
-I work for the deceased.
Mr. Ross Charerhouse.
-Are you going to murder her?
You are about to murder Marilyn.
-I was hired by Sir.
I'm a private detective.
He was terrified and left me
his wife shadows.
Her plans to find out.
Where she would go.
With whom she did.
We both love people watching, right?
What do you mean you terrified?
He was not so innocent.
He was violent.
-Marily Charerhouse is poison.
You have no idea who she is.
They Heef you in her power.
I do not know who you are and what you do,
but you're breaking here.
You too.
I had to figure out what she was doing,
Marilyn unveil plans for...
it was too late. As was the case.
Get lost.
Be careful with that woman.
I do not know what she told you,
what lies they invented.
They will do the same with you as her husband.
She took him all...
putting him embarrassed and left.
That woman loves you crazy.
They Heef power over people.
She wants to give you control, but trust me...
that woman will never give up control.
It made me realize something.
I went to Marilyn doubt.
They kept kidding me?
If a mouse in a cage,
had a python lured into me.
Is wrapped around me and taken my life.
Going somewhere?
-What are you doing here?
What is happening?
How did it feel to take someone's life?
That is my husband.
Detective Waters, how can I help you?
I told you.
Feel better now?
By that take me away?
Why you're here?
In order to murder me?
Why you're posting in my house?
I talked to the guy at you broke,
he's private detective.
He was hired by your husband who
feared for his life.
For what you could do.
That had been.
You were planning murder him too.
-Do not pretend you're surprised.
Were you planning to do it yourself,
or was I doing?
You had to do it.
I like my hands like clean.
Poor sheep.
You didnt expect it.
You were so submissive.
Now you think you have confidence to
put me in my place?
I do not think so.
I have the power in this relationship.
You tricked me.
He was right.
Oh, do not cry.
Someone had to do it.
I mean, I didnt need a personal shopper.
No, it is not.
I urgently need someone and
you were the perfect person.
How you came to call. I tore.
Why are you here?
All others in the waiting room...
really want this job.
Can you obey?
I can listen well.
Do not look at me.
What happened?
-He became violent.
I would do anything for you.
-How far will you go?
I am your submissive.
-I think I'm in danger.
Be careful with that woman.
She has you in its power.
That woman will never give up control.
not you made me hard.
I gave you some ideas and you jumped
at the chance.
I liked that you could not do anything.
You wanted to be free so badly.
You didnt know I had done something to him.
I would terminate his life,
gave you a chance at all.
Do not droevg. He was an asshole.
You did something good for society
and for me.
People do not want scum like him here.
Moreover, now I have a great tip
for my new novel.
You set me up.
We started.
Do not.
Take this.
Thumb submissive.
She's here.
Come and get her.
She is crazy.
She's trying to murder me. Please.
Please. They killed my husband.
Arrest her.
Help. Help. Help.
Law enforcement. Law enforcement.
Hands up.
She wanted to murder me.
-Give me your hands.
5 years later
It's me again.
Just as they had planned...
I was convicted of his murder and
was given six years in prison.
I used to come quite good behavior.
All those years, locked...
made me realize who I really
was and where I belong.
When I was released,
I was surprised stood outside by Marilyn...
ready to take me home again.
Where I belonged.
How are you?
Answer your mistress.
-Well, mistress.
Well as submissive.
How does it feel locked up,
knowing I freely with others?
Who is in control?
-You, mistress.
I control you. No one else.
So the story went on...
I had found my place.
I had found where I belonged.
Not in the fashion industry.
But as her pet.
It's look I'm crazy,
but I would not do it otherwise.