Disappearance (2017) Movie Script

- Where is the emergency?
- Straight ahead, on your left.
- Whats your problem?
- My friend has a stomach ache.
- Where is your friend?
- On the chair over there.
- Where does it hurt?
- Here.
- Did you eat out?
- No.
Any alcohol?
A little.
- Send him for gastric lavage.
- Sure.
Go to Room 204
at the end of the corridor.
How can I help you?
- I have a problem.
- What problem?
Something happened to me.
I'm bleeding.
I don't get you.
- Can we talk alone?
- Why?
Can we talk alone, please?
Tell me.
I was raped.
- When did it happen?
- Half an hour ago.
I was getting back home
from a friends house.
I took a taxi.
The driver took a strange route.
I told him it was not the right way.
He said
he was taking a shortcut to save time.
He suddenly turned into a dark road
and locked the doors.
Calm down.
How are you now?
Not well.
Does your family know about it?
Call a family member
to come and be beside you.
Come with me.
- I can't find my mobile.
- No problem.
Use the hospital phone
when she is done.
- Is Dr Kiyani in her office?
- Yes, she is in her office.
- I don't know what to tell them.
- Do you want me to talk to them?
No, I'll tell them.
- Nurse!
- What's the matter?
- My child!
- Let me see.
He's got fever.
How old is he?
Take them in.
You come with me.
- You talked to them?
- Yes.
What happened?
Fill in this form.
Only my brother was awake.
I told him to come.
- Your house is near?
- It isn't far.
Follow me.
- Are you OK with your brother?
- Yes.
- Where did it happen?
- Don't remember exactly.
I just got to the main street
and took a taxi.
I told him to take me
to the nearest hospital.
- The taxi driver left?
- Yes.
It would be better if he stayed.
What's the problem?
Tell her what happened.
- I told her what happened.
- Tell me too.
She was raped.
- Please bring her a glass of water.
- Sure.
Im coming back now.
Come sit here, please.
Give me your hand.
- What's your name?
- Sara.
- How old are you?
- 19.
Roll up your sleeve.
- A university student?
- Yes.
- What are you studying?
- Architecture.
Your blood pressure is very low.
I must examine you.
Go there and get ready.
Help her please.
- Hello.
- Hello.
My sister called from here
and asked me to come.
- Her name?
- Sara.
- Sara?
- Samadi.
When was she admitted?
I don't know.
She called about an hour ago.
- We don't have such a name here.
- She gave me this hospital's address.
Please wait for a moment.
A man is here.
He says his sister is here,
but I can't find her name.
I see.
Please wait here.
The head nurse will come now.
She knows where she is.
- You are her brother?
- Yes, what happened?
- She didn't tell you anything?
- No, just said she wasn't well.
- What's the matter?
- You have to wait.
She'll be here in a moment
and tell you everything.
Tell me what happened!
Follow me.
Your sister was at her friend's.
When she was returning home,
the taxi driver raped her,
and left her in the street.
Your sister took a taxi
and came here.
I don't understand.
Me neither, you can ask her yourself now.
What is she saying?
Why didn't you call me
to pick you up?
- Calm down.
- Calm down?
It seems you dont understand
what happened to her.
I do, but it seems that you dont!
- Calm down.
- Please stop!
Why were you coming home alone
at midnight?
Stop it!
Go and sit down!
- Dr Kiyani wants to see you.
- OK.
I'll be right back.
How do you feel now?
The doctor said
my blood pressure is low.
Did they give you an IV
or something?
Not yet.
- You played your part really bad.
- But it was good.
It wasn't.
You just made noise!
I was playing a role a sensitive brother!
You shouldn't have shouted at her.
She got angry with you.
Never mind her.
I couldn't find my mobile.
Wasn't it in the car?
It was.
- Your mother called.
- OK.
What happened in there?
The doctor examined me
and asked many questions.
She told me to wait outside.
Please come.
The doctor wants to talk to you.
- Will you excuse us?
- Certainly.
I told her to leave because I thought
you might have something
to tell me in private.
No, there is nothing.
You have a cut on your vagina
but it was not necessarily caused by rape.
You must have a surgery.
But to start your file
and to confirm what happened,
I must send you
to the Legal Medicine.
I want to be sure
what youll confess before I do.
If you are sure to tell them you were raped
or something else happened.
Im sure.
All right then.
Wait here and Ill tell them
to start the process.
- May I use the toilet before that?
- Of course.
Hello, Hamed?
I'm leaving the hospital.
What did just happen?
- Nobody saw you leaving?
- No.
- I think they've found out.
- How do you know?
I'll tell you in the car.
- What are you looking for?
- My mobile charger.
Take mine from the glove box.
Close the window.
- How are you?
- I'm a little cold.
- It's colder tonight.
- No, I feel weak too.
- Want to put my jacket on your legs?
- No, I'm OK.
Your blood pressure is low.
Must be that.
I think you panicked for no reason.
The doctor hadn't found out.
No, she talked in a way
as if she was sure what had happened.
She wouldnt have doubted
if you spoke with more confidence.
You think it is that easy?
They can find out about everything
with some medical tests.
She also said she wanted to send me
to Legal Medicine.
I don't think they could find out
with a few medical tests.
You mean the doctor was lying?
She wasn't lying.
She just said something
and you panicked.
I didn't panic.
I was cautious.
- You always exaggerate.
- What are you saying?
You know my condition.
I can't take a risk in this situation.
- Why don't you answer?
- It's my mum.
I know.
Answer her or she'll be worried.
What should I tell her now?
It will be worse if you dont.
Hello, mum.
I was asleep.
Didn't hear it.
People are asleep here.
I can't talk loudly.
Yes, the bus is comfortable.
No, there is no problem.
I'll call you
when I get to Shiraz.
I have a class.
I'll go straight to the university.
Good night.
- Do you know where we are going?
- Not exactly.
Try to spot a hospital.
I remember a hospital around here,
but I don't know where exactly.
- What are we going to say?
- I don't know.
- But I wont say what we said there.
- What will you say?
- You speak this time.
- OK.
Don't make a fuss
like at the other hospital.
I'll be careful.
Wear your ring on your left hand.
- Where is the emergency?
- That way.
Everybodys ill here.
I cant cure them all at once.
- Who's in charge here?
- I am in charge.
- Send someone to see my mother.
- We gave her a sedative.
She needs a doctor not a sedative!
- We can't do miracle in half an hour.
- I don't expect a miracle.
- Lower your voice!
- My voice is low!
Mr Moradi!
Please listen to what he says.
What's the problem?
- Send someone to see my mother.
- We'll do our job if you let us.
Please sit down, Sir!
Or I'll call the security.
- Good evening.
- How can I help you?
- My wife is bleeding a little.
- What do you mean?
We have just married,
and tonight was her first ever
sexual contact.
- And now she is bleeding.
- Don't worry it is natural.
- I don't think it is natural.
- Why not?
- Its been around two hours.
- Right.
- Do you have any ilnessess?
- No.
- Any coagulation problems history?
- No.
It doesn't seem normal indeed.
Please pay the fee
and then I'll tell you what to do.
- I'll pay this.
- I'll go with you.
I hope there won't be a problem again.
Dont worry it will be OK.
25,000 tomans.
- Take her to the gynaecologist.
- Sure.
Dont stand here, please.
And sit over there.
Can you tell this woman
to let me go to the ward.
I want to see my mother.
Talk properly!
You can't go in.
- Why not?
- There are other people there too.
Excuse me, did you see my husband?
- It's over?
- Yes.
- Where were you?
- At the toilet.
- But the toilet is here.
- There is another one outside too.
You have to tell me
when youre going somewhere.
Should I call and tell you
Im going to the toilet?
Let's go.
The doctor said she needs a surgery.
Fill in this form and well send her
to the operating room.
Give me your IDs please.
- Here you are.
- No, I need your ID.
- You brought the IDs?
- No, just this.
What about a copy of your IDs?
Or the marriage licence?
We came in a hurry.
I have brought just this.
We didn't think it would be needed.
You should have.
You must have a certificate
to prove you are husband and wife.
- We are not lying.
- Im not saying you are lying.
But you must have something
to prove you are married.
You really didn't think
you'd need your IDs for such a thing?
- No, we didn't.
- You need it.
- Can't you do something?
- No, nothing can be done.
- Do you know where we live?
- Wherever it is.
Bring it or call someone
to bring it for you.
- At this time of the night?
- Should I argue with you after that guy?
I'm not arguing.
Just explained our situation.
And I explained our situation.
She did not cut her finger.
Shes lost her virginity tonight.
Her family must surely know about it,
dont they?
she must have a small surgery.
Who will be responsible
if something happens
to her during the operation?
I'll sign and take responsibility
for whatever happens.
Your identity is not clear yet
to be able to take responsibility.
- What if I sign myself?
- It is not possible.
Your father must sign.
- There is no other way?
- No, I told you everything.
Don't waste your time here.
I told you everything.
You keep repeating this.
Youre not helping us.
We are a government hospital
and the rules are strict here.
Go to a private hospital.
They might be able to help you.
You should've asked him
which hospital to go.
I'll find one on the internet.
There is a hospital nearby,
but I don't know if it is private.
Im cold.
Ill get into the car.
OK, I'll come too
when I finish my cigarette.
You really went to the toilet then?
What do you think?
When I came out and didn't see you,
I panicked.
I thought you're gone.
- Why should I go?
- I don't know.
For example,
you were afraid.
- Afraid of what?
- Having a problem.
- You're talking nonsense.
- I'm not.
If you leave now,
nothing will happen to you.
You'll just return to your family.
If I wanted to leave,
I'd do that in the beginning.
In the beginning you didnt know
this would happen.
Don't worry,
we'll get it done here.
It's no use going there
and saying the same things again.
Its different.
It is a private hospital.
They charge a lot of money
and don't ask so many questions.
I don't think so.
The nurse told us to go
to a private hospital for a reason.
What if they don't do it
in this hospital either?
Thats enough!
I told you there wont be any problems.
- Why don't you come?
- Wait a second. I feel dizzy.
Eat this.
It'll raise your blood pressure.
- No need.
- Eat it. You'll feel better.
Can we wait a bit
I dont feel so well.
Don't get out.
I'll get you a wheelchair.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I have a patient in the car.
Can you lend me a wheelchair?
- Get one from nurses' station.
- Thanks.
A patient is waiting in the car.
I need a wheelchair.
- Where is your car?
- In the parking lot.
Please wait a second.
Bring a wheelchair.
Go with this gentleman outside.
- Hello.
- Hello, let's go.
- What's wrong with the patient?
- Low blood pressure.
- Is that her?
- Yes.
- But she is walking by herself.
- Yeah, but she was not feeling well.
I told you I'd bring a wheelchair.
- Please sit on the wheelchair.
- I'm fine.
- Sure?
- Yes.
- All right then.
- Sorry.
The doors aren't locked.
- Did you tell them?
- Not yet.
I just told them
you have low blood pressure.
Im nervous.
You tell them.
Let's go together.
No, I'll stay here.
I'll come if they agree to admit me.
OK, wait here.
Let's go in.
They have to examine you.
You told them about documents?
Let them examine you first.
We'll tell them later.
Put Ms. Sam through.
Go to the head nurse.
I'll explain everything to her.
Thank you.
Ms. Sam?
- What did she say?
- It doesn't matter what she said.
Point is, what we're going to say
about our documents.
We'll tell them
we didnt bring our documents.
If they insist, well tell them to start
while Ill go to bring the documents.
After the surgery is done
They wont be able to do anything.
Simple as that?
I talked to the doctor.
Why you didn't come sooner?
- We thought it was natural.
- Come with me.
When did it start?
- Almost two hours ago.
- No, it was more.
Yes, more than two hours.
But we have a small problem.
We came in a hurry
and forgot to bring our IDs.
We can't open the file
without ID.
I know.
But we don't have them now.
We need it,
especially in this case.
You are too strict for a private hospital.
The hospital is private,
but the rules are not!
Please bring your documents quickly,
or call her family to come here.
Can I talk to the doctor?
Im responsible for her file,
not the doctor.
The doctor told you about my situation.
Please help us.
How can I help you?
Please start the surgery
and I'll call her family to come.
We can't start the surgery.
I can only give you an IV
for your blood pressure.
That's all I can do.
- OK, give her an IV.
- Wait a second.
A young couple will come to you now.
Give her a saline drip.
Go to the end of the corridor.
You stay here and make your call.
- I'll go with her and call from there.
- As you wish.
I told you
it wouldn't be that easy.
At least they'll give you the IV.
Lie down and take off your jacket.
Roll up your right sleeve too.
- Could you give me a blanket?
- Of course.
- You gave her IV?
- Yes.
Did you call?
Yes, but they didn't answer.
I'll call again.
- Keep me informed.
- Sure.
- Any effect?
- Not yet.
You'll feel better when its finished.
- Have you got any painkillers?
- Why?
I have a headache.
It's in my rucksack in the car.
Let's tell them
your parents are in another town.
Then she'll tell you
to go and bring the IDs.
What if we told them the truth?
Are you crazy?
She seems to be a good woman.
She's already helped us a lot.
I don't know.
Maybe she agrees.
She could refuse to give me an IV too.
Exactly. If she didn't want to help,
she wouldn't give you the IV.
Where are you going?
I'll take a look around.
Shall we talk to her together?
No, you rest a bit.
I'll tell you if you are needed.
Excuse me?
Do you have something for a headache?
- You want it for her?
- No, for myself.
I don't have any here.
The drugstore is across the street.
Its not that important.
- Did they answer the phone?
- They are on the way.
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
I don't mean to bother you,
but please help us if you can.
We really can't bring
our documents now.
I would've done it already if I could.
Didn't you say they are on the way?
The fact is that we arent married.
I mean we are not married now,
but we are going to get married.
So we dont want our families
to know about it now.
- Please help us if you can.
- I have already helped you a lot.
The only way is that
her father comes here.
That is even worse!
If something happens to her,
her parents will come here and say
their daughter was virgin Mary!
They'll sue me first.
- You are taking it too serious.
- Im not. This IS serious.
Please help us
and I'll make it up to you.
I'll pay whatever the cost.
Please let her family know to come here,
or I'll have to call the police.
- Get up! Hurry!
- What's the matter?
- She's calling the police.
- Why the police?
Just hurry!
He doesnt answer.
What do you expect?
It is around 4 am.
- Could you bring me my mobile?
- Why do you want it?
I want to call a friend.
- Is your friend up now?
- She may be.
- Let's go inside the car.
- I'm tired of sitting in the car!
Why is she asleep?
- Who?
- Raha.
You yourself said it is 4 am.
She is usually up.
I remember when
I saw your mothers photo,
I felt she is a kind woman.
She looks kind in photos.
- She isn't kind?
- Not always.
How's your relation?
She interferes in my life too much.
And she is very sensitive.
Sensitive about what?
Who I am with.
What I do.
- Ever talked to her about me?
- She wouldnt be able to take it.
- What will she say if she finds out?
- If she finds out?!
She cant even imagine I have a boyfriend,
let alone knowing about this issue.
It's Raha.
Hello, Raha.
Sorry I called you so late.
Where are you?
I'm freezing!
She was at a party.
And wanted to come here.
I told her to give me the address
and wed go there.
Youre sure she can help?
I don't know,
but she has many friends.
Maybe she can.
- I wish we could find a toilet.
- Well find it somewhere.
- That's the Block D.
- Stop over there.
Hello, Raha?
We're here.
Will you come down?
- How are you?
- Well, look at me.
You are pale!
I told you what happened.
Is there a toilet here?
- Let's go upstairs.
- There isnt one here?
I don't know.
Let me ask.
I am Flat 12 guest.
- Is there a toilet in the lobby?
- Yes, over there.
Whose party is it?
My friend's boyfriend.
A birthday party.
It's over?
No, not yet.
Sorry I dragged you out.
No, I was going home.
My mother had called.
- We'll give you a lift then.
- Thanks, I brought the car.
You remember Atoosa?
- The one in our class.
- Oh, yes.
She had a problem once.
I went with her
to a gynaecologist's office.
- I think she can help us.
- You have her number?
- How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
- Raha knows a private office.
- A legal private office?
The office is legal,
but this problem
has to be solved illegally.
- It's far?
- Don't know exactly.
Considering her situation,
you should've gone to a private office.
We didn't know
it was that serious.
It isn't far.
Is he up at this hour?
He lives upstairs his office.
Let's go and find out.
- You have his number?
- Yes, I'll call him.
If he picks up,
We can go there quickly.
Yes, do it.
What do you say,
shall we go to his office?
He would answer if he was up.
It isn't far.
Yes, let's go.
I'll come in my car.
You come with me?
Follow us.
The doctor is a man or woman?
A man.
- Is he coming?
- Yes, he is behind us.
He disappeared in the hospital.
You mean he wanted to dump you?
He said he went to the toilet outside,
but there was a toilet inside.
- Maybe he told the truth.
- Dont know.
I panicked suddenly.
- What do you want to do with this?
- I hope the doctor will do something.
No, I mean in general.
Your family might find out at some point.
I don't want to think about it now.
When did you get
your driving license?
Last week.
- Which one is it?
- This one.
His office is on the 4th floor.
I don't know where his house is.
What is his surname?
Might be written here.
Dr Daneshmand.
- Here it is.
- That one is his office.
- Shall we ring the bell?
- He doesn't sleep in the office.
Let's try it.
Someone might be inside.
The light is on there.
It is useless.
Nobody answers at 4 am.
Do we have another choice?
One of my friends was
with his girlfriend at the party.
She is a 3rd year medical student.
I'll ask if she can help
or knows someone.
Don't worry,
we'll find a place.
She said
she might be able to help.
- She'll come here?
- No, we'll meet them.
And I'm waiting for a friend
to send me the number of a doctor.
- Follow my car, then.
- OK.
He sent the number.
- The doctor's mobile or his office?
- His mobile.
He said he doesn't have an office.
Works only at the hospital.
He doesn't answer!
- Call again.
- I will.
We ran out of gas.
Gotta find a station.
Here they are.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Pooriya, Bahar, Hamed, Sara.
- You were going home?
- Yes, Bahar was giving me a lift.
What can you do for Sara?
Considering what the doctors said,
she must have a surgery.
But let me check her.
- You had an IV?
- Yes, in one of the hospitals.
Your blood pressure seems to be low.
They gave you a vitamin K injection?
I don't know.
They didn't say anything.
- Did they?
- What is it for?
It is for coagulation problems.
They asked her
about blood coagulation problems.
Maybe they added it to her IV.
No, they could not,
it must be injected from a syringe.
No, they didn't give me any shots.
- When did you have an IV?
- About an hour ago.
- Your bleeding did not decrease?
- No.
We must find an open drugstore.
I must give her a vitamin K shot.
- There is one at the Vanak Sq.
- Isn't there a nearer one?
Let's go there.
We might look for it on our way too.
Theres a drugstore.
- Where?
- Over there.
- Have you got Flurazepam?
- No, go to Taleqani Drugstore.
- Is it open now?
- No.
I need a vitamin K injection.
- Do you have a prescription?
- No.
You can't get it
without prescription.
He wants a prescription.
Dont you have a student card?
I am a medical student.
- I need a vitamin K shot.
- You know it needs a prescription.
But I don't have it.
Swab and alcohol too, please!
Clench your fist.
I can't find it.
Do you have an elastic hair band?
Give me the swab.
The shot too.
Hold it.
It'll decrease your bleeding.
What do you want to do now?
Raha knows a doctor,
but nothing is open at this hour.
Don't you know someone?
It is the weekend.
I know a few doctors
but I can only call them in the morning.
- You've been together long?
- Not long.
- What about you?
- Almost a year.
You got yourself into trouble.
The shot will help her
for an hour or two max.
That's good too.
We might find a place.
- Call her parents to come.
- She doesnt want them to know.
- Bahar's family knows?
- Yes.
They were in the party too.
They left an hour before us.
- Done?
- Yes, I told her to rest.
She should have some juice
or eat something.
Her blood pressure is low
and her stomach is empty.
We'll find a place now.
I gave my number to Sara.
If the problem is not solved till morning,
I can call a few people.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
We'll be off, then.
My mum had called a few times.
She'd got worried I hadn't answered.
I told her about you.
She got very upset.
- Why did you tell her?
- That's ok.
She told me to take you home.
Shall we go there?
No, we are waiting for
Hamed's friend to call.
I hope he can do something.
You'd better go.
I can stay if you like.
No, we have bothered you enough already.
- Sorry I couldn't do more.
- No, you did great.
I'll try to find another doctor.
Keep me informed.
- Sure, goodbye.
- Bye.
- Drink this.
- I don't want anything.
- Drink it.
- I can't.
I called the doctor
my friend introduced.
No answer.
- What should we do now?
- I don't know!
Call your parents to come.
I suffered whole night because
I dont want them to find out.
Now you are telling me to call my parents?
- You have a better solution?
- That's not a good solution.
Don't tell them the truth.
Say you were raped.
- Tell them another lie, eh?
- OK, tell them the truth!
- My father will kill me!
- Do we have another way?
I told them I was going
to University in Shiraz
and now I am to ask them
to come for this?
We went to many hospitals
and called many people.
What can we do?
- Call and Ill do the explaining.
- Youll explain what?
- I'll tell them we want to get married.
- You think they'll accept?
I don't care.
Give me the mobile.
- I won't!
- C'mon!
Ah, I no longer care at all!
Do whatever you want.
I did whatever I could.
The rest is up to you.
Let's go to the doctor's office.
Raha has talked to him.
- Hello.
- Come in.
Your friend told me
about your condition.
And you know about the fee?
- How much it will be?
- 3 million.
- 3 million?
- You must pay it before we start.
- It is a lot of money
- No it is not, especially at this hour.
You are right,
but we didn't think it'd be that much.
If you think it is much,
you can go somewhere else.
If we could,
we'd go there in the first place.
Excuse us for a second.
- What should we do?
- It's obvious what we should do.
- I don't have that much.
- How much do you have?
- Around 700,000.
- 700,000?!
Do you have anything?
I have 1.5 million in the bank.
Father gave it to me for my tuition.
We'll pay now,
and think of your tuition later.
- Still we are 800,000 short.
- Let's tell him.
We have 2.2 million together.
What about the rest?
We don't have it.
You should have thought about it before.
You can keep my mobile
I promise to bring the rest later.
You want to pay by card?
Can we pay with two cards?
And Ill take your mobile.
- How much should I charge?
- 700,000.
- Your password?
- 6246.
1.5 million.
- Your password?
- 4664.
Please go in.
Put your rucksack and the jacket
over there.
Get ready!
- Finished?
- Yes.
- Make sure you take these medicine.
- Sure.
Are you OK?
Call me if there are any problems.
- Thanks.
- No problem.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Was it very hard?
Ill go and see
if I can find any gas.