Disappearance of Alice Creed, The (2009) Movie Script

The Disappearance of Alice Creed
Help me. Help me.
Let me go.
Help me.
Have you sent?
Got the e-- mail?
The photos.
Yes. I've sent them.
I've sent them.
We need to conceal
Please nod if you understand it.
I have a drink for you, but
then I'll get the gag out of your mouth.
Do not shout, please.
We want to hurt you.
And we really do not want your murder.
But we really do need one of these,
if necessary.
Do you understand?
Do not hurt me please.
Please let me go.
I have a daughter and she needs me.
We know you have no daughters.
We know everything about you.
This is a natural reaction.
We try to be as reasonable as possible.
Listen to me.
The only two that you
it might have been him and me.
We are your only friends.
I carry you to do what we say.
Are you now still, take some
the bottle to drink?
Well done.
If you go to the bathroom, wait until we
there and give us the signal.
Try to keep...
because we do not go your sheets or
changing clothes.
Do you understand me?
Well done.
We must remain clear.
-- I need a drink.
Just one.
Make sure they do not smell your breath.
Make sure they do not smell.
Why not?
Because we fucking amateurs.
Okay. I drink some juice after it.
What you should be eating. You need your energy
The I do not care.
I said eat!
-- I do not.
Eat it!
I said I do nothing.
Goddamn, man.
I told you I was not hungry.
You have not eaten for nine hours, so you must
but once hungry.
No. What?
If you are not hungry, it means
that something is wrong.
You think too much.
About whether we have all done well.
Or have we made a mistake
so we get caught?
You can get 20 years prison sentence.
Or maybe you know how we think of that girl
have to come?
Or maybe even
her murder.
Or maybe worse.
Maybe you even have sentimental
this girl is not just theoretical.
You looked into her eyes.
Maybe you doubt it.
Maybe your conscience hurts you to do.
Maybe you yourself are wise...
it is best to have to go in
and make her go and to let her go.
Would you listen to me?
Fuck off with it.
Do you understand me?
Look at me.
Look at me!
Fuck off with it.
We're in it. And we are too far into
to be soft about it.
So the doubts you have,
are simply nonsense.
They are really nonsense, and you know it.
You know that. You know you
So you name it.
What say?
Stop it, so.
Fuck off with it.
-- Again.
Fuck off with it.
No more thinking now...
Go eat!
We have a long night ahead.
I'm sorry if I have hurt.
You would also need to look at her
before I leave.
Why do I always boring
Given that your role is.
Well, go inside to be with her
WC alarm.
Do you have a number one,
a song or two do?
Let me see it through your fingers.
Are you ready for it?
Are you going now?
-- Yes.
It's time.
Be careful.
Remember to dump the phone.
I'm not stupid.
I remember just recall.
Do not go to sleep, check it regularly,
and drink nothing.
Of course. Whatever.
No, no, it will be.
Just do it.
You keep your head in the game.
Do you understand?
Stupid dick.
What happened?
Have you committed bell?
Yes, I called.
And how did it go?
It went well.
-- So he goes to pay?
He said yes, but...
-- But what?
I heard a click.
The police were there.
She listened to us.
The police?
It does not. We knew this
would happen.
Yes, but not so fast.
We have planned this. We have therefore
phone dumped.
We knew this was coming.
We have planned so do it quietly.
And what did he say?
He said that his daughter
wanted to talk...
to ensure that they are still alive.
And I said no. It was just time to
racks so they could trace.
Take it easy!
We're okay.
-- But he agreed?
You can arrange the money
and the time when?
Yes. He said the money he
in the morning would have.
No increasing numbers, not brands.
No paint bombs.
Well done.
I just want to be sure.
We must be sure that he went to the bank
that money is to be included. As fast as he can.
We want you to do something.
He'll stand out. Then you go on the edge
of the bed, and you sit very still.
You look in this camera to your father
to speak.
Tell him he must pay the money.
He must do exactly what we say,
otherwise we murder you.
You tell him you do not have any doubts
we will murder you.
Well done.
Recording 1.
I'm okay.
They just took me along.
When I left home they took me
Just them.
I do not know where I am.
Stop it!
I do not want a story. Say it is not only
we will pay you murder.
If he does not meet our instructions
We will murder you.
And if he does not,
We will murder you!
No. She is not afraid enough.
Give her some motivation.
That's better.
Well, grab yourself meeting
and try again.
I love you.
Pay them the money.
Do exactly what they say,
otherwise they murder me.
Dad, they murder me if you
Please, Daddy.
Just do what they say, please.
Pay them the money.
I want to come home.
Just give them the money, please.
Thank you.
No, please.
I will not cry.
My arms hurt.
Make her go.
Move them a bit.
Go ahead.
Better way?
A little.
Tie her down again.
Please Daddy.
they just pay the money. I want
come home.
Give them just the money. Please.
This is good.
This will work.
She did well.
-- They certainly did.
She was a good choice.
She was a good find.
Do not fall asleep.
This will keep you awake.
Keep an eye on her.
She owes us a lot of money.
I know.
Take care.
Get this off.
I can not.
I can not if you look at me.
Can you please me very
leave here alone.
I can not shit when you look at me
is staring.
Me really can not go to me
is staring.
Let me go! Let me go!
Give me the keys!
I'll kill you when I get the keys
you do not.
I'm Danny.
It's me, Danny.
I am, Alice.
I agree.
-- Danny...
What are you doing.
-- Put the gun down.
The gun lay.
-- Was it you?
There is a plan.
-- A plan?
Put the gun down before me
murders, Alice.
Get me out, take me now
immediate release.
Okay, listen to me first.
We get money from your father.
A lot of money.
You always said how much you
your father hated.
What are you talking about?
You always hated him.
He bought for you.
It's always about money with him.
Now he gets a chance to kick.
You always said you enough money
tried to get him.
This is it, Alice.
This is how.
This is how we can get his money.
But you kidnapped me, damn.
Yes. I kidnapped you for us.
The money is for us.
It's all for us.
This is something good, Alice.
You kidnapped me, damn it.
You left me naked and made me lie
pee in a bottle.
In the presence of...
Who is the other guy?
Do I know him?
No. It's Victor.
It's Vic.
He's nobody.
He's nobody.
I met him. He does not know.
Of us.
He thinks you're a rich girl.
He does not know everything.
He thinks that all this
his plan.
He does not expect all the money we
Everything. You and me.
You kidnapped me, so I have some
my father's money.
Well... yes.
Why did you not me first?
I thought I would die.
I was terrified.
I know. I am sorry
But it had to seem real.
Seem real. For Vic.
For you.
Had to seem real...
You can not do that one, Danny.
You can not believe they let die.
You can not just pretend
You're terrified, Alice.
Not good for you.
He had seen when you pretended.
He would have known.
You said you loved me.
You told me you loved me.
I do too, baby.
That's why I did this.
I did this because I love you.
I would tell you the truth as
this was over.
What would you have said?
Sorry I've kidnapped you.
Sorry, I'm humbled you.
But we will be rich, Alice.
How much?
How much am I worth?
Two million.
And he will pay.
Two million in cash.
All you have to do
has to lie in bed.
humiliated, abused.
It is at most a day or so.
Is that too much to ask for two million?
For a whole new life.
I love you. Really,
So, I can have my gun back?
Alice, please.
Just do it.
He is.
He's back.
You need the gun back to me now.
If I do not go to the door,
then he kicks him.
Vic sees us as...
he is crazy.
Then he'll kill us both.
You can not escape, Alice.
He will murder you.
I'm not kidding.
Do not be stupid.
Give me the gun.
Let him hurt me.
He will not.
Promise me.
I promise.
Where were you, damn!
They had to shit, and I kept the gun
on her.
And you did yourself.
It's no problem.
Look at me!
Look at me!
Is she all right?
Go and see, if you will.
Have you talked her father?
Has he seen the video?
I think he is the severity
understands the situation.
When is the exchange?
You have the arrangement?
-- No.
We have no time to prepare.
Once he has the money we
the trigger.
So we murder her?
-- Yes.
Will this work?
-- Of course.
You would need some sleep.
We have a busy day tomorrow.
Will you not then?
No. I have too many
adrenaline in my blood.
You go to sleep first.
I must first look at her?
I think I can handle it here.
Are you sure?
-- Yes.
Use this lake.
Sleep well.
What time is it?
Why do not you wake me?
I am not asleep, but then?
The girl.
Wake up!
Wake up, mrs. Creed.
It's time for breakfast.
It's minestrone.
And it's hot.
I got it.
What's going on?
-- Nothing.
What are you doing?
Go back to the other side
and keep her in the eye.
You're done.
Well done.
Give it to me.
Give me the spoon.
What happened to you on?
-- Nothing.
I'm okay.
You do not look out okay.
Don 't think.
I want you to stay focused.
That's me too.
Are you sure?
Good. Cause I need you.
I can do this without you.
You can count on me.
Well done, lad.
Where you going?
Is that good?
Is everything okay?
What is going on, Danny?
Everything is fine.
Are you sure?
I'm so again.
Danny, are you okay in there?
What are you doing in there?
Now open this door before I intrap him.
Take this door, damn.
Join now open that door.
Well, I come in!
Why do you...
Why did you not open the door?
I do not know what you...
I was worried.
I said I would be so again.
There was something not right away.
You said you only had to pee.
I thought so too.
It's gone now.
I hope it is not fixed
get caught.
It smells absolutely nowhere
to in here.
I have no idea what I
them to say.
Wash your hands and stop screwing around.
It's the adrenaline.
Then you suddenly pooping.
And you get a bad taste in your mouth.
By adrenaline.
It happened to me also when I
first call went.
Just relax, Danny.
We have fresh air.
It is not long before the bank is open.
And then... it's showtime.
We are rich. You and me.
We are millionaires.
We're almost there, Dan...
we are almost there.
Are you ready?
I'm okay.
Are you sure?
-- Why?
Yet two days.
Then we are on the other side of the world.
Just you and me.
Just me and you.
Get out of this mess.
Away from the past.
We begin new lives.
We become new people.
Then you'll be happy.
But the first two weeks
will be difficult.
We can order room service all the time.
Fuck each other senseless.
That sounds perfect.
That's it.
I gotta go.
I see you again soon.
Take care of yourself.
You too.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
Is everything okay?
-- Where is he?
It is now fast.
That stupid ball cap.
I thought he saw.
It is good.
I've eliminated.
When he comes back?
About an hour I think.
Maybe earlier.
Untie me.
Come on, Danny.
Untie me.
He's gone.
And then the other?
Danny. What's going on?
Come on, Danny.
Open it.
Do you trust me?
-- Of course.
But what? I leave you with a ball gag me
in my mouth.
I trusted you too, so then
You can trust me.
I trust you too.
But what?
You think I go running?
-- No, I do not.
Make the loose handcuff.
Once he comes back,
The exchange takes place.
And you get all your money?
Why would I run away?
I am sorry
I'm just nervous.
This is so stressful.
You think?
Thank you.
What do those things very much.
I like my fingers and nails
Danny, what if your friend...
think... what if he...
what if he has us?
-- He does not.
Yes, but what if he does.
-- Believe me, he has nothing on.
How did you do?
-- How have you persuaded him something?
You fit its criteria.
Attractive female...
In her 20er years, still a child.
If you cat to the bacon itself.
Vic has long been planned.
He's in prison
much about it.
I thought he never would.
When he went home he called me.
He said he wanted to get a goal.
Sure, it had yet to be worked out.
So he tested me.
But you did not tell him that we
knew each other?
Of course not.
Your father is on the rich list.
He said he will name a
newspaper article was read.
He came home and gave it to Vic.
He said it was you...
Where is he now?
-- The exchange control.
And where is that?
Nearby river.
He drives around here.
So he can escape, and your father
you can not find.
Vic gets the money.
-- I stay with you.
But he just can steal,
and then disappear.
No, he would not do.
What makes you so sure?
That I am.
Trust me.
There has been thought.
But if he has money,
I'll Fri
If he has money,
I take it from him.
then I go home,
and go here.
How do you get the money?
He trusts me.
It will be easy.
I trust you?
-- Full.
-- What?
I'm afraid.
I am sorry
I let anything happen to you.
Trust me.
Everything will be fine.
I love you so much.
I love you too, baby.
Alice, this is not funny.
I'm warning you.
What are you doing.
What are you thinking what I'm doing.
You can not do this.
I was so close.
Which closed?
You kidnapped me.
You do not expect me to just
all this going to wait?
But we had a plan.
-- No, you had a plan.
This is my plan.
Alice, come back!
Police quickly.
I've needed the police.
He will get me so.
I am kidnapped.
I do not have much time.
I do not know where I am.
I'm trapped.
I can not get out.
No. I recognize nothing.
I sit somewhere.
You can not trace this call?
Thank God.
How long will that take?
How long?
You must come here to me
out of it.
If the other guy comes back,
He kills me.
He comes back.
He is fucking back.
You should now be hell.
Come now.
He is my fucking murder.
Wait a minute.
I might get the keys.
I love you.
I fucking love you.
And you love me, I know.
I know you do.
-- Where are the keys?
Alice, you can not do this.
I love you.
No, Danny.
If you love someone you do everything to
take care of them.
What you do not, they kidnap.
You pick them not just on the street,
and she throws back a van.
You put them a knife at their throat.
The keys!
I swear it, Danny.
You must tell me where the keys.
In my pocket, right pocket.
Go back to bed!
Get the fuck on the bed.
And move you.
The lock was still there on.
Not anymore.
The keys...
Give me the keys!
I'm the dick.
I think I should listen to him.
Everything is good when you look at me
would listen.
Is everything okay?
I do not know.
-- Is she still there?
Where else would she be?
Yes of course.
It's just...
The time has come.
Did he get the money?
-- Yes.
He waits at a location.
This will really work.
We need her there Hide
and bring her to the warehouse.
When we leave?
-- Now.
We leave now.
This is it.
We will now move.
Do you understand?
Nod if you understand it.
Wake up!
She's unconscious!
What the hell have you done?
Nothing. I thought she was asleep.
The ball will be.
Is she okay?
Wait here.
Thank God.
I thought we had killed her.
Wake up, Mrs. Creed.
Wake up.
Say something.
Are you okay?
Say something.
You should take it easy.
She's okay.
Everything is good.
They should relax a while.
Come on. Let
one minute together.
Until you can focus you.
Come on.
Look at me.
Is everything okay?
-- Yes.
Would you do me a favor?
Tell me what to do.
I want you to stop worrying.
And just come back.
That creates trust.
This is cunt.
That's why.
That's why.
So, come on.
Push me in the direction.
Tell me what to do.
Go, damn, stand.
Pull on your coat.
You can put the van is not in position.
The van?
-- Yes, now, damn.
What do you do?
-- I do the bag packing.
I do...
-- Just do it.
Come on.
No, please. Wait. Wait.
Still here.
How did you get this.
How do you doing, here.
Tell me how it is.
Tell me!
I do not know.
How did you come out?
I do not know.
Please, I do not want to cause problems.
I will do everything exactly as you say.
Did you call the police?
The police have
You call the police?
Tell me the truth.
How can I do?
I spent the whole time sitting tied.
How can you come to the phone?
Tell me the truth.
I do not know.
-- Tell me.
I do not know.
I do not know.
Tell me.
-- I do not know.
Tell me.
Stop it, please.
Danny, help me.
How do you know his name.
Help me, please, Danny.
How do you know his name.
Do you know him?
No, I...
He told me his name.
Danny gave you the phone.
-- No.
You found it.
In your bag.
How come there?
I do not know. Please.
Please take me home.
Shut up!
What happened here?
-- Nothing.
Take me, please, go home.
This is a bullet.
-- I do not know.
I do not know.
Who fired the gun?
Who fired the gun?
Please take me home.
I do not know.
You tell me who fired the gun...
if you see your family again.
Tell me!
I've shot.
I had to go to the toilet.
He turned.
When I took his gun.
If you had the gun...
why are you still here?
Because... because he'll
He will steal my money.
The entire two million.
I am still here because he
closed a deal with me.
He said if I use the
Plan competed...
he would...
He would give you some of the money.
It all went so quickly, and...
you would come back.
I could not escape, so...
I agreed.
I am sorry
But now you know.
You can...
You can proceed with the plan.
You can just collect the money...
and then disappear.
He can then spoof, right?
You can take the money, everything.
Spoof him, right?
You can simply me
with my father back.
You can reduce me to my family.
All I want is go home.
What is my name.
I do not know.
I know your name.
Yes, that you know.
He told you.
Tell me now, please.
He has not told me your name.
You're lying.
Please. I want to go home.
I want to go home.
What's wrong?
Why would anything be wrong?
You do not look good.
What do you mean?
I will clean what?
I already did.
He did not, huh.
Are you?
Is she all right?
Vic, is she okay?
I'm going to pee.
Wait here.
Danny, tell me.
Why did you choose her?
I have not picked her.
You have picked her.
Yes, but you introduced her.
You know why?
I read about it in the newspaper.
What is this about, Vic?
Sorry, but it's not quite right.
What do you mean?
Just like...
she was pretty weird.
Why? What did she say?
Why do you think they would have said something?
I do not know...
You said she was weird.
-- Yes.
But I did not say anything she had said.
What would she have said?
What do you think what she would say?
Come here.
I said, come here!
Say you love me.
-- What?
Tell me...
you love me.
I love you, honey.
Let's finish this.
Wait here.
What happened to her face?
I have told you.
She was weird.
So I gave her was a blow to sell.
Give me your keys.
You have of yourself, why
would you be mine?
Because you no longer need
well then?
Is that a problem?
No problem.
Give them to me.
Let's go.
Let's go get the money.
We together?
I thought I should stay here.
It has changed.
-- Changed?
I want you to come.
For when we
for surprises.
Like what?
-- If I knew, it was no surprise.
But what if something happens?
What if we can not go back?
We manage.
If not so, here she sits down.
Then she died.
-- And?
If we do not rescue...
why do you feel pressure than
or not they save?
I do not care.
Well done.
Let's leave now.
I think it is there.
-- Yes.
It's there.
You must go there to take it.
Just go take that money.
There is no money.
We are screwed.
We are screwed.
-- Danny, we're not screwed.
The money is not here because I said
it was at this location.
The hole...
This hole is for the money.
-- No.
This hole is for you, Danny.
You've screwed up.
You did.
Do not do this.
What did you tell her about me?
You've told her my name.
Not your last name.
And we know each other from prison.
You killed her, Danny.
Now you have killed yourself.
And you would give it murder.
You do not have to do.
We can just finish.
As we have planned.
We're leaving.
We will be happy.
I'll do anything you want.
Then it just you and me.
That's what we wanted.
I love you.
Close your eyes.
close your eyes.
Do you remember when we met.
Can you remember?
We slept in a cell.
I was scared.
I was so scared.
You protected me.
You helped me.
I will never forget.
I will never...
It's almost over.
Be quiet now, please,
and not scream.
It's all very fast.
You feel no pain.
Danny, you bleeding.
You must go to the hospital.
Then let your refurbishing.
You die, Danny.
You die.
Let me help you.
I will protect you.
Stand against the wall like.
Whatever you want.
Get me from here.
Give me the keys.
Please do not do this.
Give me, damn it, the keys!
Danny, you love me.
I know you do.
Shut up!
I felt him.
When you held me...
and then you kissed me...
-- Shut up.
You flirted with me.
It was not like doing.
You love me.
You love me.
So give me the gun,
I will be renovating again.
Give me the gun.
Danny, give him the gun.
It is good, my dear Danny.
Do not do it.
Give him the gun.
It is good.
Get me out of here.
Do not do it.
Do not cry.
Give him the gun.
Danny, do not listen to him.
As it should.
Please take me away here.
Come on.
You did not listen.
It's okay, honey.
Danny, do not leave me here.
Well not walk away.
Let me not behind.
No, Danny. Come back!
Danny! Let me not behind.
Let me not behind!
Danny. Come back, please.
Come back.
Give me the keys.
Come on, Vic. Come on. Come on.
Give me the keys.
Come on. Give me the keys.