Disappearances (2006) Movie Script

Mr Whitebird wrote a letter.
Mr Blackbird ate it without reading it.
Yes, that's it.
It's coming.
Hi, Yinan.
How did you make it?
The measurement is wrong.
I understand.
You can't just walk away like this.
The last person scolded by the boss is me.
All of these are wrong.
What the hell did you do?
I am sorry. I will redo it.
You idiot. You don't need to do it.
ShanTin, you do it.
No way.
He is not concentrated.
So please do it.
How are you?
I'm fine. Hello.
What are you reading?
It is not important.
I can lend it to you.
You don't know how to read a book.
What do you borrow it for?
I will be able to read it from now on.
We are studying at Kwangshu's home.
Will Yinan be with you?
I am not going.
Only two of us.
I am afraid that he will be rude to me.
Enough. Stop saying this.
I need to work now.
I said it before.
Sorry to border you.
We have to go.
About this...
What's up?
Can I go if I have time?
I mean studying.
Just like before.
I will have a day off on the day after tomorrow.
I understand.
I will come to see you after school.
Are you fine with this, Kwangshu?
Of course it is fine.
Come if you have time.
Okay. We decide it.
I need to study, too.
I will prepare for the admission
exam of university with everybody.
Let's work hard together.
So see you on the day after tomorrow.
What's up?
I can only take a short rest.
You will be surpassed by Yinan
if you remain this way.
It is impossible.
How impossible?
Yinan score very good result in high school.
You are so annoying.
Always talk about Yinan.
What's up?
Are you jealous of him?
No way.
What are you doing?
Don't do this.
Stop it.
Stop it now.
We are studying.
Only doing this.
No way.
What's the matter?
I have period today.
Let's use your month.
I said no.
Give it to me.
You like this recently.
Let's use your hands.
We need to study.
How can we stop it now.
These guys are out of control.
You will be scolded by the boss, Yansi.
Fine, he is cute.
Seems to be delicious.
These things.
They can be served soon.
Don't be nonsense
What nonsense.
These things.
They are food in the past.
Of course. So they can't fly.
They can fly.
They can't.
I can be sure.
Have you seen them fly before?
I haven't.
Why do they have feathers?
They are birds anyway.
Do you know...
She have special relationship with the boss.
I saw them in the office
When they are making love.
It seems that the boss is very dissolute.
Why is he in low spirits.
Let's go to have some fun after work.
We will have a holiday tomorrow.
I don't have money.
Don't be like this.
We have said it before.
You haven't been here for a long time.
I haven't been here since my father died.
Don't wait for him.
Let's start our study.
He's a real idiot.
Even taking some supplementary lessons.
He is still the worst among three of us.
Do you understand this question?
The second question.
Do you hear me?
I am sorry.
What's up?
When Kwanshu is not here.
You are so quiet.
Are you very boring with me?
Of course not.
What have Kwangshu done?
It is troublesome.
Stop it.
Please stop it.
What happened?
Stop it.
I am sorry.
I have to go now.
Sorry. Please don't go.
Let me go.
Don't go.
Let me go.
Don't go.
Let me off. I am hurt.
Don't cry.
Yinan. Are you there?
Hi, hi.
My bike is out of order.
So I am a bit late.
Asi hasn't arrived?
What happened to her?
She told me that she will come early.
What is she doing?
What happened to you?
Are you sick?
I had a fever since this morning.
I slept all day.
If in this case.
Let's call off our meeting today.
I am sorry.
Not at all.
I need to ask her now.
Are you awake?
What's the matter?
You should be hungry
after sleeping whole day.
I am making some food.
I don't want it.
I don't want it.
We will live together form now on.
What did you say?
You don't want it?
I don't want it.
I will not let you go.
If you let you go,
I will lose you forever.
Will you tell Kwanshu
about what happened today?
Then I will be alone from now on.
So I need to do this now.
I will scream.
I don't mind.
Because there is no one around here.
It is very late now.
No one will stay at the workshop.
After my father died,
I always stay here alone.
Everyday is the same.
Don't do this.
I didn't do anything.
Don't come to me.
I don't have any attempt.
Until I fall in love with you.
I will wait for you.
Is everything alright?
Did you smoke in the toilet?
You are still a student?
You've got to work seriously.
May I?
Do you want it too
Go quickly.
Let me go.
Let me go.
I am really sorry.
Go back.
Why are you so bawdy?
I remember when I was small,
You said that you will marry me, Asi.
Did I say that?
Yes, you said that.
You said that you will be my bride.
Not Kwangshu.
Don't say it anymore.
It was only a joke played by kids.
But you had said that.
So I need to get you back
from the arms of Kwangshu.
Go away.
I will never leave you.
Stop it.
Please let me go.
I will not tell anyone about this.
No way.
I will not stop it.
Until you fall in love with me.
In this situation,
how can I fall in love with you?
You had loved me when you were small.
So you can love me now.
Step father, are you alright?
I am old now.
You had never taken care of him?
He is really cute.
I want to eat him.
Thank you very much.
You did that with boss today?
No more bull shit.
You have to learn from Yinan
He is still working.
What a hell is her attitude.
I will give her a lesson someday.
What did you say?
Are you serious?
There is no pay for any overtime working.
I need to do a little bit more.
Yes, Yinan.
What's up?
Anyway, I need to fix a little bit more.
What are you doing?
Then when you are alone at home.
You can go anywhere.
Or even go to the toilet.
What's up?
Do you really like me?
Of course I do.
For a long time?
So why didn't you reply to me.
When you received my letter.
Your letter?
Never mind.
What happened?
I said never mind.
Don't come to me.
I understand.
Go to sleep now.
You are not eating?
Come on.
Haven't you want this all the time?
Do you want to do it now?
Come to me quickly.
Please let me go after this.
The foods are cold now.
Chung Tao
The taste of the chicken is bad.
I has already been a week.
Parents of Asi.
They call me and cry everyday.
They guess that Asi is kidnapped by someone.
Do you have any clue?
What are you doing?
Go to work now.
I understand.
I don't want to talk now.
I need to work now.
Why are you so indifferent?
I am not.
Because you come to ask me everyday.
And I have no way to help you...
When I grow up...
I will be the bride of Yinan.
Are you awake?
When I come back.
I find that your temperature is so hot.
It will be better for you to sleep more.
I will be off tomorrow.
Only Asi be with me now.
Very hot.
You have to eat carefully.
You have to eat.
You sweat badly.
I think you will cool down a bit.
When we were small.
The three of us took the shower together.
I miss the days.
Yes, Yinan.
It will be better that we don't see each other
When I learnt that your father passed away.
I decided to quit my study.
I was very happy at heart.
I think I can stay with you, Asi.
In fact, Asi like you very much.
She's just kidding.
You are wrong.
She fell in love with you when she was in high school.
No more nonsense.
It is true.
I know this all the time.
Because I love Asi since I was small.
I remembered that she...
wrote you a love letter.
I stole the letter form your mailbox.
I was so bad.
Do you think that Asi
with hate me if she learn the truth?
Of course she will not.
But I repent for what I have done.
If you have received that letter
Things will not be the same now.
Have you read that letter?
What is it about?
I forget about it.
What have you done?
Come back?
I am back.
I am hungry.
This is delicious.
Yinan is a good cook.
You can try this.
That's enough.
You didn't eat yet.
It is tasty.
Yes, Yinan.
Let's sleep together.
I have taken a shower already.
I understand.
Can I kiss you?
You can touch them.
Come on.
Use your mouth.
I understand.
Very comfortable.
Harder. Harder.
You want this at last.
Stop it.
I am sorry.
Never mind.
I know it well.
If we did that,
we can't go further...
I have no turning back.
I am sorry.
I said never mind.
So please do not say it again.
Stop it.
Don't do this.
Stop it.
Please stop it.
Keep quiet.
Stop it.
Can you keep quiet?
If we can do this from the beginning.
It will be great.
Come down.
Go away.
What are you doing?
I said come down.
Do you want to kill yourself?
Thank you very much.
Have you made love with the boss?
You are so annoying.
Don't say it anymore.
Can I join you next time?
I understand.
Next time.
So you should keep your word.
Do you want to make love with me, Yinan?
No more bull shit.
His legs are no good.
I got to go now.
Don't tell my stepfather.
I understand.
I am a fool.
I really decided to...
go on a living like that.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
I am a big big fool.
Yinan, are you going with me?
Are you kidding?
In fact, I have fallen in love with you
since a long time ago.
You don't know that?
Of course I don't know.
If you don't tell me.
How will I know?
Yes, you are right.
Can you tell me about that letter?
Can I read it again?
Mr Whitebird wrote a letter.
Mr Blackbird ate it without reading it.
No way out. The letter was written.
And this is that letter.
Mr Blackbird read the letter finally.
Chung Tao
That things disappeared.
Where have you been?
Mr Whitebird wrote a letter.
know when has Yansi been?
We haven't seen her today.
No way out. The letter was written.
Mr Whitebird wrote a letter.
Mr Blackbird ate it without reading it.
No way out. The letter was written.
This is that letter.