Disciples (2014) Movie Script

Well, I must say.
This is not the evening I expected.
Daniel, Daniel, Daniel.
Life is all about the memories.
You need to try to enjoy yourself a little.
Take Elizabeth here.
She seems to be enjoying herself.
Elizabeth, my dear.
Are you enjoying yourself.
That's my wife.
What in God's name is this?
You were a priest once.
We went to you church.
First of all Daniel.
She only married you because of the money.
And second.
God's name has no place here.
You see.
You never came to my church.
That was his.
And I'm still a priest.
I'm just.
A different kind of priest.
Times up.
Are you ready, my dear.
Ah, yes.
You are ready indeed.
It's okay child.
You belong to me now.
I'm so lost in this world.
I need your loving guidance.
To help me stay off the sinful path.
I need your help to stay righteous.
I pray,
you will heed me.
And to you Gabrielle.
I asked that you assist me.
As I developed the strength.
To carry out my life mission.
Send your strength and the energy.
And with your guidance.
I will strive to fulfill my purpose.
Pardon me.
- Can I help you?
- Yes.
Well I hope so.
I'm looking for Father Thomas.
He's not been with us for
quite some time.
But you know where I might find him.
I'm sorry.
I've come a very long way.
My name is Serena Cuzzoni.
I'm from Parma Italy.
My father,
Luciano Cuzzoni.
He knew you Father Thomas.
Unfortunate, Father Thomas has not
been with us for quite some time.
I wished I could help you.
What on earth are you doing?
- I lost it.
- What?
I can't find my pendent.
Victoria, it has to be around here somewhere.
How could you..
You're never suppose to take it off,
I wonder if I dropped it.
Dropped it where?
I went to the beach the other day.
I have to find it.
If the father finds out.
Finds out what?
Wait, what?
What are you talking about.
Sex demon.
They visit you in your sleep.
You mean you pray for a sex demon.
I pray to a sex demon
they called it a succubus.
Okay, subject change.
Well uh.
Why don't you tell me something
about that magic pendent
that you found on the beach
I never said it was magic.
You know the weird thing is..
when I picked it up, it was warm.
I mean I figured anything lying on the beach
in the sun is going to be warm, right?
It was still warm this morning.
And I kind of felt that something
was moving inside of it.
I don't know.
It was really weird.
Know what.
I got an idea.
You've been wanting to meet
my step sister, right?
Well I think she knows someone
that might be able to help you.
check it out.
Way back then.
She used to go see this old lady for
like psychic readings and things like that.
And supposedly, supposedly..
She could really read your thoughts.
I mean . It's not like
we are going for a psychic reading.
You know, we're ..
Just going to ask a few questions.
I'm not going.
Man, it smells good in here.
What've you been smoking huh, sis.
I already told you,
this is a really bad time.
So why don't you just out with it already,
and we get this over with.
Well, I was wondering..
If that old lady was still around.
You know the.. old lady.
You used to go see, way back then.
Yeah, yeah I know.
But she's a total fucking wack job.
Why would you want to go see her.
Besides, she's probably dead by now.
Well, we found something.
Actually uh, Kelly found it.
It's a pendent like thing.
Fine. You can try.
But uh..
Who knows if she's even still alive
by now.
Oh, she's still alive.
You don't want to go messing
with that old woman.
Damn it.
You know her.
I know of her.
Ain't safe out there.
A lot of gators, boy.
Eat your ass if you show her.
You want to smoke some
really good shit.
- Yes I do.
- No, no, no...
No, they don't.
They were just getting ready to leave.
Beside, it ain't that bad out there.
I used to go out there all the time
when I was a kid.
- Bullshit.
- Bullshit
You know how many years ago that was.
Fuck you,
- You're a dinosaur now.
- Fuck you.
Big one. That kind
that ate the trees.
What was it, the.. the..
A Brontosaurus is a big word for you.
But you got the attitude
of a Raptor.
Come on.
You're going.
God damn Rach.
Why the hell are you such a rush.
Doing that shit again, aren't you?
- God damn it Nick. I told you
it's a really really bad time
- Yeah. I'm sure it is.
That's the guy in there, isn't it?
That's Dread.
Look, you show up in my house unannounced,
and you asked me for a favor.
Look I did you an favor, and now do me one.
And get the fuck out of my house.
- You call me or I'll coming by.
- Okay.
- I'm fucking serious.
- I heard you.
This is so nice.
Do you mind if I tell you just
how beautiful you are.
Thank you.
Marishka has been using this..
Luscious body.
As host for the great demon
Astarte for..
More than 500 years now.
I'm honored.
That is a very interesting necklace.
This Harte is crescent moon.
It's made up of Amethyst
and Hematite stones.
The celebrity stone.
Do you know that
in ancient Rome..
Crushed amethyst were put in their wine.
To prevent intoxication.
Why the hell would anyone want to do that?
It does have magical powers.
It helps me with my ..
Compulsive disorder.
Well, send her in.
What is it darling?
Tatiana is here.
The Agrat Bat Mahlat.
One of Lucifer's many warriors.
What are you doing?
Just want the bad dreams to stop.
So I thought maybe this would help.
Its more than that isn't it?
Are you troubled by Victoria's little mistake?
She thinks she knows where she may have
left it.
But you have to promise not to get angry.
I promise.
She walked to the beach
the other day.
She has never done it before
and she'll never do it again.
She's a good girl.
She's just confuse.
You have to understand how hard
this is for her.
She's like your real daughter and
She needs you to understand.
Only the flesh dies,
you know that.
And Victoria does too.
Are you scared?
No, I'm not scare.
But Victoria is fragile.
She hasn't been around as long as we have
and we are all that she knows.
We have not aged...
in over a hundred years.
I know you face..
better than my own.
My only concern is.
The bad things I've done.
What a nice surprise.
I didn't think I'll be seeing you
until the gathering.
To what do we owe the
pleasure of your...
early arrival.
That's funny.
Even though I'm not surprise.
I was about to ask Marishka
the same question.
Once a whore, always a whore.
Eh, Marishka.
Not in the least.
And who the hell is this?
It's been a long time since
the last gathering, Tatiana.
This is Elizabeth.
It is such an honor to meet you.
I'm sure.
We need to talk.
What do you know about the ...
- What are you talking about?
- The girl.
What's it to you,
you freak.
You okay?
Come on.
I don't want to see
you like this.
Its been half a century
since Raine was taken.
So how they knew she wore the marks.
They must have been sent by..the
the church.
But how?
How could they know and why
had they not come for Victoria.
Only the Maker can know any of this.
But if we do not have both of them,
all we've done is for naught.
How could I have let them take her?
That wasn't you fault.
There was nothing you could do.
Been like I'm being punished
ever since.
How can you say that.
In what way?
In my dreams!
In my dreams.
Always in my dreams.
It's like I'm a pastor..
or... or reverend
of a church.
And I'm... I'm..
reading to the congregation.
But the congregation is..
Tell me.
They are the people that
we killed..
Sometimes, you're there.
You're playing the organ.
You looked.
So very beautiful.
But then it grows dark.
And I wake.
To the sound of people chanting.
And I'm bound
to a cross.
And I look up.
And overlook this mob.
Yelling at me.
They want to kill me.
He thinks he's a savior.
I had similar dreams.
But I don't fear them.
As for our Maker.
Would come in time just like
he said he would.
Have faith.
You know if Victoria doesn't find the pendent
she will die.
Let's not even think about such things.
Do you remember when Victoria was born.
I do.
You were a priest that day.
All for Victoria.
You even read a passage from the bible.
How do we find them?
They don't call each other by name.
They go by the mother and
the father.
They're a pair of psychopathic killers
who look like recklesses.
They're being controlled by a demon
whom they called as the Maker.
What demon?
We don't know.
This mother and father have help to
bring 2 children into the world.
Who both wear the mark of an
unknown power.
The first born was stolen from the mother and father
by a secret society funded by the church.
And the other one has grown up.
Her name is Victoria.
She wears a pendent, filled with the demon's blood.
That keeps her from aging.
Tell me why it is we have all this information.
Names, theories and all this other shit.
And not one fucking thing we can use.
And what of this one
who is missing.
Her name was Raine.
Both girls are need to give life
to this unknown power.
But, what's worse.
Is it's feared to be a descendant
of the ancient Seraphim.
The Seraphs.
Fallen angels with wings of fire.
But this prophecy reads too much
like a riddle.
We don't know if its a demon
or an angel.
What we do know is that
it is very powerful.
And if it is indeed a Seraph.
Then it's unlike anything we've ever seen.
So we go now,
to the gathering.
The sooner we get this under control
the better.
The others have already been informed.
And if we fail.
Then we'll be prepared to do
what we have to.
And what's that?
To open the gates and let Lord Lucifer come
face to face with the Seraphs.
If that is,
indeed what it is.
A sacrifice would be required.
All 7 of us.
The sacrifice of Lucifer's highest council.
- Hello?
- Hello.
You okay?
You okay?
Oh Jesus!
Oh yeah.
You like that daddy.
- Like that baby?
- Oh yeah.
What you got there daddy?
I got something for you babe.
Something for my daddy.
I got something good for you babe.
You got something for me.
Oh, I'm coming now
daddy's dirty babe .
You're alright baby.
Give it to me.
- Am I good?
- Oh yeah.
I want to scream.
Oh yeah baby,
I got you covered.
I got you covered.
So why is this old woman with a few tricks
owe the pleasure of your visit.
Well, I found this on the beach.
It has a strange warm.
Yeah, it's been like that
since I found it.
My sister used to visit you
when I was little.
Your sister you say.
Her name is..
Rachel Andrews.
I knew her well.
I remember her telling me of a dream,
she used to have.
She said that she traveled to the darkness
chasing this dragon.
And the dream always
ended the same.
The dragon chased her and
right before it got her.
She would wake from this dream,
unable to see.
Screaming from fear
and with..
Pain of a hundred bee stings,
all over her body
That's some pretty heavy stuff
right there.
Sure you're not mixing Rachel up
with somebody else.
Where did you say
you found this?
On the beach.
Yesterday afternoon.
Well you know.
I can look into this.
- Maybe I should just..
- Do you believe in fate?
That everyone has their own path.
I guess so,
Your path has lead you to me.
Fate brought you to this.
Now you took a chance.
When Nick brought you to his sister
to find out about me, hm.
Now maybe.
Just maybe.
I can help you.
Oh Winston,
my darling.
It's so good
to see you.
Damn good to see you
old friend.
Damn good.
When has it been?
75 years since the
last gathering.
Something like that.
Well ,the feeling is mutual,
I assure you.
How was your trip.
Long but good.
Elizabeth, my more treasured disciple
would be joining us at the gathering.
Well good.
And uh.
These are Tabitha and Rhiannon.
My servants are your servants.
Gifts to our beloved council for
this year's gathering.
Youre far too kind,
Far too kind.
May I show you to your room,
Lord Asmodeus.
Your beauty never disappoints.
You're as beautiful today as you were
when you first took over this body.
3.. 400 years ago.
No need to go there.
And please.
Call me by my real name.
Agrat Bat Mahlat.
Stunning bride of Lucifer.
How very lucky he is.
You're as charming as ever,
Lord Azazel.
It gives me great pleasure
to see you, as always.
So, what do we know.
So small,
this world.
This hell maybe.
Or some call it a purgatory of sorts.
Whatever you wish to call it.
So many souls.
So many.
Where was I?
You were saying how small this world is.
Ah.. yes,
the boy.
What boy?
We may have found a way to get
some immediate answers.
There's a boy out there.
Who called upon a demon, to come
take away his loneliness.
For love and for lust.
- He called on a Succubus.
- Yes.
But his request were ignored you see,
until this day.
When the presence of the demon that
possesses this mother and father.
Were felt through him.
So where is the connection?
When the Succubus visits the
would be victim.
A gate between her world and his
is open.
How is it that the demon's presence
is felt through him.
There's nothing written about possession
through anyone else but the mother and father.
The pendent.
The boy must have come into contact
with the pendent.
What's being done?
While the boy sleeps.
And his mind is at rest.
All his dirty little wishes
will come true.
After the girls are full grown.
Their blood, combine with the blood
of a demon.
Would give life to a power force
within a flesh.
One of the 2 girls would be chosen
to host it.
If she decided to give birth.
Then Lucifer.. would no longer be the one
your god now fears.
You are able to recognize its power.
I mean..
It made you younger.
That mean without the pendent..
.. you'll die right?
It's no matter.
You need to give it back to her.
If you don't,
she will die.
One who possesses the pendent.
With the gift to recognize its power.
Becomes a receiver of its knowledge
and power.
And with it,
the body will age no more.
But if one then parts with it,
they're certain to die.
Then we may get to go out
and look for these people.
I'm sorry.
This is where I call it quits.
Young Kelly.
Listen to me carefully.
Changing the pack of what has been written
can bring on..
.. terrible consequences.
This is not your war to fight.
Now go.
And leave it where you found it.
Cos eventually they will come
and take it.
I'm going to leave something behind for you.
In this box.
In case anything ever happens to me.
You will die.
It is written.
My journey lead me to the United States.
My search for Father Thomas.
So far has been a failure.
Papa's notes were helpful
in guiding me.
But he no longer works at the place
he spoke of in his writings.
And no one seems to know
where he is now.
And if he is even alive.
And tonight again,
I'll rest.
And before I fall asleep.
I'll ask myself.
and again..
Who am I.
And who is Father Thomas.
I'm growing tired.
So I'll ask God.
To give me strength.
Now that she no longer has the pendent.
She's going to start getting older.
She was aged at the beginning,
No, you don't get it.
The aging won't stop until she's dead.
You have something that belongs to me.
You will remember you experience.
But my face would be forgotten.
You would remember me...
only as sunlight...
I already told you,
I wished I could help you.
I'm so sorry for your grief.
You looked tired.
Have you eaten?
I'm fine.
I'm not fine.
I don't know what to do.
My father..
You father has lead you to a man
who has no idea who you are.
It's alright,
Sister Faith.
I'm father Thomas.
Father Thomas.
Forgive me for being so
aggressively intrusive.
It's alright.
It must be of some importance for you
to come so far.
Sister Faith tells me
you are from Italy.
born and raised.
My papa.
Told me before he died.
That you'll be able to help me.
And that I could trust you.
You said your father's name was Luciano Cuzzoni.
Is that correct?
Yes, that is correct.
Such a far distance.
And here I am.
I am here. But..
I've never known a Luciano Cuzzoni.
I'm truly sorry.
He gave this to me and..
He told me to give it to you.
Now this is beginning to make
a little bit of sense.
What is it?
I need to tell you a little story.
Sit down.
There is a priest.
He worked with us here at the church,
for quite a few years actually.
Then one day I received a complaint.
About the way he looked,
upon a child...
... during his service.
And what I found.
Was that he was much more than a..
... tortured soul with
sinful desires.
It was as if there was something inside of him.
Something evil...
... and very... powerful.
He knew I was aware of
who he really was.
The king of demons.
The demon of lust.
A demon?
What does this have to do with me?
The symbol.
The symbol is his mark.
It's the mark of the demon,
Why would papa not tell me?
This is so confusing.
There's got to be a reason for
all these.
A purpose.
Tell me Father.
What happen to him?
- Where is he now?
- I don't know.
And I don't care to know.
He tied me up in the back and left.
But on his way out.
Some one was coming in.
Jenna Howerton.
Fine girl.
22 years old.
He raped her on the altar,
at the foot of the cross.
on the holy bible,
and left
Whatever he wants from you.
It cannot be good.
You're not safe here.
You must take what I have
given you and go.
But my father...
I do not know your father.
Or why he sent you to me.
If there's something that he wants from you.
It's very possible that he knows that
at some point, you come to see me.
Is it at all likely that your father would
come in contact with this demon.
I don't know.
He always told me, there were reasons why
I had to live differently than others.
I never went to school with other children.
And I was never permitted with a man.
To be with a man.
In a sexual matter, that is.
So I could never have children either.
So, you're a virgin.
Are we sure about this?
Not positive.
But we'll know more
in the morning.
Tell me more about this man.
He's a nobody.
A drug dealer.
He goes by the name.
We made a uh...
My protection.
In turn for a price.
So, what would you have us do.
I made an arrangement with this.
Fuck face Dread.
Big bag of dope.
In turn for his..
.. junkie whore girlfriend.
Kills the girl.
Simple, fun.
Au contraire.
I want you to kill them both.
Bring the boy back to me.
I need him alive.
Besides, we'll...
No more after the Succubus digs in
her appetit.
While we are in the Succubus.
Brings no signs unexpected.
Come on,
How long have you know me.
I trust my gut far more than I do
the Succubus and her..
Carnivorous vagina.
I want you to become
a part of me.
Wing of light,
the children.
in return for you loyalty.
I'll do you something,
I never had.
An eternal life.
And the beauty of...
What, Jesus.
What the hell happen?
I don't know what we did,
I got a bad feeling.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
I got to go to Rachel.
Somethings wrong.
Beautiful day.
It's quite beautiful today.
You travel far.
Why not have Friedrich and Rainier do it.
Since they're already be there.
She's very old.
you know he's too a ...
Besides, she knows me.
She trusts me.
I won't have to huff and huff
to be let in.
I spent close to 20 fucking years in
that miserable town.
She came to my services every Sunday,
like a good little bitch.
I have some old business to attend.
Perhaps you like to uh..
Perhaps we could...
You know.
Lucifer is my husband.
Not in the flesh, he's not.
There's a difference here.
But from what I've heard.
It's never stop you before.
Don't you ever take no
for an answer.
Don't you worry, Tatiana.
Our time will come.
Over my dead body,
Careful what you wish for.
my fucking head..
where this come form?
Are you with the drugs?
Are you Andrew Farley?
We're going to have some fun.
She wants to have some fun.
I know.
A million...
to make...
- Hello, Father.
- Hello.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
I was wondering maybe you can help
me with something.
Come on in.
I see looks can be uh..
... deceiving.
How can I help you.
Stop worrying so much.
Do you think the father knows?
I told you not to worry about it.
Besides, you found it.
When the father comes home and get settle in
then you can go talk to him.
what's wrong?
I think that girl might be
the one.
You mean the ones who
wears the marks?
What did you see?
So you see, the council is gathering
as we speak.
From what I know that we 7 demons
put in place by Lucifer himself.
His uh...
Highest council.
So, we must find the mother and father
before they do.
Do you understand what
I'm saying to you.
This council is very powerful.
And find them,
they will.
The children.
They are in grave danger.
My god, what children?
You're not the servant
of the Lord.
No, it can't be.
It can.
Remember that you recognize my presence.
I was beginning to lose faith in you,
old woman.
Somehow I remember you
much, much older.
Unable to see.
Screaming from fear.
And with..
pain of a hundred bee stings..
all over her body.
Oh God!
Got what you wanted.
Now, where's my shit.
The dummkopf thought.
He was going to benefit from this.
This is adorable.
It is.
Stupid mother fuckers!
I saw that one coming
a mile away.
Look at your dumb asses now!
Sorry babe.
Ah... shit.
Best damn head I ever had.
What a shame.
Shit man.
Hey, look.
I... I..
Sorry about the knife.
Hey, hey!
Where is she?
Is she still a virgin?
She is.
And she's gone.
Far from here.
And far from you.
I warned her about you.
I see.
Does she know?
Go to hell.
Does she know?
She doesn't know.
I didn't want to give you
the pleasure.
Or her,
the extra grief.
You see.
That wasn't so hard.
Was it?
Oh, what the hell.
Since we are all here again.
One big happy congregation.
What you say we have a little fun?
For old time sake.
That name...
is dead.
We're to be born again.
Oh my God!
Hang on.
Let me help you.
Oh no.
Either way,
I know it's not safe for me.
And at the same time, I fear for the lives
of Father Thomas and Sister Faith.
May god be with them.
That priest.
Was part of our church when I was
just a little girl.
But when I touched him.
He was much... much.. more...
than a priest.
this is all my fault.
There are those who want the pendent.
Once again we are gathered
in celebration to our servitude
And loyalty to our lord and
mighty emperor Lucifer.
During this occasion,
we have serious matters to discuss.
Which you are all.
Already well aware of.
This could be the last time we gather.
With these bodies as our host.
Worst case scenario.
We lose this world completely
To this threat we now,
so desperately seek.
And the Earth to us.
Becomes a memory.
That would leave Lucifer less than satisfied.
Now before I introduce the council,
I like to say.
Thank you.
In case of the worst
case scenario.
It's been an honor to serve you.
My eyes are more than just a window
into which Lucifer sees.
I, had become your brother.
Now, it's.
It's our tradition. I like to
introduce the council.
Host, to the great Astarte.
Our assassins.
Rainier, host to Paimon.
Friedrich, host to the ever feared,
And our beloved,
Host to the powerful goat demon,
Now there is one among us.
Who no longer wishes to be
referred to by... the host name.
And with that.
I give you.
King of the demons and king of lust.
And his most
prized possession.
And of course.
Host to one of Lucifer's stunning brides.
Agrat Bat Mahlat.
Now, issues at hand
are very time sensitive.
So we must begin without Duncan,
who as you all know.
Is host to the highly respected
Lord Belial.
Who as we speak.
Is dealing with matters.
Connected with the problems we
are here to resolve tonight.
We've already made some progress.
The Succubus gave us some
good information.
We should put an end to this.
We should go after the girl.
Then find the mother and the father.
The Succubus did learn a lot
from the boy.
This girl maybe our answer.
They're prepared to sacrifice themselves
to bring Lucifer forth.
If they were to fail.
As angel would arise to defend
Lucifer's reign.
It also says that.
This angel requires a host.
A female.
One who is pure.
A virgin?
Oh my god.
I knew it.
There had to be a reason
why you found the pendent.
Forget the girl!
We need to find the mother
and the father.
I agree!
Let us waste no more time!
Enough of the fighting.
Your voices had been heard.
We know where you stand.
Now please.
Remember, we are under the watchful eyes
of the emperor Lucifer.
Let's be a bit more professional.
Do what we have come here to do.
Thank you.
Now then, Rainier.
What do you think?
Forgive me Friedrich.
Many respects.
But Marishka's right.
We still don't know
who they are.
Lord Belial.
I know,
who they are.
Now you need to stay here and remember
I left something for you.
Open it.
If I don't return.
I have to know.
What else does it say.
It's alright.
I already knew that you lost
the pendent.
I'm proud of you.
Did you tell him what I told you?
What's that baby?
I know,
who she is.
The one who wears the marks.
This is a good day.
This is a very good day.
To meet,
your Maker.
I heard.
I came.
Do you enjoy the pain my dear.
I feel..
my body...
I feel...
that I'm in a dream.
Your entire existence is but a life
of servitude.
Do you enjoy your life?
I don't really know, my Lord.
You experienced so much pain.
And so many...
You desire for lust and blood even
during our trouble times.
It's just so beautiful.
Don't you agree.
Do you not...
Did you?
The one who came to me
in my dreams.
Not quite.
That was the Succubus.
You're actually rather lucky.
One usually never survives
a visit from a Succubus.
Let's just say.
I'm not as kind as the Succubus.
My beautiful.
You look so good in blood.
I'm not your beautiful anything.
Let me ask you.
What makes you think
I ever give myself to you.
My dear, dear
Don't have to give yourself to me.
I'm just going to take it.
I don't understand?
I know you would come.
But, why now?
- Why so soon?
- Don't.
Don't waste what little time
you have left.
Show yourself some...
amount of shit.
You said that we would
remain together even in death.
At least tell us who we were
before you came to us.
were a minister.
And you...
worked with your husband
in the church.
David and Citizen.
Citizen and David Shepherd.
After the death of your precious
7 year old daughter.
The both of you lost faith.
That's when I found you.
Victoria and you.
Are little importance to me now.
What about Raine?
Yes, the other girl who wears you mark.
She was never found.
Maybe she wasn't meant...
to be found.
This body is only meat.
I'll be waiting for you
in the bowels of hell.
That's no matter.
You see.
I've waited very...
Long time for this...
very moment.
And now, I think I'll wait
before removing your head.
So that you can see.
As I tear apart your
What craze butchery is this?
You have slain an
incomparable goddess.
But you have doomed yourself.
My old friend.
Tell me who is responsible
for this.
A Florentine diplomat and
political philosopher.
In 1527.
.. right before he die.
"I desire to go to hell...
and not to heaven.
In the former...
I shall enjoy the company of popes,
and princes,
while in the latter...
are only beggars, monks and apostles."
My dear...
... dear brother.
The famous words of
Niccolo Machiavelli.
Very good,
- You impressed me.
- Oh.
I see.
Stop, stop, stop.
"So, now
all is gone -
and Soul!"
Henry the VIII.
Last words of a monarch.
Simply lost their heads over.
You know.
In this world.
It's an honor
to have your..
... final words remembered.
I don't.
I just can't...
... think of it.
to say.
Easy now.
Save your strength.
Tell me who did this.
A great man
once said.
When he died.
"It is an honor to have your
final words remembered.
Upon your death."
I just can't
of anything...
to say.
Good journey.
Old friend.
Who are you?
It's you.
Youre the one.
Your name is Raine.
How did you find us?
I found you.
And that's what's important.
But it's too late.
We failed.
And you.
What will happen to you now?
That is not yet
been written.
As you begin your journey.
you did not fail.
And your death here.
Was not in vain.
Where is he?
What have you done?
Same thing you always desire.
But never has the balls to do.
You're talking about the brethren,
of course.
You mean the whores.
I was just having a little fun
waiting for your arrival.
will address me as Lord Belial.
How about this?
In the name of the mother.
and of the father.
and of the holy
Fuck you!
What about.
(Image of Serena Cuzzoni... dead.)
She was my daughter!
You broke the law.
We are not suppose to procreate
with the living.
Where is she?
I took her virginity.
And then I savories
her sweet fragile body.
And then,
I killed her!
I've been on to you
for a very long time.
I've been prepared for this.
Your death will be at my hands.
You traitor.
You can't kill me.
You're always a weaker one.
Make your move.
You were saying.
Until we meet again.
... friend.
A sacrifice would have to be made.
All 7 of us.
of Lucifer's highest council.
I am
I'll see you soon.
My love.
(Looking for someone?)
You think you can perform
the ritual on yourself.
Bring forth.
Lord Asmodeus!
Counting me in as the 7 fiend
right within your hierarchy.
Well, you got me all figured out,
don't you.
Hell a fucking lujah!
Breaking news, folks.
Someone in here actually has
a brain.
You just don't see.
Do you?
A fool!
A blind fool
you are.
A fool you say.
Old friend.
You watched.
But obvious you don't see.
Well, old friend.
You obvious don't see.
I cannot give you
what you need!
I have no power.
I was no chosen!
I am not
the watcher.
am but a servant.
Nothing more.
I've waited patiently.
For this time to come.
fuck me.
You are the watcher.
... have betrayed me.
And the entire council.
You have no power over me.
You never
unleash your dark reign.
Or I will slit your inside.
You would be remembered now as.
The king of deception.
Died at the feet.
And by the hands of his emperor.
he failed to dethroned.
Very well.
And face me
We shall see who dies by
whose hand.
It shall be
as it has been written
And face your destiny.
It's you.
Your the one.
You can't do this
to me...!
Curse you
to hell.
You vile thing
for a bitch!
My dear Kelly.
You come so far.
The rest of the pages here are blank.
But if you inject yourself with what
I've left for you
Then you will see
what everyone else cannot.
Now that your eyes can truly see.
Look again.
It's all there.
I, myself had read it many,
many times.
Lucifer was well aware of this prophecy.
The mother and the father
put in place by him.
And controlled by Lord Belial.
All an illusion manipulated to perfection
They were only here to
lure in his enemies.
And seek out the ones
who would betray him.
Don't you see,
young Kelly.
He has always had control of the flesh
that wore the marks.
My flesh.
I always knew.
That you would come
and bring the cameo to me.
I was waiting for you.
And for the time being,
I'm free.
And you will take my place.
As you now wear the marks.
You have Victoria's blood and my blood
pumping through your veins.
But, things are different now.
You have your own destiny.
You will now host this demon.
You are the keeper of its soul
and its provider.
do not fear.
Embrace yourself.
As it is written.
You too,
are now one of Lucifer's disciples.
As they all were.
As I am.
You're a mother now.
You've given life to a very
powerful force.
When it's time.
I'll be there for you.
I'm always watching.
... is always watching.