Disco (2010) Movie Script

It's nice to meet you Pip.
Do you mind
if I call you Pip?
Uh... I was wondering if you
would like to dance.
So, uh... I was wondering if you
would like to accompany me to dinner,
I know this nice Italian place,
we can go.
Uh... I can pick you up...
at uh... 9ish.
at 8 OK.
I see you there.
He just seems so mysterious.
Who is it?
Please tell me!
I'm not telling you.
Is it...
James McCarthy?
Oh come on,
please tell me.
There is no point
in letting me guessing.
Not Steven Fields!
Please give me some clues then.
he has brown hair
Oh my god Pippa
I know who it is,
Greg Barcklet.
Greg Barcklet!
Oh my god.
Rachel calm down.
I don't believe it.
You are gonna snog him tonight.
Aren't you?
I didn't think
he was your type.
He is not.
Then who is?
Mrs. Hatcher is such a caw,
I'm not even gonna bother
with the homework. Why should
I, it doesn't get me anywhere.
What has RA to do
with my career?
My mom said
you wanna be a priest.
Your mom is a priest!
Right Barcklet,
I have been looking for you.
Go on what is it?
I want your Game Boy
and tensions for 2 weeks.
Trust me
it is well worth it.
What is?
Someone fancies you badly
and they are really fit.
This better be good
or I'm having it back.
Come on!
I probably get off with her tonight.
Tongues as well.
See, what you lacking is charisma
that is why women likes me.
I'm charismatic!
You, you are like
a pair damp flannels.
You are never going to get
a girl like that.
You are like yoghurt boys,
no substance!
You want that?
Uh..., imagine
you get one with braces.
All that metal in her, I bet
she rips your tongue right off.
Stop eating my mouse, please.
I thought you didn't want it.
Why would you think that?
Take mine...
I'm not interested in it at all.
It's only mouse.
Not to me, it isn't.
You don't havening it.
Uh..., hi,
do you mind if I...
sit here.
Can I sit here
where you are?
You are going tonight?
Should be fun.
Anyone you like?
not really.
And you?
Uh... yeah
there is someone actually.
You alright Pippa?
Yeah, thanks.
Uh..., uh...,
I get to go.
See you later.
We should...
get back to the register.
I catch you later.
You alright?
He was there,
right next to me.
I should have said something.
I can't believe it's tonight.
I'm so excited.
I don't know what to do.
You just go up them
and tell him.
I'm sure
he will be over the moon.
But what if he laughs
at me or says no.
He won't say no.
I think I fancy Dominic.
Lucky you.
He smiled
at me again today.
You two
go together really well.
Was she... really
looking forward to it now?
I'm going
to ask her out tonight.
She wants me. I now just wait
and play hard to get.
My dad, says,
I just get stuck in.
And he knows
what he is talking about.
Is..., isn't
your dad a plumber?
Yeah, so?
At least he can afford to buy me
new trainers.
Stop it.
I said stop it,
it's enough.
I'm only winding him up.
It..., it is a bit
annoying sometimes.
Gosh, you two are
such pussies, sometimes.
Uh... I'm going
outside for a minute.
You alright?
Yeah... I just
came to get some fresh air.
Mate..., just...,
just go for it.
You can't use this door!
Why not?
This is the outdoor it is to
ease congestion in the passing zone.
Go on, she is waiting.
Would you...
like to dance?
What..., what do you
think you are doing?
I like that.
But..., Deany said...,
he said you fancied me.
I should go...
and talk to him.
I'm sorry about that.
It's alright.
I didn't really fancy her
You know there are million of girls
there that would love to go out with you.
You reckon?
You really like her,
don't you?
Come on,
let's go in.
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