Disco Inferno (2023) Movie Script

(woman crying) No
(whispering) No, no, no
(stifling tears)
(voice breaking) Forgive me, Father.
I've gone too far.
I've taken that
which was not mine to take.
(hysterically) All I ever wanted
was a child of my own!
Why would God deny me that? Why?
(angrily) After everything I've done!
- (yells) After everything I've sacrificed!
- (violent thud)
(softly) I've gone too far.
I've taken a mother's life.
Taken a child she didn't deserve.
Her little girl will be with me now.
They'll be coming for me.
They're going to think I'm a monster.
(baby crying)
(crying continues)
(crying fades)
- (sinister music playing)
- (priest) Sister Lynn!
Dear God!
(crying resumes)
(upbeat funk music playing)
(MC) Less than ten minutes before
we open the doors and let people in!
Dance contestants, here's
your last chance to get things tight!
Final rehearsals, let's go!
(funk music continues)
Mel, Brandon! The floor is yours!
("Dream World" by Don Downing playing)
You said that you were leavin' me
I thought that you were teasin'
Now you're leavin'
I thought you wanted happiness
You wanted someone new
And now you're leavin'
No, no, don't go
I can't believe that
You found someone new, darling
No, no, don't go
I must be dreamin'
Dream world
I'm wrapped up in a dream world
I must be dreamin' this, darling
Dream world
I'm wrapped up in a dream world
Can't you hear my heart callin'?
- I'm sorry.
- (music stops)
Don't. Don't apologize. You're fine.
You're just overthinking it.
- Hey, you want to take it from the top?
- Um
- No! No, we're warmed up. We're good.
- (MC) Let's keep it moving, folks.
Final rehearsals.
Tony, Stephanie, you're up.
For more than two decades, this city block
of Oakwood Lanes, California,
was nothing more
than a long-abandoned church.
Now refurbished into one of LA's
hottest new clubs, Inferno,
a name as wicked as its location,
burning up the nightlife.
As you can see, the fabulous crowd
has lined up since early today,
anxious to get in to see the
dance competition finalists, and find out
You two were on fire out there.
So proud of my little lovebirds.
You should have seen the look
on Tony and Steph's face watching you.
Nah, Memo.
I don't know, I feel like I'mma blow it.
Do you remember our first dance together?
- When you found me dancing by myself?
- Mmm-hmm.
You walked up to me as smooth as could be
and asked me to dance
with all the confidence in the world.
I never even said yes.
I just took your hand and thought,
"Who the hell is this guy?"
Before I could answer that thought,
you stepped on my foot.
- (chuckles softly)
- And I could see how nervous you were.
Do you remember what I told you?
"One step at a time."
That's right.
I keep imagining the moment
it hits them.
- When they see you on that dance floor.
- Us.
Tell me when they
see us on the dance floor.
Yeah, they're gonna see us,
but you know what they're gonna realize?
That tonight
was something special.
And they're gonna tell everyone
what they saw here.
Yo, when they turn on their TVs,
and they see you,
it's gonna change everything.
Our futures, our lives.
No more closed doors.
Babe, hey, what'd I say?
(MC on mic) Doors have opened,
ladies and gentlemen.
I repeat, the gates of Inferno
have officially opened!
I, um
I think I need to step out for a sec.
- (disco music playing in background)
- Get some air.
(disco music continues)
- (disco music continues muted)
- (Mel sputtering)
(Memo) Come on, let's get you cleaned up.
That don't sound like
just butterflies to me.
Are you late?
A little, yeah, but
I don't know, you know, for sure.
Well, puta, if he's the one, he's the one.
I haven't even
said anything to Brandon yet.
We've just been so focused
on getting to tonight.
Can I get a minute?
Yeah, of course.
Hey, Mel?
You two don't got nothing to worry about.
You know that, right?
- (electricity crackling)
- (disco music stops)
(door creaking)
- (sinister music playing)
- Memo?
- What the f...
- (disco music resumes)
(disco music continues)
(disco music stops)
(Mel) Hello? Is anyone there?
(woman exclaiming) I haven't seen you
since you were a baby!
(sinister music playing)
You look just like your mother.
After all these years,
you've come back to me!
(Mel) What is this place?
(woman) Is the gift you carry for me?
(discordant note plays)
- (doors slamming)
- (Mel) Fuck!
(dark music playing)
(MC on mic) Our competition has begun!
All dance couples report to the stage now!
(dark music continues)
(Mel) Anyone there?
(wood creaking)
Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?
(dark music continues)
(woman) Child.
(woman exhaling)
(discordant music playing)
(footsteps approaching)
(baby crying)
A child.
- (disco music resumes)
- Mel?
Babe, are you still in here?
(MC on mic) Ladies and gentlemen,
make some room on the dance floor
for our first contestants tonight,
Tony and Stephanie!
(crowd cheering in background)
(Lynn) I will take
your burden away, my child.
The boy will never know.
- (gasping)
- (disco music continues muted)
(Brandon) Baby?
Where'd you go?
(Mel rasping faintly)Brandon!
- (banging on door)
- (screaming)
- (screaming continues)
- (church bells ringing indistinctly)
(screaming) Brandon!
- (discordant music playing)
- (indistinct screeching)
- (Mel faintly) Help!
- I'm comin', baby!
(indistinct screeching)
- (Mel screaming)
- Mel!
(wailing) No!
- Mel!
- It's mine!
- I'm coming, baby!
- (indistinct screeching and wailing)
- Hey, hey, hey.
- (discordant music fading)
Hey. Hey, baby.
Baby, I'm here.
Baby. Talk to me, please.
(yells) Help! Somebody help!
- (expectant music playing)
- Mel, wake up!
Baby, please wake up.
- (Mel groans softly)
- Talk to me.
It's me.
Mel Mel, what happened?
- Hey, hey, hey!
- (nervously) Where'd she go?
- (wails) Where'd she go?
- Baby. Hey, hey, hey.
It's just us, okay?
(sighs) I thought I lost it.
(sweet music playing)
(Mel) Babe.
I gotta tell you something.
Are you
Are you saying we
(laughs incredulously)
Let's get you outta here, baby.
("It All Depends On You" by The Blue Notes
ft. Teddy Pendergrass playing)
- (song continues playing)
- (eerie rasping)
We can ride the wild wind together
We can shine like a star in the sky
We can give each other
A kind of love
That will never, never die
It all depends on you
We can make this life
So much better to live
Oh, yeah, yeah!
United together
We can never
Never, never, never, never
Never, never fall
It all depends
It all depends
It all depends
But it all
It all depends on you
Yeah, yeah
Oh, it all depends on you
Just you and me
It all depends on you
We could be happy, can't you see?
It all depends on you
(song fading)