Disco ormene (2008) Movie Script

I stand here beside an earthworm.
That lives at the lower of
the food chain.
Let's look more closely at the world
this fascinating creature...
Are you kidding?
Who wrote this crap?
The worm is the thing
dumbest on the planet.
Even the insects to consider
totally ridiculous.
You can forget the whole thing.
Want to talk to the union...
And then the brain of the earth?
I think it is not for you, no?
In fact the worms can
much more than you think.
Sure, you can eat dirt
and eat more land!
He was talking about that little fruit?
There can be difficult.
Barry, let it go.
I'm not liking it!
Yeah, go running to your mom,
Earthworm fearful.
Just wait.
I'll show them!
I'm saying.
If he does it is very crazy!
This will be a breeze.
Stopped laughing, suddenly, no?
I knew that I could.
Never doubt you.
Come on, Barry, pull!
Yes, those berries
even get stuck.
That's how you do.
It is a very crazy guy.
Of earthworms
It... so.
What do you think folks?
I would not say that?
If they are surprised
too much to applaud, then...
Beware of hooks, Barry!
I'll puke!
Oh no!
Are you okay?
Stay calm, folks!
I'm still with the fruit...
Beware of branches!
Get out there!
Barry, go down there, quick!
The worms are falling, huh?
Come on Barry, you can.
The hole is here, come...
No, no, more to the right,
Barry... left...
Now, yes. Go!
Hey! You did it!
- As a professional.
- It was very good.
That's it. Easy.
It was a snap!
- Hey, Barry.
- Yes?
Me and the boys
been talking e...
we want to show you something.
Yes, yes, of course!
- You see that thing there?
- Yes, yes, yes...
did not think we would
walk with a worm, thought?
- Head of the earth.
- Go find your mother, Barry!
Yeah, you know!
- Hey, Barry...
- And, yeah, I know.
We are at the base
the food chain.
But for others
can not take our place?
Just a little?
I just wanted to know if you
want the rest of the berry, Barry?
You are soaked through, but gives
feel that is very cool.
Ah, Tito. You never dream
having a different life?
Ah... do not...
Okay, folks. Sign up
to the great musical competition.
Introduce yourselves on stage
with famous artists...
a direct transmission
for any backyard
And the prize is $ 10,000
If I was not a worm,
Easy win a contest like that!
- I would be famous, rich...
- Barry!
This is no longer one of
your crazy ideas, eh?
Where is my inhaler?
Here she is!
Calm down, Mom.
I am a worm.
All I know crawling around
and eating dirt, right?
Great. My health will not support
no more crazy your plan.
Even more the day goes
start a brilliant career!
In plant fertilizer!
I can not wait 45 years
reports on rotten leaves.
And with good retirement!
Not true, Frank?
Ah, damn!
I mean, dear...
And do not leave the weak heart
of his poor mother forever.
Perhaps our son wants to...
No. Forget it.
That, anyway.
You are much better.
We do not want
be late, it is not
It is a great pleasure to sing
to my public library...
on staff
here in...
Dunghill Ltda!
I feel something special in the air.
Think are...
nothing more than feelings
Tito, this jacket...
Yes, shrank.
My mother put it in the dryer.
But you did not buy yesterday?
Yeah! Even bought medium size.
How someone can have such bad luck?
Hey! Look!
Well, Tito.
Pay attention.
Watch and learn when
I give her "smile".
- Hi..
- Hey, come on.
- Gloria...
- Come closer to the stage.
Did you see that?
You saw how...
Hey! Are they long?
Should come with the director.
And I speak for all interns!
Yes, yes...
Playin 'hard.
She can barely
take your eyes off me.
Anyone notice it.
- Barry, I hate to tell you, but...
- But what?
you feel
again in my
No way!
What he has exceptional?
Nor do I understand.
Despite the fact that...
he is a beetle, rich and famous,
and has a lot of class on stage.
He can take class on stage
But I'm behind the scenes...
Gloria come and when the autograph
Tony Dean I'll get to it...
Well done!
Here comes the King's autograph.
Does a star...
no, a legend like me...
need to waste the talent
this den of worms?
Calm down, Tony, calm. The work
has a good compensation.
Do not you understand?
I am an artist!
Money does not mean
nothing for me.
Hey, 200 are missing here.
This time passes!
Hey, what are you looking at?
Welcome back from vacation.
What a great start for
the new company policy!
It's exciting to all of you
after the holidays...
more willing and ready
to grow than ever.
Hey, Barry...
Barry! Are you listening?
It is the worst day of my life.
Careful with that thing!
The only good thing is that
can not get worse.
Let's give a warm welcome a...
Am burning!
Oh no!
Everybody back to work.
The fun ended today.
Calm down, dear. Fortunately
nothing happened to the director.
Oh no!
Honey... honey...
Attention will only speak once.
And very simple.
Just fill the report.
Staple the sheet.
Well on the edge.
Well on the edge.
No, this is terrible!
My mother has a heart attack...
or a cold...
or something serious.
What will I do?
Well, we could start
focusing on this.
And another thing.
Our course for managers
mid-level starting tomorrow.
It requires a large amount
of homework nightly.
The exam will be in three weeks.
I imagine that there are no volunteers?
Wow! Manager!
Imagine, a worm,
midlevel manager!
Normally our content
disapproval is 65.3 %...
, and by the way, will be higher.
Give up. It's all your time
free in the next three weeks.
No, no, no!
I can fix it.
Even if you leave
my mother proud.
Midlevel manager!
Heard alone, Frank?
"Yes, this is my son,
the middle manager "!
Titus will also make the proof,
and we have to study non-stop.
Finally gave up those
your crazy ideas. Finally!
Your father has something for you.
- Frank!
- Yikes!
Ah, yes.
We have enough
space in the closet...
Things your father of the first
30 years in plant fertilizer.
I know that will help in their studies.
Gee, thanks, Dad...
Is dad with hair!
E Daddy...
Barry. You would not
the house of Tito
Ah, yes...
I'm going, Mom!
Do not delay
No, no! What?
Disk, right.
Let's see what it is.
What is this?
Frank! Stop looking through the window.
I just wipe it
What's that noise?
not doing
should not do anything that is
Open Door
Do what I say! Now
I'm warning
I'll count to three
I'm serious
One, two...
two and a half...
Want me to explain what
is happening here?
Not only were entertained with...
one of Dad's books!
- Thought I heard a song.
- No!
I was just practicing
with the stapler! Is.
This is the sound of a manager
middle level! My boy!
Sure, Mom.
Barry! Ended up
to make a cake of mosses.
Let me give you a few slices
to take.
We guarantee results
in just eight days.
My goodness!
Will be awesome!
Just buckle up...
push the button and ready.
Fat will disappear and you
the worm will be the most beautiful street.
And not only that. You also gain
the book "Eat According... "
Tito! I know!
It's really cool!
- You know what?
- Imagine.
- The public waiting...
- Right...
- Centipedes, beetles, insects...
- Right...
A massive neon sign
descends on the stage.
Can you read what is written?
Says: "Barry
and the Band of Earthworms. "
"Band of Worms?"
Exactly. All fans attending the madness
will be crazy.
And there, in front of the stage,
Gloria will be.
"Hey, hey, dirty worm!
So begins the pace environment!
The star enters the stage!
But Barry...
But Barry... you're a worm!
Do not worry!
Nobody will think about it...
when the whole garden
are enjoying and dancing!
There will be stars of the disco!
This time he's gone mad for once!
Yeah! Tito! Will you give
a show on the dance floor!
The girls will be crazy,
will scream for love!
You're great!
And Tito!
You will do bass.
And where do you think the "Band
Earthworms "starts?
He knew he would ask.
Look, man!
started the countdown
for the musical competition...
where young talents
will compete...
with stars like Bug DMC
Backyard Boys and Tony Dean
Who will win the prize
$ 10,000
What do you think?
Ten thousand bucks!
"Let's shake," is what they say.
Why do you think... ranging
allow... to introduce ourselves?
I already did the inscription!
But Barry...
Sure, Sunshine Barry...
Not forgetting a little,
insignificant, tiny detail?
Earthworms do not know how to dance!
I think you are right, Tito.
may be you.
Fame and much, much
money, money, money...
However, Tito...
going to do anyway!
My goodness!
Look at his hair!
- Hi, girls.
- Oi
You're a cool worm?
Know how to dance?
So come take the test at 7.
That's it!
It's hard!
Now you can study in peace,
gerentinho mommy.
Yes, so long.
One, two.
Testing, testing, one two.
Sure, one at a time.
And now?
Hi! I came to do the test.
It is the right place?
Between Yes!
You were very lucky.
People made
queue all day!
What kind of test is?
It's hard!
The law is that just
playing the music...
everyone will dance.
Wow! Let's sing
to a large audience?
I am sorry...
I'm not allowed
talking about the first show...
but the great music contest
on TV, and we will win $ 10,000!
- The show with all the stars?
- Yes! There will be a lot of them!
But really think we can win?
Clear. But we need
make something clear.
Here we have the sexy...
I say supporting talented girl.
Supporting Role?
- Yes.. you start doing the chorus.
- Yes, yes...
Then a headhunter to see,
then you appear in the newspaper...
win a gardening program on TV
a solo e...
It is, you need to crawl
before it can...
Thus, between the adjuvant and o...
cool singer
There is a kind of...
chemistry, if they understand me.
Who is the singer?
- Good.. I am.
- Right... then...
We better get testing...
And action!
Yes Perfect!
It is important if you want
set the tone.
It is most important.
His eyes are
Filled with hesitation.
That's right! Try to see me
in front. I say see it.
So is this thing
that calls for... disk?
- Yes.
- Right.
- Indeed it is.
- Good
I want to keep my reputation...
Perfect! Can you feel?
- Very good!
- Is it?
Now sing!
Show the world who
can make the worms! Come on!
Oh! Yes, sir
I can dance
But I need some music!
A little more feeling.
I can dance
dancing all night for real
Yes, almost there.
Is leaving.
Yes, sir
I can dance
I can dance
dancing all night for real
Stop! Stop.
Stop, please!
- What do you think?
- How can I say...
was one of the most evil things...
wonderful that I ever heard.
- Really?
- His voice is awesome.
Glad you think so!
Thank you.
- Hey, how about...
- Sure.
...I make some clothes...
- Great idea.
And then we'll dance
super hot.
Yes, dance...
Want a little help
to fix things?
- Yes, of course...
- Bring some glasses or something?
Gloria? The sexy?
Is. We say...
I love to love you, baby
This was in the copier.
Know something about this?
No. I do not remember anything.
Disk is fully
incompatible with our image.
Oh, no... yuck!
Disco really gives
all the wrong signals.
This? Gives? Your address, Barry.
Right here!
Let me see.
Hey... true!
Yeah! The same address
that will be on your pink slip!
Listen to one thing...
when someone wins
a super job as my...
all former colleagues
get jealous.
Then they make these posters
to play a trick.
Using my address!
- It's not a joke?
- Yes it is.
That is exactly what the guys
college would have done.
They are so proactive!
That's what I call
team's first!
Where did you
preached these posters?
In Alamenda of Earthworms.
Great. So your mother
you can also see them.
What is this place?
Ora. I found that our studies
needed a boost...
a stimulus, right?
I am tired of
its "new impetus".
But they are just musicians.
It is a quiet and peaceful.
Let me hear you!
You rock!
Salt water with ice.
And one for the guitar.
Now I see who plays guitar.
What? Sorry, guys.
Lead guitarist!
The main.
Cool. Because
I am assembling a band...
and I already have some
big names.
Now you need someone to
shoot the guns of heavy metal!
Not bad. The problem
is it a band album.
- What?
- Do not see how it will be radical?
A great guitar album!
You must have eaten sand.
Would not do with the old
Guitar Dad, would you?
Yes, I would. Barry wants disc
and nothing but hard disk.
You said lead guitar
or air guitar?
I must have forgotten...
I saved for two years
just to buy the box.
- Listen, in our band...
- His band, Barry!
I will ensure that everyone
have instruments. Right?
Instruments Disco!
Imagine, going to wear bright clothes
and dance under strobe lights.
Is. With a new guitar
I would do anything for a guitar!
But not hard!
Anything but that!
Ah, what a pity.
But cheer up...
Now we can
devote ourselves to study!
- The guitar that you mentioned...
- Yes?
- Electrical?
- Yes!
- Six strings and all?
- Sure.
- Much brighter?
- T!
- Say, I'm in this.
- That's it! Touch here!
On second thought, you do not have
any instrument.
- Titus, hurry up.
- Yes..
It is the destiny or not?
I just got 500 bucks
my first salary.
It is only with a stick.
So what?
We can turn
with something a little less fancy.
Hey, brain of land, whether
reach the top ten or what?
Or want to bury for good?
That worm sucker.
Need to tell you one thing.
There is one last thing I need
in the first test.
- A bass player.
- E?
Know what's inside.
Talent. I feel it!
Somewhere in there
There is a big star of the disc!
You know, deep down.
- Barry? Look at me!
- What?
I do not look like a star of the disc.
Yeah, I think so. You know?
I think not.
I think I look like a fat earthworm,
stupid, slimy, talentless.
But, Tito...
you just have big bones!
Barry... Earthworms have no bones.
No, sure, but still...
You may be blessed
with bold ideas, different...
and personality
but some of us...
we are not.
Ah, Tito!
This is a lame excuse!
Just start playing and will forget
everything about these little...
tires you have.
Unfortunately, my tires and I...
we have a test-run
for which we have to study.
Come on, just once.
It is temporary, only a test.
I swear.
- Please...
- Please... not that look!
Remember that I'm helping him
prepare for the test!
Tito! I beg you.
If you touch this time
never going to ask you a favor.
Never again?
Never. I swear... sincerely.
- Right. But just this once.
- Yes! Thanks, Tito!
By the way, will
could you lend me five hundred bucks?
Is it possible?
Hey! It's showtime!
And then?
Wow, I'm not
pleased about that.
Relax. I booked
it as overtime.
The guitar's Daddy!
Here you are.
It's a historic day!
Can you feel?
It's the sound of fame,
victory in the contest...
and 10 grand,
also worth mentioning.
Now you, Tito.
Yes.. no!
Tito... Tito.
I thought you...
You worried me there.
Jimmy, I hear his guitar.
We will win the contest!
That's it!
My love is always dancing
And not a bad thing
not lie
We spent the night in Frisco
In any type of disc
My goodness!
that night
I gave goodbye to our love
Do not blame the sun
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Dance, dance, dance
Do not blame the sun
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Dance, dance, dance
There was too much?
Bravo! Incredible!
I can explain everything!
Do not think we, earthworms
enough trouble already?
You know, it's a joke!
The sound was certainly a joke.
- Move away from the battery.
- Yeah, sure.
This is called? Set the pace?
Have you heard that?
- Titus.
- Yes!
This low is all wrong.
Loosen the belt and tighten cortas.
But you can not loose more.
That's better.
Jimmy. If I say "Funky"
you say...
- "6-6-6." The number of...
- No.
Oh, sorry.
Gloria, wait until the chorus
before starting to scream.
- And Barry...
- Yes?
You're fired...
as a drummer. Will
to focus on the keyboard.
- Yes, this is my face.
- Now!
This bothers me dance
But somehow drugged me
fascinating rhythm dominated
my feet
I changed my life completely
I saw the lightning take me
My love can not take
eyes on me
Improved. But I grew up
in the backyard of a nightclub.
I know this song.
Missing something.
I want to see the buzz!
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
Do not blame the sun
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
I can not
I can not
can not control my feet
I can not
I can not
can not control my feet
I feel that deep down
you're a lonely woman...
who needs a man
to pick you up.
I mean, look after you.
But Tony is not here through the desert?
There is space here. Space
all the passions and feelings!
C'mon, cheer up!
They think it is a school band
Must be those ridiculous earthworms
that entered my musical competition.
Have you heard something?
No. But they are great!
Not as good as you, Tony.
Just because they are stylish,
dance and they are young...
I mean, you're not old!
Well, I promised to show you
the inside of my car...
Sunshine! Moonlight
Good times
Good times.
I knew it.
I knew that we were able!
I knew all the time.
One wonders, it seemed more...
a bank of earthworms
playing together for the first time.
Tito! When the lights of the disco
shine on our clothes...
nobody will notice.
Not a worm.
We will win the contest!
Certainly. Nothing can stop us.
- Barry...
- Nothing.
I will not have to go on stage...
is not it? Not?
Especially now that got
my new diet.
"I Find Your Slim!"
I just need to stay away from the earth...
This was the best night of my life.
Thank you, thank you!
Sure... well, anything...
You can let go now.
Let's see what he says.
"Dear Barry Sunscreen. For
your registration for our contest...
regret to inform you that...
you were not selected?
Lisa, provide for
I'm not disturbed...
- What?
- I want my spot back!
- Who do you think you are?
- Sunshine Barry!
Hey, Sunscreem Barry.
This is a musical competition seriously.
The public would laugh if I let
earthworms to compete.
They will not even realize!
The name of you is not
"Barry and the Band of Worms?"
- No, do not flock... band!
- E?
Listen! Do not
that sound of worms or anything.
We are much more so...
No blame Sunshine
Understand? Everyone will think
we are centipedes.
Do not blame the moonlight
If not get off of my desk
Now, I'll call security.
Let's do the following:
I'll send a video demo...
and if you still think that we should not
participate, fine.
What do you say?
And it promises to get off of my
table now?
I hope it's a video demo
- A video demo?
- Yes..
But it is only a formality.
They just want to see how amazing
"Barry and the Group of Earthworms. "
Everyone wants to see stars
the disk, right?
Our image must be one? Band
insect? And no worms...
and I think the fantastic clothes
that Gloria will help that.
Maybe I should put
more sequins...
for all cameras.
The details are also roses
beautiful, I can put some...
It's fun to stay at the YMCA
They have everything
For your enjoyment mental
They loved the clothes.
You can see it.
No wonder.
They were fantastic.
Listen, Barry,
need to tell you one thing.
You know that feeling...
when you know someone
you see who you really are?
I know exactly
what you mean!
I'm not sure how to say.
You know, is the first time someone
really believe me.
Finally someone who knows me,
taste, and knows how to sing.
And who supports me and tells me...
I've really got talent...
and he should know,
after all, he is Tony Dean.
What did you say?
- "Love"! "Bellissima!"
- Tony?
This is the same for me?
They need water right now.
Then you are taken off the worm.
He knew it was making a video
to participate in the contest.
It will be very cool. None
how not to win. Not really.
You are worms!
Made to crawl
the trash of others.
Can not beat the man,
the myth, the legend...
Tony Dean!
Yeah, but you have not heard
Our new sound, you hear?
Can not wait.
I'm looking forward to it!
Remember, increase
the level of vocals.
Oh, Gloria...
See you tomorrow!
You leave me breathless.
Just like when
I hear your fantastic voice!
- Really?
- Sing for me.
I want to keep the reputation
I'm feeling a
Overtime, studies to test,
overtime, studies to test...
hardly see it more at night.
Continue with the good job.
Mrs.. Olson died of envy
when I heard that you will be manager.
Perhaps you could know
a good young worm soon...
That is unlikely.
Wait and see.
Guys with good
jobs are rare items.
The daughter of Mrs.. Olson works
And when you pass the test
- Saturday?
- Yikes!
As if a worm had not
nothing better to do.
Especially with so much
space in the closet.
Oh Frank!
It's time for news.
Go turn on the TV!
Ah, yes! TV...
Almost forgot!
Barry, you better pass the exam!
Otherwise, my poor and weak
heart will break in two.
And remember, the sound of insects!
No sound of worms, right?
What's going on?
It's crazy when I'm here
the test run is coming...
Let comcear!
What are you doing?
Tony says our music is better
when my voice is at its highest.
We can not concentrate
more on your dancing?
What is your problem?
Tony said he could come here
hear me sing and you will not...
spoil my great
chance to sing!
What? You did not tell Tony
we're here at...
Although it is not
my trainee Barry.
The subject of jokes.
I can explain everything.
Do not tell me. His friends cheated
to wear a costume?
Right. Very good.
Easy now.
Think about that the disk
can do for the company!
Unless they are all willing
to be "downsized" right now...
I suggest that you proactively...
remove these instruments
Site now!
Quietly, the door
funds. Now!
Right. Try
fertilizer without us.
We are no longer slaves!
We are stars of the disc!
Where did all...
What are you making?
Come back!
Stop! Listen...
Barry! Not here.
Let's go swimming in money!
We will have thousands of fans
going crazy with us!
I'm not down
none of this even...
Can see, no?
From here, there is only
one direction, and that's up!
Settle down!
I'm with my guitar.
Not a guitar
What is holding!
Oh no!
Where are we?
Live bait?
Only two dollars?
No No way!
Ending a place like this!
And at this stage of my life!
Tony said that my voice could
take me much further...
and that I would have much success.
Tony said this... Tony said that!
Do not you see he only praised
to win the contest?
You are a playful, Barry.
Funny? Roots of trees
have more feelings than you!
I can tell you that Tony Dean
think different!
Listen! You could not sing
nor that his life depended on it.
But you said... also...
Hey, we're in this for his sake and
because of your fucking contest.
There are no,
because there is no contest.
- They do not want worms participate.
- How?
Do you think the rest of us
sounds better than Gloria?
We live in a hole,
eat the earth!
Hard to do with party
and uplifting.
Some of you know what that is?
Take, took the wedding party
of silver from my parents.
It was pretty cool.
Get real!
Worms do not dance!
Only serve to stay
the end of a rusty hook...
and this is something
we do very well.
Hey, take me!
Oh no, never gonna leave.
And I was wanting both
be mid-level manager...
Will have to hit harder.
This glass is super thick, man.
No use, no
way to break this glass...
Wait. Unless...
How about standing beside the glass
and sing a little for us?
- But you told me...
- No, no. You're great! Fantastic!
Especially when
sing the high notes!
At first I was afraid
was petrified
thought I could not live
Without you by my side
But you're singing in tune.
You know, suddenly, everything makes sense.
It's like you said, Barry.
The important thing is to feel
what she sings.
And I really
I feel your pain and loss.
No, no.
You misunderstood the letter.
She is happy!
It's in the shower,
screaming with joy!
Can not you feel?
The song...
is talking to us!
you again
From Outer Space
I just walked
found you here
With the sad expression on her face
I should have changed
My lock idiot
should have done
You leave your key
If I knew
For just a second
you'd be back
to bother me
Go away now
Exit through the door
Turn around now
Because you're not welcome anymore
Were not you
What did hurt me getting out
thought I would crumble
That I lay down and die
Oh, I do not
I will survive
long as I know love
I know I'll stay alive
I have a life to live
I have all my love to give
will survive
I will survive
Oh no! Not again!
No! It's all my fault!
I will sacrifice myself
so they can escape!
Hey. I'm here!
Pick me!
No... Drop it!
I forgot to say
I really like the disc!
- What?
- Really? Me too!
No, seriously. I like it!
Mostly Village People!
Especially the cute
with leather pants.
Yikes. I have to do
all alone?
Crawl for their lives!
We're saved. Escaped.
As I am relieved!
What I said before...
It was a... joke, right?
Push the rusty hook on me!
I'm just a worm ridiculous, right?
We can not allow
he goes fishing with Barry.
Somehow, he was
who told us to run.
Whether you agree, is Barry!
I think we should
respect his wishes!
Listen, do not ask
what your band...
what your band can do for you,
but what we can do for your band.
Yeah! And now it's time
to save the singer!
Nobody will miss me when
I leave, nor my mother likes me.
What the hell...
Goodbye, cruel world!
Goodbye piles of fertilizer, soil
clay and beetles ridiculous!
Help me here.
Not to mention that silly clothes
causing itch in me.
Ah! Wow!
I do not imagine it was so great!
Barry, Bear!
Guys, c'mon.
Come on, get up!
Alright, alright!
This one is for my grandfather!
There is a hole!
Hurry! Run!
I'll delay it!
No, Barry!
Come back here!
Hey, hello!
I'm what you want!
You missed!
I think I found the hole!
Gloria, sorry
I have said what about...
Barry, if not for you...
the windows would continue cracking
whenever I opened my mouth.
The competition starts in 15 minutes.
Pena will not participate!
Probably would
made fools of themselves.
But it would have been fun.
Well, I still have to do
evidence for management.
Well, boys... and girls, of course.
Could have been worse.
Luckily no one died.
Wait till
my mother knowing.
How could you do this
with his mother poor and low
Ouch! Well head
And it's all your fault, Frank!
Talk something for your child!
I'll try, but...
The time is coming
Fasten your seatbelts.
will be a great trip!
Do not worry.
From now on I promise to do
my work... and my work.
If I still have one, of course.
I do not know what I thought
Astro's hard!
It is, of course, really.
- A dream!
- Also did not work for me.
Yeah! Pure madness, e...
What went wrong?
Offered us a show
Tiles in the legendary 54...
but the poor health of his mother
not stand, so...
A show? You rang?
Isaiah Frank and Funky Band
Earthworms of Dancing.
Should have seen.
I knew all the moves.
"The Andante Stick!
"The Rolinho Beetle!
But dad!
Worms do not dance!
Son, what is "Hard"?
It is a type of music, father!
No, what the disc
mean to you?
It no longer matters.
And a stupid dream!
Exactly! Disco is a dream.
A dream about
good times and fun.
And if anyone knows dreaming, we are...
We, worms! What else
we do in our holes?
Repeat: I am a worm
and I am proud of it!
I am a worm, and I...
But I hate to be the worm!
Say: We, earthworms,
know dance!
We, worms, we know to dance!
Repeat: Nothing will stop me!
Nothing will stop me!
Unless the competition in which
did not let us compete.
And it will just give up?
Yes.. nor have
any instrument.
But you have...
space in the cupboard!
Father, has been eating earth
fat again?
Oh, it...
So what do you think?
Hi, we are the "ephemeral".
1, 2, 3, 4.
I'm so busy I'm dizzy
I'm so busy I'm dizzy
It is hip-hip
It is hip-hip
You guys are great.
Even more.
Sorry, I made clear
not attend the contest?
Ah, yes. Just think...
that if ever needed
a band of hard, be here.
You know, do not!
No problem.
We'll just stay here...
and we are ready, if needed.
Hey, call security, I
to get rid of those worms!
And Tito?
We can not play without it!
I tried but... know...
How good is...
walk here, amid the future
corporate company!
And there we have the finest
Or should I say...
the fat flower?
Turn Gloria.
Tony! Baby Beetle!
Oh, Gloria?
I came to wish you good luck.
I know I will win!
Yes.. clear.
How about going to some
place to celebrate, then?
Only two of us?
Maybe I can
arrange an appointment.
Talk to my manager...
to finalize the details.
Yuck! Face more disgusting.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, wait a minute,
is not what you think.
- Walking.
- No, no, no, no.
Time to go!
I just...
What are you doing?
This is my arm bad!
We will disclose the outcome.
- Please stay.
- Any problems?
Always present
the best result of the year.
- I?
- 100100.
Very proactive!
To a worm, I say.
- I will become mid-level managers?
- Congratulations!
I've organized
His first task.
I want you to dig a wine cellar.
Perfect job for a worm.
- Thanks...
- Follow me then.
And continue with these
dirty clothes.
"You're a cool worm?
Know how to dance? "
The last presentation of the night,
ladies and gentlemen...
Tony Dean!
Hi, folks.
Thank you.
Tony, love you!
Where is the record?
We have a problem!
Will have to sing live!
- No way!
- Tony...
Sing, Tony, sing!
Oh no! What is this?
Hey, stop! Come back!
You'll get in 10 seconds.
What say?
Should we or...
Come on, please!
Sure, but remember the name!
We are not the "Group of Earthworms,"
we are the "Band of Earthworms. "
Yes, as you want.
Step aside!
Gloria, we can.
Ladies and gentlemen.
we have the great fortune...
a very interesting band...
indeed, some earthworms.
Hey, is not it Barry?
If he
Want My Money Back!
Are you kidding?
It is now that the fun will start.
Earthworms, no!
Earthworms, no!
Who goes first?
Not me.
I'm just a girl's choir.
You go first.
Ladies and gentlemen...
and the Band of Worms!
It was better find a secure tunnel
and welcoming and closing the day.
But what... Tito!
It's time to show these
cretins what we do!
It's showtime!
Cool. And then?
We're cool or not?
I think it's time to go out.
I mean, we get, right?
Are you there?
Bring it on, Barry!
Before I was a singer
Playing in a rock band
I never had difficulties
To have a one night
And all around me
needed to stop look so bad
And I decided quickly
It's time to bombard the worm.
Stop the music
end the show
Yeah! Bring it on!
They were dancing and singing
moving with the music
was then that I realized
Somebody turned around and yelled
Touch music cool whitey
C'mon, people,
we'll show them!
Touch music cool, right
What? What's going on?
- Not bad.
- Cool!
Let's dance
play nice music to die
Until die
Until die
Oh no!
And I thought things
could not get any worse.
- Let's dance!
- Frank!
Beware! My poor health!
But now it's much better
Yes, it is
I'm doing all kinds
But never lose that feeling
Oh Frank!
Of how I learned the lesson that day
They were dancing and singing
moving with the music
was then that I realized
Somebody turned around and yelled
Touch music cool whitey
Touch music cool, right
Touch music cool whitey
Let's dance
play nice music to die
Come on, Jimmy! Solo!
When were dancing and singing
moving with the music
was then that I realized
Somebody turned around and yelled
Touch music cool
Touch music cool
Come on!
Touch music cool
The judges decided...
and the winners
and $ 10,000 are...
Yes, yes, yes...
Who knew?
The winners of the night are...
- We are ready!
- The Mayflies!
No, no... Can not be serious!
I to not believe.
We were the best!
Give the money soon
while we're still young!
No, no, no!
Can not be happening.
Here is the money combined.
Do not take it anymore!
Deserved the first place!
They want to stop that?
The victory was ours! Those
beetles corrupt stole from us!
- No matter.
- It does not matter?
It was fun
and this is the most important.
All that history of being
the rich and famous. Forget it.
We took a show!
It was actually pretty cool.
Even forgot my diet.
Sorry. Do not you understand?
Although we are a bunch of losers.
Crushed in a pile of manure,
excavated by the blades.
We finished, and tomorrow only
will remember the winner!
What about us...
already been forgotten.
Right... Thank you, thank you.
Have enough people...
My guys earthworms.
Some of us hope
almost 30 years for this.
The wait was worth every minute.
They are worms!
They are a band!
- I present to you...
- Sunshine Barry...
My son!
And the Band of Worms!
But we do not win... then...
We are so proud of you!
Yes, you are earthworms
more detached from the world!
Dance! Dance! Dance!
C'mon, let's see your hands
up! I said "Hands"!
Ah, you have no hands. Right.
My love lives dancing
would not be something bad
But I did not gain any affection
And that's no lie
We spent the night in Frisco
In any type of disc
that night
I gave goodbye to our love
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
Hey, people! Tomorrow
I quit my job...
and start a career as a tap dancer!
If you can, I can.
That's it!
This bothers me dance
But somehow drugged me
fascinating rhythm dominated
my feet
I changed my life completely
I saw the lightning take me
My love can not take
eyes on me
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
Barry, Barry, buddy.
We are the best
Friends of Barry!
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
I can not
I can not
can not control my feet
I can not
I can not
can not control my feet
I can not
I can not
can not control my feet
I can not
I can not
can not control my feet
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
Oh, yeah...
I mean... wow!
Cool! Dive!
cool music stimulates me
The dirty rhythm moves me
The devil came over me
With this dance
I have a fever of dance
A fire burns inside me
Dancing makes me a super trance
Do not blame the moonlight
Blame the good times
Blame dance
No blame Sunshine
Do not blame the moonlight
Do not blame the good times
Blame dance
Good times
Good times
Good times
Good times
Good times
Do not blame
Good times
Do not blame the dance
Do not blame
Do not blame
Good times
Do not blame
Do not blame
Good times
Do not blame the dance
Do not blame
Do not blame
Good Times
Do not blame
Good times
Good times
Good Times
Good times
Good times
It was on all the time?
What a waste of film.
Where is the power button?
Oh, here it is.