Disconnected (2017) Movie Script

Come on!
It's really coming on
Yeah you're swimming down
Let's do it!
'Cause she's awake
That's me, and this is
the only decent part of my day.
After this my life
only looks good on paper.
Jump off
Let it go
Come on let's start again
You've got it now
You know you
Is besides
She's a tidal wave
Taking you out
She's a hurricane
Oh oh oh oh oh
It's in the air
Oh let it go
Get what you feel
All things you know
She's a tidal wave
Taking you out
She's a hurricane
Oh oh oh oh oh
- First time I killed one..
- Yeah.
So special.
All that blood was magnificent.
I watched it.
It wasn't that special.
And these are my friends.
They're a little weird.
Isn't that right, Sean?
'Look, we're just trying
to help you with your mom.'
Wait, so you want me
to slit her throat?
The Val Moreth
is your mom, Sean.
She's the most dangerous crafty
creature in all of Allenton.
She's ethereal.
'She's beautiful.'
'The kind of woman
knights would fight to save.'
But it's all a clever ruse
just to lure you in.
Can't go to her unprepared.
Too many good plans have been
sacrificed and slaughtered
at her perfectly manicured feet.
Hey, don't talk
about my mom's feet.
- That's weird.
- 'Focus, man.'
We're helping you here. It's not
like you're related so...
Alright. That's it. I'm out.
I don't need to hear that.
So, are you coming this weekend?
I'll be there.
Thank you, baby Jesus.
Oh, for the record, I beat the
Val Moreth in under two hours.
- Fuck!
- Ouch.
Easy goes..
Two hours, dude?
- That's..
- You cheater.
'Your mom's a cheater,
and that's why you're alive.'
She can take me out
Alright, just look at page 92.
I have two women in my life.
One I wanna get away from,
and one I wish I could see.
The first is my mom.
She sends me a checklist
I have to complete
by the end of the day,
every day.
The second woman is Chloe.
She texts me all day
asking to hang out.
Even though she lives
on the other side of the state.
Um, I don't know.
I didn't ask you a question.
Oh, um..
My bad.
Anything you wanna talk about?
Uh, no.
Just spaced out a bit.
For the whole class?
Part of it.
I caught.. Yeah, I was spaced
out for most of it.
Well, I'll make you a deal.
You show up on Monday,
alert and engaged
and I'll pretend you weren't
lookin' at your phone.
What if I wasn't
lookin' at my phone?
Well, then we have
to call your folks in
for a little chat.
So, Monday,
alert, engaged, and ready.
- Mm.
- Thank you, Mrs. Lucas.
Have a wonderful weekend.
But I'm not going anywhere.
I'm my mom's favorite
science experiment.
She used to measure
the pH level of my pee.
Yeah, like a psycho.
Hi, mom.
'Lots of skateboard
traffic today?'
It's like a minute past 3:30.
Or was it that
the wave traffic was good?
Yeah, well, all we have
is a quiz review today.
So, I knew I aced that.
Oh. Did you now?
Read it and weep.
Well done.
Don't let that face fool you.
She's trying
to find a reason for me
not to go surf camping
this weekend.
She's great at saying one thing
when she means another.
Luckily, I know how
Be careful. It's hot.
Don't forget that
there's gluten in soy sauce.
You really wanna go?
I will text you.
I will call you.
I will email you
if there's 4G. Okay?
Go, seriously.
Have fun this weekend.
You and dad, 20 years together.
- It's awesome.
- Okay, little fish.
Well, listen, I'm gonna go
and pick up dad from work.
And I can give you a ride
to piano if you like.
Don't worry about me. Just go.
Always better to be early.
I am not going to piano.
I need a diversion.
I was thinking..
Is there any chance that we
could change piano to Tuesday?
Mnm-mnm, no. Math tutor is on
Tuesdays and so is tennis.
Maybe we could drop tennis?
'Sweetie, we talked about this.'
You know colleges are really
competitive right now.
You have to be well-rounded.
Just would really love
some time with myself, to..
Can I at least skate to piano?
Alright. Okay.
But be careful,
and don't be late.
I won't.
Hey, have fun this weekend.
Mm. Yeah.
- I'll miss you.
- Miss you too.
Clean that up when you're done.
Okay? Thank you.
And that is how you
dislodge a helicopter parent.
I can't believe
she actually fell for it.
She's totally off her game.
Oh, Lord.
She's texting me now because
I should still be at piano.
Piano was explosive.
Not falling for that one.
This isn't good.
My friends are right.
The Val Moreth isn't going down
easy this time.
She's even roped my dad in.
But if I can crack him
she's done for.
So you guys haven't left yet.
We just wanted to check
on our piano prodigy.
Oh, honey, just let him explain.
The Val Moreth isn't going down
easy this time.
Maybe because I'm tired
of going to piano.
But you said that you agreed.
'No, I didn't agree.
You just made me.'
We pay for piano,
you go to piano.
Well, easy, fix it. Don't pay.
Look, Sean, how can we trust you
to be responsible
on a trip,
if you lie to my face?
Answer your mother.
Technically, you were the one
that said I could go
so that makes you the liar.
No, actually,
that makes you grounded.
- Ahem!
- 'You know, you promised.'
What makes you think
our promises are unconditional?
I don't know
what she promised him
but he's not budging.
I'm gonna have
to attack her where it hurts.
I don't know, maybe
because I thought you loved me.
You know what,
that may work with your mother
but you need to learn that
your actions have consequences.
Actions? What actions?
I don't even
get out of the house.
You know what, you're not going.
Great. Well, that's
what you wanted. Right, mom?
So, congratulations.
You win.
Just go tell Brent's mother
there's been a change in plans.
What are you doing?
I'm taking what's mine.
That was my birthday present.
When you start acting like you
deserve it, you can have it.
So, you're just gonna leave
me here without anything to do?
I'm sure you can find a book
or something to read.
It's not yours.
Stop it.
Nothing in this house is yours
because you didn't pay for it.
'Your clothes, your games
or your surfboard. Nothing.'
Well, maybe you should call
the adoption agency
and see if you can
get your money back, huh?
You know what, just stop
being melodramatic. Okay?
This is about consequences.
There's plenty of kids...
Whose parents let them do
whatever they want.
Please, could you point me
in their direction
'cause I would love
to find a set of those.
I am locking up your surfboards.
Little fish! Sean?
You made this choice, Sean.
So, you're gonna
have to deal with it.
Val Moreth always
rubs it in when she wins.
This is my life.
Be perfect or suffer.
But I'm done trying.
I'm gonna find the spare key
to unlock my boards
and then I'm gonna go surfing
until my parents
come home Sunday night.
Look, I swear to God
my parents are evil.
No, they set me up.
'You didn't wanna go,
you should have just said so.'
I've, I, that..
I'll be honest. I'm
not handling this well.
There's only one way
to turn this day around.
So, I take it
you want me to come up?
Alright, well, cool, well, uh..
You know, text me
where to meet you.
Alright, I'll see you in a few.
Play cool, play cool.
This is the best
decision I've ever made.
'Drive time
will be eight hours four minutes.'
Oh, damn.
Never enough
never enough no
Chloe messaged
me out of the blue
like six months ago.
She's like a tornado
inside a hurricane.
But in the best way possible.
There's a fever
rising every time
If I don't kill myself on
the way, this will be amazing.
I wonder how do you feel
To be your brother
Believe me
I was walking
on a thin thin line
I wonder
I wondered
about the fading lights
What luck everyone
We'll always stand together
Afraid of falling down
Never enough never enough
Never enough no
Never enough
never enough no
Never enough no
You know you can step
on the gas pedal.
What a chuchu.
Try to clear your head
'Cause you feel like
you're dead inside don't you?
You want it to feel
like every time
But you found yourself
I should be worried,
but what are they gonna do?
We don't even have a basement
they can lock me in.
As long as they don't check
the tracker, I'll be fine.
We'll watch the sun together
Afraid of falling down
Never enough never enough
never enough no
Never enough never enough
never enough no
You'd think I never
left the house alone before.
Alright, I haven't.
- Whoa!
- Relax, relax, relax.
Why are you in my car?
Great question.
Uh, this is my hotel.
Hot.. Oh, oh, oh, oh.
I, I'm, yeah, I'm sorry, um..
I just crashed last night.
No, I noticed. I was just tryin'
to, like, figure out, like
what's so good about, you know,
the car, better than my hotel.
Oh, don't get me wrong. This is
a very, very, very nice car.
That's kinda playing it.
But shitty hotel, right?
I mean,
no bathroom for starters.
No continental breakfast
for you.
But we have free electricity
for you to just plug in. Right?
Oh, oh, oh, yeah. Um, I'm sorry
about that, I can, um..
I got a, I got a card
I can pitch in.
But you-you-you-you're missing
the point entirely.
- There's a point?
- I'll tell you what.
You unplug your spaceship,
get off my lot.
And I'll consider not calling
the cops. How about that?
Oh, a 100 percent.
Um, yeah, but, now, yeah, now.
Yeah, I'll do that now.
I'll do that.
Aren't you a little young to be
driving a car like this?
Uh, I was born early, so,
I'm a little small for my age.
That's a lovely story you have.
Very compelling.
You got that? You good? Yeah.
Buckle up now.
Thank you.
- Have a great day.
- Whatever.
Please don't call the cops,
please don't call the cops.
Please don't call the cops.
Scottie, what's up, man?
Listen, I'm afraid
I got a criminal to report.
Kid stole a Tesla.
Listen, man. I didn't say
he was bright, okay?
- Sean!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Oh, my God! You made it.
- Hey! Yeah.
- You made it.
She's real and slightly violent
and I definitely love her.
- Oh my god, you made it!
- Yeah.
I almost had a seizure
when you sent me that text.
I mean, seriously,
you just took your dad's car?
Epitome of epicness, dude.
I guess.
Oh, you have
to tell me everything.
Let's go, and you can go on
with the crazy details.
All I have to do
is not mess this up.
Oh, hi.
Uh, can I get
the Santa Cruz Gumbo
with extra bacon please?
'Sure, but
it'll cost another buck.'
It's totally worth it.
And for you, sir?
Oh, um, does the Santa Cruz
Scramble have what in it?
It comes with toast.
'Oh, but the toaster is broken,
so. it'll just be bread.'
Uh, okay, cool, well,
I will have that
with no bread and OJ, please.
Anything else? No? Super!
What was that all about,
like, the whole gluten thing?
Uh, nothing,
it's just this crazy thing.
Okay, Mr. Mysterious.
Just can't eat meat and stuff.
You get like
a stomachache or something?
Honestly, it's to keep the alien
in my stomach from growing.
Uh, okay, but
I really do wanna know.
I'll tell you later.
I thought you said
you told me everything.
Well, if I tell you
all my secrets
then what are we
gonna talk about?
Plenty. Like I know
all about your diets.
I am vegan.
I no longer
know what's happening.
I'm just going to laugh a lot,
and hope I can figure it out.
What I mean is that my parents
are vegan, so I'm vegan at home.
But otherwise I eat what I want.
My grandma says it's my parents'
way of, like, dominating
over me because of
their, like, crippling fear
of parental inadequacy.
- Wait, what?
- It's complicated.
She has to like me, right?
I just wish
I was more interesting.
So, I told my friends about you.
I told my friends about you.
Oh, my God, they were so excited
when I told them
that you were coming up.
I mean, not excited as
I was, of course, because
that would be tough to be.
So, how long can
you hang out today?
All day,
we can go crazy and wild
and totally unsupervised.
We can even camp out
at the beach overnight.
What about your parents?
Mm, I don't care about them.
It's funny. He-he.
Hi, there.
Want something to chew?
I'm, I'm sorry. Um,
can I just say something?
Yeah, go for it.
I have never met
a girl like you before.
That's, that's sweet, Sean.
But, I mean,
I-i-it's obvious, right?
Like, I would've never have done
this for anyone else.
But the other girls
are sad though, right?
No. No, Chloe,
there are no other girls.
Like, honestly,
you are all I think about.
- Uh, check, check, please?
- Wait, what just happened?
Wait, did I say something?
Hey, hey, hey.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's just, you know.
Restaurants make me like fidgety
'cause it's so small.
Uh, so, we're good?
- Please say we're good.
- We're more than good.
We're great.
Let's go have
our amazing day, okay?
Okay! For a second,
I-I thought you didn't like me.
- I was just like..
- Of course, I like you.
Yeah, I like you too.
I mean..
When I say I like you
I like you as a friend,
and, like, a buddy.
- God, I'm an idiot.
- No, no, you're not an idiot.
It's, it's, I mean,
not that I wouldn't
date you under
totally different circumstances
but I haven't been honest.
Oh, it's just cool,
it's cool, you know.
Is it, is it the gluten thing?
No, why would it be
the gluten thing?
- So, boyfriend maybe like..
- No, no, it's not a boyfriend.
Are you into chicks?
It's okay. Lesbian?
No, I don't have a girlfriend.
Sean, can you just listen?
I really thought you might have
figured it out by now.
Figured it out?
We look so much alike.
Like... I could be your sister.
Yeah, except,
I don't have a sister, so.
That you know of.
Right. Because I'm adopted.
But we have the same birthday,
and we're the same age, so?
Do you, do you get it?
- Do you? God!
- I get what?
- Look at me.
- Yeah, um, no, I'm looking.
You are very beautiful.
This is so messed up.
Sean, the reason my parents
put me in therapy
is because they told me
I had a twin brother.
They gave him up
for adoption and kept me.
And my therapist said
that if it bothered me that much
I should go out and find him.
So, I did.
And now you're here
in a stolen car
not eating wheat,
and calling me beautiful?
She's insane.
Really good looking
and totally insane.
You're kidding, right?
I mean, this is funny?
- I wish it was.
- She's serious.
But I've been thinking
about her, when I..
Uh-oh, God.
Shit, shit!
I just got catfished,
by my sister.
- Sean!
- Go away!
Why wouldn't she just tell me?
What is wrong with her?
I'm a jerk.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, me too.
I'm sorry I ever came up here.
I knew by the time I was three.
I mean, I didn't know
because no one told me
but I knew.
I think there was always
something missing inside
'like, an emptiness,
and I had no idea why.'
So, I made up
an imaginary friend.
That literally
did everything with me.
Even made my parents set a place
for him at the dinner table.
So, Blue was the person
I would talk
to about everything,
like he could hear.
That was his name.
My parents were freaked out.'
They told me that
they worried because
Blue was a boy
and, I was so attached.
Sometimes, sometimes..
Sometimes I would even
call him my brother.
'Like, I had a total meltdown'
'when they put my friend
in Blue's seat one night'
and that's when they told me.
I mean, it wasn't a lot
but I found out more
'because I asked non-stop.'
I want you to know
that I hate them
for what they did to you.
They're messed up people.
And I'm not ever going
to forgive them ever.
Sorry I called you pretty.
It's okay.
I mean, I am kinda, huh?
I don't think I'm
allowed to think that.
Well, I think
you're pretty handsome..
How do you know?
I mean, like a 100 percent,
for certain..
That I'm your brother.
You look exactly like our dad.
That just
sounds strange to hear.
Do you wanna go
have our amazing day?
- Come on.
- Okay.
I guess I have a sister now.
And it doesn't seem
to phase her at all.
She just keeps
telling me stories
and showing me places like
I've known her my whole life.
It feels
pretty awesome actually.
And somehow
this just feels normal.
Maybe that's a twin thing.
Nice. Real nice. Thank you.
You know,
I mean, it's.. Here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
At least the gluten-free
cones are good.
I mean, if we weren't sure
that we were related
the ice cream
would prove it, so..
Yeah, pistachio is awesome.
Second only to like
macadamia nut
but I'm pretty sure
you can only get that in white.
Oh, look at you,
tropical vacation.
Show off much?
it's not really that fun.
It's a lot of just,
like, hiking around
and listening to my dad
talk about plant life.
Well, you,
you've gotta surf there.
- I mean, do you?
- Oh, I surf.
- Ha ha. Do I surf there?
- Okay, good.
I mean, come on, I'm gonna
go to Hawaii and not surf?
No, the waves are awesome.
They're, like, just perfect
and blue and gorgeous,
it's amazing.
I wanna go to Hawaii so bad.
North Shore! I think I'd die
of happiness if I went there.
- You would die?
- I-I would, I would die.
You wanna go that bad?
It's like item number two
on my bucket list.
Surf North Shore.
Wait, no, meet you.
- Surf North Shore.
- Oh, thank you.
I appreciate that I'm ahead
of the "Surf North Shore."
Yeah, so, that's
it, my list would be done.
My family goes every September.
You should come with us.
'Cause you can surf
with me at North Shore.
- Yeah, that, that would be Ra..
- Really, really rad.
You know what else'd
be really rad?
If I got a new shirt.
This one's getting really sticky
and I don't have any others.
- What about this one?
- No.
Why not?
- Yeah, it's cool.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Get it.
- What do you think?
- That looks really pricey.
Ah, whatever.
My parents owe me.
There's a second one here,
do you want it?
Unm-unm, I'm okay.
We'll be twins. Do the whole
dressin' up the same thing.
I just don't want
you to get in trouble
for all the money
you're spending.
Ah, my parents
spend on bottles of wine
more expensive than this.
We're good.
Oh, I shouldn't
be surprised, right?
With the car you rolled up in.
- Our second car's a Volvo.
- And the third car?
We don't have
a third car, thanks.
Oh, um, I'm sorry, I mean, I'm
pretty sure you'll get one soon.
Are you mad at me or something?
No! You know, I just, I-I think
the Crawfords sounds super rad.
Like... they're all crazy,
cool government scientists.
They take you on rad vacations.
They drive really cool cars.
You even have
your own credit card. Ugh!
Yeah, but it's not like I go on
shopping sprees all the time.
Well, you know,
maybe you should.
Well, then, they
would me mad at me, yeah.
Just like they get mad at me
for surfing or school
or whatever other excuse
they make up
just to be mad at me over.
They sound as bad as mine.
You know, except more cash.
That doesn't change anything.
They still want me
to be this perfect kid
like, all the time,
which I can't be, even if I..
If I wanted to be.
Sean, they're better than mine.
Mine are like dictators,
constantly telling me
what to eat,
what to wear, what to think!
You know, I cannot wait
until I turn 18
because I would rather be
home alone with a credit card
than eat another
stupid tasteless
piece of tofu in my life.
Yeah, 'cause being abandoned
by your parents feels great.
I'm getting these.
It would be so much
easier to just go home
and forget this ever happened.
But, I can't
leave her like this.
Are you mad at me?
No, I'm mad at your parents.
Our parents.
Yeah, those people.
Look, I get it.
I'm mad at them
almost every day.
They're so self-righteous
about everything.
Especially food.
I don't get how they
can go off judging someone
after what they did to us.
What they did to you.
Why do you think
they gave me up?
Is it ever gonna
feel simple, though?
No, I guess not.
You sound surprised
that your teenage boy
likes videogames
more than a piano.
I just, I just have not been
able to get out of
panic mode with him.
You know, with everything
that happened at the hospital.
- Well, he's okay now.
- Yeah.
- And that's all because of you.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, that was the plan, right?
But I think that
we should text him
and just let him know where
the spare key is so that
we can let him surf,
'cause I shoulda let him go
with his friends and I didn't,
and... now he hates me.
Excuse me, one second.
Yes, this is Robert Crawford.
Ah, yes, sir.
Thank you, officer.
What was that?
That was the police.
The Tesla was
spotted up in Big Sur.
Well, that can't be right,
I mean.. Right?
Unfortunately, it is.
Robert, don't show that to me.
Unless you're
absolutely certain.
The police department
gave a perfect description
of the boy driving the car.
It's Sean.
He wouldn't do that. He doesn't
even have a driver's permit.
I mean, clearly,
he's managed well enough.
The car is there.
Well, you know, I think that
if we just call the police
and let them know where he is,
and what location he's at
then we can pick him up tonight.
- I'm gonna call him.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I don't want him
to hear the worry in your voice.
- I'll call him.
- What are you gonna say?
I'm, well, we-we'll pretend
that we don't know that
he's left the house,
and then we'll go up
and we'll get him.
Is that okay?
If he's up there, that's okay.
- Hey, dad.
- Uh, listen.
Your-your mother and I,
we, uh, we feel bad
about what happened yesterday.
No, I-I mean, it's okay.
We, we'd like
to make it up to you.
Look there's a,
there's a little compartment
in the Tesla just
next to the steering wheel
on the left hand side,
there's a, there's a spare key
to the storage unit there.
- And mom was okay with this?
- 'No, no, it was her idea.'
Ah, your, your mother
sends her love.
Okay. Uh, tell her,
I love her back.
Bye, son.
He's definitely with the car.
I'm just... wondering
what he's gonna eat.
Yeah, well, we got
bigger problems than that.
Totally guilty
and totally clueless.
- Weird.
- Does he know?
I think they're drunk.
Let's go surf.
- What are you thinking?
- Ah, just stuff.
Oh, my God! Come on.
We haven't established
the mind meld yet, so..
You're gonna have to share.
I was just thinkin' that
it's crazy that I can
even be up here.
I know, it's nuts.
- It's a long drive.
- No.
No, I mean..
I used to be super sick
when I was little.
I was in pain all the time.
I wouldn't be able
to do any of this.
Not drive or surf or..
Really walk very far.
Oh, wow.
- Well, but you're fine now.
- Yeah.
Yeah, pretty much.
I mean, that's why
I can't eat gluten, but..
Well, I'm just
glad you're better.
It's not your fault.
Just a little tired.
You wanna take these back then?
For sure, bruh.
Look at him catch that one.
Hmm. Amateur.
- What?
- I need a shower.
Wait for it, wait for it.
No. I'll shower at my house.
Okay, well,
do you wanna go there
and then come back
and meet me here?
Or, you can come with.
I mean, were you
planning on being homeless?
Uh, I just hadn't
really thought about it.
I was gonna drive back
at some point.
Okay, so, here's the plan.
You come to my house,
you take a shower
we grab dinner, and can
figure out whatever later.
Isn't that a little weird?
Kind of, but they're
not home, remember?
And I know you're curious.
Yeah, a little bit.
Great, you can finally see
where the vile vegans live.
I mean, we'll be gone
before they get home.
- You promise?
- Swear.
Now, where's that
fancy car of yours?
And this is officially
the worst idea I've ever had.
Yeah, definitely
don't want to be here.
Sorry, we're, we were
just, uh, cleaning here.
Couldn't tell.
- Can I take a shower?
- Yeah, but there's only..
There's only one bathroom.
So, you're gonna have to wait.
Be out here,
waiting impatiently.
Oh, and don't worry
about breaking anything.
No one will notice.
This is where
my real parents live.
They're messy.
But, it's laidback in here.
Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out to the crowd
buy me some..
My mom would never
leave a table like this.
This is their room.
It's tiny.
Are-are they poor?
Uh, I guess that's what
Chloe was talking about.
I think they're Buddhists.
Oh, good.
They wear normal clothes.
What's this book about?
Um, never mind.
Those people are naked.
Oh, God! I need out.
- Your turn.
- Oh, um, I.. I think I'm good.
The house isn't gonna eat you.
Yeah, yeah, no, I'd just
rather keep it short.
Well, you can't leave
before I show you the forest.
- The whole forest?
- Uh, just a quick tour.
I promise.
So many promises,
so little leaving.
Quiet life
brace through the leaves
Twisted and muted
Comfortable but sad
Feelin' of the step
'Oh, my God!'
Are you okay?
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.
- They're everywhere.
Rock jumped out of nowhere.
Why does she keep stalling?
We should go back
to the house. Come on.
She looks upset..
Which means
she wants me to stay.
Maybe I'll just say,
I'm going to the bathroom
and I'll drive away, instead.
Yeah, good plan.
Are we gonna take off soon?
Figured you weren't gonna
be impressed with this place.
That's not what I meant.
I guess, I wanted
to show you that
you're weren't
missing out on much.
It's not so bad.
I mean, we can go if you want.
What's this?
A few years back.
From our granddad.
Sorry, that sucks.
She would've liked you.
- Did she ever talk about me?
- Uh, once.
Um, she said something to mom
and there was a lot
of crying and yelling.
I guess that
went over well, then.
It was a lot of drama.
Guess that's why
no one talks to us.
You mean, like other family?
Yeah, just,
we're kind of alone up here
like dad's parents died
a while ago
and mom's parents are
kinda hard to be around, so..
There's not anyone to talk to.
And what about your parents?
They can be cool, like,
most mornings we go surfing
before school and..
Do you actually
make it to school on time?
Not usually. Mom thinks
schedules are for fascists, so.
I bet that's awesome.
You know,
it's not so bad, actually.
Yeah, it's... decent.
Uh, like..
We leave a spot for you
at the dinner table.
I mean, we don't call it that
but... that's your spot.
I think I just need to
commit to the terrible decisions
I'm making today.
Go all in.
It may be my last chance before
my other parents kill me anyway.
What if I met them?
- Like, in the future?
- No, like-like tonight.
When they came back.
Your thing is broken.
'What, the
phone or the tracker?'
No, I'm not getting
an exact location.
- Let me see it.
- Well, there's nothing to fix.
Well, we're gonna be there
in a couple of hours.
Well, it's gonna be dark
by the time we get there.
We're gonna have to
look for him in the morning.
At least we know he's there.
- Oh, my God!
- What? What?
- 'I hate her already.'
- What's her name?
Chloe Morgan.
Robert, he's in love.
Or, something.
Well, let's just say
it's love for my sake, okay?
Sweetheart, love, that's just a,
it's a strong word.
You worried your little
boy's growing up?
Oh, God.
Why did I think
this would be a good idea?
She made me do it, I..
Want some?
Oh, no, I-I don't
like wine.
It grows on you, trust me.
Well, thank you, for doing this.
Yeah, don't thank me yet.
Oh, God. My parents.
My real parents.
Chloe! Is your friend here?
They're here, and
they look totally boring.
Maybe if I pass out,
I can back out of this.
Yeah, Chlo,
what's up with that car?
- Chloe?
- Sorry.
Oh. There's, uh,
there's a thing here so..
We're just gonna go, uh, put our
junk down and be right back.
My God! They think
you're my boyfriend.
Maybe this is a bad idea.
Well, we're in it now.
So, you wanna pretend?
No, no, let's not pretend.
Let's just, let's..
You tell them.
Just give me a signal.
- The car, it's there.
- Yeah.
Hi, I'm Paula Lorelei Morgan,
nice to meet you.
- Hey.
- Hello, Mrs. Morgan.
- Honey...
- Henry. And you are?
- Uh, this is, uh...
- Sean.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Awesome to meet you, Sean.
You two go to school together?
Um, why don't we sit down,
um, uh..
- I'm a little queasy.
- Yeah.
Queasy? Oh, you feel sick?
You nervous, honey?
- That's great, that's great.
- No idea.
I think you... just look
so radiant when you're nervous.
Radiant! She's rad..
She looks radiant.
So, uh, how did you two hook up?
Um, we met on a, um,
surf, online surf thing
where you post photos
of the best spots.
'Okay. Yeah, so you're local?'
- Yes.
- No!
I mean, normally
he doesn't live here.
His parents have
a vacation house up here.
And they come up,
so, we decided to hang out.
But you guys are more than,
you're-you're dating?
Um, sort of. Not really.
'Uh, how do you
feel about it, Sean?'
Uh, it's pretty casual, because,
you know, we live so far apart.
Uh, and, uh, how long have
you two been, um, casually...
Uh, we, it's only been
like Facetime and text.
Don't make it sound criminal.
- 'I'm just doin' my job.'
- And, um..
How old did you
say you were, Sean?
- Fif.. Um, 17.
- Oh, not 18?
No, no, no, I-I barely
look my age anyway.
- And the car?
- My dad's.
And where did you
say you're from, Sean?
Isn't, um..
Isn't Sean handsome, mom?
Kinda reminds me
a little of dad.
Dad? I don't know about that.
Hmm.. Okay, maybe,
if you squint one eye.
Oh, maybe no.
Well, there's a name
for that, isn't it?
- Ah, Freudian.
- Freudian, yes!
Sean is my Freudian brot..
- Okay, Chloe.
- Wait, what?
It's when you're attracted
to your dad or your brother.
- Ah, Chloe, aah, okay.
- 'She does that sometimes.'
- Got it.
- 'Do what?'
I'm delightful. Oh, and you
haven't heard the best part yet.
Umm, lay it on me.
Sean is adopted!
- Chloe?
- Yeah.
'What are you doing, Chloe?'
Well, how do you feel
about adoption, dad?
- That's just fine.
- Just fine.
What about you, do you
think adoption is just fine?
You do not have to answer that.
'Chloe, that is
extremely rude of you'
'to put Sean in a spot
like that. That's very unfair.'
Oh, you know, mom,
I totally agree with you
on the whole fairness thing,
but Sean's life
is a little short on that.
- Wouldn't you say?
- I guess.
And I was telling him that,
I used to have a brother
that was given up for adoption
and he'd probably
look a lot like him.
How's that for Freudian?
Okay, that's,
that's quite enough, Chloe.
Sean, I apologize.
'We should really get back
to something else.'
How about this lovely meal
you've prepared for us, Chloe?
But he came all
the way to hear why?
'To hear what?'
Why you gave him up
for adoption?
- I think I should go.
- What you talkin' about, Chloe?
You want me to
go with you, Sean?
No one is going anywhere.
'Sean, honey, um... this isn't..'
This isn't a joke for us.
You understand, so..
'Is there something
you'd like to say?'
So, what do you
say to your real mom
when you kind of hate her
but also kind of
want her to love you?
I'm your son.
I think that's our son there.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Sean.
Don't, like, hug him to death.
Aah, my little boy.
- I'm the one who found him.
- Mm-hmm.
I know that, Chloe.
Can we just, can we just
get back to the food, please?
Thank you.
You're just so handsome.
Like dad!
I guess I see it now.
My little mini me.
Don't say it like that,
that's weird.
It's true.
I mean, I, I don't
really see it.
You told me I look like him,
but I don't...
'He looks like granddad.'
It is true.
I just..
I don't understand
how you're here.
'Ah, why don't we talk
about how this all came about?'
Chloe found me on Facebook.
But, Chloe baby,
how did you know his name?
I don't know, I just
spent a lot of time looking.
So, Dr. Grayson didn't
have anything to do with this?
All she said was that
the parents that adopted him
lived in San Clemente.
- Crap, Chloe!
- 'What?'
She didn't think
I'd actually find him.
And so what? I could look
by birthday on Facebook.
She knew that I was gonna spend
my entire life looking for him.
She wanted me to heal
which is apparently
not what you want.
That is not the case,
we want that.
But this, this doesn't
make any sense.
How do you know that.. How
do you know that Sean is Sean?
I'm not nuts! I told
Dr. Grayson his parent's name.
That still doesn't
explain the Tesla.
Oh, do you wanna tell them?
I mean, you got
one set of parents mad
might as well make two.
Whoa, whoa.
What is, what is happening?
Is everything alright, Sean?
Yeah, just..
I kind of borrowed
my dad's car to get here.
Okay, and he knows
about it, right?
Look, I'm sorry, I just
needed to get out of there.
I know this is weird.
I can leave after dinner,
um, just fine.
You-you should
crash here tonight.
And we'd both feel a lot better
if you let your
parents know you're safe.
I mean, do they, do they
even know you're up here?
They don't even know
I have a sister.
Right. Right, well..
Maybe just for now, don't
um, don't mention that part.
It might upset them.
- What about me?
- You have had a glass.
That is your limit.
- Sean hasn't had a glass.
- Stop.
Sean's parents may
have different views
about this type of thing.
Actually, you're his parents.
It's okay,
I-I don't drink wine.
Yeah, I mean,
I didn't even realize
that I have a sister
until today.
Chloe does stuff like this,
and I get it.
I-it's our fault.
'She's really upset at us
for letting you go.'
Will you tell me why?
- Of course.
- Yeah.
This is it.
This is where they tell me
why they hate me.
So I'm 34
and your father is 35.
Which means we were 19 and 20
when I got pregnant.
We were here in Santa Cruz
about to start our
second year in college and..
We weren't prepared
for a lot of things.
Your grandparents were all very
conservative and our friends
they said we shouldn't,
but we wanted to keep you.
Keep me?
Our friends were telling us
to get an abortion
but... that's not who we are.
So, we..
Went out and bought a crib
and baby clothes,
and little shoes
and we were so excited.
We were so excited
that you were coming.
But, that was before we knew
that you were twins.
So, at a certain point Chloe
was growing faster than you
and sort of crowding you out.
You weren't developing properly.
So, we decided
to have a procedure
where you were both born early
and... the doctors didn't
think you were gonna live.
So, um..
I remember you were so tiny.
Not even two pounds.
I remember the doctors
putting you in this glass box
with tubes coming out
everywhere. And, um..
Uh, tsk, then they..
Started tellin' us
about all these
surgeries that you'd need
and about how you'd be on pills
for the rest of your life.
How your gut didn't develop.
They didn't know if anything
would be able fix it.
Sean, we wanted nothing more..
Than to help you.
And all that stuff
you would need
was way more than
we could afford.
Uh, then a social worker came in
and said that
there are these couples.
They could take a preemie.
They had money and time.
We knew right away that that was
the best option for you.
I was so scared that
we were gonna ruin your life
or, or that you'd die
because we couldn't..
You know, get you
the treatment that you needed.
So, we looked at some couples
and picked a pair of scientists.
And that, they were older
and really wanted kids
and they could give you
the treatment you needed.
Plus, I always thought
that maybe some day
they could find a way
to make you better.
You have no idea
what it means to me, to Paula..
To see you healthy.
Tss, looking awesome.
You are a miracle.
But you guys wanted to keep me.
Feel like
I'm walking on a tightrope
Far too long
with nothing under my feet
Would you hold me up
so I can let go
Count to one two three
and then catch me
Ho ho ho
I see the face that
I can't resist
So don't worry
I wonder what my friends
are doing right now.
I bet it's less weird than this.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you doing?
That was kind of
an avalanche, huh?
Yeah, you can say that again.
You know, but it, it was good.
I, uh, I wanted to meet them.
I'm sorry for what I said
about our parents.
They're not actually that bad.
No worries.
Do you like them?
Yeah, they're-they're cool.
They are.
But, they were kind of
on their best behavior tonight.
They're usually
a pain in my ass.
Well, I mean, I think
most parents can be
a pain in the ass.
I know my parents
certainly can be.
I hate it when you say that.
Your parents are my parents.
Those people are, I don't know..
Yeah, but..
Chloe, those people
were all I knew.
They took care of me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
No, not really.
This is all my fault.
Actually, all this is my fault.
I mean, I-I don't really
see how that's possible.
They didn't tell you?
Tell me what?
The reason you're sick.
I mean, the reason I was sick
was 'cause
I didn't develop properly.
I mean, that-that sort of stuff
just happens with twins.
Yeah, but..
That was me.
I was this giant, evil baby
crushing you..
Not letting you grow.
They barely saved your life.
Chloe, I don't think
you did it on purpose.
You weren't an evil baby.
If I hadn't..
None of this would've happened..
We would've been
a normal family.
I don't know about normal.
You'd be happy.
You know, we can't undo it.
'You could live with us.'
'We could share a room
and, we could surf.'
Move up here.
Is it-is it even doable? I..
Sure it is, I mean..
I could tell that
they love you and..
I love you.
You're my own brother.
I love you too, sis.
Oh, my God, okay, uh..
You're the best.
You know that, right?
I can't wait till
you're up here for good.
Wait. How did she interpret
that as a yes?
'Drives eight hours
and sleeps in a parking lot.'
'I'm not assuming anything.'
Where're his parents?
Probably out looking for him.
Well, clearly not hard enough.
'I'm just saying
it's a crap situation.'
'I mean, we should call CPS.'
- 'For Sean's sake.'
- 'That's ridiculous.'
'They've obviously
put a lot of time and money'
'into making him better.'
'Doesn't sound like
bad parenting to me.'
'Yeah, well, just
because you're rich'
'doesn't mean
you're good people.'
How do I rewind?
I just wanna go home.
Robert, it's him.
He says
he's gonna see us tomorrow.
And he hopes that
we're having fun.
Is he on drugs?
We're gonna find him.
We're gonna find him.
- 'Thank you.'
- 'Mm-hmm.'
Vegan pancakes, can't fake that.
Not hungry?
I'm starving because
they may be weed pancakes.
I'm tired,
because I didn't sleep
and I have no idea
how I'm gonna get home
before my parents.
Oh, yeah,
and I still need to leave
without having Chloe go nuts.
Ah, not really.
Maybe it's the drive home?
Maybe it's the shitty breakfast.
Thank you.
Are you sure
you're alright to drive down?
Yeah. I'm good.
Well, Henry and I
can drive down with you
and one of us can fly back.
Um, so, taking the one down
is a good plan.
And, uh, it's,
it's that one there.
Well, we'll stock you up
with a lots of munchies...
Or one of us can just go
with you, it's no problem.
Really, it's okay.
I mean, everything.
I don't want you to have to
run into my other parents.
- 'It would be weird.'
- Um..
Look, it's-it's fine, Sean.
If-if you're scared
to go home..
Clearly, this is a,
this is a big deal.
I mean, are you..
Are you afraid
of what your dad's gonna do
when you get home?
Well, yeah. I mean, if he
finds out, he's gonna flip.
'So will my mom, but..'
Okay. Um..
Sean, honey..
- Does your dad beat you?
- What?
It's okay to talk to us,
we're safe.
Whatever, whatever
he said to you..
We can take care of you.
We can take care of you.
'You can tell us,
we are safe for you.'
I mean, he, he pushed me once...
- I-I told you.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, you-you are more than
welcome to stay here
for as long as you want,
we are..
- 'Totally.'
- We're so happy to do that.
They're never gonna
let me leave now.
I'm gonna have to be vegan.
I can't do this.
We can take care of you.
We'll figure something out,
for as long as you need.
I'll grab it.
Okay, thank you.
Is that your mother again?
- Hi.
- Chloe, good morning.
Is Sean here?
Uh, how do you know my name?
Figures. Uh, Sean?
I think that's his parents.
- Oh, uh..
- Are you okay?
I never thought I'd say this,
but thank God
that Val Moreth is here.
I just have to get out of here
before anyone finds out
the truth.
And we'll be okay.
- I'm okay, I'm okay.
- What's going on?
- What're you doing here?
- Excuse me.
- No, I haven't.
- What did you eat?
Did you check the ingredients?
Who is this?
- The da.. Wait, the other dad.
- It's him.
Sean, Sean..
Are they stressing you out?
- Um..
- Excuse me?
- 'Hi, excuse me, yeah.'
- We should go.
Okay, well, you two listen,
we all know
happy boys
don't run away from home.
I-I don't know
who you people are
but that's a steep assumption.
Let's go, Sean.
Okay, uh, uh he's only gonna
go if he wants to go.
And that's exactly
what he just said.
It's not like
you gave him any option.
You don't have
the right to tell me
what happens to my son.
Uh, okay, he's my son too.
- On what planet?
- Planet Earth.
- We are his birth parents.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
- I need a drink.
I'm so sorry, I lied to Sean
to get him up here.
Look, I don't care
why he's here.
Is-is-is that true?
I mean, are, are you
related to these people?
I didn't know it
on the drive up.
I-I didn't-I didn't even know
that Chloe
was my twin sister, but yes.
Like I said, totally my fault.
You have a twin? You have
a twin, did you know that..
I-I did not know that.
Well, things didn't
really go as planned.
- I, I didn't know.
- What're you saying?
Sean, what're you saying?
He's saying he wants to stay.
No, I-I did not say that.
You said that,
and-and Paula said that.
I never said that.
She's not Paula.
She's your mom.
We-we talked about this
last night, Sean.
- Are you guys smoking pot?
- Excuse me?
Yeah, 'cause it smells of pot.
We love him,
and we want him to stay.
He shouldn't have left
in the first place.
Chloe, enough.
You're not helping.
No, shut up, mom.
You're not helping.
All of you don't care
what me and Sean want.
We want to be together.
I just really wanna hear it
from you, little fish.
Do you wanna stay?
Is that why you came?
It's complicated, mom, I mean..
Everything changed this weekend.
Mom? Mom?
Just lay down here.
Did you know
anything about this?
Put your legs up.
Do you need something?
Another kick in the gut,
that's what I need.
Uh, okay. I have, uh,
St. John's wort to calm her
or chamomile..
Hey, do you guys want some pot
or something?
You know what,
that doesn't surprise me.
Whatever, dad.
I found your joint in the car.
What? Did you smoke it?
I can't find it, I don't, I'm...
Can-can I get some water,
- 'Yeah, Chloe, please.'
- Thank you.
- That was unbelievable.
- 'Or the chamomile.'
No kidding, man. No kidding.
- 'Mom, where are the cups?'
- 'The cup, it's where..'
'Top shelf.'
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know this was gonna
end up like this.
No, I am being hysterical.
I apologize.
- It's not even funny, mom.
- Did you put him up to this?
No, I didn't ask him
to steal the car
but when he had it,
I was all, "Why not?"
Maybe because
it's completely irrational.
Look, I knew that
you were never gonna
let us see each other.
It was worth the risk.
'God, why would you think that?'
Because you keep him in a cage.
You both do.
You never let him do
anything fun, ever.
- Chloe...
- Okay, okay. Take it easy.
I'm getting parenting lessons
from a couple of hippies
and their daughter.
'Uh, maybe you should be
thanking us'
for taking care of Sean
instead of getting aggressive.
Listen, I'm happy
that my son is alive and well
but that's right about
where my gratitude ends.
Maybe, uh, the kids
should go outside
for a minute, so that
we can talk, the adults.
- The kids need to stay.
- 'The kids need to stay.'
I would prefer if they were here
because maybe some of us
would act a little more civil.
That's right, keep an eye on me
because I might use some words
you're not familiar with.
- Ooh.
- 'Wow, wow.'
I just don't think that
right now is the time to be
unpacking all of this.
I mean, it's no mystery
that Sean's in crisis.
Oh, are you saying
that you can read his mind?
Well, please tell me,
because I would love to know
what we've done
that is so atrocious.
You're suffocating him.
Did he actually
tell you that or..
It's clear as day, lady.
Uh, no, I'm Lisa,
and this is Robert.
And from what I can tell,
there is no parenting going on
in this household whatsoever.
For Paula and Henry
we respect
Chloe's ideas and needs.
And the two of you
don't even know
that Sean is confused
about his future.
Well, of course, he's confused,
his frontal lobe
isn't even developed
fully to process
the consequences of his actions
which is why we need to keep him
on track
despite those limitations.
There are those big words
you were talking about.
So, you're saying Sean doesn't
know what's best for him?
No teenager knows
what's best for them
and th-tha-tha-that's why
parents are here
so that we can prevent you from
making irreversible mistakes.
Oh, you mean
an irreversible mistake
that gave you both a son?
You guys were the ones
that were talking about
having an abortion.
- Okay, that was never the plan.
- I'm sorry!
What did you tell him, that you
were thinking of aborting him?
Jesus Christ! What..
They were just trying to explain
to me why they gave me up.
Well, maybe
they shouldn't have told you
that they were thinking
about killing you.
They might not have been planned
but we never ever thought
about abortion.
Well, then why bring it up?
It's your lucky day, Sean.
We didn't kill you,
we just, mm..
Abandoned you
and kept your sister.
You've no idea
what you're talking about.
That's not how it happened.
Please stop, just go.
Let me just go back, okay?
Hey, you're right.
You should just go.
Sean can decide for himself.
Yeah, except
the adults make the decisions
in my house, okay?
And if you try to stop me
I will call my attorney first
and then the police.
Oh, no, we are going
to call the police on you.
You manipulative asshole,
you push Sean around
and now you're gonna
try the same shit with us...
Excuse me, have you stopped
for a second to think
that, you know, considering
the-the-the medical attention
the private schools,
me giving him
basically everything
he's ever wanted.
The one thing that he can't get
out of his head is the fact
that the two people who were
supposed to love him the most
abandoned him.
- Get back in your Tesla.
- That is not fair.
- And get out of house.
- That is fair.
You don't deserve Sean,
neither one of you.
- Get out!
- Any time now.
You little bitch!
You think that you can just
do whatever you want
because, what, you didn't learn
how to be a grown up?
Okay, you know what,
do not talk to her like that.
You have no idea
what it was like losing Sean.
And what was it like,
losing Sean, exactly?
Did you just happen to trip
and accidently put him up
for adoption.
I mean, the delusion in this
household is just monumental.
Guys, calm down, you guys
are acting too crazy!
Chloe, this is your fault,
you brought him here.
We all know why
teenage boys make
these kinds of trips,
don't we, Rob?
Stop acting
like you can't hear him!
Don't interrupt, Chloe!
You-you just interrupted her!
Alright, will you just listen?
- Little fish..
- No, don't call me little!
Alright? I'm not little!
You j-j-jus-just need to listen
to each other for a sec
instead of screaming and yelling
and saying these awful things!
We are listening,
they're the ones saying
terrible things, Sean.
- There. Tha-that. Right there.
- 'What?'
- Is what I'm talking about.
- 'What?'
You are just
embarrassing yourself. Stop!
You're right, I am embarrassed
that my daughter lies to me,
and then she lured you up here
promising I don't know what.
And then she hates us for doing
what we thought
was best for you.
And you know what, we did..
We did what we thought
we had to do
because we didn't think
there was
any other way to help you.
But you're okay now, right.
- It's just, he's okay.
- You're right.
- I am okay.
- Right?
Okay, I'm okay
because of my parents.
My real parents.
'They have loved me'
and taken care of me.
They've been great parents.
They have been my parents,
because you..
Because you were too young
an-an-and too poor
and too whatever
to take care of me.
Okay, and that's okay, I get it.
I forgive you.
You know what, I-I-I'm glad
this whole thing worked out
the way I did
because I'm okay..
And I wasn't before.
God, is life perfect now?
For everybody, it's okay.
Really, because I am okay.
And honestly, if I would have to
do this whole thing over again
I would do it
the exact same way.
This time I would choose
to have Chloe in my life.
Because she didn't,
she didn't choose any of this
just like me.
Look... taking the car
and running away was stupid.
It was a dumb idea.
Really, it was.
But it was for the better..
Because I know her now.
And I didn't fu..
I'm-I'm gonna keep
talkin' to her.
Okay, and I want to be able
to keep seeing her
and honestly, I don't care what
you guys have to say about that
or you guys...
because all of you
have been making decisions
for us for too long.
Stupid decisions, bad decisions.
And I'm done.
I want this decision.
I want my sister.
If that's what you want,
Sean, then..
We are-are fine with that.
Us too.
- Hmm.
- Thank you, guys.
Thank you for telling me.
I wanted to know.
And it's okay. I-I forgive you.
I just want us to be okay.
We're just..
We're so glad
we got to meet you finally.
- And, umm..
- Yeah.
Well, maybe you'll-you'll wanna
get to know us a little better.
Yeah, man.
Our door is always open.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I'm sorry
I put you through this, mom.
I'm sorry
I put you through this.
But thank you for coming, okay.
Thank you both for coming.
We're just glad to see you, son.
Can we just go home, please?
No, no, wa-wai-wait, wait.
Not until everyone apologizes.
Chloe, that's fine.
No. No, it's not fine.
We are family now,
and I'm not gonna let
some stupid fight change that.
I am sorry for my words.
Thank you.
I should have thanked you
for healing him.
Thank you.
- Uh, okay.
- Umm..
Thank you.
For what?
Not hating me.
That'd be kinda impossible.
I don't know.
I caused a lot of drama,
didn't I?
Yeah, you did.
It was worth it.
Do you really have to go?
Hold on.
- Hey, mom?
- Yeah.
Is there any chance that maybe
Chloe could come with us
to Hawaii this year?
Well, if her parents agree..
Hmm, we'd have to pay her way.
Umm, I think we can do that,
See? Now, we can surf
the North Shore together.
- Oh.
- Hmm.
I think I'm gonna like
having you as a brother.
I'll see ya.
So, I take it
I'm grounded forever?
Well, apparently
that doesn't work anymore.
You okay?
Not entirely,
but that's my own fault.
Um, I don't understand.
I thought that
I could show you how to be..
But that's not fair, is it?
You've got to find your own way.
'I'm sorry that I treated you
like a little boy.'
'You know...'
your hippy-dippy birth parents
they actually have a point.
You should have a choice
in what you do with your time.
But don't get too excited,
we're not gonna go
'full blown-out Chloe here'
but, but I feel like we can
adjust your schedule.
Does that mean I can skip piano?
We could..
Take out the things
that you don't enjoy.
Except the shelter.
We're gonna have to sub
in other things
'but you can choose those two.'
So, can I have some free time..
To waste?
As long as you don't ditch,
to surf.
Thanks, mom.
You're the best.
I'm never
admitting this out loud
but it's good
to be wrong sometimes.
I was wrong about Chloe.
She's a tsunami, inside
a tornado, inside a hurricane..
But I love her anyway.
And I'm glad
she pulled me into her chaos.
I guess life is pretty good.
I'm just happy
I survived this weekend.
And mostly that my friends
weren't around to see it.
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Turn around and see
The other half of me
Take my hand and run
Out the door we go
Destination unknown
I will follow you
I will follow you
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Whoa oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
When the chaos of life
Pass now unite
Walking hand in hand
There and back we quote
That I'll see you one more
I will follow you
I will follow you
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
I could see that
You love me
And I love you
Yeah we do
I will follow you
The sun is rising
The ocean is shining
But all I see is you
I will follow you
All I see is you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
I will follow you
Oh oh oh
Take my hand and run
I will follow you
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
I will follow you
I will follow you
I will follow you
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Anywhere you go
Take my hand and run
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go
I will follow you
Anywhere you go
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh