Disgrace (2008) Movie Script

I haven't heard
from my daughter.
Still living with a woman?
Yes, still a lesbian.
Still on the farm.
She thinks it's safe there.
Nowhere's safe.
Too many people with nothing to do
but cause trouble.
How's work?
They look through me
when I speak, forget my name.
There's no respect anymore.
Have you missed me?
I miss you all the time.
I'm curious.
How do you manage this life?
Is there a husband?
You better go now.
I forgot to tell you, my mother's ill.
I have to take care of her,
so I won't be here next week.
Will I see you the Thursday after?
I'm not sure.
Why don't you ring the agency?
Give me your number.
I'll ring you direct.
No. Ring the agency.
"That had usurped upon a living
thought that never more could be."
Why did Wordsworth use
the unusual verb form 'usurp upon'?
Because 'usurp upon' means
to intrude or encroach upon.
"The clouds cleared, the peak was
unveiled, and we grieved to see it."
Why 'grieve'?
My lunch is wet. Wait.
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Melanie, isn't it?
My favourite season and time of day.
Do you live around here?
Across the line. I share a flat.
I live nearby.
May I invite you for a drink?
But I have to be back by 7:30.
What is the reason for taking
a course in Romantic poetry?
It's mainly for the atmosphere.
Are you enjoying the course?
I'm not that crazy about Wordsworth.
Wordsworth has been
one of my masters.
Maybe he'll grow on me.
But in my experience, poetry speaks
to you at first sight or not at all.
Like falling in love.
What are your career plans?
Stagecraft and design.
I'm doing a diploma in theatre.
- I see.
- Yeah.
You've got a lot of books on Byron.
Didn't he die young?
They all die young
or dry up or... go mad.
I must go.
Stay longer.
Because you ought to.
- Why ought I?
- Why?
Because a woman's beauty
does not belong to her alone,
it's part of the bounty
she brings into the world.
She has a duty to share it.
What if I already share it?
Then you should share it more widely.
I must leave.
Shall I walk you home?
Very well. Goodbye.
May I speak to Melanie, please?
Just a minute.
Is something the matter?
Are you worried about the two of us?
No need.
I won't let it go too far.
I'll give you a ride home.
I missed you yesterday in class.
Are you alright?
Did you get my carnations?
Is there something wrong?
Please, tell me.
Aren't you going to invite me in?
I think my flatmate is home.
What about this evening?
I've got rehearsals.
Then when do I see you again?
Could you do my hair
like Oprah's?
Ooh! We don't want much now,
do we, dearie?
Well, I'll go and make
some magic chemicals...
But meanwhile, can I get you ladies
some coffee?
I'll have mine white, please.
I'll have mine black, please.
Well, that's easy to remember!
I've come for the job you've advertised.
So? What are you waiting for?
There's the broom.
Make yourself useful!
No! No! Everything
has to happen much quicker!
A la Marx Brothers!
Ryan, is this gadget going to work?
I want a loud bang and sparks.
Are the others going to work?
There's only one lamp blinking.
Melanie, don't pre-empt. I want
to see shock in your body language.
You 're coming across
like a limp fish.
Not now, my cousin will be back!
So you 're the professor, huh?
Melanie's told me about you.
Indeed. What has she told you?
- That you fuck her.
- That's enough.
What do you want?
Don't tell me that's enough!
You can't do what you want
when it suits you!
It's time for you to leave.
Goodbye, Professor Chips.
Just you wait and see.
As we saw last week,
notoriety and scandal affected
not only Byron's life
but also the way his poems
were received by the public.
"At times resign his own
for others' good
"But not in pity
"Not because he ought
"But in some strange perversity
of thought
"That swayed him onward
with a secret pride
"To do what a few
or none would do beside
"And this same impulse would
in tempting time
"Mislead his spirit
equally to crime."
What kind of creature is this Lucifer?
He does what he feels like.
Doesn't care if it's good or bad,
he just does it.
Good or bad, he just does it.
He doesn't act on principles
but on impulse,
and the source of his impulses
is dark to him.
Read a few lines further.
"His madness was not of the head
but heart..."
A mad heart.
What is a mad heart?
Never mind.
Note that we are not asked to condemn
this being with a mad heart.
On the contrary,
we are invited to sympathise.
For though he lives among us,
he is not one of us.
He is what he calls himself, a 'thing',
that is, a monster.
Not possible to love...
...and condemned to solitude.
Melanie, may I have a word with you
in my office, please?
Would you mind
waiting outside, please?
My dear, I can't have your friend
disrupting my class.
And you have to make up
the test you missed.
I can't. I haven't done the reading.
Just take the test, Melanie.
Let's set a date.
How about next Monday?
You've got the weekend
to do the reading.
12 o'clock,
here in my office.
Where can I find Professor Lurie?
Here I am.
Professor, what you have done
is not right.
You should be ashamed of yourself!
We never thought we were sending
our daughter into a nest of vipers!
Won't you come to my office?
So help me God if I have
the wrong end of the stick,
but I don't think so.
I can see it from your face.
Excuse me,
I have business to attend to.
Professor Lurie! Professor Lurie!
You can't run away!
You haven't heard
the last of it yet!
I was thinking of seeing Lucy
after the inquiry.
Of course I haven't told her.
Well, let me tell you,
everyone already knows
about this latest affair of yours
in the juiciest detail.
The story is she took sleeping pills.
Come on, David,
we shared a bed for 10 years.
Why should you have secrets?
Was she in love with you?
No, Rosalind, I'm afraid
it wasn't that dramatic.
What an inglorious end
to a brilliant career.
What if you lose your pension?
They can't cut me off without a penny.
You haven't asked me
whether I was in love with her.
For God's sake, David, you 're 52!
Will you be able to resume your post?
I'm not sure I want to.
The whole thing is disgusting.
Disgusting and vulgar.
And I don't mind saying so.
David, is there any member
of the committee
whose participation you feel
might be prejudicial to you?
Not in a legal sense.
Let me remind everyone
this is not a trial but an inquiry.
Now, the first complaint
comes from Miss Melanie Isaacs.
You all have a copy
of her statement?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Will Miss Isaacs
be appearing in person?
Miss Isaacs appeared
before the committee yesterday.
Now, if we could push on.
The second and related charge
comes from the Registrar.
"The record shows
a mark of 70%
"for a mid-term test
which she did not sit."
I'm sure this committee
have better things to do
than rehash a story
over which there's no dispute.
I plead guilty to both charges.
Pass sentence
and let us get on with our lives.
Professor Lurie, we are here
to listen to both sides.
Perhaps it would be better
if you were represented
by someone who is more familiar
with our procedure?
Why? I can represent myself
perfectly well.
Despite the plea I've entered,
must we continue with this hearing?
We want to give you a chance
to state your position.
I've stated my position. I'm guilty.
- Guilty of what?
- Of all I'm charged with.
You are taking us in circles.
Have you read Miss Isaacs' statement?
No, but I'm sure it's all true.
Would it not be prudent
to actually read her statement?
There are more important things
in life than being prudent.
Have you consulted anyone?
A priest, for instance,
or a counsellor?
Would you be prepared
to undergo counselling?
No. I'm beyond counselling.
I've made my plea.
Is there any form
of public statement
you would be prepared
to subscribe to?
What do you want
the statement to contain?
An admission that you were wrong.
I've admitted that. I'm guilty.
There's a difference
between pleading guilty
and admitting you were wrong.
And that would satisfy you?
An admission I was wrong?
No. First, Professor Lurie
must make his statement.
Then we can decide
if we can accept it.
See if it comes from the heart.
From the words I use, you can see
if it comes from the heart?
Very well.
I took advantage of my position.
It was wrong...
...and I regret it.
The question is, does it reflect
your sincere feelings?
That's enough.
Let's play it by the book.
I plead guilty.
I'd become a servant of Eros.
That's him! Here he comes!
Professor Lurie!
Excuse me, Professor,
can we talk to you for a minute?
- What about?
- You know, the hearing.
I can't comment on that.
- Are you sorry?
- No.
I was enriched by the experience.
He was what by the experience?
He was enriched.
I always forget how far away you live.
Well, you 're here now. Nice and safe.
Where's Helen?
Back in Johannesburg... since April.
You didn't tell me you broke up.
- Aren't you nervous on your own?
- I've got the dogs.
And I've started a boarding kennel.
Anyway, if there's a break-in,
I don't see how two people
are better than one.
Very philosophical.
And I have a rifle.
It's never been used, but it's there.
An armed philosopher. I like that.
Did you bring work with you?
I'm thinking of perhaps writing
an opera... Byron's time in Italy.
- Petrus...
- Mmm?
This is my father.
Molo. Kunjani?
I have come for the spray.
It's in the kombi.
Wait here, I'll go get it.
I look after the dogs
and work in the garden.
Yes, the dog man.
I'm anxious about my daughter alone.
So isolated.
Yes, everything dangerous today.
But here it is alright, I think.
Petrus helps me out.
He's also co-proprietor.
Since when?
Does he live on the property?
I've put electricity in the old stable.
He stays there.
What would you like to do first?
Would you like a cup of tea
or a show-off around the farm?
Show me what you've been up to.
Rosalind rang me,
filled me in with the details.
What happened with the hearing?
They wanted me to go through
some kind of public repentance.
I'd prefer to be put up
against a wall and shot.
So you left the university?
I was asked to resign.
Oh, dear.
Will you miss teaching?
Ah, my daughter, the one who comes
to teach learns the keenest of lessons.
Those who come to learn,
learn nothing.
Well, we start at 5:00
tomorrow morning, Professor.
Shall I wake you?
If you make me coffee.
I will do that.
Take those to the kombi.
Monica, this is my father, David,
visiting from Cape Town.
OK. Hi.
Have you ever thought
of getting married again?
I wasn't made for marriage.
- Well, you can't keep...
- Preying on young women?
It's not going to get any easier
as you get older.
Do you remember Blake?
He says, "Sooner murder
an infant in the cradle
"than nurse un-acted desires."
- Good day. How much are your carrots?
- Two rand.
I'll take one, thank you very much.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- 'Bye.
- 'Bye.
Why did you quote that to me?
Just that every woman
I've been close to
has taught me something about myself.
To that extent,
they've made me a better person.
500 rand.
Mmm. It's pretty good.
I'm going to stop in on Bev.
I need to collect medicine for the dogs.
Who's Bev?
She's one of my closest friends.
She runs an animal clinic.
All voluntary.
Hello, Lucy.
- How are you?
- Good. And you?
I'm good.
Bev, this is my father, David.
Nice to meet you, David.
Come in.
- Sorry we're late.
- That's alright. You 're here now.
Hello, Bill.
Lucy, how are you?
- I'm well. How are you?
- Fine.
Ah, you must be David.
I'm Bill.
Come, make yourself at home.
Tea? Sit down, sit down.
We can't stay. I'm just going to get
the medicine for the dogs.
Ah. I'll go and get it.
Oh, shit.
He is good.
Mmm! He's a good man.
Poor tackling by our Kaizer Chiefs.
What's the story with Petrus?
Can he just come in here
and do as he pleases?
We have an understanding.
He got a Land Affairs grant
earlier this year,
enough to buy a hectare
and a bit from me.
We share the dam, and everything
from there to the fence is his.
If he gets a second grant,
he'll build a house
and move out of the stable.
He's very busy.
You should give him a hand.
Give Petrus a hand? I like that.
I like the historical piquancy.
And will he pay me?
I'm sure he will.
Why don't you ask him?
And what can I do for you
while I'm here?
You can help me with the dogs,
you can help Bev at the clinic.
You mean Bev? Help Bev?
I don't think Bev and I will hit it off.
Don't expect to get paid.
You'll have to do it
out of the goodness of your heart.
Hmm, I don't know, Lucy,
these animal welfare people
are a bit like Christians.
Everyone is so cheerful
and well-intentioned,
then after a while you itch to go off
and do some raping and pillaging.
Or kick a cat.
Bev tries to set an example.
What are you reading?
Hey, mister! Some money, please, sir?
Can I have some money, sir?
Sir, can I have some money?
Sorry, I've got nothing.
Come on.
David, just in time.
Could you hold him from the front?
Come round and take his legs.
There, my friend.
Hey, steady, my friend.
Hey, my friend.
It's OK.
Steady, steady, my friend.
You waited too long.
You can leave him here with me
and I will give him a quiet end
or come back on Thursday
when the vet is here,
but I think it's too late.
What a pity.
You can't force the owners.
They like to slaughter their animals
their own way.
How do you pay for this stuff?
We get it wholesale.
Hold public collections, donations.
We get a grant
for putting the dogs down.
Who does that?
Dr Oosthuizen, our vet.
But there are too many of them.
So I help out,
do what's left on a Sunday.
Oh, which reminds me,
check yourself for fleas tonight.
Are they all going to die?
If nobody wants them.
And you don't mind doing the job?
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Settle down.
I do mind. Hey!
I mind deeply.
And I wouldn't want someone doing it
for me who didn't mind. Would you?
Aren't they lovely?
They come back every year,
the same three.
I'm so lucky to be visited...
the one chosen.
Animals are creatures of habit.
Come on, Juzzi.
When you were small,
our next door neighbour had a dog,
a golden retriever, remember?
- Dimly.
- It was a male.
And whenever a bitch went past,
it got excited, unmanageable.
And with Pavlovian regularity
its owner would beat it,
so that at the mere smell of a bitch
the dog would run around the garden
with its ears flat
and its tail between its legs,
whining and trying to hide.
I don't see the point.
Well, you can punish a dog
for chewing a slipper,
the dog can accept that.
But desire is another story.
Is that the moral?
Males must be allowed to follow
their instincts unchecked?
No, that's not the moral.
What was ignoble about the spectacle
was that the poor dog had begun
to hate its own nature.
It no longer needed to be beaten,
it punished itself.
At that point, it would've been
better to shoot it.
Have you always felt this way?
At times I've felt just the opposite.
That desire is a burden
we could well do without.
Hey, what've you got there?
Should we be nervous?
What do you want?
We must telephone.
His sister accident.
- What kind of accident?
- A baby.
- Where are you from?
- Erasmuskraal.
Why aren't you ringing
from the forestry station?
Is no-one there.
Hold on.
Quiet. Quiet!
You stay, you come in.
- Vulani!
- Get him!
Get him!
What on earth did they do to you?
They've stolen your car.
And let down the tyres of the kombi
and they smashed the phone.
I'm walking over to Ettinger's.
You say what happened to you and
I'll say what happened to me, please.
I never go anywhere without my Beretta.
At least you can save yourself,
because the police won't...
not anymore, you can be sure.
I told Lucy to install bars like me,
and a security gate with a fence.
And to buy a pistol
and a two-way radio.
Mrs Rosenberg.
please report to the front desk
for your prescription.
- May I help you?
- My father's been severely burnt.
I was wondering
when he could see a doctor.
You'll have to wait in line.
Ettinger's going to take me
to the police station.
You stay here.
If they discharge you, just wait here.
Won't the police want to see me too?
I don't think there's anything
you can tell them that I can't.
Or is there?
Dr Mobara.
please come to w ard five immediately.
You 're lucky
that there's no damage to the eye itself.
If they'd used petrol
instead of methylated spirits,
now, that would've been
a different story.
The burns on your scalp
aren't serious.
You just need to keep an eye out
for infection.
Shocking. Absolutely shocking.
- Lucy's at our place. It's alright.
- I'm alright.
It takes you back, you know.
It's like being in a war
all over again.
Has Lucy been to the police
and the doctor?
Yes, yes.
There's a bulletin out for your car.
All attended to.
Lucy... Lucy?
I have to speak to Lucy.
I want to see Lucy.
I had a dream. I'm sorry,
I thought you were calling me.
I wasn't. Go to bed.
Try and sleep now.
How is she?
This is not an easy thing to talk about,
but have you seen a doctor?
- There's a risk...
- I saw my doctor last night.
And is he taking care
of all eventualities?
She. She, not he.
How can a doctor take care of
all eventualities? Have some sense.
What are our plans for today?
To go back to the farm and clean up.
We can't just pick up
where we left off.
- Why not?
- Because it's not a good idea.
Because it's not safe.
It was never safe.
And it's not an idea, good or bad.
I'm not going back for the sake
of an idea, I'm just going back.
Lucy, things are changing.
Guns and gates don't save you.
Ettinger is wrong.
No, no.
We are not going back.
Petrus is back...
...with a load of building material
and a woman.
Oh, good.
That's his new wife.
Why didn't he tell you
he was going away?
His timing is a bit suspicious.
I can't order Petrus about.
He is his own master.
...there's no shame
in being the object of a crime.
Are you trying to remind me
of something?
Remind you of what?
Of what women undergo
at the hands of men?
Nothing could be further
from my thoughts.
As far as I'm concerned
what happened to me
is purely a private matter...
...this place being what it is.
- This place being what?
- This place being South Africa.
You must have heard
we had a big robbery on Wednesday
while you were away.
Yes. I heard.
Very bad. Very, very bad.
But you are alright now.
Oh, I'm alive.
As long as one is alive, one is alright.
Is that what you mean?
Will Lucy go to the market tomorrow?
She will lose her stall
if she does not go.
Like peasants everywhere.
Honest toil and honest cunning.
Petrus wants to know
if you 're going to the market,
otherwise, you might lose your stall.
Don't you think you could tie them
where they could graze?
They are for the party.
On Saturday I will slaughter them
for the party.
You and Lucy must come.
A big party.
Why is Petrus having a party?
Because of the land transfer, I guess.
It's a big day for him.
We should put in an appearance,
take him a present.
I don't like the way he does things,
bringing the beasts home
to acquaint them with the people
who are going to eat them.
Wake up, David.
This is the country.
You must open it.
It's a bedspread.
Lucy is our benefactor.
When is the baby due?
October. We hope it is a boy.
- What have you got against a girl?
- A girl?
Very expensive.
Always money, money, money.
I'm going to dance.
Thank you.
- They're here!
- Who's here?
I saw one of them out the back.
I don't want to kick up a fuss
but can we just leave at once?
I know you!
Do you know who this is?!
What is the trouble?
He is one of them. Ask Lucy.
Ask him why the police
are looking for him.
It's not true!
He says he does not know
what you 're talking about.
He's lying.
I'm going to telephone the police.
If you call the police,
it will destroy the evening for Petrus!
Lucy, I fail to understand
why you did not lay real charges
against them in the first place.
And why are you protecting Petrus?
Petrus is with them!
Don't shout at me! This is my life!
I'm the one who has to live here!
Lucy, if you 're too scared
to call the police now,
we should never have involved them
in the first place.
We should've just kept quiet
and waited for the next attack,
or cut our own throats.
Stop it, David!
You don't know what happened.
I don't know?
Why do you keep saying that?
You don't begin to know.
Lucy, please,
if you buckle now, you won't be able
to live with yourself.
If you show you 're afraid,
you 're finished.
Please let me call the police.
Can I borrow some tools?
I have to put in my PVC pipes.
And could you help me fit
the regulator?
I don't know anything
about regulators or plumbing.
It is not plumbing, it is pipe fitting.
Just laying pipes.
Lucy has given her permission
for the pipes to cross her land.
She is forward-looking, Lucy.
Not backward-looking.
Petrus, the boy... what's his name?
Yes. He is angry.
You are calling him a thief.
It is hard for me,
as I must keep the peace.
I have no intention
of getting you involved.
I need the boy's name
and the police can take care of it.
But the insurance will give you
a new car, new TV.
The insurance
will not give me a new car.
They will give me a percentage
of what the old car was worth,
if they're not bankrupt by now
with all the car theft in this country.
Besides, it's Lucy that's the issue,
you know what happened to her.
Yes, I know what happened.
But now it is alright.
Who says it's alright?
I say.
- I will protect her.
- You didn't the last time!
And now, one of them is your friend.
The boy is not a criminal.
He is not guilty.
He is too young.
What can I say? You know everything.
Do you need me any longer?
No, now it is easy.
Now I must just dig the pipe in.
You underestimate Petrus.
He slaved to get that market garden
going for Lucy.
I'm not saying she owes him everything,
but she owes him a lot.
In my opinion,
he's itching for Lucy to pull out.
Made sure he wasn't home,
no warning, nothing.
Now he's turning a blind eye.
Poor Lucy.
First Helen leaves, now this.
She's been through such a lot.
I know what Lucy's been through,
I was there.
But you weren't there, David.
She told me. You weren't.
I'm ready.
Can you bring in the next dog?
Hello, my girl.
Hello, my fat friend.
- Come on.
- That's it.
That's my girl.
That's my girl.
Come on. Good girl.
That's my girl. Good girl.
Come on, sweetheart.
Here we go. Good girl.
Come on.
That's it, sweetheart.
That's my girl.
For each correct answer.
you win a prize.
I'm gonna ask you two questions.
Your first prize is a... steam iron.
- Oh. ex cellent!
- OK.
Now. here's your first question.
What is the entertainment centre
of New York called?
Is it Green Market...?
I'll do that.
You'll be wanting to get back.
I'm in no hurry.
You must find it dull here.
Miss your own circle of friends,
particularly your women friends.
Women friends didn't bring me
much luck.
Do you regret it?
No. Of course not.
In the heat of the act,
there are no regrets.
You must know that.
You must find Grahamstown
very quiet by comparison.
At least I'm out of the way
of temptation.
David Lurie speaking.
Can we meet at the clinic at 4:00?
I'll be there.
"She walks in beauty
"like the night..."
Ah, I forgot...
...a Detective-Sergeant
Esterhuyse rang.
They found your car.
Oh, that's wonderful news.
I'd given up. Is it driveable?
Yes, he said you can take it home.
Oh, come on, let's get out of here.
Come on.
This is the car we found, sir,
that fits the description you gave us.
Unfortunately, this is not my car.
A lighter colour.
- OK, thanks.
- Oh, well.
Yeah, it's a mistake.
- Anyway...
- Alright.
It's all a mistake. A waste of time.
They have a Corolla,
but it's not mine.
And, anyway, even if they're caught
and there's a trial,
would you testify?
Are you ready for that?
...it's time to face your choices.
Can't we talk about it rationally?
I can't talk anymore, David.
I just can't.
I just can't.
Lucy, lock the house,
pay Petrus to look after things,
go to Holland, see your mother.
I'll pay for it.
If I go...
...I won't come back.
Is that such a bad thing?
There are some things
you just don't understand.
Just don't understand.
Don't pull over here.
It's a bad stretch.
On the contrary,
lunderstand all too well.
You were raped by three men...
...and I did nothing.
If they'd come two weeks earlier,
I would've been alone.
They've done it before.
They do rape.
Stealing is a sideline.
Are you afraid
they're going to come back?
I think they've marked me.
Then you can't possibly stay!
Maybe they see me
as owing something...
...and they see themselves
as debt collectors.
Lucy, don't try and work out
how they see things.
...hating a woman, for a man,
makes sex more exciting.
When you trap a woman...
...hold her down...
...it must be a bit like killing.
You 're a man.
You should know.
For some men.
I think you should give her
some room.
Go back to Cape Town for a while.
Things have a way
of working themselves out.
Everything will be alright.
I'm looking for Mr Isaacs.
My name is Lurie.
He's not home yet.
When do you expect him home?
Any minute now.
Hi. I'm Desiree.
You can come and wait inside for him
if you like.
- Where are you from?
- Cape Town.
My sister's in Cape Town.
She's at the university.
I'm David Lurie. Do you remember me?
Desiree, come.
So what do I owe
this unexpected pleasure?
You've heard Melanie's side
of the story.
I would like to give you mine.
It began without premeditation
on my part.
One of those sudden little adventures
that men of a certain kind have.
Excuse me for talking this way,
I'm trying to be frank.
However, something unexpected
Melanie struck up a fire in me.
I ask myself, what on earth
you think you are up to
coming to my house
and telling me stories?
I'm sorry. It's outrageous, I know.
How is Melanie?
Melanie's well.
She's resumed her studies.
She continues with her theatre work
in her spare time.
So Melanie's alright.
Is there something else
you wanted to tell me, Mr Lurie?
I am truly sorry for what I put your
daughter and your family through.
The grief I have caused you
and Mrs Isaacs.
So at last you have apologised.
I say to myself, we are all sorry
when we are found out.
But the question is what are you
going to do, now that you are sorry?
May I pronounce the word 'God'?
What does God want from you,
besides being very sorry?
Why do you think
you are here, Mr Lurie?
You were passing through George
and you thought...
..."Why not?"
- No.
I came to George to speak to you.
You are not hoping that we are going
to intervene on your behalf
with the university... are you?
To intervene?
Because the path you are on,
Mr Lurie,
is one that God
has ordained for you.
It is not for us to intervene.
No. I don't want you to intervene.
I ask you all forgiveness.
Mmm. Mmmm!
And what have we here?
A bit too much oomph!
I suppose you want it straightened?
Could you do my hair like Oprah's?
Oh, she's not asking for much, eh?
I'll tell you what, I'm going to go
and mix up some magical chemicals.
Can I get you ladies some coffee?
I'll have mine white, please.
I'll have mine black, please.
Well, that's easy to remember!
And one cappuccino coming up.
I've come for the job
you've advertised.
Oh, is it?
Well, what are you waiting for, girl?
Pick up the broom
and make yourself useful.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, girls!
We have until the end of the month
to pay the rent!
Oh! That savage, savage Indian!
What are we going to do, Sidney?
We're not going to panic.
We are the cowboys.
You know, I've got
enough chemicals back there
to make an exploding onion bhaji!
And we're gonna stick that
right up his... turban.
I've got a better idea!
Brilliant! Genius!
The girl's a nutcracker!
Are you going to explain
this childish behaviour?
- Haven't you learnt your lesson?
- What was my lesson?
Stick with your own kind.
Melanie will spit in your eyes
if she sees you again.
Just keep away from her.
Find yourself another life, Professor!
Hey, Boosie,
you can have him. It's your turn.
Hi, big boy.
You looking for a good time?
Oh, we have a grumpy one.
Hi. Hello?
Thank you. Goodnight.
- Are you OK?
- I'm fine.
I'm very busy.
Ring me anytime.
I miss you, Lucy.
Why are you going to Durban?
Are you applying for a job there?
I lied. I wanted to see
if you were alright.
I missed you.
- I'm pregnant.
- You 're what?
I'm pregnant.
From that day?
From that day.
But I thought you said you'd taken
care of it with that woman GP.
I'm not having an abortion.
Are you telling me
you 're going to have the child?
A child from one of those men?
But why, Lucy?
I'm a woman, David.
Do you think I hate children?
Must I choose against a child
because of who the father is?
And your mind's made up?
Very well.
I will stand by you no matter what.
I'm going for a walk.
By the way, the boy's back.
The boy?
The boy you had a row with
at Petrus's party.
He's staying with Petrus.
Helps him out.
His name is Pollux.
Anyway, he turns out to be
the brother of Petrus's wife.
So, Pollux returns
to the scene of the crime
and we must all behave
as if nothing's happened.
I want you to stay clear of him.
I suspect there's something
wrong with him,
but I can't order him
off the property.
- It's not in my power.
- Particularly...
Particularly what?
Particularly when he may be the
father of the child you are carrying.
I'm looking for Petrus.
Ah, David. You are back.
How was Cape Town?
Good, good. Lucy tells me
the boy is back... Pollux.
He is my relative.
You told me you didn't know him.
You lied to me.
You come look after your child.
I also look after my child.
Your child? So now he's your child?
Yes, he is a child.
He is my family, my people.
You say it is bad what happened,
I also say it is bad,
but now it is finished.
It's not finished.
It will go on long after I'm dead
and you 're dead.
He will marry Lucy.
But he is too young...
too young to marry.
He is a child.
A dangerous child. A jackal.
Yes, too young to marry.
Maybe one day he can marry,
but not now.
I will marry.
You will marry whom?
I will marry Lucy.
Lucy, this is preposterous!
He's not offering a church wedding,
he's offering an alliance, a deal.
I contribute the land,
and in return I'm allowed
to creep in under his wing.
Otherwise, I'm without protection.
What about the personal side?
I don't think Petrus
wants to sleep with me.
- And you?
- Don't be ridiculous.
Good, then I will go and tell him
that we refuse his offer.
Say I accept his protection.
If he wants me to be known
as his wife, so be it.
But then the child becomes his too,
part of his family.
As for the land, say I will sign
the land over to him.
But the house remains mine.
I'll become a tenant on his land.
No-one is to enter the house
without my permission, including him.
And I keep the kennels.
Lucy, it's not workable.
I'm not leaving, David.
Go and tell Petrus what I have said.
How humiliating to end like this...
Yes, I agree.
Like a dog.
Like a dog.
You animal!
You swine! You filthy swine!
David! Stop it!
Easy. Easy, easy, easy. Easy.
Are you alright?
Come, let's go and wash it.
We will kill you!
We will kill you!
- This can't go on, David.
- He was spying on you.
He's a disturbed child!
Is that an excuse
for what he did to you?
He should be in an institution.
Well, he's here and he's a fact of life!
Everything had settled down
before you came back, David.
Then I'd better pack my bags.
Is this just a visit
or are you here for a while?
Oh, I'm back
for as long as necessary,
but I won't be staying with Lucy.
Anyway, I'm looking for a room,
so if you hear of anything, let me know.
# She walks in beauty
# Like the night of cloudless climes
and starry skies
# And all that's best
of dark and bright
# She walks in beauty... #
# And in your eyes thus mellowed
# Her eyes thus mellowed... #
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- 'Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Was that the last?
One more.
I thought you would save him
for another week.
Are you giving him up?
Hello, Milo. Good boy. That's fine.
I didn't hear you.
Where's the truck?
I parked up the road, took a walk.
Will you come in for some tea?
# She walks in beauty
# Like the night of cloudless climes
# And starry skies
# And all that's best
of dark and bright
# Meet in her aspect
# And in her eyes
# Thus mellowed to that tender light
# Which heaven to gaudy day denies
# One shade the more
# One ray the less
# Had half impaired
the nameless grace
# Which waves in every raven tress
# Or softly lightens o'er her face
# Where thoughts
serenely sweet express
# How pure
# How dear their dwelling place
# And on that cheek
# And o'er that brow
# So soft, so calm
Yet eloquent
# The smiles that win
# The tints that glow
# But tell of days
in goodness spent
# A mind at peace with all below
# A heart whose love
# Is innocent. #